December 7 – White Hats Report #57 – The Trump Factor: Trexit, America’s answer to the Globalists and Exposure on a grand scale.

Following the lead of our friends across the pond, America delivered their own version of Brexit by electing Donald Trump president. In the year of miracles, add Trexit to Brexit and the Cubs winning their first World Series in 108 years to the list of odds defying events. History tells us that eventually the pendulum will change direction and swing the other way and the number of casualties is growing by the day. The list is long and distinguished and perhaps the biggest losers are the US crime families named Clinton and Bush.

Don’t be fooled by the asskissing of all the losers who were quick to appear to make amends with the Trump victory, among them Romney, Bonnie and Clyde Clinton and der Fuerher himself, George HW Bush. It is incumbent upon the people of the US to now direct their energy and focus attention on Trump’s promise of “draining the swamp”. Our readers know the swamp is large and will take time to drain but at least the alligator hides business will lead the economic recovery provided they aren’t allowed to slither off into the night to wreak havoc once again.

Robert Rubin, the current Co-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, former Goldman Sachs and Citigroup operative and Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of the Treasury went on television in the UK on Sunday, November 6 and assured the viewers that (1) Hillary Clinton would not be arrested and (2) would be elected President of the US on November 8. A globalist hack and cabal henchman, Rubin has fully been discredited for the fraud his is and always has been. Rubin was no doubt a supporter and instigator of the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act which resulted in the derivative nightmare and contributed to the crash of 2008. Rubin revealed himself for what he is, an arrogant, cabal/bankster who has lost all influence (as he should) in the world of government and finance.

We’ve gotten a glimpse of this group and the picture isn’t pretty. The product of a nationwide, heavy handed government influenced school system sprinkled with an obsession with social media has given us a generation of reactionary, unthinking and mindless followers of socialism and entitlement. You have to conclude that the once open minded US college university system has been overtaken by a very un-American undercurrent that finally revealed itself. This is social engineering (aka brain washing) at its finest.

Thin skinned but thick headed, this group has followed the current Administration’s lead on the attack of the 1stAmendment, displaying a penchant to be offended by anything in an effort to stifle free speech and free expression. Political correctness on steroids, it’s apparent this group has lost touch with reality on several levels.

For example, this is the group targeted by Comrade Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. The lure was a whole host of freebies with no cogent explanation of how they would be funded. But it didn’t matter, Bernie’s task was to secure a whole voting bloc to eventually gift to Hillary Clinton when she won the nomination. And make no mistake, this was planned from the beginning. Once defeated, Bernie would be the good Democratic operative and political hack and convince his followers to vote for HRC. Of course Wikileaks exposed the con for what it was, revealing that Clinton’s campaign considered Bernie a “doofus” (A sentiment shared by all White Hats) and provided proof that the primaries were fixed for Clinton. Yet Bernie, being the good cabal sub-contractor that he is, displayed his submission to the party by not challenging the results and even stumping for the treasonous Democratic Party candidate when full panic set in right before the election.

In addition, this group is the main segment of the US population who will pay the interest on the debt going forward. After turning 26 and being taken off mommy and daddy’s health insurance plan, they will be FORCED to pay exorbitant health insurance premiums to support the entitlement ACA disaster their beloved President forced on the US. But yet they riot and protest in the streets against the new Administration that will undoubtedly reverse this attack on their economic freedoms in the future. This is proof that the cabal’s control of the pharmaceutical industry has paid dividends with the increased vaccination schedule and the introduction of prescription drugs to our children to correct “behavior” issues while growing up. This group is also the product of the participation trophy, rather than getting recognized for accomplishment and outstanding achievement, they receive hardware for simply being all the same. The result is a generation of dumbed down, paranoid and out of touch group who can’t reason, use common sense or apply critical thinking to the simplest of issues.

Play-Doh, hot chocolate, coloring books, doggy time and safe spaces? Really?

It’s unsettling to contemplate how they would react to a real crisis. We can only hope they grow up, smarten up and realize they’ve been used like a door mat by the cabal.

The natural follow-up to the millennial discussion is the total deterioration and embarrassment of the state of Oregon. Rivaled only by California in terms of over the top socialism and cognitive dissonance, they’ve taken ignorance to a new level. Earlier in the year, they essentially stood silent and watched while their land was being stolen by the Federal government. The Maheur Wildlife Refuge was the center of the fear mongering by the MOP and a majority of the state fell in line like good slaves and bought into the propaganda. The 2nd Amendment became the focus of the fear mongering and sadly, the Federal government was the only group who raised their guns, fired shots and killed an American patriot and protestor, Lavoy Finicum. The group protesting was eventually arrested or turned themselves in, stood trial and found not guilty on ALL charges. It was stunning, not because they were exonerated but because enough jurors could be found in Oregon who had the sense and intestinal fortitude to render a just and correct verdict. The methods employed by the government to suppress this protest go beyond the pale by denying bail and utilizing solitary confinement to punish innocent people for trying to assist their fellow citizens from the oppression of the shadow government.

The current riots, no these are not protests but riots, are a message to the rest of the country how truly out of touch with reality the state of Oregon has become. Over 100 of the rioters were arrested and over half either did not vote or did not register to vote yet they become a mob and destroy property because they didn’t like the results of an election they chose not to participate in? This is cognitive dissonance at its finest. Portland has no rivals in its over the top, left radical bent, yet all the damage is being done in that city so in essence, the geniuses doing the rioting are damaging their fellow thinkers with their destruction to the tune of over $1 million as reported by the local media.

In the land of participation trophies, heightened vaccination schedules, social engineering, globalist indoctrination, socialism, government oppression and media fear mongering, cognitive dissonance reigns in Oregon.

This group of disingenuous asses has been completely rejected in an overwhelming way with the election of Trump. Their arrogance and inflated self assessments have been exposed for the complete and total nonsense they are. The threats of moving out of the country if Trump was elected has come back to bite them in the ass in a big way. Their movies suck, their songs are filled with racial slurs, bigotry and violence and their political views are irrelevant. The list that promised to leave the country was long but interestingly enough, their stated destinations did not include Mexico, Guatemala or Syria.

We can only hope they don’t invade our friends to the north and completely destroy relations with the Canadian people. The meltdown of Miley Cyrus and others in the entertainment world has drawn attention to a pathetic segment of our society that is cabal controlled and influenced by the satanic forces of the world.

GOOD RIDDANCE, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of the country!

The prostitute mainstream media (aka Ministry of Propaganda or MOP) was so exposed during this presidential election campaign it’s difficult to see them surviving as an ongoing business concern in the future. All of the TV networks were thoroughly exposed, especially CNN (the Clinton News Network) and MSNBC who are both nothing but shills for the cabal. It was thoroughly amusing to watch some of the paid actors on election night as they tried to keep their composure while announcing Trump’s election victory. Particularly loathsome were Martha Raddatz (the current version of Nurse Ratched), Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews. These four epitomize the deterioration of morality in the MOP. Having no shame, they didn’t hide their disappointment in Trump’s victory, displaying for all who wish to see that they’re nothing but what we’ve always said, a propaganda tool of the shadow government.

The NY Times stooped to a new low by making no bones about their support for Clinton. Amusingly, they were among the first to switch sides and declare Trump with a 92% chance of winning the presidency on election night.

We have talked about the media many times over the years about being nothing but tools and puppets of the cabal and they made no effort to hide it in their desperation on election night and after. Since the election, they have all of a sudden become diligent in their vetting of everything Trump says, does and thinks. It’s become comical watching them adopt the tenets of the Fourth Estate when they’ve completely suspended them the last eight years to enable the Liar in Chief to destroy the US in a systematic way.

Their credibility is forever lost.

Their most recent push is what they are terming the fight against “fake news”. Google and Facebook are now leading the charge to censor free speech in the name of saving all of us from being subjected to lies and untruths. If that were truly the case, all the MSM outlets, both print and video, would be censored in addition to lapdog cabal sites like Snopes and The Shadow Government’s Operation Mockingbird is falling apart all around us and the desperation in which they attempt to desperately cling to their rapidly deteriorating credibility. The old axiom of “We didn’t see it on TV so it must not be true” is now fully exposed for the fairy tale it really is. Even Obama, surpassed only by Hillary Clinton as the biggest liar in government in the past eight years, has been babbling about the fake news that’s being ingested through social media. Another irony as social media is an MKUltra mind control program to both surveil and shape the narrative for the masses.

This whole election season has been filled with irony and the following is a list, not all inclusive by any means but interesting nonetheless:

The mainstream media (MOP) attacked Trump from the beginning and then when he was nominated by the Republican party for president they complained about all the “free” media coverage that they, in fact, gave him while trying to destroy his campaign. In the end, their effort to trash him only served to elevate his candidacy and they were the ones who got punked.

HRC wanted Trump to release copies of his tax returns when she was the one who deleted 33,000 emails.

The HRC dirty tricks political apparatus tried to attack Trump on his attitude toward women and Trump countered with Bill Clinton’s sordid history with women including rape, an $850,000 settlement for sexual harassment and of course we can’t forget the blue dress and the cigar in the White House. HRC’s part in the harassment, intimidation and threats to Bill’s conquests didn’t get enough mention but it did counter the dirty tricks of the Clinton campaign strategists.

The liberal media predicted the Trump supporters would protest/riot in the streets after HRC won and it’s just the opposite, the crybaby millennials are the ones rioting.

Speaking of millennial crybabies, the majority of cities they’re protesting/rioting in, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Baltimore, Portland, etc were all liberal/Democrat cities who voted for HRC.

The Clinton cabal using Jill Stein to challenge voting results in Wisconsin and perhaps Michigan and Pennsylvania after the Democrats and the media blasted Trump for saying he would challenge election results if he lost. HRC’s “direct threat to our democracy” campaign rhetoric now comes home to roost in her own backyard. This effort is laughable but does expose Stein for the cabal puppet she was and always has been.

There are many more but suffice it to say, these will continue for the foreseeable future as the exposure of the cabal and all their oppression mechanisms come unraveled.

Jill Stein, the most laughable 3rd party candidate in US election history has filed for recounts in three states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. With no evidence of problems, Ms. Stein is trying to convince the public that she has no ulterior motives for taking such an unprecedented move. It’s also no coincidence that it happens to be in three “battleground” states that coincidentally went to Trump despite the fixed public polls indicating HRC would win. Does Stein really think the American people are stupid enough to believe this disingenuous attempt to steal the election from Trump? Her pathetic campaign raised $3.5M and this attempt to stir up the left has raised over $6M and its obvious this is orchestrated by HRC’s cabal as a way to disguise who is really behind this nonsense.

We suggest she seek employment in Hollywood as she is able to keep a straight face when fielding numerous questions about this farce. Any adjustments in vote tallies would NEVER give her any of these states so what’s the point? Perhaps she’ll be rewarded with employment at the Clinton Foundation or a job giving tours at the Clinton Presidential library?

Soliciting money from the disgruntled, distraught and delusional Hillary supporters only serves to con them out of more of their funds and give them false hope that the traitor will gain the presidency. In a year of material that could support content for multiple seasons of “The Twilight Zone”, this gambit by Stein has to rank as the most ridiculous.

There are nineteen (19) states that currently have no voter ID laws, thirteen (13) of which were won by HRC. Coincidence? Of course it is. How about recounts in California, Illinois and Virginia. Or maybe Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico? Recounts in these states would expose the rampant voter fraud that needs to be addressed in this country or it will surely lead to another banana republic and the defeat of the final bastion of freedom in the world.

The Election
Trump spoke constantly about a rigged system and he was right. Fixed and corrupt, the establishment wanted to install and coronate Hillary Clinton to finish the job the Kenyan born fraud and liar started eight years ago. It’s common knowledge there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas but there was Barry out campaigning hard in the closing weeks for Clinton, trying to shame his dwindling mind controlled followers to preserve his pathetic legacy by voting for HRC. Of course this gambit failed and failed miserably as his core constituency knew better than everyone else what a major underachiever he turned out to be.

The private polling numbers, as we had reported earlier, were overwhelmingly in support of Trump by at least a 70%-30% margin if not higher. Yet the public polls had shown HRC ahead in most states and overall, thanks to the media’s efforts to shape reality. Then on election day, the results were supposed to match the public polls (within the margin of error) and the exit polls would confirm all of it for the masses transfixed to their TVs on election night.

Except something happened on the way to HRC’s coronation as Queen of the USA. Given that 19 states don’t have voter ID laws and the exposure by Project Veritas of the Democratic campaign’s dirty tricks teams talking about fixing the election, even the staunchest Trump supporters were surprised he was able to win.

What If…..
· The election had been rigged electronically with an AI controller technology hacked into the GEMS software that would be routed through Scytl, counting the vote in Spain – and that the American people were being set up for a Hillary win.

· What was not anticipated by the bad guys was that a group of good guys (white hats) would show up at their game… and had come loaded for bear…

· The good guys let Hillary run up the score in those “blue states” where she was supposedly very strong so the anti-rigging went undetected for a while.

· By 9pm ET the good AI had started to kick in, and prevented her from taking the win.

· As the bad AI continued to try to push the rigged vote through each of the last 7 swing states (114
Electoral College Votes), the good AI squeezed it down which gave Trump just enough of his real vote
count to come through and take the win. Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North
Carolina and Ohio.

· The bad guys did not think that they would have to extend their crime to “ride herd” on the counted votes as they were transmitted from the rigged central servers to their elaborate multi-million dollar “Election Headquarter” sets where the political theater was being played out for an unsuspecting public in real time. Big mistake. Overconfidence.

· The bad guys did not anticipate that they would be out-hacked and out-maneuvered by an AI technology that was superior to theirs, one that was watching their every move and limiting their ability to complete the steal. One that was being run by a committed group of patriots willing to give their lives if ever discovered in order to save our nation from tyranny, and the world from nuclear war.

· The whole AI battle was conducted within the statistical margin of error that the bad guys had engineered into the system from the beginning so they could perform the steal undetected. They dug their own grave… No one is now or ever will be the wiser. There is no trace. They were beaten at their own game. Perfect judo.

“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

-Sun Tzu
-From the Tactical Dispositions chapter of the book, The Art of War

Say what you will, Donald Trump beat both a Bush and a Clinton in one election cycle. It seems everything the cabal controlled media tried backfired and the more we saw of Clinton, the more it was revealed she had nothing to offer except the same, failed, Obama inspired policies that were leading this country to its ultimate destruction. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, the immoral social values forced upon the people and the unethical business practices allowed to permeate in the financial world were about to doom the Republic. But in this year of miracles, of Brexit and the Chicago Cubs, the people of the US met the challenge and for the time being, turned back the tide of cabal control and staved off disaster.

Sheriff Joe
Sadly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona was defeated in his bid to gain a seventh term as Sheriff. He has promised to reveal “universe shattering” information in his final press conference as Sheriff on December 15. Be reminded that Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse shattered the scam of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate over four years ago. A dark cloud that hangs over both parties as they Republicans are just as culpable in this conspiracy as the Democrats, we can only hope the Social Security number fraud perpetrated by Obama is exposed as well as it is clearly more understandable and a much easier case to make.

What’s next?
While the cabal controlled media attempt to keep the focus on Trump’s transition, the undercurrent flowing through the alternative media is the exposure of the satanic rituals, child trafficking and pedophilia in the John Podesta emails. The MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) has essentially ignored this story although some print media has tried to debunk the claims. No doubt the cabal lapdog “fact checking” site Snopes will weigh in if it hasn’t already.

The next paragraphs you are about to read have been very difficult to write as they delve into the deep, dark recesses of the cabal’s immorality and in essence, will explain how they have infiltrated every segment of society with a common, despicable theme that ties them all together in a nice web of blackmail through association. This includes politicians, corporate management of every discipline, the media and the puppet masters at the top of the pyramid. It is the thread that if it gets pulled, will unravel the entire cabal underworld and will reveal the sordid, sick and disgusting underbelly of control in the world. The one link, above all others, that keeps them in total lockstep and assures they keep quiet about dirty, dark secrets that infect the power structures of this planet.

We’ve gotten glimpses of this, peeks behind the curtain into this dark world with the McMartin preschool criminal case, the exposure of the Franklin case (“Conspiracy of Silence”), the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia case at Penn State, the Dennis Hastert scandal and most recently, the “Lolita Express” scandal that involves Jeffrey Epstein and alleged distinguished visitors to “Lolita Island” such as Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York among others to engage in sex with underage boys and girls. The common theme with all of these is pedophilia committed by people of supposed high regard, including politicians, business leaders, a sports figure and royalty. With the exception of the McMartin case, all involved pedophilia with both boys and girls primarily in their teens.

The emerging “Pizzagate” scandal involves satanic rituals and pedophilia on a scale that will shock the world. Some of our group have direct experience with these rituals that on a grand scale, make the party scene in the movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” look like a kindergarten birthday party (absolutely no pun intended). These rituals include human sacrifice, cannibalism, every sexually deviant act you can imagine and they all include children. And not children in their teens but children as young as 4 or 5 years old and even younger. Keep in mind that Stanley Kubrick died while “Eyes Wide Shut” was in post production and it is rumored that up to 30 minutes of the original shoot was edited out of the final cut.

The idea that anyone would participate in such dark, despicable practices is beyond most people’s comprehension. Cognitive dissonance sets in because the mind cannot wrap itself around such depravity and evil, it will reject it due to the simple reason that to go there in the mind is to begin a slide down the slippery slope to thoughts that unsettle the soul to a point where all decency and civility are lost. To even consider such things will cause physical reactions that are not normal, not comfortable and not understood. Consider it the dark forces that envelop souls where white is black, evil is good and upside down is right side up. Once souls are indoctrinated into this cult, their souls turn dark and they serve the bloodlines and cabal that has control of this planet.

The FBI is aware of this as is the NYPD (Pizza Gate) and we can only hope that the Justice Department and Attorney General of New York and various Prosecutors will step forward and reveal this evil before our planet is lost. The indoctrination of immorality in the world continues, the objective is to convince us all that we should embrace the evil and embark on a dark journey into the abyss. History is replete with pedophilia, satanic rituals and people in power having no restraint in their treatment of fellow human beings. To think this isn’t occurring on a grand scale in real time is to be in complete denial of reality and stuck in the matrix created by the dark rulers of this planet.

We mentioned the new attack on “fake news”. The cat is out of the bag with the Wikileaks emails and the citizen investigations of Pizzagate. You can expect the censorship and debunking of this scandal to heighten over the next few weeks and months in the name of fighting the fake news mantra. Keep in mind that every resource will be brought to bear to squelch, silence and deny this dark cancer that infects the power centers of earth.

This battle will be a difficult one and if good prevails over dark, we can expect many long held belief systems will be shattered. It’s time to open our minds to what is ahead and be thankful we are alive to see the transformation.

Jeffrey Epstein (Billionaire Registered Pedophile and Clintons friend):

Former Republican Speaker of House:

Conspiracy of Silence:

BBC’s Jimmy Savile Pedophile:


  1. He a clown born into $!He has no respect towards the hard working middle class, poor,women,education,environment and immigrants legal or illegal and creature of the earth!And that is putting it nicely!Bottom line is he is a creepo!!!!!!


  2. If you need a reason to convince people to stop sending donations to ZAP, and stop buying tickets to GCR Seminar Schtick, start with these predictions, and divert some of those wasted funds to something that will hold promise for you, and not them. -WHA

    Bitcoin will hit $10,000 and even $1 million. experts predict.

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  3. OWoN:

    A lot of key points.

    1. NWO is a multi national, Jesuit driven strategy, supported by CFR and the Trilaterals, with nations falling in line.

    2. NWO has major traction, and China will become a key Global power player.

    3.The US has only c340M people. As such, it can no longer dictate to an emerging 7 Billion.

    4. China and India each exceed 1 Billion. C6.5B will no longer accept 990 plus bases and Yanks Tanks. The US has lost the Middle East. The US has lost all goodwill in Asia. Parties post Vietnam, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran and Indonesia, who still think the US are revered in the third world need a serious colonic irrigation with jet fuel! Seriously dumb!

    Changes, IF they go forwards as is profiling,could well involve Chinese troops in a decade manning US Fema Camps, and if so, they will be utterly ruthless. No one even part gets how serious a US implosion could be if provoked. The entire cosmetic bubble has been build only on hype. Wall Street and Derivatives are illusions. Backed by nothing. Enforcement won’t fund the post crash if it comes.

    The Banking Hymies will be gone, and with them, every last shekel syphoned out as running money.But to where?

    As Israel fills to overflowing and the Iranians come calling, remember us? As the missiles rain down. Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran and Russia have issues waiting and if that day comes, we will see what Special People look like when the Neutron waves hit.

    Right now, be assured, we ALL need to think as one and just be people. The religious quacks are disposable. Whose histories have killed more?

    The next weeks will be subjecting parties to a deluge of RV false dawns. Ignore it and wait. The hype is in full flight,with nothing yet in place to cope. No infrastructure. Childish talk. Usual guff!

    Yes there are talks, but so far, ALL TALK!

    The nation’s need time to reconcile assets with releases. Also to cope with change.

    Trump is not even in office yet, and the Archie Bunker Broker fantasists seem to be unleashing a never ending series of Mongrel Mutts barking to random orders.

    That said, is it all doom and gloom? Of course not.

    With a key change in focal direction, a massive ramping down of Military excesses and boys with toys booted arse first out,reason can prevail, and nations can cooperate in nation building, technological progress, and re establishing a whole new concept of Community Value Banking serving needs and society, and enriching all by cooperation, not confrontation. Hegemony needs to go, and those who don’t get it, need to get it!

    Mankind needs to be kind, kill confrontation and practice cooperation.
    Brexit and Trexit are good moves. We stand together, or confront as fools.
    With so much ability, why not use it?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. What a pretty picture to think Obama decided to be president and so doctored his own birth certificate. Thinking logically – how can anyone but the owners of the chattel system do that? And so why did they do it?
      2 possibilities: he was born in the US or not. Regardless, why did they need obama for pres when they could have installed anyone? If he was a foreign national, and decide to use him then the cabal doctor it. But why go to all that trouble when there are enough ppl in the states to install? And so logically he was in fact born in the US and his birth cert was doctored by the owners to make it look like he wasn’t. But why? That is the question. Blackmail would be likely.


      1. Thanks for your comment Andrew. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to answer any of those questions. I’m not sure what the real truth is behind all of this but I do hope that comes out one day to settle this matter once and for all.


        1. Me too Aurataya. Contrast this with aussie PM Abbott’s UK birth and citizenship which was rumoured to have not been rescinded at the time he was elected and installed as PM, which is likewise unconstitutional. However, the authorities in both Oz AND the UK kept the evidence from repeated FOI requests. Even our friend in London, when asked by me why the Home Office did not release the information, replied ‘because we can use it’. And so there is proof right there that a falsified citizenship can be used for control.

          And so with Obama. Such vitriol towards him and none towards Abbott. Why? If Obama was born outside of the US it wouldn’t be known and his citizenship a non issue in the same way as they tried to play Abbott’s. I think it was only allowed to become an issue because he was hawaii born with a doctored BC, SS#s etc to control him. Recall that the agencies own these papers and numbers.

          The recent sherrif news conference itself was also at pains to point out that the issue was NOT where he was born, but the falsified document. This is telling and a disclosure of the cabal fraud.

          If Obama failed to go along with their wishes they could easily remove him from office early on these grounds and install another more compliant puppet. If he left, Obama would not have been able to set up his own plays. For example it was he who admitted the US to the ICC in 2010. A perfect setup for the nuremburg type trials. And it cannot be denied that under his presidency the KM are just about destroyed, and delayed settlements and GCR until arrests and prosecutions can occur, else the KM just steal it all back again and refinance more wars. He has played his double agent hats well.


          1. Hi Andrew,
            WOW! You have opened my eyes rather wide this morning. I have to admit, I did not know what you have shared above about Abbott, how interesting. I also missed your comment to J over at OWoN about that too.

            I have always kept well clear of so called governments and their representatives as I just find them to be a pack of programmed idiots that cannot be dealt with in a intelligent fashion. Which is also why I have never delved into the backgrounds of those here in Australia either. I can see now from what you have shared that approach has not served me well.

            Your perspective and information regarding this issue Andrew is extremely interesting and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to share your opinion and knowledge.

            Enjoy the remainder of the weekend Andrew.

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  4. Well, I finally sat down and read this White Hat report several times to ensure I grasped everything raised in it properly before commenting.

    Paladin, may I firstly thank you for taking the time to share this information with us all. It is always such a pleasure to read your messages as you write so beautifully. Unfortunately, as in the case of this one though, all subjects raised are not of the most pleasant nature.

    I absolutely must offer all of the White Hats involved in the “What If” section of your message the most huge and sincere THANK YOU for all of your efforts on that front. My God, to consider what the world would now be facing had those actions not occurred is quite frightening to contemplate. Thank you for caring and being brave and honourable enough to do what you did and continue to do for us and our world as a whole. The word thank you just does not seem to measure up in this instance.

    In relation to the final portion of your message where you discuss the satanic rituals and pedophilia currently occurring in our world, I thank you for having the courage to speak out about this situation. I’m sure you know a great deal more regarding this matter than most of us do and to live with this knowledge must be extremely difficult. I personally have extreme physical reactions when delving into information in this dark world and do not have the ability to comprehend or accept such actions. It absolutely must be stopped and those involved in such sickening depraved behaviour, dealt with swiftly and appropriately to allow some form of healing to commence for the many victims.

    Paladin and all White Hats, our world would not be facing the brighter future that it is today without all of your efforts, courage, moral decency and commitment. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

    Thank you for sharing this report Tony, much appreciated.

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  5. Fellatio Cafe To Open In London, Staffed By Robots And Serves More Than Coffee…..

    “…Businessman Bradley Charvet is ruffling feathers by opening London’s first ‘blow job cafe’ in Paddington. In addition to selling coffee, the one-of-a-kind establishment will offer fellatio services – performed by sex robots….”

    Technology is even putting the hookers out of work now. Well, at least in the sense of them having to perform the act itself. -WHA

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    1. While I appreciate that there may be a portion of the community that may find this type of service exciting and useful, I have to be honest, it disgusts me.

      What sort of example is this little shop front going to be as one walks along the street with with young ones accompanying them? It’s time we brought some moral behaviour and standards back into our communities.

      Do whatever you desire in the privacy of your own home but a shop fronting a public street operating such a service in just not acceptable as far as I’m concerned. I would shut this establishment down before it even produced its first bit of froth. lol.

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      1. “I would shut this establishment down before it even produced its first bit of froth.”… LOL! You are a hoot, my witty friend!

        And excellent commentary, Hear Hear! I mean, how bloody pathetic can they get?

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  6. WHA will this blog be here in 2017 and after? I am just wondering. If there is no RV or other such movement in 2017, will you be back in 2018? Thanks.


    1. Hi,

      Yes, we will be here in 2017.

      2018 is still in question. By that I mean going the entire year of 2018 may not be possible.

      Like most of you, I am not just sitting around waiting for someone to hand me a living. As time passes, I am becoming more involved in other things, so life itself is going to necessitate that I may not be able to devote time here to watch the blog.

      However, if that should occur, you are in good hands with the official WH blog, and One World of Nations will steer you in the right direction.

      But, we have all of 2017 to see what may happen, and if so, we can be here to help people sort things as they happen. It’s most likely that the guru rags will implode when their endless millions do not materialize, and as the real world figures are brought to bear, many will wonder what’s next. We can only imagine how this all will really play out.

      Hang in there.


      1. Concord. Here is a further comment from our friend in London concerning the possibility of a 2017 outcome. Enjoy! -WHA


        OK, for Tony, Concorde and both sites.
        Read into what I am NOT saying!

        Yes Tony will be there, and hopefully between February and March you MAY see why.
        Having said, NOTHING, do you understand?

        Read more at:
        OWoN © All Rights Reserved

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Thank you. Wow you guys are fast. All that replied to within an hour from a half world away. I hope it all works out and even for some of the street folks. Thank you again.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. Would you provide more information on how elections are rigged electronically? Who rigs the central servers and how to the riggers get access? Are the companies who sell the machines involved? There is now a proposed voter ID law before the Iowa legislature and there is push back from Auditors who say the ID is not needed and Iowa voting is honest. I have advocated for Auditors to have computer specialists check new voting machines purchased for imbeded fraudulent software BEFORE the machines are turned on and have been told by my Auditor’s office that there is no legitimate evidence of fraud due to illegally implanted software. You seem to know otherwise and if you could explain more fully how and where the electronic fraud happens, this would be helpful. What do you know about Iowa? There are 3 vendors approved for use in Iowa and each county Auditor selects which one of the three vendors’ machines is used in his/her county.
        I gather you are saying that elections are really a battle of good vs. evil computer experts. I am still amazed that Trump won. I thought the machines would be rigged against him with no way to combat this. How were those who did combat this, figure out what was going on with the machines? Thank you in advance for any information.


        1. Hi,

          You may wish to send your question to an expert in such things. WHA is not a voting machine concern and we do not investigate such thing.

          Thanks again.


          1. Thank you. The commentary here on the behind the scenes computer battle the night of the election is something I have not seen so specifically elsewhere, but i will continue my search and appreciate the reply.


  7. OWoN:

    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2016 AT 12:12:00 PM MST

    There are no absolute definitive positions on the RVs or GS, but general opinion is that any move is unlikely now until after Trump takes over. Then how long does he need to settle in, and will he approve? No evidence, but probably March plus. But how big is the plus, and who pays?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  8. Model Smart City Called Pena Station Being Built In Denver

    “….This week, brains were installed in 53 city street lights that live near the solitary Peña Station rail stop just south of Denver International Airport. The first autonomous shuttle is expected to move in next month. By March, a device that measures air quality will join the community, high-density Wi-Fi will be turned on and the first series of apartments will break ground in hopes of attracting new life. Denver’s futuristic smart city, Peña Station Next, is becoming a reality….”

    They better get the WGS released soon, or Earth will transform without it lol -WHA


  9. Elites Devastate India

    “….When the ideas of academic economists are put into practice in the real world, the outcome is usually failure…..Invariably, what sounded fine in the faculty lounge turns into a disaster when real people become guinea pigs in monetary experiments. There are many examples, from the abandonment of gold by the U.S. in 1971 to reckless money printing of QE1, QE2, and QE3 from 2008 to 2014….”


  10. Seven more currencies can now be traded with yuan

    “…The currencies are the Swedish krona, Hungarian forint, Danish krone, Polish zloty, Mexican peso, Turkish lira and the Norwegian krone. The move aims to decrease dependency on the US dollar and promote the use of the yuan in foreign trade and investment with these countries. In total 12 currencies gained approval to be traded directly against the yuan on the interbank market this year, the report added….”


  11. EU Report: ISIS Has Sent Up To 1,750 Terrorists to Europe

    “……A report to be delivered on December 9 by Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, says that between 1,500 and 1,750 Islamic fundamentalists who left Europe to fight alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria in recent years have been sent back to Europe to carry out “specific missions…….”


    1. Well, now I think I am understanding all the crap that is going on these days. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit (sic analogy).

      (1) CIA hates Trump as much as the Cabal does and takes their orders from the same people Obama does. They do not want Donald Trump to be president any more than the Cabal does because of all those dirty little secrets.

      (2) The plan is to convince the Electors and American people too that Trump is in cahoots with Russia, perhaps a Russian spy or something like that so he does not get the needed electoral votes on the 19th of December, “for the good of the country” i.e. the Cabal saves the people (sic) from this evil man.

      (3) They will then either say Hillary should be the rightful winner OR they will want a new election. Perhaps this is why Joe Biden has announced he will be running for president in 2020 so early i.e. he is “their new pick” for a “new election of 2016”.

      (4) If their sick plan does not work, they will stop at nothing. Killing Trump and Pence is no big deal to them and if that is what needs to be done they will do it. (sic)

      (5) Obama opening the CIA investigation is simply for the “story line” tying Donald Trump to Russia along with all this crap about “fake news” keeps people confused.

      I just hope Donald Trump’s team has this in their sights also. I pray for Donald Trump and his family along with Mike Pence and his family. If any of you are people who also pray, please pray for Trump and Pence, along with the White Hats who I am sure are 10 steps ahead of all of us. This country and the people also need prayers and God’s protection and help.



    2. The German Government alone, now admits to 1.3-million refuges in Germany.

      In a conversation with some friends, recently; I pointed out, that if even one percent of these refuges were criminals, there are now 1,300 new criminals that were not in Germany, 18-monthes ago.

      Your point, is therefore well taken, Tony.


  12. Hello White Hats— thank you for the insight which we have known for years and yet you have so brilliantly summarized.  I am a lawyer (Michigan) working (pro bono) on a case in South Dakota of a lady falsely convicted who has served many, many years and the corruption goes to the very top of their government — I have sufficient data, affidavits, evidence but need some pieces which you might have as evidenced in the last few paragraphs of this article.  I have portions of this evidence as well.  Maybe we can help each other….would someone contact me or I would be happy to meet whomever and whenever if that is possible and you can vet me but must remain confidential at this point — thank you, William M. Conklin [phone number removed]


    1. Mr. Conklin,

      Thank you for contacting us at WHA about this.

      I will pass this along to one of the White Hats for you. It will be up to them to contact you and offer any assistance with your case, or to offer to be an expert witness on behalf of your client.

      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Well, it’s time for some “Guru Friday”.

    Our most prolific of dinar salesmen, TNT Tony Renfrow, has done his one year sentence at club fed and is now free. And, true to form, he made an appearance on a recent TNT dinar call, hosted by his brother, Ray. He was quoted as having said the following:

    “Gooood morning, TNT! I just wanted to come on for a minute to thank each of you who sent me letters and packages. I saved every one of them, because we are going to do something special next year! I missed you, I appreciate you, and here’s what you didn’t know: I stayed with all the information, and I want to give Frank26 props – where I was at, there were 50-60 people who were giving me information every day, with copies of the conference calls, and keeping me in the loop.

    I watched the buildup, and I am confident that this is over before the end of the year, and definitely before 20, January – in my heart of hearts. If you were an administration, and you took this over and changed it to what you wanted it to be, would you really just hand it over to the next admin, knowing they could change it all? I feel very confident that this will not go through to the next administration. Who would that make sense to?

    All the intel over the last 48 hours tells me that we are going to party! I wanted to wait until after the announcement to tell you what we have planned, but there is a meet and greet tomorrow, and I wanted to let you have the details. I’m looking forward to meeting many of you, have a bit to eat and drink with my friends and family. I would like to see those.

    Its at 910 Second Street, Sacramento, 4 to 6 at the Ambiance Club. Come out if you feel so inclined. Soon we will make another announcement of what we are setting up across the country. You have all stayed the course and you will reap the benefits. You’ve got to go through it to get to it; I firmly believe we are through it, it’s here, and it’s time to enjoy it. I will hand it back to Ray… enjoy your day! It won’t be long and we’ll all be together.”

    So, without missing a beat, we are, according to him, just days away from a dinar RV, and all of you will be marching to the bank to cash in.

    Well, as most, if not all of our readers know, this is unlikely to happen so soon. At present, as the information we have at hand indicates, there is no appreciable desire by those in charge of such things to see it happen quite so fast.

    Be a friend. If you know a TNT supporter, do them a kindness and try to ease them into a slow and therapeutic withdrawal from this kind of thing.

    I also had a rather interesting phone call with a NESARA high priest this afternoon. I was introduced by someone I knew from Hong Kong gold days. They shared a mutual spiritual proclivity along the lines of that which we see among the NESARA fans. Nothing wrong with that.

    To make a very painfully pedantic story short, as I came near the end of the call, I was still not convinced at all that NESARA was on the way. I indicated this after having asked repeatedly for the names, and phone numbers of anyone on the Seal Teams that were present at the time wherein it was claimed that then President Clinton signed NESARA into law, at the point of a gun, under duress, with no choice, and in the additional company of 15 members of congress.

    I was told that such was secret. I asked, if that were so, how do you know it happened?

    “I have people who know them and they were told such”, was the reply.

    “What’s their name and number?”

    “They don’t want to be bothered”.

    “Okay, what if I offered them $5,000 in cash, gold or bitcoin to present certifiable evidence to me that such did happen?”




    Have a nice weekend everyone, and please accept my thanks for being a wonderful group of people (Even the few trolls we have, are the best! lol).

    Time for some poker and a cold beer.


  14. OWoN:

    Q: Where is the general progress of the GCR currently? And specifically, the so called sovereign level?

    Does the UN have a role to play in the GCR?


    A: Obama will do nothing without Bushes approval. You have to wait and see if Trump puts all of you before the offers he will get. It’s all unknown Leopard territory.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  15. WHA interesting reuters article in previous FC. The link did not work when I clicked – funny that, perhaps taken down.
    So x10. Not millions. Not x1000.
    Scratching my head as to how the Iranians could telegraph this and not expect arbitrgage action from the public.
    Would love to hear others’ thoughts.


  16. OWoN:

    Q: As a follow up Question on the move of funds from WF to HSBC

    Once funds are successfully moved, then what should occur?

    What happens if WF refuses to allow the movement of funds?

    Also, what potential roadblocks might happen at that after move stage?

    I can imagine all this is sensitive


    A: When some funds move, the receiving Bank will want them to stay. Many lock you in for 6 months so they use the funds. So take them. Many play games.
    Only part of the PPs will release soon, if even that.
    O will sign off nothing so big blocks will need a new Leader to decide. O will be off to spend his ill gotten gains.

    Major PP blocks have to battle again February onwards. RV’s are again not on the table right now.
    If WF block, it will need Trump and time for him to understand.

    If PPs move as hoped, some Private new Trading will take place, some projects already cleared will be funded, and some Charitable work.They all have their own Projects.No one wants new projects right now.

    If top partial PPs do not move next week, there will be deep depression with many. It’s been 35 years of reneging lies.

    We worked 48 hours plus flat this week. Hopefully not for nothing. Again!
    With changeover at the Zoo,no one knows what is next, or what to do.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Well, that’s certainly a far cry from ZAP and NESARA forecasts for endless Trillions and $100K for everyone, eh? -WHA


  17. WOW, this is a stunning report! It confirms so many of my own suspicions.

    I’ve got a full day of appointments and I’m short on time, but I wanted to get my initial reaction and absolute sincere appreciation on record right here and now! And of course, I’ll be back later with lots of wordy sentiment.

    Thanks White Hats, You guys rock!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Trump is sounding good and making excellent choices and compromises. The GCR and gold standard are other names for a worldwide greatest depression and the collapse of America. Trump seems to know he must try to get the industrial rebuild in full swing before he starts serious financial reform, or there will be no capital left to rebuild with.

    Trump seems to know doing the right things will be a disaster if they are not done in the correct sequence and with the correct timing. I like his choice of Goldmanites. The ponzi scheme must remain in play until trade and reindustrialization are stable. We need to end the Fed but not before the US becomes more merchantilist and self-sufficient. Fix trade first.

    I expect to see an early attempt by the cabal to crash the economy in 2017 so it can be blamed on Trump. No honeymoon period. He will be hit hard and fast starting Jan. 21.


  19. This is an amazing article that had me staring agog at what I was reading whilst sitting here in the pub. The picture of the millenials was spot on; they are interesting and offer good insights but on the whole easily led and not aware of this, lacking meta-cognitive skills to appraise their own situation. The satanic side will be an extremely bitter pill for those folk who watch tv and believe it, who are sucked in by the latest pop song that gets played every 15 minutes, but necessary. On the whole after watching this space since Aug 2013 it seems we are reaching the pointy end. The AI was a very intruguing read indeed. Much gratitude from this quarter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great article whoever the author is. No holds barred. He/She speaks for all of us in our disgust and contempt for the powerless Di**ks assuming they have power over us. Good luck boys…


  20. OWoN:

    Yet another week gone, and the we are there, we are done fantasists with their hands out for donations, have failed you currency hopefuls again so badly.

    Contrary to all their vacuous weekly promises, costly phone in lines pumping Pap, there is no money for such unworldly volumes promised, nor the will.

    With a world where Banks all fail Stress Tests, who is so dumb as to promising these vast multi Trillion dollar free lunches?

    The Brokers and false sites had a field day with their 35% spreads feeding greed and desperation. But the only feeding was them feeding off their own nation.

    So where is Zap with we are done, we are here, send me money now? How dare they show their faces? Xmas is coming, dial in lines will be pumping hard. Don’t call, don’t be taken for a fool. Just feed your own, not these Scalpers.

    We are getting emails from parties who sent money, hard earned no doubt, and are still waiting for notes to even arrive. Really- don’t!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  21. Thank you so much for this wonderful update and article White Hats. Thank you all, for the enormous effort and success in helping Trump and us all win over evil. I know the road
    ahead is long and the fight hard, but we must keep on marching forward until that thread gets pulled and evil gets sent back down that dark hole to burn forever. Those of us who know and are learning what is really going on out here, are ready to help in whatever way we can. Just know that we are out here in support of your efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Thank you a much for the “state of the nation” report! Some very interesting revelations. Sure, there are important matters not touched on, but I see the cup half full, and appreciate what I have been given, and the effort to produce it.

    I’m just worried that the cabal will somehow prevent Trump from being inaugurated. Steal the electoral votes somehow, Assassination; whether outright sniper attempt, or a poison dart and resulting heart attack, Bomb the Trump Tower, heck, insert any type of cabal killing method.

    There is no doubt the next decade will be the most interesting, politically, in my lifetime. This decade will also determine the future of humankind. I am glad I lived to see it. The unfortunate millennials don’t have the benefit of our life experience to see the error of their thinking, nor do they care. I WANT MAAAAAHHHH LICK. AND I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOWWW. GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEE.

    Bah humbug.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. I have always understood that your group is (officially or not) the authoritative voice of the Dinar R/V yet you remain silent for too long. Is there NOTHING noteworthy for the dinar investors in the world who have now chewed their nails up to their elbows?!! Please give us ALL some glimmer of hope or at least a taste of reality. Growing OLD and still Counting my pennies!!

    On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 8:27 PM, WHITE HATS AUXILIARY and FACT CHECK CENTER wrote:

    > whitehatsauxiliaries posted: “December 7 – White Hats Report #57 – The > Trump Factor: Trexit, America’s answer to the Globalists and Exposure on a > grand scale. Following the lead of our friends across the pond, America > delivered their own version of Brexit by electing Donald Trump pres” >


    1. Hi,

      We have shared all information about all the expected outcomes and timetables as it has come to us. It’s all there in our past blog posts.

      I will give you the current scene as we know it. The RV, and that term is specific to the dinar, is not anticipated until late 2017, unless otherwise advised. As to what that may entail in terms of a rate is not known at this particular time, although in the past rates from 1.00 to 3.50 were anticipated but never materialized. Along with that was a strict warning that any such revalue was to be extremely limited in time and volume. But, for now, I would disregard any such rate anticipations. We don’t know what will happen between now and late 2017 that could change things.

      The repudiation of the mass marketed 25,000 notes and overprints is a real factor. Further, the removal of the three zeros from the 25K notes is a real issue that could open the alimentary sluice gates on both ends of those expecting millions from a 1K investment.

      As to growing old and counting pennies, I would not be idle and hope for a currency speculation of this nature to carry you to the promised land. If you were promised such, I would refer your inquiries and disappointments to the party that induced you to buy in the first place. I know that was not us, as we came on the scene very late in this whole affair, and we never made recommendations, nor will we ever.

      We are simply a relay point, bringing you what we know is fact from those who sit high enough on high to see it all. That’s all we can do. We will do it for as long as possible, and I do hope that means we can be here to see it through to a conclusion, whatever that conclusion is.

      Thank you.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s certainly an important issue, but I do believe the Feds decided to re-route the pipleline and stopped squirting people with hoses.

      I hope they can all stop counting coup and go home.

      Otherwise, that issue is not really germane to RV/GCR issues, but we are happy to allow anyone to comment on it if they wish.


      1. Tomi Learin, over at “The Blaze”, is from South Dakota. She is very clear on the details, much of which has been misreported by the OldStreamMedia.

        She points out that 85% of the pipeline is completed, and that all of it is on private land. She is calling out the reporting of otherwise, as an outright lie. Moreover, after 7 major meetings, and 400 minor ones, the Indians have shown up for NONE of them. This whole story is trumped up mouthwash. The enviro-nuts are trying somehow to suggest that it’s safer to use the present methods (moving oil via 750 rail-tank-cars per day), is better than a pipeline.

        And the last point, the contractors are in charge, and have recently reported that Army Corp of Engineers has no say in a project built on private land, and are pushing forward with construction. No lawsuit has responded. That means the contractors are right, and the pipeline project will not be delayed much longer.
        Just another view of the crystal, from another facit.


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