Time to move on to a fresh thread. The comment count was getting pretty large on FC 139, so I thought it best to clean house a bit.

I also thought it best to have a wide open pallet to communicate from should we get the go signal during this quarter.

As to how everything will play out for public speculators in Dinar, Dong and Zim, etc., we can only still speculate on at this time. For now, we understand that the public has a chance for some gain. We don’t know if that will once again be taken off the table. So far, as of this report, the last news from on high, is holding. I sincerely hope that the powers behind this will be able to maintain such a stance.

NESARA, mass prosperity payments, universal debt forgiveness, etc., remain unsubstantiated ideas spread by people who are as far from being involved as I am from being mistaken for Clark Gable. Don’t let such things divert your attention from the real world. Trust me, if we had been told these things stood a chance, we would say so. We would have no reason to withhold it.

We are heading into some pretty incredible changes, and those of you who intend to survive it all, must adhere to disciplined approaches and thorough, in-depth evaluation of whatever area of interest you wish to pursue. You all expect such dedication from your doctor, your airline pilot, your barber and your chef. Why would you not expect such of yourselves when it comes to your futures? Be smart, and don’t convince yourself that mysterious forces are coming to make the world perfect for you. You will be required to do that for yourself.

Be ready for any and all outcomes.

Thank you again for your continued readership and support.



  1. Subject: Cabal Speech 11/10/18

    Here is the 1991 Rockefeller speech at the Cabal Bilderberg Meeting concerning their plans to create a One World Totalitarian Government.
    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government….The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
    Yes the cabal established the Bilderbergs in 1954. In 1964, an engineer with Boeing purchased a used computer from the company and found the plans of the elite on his device. In 1979 a plan was developed to study and defeat this elite bunch which was slated for completion by the early 1980’s, however because of the depth of the cabal, its taken 39 years to complete. It is estimated that at one time this world cabal had as many as 7 million members which has been significantly reduced by the efforts of the White Hats, Patriots, and Positive Extraterrestrials who didn’t want a 90% depopulation agenda carried out via WW3 and Global Pandemics. Many never knew how close we had come to this scenario back in 2014……………………………E.


  2. Hi Tony,
    So good to have you back with us. I really missed you as well. I hope you managed to deal with your family affairs in the best fashion for yourself and all concerned.

    Thank you too for your advice and guidance, it’s always appreciated very much.

    Not sure if it’s just at my end or not but there is no comment box under the new Fact Check 141 for some reason.

    Thanks again Tony. Welcome back home ;-))))

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  3. Tony FYI your message about closing of the site does show up on my cell phone, but only on my desktop computer.

    I hope things are going as well as possible for you.

    Mary Ann

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    1. Oops! It should read: the message about closing the site does NOT show up on my smartphone, it only shows up on my desktop computer.


    1. Your Attention Please

      August 20, 2017


      I have to leave to handle a family situation and I will have no time to moderate posts or check for updates for the next few weeks. WHA will close for the time being and will re-open once I am back in Arizona.

      Please keep in touch with the official WH blog and OWoN for any further news in the interim. If anything does happen, you will be alerted to it there. However, I do not anticipate anything concerning the RV will happen in the next few weeks.

      Thank you.



  4. Monday, August 21, 2017
    RV Intel Update from Canada via Mr. Ed, 21 AUGUST
    Sent: August 19, 2017 4:29 PM
    Subject: Dinar – Update From Canada

    From Canada

    [9:42:45 AM] OT Admin: From Zurich

    Dear Customers,

    Since many of you have heard that redemption has begun, I guess I can go on with “Yes he did at 6 pm last night, as I was told.”

    So what happens now is the Paymasters who will oversee the money transfer through ledger to ledger-is sending the money to the Sub Paymasters, which is about 2000 of them. The money is moving today with about 1000 and tomorrow with about 1000. I was told that once this was complete the pull of the trigger around 6 pm tomorrow night.

    Our buyer instructor is in the process of making sure that there will be no hold ups, blocks, or red flags with banking institutions. If any of the funds enter your Master bank account (Wells Fargo) and wish to transfer it to another bank, we do not want to have any block in your account.

    Privacy and security is really important, especially since some of us have never had more than $5000 in one account at a time. Some of us have no idea how to handle large sums of money either. Preparations are being taken so that no one has any problems.

    This is part of being within our top-level group. We will also be introduced to a new private Bank division that only handles people with billions and more. All this will be explained to you later.

    If everything goes according to tomorrow at 6:00 pm, then we should start to see the calls and payment as soon as Monday.

    After reading Johns update post is this BS?


  5. Wow, so much hysteria from all sides today regarding Steve Bannon. I’m thinking this is actually an Obi Wan Kenobi move… he’ll be more powerful to the cause working things from a different plane/platform.

    May the Force be with us!

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    1. Where is everybody? No new comments since August 18. Longtime reader, just don’t post much, but I am always here to read the latest. I appreciate this site so much!


  6. Tony. There is some confusion among some of us. There is debate on what our status is. We are now defcon 3, and public chances are now not anticipated before mid Sept, yes? But private and other GS moves are still in play? Is that right? Thanks for your help.


    1. Yes, that’s essentially correct.

      GS and private, sanctioned west coast group activity, pre-settlement, is not going to be discussed in great detail here. After, only up to and including whatever is allowed to be discussed, will be. But all requests for privacy will be honored.

      Public chances are not anticipated until mid September. But, all other moves above this are still on a daily watch.

      I know it can be confusing to separate all the various discussions about this move and that move, but always keep in mind that we are here to assist with public chances, since the private moves and GS plays do not directly impact you as a public. There are large strategic settlements that can certainly help the nations, and eventually your ability to find work or a place of business involvement, but that is far and apart from a currency speculation for personal gain.

      We will eventually have to go to DEFCON 1 or DEFCON 4. It cannot stretch out forever. One or the other will eventually happen. We have come close a few times, but those unelected, rootless, international banking cliques that own our monetary systems have time and time again decided against settling what is owed. And should they keep it up, then eventually an RV will be the last thing on your mind. Eating and shelter will be.

      If the upper groups and tiers process through, then the issue of the public chances will reveal itself. You will either get a chance at what’s left on the bones, or nothing. If this should happen before March 2018, we will be here to help with notices and warnings. If not, you know where to go for that information. I will do my best to forestall closing before it all, but it will take a miracle at this point.

      My own personal situation is fine, and I am making changes to my trade platforms that will allow me to survive well in the new speculative environments that are sure to come. The problem centers around impending real estate inheritance issues in which every family member wants to ride their horse in a different direction while hitched to the same wagon. The stronger horse wins out, but only until the other ones decide to lie down.

      I would rather fellate Vulcan until the second coming, than be in business with family. And on top of that, everyone outside, from local, State and Federal agencies, to BLM, lawyers, accountants, etc., all want a piece of the action. I have to battle a multi-headed hydra who is worse than Medusa on the rag with a harpy in tow, just to get simple agreements worked out. A landlord I never wanted to be, and a worse one there never was, in me.

      If I can find a way to extricate myself from this situation with my manhood intact, I will certainly continue on with WHA until DEFCON 1 or 4. But, at the moment, it’s looking grim. No worries. You all will be in good hands, and I am most certain no other person or blog will be superior in that effort.

      Sorry for the long explanation, but I felt it best to convey the total picture from this end, and that any lackluster performance from WHA is not due to loss of faith in our fine WH friends. It’s solely my own personal issues that are causing the precarious nature in my end of the blog world.

      Now, I am not trying to be hysterical, but as I am not a spring chicken anymore, I have turned over the blog passwords to my trustee, so that if anything happens to me, he will come onboard here and convey such, and he is instructed to then destroy the entire record and all the emails stored in Word Press databases. This is for your protection. If such should fall into the wrong hands, it could be problematic for some of you I am sure. Someone could impersonate me and approach you with con offers. To prevent this, I have taken steps to prevent it should something happen to me. Someone wrote to ask me about this, so I thought I would answer it in public.

      Thanks again, Concord. Hold on and hang in there. In due course our answers will be at hand, and hopefully, once the dust settles, you will know what is best for yourself.

      Lastly, I will say this, simply as a digression that is on my mind. President Trump took the job, with no pay, and like Caesar, is now surrounded by jackals and money interests that are threatened by someone who wanted to put his country first. Sellouts like McCain, Turkey Gobbler McConnell, Lindsey Grahamcracker, are firmly affixing their thumbs in the rectums of whoever their masters say, and applying firm rotation on demand. Communist street agitators, who are funded by the same money interests are fixated on destruction and implementing even worse dictatorial powers that they claim they are fighting against. A bunch of lower IQ mongrels never lived before.

      If President Trump is either removed or decides to quit, mark my words, there will be blood and chaos to follow. He wanted to make a difference, but is running into forces that won’t allow improvement that leads to lessening of Shylock income. Thus, the funding of street rabble, and the uncooperative moves from within his own party. He would not sell out, so now he is being “taught a lesson”. Don’t think that Kelly or Dunsford would fair any better. They would get the same treatment if they decided to build the wall, limit immigration, make their country first. It’s not the man they attack. It’s the ideas which threaten monopolies that scares them.

      The election of Donald Trump will accomplish one good thing, no matter the outcome of his presidency. It brought to full bore, the intense power behind the communist left, the banking clique support of same, and the media slant that was formerly a sort of gray area, but now is in full color for all to see, without doubt. No longer will anyone wonder if the people actually own their country. This will penetrate deeply into the minds of the 63 million who elected Trump, as the true owners are now, without question, exposed to those who otherwise never had time to hang out in conspiracy chat rooms or read books about Jekyll Island.

      Use these events to plan your future decisions. I have always said to be ready for anything. I sincerely cannot say that I meant it more firmly than I do right now. We are heading into terra incognita. We wont be going back to a “Republic”. Neither the Left or Right want such a thing. We are going to head into whatever the banking interests want, and that is certainly not a “Republic”.

      Caesar was assassinated by those close to him, who used the pretext of him being a “tyrant” to justify his murder. They moved to declare his death a lawful tyrannicide, which voided all his acts and appointments. This problem here was that this removed the power from those he appointed – those same “friends”. A solution was “found”. And then? The bloodiest wars, since Sulla cut the living guts out of 50,000 at the Colline Gate, ensued.

      It signaled the end of the Roman Republic. But, then 40 years of domestic Roman tranquility followed. Another “dictator” came about, but he was smart enough to not trust his “friends”. One failed, and the other succeeded, millions killed only to arrive back at the very same thing they assassinated Caesar for – prevention of a dictator. They resisted a “dictator”, and got the same in the end – only now they called him “Emperor”.

      The point here is that no matter what form of dictatorship rises from the facade of our “democracy”, the same rootless banking cartels that now run our government and country, will also run it after any mess plays out on Terra Firma. Only the puppets will have been replaced.

      I have but one wish, and that is we can all survive to see the futility of trying to make our union “more perfect” against the current system. It won’t happen as long as the deeply entrenched money interests maintain money to rule our management of resources from which they siphon out the living blood to satiate their lust for power.

      There will come a day when all of this is over. My only fear is that too much damage will be done for anyone to carry on with proper solutions, because too many corpses will be in the way.

      So, remember. If you get something out of this RV “flash in the pan”, shore up, protect, encourage one and all you meet to seek new ways of solving problems related to survival, and use the fact that cultures are and have to be emergent to survive as your basis for discussion. All want the cartels and interests gone. They seek solutions for that, but all are rooted in returning back to the same causes of those problems.

      Think ahead, to the future, to the solutions that advanced technological achievement will avail us. This will allow us the pathway to do away with, forever, the pecuniary bête noire that holds us down and truly prevents us from being a planet of superior beings, and not fodder for a small group of cult members who want it all.

      Sorry for the long reply. Writing is therapy, and today I needed lots of it.

      Have a good weekend, and I will skip the music this week. Just not in the mood.

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      1. That was incredibly moving, Tony. Thank you so much for posting it.

        And thank you for sharing that bit about yourself and your situation. Your sense of duty always impresses me. I suspect you’re one of the “stronger horses”, but I know the race is taxing even still. I fear I’ll be facing something similar in time and my heart aches thinking about it.

        I know it may seem like just words but I want you to know if there was any way I could lesson your load, I would in a heartbeat. You’ve uplifted, informed, educated, calmed, comforted, enlightened, and inspired me; made me laugh and cry (now that I started taking your movie advice) more times than I can count.

        You’re a good man, Tony. I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to know you, call you my friend, and fight alongside you in this battle. I’m with you till the end, always.

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      2. Heavens Tony, I am so sorry to hear you are enduring these horrible circumstances with your family. Other family members can become rather frightening at times can’t they? It’s crazy that adults cannot work peacefully together and resolve issues where everyone benefits. I have found that greed and selfishness tends to play a rather large role in circumstances of this nature.

        I am currently going through a similar situation myself but probably not as dramatic as your situation sounds. I am disgusted by what I have witnessed. The false expressions of care and concern followed by no action whatsoever sickens me. I know exactly what is behind those bs masks. To be honest, I am at breaking point these last two days and trying to find some additional strength. If it was not for having to protect and elderly relative I would probably have packed it in a long time ago. I’m normally a tough little cookie but this situation is hitting hard from several directions. A battle fought alone is not an easy undertaking I must say. But enough of my crap, I’ll still wake up tomorrow I suppose.

        You have been so incredibly caring to be so protective of our information as you have noted Tony. Thank you so much for that, it is very much appreciated.

        Tony, you have painted a very honest and accurate picture of our current world as far as I’m concerned. It makes my heart sink knowing all the evil that surrounds us. I thought I may have seen great change in my lifetime but now feel that I will check out without witnessing that in a positive sense unfortunately.

        I have been wishing to offer you a very special thank you Tony. By taking note of your personal opinions you have shared recently on various topics, you have given me understanding of certain issues in our world that I did not understand at all but have been wondering about for some time. What you shared made absolute sense to me and it was such a relief to have finally grasped understanding of those specific issues. You write so beautifully and express yourself with such clarity it is always a pleasure to read your words no matter the topic. So, my very sincere thanks for providing me with such a wonderful education in so many areas.

        Tony, I do hope your current situation with family becomes easier to deal with in the very near future. Take good care of yourself during this stressful period and don’t let them get the better of you. I wish you the very best in all ways. Thank you for everything you do Tony. You are a very bright star in this world and it has been my absolute pleasure knowing you.

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        1. Thank you for that. I do appreciate your comments.

          The issue is one I will have to work out, but with some careful diplomacy and guidance. I didn’t mean to impart that my family is difficult to work with, but the underlying situation naturally lends itself to be highly problematic since all of us have differing life circumstances. I never sought this arrangement – it feel into my lap over time and now suddenly in full force.

          I wanted to disavow my part of it, but my accountant told me I was a fool for considering such a thing. This is where my desire to see the currencies play through also impinges on things. If such were to happen, and with my personal arrangements, I could easily walk away from it, and transfer my interests to a trust for my neice and nephew. But, absent that and to prevent being eaten alive by tax men, I have to maintain the write off availability that real estate offers until I can replace one form of “wealth” with another.

          Anyway, I apologize for the whining. I am not looking for a pity party, but so much good could be done if these things would play out as they should. Instead, I have to waste time with useless bickering and financial decisions that are stupid and unproductive, and only feed the wallets of leeches and bureaucrat parasites.

          This is one “lick” I didn’t waaant. lol

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          1. I understand Tony, I was probably being too presumptuous or thinking about some of my own family members when responding. Thank you for explaining further, I have a better picture now. I do hope these matters in your life head in the direction you desire them to.

            I did not see your expression as whining at all so no worries there. Yes, a great deal of good could be done in so many areas if the situation changed. I suppose all we can do is wait a little longer and either breathe a sigh of relief or move on.

            Enjoy the rest of your weekend Tony.

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      3. Tony,
        Thanks for sharing your personal situation and also everything else. Wouldn’t it be quite the spectacle if Pres. Trump had the last say in increasing the debt limit and refused to do so assuming these bought and paid for YoYo’s (Congress) couldn’t come to an agreement? Just for fun…. with 25-30 million Federal employees…. who should he cut off? What a great opportunity to shutdown the Deep State. Sorry I must be dreaming…. LOL

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  7. Hey thanks for your last answer. I had another question.

    Seminar Dave said that he didn’t have a radio show last time because he was traveling because of the apparent preparation for the private exchange. But J said they were sitting in confusion and nothing was going to happen soon. This does not really add up. What is your take on it?

    Also I see Okie oil man is back suddenly and says the RV is tonight lol. Of course he does not guarantee it. Thanks again!


    1. No worries…hope you are well.

      Remember that for RV profiteers like Seminar Dave and ZAP, and in the past people like Okie and TNT Tony, something has to be always on the verge of happening. With the dinar sales kickbacks, the RV was always happening “next week”. Then, it got to the point where they actually said the RV had occurred, but only “in country”. Then, it was only in the “green zone”, or in some obscure province where people were “screaming in the streets”. Then, contractors were reported by gurus to have been paid in dinar. And on and on it went.

      Seminar Dave sells seminars to a very specific market of people who are interested in profiting on the currency moves. He warms his audience by always tailoring his radio shows so that the seminar sale is vital for anyone to get information that he just cannot talk about in public. He builds lists of interested parties by featuring a private exchange through parties unknown. He has to always convey the notion that it’s right around the corner, or that he is traveling to meet important people about it all. How many seminar tickets would he sell if he were to announce that the private exchanges were now not going to happen? Not many.

      ZAP is the same as he always starts the week with “It’s all coming now, I am told the transfers are in process”, followed by lamentations over delays. Repeat. Something has to be “always about to happen”. It’s a pattern that all of these RV opportunists have followed and they have succeeded in extracting revenue from people in exchange for almost nothing of value in return.

      It reminds me of real estate seminars in the 80’s. Almost all of the material sold was written by people other than the front men who pitched it. Remember Tom Vu? You think an almost illiterate Vietnamese immigrant wrote all those books? Ha! He sold the sizzle, while others were hired to cook the steaks.

      Okie is back and says the RV is happening tonight? Holy cow. Just in time to let London know so they can prepare us all. Whew! We almost bollixed that one.

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    I was an early skeptic/critic to the crypto scene and (after researching) have some LTC (Litecoin) as a “security blanket”, well documented in this article. I do believe that once the mainstream figures out what is going on, like physically owning PMs, we will be well into the financial free fall, where people are trying to find safe havens for themselves. It’s a bit like watching Noah close off the ark doors as the rain begins. The inevitable always happens, even when the current mass populace thinks we are nuts for believing it’s coming. It’s not always on our perceived time schedules, but it does happen. (Hosea 4:6)

    From the article: The mainstream also misses the core driver of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: the current financial system is doomed, and some other arrangements will emerge. Those who get on board alternative arrangements early will likely preserve more of their wealth than those who believe the current system is permanent, and some may earn great wealth as capital flees the sinking ship of central banking/credit for more secure climes.


  9. Those of you with kids who are searching for a career, if they have computer skills, tell them to develop them to their best potential. The future will be increasingly dependent on technology. And while many menial jobs that require almost no training are going to be replaced by automation, those who are behind that automation will be in big demand until the end of money.


  10. WHA I wanted to ask this question. In the past we have seen things “turn on a dime”. Can this happen again do you think and that something may break before sept? Just curious. Thanks my friend.


    1. Yes it’s possible, but at this stage I don’t think it’s likely. I think we will have to wait until mid September for any chance to be manifested. And if not by then, I think 2017 will be a bust.

      Let’s wait and see. We have been here for several years, so what’s one more month?


  11. House To Hold Hearing On White Supremacist Threat Amid Financial, Social Media Crackdown

    “White Supremacists” have done nothing but hold rallies (with permits), and march around. They have not in recent days, as a group, rioted or destroyed or hurt anyone. They have not pulled down MLK statues or blown up black churches or synagogues.

    ANTIFA openly marches without permits, burns people with acid, fights cops, destroys shops, topples monuments, etc., yet the House focuses on “White” threats. BLM openly says they will kill cops (and have) – no mention of them from the House. Of course not, because that would be raaaaccciiissst!

    The hidden hand at work. They have delayed settlements, and in my mind they have done so for the purpose of allowing more time for chaos on the street to increase.

    Allowing a citizenry to acquire the means to calm the environment with increased production and activities to keep people busy is not in their plans. Usury is.

    Don’t try to rack your brain figuring out who is behind it. We all know who is. -WHA

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    1. Indeed, it seems they’ve identified their enemy. Their agenda is all too obvious now. And the hoards of useful ignorant idiots and their tantrums are getting harder and harder to ignore.

      If we haven’t already reached it, I do believe the boiling point is near. I’ve actually wanted to ask you about this for awhile now, Tony. Where do we go from here?

      -Do we take the high ground, turn the other cheek, and refuse to be manipulated into battle with their straw men and paid activists?


      -Do we end the silent consent, respond in kind, retaliate, and realize that being conciliatory pacifists is what got us where we are now?

      I’ve seen good, rational arguments for both and I don’t know what the answer is. So, as usual my dear wise and well-spoken friend, I’m turning to you for some clarity.

      PS. I do know one thing; I don’t give one rat’s ass anymore whether or not anyone thinks I’m racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic…

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      1. The short answer? The best thing we could do is simply get rid of money and politics. That’s the only answer.

        The current system is what gave us these issues, and gave rise to the conditions that cause our society to be this unsane.

        To strike a blow against the banks, we need to develop the gradual processes to move towards a resource based economy. People are seeing it. They know we have the technology. It will be from the grass roots that such will take hold. It brings together people on the most important basis for being together – to survive.

        Bankers control the planet through usury and debt. Politicians suck the c–cks of bankers, and the result is we get stuck with their bills and fight their wars.

        Adolf had them pegged 70 plus years ago, and it was that, and not Germany’s army, that scared the living crap out of banking forces. Just ridding Germany of extreme usury, alone, had them recovering from the Versailles banker suckwads that were draining them, causing mass unemployment, creating political upheavals and ruining the potential of their people. Germany blew the doors off of every other country in economic output from 1933 to 1939 once they set policy to focus on the people of Germany and not the banking parasites within it.

        So, imagine what getting rid of money altogether would do in this day and age. We can do it, and eventually we will.

        That is probably the best way to get back at the money lenders. For without money they are not going to lend anymore.

        Without money, and with a resource based economy, there would be no need for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, lslamophobia, etc. All these would eventually be slowly excised from the human experience once people understood why they existed in the first place – to acquire, by force, a right or privilege that they felt was denied them by others because of fear of social disruption, and by extension, economic disruption.

        In the future, religion will simply be what each person wants it to be for themselves, as no political, personal or economic advantage would arise from forcing it on others in a resource based economy.

        Human rights would be built into such a society, and there would be no need for laws to enforce such. Sanity would finally be brought to spiritual living.

        That’s my take on it.

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  12. See a pattern?

    And you wonder why they are purposely forcing immigration of disparate cultures who will not adopt, but will transform as if an army had invaded and established new rules.

    There is no need for gas chambers and mass shootings to remove the former majorities. Nah, that’s far too vulgar and obvious in this day and age.

    It’s easier now to just sow and establish confusion in young people that make them question their sex organs and why they have them in the first place (to make babies). Then deny them the right to be proud of who they are, while other ethnicities are allowed to do anything because, after all, they are owed “justice”.

    All the while, the real financiers…the backers up of all past slavery…the hidden hands that silently urge them all to mix and fight…the benefactors who plan on stepping up to claim the spoils when the fighting is over, quietly smile and enjoy how easy this all is.

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  13. With the latest from London, we will stay at DEFCON 3 until we are advised of a good reason to move to a higher alert state. Check in on a regular basis, and continue to not depend on “RV” income, either immediate or future.

    It is beyond clear that powers far beyond anyone’s power to overcome on an expedited basis are dead set against any releases. Accordingly, we can assume they can delay as long as they like. And they seem to really like delays. There are no forces to penalize them for such, so the likelihood of such behavior continuing is probably higher than it suddenly ceasing.

    I am not calling this entire thing a failure as I do not have access to any information to make such a determination. But, I don’t want to see anyone reading this blog find motivation to perform at lower levels of ability because they think an easy chunk of change is about to hit them on the head.

    Far, far too many “prosperity program” hangers-on have seen their lives frittered away in such ways, and I do NOT want to create another subset of those poor wretches, even unintentionally, by the existence of this blog.

    After September, I will share further comments should we see it also come to nothing. If we see releases, then we will reevaluate at that time.

    Also, I will move to a fresh thread at the end of the month.


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    1. That was a good and accurate synopsis to where we are at. And, I agree that we’re all looking for that moment to exhale over this whole thing, but it shouldn’t be the one single thing that is our reason for being.

      What people should take away from this site is that there’s a recognized need for change and we cannot wait for anyone to do that for us. At the end of the day, it still comes down to our personal responsibilities to accept or not accept what is handed to us. All of us still have freewill to make decisions to either guide our own lives or have our lives guided for us. Personally, I follow God’s will above all other to act and react accordingly.

      Let’s keep the friendships and appreciate the info many have contributed here. At the end of the day, we have something stronger than whoever controls a fiat currency, which no one can take away. We have a community of independent, compassionate, and free thinking individuals.

      I would say to those, who come here just to seek what their “lick” is going to be, they are missing the overall importance of the people (and info) contributing to the conversation string here. As the late Joyce Riley would say, “Knowledge is power!” And people, because of all of you, we definitely are abundantly powered!

      Can I get an amen?

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    2. Thank you Tony. The team working on this are long overdue for a medal for their perseverance and tenacity. What they have been dealing with is way beyond my comprehension and full appreciation goes to them for their efforts.

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  14. OWoN:

    Currency and Bond updates.

    1. A Zim Bond deal due for the last 2 weeks is now being delayed a month, cash restraints. NO sign of any real Cash deals.

    2. A major PP deal due and long owed by the Fed has failed yet again to settle via WF. Every excuse is made with failed commitments week after week. They get away with it because there is no accountability or justice in the US.

    3. Currencies right now look like slipping into Mid September. The US simply has no liquidity or capacity for anything and China is slowing down with Cash flow realities coming home. The US can not redeem it debts, it is simply insolvent and living its big lie daily, as nations fear pulling the plug until alternative Settlement practices are in place, which are fast evolving. How on earth these 990 plus bases can be justified by false Dollar printing and the Pentagon Fed Program, staggers belief. The Military and Agencies are out of control, as Trump now finds to his deep concern. Akin also to his own lack of restraint powers. Once the dollar goes, a mother of all recessions can be expected in the US.

    Based on all observations and discussions, it has to be a logical situation assessment that we are now unlikely to see a resolution until at least mid September. We continue to witness obfuscation and worthless assurances, from an impotent Fed who are Master Liars, having failed America and drained the pot dry.

    State and Federal Employees Retiree Pension Pots are diminishing and at some stage, will simply have to pull the plug, leaving vast millions with no monthly income to survive. Nor care. As will Welfare. There is no money, and it’s getting worse. The US continues to fail to meet Basel 111 Accord settlement terms, because it simply can not. How long can it sustain the giant failing nation lie? Yet Wall Street goes on with its crazy Derivatives Ponzi trading siphoning off Pension Funds money, as Industries collapse around it.

    The next month will be tenuous. We continue to negotiate AU discussions, but there is deep mistrust of the US,not helped by the arrogance of the perverse Fed and Treasury systems. The Zios long game to implode and take the nations raw asset base at cents on the dollar gets ever closer. While a closeted public day dreams impervious to impending disaster.

    The Fed is impervious to the nations need, just its own parasitical Zionist owners greed. It exists as a Leach sucking America dry. Unfortunately The Chump is not the man needed to take America back from the Shylocks. Nor is a suitable candidate yet in sight. So, the 3 shell trick goes on. Masters of the Con.

    The West Coast parties sit with hangers full of currencies. But it’s deathly quiet, amid their confusion. Their own costs mount, and those Cards are running dry. Will it all end as another South Sea bubble crash as pre warned? All hangs right now tenuously on a Fed with no money. Who sucked America dry?

    Read the South Sea bubble crash. We are focused helping the Elders steer clear of this coagulated mess, and to rebuild via Asia and London.

    Let’s see if by mid September, the Fed can support a new initiative.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  15. Words of wisdom from a great man…

    “Our country demands all our strengths, all our energies. To resist the powerful combination now forming against us will require every man at his place. If victorious, we will have everything to hope for in the future. If defeated, nothing will be left for us to live for.” -Robert E. Lee

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Actually, ZAP is very vocal. He needs rent money or Grandfather won’t be able to help him save the world. And dang-gumit, the banks didn’t pay him today like he was expecting. As if that would be a surprise to him after about 4,567 broken promises before.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Tony, I think Fulford did a good job this week explaining how the KM have been prevented on multiple fronts from beginning wwiii. It’s deep state against deep state, poz vs neg. The energetics are firmly on the side of the positive factions which is why this is nothing more than working out of old energetic blocks that can no longer find sustenance in this energetic field and why I believe we won’t see any major conflagration.


  16. Well, another week, and one ending off in a rather quiet fashion.

    Teams in DC – nothing more can be said. I think we can all agree that they are/were not there just for the coffee and doughuts.

    I can only imagine the guts; the tenacity; the strength that such people must have to persist and see such a task through to a result that hopefully benefits more than just a few. I know good people are on our side and want to see the best outcome.

    This may be a time when there truly is ……..”no time for caution”.

    To that end, I leave you with that very composition from a genius, Hans ZImmer, to end the week.

    We remain at DEFCON 3, so check in every day.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thank you for your message this week.

      I’m definitely with you in having to use my imagination in grasping the reality of those on the front line of current matters. I probably would have collapsed in an emotional heap a long time ago having to confront that reality. Very pleased there are those in this world that have good hearts and the capacity to tackle and succeed in such roles.

      Must say, the organ in that video would have the be one of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. A true piece of art.

      I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend Tony.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That was amazing. Is it from a movie? I ask because it says on youtube “interstellar”. I don;t go to movies much any more. But if the music is that good the movie must be too? Thanks for your input.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Concord,

        Yes, it’s part of the soundtrack from the movie Interstellar.

        I don’t go to movies much anymore either. Too much garbage out of Hollywood these days. But, Interstellar is a rare gem, with good acting and a very well written script, and brilliant direction and editing. The plot is based on circumstances that we all may face some day, with the human struggle for survival at the core of a desperate search for a new place to live in the universe.

        I wont give away any details, but do see the movie if you can. It should be rentable from home, or perhaps on Netflix.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. BITCOIN: $13,800 & BEYOND?

    “…Clif High from returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest web bot data and the linguistic trends that suggest a near term price of $6,888 for Bitcoin before a massive correction and then a run up to $13,800, and potentially beyond, by February of 2018…”


  18. Subject: Dave Schmidt Compromised, Under Mind Control!

    “…I strongly recommend that you distance yourself from what looks like and talks like Dave at this point. There is no longer any benefit to following him. At this point black hats are simply using him to find more people that they consider enemies….”

    While I don’t know if he really is under “mind control”, or just suffers from a deplorable need to be used by others, this comment from a former follower of his does allow a glimpse of the peculiar culture surrounding the seminar man. $129 to attend and get…??? I think not.


    1. OMG! It’s like a tale from the tv show Days of our Lives. LOL. Some of the comments below the article are funny. Thanks Tony.


  19. RMR: Special Guest – Jim Willie (08/10/2017)

    Jim Willie, Editor of the “Hat Trick Letter” shares his insights of the impact of sanctions against Russia, the impact of US interventions in the middle-east, the realignment of the geopolitical world and the unavoidable demise of the US dollar.


  20. I have my projects lined up for the future, how about you?

    Post RV, the work will get even more challenging and perhaps more rewarding. This project will bring people together, of all ethnicities, to focus on goals that do not focus on ethnic differences, but on one common planet-wide goal where everyone benefits as a co-owner of the resources of Earth.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I Like it…I was born in South Africa and have been living in Canada since 1969…still have family back there who have degrees and no jobs..I would like to do things there for them to be employed and also get Africans out of shanties into decent homes…Mr Mandella’s dream has not manifested…the Country is more corrupt than when the apartheid regime was in place..also I have travelled all over the Middle East and have found Middle Eastern people very hospitable not exactly what I read about them on the net..It would be wonderful if we got together and learnt about each other..thanks

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for the brilliant reminder re the Venus Project Tony, it’s truly incredible and well worth supporting.

      I know the areas where I would like to place my attention but do not currently have firm plans in place for that. Not being certain exactly how this situation will pan out causes hesitation for me in moving ahead in those areas at this point in time.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. OWoN:

    We are putting together a reasonable report exposing why we should not allow Trump to wallow in the false glory of another Shock and Awe attack against a poor, conscripted Peasant land force, all facing mass extermination in a needless one sided war. There is a better way to at least try, as we will indicate. Now is the time to reflect on the moral dichotomy of war. Have we learned nothing from Vietnam, Iraq-twice, Syria and Afghanistan? Certainly we have achieved nothing bar millions of dead needlessly and tidal waves of displaced illegals.

    Time to raise the bar.

    We are very busy on other fronts, such as bed at 11-30 and up at 2-30 to take forward key sensitive Elders negotiations in their own time zones, which they do fully appreciate, and to deal with a lot of tax zone issues to protect them from wealth grabs, and underpin far greater use of potential platform returns. Add to that their bona fide fear if they don’t act now it could all be turned into a vast radiated zone. Plus the usual 40 families all wanting at least 10% each of the profits. Diplomatic mediation needs constant skills and patience. So much is playing out. Right now too many want a Fat Lady singing exclusively just for them.

    Add to that our US Clients, London Capital markets, and Real Estate funding operations, and the blog. Long days short nights.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  22. Kids As Young As FOUR YEARS OLD Sent To Summer Camp For Silicon Valley Trannies

    “‘….Gender specialists’ say the camp’s popularity reflects the increase in children coming out as transgender at young ages – a phenomenon credited to greater awareness of LGBT issues, as well as parents noticing that their kids are showing signs of ‘gender dysphoria,’ or distress about their gender….”

    What a horrible set of values to instill into a child’s life at that age. Someone is working VERY hard at turning our youth into confused and disoriented drones who are incapable of discerning relative importances in life. The hidden agenda is to negate the family effort to produce children. The true hidden hands behind this shit are laughing and celebrating how easy it is to get their enemies to literally un-breed themselves into oblivion.


  23. OWoN:

    Can’t say publicly. Just watch. Teams arrived back in the US today. No comment, just watch.

    Do we need Politicos? No! Nor the crap that comes out of their mouths. Empty headed clueless Wombat’s the lot of them.

    A whole new world is coming. Be encouraged. You have – Hope! OK?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


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