Time to move on to a fresh thread. The comment count was getting pretty large on FC 139, so I thought it best to clean house a bit.

I also thought it best to have a wide open pallet to communicate from should we get the go signal during this quarter.

As to how everything will play out for public speculators in Dinar, Dong and Zim, etc., we can only still speculate on at this time. For now, we understand that the public has a chance for some gain. We don’t know if that will once again be taken off the table. So far, as of this report, the last news from on high, is holding. I sincerely hope that the powers behind this will be able to maintain such a stance.

NESARA, mass prosperity payments, universal debt forgiveness, etc., remain unsubstantiated ideas spread by people who are as far from being involved as I am from being mistaken for Clark Gable. Don’t let such things divert your attention from the real world. Trust me, if we had been told these things stood a chance, we would say so. We would have no reason to withhold it.

We are heading into some pretty incredible changes, and those of you who intend to survive it all, must adhere to disciplined approaches and thorough, in-depth evaluation of whatever area of interest you wish to pursue. You all expect such dedication from your doctor, your airline pilot, your barber and your chef. Why would you not expect such of yourselves when it comes to your futures? Be smart, and don’t convince yourself that mysterious forces are coming to make the world perfect for you. You will be required to do that for yourself.

Be ready for any and all outcomes.

Thank you again for your continued readership and support.



  1. lets see this thing happen first. weve been in this situation so many times and get our hopes up and then get beaten down. its very tiring.


    1. If I may be so bold. May I suggest serious consideration be given to how incredibly “tiring” it is for those on the front lines. A wider perspective encompassing the reality of all facets of this situation/undertaking may offer one more clarity when considering individual feelings.

      I do actually apologize in advance if the above seems like a bitchy comment, it is not meant to be. History is in the making as we speak and it is way way bigger than most of us probably recognize in this moment and it is why I believe any feelings we may have as individuals where currency matters are concerned, pale in this moment in comparison to what is taking place on our and this worlds behalf.

      You have a right to be heard, as we all do and I understand how you feel and only wish to offer another perspective to consider. I am of the opinion that each of us is heard, considered, understood and cared for in these corridors of where we find ourselves and have chosen to share and communicate.

      Please take a moment to understand that you are a part of and bearing witness to a monumental shift in this life and on this planet of the magnitude many of us may not come to fully realize until a further point is reached on the path of our life experience here. It is a journey we undertake as individuals but also one that intertwines with every other thread of the tapestry of life. Does every thought and action impact the whole?

      We each have a role to play and a journey to make in these lives of physicality we are living, decisions along that path are ours to make when required. At the physical end of such will we be confronted with the awareness of a life lived wisely with kindness as well as consideration and understanding for all or one built upon moments of individual gain offering momentary satisfaction of material superficiality? The picture is enormous, all encompassing and eternal. Is that reality? Each of us must decide when called to do so.

      Apologies for the big spiel, just felt I needed to express these words in this moment.

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    2. I feel we may not have much time left to fix the system that is beyond repair. For this reason alone, those who are directly involved cannot afford to fail, hence the silence. The way we were is no way to be for the Planet, going forward, and it is unfortunate the “elected officials” and the media continue to play the violines on the sinking Titanic.


    3. I know how you feel. I am sure many are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. They are sure that we will get a future message claiming that it all fell apart, and now we have to wait until……?

      But, here we are, with key elders in London, and for quite some time now. We are told that much more is happening than we are made aware of. We are told that big changes are coming. No recall codes have been received. Public chances are still on.

      This is the first time we have been placed on such an alert for this length of time without a reverse. I am simply reviewing the obvious as all of you have seen.

      The congeries of movers and shakers presently gathered in London are probably there for a very good reason, and I don’t think it’s to celebrate failure.

      Let’s give them some more time and patiently wait for information when allowed.


  2. OWoN:

    Q: How far is the new banking system? I means how far is to be implemented.

    A: There are 2 phases. I part RV, then the second, the mother of all changes and that will be a Tsunami to the Rats and the Rotts. Then you will be asking, “Where the hell did this all come from?”. The scale will change everything, with parties asking, how long has this been going on, and now down? It’s coming and it will be a total culture change for nations. Tax Havens will go, and all the Political and Banking corrupt account holders will be exposed. Heads will roll and families will burn for this. Money will be used to service need , and Fiscal Integrity is coming. It’s a 2 edged sword.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  3. OWoN:

    Q: Is it a fair question to ask what kind of timeline we’re looking at with the GCR/RV? Like are we days, weeks, months, this year? I know that it might be hard to determine, just a guesstimate would be fine. Thanks very much for all your posts. I feel it is the real deal and not the hype.

    A: It’s a by the day finale unfolding, and when it hits, you will think OMG its enormous, how the hell have they kept it so quiet.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  4. Hello Tony & WHA,

    What KYC checks are to be expected by the banks?

    Identity? I have an up to date UK passport & full UK driving licence, both with photo.

    Address? Utility bill, bank statement, UK driving licence,

    Criminal history? I have obtained a clean criminal records check certificate already.

    Credit scoring? I hope not, for reasons discussed in a previous post.

    What else do we need to consider, in your opinion?

    Many thanks.



    1. Hi,

      The best source of information on that are the banks themselves. Contact your bank and ask them their policy.

      If you have had your account for some time, and have the credentials you have outlined, I don’t think you will have any problems verifying who you are and that your account is used for legitimate earnings.

      I don’t think credit scores are used for identifying your sources of income, at least not to my knowledge.

      Stay tuned to WHA for more information as these events unfold. I am sure we will be given whatever information is important to assist us in this process.

      Since I don’t know how this will proceed in detail, I cannot say with 100% certainty just what the banks may ask in this specific circumstance, but I think your credentials are in order and I would not expect any problems in that regard.

      Thanks again and good luck.

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  5. OWoN:

    Q: #1 If we don’t exchange for rates that can support our projects, can we contact you for more funding or at least assist us in putting a professional business plan together in order to do so?

    # 2 Who do we contact (like a 911 call for help) if the banksters are screwing with us holding back funds for their own greed? Assuming they are still the scum of the earth until proven innocent post RV/GCR.

    A: We will advise how to cash in where possible.

    We will activate selective projects and advise of Contract employment opportunities to site members.

    We will be looking at creating new concept Safe Communities for like minded people.

    But mainly, you should be able to cash out anyway.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Sorry, I couldn’t post a new ? So does anyone know what happened to dinar trade,inc?
      My friend gave me some from there and they have a new name. Sounds suspect.


  6. OWoN:

    Don’t take quiet days as meaning nothing is happening. A lot is happening.

    If we allude to anything more we get manic emails etc all wanting to jump the information chains, nuisance time wasting, and all pains in the Ass.

    Once we get it cleared the 2 sites will get it full on to help all. We are NOT risking or compromising Clients who do pay their way and need sensitive confidentiality.

    Only AFTER they are done safely, will we extend out. They will be done first in secret before we say anything more.

    We talk multi times a day with the US. The Elders are with us here and more are coming. You can see how China is opening conferences now.

    OWON is triggering all that. OWON is the star of light.

    Your site is read worldwide.
    You are not alone, nor without hope. Just watch.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  7. Recently posted Jim Willie Interview.

    Tensions Are Heating Up Between U.S., China, Russia, and North Korea.
    Will This Lead to WWIII?
    Jim Willie Returns For An Exclusive Analysis on WW 3 – AND GOLD…
    Also, what’s the future of the European Union? Centrist Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election, defeating far-right anti-EU candidate Marine Le Pen. Some were saying if Le Pen would have won, that could spell the end of the EU. Jim Willie says now that Macron has won, the EU may be safe…for a few months…


      1. You’re 100% correct. I cannot find the info either, anywhere.

        Right after it was announced (Comey’s firing), I remember being stunned (but not surprised) hearing that Soetoro instantly hired him (within 24 hours) to be part of his global foundation team. I even said to my co-workers, “You’d never believe who just hired Comey.”

        I’m back on the hunt to find the info.


  8. OWoN:

    Updates where I can for OWON and WHA.

    Please, JUST for the 2 sites, low profile not to go to Guru sites for solicitation of innocents. We keep being asked are we still standby, – YES!

    Each time we put you on standby, if for good reason, a change occurred even 2 days later, we stood you right down. Tough rides, share it. Real world is!

    This time you are NOT stood down for good reasons. Just watch.

    No to details, way too sensitive. Tony at WHA gets it. (Although I am advised sometimes not!- Ouch!)

    To help you understand reality- We are on a 7 day week, starting as early as 04-00 because of time zones and need to get things done asap. Nations have issues,and dealing with a central DC control invokes truly laconic, stupidity often. How can so many, so truly dumb, hold key roles? The weakest links in the Chain are where?

    But then we look at Bush 43, The Bumma and Trump? A chain reaction, the standards we set. The Bar is way too low.

    So many cross national platforms need to be aligned and unlocked to kick off in tandem.
    So many complex issue National and International need checks and balances.

    How can we best define it? Please- Humour! Think of trying to unlock 100 Jewish Chastity Belts for a level Playing Field start when the Starters Gun goes off?
    Laugh – or get a life!

    There are so many competing issues in play, not least Banks, Fed and Treasury chicanery, plus Cabal,Agency and Special interest connotations. Scumbag Alley is truly not Pally! All are skimming it daily and on overnights. Vested interests, liars and parasites.

    The Third World is emerging, and no longer cowering. Intelligent, cultured and reasoning people, who ARE owed! Power earned, but societies of values where respect matters. Mannered and Cultured. Educated, empowered. DC has no concept of this. Culture to a Vulture?

    Over the next 30 years Global changes will be Enormous.

    Technology, Robotics, Transhumanism and Energy releases will change everything.

    We will release a report soon showing you how much.
    Serious thinking is needed.

    If we don’t help Trump sink the Deep State, they will reinstall their own Goffers, and American Liberty will be no more. This is Last Chance Salon for Americas rights.
    But also – Jobs!

    Up to 40% will be unemployed in current roles in 20 years or earlier. Who funds, feeds or needs the Grunts? Will they go, with their false assumed rights, into the night?

    Who – Cares?

    Real issues are being debated now. How do we develop Eurasia etc. Culture, which simply excludes DC, and who aligns the new platforms, then for whose benefit? We want DC- Out! Butt first and their ugly Cabal bases gone. No more Hegemony, no more grandstanding. No more Bullies on the block.

    This is not about 350m Wannabe Grunts, it’s about Humanity. Soul power for all. A society fit for all. Inclusive and straight talking. Educating OUT ignorance. Pre screening ignorance, Houston you have a problem! ( Humor!).

    Star people need to become one people, where ALL matter from birth. We ARE thinking forward and building those Alliances now. Eurasia. Don’t mess!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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      1. LOL… now that is just how I imagine the Lion-Heart!

        I used to raise English Bulldogs… oh how I love them! Now I have the next best thing, a Yorkshire Terrier that thinks she’s an English Bully!

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      1. LOL. Awww poor Tony.
        If you were of the opposite gender I could have shipped my ex over your way to reverse that situation for you in a very big way. My god, talk about not getting a chance to come up for air LOL. Lots of peaceful moments to breathe these days thank heavens. LOL

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  9. OWoN:

    Q: Are we still in a daily mode, its very quiet.

    A: Heard of Quiet before the Storm?

    Absolutely. A huge re issuing Scam is under way again, it’s just which Pigs feed first, or at all. We just can’t go Public. Elders are here another week. The system is weighted down with Cling Ons!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Funny that. PD in brazilian portuguese is pronounced pei dei. Peidei means ‘I farted’. I kid you not. Incidentally today was my pay day. So ‘Hoje é payday’ may as well be ‘Hoje eu peidei’. What a confluence of flatulence!

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        1. Bahahaha! Thank you for that my Aussie friend. My sense of edification and wonderment at such wisdom knows no bounds (I had a gut feeling there might have been more to this than I knew – I’ll make mention of such on my resume). Clearly our cultures are bound together by a deep appreciation for the dulcet tones of borborygmus and matters flatuloid. I miss Australia, even though I felt like I was on the menu for every species of wildlife there!

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          1. I bet you had a gut feeling PD! Borborygmus.. what a word. Dulcet? Who knew the sounds of a trumpet stuck underwater could sound so sweet. Now I wonder if when we meet our space brethren if they will share our sense of humour on this one? Their spacecraft must have good air filters, on triple time workload when they invite some humans aboard. Lol


          2. PD your comment about feeling like you were on the menu here in Oz completely cracked me up. So so funny. The kiwi reaction to the wildlife here is hilarious to watch, particularly so when you have a rather wicked desire to set one up as payback for the rugby scores. LOL Man, I just wish I had caught some of those moments on video. LOL

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    Being a Wisconsinite, I loathe Paul Ryan, yet back Sheriff Clarke. Wouldn’t his appointment to the FBI head position have the pedo-puppets running for cover.

    From the post:

    Sheriff Clarke has vowed to arrest Hillary Clinton on the spot if Trump makes him the next FBI Director.

    President Trump’s favorite sheriff tweeted the promise late on Tuesday, after James Comey was fired as FBI Director, sparking frenzied speculation regarding who will be tapped to fill the role.

    .@SheriffClarke: If Trump made me his FBI Director I would be arresting Hillary Clinton today.

    — Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) May 6, 2017



    The true golden nugget in this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts is at the 30:00 mark. It’s something we discuss (quite a bit here) and something that J (OWoN) is insistent that we (the “informed public”) need to go after. I’m always cautious about her, since she was involved in the Bush 41 cabinet, yet I do believe that she is a person who understands we are in the eleventh hour and that the truth needs to be revealed.


  12. Hello Tony

    It it remarkable that we are still on a daily watch. In the past when we were put on notice it did not take long for another update to come informing us that it was pushed back again several months. So far that has not happened yet and that really says something. I am really hoping this matter will complete this year, no matter what the outcome. It is time to just move on to better things I think.

    Also I wish to mention that your assistance in clearing up the “Jewish issue” with respect to how I should handle my contacts reaction, was perfect. He read through the OWoN site and came away with a new understanding of how it’s not antisemitism. He even started to research further and is amazed at how much he found out about why WW2 started and who was behind it. I wont go into details here but you had mentioned earlier how many people on youtube were posting comments wishing Germany had won the war. They are seeing what is happening in Europe now and they are pissed. I confirm that you are right about that. In fact, the number one internet search term for a historical figure is now Adolf Hitler. I cannot help but think that the destruction of European culture has something to do with that.

    I thank you for your efforts once again. Truth is often hard to face, but face it we must.


    1. Hi Concord.

      Yes, we are still on a day to day watch, and in absence of any instruction to the contrary, we will remain on such a footing until we are told otherwise. The man has informed us that it may happen when we least expect it. I don’t quite know what that means other than we will be focused on one thing, while another thing happens. Or something like that.

      I am glad your friend found clarity regarding Jews and OWoN. Good law abiding members of all races are to be respected. But where there are obvious organized groups of monopolistic gangsterism, Jewish or otherwise, it must be understood how dangerous such is.

      I will add further that it is very true that white anglo culture in Europe is starting to feel threatened. And who in history was the last “champion” for Germanic culture against outside financial plundering? In their minds, Adolf. They are starting to quietly rally to NSDAP banners again. And just like before, it will take time, but that’s the route they are going. I hope more calmer solutions will prevail, but for now, a sleeping giant is awake and organizing. We even see Eurasia organizing against “Jewish only banker cliques”. None allowed, as we are advised. Why so? I think we all know why.

      The number one person in Internet search engines is now Adolf. Merkel and those leaders in Europe who are spreading “muticulturalism” are stoking bonfires. France is now pouring gas on the fire.

      At this time, forcing 7th century throwbacks into sudden contact with more refined and educated European citizenry is causing mayhem. And who profits from mayhem? We all know who.

      Be ready for anything my friend. Because when you take steps to bring order, you will get a hell of a lot of disorder in the process. Don’t look for media to report on it. They will cover it up and call it Islamophobia or racism. Yet, isn’t it funny that there is no such thing as “racism” against anglo saxon races when their women are being thrown to the wolves? No, that’s considered justifiable. Well, how much more of that will they take? Not much.

      The fools in Europe are creating a coming firestorm. They will blame others while they plunder as parties destroy each other.

      I hope you are well.

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      1. Tony, thank you for your reply on this.

        It would seem that history may indeed repeat as you have mentioned. You are correct about the increase is interest in adolf hitler by europeans. I am really astonished at the ratio of those who support him and are making parallels to the very same issues we all fight against today, that were in the minds of people in those days. When I was working with my friend to help him understand the sites he was shocked to hear in hitler speeches how he addressed these same international cartels then, yet we had heard so little of such in history books. It was all about him being a madman, evil etc. Yet we all rally around each other here to fight against the same forces now as then. Are we all mad too? I don’t think so.

        I have to say that my perspective on life and what is really going on has changed. And I have you and our friends at OWoN to thank for the hard medicine we had to swallow to understand it more clearly than ever.

        If I can, here is one video where adolf talks about these issues. It gets a little loud and hard core Nazi in the end, but if you just listen to the words in the framework of now vs. then, it’s shocking. His speeches like this were never played in school when i was growing up. Not glorifying anything about him, but he said what he said. He could drop out of the sky today and would not have to change his speech at all.

        Thanks again to you and OWoN and the White Hats. I will never be the same now. I hope I get this link right. I am pretty bad at this kind of thing. Please fix if not. Thanks again.


        1. Yes that video is just a small taste of what is starting to be circulated now. And you are correct, the content in terms of what was considered by the then German government as a threat is still the same threat many of us here have been told is still extent. There is just no getting around it. That’s life on a planet with money, politics and power centers who control most of same.

          While I don’t support mass murder or armies shooting people down, I am aware of the methods that would be used today verses then, should a country decide to roll their version of the Wermacht across the land, for whatever reasons they seek to support. It would be different; far more terrifying. 10 planes with nukes can unleash all that German Army Groups North, Center and South did to Russia in a year, in about 10 minutes. There will be no time for diplomacy then. Nobody will urge peace and calm. They wont be alive to do so.

          Concord I want to applaud you for being brave enough to share your concerns. I am sure we all have the same concerns. We have seen the same plundering since the end of WW2 that took place before it. Governments the world over are completely bankrupt. Yet bankers book enormous profits and the few live high while nations are unraveling. It was this same environment that caused Adolf to stand up one day in a beer hall and call them on it. He was one man, and look what he did. Today, with technology, masses can rally even more rapidly. The future rulers of tomorrow are blogging and marching in the streets today.

          I, too, fear what may come. But as you have pointed out, history is starting to repeat. The plundering is causing backlash. This can only lead to conflict.

          I hope we can see the great leveling of financial systems so that nations can take care of their people, and restore order, without the need for dictators and authoritarians to be propped up as a “reason” for restoring order. That was messy in 1939. It will be even messier today if it happens.

          Take care and be ready for anything. Thanks again!



    This is a pretty concise assessment of the overall situation.

    My two cents:
    When you fire a person, everything they were overseeing can be in the open without any personal filters. My hunch is that this is going to open into something much bigger and hopefully all roads (finally) start leading to the chicanery of the Clinton Foundation. Paid for pedo-puppets (feel free to use the term as Pizzagate unveils) in DC are screaming, so it’s apparent that we’re on the cusp of some great popcorn viewing.


  14. My friend lost her battle with brain cancer yesterday. I really hate the bastards who’ve suppressed the cures for all these evil diseases.


    1. Beautiful alwaysme, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

      I truly believe there is a place we all move onto after we complete our physical experience here on this earth plane where true peace and comfort is found for our weary souls. I know your friend had the most beautiful friend in YOU that made her life experience here so much more magnificent than what it would have been without you in her life. You have that connection eternally sweetheart. My thoughts are with you alwaysme. XXX

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    2. Sweetheart, I just wanted to share this verse with you in the hope it may ease some of the sadness you are feeling just now. To me, it’s such a beautiful way of viewing the transition phase of those we love. XXX

      The Sailing Ship – Bishop Charles Henry Brent

      What is dying?
      I am standing on the seashore.
      A ship sails to the morning breeze and starts for the ocean.
      She is an object and I stand watching her
      Till at last she fades from the horizon,
      And someone at my side says, “She is gone!” Gone where?
      Gone from my sight, that is all;
      She is just as large in the masts, hull and spars as she was when I saw her,
      And just as able to bear her load of living freight to its destination.
      The diminished size and total loss of sight is in me, not in her;
      And just at the moment when someone at my side says, “She is gone”,
      There are others who are watching her coming,
      And other voices take up a glad shout,
      “There she comes” – and that is dying.

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      1. That was perfect, and indeed a beautiful and comforting image. Thank you, my sweet friend. I, too, believe in eternal connections. I believe that as we move about eternity, our spirits recognize and even seek out one another. I’m so glad you’re my friend… and I will look for you always.

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    1. Thanks Roger. Let us know what your website is. I for one would be willing to pay big bucks for that high level intel. J? Who needs J?
      Apologies for the sarcasm but I believe you’ve already been asked nicely not to make posts like this.


    2. You must visit another site ..this is not the site for you….please troll elsewhere ! You are trying to elicit a response . Might I suggest the TNT Tony site or perhaps listen in and participate in the Seminar Dave ….we all know they have a super intel and low level contacts or start your own blog and forum .


    3. Roger,

      What you are posting is not going to get you banned, but you may find your reception not very warm if you come across as a re-blogger of what is found on guru sites and from seminar pitchmen who latch on to what is most expedient for their wallet.

      WHA was started to bring as much accurate information as possible from those involved at the highest sovereign levels. That’s where the right information comes from.

      When you post such comments without provenance as to source, you risk coming across as a creepy purveyor of the almighty guru shibboleth.

      Enjoy your stay, but please leave the information to our fine sources. You can express an opinion, but don’t set up shop here as a perceived conduit to the land of the paypal intel hustlers.


      1. Roger keeps saying…Sorry, sorry and sorry some more. I think he says this so won’t be banned. The next day comes back with he same or new non information and then another sorry. Not sure what he is after other than attention.


        1. I think he’s now aware of how we do things here. If he feels that way about timing, that’s fine. We just don’t want repetitive re-blogging of guru talking points here. The matter should be resolved.

          If not, the rock awaits.


    4. Please explain? Or Just another one of your verbal flatulance and you will say ” I’m sorry”.
      Change of what ? Yes September is Fall you are correct .
      Yes , we will give it time ..let us enjoy the summer first with a mojitos and cuban cigars.
      Maybe the aliens ĺeft you behind no worries
      ” give it time “they will soon pick you .



    From the interview:
    So, when is cold hard reality going to set in? Stockman contends, “There will be no bid for the stock once the panic sets in. We’re going to an hit and air pocket. The S&P 500 is going to drop by hundreds and hundreds of points sometime over the next few months as we drift into this unexpected crisis. . . . I would target sometime between August and November because that’s when the rubber is going to meet the road on a debt ceiling increase when they are out of cash. Washington is going to end up in vicious political conflict over what to do about the debt ceiling. . . . It is going to be one giant fiscal bloodbath the likes of which we have never seen.”

    Get the popcorn ready, folks!


  16. OWoN:


    There are comments regarding public limits for conversion.

    That has not been an issue this week.

    If you saw the scale of Debt now owed to the Yohannes Riyardi account alone for their cross trading, from which this disgusting scum reneges on paying back his share every time,you would realize the sheer scale of taxes they need to raise to pay out anything.

    They lie, cheat, renege, and cheat again.A mass cross infestation of Zio filth and perverse bought Politicos. Its sad to see just how neutered Trump is in reality. Also how disorganized. Clueless!

    Once we get Eurasia empowered, the real clean up will begin. Those 990 plus bases will go!

    Zios will find the new revolution, will have echos of the French solution. Sometimes history teaches the final solutions needed.

    Eurasia will not be left to the maladministration of Politicos,or Bankers. Education will be a core foundation, and whilst we do not condone what has been done in Tibet, the principle is well deserved for the Zios and Vatican. Housekeeping means sweeping out the trash.Why let it recycle and re engage again? Look at what has happened in America and how they have encircled everything as an asset base, controlling all as a Roach infestation.

    China is buying up Africa and the EU. Asia has needs, and will be unstoppable.
    2 big dogs can not live off a meal for one. The Cabal Zio card is marked.

    Money will have to be released just to buy time, and taxes raised to patch gaping shortfalls. 50 years of wanton and reckless waste feeding a feckless nation is coming home. All Empires end, as will Americas. 350M can not dictate to 7 Billion, nor will it go on much longer.

    Money will flow short term, but what follows will be down to the mental dexterity of the next 5 years administrations. Be in no doubt, once the UK leaves the Failed EU,that is a new crisis waiting to unfold.

    We are forward thinking Eurasia and building those relationships 100 years ahead.
    The key ingredients are what matter, so planning and balancing the models now merits the time and thought. The Founders tried with America, and truly meant well, but they failed to foresee the likes of the Bushes and Roach infestation. Eurasia is aware and will be incisive. How we build the new cities along the new Silk Road routes, will be the Community Modelling for the future. Community laws, Education, Community values, Common law for protection of the new society, and protection of society to benefit all fitting, filtering out those not. Lessons have been learned, and forethought is being applied.

    A few bucks for Wannabes is no solution. Just a fast patch.

    The Offshore Tax Havens and hidden assets will go. Societies will be remodeled. Laws will have values, and be enforced. Life for most will have meaning, and not be demeaning. It’s now time to start lifting human consciousness. Removing muddled thinking, and silly divisive apologies of religions.

    Against that, a few Bucks means little. It’s just a patch of time. Then what?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  17. Someone stated I saw that public will be delayed for a while. I hope it’s not true. And public will get about 4x what they put In. I’m always going to keep holding my currency till something happens. Doesn’t matter. Hoping groups go through then we see where we stand!


    1. It’s pretty obvious that groups have not gone through yet.

      You heard about the public “waiting” from???

      Not that I am questioning it. I am just curious as to who it is you are hearing this from.

      I won’t ask a third time. So, please. Unless you want to point to sources that exceed the station we rely on, it’s best you don’t spam the blog with crystal ball snips like this.


      1. Liquid?…Very Guruish!

        No one uses those terms in the real financial world. As someone who is a partner in 2 businesses, I have never sat down with a bank and had them ask me if I was liquid? Or a solid?

        Tell Dave Hi!


        1. Tony

          Bought you some Vikings Blood last night. Send me a private email with your address and I will drop a bottle in the mail to you.



          1. That’s a very kind offer, but I must decline releasing even a secure mailing address via a secure e-mail. Enjoy that nectar and I will try some as soon as I get back to Vegas. I promise to let you know how I like it.


    2. Roger…. Interesting that you would make such a blanket statement assuming that you have the highest of intel, which I can safely say isn’t high enough based on my connections. So please think before you post anything as black and white as posted. JMHO

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  18. Hello Tony

    I hope all is well. J is sure is a busy man latte and working so hard for the betterment of all. I would just like to take a moment to Thank you and the White Hats for all you do. I also want to Thank J and most of all The Elders and their families for believing in humankind and tell them I am so sorry for the pain and disappointment that the trash has caused them for many years. However I hope they know that so many around the world are greatful and Thankful for their gift to humankind. My prayer is that no matter what challenges continue and darkness gets in the way. That GOD is smiling and so proud of all the GOOD that is being shown. We have so much hope and it’s going to be OK SOON.


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      1. Just a bad moment. Sorry, I really want our country back and all the same things all you WHs want way more then I need an apartment. I have been reading your sight for years. I can’t thank you enough Tony, J and everyone who contributes.


  19. Here is a fantastic celebration of not only what awaits us on near horizon (… on behalf of humanity) but the breathtaking resilience and love of the human heart. Trust me, you’ll want to play this video (turn up your speakers). It will lift your spirit–times ten.

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  20. One of my heroes, unsung Kiwi good bloke Fred Hollows. For $25NZ sight can be restored to a patient with a simple operation. I remember hearing about his work years ago. Sadly passed away but his legacy has exploded. A great man.


  21. OWoN:

    Again, there is understandable stress and fear on the sites of worrying parties may miss the boat. Don’t!

    So much is in real play we just can not go public on.

    The key Elders Female Temple figurehead, with a massive following, has the key role for the AU, Cash Pallets, and so much more.

    She is never seen in public without the Minders and full ceremonial robes and crowns.

    Yet, Canauzzie was supplied with a pic of the good Lady, in absolute casuals to go out with a trusted person, to go out anonymous to the country while she is here, linked only with the one person she implicitly alone trusts though all this drama. Plus 2 Minders, but one took the pics. For her a taste of free normality. A real Soul surge to fly free of the Gilded cage for a night and just be at one with all.

    You all ARE represented and in mind at all times.

    Remember we are deposing an unelected Cabal, and a ruthless Global rats nest of sewer vermin, so exposing our plans or progress is not possible, nor Diplomatically wise.

    Also we are cultivating a whole new mind culture, not only to shape Eurasia from its base foundation inception, but one setting out a whole new concept of a meaningful Citizens Charter, protecting the Human Soul from abuse and exploitation. Excluding DC or its bases.

    The vile Washington Hegemony Cabal has exploited the world with its 990 plus Agency bases, and its mass genocidal programs enforcing regime change for Puppet states. But offering only one with zero Culture, or concept of Ethereal values of being.

    This is humanities last chance to try to break free of NWO State repression. Making those funds work for a higher agenda. The majority has to be for new infrastructure and a long term viable economic nation building plan. Humanitarian plans are pointless if not sustainable. Politicos and Bankers just want the money. As do the Gimme chains.

    Reality rules, and we are creating a whole new concept of controlled distribution. Excluding the State from debate. Why feed those we don’t need?

    Those Silk Roads will need whole new cities. Designed fit for habitation and purpose. But with a meaningful free and protected Citizenship agenda. Freedom hubs fit for purpose. Zio free, de-loused! No Zio Banks. No dual Israeli Passport Skanks.

    Real people are helping reshape a new world fit for people, because DC simply cannot sustain what is coming. Nor suppress it. With a US in visible free fall, there are committed parties, who do care, debating a better way for all.

    Never forget what we did for Mike, it was a privilege and an honor to serve our fellow humanity in need. You all rose and helped the call. I use it to show – Yes We Can!

    Now think- Nations. You can be so much more. Instead of a world lying on its Arse looking at the stars, why don’t we all reach for them?

    Just watch the sites. It’s a 7 day week thing. And now at only 03-20 it’s indicative of what it takes. Real commitment and focus, and a cause. Also to give you hope. As we Ali Shuffle the delegates.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  22. Well, let’s finish off this week with some beauty. And what a week it has been!!

    Anastasia took the bus to my room and played a wonderful Chopin Etude for us. (In my dreams)

    Be prepared for anything!


  23. OWoN:

    While we can not pre release, there really [is] so so much progress. More important key Trust!

    We know the need.

    Do NOT ever take my abhorance with Zio trash as anti Jewish. It is not. Each, as with Muzzies and Christianity, are just chain screw ups from Abrahamian Cults. There are many good Jews and values. But real ethereal riches are not found in a chain propagated from Paranoid Delusional Schitzo mumbo jumbo.
    Fairy tails. Time to question and reason. Time to seek real vision.

    Time for Thinking Man to emerge now. Switch their lights on upstairs. Time for so many Good Jews to ask, How Dare YOU of the Zios? Time for us all, to answer our Universes call. One nation Star Dust of all.

    Be prepared for the unexpected. Change is coming. People- Rock!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  24. OWoN:

    Q: Are you really saying that the Pentagon, Politicos and Reno Teams will not get paid until after Obamacare is repealed and replaced?

    A: No, but some tiers will get delayed, the question is who gets what and who gets shafted for months. Some are too far now to be stopped much longer, and some really don’t matter. It’s down to juggling now. Who – matters!

    As always for some it’s never enough, and for others, there just is not enough to make it happen.

    I am showing the Elders the consequences of corruption right now.

    Tony Blair, that Bush and Vatican poodle, has the arrogance to presume he can derail Brexit for Cabal interests. The truly rotten people need routing out. Humanity needs and deserves better.We have to make Eurasia a more fitting land mass, but its a huge task and ask.

    After the terrible and dreadful mess the US has made, we have to work with like Elder Asians to help reshape Eurasia. The EU is Pig trough fit only for slops.

    The sites show what is possible when good people try for all. I was humbled by what you all did for Mike when called to help. There is goodness and there is hope. You ARE it!

    We just have to make a better job of communicating and restoring values.

    Good people are everywhere. So why do we let bad ones rule?

    Eurasia will rid Europe and Asia of the Zios. Money was made round, to go round-to those in so much need,not to the Zios or Cabal to feed so much greed. These blood cult, Luciferian Zios have to go! To the hell they case others!

    We have to rethink rewards and need! Values! Our humanity and debt to nature. We need to enhance culture. We need, to find our Souls!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  25. So what your saying is the Obamacare crap has affected some of the private exchanges? When will it get worked out? Are soveirgn transactions affected too?


    1. He only said it would affect “some tiers”. Not all. We cannot possibly know from such a brief comment what exact tier will be affected, if at all. I am not sure that’s for us to know at this point.

      Stay tuned for any further updates on this, if possible. As long as he does not specifically inform of a delay of whatever duration, we are still by the day.


  26. OWoN:

    The appalling mess with Obumma care and the Bumma Tax screw ups will take a lot of unbundling. Should have bought a Monkey it would have done better. Expect it to affect some tiers, as funding has to be clear for each stage. That appalling useless Mutt has left such a mess behind. Wheres his F Birth Certificate? Is Trump so WEAK he dare not expose the truth? Has America nothing better than this to offer now? It’s come down to this? A radical Zio Crime family and Benny now run America? Does no one care?

    The dream truly is now the nightmare. A flatulent lump with Mail Order Brides dares to presume? Let him feel at home – Wallmart calls.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  27. Trump is sending out his own approval survey, to which I gave a NO vote of approval. My reasons (shown below) were my reasons in giving the disapproval.

    “He hasn’t drained the swamp and the Hillary has not been held accountable for her alleged crimes. A repeal of Obamacare should’ve been getting rid of it altogether, not offering “options” and calling it a repeal. I’m highly disappointed and should’ve voted for the Constitution Party candidate once again. I’m not seeing any difference between the two parties. I call them Republicrats and Demopublicans. Sadly, he’s nowhere near what we thought we were getting. And Kushner HAS to go! He’s an evil Zionist, who’s another Soros puppet. Drain the swamp already! The Republic is on life support. Once the dollar is dead, maybe sanity in this country will return. Tell Trump to sign off on the GCR and to tell the banksters to go to their demon home…hell!”


    1. I think President Trump had and still has good intentions but hit to many road blocks which seems to be way to common. I also give a thumbs down as of right now but I’m still hopeful.


    2. Goodness he’s only been in office for not even 5 months! He is a common man off the street with NO political savy, well at least not like DC. Once they get in office that’s when they realize they didn’t know!! Things are never what they seem are they? Not making excuses, he just needs more time.


    3. My reply and comments were made to let his people know that we, who voted for him, did so with high expectations. Those expectations have remained unchanged.


    1. Thanks Greg. Interesting after about 50′ when he talks about the withdrawal of bases and the spelling mistakes in the debt facility agreements, just as J has done. This vid put it together nicely.


      1. The above video is showing Domino Chain Reaction…Did I miss where the video posted you were commenting about? Withdrawing of bases and debt facilities? Thanks


        1. Keezy i got that too. Then i accidentally hit the back button and got this video which i thought was the actual post (maybe not but what a coincidence because I’d never seen it before):


  28. OWoN:

    Global sensitive Settlements are on the verge right now and week end special moves are in process. This is Global, not just the US Klingons! The US, contrary to the dumbed down, is not the world.

    Funds for the ” International Bond Redemption’s” are looking hopeful for next week. No NOT just the US! This is for all the Real Global People. Freeing these deserving nations from Hegemony tyranny and paying back in stages what is owed! Long overdue owed! Feeding need in real deserving nations not La La Land.

    Zims have a special case in process and parties are leaving now to assigned tasks for next week in Switzerland. NO to more detail. No to questions!

    No to Gimme Gimme, pre releases for the so ugly chattering Guru sites.
    Just watch the 2 key sites.

    We are withholding process in the US until the Windfall Tax in Obbuma care is repealed and signed into law. We will not keep subsiding a Demo Rats Bums subsidy. Reality is coming fast.

    A lot is now moving. Real moves, real people, real needs. Real cases for the whole world. Those who matter won’t feed the Gimme, Gimme chatter.

    The 2 sites we will help. The Hog troughs we keep at bay. We DO respect the 2 sites and all of you involved who have shown real hearts. Others though are ??????

    This is as much as is possible, No detail!
    Those with a brain who read the sites will see and work it out.
    Those at the top, sorting this historical mess, can not be closer.

    The Zio Con is derailing. Nations are bailing from DC hegemony. 7 Billion will no longer be manipulated by 350M. The assets unlocking now are Global, for real need! The Clean UP is starting.

    One People. One world. Eurasia is coming. Roach free!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Interesting that PR slides to bankruptcy but us is given a temporary extension. JV said on owon that the USN is the overnight rate, I don’t know how long the usn has been around and thought it was the name of a/the putative new currency. With all the action and notes from London plus these other tidbits I feel a changeover is occuring. Thoughts anyone?


      1. The term “USN” is simply the code for the overnight rate of the dollar, or next day rate.

        Many guru ignoramuses have claimed it was the new TRN etc., and went cockahoop over it, causing many to evacuate down both legs.

        I doubt very highly that a new currency for the US will just be slipped in the market without a proper announcement, ala Nixon in the 70’s, when he suspended the convertibility of the USD into gold. It has to have proper provenance, IMO. Or else, who would think it anything of any value right out the door?


  29. OWoN:

    04-45 and I’m on my way for 2 more very heavy days. It started with DC overlaps at 03-00 hrs here. Time zones, for those who think the world evolves around America.

    Again strict rules.

    A lot IS in play right now. Watch for the Gold Standard, new Banking regulation, and, when ready, a Treasury release.

    You have hope, real hope. Just hang in and hang on. It will come when you least expect it. Good luck to all.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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          1. Afternoon sir, was curious if you had seen this explanation of the GCR, to me
            does a pretty concise job of explaining parallels of Bank of China, BRICS, AIIB, etc. to
            the Fed, WB, IMF system…..and how the SKR’s work.
            Do not care whether you post or not, thought you might find it interesting. It is long,
            a little over an hour. He even explains the Chinese Bonds issued in 1913. If you feel
            worth posting, feel free to nab the link below.

            Cheers !


  30. I was catching up on backlogged e-mails from the several dozen newsletters I am subscribed to, and found this. It concerns suppressed health cures which the presenter claims are effective where pharmaceuticals fail. I cannot personally attest to any of this, but I am passing it along since I know some of our readers have family who are battling cancer.

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  31. OWoN:

    Q: Silly Season is fast approaching, are we looking at October plus?

    A: Hope not as we have key people here, but with Zio Scum hooks in, any option is possible. It’s messy. As always. In just 70 years look at the dreadful mess Israel has made for poor Palestinians. In 100 years look at the impact in America? If mankind stays blinkered, one day they will find the Roachmasters have taken all.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  32. Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 4:54:00 AM MDT


    Q. Just checking in to see if there’s anything ongoing with the Tiers…

    A.There’s a lot of Tears right now, frustration!

    Way too many Blogs pumping put nonsense.
    There is no single source of authority. There is no cohesion. No, for sure, Leadership.
    Just a permatanned beached whale, someone left on part time point duty in the Oval Office, to see if a bigger joke than Barmy Barry, could cause more chaos to allow the Zios to go on robbing the store in peace.

    It takes a lot to find a new Lie each day,or expect the hustling lump to pay its way. The problem we have, is how can someone so seriously Thick, command and direct anything? So the Bankers play. We pay. While time and lives just waste away. And WF get to park another days stolen funds, leaving the Fed to go on, trading the Con.

    It’s a day thing, frustration we share.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Since we are on a daily watch, we will remain at DEFCON 2 until we are told there is no immediate hope for moves.

      Please continue to ignore all the NESARA blogs which are indicating multi trillions have just moved here and there and will be delivered to you via a secret military convoy.
      The only money moving in those circles are the donations and ad revenue that those people make off of you.

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    1. What a bunch of morons. The highest price silver has ever been was $50.50 per ounce in 1980, thanks to the Hunt brothers trying to corner the market. And those two idiots should have sold out when they ran the price up, but they didn’t and lost $$$$.

      Mere hours away from $2000 and ounce silver? ROTFLMAO!!



    “The acronym NAZI for Neocon-American-Zionist Imperialism has been coined by Gideon Polya, an outstanding Jewish scholar, who has done more than anyone else to expose the genocide being committed by the ruling cabals of the leading Western powers [1]. In his book “Body Count: Global Avoidable Mortality since 1950” he has established that 1.3 billion people have died in the 55-year period (1950-2005) needlessly as a result of wars imposed by Western powers [2]. He also emphasises that, of these, nearly half, about 0.6 billion (i.e. 600 million) are Muslims. He writes that although a genocide of Muslims is going on, the media as well as the academia is silent about it. His statistics on avoidable Muslim mortality, particularly after 9/11, are eye-opening.”

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    From the article/interview:
    On gold, Maloney points at what large foreign countries are buying and says, “Between Russia, China and India, their purchases meet or exceed all worldwide production of gold. Whenever they exceed mining supply, the supply has to come from somewhere, and it’s coming from the West. When the dust settles, the East is going to be very wealthy, and the West is going to be poor.”


  35. FiFi is back in town! I had to stop by and say hello to my favorite 75 year old gal. Maybe she can help us push things along. Don’t mess with FiFi!

    You are lookin’ good FiFi!

    She’s so pretty.

    FiFi packs a wallop! Don’t mess with FiFi!

    What a tail!

    FiFi has 8000 horse power. A lot of muscle for her time.

    Navigation station. Fifi knows where to go with GPS now. So the navigator was let go. 😦

    Autograph of Dutch Van Kirk. Navigator on the Enola Gay, FiFi’s sister ship which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

    Radio station. Period radios still work!

    Cockpit and bombardier seat. Don’t mess with Fifi!

    See you next year!


    1. AWESOME ! That is the plane my dad flew in the Korean War. Never got to see the inside of one.
      He actually survived a crash in the same, tough cookie she is and he was. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      1. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes indeed that is one well built plane. The ingenuity and skill that went into the design and building it was incredible for its day. Most were built in Wichita, by a work force of about 80% women, and they did top notch work.

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      2. So Tony, have you ever gone up for a spin? Looked up her website, great way to share the past by taking her on tour .


        1. Hi, not yet. Several years ago when FiFi came to town I was ready. However, when I got to the airport, they had already filled up the plane (@ $400 per seat). I stayed long enough to watch the plane start and take off (which was a real rare thing to see so close up), but when they landed again, I was the only one left who was willing to pay for a ride.

          Same with this time. I was willing to pay the now $495 for the half hour ride, but nobody else was there to ride.

          I didn’t want to bother the flight crew for one the costs of even that short flight would not leave much profit left to make it worth the wear and tear.

          However, I will probably catch a ride the next time. I will show up early and take a few friends.


  36. As we await what’s coming next, the chatter gets more interesting.

    I would’ve expected some news of this chatter to appear here first. Yet, it’s interesting to hear what others are thinking. It reminds me of sports talk radio, where the common caller thinks they could out wit those who are paid to manage or coach. Popcorn please!


  37. From OWoN

    Q: The birdie told me the currencies rolled Wednesday and the bonds start Tuesday, so I imagine the pressure you bear … will make for a busy weekend through your Bank/May Day Holiday…

    A: Hell your close and not from me! They did not roll Wednesday, it failed. No comment on the Bank Holiday week end, but NO Holiday for us!

    Without saying Anything, we are firmly pushing by the hour, and our commitment is clear…

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Well Tony if half naked men doing the Haka don’t intimidate those countries into pushing through the GCR/RV; then we will just have to bring out the ‘Big Guns’ – the Canadian Mohawk Warriors who follow the directions of the Women Clan leaders.


  38. Tony do think the recent comments on owon from DB and John are indicating the RV will occur in next two to three weeks. Thank you WHA and OWON, and of course Tony for all the help they have been through this process.


    1. Hi DA,

      It could very well happen in that time. We have not been told anything else except that it’s now anticipated on a day by day basis. I am very sure that if it goes off the rails, or is shunted to an extremely later date, we will be told such without delay and in no uncertain terms.

      I appreciate your support and participation. Trust me, when the time comes we will need every one of you to rally and set good examples, and be good stewards of managing any gains for the betterment and advancement of human society.


  39. It’s been an interesting week. Stay sharp and be ready for any event. So far, no signs of delays in expected timing, so we will remain at DEFCON 2.

    To close the week, please welcome Evgeny Kissin. (Is that Christine Lagarde in the background?) lol

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    1. You’d have to be too big to fail to insure those hands! Amazing. What’s the link Tony, do you like this performer or is that J’s background music to negotiations with the Elders?


      1. To get the direct link just click on the Youtube logo at the bottom right and it will open in Youtube.

        Evgeny is unmatched. He never fails to amaze. We don’t know what music he listens to when negotiating with elders, but on occasion the staff at his hotel suite has been known to hear the following when he is “entertaining”.


        1. Lol I meant the link of Evgeny to our topics 🙂 I was just curious if there was a specific reason or you just liked him. I very much appreciated it. Dusty too ;P


  40. OWoN:

    Q: Are we still on a daily watch for RV or have things been pushed back several weeks now? Thank you!

    A: Hell YES you are on Daily watch! Believe it!

    Can’t you tell by my even half civil language? Lol.

    Don’t confuse ever our multi tasking dog fights on so many issues with slow downs on the RV’s. It just can’t be Blog issued. The key info will come when it’s done. Everything is in play right now. Once cleared even Trump will be looking through his Eastern Block Mail Order Bride catalog again.
    No Wimps on this watch.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  41. My spouse and I are having our doubts about this site and what is being claimed. A few weeks earlier we were told it may be delayed until April and then it would be delayed to make the Chinese look like a hero. After that, we heard to wait until after the G20. We’re told we won’t hear anything for the next week or two and then we get a couple long e-mails contradicting that. Credibility is low and falling, and if the posts on this site are the benchmark we are striving for, then we are in trouble. Food for thought. We would like to hear what others are thinking.


    1. Hello,

      Welcome back with your second post.

      You are picking gnat turds out of pepper to come up with a justifiable compliant, don’t you think?

      So the hard working man in London decided to communicate during his pressure filled schedule, when he thought he might not have time to at all. Is that bad? For that, you find fault? That, in your mind, is a “contradiction of credibility”?

      Give me some examples from your life where you did everything over a period of months or years where you didn’t deviate just a little to get something done, or have expected plans altered. What is the basis in life for which you now hold judgment against others? I sure would love to hear that answer.

      The various parties involved in both solving the issues, and causing the problems that need to be solved, have been adequately explained in plain English, both here and at OWoN, for any reasonably intelligent person to understand why tactics change, and thus do time tables and information.

      The first post you made on this blog was of a similar tacky, critical nature. This is your second. I am going to consider this a veiled attempt at trollery.

      I cannot believe for one moment, that after some considerable thought, any intelligent person would come up with the conclusions you have based on the reasons you state. I can believe that one may doubt the RV will ever happen, or such, as that has reasonable justification for worry in a world like this. But to claim “doubts about this site and what is being claimed” because someone decided to send an unexpected message, and predict a possible G20 outcome in advance, is really reaching hard to find fault for reasons that are spurious at best.

      If you want to point to any other sites regarding the RV, etc., that you feel are paragons of earthly perfection and irrepressible approach, by all means, share them. Don’t just cast doubt and not point to a solution. Meet your burden of proof to show legitimate cause and reason for why your doubts are unimpeachable.

      That’s what I am thinking.

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      1. Only now are many people waking up from the daily dinar guru pigswill. It’s been a rough ride of disinformation and confusion and false ‘intel’.

        No surprises that many people are feeling let down (by them). We all want to do good in the world.


    2. [And here is what the man in London is thinking. Sorry pal, you and the wife asked for it.-WHA]


      Tony WHA

      Re SB.

      It gives the impression Tony that we have Boo Hoo, why has Santa not delivered my Gimme Gimme Gimme bags. Suggest they spend big, and try the front line. What precisely are they putting up and in? Why free ride and then whine if the day saga is a rough ride? Reality is. Have they any concept what plays out daily, the cost and stress?

      If only life were so simple. Thank God ours are street wise even though worn.

      We don’t get to wimp out,throw Wobblers in a corner, each time the Cabal or Zio Rats pull yet another stroke to create more delays and keep on playing the overnight markets with OPM s. Suggest they go read the Guru rags, some can’t handle truth. This is the curse of the Wannabes. Boo Hoo you failed my free ride, bad YOU. I’m special, I am owed.

      Load the circus cannon and point to Alaska?

      Is it the water Tony? Have them try the front line. Guys have sat in Reno for 5 years spending to get so far.
      We have “Special Parties” over for another 4 weeks, costs vast! We PUT in! We pay! We miss out life to win.

      Are our hands out for free rides? Contributions? We bleed so they feed? Why are they not self closing? In their heads it’s so simple. My Spouse and I?????
      Bad us giving them reality reports. Why- Bother?


    3. SB, here’s my thoughts:

      You must be new to the wait. People in the know have been waiting for DECADES for the largest financial transaction in history to occur, and you complain about a _couple_ delays? LMAO. WOW. If you want to question credibility, look no further than the mirror with your whining and conclusion jumping.

      Bah humbug to you. Get over yourself.


    4. I think I may understand where you’re coming from, at least. I’ve been on this “ride” since 2004. For the first several years I followed the typical dinar pusher sites. You probably know what I’m talking about: the ones where we were told every week that it was happening next Monday. And that went on for years and years and years. Talk about no credibility. 😛

      Eventually I stopped following them. I justifiably reasoned that it would happen when it would happen, and me following a website wasn’t going to change that one way or another.

      Then I found WHA. What a breath of fresh air! There were no promises of RVs happening the next week, the next month, etc., ad nauseum, only reasonable information.

      And here is the point where I think I get where you’re coming from…the past couple of week’s posts have actually reminded me of 10+ years ago when I was following the pusher sites. The ups and downs of being told it looks imminent! Oh no wait, something’s holding it back! No, no here it comes! Oops, my bad, another wait!

      I’m going to post this so you all know I’m being tongue-in-cheek:


      So yeah, that sounds like where you’re coming from. I get it. But I’ve also reminded myself of what I figured out 10 years ago: the RV will happen (or not) when it happens. If you can’t take the good this site offers with the bad that comes from taking a chance on a high-risk investment, you know what?

      Just stop reading and check Forex or XE every day and see if the rate has changed.

      Take care, all!

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  42. OWoN:

    A few minutes to respond, but I have, and do, read all.

    1.Think positive, I do commend any good act of Trumps, but there have been too few of substance.

    2.With the collective power of the Oval Office and command of key agencies, he has abysmally failed to focus Justice on scooping up both Clinton’s for their Oh so many crimes. That is Injustice, inept and a betrayal of their trust. Potus promised! The people want them on Trial! The ONLY way Justice can come, is with them paying for their heinous crimes. Until then we will continue to criticize, challenge, offer constructive suggestions, and mass inform as best we can.

    3. With the failure of the MSM, YOUR Site has become its own living, breathing, progressive organism, a thinking emerging voice of so many. The daily comments are the most important morning prerogative for many. The diversity, depth of reports, and collective criticism, is a unique collective, a growing, mass thinking life form challenging all, and debating needs. All YOUR good work,and you are valued.

    4. These are rocky days, but rebellious times as the old world is under Global challenge, but equally coercing ever more electronic surveillance and abuse of powers. Truly, as things stand right now, thinking Souls are engaged in a permanent battle as one legged men in an Ass kicking contest. So we go in low and hard, and try to place well timed Cojones blows to bring the beasts down. Now you hear us?

    5.Getting settlements won’t be easy. Between the unelected Military and Agencies who have wasted Trillions, fat Arsed Desk Jockeys in DC and the truly abysmal Zio Mafia who are a plague on humanity, we have to empower the masses to frag their Asses. Ours is a war of attrition.

    6. The pending collapse of the MSM is a start. The alternative media is growing. The best challenge, the rest don’t matter.

    7. Society is now paying the cost of Millennia’s of corruption and abuse of powers. Millennia’s of false religions, and miss tracked people. It needs time to wake up the Sleepers.

    Be assured, with the economic chaos, collapse of the United States Corporation, and the rebellion of the masses to steer in the alternative voice of the people, what came to pass, was a systems bypass, served right up the Khyber Pass of the Politicos. Joe Public said No, we won’t go, down this path.

    8. But the Mutant Comb Over in the WH is simply too brain dead to focus on and finish off the Hilder Beast. History will judge him as a Jerk who got lucky, but who couldn’t step up when faced with the day job. So the alternative media will howl- Foul! His LIE a Day won’t keep Truth away.

    9.WTF is Kushner doing in the WH????????

    10. When will the assembled real team tell the Chump Kushner is all Fancy Dress and Dirty Knickers?

    Clinton, Wiener, Pedo’s the Wall? Where are the actions?

    The battle for the releases is ongoing and deep. Key parties are in London for the next few weeks, and this is not going away. Revelation will change each nation. Have faith, we have focus, and absolute determination. We have the real Elders and we have Humor. We have vision, a true Global cause, deep understanding of the depth of rot, and a clear agenda to re educate, not just procrastinate. The UK has a depth of Global Culture second to none and that helps. Focus, history, humor and a just cause.
    The US has Dolly, and all of you. How can we fail?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 2 people

  43. How to buy BTC low and sell high. Only 1 legit source of data,, and it is free. Set parameters for bitstamp, 2 mos MA, turn on Bollinger bands. Today BTC is overbought; first signal in a month or so.

    Lots online about Bollinger band trading. I have found this to be accurate over the past year. I’m not sure what BTC is, but it moves like a normal market which is more than I can say for stocks.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. OWoN:

    Please be assured, you are all read daily. No one misses your views and reports.
    You all matter, as do your views.

    You all, are your own unique Global voice. No other site encapsulates what you all bring. Keep up the great work, each of you. We hear you, all of it.

    Taking up issues is not attacking America, but its inept Leaders, and the roles of presumptive Jerks, elected by no one. Real voices of the people.

    Changes ARE coming.

    The battles right now, are with a Deep State and crooked US Banks,Treasury and Fed attempting to hold back the tides of Redemption demands for release of the Heritage Funds. Their attempts to deny because of purposeful spelling errors placed in key documents 30 years ago, does not wash when we show them Agency and Fed instruction manuals on how to deny and obfuscate when that due date comes up. A Liars Charter.

    Those who presumed the high ground are finding it’s quicksand, and see now the rising fury of dispossessed nations wanting payback. Peons will no longer be Peed On!

    Charlie got Educated! Fronting with a Chump won’t last. 7 Billion will not be put down.

    A certain US party was called in today, attended and still not done. The Ship of State is rattling. Reality is coming home now. Pressure is building. Dissent is here.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET BEGINS – Ken Storey summarizes and reviews the current state of big banking like the 2010 IMF reforms and the tentative SDRs plus historical topics like Global Settlements, Global Debt Facility, various historical bonds, collateral accounts, gold heists, twin towers, closing of bases, spelling errors (mentioned above ?), and so much more. Highly recommended for anyone needing some help connecting big banking dots between 1913 and today. If accurate he adds some extra dots to my own picture while confirming much of what I have read over the past few years.


  45. Hi WHA,

    I’m from the Philippines how do I exchange my dongs when the RV or GCR materialises?
    Will that be a global thing? Or limited in the US ?

    Thanks for all your work.


    1. Hi,

      From our understanding it will be international. Contact a local major bank in your area and inquire if they have a currency desk. If they do I would think you should be able to use them when the time comes.

      Stay tuned for any new information.

      Thank you for your support!


  46. Hey Tony,

    Do you think these big classified meetings today with the senate and then the house are really about North Korea?

    Is it too fanciful to hope that they lock the doors and launch the mass arrests we’ve heard so much about?!


    1. I honestly don’t know.

      These “arrest” ideas always seem to spring up every now and then. The last one I saw was from Ben Fulford who claimed Obama had been arrested, and then he showed up on a yacht. If that’s an arrest, I am guilty.

      I really don’t pay attention to arrest reports anymore.


  47. OWoN:

    WHA and our site

    Key Elders with the total asset base are deeply involved for the next 2 weeks together discussing key and core Global economic needs plus Humanitarian Projects.

    We are debating a plan for this century, free of Borders and Politics.

    But conceptualizing how to develop Community Banking, and Community Health Care, plus Community Managed Education, free from Dogma and enhanced education in the Sciences and Arts.

    Bringing into play Gold backed RMB and creating a new Chinese Bank to handle its own BG and MTN Bond Trading will total out the Zio trash Bankers by denying the lot of them access. Ethical Community Banking can focus on serving and assisting communities, not esoteric derivatives gambling. Funding infrastructure and the coming Eurasian Silk Roads. Being part Funders,and building the new cities along the way.Rebuilding a better planned out world. Rethinking roles. Reducing tensions, breeding Trust, (and more hot chicks.)

    People, not politicos are debating real issues real needs.
    We are debating a collective Society for all based on vision and collective strengths.

    I am showing all how far your site grasp is regarding core issues, social views, medical debate, educational views, and how you are an alternative model concept for a second house of political oversight. Representation of the people by the people.
    YOU all get it!

    We are discussing Medical Aid Mercy Ships, but I have shown them the vast range of Ships sitting idle who could be used delivering goods, clothes, and equipment to millions in need. Crashing past the Israeli blockade and feeding Ghaza’s Palestinians.

    Outcome so far, Chinese Banks, Buddhist Crown Banks, Ethical Banking, Mercy Ships, owning infrastructure, Eurasia without borders? Communities for the people?
    Minds are alive, all feel now as one debating real need with their Buddah Brit.
    Zany humor is taking time to translate and understand.

    He said what??? But, he was smiling! Think curved balls. Think humor, but off the wall. One liner Zingers, he has no borders. It’s alive and no barriers. All people need!

    In the meantime, the RVs, GS and more are evolving and being juggled. New Order is self empowering. Free of Political Dogma, perchance to dream for all? Minds are unlocking. Reason is its own revolution.

    People basically, by free choice, do seek to do good. Bar Zio rats, and that can be dealt with as our species evolves. It will be a focus 2 weeks.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow, so much hope on the horizon! I really feel privileged to be witness to and part of this great awakening. Thanks for the update and all your relentless work, J. Godspeed my friend!

      (Buddah Brit, hehe… Tony, can you get your psychic to draw a picture of that one, lol!)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Actually, the psychic told me that she was picking up a song and a movie intro in her head, and that would indicate what’s going on right now with our friend in London. Here it is.

        Liked by 1 person

  48. Hi there WHA

    I see that J is traveling now. I know he did not go into great detail on what he was going to be doing other than leg work. But I sense from his words that it is related to the RV as he said lets wait and see.

    Can you share what you think he may be doing that may be leg work as related to this thing? Just curious. I am pacing the floor now. lol


    1. Hi Concord,

      In all honesty I have not been given any inside secrets to what his trip is about. Leg work usually implies going to a location that requires physical presence of the person because of the nature of what needs to be done. We know from past information that our friend in London is working directly with key elders and is their man with the plan when it comes to proper use of funds from those sources. As to what any of this has to do with “the RV” and so on is not known to me personally. It is unlikely that even if I had received a full briefing that I would be able to detail it all here.

      Hang in there. Check in every day, and be ready for anything. That was his last advice to us all. No more, no less.

      However, I did consult a psychic concerning his trip and what could be going on. The psychic drew a picture of it all. Here it is.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hello Concord:

      Here are J’s words: “Just legwork no more lets wait and see”

      I interpret this: I am doing just legwork now for the things that are being settled and no more waiting to see if the expected things are going to happen.

      I do not interpret it like this: I am doing legwork now and nothing more. Let’s wait and see what happens.

      In other words the comma should have gone after the word “legwork” and I do not think the comma is meant to be placed after the word “more”. The comma placed in the right place could have greatly helped clear up confusion of interpretation.

      Hope that helps,

      The other Andrew


  49. I know that I am commenting outside of the present focus. However, I want to thank you, Tony, for a link that you put on this website. It was “The Truth about Cancer”. Believe me, it was an eye-opener. My husband is dealing with cancer, naturally. His chances are far greater and less miserable than Chemo and Radiation. The website changed our whole direction on how to cure cancer. Thank you sooo much. You are a life saver.
    Also, we have been lurking this site for a couple of years. It has been informative and enjoyable. We can’t wait for something to break…what fun!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello,

      I am very glad you found it valuable information! I do sincerely hope your husband will beat his cancer. I lost my father to prostate cancer, and have been warned by my urologist that I am, according to him, 3x more likely to get it now. Well, I get checked regularly, and not a sign of it. I am 55, so I would think that I would have had it by now, so I don’t know what to make of such medical conclusions.

      Lurking is just fine. Most of our readers lurk as they are very busy and don’t usually have time to post. No worries!

      We are literally on a day by day wait now. No advice on any new expected delays so far. Let’s hope that basis holds firm.

      Thanks again!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t think you will find that answer on a public forum. If you are in such a group, then you certainly would not come here to find out that answer.

      But, if you simply go on “feel”, based on the latest allowable information that has been permitted for us to know, it would be hard to imagine they are not without considerable wind in their sails at this time.

      Hope your golf game is going well.


  50. Wells Fargo & Co. will escape further restrictions on its business after U.S. regulators ruled that the lender’s revised plan for how it could be safely unwound in a crisis is good enough — for now.


      1. So far, we have not been advised of any changes to the last received notice to maintain a daily watch. If we receive any news that the time window has been moved back again, we will certainly share it here.


  51. Wells Fargo is BANKRUPT?! The bank fails US bankruptcy test for a second time!

    “…The nation’s top banking regulator identified problems with Wells Fargo’s sales practices as far back as 2010 but failed to take timely action to halt the abuses that ultimately exploded in scandal six years later, a new government report says….”


    1. It appears this source material, which is the BBC, was from Dec 2016. All the banks failed this test in April 2016 and were given until September 2016 to solve these issues. WF failed again at that time and said they would have it cleared up by March 2017. Not sure of they were able to clear it up as I can’t find anything current. Based on comments, my guess is no, but this issue has been floating out there for over a year.


  52. OWoN:

    I will be out of reach most of the week. Maybe next week also. Just legwork no more lets wait and see. I leave at 05-00 am tomorrow. Long week.

    Is this code?


    1. Ok my head is all turned around upon hearing this. Am I off base thinking the exchanges would bring in liquidity and help stabilize the banking system? I have a Wells account. This sounds not good.


    2. It looks like all the major banks are all at risk. B of A. JP Morgan Chase. I was hoping Wells Fargo wpuld make the cut but now it is in danger of bankcruptcy. What to do?

      Liked by 1 person

  53. OWoN:

    Q: Do any of the Elders or their representatives participate in the G20 meetings, I would imagine they would have to if they are footing the bill for this huge transaction.

    A: Sorry Just back from a 17 hour work slog. Answer No. We work at a different level. They are just Finance Ministry suits. The ” Old Guard” pull the strings.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  54. I know you have talked about bit coin and have experience with these cryptocurrencies. I was wondering if you could give me a little tutorial, so to speak.

    Can you tell me how I get started?

    How do I get money into it?

    How do I use it? Is it a credit card type of thing?

    Can I use it everwhere I travel, like AMEX?

    Is there a website or online bank that I become a member of or join?

    Any help or other advice would be appreciated.


    1. Hi,

      I can certainly share my experiences and point you in a few directions. I cannot give individual investment advice, but I can share my opinions on this.

      Bitcoin is pretty easy to buy. There are many exchanges in the US and abroad that will let you transact a purchase using credit cards, bank wires, cash deposits, etc. I will share some of these. I don’t necessarily use them all.
      You also do not need to buy a whole coin, 1 BTC. You can buy in any amount, with a minimum of around $10 in most cases.

      To hold bitcoin you will need a wallet. These can be on line, or off line in what is called a hard wallet. One of the most popular on line wallets is They also allow you to buy using a credit card, once you become verified. They are licensed and insured. You can buy and also sell BTC with them, and link your bank account for ACH deposits if you should wish to obtain cash for your BTC.

      Another good one is They have a nice platform where you can transfer your BTC to a wide range of currencies right on their platform. They are licensed and regulated in the US.

      I was recently introduced to They are licensed in New York and so far the feedback I get is good. You can buy and sell your BTC through them.

      There are other on line wallets that only allow you to hold BTC, but not sell for cash. One of the most popular is You do not need to verify ID with them, and you can receive and send any amount of BTC through them. Their security is very good.

      To get money into BTC, you will have to use an exchange that is licensed to sell BTC. Coinbase, Uphold and Gemini are all options for this. You can use credit cards for such, and they may offer other options.

      As for using BTC, you can do so at any institution, on line or off, that accepts such. There are many that do, as well as BTC ATMs in certain locations. You can also use apps like Airbitz,, which allow you to pay from your mobile device by using QR code scanning. They have a directory of stores that will accept BTC as payment. The ability to easily spend BTC in the marketplace is what has made it so desired.

      You can also obtain BTC debit cards from those exchanges that offer it. Coinbase has one. There is also a popular one at This allows you to spend your BTC freely like a debit card with cash on it.

      The area of hard wallets is a bit more involved. This requires you to purchase a storage device that interfaces with your computer, like a USB device, where your BTC wallet and keys are stored. Lose it, and you have lost it all. Back ups are essential, and many hard wallet retailers have protocols for recovery of lost wallets, so please be sure to follow their guidance on this if you go this route.

      One popular hard wallet is

      As for other crypto currencies, there are hundreds of them, and more every week. Blockchain technology is a remarkable opportunity with many applications. Ethereum is the second most popular crypto currency, and it differs from BTC in that its value is based on more of a share price of the ethereum technology platform than that of a currency value, such as BTC. Many large corporations have expressed an interest in Ethereum technology and this has resulted in recent upsurges in Ether price, from about 8$ several months ago to around $50 now. Experts predict it to equal the present value of BTC in the near future.

      There are other cybercurrencies that are probably set to gain in similar ways, but these are extremely speculative. But at such prices, you can bet very small, and come out nicely without losing your caboose in the process. Some of these are Litecoin, Monero, Steemcoin and many others.

      To speculate in these and use BTC to obtain other cryptocurrencies, you will need to open a cryptocurrency exchange at Once you fund, you can buy any cryptocurrency on the exchange, using BTC. They are licensed and regulated in the US.

      This information is by no means exhaustive. It’s pretty basic. One group that has a very good training and recommendation service is called The Palm Beach Letter. They really have done excellent work on finding some of the best cryptocurrency opportunities, and how to play them safely. More information is found here.

      WHA gets nothing if you join.

      If and when you see a gain from the RV, consider this service as part of your speculative portfolio, and do as you see fit for your circumstances.

      I hope this has helped. It’s pretty basic, but it should get you pointed in the right direction.

      Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thanks Tony that’s very useful. I read that btc had pretty much been all mined. What implications does that have for price growth? Is mining an essential part of all crypto currencies and what exactly is it?


        1. I don’t think it has been completed yet. From what I have read, the rest will be mined at a slower pace, taking many years to complete.

          As for price, many analysts are saying the current price (about $1200) is just a start for what may come. BTC is still the king because of its ease of use and liquidity. The limited quantities will probably keep the price high for some time to come.

          Mining is certainly a part of BTC. It requires a very complex algorithm that has to be solved in order to release a BTC into the network. These are done with hardware that is programmed to solve these problems and make BTC.

          Generally speaking, all cryptocurrencies are given life in such ways. But, the ease of use is what has a major affect on the increase in value.

          The Ethereum platform has many uses as a transaction environment, and the currency, the Ether, is just one. That’s why its value is by enlarge based on the value of the Ethereum platform. With so many uses, the price of the Ether is more like the price of a share of stock in Ethereum technology, rather than just as a cryptocurrency alone.

          Don’t get too hung up on what mining is. Unless you intend to become a miner, most of those who became multi millionaires on BTC can’t even spell mining.


          Liked by 2 people

    1. Perhaps to prevent bank bail-ins….as “disorderly liquidation of assets” would lead to adverse effects to the financial system. So common sense would dictate it’s prevention…no big secret.


    2. Apparently Dodd-Frank style bail-ins are temporarily on hold… Sounds like a good thing for account holders.

      “The other memo directs regulators to temporarily halt the use of “orderly liquidation authority” to dissolve troubled financial institutions unless the president directs it in an emergency.”

      “And we’ll be having a big announcement on Wednesday having to do with tax reform. The process has begun long ago, but it really formally begins on Wednesday. So go to it.”


  55. Leaders from the Five Eyes intelligence network to meet in Queenstown
    Leaders from the Five Eyes intelligence network will be meeting in New Zealand this weekend.

    Officials from the world’s largest spy network – made up of the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand – will meet in Arrowtown, near Queenstown, where a massive security operation is underway.


  56. OK! At Defcon 2 — I decided to set my XE alerts! I set both Dinar and Dongs to alert when the rate reaches:

    1 Dinar = $.01
    1 Dong = $.01

    An XE pop up said that was unrealistic, and asked me if I want to continue, and being filled with the blessed HOPIUM, I said YES!

    Does anyone have any better ideas? Does that sound right or should I set it to another rate?

    Also, on Monday I will break down and get a checking account. From the sounds of it, Wells Fargo with a currency desk, is the best bet. How do I live without a checking account? LOL, easy actually, I get paid via Paypal and have the Paypal Debit Card. I have ZERO debt. If I don’t have cash, I don’t buy it, well, except for my car, but that is paid off too.


      1. Your rates make more sense so mine are now 0.05 and 0.005 as well. We’ll both be rushing at the same time, hopefully!!


  57. OWoN:

    Scott, and ALL.

    What I can’t say is anything, but watch your 2 sites EVERY day now, ignore hype sites until its clear, but that tells you EVERYTHING! Clear?

    Everything is playing out right now. OK. Now please, just wait, and good luck to all of you. Keep your heads and for all your Gods sake, keep it safe.

    Just watch and get rid of those dam 6 packs! Lol Do not forget or join the Moron queues. All we can do is try to help all of you.

    Please, once clear, NO MORE GAMBLING or Dreaming.
    Keep it simple, find the best partner you can and live a whole new value life.

    But just don’t tell the wife or other half.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 2 people

    1. After some consideration, I am setting our alert level to DEFCON 2.

      This will remain on a day by day basis at the moment. It would appear that the sensitivity of the affair is going to make setting a specific, pre-announced window, very difficult. As such, we will consider the available implied window and keep this setting until the window is either moved again, or the obvious rate adjustment for one or all currencies of interest has been observed.

      What does this mean? It means check in regularly, and watch closely for possible public moves, which, for now, are anticipated any day now, until we either set DEFCON 1, or 3 again.

      You can watch for rate changes at Set the filters for whatever currency you wish to observe.

      Thanks again, and good good luck!

      Liked by 3 people

          1. Yes, that was the original meaning.

            However, I don’t think that we will get an xx hour notice in advance. I think that’s asking too much at this time. So, we will assume a day to day expectation, as if such a notice were in existence. This is based on the latest update to watch the sites each day. This has to be for a good reason. Better to be ready than not.

            A firm widow may indeed be set. We will know soon enough.


      1. Hello WHA, Just a quick question. Whill the signal you give us to cash out be Defcon 1 or will you just tell us to go cash out?


    1. Since we are going woo-woo, might as well toss this in the mix. Simon Parkes talks alien contact between 9:45 and 16:00. At about 11:50 he speaks about the dark side faking the coming of an alien messiah this fall between Oct 5th and the 8th. The pope did say something about baptizing aliens a while back… Project Blue Beam to make an appearance?


    1. And they wont come baaaaaa aaa aaaa ack till it’s over, over there!

      No doubt our friend in London will be watching. Over paid, over sexed, and over there. lol

      I say just put burkas on the goats and let them be.


  58. Gee Tony, I completely missed this latest Fact Check… for over 24 hours! That is scary! Life as we know it could have ended and I’d have been totally oblivious. I’ve been logging on through my tablet and it goes straight to the comments. I was wondering why nobody was talking, at all! I just cannot seem to get my head screwed on straight lately.

    Anyway, that was excellent commentary Tony, as usual. Thanks for the sound advice!


  59. One of the many things on my list to fund/install/use/propagate to my community post RV. Food production in the desert can be challenging. We have the technology.


    1. Amazing!! To be able to grow anywhere and control the environment to keep out chemtrail poisons from reaching the food, air, and water used is a great accomplishment. I have heard of some greenhouses that do this and have bees, etc. inside also.


  60. Great to see a new page. I dont write a lot but I enjoy being here and I know if we have any chance at good information it will be here.

    You are right about the NESARA people and those who claim every week that trillions have been paid or moved or about to hit the streets to all people. I pointed some of them to here and OWON and they called me names and claimed I was working for the dark force.

    Oh well I guess you cannot please them all. Hope we get some more good information soon about where we stand. Thanks so much.


    1. Hang in there, Concord!

      Yes, some of those NESARA boosters can be interesting to deal with. They often times live on the fringe of a world that only seems accessible via LSD or ayahuasca. Not exactly what I would call a congeries of Ph.d. candidates and leading edge intellect.


  61. Thanks Tony for all you do for us, and being so articulate and funny. And for all the new words that I have learned from you.
    I rarely post but I read the emails everyday.
    And let’s hope that we will learn soon about the RV/GCR.


  62. Thank you very much for the new FC Tony. I always appreciate the sound advice you offer, so my sincere thanks to you for that as well.


  63. Change is good Tony! Glad you slapped a new number up there, of coarse when i first saw it I thought it happened (hahahaha). All is well and thanks for staying up and running. Glad to be your friend all these years! Keep up the great work you do!


  64. So far the POTUS has produced BUTKUS…I am cautiously optimistic .POTUS son-in-law is causing alot of chaos in the White house . I would hope the White Hats are around to sweep the mess and not a point of no return in the best interest of the American people so much crap being thrown around looking for something stick and the main stream media jackels are circling ready to hang POTUS out to hang or use as patsy.
    I am still hopeful that the best and highest good wil prevail.


    1. Yes this think with the son in law is rather beguiling. I would expect an accomplished executive like Trump to appoint people with hard experience in each facet of his administration.

      I want to see what happens once things progress on the RV front. Political processes are what they are – corrupt, exclusive, violent and unmerciful.


  65. Hay Tony.. I comment very little in these forums but spend a great deal of time here. I’ve learned something new most everyday now for several years. The gratitude I owe to you and this site, along with OWON, could never be fully expressed. So let me just say “Thank You” for your commitment and intellect and let you know you are all appreciated.

    Liked by 3 people

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