Time to move on to a fresh thread. The comment count was getting pretty large on FC 139, so I thought it best to clean house a bit.

I also thought it best to have a wide open pallet to communicate from should we get the go signal during this quarter.

As to how everything will play out for public speculators in Dinar, Dong and Zim, etc., we can only still speculate on at this time. For now, we understand that the public has a chance for some gain. We don’t know if that will once again be taken off the table. So far, as of this report, the last news from on high, is holding. I sincerely hope that the powers behind this will be able to maintain such a stance.

NESARA, mass prosperity payments, universal debt forgiveness, etc., remain unsubstantiated ideas spread by people who are as far from being involved as I am from being mistaken for Clark Gable. Don’t let such things divert your attention from the real world. Trust me, if we had been told these things stood a chance, we would say so. We would have no reason to withhold it.

We are heading into some pretty incredible changes, and those of you who intend to survive it all, must adhere to disciplined approaches and thorough, in-depth evaluation of whatever area of interest you wish to pursue. You all expect such dedication from your doctor, your airline pilot, your barber and your chef. Why would you not expect such of yourselves when it comes to your futures? Be smart, and don’t convince yourself that mysterious forces are coming to make the world perfect for you. You will be required to do that for yourself.

Be ready for any and all outcomes.

Thank you again for your continued readership and support.



  1. OWoN:

    Comment: “…No comment by J [about the Vietnamese currency] is depressing…….”

    Answer: The moment there is an agreement on how to reintroduce the Dong by an Ali Shuffle without crashing its exports, it will be done. Be assured, China will NEVER allow a Hyena speculator pack to glutton up a T at the cost of its investments in the country.

    Relax, a safe structured approach will be taken by highly intelligent thieves controlling the banking. The alternative is a Chinese Nuke up their Ass!

    If you had a Bust, we would tell you.

    Vietnam will be sorted. It’s a by the hour thing right now. Politics!

    A lot of doughnut muzzling and coffee guzzling desk jockeys in DC are heavy holders. Greed rules. You have time, and corruption, on your side.

    Your all on standby for a reason, OK? We are ONLY keeping the 2 sites ahead of the pack. We want you all in and done before the Grunt queues start causing chaos and the doors close.

    The 2 sites are looking after all of you, although Tony at WHA spends too much time with his Dong in his hand being solicited by Aurataya and fantasizing about blow up Slack Alice’s in Paddington.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  2. Chinese Manufacturers Are Scrambling To Replace Workers With Robots As Wages Soar

    “…Manufacturers, squeezed by rising labor costs and a paucity of skilled workers, are fueling an unprecedented boon in the adoption of automated technologies to cut down on the number of workers needed on factory floors, according to the latest findings of the China Employer-Employee Survey….”


    1. These types of videos make me cringe but I do wonder how many of the people asked did actually know the correct answers, just edited out.

      I wonder how many Britons know much about their own Monarchy.

      Prince of Greece and Denmark? Princess of Teck? etc.


  3. OWoN:


    We are in Catch 22. Do we try to help protect you or not?

    When we know something is being set up, even if it fails as before, the big question.
    Do we put you on standby and try to get you through fast, before a log jam hits, or keep quiet?

    Letting the big battalions feed, and leaving you to drown, or try to squeeze you in fast?
    Nothing IS certain. They have failed before.

    Trying a few times is OK, if your not in, you cant win.

    But if we knew, and did not try to help you?

    No recriminations if they pull back again, when [it] goes it will be a gusher and gone.
    There are no guarantees, we try only to take care of you where possible.
    Most are good and understand.

    For the odd whining Numpty, we have a Twat Stick!
    We are trying for you out there. Free!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  4. OWoN:

    Market timing.

    No one knows, but when we do get a Heads Up they may try to sneak some through this week while the masses are vacating, we try to get you on standby fast for good reason, to give you a break if it goes. They only need enough paper to mass collateralize their new Ponzi paper, so it may only be a few days window.

    Get one thing very clear. No one gives a dam about Joe Public. To them you are tax Donors and body bags. No one is on your side. Patriotism is an illusion worshiping a hog pen.

    Self help for you, or they will help themselves to everything. If it breaks we WILL try to help you all into the Sty fast! We DO watch out for you all. More than you know.

    Hopefully WHEN it breaks, get in/ out solvent and ring fence the dam money now. Time to dump wastes of space either side and start again. Hide what you can to reduce the free riders, and get a NEW Life. No point in grief if you can build clean and new with experience. Now rich, why waste a new life with a Chump? Others Offed The Donald. Paid!! Alimony Gators. Don’t let a waster freeload rich. Plan smart! Depart!

    If your lucky you get two choices. Have a great life with a good and deserving partner. A lump wont change, so change IT! Life is too short, just Loser abort!

    Watch the Treasury Varmints now weekly, it’s bubbling.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Sure,

      I will have to recall the list from memory, because I may have used many.

      FUBAR – F—-d up beyond all recognition.

      SPQR – Senate and Population of Rome

      STENDEC – Mysterious end word sent from British passenger plane before it smashed into a mountain in the Andes.

      PP – Private placement.

      PPP – Private placement program. (Used here to denote the “prosperity programs”, which are considered extreme long shots to pay)

      RV – Re-Valuation. This term is specific to the expected change in exchange value of the Iraqi Dinar.

      GCR – Global Currency Reset. Setting of select national currencies per BASEL 3 accords.

      QED – Quod Erat Demonstrandum. Thus it has been demonstrated.

      DEFCON – Defense Condition. A cold war system of military readiness. Converted for our use to set alert condtions for getting to run like hell to a local bank with your currency.

      BSD – Big swinging dick. A term used to describe a person who holds a high/exclusive position in the financial arena.

      ZAP – Nom de Plume for Jerzy Babkowski (Landa China Global) when he writes continual weekly updates indicating funds are on the way, followed by reasons they were delayed, mixed in with donations requests. He reportedly is near starvation most of the time, yet also runs a non-registered, non-audited charity for various key persons in his organization who are; living in cars, on the street; having babies with chronic loose bowels without a father around to feed it; suffering from lung disease and cannot afford oxygen bottles; needing operations but cannot afford such (despite most countries having socialized medical systems that wont deny operations based on cost); unable to afford to replace a cell phone, yet all are about to receive billions from Edler payouts and play key roles in reconstructing the world’s infrastructure and cleaning up Fukushima.

      NESARA – National Economic Security And Reformation Act. A non existent law that many in the guru arena think is coming, but isn’t a law, and is not coming.

      I think that’s most of them. Let me know if you see any more that I may have left off that you need defining.


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  5. OWoN:

    Q: I note your comments that exchange is most likely during this limited window in London & Germany . Would it also be likely for places like Australia, HK and Singapore ? Would this curve ball also stop any double dipping?

    A: It should be a fast worldwide window for key cities, Bong Lands no chance.
    You wont stop double dipping, greed rules.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Window for key cities? Doesn’t he mean key countries? Because the big banks in major cities have branches all over the smaller cities in the country they are located in….


      1. For some reason the couple times I tried to post over there it hasn’t shown.
        I hope someone over here on WHA will like this slideshare. When the video was removed I kicked myself for not downloading it as it was narrated version.


        1. I have also tried to contribute to the OWoN discussions, using these same WordPress sign-in details as I’m using now and it never allows me to post. Perhaps I’m blocked for some reason but I doubt it as I’ve never actually managed to submit a comment there.


  6. OWoN:

    Q: Will the bank issuing the SKR be potentially willing and able to draw up a line of credit against that instrument, if requested?

    A: Any Bank will if its credible. Mainly for project funding not free cash to waste. Joe Public assisted to project enrich America is a good thing. Joe Public let loose with Casino money – Hello?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Hi Tony,

      Please let me know if I am understanding the above post. Once we surrender our currency to the bank of our choice, they will provide us with an SKR.

      We will not be able to withdraw from the account unless it is going to be used to fund a project that will benefit the public.

      What about those who will exchange outside of the United States? Will the same rules apply?

      Thanks you Tony for you for all you do. Thank you J of Owon for sharing this information to us specially because you did not have to.

      This has been a long journey of learning. Now that it is coming to an end I can’t believe its happening.



      1. We are not certain that SKRs will be used. That has been mentioned as a possibility.

        I don’t think your funds will be limited to just projects. I think if you were to request a line of credit from the SKR there may be a restricted use imposed.

        As for outside the US, we can only guess, but that would probably be dependent on the banking rules and laws of that country, or there may be no difference at all. I really don’t know. Whatever the situation, there is little, if anything that we can do to challenge any rules or regulations on this thing. So, be ready for any eventuality, and don’t quit that day job in any event until you know for sure what liquidity is going to be in your account once you turn in your currency.

        Also, keep in mind that only the swift will have a chance, so above all, be quick. Don’t sweat the back end. Just hammer hard for the bank, get your funds in, and hope for the best. If we were told that endless funds were available for you all, we would probably all relax and just enjoy a quiet Uber ride to the bank where tea and crumpets would be waiting. But, that’s not going to be the case most likely.

        Good luck, and stay tuned here for any updates as they are released to us from those on high.


        1. Thanks Tony. Hope you enjoy the drink prepped by robots when you come by in my neck of the woods. Hopefully there is still sometime before an algorithm is invented to replace people in my field of work in computer software. Otherwise, I need to retool. Cheers !


  7. I have a Wells Fargo account. Am I correct that I now feel I should seek out a new bank for currency moves and also the blocking of Wells Fargo from the trade platforms? Any bank suggestions?

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    1. I don’t think he meant that WF would not be able to act as a currency exchanger for rank and file pedestrian RV traffic. He was referring to WF having access to London platforms. They are trying to keep weasels out of their future plans for usury free nation building.


  8. OWoN:

    Today I have been active since 03-30 and I’m swamped.
    Please briefly as follows and sensitive as hell.

    1. There may even be a currency move this week, with a fast track Public move first, for a few days. If so, you will be in and probably SKR’s only issued, then windows closed. No time for miss the boat ambulance chasers, those failing, probably kiss it goodbye. Note SKR’s rumored, NOT cash! No one KNOWS yet.

    2. Preferential majors will follow later, but on different terms. Not for Public release. Need to know only. It’s handled and will not go public.

    3. This is curve balling fast today under radar if it goes.

    This is ALL we can say so far. It is not intended to fund a free fall cash Jamboree for the public. Terms when qualified.

    Terms for the majors will be for those qualified where we can do a lot of Project good and job creation. Not dreamers, proven safe hands. No I can’t elaborate.

    Just watch for any Public green light. Don’t be left out if it flies suddenly now. Just watch and be ready in case. Thing are very heated. Sorry no more time. I’m inundated right now. Let’s see if these release. Good luck. Count on nothing just hope!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. On Jul 3, 2017 1:23 PM, “WHITE HATS AUXILIARY and FACT CHECK CENTER” wrote:

      whitehatsauxiliaries commented: “OWoN: Today I have been active since 03-30 and I’m swamped. Please briefly as follows and sensitive as hell. 1. There may even be a currency move this week, with a fast track Public move first, for a few days. If so, you will be in and probably SK”


        1. Hi Tony

          The message was sent in error and you can remove it.

          I’m not sure what you mean by:
          S-T-E-N-D-E-K ??

          But it sure sounds like very hopeful news from OWoN.


        2. You are funny Tony.

          I have also learned a lot from you: new words, classical music artists and historical references.

          Yes I received your post and l-o-o-p-e-d it back to you by accident. Please forgive me (smile)

          Philip Reilly Stendek is a contemporary United States musician self-described as a loop artist. He performs by recording samples of music while on stage, which he plays on a variety of instruments, and then playing them back as the accompaniment for his vocals and guitar work.


          1. I actually meant another definition of STENDEC, but the one that coincidentally was given by yourself actually fit as well.

            The reference to that term was actually from an airplane crash years ago. Actually, it was spelled STENDEC. My error.

            STENDEC was part of a mysterious Morse code message sent by a British Lancastarian passenger plan named “Stardust” that mysteriously disappeared on its way to Santiago, Chile.

            For years, nobody could find the wreckage, leading to theories of UFO intervention and so on. There were even “STENDEK” magazines and such in publication about Ufology. They used a K at the end, for some reason. The Morse message used a C.

            Years later, parts of the plane (and bones) started to appear at the foot of a melting glacier, and investigators traced the missing plane to the fact that it descended too early in clouds, and ran into the side of a mountain, killing everyone instantly. The remains of the plane were so small as to escape detection all that time.

            The Morse reference to STENDEC has been discussed and debated among nerds for years since the 1947 crash.

            Whenever someone sends me a message that is cut off, or unintelligible, I usually reply with STENDEC. That really gets them going.

            As for Philip Stendek, I did not know he even existed until you pointed him out.

            Hey, maybe we should use that as a code word when the RV happens? STENDEC!!

            On second thought, maybe not.

            Here is a link that explains where STENDEC came from, and some possible explanations.

            I will leave your fragment up so that others can understand why this discourse started. Without it they may think we have gone bloody insane.



              1. I must be to have volunteered for this duty. No pay, no ad revenue, no offers of sex, no Paddington cafe credits from the man in London or even a tip where I can get a diamond encrusted Rolex.

                And on top of that, my country is heading for 3rd world status and the Aliens are coming from 40 light years away to do gods knows what.

                If I had any sanity left, I would be hiding in a cabin with Clif High, or hiding at a pub near Loch Ness.

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    2. OWoN said: “Just watch for any Public green light. Don’t be left out if it flies suddenly now. Just watch and be ready in case. Thing are very heated. Sorry no more time. I’m inundated right now. Let’s see if these release. Good luck. Count on nothing just hope!”

      Okay, I will be checking WHA every hour today, and then starting on Wednesday morning I will be checking every hour through Friday. Thanks for keeping us informed as soon as you hear of a public exchange window opening up and telling us which banks not to trust with our currency. Looks like WF would not be recommended….

      :- )


    3. Tony, I have two questions on J’s latest post and hope you can provide your thoughts on them. I recognize this is not yet cast in concrete.

      1. Does this pertain to the US only or is this world wide? If worldwide, would the process be the same?

      2. What exactly does the issuance of SKRs mean? Is this the RV rate and what is transferred to us when we give up the dinars?

      Thanks for any explanations on your part.


      1. Hi Jay,

        For your first question, I think you are asking if the RV in general is world-wide. My understanding is yes, and probably will be administered in a uniform fashion, subject to rules of that country.

        For the second, the SKR means you are giving them cash in exchange for a receipt and future credit to your account, subject to whatever terms they outline for you before you accept the receipt. I would very much think it would outline the rate, payment terms and conditions.

        If I am inaccurate in my understanding, the London BSD can issue a correction.

        Good luck!


    4. Hello WHA. I wanted to put something out there based on this post from J.

      “1. There may even be a currency move this week, with s fast track Public move first, for a few days. If so, you will be in and probably SKR’s only issued, then windows closed. No time for miss the boat ambulance chasers,those failing , probably kiss it goodbye. Note SKR’s rumored, NOT cash! No one KNOWS yet.”

      While it is good to now start studying up on SKR’s, J even said that this was rumored, we don’t know for sure. We may luck out and be able to get cash. Maybe this is why J said to watch the site, if we get in early to the Banks, things may just work out for us, and we may get cash and the Johnny-Come-Lately’s will get the SKR’s. So let’s all put our energy out there and hope for the best possible outcome.


    5. You might want to do some research on SKRs in the U.S. “just in case” i.e. if they can even be used in the U.S. or for currencies, etc.

      Hope you all take the time to read the Declaration of Independence today.

      Happy Independence Day,



  9. OWoN:

    Q: Is there a plan for a 2 tier currency in the US? One for the gov and one for the public?

    A: There will be a phase over period from that worthless skank Fed paper into TRN’s. The battle next is when Gold backed RMBs come in, and when the $ stops being used as a Global pricing currency, leaving the US to choke on this crap alone.

    What will the US use for Global buying, and will an internal note only be used for the trapped public? We did this with South Africa. 2 Rands.

    As the US finds its future as a Bongo Land Third World Republic, its paper will need to float. Unless we can save America within the commonwealth, the Mexican and Afro growth will kill it all. Manic Hispanics and Welfare Ghettos with a huge education and crime crisis. Whats tracking?

    Trump will likely be a one termer. Obama was an 8 year disaster. Who will save America from itself? When the Kikes are on their bikes to Israel, what then? All congregated for an Iranian nuke.

    Read more at:
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  10. OWoN:

    Very heavy growing response last week on so many issues.

    1. We offered to help all site parties get fast free Pensions advice to avoid the horrible trap of under funded schemes about to collapse in debt. Within hours you started contacting the site by email. Please supply your name and contact coordinates. We will have licensed professionals back to you quickly by phone to work out what plan is best for you. Those contacting us on Sunday are already on a follow up contact plan for Monday. This offers you a fast chance to sort out your lives. If not, you are walking blind into the Abyss. There will be NO free State bail out, and you will be cut loose when time comes. Doing nothing now guarantees you a devastating reality check. Self help, or no help, it IS that simple. Have 2 different plans as a safety strategy, or if one goes wrong, the lot goes. Use your heads, think safety , it makes sense. Many State and Federal plans will fail and you will be left with nothing. Don’t leave it to chance as blind Numpties. If your one plan fails, what then? State and Federal plans are under funded.You can lose the lot. Many will.

    Spread your risk. Send us your contact points and we will have Licensed professional parties contact you direct. Help yourselves right now. We will help both sites WHA also. Just email in. You will be contacted direct by experienced Professionals.

    2. The PPs first. It’s the madness of a holiday on Tuesday,you know key Bankers won’t turn up on Wednesday, and its now Silly Season. Yes we are locked head on, but reality rules dealing with skidrow Bankers.

    3. Currencies will only follow the PPs. But when it comes,expect a disorganized Klondike rush,chaos, and doors closing fast. Get in, get out. Fast! You will get one opportunity. Use it or lose it. The battle this week,is keeping Bankers dirty claws off incoming redemption funds. They have Form! WF has already been sidestepped for the new London Bank platforms. We will not tolerate their conduct. No invitation now.

    Self help, do not delegate your lives to others. It’s your cross to bear. You carry and sort it. Cover your backs, and more.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  11. OWoN:

    The Cabal needs to Gold back dollars to compete against Gold backed RMB coming. How?

    We will allow them Zero until they start redeeming. We have vast cash pallets also. Nothing is going forwards for the Agency or Cabal to steal again. Only last week we blocked another AU application.

    The US cant survive without the Gold or Cash pallets moving. Not a chance until we see Redemptions in full flow.

    Close the bases, cut the Military and Agencies, STOP funding Kazakh hell, and Butt out of world affairs. Rebuild America. But they are happy to see 50M of you dead to cut welfare. The US has zero interest in any of you unless tax paying or body bag boots for Israeli causes. You-don’t- count.
    Goyims? Fly droppings to them.

    We will change it as default comes closer. Americas truly are clueless how close collapse now is. As were Russians. You are long past bankrupt. The only reason you are dead people walking is because no one wants to face writing off your bad debts. Trading knowingly bankrupt.

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  12. Hello WHA, I wanted to share this with all of you. “Illinois financial COLLAPSE draws near”

    OWON warned of this.


    1. They aren’t the only one. Dominos come to mind.

      Martin Armstrong has been predicting a complete collapse in government.

      Illinois is to Bear Stearns as 2017 is to 2008.


  13. OWoN:

    Q: So certain banks are sending the money to the Fed? Treasury? And then they are supposed to put the money back into the accounts of the original owners…Tropos, Wanta, etc. But…didn’t the Fed snag that money and park it in B of A and other accounts in the 1st place? How much are we talking about? 50T…100T?

    A: Tens right now and cant say more yet.

    They all need access to the Elders Gold.

    Wanta and others are owed big.They are active daily. None are fools. It’s all in play. Our clients know the game and watch daily………

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  14. OWoN:

    Q: J, the first PP’s to go, are they the ones that go back to the Civil War? Are they war reparations?

    A: NO decisions are pending which PPs redeem first now. There are 7 in place right now. The truth is the robbing dogs have looted the planet. Thousands of trusts are owed.

    We are focused on c 50T right now. It’s enough. Truth is monies stolen are in Quad T.s right now. So where to start? If we get even $5T repaid we can re trade it to $50T and do a lot of good. Infrastructure, jobs,Education, projects etc. Real impact,not bailing a lost wannabe cause. We can help tens of thousands soon then. Jobs, money a new life. A new start. We can rebuild communities.Educate for tomorrow. Build a new base. Build new nations. America is bankrupt and we cant educate stupid. So we start selectively. Who is worth saving? Will they move their Butts for it? If not, who cares? Pass. Millions will.

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    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  15. OWoN:

    Q: It seems as if this is going to go on forever with the PP’s with no end in sight, as they keep blocking it. Why are we still being told to watch the site daily, if this seems to be the case? Are RV’s Separate from the PP’s and this is why you tell us to keep watch?

    A: Simple, because the minute there is a breakthrough, it will move the next day. PPs of course are different to the RV’s.

    But BOTH are in full live debate daily. When either breaks it moves fast. On currencies it will log jam fast. Get in, get out, leave the Numpties to weep. No one owes them a Dime.

    PPs will fund projects and chances for some. RV’s will be a Klondike.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  16. OWoN:

    This coming quiet week, will involve a few key major Settlement incoming funds to DC control.

    Next, to redeem some PP’s as so needed, or do they siphon off again? Next weeks battle. Who gets what, or just hijacked again? It’s our Wild West every week. Bandit country. When does doing the right thing impact on the Kazakh hoard of Zio Mongols?

    America has been hijacked. How do we deal with highway robbers. The ROPE!

    Battle on as we track each dollar block. When do they start shapes shifting again? It’s a truly evil viral species. Hell spawn. Their arrogance and contempt for the Goyims needs a final solution. Only the US has allowed such a conclave of treason. Worse, look how fast they breed and mass sequestrate. They ring fence everything and exclude you out. They are far and away America greatest public enemy.

    A Rodent swarm taking everything. Sanitisation is so needed. They will not go willingly into the night. Arrogance permeates through.They feel only indifference and contempt for you. They even own the Law, MSM and now Agencies too. Nothing at all has been left for you. Battles on.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  17. Have a good weekend, everyone. Stay alert. We are still on high readiness, believe it or not.

    Also, as we have discussed several times long ago, we may be approaching a time when even the constant and malignantly inaccurate “we are there” repetitions from guru rags and talk show chunder chuckers may become more accurate, in spite of, and not because of themselves.

    We have endured it all – from the reports of Multi T ZIM cashouts, to Iraqi’s screaming in the streets because of the “lower denoms being out”. Then of course, there are the prosperity packs forever being “out for delivery” for decades, but having no more success in finding their mark than the navigator for the Donner Party.

    Of course, on closer inspection, the Zim stories are just that, stories; the people screaming in Iraq are because of a car bomb blowing the legs off of everyone within 50 feet, and those prosperity packs are so long overdue that Amelia Earheart is more likely to show up at your door before they do.

    Whatever happens, whenever it happens, however it happens; stay calm and stay tuned for more as it becomes possible to release. Don’t be fooled by the quiet. Mt Vesuvius was quiet until the end. Be ready to run like hell before hell runs over you.

    Tine Thing Helseth will now blow us a brief tune to close the week.


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  18. Al Hodges says……

    Gentle people –

    As we contemplate various chores and other anticipated activities over this Holiday weekend, I want to remind each of you to save some time to think about the significance of next Tuesday’s celebration, and all that means for us all.

    I was ruminating somewhat last night as I half watched the LA Dodgers beating up on the LA Angels; the thought that kept running through my brain was something my paternal grandfather used to preach to me as a small boy – he always reminded me that ‘you can’t always control the situation you find yourself in, but you can control how you react to it.’ I understood then that it was his way of getting me to appreciate the need for me to take responsibility for my actions and behavior vis-a-vis whatever the circumstances were. I assure you that, although it sounds simple, it is just not that easy. Why, you immediately ask, is that the case; I believe it’s because our ego is culturally indoctrinated to instantly compete with all in our environment, to win at any cost, and to be in such fear at all times that our first reaction is to strike out in an attempt to ‘save’ ourselves.

    This is probably where you consider not reading the balance of this message, wondering why I’m wasting your time with my ruminations. Please bear with me a few moments more. I thought for most of my life that my Grandfather, a not-well-educated working man was an unsophisticated boob – the opinion obviously of someone not as smart as he believed. It was not until I listened and analyzed some of JFK’s writings and speeches, and began to hear words that said “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” [Dietrich Bonhoeffer], “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”[Martin L. King], and “All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” [E. Burke] that I truly began to understand how smart my Grandfather really was. What he was saying to a very young boy/man is YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR EXISTENCE.

    How this relates to this weekend is obvious to all of you I certainly hope. Simply stated, I solicit you to join me in the celebration of our efforts to demonstrate to the universe our sense of responsibility. Many of us have been actively involved for 15+ years in seeking to right, first the small financial world of CMKX, and then the larger financial structure of the Earth. During this journey we have happily found allies and fellow travelers to join forces with and have now arrived at the culmination of our initial effort. Not only are we to receive our financial reward, but, much more importantly, we are to shortly witness return of this country to a Constitutional Republic for the first time since 1871; we are also to observe all of the ‘miscreants’ receive their just due.

    The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 is truly one of the most important documents of the entirety of human-kind. Not only did it publicize to the universe the reasons for separation, but it itemized the most organic reasons why it had to be – that man was here in this world, and came into it, with certain ‘inalienable rights.’ This was a concept that had not truly ever before been publicly embraced as having any relevance to the foundational basis of “government.”

    As this holiday weekend goes on, save a moment or two to consider that the men who signed that document were not only risking certain death, they were being RESPONSIBLE for their own existence and circumstance in which they lived; they, like many of you, were doing what needed to be done. They were willing to do what needed to be done, notwithstanding any danger real or imagined, present or future, BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

    I have appended a copy of the Declaration below. Please join with me Tuesday in reading it out loud and discussing it with your friends and loved ones; you may well be surprised by how many people are truly interested, and are willing to act after receiving a slight nudge – after all, it is their responsibility. This is truly a time of celebration and joy; we are returning to that which resonates within each of us – HALLELUJAH!

    Love and blessings,


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  19. OWoN:

    Q: …..are you saying we are near closure? I am excited due to the fact we have been on standby all this time since April 21st, normally we would have been told that nothing is happening until after September plus. And here we are still on high alert for the first time in the history of the site. I hope this continues so we will all find some closure.

    A: Still a by the day thing. Try to be a Beneficiary there.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  20. OWoN:

    Q: Can you please explain why we hit a brick wall with regards to any movement on tier 1? In other words, we were led to believe from other sources, tier 1 was ready for final rates and dates, etc…. then nothing and also importantly no explanation. Can you clarify a bit what is happening?

    A: When DC decides yes, then it moves. Until then not.

    Ask the Treasury Secretary why not.

    He will ask you, what’s it got to do with you?

    You’re not told because its a Pay Grade issue. And only now are funds tricking back, and I can’t say more.

    Daily I get this. You have no idea of the stress, pressures and costs of those truly owed. Years of it. Many! Costs off the map.Try fighting a Zionist /Jewish Cabal mind set. As a Goyim! Goyboys get the Ali shuffle.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Hi,

        If you are asking for comment regarding the PPs being by the hour, then all I can say is that such information comes from our friend in London, and as such we count it as highly accurate.

        Stay tuned for more as it is released. I am very sure we will have all possible information at the appropriate time.

        Please note that any recipients from that tier will most likely not be posting such news on a public blog. We will respect and honor all wishes from administrative personnel along those lines, so any news of success will have to come from above, and not from individual members, bar some special dispensation.

        Thanks for your question!


  21. If you are considering bar tending as a career, best think it through. I am going to go see this very soon next time I am in Vegas. I am not much of a drinker any more, but I have to try this just once.

    That beauty serving the drinks is certainly dressed for the pending arrival. lol


    1. You love these robots don’t you Tony? That’s pretty cool actually. I wonder what will now happen to those lonely souls that feel a bit down and head to the local bar to pour our their hearts to the weary bartender? Don’t think the drink making robot will listen to their troubles lol. The way of the future I suppose.


  22. Hi WHA, what are your thoughts about the recent news from OWoN regarding first contact and the imminent nature of things concerning the RV etc. Just wanted your opinions for my curiosity. By the way thank you for helping me with my computer issue. I had no idea I was so open to attack.


    1. Quite frankly, first contact from a physically arriving off planet intelligence scares the living shit out of me. They have to be so incredibly more advanced than us that they could wipe us clean with little effort. While it’s certainly going to be a massive turning point for us, I am also reminded of how many reacted to HG Wells’ War Of the Worlds. In one reported instance, a radio station in South America was stormed and the staff killed by crazed mobs who were convinced it was real, and that the staff were in on it. Others came close to committing suicide. Some, I understand, did.

      Religious fanatics are going to be a problem. All it will take is one allah-loving fruitcake in the upper echelons of a military machine to decide that these off worlders are the devil, and allah forbids anyone to claim status over him, so a nuke is in order. Our culture is incredibly un-sane.

      A species that can travel in ways that overrides our understanding of space time limitations of light-speed, will certainly find this place a slum of the highest magnitude. What will they consider? Erase and repopulate with their kind? Who would stop them? Who could?

      Last night I was up till 4am – my mind racing with things, and quite frankly, all this stuff about a GCR and RV is now seeming like an exercise in futility. If contact is so close, what good will money be? A higher intelligence will certainly bring the means to produce what it needs, and why not share it with us if they are here to help? They cannot have pallets for hot dogs and knish now, can they? Do they even breath our type of polluted atmosphere?

      If such is already known by higher levels on earth, how will they explain it to the people? What will their reaction be to being kept in the dark about it? Taxed all these years, yet you were in contact with ET and you didn’t share until now? Crowd psychosis. Now I understand why the Feds loaded up on ammo.

      On the flip side, it’s certainly exciting and the most incredible claim that any of us will ever be asked to accept in our lifetimes. From there, I don’t know.

      No problem on the computer. Just keep the security software installed and configured as I showed you. Don’t use free ware ever for protection. It’s garbage.

      Time for lunch.

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      1. Hi Tony,
        I thought with all this seemingly positive talk about light beings arriving in our planet nobody else was scared other than me.

        I haven’t even figured out the ones I am with right now… lol…

        This whole RV/GCR is nothing compared to the arrival of these beings if they are in fact coming.

        Glad to see that you are voicing what I am also thinking.

        Have a good day!


        1. First contact between species have always been tenuous. To me, life is the same everywhere. We may all look different, but the same issues of survival are omnipresent, imo. Just what business would another species of intelligent life want here? They could not possibly need anything we have. That leaves us with two scenarios. They want to help us advance, Q.E.D. no more money, politics or religion; or, they want to wipe us off the face of the earth, and use it for a vacation resort.

          If the former, well, then the GCR/RV is just another concept for us to poop on. If the later, well, we get pooped on.

          But, there is a wild card here. That is the great unknown. If higher ups have been prepping for this, then that would involve the most brilliant of our scientists, sociologists, engineers and physicists and political leaders (if you can qualify them as “brilliant” just for the sake of classifying the best of them for the time being). They must have had ample time to model the cultural shock, and know IN ADVANCE, what may likely happen. Could it be that they have agreed to do away with some, but not all of us? A sort of culling of the herd?

          What better pretense than to let everyone go berserk and use that as the reason to flame the lot, in the name of galactic law and order? We have heard of such desires by cabal bigwigs. Could this be their part of the bargain to create real estate for ET and his fleets? Is there a segment of leadership that has offered the aliens a “better deal”? Who do they believe? Can’t bad guys also act all “ethereal like”? They certainly know how to bullshit the people on earth. Why not ET?

          So many more questions, and so few answers as of yet.

          I think I will just wait for our higher up friends to flesh it all out a bit more. While I have always believed that we are not alone in the universe, I have always been open to the possibility that whoever gets here first, may not be friendly. They may act such, and convince us of such, but in the end, a more advanced race will have the power to change their minds, and there would not be thing one we could do about it.

          Time for a movie…. Ah yes, Independence Day.

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          1. I’m thinking the ‘higher purpose’ of the gcr etc is to re-order the house and reformat living and commerce so that it will be easier to get rid of money entirely. At the moment doing such would be quite disruptive.
            As for settlement, it’s no different to a pluralist nation on Earth. The Earth is a jewel and a living library. Despite this no one has wiped us out. There are universal laws. I wouldn’t worry about it. But at the same time I think xenophobia is something that will be front and centre for our species. It already is.


          2. Killing us would be trivial excersize in biotechnology given their advanced science. So, waste of time contacting us if that’s the purpose.

            In the abstract, if they are reptiles and we are mammals, I am a little concerned of being on the menu. 🙂

            It’s possible we have made too much noise in the kindergarten and it’s for some strong hand going into adolescence.

            More likely, we are coming of age and need to be imparted the rules of behavior.


      1. I was happy to do so.

        I think the world is slowly coming around. The physics of the matter are clear, even to non experts. Newtons laws are not in dispute in the scientific community, so the truth is going to win out.

        Personally, I think Dr. Judy Wood is the closest to the matter. It would have been impossible to wire that building with conventional explosives, and the mini nuke theory is not practical. The thermite/thermate theory is also impracticable as a source of the destruction, but is explained as a byproduct from the reaction of the aluminum and iron having been dematerialized.

        Large sections of that building were rendered to dust. You can see the steel beams trailing huge contrails of thick particulates that are too heavy and dense to be “dust on the beams”. You can actually see beams dematerialize as they fell, leaving those thick streams of dense material along the way. Some actually disappear before they hit the ground. It’s almost shocking that people are ignoring it, but given that such things “just don’t happen in real life”, I think the terrifying truth has stunned our culture into not wanting to consider the truth of it.

        I am absolutely convinced that those towers met with an unknown force of some kind on that day. That is the only explanation for the lack of material left on the ground, in my opinion.

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    1. That was excellent Tony, thank you. I am still astounded that the true perpetrators of this horrible crime have never been brought to justice. I do hope I see the day where all involved in this are dealt with in the fashion that they should be.


  23. Published on Jun 22, 2017

    In 2014, a Hitler-impersonator walked and drove about Berlin as part of a promotion for an upcoming movie. The actor, Oliver Masucci, later said how shocked he was at the warm reception that many tourists and even some Germans gave “Hitler.”

    From The Daily Mail:

    “People clustered around me. One told me she loved me, and asked me to hug her.” Older people began pouring their hearts out to him.

    “During shooting, I realised: I didn’t really have to perform – people felt a need to talk, they wanted to pour their hearts out to a fatherly Hitler who was listening to them. I found it disturbing how quickly I could win people over. I mean, they were talking to Hitler.”

    Ending text translated: It is necessary for my people. But my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right. – Adolf Hitler


  24. Banks’ blockchain consortium picks IBM for trade finance platform

    “….Tech giant IBM is building a blockchain-based platform for seven big European banks, including HSBC and Deutsche Bank, that is aimed at simplifying trade finance transactions for small- and medium-sized companies……..”

    “……..This contrasts with the present process – trade finance transactions typically involve a complicated paper trail that requires international courier services, is vulnerable to document fraud, and can take as long as a month to be completed……..”


  25. OWoN:

    In parallel with the PP’s, RV’s and Tiers, NASA is on the verge of announcing contact with ET life, specifically ones from c 40 light years away, and also a special inter dimensional species. Clear visitation plans are emerging, as Leaders are briefed on intended settling ETs, and not to attempt to harm their discs or monitoring craft.

    FBI circulars are in process to high command. The Deep State are attempting to handle the Inter Dimensional species, vast light years ahead of us in both technology and ethereal cosmic understanding.

    Like the PP’s and hopefully RV’s, its coming. Once it breaks, planet Earth will never be the same again.

    The multi dimensional species are somewhat human like but considerably larger than humans. There are definitions of both their propulsion systems and communication methods.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. Most cryptocurrencies have dived in value by between 3-20% in the last day or so.

    In the recent discussion at OWoN a couple of us pointed out the speculative nature of these instruments and this is the third such downside in 6 weeks across the board. One poster went so far as to posit that TBTB/TBTW are testing their software to crash everything.

    My point, after only a very small time, is that it is important to understand why you buy a particular cryptocurrency. For example, I wouldn’t say that Ethereum is a good transactional currency or store of value, but offers exposure to the economy that uses gas/ether for its commercial transactions. Bitcoin on the other hand seems better for transactions. Store of value? I wouldn’t know. So, before I proceed further I know to do so with a purpose in mind and to do so deliberately.

    An example. How can Ethereum’s ability to use interactive ‘contracts’ help your effort to build a new system or company? I am grinding my gears and I have a sketch of how I could use this for education. Possibly. Maybe.

    Despite my little play of $100 now valued at $80 I have learned a lot and am not deterred. Its like shares. If anybody asked I would counsel they research how the different cryptocurrencies are used and future use, before deciding which to speculate in. Because these are speculations. But for people like us who are motivated to renewal of society and systems I think it’s an area to become at least literate in.


    1. As to TBTB/TBTW “testing software, etc.”, I have no idea if any of that is true, but I would think they would be eager to make money with these things along side anyone else.

      While one can buy at a time that market retracements are not a factor, you can also sometimes find yourself in a drawdown position.

      Coming from an old school method of investing/speculation hybrid philosophy and methodology, I usually do not concern myself with such. Overall, it is times like this that you must hold on.


      Well, think it through. If, as some claim, there are forces out there that are guiding the prices down, then it stands to reason that they are doing so to get ma and pa kettlebottom to sell out in panic, so they can then buy on the cheap in anticipation of the price GOING BACK UP.

      The vast majority of people who speculate do so from greed in the buying process, and fear in the selling process. Don’t slide into that trap.

      I am reminded when BTC had its first run up to 4 figures. It was followed by a drop off to low 3 figures. Now, look where it is. Only the calm, cool and collected held on to see higher gains, while the caffeine guzzling screen watchers were lead by the nose into selling out.

      I learned this in the commodity markets. I learned from a man who was mentored by an 8th grade dropout who made himself a millionaire in the 50s.

      I still use the same framework today, and am not concerned with dips and drawdowns. If I do get concerned, then I know I overplayed my hand, and for that I expect punishment.

      Currently, my crypto portfolio is well in positive.

      Now, how does one play such speculations? The prime directive is do not overbuy in relation to your capital. Be able to take a complete loss and have enough on hand to fight a dozen such more battles. If your overall tactics are sound, you will score victories.

      Timing is key as well. Even more in crypto speculation, if your goal is a fast short term profit.

      Nathan Bedford Forrest, an illiterate son of a blacksmith, became a genius calvary commander by adhering to simple rules. One was “get there first with the most men, and don’t let them know you are coming”. He didn’t know that was already a military maxim. He just felt it naturally and knew that timing was key in many situations. So, as a trader or speculator, if you miss the mark on timing, realize it and wait. My rules are to never buy on the rush, and wait for the dreary panic sellers to shed their positions, then mop up the field on the cheap.

      Hold that 100 play. In fact, if you can, buy more at the lower price. That’s your call, but don’t pass up a chance to get something you feel is valuable at a lower price.

      As to the post about virtual currencies taking a “bloodbath”, I have to laugh. Really? Lower prices? Yum yum yum….pass that cup of blood.

      It’s amateur night.

      Good luck!

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  27. OWoN:

    This is sensitive.


    There are “certain” transactions imminent now, more we can not disclose.

    Details I am bound by a Duty of Care to maintain silence on.

    None of the key US parties can trust each other, mainly from bitter experience, whereas I have 20 years plus relationships with them, and 40 years plus Global relationships with the nations and key families.

    We have a bond of trust and it will not be broken. Plus family bonds going back over 700 years for certain key strategic issues.

    We ” have” the trust of the Elders.

    We have inter bank access to key platforms. Also extensive project links and capability. Decades of experience.

    When it is done, only AFTER first clearing issues safely and moving funds OUT, we will then discuss a market release. First we must protect the transactions and funds. Then the safety of the Clients.

    Only this year have we put you on open standby. For good reasons. But ones we can not go public on. Too many things are leaking and it’s not good.

    Until its done, it’s not done, and even when agreed it only needs a last minute collateral bun fight, and have to reschedule. We are fighting with the forces of Endemic greed, arrogance, pseudo religious basket cases. The “We are Special” and despise all Goyims types, and so many more cross contaminations of human species. It is not easy. It’s a basket of basket cases.
    We tread with care. Diplomacy.

    I can not go public ahead of issues. The pre advices are not yet out, and its still only 02-57 here on Monday morning, so what does that say? I just finished 1 hour calls with Elders, and am covering all needed.

    Just ” watch this site”, and when safe, facts will be issued. All the rest is speculation. No Bank pre advices are yet out. Fact. Let it all be worked out.

    We are working on Global project sharing for nations. Job creation. Community care. As you see, 24 x 7.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Please do NOT post this on guru sites. -WHA

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    1. Greetings Tony…. is it safe to say that any “imminent transaction” from here on may be transacted via bonds? or is he referring to cash transaction?


      1. This would be an issue for those parties germane to the particular transactions in question, and not for our concern in the public arena.

        As the man said, no pre advice has been given to the banks, so it’s higher up than public issues.

        Stay tuned and let it play out.


  28. Tony thanks for your steady cool Luke reasoning and information on cryptos. I did my own investigations of course and ended up bought some Ether using coinbase easily. But what you did in explaining the different parts helped a lot. Cheers! Alice may get out of Paddington after all.

    A note to Canadians and Australians: ive found that Coinbase cannot yet exchange cryptocurrencies back into CAD or AUD. They say they’re working on it. So there may be another wallet to tfer to to allow this.

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    1. Good move, as I think Ethereum will grow steadily.

      Yes, good ol’ Alice. She even takes Bitcoin I hear. Our friend in London no doubt has been whispering in her ear. lol

      Post RV, I am looking at setting up large crypto mining farms, with c30% profits to technological investments that center on food, water and shelter technology development in the USA, and to support shelters for families that are without work.

      There are just no limits to creativity with all this new technology.

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        1. You just install a specific software on any computer, and let it run. There are constraints, such as processing speed, and of course, your electricity costs. You can also purchase asic miners, which are dedicated rigs that you run from the computer.

          Note that the asic miners are now the only way to mine and have any chance at making headway. A home computer just wont make enough to make it worth it. That’s why you see videos of entire warehouses with mining rigs in them banging away.

          This fellow explains is quite well.

          It’s not free bitcoin as there is a cost to mine them.

          This is very basic information, but it’s a good place to start.

          Good luck and I hope you get your lick.

          For Ethereum, here is a video that tells how.


          1. Thanks so much, Tony, for all of the info on crypto currencies, and to Andrew also, for the discussions around this. I don’t feel confident enough yet to give any of it a whirl; I have a feeling that will change once I’ve had a chance to watch the links provided. Very much appreciate the time you take to educate us in addition to keeping us informed. Hats off to you!

            P.S. – the bit on Hitler walking the streets is absolutely….. creepy, disturbing and disheartening. On the other hand – shows us there is much work left to do to wake people up, and it’s better to know than to not know. So thanks for that as well.


            1. Glad we could help a little with it. This blog is certainly not about crypto tech, but it’s important to let people know what the basics are.

              Re: Hitler. As a lover of history, I am a purist as well. Remember that the victors write the history books that are shoved in front of kids in school, and a lot of it is crap.

              I won’t go into it all, and I certainly do not condone any nation attacking another. But the reasons for how that war started, who instigated it, and what Adolf was trying to do vs. what happened, are not what you will truly find in the history books in school. This is far too off topic for our blog, and I won’t go into it all here, but think about this.

              If you were a nationalist, who loved your country, and saw your country being picked apart on all sides, from the occupied Ruhr Valley, to the Danzig corridor, where 5000 German citizens were murdered by Poles, and you knew that 20,000,000 were brutally murdered by Communists in the east, and had come very close to taking Germany post 1917, would you have stood idle?

              For that time, and culture, had you been idle, and weak, most assuredly Stalin would have moved on Germany. He moved on Finland as a first step, the slimy little prick that he was. France and England banking interests didn’t move a muscle against Russia when it took half of Poland. No, only against Germany. Why? We know who controlled them into war. Yes?

              Am I saying I am pro Hitler? No. What I am saying is that history books are full of lies, and many of those lies are written by the same financial interests who were thrown out of Germany for plundering their citizens.

              From 1933 to 1939 Germany performed an economic miracle without banker cliques in charge. They outperformed every other nation, and guess who that pissed off?

              You got it.

              Were there psychotic aspects of their culture? Sure. Their euthanasia programs were certainly horrific by the standards of today, even then as well. But all nations have horrors within them. Even now.

              I just feel it’s proper to have truth, and all of it, when understanding history.

              As for a lot of work left to wake people up?

              Yes. Indeed.


  29. OWoN:

    Comment: ….September/October at best if I’m following J’s comments correctly and we still have seen no high level arrests even though some things seem to be happening.

    Reply: NO. PP’s are right on the edge, and if allowed out, even as Bonds now, the Tidal surge will carry the rest. Close but confused. Certain Zio Swine wanting cash when there is none, and obstructing progress until their claws are smashed.

    Parasitic scum infighting is the delay. They don’t get, having blown or stolen the lot, is that now it’s truly an empty pot.

    We have to bring the Offshore Racketeering dollars on balance sheet, leaving the Fed even more insolvent, but if it feeds the swine troughs, that’s all they care about. The Rotts worry about losing their gruel trough from the Dumb Goyims waking up. Also the inevitable dollar depreciation. If you cash out, get into an asset with value and longevity. A thinking solution. Make it work for you.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  30. OWoN:

    Q: Could you elaborate on your comment : “Tier one will go when a phasing plan is agreed for all ” Is the phasing plan some kind of staged roll out of funds to each participant in a Tier ? How quickly do you think this will be agreed upon?

    A: Tier one is the major Rollers like the Vatican and key Elites. They are wailing at the trough, but have to wait until there is agreement on the following Tiers, and certain key PPs. There has to be a coordinated roll out.

    Progress is seeing the move towards a possible Bond solution for the PPs.
    For us, that will work because we are more than capable of rebuilding via Projects. That is major putting back.

    With the vast assets of Tier 1 and 2 holdings, they likewise can go with Bonds. For [Tier] 3s it’s shape shifting.

    For Joe Public, with no possible cash to pay out in Ts’, how they relate Iraq, Zimbabwe and Vietnam matter. Boosting the Dong will devastate Vietnamese Exports and job losses would be in millions. No way will China allow that for parasite camp followers. So it’s taxing minds. We have a possible way to reflate but not for disclosure yet. It may also work for Iraq. Zimbabwe is a nightmare.

    However, certain PP’s could be imminent, which is why you’re on real standby.

    Because once those PP’s unlock, the gathered Swine of the Military, Agencies and Politicos will be howling like the stuck pigs they are for the gruel trough to run. As the Chump has visibly rolled over on all his promises as the Gutless poser he is, expect him to bow to pressure when the suits come knocking. This failure Clown never effected control to lose, so the process will be decided by the Deep State. The Chump is now reduced to ego tripping and little more. A fatuous vacuum of intellect needing replacing. Failed to pass Go, just another Political Ho.

    Watch the process. If PP’s go, the Chump will go with what he’s told to do.
    He’s as much in play as the process.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  31. OWoN:

    Q: Is tier 1 dependent upon tiers 2-4 singly or in whole? If yes what triggers or tasks need to be achieved for tier 1 to go?

    A: Tier 1 is the major Sovereigns or Special Elites like the Vatican!

    The rest come behind the top Troughers! Tier one will go when a phasing plan is agreed for all. Right now the greed of the Top Pigs honking for funds which do not exist, is the Matric dilemma. Educating Bankers Honkers.

    Q: Who’s in tier 2-3?

    A: Major funds, banks, Elites, and special PPs.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. OWoN:

      For IP and WHA

      There is no true solvency left, NONE, the Cabal and Zio Swine wasted it all. So Yes, a new illusion will be formed. Kicking the can down the road 20 years. Where is reality?
      Who can handle truth?

      Not a Dog ignorant Public for sure. Reality is too much in a false reality bubble.
      So they will re Dope the Dopes. Sorry, but truth is.

      You asked a key point and with respect, I give you truth.
      Neither Politics nor Bankers will. Truth.

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Boy, is ZAP ever in for a force 5 rectal evacuation when he realizes that there is no cash for his “projects”. And his promises to repay all those who donated to him? How?

        And poor St. Germain! He will be chundering chunks of industrial-sized, post-masticated veggie burgers, if and when real payouts occur in non-cash, leaving him to deal with disgruntled NESARA acolytes who were hoping to get lifetime annuities, and “reparations” in hard currencies.

        Oh the humanity!

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  32. OWoN:

    Q: Regarding your comment – “PP Redemptions are now highly likely to be via Bonds, and long term at that “, I interpret that as Bonds will be issued to fund the PPs, if that is correct . If so , will bonds be issued to redeem the tiers also or are they separate?

    A: Separate but tempting if it flies for the PPs.

    Yes Bonds can be cashed, but if 20 to 25 years Zero interest they can only cash out at c 7% of face. Higher if sued to underpin a Project Credit Line in phases. It’s all still evolving.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  33. Hi Tony,
    A little while back you posted a useful précis of crypto currencies and the steps/mechanics of buying some. I have eschewed them as a wealth store and see them as a speculative tool for now. I am prepared to speculate a little bit now so wondered if you could either repaste or paste the link to your comment? I found it useful. I’d also love to hear your opinion on the characteristics of the main ones. I wont consider it advice :).
    Many thanks AJ


    1. I think the comment you are referring to is found here:

      Crypto currencies are now about a 115B market cap and growing faster than any other sector. Spend time looking on Google for all topics about such, and you will find more information than I could ever reproduce here for you. I am no expert in this sector and I struggle to keep up with all that comes out on a daily basis.

      The top 5 main ones now are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic, per market cap, respectively.

      Ripple, a few years ago was .02. It now trades c.30, and is expected to go to 1.00 by next year. Higher even. Plug in a 2K USD placement into that at .02 to now, and you are looking at 30K if my math is right. Many such cases are common now.

      Bitcoin, some say, will be 10K by January. Others say it’s going down hard when Ethereum starts to dominate. Ethereum Classic, some say will surpass Ethereum. Will it? I don’t know. I only wish I had time in a day to read all there is to read, and know what one needs to take a position that has a high probability of success.

      Warren Buffet (whom I detest, but respect) spends 12 hours a day reading, and very little time trading. He buys value. That’s all he does. He reads, gathers all the facts he can, and then buys what he thinks will be of value to people.

      The same holds true, at least from what I read, to cryptos. They are all coming out by the ton, and some are jokes, and others have serious applications and specific niches for end users. Those are the ones that usually pay off and attract capital. And blockchain technology is not just for coins. It has other uses interwoven into monetary and business applications, which will render whole sectors of manual labor “thinking”, obsolete.

      In the near future, as governments look to hold onto their territory, and ensure they can tax anything that moves, will most likely either have to compete by issuing sovereign blockchain currencies, or find ways to penetrate every other crypto out there and make sure all redemptions into currency are reported. That would be a monster logistical nightmare, and one that would be too hard to maintain on the cutting edge as other coins come into the market with features that defeat such purposes.

      The anachronistic blobs of mongoloid governmental bureaucracies would be hard pressed to keep up with techno-geeks in that race. I personally don’t think most governments will try to beat them – they will join them. Look for them to actually invest in mining farms, new issues, etc. They will have to compete as an entity, for the first time, directly with the same sectors they usually just had to worry about taxing. The competition just got harder; government necessity, a lot more insignificant. I believe this will continue, but the aura of it will be suppressed in media outlets controlled by those who back and finance governments. Need I say who?

      Many years ago I read a book called The Sovereign Individual, by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Moog. Many of the scenarios prophesied in that book are now coming forth in rapid succession. Private sector organizations are becoming as powerful, if not more, than many governments. Computing power that once was only possible with budgets that only government spending could suckle, are now in the hands of kids with iphones. And in those phones, some are carrying around fortunes in hard crypto wallets. And they are fast organizing companies that are centering commerce around cryptos, B2B, and also retail. “Mr Taxman? Mr. Bureaucrat? F–k off – who needs you?”, will be the mantra of the kids raised by this generation.

      Now, please note that a lot of the above is my opinion, and I don’t recommend you try to cheat the taxman from his still thriving confiscatory grab fest. But, as more time goes by, the critical mass of monetary exchange processes will force them to attempt upgrading systems to secure their lick. But, out will come another system, designed by some 15 year old that negates that, and back and forth it will go. A war within a war. Force and counter force. But this time, the common man will have the power to render the force of the bureaucrat null over the span of months, rather than decades or longer, as before.

      Bureaucrats in pre-tech days got rid of higher paper denominations and put in reporting forms to ensure “compliance”. This was a reaction to physical smuggling. Now, a billion $ in any crytpo can be hidden in an iphone. And as technology progresses, watch for transactions to become so incredibly small scale as to be virtually undetectable, and instant. Monetary value will eventually be impossible to detect or tax.

      Right now there are entire countries that are going to blockchain tech, and many say that will enable them to tax more efficiently. And yes, that will be the case within many locations. But just as the ancient Hawala systems still to this day run parallel to banking, high tech systems, in my view, will maintain a presence outside even government blockchain currencies. Let’s see them try to stop it.

      Crap. I can’t believe I wrote all this, and no time to proof or edit, so sorry about that. I kind of went overboard.

      The information is out there. Just search it out, and you will find it. Do searches for words and groups of words that you want to explore. One example is to search for “where can I find information about new crypto currencies to buy”. And Google will belch it forth. Relying on me to assist would slow you down and as busy as I am, and as spread thin as I am, I would be an impediment to anyone looking for me to help them understand all this. I am barely able to keep up with forex, and my options accounts are stagnant, if for any other reason, that they are becoming too costly to maintain, too slow, and too regulated.

      New markets are exploding into the scene. You can’t miss them if you look.

      The RV better come fast or else someone will just issue a new Dinarcoin crypto, and bypass the whole friggin’ need for redeeming any shite paper at a bank.

      Oh crap!


      Good luck!

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      1. Thankyou for that very full comment Tony! I have been reading and am looking at paper wallets, usb etc and the workflow and mechanics of it. From what I have gathered so far:
        A wallet eg paper wallet is simply an address, which is a hash. Other wallets like coinbase can have a number of addresses housing coin of different types.
        Addresses can and should be created as required and then retired. Eg transferring from paper wallet to desktop for transaction.
        This address contains the public key and checksum to verify itself.
        It is associated with a private key which must be kept secret and secure to only the owner.
        Coin is associated with that public address and not actually stored anywhere.
        Anyone can find out how much coin is associated with a public address.

        Given that I’m looking for the answers to the following questions:
        How can it be safe to have an online wallet like coinbase hold your private keys?
        If I have a wallet app on my phone and I lose my phone or it dies, I’m screwed? Or is it enough for me to have copies of the address, public and private keys elsewhere that I can then import into an online wallet to then export to a new offline wallet?
        What would be a sound strategy? Eg have an online wallet like coinbase or as an app for transacting, and keep your wealth stores offline in usbs or paper (with redundant copies).

        Re gov issues. I can see that they’d make it a requirement to disclose your public keys so they can check amounts and capital gains on selling. The capital gains tax would be extremely complicated. If your coin went up 500% but just sits there, there’s no tax, just like gold, shares etc. But if you use say 1 coin in a transaction that crystallizes the gain but how do they tax that 1 coin? Its like shaving a bit off a gold bar and spending it.

        Now, Ethereum. I notice the ruskies are incorporating that into business and many global corporations are too. So I think ETH is investing in a platform and service which makes it different to pure currency such as BTC.
        I can see the future as companies needing a number of blockchain ‘coins’ for different purposes. Some for commerce, some for services such as issuing contracts or purchase orders etc.

        Down the rabbit hole goes Alice. Thanks for reposting your previous comment, I’ll check it out.

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        1. You are doing your homework. Good man.

          With respect to online wallets like Coinbase, the key to their security is largely in their cold storage capability, and the fact that they are insured against losses and negligence.

          Most vendors of hard wallets have protocols to follow in the case of loss. Check with them and get all details before using any of them.

          Airbitz is a common phone wallet, and they have backups to secure you in case you lose your phone. Easy. I am sure most others do too.

          I do not have experience with any hard wallets because I have not had use for them at this time. Soon, I may.

          Yes I think holding significant values in a hard wallet would be best, as long as that wallet is in a secure place, and backed up.

          Keep up the good work!

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  34. OWoN:

    Base realities.

    There is no Cash Liquidity left in the system.
    PP Redemptions are now highly likely to be via Bonds, and long term at that. Junk paper to swerve debt.

    So, if PPs with Real Money owing, end up having to take Bonds, with a low Global Credit line value, expect Banks to only allow a small free use cash element, and the rest as Project draw downs.

    So for worthless junk paper, expect curve balls in the Zoo. Nothing in life is simple.
    What – you mean I have to go out and work for my money?

    Aaahh was promised! Aaahh am owed!
    Aaa wanna be me a Millionaire.
    Where do aaah make maah mark?

    Sorry folks, just joking in case the Bush kids come to cash in.
    Varmints in the Swamp?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Before anyone e-mails me for help in understanding, let me explain this as I understand it.

      PPs are not public. They are going to possibly settle with bonds and not cash. C’est La Vie.

      The curved balls with respect to the public exchange landscape is nothing new. I am sure curved balls are preferred over no balls at all.

      We are still on DEFCON 2, believe it or not. Ramadan is ending tomorrow so let’s hope we don’t have to go through another one in waiting mode. Be prepared and alert, just in case we catch a break.

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      1. I came over precisely for your take. Thanks Tony. I posted a bit at owon the critters were getting a bit ansy. (These pretzels are making me thirsty).


      2. Hello WHA. You mean to say that even after all that, we are still on DEFCON 2? It sounds like we may finally be at the end of this ride. Let’s hope so.


  35. OWoN:

    Q: Can you share where the TRNs are at in the scheme of things? are the TRNs ready to go? And importantly all hurdles cleared for their release? How is it going to work with the old fed reserve bills currency when the new TRNs are released for circulation?

    A: All waiting now on resolutions. Old notes will be an issue. Who underpins Fed criminality?
    Once those TRN s are out expect plunge chicanery on worthless Fed paper they will free fall.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  36. tony do you have a personal opinion on how long after Ramadan that we will see releases of whatever kind happen? Just your opinion. Thanks!


    1. Well, I can only try to handicap this thing like a horse race of sorts.

      Given that we are on a daily watch footing, which is unprecedented, and with extreme pressure from VIPs with boatloads of this paper, my guess is that the next 90 days is going to be a strong possible window. Absent that, I really would not want to even try to guess.

      The great variable now is the rapid advancement of blockchain technology into the banking world. Even if people were not fighting the corruption, the technological advancements are moving at such a rapid pace that such ALONE will make the entire world look at fiat systems as total jokes, and anachronistic in the extreme.

      Soon, there wont be a fiat system to save if they wait much longer. A whole new system will simply push it aside without much fight at all.

      The long estimate, well, maybe 6 more months. Just a guess on my part, but that’s extreme. Any longer than that, and people will literally lose interest in anything like an RV.

      Just today I was tallying what could have been made had any of you placed what you have in dong and dinar into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin; the later ones were well within reach of what people had in dinar and dong. By now, you would have all not given a shite about any of this and would be well on your way to the Bahamas.

      I know many who have bailed on dinar and dong, and had enough. They have seen the blockchain revolution and were not about to sit on their duffs holding dong and dinar. They went into cryptos and won big.

      So, do I hope this all plays out and you can all exit at whatever price is offered? Yes. I really do. Because there are many opportunities that are flying by that have come up in the last few years, while this paper has stalled for the last 15.

      Hard realities are coming to an apex my friend. I sense, but I do not know, that 6 more months to another year of any more delays, combined with the ever present notion of the little guy always having the chance of being limited in time and amounts to exchange, may make this a longer long shot than many will want to take anymore.

      Especially when much more fertile ground is springing up by the month.

      Do you remember that curious thud you felt in your stomach when you worked hard all summer as a kid to save up for that cool bike that Mary Jane liked? You then bought it, but found out that Mary Jane went for the guy with a motorcycle instead.

      Sitting on that bike, finally, after all that work, only to see Mary Jane on the back of a Harley, speeding off to a weekend alone with Buster.

      So, my friend, in my opinion, this has to play out soon, or, at least on the street level, the smart ones will trash it all and move on, and wont give a shit about any more RV news.

      I am not saying there won’t be one, as that is not my call. I am only saying that the necessities of living will outweigh the luxury of waiting.

      Let’s hope for the best, and make the best of it once this is all done.

      I think the next 6 months will be revelatory and in more ways than one.

      Thanks again.

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      1. Hello Tony, just like to say this was an incredibly insightful comment for me. Thank you for putting a number of things into concise and clear perspective! You’re very much appreciated.

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          1. I am thanks, and you’re welcome. I’ve had knowledge of the goings on of the globalist top tier for over 3 decades now, I must admit the last 2 years or so has been a real challenge to the senses in so many crazy ways. Like many here I guess, I feel fortunate to have found an intelligent and insightful community kept on track by those with level heads,a moral compass and a steady hand at the wheel. IMHO, regardless of what happens globally in financial terms from here on, I’m guessing the value of those traits will be shown to be priceless. I wish every encouragement to J, OWoN and the Team.


      2. That’s the safest and conservative time frame. I tink, someone is try to delay the movements and here we are. Passing all delays and seeing a lot of people deseparates for this. I think this, will be very quite and by surprise. I agree with your time frame. Thanks Tony


  37. OWoN:

    You all know the journey and reprobates involved. Flying pigs may not be days after Ramadan, but AFTER it which is ??????? Days, weeks, months? Ask the Zio Pigs what strokes they will pull to delay yet?

    Iraq wants a deal. China wants a deal and wants access to a refunded Zimbabwe.

    Tens of thousands of mass murdering Contractor swine, Agency career criminals and Big Assed Coffee swilling Generals have case loads to cash. So as mass corruption rules, who moves first? No one knows, so don’t fantasize just wait. Then move it fast.

    When the swine herds descend it may get ugly fast. Get in, get out, and have a real bank ready. Whenever. No one knows yet.

    There is way too much dissinfo on rates out there. Procedures are not yet ready.

    Money to back any of it is certainly not, but the Pigs control the printing presses, so when ready they will roll. Once the big Butts are cashed out, they won’t stay open long for the Piglets snout. Let’s see which banks will gear for it and how long. The Grunt queues will form and storm. Ugly? This is a one off Bums Rush, so we wait. Good luck, as soon as real info comes you will have it. They still have to decide on the Withholding tax yet. Again a process.

    Grunts expecting to walk out with more than $10K in cash may be in for a shock. The rest will almost certainly only bank transfer to your own bank account once they check you out and check your bank will approve these funds to come in. IRS and everyone will be all over it. As will the Comptroller of Currencies. As will Bank Compliance and Risk Management. Jeez what a wake up call is waiting. So many poor Banks will feel like the Alamo. Who has a clue what to do? Who has their full history of funds? Who not?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  38. OWoN:

    Once these key Tiers go to our clients, they come to our Banking network.

    No comment, BUT, you think we will leave a dime for these Zio Rats to steal again? Assume, street wise all heads for Eurasia, and safety. Officially the UST and Comptroller can interject, but if so????? Once released, what would you do?????? Assume, we know.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  39. OWoN:

    WHA Tony

    1. This year and next, Silly Season may not apply because of the intensity of activities. Currencies won’t go until after Ramadan, then allow a week or whatever it takes.

    2. Large scale PPs are in live discussions right now. Not for Public ears, BUT, if released as assured by Lying, Thieving, Conniving Fed parties, then Global Projects can start getting help. Those will come straight to London. Good will follow. Some US projects will be funded. Including Infrastructure and Sciences.

    3. Currencies need a conversion consensus, and an Exchange system. Volumes will be finite,and windows set. Details only when applicable. Contractor Trash and DC Burger Butts are pushing for more conversion freebies. The Pigs at the trough holding volumes won’t care post Ramadan about Silly Season. Self rules will apply. All for Self interest! Pigs at the trough, just watch, snooze and lose.

    Any time we see a loss of momentum we will stand down. But that so far- Is NOT the case! No to more details. Just- Watch, or not?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Thank you for the continuing updates J! Keep up the good work !! Much appreciated.
      I just checked and Ramadan ends this Saturday, so its not a major wait for that part of it !


  40. OWoN:

    “….Just let it process out. Many mouths are trying to feed. Its been mass abused by the US Cabal for decades, and Zio trash won’t unhook easily.It’s a day at a time thing, or as long as it takes. Too many are basing too much on a free lunch.Once released it won’t go for Free lunches for sure. we will use it for projects and sustainable investments. No Gimme, gimmes will feed from it. Work for it yes. RV’s will fund fit for purpose use only.

    Once out we will keep it safe from predators and basket cases. Ring fenced. It is to re build nations. Too many have NESARA delusions. Madness….”

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. He is largely commenting on GS releases and that such won’t go for the many fantasy hand outs that are being promoted on many blogs and talk shows. Many such hosts are convincing people that mass prosperity, and some type of NESARA reparations are coming to everyone in the US. In other words, free money.

        These warnings are not new, but I posted this particular one for the benefit of newer readers.

        Some have written to me asking if this latest quip means “no public chances at RV gain”. If that were the case I believe he would have stated it in plain vernacular. Why “watch the sites!” if that were the case?

        There are many releases on many levels. The GS is large and is not a public giveaway. The RV tracks along side, and of course the value adjustment is what many people holding currencies hope to take advantage of. But, even that is expected to be limited because there just isn’t the desire or the funds to make it an endless cash machine. In other words, the swift will possibly gain, while the throngs of foot dragging, easy money, leisure suit, currency wonder muffins will find the taps dry when they show up.

        Just like the man said, no funds will be expended to produce easy livings for those who simply hold out their hands and ask for such. There is hope for speculators, but there are too many pigs for the teats, and limits are reality.

        I cannot guarantee anything, but the above is my understanding of the general gestalt of it all. If I am wrong, the man can sort me. It wont be the first time.


        1. Basically people who have exchanged and are in the right groups are in the right place right now. There is hope for other people but the entry point will be slim.


        2. Tony,
          I thought I knew what we were watching for when we began our daily watch in early May, but at this point, I’m not so sure. Since Ramadan, which is a delay issue, ends on Saturday, and Iraqi banks are closed on Sunday for Eid ul-Fitr, we should know something by this time next week. The 4th of July is the following week here in the US and I would say All Bets are Off for Silly Season after that.


          1. You may be right about silly season. But, is silly season really going to be the same factor this year that it was in the past? Would negotiations this time around be put off as easily as before, when the divide was much wider? I don’t know. Do you?

            In fact, I brought up these same concerns. But, in essence, the reply was DEFCON 2 is still proper at this time.

            All we can do is ask. None of us are sitting high enough to know without guidance from those who are.

            A few more weeks will tell the tale. Or, make our jaws hit the floor.


        3. You wrote, “… the swift will possibly gain….”

          I’ve often wondered what to do come an actual RV. I mean, do I follow the oft given advice to exchange swiftly due to more than likely limited timing/funds? Or do I exchange some amount immediately and save the rest to see if the rate goes up?

          Color me a conspiracy theorist, but I can easily imagine the rate coming in low so all of the people who were given the advice to exchange swiftly won’t put as big of a strain on what must be a finite amount of funds.

          I can already guess the answer, but what the heck…can’t hurt to ask, right? 😛

          Do we go all in ASAP, or do we save some in case the rate climbs a bit before the ride is over?

          Take care.


          1. This will be up to each person to ultimately decide.

            Personally, I would not delay.

            We have been repeatedly warned by the ivory towers that the gravy is not unlimited, at at times there were dominant opinions that street chasers should get nothing.

            Fast forward to now, and we have been placed on daily alert for weeks on end – a complete departure from years past.

            Would you want to wait for something higher, only to find out you get something lower? If you feel rates will actually increase over time, then hold back some, and take that chance. If you are hard pressed for honey money, best take it all and run.

            It’s all a personal choice. Evaluate your tolerance for risk and act accordingly. Of course, many factors may be unknown now that at that time will make that decision perhaps easy.

            Good luck.


            1. I would agree that when we are informed to proceed, I would certainly exchange and take my dineros and run. Now my question is would it be wise to speak to a wealth manager about this matter before or after the announcement. I am reluctant to speak to them about this before as they would probably think I am under a heavy dosage of a psychotropic drug.
              Are the banks informed about rv before the announcement? Do you have any suggestion?

              Thanks in advance


              1. We were given some suggestions about this a while back.

                In short, just bank the funds, and for sure, pay your pressing loans, and obligations, and then do nothing else until you hook up with proper tax and investment advisors that are proper for your particular bracket.

                We can assume that banks will be ready, when the time comes, but may not be at the present moment.

                Just be ready for any outcome.


                1. Silly season as far as I remember is referring to Europe where most of the population is on vacation most of the time (LOL) but especially the whole month of August. Just my 2 Canadian cents worth.


  41. OWoN:

    Q: Could you please talk a little about the history of the tier 1 and then also the tiers-2-4 if you can. Broad strokes rather than in depth discussion is ok. For example, when did the planners dream up the tier 1 processes, and what is tier 1 meant to change? Why were tiers 2-4 added on top of tier 1? What general plans are tiers 2-4 meant to accomplish? Wow much accomplishment of tiers 2-4 will make the efforts worthwhile (1/4, 1/2, 3/4)? And what are the time tables for conclusion of tier 2-4 plans?

    A: Right now, this is the last thing needed we are so close. Post event Yes, but right now its lock down.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Hi Tony. Long time reader and fan. I don’t post often but could you or can you verify this information that was sent to me. It seems a little far fetched and smells of guru. Thank you. Joe.
      June 17 2017 11:11 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “EO” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – June 17, 2017 Consensus assessment from all credible intel sources:
      1. We anticipate the T4 RV release sometime this weekend (any time after Sat. midnight EDT).
      2. The Executive Order also placed all redemption call center personal, exterior and interior security staff, even all table top banking representatives under emergency Marshall Law guidelines which set legal precedent for military prosecution during the duration of the RV event. Translated, any disruptive act to prevent the RV process for executing will be filed as a high crime or “Act of Treason” against the United States of America.
      3. Such high crimes are punishable by a military judge without the requirement for a jury of civilian peers, due process, public record, or media scrutiny. This was done to best protect and mask the RV in the event of an overt subordination designed to stop release operation from completing once it began.
      4. The Executive Order also applied to any civilian causing disruption in a redemption center or base while redeeming their currency – staff or client – as no one was immune from said military prosecution and/or military imprisonment. Individual redemption contact information, exchange appointments and off site location addresses were to be released shortly under these new Marshall Law mandates.
      June 16 2017 2:08 am EDT Bluwolf: Gary Larrabee – Tier 4 is now at the Gate, the Go has been given
      1. Tier 4 is now at the gate. The number is now to fluidly be released. The go for this has been given.
      2. All paymasters and trustees are fully hydrated (accept no garbage from them).
      3. The new bills are to be devailed. The 7 trillion Dinars are to be exchanged at the highest rate permitted by Potus.
      4. The Zim, Dinar and Dong are holding high values in both screens (front and back). ************
      June 17 2017 6:15 am EDT Philip Tilton, Gary Larrabee: Gary Larrabee – Philip Tilton Shares News that will Excite and Encourage Everyone!
      1. Tiers 1-3 have completed.
      2. The military entered the code for Tier 4 exchanges in Reno Friday night June 16.
      3. The code was scheduled to be completed Sat. morning 2 am Reno time June 17.
      4. The first 1,000 names in Tier 4 were scheduled to receive calls with information about their exchange appointments between noon and 4 pm Reno time Sat. June 17.

      C. Cont.
      5. The second group of 1,500 names in Tier was scheduled to receive their calls to exchange Sunday June 18 between noon and 4 pm Reno time.
      6. The third group of 7,000 names in Tier 4 was scheduled to receive their calls about their exchanges on Monday June 19 between noon and 4 pm Reno time.
      7. At this point after 4 pm Reno time Monday June 19 the 800 numbers would be released to Gary Larrabee and other websites.
      8. Tilton said he was 100% confident this information was correct.


      1. Hi Joe,

        It’s funny but I was just listening to some Jimi Hendrix, and “Hey Joe” was playing when your message popped up.

        Ah…the 60’s. Peace, love, musicians choking to death on barbiturate/alcohol induced vomit.

        Your olfactory senses are pretty spot on.

        This stuff gets manufactured to create traffic to monetized blog sites, and create Youtube revenue.

        Hell, WE cannot even get information of this type (if it were true). Yet it gets released to Philip Tilton and Gary Larabee? To spread all over?

        Tiers have been completed? As far as we know, not even close.

        More bovine scatology from the galactically stupid and chronically incorrect.

        When this is all over, I will miss it. But I wont miss the wing nuts.

        I see that we are almost to 4pm Reno time today. Per the above, let’s see if the key parties and those in charge up there, clear their schedules and make it a high priority to release the “800 numbers”, to, of all people………..Gary Larabee.

        If anyone gets their call, let us know. lol

        Hang in there, Joe.


        1. Thanks Tony. I should have known better to even ask. I googled those two fellows and….we’ll, at least I got a good laugh. By the way the 60’s is my favorite era for music and I am a Hendrix fan. Joe.


  42. OWoN:

    Q: What are the Wanta funds up to now? Are they still planning on building a high speed rail system?

    A: Leo is “Waiting”. We stand by weekly. Terms are still in negotiation. As is the release to be agreed, but it’s a Day thing. Daily, this and others are progressing which is why we DO have you on standby. We just can not go Public on a lot.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  43. OWoN:

    Interesting week ahead for certain key PPs. At least Projects can start once that gets resolved. Taxes, jobs, infrastructure and new Trading. As it was always meant to be until Skip Rats from Texas and DC hijacked it for 35 years. It’s just a waiting process, until the last lie dies! It’s a by the day and week war of attrition. Excuses are running out, as we hammer these scumbags by the snout. Redemptions long overdue. When the lying ends. Life begins then for many. Good Patriots who brought these funds in want to do what is right. Bush must burn in hell. Eternity is too short.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  44. Tony, your unfavorable opinion of NESARA is well-documented, as well as your favorable opinion of Al Hodges.

    Yet, here is an excerpt from a recent (June15) post by Mr. Hodges:
    “• NESARA is in fact real, and is scheduled shortly to be announced [it was first to be announced at 10 AM on the 11th of September, 2001, which indicates to a degree the success that the CABAL has hence enjoyed].
    • I am advised that the Paris Climate treaty contains secret language that all country signators agree to implement the crux of the standards laid out in NESARA in their own countries – it is being collectively referred to as GESARA.”

    So, Mr. Hodges believes there IS a NESARA. Yet, I’m certain neither you nor I believe he is part of that “alien race of mentally ossified peckerfaces” you mentioned. And he certainly does not fit the bill as one who is “as far from being involved as [you are] from being mistaken for Clark Gable.”

    Do you think it is possible that Mr. Hodges is referring to an *original,* *sane* version of a NESARA that…
    *** Wait! I just answered my own question. I got my lazy ass to google it myself. ***
    According to , the answer is “Yes.”
    “National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (see also FairTax), abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and ***returning to a bimetallic currency***, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before Congress.”
    One can go on to read how “other internet-based conspiracy theorists latched onto it.” (Enter the “peckerfaces”)

    Now, here’s what really gave me a “hmmm…” moment:
    “[Barnard] printed 1000 copies of his proposal, titled [Are you ready for this?] ***Draining the Swamp***: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform (1996), and sent copies to members of Congress…”

    I find it hard to believe that Trump would be unaware of (the ORIGINAL) NESARA. And, based on my belief that TPTB choose who will be president, I’m starting to think maybe it really IS time.

    Although, based on Mr. Hodges’ statement on the Paris Climate treaty, I am confused as to why Trump withdrew the U.S.

    Anyway, I apologize for the length of this post, but it truly was a journey for me. Yesterday, I started composing it as another “So, what’s the deal with Al Hodges?” post. Yet, a new morning, a cappuccino and a trip to wikipedia changed everything. I hope others here will benefit from this information and be encouraged.

    Thanks, as always, Tony for your steadfast service here.

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    1. Hello,

      A very good post, well written and I am glad you asked.

      First, let’s correct some impressions.

      You wrote that I have an “unfavorable opinion of NESARA”. That is not really accurate. NESARA is a concept. And the concept is actually pretty nice. I won’t spell it all out here. I would love to see something like that work, and actually be passed by Congress. But that kind of bill takes too much money away from the power that runs Congress. Since when does that ever play well in Washington D.C.?

      My unfavorable opinion, as you put it, is actually with the army of wing nuts who claim NESARA was signed into law by President Clinton, while only 15 members of Congress were present, and Navy Seals were in the room to make sure either Clinton’s signature or brains were going to be on that bill. Of course, all of this was done under strict secrecy, with pains of death if anyone talked about it.

      Which begs the question. If such rules were installed, how the hell does anyone know about it? I guess someone talked.

      Anyway, we know the rest. It has grown into a cottage industry where blogs and talk show hosts proclaim NESARA is coming, and soon all of your mortgages, credit cards, student loans, etc., will be gone, along with income tax, the Fed and all laws not authorized by the original organic constitution. And so on.

      Now, if anyone wants to believe this, that’s fine. It’s their life and right. But, there is one overall problem. While NESARA as a concept is real, NESARA, the pending event, is not.

      Let’s clear up another incorrect impression.

      I never said that anyone who believed in NESARA was part of that group of “alien race of mentally ossified peckerfaces”. Some careful reading would have shown that I was referring to an alien race intent on helping Earth, would not do so by canceling debts, and splashing money all over the place. They would do so by getting rid of money altogether and showing us how to thrive along advanced technological means, which would have enabled them to get here in the first place.

      Now, this leads us to Mr. Hodges. I did check with him about that message and he confirmed that it was indeed his. But there is more to the story here, and unfortunately I cannot go into all the details. And I did ask our WH contact his opinion on this. I cannot publish his reply, but the net takeaway was that our position at WHA about NESARA not being “in the works”, will not change. Sorry, but Mr. Hodges’ opinion on it does not alter truth.

      While Mr. Hodges is certainly trying to do good by his clients, his opinions on NESARA are his. Perhaps he has taken up a new hobby and spiritual life along the models we see so often practiced in California. The “NESARA is coming” industry is finding fertile ground there. I cannot explain it, nor do I wish to really try, since it’s not my business. This was the first time he mentioned NESARA, after many years of issuing updates from his office.

      Is NESARA real? Well, as a written concept, yes. Is it real, as in been made law? Nope. And not one lawmaker in Washington D.C., to my knowledge, to this day, has shown serious interest is passing such a Bill.

      If you know of one, let us know. We would love to ask him why he is in favor of a bill that allegedly has already been signed into law, and why he has not performed his oath to see it enforced.

      I am glad your cappuccino and trip to Wikipedia changed everything for you.

      Our trip with our WH contacts, and continual assistance from key London centers will continue, and if they should inform us that the NESARA narrative, as outlined in Mr Hodges’ letter and other blog sources, is true, we will be the first to announce it.

      Thank you for your message, and good luck.

      P.S. Your original log in name here was “JSG”.

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      1. Thank you, Tony, for your comments on NESARA. And a special thanks for taking the time to contact both Al and your WH contact in order to separate fact from fantasy.

        It seems everything did not change for me after all. Looks like I’ll still have to keep that salt shaker in my cupboard. I’ll still need a grain of the stuff whenever I read anything Al Hodges puts out.

        I apologize for taking your magnificent “peckerfaces” line out of context. I was so mesmerized by what was one of your finest “coffee out the nose” phrases, I carelessly glossed over the preceding paragraph.

        – JSG
        (And yet, another “thank you” for looking that up)


        1. No worries.

          I was just as amazed at the NESARA comments as anyone. In fact, so amazed that I was sure it was fake.

          When this all plays out, I am sure some will stand up and say, ” You see! You see! NESARA!!”.

          Well, while there are some aspects of that concept that may come into being over time, the law itself was not signed by President Clinton, under duress.

          Don’t worry about the “peckerfaces”. Actually, who knows what an intelligent alien race would look like. I always had nightmares that their heads would resemble something phallic, and the next day the headlines would read: “Dickheads From Another World Greet Earth”. The translation of this would eventually be conveyed to the leader, and before you know it, someone would have to drop their pants and explain.

          I think our friend in London should get that duty. lol

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  45. What a week.

    We are told it’s still “all in play”.

    And despite my inquiries into suggesting we relax our state of alertness, no such thing was suggested or recommended.

    So, despite “silly season” lapping at our heels, stay alert, organized, and ready to move if we are dispatched to go amongst the great unwashed throngs of skanky bigfoots, and dong holding masses, yearning to cash in on the greatest currency movement since King Henry The VIII settled his last bachelor party bill.

    To close the week I will end off with a TV theme from “The Virginian”. This is in honor of the recent gunfight at the O-WON Corral. LOL

    Have a good weekend everyone, and stay sharp!

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    1. Sure glad I didn’t get involved either… lol. Discussing Religion, Politics or sex is a recipe for disaster unless everyone has had a few too many drinks which by then nobody will remember the conversation at all… lol

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  46. OWoN:

    Q: Are they going after trump to try and derail the tier 1 payouts?
    I was under the impression things [were] too far along to be disrupted?

    A: We won’t let anyone derail them. Its way too important for any Politicos to delay long or Shit happens! It IS live and moving!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. This is wonderful to hear on a Friday in order to cap off the week and give one a jolt of optimism to take with them through the weekend. Looks like we remain on DEFCON 2….. Thank you…. Sigh of relief….


  47. OWoN:

    PPs are debts outside of the GS held now. We can do so much good with those. And WILL!

    The Tiers will take time to clear issues. Politicos and scumbag Zio Grifters!
    By choice I would torch the lot! Meaning Scumbags I detest!

    Don’t “Assume” Tier I is inclusive. Despots? Tier 1 will still involve Zio spawn! Eradicating this sub human filth will take time and Eurasia where they will not own the Zoo as in the US.

    PP’s are getting Personal now. No further comment, but assume if not they will face not Try Harder but Triads! Understand? Reality is coming. 3 Fingers Woo has ways of making them squawk. LOL.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Tony,
      In your opinion, does the statement “The Tiers will take time to clear issues” give you a reason to reconsider defcon 2 status.


      1. Not immediately. I am poking around with consideration on this. Summer fast approaching, and other factors……but……still, in the midst of all this gray area there has been no stand down for public alertness.


        Bugger me if I know. But, it’s best I don’t know because even if I did, I am not the one who can act on anything. That’s for BSDs. I have never had attention on a light swing, but in this case, I fall short in that arena, metaphorically speaking of course.

        We will stay at DEFCON 2 until specifically told it is delayed to such an extent that daily attention is not necessary.

        I cannot do anything else without pissing against the wind. And that’s not why I am here.



  48. OWoN:

    Q: When the nod is ultimately given by the “Gods ” to release the tiers will we be witnessing an event of such enormous impact that everyone in the street will be talking about it, or will it go relatively unnoticed by the masses, at least initially?

    A: Seismic it will be the end of the Cabal coming down. Or WW111 coming up. The US will either pay up, or get blown up. Enough!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  49. OWoN:

    Q: I read in the previous messages that [we] are waiting for the implementation of the new monetary system, my question is, will this [be before] or will [it] be after the PP in the United States?

    A: PP’s if to be redeemed, and honoured, as a FIRST ever for America to act ethically, would precede the TRN’s while a strategy is worked out to dump the Zio Rats, their Fed, and think out a fair, workable and ethical policy towards work rewards and debt obligations. How to redeem in Trillions funds which the Zio trash have long skipped town with. Funds left after the Bush Whacking Carrion had first predatory lick.

    Oh Dear, there I go attacking Our President again.
    They walk among us. Tick the boxes and be moronified.

    Those “attacking” are fighting a Global war of attrition, refusing to cower to scumbags,sycophants,Zio Trash and Political shysters of the lowest kind. The type the Founders sought to escape. There simply is no hole deep enough to tip the lot in and landscape over. Vermin mounds.

    10% of the Military budget would end famine. 50% of the Military budget would rebuild America. Sacking the Agencies would stop funding ISIS. Millions of innocents would be alive now. Stopping arming and funding Israe hell would bring peace to the Middle East. Americas worst spying Agency is Israel!!!
    Why are 90% of Americas worst Financial crimes committed by ????? Why?
    Why does the MSM not call it? The moral being?

    Why is the media not active. Oh, we see, same problem! Vermin trolls.

    Many nations are counter claiming and fleeing the nest.
    Dissent versus BENT!

    Daily, the attrition kicks off, let it ride.
    Eurasia is coming. The Evil Empire is fighting a war of attrition,against a Global populace who have had it with them. How many times does Putin have to tell them to go for it?

    Pay back what is owed, or the world will unload. All moral authority has been long since lost. The US is now fighting a rearguard action, obfuscate, frustrate, prevaricate, leave Slick Willie to fornicate, and the Chump to select his next Mail Order eastern Block Bride. Only in America.

    But now the cards have been called, while a Dufus is installed.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Hi,

        “PP” in all cases when used at OWoN means “Private Placements”. A “private placement” is any venture that is exclusive, private and involves a transaction of substantial amount and of a proprietary nature for a specific purpose.

        The “prosperity programs” are not issues that OWoN concerns themselves with because such are considered extreme long shots, if not total impossibilities. For sure, the NESARA version of “prosperity” is an outright fantasy and delusional thinking in full bloom.


    1. Well, this confirms, to me, the Howdy Doody pedo story on Comey. I’ve learned to pay attention to what’s going on in the split screen. Dr. Steve is using more than his voice to communicate to us!


    1. Hi Tony,

      Can someone please give CMKX shareholders some kind of a clue on where we stand
      in this money holding scheme??




      1. Your best source on that one would be Mr. Hodges. However, the latest understanding is that nobody is interested in bailing out CMKX.

        Whether that is true or not I don’t really know. When the tiers are set loose, and the dust settles, you should have your answer. I am sure they have not assembled such financial amounts just to keep them there forever. Eventually they will have to be released. Then we will see just what is paid, and what isn’t.

        We will certainly post any news of CMKX payment here for those who are shareholders.


        1. Meaning the money is in safe hands until it is safe to move into the system. Furthermore ,that after the funds move, we will see who the real groups are because they will have received the money for there projects…


          1. I think that’s a fairly accurate assessment.

            However, don’t expect legit groups to advertise receipt. But, you can bet your last dollar that the groups that thought they were going to receive, and don’t, will wail like Medusa with her finger stuck up Pluto’s fiery ass.

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            1. lol that sounds like the fake groups will be very disappointed in sure. Can’t wait to hear once something moves. Seems close.


    2. Would that mean that the funds are arranged in place and just waiting for release to intended destinations? Do I have that right?


      1. Yes, I think you are correct.

        Marshaling simply means arranging in order. For instance, in Roman times, the Campus Martius was the location that Roman soldiers would assemble, or marshal, before being given their destination orders. They could not move until fully assembled – legions, auxiliaries, quartermasters, trains, etc.

        My understanding is that all that is left is to set it all loose.

        Stay tuned for more news on that. We have to roll with the punches.

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        1. You are a very wise man who understand and teach us what and need to be enlightened with a great command of the language. You have opened many blind eyes who have been sleep walking. I thank you and OWoN for the great services to humanity in this critical juncture. It is my sincere hope that you will participate in the post GCR process to share your gift with those of us who are not the sharpest tools in the box.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. I do appreciate that comment. I am sure our friends at OWoN do as well.

            Don’t discount your power to learn. I am most confident that anyone can raise themselves up, given the determination to seek out knowledge and not be afraid to use it. I know this is possible because I, myself, have done so.

            Don’t be afraid to look where you would never think of looking, and ask what you never thought of asking. And above all, do things that are hard and make you suffer in the learning. That is how you grow.

            Seek out and examine all sources of knowledge. Don’t stop at just schooling. There is a hell of a lot more. Take it all in. Take what is good for you. Continue to pursue what works and what gives you increased abilities and demonstrable results. Discard the rest. And don’t let anyone sway you from any path you find yourself on that gives results and improves your life. Don’t pursue just to be a part of something. Pursue to be a part of something larger than you ever thought you could.

            It will be hard. It will cost many hours of failure and doubt. But you are not alone in that. Everyone who gets to where they want to go has had to overcome many obstacles. That is just the kind of society we are in at the moment. Competitive, individualistic, unfeeling and selfish.

            So don’t feel you are not smart. There is no such thing as “smart”.

            The best educated electrical engineer of 100 years ago would be considered a dunce if he were suddenly dropped into our present day engineering knowledge. Same with the latter day doctors, pilots, construction workers, craftsmen and so on.

            When I learned to trade options and commodities, I had to use paper charts and call my orders in by phone. Today, even the trading pits are gone and replaced by electronic means of conveying orders. Had I not adapted and learned, I would still be waiting for my Wall Street Journal to give me price updates which would be useless and stale upon receipt.

            Society is always going to be emergent. Technological developments will force a forward motion where a lot of old ways of doing things will be cast away, some forever.

            Don’t let that sway you or make you feel unintelligent. There is no such thing. There is the ability to learn and understand, but that can be improved in anyone willing to seek the answers to knowing how. It’s out there. Just look.

            Hang in there Sf driver. We will be here for quite a while longer. Drive safely!

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            1. I agree, thanks Tony for the wisdom. I always told my boys they could never call anyone dumb. They are not dumb, they have just not learned it yet.

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            2. Thank you very much for taking your precious time to respond, and thank you for your encouragement to countinue our search for truth and expanding our horizons so that our time here can be utilized in unison for the greater purpose.

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  50. Putin Meets With Ethereum Founder To Create National Virtual Currency

    “….as Bloomberg reports, “Ethereum has caught the attention of none other than the Russian president as a potential tool to help Russia diversify its economy beyond oil and gas.” Putin met Ethereum’s young founder Vitalik Buterin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum last week and supported his plans to build contacts with local partners to implement blockchain technology in Russia, according to a statement on Kremlin’s website….”

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    1. I may be wrong, but this kind of news probably has central banking rat vermin monopolists working overtime to seek out palliatives for the intense Hershy squirting being felt in their trouser bottoms.

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    1. Brilliant reminder Tony. thank you very much. What a shame Jacque is no longer with us. His vision made such perfect sense.


  51. OWoN:

    Q: Since Ramadan is causing delays, are we looking to a date after the 24th before any resolution on the currencies will take place?

    A: Could be, our main focus right now is the PPs. Big Global funds. Infrastructure money and stabilizing nations.

    Also trying to determine who will buy in this Jungle Bunny Dogshit paper. And why? Ethically, they should burn the lot and re issue only such new currencies as are justified to deserving, surviving nationals only.

    But of course with the Military, Politicos, Contractors and Deep State holding, they may lie, cheat and get creative to get a Fast Buck, so the Wannabes can ride. Nothing compromises integrity like free money and so many burnt, desperate lives. So much desperation ambulance chasing these so sad notes and devastated nations.

    Integrity died with these poor nations, but self interest rules.

    There is something macabre about all of it. It has brought out the worst of human kind. Have millions died for this? It all to me has a feel of Tomb Looting. Carrion swarms grow. I wish it were not so.

    With Eurasia we must stop another US fiasco as the last half century ever being born. We have to rethink values, rewards, Education, standards and wealth creation. This paper chase has brought out not only the desperate cases of sometimes good people in need, but the collective greed and worst of human traits.

    Does anyone care beyond lip service, about Iraq, Vietnam , Zimbabwe, All such tortured States. Nations destroyed by Grunt Redneck Boys with Toys. Life is too cheap. Other peoples. Karma has consequences. The sooner these ugly 990 plus bases are closed the better. It’s been a flotsam shameful Cabal plague on humanity posing behind a so false flag. Washington is UGLY, as is the Deep State.

    Eurasia- We must do better. Time to learn. Removing all Abrahamian Blood Cults posing as Religions is a start. So much for being Special as they were led to the Camps and ” Processed!” No force was listening to such piddling nonsense and still they don’t get it. To die for a lie? This all came from a miss belief of Lunatics or Pedos being touched by their Mythical concept of a false God. Ignorance ruled fools. Billions mindlessly follow a myth, yet True Ethereal life is awesomely real and beautiful. Myth free! 100 times more powerful and real. Mankind needs to come in from the wilderness of ignorance.

    Life can be anything, so why not start with real – Values? Is thinking truth a revelation?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Tony I was under the impression that there was movement on tiers. But none have been completed? Can you clarify this if possible? Thanks so much.


        1. Please be careful when reading these updates.

          Notice he wrote: “No Tiers have yet been completed, but we are hands on by the day and conclusions are imminent for some.

          With that, we can only assume that some are incomplete, which implies a start, but not yet done. Hence, “conclusions are imminent”.

          Stay tuned for any further news on this, which I am sure will eventually come when the time is right.


  52. OWoN:

    Comey is now being seen as a deeply compromised man. Heads are being lined up.
    The key parties in the United States Corporation will soon have to answer-” Where has our money gone?” Will Comey next be “Lynched?”

    The Republic will have its chance to emerge. Free of Cabal debt and free of Cabal controls. How will the Cabal pay back what is due? How will the Cabal cope when the Shutters come down? How will the Cabal survive what is coming down?

    The world is not only looking on, it is looking IN! And asking- Where is OUR money?
    990 plus bases funded how?

    Putin has warned and means it, push off or push it. Push it and we WILL launch. America has been the big bully on the block for 100 years and now faces payback. The Juniors have grown up and are now manning up. There is no common ground, there will be no forgiveness. Pay back, or PAYBACK – Which?

    Still it has not sunk in. The Gravy Train is over, and Audits will be focused on who took what? Pay- it- Back!

    Appease or?

    Be assured, no one fears a one to one head on now. Russia has unstoppable Nukes, so assume China the same. There are some heavy redemption’s coming due. Many overdue.
    Pay the Dues or Pay the Jews?

    This will get ugly. Fast if not paid soon. The Fan is on. An interesting 2 weeks ahead.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  53. Tony,
    I found out about the WH and OWoN because of you and a post of yours that someone had posted on a guru site. I feel like an ex junkie after leaving those sites behind and benefitting from mature and real debate and caution. Thanks for keeping it real as they say. You can rest assured that you have changed many many lives for the better. I too wish you to live long and prosper.

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    1. Thank you, Andrew,

      Yes, we have had many new readers come over from fringe groups of various natures and have accepted the reality we deal in.

      I understand about feeling like an “ex junkie”. I had a few experiences like that as well once I learned about certain aspects of the WGS, and what is, and is not likely to pay in the future.

      Unfortunately, there remain thousands of people who are still being mesmerized by fanciful tales of NESARA mass prosperity for all scenarios, and promises of galactic intervention, backed up by nothing more than voices in heads and channelers with Paypal accounts.

      Far too many people remain under the spell of this kind of thing, and the future for them is one of actuarial attrition through the realities of mortality. All the while, they cough up their donations and become poorer along the way, while the promoters smoke expensive cigars and travel the world on their dime.

      Even Seminar Dave has learned how to work a list. He has introduced his flock to blockchain technology and how it could be important in the future. How amazing. What a news flash. Where would his people be without him. Of course, he also slips in that he has a money making side gig with a bitcoin MLM of some sorts, and tells people to “send an e-mail for more info on that” during his radio shows.

      Oh, let me tell you. I could have done a similar thing here long before Seminar Dave did. It would have been easy to set up a link here to all manner of bitcoin trading and such things, and I could have made a fortune from all of you just on commissions.

      But the price would have been higher in terms of karma. I would have been drummed out of camp and cashiered in total disgrace from the White Hats, and OWoN would have most likely repudiated WHA as well.

      Think of it. Do you think OWoN would countenance an association with setting up money making schemes to line my personal pockets at your expense, while at the same time calling out the money changers who skim and con nations out of fortunes? Under the standards of this cause it is not proper to do such.

      I would be considered no better than the very usurious elements they seek to remove from the positions of influence where they conduct their sordid affairs.

      Yet we see it happening all the time.

      The more people we steer away from such elements, the more intelligent a foundation they will build in their understanding of how this is all really happening.

      If such entities of galactic benevolence were waiting in the wings, it would not be with plans to flood the world with money and gold. Oh no. They would, instead, free us from the use of monetary and political underpinnings altogether, and unleash technological services that would give us all the most incredible place to live, work and play. All existential needs would be serviced by automation, and all motives to war and incite class envy, gone. That would be a true gift.

      NESARA? Only an alien race of mentally ossified peckerfaces would think such as a solution to the problems we face at this time in our technological growth.

      The news from OWoN about how this will all play out, and the measured and strategic way they will skirt the pig troughs is something we all should take heed of. While the public speculator may obtain something, the entire world as a whole is not going to be plied with millions and have their debts removed just for the asking. But this very scenario is being sold, and bought by too many who do nothing but sit idle by the door, for decades, because after all, ‘why make an effort when so much is soon to fall in my lap?

      Andrew, I don’t know how this will all play out in the end, but rest assured that it will be by some hard work and hard fighting against an entrenched and very clever group of parasitic, power hungry international cliques that wield unimaginable influence throughout almost every level of society. They have created vast legions of mutant drone robots who eat Cheetos and wash it down with diet Coke, and then march in the street to support the very same power that created and uses them. And these people will do what with endless cash? Good things? Ha.

      So count yourself fortunate that you have hooked up with White Hat groups that are actually involved with the very processes that we all are interested in. You are all in a minority, but a fortunate one indeed.

      Thanks again for your support.

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  54. Andrew Maguire – Major Event To Create Massive Gold Price Surge In 26 Days!

    “…In February, I warned of a heightened risk of a gold price reset, which as you will recall was based upon the all-important physical markets sucking out liquidity from the increasingly illiquid paper markets. Back then I estimated we were looking at a timeline of as little as 3 to 6 months. Eric, I am absolutely sure we are on track for a significant (gold) price surge leading to an inevitable price reset before the 6 month August timeline runs out. All I am allowed to say right now is watch out 26 days from today!…”

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  55. OWoN:

    Q: Is silly season a factor? going into mid June…..


    A: Always a factor BUT

    Trump just said America will have an Infrastructure model the envy of the world.

    How? Funded with what?

    Just watch. Can’t say more.

    The UK had a great Warrior Queen named Bodicea.

    PM May tried to be the new Bodicea but ended up just seeing her own rear!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  56. Tony I was very sad to hear that you will have to close WHA early next year but you did warn us of this possibility a while back. If we are still here waiting after that it wont be the same. I know Owon is certainly going to be here and will keep us in the loop but this place was how I found out about it all. Is there some way that you will be able to stay? You are not the kind of fellow to retire from the field when the issue is not decided. That is from Hancock at Gettysburg. See? I read more now. lol

    In any case I agree 9 months is a lot and under DEFCON 2 it would be more likely that we will see a resolution before then absent a reseting to DEFCON 3. But that has not happened and I know J would not leave us hanging.

    You friend Concord.

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    1. Hi Concord,

      Thank you for that message. I hope your health is improving.

      Indeed, after being wounded during Pickett’s Charge, General Hancock would not be removed from the field until he could determine who was going to carry the day. We still have a good chance that a lot will happen in the next 9 months. So we may indeed be here to experience it all. Don’t forget that.

      Is it possible WHA can go past 9 months? There is a slim chance, yes. But again, ask yourself, do we really WANT to be here in 9 months, waiting? I certainly don’t, and I know the people involved certainly don’t. They want to move on to more important things and experience success with their labors, and see critical wrongs righted, and help nations progress and have their sovereign wealth, and people, free from banker clique rat claws. That is important overall.

      Yes, you are correct. OWoN will not go away and all of you will not be in the dark come March. So don’t concern yourself about it. We can all rally at OWoN and the White Hats Report site. We will not be without a place to convene.

      I cannot go into details on why I have to cease in early 2018, but it’s not anything of a threatening or serious matter. It’s more familial and business oriented. And no, I have not knocked up a girl, as someone wrote to me to impart a congratulations. 9 months is just a coincidence.

      Now there is another piece of the puzzle that may come into effect once all this plays out. I cannot go into details, and this is where I am in a pickle to explain it. But just hang tight and let’s let the important work of good people play out under their dedication and skill. Let’s focus on what is important, and not just my life issues and this blog. WHA’s role is extremely minor in the grand scheme. But, after this all moves forward, I will re-asses things, survey the lay of the land and may just have a way to more effectively help in a post RV environment.

      More on that later, but for now, lets remember the hard work of our WH friends the world over, and stay sharp and ready to take responsibility for what may come.

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      1. Well, I don’t think you should spend much time fretting over that little ’55’ issue, my friend… you’re still quicker on the draw than anyone I know!

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  57. Me: Tine, will you marry me?

    Tine Thing Helseth: No.

    Me: Have you spoken to Alice Sara Ott lately?

    TTH: No, why?

    Me: Just curious. How about dinner?

    TTH: No.

    Me: How about lunch, with a chaperon?

    TTH: Not even with two chaperons.

    Me: Tea, with your entire family in attendance?

    TTH: No.

    Me: Share an Uber and breathe the same air?

    TTH: No.

    Me: Blow a tune on your trumpet for WHA?

    TTH: Sure.

    Me: Can I conduct?

    TTH: You can park my car.

    Me: Now I am getting somewhere! Thanks, Tine. And thank you, all our fine readers. This week ends and we are still on alert, so let’s hope for some even better news to come.

    Take it away, Tine.

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  58. Owon: Right now even Trumps problems with Comey on the stand delay issues.

    — I don’t get how comets crap testimony can delay anything. Comey looked worse that ever out there. ?????


    1. When you sit up high enough, you see things and know things that, to us down in the retail level citizenry, do not make much sense.

      Take that as a good thing.

      My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that it was just something that diverted the president from working on beneficial issues, but has not destroyed the chances.

      But, then, did you see his announcements on infrastructure? Paid with?


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    1. Thank you for sharing Tony, the site looks good. Time to revisit the reports, freshen up on what “the team” and J are working so hard to bring to fruition.

      Also, wanted to thank you for your faithfulness to serving, monitoring and keeping the WHA blog as a conduit to the truth of the RV matter. Our hope is that all of us with humanitarian projects on our “bucket lists” will be about that business very soon. It will be a blessing as we see the fruit of years and years of research and flushing out the moles in all of the monetary systems, etc. finally realize the end goal for mankind.

      Have a wonderful weekend, maybe listen to a little classical piano music 🙂
      Cheers & Hats off to you Tony !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, and I appreciate the reminder on the music. 🙂

        A lot can happen in 9 months, and the news as of late has been good. I would gladly stay here for years more, but at 55, and with a growing list of things I have put off, I cannot put it off much longer.

        I think chances are good for some amazing things, brought forth by hard work by some very dedicated people.

        Thanks again.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve been following this story since last year…. it makes my blood boil!!!

      The ‘community organizer in chief’ sure left his nasty mark across the country by appointing all these fiendish liberal judges.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Hand me the rope and I will gladly deal with it in the manner in which it should be dealt with. Absolutely not acceptable. Disgusting, repulsive, disgraceful. NO excuse for this behaviour. The Judge should go down as well for allowing this outcome to result.

      Liked by 1 person

  59. Hi Tony, Thank you for all you are doing sharing the real truth of it all. I don’t post much over here, but I read it everyday. I hang out on OWoN as Biffie. I look forward to spending close to another year with you and this site. When you do close it, I do hope you will comment over on OWoN from time to time. Always nice to hear your take on things.

    Liked by 2 people

  60. OWoN:

    Q: Do you believe there will be tier movements this month or is vacation time now coming into play? Thank you.

    A: I’m on no vacation and you that are listening are still on standby for GOOD reason. We have no hesitation to stand down parties as soon as merited. We don’t put you on standby needlessly or lightly. Daily, their pressure and the battle is now not with Chump but Hymies Legions. A million Golums!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  61. I wish to thank you for so very much. When I first found the WHA site I read all the WHA reports. Those reports open my eyes to so much, and you lead me to OWON. Your help will never be forgotten. God bless you for helping so many of us. I truly believe we are finally on the door step of the rv and a lot more to follow, I only hope it is for the good of all countries. I also believe OWON and WHA are trying their very best to get the world back on track for all people,

    Liked by 1 person

  62. YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE===========================


    WHA will close first quarter of 2018 (End of March), RV or none. One World of Nations is more than adequate to maintain your readiness and keep properly informed from that time forward.

    We can stay open shortly thereafter, on a provisional basis, to facilitate putting all of you in touch with each other, but any further coordination of efforts is probably best left to all of you to decide on based on your individual talents and abilities, post RV. I know OWoN has mentioned taking a roll in supporting projects of a related nature. They will advise further I am sure.

    Many of you came to know of OWoN/The White Hats, through WHA. Consider this my gift for which I ask nothing in return other than you stay on a level course and do the very best you can with any gains you are able to obtain. Use them wisely and don’t pursue pure luxury over sustaining life on a practical level.

    I have taken stock of my personal situations along several fronts, and the possibility of service past that point is not going to be possible for me. Nor do I think it is really going to be necessary.

    I know we have come close many times to a commencement. Each and every time, someone decided to change the start to a later date. We don’t need to figure why. It all comes down to the scourge of present day humanity – theft, greed, hoarding. You get the picture.

    I have deeply enjoyed my time here. It was a real thrill to get to speak to some very amazing people, our WH contact, his several colleagues and staff, and our friends in London, and of course, Canauzzie. You do not know how lucky you are that such people exist. You are fortunate to have such highly placed sources which are solid and without question as to their stations and positions. They see quite a bit from where they stand. No other source or persons known to me are so arrayed.

    So, please know for the next 9 months I will continue as we have, and help keep bringing key updates over here for those of you who use WHA for quick summary of events that concern your desire to exit your currencies. After that, I will join your ranks as a reader only. If we have resolution, then, so much the better. We can enjoy the high wine of victory and live out the heady days of seeing it all finished; hopefully with our countries intact and poised for the future on a more proper basis than the previous century.

    I wish to again thank The White Hats, OWoN, and all their many staff and supporters for their hard work and immense sacrifices. They are the true heroes in all of this and their work and responsibilities are deserving of victory in the end. I spent many hours on the phone with, writing to them. It was not always easy, but I have grown in many positive ways from their counsel and assistance. At all times they accommodated my desires for communication. At all times, they did their best to answer my concerns.

    I also wish to thank Al Hodges and Mr. Bonney, both whom I have spoken with, and were more than generous with their time. Now there are two tough sons of guns that I would NOT want as my enemy. And while I have never spoken to Leo Wanta, I wish to thank him for bearing the brunt of some foul, slime ridden, reprobate maggots who attempted to sully his reputation and cover up their crimes at his expense. It did my heart good to see that his name was recently mentioned as being in play of sorts, and I sincerely hope he will see his goal of having stolen funds repatriated to the Treasury of the United States where the people’s funds are rightly deserved.

    Please note again that our current status of DEFCON 2 will remain until we are informed that a significant delay for a public RV has been determined. I would prefer to keep you all on your toes rather than relaxed in such circumstances.

    Thank you again, and may each and every one of you enjoy good health, and good fortune in the months and years ahead. Changes are indeed coming. Be ready.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sr.Antonio :
      I am so grateful to you and J at Owon for informing US and of course your samurai wit . I am and will continue to be a great fan as I am sure you have a very large fan base ….you are a Rock star. I take joy in reading your impressions with RV matters and slicing and dicing the ” bone heads” that passes by and leave after they have been sliced and diced ( thank you ) ….luv the ” move along citizen “.
      I look forward to more of you and your impressions of things to come RV or no RV may you be blessed abundantly with excellent health and well being . Since money dont mean much if we are dying or ill …so money is just a bonus to do good for humanity.
      I have taken J’s advise at OWON to do good with whatever one is financially blessed and really do something good…I dont need a mansion and I do need to replace my 1994 Volvo with almost 500k Km ..again nothing fancy. Thank you again.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you, Robert. Fortunately, not many have been sent packing. The vast majority here are good people and I respect them all.

        I certainly will be here until the doors close. I hope we can share in good news along the way. We are in good hands indeed.

        Love those Volvo’s. They run forever. Had a Volvo Penta in my boat long ago. Ran that sucker at 4000 RPM all summer long and never had a problem.

        Thanks again, Robert.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t post often, but read regularly. Tony, you were my introduction to the White Hats. In addition to a wealth of information, you have provided me with a new perspective (several times-lol). Thanks for the time and commitment that you have put forth.


        Liked by 1 person

    2. Many thanks to WHA for providing a steady keel on the high seas of awakening. Also thanks to Al Hodges for his key announcement in the CMKX case and, ironically, to Dinarland that originally brought that eye opening memo to my attention. Good luck to those waiting for the RV – I have no chips on that table and only wish for a smooth transition to robust money systems and whatever that enables for humanity.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve was on vacation last week (Alaska) and did not check this site until today. What did I miss about Al and his key announcement in the CMKX case? Thanks!


    3. Greatly appreciate what you have done, Tony, to keep us informed through thick and thin. It’s been a trial for many of us who have awakened to the horrific reality that much of our government is evil and corrupt. My prayer is that the consequences will fall on the evil doers and not the hard working American citizens. I’m encouraged with the progress Pres. Trump is making. The truth is pushing it’s way to the surface. We truly may see good fortune in the months and years ahead!!

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Tony,

      I forgot to congratulate you on running this blog for four years. You are the Best Blog Moderator in America, four years running.

      I truly want to thank you for giving so much to all of us. Your time, your wisdom and your compassion makes this blog one of my favorite places to lurk. I believe the RV is real because of you. I have no doubts about your level of sincerity. I only know about OWoN because you gave it your seal of approval.

      I hope this event is well past before the Spring of next year.

      I forgot to mention your humour. One of my favorite fact checks was your Monday, Monday fact check from a few years ago. That really had me going.

      You represent your family well.

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Tony –
      Thank you so much for being a beacon of light for me personally and hopefully for many others. Arriving here at WHA, I found firm footing in search of truth and further leading to OWON, Canauzzie, J, Elders and others along the way. There is much good and sincerity in all that have come together at WHA and OWON. I wish you the best and again thank you for your selfless service for the greater good for all.

      Liked by 1 person

    6. Fantastic message Tony, even though it is a tad sad. I completely understand your decision with regard to your blog and its future and sincerely thank you for taking the time to share this update with us all.

      I am not going to remind you how wonderful I think you are in this specific message because I am going to drag out my connection to you and your blog for as long as I possibly can ;-)))))))) All my sweet talk will come at a later point lol. But I will say that I always have and always will appreciate the magnificent person that you are and the amazing contribution you make for a better world for all. Thank you Tony.

      Liked by 1 person

    7. The warrior has earned his rest. If not for WHA I’d never have found OWoN for which I thank you, sir.
      As Spock would say, “Live long and prosper”. Regards, Tony

      Liked by 2 people

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