December 19, 2017 – White Hats Report #58 – Fake news, continued exposure, a look back at the election and wannabe thieves in the night.

Being so deep down the rabbit hole is sometimes a benefit and a curse. In determining the information to release in our reports, it’s difficult to unknow what we already know so that we can present information in a clear, cogent and understandable format. This report will attempt to offer additional information in the hopes that  dots can be connected so that the readers can have an outline of what is happening and what to expect in the next few months but first, we’ll take a look back…

The Election

Elections of any significance occur every two years (mid terms) and every four years (Presidential) with the most significant being (predictably) every 8 years when the current, cabal controlled puppet has served their two terms and must leave office. (A phenomenon that may be expounded upon in a future report.) So every four years we gather around the TV sets after the polls close and watch the drama of the election unfold as the MOP gives us the results while they interview a multitude of experts between their “calls” of winners of the states and running tallies of the electoral scorecard. As entertaining as a sporting event and what’s even better, you can pick your announcers depending on your political bent and preferences.

As the map gets colored blue or red, has it occurred to anyone why the networks of propaganda are the ones who have been tasked with determining the election results? Isn’t it interesting that we aren’t getting results from the FEC (Federal Election Commission) or the Secretary of State’s office for each state? What massive computer tabulates the tens of thousands of polling places (precincts) across the USA? How do they get the % “in” or “counted” when they don’t know how many votes were cast until they count them? When they do “call a state” for either candidate, how can they do it when only a small % of the votes are in?

Given what we observe and experience, doesn’t it seem like an elaborate, sophisticated show for our eager consumption and entertainment?

The Recounts

Jill Stein’s attempt to gain favor with the Clinton crime family failed after Wisconsin completed their recount with Trump gaining over a 100 votes. The recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania were denied due to the requests being what they were, frivolous and without merit, according to judges overseeing lawsuits regarding same. It wasn’t a coincidence, as we mentioned in our last article, that the three states Stein filed in for a recount were considered paramount to Trump gaining enough electoral votes to be president.  We can only wonder how Clinton surrogate Stein will be repaid for her incompetent efforts. Even in interviews, Stein was far from convincing and at times, seemed to be disingenuous and defensive, perhaps for good reason.

It should be noted, massive fraud was discovered in Michigan which is probably why the Judge shut it down rather than risk a full recount with documentation verifying the fraud. (See you tube linked at the end of the report titled “Voter fraud in Michigan”)

Our suggestions for future election are the following, not all inclusive but perhaps a good start:

  • Clean up the voter registration rolls, deleting deceased, illegal and out of state voters.
  • Outlaw all electronic voter machines until clear, easy and verifiable audit trails can be established. If not, get rid of all of them.
  • Require a photo ID for all elections for Federal office. If states wish to allow illegal aliens and unregistered voters to cast ballots, so be it, but not on the Federal elections which affect all of us.

Unfortunately, any discussion of strengthening the voting process will go back into hibernation until the next election in two years and the fraud and registration farce will continue.

And currently, the latest attempt by the cabal through their stooges in the Democratic Party to steal the election from Trump is in the….

Electoral College

The constant complaining by the MOP about the irrelevant results of the popular vote have morphed into a  psyop targeted at  the state electors who make up the Electoral College after the failed recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Led by the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, some electors are seeking an intelligence briefing that will never happen on evidence that Russian hacking resulted in Trump winning the election. This push began when the MOP’s star shills, the Washington Post and the NY Times ran stories citing unnamed “senior administration officials” as the source of leaks regarding Russia’s involvement in influencing the election for Trump.  Never mind that NO ONE has connected any hacks of the DNC and the HRC campaign to Wiki leaks. Further, no one has provided solid proof of this other than innuendo and whining from the cabal controlled MOP and their mindless minion followers in the Democratic Party.  The various intelligence agencies have switched positions on this topic more times than can be counted and it should be noted they failed to even appear before Congress to testify under oath this past week to provide testimony and details of this supposed hack.

There are so many holes in this Russian hacking theory we won’t waste time citing them all but it is rather amusing to watch the desperation of the cabal leading up to the EC vote. They’ve even invoked their elitist shills in Hollywood to produce a video of actors imploring the electors to change their votes. It seems they still haven’t gotten the message that the rest of America could care less what overpaid, irrelevant, out of touch liberals think. One has to believe this will only harden the resolve of the Trump electors much to the chagrin of the liberal cabal.

Lastly, the Liar in Chief, in his final press conference (hopefully), weighed in on the subject of Russian hacking, stating he told Putin in September to “cut it out” in his last meeting with the Russian president.

Cut it out?

Let’s face facts, Putin has OWNED the sissy boy in the White House for 8 years and continues to do as he wishes without concern over what Obama will do. The Kenyan is too busy drawing lines in the sand and then running away when they’re crossed. He’s more concerned with pushing gender neutral bathrooms in schools. Or meeting with members of BLM in the White House to further undermine race relations in the US. Or patting himself on the back for an anemic economy after doubling the debt to $20 trillion. Or playing golf.

Cut it out? Obama continues to be spineless to the very end.

January 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough as this fraudulent, incompetent hustler is finally relegated to irrelevance when Trump is sworn in as our 45thPresident.

“Russian hacking”- NO PROOF

As mentioned in the Electoral College section of this report, the cabal lapdogs in the Democratic Party and their controlled media operatives at the NY Times and the Washington Post have “leaked” information from completely unnamed “government sources” that the Russian hacking affected the election results. Interestingly enough, not one of the Agency heads, including John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (NSA) or James Comey (FBI) have publicly acknowledged, confirmed or provided evidence or proof that this has occurred. The Agencies refused to send representatives to Congress last week to testify on the matter and it’s shameful that the Liar in Chief and other government officials including the MOP have treated this lie as fact.  Interestingly enough, even Clapper and Brennan, who have lied to Congress in previous testimony, will not weigh in on this subject under oath. Ironies too, continue to pervade as Brennan was caught in a lie when he denied that his Agency was hacking the Senate staffers looking into the CIA’s torture methods and Clapper lied when he denied that the NSA was spying on ALL American’s emails and phone conversations. Comey….well, we know about Comey so all this chatter about Russian hacking is baseless.

Notice the reasons cited for not briefing Congress on the matter is because “the review isn’t complete”. If the review isn’t complete then how is the conclusion of the review already determined? This ploy is obviously aimed solely to convince enough Electoral College voters to either change their vote or cast it for someone other than Trump.

Lastly, where is the FBI and why are they doing nothing in view of a number of electors stating they’ve received death threats to their person and families?

On cue, the government sub-contractors in both the House and Senate have eagerly jumped on the Russian hacking bandwagon, predictably, including such notable Republican shills as Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and of course the cabal’s golden boy, Paul Ryan. Whenever needed to further the narrative of the MOP, their strings are simply pulled and they engage the talking points of their masters in the shadows. Expect this to continue after Trump is inaugurated and despite the Republican members of both houses pledging allegiance to the party and the new President, they will undermine his agenda and the will of the people who voted him into office at every turn.

Forged birth certificate

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao’s cold posse finished a five year investigation confirming what most already knew, the birth certificate offered by the Liar in Chief is, in essence just like him, a fraud. Two forensic document examiners, one in Hawaii and the other in Italy, arrive at the exact same conclusion that the birth certificate proffered by Soetoro back in 2011 is a forgery. Sheriff Arpaio indicated he would forward his investigation to the Federal government and Congress for review but we are expecting them to do exactly what they’ve done for the last 8 years.


They are all complicit in this fraud, both sides of the aisle, and they will continue to ignore this issue and run out the clock until January 20. Sheriff Arpiao stated he had more “sensitive” information that would not be released; most likely it includes the social security number fraudulently utilized by the occupier of the White House. We can only hope when the Kenyan leaves office and is no longer afforded the protection of the office of President that the new Justice Department will pursue him with vigor.

Latest from Oregon

Portland, Oregon continues to be the example of deception of the liberal Democrats in this country as reports of a Christmas party where a piñata created to resemble Trump was hanged in effigy and attacked with a baseball bat while party goers yelled “lynch him!” Predictably, this has not been reported in the leftwing liberal newspaper, The Oregonian, nor has any MOP site disclosed this. It’s become apparent that the party of inclusion and tolerance is actually the party of haters and violence.

If this had happened in December, 2008, it would’ve been reported as what it is, racism, and blasted all over the evening news and calls for hate crimes to be established or used against the perpetrators would’ve reached a fever pitch. But since it happened in Oregon and was instigated by the sore loser liberals, not a peep.

Fake News update

We could write books on the pathetic and treasonous tenure of Harry Reid but we’d have to interrupt our celebration of his retirement from the Senate to do so and the effort would be redundant. However, his retirement party brought out Hillary Clinton to speak and what did she talk about? Yes, fake news. While Democrats were nostalgic about Harry’s retirement and Republicans were celebrating, Hillary couldn’t resist her moment in the limelight to caution us about fake news and “malicious false propaganda.” Admittedly an odd subject to be discussing during a retirement party for a colleague but when you’re about to be exposed for the satanic rituals and pedophilia you engage in, you take every opportunity to debunk the truth and attempt to throw the dogs off your trail.

Megyn Kelly has emerged as the MOP’s newly appointed Queen of Disinformation as she ran an interview last week of Comet Ping Pong owner James Alfantis, utilizing her weak talents and unconvincing rhetoric to confer sympathy on Alfantis, this poor business owner who has fallen victim to fake news. As the cabal gets more and more desperate to derail the oncoming train called justice, more and more of their puppets will surface and reveal themselves. The times of exposure continue.

Lastly, the shooter at Comet Ping Pong, Edgar Maddison Welch, has been exposed as another crises actor in this latest false flag offered by the cabal to disguise their misdeeds. Mr. Welch has an IMdB page and his father has ties to charities involving children which give rise to many unanswered questions. Another question is, given the gun grabbing DC liberals, how can someone go into a public restaurant, shoot the place up and be arrested without being shot and killed?

Finally, we ask our readers to report information they have relating to satanic rituals or pedophilia in their areas involving government officials, politicians and/or media. We will follow up and report any developments.

British diplomat claims he saw leaked emails

CNN Anchor melts down over voter fraud discussion

Election fraud in Nevada

Voter fraud in Michigan


  1. OWoN:

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017 AT 2:11:00 AM MST


    Both Settlements and Currencies are by the day issues. Much further forward than that. We just, for all key parties sake, keep a lid on it until done. Even then, for key parties security, names will be kept strictly off radar.
    Be assured, it may be closer than you think. Unlike Obama, Trump will not be blocking it to Cabal orders.

    It will be interesting if a Congressional Inquiry into Political Corruption,asks Obama to explain how he’s gone from a low paid Union Organizer, into a vastly wealthy property owner plus on Government income? Also why he covered up the Biden bribe. His links with the Bushes, and Chicago funding from known Felons. Freedom of speech starts by exposing this lot.

    And where’s his F Birth Certificate? The real one Tony Blair got for Bush 41 to Blackmail the Mutt with!

    Under Trump, as his team are dedicated to recovering America, all is possible.

    The next Mantra will be the Congressional and Supremes whining of not to allow public inquiries for fear of losing public trust. Like the Clintons and Bushes that is long gone. Let Truth and Justice break free. Like exposing the Vatican where no child is safe on a Papal Priests knee.

    Today is America’s time and chance to re arise like a Phoenix and become the nation the Founders intended.First it had to break free of Feudal Monarchs. Now it has to be breaking the shackles of Political and Zionist corruption.
    Then, anything is possible.

    The first Eurasian Cargo Trains have now arrived in London from China. A huge step in trade and movement of goods. As it opens up all frontiers, trade will flow and ever more new cities will be built along the way. Trade, income, jobs, security. Now it’s time to get rid of the 990 plus US bases threatening nations and to reign in NATO posers and Dogs of War. NATO was visibly impotent and gutless over Kossova. The last thing we need is them triggering needless conflict with Russia. Europe cannot withstand Russian fury and missiles.

    It’s time to stop the US Military talking Russia down. If they want evidence of ruthless Hegemony and invasive risks, look no further than home.

    Good luck Trump and all free Americans. We all hope this is a new, but Good page in American history. Either way it’s a chance of a clean sheet. Hopefully true good will emerge. Mad Dog needs to calm the rhetoric on Russia. The Bogeys under the bed are home forces starting more needless Wars of Attrition. Time to drain the Military and Agency swamp also. Look where it’s got the world and so many wars. Goon squads with nothing to do but start trouble, and an Agency to create wars to keep the whole dirty business in the Arms game.

    American Military spending is greater than all other nations put together. All funded on Debt. Start there.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  2. Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar
    by Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor

    “…..The SDR is not based on sound economics or the interests of the common man. It’s just another cockamamie invention of the economic witch doctors in academia and government……..The SDR is dangerous. It gives the government—in this case, a global government—more power. It’s a bridge to a powerful global monetary authority, and eventually a global currency….”


  3. Tony, as a master of the written word you might appreciate this short video, entitled “Secret Spells of the English Language”, by Laurel Airica, Thank you for en-lightening and en-trancing us with your prose. Wishing you an enjoyable holiday and well-deserved rest, Valdi.

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    1. Hey that was very clever… thank you!

      I don’t consider myself a top writer. I personally know several that are way more talented than I am at such. I just try to get concept across as easily as possible. That’s about the limit of my writing skills.

      Speaking of language, this clip, which is a dramatization of Marc Antony speaking to the Senate, post assassination of Caesar, always sends shivers down my spine. The talent of this actor to speak in perfect Latin, is as beautiful as it is transfixing. It is as close to being there as one can get. Now, if you ask me, that’s talent.


      1. A remarkable performance by Pawel Delag. “Laëtitia EÏDO, who played Cleopatra, is a French actress, from a mixed background, which allows her to play characters from different ethnicities, in several languages (French, English, Greek, Palestinian, Berberian, Algerian, Hebrew).” ( Here is the complete episode:

        Debasement of language, thought and behaviour often coincide with the fall of empires. There would be merit in reintroducing the Trivium (grammar, logic and rhetoric) and Quadrivium (number, geometry, music and cosmology) into our children’s education; including critical thinking, ethics, creative expression and moral behaviour.


  4. Man Sets Himself On Fire In Protest Of Donald Trump At Trump Hotel In Washington DC

    “…A California man was taken to the hospital after he set himself on fire in protest of Donald Trump outside of Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday….”

    Read more:

    WHA will donate the funds for petrol to any liberal who wants to do the same. Inquire within. -WHA


    1. May all go well for Mr. Trump tomorrow. I can’t help feeling it isn’t just Americans that are hanging their hopes on him and his people. A momentous, world changing day.Keep him safe guys. And Tony, thanks again for all you do. Regards, everyone here and OWoN. Tony

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      1. Your post reminds me of Psalm 146: 3-4.
        Do not put your trust in princes,
        Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.
        His spirit departs, he returns to his earth;
        In that very day his plans perish.


  5. Hi All,

    Just a quick update.

    I just spoke with our WH contact for a little while. While I would like to be able to openly express to you everything that we talked about, I cannot do so, at this time anyway.

    I was advised, once again, that it is important for my protection, as well as for the good of everything else, that I maintain a very neutral position in all this, and to let whatever happens, happen. By neutral, I mean that I cannot hold myself out, as many others do, as a major focal point, promoter or slick guru GCR know-it-all. There could be dire consequences for those that do, and those that have.

    Of course, if things are told to WHA that can be told to you, we will do so. But, for now, it’s zipped up and pie holes shut. If I go against this, I could be in for trouble.

    The only thing I can say is what I have always said, and that’s to be ready for anything. And, of course, to ignore most of what you read on the blogs about this endeavor.

    I want to emphasize this.

    So many mentally unstable, religious, mystical, cosmic and seminar types are claiming to be channeling news from places which they claim are THE sources to be in touch with. Then, the begging bowl comes out. Please. While I am sure many of our readers are too smart for that shtick, far too many outside our small circle are inculcated into it beyond redemption. The best course of action is to distance yourself from such people; quietly and without any regret. Prepping for a false dawn is going to have horrendous consequences for anyone who relies on those who suffer from the mental aridities that permeate the lower subcultures in NESARA land.

    While there may be exit points that will be based on firm reality of present day numbers, I would not count on endless streams of cash, or “financial reparations” in limitless quantities. Too many are believing such, and when the captain signals a hard turn to starboard, those in fairyland expecting a turn to port, will be swept off the deck into the hoary depths from which there may be no recovery.

    Thank you again and I apologize for being so cryptic. But it’s for the best.

    Let’s see what 2017 brings.

    Bye for now.

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    1. Thanks, I don’t post often but after being around this for a long time this finally makes sense to me.I have already made up my mind that what we have been told might not be all true…I have not given up on anything but I think things could be totally different to what we expect…thanks Tony


    2. WHA thank you so much. I have really grown personally being here.

      I sense that the tone has become very serious and I dont doubt that our white hat friends the world over are working hard even though they cannot say much. We owe them a lot. Thanks for making this place where we can share info from them.

      I miss the past when they were more vocal but I understand why the silence is needed.


      1. I forgot to ask. You were going to release an update fact check that you had done a rough draft on. Is that still going to be sent? Thanks


        1. Hi Concord,

          Thanks so much for your comments, and thank all of you for your kind words as well.

          To answer your question, no. That update will not be coming as it is really not needed in light of what may happen this year. I am going to commit to a lower profile from this time on, up and until it becomes necessary to do otherwise. It’s for the best.

          I am quite sure that we will be given as much notice as possible. Until that time, all we can do here is dig in and await further information.

          Thanks again Concord and I hope you are well.


    3. First of all, that’s a very good call on the low profile approach. It’s something I can relate to and have also done. When you are passionate about a subject and compassionate about helping people, it’s never an easy call to make. Yet, breathing and seeing another day is better than the alternative options, other than Destination: Heaven. We are seeing the war of powers and principalities playing out in the world. Understanding the battle is important item to keep focused on.

      With that, in pulling together info I’ve been seeing, 2017 does have the appearance of “the big one”. I still think this will come in waves. March with the first shaking, then end of October for the worst.

      As much as I have remained pro gold and silver, I have the same stance on making certain each person can weather the coming financial storm. If you don’t personally “check in” to see if the info resonates with you, then you might want to start. As we know, the old saying is that if something appears too good to be true, then it may be so. Too much is in motion and we have been blessed with the best advise: “Be ready for anything”. I tell people that, in my life, the only constant is change.

      Some call it prepping, yet that thinking worked well for Noah. We are all modern day Noahs. Listen to God, react and respond as necessary, and at the end of the day, give praise for everything you have and for those around you.

      If you’re reading this, you already know that you were born for something bigger than just living and dying. You were made specifically for this moment. Enjoy the honor of that. It’s fun being part of this amazing community of compassionate thinkers and dreamers.

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  6. Another but more detailed story on the Clinton Foundation at first sighted at SGTreport.
    I’m just an observer. With so much disinformation,what is true? My beliefs tend to fall in certain directions. For the whole article

    “Federal law enforcement sources said the Los Angeles-based money launderers, who are part of a separate federal investigation, discussed previously using Clinton Foundation personnel to domesticate foreign funds that could not be legally brought into the United States through traditional bank wires and deposits.

    NYPD sources said Weiner’s email treasure trove contained correspondences regarding a company linked to President Bill Clinton and at least one offshore company, a South American affiliate of the Clinton Foundation. The emails also contained offshore financial correspondences, the source said.”


  7. January 14, 2017

    What Trump Means for Your Personal Finances and Freedom
    By Doug Casey, Founder, Casey Research

    So, Trump has won the election. Of course anything can happen between now and his presumed inauguration on January 20. The Swamp Creatures tried to cause a recount in so-called Purple States that would have changed the number of electors in Hillary’s favor. They tried other ways to somehow influence Trump electors to vote for Hillary. None of this would have been an issue if Baby Bush II, Jeb, had been the Republican nominee, as was supposed to have happened. It all just shows what a transparent (a word these people love to use) fraud “democracy” has become.

    Let the hoi polloi cast a meaningless vote, so they have the illusion of being in control. Instead of seeing themselves as subjects, they’ll think they’re “we the people,” who actually have some say in what happens. That way they’ll pay their taxes willingly, enthusiastically sign on to aggressive wars on the other side of the world against people they know nothing about, and generally do as they’re told. Because it’s supposed to be patriotic. “Democracy” is a much more effective scam for controlling the plebs than kingship or dictatorship.

    That said, the Establishment, the Deep State, was genuinely shocked and appalled by Trump’s victory. As Baby Bush the First would have said, they misunderestimated how angry the average voter was. That’s because the Coastal Democratic Elite are totally out of touch with the common man. But they needn’t fret too much. They’ll be re-installed, with a vengeance, in four years.

    That will likely be true for two reasons:

    1. Simple demographics. The groups that vote Democrat (e.g., blacks, Hispanics, urban dwellers, immigrants, Millennials) are growing in numbers faster than those who vote Republican. Republicans are older people, and the Boomers (born 1946–1966) and the Silent Generation (1926–1946) are dying off. More people are moving to the cities, and that influences them to vote Democratic. More people (still, idiotically) are pursuing higher education, and that also influences them to vote Democrat.

    2. The Greater Depression. One definition of a depression is a period of time when distortions and misallocations of capital are liquidated. A time when bubbles caused by monetary expansion are popped. A time when unsound businesses fail. I re-emphasize this because the party on whose watch it happens is automatically kicked out. So, the Democrats actually got quite lucky not to be in office when the time bomb goes off. Trump could easily go down as Herbert Hoover II.

    What could change things? A serious war, much bigger than the sport wars the US is currently engaged in, is the biggest danger. That’s much less likely with Trump than Hillary, but these things have a life of their own. My guess for the next president is either a left-wing general (because Americans love and trust their military), or a left-wing populist, like Elizabeth Warren.

    But that’s crystal balling at this point. Let’s proceed on the assumption Trump is actually going to be the president for at least the next four years. Although problematical, he’s a vast improvement over Hillary. What will it mean for the US and the world? More importantly, what will it mean for your personal finances and freedom? Let’s look at the possibilities.

    Bonds—With bonds, we’re at the peak of the biggest financial bubble in world history. This is a very big deal.

    Interest rates move in very long cycles. They went up from the mid-1940s to the early ’80s, when long-term government bonds peaked at close to 16%, and T-Bills at over 16%. I thought they hit bottom years ago, but the cycle overshot.

    My guess is that they’re headed up in earnest now. And Trump, as someone who understands business (even though he doesn’t understand economics), will likely (I think…) do what he can to send them higher. Why? He understands the country needs to save, to rebuild capital. And higher rates will encourage saving and discourage debt.

    The risk is that, with all the debt that’s been put on in the last decade, debtors will be hard-pressed to service it. That includes the USG with $20 trillion of on-balance-sheet debt, and a lot more in the way of off-balance-sheet debt, guarantees, and contingent liabilities. Much of it will be activated if higher rates cause a lot of defaults.

    What should you do? Sell all your bonds.

    Real Estate—Property, at least in the English-speaking world, floats on a sea of debt. Interest rates go up, real estate prices go down. The economy goes down, so do property prices. Add to that the aging US population, which isn’t good for property; as people age, they downsize. Add to that the fact we’re in another real estate bubble, similar to what we saw in the mid-oughts. After bonds, property is likely the worst place to be. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say the great post–World War II property boom is at an end—but that’s a subject for another time. There’s not much that Trump can do to fix this.

    What should you do? Lighten up on property. Make sure any mortgages you keep are at fixed rates.

    Stocks—If Trump only follows through with his promise to cut taxes, and eliminate two old regulations for every new one, it would be wonderful for the economy. But the economy and the stock market are two different things; they only correlate over the long run. I suppose he’ll follow through with his promise to build lots of new infrastructure. Government deficits will soar, and only the Fed will be on hand to buy all that new debt.

    Infrastructure companies will get a fat slug of the newly printed money. But I find it hard to get enthusiastic for the stock market. In terms of dividends, P/E ratios, or book value, it’s already at one of the highest levels ever. Bear in mind that well-selected stocks can still go up, even if the market as a whole goes down.

    That said, I feel more comfortable with shorts than longs at this point.

    Gold and Commodities—Frankly, where do you put your money when almost everything is overpriced? Commodities are coming out of a five-year-long bear market. They’re about the only thing that’s cheap. That’s true relative to their cost of production (farmers, ranchers, and miners are breaking even, at best, all over the world). And it’s true relative to their history (they’re down 50% from the peak of 2011).

    In other words, commodities are a much safer place for your capital than stocks, bonds, or real estate (excepting agricultural property) for the foreseeable future. The problem is that it’s hard to hold a carload of wheat or ten tonnes of sugar.

    Remember that gold and other commodities aren’t “investments.” An investment is something that acts to create new wealth. They’re simply assets. Sometimes they can be excellent speculations. Gold, however, is money, and will remain so long after the US destroys its currency.

    I recommend, therefore, that you accumulate gold and silver instead of plunging into conventional investments. But if you don’t have a significant position in the metals already, please get going.

    A final thought. It’s usually a mistake to count on any head of state to make things in a country better. It can certainly happen—as with Erhard in Germany after WW2, Pinochet in Chile, Thatcher in Britain, or even Reagan in the US. Maybe it will be true of Trump. He’s got a much stronger personality than Reagan, for openers. But the bigger and older a State gets, the harder it is to change. It’s comparable to trying to stop a fully loaded supertanker.


    Doug Casey


  8. Posted on the evening of Jan. 14th

    “Filed as mandated by the Department of Labor’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN notice, on January 12, the Clinton Foundation’s Veronika Shiroka advised the DOL that as part of a “Plant Layoff” it would layoff 22 workers on April 15, with reason for the dislocation stated as “Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.”

    For the full article


  9. Well, it’s guru Friday, and what a day it has been.

    I received several e-mails asking me if I was the “Tony” that called Gary “Away With The Fairy” Larabee, and conducted some conversation wherein the aforementioned Tony announced that he was going to lead everyone into exchanging their currencies with the major banks (Well Fargo, etc.), and was asking everyone to send an e-mail to him with the details of their currency holdings, etc.

    I would not usually make a big deal of this, but I thought it prudent to let you know that I am not the person on the phone with Larabee.

    As is common with those who are vociferous with their dinar exchange mania, there is a fair amount of biblical ferventness, and I truly feel for the sanity of the person who is on the phone.

    So, no. It’s not me, and I appreciate the concern, and you don’t have to e-mail me anymore to ask.


  10. Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration

    “…..The U.S. Army general who heads the D.C. National Guard and is an integral part of overseeing the inauguration said Friday he will be removed from command effective Jan. 20, 12:01 p.m., just as Donald J. Trump is sworn in as president….”

    Caesar takes command of his legions as he accepts his appointment, adorned with his wreath of oak leaves -WHA


    1. Hi Terrence,

      Thank you, I hope you did as well.

      I have been taking it easy so far. No work for now, and I need to focus on my health. This includes some much needed time away from here, so I am going to head to the coast for some R&R. No idea when I will be back home, but I will be attending the blog while on the road.

      It should not be too hard, things are kind of quiet, and not much is expected until after Mr. Trump is sworn in, so it’s probably a good time for me to sojourn a bit.

      Thanks again!


          1. I think there is a long queue before J wandering to awards Paddington,me guessing : queue will be full with expolitcians I.e. Tony Blair & company trying to get the feel of robots who looks like Meryl Streep ?!?!?
            Enjoy your break Tony your are doing a smashing job !!!


      1. Enjoy your R&R, Tony. You deserve it. Then, after that???

        On Jan 1, you replied to me:
        “I will be speaking to our WH contact in a few weeks so I will do my best to see what I can find out. I would prefer not to contact Mr. Hodges at this time since he is quite busy and we can go a bit higher on the ladder to get the info we would like to know.”

        Hopefully, that’s coming up soon?



    John McCain: I gave Russia blackmail dossier on Trump to FBI

    “….Sen. John McCain [AKA Servilius Casca*] admitted Wednesday that he gave the FBI a dossier detailing claims of a Russian blackmail plot against President-elect Donald Trump.

    The Arizona lawmaker, a longtime Trump critic, made the public statement as questions piled up about his alleged role in spreading an unverified and error-riddled document that Trump has denounced as “a complete and total fabrication…..”

    *Publius Servilius Casca Longus (84 BC – c. 42 BC) was one of the assassins of Gaius Julius Caesar.

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    1. Oh FFS. Just stunning. What a disgraceful, delusional idiot.

      Pardon my southern ignorance, but the only ‘Stonewall’ I knew of was the great confederate general.

      And what is wrong with these freaks? Why does every single thing have to revert to mention of sexuality or sexual preference. Can’t they all just keep it in the bedroom? It’s like fricking Sodom and Gomorrah.

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  12. In 2017 Trump will be Presiding Over a Bankruptcy-Bill Holter

    “….One of the big truths that will explode is about the economy, and this will be one of Trump’s biggest problems. Holter goes on to say, “Trump is a smart guy, and he understands that really what he’s going to be doing is presiding over a bankruptcy. That’s what his main job is going to be, and that’s reorganizing this country…..”


    1. I continue to be pleased by the guy I voted against Hillary with.

      But the charm is even greater, as I’ve been telling my friends, for the last few years, that no matter who won the election, that person would preside over the biggest financial collapse the World will see in livng memory.

      Bill Holter is correct, but in my view he is trying to be the canary in the mineshaft, after most of the canaries have already died. We already know the future is uncertain, and is going to be dark for awhile.

      The fact that President Trump will preside over the future POS we call Life, and that it is clear that he knows these processes intimately, is a foreshadow of good things in the future. The silver lining is not in the fact that we will recover after the collapse. The silver lining is the fact that we will have competent people running the aftermath, in a fashion that will mitigate the pain; instead of the crooked and incompetent idiots we’ve been saddled with for more than 30-years.

      More jerks, like we’ve already had, would have continued the theft, because they are only slightly richer than we are, and need those bribes gained from holding political offices, to survive the coming horrors.

      Trump will not even take his paycheck as President, and is basically too rich to bribe. Whatever his agenda, good or bad, it doesn’t require the influx of ideas outside of himself. In the main, that is on balance a good thing.

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  13. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. Relax. Trump is not in office. Any speculation as to whether he took a bribe is just that. Speculation. A wild hypothesis based on a feeling. No one is appointed yet. It’s too early to start jumping to conclusions.

    Live in the moment. Enjoy these last few days of hope and uncertainty, because very soon, we will know. I would say we can tell which way this is going to go in the first 100 days. And don’t forget. Even if someone questionable gets appointed, things CAN change.

    I believe Trump has the country’s best interest at heart. Let’s wait. Don’t stress, it’s unproductive and unhealthy.

    I have a fresh jar of Orville Reddenbacher at the ready. How about you?


  14. Lifting the Veil | Report #10 | A whole new world

    “…Release the RV’s dam it! Build trust. Lead morally for a change! Do the RIGHT THING. Yes, YOU Can! It’s long overdue. Do that and be a new Global Folk Hero….”

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  15. Just as I suspected. Nothing is going to happen here. We have seen this over and over and over. I am sure the people working away are trying and want good things but they are going to a gun fight with knives and the game is rigged. Stop misleading us and giving us false hope and false promises. Otherwise you are part of the fake news. So tired of the B.S. This is not directed at wha tony cause he is just a messenger. I wish you would stop bringing owon stuff to this site. Danke schön.


    1. Well, Guten Morgan!

      Your message seems directed at OWoN, so I am curious as to why you present yourself here to deliver it? Where is your Teutonic bravery? Arminius is spinning in his grave at your pusillanimous approach.

      What is it about this information that makes you want to censor it, Dr. Goebbels? What should I present to our readers? ZAP? NESARA bedtime stories? Surely you must have some idea what I should do here in lieu of presenting information from an involved party? Ja?

      Your report is incomplete and unsatisfactory to Der Fuhrer of WHA. You are spreading defeatist rhetoric, and we all know what Der Fuhrer does with such people, yes? Off to the front with you! Present yourself at OWoN with your complaint and let’s see how a real man tells the world how to run things and bring it all together.

      No more complaints about OWoN here. I don’t run this blog for people to complain about the manner in which important issues are being dealt with by hard working people who are not just armchair berserkers. If you don’t like the way someone is doing something, tell them about it. Not me.


      Auf Wiedersehen

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      1. After that first paragraph you could have just dropped the mic and walked off stage Tony. pusillanimous. brilliant (giggle).

        When has the news ever been roses covered in chocolate for those of us who dig deeper and follow the best sources we can find? It is nothing but ugly in the trenches and the stench gets worse the deeper you go. Trump has a huge task ahead of him as the small minded globalists continue to show how stupid they are while the rest of us continue waking up. Personally, I cut the guy a lot of slack for what he has done thus far. Negotiations happen or the whole thing implodes imho.

        I am grateful to the White Hats, WHA and OWoN for all they do (and to those that contribute useful information to this site). I stand nothing to gain from any of this as the IRS has stapled a personal lien to my ass. But I still work hard to make other lives better and don’t talk bad about the good guys. They are a rare breed indeed.


        1. Hi Mathew, thanks so much.

          I am sorry to hear of the lien. While I know nothing of your particular circumstances, I hope you can obtain some relief in whatever legal rights and remedies you may be entitled to. Being under the thumb of tax cruds is no fun.

          May it all turn around in your favor soon!


    2. I appreciate people bringing over OWON posts from J and others who post original content.

      OWON becomes unusable for me once it hits around 100 comments. Memory issues and Blogger software. They started a new page a day or two ago and already it has so many comments I can’t load it. If they weren’t reposted here I couldn’t read them.


      1. Sprackle, If you are using a PC try the “feeds” link below (may not work on mobile devices). It provides a single page of the latest comments posted anywhere on the site in chrono order – very convenient but following a conversation can be tough.

        I also have issues with the OWON interface as my 1 megabit DSL connection is not adequate for the bandwidth hungry graphics. I use the mobile version on my PC which provides content without the fluff.


  16. Hello Tony and OWoN , regarding to what J has posted about Trump taking a hundred-million-dollar bride I quite don’t understand and my thought an opinion was that he had mentioned to read between the lines , Trump is not in even in office yet and has no Authority to make any decisions correct ?!! And maybe just maybe they need evidence or even a set up sting operation !!! Very confused but anyways thank you for all you all have done and accomplished


    1. Hi, Skeeter.

      Thanks so much for your comments.

      Yes, I think you are correct, Trump has no authority at this time to make binding decisions or act in any capacity as president until after he is sworn in.

      You would have to ask OWoN about the bribe comment. I don’t really know what to say about that as I am so far down the totem pole that the gophers wonder what I am doing in their living room.

      Thanks again and be well!


  17. Tony,
    It seems like OWON is implying that Trumps selection of Secretary of Treasury is the determining factor as to whether or not the Event will take place. It’s hard to tell what trillions of dollars is being referred to. Whenever you have an opportunity to speak with your contact, I hope you are able to get a clear picture of where things stand. It’s just hard to believe that the people in Reno have been working on a deal that could only occur if a certain person was appointed as Secretary of Treasury.

    Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 9:57:00 AM MST
    That you have my 10,000% support on. But will he? He just gave away the’Treasury to another Goddamned Zionist! These F Roaches took the money again!So WTF use is he? The last hope is Congress declining any more Zios. Hes not even his own man. Don’t hope too high. Leopards and spots! Another Zio Roach has his claws in the Treasury. Until ripped out there can be no solution. Trump was funded by Casino operators. Now look at the price. For just $100M America was robbed for Trillions again. What a Mug deal!

    Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 11:47:00 AM MST
    But no True Patriot would have given away America’s Treasury to the
    Zio trash yet again. How can America take back its money with this corrosive filth in control? So for his ego and $100M he gave away America again?

    When does a real Patriot get in? When will Congress STOP the Rape of America from these Roaches, and WTF is America doing swearing oaths to a Kazakh regime? When will America get these Roaches out of the Treasury? Mugged again!

    They took the money again – Hello??????
    Is everyone F well asleep at the wheel? Mugged again! As with the Rotts, the Zios still control the Muggs. They still mugged the nation- Again!

    Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 12:42:00 PM MST
    So Trump took a 100m bribe?

    Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 1:12:00 PM MST
    His election campaign funds came at a price. The US F Treasury again! Every time they do this. Who will smash those claws? There can be no free America when they hold the purse strings. This is why every nation in history has booted them out. Rabid Kazakh dogs.


    1. Hi,

      In all honesty, I don’t consider myself an expert in Zionist Jewish entanglements in our government to know what to say here.

      A Jew was appointed to treasury. But, it was President Obama who was blocking the GS. Many times. Over and over, using his war powers.

      So, I don’t see how anyone, Jew or not, could stop Trump if he orders funds released. If I am missing something here, then it’s my fault, but that’s how I have been lead to believe this process was stopped.

      While I am at it, I know we have many Jewish readers, and I know they are clearly understanding that WHA and OWoN are not anti-semitic, or that we hate Jews for being Jews. To those that may be new, the term Zionist is used by OWoN to separate the Jewish Mafia and banking cartels from rank and file Jewish persons outside that group. No ill will is presented here against any race, Jew or otherwise.

      Let’s just see how all this plays out. If there are further delays, it would seem impossible that a Treasury Secretary alone could override the wishes of a president if he should order it done.

      Thanks again, and good of you to keep up with things.


  18. Donald Trump’s Big Fat Ugly Bubble Is Ready to Pop

    JANUARY 6, 2017

    “…..In short, after having impaled itself on the zero bound and hideously bloating its balance sheet — from $900 billion to $4.4 trillion since the Lehman event in September 2008 — the Fed has no capacity whatsoever to forestall the oncoming recession or reflate the economy and financial markets once it begins….”


    1. “They must either update capitalism to share the spoils more equitably, or risk watching angry mobs dismantle the institutions that have underpinned economic policy since the end of World War II,”

      Yes, the elite have been called on their siphoning. In their current form they are extinct. This is simply a form of profit sharing.


  19. The interview touches much more than his lawsuit – a lot more… Fulford, Fuku, 911, Titanic, Vietnam, HItler, and on, and on… I will listen to this more than once.

    “Michael Shrimpton was arrested by the British government for warning them about a nuclear threat to the 2012 Olympics that was later verified by the NSA and various intelligence contacts. He is now suing for damages in the millions.”

    MICHAEL SHRIMPTON: SPYHUNTER, from Project Camelot:


  20. Since I started talking, I have a pet peeve that has been triggered a lot lately, and I thought I would dump it here to perhaps help people think before they call our country a straight-up democracy.

    I am sick to death of people calling our country a democracy. We are NOT a democracy, otherwise the popular vote would have prevailed. Let that sink in. If you doubt me, stop for a second and say to yourself–The Pledge of Allegiance…. Yes, you said it at the third line, we are a REPUBLIC. A constitutional Republic.

    I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of Ameirica, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

    The difference is quite a bit actually. Take the Fake News situation and Facebook. Say the US is Facebook with 100 members/citizens. ==—With Tyranny, Facebook just tells the 100 what to do, as in they decide what is Fake News for us, and this is what they are doing. —–In a Democracy, the 100 vote on what is Fake News, and 51 people can decide what is appropriate for the 100 to see and read. The 49 lost their rights to watch what they want. —–In a Republic, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS are protected–Facebook is required to provide the whole 100 with a way to “Mute” news outlets, and we each retain our rights to watch or not watch what someone else might think is Fake News.


    Thank you, I feel better now.


  21. OWoN:

    A major new report coming out this week will change the way you think about everything. With impending planetary changes, the NWO plans are madness, Zionist greed pointless, and all wealth as we understand it will be pointless. Worthless. All monetary systems will fail. Billions will be affected and nations land sizes will shrink. Major coastal cities will go. Major coastal real estate will simply go. Who will house the displaced, Insured property claims will fail, and simply feeding the masses will need total rethinking.

    The entire way we live and think is pointless. Borders will be taken, and vast farmlands lost. Welfare as we know it will all end. All monetary systems will collapse. You cant eat metals. Paper will be backed by no one.

    Entire infrastructures will need to be redesigned and fast. Underground cities will become tombs. All we pursue is pointless. The next generation will be faced with just a survival window. Who lives, who dies, and those calls will be made in billions.

    There will be no rights. You either will have value, or not. Contributors eat. None?
    What is coming is hard reality. The whiners and whingers wont matter. 6 months unfed most will be sorted. Herd levels will self correct. Banking will all be gone. Life changes will be total. Most current sea level infrastructure cities will be gone.

    If what is coming hits peaks now projected,most will be gone. That is what you are not being told. The State is clueless and Elites brainless. You cant stop what is coming. We asked for it. Signs are increasing already. Now they are panicking. We have to rethink it all and get real! It wont be back to Plainsmen because for most there wont be any plains. Now who thinks, who can? Who will care, not just for themselves?

    Now the elites are repositioning. How to even survive it. We are toning down the real issues, you are not even part ready for that and there’s no point debating with some of the headbangers. They just need to be ” Prioritised”!

    Humanity has a window. It will hit the grandkids head on. We caused it. Life will redress it all. Karma.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    And in case you were wondering, no WHA does not have any inside info on what this information may be. As we have said repeatedly – be ready for anything. -WHA


    1. It’s the big elephant in the room: Stuff of decades old “conspiracy theories”.

      Yes, I’m talking about Planet X, –Nibiru. Depending on how close it comes to Earth as it’s on it’s flyby, it will [magnetically] drag the outer crust around the mantle. Move the continents. The Pole Shift. Not the one where the magnetic North Pole is moving south as it is, but one where new land will be at both poles. The face of the Earth is drastically changed.

      To illustrate, — Make a fist. Then, place your other hand over the fist and move it around. Ya. You got it.

      Historically, there is evidence this has happened before. Noah’s Ark is the most famous, but there are some odd things about the Saraha desert that has scientists speculating if it used to be the ocean floor. And since I am going there, I have wondered about the “new” Antarctica gravity anomaly in the news. —-At Wilkes Land…

      NASA Doc:

      See, it’s not actually “NEW” — it was first discovered in 1957…so, why are they making a big deal of it now?

      Since Nibiru, directionally, is coming from the Southern Hemisphere, the gravitationally superior Nibiru would likely grab that anomaly and pull it. Remember your hand. It will pull Antarctica shifting the pole, and a new unknown part of Earth will supplant that area and immediately begin to FREEZE. There ya go. The Pole Shift. — Meanwhile Antartica wherever it end up will thaw out.

      There are dozes of web sites going over this that have more knowledge the I do, but I wanted to take a guess what the ew article is about. That’s my suspicion…

      Although I am mainly a lurker, I do have may opinions, or rather, suspicions and theories. One of them is that all the recent visits to Antartica by “Important” people was for them to get a firsthand look at the APPROACHING NIBIRU by looking through the South Pole Telescope:

      To me, nothing else really makes sense. These visits are not to research penguins or deliver good will. It is certainly “heart attack worthy” thinking about Buzz Aldrin…

      Here’s a good overview:

      Any other questions? LOL!!!


        1. I remember viewing that Google Sky blackout a few years ago but the area has been restored with “winged disk” imagery in the general area most likely to drive some psy-op chatter. The link below includes coordinates for the winged disk. I don’t think anyone today has published an accurate account for Niburu’s return (other than not in our lifetime).

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            1. A key phrase from the OWON repost is “We caused it” so I assume this rules out Nibiru, the Sun, and deep space events. The CO2 global warming narrative is largely implausible so that leaves CERN, HAARP, or something else. Did a Fuku explosion crack the planet and wake up The Ring Of Fire? Is one or more Antarctic power plants melting the ice? Did we discover ancient Atlantean technology down there, revived it, and now can’t turn it off? Maybe the “it” problem is the massive population that cannot be accommodated in a biblical level flood – global mismanagement. Any other logical ideas?


              1. It’s funny, but a few days ago I was discussing this very topic with a colleague. I remarked that I didn’t believe that it would center around a planet coming into the solar system, or any wild new age cosmic disaster scenarios.

                I remarked that I felt it would be a portion of Antarctica breaking off, and moving northward into warmer water and melting etc. Well, low and behold, that was in the ballpark. But, even so, I am not really moved to be concerned insofar as there being “no hope”. That’s not true.

                In 50 years or whatever, if the newer generations give up on politics, money and such, there are more than enough resources to construct cities that would float, be able to produce food, water, and manufacture whatever would be needed to live high and dry.

                What makes it feel so hopeless is not that we cannot avoid tragedy, but that people have a fixation on owning things, and the threat of seeing their expensive coastal land swallowed up by Neptune and his hoary locks is just too traumatic for the shallow minded, and intellectually stultified civilization we now dwell in.

                We have more than enough resources and technological abilities to ride out a rise in coastal waters. Easily. What we lack is the present day awareness of the fact that the systems we now labor under are way past their due date, and incapable of allowing us to properly manage our problems relating to survival.

                If we go down the tubes, we will do so wearing Gucci, while spitting in the face of better ways of living and overcoming threats to humanity that are posed by nature. And we should be aware that nature has killed more people than man’s actions. Easily.

                We have come a long way. We can fight off almost every disease. We can build things to withstand almost any natural disaster. We could build living space in outer space. We can move asteroids if given enough time to detect them. We have enough space on earth to build habitats away from areas of volcanism. Our probability of survival could ratchet up markedly if we would only dispense with the archaic systems of managing our resources, and the abberated social values that stay the same while our technology advances.

                I don’t pine for the RV/GCR so I can “quit my job”. I don’t long for fancy cars (I drive an 8 year old car, even though I could pay cash for a new one). I don’t want a large house (mine is a modest 1600 sq ft. even though I could build one three times that size). I don’t plan on hair plugs, plastic surgery or tummy tucks so I can prance around like some vein old fart who seeks shallow approval from people who are more plastic than flesh and blood. Nope. I want the WGS and such because it will move funds into the hands of more people who will continue to develop technology for good reasons, and not into the hands of the few who want to keep it for themselves to maintain power and economic hegemony over humanity.

                We have the technology to overcome most anything relating to survival. What we lack are the right people in the right places to make it so. But, in time, if we do not succumb to some madness, the newer generations, perhaps those yet unborn, will steer humanity to the proper footing as a species.

                It has always been the fate of most of humanity to be guided by the actions of a precious few who step up to show the way to something new, whether good or bad. It took just one man to upend the political scene in Washington D.C. The strong alpha male, which was being cast in the light of a villain, in favor of feminine girlish males, has risen once again. We need that same type of person, but from the scientific and technologically competent ranks, to push us all into the next level of existence.

                Some think that I seek Utopia. Not true. There is no such thing. For even if we reach the stage of a world without money, banks, politics, armies and war, there will always be newer developments and problems that will push us even further and higher in our need to accomplish. There are no such things as “the final frontier”.

                Those who bark of NESARA and unlimited financial wealth and love and abundance are amateurish fools who go around slavering nonsense. We cannot have such with financial underpinnings as the foundation. There is no such world where financial Nirvana would be the best way to achieve cultural perfection. Those who sell others on this idea are truly the not-quite-bright. Moving the financial systems from those few corrupt to the truly good majority would only be a quick flash on the road to a better world.

                So, come on RV/GCR. Let’s use that wealth so we can attain real wealth for all – and that would be a planet where we declare the earth’s resources the common heritage of all people, and then set to purpose to build as perfect a society as we can where an ultra high living standard for all is the goal.

                Time for a smoothie.

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    2. Beware, this is from the fringes of sci-fi or reality, take your pick.

      “We caused it?” Is/was it CERN? HAARP? Might be wise to leave the planet before the big rush. Earth changes are discussed just after 1:12 in Part 2 of “Selected by Aliens”, Project Camelot interviews William Tompkins (the rest is pretty good too if you have the time): (part 1) (part 2)


  22. I am so tired of being lied to and misled. I know you say you are trying to do good work and I don’t have my own site but it is very tiresome to read about so much false information here just like everywhere else. A few years ago Hodges said at Christmas time that we are days away and now he seems to be saying the same thing. The owon source does the same. Just before the election we were told something amazing is probably just about to happen and then we heard nothing. And now again we are told he cant say anything but that we should read between the lines for the rest of the week. The next message will be that we will be lucky if 2018 has a chance. Does anybody else feel the same way and see what I am seeing?


    1. I have decided to take a moderate tone with such views, and your opinion is welcomed however obtuse it may be. Let’s consider this my Pontius Pilot moment where I pardon one man for the year. I usually dispatch such to the Tarpeian Rock.

      It’s incorrect for you to conclude that the “owon source” is purposely dispensing “false information”. No hard dates or firm promises have ever been made here, and nobody can account for internationally based arrangements undergoing modification along the way. Be real.

      I would suggest you don’t read it if you find such “tiresome”.

      I am sure many who obtained currencies and hoped for a gain are feeling just as wacked about.

      I would recommend that you simply carry on with your business, whatever that may be, and let 2017 play out.

      When the man says he cannot go into detail, he means it. Whatever his reasons, I can assure you that deception is not one of his motives.

      Carry on, citizen.

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  23. I need advice on purchasing Bitcoin. Where is best place? And how you get it. Like a card or physical coin. I’m out of my comfort zone here.


    1. Hi Derbygirl,

      If you are in the US, you have some choices. No, there are no physical coins with bitcoin. I get that question a lot, especially with older baby boomers who think a coin is a coin.

      The largest one, which is licensed to directly attach your bank account so you can buy and sell BTC that way, is Coinbase. They also have a debit card so you can cash your bitcoin out that way if needed.

      You can also use a company called Uphold. I do believe they also are licensed to transact via bank.

      There are many more options out there. Too many to list. But, if you are in the US, those two should be safe and easy to buy from.

      There are also on line wallets that only allow you to receive and send BTC but not cash it out, like Blockchain.

      There is a ton of information on line. Spend some time looking it over.



      1. Thanks, you are correct about the abundance of info. You answered my most important question. The on line wallets. Glad I referred to you first. Thank you again.


    2. I use Coinbase too. In my opinion, bitcoin is still just another fiat currency but with more risk. You must almost always convert bitcoin back to currency to use it.

      It has two uses IMHO. One is gambling. Because its value is based on a real market I find it fun, and because I learned to trade back when there were real markets. I’m up for 2016. The second and most important use is to transfer funds without going through SWIFT or Travelex.

      Some people think Bitcoin is a way to park your money out of the banking system, but I disagree. You still need to go to through the banking system to cash out. If the banks fail, bitcoin will fail too.

      If you are gambling I suggest working up to a minimum stake of $3k. Last year that would have allowed you to pull out about $100/month. Just under three years of that and you have reclaimed your stake and your bitcoin is free and clear.


  24. China Dilutes Dollar Role in Currency Basket, Adds 11 More

    “…..The weighting of the dollar will fall to 22.4 percent from 26.4 percent in the basket from Jan. 1, China Foreign Exchange Trade System said in a statement Thursday. Additions include the South Korean won, the South African rand, the United Arab Emirates’ dirham, Saudi Arabia’s riyal, Hungary’s forint, Poland’s zloty and Turkey’s lira……”


  25. OWoN:

    Q: In your analyses, how much longer can the cabal or TPTB continue on cobbling together the current financial system to avoid the pre-crash incident which will culminate in using the GCR as the parachute? seems like all the pressure points to date (Italian banks, etc) have been glossed over and business goes on as usual…? how much longer can this “holding pattern” continue in your estimation? who are the players who benefit from the holding pattern and who are getting the short end of the stick? when will we see the dynamic change, and how?

    A: Please allow no comment for this week and read between the lines.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. A friend gave me a Tarot card deck for Christmas. When I have mastered it I shall let you know when the RV will take place and what fabulous returns you will receive on your investments. That will surely beat Zap and Tony’s intelligence sources for credibility. Until then, here’s Clif High’s -2017 Predictions on Everything, with Greg Hunter. Oh, and Happy New Year to you all!!


    1. I in no way wish to denigrate the dinar gurus whom I imagine sit around in a circle staring at each other’s crystal balls or picking through chicken entrails to bring us the latest hot intel.


  27. Happy new year to all.

    Tony, are you aware of the origin of the story about “The ‘public event’ [which] was the public release of the so-called 800 numbers, which was originally scheduled for December 24 @ mid-night,” as mentioned by Mr. Hodges? Might that have come from a legitimate WH source?

    Also, can you confirm an actual “2012 Gold Treaty signed by some 209 countries”? Google only gives me stories about a lawsuit and extraterrestrials.

    And Tony, would you please reconsider contacting Mr. Hodges? Please?

    Thanks for all you do, Tony.

    Oh, and alwaysme, thank you SO much for reminding me of “Snoopy’s Christmas!”
    Even though Christmas is over, if you missed it, here’s their performance from 1967:


    1. Hi,

      In all honesty I do not know where the source of the “800 number” intel came from, and my gut feeling is that it was not from a WH. Such information about 800 numbers and such usually comes from other places which I cannot comment on because I don’t know who would have actually thought that such numbers were going to come out at this specific time.

      I am also not sure about the “gold treaty” but I do know that the GCR does involve 200 plus countries per BASEL 3.

      I will be speaking to our WH contact in a few weeks so I will do my best to see what I can find out. I would prefer not to contact Mr. Hodges at this time since he is quite busy and we can go a bit higher on the ladder to get the info we would like to know.

      Thanks again, and I hope you had a nice new years celebration.


  28. I would like to give a big thanks to HIW. He suggested Chimay, a Trappist beer. I had one tonight and I have to say it was the most amazing ale I have had ever. Wow. I almost cannot stand up lol. Great taste, smooth, easy to digest and even though the alcohol is 9%, it does not feel heavy or disabling.

    Wonderful beverage for those most discerning pallets.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Ahh. The Grande Reserve. Love that one, but as you say the alcohol content is high.

      They also have an 8%, Cinq Cents (My Preferred Choice), 7% Premier Ale and The Doree, which is what the monks drink at the monastery. That one is 4.9%.

      Glad you liked the recommendation.

      I will give you one more since you love a dinner aperitif

      This mead, made after an old nordic recipe from the 1700’s is one of the smoothest drinks you will ever have. It’s called Viking Blod. Since you are in Arizona, like me, I have attached a link to Total Wine. I’m sure there is one somewhere around you or you can order online.

      Stay thirsty my friend.

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      1. Haha! I sure will.

        Thank you for the recommendation on that wine. It looks most inviting.

        I have put off some of my past favorite luxuries for quite a while in favor of health and other considerations, but this one calls for a try. May Valhalla favor my choice!

        Long live Ragnar!



  29. Well, instead of making up a new FC article and wish you all the best, etc., I will just do so here.

    I sincerely thank you all for your support and your fine companionship this last year.

    As we have all seen, the elusive and often time strange territory of what we watch stands in very stark contrast to what so many seem to think. I am still convinced that we are hooked up with the very best in “intel providers” (to use an often weatherbeaten guru phrase for lack of any other) and will have the best “seat in the house” to anything of significance and relevance which may give us all the best head start should it come to be.

    This last year saw many groundbreaking things happen, many of which some said would never happen. Now we are on the precipice of perhaps even more spectacular occurrences, which I sincerely hope will be of a positive nature in lessening war, strife and hardships, and increasing health, life and quality of same.

    Whatever you do, be ready for anything and stay tuned here for whatever we can share.

    I wish to thank our WH contact for his help and advice. This also extends to his staff and many colleagues around the world. I also wish to thank WH Paladin for his excellent articles and his hard work in providing us with unrelenting truth. We are most fortunate to have him on our side.

    I also wish to thank Canauzzie at OWoN for being there whenever we needed to make an inquiry behind the lines, and for administrative excellence in keeping OWoN a most excellent source of information and disclosure.

    Of course, we also must thank our friend in London, for his hard work and his unceasing efforts to keep us all informed. In addition, we must acknowledge his direct interaction with key parties and long hard won experience in knowing how to maneuver in such territory. Having contact with such a person in such a place is a real coup when it comes to knowing the lay of the land, setting the right expectations, and for some of the best English humor one could experience! 🙂

    On behalf of WHA, The White Hats, OWoN, and all who stand for supporting the family of mankind and for rising to honorably defend the rights of all good people, I wish you all a wonderful 2017.


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    1. Thank you Tony for all your efforts and stead fastness in exposing the manipulators of our freedom especially in the market place.We appreciate the many sacrifices you have made to keep this site going without compensation and keeping us all informed and in the faith.You are such a warrior of TRUTH and Integrity. More victories in 2017. Many Blessings upon you and your family.

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    2. Tony,
      Thanks for being the Best Moderator in America for another year. I truly enjoy reading this site every day. I would like to wish a Happy New Year to you, all readers of this site, and OWON.

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    One year ends and a new one begins. That means it’s time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going and few are better at pointing the way than The Golden Jackass.

    For this call, I asked Jim to primarily focus his comments on three, specific areas of interest for 2017:

    1.The global bond market, QE and interest rates
    2.The Italian and Eurozone banking sector
    3.The Trump Administration versus The Established Elites

    As usual, I think you’ll find this entertaining and very informative. Enjoy the show and be sure to have a safe and relaxing New Year’s weekend.



  31. Well, in all honesty I was going to leave this kind of thing alone until next year, but I am not quite ready to hit the hay tonight and when I am all caught up with my work for the year I go looking for things. That’s never a good thing. haha

    So, it looks like our friend ZAP is back with some good news. Let’s mark this current round of “it’s coming” and hold this as a place marker and see if in the next few months we can analyze just what did happen vs. what didn’t. We will be fair and make a firm record of his claims here, without alteration of any kind, except for not including his counting coup with Abe Froman (whoever that is).

    So, let’s get on with it:

    Date: Wed, December 28, 2016 9:12 pm

    Zap Says

    HI ALL














    -end update.

    So, let’s see. The “Royals” released a fund with more than 20 zeros. That would be, for instance, a number like 100,000,000,000,000,000,000. If my math is correct, that is 100 Quintillion Dollars, at least.

    God help us all if they demand cash only.

    100 Q, and they can’t spot their worshipful band of dubious YMCA based staff a 100K stipend every year to prep for all the funds they are going to distribute to “humanity”? Who is in charge of this fund? The Marx Brothers?

    Once again, the funding is somehow delayed by a banker bogey man who took time off for the holidays.

    What a shock.

    So, now the claim is made once more and we have it set in stone. We will simply watch and wait.

    If he succeeds, we will come back here and modify this post to offer him our congratulations and best wishes for success in his distributing his share of that 100Q largess from the Elder’s bounty. If he does not, then we will leave this here as a sort of retroactive sjambok to the side of this head to remind us all of the folly of expecting something for nothing on the present day planet earth.

    Which way will it go? The man said the funds are released. It was his call. Let’s see it play out.

    Our side says key Elders are not going to bankroll grifter oriented charity cases.

    2017 may tell the tale.


  32. Hi wha can you comment on this Antarctica mystery? Do you know what is under the ice there that has Buzz Aldrin saying it’s evil and John Kerry going to see?

    Thanks and looking forward to next year and am glad you are here. I bought some bitcoin a few months ago and its going up. So glad I didn’t send it to zap like I use to.

    Happy new year.


    1. Hi Concord,

      The only thing under the ice down there that I am aware of that has any historical significance, are the remains of Englishmen Captain Robert F. Scott, Edward Wilson, Captain Lawrence “Titus” Oates, Lieutenant Henry “Birdie” Bowers and Petty Officer Edgar Evans. They perished in 1912 on the way back from the South Pole after discovering that the Norwegians had gotten there first.

      However, the recent interest in that area is probably not in the above.

      My guess is that there is something off world under that ice, or perhaps the remains of a past ET civilization which contains evidence of atrocities in ages past. However, it may also be something more down to earth. Frozen remains of a dinosaur, caveman or something like that, with intact DNA, which would allow cloning, and a reintroduction of such a species into present day.

      I really don’t know for sure. I am sure we will find out soon enough.

      Good for you on the bitcoin. This year saw about a 100% gain for btc holders, and I am sure there is a lot more to come. It should not be your role to bankroll speculators who beg for funding. Let them earn and work for it.

      Happy New Year to you as well!


      1. That is certainly believable. haha

        The post from Aldrin referencing “evil” has proven to be a fake. But, he did go there and had a medical episode.


  33. UPDATE: The ‘public event’ was the public release of the so-called 800 numbers, which was originally scheduled for December 24 @ mid-night; it did not happen at that time due to a power glitch which occurred at the moment of attempted release, so I have been advised. Stand by, as this could now occur at any moment.

    Best regards. Al Hodges

    Further Update: By way of explanation, the 800#s relate only to the imminent Global Currency Reset.

    As I have suggested in the past, it represents a public event by which CMKX s/h’s can receive some notice of the nearness of receipt of their first payment.

    Unfortunately I am prohibited from discussing MCs payment schedule directly

    I have offered the only signpost that I can find which seems helpful. In point of fact, I am able to tell you that the current protocol requires the payment to MC, and the public release of the 800#s to be coincident.

    Please continue to maintain your good wishes and love your fellow shareholders, one and all. 

    Blessings, Al Hodges

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  34. AL Hodges Christmas Intel Message – December 25, 2016 (He beat the Queen and the Pope to theirs!)

    Hodges and Associates – December 25, 2016

    It is the time of year-end holiday celebration; as has become my custom, I wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays and a very, very Happy New Year. I know many care only about “WHEN,” etc., but first let me say a few other things:

    1. As I have said before, “….the Supreme Court Justices are fully aware that the World Global Settlements (WGS), the Global Currency Reset (GCR), and all associated/reliant programs are in the final completion process; therefore, there being no need for the Court to grant Certiorari as a means of keeping the pressure on the politicians who had been so aggressive in delaying this.“

    2. I know, understand, and empathize with your angst, frustration and anger engendered by the outrageous delays which have occurred; I feel the same. However, it is a fact that CMKX is a relatively small part [minute in fact] of the pay-out scheme. The overall WGS and GCR, with particular focus on the GCR have been the primary cause of these delays; not because of incompetence or similar reasons, but because of the vicious tornados generated by the ‘cabal’ which have previously been referred to as ‘headwinds.’ These people represent the vilest, most intransigent, most contemptible, well-financed forces of evil on the planet. Although we have in fact won, securing the peace has become a near impossible task.

    3. To put it another way, the World Global Settlements, including the US Dollar Refunding Project, the Global Currency Reset and all the associated/reliant programs are real – they are the instruments of great change – part of a world-wide re-distribution of wealth which includes revaluation [up and down] of a number of countries’ currency; and, every country world-wide will abandon fiat currency [which many have already done] and have asset-backed currency pursuant to the 2012 Gold Treaty signed by some 209 countries. The protocols governing implementation of these various programs have changed quite substantially [and continuously, it seems] as a result of the cabal’s interference as has been evidenced by the wholesale departure of many leaders and executives [John Stumpf most recently], and the arrest of thousands of bankers and others for abetting financial fraud. The estimates of those who will be prosecuted after the completion of these activities, is greatly in excess of 10,000. As I have said in the past, most of those I have denominated as ‘miscreants’ have, during these delays, been duly relieved of the money they stole [which has now been recovered by the NBTB]. Many others have been indicted and will face public trial @ The Hague [ala Nuremburg] beginning after January 20, 2017.

    4. The CMKX payments have always been dependent on the completion of the WGS/GCR. That is because it was long-ago determined that the only correct way to compensate CMKX shareholders, required ensuring that they received their payment in asset backed currency extant with a fair and transparent banking system; trust provisions prevent ANY earlier release. Although any, and every, delay of a compensating payment to CMKX shareholders seems patently unfair, the simple fact is that we cannot receive our payouts until the financial imbalance in the world has been corrected; this has [obviously] taken much, much longer than anyone ever contemplated.

    5. Why has it taken so long, you ask. The answer is both simple and extremely complex. Simply stated, it has taken time to create a new financial system for the World that 209 countries could and would accept; and, it has taken time to ensure that the new system would not be co-opted by the evil forces that have controlled this planet, and the very lives of most, for thousands of years. As a result of these issues, I can tell you that the ‘protocols’ for the consummation of events have been changed repeatedly [>100X]; I can also tell you based on personal knowledge that “receipt of ER” deliveries have been scheduled at least 15X in recent months, only to be delayed by some new action from the ‘miscreants.’ I can further advise that, as Benjamin Fulford and others have reported, the cabal miscreants are now all but ‘disappeared.’

    The WHEN is not an easy thing to define; this, for several reasons which I am not allowed to discuss as I am constrained by attorney-client privilege and security considerations. What I can say is: 1. I am advised that the next step should have become publicly known by the time you read this, as the intent for some time has been to have that step complete before Christmas; 2. Gold is, based upon my information, present in the US Treasury to back the US Dollar; 3. US currency will not become officially asset backed until “receipt of ER” deliveries have been made and a minimum of 24 hours has elapsed, pursuant to the written terms of the Gold Treaty; [4]. The “receipt of ER” deliveries actually determine the world-wide effectiveness of the treaty; ;[5]. I have been told that the initial payment* to CMKX shareholders will be forthcoming within a few days to several weeks immediately after these “receipt of ER” deliveries.

    Denouement is in fact in process and, actually quite close to finality. Accordingly, please do not spend the next days fretting and worried about the apparent lack of concern the world and its minions have for your plight and your penury. You have in fact won, and proof of same shall be yours sooner than you believe. Have a wonderful experience with your family, friends and associates, and enjoy every moment of this precious time. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EACH OF YOU.


    Al Hodges

    A. Clifton Hodges (CSBN 046803)
    4510 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 201
    Westlake Village, CA 91362

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    1. As we all know, so far, nothing has materialized of any nature related to the above information from Mr. Hodges. I would urge the usual caution from being too enthused about it right now. We may be still facing quite a runway between now and anything being visible in such a way as to leave little doubt to it.

      This has been an annual ritual of sorts from Mr. Hodges. While I could call him and ask for more details as to why he has maintained these annual energetic updates, I will defer for now.

      This is kind of like the second day at Gettysburg in 1863; it looked spectacular, but accomplished little in the way of results.

      Hang in there. Let’s see what Q1 in 2017 brings.

      May the Force be with you.


  35. OWoN:

    Q: Does war mongering retard and delay the GCR?

    In other words, if money is released is there concern the money may be used for war related aggressive actions?

    If yes, then what level of actions by Trump would satisfy those deciding on releasing the GCR he is a dove rather than a hawk and has no intentions to start war?

    A: I can’t see the GCR until well after March. Money is finite. It will be restricted, not a mass freebie. It will be controlled and conditioned. Way too many are in Cuckoo Land. Why would a seriously constrained system want to blow the last pot funding visible parties who’ve already lost the lot? It makes no sense. Whatever do they think the GCR is? Alice in Wonderland money? Why feed those we don’t need? Sorry but, that will be the real GCR mantra. For who?

    It will be focused for Projects and valid regional needs. Not Freebies. It will be used to underpin new Wealth Generation. Not fund lost causes. Way too many with nothing, are speculating fantasies with OPMs. Reality will disappoint many. Hard decisions have to be made. What and who to save. What and who to let go.The cupboard is bare. We have to be selective with new money. When herds get overstocked they are culled. Also higher selective breeding programs introduced.

    We are guiding Elders daily. Firm pragmatic views. Trump will only have input. Priorities are higher. The world is not just America. It had the lot and lost the plot. Eurasia is now coming and will lead. The US influence will shrink, as the new Empire takes over, the US will have to live with its allocated Rice Bowl.

    The Americans who will thrive are those educated to serve. Within 20 more years 40% of all current jobs will be replaced by Robotics. Only those educated and skilled to serve what is emerging will have a value. Who feeds and funds the rest? Why? There will be real herd problems and it’s coming. Santa is not.

    Those able to cash out via the currency swaps need to do so fast and really have a good plan for use. Blow that and the gutters beckon. Deservedly next time. No one is owed. No one will free ride for long. De lousing is coming and a must.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  36. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Year. I also want to publicly commend Tony for keeping up the good fight through this website.

    As we go forward into 2017, for the first time in a long time, we have reason to be optimistic about what is before us. We will have a businessman in the White House, someone who understands numbers and the bottom line and how it all affects the economy. Expect him to be challenged at every turn, by not only the Democrats but the Republicans as well.

    A couple of reports back I mentioned the ironies of this past campaign and the ironies continue to come in bunches as we go forward. Many, many devices the cabal has created to use against us have backfired in a big way, a prominent one is social media. Trump has been and continues to be vilified in the media. This will continue as the last remnants of Orwellian control will be exposed every day for exactly what they are……disinformation. They are the main cog in the cabal’s control over us all. People think “if I didn’t read about it in the paper or see it on TV then it must not be true”. This thinking is changing and we need to keep it in mind EVERY time we read something in the MSM or see it on TV. The media is the only thing standing between us and the controllers and puppet masters who stay in the shadows and pull the strings. Like the Wizard of Oz, they are the curtain that blocks our view of the real power and control of the world. And that power is a group of satanic deviates who need to be eradicated permanently from the earth.

    Trump, in actuality, is neither a Dem or Repub, don’t allow yourself to be caught up in this illusion. He’s an American, a businessman and very patriotic. He’s accomplished more in the month since the election than the Kenyan sissy boy has in 8 years. He will continue to use Twitter to bypass the MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) known as the MSM. Don’t expect him to act like a politician because he isn’t one. That’s why he has people like Pence and Reibus and a few others around handle that part of the job, the rest are business leaders who are badly needed in the government.

    We can only hope he exposes the satanic ritual worshippers and the pedophiles who have controlled this planet for far too long. Until he does, we will endure more madness until we can emerge on the other side of this.

    I will leave the speculation and information regarding the GCR and currency revaluations to OWON. However, be heartened because if HRC would’ve won the election, no chance.


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    1. Paladin and WHs, you have a sizeable mob supporting you energetically and cheering you from within humanity. And then the billions who would if they knew. Wishing you every success in the coming year and a sincere thankyou.

      Tony, to me you are one of the WHs even though you wouldn’t pin this to yourself. A modest and sane man, many thanks for being a platform for us to connect. Blessings and prosperity to you. Merry Xmas and thankyou.

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    2. Paladin, thank you so much for your kind wishes for the holiday season and year ahead. May I also thank you for taking the time to share everything you have with us during 2016. It has been my pleasure to learn from the words of wisdom and truth you have shared.

      Tony, thank you so much for everything you have done for us this year. You have been so patient and caring in all of your communications throughout the year. You have never ceased to offer guidance and wise words when needed. You have been there to calm some nerves in difficult moments and always remained respectful when certain behaviour needed to be modified. lol. You have provided a brilliant education as well with all the information you have shared. Thank you for maintaining this platform to the standard you have Tony and all the time and effort that has required of you.

      To all White Hats, I sincerely thank each of you for everything you have done to turn our world around. Even though we don’t personally know each one of you, just knowing you are there doing what you are and being decent and moral human beings offers us a tremendous feeling of protection and not being alone.

      To all the contributors to the site, I thank you for taking the time to share everything you each have. I have most certainly gained an education by being here with you all. It has been wonderful getting to know those of you that I have.

      As 2016 draws to a close I offer each of you my very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. This has been a mighty year with many twists and turns. As far as I’m concerned our world has taken a turn for the better this year and from this point forward I am hopeful we will see great and positive change ahead. May 2017 be the year each one of you experience the most beautiful gifts this life can offer you.

      Thank you all so very much for touching my life in the manner each of you have and contributing the precious elements that have made my personal journey unique and memorable and our world a more magnificent place to share.

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        1. You are such a sweetheart alwaysme, thank you. May I wish you and your loved ones a magical Christmas. May the year ahead be filled with love, happiness, precious moments and wonderful blessings. Thank you so much for all of the support, kindness and friendship you have offered me throughout 2016 alwaysme. It has been my absolute pleasure and honour knowing you. You are an authentic and truly beautiful person. Love to you always XX

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      1. Aurataya 13,

        Good luck with your move to Dorset ,I used to live in Oz but moved to Dorset , and I loved it friendly people great schools for my rascals ,Sanbanks ,Durdle door ,New forest we are spoiled… And if I can help with anything same as Valdi you can have my email address as long as it’s OK with you and Tony.
        I always read both sites and was more active few years ago but I had to fight with my wife against her cancer which we lost ,she past away beginning of this month.
        I do sincerely believe that the education and information I have learned from the both sides will help the humanity to wake up and with a bit of help from the world politicians we can make the future beter for our children .
        Have a Great Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year !!!

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        1. Hi there barbe27,
          Thank you so much for your lovely message and the sharing of your personal experiences. May I firstly offer you my most sincere condolences in relation to the recent passing of your wife. I do hope you are managing to cope with those matters that confront you on a daily basis whilst processing such a traumatic event. I’m sure your little “rascals” are assisting you to find a few smiles each day.

          You most definitely are spoiled with all of those gorgeous areas you have noted in the Dorset region. I sure hope to be spoiled soon as well. It is incredibly kind of you to offer your assistance to me with my relocation barbe27, your generosity is enormously appreciated. And I would love to share email addresses with you if there is a possibility that Tony may have a spare moment at some point to assist us in achieving that. I know Tony is extremely busy at the moment and has some traveling planned quite soon, so let’s leave this in his capable hands and see how we go.

          I agree with your statement regarding our world being on the brink of change. It is truly amazing what can be achieved when we all pull together and work side by side toward a brighter future for all. In my opinion the new path toward this has come into view and the first gentle steps are being taken right now. Such an incredible time to be alive and witness these events.

          I do hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas as well barbe27. I’m sure your rascals will make it a special day. May the New Year ahead offer you inner peace and contentment with large sprinkles of joy, love and happiness.

          Thank you so much barbe27 for reaching out, sharing and offering your assistance, I appreciate your kind heart very much. My thoughts are with you and my very best wishes offered to you. Be well.


  37. Interesting to watch how things are unfolding in the world. Thanks to the White Hats who give us the real facts.

    I wonder if there really will be a GCR where people will get a profit on their investments, or is it all cabal smoke and mirrors?


  38. Please spare a thought for the needy.


    Even though they were transferred today!


    So please send some money. But wait there’s more! (Just like last time. And the time before that. And the ti..oh heck)


    because I’m an intel hack and the langley bitches won’t give me leave.


    until next Tuesday. Yes that’s right without the quad trillions I can’t see my family and it’s your fault!


    and even though I’m an integral lynchpin in the global gcr and can write magnificently in caps I haven’t had the wherewithall to save a few hundred bucks in ten years..


    and that’s all your fault so give me some money.


    so send me some money which will arrive on the weekend even though the other money won’t.

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    1. He’s devastated?

      Oh Booooohooooooo Zap. Get a f—–g JOB, you panhandling jerk. You cannot tell me that you would not be able to paper shuffle on the side with Landa even if you had a job to make some money with. You just wont admit that you are LAZY and UNWILLING TO SUPPORT YOURSELF, will you?

      Can’t your wife and kids muster enough $ for a plane ticket home for you? What’s the matter, do they all take after you and not work?

      Since you are within days of millions of $, just have them borrow from the neighbors for your plane ride. You expect us to have faith in your words, so how about YOU showing some faith in yourself and putting your mouth where you say the money will be.

      I never saw a man work so hard at displaying his complete indignation for all the world to see.

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  39. OWoN:

    Q: Do those involved with the GCR want a crash of the economy before allowing the GCR to occur?

    Is there danger involved with allowing a crash, such as a point of no return leading to a massive economic depression, if the GCR is not accomplished before an economic crash?

    A: If the economy crashes the GCR will not happen. The GCR is the parachute now.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. I have sent this for verification. It’s late and I have an appointment in Las Vegas tomorrow, so I will be off line for a bit. I will let you know what I am told. I am not saying they are the only ones who can verify it, but I know they are not going to lie or pass questionable information.



    2. A few weeks ago, Lt. General Mike Flynn and his son, both, tweeted out references to it.

      In the wise words of Elvis Presley, “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”

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    3. In defense of Texian, I must admit that she did not seem 100% certain herself that this information was true or not and I believe she was doing her very best to verify the information and link shared. Just wanted to express that in case I made Texian look bad in any way. I was the one who jumped on the info without doing any checking. I just got so excited about it I was bursting at the seams. Sorry Texian and everyone.

      Now that I think about this situation, what sort of jerk would make up this fake information? Whoever it was they need a damn good kick in the backside and more for being such a moron. This is not a subject that jokes should be made about. Whoever you are I hope we find out your true identity and you get what you deserve you cretin.


    4. The account was created in April 2016 and had not made a lot of comments. Certainly PizzaGate was not on the radar then. The account DID have over 10,000 followers though. But for a city with many million, that is not a lot. And why would he have 2 Twitter accounts? Me thinks it’s a fake. It will cause a stir and help the cause though!!

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  40. Axis of Gold

    DECEMBER 20, 2016

    “…..Now is the time to keep your eyes on the monetary endgame. Not the daily mark-to-market in paper gold. This endgame is an all-out attack on the status of the U.S. dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency. Numerous players have an interest in ending the dollar’s role for reasons ranging from climate change (global problems require global money solutions), to geopolitics (Russia and China both have regional hegemonic ambitions in Eastern Europe and East Asia respectively). As investors with longer horizons and patience, we see ways to profit from these global macro trends….”


  41. Wow. I have gotten lost and led astray so many times while digging around in the rabbit hole. I am so grateful to know the White Hats will be guiding us around in these deep dark corridors.

    Thank you so sincerely Paladin and all the White Hats, for taking the time to send us these reports. The MOP and their minions have been relentless and disturbingly effective in distorting reality. Although we’ve recognized for a long time that things aren’t right, the truth has been hard to find. We desperately need this information you are releasing. Please, please continue. We are awake and we are listening. I believe many of us are ready, willing, and able to help in this epic battle. We just need honorable men like you to lead the charge.

    As John F. Kennedy said, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

    Thank you White Hats and Godspeed, always.

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  42. I am confused, maybe a bit naïve, but I was under the impression that this currency revaluation was coming about to help all people. The more communication I read appears to make this a political event with the United States being the major player and all other countries being insignificant. Why does our holidays, election and disagreements have that much control over the rest of the world’s opinions. A lot of information in this Fact Check are certainly statements but there does not appear to be any proof listed.
    It appears that some of the people in position to provide information are just as divisive as the people they are trying to discredit. “Just my opinion”.


    1. “I am confused, maybe a bit naïve, but I was under the impression that this currency revaluation was coming about to help all people.”

      That is a line often attributed to dinar guru salesmen, who are solely responsible for selling people on the idea that the dinar will come in at $5.00 and will stay there for all people for all time, and there are multi quad T’s available for it. You will have to present your complaint to people who impressed upon you that scenario. It wan’t us.

      “The more communication I read appears to make this a political event with the United States being the major player and all other countries being insignificant.”

      A “political event”? When in the history of Earth was monetary shifts and policy NOT tied to politics? The US is indeed part of it, but I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that all the other countries are “insignificant”. The RV is limited to a few countries, but the GCR, which is BASEL III, affects 200 some odd countries overall. There is a lot of confusion about this in guru land. They keep selling people on the idea that 200 currencies are going to “RV”. It is our understanding that this is not correct.

      “Why does our holidays, election and disagreements have that much control over the rest of the world’s opinions.”

      This seems a non sequitur. You may wish to ask an anthropologist this question.

      “A lot of information in this Fact Check are certainly statements but there does not appear to be any proof listed.”

      Trust me, you don’t want such proof posted on a blog. It belongs in front of a grand jury, and if it does exist, I hope it will get there soon. So, let’s wait a bit longer before you conclude, in essence, that there is “no proof”.

      “It appears that some of the people in position to provide information are just as divisive as the people they are trying to discredit. “Just my opinion”.”

      Not sure I understand that statement, or understand the point of it. Laying out facts is not being divisive. If you know any other groups that are deeply involved and have credentials that allow them to operate in areas that permit such knowledge of facts, then let us know who they are. We will reach out and establish a relationship. We don’t do “divisive” here. Contact the KKK, the communist party, Donna Brazil, The Young Turks, Whoopie Goldberg, BLM, or any other such group if you want to see what “divisive” is.

      Merry Christmas

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  43. Thank you so much Paladin for presenting this new report and for providing us with the facts concerning the topics mentioned. Your effort and concern is always greatly appreciated.

    I am so sick and tired of all the corruption and sleaze in our world and wish we could just wash it all away in one giant swoop. Those involved in the many crimes mentioned in this and all reports should be wiped of the face of the earth never to be seen again. Enough is enough. It’s time for real justice.

    On the topic of James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong. A short while ago Valdi shared a link over at OWoN regarding this issue. After reading that article I continued to read through the many comments posted under the article and found something interesting and also rather shocking. Unfortunately, when I went back to share the link here today, the article has been removed from that website. Surprise surprise. No matter, I have again found the information I was looking for elsewhere and will post it below. I’m not sure if this is actually true or not as I do not seem to be able to get the online translation services available to me to confirm it.

    “James Alefantis” = J’aime les enfants = I love children (French)

    James Alefantis Full Name Meaning?

    Thank you Tony for sharing this new White Hats Report, much appreciated.


      1. OMG alwaysme, I just love it when you express yourself so boldly, such spirit in that energy.

        I know, I could not believe it either. So utterly sickening. I think they should let a few of us have some of these animals in a room for a few hours and then we would see how much they want to go and molest a child after that experience.

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    1. I have researched this. Some other forums have wondered if the name “Alefantis” is a pseudonym. I can assure you that although it is ironic, Alefantis is indeed his real name. I located his family. His father is Achilles Alefanris. His mother is Susan. He has a brother. I have his address, actually several addresses chronologically, as confirmed with property records. I had his phone but I assume he has been forced to change it by now.

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    1. I would suggest you read some Roman history. When you aspire to office you have to live with a certain amount of feces in your dinner. Nobody gets to maintain power alone and without cost or without compromise or leaving their lip prints on some unsavory buttocks.


    2. Another forum I frequent daily has this criteria laid out for us to watch:


      …”If Trump fails to go after the COL/RKM private Banksters and their espionage front the FRS, which entails:

      –Cancel the US National Debt after exposing it as a fraud;

      –Dump the FRS and bring all money creation and distribution into the US Treasury;

      –Stop charging interest to use what should have been our own real money in the first place;

      –Prosecute the RKM/COL/FRS kingpin-owners under RICO;

      –Break up the CMM and prosecute them under RICO;

      –Expose the massive existence of the Satanic Pedophile Network and to fully investigate and prosecute all top members to the fullest extent possible under RICO and murder;

      –Mobilize the American mothers in mass to support him and also fight against these soulless pedophile scum in high places;


      …….If Trump does not make significant strides to do all the above, then we must all assume that he was put in place by the head of the Zionist Globalists themselves by deployment of a very crafty, deep black covert operation.”

      My reply to this post was this:

      …”Although I agree in principle, I think the populace can handle only so much, so fast. Remember, we awake ones are in the overwhelming minority. If he’s going to slog through that list, it will take all 8 years so the public does not meltdown at the information and changes…..”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so calm and sensible in your approach angrytiger, that is a very admirable quality. I’m afraid my approach would be, jump in there and rip their throats out as fast as possible and to hell with what people can deal with, just get it sorted asap. But my approach to certain issues does land me in trouble on occasion lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I live in the grey these days. Less anxiety and angst. I wouldn’t want Trump to fail by being overzealous. We have a Truther in the White House. Slow down and smell that wonderful reality! Trump has spoken out on 9/11. He is educated about vaccinations. He’s got the former CEO of as his chief strategist, and we have Mad Dog Mattis and Jeff Sessions. Wow. Let’s not rush things! It’s going to be a wild ride as not only are we finally going to get CHANGE, Trump is going to rewrite the book on the role of being a President. I bet many things will be changing. Many old protocols will be rewritten with Trump.

          Yes, an exciting time to be alive!! Let’s just get him in the White House, alive. Focus on that for now!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Well written.

            I look at it this way. His defeat of Hillary, alone, was worth all his faults 10X.

            That was a stunning blow to Soros and his dirty financial mafia alone. Now they will rouse their street thugs and political machine to cause constant incoming monkey wrenches. Trump is not one to flinch. He will expect it and know what to do to remain effective. His skills at dealing with people are going to see him through. He will have to allow some measure of diversity in his cabinet, meaning, those with mixed loyalties. But, he can watch them closely that way and have a sense for what his enemies are planning.

            My main concern and expectation is to see the WGS approved and administered responsibly so we can “settle accounts” and restore fiscal balance and fairness among nations. From there, the advanced and expedited development of life supporting technologies will eventually do away with the need for money and banks. Future generations will no doubt be wise enough to see this and hopefully learn from our mistakes and make it happen for themselves.

            It all starts with saving us from financial collapse and the attendant social unrest and destruction of our physical means of production and communications. Only the GCR can avoid that.

            I am banking on the fact that Trump will receive (if he already doesn’t know) a full briefing on the GS and the reason (Obama/Bush/Clinton) for its delay. He is a businessman, and businessmen means numbers and numbers are all that matters when we are talking about fiscal balance. How he can be fully briefed on such a plan and continue to delay it would be very hard to understand.

            Seeing long standing settlements released under his guidance, and a full briefing to the world as to why he released them, (and who didn’t) would elevate him to levels of admiration not seen since Kennedy, and his enemies would be instantly branded, and open season on them by the populous would commence.

            Obama, Bush, Clinton would not be able to show their faces without shame. Their supporters would be labeled as Vichy collaborators, and the Jacobins would be scurrying for cover. Their brand would be forever disgraced, and the Trump Republican brand would endure for a long time thereafter.

            Trump would have moral high ground to then ask Congress for the long needed investigations against all three, and the public would back him. Again, the master businessman would have paved the way for success by first throwing bread to the public to gain their support. For that, they will love him. Then he would have free reign with the country at his back.

            If such investigations commence and follow their rightful conclusions, then a new, modern day Nuremberg precedent can be set to forever disallow financial gangsterism on the scale we have seen in the last 100 years. It won’t be perfect, but more transparent and just, and will allow a more equal balance to all who seek access to capital for good reasons.

            The media, either, wont escape their role in suppressing truth at the will of their masters. With such masters disgraced, they, too, will have some “‘splaining to do”. Then, in comes the “alternative media” to make sure Trump’s actions are properly covered and explained. WHA may just have some role to assist with that, since we have been chronicling it. But, I am not concerned with that.

            For now I am just supremely thrilled that Clinton/Bush were sent to the bottom. If Trump does nothing else, he deserves our thanks for that feat alone.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Fantastic statement there Tony. I agree with you and do hope things pan out as you have noted. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a very different vibe with Trump being President. I’m truly excited about the changes ahead for the US and the world.


          2. Absolutely brilliant statement there angrytiger. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I must admit, although Trump may not be perfect, who is really, I have a very positive feeling about him and what he will achieve in the coming years. It would just be so amazing to see the US shine again and I think we are going to see that in certain areas.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. J,
      Hillary was the Rothschild and Rockefeller candidate, not Trump:

      WikiLeaks’ Clinton Emails Show Rothschild, Rockefeller Partnership:

      WikiLeaks Show Rothschilds Grooming Clinton for Presidency — Months Before She Launched Candidacy:

      Trump has formidable enemies. He will need the support of all decent, patriotic Americans to clear the swamp and make America as the Founders intended. The fate of the rest of the world depends upon it.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. J,

      Trump has, himself, admitted to being an “insider” and belonging to “the special club”. For that reason, as he’s also said, he may be the only one who can fix it.

      I wasn’t initially convinced of his authenticity or sincerity, but I believe he proved himself time and again throughout the course of the campaign. And I don’t think there is anyone else currently walking the face of this earth that could have taken on the Bushes, the Clintons, the MSM, and the politicos all at one time and defeated them in the decisive way Donald Trump did.

      Tony has also made some excellent points here on this blog regarding Trump’s motives and his probable desire to leave an honorable legacy.

      Keep in mind, he may not be what you want… but he may be just what we need.


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