January 20, 2017 – White Hats Report #59


When going through a major transformation, one that has potential to be life changing and a pivotal point in history, one gets humbled by the very idea of the privilege to witness such a time. We have all been informed, in one way or another, about historic events that impacted the direction of our planet and the generations that followed. Pivotal events when a particular path that was chosen led to a series of events that brings us to today. We are aware some would refer to these particular paths as timelines, with the understanding that, had events occurred differently, the world would be considerably different now.

At noon EST today, a new era begins.

The last eighteen months have been transformational and the next 4 years and perhaps 8 years will make the past year look like an appetizer.

Despite all the noise and chatter created by the MOP at the urging, prodding and orders of their dark cabal controllers, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Despite the posturing, vitriol and theater of politicians on both sides of the aisle, the beginning of the end for them and their puppet masters will commence with vigor on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. Politicians have sold the US to a dark, foreign cabal decades ago. Most are attorneys who continue to practice their trade in Congress, only now their clients are the bankers, pharmaceutical companies, media conglomerates, lobbyists and foreign interests who line their pockets and fatten their bank accounts rather than the voters who elected them to office. The same ones who spend like drunken sailors using the unlimited credit line provided them by the banksters at the Federal Reserve, only to stick their constituents and their constituent’s children and their constituent’s grandchildren with the bill and a life of indebtedness. They don’t represent their constituents, they rape, pillage and plunder them while they’re in office, hiding behind the elusive, flowery oratory they’ve practiced in a court room or a board room.

So if you expect President Trump to spin, lie and obfuscate when he speaks and tweets, you’re going to be disappointed. If you expect him to speak or act differently when he is in front of the camera or making a speech, you will be disappointed. If you expect him to go back on his word, to favor one party over the other, you’re going to be disappointed.

Donald Trump is neither a Republican nor Democrat, he’s a Patriot. Elected Republicans and Democrats are simply subcontractors who represent the corporation that is the United States. They enrich themselves while passing laws which appear partisan but are, in fact, designed to hand over the last free country of the world to the globalists. They care not for their fellow Americans but only for their own bank accounts and enrichment at the expense of the American dream.

So if you expect President Trump to leave the borders wide open to continue to turn the US into a third world country, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to continue to make agreements with foreign countries to decimate the US economy, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to be a puppet of the European bloodline families, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to put the rest of the world’s interests before those of the United States, you WILL be disappointed.

It’s time to get up to speed about what is taking place. If you continue to buy into the cabal controlled media’s attack on our freedoms and President Trump then you will miss the significance of this new era. If you get caught up in the intel community’s desperate attempt to continue their stranglehold of our nation through lies, deceit and disinformation, you will miss the significance of President Trump’s plan to SAVE America.

He is NOT a politician, he’s a Patriot and as a Patriot he will dismantle the lie and fiction that has pervaded this country for over 50 years. For the first time in America’s history, we will witness the pushback and unveiling of the powers that rule this planet and a rebuilding of the idea the Founding Fathers had when they formed this nation over 250 years ago.

The next four years will be a rough ride as the globalists and cabalists and controllers of this planet will pull out everything in their trick bag to demean, debunk and deflect the truth that will be forthcoming. They will use all their resources, all their influence and all their power to undermine President Trump’s efforts to save the US before it is too late. Media, politicians and business leaders who are traitors to this country will reveal themselves in the next few months as they have been for the past few weeks.
The intel community who are desperate to keep their control of the Shadow Government will continue their battle with President Trump. The politicians on both sides of the aisle will continue to reveal themselves for the traitors they are to this country. The media (MOP) will continue to reveal themselves as the controlled prostitutes they are, affecting their power to continue to influence the public with their lies and deceit and “fake news.” It is incumbent upon us all to pay close attention to this as the traitors and liars are exposed by their own actions and words.

To deny this and cast a blind eye to what is occurring is to miss the historic significance of what we are experiencing. It’s time to put partisanship aside and support President Trump because for the first time since 1960, we’ve elected a President FOR the people, not the hidden controllers of the planet.

President Trump will need our support, prayers and patience while he works to restore America to the distinguished place as the leaders of the free world.

It’s always darkest before the dawn and as the worst President in the history of the US fades into the darkness, a new era begins.




  1. http://silveristhenew.com/2017/04/17/is-the-deep-state-creating-another-crash-of-1929/

    “The die is cast. The patsy-in-chief is now installed. The media will do all they can to discredit Mister Trump and civil unrest will be funded by his opponents. The US economy is more debt-laden than any country in the history of the world and, historically, this has always resulted in economic collapse. At present, there are scores of triggers that could bring about collapse. Any one of these black swans could do the job, but it’s entirely possible that the Federal Reserve will serve once again as the trigger, as it did in 1929.”


  2. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-debt-crisis-of-2017-once-their-vacation-ends-congress-will-have-4-days-to-avoid-a-government-shutdown-on-april-29

    Shutting down would be the smart option, yet I don’t think anyone’s smart enough to allow that to happen. Can someone queue up The Who. Somehow the lyrics, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” are seeming familiar…again.

    Who could ever forget this wonderful quote from that Son of a Bush:
    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.”

    Get the popcorn ready, lots of extra butter!



    Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 6:19 AM
    To: Al (Hodges)

    DATE: 14 April 2017
    Ref: Currency Exchanges
    Re: Fraudulent Activities

    It has come to my attention that information disseminated by various “Gurus” regarding the future currency revaluation/exchanges has been fraught with fraud — with intent to defraud the financially uneducated. Specifically, by advising that the exchanges of foreign currency for gold-backed United States Notes/Dollars will ONLY occur under the veil of “Private Exchanges,” rather than public exchanges —– to induce the unsuspecting and the financially uneducated to surrender their currency to the “Group/Trust/Person” making these claims. The claim of ONLY PRIVATE EXCHANGES IS A LIE — all currencies exchanged for gold-backed U.S.N./DOLLARS will be in the PUBLIC VENUE — since the new banking system is 100% transparent to the authorities. This fraud will be adjudicated since all currency exchanges will be monitored and viewed under two (2) criteria: [1] Source of Funds, and [2] Use of Funds. If these Groups/Trusts/Persons cannot authenticate the source of the currency — they risk the impoundment of the currency, and charges of coercion, intent to defraud, fraud, money laundering, and bank fraud.

    If anyone should think this is all hot air, they need to consider the following: the new banking system, which will be omnipresent once the gold-backed currencies are released, will operate under a 24 hr/ 7 days a week surveillance system — which will (and has) resulted in such crimes being observed, corrected, and the perpetrators arrested with- in seconds of the criminal event.

    If anyone has been coerced by the threat of exclusion of the future foreign currency exchanges and has submitted their currency WITHOUT RECEIVING FULL DOCUMENTATION ON THE CUSTODIAL ENTITY, i.e., name, address, phone number, U.S. TAX I.D. NO. and/or Attorney’s Bar Association number —- please feel free to contact me with your details, and I will refer the claim and details to the International Authorities/INTERPOL for review, investigation, and remediation.


    Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
    President and CEO Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.

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      1. Hi Andrew,

        I appreciate your question. This would be one for the folks at OWoN. I simply do not consider myself a Wanta/Cottrell expert to know if all of this is accurate or true. I could dig and and inquire, but at this stage, it’s of no concern to me. It would result in historical knowledge, and may impress women at cocktail parties, but in my opinion it’s of little practical use for the man on the street holding his dong and wanting a rise and release.


  4. OWoN:

    Q: I thought you were working with the Top Gun Tier 1 and 2 groups? What’s allegedly paid out mean?
    Is that code or did they skip your guys?

    A: There are numerous Sovereign Tiers and each to their own. None are coordinated. Each have
    different cases. Some more special than others.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-15-april-2017.html?showComment=1492371074587#c5823802799500284173
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  5. “Out Of Cash” – More Than 90% Of India ATMs Run Dry

    “…….The Times of India reports that more than 90% of the ATMs in the northern region do not have cash, and in the southern states as many as 65% of ATMs have run dry…..”



  6. Good Afternoon Tony:
    If I may ask a simple question.
    Am I able assign my currency to be exchanged by my wife providing a letter of assignment notarized with all pertinent information receipts etc. I understand you cannot provide legal or financial advise if you could please provide a hypothetical answer would be very helpful perhaps the answer would benefit others as well….I was going to ask Zap or TNT Tony or even Seminar Dave but I believe they have a super duper contacts and I have to sign off an NDA ( LOL )
    I would be most grateful if you could assist me in this matter hyphothecally speaking of course.


    1. Hi Robert,

      While I am not a lawyer, there is a saying that possession is 9/10th’s of the law. If you give your wife the currency and she walks into the bank with it, with a receipt showing how it was bought, and you are married, I don’t see how the bank would have a problem with it.

      Now, that being said, we do not know any of the official rules of the game at this time. No official rules or procedures have been published. Only lots of guru speculation and endless calls of the RV happening every week.

      You are wise to not even bother asking any of those parvenu opportunists.

      If and when the time comes, you can simply contact the location where you wish to exchange and present your scenario and they will advise you.

      At present, the public is back in the game for some possible speculative gain. Let’s hope that holds up, because the one constant in this whole ruddy business has been change.

      Good luck!


  7. OWoN:

    Key issues.

    A lot of split camp activity. Some Tier 1 and 2 allegedly done. But very private.

    There is a G20 meeting late April. So, it’s Easter, assume the position ( Oh God – What a way to spend Easter) and wait. Sorry, macabre humor.

    It’s all a day thing now. Will they wait until after G20? Banks will roll with the funds for sure.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-15-april-2017.html?showComment=1492358790979#c2335182563565385136
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  8. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-16/43-million-cash-found-empty-nigerian-apartment

    “It appears that at least one “Nigerian prince” had the cash to back his claims.

    Nigeria’s anti-corruption unit discovered more than $43 million in US dollars at an upscale apartment in Lagos, after receiving an anonymous tip. As CTV News reports, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission received a tip from a whistleblower who reported suspicious activity when they noticed someone moving bags in and out of the apartment, according to a Facebook post.”


    1. Several weeks ago, I listened to Jim Willie, and he said there was no longer an opportunity for the Iraqi Dinar. He said Hillary and other officials had already cashed out on it. Do you know if he has changed his position on the Dinar?


      1. Hi,

        To my knowledge he has not changed his position insofar as making a personal recommendation. I doubt he ever will advise such a purchase. He’s not in the business of selecting highly speculative vehicles. He’s a gold and silver analyst, and forecaster.

        Feel free to write him and ask further questions about this.


  9. This on Dolly Parton for the vinyl record fans

    Record Store Day UK is re-releasing one of her first ever 7″ records. Only to be found in independent record stores and eventually ebay for outside UK fans.

    More Info:
    This is one of the earliest recordings to be released by Dolly Parton. Originally released in 1959 by Gold Band Recordings. Yep Roc Records, in conjunction with Southern Folklife, is proud to re-release this 45 in packaging that is as true to the original as we could make it. The B-side features Girl Left Alone,” written by Parton, her Aunt Dorothy Jo Owens, and her Uncle Bill Owens.



  10. OWoN:

    Q: IF the public does get to exchange. I have been following info on another site and they are saying you have to go to Wells Fargo or HSBC. I don’t have either of those close to me, but that would not be a problem. I live in Kentucky, a couple of hours north of Nashville, TN. I do not have a business plan but work closely with people that have the capability to get things done, whether it be within the city, county, state or outside of the United States. I have a few ZIM and Dinar. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    A: At this stage, there is no definitive listings as to which banks will transact exchanges.
    The only point is this: As and when we are able to advise, YOU need to get to the key Banks and swap. It’s money! Yours. Whats its day of traveling it’s a huge gain if cleared. I spent years dropping into New York Atlanta , Washington and Cincinnati on my way to Lexington Kentucky to spend Millions buying Bloodstock for my estate. Jesus are you not rich enough yet? There are lot of good banks from Atlanta out. It’s a quick flight or drive. It will probably be WF, as they have less BS to clear. Unless it’s over many tens of M, without exposing the cut off point, you should be OK.

    Just watch the site. Our price, its free, but a couple of days with Dolly, and Nights too for sure. Good luck.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1492100990279#c3366800578000995938
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    1. I have a question regarding banks: many only allow currency exchange services for account holders. I’m currently a customer of BofA. Should I open accounts at WF, HSBC, etc. just in case? Or will we be instructed on how to proceed and navigate those details at the appropriate time?



      1. Hi,

        B of A is a major, so you should be good as long as they have a currency desk at the location. Whether or not to open another one is your choice.

        I would assume we will be given all possible assistance from the correct sources when the time comes.

        Good luck!


        1. It might also be nice to have some information with matters concerning exchange and participating banks for Canadians. Thank you again WHA for your continued assistance for the little guys who just want to make our lives and others just little bit better.


          1. Hi Robert,

            We have many Canadians here, so I am very sure we will get constant up to date feedback from them as matters progress. The Canadians I know are focusing on major banks like TD and RBC. Any major with a currency desk should be okay.

            We are still not quite sure about how even US banks will proceed. They just recently worked out what I hope will be the final scenario for public participation. My fingers are crossed that they don’t claw that one back again.

            The pissing match between the US and the fat dog eater may cause a slight delay, but we really don’t know. Fatso can’t win a war with the US and South Korea. He knows this. He is young and wants to enjoy his pretty wife and mistresses too much to end up a burnt side of beef at this time in his life.


  11. OWoN:


    More high pressure moves with Global power needs.

    Be cause of “Sensitive” Public issues, and Whose holding!!, the Public cap just got lifted to an amount which will more than suffice for 95% of you, so good luck.
    Sometimes, the perverse nature of Man carries over.

    Now, keep your heads out there.
    Remember, Easy Come – Easy Go! Keep it safe!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1492067963390#c7038265131160832532
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      1. Ah… the badinage of remembering youthful nights filled with such memories.

        I hope the bouncing is over for now. We will stay at DEFCON 3 for now. If a firm window is given, we will set DEFCON 2.

        Be ready!

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  12. OWoN:

    Q: ……….no matter what amount you hold you only get 100k in cash deposited, anything over is for approved account projects and controlled. Is this correct?

    A: We can’t say how much yet, but majors are facing a reality shock. There is no figure yet for the Public, if any. Banks won’t want to coordinate this. Its only 04-08 and I’ve been strategising for hours. They have to sort a Public policy now, or swerve it. More will unfold as DC hits the fan. They will Dogfight this. More swerves ahead.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1492054697876#c5758968265314443719
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. OWoN Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 6:22:00 AM MDT
      That’s more, I suspect, than is going through Trumps. We are seeing shades of Nero there.

      The overnight lashback from the Big Privates has impacted on the public caps, so you look to have now more than enough in cash, with the rest to go the Project route. What is now emerging IS more than enough, and parties backing that need a head on Cattle Stun Gun,and if that fails the Cattle Bolt!

      Now we just need to see it start breaking. It IS very active at the top, so it’s now just waiting time. The Non Brain Dead really do need to be thinking Projects now for sustainable income. It needs to last and only good earnings will do that. The Brain Dead will lose it whatever, so ignore the Lumps, just let’s all make a difference. Giving it away is not putting back. Creating jobs and dignity is. And you get to achieve.

      Remember 30% will be bust within 3 years. Another 40% will be potless within 10. Try to think, plan and be smart. No point in either side living with a Chump when you have money. Go start again. Dump the Chump. Get a new life. God it’s so nice to be comfortable in misery. Live- a lot! But not at the cost of the Pot. Two can’t live as cheaply as one. So dump the costing Chump and why live cheap? Lol.


      Tony , please translate. Thank You.


      1. What’s the matter? Are you not familiar with the King’s english? lol

        Just kidding.

        At this time, there is no longer a $100K cash limit on public exchanges. Stay tuned for news on what the new limits are.

        Active at the top just means tiers are progressing one after the other. The mention of projects is just a warning to be prepared to put to work a portion of funds received.

        The rest is a standard warning to the not-quite-bright who will not know how to handle the emotional impact of power that comes with financial affluence. They will stumble into coke habits, hookers, gambling, get-rich-quick projects, etc., and lose it all.

        Dump the Chump means to get out of any bad relationships, etc.

        I am not an investment advisor, but I can tell you a simple rule to always make sure you have something for your hard work. 10% of everything that comes your way, is set aside and made part of your safe savings. Always. This is from “The Richest Man In Babylon”. Look it up on Youtube an listen if you have not. It’s simple, but with finances, simple is always the best. On technical issues, consult an experienced and reputable financial advisor. Stay on the conservative side of things. Adjust your approach to fit your own skill level. Think long term. Save quick buck impulses for the race track, and only take there what you need for fun, no more.

        I am going to bill OWoN for translation services. lol

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  13. Hi Tony

    What is going on? lol I go away for a few days and now the public is back in the game and not Fall?

    I have to admit this is the most interesting journey of all times. From one day to the next I am either getting ready to go to the bank or go crazy. lol

    Thanks for being here for us. You do not know how important it is for me to have a dependable place for this information. The blogs out there are a joke.

    I am ready and dong in hand lol.

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    1. Hi,

      Well, hold on. Public MAY be back in the game. We best be cautious. We know that things are coming to a head and the constant changes all point to a pie cutting contest of unknown duration and still unresolved result, as best we can tell. Next week may tell the tale.

      I appreciate your kind words, Concord and I echo your going crazy with this. You can only imagine what it must be like at the top levels, in places where all this is being worked out. BSDs all in the same room. Reminds me of the movie Wall Street. At first, Gordon Gekko agrees to bail out the airline in exchange for controlling shares. The next day, he decides to liquidate his shares and bust it out, with his lick in hand while the rest get “?”.

      I would take odds that we are in for some more changes before all the tiers run through the gauntlet. So, be ready for anything. Keep that dong in hand. lol

      And beware of Englishmen running towards cafe’s in Paddington clutching a copy of Sports Illustrated with Kate Upton on the cover. lol

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  14. OWoN:

    GS and RV new moves

    While “Specials” are being done over the next few days, there are now pre advice issues indicating Cash will be limited even for the majors. Cash limits for the majors are clear and finite, and while we have what is being indicated, it can not go Public, but what is does mean, if Public parties are thinking mutli hundred M’s dream on!

    Balances will have to be used for structured Project Credit Lines, so at last reality is coming home.

    The big battalions are not walking with B’s in cash now, way, way lower.

    No one has time yet for Public issues, but if allowed in cash will have to be very limited.
    Also it has to be thought out. No point guessing. Bad elements who expected to cash B’s just took an major hit. Massive!

    Next they have to think through the Public. Right now the shattered dreams for the majors will be creating mental traumas. What, you mean we can’t buy Texas?

    But Aaaah was Promised, Aaah want me them thayyr Billions.

    Bang! Next?

    Next week will be interesting.

    Most have no idea of Collateralized Project Financing, and schoolboy dreams will come to earth. Meet Mr Compliance Officer. So, you know what about Critical Planning, CPA charts,Linear Planning, Strategy Reports, Marketing Projections, Product Market Analysis comparisons. What, you don’t know shit and you think we will let you loose with millions?

    OK, here’s another get rich idea. Sam Elliot T Shirts.

    The – What kind of stupid are you ones?

    They are about to sell well to Banks who will order en masse.

    Brains are frying tonight. Reality is going to be a bitch. Sense is coming home.

    Watch next week let it play. A lot of DC boys are going to be hanging out to dry, whining, Oh God, what a way to spend Easter.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1492034089912#c4630942082453863544
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    1. Further to this subject from OWoN:

      At least now the Public may get in for a level. Now sense can apply.

      Cash always was finite. They have only just woken up in DC.

      Now its a case of how to apply it to collateralized project funding for the Majors, and printing more Sam Elliot Shirts.

      If the Public are allowed to cash out say up to $100K each, it’s enough and the rest can be used to fund projects earning the F millions! At least it gives them a chance now hopefully.

      But the Rednecks just took a hit. Anal velocity. So did the big battalions. Now it comes with hooks. To take out you put in. Good!

      Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1492037542608#c7985741944338894876
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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      1. Take heart people. If you can get only 100K in hand, you will have enough capital to start a healthy Amazon business which will work for you while you enjoy working it from your computer. Just trying to look at the bright side.


          1. Agreed. And if it even settles at all for the public. Maybe everyone should chill out and go about business as usual as the reality boils down to the fact that there still may not be an avenue for the public to even be involved at all. No point getting carried away with something that may not even occur.
            I know it’s hard, particularly for those experiencing difficult circumstances but maybe hop off the roller coaster ride for now and sit tight until further details can be provided. We are in the best hands we could possibly be in and that’s enough for me. What will be will be.

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              1. Hi mygirl56,
                May I offer you my most sincere thanks for being so kind as to offer me that incredible lift, it was fabulous and actually made me become a little teary with its beauty. What an amazing young woman, thoroughly inspirational.

                Yes, I have been a bit down lately and it started with the Syrian bombing. Then every day when I took time to catch up with world news there seemed to be endless bombings and more death around the world. The cruelty and sadness of such sometimes overwhelms me and I go into my shell for a while until I feel a bit brighter.

                Thank you again for your kindness mygirl, that was a beautiful gesture.


  15. Please, I am receiving messages with people telling me how much Ding, Dinar and Zim they have.

    Please do not send me these tallies at this time. If we proceed with an organized effort for our public readership it will be done in concert with proper counsel and will be announced ahead of time.


  16. OWoN:

    The game of chance goes on.

    As of today we are now looking at a phased handover for the PPs, Tier 1 s and Tier 2, and the PP Currency’s for the majors. All positive.

    Positive new progress, and those who joined the good groups have real hope now. We helped a few get in fast so they will be well set up. Home Runs for those guys. Looking good right now. Public, God knows. No one has time, or cares. Just noise on the system for the banks.

    Last time we did a quick dual site survey it only amounted to less than $200M for the lot. Mug money. Probably 50 squawking Turkeys all phoning every 3 seconds, Amm Aaaah Rich? Now?

    Joking folks, humor! If the sites will take the grief, we can try. Dig up Abby for Tony. [No thanks lol- WHA]

    Seriously, if all goes as hoped, we may try again to see if one of the major groups will give the Lil Fellers a hand to clear, but the general response I saw last time was negative. Guys picking up c X hundreds B’s as a group, fat and happy thinking * them! They don’t care! Why should they? It’s a lot of work re arranging for more for dimes.

    If WHA and OWON chose to do another survey, first to see how much is held, we may try again for you all. It’s way too messy for banks dealing with single small change public issues. We will discuss it.

    Let us be clear. If, and we say IF, we are able to help, it will only be on the basis of in and out. No more, cleared, paid out and gone. We don’t take on London accounts for less than $5B, and that’s only a favor. We right now are fully tasked. No room as multi majors are coming at us soon. Plus the Elders.

    To me the interest of the sites is to screen out suitable people for Projects as we use up the Heritage funds. There are good people there. Able contributors seeking a break and new chance in life, and who will go where needed. No free loaders. If we are to change anything for the better, people have to make it happen.

    Change is coming, for some. Good progress.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1491985113073#c5048738418893934189
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. I hope clarification on “the basis of in and out” is given.
      No more, cleared, paid out and gone.”

      If we get a shot in this I know many families will benefit. Medical bills to say the least.

      Is this for DInar only or does DONG and ZIM figure in also?


      1. I believe the rather Freudian phrase of “the basis of in and out” means a structured settlement of whatever way, shape or form will be the preferred way of paying. In other words, you are not going to get a huge wire and a pat on the back. You would have to have a project of some sort, clear vetting and show what you intend to do with those funds by means of planned use. It’s all theory at this point.

        Not sure if all currencies are going to go this route, but I would think yes. That’s speculation on my part.

        I sincerely hope we can see some mutually agreed exit for all.


    2. What about the people of Iraq? This is about them, isn’t it? And Afghanistan? And the others.

      The infrastructure…the modernisation. The education.

      This is not about getting rich quick. We all want to help and build a better world. We are asking for help. Help for those around us.

      Most of us here are ‘public’.


      1. Correct. Many in select groups were allowed in on the basis of their character and inclination to work in those directions.

        Trust me. Our friends at the top are geared in on seeing that war torn nations benefit from this and not greedy individual gain only.

        They will try to do what they can for the public, if at all possible.


    3. When can we move forward with the survey? I regret not participating in the last survey. Also, is the survey based on one currency or all (dinar, dong, zim)?


  17. OWoN:

    Q: Would someone please explain, without directly naming the entities, countries, individuals and or collectives involved, the make up of Tier 1 and Tier 2 groups?

    A: Too delicate politically. Need to know basis, sorry, but think Chinese Elders, their key nations etc. Then secondary supportive Funding nations who got sucked in. It’s all there to research. The world has been systematically raped by these Mongrels. Settlements for some are moving now via Switzerland plus key Infrastructure Project discussions are now evolving.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2017.html?showComment=1491976289160#c2049645870126498183
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  18. Tony, I know I am being bold here but I wonder if you have any more of your wonderful life stories you can share with us? I miss the fabulous tales you have shared in the past. Not only are they magnificent to read but quite uplifting as well. I need a fix lol. Only if you have time and feel like doing that of course. Thank you Tony.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh if only I lived the kind of life that would make a book or movie tale worth developing. Not even close. But, I do appreciate your interest in the few minor anecdotal events that I have shared.

      How utterly unglamorous my life is. Just a newly arrived senior citizen who earns his salt in a modest way, and am very thankful for it.

      However, if you are seeking an uplifting and a fix, I found this today and found it very inspiring. If only such valuable, deep thinkers and creative genius were properly recognized by more people.

      Enjoy, and I will think of something else to share when I get the time to do so.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much Tony for sharing that video. It certainly was uplifting, such an impressive man is Mr. Fresco. His credentials are rather mind blowing, makes one feel very small when compared to such genius. Maybe their time is now, we can only hope. Maybe you’ll be heading to Florida one day soon for the new Venus city experience. You would be in your element there I’m sure and a most worthy contributor to such a project as well.

        You know Tony, I don’t think it’s a case of exceptional or glamorous experiences. I think it’s more a case of the simple and beautiful experiences you relay. The magnificent gift your possess when it comes to writing is what makes any experience you choose to share so wonderful. Heck, you could describe your latest trip to the supermarket and I would enjoy reading it because you write so beautifully.

        Tony, you are not old. I can’t believe you think along the senior citizen lines at your age. It’s such a beautiful time of life. The great thing about being this age is you have the mental maturity to make good decisions, the wisdom to back up your beliefs and opinions. the ability to understand and accept differing perspectives and still enough youth to be a bit cheeky and have fun. You still have so much to offer and enjoy in this life. Don’t ponder winding your life down, wind it up like crazy and make the most of it lol.

        I have said this to you previously Tony. You absolutely should consider writing a book of some description because the gift you have when it comes to writing is utterly amazing and I would hate to see that gift not remain in this world in written form for others to enjoy as much as I do when your time to depart does eventually arrive. Please consider that.

        Heavens, I have once again babbled on way too long. Anyway, I need a good rest tonight as I fell over backwards onto a concrete slab today after walking face first into a massive spider web with a whopping spider in it that wanted to suck my face off lol. I might have to agree with you Tony where this age thing is concerned on a physical level as I am a little sore and sorry this evening lol. But I’m sure I’ll be bouncing around again in a day or two.

        Hope you wake to and enjoy a magnificent day Tony.


        1. Yes, I am considered a senior now because I can order off of the 55 and over menu, and when I go to the movies, they automatically give me the 55 discount. lol

          Don’t think a book on my life would sell, but I do appreciate your encouragement. I am more and more seeing the world as one place, with one people. No, I am not a socialist or open border freak. I realize that social values are too diverse and tribal for a sudden shift. But shift it will, or perish. And we owe a duty to future generations to make sure they have the means of managing the earth’s resources so that all can live as equals, in harmony with nature, as nature itself is what gives us life on the world.


          1. That was a beautiful response Tony. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective, I appreciate that very much.
            Well, I can see from the comments above that your day has become a little hectic lol. Remember to take time away from it all just to relax a little. Thanks again for everything Tony.


  19. John McCain: “Assad’s ‘murderous rampage’ must be stopped”

    No doubt Mr McCain was thinking the same thing about himself when he was strapped into his A4 Skyhawk and dropping bombs on a country that was no more a threat to the USA than Syria is.

    This maniac is going to get us all killed. -WHA

    Liked by 4 people

  20. OWoN:

    Q: How is it possible the money from the bonds traded not too long ago was stolen? please clarify also, what steps are being taken to ensure they cannot steal it again?

    A: Some major PPs will pay for Tiers 1 and 2 over the next 2 weeks.

    The rest, ask WF? We have clients who were signed off 8 weeks ago still waiting.

    Who will stop them, You?

    So who?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-6-april-2017.html?showComment=1491941864622#c3382780164641537284
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  21. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2017/04/california-the-physical-collapse-of-a-social-state-3269140.html

    “Welcome to California. It is a state of a perfect set of laws – at least in the minds of those wedded to the legislative pursuit of social justice. Under the one-party Democrat rules, spending on fairness tops $100 billion every year. Meanwhile, the basic infrastructure of the state, so necessary for the economy long and short term, is collapsing.”

    Liked by 1 person

  22. OWoN:

    Re the RV’s and GS.

    What is becoming ever clearer following the Chinese meetings, is the embarrassing lack of US liquidity to meet anything.

    It needs 100 days of full on program trading to generate what will be needed. Elapsed time 14 weeks plus Silly Season.

    There may be some small issues cleared, but any big picture now is a long haul.
    If Trump get sucked into regime change in Syria,as Afghanistan is about to fall again, chaos is about to arise. Why does the US continue to be used as a Zionist tool to supply the body bags, meddling in other nations when it can’t even fix its own?

    Again the Wild Card mess goes on. Aces from the bottom of the Deck next?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-6-april-2017.html?showComment=1491911605055#c3395953083253374314
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It looks as if the prior estimate of a late 2017 public chance is holding true.

      Remaining at DEFCON 3. Just keep in touch here and hopefully we will see this through before WHA may have to sunset in 2018. Things can change, so we will watch some more.

      My sincere support goes out to those in the GS camp as well. What these fine patriotic people have been through to see justice for owed settlements is beyond comprehension. To be shunted and delayed by these stinking usurious money grubbing reprobate vermin, while the public infrastructure is hemorrhaging, is a true marker for the state of these institutions.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Dear Tony, how do you interpret this? “It needs 100 days of full on program trading to generate what will be needed. Elapsed time 14 weeks plus Silly Season.” Where do you think this estimation puts us? Are the 100 days added onto 14 weeks plus Silly Season? Or is he including the 14 weeks partially into the 100 days? What is your take on how to add this all? Are we looking at a possible September or November public exchange as you understand what is being said here? Thanks.


      1. Hi Andrew,

        Of course, as you probably know, the program trading is on bank platforms. Ultra high level stuff intended for very top tiers. The “100 days” (14 weeks) is apparently the amount of time the trading will need to proceed at current returns to yield what will be needed to back RVs, GS settlements owed. Nobody rides for free. Silly season is simply the bank summer holidays. But do those 100 days start before or after? I don’t know. We could be looking at 2018. WHA? Probably not going to be here after 1Q 2018, so I will watch with all of you from OWoN bleachers. We’ll see.

        It was prophesied that late 2017 would be the next viable time frame for a public chance. PPs, as always, are off radar and do not factor in and are anticipated daily now. But, I say this only to clarify and separate the two from becoming confused.

        So, yes. Late 2017. But, remember we have seen things change suddenly, so stay in contact and we will certainly alert to any modifications of this forlorn Donner Party of an RV.

        But, hey, a guru who goes by the name of WSOM has just reported today that, ” WSOMN Reports that IRAQ has RV’d!!!! HEARD JUST NOW…….ITS IN THE IRAQI PAPER..THAT THEY HAVE AN RV………JUST REPORTED THAT ITS IN THE GAZZETTE.”

        Don’t ask me for a link to this gazette information, it was not provided. haha.

        While here, I will digress. I heard Sean Spicer make a comment today that Assad was “worse than Hitler. At least Hitler didn’t use poison gas”.

        Oh, please, Mr. Spicer!!!! Have you not heard of Zyklon B?? Jesus almighty. I cannot believe what I am hearing from this administration. It’s becoming surreal. Trump will lose mighty in 2020 if this keeps up. Of course, GS and financial balancing which unleashes economic growth and a prosperous time will save him, and he knows it. But this stuff in Syria is bad juju, IMO.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Thank you Tony. You are the man. I guess we can look at this delay positively. As I understand it the delay is so that the public can be paid because according to OWoN the tier ones and twos will be paid over the next couple of weeks. So instead of everyone feeling all bummed out we can look upon this with a thankful heart knowing their goal is to generate the money for a public exchange with exotic platform trading programs. Such programs are not even whispered about in the “land of the free” but in the U.K. where there are no agencies muzzling investment speech these programs can be mentioned with more than just an encrypted whisper. Thanks again for all that you do for everyone. It is refreshing to have real U.K. investing freedom light shine into U.S. TNT Tony darkness and expose it for what it is. Take heart citizens for you will march forth with the flag of economic freedom. You will not remain slaves much longer. The Republic is being restored.


          1. Oh I can only hope and wish that for our Republic, and indeed all good men. I am tempered by the fact that there are too many pigs for the teats in all this. Let’s be ready for any kind of roll out. I wish the final outcome was a guaranteed lock on paradise and pink houses, but such things are seldom easily attained, nor do they last.

            A girlfriend walked by my desk and saw the “You are the man” comment.

            She’s still laughing.


    1. Hi Keezy, thanks for that. It sure was a slip up.

      As much as this statement may go against the grain, I actually like Assad. Every interview of his I have watched, he has impressed me enormously. Sure, I probably do not have the complete picture, just basing my opinion on what I have seen and heard. Hopefully, the complete truth comes out one day.


  23. http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2017/04/top-eight-so-called-conspiracy-theories-over-the-past-decade-that-turned-out-to-be-completely-true-and-accurate-2480892.html

    “The mass media works very, very hard at lying to the American people about anything and everything that damages our health, safety, privacy and the environment. The reason the mainstream media works so hard at being complete scumbags is because nearly every sponsor who advertises on television promotes toxic food, dangerous chemical medicine, pesticides that pollute the environment, and personal care products that cause disease and disorder.”


  24. OWoN:

    Q: …..Is there Any possibility of Anything happening with other currencies this week…..?

    A: Right now anything is possible. So in case you miss out take 3 extra pairs of pants when packing in case you miss the boat.

    A major PP is very close right now so anything is possible, it’s a by the day thing. SNAFU is the only planning they know. Idiots get promoted upwards.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-6-april-2017.html?showComment=1491795839775#c1351202910610391091
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. https://www.caseyresearch.com/cs/project-fedcoin-short

      For those who simply want to read through the interview, here’s that link.

      “It used to be that – just after World War II, all the skyscrapers in the world, 80% of aircraft production in the world, 80% of the automobile production in the world, 75% of the steel production the world, 75% of the stock market value in the world; it was all in America. America was the end all, the be-all. It was the king of the hill. Now, none of these things are true anymore…”


  25. OWoN:

    First if and when WILL be the specials only. Only after that, IF they allow selective extra participation, will they decide who, if and when. Then how! There is no guarantee of public free rides here. It may spill, over it’s not sure yet. It’s just a case of how much they have to redeem anything, and deciding who feeds, who bleeds. Don’t confuse over prints with rights.

    We will try to help if and when the majors clear first, if it can be safely done. If certain majors are done, there will be no public advice. It will all be off radar. For good reason.

    In a few days we will release a special new report on so much more. A step at a time.

    For sure you are the best informed site out there.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-6-april-2017.html?showComment=1491687350630#c7475480354022484349
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. This may be an appropriate time for J to ask “how much DONG” we hold as a group , and possibility an exchange arrangement can be made at this time ? This question was asked previously , however as a group we now hold more DONG . Just saying/asking for some consideration.


      1. Hi,

        I am sure they are chewing on such scenarios, or some variation thereof. WHA is not an investment firm or brokerage, so we cannot directly facilitate anything like this. If there is any possibility of an organized exit for such I am sure they will advise in an appropriate manner. We will have to wait and see.


        1. Good Morning Tony. This is a great time for us all here. You, J and others involved will live forever in the minds of those who have participated on this blog and OWON site. I have a small amount of DONG,(13,500,000)and I bank with both CHASE and W.F. IS J allowing a special situation for us at this time ? Thank You


    2. OWoN said: “If certain majors are done, there will be no public advice. It will all be off radar. For good reason.”

      First of all, I want to thank OWoN and WHA for the help they have given to all of us over the years. A great big pat on the back to those responsible for both sites because you have helped so much.

      May I comment on the quote from OWoN above: Since there will be no public advice, may I suggest that a private forum be set up to handle the “off radar advice” that OWoN desires to give us, but knows it can not be done publicly.

      I know that someone could be hired very cheaply on fiverr.com to set up such a simple forum site without any bells or whistles and would facilitate what OWoN wants to do.

      My best to you all,


      P.S. I got this in an email yesterday and I found it very interesting as it is put out by Mr. Stansberry. If you are shore on time, there is a transcript you can opt for instead of spending time watching video:

      Global Currency Event on Track for May 15th

      Most Americans are totally unaware of a looming May 15th announcement that could rock the market. 95% of pension funds… and millions of retirement accounts could be impacted by a mysterious financial group’s powerful decision. Full story here…



      1. Hi James,

        By them saying “no public advice”, I believe he was referring to no public advice about major groups when they proceed. All of that will be off radar.

        As far as we know, they will still pre-advise about any possible public exchange possibilities (as they did a few days ago concerning possible easter moves). But, all else is not going to be detailed or pre=advised. They may only refer to them being completed or settled, but no advance warning or play by play is going to happen.


      2. Interesting about the May 15th announcement…just heard Cliff High at Half-Past Human in his April 8th update about gold event in 3rd to 4th week of May 2017.


  26. Hell Tony

    Hope all is well. It’s sure has been a interesting week. New Supreme Court justice we bomb Syria and keep learning about Ms Rice. The war monger senators running arround beating their chest like they just found a forest of banana trees. Everyone jumping on the band wagon as if the attack was a huge success. Like it shows that we will not let anyone fart now cause we will now kick everyone ASS.

    We have sat back since this guy has got elected and and watched the MSM media pick him apart. The Democratic Party all but say he is goffy lame duck president. We have such divisions in congress and our government nobody knows who is close to the truth. Trump has proclaimed that the intel community is flawed and not too be belived. We have senate hearing with these directors and it’s like like a three ring circus gone bad. We have certain senators who have trashed this guy (Trump ) like he is a scum bag. And low and behold he turns arround and takes advice and the same dumb asses advice and intel and 48 hours drops 59 Tommyhawk bombs on another country.

    We have have so much going wrong here in our on country. We can not even vote in a Judge without changing the rules that has never been done before in 200 years. We have the politicians that are beating their chest and the ones holding up any progress on positive movement for our country letting drugs in to profit and keep most Americans on high while they rob us blind. We stick our nose in ALL counties bussniess to profit a few and cause more confussion for the weak.

    We are allowing children to be sexually abused and sold and used as only the devil could be happy with. We have lived so far above our countries means that only a major financial breakdown could stop this maddeness. We have lair after liar getting on TV on both sides of the political parties acting as if all is well and we should feel good about our path. I can go on and on about what’s been pointed out on this site and OWN site about the nonsense that is being played agonist the world and our own country. It’s like I read about all the greed and hate and lust of power by the puppet masters and pray to GOD for help. Then it really gets bad when we bomb a country and I have to read on our site people asking if it going to effect the RV or curncey. That’s when I stop get on my knees and say we are doomed if we do not stop this thought process. We are becoming a thoughtless society if we worry about money for personal gain when the WORlD could be blown to HELL in hand basket at any given moment. Whether you poison and child or rape a child or blow a child up with a different kind of bomb it is still killing or destroying a child.

    My point in all of this we have HOPE we have a GOD who loves every single one of us. He has people of all humankind putting their life’s on the line daily. People you have never heard of nor seen or read about. The ELEDERS that J is always witting about. White Hats and many many more. However we must quit spitting in the face Of GOD and these people who are working so hard to help mankind. I put my faith totally in Christ and believe in my heart GOOD will always defeat EVIL however my prayer today is that many will wise up and help team GOOD defeat the enemy and start becoming full of LOVE and WISDOM to know the difference of GOOD and EVIL.i sure hope Trump remembers that he needs to seek GODS advice and not become strap of the TRASH.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought this interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik was helpful.

      He says the bombing was more for North Korea and China than Syria.


      1. Yes thanks for sharing this. I had been listening to it and meant to share it here but was distracted.

        While I do not personally think the missile launch was positive, I am aware of many things I do not know that insiders do know. I can live with this for now, but a full on invasion of Syria, like Iraq, would be something I could never support. I hope he does not go that route. Russia won’t just step aside for it.


  27. Okay so let’s end off the week with something positive and beautiful for a change. Here is something to that end. Both the artist and the art are extremely beautiful.


    1. Love the manner in which she feels the music through her entire body whilst performing, not just the mind hand connection.

      Two that I love.

      That 2.30 minute mark with Pavarotti always gives me shivers, never fails.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. And now, Russia is increasing it’s air defenses in Syria. Another such attack will be met with a defense. Now, anyone can set up another “gas attack” and any response would bring a direct confrontation with Russia.

      You could not have set this up more brilliantly if you were the provocateur behind it, egging both parties on while sitting back and getting ready to profit from it all.

      Gee. Who can that be, I wonder?

      WHA has repeatedly warned you all to be ready for anything. It still remains our best recommendation. While I am encouraged by the latest updates concerning a possible move on the Dinar (posted after it was noticed on another early morning trip to the WC), I am very disturbed about this sudden move in Syria, and how easy it can escalate.

      I am going to increase my fresh water and stored food rations this weekend. All it would take is one sunken US warship or one more Tomahawk to actually kill Russian soldiers or advisors, and who knows what will happen. One EMP strike, and all of us will be in the dark ages by sundown.

      Courtesy of banking cartels and those who run them.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Very well said Tony. I agree with everything you have expressed. I am disgusted by these latest moves. I held some hope for our world a short while ago but unfortunately it seems like its business as usual again. Boys and their deadly toys. All for greed, control, power and money. Disgusting.


      2. Hi
        What f the strike targets were not the airport? Maybe a clever move for destroying ISIS targets
        Misdirection, a very clever move. Research the destructive power of 59 tomahawks


        1. Damage to the airport
          A warehouse, a training building, a dining facility, a radar station
          Take off runway not damaged
          59 tomahawks!!!


  28. So many false flags. So many useless wars. Yet it is possible that things are not as they seem. Let us wait and see–Trust in Yahweh Elohim (our Jesus) and PRAY LIKE CRAZY for good to come out of all this SEEMING madness, for only HE can make it so. It may yet surprise us all.


  29. https://needtoknow.news/2017/04/china-russia-replace-us-dollar-reserve-currency/

    “With the creation of the clearing banks, they enable the two countries to further increase bilateral trade and investment while decreasing their dependence on the US dollar. At the end of 2015, the Russian central bank announced the inclusion of the Yuan / Renminbi in its national foreign exchange reserves, making it Russia’s officially recognized reserve currency.”


    1. http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/slow-but-sure-death-for-the-u-s-dollar-china-and-russia-getting-out-of-greenbacks-control/

      The full story is an even better read.

      “But for now, the main priority is to free both countries – long regarded as America’s major enemies – from the clutches of American aggression in the form of US dollar. Although the amount is small, based on 2016’s trade volume, the US dollar is losing at least US$59.5 billion in foreign exchange support. And that’s just the beginning.”


  30. OWoN:

    ….Now, a sensitive issue.

    As certain US parties are also in Iraq right now, Political, Diplomatic and Military, watch possible release curve balls over Easter!

    In case, watch your sites. Just in case. We can’t say more. It’s NOT done but it’s possible.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-6-april-2017.html?showComment=1491556448425#c2376928912842871666
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Thanks for the reply from earlier, Tony. Sadly, I’m afraid we’re all going need some “therapy by breakfast”.

    I keep thinking of a quote from the movie ’13 Days’, “If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will. That’s all there is between us and the devil.”

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Hello Tony

    So sad a night that we are falling into another trap of more bombs to show strength for another senseless act. It would be interesting to know if and who actcully did use chemical gas. I am so disappointed in Thrump for jumping so quick to fire these shots. We ah e so much going wrong here on our soil that we need to focus on besides jumping into this.

    The guys on TV saying he ask for it and that we had too do this. I am calling BULLSHIT. We have to be
    wise and understand that the war mongers are wanting just this type of reaction. We have fallen right back in too the deep state Pupetmasters traps. Senator John MCain is celebrating our stupidness and his victory of same ole same ole. I pray we get protection over this madness.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeed. I bet ol’ McCainiac is just licking his chops.

      So, we launched some Tomahawks. Now, we wait for ISIS to strike back. Airport bombing or something. But, hey. That’s not gas. No chocking. Just having your legs blown off, and bleeding out. That’s such a relief.

      So now, Mr. Assad, you can resume fighting for your country, but kill humanely. And when your regime falls, the Caliphate can cut off the sex organs of women, and hurl gays off of buildings in a humane fashion. No missiles will come your way. No. But if you gas one person, watch out! We will nuke your ass, because we don’t like a little choking before you kill someone. That’s inhumane. Babies should just be killed by blowing their brains out or turning them into blobs with cluster bombs. That’s okay. That’s palatable. A little messy, but hey, some water and Clorox and the market square can re-open for business.

      The Russians don’t want Assad to go. Let’s wait and see what THEY do if Assad starts to teeter even further.

      I smell a rat behind the gas attack designed to make the Russians look bad for supporting a “gas user”. There is way more than meets the eye here.

      Where is the arrest demand for the commander of the fighter wing who dropped the gas? Under international law, he can be held accountable. Where is he?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I’ve been lurking in the corners for some time-too much crazy in the US and it’s politics and just trying to sort it all out. Hope all is well with you and yours Tony. I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with your statement. I was so hopeful for change…but , methinks something stinks with this ‘attack’.


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