Fact Check #139

January 20, 2017 – White Hats Report #59


When going through a major transformation, one that has potential to be life changing and a pivotal point in history, one gets humbled by the very idea of the privilege to witness such a time. We have all been informed, in one way or another, about historic events that impacted the direction of our planet and the generations that followed. Pivotal events when a particular path that was chosen led to a series of events that brings us to today. We are aware some would refer to these particular paths as timelines, with the understanding that, had events occurred differently, the world would be considerably different now.

At noon EST today, a new era begins.

The last eighteen months have been transformational and the next 4 years and perhaps 8 years will make the past year look like an appetizer.

Despite all the noise and chatter created by the MOP at the urging, prodding and orders of their dark cabal controllers, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Despite the posturing, vitriol and theater of politicians on both sides of the aisle, the beginning of the end for them and their puppet masters will commence with vigor on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. Politicians have sold the US to a dark, foreign cabal decades ago. Most are attorneys who continue to practice their trade in Congress, only now their clients are the bankers, pharmaceutical companies, media conglomerates, lobbyists and foreign interests who line their pockets and fatten their bank accounts rather than the voters who elected them to office. The same ones who spend like drunken sailors using the unlimited credit line provided them by the banksters at the Federal Reserve, only to stick their constituents and their constituent’s children and their constituent’s grandchildren with the bill and a life of indebtedness. They don’t represent their constituents, they rape, pillage and plunder them while they’re in office, hiding behind the elusive, flowery oratory they’ve practiced in a court room or a board room.

So if you expect President Trump to spin, lie and obfuscate when he speaks and tweets, you’re going to be disappointed. If you expect him to speak or act differently when he is in front of the camera or making a speech, you will be disappointed. If you expect him to go back on his word, to favor one party over the other, you’re going to be disappointed.

Donald Trump is neither a Republican nor Democrat, he’s a Patriot. Elected Republicans and Democrats are simply subcontractors who represent the corporation that is the United States. They enrich themselves while passing laws which appear partisan but are, in fact, designed to hand over the last free country of the world to the globalists. They care not for their fellow Americans but only for their own bank accounts and enrichment at the expense of the American dream.

So if you expect President Trump to leave the borders wide open to continue to turn the US into a third world country, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to continue to make agreements with foreign countries to decimate the US economy, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to be a puppet of the European bloodline families, you will be disappointed. If you expect President Trump to put the rest of the world’s interests before those of the United States, you WILL be disappointed.

It’s time to get up to speed about what is taking place. If you continue to buy into the cabal controlled media’s attack on our freedoms and President Trump then you will miss the significance of this new era. If you get caught up in the intel community’s desperate attempt to continue their stranglehold of our nation through lies, deceit and disinformation, you will miss the significance of President Trump’s plan to SAVE America.

He is NOT a politician, he’s a Patriot and as a Patriot he will dismantle the lie and fiction that has pervaded this country for over 50 years. For the first time in America’s history, we will witness the pushback and unveiling of the powers that rule this planet and a rebuilding of the idea the Founding Fathers had when they formed this nation over 250 years ago.

The next four years will be a rough ride as the globalists and cabalists and controllers of this planet will pull out everything in their trick bag to demean, debunk and deflect the truth that will be forthcoming. They will use all their resources, all their influence and all their power to undermine President Trump’s efforts to save the US before it is too late. Media, politicians and business leaders who are traitors to this country will reveal themselves in the next few months as they have been for the past few weeks.
The intel community who are desperate to keep their control of the Shadow Government will continue their battle with President Trump. The politicians on both sides of the aisle will continue to reveal themselves for the traitors they are to this country. The media (MOP) will continue to reveal themselves as the controlled prostitutes they are, affecting their power to continue to influence the public with their lies and deceit and “fake news.” It is incumbent upon us all to pay close attention to this as the traitors and liars are exposed by their own actions and words.

To deny this and cast a blind eye to what is occurring is to miss the historic significance of what we are experiencing. It’s time to put partisanship aside and support President Trump because for the first time since 1960, we’ve elected a President FOR the people, not the hidden controllers of the planet.

President Trump will need our support, prayers and patience while he works to restore America to the distinguished place as the leaders of the free world.

It’s always darkest before the dawn and as the worst President in the history of the US fades into the darkness, a new era begins.



842 thoughts on “Fact Check #139

    • Tony this is inevitable isn’t it. Sadly, the voices calling for adjustment to fiscal reality to avert a social disaster are barely heard. Money is not the raison d’être, people are. To give this wealth sharing a nasty name entices some to veer towards not giving a shit for the well-being of their own social milieu, a self-deprecating act. Else we deliberately create a situation where (a) robots produce shiny things that (b) no one can buy. What a mis-application of human effort and humanity itself.

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      • Yes, it is.

        The existence of money is on the downhill side of history. I sincerely doubt that money will be in use by the end of this century. The future power brokers of the new age (the REAL new age) will be those who cause advanced, not for profit life infrastructure to happen. They will, at the tail end of their economic careers, expend their final money to create sustainable cities, intelligently built, which automatically provide all that is needed for a high standard of living.

        They will then see that the manufacturing capacity of that city will then be used to manufacture the next city, and so on. Money, schmoney. It’s resources that we use to live. Money is a freak of nature and an aberration to this universe.

        Money is used, in the final outcome, to control, dominate and subjugate.

        They will have to overcome the outdated social conventions, both religious and political. But that starts with educating the new generations in math, science, agriculture, geology, ecology, and not religion or any ancient system of human order that “made sense” in the past, but is no longer relevant to an advanced culture.

        Nobody says you cannot be “spiritual”. But that alone will NOT grow food, manufacture homes, clean water, transport things or set a broken bone.

        War is simply fighting over gods and resources. Resources that have been given monetary value. That makes them scarce. Therefore, our god says your god sucks, and therefore we go forth to smite thee in his name. Sick. Just sick.

        As you mentioned, there will come a time when the machines will produce the goods that nobody will have the money to buy. The smart ones will see what that is leading to.

        They will, if they have any brains, simply question the need for money. Why?

        Technology will be the slave. As it should be. Humans will be the masters. As it should be. The machines will do what we say. They won’t rise up and kill, unless there is money. Then, someone will have a motive to do that. Simply take away the money, and nobody will have motive to make machines that kill.

        The children of the future will look back at this time and consider us a very backwards, barbaric and outmoded bunch of hysterical, money centered lame brains. They will, however, consider the small number of those those who rose above all that and built a better path to the future.

        They will be the new “George Washingtons” and “Abe Lincolns” of their age. Countries and governments will be as gone as Satrapies and Macedonian Phalanxes are today.

        Of course, some madman of this century could kill us all off, because his god says so, or because he wants to hold onto his pile of money.

        I will do what I can to see that future generations know their options. The rest is up to them. It’s going to be a hard slog.

        Thanks again.

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        • I hope people can see that this isn’t socialism, which only exists within a finite monetary system. This is actually quite selfish, though intelligently so. To engineer a society as you describe Tony, is to provide for the health of your own social and natural ecosystem, and only that will guarantee survival and prosperity of oneself.

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        • Ah, a beautiful future it will be if only we change our value system. I partly agree with UBI as the next step as we are clearly not ready to evolve without a crisis to push us into something different. Everything setup a century ago is still running the planet and no signs of the globalist purple snowflakes having any interest in an evolutionary leap even if it is at their fingertips to do so. The corruption of monopoly money is absolutely corrupt.

          However, UBI will create complacency and absolute control at the top enhancing the corruption. And this is something that must be considered.

          Truly this current society is a waste of a life for the vast majority. Finding self sustaining happiness in the little things like helping others or teaching critical thinking is where it is at for me. So many perspectives and so many seeing only the opinions they are force-fed. To look back upon the great uneducated/unenlightened generation would be a treat, and an embarrassment in self-reflection.


  1. President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again

    “….To turn the IMF into a world central bank would, of course, be anathema to Trump’s economic nationalism. To subordinate the dollar to the IMF’s SDR would be equivalent to lowering Old Glory and replacing the American flag with the flag of the United Nations on every flagpole in America. Unthinkable under a Trump administration.

    That leaves the third option, to “adopt a modernized international gold standard, as proposed in the 1960s by Rueff and in 1984 by his protégé Lewis E. Lehrman … and then-Rep. Jack Kemp” (whose eponymous foundation I advise). To this one should add, as Forbes.com contributor Nathan Lewis has shrewdly observed, the removal of tax and regulatory barriers to the use of gold as currency.

    As I have repeatedly observed Donald Trump shows a strong affinity for gold. He has also shown a keen intuitive grasp of how the gold standard was crucial to having made America great……”



  2. I must admit. You’ve gotten me hooked on these ZAP reports. I feel like the character Michael J. Fox plays in Doc Hollywood when he is forced to be a doctor in the small town and can’t wait to read the weekly letter about what is going on with the family he treats. They come to him because none of them can read.

    This guy certainly gets the award for master of bullshite. Got a chuckle out of this one today.

    “Mary is also tapped out again and we need to look after her please. She does not have long to endure as the operation is set just waiting for the money. Larry is trying to pawn something else but he is on short strings too and running out of anything substantial to pawn. It sucks right now knowing full well what is around the corner this coming week, so I must ask for them one more time. Much thanks and God Bless.”

    God bless in deed. Amen. Hallelujah! The term “Selling Ice To Eskimos” comes to mind.


    • And yet they still donate. Over and over. Without fail. Every week, more paperwork to send, more compliance, more extensions; next week, no, another week, no, maybe two more, oops, three, no four.

      Also keep in mind that his predecessor, “Poof” sold “consultations” at about $50 per, for over a decade.

      Let’s see. WHA consultations. Hmmm. Let me think that one over. I could convince OWoN to go in with me, at $100 per, and only release updates and information after you donate.

      Nah, OWoN would probably tell me to drop dead, and do it themselves. They don’t need me.

      I can just imagine an OWoN report, ZAP style:

      J just ran out of money and cannot get the elders paperwork done this week without your help. The banks are charging fees for compliance checks, and J has a second cousin who is pregnant by Borris Johnson, and he needs funds. Our humanity is in the balance. If J does not get rent money then he will have to move to the local shelter and their wifi is not powerful enough to download the elder’s compliance check paperwork. And his Paddington bill is coming due, and we cannot let him stress over that one now can we? Fukashima will kill us all if J does not stock up on MacCheese so he can weather the radiation when he single handedly stops the danger. But he needs a radiation suit.

      Donate please, you great unwashed herd of skanky bigfoots.


      Man we are sitting on a goldmine here.

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    • Just finished watching the interview. This is a little different angle on the US economic fiasco. Stockman predicts the middle of next month the unraveling begins with the realization that the nearly 2 year old avoidance of dealing with the US debt ceiling will be front and center producing political warfare with Wall St. chaos.


    • Hi Tony, this is very sobering. Is there any well respected commentary on how the BRICS alliance could/would play out in a global sense in this scenario?


      • Hi,

        I am not really aware of any. Nor am I expert enough to know what any potential alliance would result in, good or bad.

        My overall impression of the points regarding the impending debt implosions are mixed and confused. We know Trump is aware of the GS. He’s a businessman, and he knows that increased defense spending and tax cuts have to be paid for. Does he know something we don’t as to how balances will be achieved without causing the US to implode financially? He may not be key in how the GS is implemented or involved in it’s mechanics, but he has to know of the benefits of it to the US. How else would he want to achieve spending increases, create more jobs via lower taxes unless he knew of the means coming down the pike to pay for it?

        I wish I knew. I don’t.

        I am not really into strategic long term figure figure figure. I cannot run my personal monthly income requirements on long term plans. Higher risk short term planning on a quarterly basis is how I do that. So, I am not really too good at knowing what to expect on a personal basis for myself except on a very short term basis. It works for me.

        I compensate for my lack of long term planning prowess by relying on gold/silver to hold the fort in case of long term or sudden debacles. I also use the occasional long term commodity trade to hedge. But, that’s rare, and only after very careful planning.

        People like Willie, Stockman, Holter, Sinclair, Schiff, etc., are pretty good to use to gather for yourself the views they hold so you can review and accept or reject from them what you personally find useful for long term plans.

        But, things like BREXIT impact on monetary issues is something so far ahead of what I personally need to know to live that I don’t really consider it at all. Nations and bankers may have to, but until I start a country or a bank, I am not in touch with that issue to even begin to know what it may imply for me.

        I put metals in charge of the strategic defense of my legions. Hopefully it wont result in another Cannae.

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        • Thanks Tony, appreciate your comments. I’ve followed Willie and Sinclair, will look at the others. I get that this is uncharted territory and crystal ball gazing in this kind of scenario is guesswork at best. I’ve come to a similar conclusion re PM’s being pretty much the most solid form of security. Have a grand day and regards to the WH and OWoN.


  3. Wha thank you for helping me with bitcoin. I really made a nice profit and cashed some of it out to pay a bill that was getting out of hand.

    Next step is to hopefully cash in my dong and move to the west coast where I would like to live in Oregon and do some fishing.


    • Hi,

      Wow, that’s great! I am glad I was able to help you understand it a bit better. If memory serves me right, I think you got in at $700 or so and out around $1,000 per coin. Well done.

      I sincerely hope the latest information about the currencies starting to show some signs of life will hold up to whatever degree that we can realistically expect.

      All we can do is stay tuned.

      I hope you make it to Oregon very soon. It’s a beautiful place.


  4. Another Trump Victory – US Becomes Oil Exporter

    “….The U.S. exported a record amount of crude oil, topping a million barrels a day for a second week and filling the gap in world markets created by OPEC cutbacks.

    Shale and other U.S. producers sent 1.2 million barrels of crude oil onto world markets last week, up nearly 200,000 barrels a day from the week earlier and about 350,000 barrels above the four-week average, according to Energy Information Administration data. Until recently, the U.S. was exporting about 500,000 barrels a day….”



  5. OWoN:

    Q: Is anything currently tracking on the zim currency?

    If no, is the zim a big waste of time?

    A: There are attempts to get a solution, but on record,so far the Zim is worthless waste paper. It is not even used any longer in Zimbabwe.

    But – Using the vast assets of Zimbabwe, it is possible that a consortium backed by China can underpin a relaunch backed by the land and gold. Talk at least.

    Whether then they just issue new notes, or take up the old, is the question.
    That is in heavy negotiation right now.

    Accept it as lost, and hope for a long shot. The paper is worthless, but some solution may be possible. Many major holders are wriggling and conspiring. Lol. Who knows. You have nothing to lose now.
    Would I buy? Not at all. Nor have I bought any of them. None stood up.

    But who knows. Many are trying. It’s still possible and its a case of weekly watching.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-22-february-2017.html?showComment=1487943140619#c8880748752600870644
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    But I thought Kent Dunn via Gary Larabee confirmed a multi Quad T Zim settlement at a US bank a few months ago, yes? LOLOLOL – WHA


  6. OWoN:

    Q: Thanks for trying to give us a heads up about a possible window. Based on your experience in international finance, do you realistically believe this currency situation(Dinar/Dong) will reach a resolution anytime soon, whether it benefits a few or many? Also, does the Dong have a top table for the majors and a lower table for the rest?

    A: These currencies could turn in a day. But because of time zone and Calender differences, if launching its likely to be on a Tuesday. Arab week ends are Thursday and Friday. Chinese time zones cut out the Monday for you.

    Greed v desperation is driving this. I had not thought before April, but last week it started getting progressive.

    Something HAS to be done it’s just when and what price.

    Do I see multi tier prices? Absolutely. So much is evolving,it could all go live any week they chose. These were pension pots for a lot of Generals. Looting bastards.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-22-february-2017.html?showComment=1487879198114#c3387304624400050958
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    • Lots of remarks regarding the currencies lately from our friend in London… I, among most others here I’m sure, am truly grateful for each and every word. And I know that at the base of all those big ferocious roars of his is a really big sincere heart. He does care, a lot, and I’m glad he’s on our side.

      I’m also glad for this entire adventure… for everything I’ve learned and everyone I’ve ‘met’. The ups and downs, the battles and victories, I’m grateful for it all and for each one of you and the imprint you’ve made on my life.

      And once again, Tony, thanks for building it.

      Godspeed to all who continue to fight the good fight.

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      • I was waiting for your wonderful statement alwaysme. You always express yourself so perfectly. Thank you. You mirror my thoughts exactly. That beautiful heart behind those ferocious roars is more magnificent than each of us may ever come to fully realize on an individual basis. Those with eyes can see.

        Currencies or not, life continues. Make of it what you can under all circumstances.

        Imprints on life? Your contribution upon mine is treasured. What a true blessing you are to this whirlwind of an existence. Thank you beautiful soul.

        Thank you Tony for always being there.

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          • Awww sweetheart, it seems you may be going through a rough patch just like me these days and I am saddened to know that. The ebb and flow is such a sweet gentle way of describing difficult periods in our lives. My version. It feels like a gigantic pack of super waves keep tossing me over and dumping me at the bottom of the ocean, tumbling a thousand times and ending up with my knickers full of sand not knowing which way is up. LOL. Not too comfy either. Ouch!

            Beautiful, just in an attempt to lift your outlook a touch more, may I say that the energy you exude is quite potent and you are one of the very rare souls that I know for certain, is what I would describe as one of the brightest and most beautiful stars that I have ever had the honor and pleasure of sharing with during this wild ride of an earth experience. You warm, comfort and soothe my heart enormously. You energize me with your wit and humor. You continue to allow me to believe that there is still so much magnificent beauty to be discovered on this journey and I thank you for that very precious gift and for offering me hope.

            No need to reply sweetheart. Just know within. XX
            (Heck, I even spelled some of those words like a yank just so I didn’t have to look at all those red lines) LOL.

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      • Godspeed to all of you. Thank you, alwaysme. I feel the same. I mostly stay under the radar but my appreciation is unflagging. For many of us, the necessity of cultivating a certain detachment in order to maintain balance has strengthened our worldview, and unless we learn to master that balance relative to wealth, perhaps we are not ready for that level of power. May all of you live your bliss with an open heart for the preservation and betterment of our world. As for T and J, I owe you. I may first bitch slap J because he is very snippy where it concerns the great unwashed, but then I’m going to hug him and thank him from my heart. They both deserve our respect and gratitude.


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        • That was such a beautiful expression Lp. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us all. Love the bitch slap comment too lol. I’m sure J gained a chuckle from that comment.


            • Tony, I can clearly see that I have offended you by showing my appreciation for the funny side of the obvious joke made by Lp above. I sincerely apologize to you for that. As I am sure you would be well aware, I personally do not know any of J’s life story to even understand what he has survived. I also offer J my most sincere apologies if my gaining a chuckle at that joke was offensive to him in any manner whatsoever.

              J, Canauzzie, all White Hats and yourself Tony, would be the last people I would ever desire to offend considering what you each represent as decent, wise, extremely intelligent and moral people and what you have each undertaken in this life that I am aware of and already done for all of us. I admire you all immensely and regularly find myself in awe of each and every one of you. I cannot show my appreciation more other than to express in words how I feel.

              Tony, I am sure you would agree that my time here at WHA has become a little edgy from time to time of late. My little spat with another member some time ago should not have gone as far as it did on your website. My rather lengthy expression one crazy drunken evening when I rolled out the bot program hit some nerves. I have also been guilty of being a little rude to the others who have posted here from time to time when those persons chose to be rude to J, yourself and the White Hats. I still make many mistakes particularly when it comes to expressing myself when I am not on an even keel emotionally. I get very protective, defensive and rather intense on occasion as you would have noted too, that’s just the way I am. My apologies are offered to all once again if I made anyone feel uncomfortable or offended in any way.

              Tony, I think you are an incredible person and I thank you for all of the time you have taken to share what you have with us. The time and effort creating and moderating this website. The education you have provided in so many areas has been amazing too. And I really love all the new words I have been able to add to my vocabulary as well, just have to try and remember them when I need to use them and impress someone LOL. You are most certainly a bright light in this world and it has been my absolute pleasure to cross paths with you during the time since my discovery of WHA.

              I shall bow out now from offering any further comments on your website Tony but will most certainly continue to follow along with all that is offered here. My thanks is offered to everyone who has contributed here. Many of you have taught me a great deal and learning from others is something I appreciate enormously and treasure. Thank you everyone. Take good care or yourselves and each other. I wish you all a most magnificent life. Be well always.


              • Well, I certainly don’t think you have to bow out. And you certainly didn’t offend me.

                I would have removed the comment had I thought it offensive. I just thought that scenario would have been most incredible to see.

                Now, what he does on his own time, well. We wont go there. lol

                No need for you to leave.


  7. OWoN:

    Be clear, until we get the multi national consensus, Dinars,Dongs etc are just non supported currencies. Way too much nonsense is spouted by Dinar Gurus, and worse the idiot unwashed. Returns projected are happening, It’s grunt fantasy land. Iraq can justify a capital issuance of c$10T but needs only c$6T. Fact! Vast overprinting to sell Dinars as a Ponzi scam has created another South Sea bubble. It will blow. Dongs do have an exchange market, but Dinars are only via the Scalpers Boiler Rooms.

    Until we can achieve a resolution for the conversion rates, it’s toilet paper.

    Do we part meet the greed of the big battalions and let a few public faster movers ride behind before dropping the shutters, or just cut the last 3 zeros off Dinars as conversions to the new notes, and do parity with the USD? Which means parties dreaming of $5M will get $5K? Do we help bail masses at cost, or feed the greed of a few Agency / Military boys and cut off the snouts of the rest? It’s a dichotomy.

    These are the issues we deal with daily. It was hoped for a break soon and decisions, but thats now slipping again this week. Be assured a lot of Arab grasping claws are looking for a fantasy landing also.

    Can you use those currencies right now for Projects? No. It’s just monopoly money.
    The dream for all is not happening. Unafordable. But do a few heavyweights get through , and the Bums rush help a few for for 3 days? Those are the issues. Iraq can as easily just print new notes and trash the lot. As Iraqi Finance Minster, I would. Why allow Infidels who destroyed our nation get rich in theirs cheating us with our paper, may be the new Matra in Baghdad. Have they not suffered enough?

    Your best route for Projects is to try Venture Capitalists. Without a long term Track Record Banks wont help.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-22-february-2017.html?showComment=1487854541343#c324192482593967132
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  8. OWoN:

    Q: It seems that you are saying that the currencies are off of the board right now, so we should no longer be watching Tuesday thru Thursday this week and next week?

    A: We are in heavy waters right now. Give it a week to calm and see. Anything is possible and greed levels are high. But money to pay, is finite.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-22-february-2017.html?showComment=1487854751294#c7298274526721336810
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      • OWoN:

        Tony WHA

        Our thanks for dispatching the Mutt.

        Catch 22. So do we, as we prefer, only advise movement after it’s done, it’s far better for us, low profile and no Whingers.

        The problem is, if it’s only a short window,do we leave the sites out to miss out?

        Settlement diplomacy is mercural right now. Way off that basement dwellers pay grade.

        Or, when there is a real push on do we care enough to try to cover you all just in case?

        It matters little to us. One way or another it hits London anyway so we are covered.
        But for so many in need, as both sites seek to help at our cost, it only needs a single whinging Tosser like that to close doors. We owe the mutant what? Visibly a bottom feeder. Get him a stand in role in the Simpsons with his father Homer.

        Cretins? At least he can read it seems. He’s better suited to the Guru rags.
        Botton feeders? Keep his slot in the Wallmarts queue for the next pics.

        Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-22-february-2017.html?showComment=1487864909963#c1177598096190544500
        OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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        • From this time forward, in view of the hard work and effort of many good people to save our skins, no quarter will be granted to wise asses and jokers who think they will use this blog to have a lend. “Move on citizen” is hereby replaced with “thrown off the tarpeian rock”.


  9. OWoN:

    Comment: Until Iran go to a single unit currency away from a dual in country currency on March 21st we will not see any changes from any country.FACT

    Reply: Welcome Suzan and Yes, it’s heading this way again. We are making progress on the major PP redemptions, but not the currencies. Too many grasping claws,and reality bypasses are hindering the final agreements. The Agency is also now deeply embedded with Contracts inside Iran, but also so are the Chinese and Russians. Territorial wars are in play.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-22-february-2017.html?showComment=1487845291351#c2694099468433240957
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  10. hello Tony and the white hats I have a question it’s off topic and hoping that you can shed some light on it! Back in the year of 2000 there was an episode about The Simpsons and president Trump it confuses me on how they knew about what’s going on with the election and what’s going on now ? and I want to thank you all for all you and J with the white hats and hoping all is well


    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, I am not expert enough about “The Simpsons” and that show to know or understand the question you pose. Trump was a major public figure, even back then. Perhaps that was how he was selected as such for that show. I really don’t know.

      I did meet Nancy Cartwright at a fund raiser in Los Angeles once, the voice of Bart Simpson. She gazed at me with a come hither look, but alas, she was married and I was with a date. So, it was kind of awkward for me to engage in exploratory badinage – me with a date and all (I wasn’t concerned about the Hollywood marriage. Those are worth as much as a bag of aluminum cans). And she’s worth about 70M or so these days. If they predicted Trump, well, Te Salud, Don Corleone.

      I am sure the White Hats appreciate your kind words, as do I. All is well here, and we are awaiting further word on how well things are going at the high levels of banking, finance, and political intrigue.

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  11. OWoN:

    Q: Can you please explain what the movement to digital currencies is all about? does it have anything to do with the WGS or an GCR? if yes, can you please explain how and why etc?

    A: No

    Its the incoming catch all cashless system where they can tax, sequestrate and track at will across borders and catch all. No cash, Digits on a game board, and who controls the game? Drop money for Credits, next points, and if the State does not want you credited? Kiss goodbye to a life. Lose cash, lose control or choice. What money when your account is emptied and zero digits show? Global control ready for World Govt coming. Total surveilance.

    As for GS, good luck with that. RV’s sure, but at what rate? A lot of dreams will end. We can only so far push for the big PPs because that can help us make real things happen. No point telling a guy with $5K in overprinted Dinars hes not walking with $5M, he was promised???? One born every day.

    Money IS finite, and NO ONE is throwing multi T’s of real money to bail toilet paper. If a chance opens up get in fast before they get run over. They truly have no idea how much bogus paper is out there. They will when the Rednecks arrive in wagon trains and Sippin Whisky for the queues.
    Its going to get ugly.

    I see they are looking to possibly go with a Dinar dollar close parity. But no one is listening to lopping 3 zeros off the Dinars first prior to exchanging.

    You cant educate stupid. Bush 43 is living proof.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-16-february-2017.html?showComment=1487702725015#c6200694466012787154
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  12. UAE welcomes Bitcoin/Officials call for 1.20 IQD to 1 USD exchange rate

    Information on IQD is the responsibility of the video author. WHA has no information on any official rates for the IQD at this time. -WHA


    • Tony a horrible thought came to me listening to this, with everyone rushing in etc. What if Bitcoin is a honeytrap to get everyone into digital currency. Once in, they slam the door shut and have you by the cojones.


      • Actually, if that is the plan, they are going about it the wrong way. I cannot get even one of my family members to even buy $10 worth. They all flee from the topic, as if I just told them I have Ebola and wanted a hug. Also, it would be hard to “slam the door shut” because bitcoin is decentralized. There is no door to slam shut. I suppose a government could ban bitcoin transactions in retail markets and such, but bitcoin itself? That would be more expensive to police than simply allowing it to transact and taxing it as a commodity, as in the USA.

        They have all the people they need by the cojones, for now. To prove it, just go to a public meeting and stand on a chair and try to exclaim any better idea that does away with money, politics, banking, etc. Watch the reaction. That is how firmly, completely and intensely “they” have their hands on the scrotums of mankind.

        Let’s see. What’s for lunch today. Rocky Mountain Oysters perhaps? Always wanted to try those. The meal, that is.

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          • Actually, I think that only applies to endings in “us”. It’s been a long time since I took English 101.

            And while I am here, boy did I get a chuckle from the latest ZAP report. It seems that the president of their company is low on funds and his cell phone is about to be shut off.

            To wit:


            The others are stable, but he isn’t? What the hell is a man who cannot pay his cell phone bill doing at the head of a company that is supposedly going to receive multi B’s from Elders?

            We can take away from this missive that people are still sending money to these people.

            Now I know why the term “grunt queue” is not so insulting after all.


  13. OWoN:

    Q: Wonder what are the real chance ‘they’ will pay (not that i understand who “they” are, or why or what they have to pay)? 1 in 100? 1 on 20? 1 in 10? 1 in 2 chance “they” pay?

    A: Not a percentage. They do or don’t. If not we rip into them again.
    Our battle is the big battalions. Our pre advice is just in case we can slip you all in behind as a public fast run before they call it. The battle is way beyond public. Way higher. We just try to help you all in respect and WE DONT CHARGE!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-16-february-2017.html?showComment=1487597236585#c6678138009259395231
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  14. Wha thank you again for being a point to gather around for info. Forgive me but can you refresh what PP means? I think I understand what big battalions and such are but some clarity on “PP” would be very much appreciated. Someone told me it was prosperity programs. But they are getting that from guru NESARA sites. Thanks so much.


    • Hi Concord,

      In this context he is referring to “private placements”. These are, as named, private arrangements which were authorized and sanctioned for approved entities to participate in, and never were open to the public as an offering. You had to be invited in and have significant reasons to be. Let’s leave it at that. We have been asked to tone down the Q&A at this time.

      The “prosperity programs” you refer to are most likely those many “bank trade programs” that were offered in the 1990’s and up to about 2002, where persons who claimed to be authorized offered positions in same. They were marketed under several different trade names, such as Omega, Freedom, Savage, etc.

      It is our understanding that any such programs of this nature were mostly pilfered by those who ran those platforms at that time, which, according to the WH reports blog, were cartels controlled by Bush 41. If any of these ever do pay out, we have contact with remaining, rapidly aging octogenarian leftovers who will let us know. However, since I assume you never signed up for such things, I would not worry about it.

      Also, there are some who are peddling fantasy about every man, woman and child receiving $10,000,000 once “NESARA is announced”. Ignore such fanciful tales from the deluded realms of the channeling wood sprites and Librium leprechauns. They will often tie in the “prosperity programs” to NESARA. NESARA is not coming, is not being “worked on”, and is largely promoted by people who gather around trailer park operatives and sad sacks who have nothing more to do than dream of ways to make themselves seem important.

      Please stay tuned here for real, accurate, authentic and wholesome news as it is able to be released. For now, our job is to just be patient and hope for the best outcomes that will do the most good for as many good people as possible. I know many good people are working on it, so we owe them our cooperation and to follow their advice to await news as it comes.

      Thanks again!


  15. OWoN:

    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2017 AT 2:01:00 AM MST

    Heavy week end loading off radar. It just needs final consensus. Just in case, watch your sites Tuesday to Thursday this week and next and BE READY to move if called to do so. It starts with PPs first. Majors. Then big battalions to follow.

    Follow the exact process and stop whining about only having Numpty Banks, why get into it in the first place? If called, YOU go with the flow. Chaos will follow with the great unwashed, so if alerted, go the same day as advised to. It will be big battalions first, so you will have a few days to plan fast.

    No one knows how much overprinted paper is out there so it could get ugly. Money is finite, and money soon takes fright. Only so much can be bought in. Watch- the- Sites- Please? Can’t say more and NO, we will NOT answer questions yet, until it clears. A week could still be lost even after consensus. To the Victors the spoils. Fingers X.

    Please keep it low level and off dam Guru sites. It takes only one moronic retard to stall the lot mouthing off. Zip lips. NO debates. No questions, wait for it.

    It’s NOT done until its done,so wait.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-16-february-2017.html?showComment=1487408503705#c8774094915781860333
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    • Hi Tony,

      What does ‘follow the exact process’ mean? Does it mean we just use standard currency exchange services, as in the high-street banks? I’m in UK so that would mean HSBC, Barclays etc.

      Thank you for everything.


      • Hi Aidan,

        By exact process he is most likely referring to adhering to whatever protocols and KYC checks that the bank will require of you to show provenance of those funds, and who they are dealing with.

        Yes, majors. HSBC, Barclays, etc. Fed chartered, with currency desks.

        Nobody is going to walk in with $1000 in IQD, and be handed a cashiers check of any significant amount without them obtaining from you whatever the law says they are entitled to ask beforehand. Here is where a banking relationship is going to be key.

        Strangers walking into major banks without accounts, in trench coats and reeking of Hai Karate, and dong in hand, are most likely not going to be given treatment without serious checks.

        As has been discussed many times before, the exact outcomes in terms of amounts, rates, availability, cutoffs, etc is simply not known at this time, so we must stay tuned to our fine WH BSDs and let them guide us, as is appropriate.

        The appropriate instructions should be available at the right time and place. Just be able to show them you are a good egg with your credentials, and comply with whatever the banks legally ask of you. That’s all you can do.

        For any more information, please stay tuned. WHA will learn it as you all do.

        Thanks again!


  16. Hello Everyone…

    I received word from one of the White Hats that their site will soon be undergoing a redesign. If you see it down, don’t worry. We should receive some advanced notice when the new site is ready to go.

    Thanks again, and thank you for your support of The White Hats.


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  17. Gold Trade Note Sighted

    By: Jim Willie CB, GoldenJackass.com

    “……The next step to standardize the entire global commerce with gold payments can be fashioned in much the same way. The Gold Trade Note is coming into view, carved and sculpted by Chinese hands within the transacting of Russian oil. In time, ships bearing containers and dry goods will be paid in gold terms. It might be done with the RMB in intermediary function, but the conversion to gold will be everpresent soon. The USTreasury Bond in its entirety is being deeply contaminated by the QE hyper monetary inflation programs that have damaged the USD integrity for six years running. The Gold Trade Note will serve as the all-in-one contract, the efficient omnibus contract which will gain global acceptance…..”


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  18. The powers manipulating the left have appropriated many of the most otherwise laudible, altruistic liberal minds in our country as hammers for dark interests they have no idea even exist. The only common bond still standing between the left and right is the constitution and that bond is strong. Talking points centered on that could sway minds. Or maybe not. It’s disturbing.

    Tony, what say you on Trump’s prognosis for getting through this without being impeached?

    Thank you.
    Hope you’re well and that your ducks greet you daily with love songs.



    • In my opinion, this impeachment stuff is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. What are they going to impeach over? Maxine Waters’ post menopausal gibberish about impeachment is mindless blathering caused by her bowels backing up into her brain cavity.

      Trump is calling out the red square press and the entire body politic over the mess he is going to have to clean up. That alone is driving them berserk. Just wait until Attorney General Sessions gets busy on the leaks. Trump will put a few heads on pikes and wont lay down and just lose.

      Washington is getting used to someone who will not just frost over the mess they all created. It’s going to cause a lot of confusion in the beginning. I never expected a smooth warm welcome for Trump, and anyone with an IQ over 70 should not have either.

      Casca, Brutus and Cassius are very busy. Not working for you, but trying to find a long enough knife, and seeking any excuse to strike.

      And in his place? Who better? Hillary? McCain? Warren? Graham? Who?

      We better realize that Trump is not a politician. He won’t act or talk like one. He is going to be who he is – smart and a man who gets things done. The press wants a compliant manikin who is not interested in progress. Progress is dangerous to politicians. Because if real progress were made, well, te salud Don Corleon, that would explosively contrast against the lack of progress before, and that makes a lot of people on whose incomes rely on no progress, very nervous. It would make even more obvious the level of corruption and incompetence that government functions at, and increase Trump’s ratings. They cannot have that.

      The Press is in disarray. They are not quite sure what to do with a strong male. They want soft and compliant, or drug addled or just plain politician. They are getting a real dose of a man who spent his life performing or sinking. Not suckling government teats and then running for office to earn a full pension. Any dummy can do that.

      The Press actually wanted Trump to state what he was going to do with respect to key military issues. As if he were required to disclose strategic policy on these things before the fact!! He shoved it up their asses. And they were stunned. Mark my words. The press will spin this as “a man that is mentally unhinged”. They have to say that. Otherwise, if they remain silent, they would not be a fair press. Fair press would observe and report. Today, it’s observe, then spin and lie, twist, render biased opinions and on and on. Those ratings have to be kept up.

      Sorry for the long reply. Too much coffee.

      I need a trip to Paddington. Soon I think.

      The ducks are lining up for their free spring meal. Great little group of buggers they are.

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      • Thanks Tony for your commentary. I’ve just entered my 7th decade and must say I have never seen such divisive attacks by the media. I marched and protested in the 60s and 70’s where the government’s response was appalling (especially Chicago) but not the media. Yes the media was complicit then too but not like the freak show now!

        Also, I didn’t say so at the time but I enjoyed the photos and reading what you wrote about your family when you got back from your trip.


      • Tonius, I could not agree more.

        And the fact that Trump is not a primarily “verbal” communicator gives reporters even more grist. But the underlying thoughts he conveys — in his own human, emotionally honest, accessible and straightforward (not blow-smoke-up-your-ass politico-style rhetoric) manner is authentic. People recognize this and if the press wasn’t biased by rote toward acrimony and disdain for the “conservative” faction they “think” he aligns with, they see it to. I found it really interesting how desperately CNN was trying to get him to recommend them as “real” news.

        Quite an interesting era, this American time of turmoil.


  19. OWoN:

    Q: If the end of the FED RES charade will be similar to Madoff, approximately when will it occur?

    What else will happen at the same time as the end of the FED RES?

    Are there really the new TRNs already printed up and waiting for use inside the US?

    What will happen to the dollars outside the US, which is the mass majority of U$D in the world?

    A: We cant give you a date it’s an ongoing scenario. The Fed will probably be absorbed into the US Treasury. But the same Zios who have stolen c$30B a year for a century will squeal like Stuck Pigs for compensation, aided by the same Stuck Pigs who run the US Treasury. You will be shafted from the inside again. Which is why we have appealed for no more Jews or Zios on either. How can you clean a sty with the pigs still in it?

    Yes there are TRN’s ready.

    What happens to the Dollars left over?
    When has America ever done the right thing?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-11-february-2017.html?showComment=1487175947291#c5081427308969962810
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    • Green Lantern I think this is a furphy argument from that mob. When people say the currencies are devaluing they neglect to say that the usd has risen. Willie says it’s because everyone is busy settling usd debt so they need to buy usd to unwind their usd positions. This isn’t a story about china so much as the toxic effects of the usd as a reserve currency. Notwithstanding what china may be doing to deliberately devalue, the usd hegemony factor needs to be remembered.


  20. Tony,
    It seems like Dave Schmidt has been talking with OWoN

    Feb. 11th, 2017

    A Personal Note and Update on the Currency Exchange
    Dear Friends,

    It is Saturday afternoon for me in Arizona and I have spent close to 5 hours on the phone talking with my very top contacts from around the world on the currency exchange today.  I wanted to see if we were all hearing the same thing.

    Good news is there was consistency in these intel reports from people who do not talk to each other.

    Obviously for security reasons I cannot share it all.  Please note that I try to be very careful about what I share, try not to give bad intel or mislead you.  If I later find out the intel was bad, I tell you the truth as I have recently.  Myself and others found out that our intel coming during the summer was bad and that is why nothing panned out as we thought.  This is a constantly changing scenario as nothing necessarily stays the same in this process.  I would not count on any of my reports on You Tube to be totally reliable from more than one year ago.  That is what myself and others were reporting at time based on the intel at that time. 

    My intel sources come from the very top.  I have always said to “follow the money.”  Who is paying all of these funds for this currency exchange.  Sources are limited and funds are limited.  That is why most of what we are hearing on the blog sites will never happen as it would take hundreds of trillions of dollars to pay for what is proclaimed and they can never tell you who is the root source of their funds.

    In the last two months I have been able to to develop deeper contacts that I believe are the very root source of all of this money coming out to change our world.  That is one of the reasons why I have had to be quiet for the last three weeks.

    It is important to understand this has never been and will not primarily be about you and me becoming rich as individuals.  That has never been the intent.  This is about the sources releasing their vast amounts of funds to heal and fix this very troubled world.  They have tried to do this in the past, but, this time they are bringing in and using everyday people like you and me to spread the money around the world.  They are bypassing the corruption of the countries and global elite banking system.  While the intention is to not be “king makers” by making us become super wealthy, we will be rewarded very well for our participation of spreading this money around the world.

    Based on my 5 hours of phone calls I have never had a more positive feeling and assurance of this taking place.  I have always known it was possible but I could never get a deep feel for how this would be logistically be carried out without blowing up the world economy with too much money in circulation.

    In the back of my mind I knew there was way too much dinar out there.  I have had reliable reports of over 400 quadrillion dinar out there floating around the world.  Always the question was who was going to pay for this dinar, that amount was always unreal and unreasonable.

    Well, based on my calls today, it appears contracts have been signed and hopefully this week funds will start moving.  It appears it is going to move slowly and in a step by step process over some years to not over saturate the world economy.

    Do not ask me anything more about the specifics.  I will not answer those specific questions.

    But here is one thing I can say.  It is always your choice to participate, no one is forcing you to participate in this process.  I will not tell you what to buy, but I will tell what I would do.

    I would not buy any dinar or zim.  Dinar is way over printed and out of control.  Zim was a limited currency for a limited time.  None of my sources in Reno, other parts of the U.S. or Hong Kong can find a buyer of zim.  There may be a very few and limited exceptions, but for all practical purposes, zim is done, if you do not have a solid buyer it is likely you will not be able to receive anything for it.  This is not new news.  I have been saying this on my programs for months.

    The only thing I would buy wold be dong.  Why?  It is giving the best return on the dollar for what you purchase and it is the only currency that is safe.  By that, it is the only one that is trade-able on the open foreign exchange markets.  Should all of this fall part, and nothing happens, you can always take your dong back to the bank and get your money back minus the exchange transaction fees.

    Were can you buy dong, at most banks or even on ebay.  This morning you could buy dong on ebay for about $58 per one million dong.

    My sources say we are very close to funds being released, they feel better than anytime before and that they agree, dong is the best and most practical of all the currencies for the everyday common folks.

    I have never seen or felt all of us on the same page or having the same feelings that we all have.  Yes, things could change that we may not foresee, but short of that we all felt this may have finally arrived.

    It is not going to be what most of us thought, but it is going to be practical and available for anyone to participate if they have the right contacts and are willing to believe in this process.

    For some of you still not sure how and why we are being allowed to be part of this process, the best thing is to go back and view the video I did on Dec. 14th explaining this currency exchange process.  It is a very good overview for why we are being allowed to participate.

    Please do not send me emails asking questions on when, where and why, I receive to many and do not have time answer them all when it is explained in many past videos and programs.  We all need to be responsible to do our own homework for ourselves if we want to receive large sums of funds.  If you want to be a millionaire, then do your work on what that means and requires to a responsible one.


    • Thanks, I read this as well this morning.

      Where would we be without Seminar Dave? Lost and without hope? lol

      “..Myself and others found out that our intel coming during the summer was bad and that is why nothing panned out as we thought. This is a constantly changing scenario as nothing necessarily stays the same in this process. I would not count on any of my reports on You Tube to be totally reliable from more than one year ago. That is what myself and others were reporting at time based on the intel at that time…”

      You mean to tell me that for all that time, when he was convincing people that they could only learn about the secret details through a $129 seminar, that such information was wrong??? Only top sources?? Wrong??

      Dinar over printed?? Oh my, I had no idea. lol

      I hope for his sake that his “sources” can do what they claim when this all goes down. If not, there will be some very upset people looking for satisfaction in this land of the endless sue happy lawyer.

      Talking to OWoN? We will let them answer that.

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  21. OWoN:

    Q: I and the others who are holding our Dongs have a question. Since Barack Obitcha is out the way from blocking the RV and The video on WHA with Trump stating that he and the Chinese are in talks as we speak and the change is coming sooner than we think, are you going to try to give us a pre-notice and is it still going to happen and are they going to pull the trigger in the morning hours? I recall a while ago that you were going to try to get us in the banks as soon as they open, which is 9am EST for me. Once again thank you [OWoN] and the Elders for all your hard work.

    A: We understand the tensions, and needs. Just keep calm and let it play out. There are weekly hiccups.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-11-february-2017.html?showComment=1486931874902#c7591460852820475004
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  22. OWoN:

    Q: On multiple occasions over the last few years there were release dates set for the RV and settlements. Each time it didn’t go it was attributed to Obama blocking for handlers. A month ago you were saying that Trump didn’t need to sign off, but since he wasn’t going to block the RV and PP’s it was a good thing. It seems to me that if something has been delayed for years because of 1 man, that as soon as that man was out of the way, the trigger would be pulled immediately. I’m just wondering why the hold up? Obutthead is out of the way. Is someone going to pull the chute?

    A: Iraq has an issue until March. While we are very close US sabre rattling in the China seas has consequences.

    Fortunately Trump IS trying to build bridges with both, but remember you have a Shadow Govt manned by Self Serving Sons of Bitches with no concept of the damage they do. I get the weekly anger backlash every time we get close. There is no cogent US policy because unelected 7th Floor Shadows have agendas.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-11-february-2017.html?showComment=1486931776370#c655275591366215763
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  23. Ever withdraw $1,000,000 in cash from your bank? I did. Here’s what happened.
    Published on February 9, 2017

    “….I went to the bank last summer and told them I needed a million dollars—cash. They asked for a reason, and I replied, “You didn’t ask me for a reason when I put it in, so why are you asking me about it when I want to take it out?….”



  24. OWoN:

    Q: It sounds like you are somewhat concerned about another world war. in a world war scenario, does that mean the GCR/WGS will not occur? if yes, in your opinion, do you see another world war more probable, equally as probable, or less probable than the successful implementation of the WGS/GCR?

    A: Less probably yet,

    BUT we have Washington and the the Zio scum all trying to force it. The Agency is meddling 24 x 7 on Russia’s border, and the US is pissing around poking its ugly nose into the China seas.Russia and China have a pact. Attack one you fight both. No one who fights on 2 fronts ever wins.

    But now, with technology like never before, weaponry is awesome and America has no idea what will be unleashed.

    But why should the world have to pay for US Hegemony? Again!
    The cause of 95% of all wars is the US and Pentagon.
    If we had no US armies or Agencies, we would have no wars.

    The GS and RVs need Asian agreement and backing. We are sitting on vast Cash Pallets and Mountains of AU, but the problem is again, why feed this rapacious monstrosity. No one has anger issues with the American people, but they are so obtuse and reality blinker visioned when it comes to the reality of US Military escapades. They are far less war heroes than Contractor mercenaries.

    As Kissinger has stated, the Military are just mindless morons used as disposable body bags to service US Foreign Policies. Who cries when another dies? But who dies for Contractor genocide? Vast nations are now displaced.

    Europe is awash with millions non stop flooding. Do we land mine the borders? Use Flame throwers? Our Health Services are collapsing with the stress of this grasping, unwanted plague. All lose. Tension is mounting. Neo Nazis are at work again. These are dangerous times. Always US Agency snouts are in the equation.

    The US IS the cause of most wars. Toyed with by the Neo Nazis and Neo Cons.

    We are all waiting to see what Trump can do. If he can’t even protect US borders,it shows no power. Why fund a collapsing failed society?

    With the GS we have to take a careful judgment call. Do we fund a collapsing screw up, or wait and fund post collapse? Or do we back Trump? But back what?

    What we are trying to do for all of you is to help get an understanding we can ALL gain if America is included as part of a Global recovery plan.It all fails when we tell DC you can’t lead you are not fit for purpose, they don’t get they ARE the biggest F UPs on the planet right now and are THE problem!
    America does not get Hubris.

    If only grey cells matched arrogance? The quality Americans are lost in the vortex of Crap in DC and Texas.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-11-february-2017.html?showComment=1486925865779#c6638112648088978298
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  25. OWoN:

    Comment: Donald Trump 2-10-17, Message regarding currencies… “Very much sooner than [many] think… We will be all at a level playing field” Thanks to KP The initial question is at 24:30, and the part about currencies occurs at 26:27. There is also a mention of Trump speaking with “various representatives of China” (Chinese Elders, anyone?) in there as well. The video below begins at 24:30.

    Reply: The Chinese go to the Elders. The Elder families convene and debate. The Elders call ” London”. The London party keeps the Zio scum and KM out of the trough, as well as ensuring no Cabal parties stand to benefit. After due discussions with “London”, Elders make eventual decisions, and relay them to the parties. A major new Global Representative Offices in eurasia. London is part of a high level discussion. London will be the Fiscal and Culture Capital of Eurasia.

    AJ, can’t you see whose steering here? Who trashes the Zios head on. Who blocks the Vatican Pervs? Who has the Elders trust? Who can’t the Cabal buy?

    Who is with all of you helping you?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-3-february-2017.html?showComment=1486802151668#c7419694923806278011
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    • Tony this is certainly an interesting turn of phrase from DJT isnt it. I wonder if he is referring to trade rules, or currency values. I have read a few times that one of the main points of the gcr is to bring currencies into rough parity, and trump’s phrase aligns with that. Or maybe he meant not so literally for rates, but that all currency would be ‘sound money’ and based on a country’s real resources. I’m interested in your take.
      Cheers aj


      • Hi Andrew,

        Boy, that one is a real head scratcher. We do know that president Trump is aware of the GS/GCR. Was he referring to it when speaking of parity? We have to be honest and conclude that only he knows. And, I am quite sure he will not detail sensitive plans like this in such a loose manner in a news conference, even if he wanted to.

        It would seem almost inconceivable that a man like Trump would be ignorant of Elder and GS resources, and those who are entrusted to responsibly ensure their introduction to stabilize world wide monetary systems.

        GCR plans involve many nations. He must know this, and we also know Obot knew since he was one of the main impediments to stop it, on orders from him cartel bosses who want to remain juiced in on the greatest skim since the Chicago mob had a piece of Vegas.

        Thanks again.

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    • I’ve been telling many that I’m watching DJT in a cautiously optimistic view. One thing I always think about with him is that he carefully chooses his words. In the comments where he mentioned that he’s personally not going after Hitlery, he never said that his administration wouldn’t. And, just perhaps, all those months of saying that the playing field needed to be level and fair, it could be that this was code for the GCR to be in motion (finally). No wonder why the neocons were in lockstep with the Soros factions in the Never Trump camp. Between this and Pizzagate, the swamps will be drained.

      It’s worth making sure there’s enough popcorn for the next four years!

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  26. OWoN:

    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2017 AT 1:35:00 AM MST

    I can not reveal how far forward we are with the Elders, but one person, as Group Head will not let humanity down. The battle is to keep the Cabal out and we will. No Zios will be allowed near the master funds once cleared.

    They will change nations ensuring that Eurasia emerges as the true, caring new model of a model society with a truly enlightened agenda. Between the Buddhist faith, which cares for all living things, and older Truly Enlightened families, a progressive build up will be activated to help nations with new re education.

    The false misinformation of mad Abraham, Egyptian Snake Oil Salesman Moses, and Mo Ham Head, will be eradicated over time. Those are perverse Cults which offer no true enlightenment, just avarice, greed and perversion. As for the Vatican charlatans? A Parasite plague of perverts.

    Think of Moses as another Yes We Can who also lost his people for 40 years wandering aimlessly. The Blind leading the blind. At least Yes We Can only lost you 8 years. The Moron! But the Cabal has lost you 50, and the scumbag Zios a century.

    The Agenda we are working on will help many nations. If, offered real Financial help starting with infrastructure, the US takes the Olive Branch offered, a society fit for real purpose can emerge. America needs to join an inclusive world of nations with all counting for something. Not a Counting House Fed culture run by Zio Rats.

    The Zio Rat infestation has to go. As for the MO Ham Heads, that mistracked species needs to be educated out. All circumcision of boys has to stop.As for the Muslin malpractice of cutting female genitalia, it needs to start with re education and a severe flogging then of all concerned, and serious never again punishment for the practitioners. If they cannot be taught to use their heads, losing them resolves the impediment.

    Children need protecting. As for 4 wives, any man who marries twice needs to be checked out to see if he deserved to lose the first one! These so false religions are the cause of so much needless conflict and lies. Judaism teaching children they are Special, has only ever given this Cult the foundations for mass Exodus from hostile enraged host nations. Part so well meaning with the best of Judaism family values, but so insensitively naive towards inclusive society values.The best of Judaic values can remain, the rest needs to go. The emerging new world will simply have no place for them, nor tolerance for separatism ideologies. Time to come of age, enlighten and Get Real!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-3-february-2017.html?showComment=1486802151668#c7419694923806278011
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  27. Wha.. Based on the latest with london saying wait a few months, should we stop watching the site so carefully now and just watch it more carefully then?

    Thanks for your advice.


    • Hi Concord,

      I believe he was referring to GS issues overall with respect to that comment. That’s somewhat a different activity from the RV, and unless he specifically mentions time frame pre warnings for the RV, I would not mix the two.

      For now, we are still at DEFCON 2. That means just be alert and ready. If he says that 2017 is a wash for everything, then we will go to DEFCON 3, which means go fishing, and we’ll call you. lol

      Hope your eyes are getting better from the surgery.


  28. OWoN:

    Q: Earlier in the week you had stated the GCR or and WGS have to occur since the US is bankrupt (BK).

    We have been hearing rumors about that for years now, yet nothing visible seems to occur on the surface.

    Can you please explain when we will see something visible per the BK? what will it look like? why has it taken so long so far?

    As an aside, 0 Hedge is reporting the NY FED has given back Deustchland’s gold ….. how is this possible given the FED is supposedly BK’d

    A: 1. The US is bankrupt because you allowed the thieving Zios to steal the lot! Also to sit back paying out $300B a year for worthless paper you can print free. Mugs- Mugged!

    2. Once we get the new Treasury controlled Central Bank in, US Owned, and Zios out head first, the debt can be stopped and the books exposed. Recalled funds will help!

    3. It won’t be the US funding the GCR. It’s taken time because we had to bypass the Zio pit stops, and get Asian synergy on side and agreement on new Global currencies, plus alternative markets. Also we knew the EU issue was heading South, so it created great sensitivity from nations. The potential implosion of the US even more.

    Rumours of Germany’s AU redemption is one thing, but phased small tranche delivery reality another.

    As regards the Fed, it never had any money. It’s only ever been a skim off scam for the Zios. An illusion of just smoking mirrors. A cut and paste job.

    Timing is still loose, waiting on nations to concur. War risk with Russia will set it back which is why the Zio trash are cranking up NATO to kick off the Neo Nazis to start conflict.

    The world is moving on without the US, as Eurasia is promoted by China and the Silk Road projects. Nations are buying into it. No more wars to fund Zio whores. Trade and detente. Culture so far is winning but we need the dogs of war muzzled.

    The battle is the loss of US influence and control. The realisation that the world is moving on and away. No more Yanks tanks in nations. Countries want out of this pass the parcel game play being used as pawns though DC. The usurping Bumma worked as the Organ grinders Puppet stooge. Hopefully Trump and the team can bring home that Trade is the war forward, enriching not raping nations. This is a whole new social experiment. Re tracking America. But will he be allowed to stick to it? How united is the team under pressure? Parties are waiting and watching to see. We have some very positive steps playing out, but all off radar. It has to be. But, if the Dogs of War can be muzzled, be optimistic. This is a big picture issue and so far, very encouraging. We just have to keep the Zio trash and Cabal snout out.

    Timing, allow a few months yet then we see how it’s emerging. Real progress is playing out. China is leading and visionary. We have to keep the US caged and out of Global hegemony in Crimea etc. Leave Russia alone and please get the F out of Europe and stop threatening Iran for Israe hell. No one made the US Global overlord. It’s time to go.

    Give peace and trade a chance. The current mass of illegals invading and swamping nations is because of the complete F Up the US has made of Middle Eastern nations cultures and the havoc is now the price. Europe is swamped with this shit. Leaders useless. We have good Asian dialogue. We need Trumps team to act well. No more wars!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-3-february-2017.html?showComment=1486668851466#c5621165895636262168
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  29. Well, it’s been a very warm day here. 93f. Just my luck. Spent weeks looking for/ordering long sleeve shirts, and the weather improves. Back I go to Tommy Bahamas for some short sleeve versions.

    It’s also been a slow news day, but I did get a good chuckle out of Seminar Dave tonight. He was back with his usual show, and promotion of his seminar (where he can magically share way more than he can on the radio show @$129 a pop).

    He’s sure it’s close. Be sure to check out the critical information at 2:15 and 5:35.

    @ 2:15 “…I’ve been talking with some other…..” What?

    @ 5:35 “…Click on the humanitarian……” What?

    LOL. Thanks, Dave. I needed a laugh.


    • I don’t think I can bring myself to listen to this fool even if it is just for giggles, or waste my data lol. I’ll have to take your word for it Tony. I can just imagine the latest bs he is vomiting out, at such an affordable price too. LOL. His behaviour is absolutely disgraceful ripping people off in the manner in which he does.

      Alwaysme, I can see why chicks dig Tommy Bahama, great gear, such a lovely colour selection too. I love seeing men wear pastel shades. And they have some lovely navy blue shorts as well. (inside joke there) LOL

      Heck Tony, it has been absolutely unbearable temperature wise where I’m located. It been going on for weeks too. We are expected to hit over about 100f. for the next few days. That’s like a furnace to me. I cannot stand heat like this. Give me a cool/cold climate any time compared to this sauna. Horrible.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. I know some of you here are precious metal bugs . This might interest you.

    Silver the Key to a Sustainable Rally in Gold
    Posted Feb 7, 2017 by Martin Armstrong
    GCSV-Y 2016
    QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is silver currently showing more strength than gold, and therefore likely to move beyond gold in this phase? I’m not a technician but it looks that way to me.
    Thank you for all you share.
    ANSWER: Yes. This is one of the critical factors that must turn to signal a real bull run is coming. We did elect a Weekly Bullish in silver on Friday but not gold. However, we did get a Minor Monthly Bullish at the close of 2016 both in gold and silver. For a real bull market, we need the silver/gold ratio to break 60:1. It is currently in the 69:1 range. Here is a chart with 200 years of data for this ratio. A bull market requires BOTH metals to rally. Gold may have more trouble since it is being tracked by all governments. You cannot mail it outside the country nor jump on a plane with 10 ounces. Silver may become more viable if the world actually moves to electronic currency. So this ratio should start to come in after 2017.
    All the hype about demand and who is buying or not, is just irrelevant. The key factor for every MAJOR rally is bringing in the general public. The people who follow metals religiously really do not count for much. They simply make rallies and declines in the short-term. It is when you convince the general public to rush in and buy because they are suddenly concerned about the government, the banks, or even the currency collapsing.
    Fed Excess Reserves
    I have stated many times, that QE would not be inflationary because they were buying in bonds that were not necessarily in domestic hands. China sold their long-term holding and shifted maturities to 5 years or less and the money flowed to China not domestically. Then the banks complained they had no place to park money so the Fed created Excessive Reserves that reached almost $2.8 trillion. So the money they presumably pumped into the economy never made it. The banks still parked it at the Fed instead of bonds. Creating excess reserves defeated the entire idea of stimulus. I cannot contemplate how anyone capable of rational thought would assume this would be inflationary. The Fed bought the bonds, the bank then handed the cash back to the Fed and then the Fed paid them interest. If anyone can explain why you would think you injected money into the system when it never left the Fed? Sometime just reading headlines only indoctrinates people into the BS government wants you to think.
    Categories: Gold, Silver
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    Armstrong Economics 101


  31. OWoN:

    Q: In my assessment, it appears from past behavior the elite beneficiaries of the old dollar system will not voluntarily give up on their cut, they will continue to reject the new TRN. what do you think will make them voluntarily go with the TRN plan? [In your] mind, what is the probability they will voluntarily shift to the new TRN? In my assessment, war is more likely than the voluntary TRN plan. Do you have plans to deal w/ war that no one but them wants?

    A: They cant move against the coming GS and terms. Even Trump and Congress will have to take terms offered, as a bankrupt nation has no voice with creditors. We see that $300B skim off every years, multiply it by 10 years compounding, and say, that is why the US is so screwed. We all know!

    America has been looted for 100 years by the Zios. Time to stop. They know once we boot them from the Fed. it’s game on and over for them. Or lose America. Be clear, once we get Eurasia driven home, the knives are coming out to sever certain links. We have hugely forewarned the Chinese not to let them near. Zero. Russia will help. They have a few Siberian Gulags to fill. Minus 30 Sub zero will do the rest. Free bunks. Many Bankers deserve it. Nutter Yahoo and his kind need a one way ticket.

    Only the Zios want the TRN blocked. Try getting US credit soon unless complying for the GS and RV.

    Don’t worry about a war. Your entire Naval ships and War Planes have old wiring. Both the Russians and Chinese will neutralise them as they did with the US Cooke with Syria.

    It will take you 10 to 20 years to re task. The S500 Russian systems will knock out anything for 300 miles incoming. The S400s will knock out border attacks in Iran or Syria. The Russian and Chinese Subs will take out the entire US base system and cities over 5 to 7 minutes and the ICBMs will finish it 11 minutes later.

    They have no fears. They WILL pre empt and Trump knows this.

    Neither Russia nor China want a war.They dont. But they KNOW,if it comes they must preempt. They will! The rest of us face a horrible cost, but facing total annihilation you will comply. The Soviets now have weapons which are game changers. You WILL comply, or die. This is not Holywood your dead wood.

    Reality will rule.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/02/active-comment-section-3-february-2017.html?showComment=1486481393667#c6318623402362268307
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


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