Fact Check #140


Time to move on to a fresh thread. The comment count was getting pretty large on FC 139, so I thought it best to clean house a bit.

I also thought it best to have a wide open pallet to communicate from should we get the go signal during this quarter.

As to how everything will play out for public speculators in Dinar, Dong and Zim, etc., we can only still speculate on at this time. For now, we understand that the public has a chance for some gain. We don’t know if that will once again be taken off the table. So far, as of this report, the last news from on high, is holding. I sincerely hope that the powers behind this will be able to maintain such a stance.

NESARA, mass prosperity payments, universal debt forgiveness, etc., remain unsubstantiated ideas spread by people who are as far from being involved as I am from being mistaken for Clark Gable. Don’t let such things divert your attention from the real world. Trust me, if we had been told these things stood a chance, we would say so. We would have no reason to withhold it.

We are heading into some pretty incredible changes, and those of you who intend to survive it all, must adhere to disciplined approaches and thorough, in-depth evaluation of whatever area of interest you wish to pursue. You all expect such dedication from your doctor, your airline pilot, your barber and your chef. Why would you not expect such of yourselves when it comes to your futures? Be smart, and don’t convince yourself that mysterious forces are coming to make the world perfect for you. You will be required to do that for yourself.

Be ready for any and all outcomes.

Thank you again for your continued readership and support.


1,256 thoughts on “Fact Check #140

  1. How to buy BTC low and sell high. Only 1 legit source of data, bitcoincharts.com, and it is free. Set parameters for bitstamp, 2 mos MA, turn on Bollinger bands. Today BTC is overbought; first signal in a month or so.

    Lots online about Bollinger band trading. I have found this to be accurate over the past year. I’m not sure what BTC is, but it moves like a normal market which is more than I can say for stocks.

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  2. OWoN:

    Please be assured, you are all read daily. No one misses your views and reports.
    You all matter, as do your views.

    You all, are your own unique Global voice. No other site encapsulates what you all bring. Keep up the great work, each of you. We hear you, all of it.

    Taking up issues is not attacking America, but its inept Leaders, and the roles of presumptive Jerks, elected by no one. Real voices of the people.

    Changes ARE coming.

    The battles right now, are with a Deep State and crooked US Banks,Treasury and Fed attempting to hold back the tides of Redemption demands for release of the Heritage Funds. Their attempts to deny because of purposeful spelling errors placed in key documents 30 years ago, does not wash when we show them Agency and Fed instruction manuals on how to deny and obfuscate when that due date comes up. A Liars Charter.

    Those who presumed the high ground are finding it’s quicksand, and see now the rising fury of dispossessed nations wanting payback. Peons will no longer be Peed On!

    Charlie got Educated! Fronting with a Chump won’t last. 7 Billion will not be put down.

    A certain US party was called in today, attended and still not done. The Ship of State is rattling. Reality is coming home now. Pressure is building. Dissent is here.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-27-april-2017.html?showComment=1493321854084#c4237530200576155571
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    • GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET BEGINS – Ken Storey summarizes and reviews the current state of big banking like the 2010 IMF reforms and the tentative SDRs plus historical topics like Global Settlements, Global Debt Facility, various historical bonds, collateral accounts, gold heists, twin towers, closing of bases, spelling errors (mentioned above ?), and so much more. Highly recommended for anyone needing some help connecting big banking dots between 1913 and today. If accurate he adds some extra dots to my own picture while confirming much of what I have read over the past few years.


  3. Hi WHA,

    I’m from the Philippines how do I exchange my dongs when the RV or GCR materialises?
    Will that be a global thing? Or limited in the US ?

    Thanks for all your work.


    • Hi,

      From our understanding it will be international. Contact a local major bank in your area and inquire if they have a currency desk. If they do I would think you should be able to use them when the time comes.

      Stay tuned for any new information.

      Thank you for your support!


  4. Hey Tony,

    Do you think these big classified meetings today with the senate and then the house are really about North Korea?

    Is it too fanciful to hope that they lock the doors and launch the mass arrests we’ve heard so much about?!


    • I honestly don’t know.

      These “arrest” ideas always seem to spring up every now and then. The last one I saw was from Ben Fulford who claimed Obama had been arrested, and then he showed up on a yacht. If that’s an arrest, I am guilty.

      I really don’t pay attention to arrest reports anymore.


  5. OWoN:

    WHA and our site

    Key Elders with the total asset base are deeply involved for the next 2 weeks together discussing key and core Global economic needs plus Humanitarian Projects.

    We are debating a plan for this century, free of Borders and Politics.

    But conceptualizing how to develop Community Banking, and Community Health Care, plus Community Managed Education, free from Dogma and enhanced education in the Sciences and Arts.

    Bringing into play Gold backed RMB and creating a new Chinese Bank to handle its own BG and MTN Bond Trading will total out the Zio trash Bankers by denying the lot of them access. Ethical Community Banking can focus on serving and assisting communities, not esoteric derivatives gambling. Funding infrastructure and the coming Eurasian Silk Roads. Being part Funders,and building the new cities along the way.Rebuilding a better planned out world. Rethinking roles. Reducing tensions, breeding Trust, (and more hot chicks.)

    People, not politicos are debating real issues real needs.
    We are debating a collective Society for all based on vision and collective strengths.

    I am showing all how far your site grasp is regarding core issues, social views, medical debate, educational views, and how you are an alternative model concept for a second house of political oversight. Representation of the people by the people.
    YOU all get it!

    We are discussing Medical Aid Mercy Ships, but I have shown them the vast range of Ships sitting idle who could be used delivering goods, clothes, and equipment to millions in need. Crashing past the Israeli blockade and feeding Ghaza’s Palestinians.

    Outcome so far, Chinese Banks, Buddhist Crown Banks, Ethical Banking, Mercy Ships, owning infrastructure, Eurasia without borders? Communities for the people?
    Minds are alive, all feel now as one debating real need with their Buddah Brit.
    Zany humor is taking time to translate and understand.

    He said what??? But, he was smiling! Think curved balls. Think humor, but off the wall. One liner Zingers, he has no borders. It’s alive and no barriers. All people need!

    In the meantime, the RVs, GS and more are evolving and being juggled. New Order is self empowering. Free of Political Dogma, perchance to dream for all? Minds are unlocking. Reason is its own revolution.

    People basically, by free choice, do seek to do good. Bar Zio rats, and that can be dealt with as our species evolves. It will be a focus 2 weeks.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-21-april-current.html?showComment=1493185537820#c929474323777344567
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    • Wow, so much hope on the horizon! I really feel privileged to be witness to and part of this great awakening. Thanks for the update and all your relentless work, J. Godspeed my friend!

      (Buddah Brit, hehe… Tony, can you get your psychic to draw a picture of that one, lol!)

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      • Actually, the psychic told me that she was picking up a song and a movie intro in her head, and that would indicate what’s going on right now with our friend in London. Here it is.

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  6. Hi there WHA

    I see that J is traveling now. I know he did not go into great detail on what he was going to be doing other than leg work. But I sense from his words that it is related to the RV as he said lets wait and see.

    Can you share what you think he may be doing that may be leg work as related to this thing? Just curious. I am pacing the floor now. lol


    • Hi Concord,

      In all honesty I have not been given any inside secrets to what his trip is about. Leg work usually implies going to a location that requires physical presence of the person because of the nature of what needs to be done. We know from past information that our friend in London is working directly with key elders and is their man with the plan when it comes to proper use of funds from those sources. As to what any of this has to do with “the RV” and so on is not known to me personally. It is unlikely that even if I had received a full briefing that I would be able to detail it all here.

      Hang in there. Check in every day, and be ready for anything. That was his last advice to us all. No more, no less.

      However, I did consult a psychic concerning his trip and what could be going on. The psychic drew a picture of it all. Here it is.

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    • Hello Concord:

      Here are J’s words: “Just legwork no more lets wait and see”

      I interpret this: I am doing just legwork now for the things that are being settled and no more waiting to see if the expected things are going to happen.

      I do not interpret it like this: I am doing legwork now and nothing more. Let’s wait and see what happens.

      In other words the comma should have gone after the word “legwork” and I do not think the comma is meant to be placed after the word “more”. The comma placed in the right place could have greatly helped clear up confusion of interpretation.

      Hope that helps,

      The other Andrew


  7. I know that I am commenting outside of the present focus. However, I want to thank you, Tony, for a link that you put on this website. It was “The Truth about Cancer”. Believe me, it was an eye-opener. My husband is dealing with cancer, naturally. His chances are far greater and less miserable than Chemo and Radiation. The website changed our whole direction on how to cure cancer. Thank you sooo much. You are a life saver.
    Also, we have been lurking this site for a couple of years. It has been informative and enjoyable. We can’t wait for something to break…what fun!

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  8. Wells Fargo & Co. will escape further restrictions on its business after U.S. regulators ruled that the lender’s revised plan for how it could be safely unwound in a crisis is good enough — for now.


  9. Wells Fargo is BANKRUPT?! The bank fails US bankruptcy test for a second time!

    “…The nation’s top banking regulator identified problems with Wells Fargo’s sales practices as far back as 2010 but failed to take timely action to halt the abuses that ultimately exploded in scandal six years later, a new government report says….”



    • It appears this source material, which is the BBC, was from Dec 2016. All the banks failed this test in April 2016 and were given until September 2016 to solve these issues. WF failed again at that time and said they would have it cleared up by March 2017. Not sure of they were able to clear it up as I can’t find anything current. Based on comments, my guess is no, but this issue has been floating out there for over a year.


  10. OWoN:

    I will be out of reach most of the week. Maybe next week also. Just legwork no more lets wait and see. I leave at 05-00 am tomorrow. Long week.

    Is this code?


    • Ok my head is all turned around upon hearing this. Am I off base thinking the exchanges would bring in liquidity and help stabilize the banking system? I have a Wells account. This sounds not good.


    • It looks like all the major banks are all at risk. B of A. JP Morgan Chase. I was hoping Wells Fargo wpuld make the cut but now it is in danger of bankcruptcy. What to do?

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  11. OWoN:

    Q: Do any of the Elders or their representatives participate in the G20 meetings, I would imagine they would have to if they are footing the bill for this huge transaction.

    A: Sorry Just back from a 17 hour work slog. Answer No. We work at a different level. They are just Finance Ministry suits. The ” Old Guard” pull the strings.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-21-april-current.html?showComment=1492982367022#c118004898547255734
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  12. I know you have talked about bit coin and have experience with these cryptocurrencies. I was wondering if you could give me a little tutorial, so to speak.

    Can you tell me how I get started?

    How do I get money into it?

    How do I use it? Is it a credit card type of thing?

    Can I use it everwhere I travel, like AMEX?

    Is there a website or online bank that I become a member of or join?

    Any help or other advice would be appreciated.


    • Hi,

      I can certainly share my experiences and point you in a few directions. I cannot give individual investment advice, but I can share my opinions on this.

      Bitcoin is pretty easy to buy. There are many exchanges in the US and abroad that will let you transact a purchase using credit cards, bank wires, cash deposits, etc. I will share some of these. I don’t necessarily use them all.
      You also do not need to buy a whole coin, 1 BTC. You can buy in any amount, with a minimum of around $10 in most cases.

      To hold bitcoin you will need a wallet. These can be on line, or off line in what is called a hard wallet. One of the most popular on line wallets is coinbase.com. They also allow you to buy using a credit card, once you become verified. They are licensed and insured. You can buy and also sell BTC with them, and link your bank account for ACH deposits if you should wish to obtain cash for your BTC.

      Another good one is Uphold.com. They have a nice platform where you can transfer your BTC to a wide range of currencies right on their platform. They are licensed and regulated in the US.

      I was recently introduced to gemini.com. They are licensed in New York and so far the feedback I get is good. You can buy and sell your BTC through them.

      There are other on line wallets that only allow you to hold BTC, but not sell for cash. One of the most popular is Blockchain.info. You do not need to verify ID with them, and you can receive and send any amount of BTC through them. Their security is very good.

      To get money into BTC, you will have to use an exchange that is licensed to sell BTC. Coinbase, Uphold and Gemini are all options for this. You can use credit cards for such, and they may offer other options.

      As for using BTC, you can do so at any institution, on line or off, that accepts such. There are many that do, as well as BTC ATMs in certain locations. You can also use apps like Airbitz, airbitz.co, which allow you to pay from your mobile device by using QR code scanning. They have a directory of stores that will accept BTC as payment. The ability to easily spend BTC in the marketplace is what has made it so desired.

      You can also obtain BTC debit cards from those exchanges that offer it. Coinbase has one. There is also a popular one at bitpay.com. This allows you to spend your BTC freely like a debit card with cash on it.

      The area of hard wallets is a bit more involved. This requires you to purchase a storage device that interfaces with your computer, like a USB device, where your BTC wallet and keys are stored. Lose it, and you have lost it all. Back ups are essential, and many hard wallet retailers have protocols for recovery of lost wallets, so please be sure to follow their guidance on this if you go this route.

      One popular hard wallet is ledgerwallet.com.

      As for other crypto currencies, there are hundreds of them, and more every week. Blockchain technology is a remarkable opportunity with many applications. Ethereum is the second most popular crypto currency, and it differs from BTC in that its value is based on more of a share price of the ethereum technology platform than that of a currency value, such as BTC. Many large corporations have expressed an interest in Ethereum technology and this has resulted in recent upsurges in Ether price, from about 8$ several months ago to around $50 now. Experts predict it to equal the present value of BTC in the near future.

      There are other cybercurrencies that are probably set to gain in similar ways, but these are extremely speculative. But at such prices, you can bet very small, and come out nicely without losing your caboose in the process. Some of these are Litecoin, Monero, Steemcoin and many others.

      To speculate in these and use BTC to obtain other cryptocurrencies, you will need to open a cryptocurrency exchange at poloniex.com. Once you fund, you can buy any cryptocurrency on the exchange, using BTC. They are licensed and regulated in the US.

      This information is by no means exhaustive. It’s pretty basic. One group that has a very good training and recommendation service is called The Palm Beach Letter. They really have done excellent work on finding some of the best cryptocurrency opportunities, and how to play them safely. More information is found here. https://pros.palmbeachgroup.com/p/1704PBOCRYPTOPOST/EPBOT457/

      WHA gets nothing if you join.

      If and when you see a gain from the RV, consider this service as part of your speculative portfolio, and do as you see fit for your circumstances.

      I hope this has helped. It’s pretty basic, but it should get you pointed in the right direction.

      Good luck!

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      • thanks Tony that’s very useful. I read that btc had pretty much been all mined. What implications does that have for price growth? Is mining an essential part of all crypto currencies and what exactly is it?


        • I don’t think it has been completed yet. From what I have read, the rest will be mined at a slower pace, taking many years to complete.

          As for price, many analysts are saying the current price (about $1200) is just a start for what may come. BTC is still the king because of its ease of use and liquidity. The limited quantities will probably keep the price high for some time to come.

          Mining is certainly a part of BTC. It requires a very complex algorithm that has to be solved in order to release a BTC into the network. These are done with hardware that is programmed to solve these problems and make BTC.

          Generally speaking, all cryptocurrencies are given life in such ways. But, the ease of use is what has a major affect on the increase in value.

          The Ethereum platform has many uses as a transaction environment, and the currency, the Ether, is just one. That’s why its value is by enlarge based on the value of the Ethereum platform. With so many uses, the price of the Ether is more like the price of a share of stock in Ethereum technology, rather than just as a cryptocurrency alone.

          Don’t get too hung up on what mining is. Unless you intend to become a miner, most of those who became multi millionaires on BTC can’t even spell mining.


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  13. Leaders from the Five Eyes intelligence network to meet in Queenstown
    Leaders from the Five Eyes intelligence network will be meeting in New Zealand this weekend.

    Officials from the world’s largest spy network – made up of the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand – will meet in Arrowtown, near Queenstown, where a massive security operation is underway.



  14. OK! At Defcon 2 — I decided to set my XE alerts! I set both Dinar and Dongs to alert when the rate reaches:

    1 Dinar = $.01
    1 Dong = $.01

    An XE pop up said that was unrealistic, and asked me if I want to continue, and being filled with the blessed HOPIUM, I said YES!

    Does anyone have any better ideas? Does that sound right or should I set it to another rate?

    Also, on Monday I will break down and get a checking account. From the sounds of it, Wells Fargo with a currency desk, is the best bet. How do I live without a checking account? LOL, easy actually, I get paid via Paypal and have the Paypal Debit Card. I have ZERO debt. If I don’t have cash, I don’t buy it, well, except for my car, but that is paid off too.


  15. OWoN:

    Scott, and ALL.

    What I can’t say is anything, but watch your 2 sites EVERY day now, ignore hype sites until its clear, but that tells you EVERYTHING! Clear?

    Everything is playing out right now. OK. Now please, just wait, and good luck to all of you. Keep your heads and for all your Gods sake, keep it safe.

    Just watch and get rid of those dam 6 packs! Lol Do not forget or join the Moron queues. All we can do is try to help all of you.

    Please, once clear, NO MORE GAMBLING or Dreaming.
    Keep it simple, find the best partner you can and live a whole new value life.

    But just don’t tell the wife or other half.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/04/active-comment-section-15-april-2017.html?showComment=1492782725568#c1419509894948887108
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    • After some consideration, I am setting our alert level to DEFCON 2.

      This will remain on a day by day basis at the moment. It would appear that the sensitivity of the affair is going to make setting a specific, pre-announced window, very difficult. As such, we will consider the available implied window and keep this setting until the window is either moved again, or the obvious rate adjustment for one or all currencies of interest has been observed.

      What does this mean? It means check in regularly, and watch closely for possible public moves, which, for now, are anticipated any day now, until we either set DEFCON 1, or 3 again.

      You can watch for rate changes at xe.com. Set the filters for whatever currency you wish to observe.

      Thanks again, and good good luck!

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          • Yes, that was the original meaning.

            However, I don’t think that we will get an xx hour notice in advance. I think that’s asking too much at this time. So, we will assume a day to day expectation, as if such a notice were in existence. This is based on the latest update to watch the sites each day. This has to be for a good reason. Better to be ready than not.

            A firm widow may indeed be set. We will know soon enough.


      • Hello WHA, Just a quick question. Whill the signal you give us to cash out be Defcon 1 or will you just tell us to go cash out?


    • Since we are going woo-woo, might as well toss this in the mix. Simon Parkes talks alien contact between 9:45 and 16:00. At about 11:50 he speaks about the dark side faking the coming of an alien messiah this fall between Oct 5th and the 8th. The pope did say something about baptizing aliens a while back… Project Blue Beam to make an appearance?



  16. Gee Tony, I completely missed this latest Fact Check… for over 24 hours! That is scary! Life as we know it could have ended and I’d have been totally oblivious. I’ve been logging on through my tablet and it goes straight to the comments. I was wondering why nobody was talking, at all! I just cannot seem to get my head screwed on straight lately.

    Anyway, that was excellent commentary Tony, as usual. Thanks for the sound advice!


  17. One of the many things on my list to fund/install/use/propagate to my community post RV. Food production in the desert can be challenging. We have the technology.


    • Amazing!! To be able to grow anywhere and control the environment to keep out chemtrail poisons from reaching the food, air, and water used is a great accomplishment. I have heard of some greenhouses that do this and have bees, etc. inside also.


  18. Great to see a new page. I dont write a lot but I enjoy being here and I know if we have any chance at good information it will be here.

    You are right about the NESARA people and those who claim every week that trillions have been paid or moved or about to hit the streets to all people. I pointed some of them to here and OWON and they called me names and claimed I was working for the dark force.

    Oh well I guess you cannot please them all. Hope we get some more good information soon about where we stand. Thanks so much.


    • Hang in there, Concord!

      Yes, some of those NESARA boosters can be interesting to deal with. They often times live on the fringe of a world that only seems accessible via LSD or ayahuasca. Not exactly what I would call a congeries of Ph.d. candidates and leading edge intellect.


  19. Thanks Tony for all you do for us, and being so articulate and funny. And for all the new words that I have learned from you.
    I rarely post but I read the emails everyday.
    And let’s hope that we will learn soon about the RV/GCR.


  20. Thank you very much for the new FC Tony. I always appreciate the sound advice you offer, so my sincere thanks to you for that as well.


  21. Change is good Tony! Glad you slapped a new number up there, of coarse when i first saw it I thought it happened (hahahaha). All is well and thanks for staying up and running. Glad to be your friend all these years! Keep up the great work you do!


  22. So far the POTUS has produced BUTKUS…I am cautiously optimistic .POTUS son-in-law is causing alot of chaos in the White house . I would hope the White Hats are around to sweep the mess and not a point of no return in the best interest of the American people so much crap being thrown around looking for something stick and the main stream media jackels are circling ready to hang POTUS out to hang or use as patsy.
    I am still hopeful that the best and highest good wil prevail.


    • Yes this think with the son in law is rather beguiling. I would expect an accomplished executive like Trump to appoint people with hard experience in each facet of his administration.

      I want to see what happens once things progress on the RV front. Political processes are what they are – corrupt, exclusive, violent and unmerciful.


  23. Hay Tony.. I comment very little in these forums but spend a great deal of time here. I’ve learned something new most everyday now for several years. The gratitude I owe to you and this site, along with OWON, could never be fully expressed. So let me just say “Thank You” for your commitment and intellect and let you know you are all appreciated.

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