Greetings To All of You,

I am safely home again and I thank you all for indulging my absence.

Time to move to a clean thread since the last comment count was pretty large.

After some consideration, I have decided to remove the DEFCON system. In its place, just have your material handy and organized, and await word from whence it cometh. We will do our best to spread word as quickly as possible, should that day arrive. Simply keep in daily contact and have a major federally chartered bank in mind for your possible disposition.

As far as I know, progress is being made on several fronts. Whatever information we are made aware of will be released to us at the appropriate times, and there is little else we can do but be ready to act.

The question of public chances continues to be a gray area, with neither a firm “no” or a hard “yes” from on high. We may have to wait until those higher in the pecking order shoot their bolt in order to have a final answer. Stay tuned as things develop. Changes are indeed afoot.

My personal advice remains for all to be ready for anything. As I write this, we are under the impression that mid September is the next window for possible public currency moves. Don’t rely on it, but be ready in case. Stay tight, and get good advice if you get out with a slice.

I know we have several readers from the Houston area. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. I don’t know how we can, but please know we are not unaware and certainly hope all of you are safe and well.

Lastly, while away, and when not busy, I came up with some ideas which, depending on what happens between now and March of 2018, may result in a rather safe and much needed path for some of you who desire economic advancement on limited means. Again, this all depends on what happens between now and March. Many variables come into play, so for now, no more information. When we get to that point, we will take stock and I will propose possible options.

For now, we will await results from the land of the BSD.

Most sincerely,



  1. Hi Tony,
    Sorry to bother you but something seems to be wrong with your new FC 142 as there is no comment section functioning at the base area of your message. Just wanted to let you know about this issue.


  2. Welcome to our last Friday of 2017. Well, as I suspected we are far too late in the year to see anything of a serious magnitude play out, in full view anyway. We will be moving on to a fresh thread on the 1st. Thanks for hanging in there. See you all next year!

    To say goodbye to 2017, Roy Orbison is here to remind us of that most valuable pleasure in life.

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    1. Hi Tony,
      Thank you for your final Friday message of 2017. Cool song , lovely message.

      What a year it has been. The good, the bad and the ugly lol. All just part of the process of walking upon the curving path of life I suppose.

      I would like to thank you Tony for so generously sharing so much of your time and yourself with us during the year. You never hesitated once to offer whatever was needed by any member here at WHA. You have provided me with quite an education in several areas as well, which is appreciated most sincerely. The wisdom you have shared has actually assisted me to grow as a person and helped me to gain clarity moving forward in this life. You truly are an authentic, caring and decent man and even though I only know you through this blog and not in person, I know that to be fact and I appreciate you enormously.

      To all the members here at WHA, I thank each of you for creating such a wonderful community and sharing yourselves and contributions as you each have. We have such a wonderful mix of people gathering at WHA. I just love the feel of the energy here. Thank you so much to those of you who assisted me when I had questions , needed support or a few moments of silliness and laughter to brighten a dark day.

      Here’s to an absolutely magnificent year to everyone in 2018. May the year ahead be whatever you desire it to be. I wish you all many moments that brighten your life and offer you smiles and laughter. May each of you have good health, experience true kindness and deeply feel genuine connection.

      See ya later MC WHA and the mofo gang. LOL

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    2. In early Dec it was widely reported that oil-yuan-gold settlement infrastructure was being tested over a weekend: Many expected the contracts to be offered right after Christmas.

      Reports of testing results have been sparse. OWoN stated that big financial events would be delayed until the BS in DC subsides. Those following Q likely see the end of DC BS as equivalent to storm drains evacuating large pools of swamp water, critters and all, down to Gitmo. SFE-INE is probably delaying their rollout to accommodate draining ops. The new US tax plan will also move large chunks of overseas funds back home in 2018 which may be devastating to overseas financial institutions.

      “The Shanghai Futures Exchange and its subsidiary, the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE), have already run four simulations for crude futures. It was expected to be rolled out by the end of this year, but that looks unlikely to happen. But when it does get off the ground in 2018, the fundamentals will be clear – this triple oil-yuan-gold route will bypass the mighty green back. The era of the petroyuan will be at hand.”

      Connect the dots and be careful what you wish for. The future looks bright, hope we don’t need shades.

      Have A Great New Year! (critters excepted)


    3. Cheers Tony, Thank you for your work, humour and candour, you’re very much appreciated. I really enjoy the daily read on this site and have learned much from the great people here. All the very best to the hard working team behind the scenes on the front line and a great New All Black Year to the Aussies 😉

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      1. “A great New All Black Year to the Aussies”
        Oh dear me, naughty PD. You are heading for a very sore botbot Mr. PD.
        AJ & I will come over there for a boil up but it won’t be pugs huds and puha in the pot Bro. LOL.

        Well, I have to admit, it probably will be another All Black New Year. If the Aussies are not good enough to whip their but then so be it, the better team deserves to win, even if it is 20000 years in a row lol. The friendly rivalry is loads of fun anyway. We Aussies will just have to keep living in hope for eternity LOL.

        Have a good one mate.

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        1. Sorry (sort of) Aurataya, couldn’t resist. Won’t be the first time I’ve ruffled a feather or two over a pint. Ok, I just got the pugs huds bit, I got a lot of stuck for that when I was in Brusbun and Sudny. Just make sure any boil up or fush n chups you have over here isn’t garnished with any electric puha! Have a cracker New Year and a great 2018 and if you guys are ever over here get in touch.

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          1. LOL PD, that was funny.
            All good Bro, just keeping ya on ya toes lol. What, no electric puha garnish? Far out Cuz, ya really takin the fun out of enjoying a good meal. LOL. Nah, just joshing there, too old now to lose anymore brain cells. lol
            All the very best to you as well PD. Thank you for your sweet offer and kind wishes, much appreciated. Keep smilin mate.

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  3. A couple of weeks ago or more, I brought an article to this forum showing that Ripple was beginning to show signs of mass adoption in the banking community and a former Federal Reserve chairman just attended a conference where Ripple was featured. Tony responded with the words: “I think Ripple is a screaming buy.” This two-man team recommendation would have resulted in a ten-bagger for those who purchased after the posts we made. From .20 per coin to $2:00 per coin is clearly a ten-bagger and definitely a tremendous RESET IN PRICE for this coin.

    Congratulations to those of you who purchased,

    The Other Andrew

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  4. Clif High says about cryptocurrencies at 2:56 time on video: “We are at a Global Currency Reset at this point and it will not be run by officialdom……..” Seems like he thinks the cryptocurrency revolution is the GCR:

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    1. OMG! I sure got high on this video.

      So much exciting news in several areas. All the arrests of the creeps in our world, the Nth Korea situation, the end of Soros and his bs, Trump and the new US and of course the crypto world.

      I would highly recommend everyone interested in the above topics check this video out. Definitely worth the time.

      Fabulous share here Tony, thank you very much.


    2. You beat me to it. I was listening to it as I was driving in Marin County today. His report is very optimistic for 2018 and 2019, and it may have something to do with the years and decades of hard work by the BSDs. It also comes from the tax cut the President just signed which asks no questions to bring corporation’s offshore assets. I think the reprieve we will be blessed with should not be taken for granted, and we need to get our personal finances in order because we may not get another one. Clif mentioned an ounce of silver could get to $1000 (or higher) in 2019.
      Wish you all the best new year!


  5. The Bitcoin Community Is Furious with Coinbase’s Surprise Launch of ‘BCash’

    “Bitcoin owners and enthusiasts spent Tuesday night and Wednesday morning raging against Coinbase — one of the most popular apps for exchanging U.S dollars to blockchain-based digital currencies — after the trading platform unexpectedly began exchanging BTC’s controversial rival “Bitcoin Cash,” then quickly crashed as its new product became illiquid.”

    “Bitcoin fans perceive Coinbase is stacking the deck against BTC so that it can boost demand for “altcoins,” which it can sell more profitably while Bitcoin’s mining fees are abnormally high. They cite Forbes’ 2017 profile of Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong, which reveals that he owns more Ethereum than Bitcoin. They feel the company is dragging its feet on integrating SegWit, a code upgrade to reduce the cost and speed of BTC transactions which will also enable the use of an upcoming upgrade called Lightning.”


  6. “The Fastest Decentralized Blockchain In The World” Just Solved Our Cryptocurrency Congestion Problem

    “Enter the “fastest decentralized blockchain in the world.”

    Via Forbes:

    Waves is implementing new technology to enable the network to process thousands of transactions per minute and become what is claimed as the “fastest decentralized blockchain” platform in the world.

    The innovation is touted as bringing blockchain technology to the “next level of evolution”, enabling the platform that was the brainchild of a Moscow-based physicist to compete with mainstream payment processors and to achieve mass-market adoption.”


  7. Hello Tony

    Merry Christmas to you.
    Merry Christmas to J
    Merry Christmas to all of the followers of this site.

    May this up and coming New Year bring Love and kindness and peace through out our world. May GOD fill all of us with protection and grace for all and allow us the strength to show others that we can be examples of what is needed through LOVE – PEACE and compassion to make this WORLD a better place.


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      1. Alwaysme, we have had to send Tony to stardust sprinkle rehab as he had a rather large dose yesterday and started enjoying a little too much of the chrissy fruties. We have him under control again now, I think, but his dosage must be very carefully monitored. LOL

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  8. My dear Herbert and sweet Aurataya,

    Thank you both so much for your thoughtful words… the comfort and peace you gave me is beyond anything I could even explain.

    I am always in awe of the wisdom you each bring with your comments and the steadfast spirit that shines through in every word. Your friendships are among the absolute best gifts I have ever received.

    May God bless you and His mighty angels keep you, always.

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    1. Alwaysme,
      Thank you so much for your very kind and generous message, it is sincerely appreciated.

      Your spirit is just totally gorgeous alwaysme and is clearly felt. Herbert and I just reminded you of the truth as we see it from our perspective. If that has offered you comfort then that pleases me enormously.

      I do hope there has been some improvement with the current health situation of your Mum and Dad. Stay strong beautiful and know how much you are cared for.

      Holding you in my thoughts and heart. XX

      PS. I’m still waiting for Dad to hop to it and jump behind that keyboard and become the BSD of the crypto world and have his Crypto Queen daughter beside him making some awesome moves. LOL

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  9. Nobody wishes for world peace more than the soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen who are sent to fight them.

    During the Christmas season in America and around the world, please take a moment to remember those who came before yes, as well as those who stand a post, or are deployed.

    May there be true peace on earth in our lifetimes.

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  10. For those of you who are reading the threads on smart phones and find the text stretched out as you get deeper, just flip your phone to the horizontal position and the reader will normalize the view. I have had a few contact me about this.


  11. Concord
    I forgot to mention this to you earlier today. I might have some good news for you re the arthritis problem you have.

    A relative of mine has a very severe arthritis issue in the hands as you do. I was doing some research and found out that camphor and rosemary oil are apparently very helpful in relieving the pain and stiffness. I was intending to make a cream up myself but then came across a cream by the name of Caruso’s Exit Pain Arthritis cream with those two ingredients contained in it. I’ll place a link below for you to check it out. Anyway, I purchased some for my relative to try and it’s working exceptionally well and providing enormous relief.

    Check the link out when you have a moment and see if it might be something you would wish to try. If so, check out if you can get it in the US but if not I can purchase some here in Australia for you and mail it to you if you would like me to do that. I would be more than happy to help you with this issue if we can get you some level of relief from the discomfort you are experiencing. Keep smiling.

    Carusos Exit Pain Arthritis Cream


      1. Don’t know if it is true but years ago I read if you have arthritis to avoid eating anything in the nightshade family like Tomatoes. Tomatillos. Eggplant. Potatoes. Goji Berries. Tobacco. Peppers (bell peppers, chili peppers, paprika, tamales, , pimentos, cayenne, etc). Takes 3 months or more to get it out of your system.

        Good luck!


    1. Hi Concord and Aurataya, I’m not sure if this is to woo-woo for you but people are reporting pain reduction. The Pleiadeans have provided a chronic pain reduction command. If you try it let me know?

      Command PB Stardust Video and Manga

      The Light Forces have asked to make Command PB Stardust protocol viral as much as possible.

      Short explanation of that Pleiadian protocol to reduce chronic physical pain is here:

      The Pleiadians would like to help people with chronic pain and have developed a protocol that can help ease the pain. If you have chronic physical pain, you can repeat three times in your mind…..

      “Command PB Stardust”

      The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to access your central nervous system to ease your pain.


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      1. Hi AJ,
        That was very sweet of you to share that information, thank you so much.

        Well, for me personally, I don’t mind a bit of woo woo at all lol but I would probably not be able to get my elderly relative to give this a shot though unfortunately but I sincerely appreciate you being so kind as to offer this information in assistance. Thank you AJ.

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        1. Yeah I too am mindful of my audience, but with now pentagon acknowledgement of ETs and J’s ethereal consciousness I thought it was ok. It won’t be often though on this forum.

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      2. Hey, it works.

        I just gave a Christmas card and gift to a 23 year old girl and she gave me a New Years kiss I wont forget. No pain here. None at all.

        All together now: “Command PB Stardust” x3.

        Hell, I will raise the stakes with this:

        Command Sinatra Stardust –

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        1. Have you been chatting up that lovely voluptuous lass at your local bar again Tony? LOL.
          Tis the season to be jolly they say. Enjoy. LOL


  12. White Hats Report#61


    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
    The swamp creatures were worried, cause a line has been drawn in the sand.
    The indictments were sealed and sent to the courts,
    Plans being made to cut off escape and cancel passports.

    The people were all nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of freedom danced in their heads.
    Trump in the White House and Kelly guarding the gate,
    History in the making with WAR declared on the deep state.

    When out on the lawn at Langley there arose such a clatter,
    The media tried to ignore it but Patriots know what’s the matter.
    The shadow government being invaded by the Marines,
    Bound and determined to restore the Republic by any means.

    Documents and computers and hard drives, too,
    Evidence and proof of treason collected and the JFK coup.
    Time is counting down on these long time traitors,
    Draining the swamp of these dangerous gators.

    While the media and their lapdogs try to cover it up,
    We’re finding out the “Russian collusion” was just a setup.
    Not surprising given the Clinton crime family’s treason,
    The depth and breadth of the deception is beyond reason.

    As Santa checks his naughty and nice list for the holiday season,
    The overriding theme of the naughty list is high treason.
    At the top of the list, it’s replete with ex-Presidents,
    Soon, they will be calling prison their new residence.

    Followed closely by the cabal infested DOJ and FBI,
    No longer will the country and Trump turn a blind eye.
    Their dastardly deeds are being exposed,
    The will of the people will soon be imposed.

    The witch hunt continues, looking for Russian collusion,
    The people know by now, it’s all an illusion.
    The only collusion that’s being exposed is by the deep state,
    Ironically, the people have woken up and will no longer take the bait.

    The cabal controlled media bears much of the blame,
    They’ve become so desperate, they’re all without shame.
    Continuing to push their insane fake news narrative,
    Charging them as conspirators has become imperative.

    Further west can be found more names on the list,
    Realizing predators and pedophiles are in our midst.
    Yes, Hollywood is the target of much attention,
    Their undoing is by their own invention.

    As Santa closed the book, a tear rolled down his cheek,
    He knew this is a time not for the timid or weak.
    The US should be the strongest on the block,
    But under Bush, Clinton and Soetoro has become a laughingstock.

    He wiped the tear and looked up to speak,
    He knew his words must be strong and not weak.
    Now was the time to invoke his reach,
    He gathered himself and began his speech.

    “We must protect our children throughout the land,
    If we fail them that, then we’ve had a hand.
    In the despicable destruction of our own nation,
    For its time we find our higher vibration.

    And gather together in person and online,
    To rid this scourge and begin to shine.
    The light on the traitors and pedophiles, too,
    The responsibility to take back our Republic is all on you.”

    He paused for a moment and gave it some thought,
    And recalled with a growl what the predators have wrought.
    A nation deceived and a world denied,
    It’s time to stand tall for those who have died.

    “Gather your children and friends all around,
    In your states, cities and all over town.
    Unite together and always stand strong,
    The abuse and destruction has gone on for too long.

    Save your children and your souls before it’s too late,
    There’s still a chance this world can be great.”
    With that he rose and climbed into his sleigh,
    He hoped the citizens would soon find a way.

    To rid themselves of the pestilence, fraud and pain,
    And in so doing they would have much to gain.
    He had packages to deliver and good will to spread,
    As he prompted the reindeer and up went the sled.

    He smiled and gave all a big wave as he rose out of sight,
    “A Merry Christmas to ALL and to all a good night.”


    We at the White Hats Report and affiliates would like to wish everyone
    a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Posted on December 22, 2017

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    1. WOW! That was totally awesome. Those very uplifting words actually offered me some hope for our world. Thank you so much Paladin and team. May you all enjoy a magnificent holiday season as well.

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  13. Well, another week on the books, and at the moment we are under the impression that a lot is happening that we can’t be told about, but soon we hope that what can be told to us will be. Just what that will be, and what it portends for the rank and file plebian currency hopeful is not known just yet, but perhaps soon.

    A friend told me I should put something more contemporary for a musical end note. Something more rap like. Well, I don’t really care for rap, but I have to remember this blog is not really just about me. So, with that in mind, and with a true desire to be contemporary, I leave you with “Bitcoin Billionaire”.

    Have a safe week, enjoy your families, and thank you for making it this far with us. I will release a new article around the first of the year with some updates of interest, along with anything else that may be sent to us for you to know about.

    Okay, I be MC WHA and ima be dropin’ dis beat yo mofos aiight!!??

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    1. OMG Tony, that video was brilliant, too funny. Never got into rap either but enjoyed that version. Must admit, even without BTC I do love my Egyptian cotton lol.

      I hope you enjoy a wonderful week as well Tony.

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  14. Good morning Tony. Just would like to ask you quickly about the current market price in BTC, just your opinion. I had sold some off during the rally and did good. I am now buying some during the dip. You had mentioned some good comments on navigating market volatility before and I cannot find them. Can you please repeate it for me? Friends are wanting to follow what I am doing now since they see me with new fishing gear and season tickets lol. I wanted to make sure I tell them right. Specifically about how to survive movements like this and what you said about why they happen.

    Thanks again. Tired old fingers have to stop now. Your pal C

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    1. Well, good morning Concord. I hope you are warming up in New York.

      For sure it’s time for bargain prices in these markets. Enjoy your bargains, but always in proper proportion and with an eye on “what will happen if…”. Know the numbers before you see the numbers. Only Vegas drunks deal with their fortunes like they were at a craps table – tossing chips around like a mad demon.

      At times like these, if your numbers are down, and you are sure of your position, then you must hold on. What we see when markets shake out is a transfer of shares (coins) from weak hands to strong hands. Scared money is running. Scared money is that which was placed by cuckolded investor types – wives screaming at them to get Christmas money, husbands screaming at wives to stop spending good beer money on that “internet scam”. That kind of thing.

      Also, the stronger forces and institutional powers are just like the Confederates at Cold Harbor – just waiting and praying that the Yankees would come at their fortified positions, just before they shot down 8000 men in about 10 minutes. And true to form, what you are seeing is just that. People who bought too much too high to sate their ill planned speculative blood lust, and with scared money, are now being mowed down by those who can afford to now buy and hold, and will, because they can.

      Hold on for all you are worth, and add to your position at lower cost. After all, if you were so convinced that you bought at a higher price, why not a lower one now? If you cannot bring yourself to do it now, why then? But, always within the limits of caution and your personal situation, and always with funds set aside from household budgets.

      All manner of reasons will be published as to why this correction happened. Trust me, you will see the verbal diarrhea in full force. Don’t let it sway you, as that is what it is meant to do. These price actions happen over and over in all markets, in spite of, and not because of the reasons sold to the public. The bottom line is stronger hands always take away from weaker hands. And they wait for just such price action to do so, and they are.

      I know you are not a cuck, Concord lol. So keep up the good work and be safe out there.

      Time for some breakfast. Happy Holidays!

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      1. Wow, this is a great post too, Tony! I should know better than to neglect you guys even for a couple of days… I’m feeling better and saner already.

        You know my dad has been following this blog almost as long as I have… he’s never commented but he reads every word. He’s been struggling with Parkinson’s disease and right now things are really rough. Tony, he thinks very highly of what you say and the opinions you offer and he would absolutely love this BTC ride if he could follow properly. I daresay (as inappropriate as it may seem, LOL!) he’d probably even be feeling like one of those BSDs by now!

        Thanks for being here and for sharing yourself with us, Tony. You’ve brightened the lives of more people than you’ll ever know.

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        1. Alwaysme, that was such a beautiful comment.

          I have a message for your Dad alwaysme , hope that’s ok.

          Dad, I hope your health situation and that of your wife improves briskly and that you both enjoy many many more beautiful happy rewarding days. I must sincerely thank you for creating one of the most amazing and beautiful human beings this world has been blessed to discover with your daughter. What a precious, intelligent, protective, kind, generous and loving spirit she truly is. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to walk a small portion of the path of life beside her. That’s the stuff that makes life grand.

          And Dad, if you truly are a BSD then get those health issues dealt with, whip off that hospital robe, bounce back to full strength and get back to your mighty best, get your bootie back home and start trading some of those cryptos mate, We have to get your daughter trading like a whiz bang trooper and she needs you to sort all the techie stuff out for her. OK, the deal is on.

          All of you take exceptionally good care of yourselves and each other. Enjoy a magnificent holiday season together knowing that your beautiful family is cared about greatly. XX

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      2. That was excellent Tony. Thank you very much for sharing that. Advice most definitely taken and sincerely appreciated. There is no way in hell that those drooling big sharks will be movin this gals bootie from her position. I’ll hold and rebel against them till the end. LOL

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        1. Good for you. If you do have negative equity, hold, assuming you didn’t use money needed for food or rent, which is why most force a loss on themselves. I think anything bought below 25K right now is potentially going to be fine. Good hunting!

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          1. All good here Tony. ;-)))))))))) Thank you
            I am totally loving this new area of learning btw. Something to get the blood pumping again lol.


    2. Hi Concord!

      Your post is so cool! Those comments are so full of optimism and positive energy, I feel like I just showered in sunbeams!

      And I really needed that… this past week both my very elderly parents were sent to the ER (different hospitals, different days, and different injuries; both now immobile, one easy going but incoherent and the other demanding and never satisfied – although that’s nothing new). My only brother came in today to take over for me for a bit. I just sat down with a cup of coffee wanting to check in and catch up, and yours was the first comment I read… and the first time I think I’ve smiled in days.

      It’s been so much fun to watch you winning with BTC… I only wish I’d have been as smart as you and acted on Tony’s wise words sooner!

      Enjoy the games, my friend and may all the fish come biting your way!

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      1. Alwaysme, I am so sorry to hear your news and what your family is currently experiencing.

        I know you are extremely strong and you will deal with and get through this as you have with every other major issue that has confronted you in this life. I know you have a good hubby so that is a huge plus. Do not try and shoulder all of this on your own. Lean on hubby and your brother when you need to, that’s what they are there for, support and love.

        I completely understand the situation you have just now, I have been through and am still going through a similar situation (with other relatives not parents). It is bloody hard and very very very testing. It has changed me and my lifestyle enormously. Dealing with it on my own has at times had me wondering if I can even cope with it any longer on some of the tougher days. But you what I do to keep going? I put myself in the other persons position and try to look at the world and everything happening in it from their perspective. It can be extremely frightening for them and frustration and reactions do arise from such situations unfortunately. I still have many very tough days but always remind myself that a little kindness and patience can mean the world to someone who needs it.

        My dear sweet friend, please take very good care of yourself. I do hope both your parents heal quickly and return to life as normal. You stay strong beautiful. Please make sure you continue to eat at least one healthy meal each day, get as much rest as you can and let out those tears if and when you need to. You need to get through this alwaysme and neglecting yourself where the basics are concerned will not achieve that. You need your strength and patience now more than ever.

        Alwaysme, you are in my thoughts and heart. XX

        And don’t worry about the whole crypto situation. Other opportunities will come your way I’m sure and may be of much better timing for you.

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      2. Hello Alwaysme

        I just would like for you too know I am praying for you. What a blessing it is that both of your parents have a sweet child to be there for them. And praise GOD your bother is also there to help you. We have so many elderly in nursing home and hospitals today who are all alone and suffering from loneliness and some even being abused and feel they have no hope. I know you your parents are so thankful for you loving them and giving them care. Sometimes we may not always share with words have we feel but through my prayers I feel a certainty that your parents are so Thankful for your Love. This is a joyful time of the year and GOD our creature of all is smiling at his sweet child Alwaysme for caring for your parents. I also pray for healing and comfort for both of your parents. May GOD shine his LOVING sand HEALING spirt all over your family. And I also give Thanks to GOD for putting youand so many sweet people on this site in my life. It’s so sweet to see so many caring hearts on this AWESOME site. Even though I have never actually met you I feel as if we are family.
        Merry Christmas


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    3. Concord, you have no idea how much pleasure it offers me to see the happiness you express owning your new fishing gear and season tickets. Congratulations. I wish you so much joy.

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      1. Life is indeed getting better and to think I used to give money to Zap instead but now I keep it and support myself and help my friends instead of supporting able bodied men who beg for money. I have WHA to thank for helping get my head out of my buttocks.

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  15. Maybe he wanted to get the tax bill done before he froze all their assets. They woke up broke this morning. I can’t post on OWoN, but I wonder if J knows about this.

    Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

    Law & Justice

    Issued on: December 21, 2017


    1. Here’s the U.S. Treasury Department Press Release. These are foreign entities and individuals who have assets in the U.S. It is difficult to determine how these people connect with the criminals in the U.S., but maybe more will come out later about that. It’s a place to start anyway. Money to fund so many U.S. criminal activities is funneled through foreign entities. It is just one huge web of deceit.

      December 21, 2017

      New Executive Order Implements Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act,
      Provides for Treasury Sanctions Against Malign Actors Worldwide

      Washington – Today, the Trump Administration launched a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and corrupt actors around the world. Building on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act passed by Congress last year, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order (Order) today declaring a national emergency with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world and providing for the imposition of sanctions on actors engaged in these malign activities. In an Annex to the Order, the President imposed sanctions on 13 serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors. In addition, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), acting on behalf of the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, imposed sanctions on an additional 39 affiliated individuals and entities under the newly-issued Order.

      “Today, the United States is taking a strong stand against human rights abuse and corruption globally by shutting these bad actors out of the U.S. financial system. Treasury is freezing their assets and publicly denouncing the egregious acts they’ve committed, sending a message that there is a steep price to pay for their misdeeds,” said Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin. “At the direction of President Trump, Treasury and our interagency partners will continue to take decisive and impactful actions to hold accountable those who abuse human rights, perpetrate corruption, and undermine American ideals.”

      As a result of today’s actions, all of the assets within U.S. jurisdiction of the individuals and entities included in the Annex to the Order or designated by OFAC are blocked, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them. Further details on these designations are included below.


  16. In connection with NoDinar’s post below:

    “Full consensus ledgers such as Blockchain and Hashgraph have the power to enslave us, or free us… it all depends on how we choose to use them.

    If we choose to support centralized versions issued by governments and the financial sector we will be granting them more control over our daily lives. Politicians and bureaucrats will be able raise taxes instantly, whenever they want, on every dollar you make as you make them, and every dollar you spend as you spend them. If they think the economy needs stimulating they’ll be able to enforce huge negative interest rates, effectively punishing you for not spending everything you earn before you earn it. They’ll be able to decide where you can go and where you can’t, what you can buy and what you can’t, and what you can do and whatever they decide you can’t do… and if they don’t like you, they can just disconnect you from the monetary system.

    So, will the monetary system become fully distributed and help to free mankind, or will it be centralized and enslave us?

    The choice is in front of us right now, and our decisions will create our future. I believe that this will be a binary outcome, there is no middle ground, it will either be one future or the other. The question is, will it be the future we want? Or the future they want? I’m a precious metals dealer and one thing I’ve learned is that gold, silver, and now free market decentralized cryptocurrencies, represent freedom.”

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  17. OWoN:

    Can’t say anything yet in Public but it looks a lot better. Things “ARE HAPPENING, OK?” Our time scales are off radar. Not the Public arena. Hope is alive. The Alamo was not for nothing, and that torch is in OWON.

    Late January to March, watch what flows out as a Joint Cooperation between OWON, WHR and the support of WHA.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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      1. Public may have a shot next year. Not this year. That’s a given.

        PPs are progressing from what we understand. These are not currencies, but financial settlements owed for a long time, and to good people who are entrusted with seeing that they are used responsibly and for the general welfare of the US and other countries.

        Stay tuned.

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    1. What OWoN is saying above:

      1. No hope for or against a public exchange is given.

      2. A group exchange is in view as a join cooperation between OWoN, WHR, and WHA people.

      3. Things are happening for PPs now.

      My two cents, The Other AJ


  18. Highly suggested, From Bitcoin To Hashgraph: The Crypto Revolution – Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 8 – Mike Maloney. Personally I believe Bitcoin will become obsolete before the last coin is mined because it is such a time, energy, and hardware hog. Till then, party on Garth! The professionally produced video explains the inefficient distributed ledger behind the ground breaking Bitcoin then moves on to describe a much more efficient option. Change is coming along with the storm.


    1. I love it when they lower taxes. Better than the opposite.

      I think our friend in London, and associates, are having some effect with their bulldog jaws locked onto the nads of some of these DC wingers. First a Goyim Fed Chair, now a tax cut. Moves in the right direction.

      BTC is in a correctional phase right now, but I don’t know if it had anything to do with the tax bill. I would also say that I personally don’t describe this as “crypto coin dropping”. More like “resting” before rising again.

      For BTC, I think mid 20s is on the horizon. Just my opinion.

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      1. I have to tell you. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks enmeshed in this trying to learn about the various cryptos, cold storage, transferring between exchanges, etc. It’s been a huge learning curve. But, I just don’t get Bitcoin. It’s an Atari and some of these are last years Playstation.

        It consumes huge amounts of energy to mine, it’s slow and expensive for transactions. I just don’t see it as a viable payment option for the the foreseeable future. It’s PURE speculation. It was the 1st and has only 20 million that can be created so it has scarcity, but I really think Ripple is the future.

        They are the only crypto that focuses on businesses and banking. They have 11 of the top 100 banks in the world as clients. They are the cheapest transaction fees. They don’t use miners so it is ultra fast. It has scope of scale to serve a planet for actual use. 100,000,000,000 times 100 with the divisible qualities. Last week they were meeting with the IMF and central banks. This feels like it might be the platform for a world digital currency. Their goal is to take over for Swift. They are huge in the Asian banking system which means it might also take over CIPS.

        Their partner list is impressive….

        Partnerships (publicly known)…..
        Accenture[52] • Akbank[53] • American Express[54] • ATB Financial[55] • Axis Bank[53] • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)[53] • BMO Financial Group[56] • Cambridge Global Payments[53] • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)[55] • CBW Bank[3] • CGI Group[57] • Cross River Bank[3] • Davis + Henderson (D+H)[58] • Deloitte[59] • Earthport[40] • Expertus[60] • eZforex[53] • Fidor Bank[39] • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)[53] • Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG)[56] • National Australia Bank (NAB)[56] • National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)[55] • ReiseBank[55] • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)[56] • Santander[61] • SBI Holdings[62] • SBI Remit[53] • Shanghai Huarui Bank (SHRB)[56] • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)[56] • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB)[53] • Standard Chartered[56] • Star One Credit Union[53] • Tas Group[63] • Temenos Group[59] • UBS[55] • UniCredit Group[55] • Volante Technologies[64] • Westpac Banking Corp[56] • Yantra Financial Technologies[65] • Yes Bank[53]

        Experimenting (publicly known)….
        Aeon Bank[66] • Aomori Bank[66] • Ashikaga Bank[66] • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)[67] • Awa Bank[66] • Bank of England[68] • Bank of the Ryukyus[66] • Bank of Yokohama[66] • Chiba Bank[66] • Chugoku Bank[66] • Commonwealth Bank of Australia[44] • Daiwa Next Bank[66] • DBS Group Holdings[69] • Fukui Bank[66] • Gunma Bank[66] • Hachijuni Bank[66] • Hiroshima Bank[66] • Hokuriku Bank[66] • Hyakugo Bank[66] • Iyo Bank[66] • Juroku Bank[66] • Keiyo Bank[66] • Michinoku Bank[66] • Mizuho Financial Group[66] • Musashino Bank[66] • Nishi-Nippon City Bank[66] • North Pacific Bank[66] • Oita Bank[66] • Orix Bank Corporation[66] • Resona Bank[66] • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)[70] • San-in Godo Bank[66] • SAP[71] • SBI Sumishin Net Bank[66] • Senshu Ikeda Bank[66] • Seven Bank[66] • Shimizu Bank[66] • Shinkin Central Bank[66] • Shinsei Bank[66] • Sikoku Bank[66] • Sony Bank[66] • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank[66] • Suruga Bank[66] • The 77 Bank[66] • The Daishi Bank[66] • The Nomura Trust & Banking Co.[66] • Tochigi Bank[66] • Toho Bank[66] • Tokyo Star Bank[66] • Tsukuba Bank[66] • Western Union[32] • Yachiyo Bank[66] • Yamagata Bank[66] • Yamaguchi Bank[66]

        For under $1.00, this could be the life changing crypto for my money.


        1. Regarding BTC and the often time promoted idea that it’s a troglodyte heading for the senior prom and assured to be rejected – keep in mind that the energy consumption issue worries are assuming that the way we produce energy now will remain the same. It wont. Someone will rise to fill the need using more efficient means to produce energy.

          Further, many coin algorithms will lessen the mining difficulties to make the consumption issues sustainable.

          BTC sits high right now because it is perceived, rightly so, as a good store of value on the blockchain. It’s usefulness in commercial applications is not optimum, but this has given rise to other coins to fill that need, and they are. This still has almost no effect in the price of BTC in an adverse way, yet. Why?

          In my opinion it’s because, in large part, of brand recognition. So many people have not year heard of Bitcoin, but soon they will. I just heard on the radio today the approval of more BTC funds by the SEC.
          Bitcoin is the one they hear. Not the others, yet. We have several years before the rest start catching on and BTC is knocked from its perch, in my opinion.

          Monetary systems are going to change, and despite the often draconian omens from banking marionettes that they are going to “kill Bitcoin”, I bet on closer inspection, you will find many of them with funds in cryptos themselves. 500B in market cap is not just mom and pop money. These people have brought nothing but monopolistic elitist systems to benefit only the well connected. It’s time they have a little competition, and it’s even higher time that they either join in to compete fairly on the same basis as all of us, or be removed as nature removes the inefficient mongoloids that appear from time to time.

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          1. Tony, you have no idea how much I appreciate the time you spend and trouble you go to in sharing your opinion in response to member questions in this area. You offer me a great sense of calm in these waters. Thank you so much.

            Although, last night when I saw the article on ZH noting that the founder of LTC sold his entire stake yesterday I did start to have a little panic attack lol. Sat with the charts for a short time and watched what began to unfold but I remembered your wise words and gained control over my emotional reaction, turned the computer off and went to bed. Really wanted to get back up and check what was happening an hour later but remained strong lol. Was quite relieved to see there was not too much damage done overnight after that news either. So all good. The student is learning.

            Have a great day Tony.

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      1. The following was posted in the December Hat Trick Letter on 12/15/2017.
        I asked Dr. Jim Willie if it is okay for me to repost few paragraphs from his newsletter only available to paid subscribers, he did not say “No”, so here we go.
        Much respect goes to Clif High for his intrepid ground breaking work. He has been hitting the interview circuit almost every week for the last few months. Unfortunately, in his message, he has been stating that silver and gold are finished, will never be money again, and are only good for making jewelry. He expects further giant gains for the crypto-currencies. In other words, he is advising people in the strongest words possible to sell their precious metals and buy crypto-currencies. Of course, he always couches that with the disclaimer that if your crypto-currency investments go to zero, then it is all your fault because you failed to do your own homework. It should always be noted that the work by Clif High is on linguistic frequencies. They reflect what is discussed, cited, mentioned, reported, and appearing on the internet. He does not make forecasts, per se. He makes statements in summary conclusions as to what appears on the internet in stories, emails, and chat rooms. Hence he reflects the real world in content. The Voice and Jackass believe the publicly mentioned expectations are not correct.
        The Voice responded to the Jackass prompt. “Clif High must have been smoking some bad weed. It is great if everybody sells their precious metals, so then we can scoop it up at nice discount prices. Let me tell you something that you can take to the bank and the vault. The day is close when you will not be able to get any physical metal, and furthermore, its price will go into the stratosphere. Blockchain and crypto-currencies are here to stay. However, crypto-currencies will be wiped out by crypto-money.” He refers to crypto structures and their inherent protection for monetary basis in real money funds backed by Gold & Silver. Bitcoin is not backed by precious metals, and thus represents a truly powerful clever more secure form of fiat currency. The crypto-currencies stand at risk from a new class which will be backed by hard assets, led by precious metals. The entire PM sector might soon introduce crypto-money, meaning backed by the monetary metals. Clif High will have to backtrack at a high rate of speed. The entire concept of hard asset crypto funds with basis in commodities, or even items like diamonds or rare earth metals, is another story.

        Dr. Willie kindly replied my inquiry, forwarded the following and stated “chew on this”.

        Saxo predicts that in 2018, bitcoin will surge to $60,000 with a market capitalization exceeding $1 trillion. After that, Russia and China will join together to attack it.
        At the end of 2016, the bank made a correct prediction about the rise of bitcoin. It forecast that the price of cryptocurrency would triple from the $700 level seen last year.

        WHA, my IP is different because I could not do this from my smartphone.


        1. Please forgive few typographic errors I made because the newsletter cannot be copied and pasted for obvious reasons, so I had to type the paragraphs into Word document.


        2. From what I have been told, Canamex Gold Corp., a Canadian based company, is in early stages of exploring the possibility of linking with Etherium for a gold/silver backed crypto currency. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the miners from being at the mercy of rigged market market makers esp. the paper schemes to dilute demand. If successful, the ultimate goal is a revolutionary wedding of technology, mining output and a universal payment system that bypasses all the current intermediaries of currency movement.


      2. Could it be that the cabal is behind bitcoin and it is one of their ways of fighting against the coming asset backed currency system? We have always heard that the cabal were the ones holding up the progress of the GCR. If bitcoin was designed to prepare the masses to accept cryptocurrency, then the cabal will have an easier time implementing a one world cryptocurrency that they ultimately control? I would think that the guys in London would have some inside knowledge on bitcoin and may have heard through the grape vine who is behind it? But the secrecy surrounding the invention of bitcoin was designed to keep even those at the top from knowing what is going on? But here is the article posted again below. Please do not call the men in the white coats to come and take me away for being a conspiracy nut. LOL…

        They are coming to take me away…….


        1. I can appreciate the concern. There are so many varying opinions and conspiracy angles. This is planet Earth in the 21st century – a mess, and un-sane to the extreme. How can we not anticipate and expect anything to be viewed with varying degrees of suspicion and mistrust in today’s environment?

          But, the bottom line is, 500 billion plus in market cap is not going to be ignored by good people looking to survive in a world where they are herded according to Talmudic goyim chattel guidelines, and fleeced with usury across the board, and by bad people who dictate your freedoms to suit their needs.

          Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to benefit your life with it first, and then muse about the conspiracy angles while enjoying a nice meal, courtesy of partaking in the modern day gold rush.

          I think those of you who followed my suggestions to get into Ethereum, and then held on when it went against them, are now seeing what some patience, discipline, study and hard work will do – psyop or none.

          I think the idea that “this is a psy op” is not the point. The entire world is a psy-op. Live within it, admire it, laugh at it, and counter it by prospering and working to redesign the culture we live in, if we don’t want to live in such. Offer effective solutions in place of it all, and people will come to your side in greater numbers.

          I don’t see any other way around it.

          They came for me long ago. I threw the sink through the wall and escaped.

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        2. Interesting the article mentions JP Morgan as creating the new global currency. To do this you would need massive computing power. Solved – they are the first on the list to use the new IBM quantum computer:

          But what about the datacenter(s) and (green) power requirements to run this huge blockchain. Solved – these very impressive datacenters with $3B invested in just the last 18 months:

          Check out the last one listed “Kolos”. Caught my eye since it is not an existing big company but a startup funded by mystery investors. “By computer power consumption, Kolos would be the world’s number one, by a significant margin.”


  19. Posting this as an item of interest. Enjoy. -WHA

    On Dec 14, 2017, at 1:21 PM, Al Hodges wrote:

    Good Day – The following post appeared publicly this AM on; it was written by a client of mine who also happens to be one of my dearest friends. I am forwarding it to you with my full, unconditional endorsement regarding its content, and with a suggestion/request that it be so posted and widely distributed. Mr. Valentine is a substantial investor in CMKX as well as a large currency holder. He obviously believes that we are about to be paid, which, for the record, I agree with.

    A.Clifton Hodges (CSBN 046803)
    P. O. Box 12070
    Reno, Nevada 89510
    TEL: (818) 625-****


    “Caveat Emptor” by Grumpy Old Wall Street Broker – 12.14.17

    12/14/2017 12:15:00 PM Emailed

    Entry Submitted by Grumpy Old Wall Street Broker at 11:52 AM EST on December 14, 2017

    It seems that we are on the threshold of the long awaited currency RV event along with the other changes associated with the return of our beloved Republic. I thought a few words from the sage position of a 32 year career investment adviser might come in handy.

    As I have told my clients over the years early and easy money (lottery, inheritance and out-sized gifts) can serve up the three Ds of flawed financial planning:

    * Death
    * Divorce
    * Drugs

    Giving a large pile of cash to anyone carries blessings and risks however in the hands of a young-in it is a prescription for disaster like a loaded gun in untrained hands.

    The other risk is keeping your money safe from hustlers, hucksters and money addicted brokers promising you expertise for your holdings while you plan your eleemosynary(charitable) projects.

    Rules of the road in dealing with new brokers, lawyers and accountants:

    Due your due diligence and get referrals. Just because a big institution like the banks and large legal and accounting firms’ name is behind them that does not mean they know their trade. Ask about any pending or prior litigation as defendant or plaintiff: both could be fair warning. Explain that you do not view legal/accounting bills like Moses tablets and that you expect the billing partners to review for cost benefits to YOU not their firm.

    For financial advisers ask them about their own financial balance sheet and if it was inherited or developed by their skills in investments. If they cannot make wealth for themselves how can they do it for you? Avoid being the pioneers in such high wire – high risk investments as bitcoin.

    Conservative caveat from Mark Twain: It is not the return on my investment about which I am concerned but the return of my investment.

    If the adviser cannot make money for their own account do you really want to be a guinea pig for some ambitions young buck or lass? Ask for a clear understanding of how they are compensated both overt and hidden fees, commissions. Consult broker check at . Unlike doctors, lawyers or accountants brokers must disclose all things financial. If you have questions but like the person hold their feet to the fire to explain entries you might find troubling. Sometimes there is a good explanation and sometimes not. I myself, mirroring the experience of Thomas Jefferson in his quest to found the University of Virginia which strained his finances to the limits of bankruptcy have myself repeated his mistake on an 18 million horse facility to help a college recruit affluent students only to have a looser put in as President who torpedoed the program that I spent 10 years and 18 Million dollars of my own and borrowed treasure. Start up businesses carry a 1/10 success ration and is no place for a rookie.

    Due diligence requires independent verification NOT puffing by a salesman or adviser.

    There is a phenomena called the lottery curse. Sudden new wealth in inexperienced hands results in the 3Ds above and worse.

    Count your blessings; share your blessings and don’t be afraid to consult your higher power and little voice within: if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

    With love and affection to the changing universe I remain,

    Gene C. Valentine
    all about me:

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  20. Hey Tony,

    Have you been following the ‘Q anon’ and ‘CBTS – Calm Before the Storm’ posts?

    Although I was skeptical at first, it was too much fun for me to resist. Then several “coincidences” proved at least some legitimacy to me and I’ve been following it pretty consistently.

    And now, much to my delight… Paladin/WHR#60 seems to be very much in line with the Q posts. Whaddya think?

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    1. Some of it when I have time. Very interesting stuff.

      If the White Hats validate something as being how it is, I tend to believe it. I have known a few of them too long to know them as anything but people of gravity and seriousness when it comes to this kind of thing.

      Stay tuned. It’s going to get interesting.

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  21. Another week logged, and we can’t say it wasn’t without news of progress, the kind of which we have all anticipated for quite a while. And on top of that, mention of possible greater inclusion for many of you in a group arrangement. Let’s see how that all plays out.

    I have always been hopeful that the general rank and file speculators could get something, even modestly, so that this would not just be a game of the well off becoming more so. In the meantime, opportunities abound, so be industrious and use the free flow of information on the web to learn and step your way up while we await more news from above about recent moves.

    I think what we need is some Bach to stir our souls to action and inspire us all in this holiday season. Diane Bish is here with Sinfonia from Cantata 29.

    Dedicated to Herbert. 🙂

    Have a good weekend everyone.

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    1. Thank you Tony.

      The genuine desire you have always clearly expressed with regard to seeing the little fish benefit in some small manner in this whole affair is something I have always admired about you Tony. Your care is authentic and that’s a personal quality that shines brightly and is truly appreciated. Thank you Tony.

      As far as the possibility of some additional people being included in possible future arrangements based on J’s hard work, connections and care for those on the sites, I can only say that such an opportunity is enormously appreciated. Even if it does not pan out that way in the long run I personally am still grateful for even being given consideration at such levels, particularly when one ponders the enormity and expanse of the big picture. Thank you J for all you do, your endless effort and the care you express for the members of the sites.

      I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend as well Tony.

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  22. OWoN:

    Q: I suppose from what I am reading that a public RV seems to be definitively OFF the table and no “crumbs” for us little ones. A three day window to exchange would be nice, but even that seems hopelessly out of the question, too.No way to get out of the zoo without a public exchange. Hope has died, and the big boys have won once again.

    A: Quitters die whining with a stick up their Ass.

    Why not wait and see what breaks and IF the then fat majors will think again?
    An extra PP for the 2 sites may be possible, but first lets get the majors done not noise on the system.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  23. December 13, 2017 – White Hats Report #60 – A Storm IS Coming

    It’s been 11 months since we released our last report. This fact should not be considered to reflect our disengagement from the overall battle. On the contrary, we have been very busy behind the scenes in the ongoing fight to expose the cabal and restore our Republic.

    Those faint sounds you’ve been hearing………… the change of the long time cabal influenced and controlled regime in Saudi Arabia TO the UK’s dogged determination to exit the EU via Brexit TO the exposure of the corrupt, CIA controlled media (Operation Mockingbird) TO the outing of the cabal infestation of the FBI and DOJ TO the unsealed Federal Court indictments TO the current and ongoing exposure of the sexual predators in DC, the media and Hollywood (the pedophile networks are next to be exposed)……………….. are the foundations of the cabal supported European Satanic bloodlines starting to crack.

    President Trump is a wrecking ball, his very existence in the White House has caused panic and consternation throughout the ranks of the cabal and their Masters, even prompting the ZioRat family themselves, the Rothschilds, to publicly come out in criticism of Trump. The significance of Jacob going public talking about Trump “threatening to destroy the New World Order”, Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s constant whining on Twitter about Trump and David “Plastiki” Rothschild tweeting about US gun laws, is proof the bloodlines are concerned about their loosening grasp of world power. For them to even come out in public and speak is sign of their desperation.

    February 16, 2012

    This is the historic day when Lord James addressed the House of Lords in the UK and exposed the $15T fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve with the assistance of Homeland Security to create money out of thin air and transfer it to the account of Pureheheart Investsments, LTD in Europe. At the time, the $15T represented roughly 150% of the total US debt. To the cabal this was just another criminal scheme, never letting a big number stop them from continuing to perpetrate fraud on the US taxpayers.

    The UK government did nothing and the US government was even more silent on the issue. Obama, the Kenyan born Slacker-in-Chief was complicit in this fraud as was Congress and SCOTUS. Well, as the saying goes:

    “The chickens WILL come home to ROOST”

    As always, there is more to the story, much more. It involves the usual suspects: the New York Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury complicit in a fraud of epic proportions.

    In reality, the fraud began 6 years earlier when a Federal Reserve trading program contract was consummated with a private individual from Indonesia.

    The Coming Storm

    If you look to the horizon, you can see the storm clouds forming. The distant rumble of thunder can be heard and soon, the heavens will open and the rain will fall in sheets. The cleansing is about to begin. But make no mistake, it WILL be a storm of epic proportions, generated NOT by HAARP or the cabal controlled weather machines but by the Patriots and white hats in the US and all across the world.

    In the lead up to White Hats Report #36, in reports #34 and #35, we put our readers on notice of the upcoming exposure of the $15T fraud.

    Consider this your notice.

    A storm is coming and we need all your help to get this out there in social media: Twitter, Facebook and whatever group and social circle you are a part of. EVERYONE needs to know.

    Timing is EVERYTHING.

    “To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”
    -From the “Tactical Dispositions” chapter of The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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    1. Oh Paladin, thank you! I am so relieved and excited to read this… I thought I could see lights flickering on again in the city on the hill.

      Godspeed to all the white hats and patriots; thank you for being men of courage, judgment, integrity, and dedication. We are proud foot soldiers and we will spread the message far and wide.


      The devil whispers, “You cannot withstand the storm.”
      The patriots reply, “We are the storm.”

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  24. Thank you for the reply posted @ 2.36 p.m. yesterday. I agree we should not be taking out a mortgage or betting the farm to speculate. Since the MF Global fiasco, raising the margin to close trades to confiscate from segregated accounts (Gerald Celente lost from his gold positions), the futures market is not something I mess with even with the hedging with put options with the long futures (or call options with the short futures).
    I was listening to Greg Mannarino @ USA Watchdog this morning, and he said Bitcoins is no longer a viable investment due to the fact that the FEDS is interfering. (everything they touch turns in to manure) I never bought Bitcoins because by the time I got in, it was out of reach for me. He said the rest of the cryptocurrencies are good.
    When I see parabolic price movement, I place limit orders with the price points where retracement may take place (Fibonacci etc.) and let my orders sit for few weeks until they are filled.
    My recent dilemma has been trying to decide whether or not to place my house on the market due to the anticipated real estate market correction as weill as California confiscation with eminent domain (William Mount said this is why we had huge fires in Napa and Santa Barbara). I am going to follow your advice and wait until I feel comfortable to sell my house and start renting (1 bedroom apt. costs 3 – 4000 US Dollars in SF right now).


  25. OWoN:

    There seems to be, as always for the Public, so many confusing and incorrect Blogs promising the world, and tomorrow, from the world of Delusionaria. For a Buck!

    Realty IS, the battles are daily, and parties now just waiting to recover vast Fund blocks from the likes of WF, and the Fed/Treasury, whose daily lies and obfuscation, merit WW111.

    There ARE PP’s very close, and a special run for certain currencies and certain groups, will be attempted over Xmas if possible, as the Muslim world does not celebrate this delusional event and which, if allowed and succeeding, will enable those who need and deserve it to cash out in a Western Market Close down, from those Ambulance chasers who don’t. Funny how a few million dead seem to justify why ” I am owed?”. Looking on, looking in, we see the best of times and the worst of a kind.

    PP’s, when released, WILL do so much good. Real Project Professionals, Real Projects and control as part of the packages. So many Patriots will do good things. So many damaged societies can start to rebuild. Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, even oppressed Iran, have all experienced and learned from a deeply salutary lesson. Yanks Tanks. Never again. How many dead are there from the presumptive arrogance of the worlds most reviled nation? Ask Filipinos,Iraqis, Vietnamese,Syrians,Iranians, South Americans, Russians and Chinese for their opinions, and welcome to a wake up call. Billy No Mates will find the future a change. No Trade, No Mates? No say! No idea what is coming. Russia and China are taking the Middle East and Africa. Even South America is building with Russia.

    Post release, it’s time for Regular Americans to rejoin the human race, and the Cabal to go. Those funds used wisely, will re integrate America using the heart, resources and moral fortitude of so many good Americans impaired for life because of the Cabal, Zio Scum, Political parasites, and Zio Banking filth who have almost destroyed the economies for all.

    We have seen a century of Jewish/Zionist total monopoly of the Fed and Treasury. They have bankrupted the lot, entrusted and betrayed. They will need to be – very afraid, because when Eurasia comes, there will be no room at that Inn. Payback and Take Back is coming! When Eurasia rolls in, Europe will Roll Over, and if you can’t think like and gain the affinity of the Asian, you will have no nation. Wealth has gone East. US and EU Imperialism will go West. The power of the integrated Mind, is the new future of Mankind. One world for ALL Nations. Who elected this Zoo?

    What is coming will be By the People, FOR the People. Eurasia will sweep in with real changes for the Zios. Gulags! The final Zio Roach solution for Parasite removal. The EU has a Garden Pest Exterminator called Round Up. Prophetic? Eurasia knows what is needed. Systematic change and Removal. Zio 21!

    With the releases will come the opportunity to make a difference. To really put back and go forward. Societies will be remodeled, New Education to re track each nation. Children and human life will be revered. Zios reviled. Pay out and Pay back. Freeing up nations and minds. So much good will arise. A whole new concept of Banking. Wall Street will be out on the Street. New Nations really will vote with their feet. People will change nations and minds. Money will serve a purpose, and need, not feed greed. Zios- 21 is for YOU.

    Once the PP’s start, the Dam breaks. Then, unstoppable. It’s coming. The ones owed, will be those who truly deserve. Payback.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. Tony Toni Tone,

    I’m going through post traumatic crypto disorder here! Made the decision to get in and exchanges are down and they only let you do a certain amount or can’t get verified…AAHHHHHH!!!!

    Anyway, trying to figure out where to buy RIPPLE. Went to their site. None of their recommendation work. Once again sites are down or I don’t receive the verification emails.

    Can you tell me a good site to buy this. I know you said you liked this one.

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    1. Are you channeling Cary Grant? lol

      You can buy XRP at several key brokerage exchanges. Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance all have it.

      Not sure what you mean that “exchanges are down”.

      I like XRP, but currently I think it’s a bit high to buy. I would personally wait for a pullback, but that is just my take. You may have the ability to sustain a drawdown if you take a position now.

      Good hunting.

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    1. Not this year, anyway.

      We are still not being told that it’s completely out of the question for all time. That’s what I am waiting for. But, it never comes. Someone is refusing to slam the door and weld it shut, and I don’t know why.

      He flogs that item, along with the “attendees of my seminars will exchange first” pitch to create hysterical demand for his seminars. Notice he has also added a crypto speaker now. It’s all about expediency with him. Of course, the “no public exchange” is another way of saying “ you better come to my seminar” kind of thing.

      You can get all the information you need on all the topics he covers, for free. Here, through our connections, and via Youtube for anything else.

      He would be out on the streets selling pencils without him having worked his way into his current occupation, via the dinar guru website audiences.

      What became of “Ambassador” anyway? Did the people that paid him $100 for some kind of “project” ever get refunded?

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  27. OWoN:

    Q: Looking like Jan is new target start

    A: Not so yet, it IS Still Daily, WF played games yesterday and got caught. Real people, with Real Self Funded Fortunes, are heavily focused 24 x 7 on this. Pressures are mounting for the PPs to be paid. We talk multi times daily, between us all and Legals etc. There is huge momentum which will not be played out in the Public arena. Nor for most, even advised when done, or which periods. It stays off radar. Need to know only. Our priorities are as follows:

    1.Redemption of the long owed PPs. Part has now been paid to the Elders.

    2.Recovering the War shattered nations economies from vicious and treacherous Imperialism.

    3.Helping the real victims, the innocent Iraqi and Vietnamese people. Only they are owed.

    4.Using PPs redeemed to develop Community projects and Infrastructure as needed in nations.

    5.Education!!! Re Educating where possible.

    No one has plans for the Camp followers of Guru sites or the Jackal packs. No one is owed, and no one in authority is either listening, or interested in fantasists who think they put in $500 Bucks,expect a free lunch $5M and have dreams they will fix the world. As if?

    Any major money coming out will have pre approved project dependencies, checks and balances as we do with the PPs. There WILL be pre clearance checks to ensure criminal sources, drug traders, and Bible Belt Hustlers do not clear. History of Funds screening obligations, and key Diligence from Banks Risk Management Units will flush out most.

    Serious Projects will help a lot of people, and key site parties will be given special consideration to participate.Those told and sold they will be getting mega Millions as free lunches from the Guru sites, take it up with them. Funds will be responsibly allocated. Not allocated in a Bums rush stampede.

    Where we can help, we will via the sites, but not the Cavalry Charges from Guru rags. Because a lot is unfolding we have to be careful what is published because of Guru Rag sites tracking and false claims. We will advise what is possible and when. But only AFTER majors clear first. There is hope, but phased.

    Read more at: OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  28. OWoN:

    There are some big PPs progressing, and there will be a real attempt to do certain currencies over Xmas away from the yapping dogs, and Blog nuisances.

    Iraq is moving forwards, the others we wait to hear. These will all be for the majors. There are no Public plans yet.

    To us the major PPs are key. That refunds projects, jobs and hope. No one needs fantasists. Structured, organized Pros to start. Mass real help.

    Nothing new until this week end. We have 2 days intense meetings Wednesday Thursday now.

    A lot is playing out. Reality rules. It’s to the wire now.

    No one is releasing Santa for lost causes pre Xmas. No one is owed. Major issues first. Le’ts turn the nations around starting with the PPs and major blocks. That’s mass help for next year. Real issues.

    Those without, what happened to Education? Karma?
    Projects will help many.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


        1. Tony, the public most likely will not get to exchange long after this site has closed down,(March 18). Thank You, and may you have the best Holiday Season ever.

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            1. I was thinking about the exit strategies for the exotic currencies when the GCR takes place which has more to do with the hard assets valuations than the changes in the forex relative values. OWoN hinted Iraq coming out with new money which makes the existing ones absolete. Will the same happen with Vietnamese currency? If so, will people outdide of Vienam have to fly there to convert the old to the new since currency exchange venders won’t be able to facilitate such event in mass? I was just thinking it may be wise to keep as much as we will be allowed to carry to Vietnam and exchange the rest back to USD to buy silver or cryptoes in order not to lose the entire amount speculated? In the mean time, cryptoes may rise as well as silver in 2018 per Clif High, and we can relieve ourselves from the attachments for the outcome. What is your thought?


              1. At this point, I am just going to pay attention to my personal business and those things under my control. I will await word from the BSDs on what we should do with currency. At present, it’s all worth nothing. So it begs little attention as a result.

                Nobody knows how any public chance will play out in precise detail. We have been told that there could be limits, windows, hope, no hope, some hope, possibilities, no chances, some chance, etc.

                Each person will have to plot a strategy based on their individual circumstances. Some can hold those currencies because they invested very little. Some bet the farm, and their asses are stinging because they let Okie, TNT, ZAP, Blaino, etc., act as their expert advisors, when the lot of them together could not afford to pay for remedial potty training.

                Metals are a safe harbor, perhaps the best store of value in proper proportion to your overall corpus. Cryptos are emerging technology platforms for monetized speculation and transfer infrastructure investment, depending on which ones you hold. The good thing here is that a little will go a long way, so no need to bet the jewels on it all. Only fools do that.

                Moderation is often lost on the desperate. I understand this all too much.

                When I busted my cherry in the commodities markets, I bet $7500 on my first trade. That was a lot for me, but I was single and young, and had a good job. I could afford to take the risk. We had no cryptos then. We had to buy contracts on margin and protect the downside with put options. We paid commissions up the yingyang. That trade paid off, and I was hooked.

                Nowadays, you can get the same potential for $500. And no margin calls, no large broker commissions. No low tech delays to find out what your contracts were worth, and if your honey was going to get diamonds or zirconium for Christmas.

                There is no need for anyone who wants an “RV” to wait for it any longer. It’s there. In a manner of speaking.

                Notwithstanding all that, I still hope all of you who want to exit your positions can find a way to do so from some aftereffect of these gigantic capital moves.

                I am sure we will be kept informed, good or bad.

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                1. Amen Tony. Every 20 cents placed into Ripple just a month ago, is going to be worth $1.00 soon. Such leverage has never been made available to the average guy and gal before. It is truly amazing.

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  29. OK. So I got set up on Coinbase and bought some Bitcoin and Litecoin. This exchange has a limit of $15,000 per week to buy or sell.

    Now, I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but when I become a crypto millionaire, how do I get that money out.

    At $15k per week, I’ll be walking with a cane by the time I could get it.

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    1. HIW that amount shouldn’t be left on the exchange as it is not the safest option. I’m not advising you but I’ll relay that what people generally do is to move their purchases from the exchange into either a digital wallet on their pc or into paper wallets (cold storage), and back up their wallet info in multiple safe locations. For those learning, I would learn about these things, try moving btc around in small amounts so you know how to get your btc into cash or out where you want if you need to. Learn about sweeping paper wallets into your digital wallet and so on, and the advice is to only use each address once. Hop on the blogs, there’s info around.

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      1. Andrew,

        Thanks. I just purchased a Ledger Nano cold storage device for this. Learning as I go. Now I just have to figure out how to get it on the damn thing.

        And Litecoin goes from $50 to $250 in last 30 days. Always a day late and a dollar short to the party.

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    2. I am also a late comer to this and now use coinbase. The reason I jumped on board was started accepting BTC for purchases of PM’s. My thought process is, if I ever actually make anything of substance from BTC, I would then purchase PM’s, then either hold or cash this out through many avenues. Just a thought. Best of luck to you.

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  30. BONEHEAD here, checking in. Yup, it’s me the BONEHEAD as this blog described me while doing a victory lap during gold’s brief pop during a thin overnight sensation following the election off the latest “savior” that will “come and save you all”.

    How’s gold been doing? I’m the BONEHEAD that told everyone in this blog back when Bitcoin was under $300 that Bitcoin was the BEST way to prepare yourself and protect yourself. Personally, I am up over 100x with BTC. Yup, I sure am a BONEHEAD. Meanhwhile, many of you likely have been wasting your lives waiting on the non-existent elders to “save you” while fondling gold coins and listening to the latest interviews of Willie, Rickards, and Holter.

    I also warned about ETH and XRP and other highly centralized garbage but I doubt anyone actually took the time to analyze it.

    So what does this blog say is next for Bitcoin and the world in general? Please enlighten me.


    1. Well, if it isn’t the two-faced little weasel that at first pretended to be an everyday normal reader, and then when the lithium wore off, revealed his true self-important self.

      Mr. Bigshot, here to show everyone what’s what, and wave his credentials in front of everyone. And those are what again?

      I seem to remember telling your arrogant ass that I was the one who accumulated BTC at $240, when you were pushing SILVER SLIVER SILVER!!! And as for gold, you simply cannot get around the fact that it is holding value, and has for thousands of years. You seem to think like an anal retentive speculative junkie, and have no concept of portfolio risk management.

      Wow, up over 100x with BTC?? MY lord!! What a genius you are. Oh, let us worship you!!!!!! Let us pay homage to the ONE hero of WHA who actually did THAT with BTC!! LOL

      You warned about ETH (Which is up 6000% since then) and XRP, which is becoming widely implemented and adopted (and in my opinion, a buy for future growth)?? Oh my, I am so sad I didn’t remember your warning. OH please, save us all O High Lord of Speculation!!!

      No, you are not just a bonehead, you are more like boneless. I let your post through so I could reply. It will be your last post on this blog. So, it’s more like bonehead is checking out, permanently.

      Congratulate yourself on yet again another failed attempt to discredit anything here. A flop of unimaginable magnitude.

      And you are who again? And you have accomplished what, that gives you credence to actually know that elders are non existent?

      Please, enlighten us.

      I double dog dare you to go to OWoN and make that claim, openly, and prove it, you pusillanimous little shitball.

      Never mind, Dave.

      Dave’s not here.


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  31. CBOE Website Crashes As Futures Trading Begins; Bitcoin Price Squeezed 10% Higher

    “…The Cboe’s website crashed within minutes of the CBOE open on Sunday – which also marked the launch of the first bitcoin futures to trade on a major exchange – while the price of a single bitcoin spiked 10% in five minutes as the new contract (bearing the ticker XBT) fluctuated wildly…”

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  32. Hi Tony,
    I am sorry to bother you but I wonder if there is a chance you may have a few moments to spare at some point to assist me to gain some understanding regarding the Futures trading of BTC commencing this weekend please.

    Firstly, would you be able to offer your opinion regarding how the commencement of Futures trading of Bitcoin will impact it?

    When I read articles regarding this subject there seems to be varying opinions. Quite regularly I note in the comment sections of such articles some expressing that the Futures trading will short the BTC price and force it to crash. Other comments say that there is no way that is possible. I’m not sure if these commenters are legitimate or just trolling trouble makers as I have no understanding of Futures trading.

    I am completely lost on this subject and do not possess the knowledge or experience to form an acceptable answer to satisfy myself.

    I most sincerely thank you in advance Tony if there is a possibility you may be able to share your wisdom and offer some common sense guidance regarding this topic.

    Hope you enjoy a fabulous weekend Tony.


    1. First, I don’t think the futures trading of BTC will negatively affect the price. I also think the short positions are going to get exterminated.

      Remember, the brokers are probably taking non principal risk here. They make commissions on selling the contracts, short or long, with the exception of any dealing desk risk they wish to take themselves, which would be minimal I am sure.

      Futures contracts are simply contracts to buy or sell a specific commodity at a certain price by a certain date. These instruments allow large institutions to assure delivery of needed commodities to their concerns at a locked in price, so they can guard against major future price increases, or decreases, which could adversely impact their ability to stay in business.

      Speculators can gamble on them by buying and selling them before the contract expiry, at which time, if you still held the contract, you would possibly be asked to provide an address to accept delivery on your 37,500 pounds of coffee. However, most brokerages now have automated systems set to warn way in advance of this, and they would most likely liquidate your contracts in time to avoid such an embarrassment. However, in the past it has happened.

      The lure here is that these contracts can be bought on margin, using leverage, which allows them to control large blocks of these commodities for a deposit. This, of course, attracts gamblers with large pockets.

      In the case of crypto futures, you can buy a contract at present prices, that would expire in such and such a month in the future. It would be for so much Bitcoin/Ethereum etc., at such and such a price at that time. You would gain or lose based on what the prices may be at the time you liquidate the contract.

      I would not worry about all of this. Your prime directive is to never go into any coin with money that you cannot afford to lose. These things are highly speculative. Take a position in as many as you can, with an equal amount on each, and hold on.

      Don’t fool with futures unless you are really ready. I am not going to bother with them. I don’t see the need.

      For sure, read all there is to read, but in the end, do what is best for you.

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      1. Heavens Tony, you have no idea how much I sincerely appreciate all the time and trouble you have gone to with your response to my questions. Thank you so very much.

        Heck, there was no way I was going anywhere near futures lol. I am nowhere near smart enough for that game. Was just trying to understand the possible impact of them, which you have most definitely assisted me with. I must say though it does sound like a very interesting market if one had a full grasp of that area and plenty of money to play with.

        Tony I have taken note of all of your generous advice and am being very careful and not getting caught up too much in the ups and downs of it all. It is very exciting but I can clearly see where one could get carried away on an emotional level. I’m just making final adjustments with regard to exactly what to hold and then I shall distance myself from the intense focus and readdress other duties calling me back to the real world lol.

        I have had to take a couple of days away from my normal daily duties due to a shoulder injury, hence why I’m online so much. Just took advantage on the downtime to move ahead in other areas. But back to the grind tomorrow healed or not.

        Tony, thank you once again for being such a kind and generous man sharing your knowledge and wisdom so freely. I respect you enormously. THANK YOU.


  33. Well, another week and what an ending to it. News of “imminent settlements”!

    It’s been one wild ride. Closer and closer it seems. Then farther and farther away in the next moment. It’s very clear, perhaps almost too obvious that what is coming is not wanted by many who hold power and hide behind a veil of powerful illusions fed to the man on the street via mesmerizing electronic media.

    So, stay alert, stay informed, stay away from guru blabbermouths with their opportunism and their monetized shtick designed to tug on your heartstrings while enticing donations out of your pocket and into theirs. I have not seen ONE that offers anything of value in return for what they ask of you. ALL I see is what you can get via the god damned Internet FOR FREE.

    The good guys dealing with opposing forces probably wish they could have an easier enemy to deal with, like Satan perhaps.

    Emerson, Lake and Powell are here to remind us that it’s “Touch and Go” when dealing with bank vermin and government reprobates.

    Stay tuned. this should be very interesting. Have a good weekend!

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  34. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Statement on Basel III

    Washington – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued the following statement on the completion of Basel III Capital Standards:

    “The consensus agreed to by the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS) completes nearly seven years of work on the Basel III bank capital standards. The reforms standardize the approach, improve the quality and consistency of bank capital requirements, and will help level the playing field for U.S. firms and businesses operating internationally.”

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  35. Guru blather:

    Re: Settlement Glitch, OWoN, et al” by blueray – 12.6.17
    12/06/2017 06:01:00 PM Emailed, Thoughts
    Entry Submitted by blueray at 5:38 PM EST on December 6, 2017

    “Settlement Glitch” – Intel via J at OWoN 12-5-17

    Why are ” taxes ” being discussed as some kind of ” problem ? ” Won’t NESARA / GESARA forgive or ‘ write off ‘ most, if not all of the taxes ? Are you saying there will be no jubilee / forgiveness ?

    The Rothschilds are reputed to have between 300 trillion and 800 trillion. It’s not like I can produce a deposit slip as proof, but surely these funds will be confiscated, & perhaps even other funds the Vatican has. If the ” taxes ” must be paid, USE THESE stolen funds.

    What about claims that the ” St. Germaine ” and/or collateral accounts contain the sum of 1 with 40 zeros after it as funding for the reset ? You can’t reasonably claim this won’t cover all LAWFUL taxes, presuming they have to be paid at all !

    Is this just another BULLSHIT excuse for delay ? Sounds like it to me. This confirms my decision to ignore OWoN’s ‘ info ‘ years ago. Bye- bye.


    Another unsatisfied NESARA numbskull.

    Claims he made a decision to “ignore OWoN’s info years ago”, and then does not ignore it by quoting it.

    These St. Germain chromosome-deficients are the worst part of this endeavor. I would rather have tea with a Cabal member than one of these vacuumed-cranium, fantasy-loving fruit-loops who live in a constant state of delusion in their trailer park headquarters.

    Blueray, why don’t you increase your lithium until you stop seeing the blue rays coming out of St. Germain’s ass, and stay away from sharing our information until you grow up.

    Your payment note on the Winnebago estate is not going to get paid off, so keep your day job at the Piggly Wiggly. -WHA

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    1. Oh dear me, I think blueray may have spent a little too long up in the clouds.

      Tony, you absolutely crack me up with your brilliant wit. My stomach is hurting from laughing so much at your note to blueray above. LOL



    Tonight, Kerry Cassidy will interview Paladin, a forensic financial investigator and member of the website known as 7 PM Pacific, 9 PM Central and 10 PM Eastern time.

    They will discuss the history of the White Hats and their investigations into financial fraud and deception at the highest levels of government. Their investigation leads to high yield trading programs used to finance the secret space program and black projects.


  37. OWoN:

    Multiple issue overviews on Global positions.

    1. The current pressure to get delinquent Bankers like the US into Basel 3 Compliant standing is preceding the Currency settlements. That, final US Tax agreements, and split Taxes plus which priority block sectors are to be settled first, will be key. Iraq is close to the printing/ relaunch and release of their new Dinars. Whose in, whose out? When?

    Decisions. Now? Will they wait for the Basel 3 Accord? Of course.

    2. Dongs and Zims ARE coming right behind. Huge pressures for decisions now. Daily!

    3. Internal PP Settlements are imminent. They have priority. US PP’s and the Elders will be first. Once released they will be used to fund a number of key new projects, and where possible, we will try to create suitable new career opportunities for numerous inter site parties able and willing to support substantial new Global operations, Turnkey developments and installation. Assistance with re training can be given where merited. Many good people need a new start.

    Now UK Problems First.

    Brexit is becoming a complete Pigs breakfast. David David, Bonking Boris and Theresa May are being run around like imbeciles by a pig trough of European Socialists. Uppity Bastards who need an Anal boot interjected. Aided by a bunch of Self interest Irish about to cut their own throats by usual Mick stupidity. It may be time to think the unthinkable, offload Northern Ireland and Scotland and frankly,sod the UK as united Basket cases. The price of this baggage to keep Monarchs egos inflated is of no value to an Industrial England.As always, supporting these Losers is at great cost to England. They drain the coffers and confuse the political map, allowing in vast combines of Labour Votes holding England to ransom. A pitiful consequence of UK Political naivety. Give the English a vote whether to keep Scotland and Ireland, so the resulting 90% Sod them off vote will boot the Socialists out of English power for 100 years.This situation has occurred again because May, with a 12 seat lead, tried to be another Bodicea, resulting in her losing the lead and she ended up taking it up the rear! Never trust an Electorate! Or a Ditsy Chick in the London Political scene. Maggie got knifed! May over reached.

    Now the Micks want to play hardball. England gains nothing with the thankless task of mediating with Irish. Ingratitude and indifference is scant recompense for the Troops lives lost and subsidy costs. Walk away and sod their votes. The Scots also. England has no need of Alkie seed. We can produce our own Whisky, why not?

    If the Irish pull the Plug and the Scots get Gobby next week, Brexit will hit the buffers. May has boxed herself into this mess. It could see her gone fast.

    If she gives up much more to this bunch of Eurocrat Socialists,the party here will revolt. She is fast betraying the Brexit mandate, and the party will move to a vote of No Confidence in her. Jacob Rees Mog sits waiting to pounce,as a staunch Right Wing Conservative, as does David Davies for EU hardball. If the Preppie Girl plays this wrong, she walks the plank and a party vote of no confidence will trigger a Leadership election. Rees Mogg is electable. He will tell Europe to shove it and walk,what’s to lose? These Clowns can’t afford to lose Exports to the UK,so why do we worry about their threat to tax us 10% for EU Imports? Their export advantage to us, so much more to us, is so great, if we tax that 10%, cut of their request for a £60B UK pound pay off, saving all of it, and with our the net tax benefit charging the EU 10% more to sell here, it’s a huge inbalance Trade benefit to the UK. Win , win, win to the UK. Why are we running around Butt kissing these Buffoons, we need to be Kicking Ass!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. OWoN said above: “Iraq is close to the printing/ relaunch and release of their new Dinars.” If there is a public exchange, what current older dinars are likely not to go through the exchange? Are there any denominations that we should not be holding or any particular “date issued” ones that we should be trading for more recently issued ones? In case there is a public exchange everyone should know this. Thanks.


  38. OWON:

    This is for all of you as we are now so close to getting resolutions. In a world of labyrinths of deceit, hold the dream, hold your values high, with determination for your values family, and nation, go for for this. The message is in this song for us all. Touching you.

    I cannot release the details, or the scale of chicanery unleashed daily, but as by the hour, we deflower the Zio SCUM and Cabal, hopefully SOON, is all I can say.

    I know how important it is for many of you.

    I have not forgotten how many of you rose up from both sites, and helped us when we called to help Mike when the time came to man up. We saw the best of all of you step up.

    For you, all of you, the best 4 minutes you will invest today. We may need many of you again soon, once the releases start, and we step in to make a difference.


    Dana Winner – One Moment In Time (live)

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    1. HIW, I often keep files when Tony shares his opinion regarding crypto’s/trading. I have one from back in June this year when another member asked the same question. It may be the one you are after. I’ll post it below. Good luck.

      “June 24, 2017 at 12:59 pm
      I think the comment you are referring to is found here:

      Crypto currencies are now about a 115B market cap and growing faster than any other sector. Spend time looking on Google for all topics about such, and you will find more information than I could ever reproduce here for you. I am no expert in this sector and I struggle to keep up with all that comes out on a daily basis.

      The top 5 main ones now are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic, per market cap, respectively.

      Ripple, a few years ago was .02. It now trades c.30, and is expected to go to 1.00 by next year. Higher even. Plug in a 2K USD placement into that at .02 to now, and you are looking at 30K if my math is right. Many such cases are common now.

      Bitcoin, some say, will be 10K by January. Others say it’s going down hard when Ethereum starts to dominate. Ethereum Classic, some say will surpass Ethereum. Will it? I don’t know. I only wish I had time in a day to read all there is to read, and know what one needs to take a position that has a high probability of success.

      Warren Buffet (whom I detest, but respect) spends 12 hours a day reading, and very little time trading. He buys value. That’s all he does. He reads, gathers all the facts he can, and then buys what he thinks will be of value to people.

      The same holds true, at least from what I read, to cryptos. They are all coming out by the ton, and some are jokes, and others have serious applications and specific niches for end users. Those are the ones that usually pay off and attract capital. And blockchain technology is not just for coins. It has other uses interwoven into monetary and business applications, which will render whole sectors of manual labor “thinking”, obsolete.

      In the near future, as governments look to hold onto their territory, and ensure they can tax anything that moves, will most likely either have to compete by issuing sovereign blockchain currencies, or find ways to penetrate every other crypto out there and make sure all redemptions into currency are reported. That would be a monster logistical nightmare, and one that would be too hard to maintain on the cutting edge as other coins come into the market with features that defeat such purposes.

      The anachronistic blobs of mongoloid governmental bureaucracies would be hard pressed to keep up with techno-geeks in that race. I personally don’t think most governments will try to beat them – they will join them. Look for them to actually invest in mining farms, new issues, etc. They will have to compete as an entity, for the first time, directly with the same sectors they usually just had to worry about taxing. The competition just got harder; government necessity, a lot more insignificant. I believe this will continue, but the aura of it will be suppressed in media outlets controlled by those who back and finance governments. Need I say who?

      Many years ago I read a book called The Sovereign Individual, by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Moog. Many of the scenarios prophesied in that book are now coming forth in rapid succession. Private sector organizations are becoming as powerful, if not more, than many governments. Computing power that once was only possible with budgets that only government spending could suckle, are now in the hands of kids with iphones. And in those phones, some are carrying around fortunes in hard crypto wallets. And they are fast organizing companies that are centering commerce around cryptos, B2B, and also retail. “Mr Taxman? Mr. Bureaucrat? F–k off – who needs you?”, will be the mantra of the kids raised by this generation.

      Now, please note that a lot of the above is my opinion, and I don’t recommend you try to cheat the taxman from his still thriving confiscatory grab fest. But, as more time goes by, the critical mass of monetary exchange processes will force them to attempt upgrading systems to secure their lick. But, out will come another system, designed by some 15 year old that negates that, and back and forth it will go. A war within a war. Force and counter force. But this time, the common man will have the power to render the force of the bureaucrat null over the span of months, rather than decades or longer, as before.

      Bureaucrats in pre-tech days, got rid of higher paper denominations and put in reporting forms to ensure “compliance”. This was a reaction to physical smuggling. Now, a billion $ in any crytpo can be hidden in an iphone. And as technology progresses, watch for transactions to become so incredibly small scale as to be virtually undetectable, and instant. Monetary value will eventually be impossible to detect or tax.

      Right now there are entire countries that are going to blockchain tech, and many say that will enable them to tax more efficiently. And yes, that will be the case within many locations. But just as the ancient Hawala systems still to this day run parallel to banking, high tech systems, in my view, will maintain a presence outside even government blockchain currencies. Let’s see them try to stop it.

      Crap. I can’t believe I wrote all this, and no time to proof or edit, so sorry about that. I kind of went overboard.

      The information is out there. Just search it out, and you will find it. Do searches for words and groups of words that you want to explore. One example is to search for “where can I find information about new crypto currencies to buy”. And Google will belch it forth. Relying on me to assist would slow you down and as busy as I am, and as spread thin as I am, I would be an impediment to anyone looking for me to help them understand all this. I am barely able to keep up with forex, and my options accounts are stagnant, if for any other reason, that they are becoming too costly to maintain, too slow, and too regulated.

      New markets are exploding into the scene. You can’t miss them if you look.

      The RV better come fast or else someone will just issue a new Dinarcoin crypto, and bypass the whole friggin’ need for redeeming any shite paper at a bank.

      Oh crap!
      Good luck!

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      1. Aurataya,

        Thank you. This wasn’t the one I was thinking about.

        It was the one where you talked about how to store them securely. Do we leave them in the coinbase wallet or should they be moved onto something?


        1. Coinbase is secure, and insured. It’s an exchange as well, meaning you can convert your BTC to USD once they approve you. It’s not one of the best for customer service.

 is a very secure online wallet, but not an exchange.

 is a hardware wallet that you can use to store your BTC locally.

          The one place you should not leave BTC is in a brokerage. Once you book profits, if you do, move them to a wallet off the exchange. That’s my suggestion.

          Google for exchanges, wallets, etc. There are lots of resources out there.

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        2. HIW,
          Looks like Tony has already shared some good info for you re this. I would most certainly take note of his recommendation.

          I think I recall the conversation you mention.
          Andrew, a member here recommended MyEtherWallet for Ethereum products and another member here, The Other Andrew recommended the Exodus wallet. Just search online for those two terms and you can read what they are all about.

          It really depends how you are using these products and your level of investment as well in my opinion.
          I am absolutely no expert in this arena HIW, so my highest recommendation would be to listen to Tony.


  39. Now our own WH’s are being used as fodder in the hype and bull crap flowing from the sewer rats:

    Judy Byington
    Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 6 2017
    Compiled 12:01 am EDT 6 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

    Judy Note: Dates of Interest

    Sun. Dec. 3
    White Hat sources confirmed that at 1:01 am EST Dec. 3 Quantum Computer Simulations surpassed the 95% success rate threshold – the agreed upon percentage to release the RV. The release was approved by the Elders and funds from the global collateral accounts were activated.

    Mon. Dec. 4
    Pres. Trump got a verdict from the Supreme court upholding his travel ban.
    HSBC began setting appointments in New York and London to conduct ZIM exchanges.
    Money has been flowing through redemption centers since the night of Dec. 4

    Tues. Dec. 5
    President Trump was set to announce the end of Admiralty Law and transition to Martial Law (It didn’t happen). He had signed the executive order for said action a month ago.
    Zap said his first payments for currency were coming on the am and pm of Tues. Dec. 5.
    Iraq announced the lower denominations on Iraqi TV today Dec. 5.
    ZIM groups started today Dec. 5. Liquid/no skrs.

    As of 12:58 pm EST Dec. 5 instructions went out approving immediate release of the 800# notifications.
    Redemption center staff were let off today Dec. 5 because we didn’t RV. They were scheduled to come back in 24 hours – by tomorrow Dec. 6.


      1. In the posting I brought over, on the line for December 3rd, it states “White Hat sources confirmed…..”
        Which is in direct contrast to what we’re being briefed on, not only by the gallant few in London, but on here by Tony as well. Further down the posting, there’s a reference to HSBC in London for ZIM redemptions. I’m willing to bet there isn’t a bank in London, or around the world, the WH’s aren’t plugged into, or at the very least, aware of their monetary movements. J and his team are giving us all they can without compromising their integrity and operations security.
        So, in a long winded response, it’s disturbing and disgusting to see the WH’s honor and efforts tainted by referencing them in these fraudulent postings and ambulance chaser websites.
        I hope some of that made sense, I’m still working on my morning caffeine injection….

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  40. OWoN:

    The current Currency Holding, Waiting Status.

    These are complex and sensitive areas. It requires intense Diplomacy , Tact and Guile.

    Nations have holdings, many are seriously adrift of long, long, long overdue Redemptions, lawfully and Ethical repayment of the own funds by a vicious Cabal which has lost the plot and spent the lot funding a delusional State they would willingly sequestrate, as per Agenda 21 and Tri Lateral policies.

    The Thanksgiving Turkeys within care only for the food trough, and don’t question that Bell for the end game rings out for who at round up time?

    It’s not about a Simpletons simple single Tax Rate to fund ambulance chasing indifferents,who saw only a fast free lunch from Shock and Awe, as a million died, civilizations fried, and in so many nations,innocents cried.

    Why should innocent Arabs be taxed to redeem their own money? They say – No!
    Why should Chinese Dynasty Elders be taxed for vast Trillions abused,reneged on and late, when their own nations need so much? The Gross Military Industrial Cabal and Zio Trash Bankers have gorged themselves from the Fatted Calf’s annually,denying others all rights to their own money. Now facing Global melt down unless accommodating the True Beneficiaries, they seek yet again to mass tax, while allowing Congressmen and Politicos no taxes. Hello?

    There are mass rejections from Military contractors, a vermin swarm who murdered to order for a price. 20 pieces of Silver Tax Free!

    Unbeknown to most of you there are Military and Agency types seeking a deferred tax with a split option, so they can park it and Program Trade it paying taxes from new Profits only. But then there is a drowning Treasury /Fed needing funding- today.

    Deserving causes, real Benefiaries, don’t even have a voice,but they do have AU and more.

    This is not about a bunch of squealing Desperados, who life has passed by, shaking rice bowls, and whose only contribution has been to gamble big on Genocide paper, with moral turpitude overrunning all of it. While millions are starving in Asian gutters. Nations destroyed. Do we tax THEM again to allow them their own money back?

    Funds are finite. Do we repatriate at long last what is long overdue to trusting nations the US reneged on, as a moral imperative? Or scam tax that?

    Do we prioritize the major Trusts and Foundations who will create Global benefits and infrastructure? But from unearned income, what Tax?

    Do we allow Agencies, Military and Politicos exemptions now? Why?
    Do we part tax now,and more later in a phased deal, allowing a one year deferment for those able to capitalize and trade up?

    Who checks and traces full history of funds before processing each case? The Law!
    This will become a Public nightmare. Nothing has been funded ready. Nor is there a Bank will. Do they slap a punitive withholding tax on the myriads of Ambulance Chasers who are cashing in only as the Blood Money of others? The State ethos is- Who cares, ignore them.

    The real issue is not who get paid what, but who get paid and who gets laid?
    There is huge reticence towards a public free for all. Many criminal parties, Drug Dealers, Money Launderers, Churches and low lives bought in for a fast fix.

    It’s now approaching Judgment day. Do we stage pay it, delay it, or deny it?
    Real issue, real time.

    If YOU can’t front line fix it, why did you buy into it?

    As it starts unfolding, decisions. The good thing is it is coming for many. Live daily dialog, and Progress. Dialog forces decisions.

    PP plans will help many. This is multi facet progress. Differing cases and priority.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Meanwhile, Bitcoin total market cap just surpassed Citigroup.

      Every month, those dongs and dinars are looking more and more like sucker bets on the craps table, in the lowest class casino run by the lowest class pimps using crooked dice at a table attended to by a blind pit boss.

      But, I have hope.

      I am guessing that as soon as any public move may happen, those profits will head straight to the crypto markets in large part.

      Soon, we could be seeing Dinarcoin and Dongcoin, and then what? Bail on the paper? Things are moving at a clip that may soon make any idea of an RV a grandiose anachronistic exercise in speculative masturbation.

      Sit still and you get run over.

      Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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      1. Well, I was very positive on Bitcoin right until I checked out the amount of power used by both mining and blockchain. The energy consumption is so far out of joint that there isn’t a ghost of a chance this mechanism (as formulated currently) will be practical over time. So it IS going to blow up. It is a question of when.

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        1. You are forgetting that the mining algorithms are designed to adjust to such. It is unlikely that power issues will be a problem. I am not saying that Bitcoin will be forever a good buy, but for now, I don’t see that as an issue.

          $14K plus now. More power to ya!

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      2. Tony — Are you wondering if it would be better that Dinar/Dong holders sell and buy bitcoin? I’m curious to know if, at this point, you are seeing the paper currency moves as futile. Technology is much further advanced than what we are allowed to know. Although I understand, in part, the strengths of the blockchain tech., I am also aware that higher tech. may exist that can brake the security of it — even though many say it is all but impossible. The money changers will work hard to pierce any form of monetary exchange that tries to exclude them from stealing a large share for themselves. I, like many, wish I could see the future!


        1. I can only say that such is a decision for each to make. If you are financially well off, or simply solvent and comfortable, you can hold the paper and still diversify. But, many had to borrow just to get into these currencies on the off chance that a huge move would carry them to a better financial life.

          In the meantime, Bitcoin and company have created millionaires out of people who invested similar smaller amounts from 2009 on. And still, thousands sit, waiting.

          Personally I think BTC has a ways to go upward. Risk capital only if anyone wants to try it out. I cannot stress that enough.

          I would not worry about any security risks to BTC code just yet.

          For sure, cyber warfare is on the horizon in ways that will make today’s hacking look like kindergarten. However, with quantum computing will come quantum safeguards just as strong. I am not worried about that just yet.

          It is clear that the desire for banking powers to guide a public RV so that they care for you and help you prosper, is fantasy. It’s looking more and more like it will be scraps only if at all. But I caution that we have not received word of it being “impossible now”. That’s what perplexes me. I cannot in good faith tell you all to sell it and go elsewhere, but I also cannot tell you that I think you have a good chance. I really don’t know.

          All I do know is that fortunes are being made now, elsewhere. And the starting fees for doing so are in amounts that are sometimes less that most spent on dinar. I know of one lady in Canada who spent 40K on dinar, by taking a second mortgage out. She based this on what Okie Oilman said. Imagine what she could have had with BTC? Hundreds of millions I would guess.

          If we are to find reasons to continue along this course of diligence, with constantly hearing that public are not highly regarded in terms of currency speculation, then we may have to shift our focus in the future. It may be project oriented through our fortunate connections with One World, and for speculation, for those who wish it, currency and crypto currency venues. Technology is making it easier to partake across the board.

          Let’s see what the remaining few weeks hold. I have sincere doubts that anything will proceed now in this late hour. Next year, if we get to March with the same tax problems and baking delays, we may have to focus on where the fortunes are being made. And that isn’t with the Dinar or Dong.

          God Damn it all to hell. What a mess this whole thing has been. Ever since the tanks rolled into Iraq till now, the only ones who have made any money are the sharks, the con men, the MLM hustlers, the stuttering seminar seminarians, the channeling new age NESARA revenants, the conference call conniving crackpots, and everyone in between. All but the rank and file speculator. And more importantly, all but the poor victims of those tragic events that should be first on the list for any redress of this nature.

          This kind of decades long waiting is pathetic in the extreme, and sooner or later it will have to stop.

          In vino veritas.

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  41. OWoN:

    Today we hit a key PP Settlement Glitch.

    A decision has to be made between and immediate Withholding Tax ratio for key Redemptions, and or a secondary option for those only reporting income after a year.

    We have the amounts suggested for each option.

    But in turn that now requires decisions also on large block pending currencies.

    Decisions, so we wait – Again.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  42. OWoN:

    Time for Crypto Gamblers to look more at Ethereum or equivalent. At the moment the lot has a whiff of the South Seas Bubble all over it. Latecomers risk the largest smash.

    Just take care out there.

    Let’s see if the next week or so breaks the PP backlog. [Trump] needs some good news.
    Then we can help nations for real. Zio and Vatican knee free!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Whoooaaa!

      For those of you who are taking this to mean you should run out and buy Ethereum, please note he did not specifically say to do so at current prices. Study all of them, deeply, and realize that well timed entry is very important here.

      Personally I think ETH is not in a buy range right now, but I would encourage to decide for yourself if and when to get in to any speculative investment with only money set aside for such purposes. Rent, food, car and honey money do not belong in any risk market. If you cannot hold during periods of volatility and draw down in equity, then you are a panic buyer and will soon be a frantic seller. That’s bad. I would rather get herpes.

      Ironically, I think BTC is still a buy at current prices. But, you decide. You are not me. I am not you. They are not us. We are not them. You are you.

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      1. Good man, never ever risk the honey money!!

        Seriously, thank you Tony. I am so appreciative of your advice. I’m still quite intimidated by these investments but I’m desperately wanting AND trying to learn.

        BTW, I read that John McAffee made an interesting proposition regarding BTC…. did you see?

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        1. Alwaysme, if I, as a total newbie could offer you any advice it would be as follows.

          Find an Exchange that has a good reputation, reasonable fees and prices and an extensive FAQ section. Read all about the basics of trading in crypto’s on that specific exchange in their FAQ section. Get yourself ID verified at your exchange of choice and atleast get an account opened. You don’t have to do anything beyond this if you change your mind at a later point and do not wish to move forward but if you feel comfortable and wish to make a move then you will be ready to do so.

          It was all freaking me out as well as every bit of info I was reading was so foreign to me. I have never done any type of trading before in any area but I was determined that it was something I was going to grasp the basics of to allow myself to participate. I know it’s a bit scary at first but just try to remain calm at all times with all decisions. You are a very sensible grounded person and that is half your battle already won. And imho most definitely keep your eyes and ears focused where they are when seeking advice/opinion.

          Oh and by the way. You should have seen to look on my face the first time I hit the BTC buy icon lol. But the 200 sedatives I had taken an hour prior probably help to make the facial muscles relax a tad more than normal. LOL. Just joshing there but the eyes were still pretty wide I can assure you.

          Wish you well beautiful.

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      2. Thank you so much for sharing your response here Tony. It seriously is enormously appreciated.

        I very much appreciate J’s concern/advice noted above and do understand why BTC looks like a “bubble.” Many are of this opinion. I suppose each have to make their own call where risk is concerned in any market/trading.

        Whilst remembering the term, “never risk what you cannot afford to lose” I excitedly admit that I made the jump. My first steps I will say are very small until I get the hang of it all and make moves with a greater confidence.

        I so very sincerely thank you again Tony for all the very helpful tips and opinion you share here regarding the crypto arena.

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      3. Quick comment: To those who think that BTC (or any crypto) is too expensive to purchase, this doesn’t work the way that stocks or buying PMs do. As an example, you can purchase BTC with $50. What occurs is that you then own a bit of a Bitcoin. I entered the BTC arena late, yet am still up “considerably” in the small amount I ponied up, as to see if it was something I wanted to get into. What happens is you reserve your investment within the blockchain, which is pretty cool. Again, I had a rough time wrapping my mind around cryptos, being a PM person, yet am glad I have “something” invested outside of the fiat jungle. The more research I do, the more comfortable I am with it.

        If you view it as a high tech co-op, it’s much easier to understand.

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    What I find interesting is if all the Dinar Dongers (feel free to use the slang graciously) would’ve gotten into cryptos, when they were whining about their lick in the GCR at the beginning of the year, they would already be on their way to the utopias they envision. Oh wait, that takes personal responsibility and liability in investing and not waiting on others to do things for you.

    In one year (at this posting):
    Bitcoin is up 1390.7%
    Ethereum is up 6080.74%
    Litecoin is up 2698.43%

    To those who missed the crypto rockets, physical silver is still an unbelievable buy at under $17 an ounce right now. Just sayin’!


    1. It takes time to learn about the tech involved. As a researcher in the technology acceptance model field I can say that the perceived usefulness and ease of use are the two most important factors thhat influence whether someone will form an intent to use it. I was one to scratch my head on both of those counts for a while, and I didn’t perceive it as easy to use at all.

      After usefulness and ease of use are taken care of what can tip the scales is facilitating conditions. Assisting technology such as exchanges helps a lot as does explanatory and helpful community blog posts. This facilitation often causes an intent to become an actual use of the technology in question.

      For me also was a metric called system attributes which includes things like security.

      So there really are many factors that play in to our perceptions, attitudes, intentions and use of a technology, especially a new one. Forex was already known and understood so it’s not surprising at all that it was the first choice more the vast majority. It doesn’t mean the dinar dongers were/are lazy, incompetent or anything. It’s normal behaviour for any new tech including things like PCs when they were introduced.

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          1. OMG Green Lantern, you are flying high today. Your comment above totally cracked me up this morning.LOL

            Really liked your “Quick comment” at 7.35 am as well. Thank you.


  44. OWoN:

    Q: With the talk of majors and PPs “possibly” going next week, does that mean sovereigns have been completed or is that group still part of the “possible” process next week too?

    A: One of our key Elders have been part redeemed. The rest are still a War of Attrition and still in negotiation. Nothing that publicly hanging 500 Zios a week would not speed up.

    Q: Will the new tax reform that was passed last night now help speed up the the funding process for sovereigns, PPs, and majors? In other words, does the tax reform have any connection to the Currencies/RV/GCR?

    A: You have to have funds first to pay with. Thieving, defrauding Cabal Swine have stolen the lot in activities ranging from Treasury Secretary, Fed Fraud, to feeding the Egos of 1,000 wasteful Hegemony bases. They stole the Pot and can’t pay as they have lost the plot. Hegemony crime is rampant in America. Pay with what when you are broke?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. So if the UST and/or Fed is broke and can’t pay, why do we have cause to believe that things might start on Tuesday? I’m confused. This is not unusual. 🙂


      1. Chalk it up to not all information being released to us. I am sure there are many intricate details that would amount to understanding why and how.

        Best to not worry about those details. I am sure capable people are working it out.

        I am sure there are solutions, which are being put off because of the requirements, which are probably painful for those who have spent us into oblivion, and tried to cover it up.


      2. This character has been discredited many times but if you still like him… it does seem logical that we would be recovering huge funds just like happened in Saudi Arabia after they brought down the bad guys:

        Ben Fulford say 100T being recovered from the raids on the CIA (see Item #14):


      1. It seems so. Same pattern throughout history as well. Usury rats scurry from one country to another, eating them alive while the hosts are cucked into a pattern of “but we can’t have hate”, as their brains are being eaten out of their heads.

        But, now the game has changed. The cuckholding is over. Eurasian dominance is at the gate, and they wont take warm and fuzzy focus group shit-brained psychobabble into consideration with these Zio parasitic banking tapeworms.

        Watch for the war drums to beat ever louder as they attempt to defeat their enemies by getting them to fight each other while they scamper off to find other worlds to conquer – if they themselves survive this time.

        Stay tuned. There is more to come.

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  45. We stand, once again, at the precipice of a possible new beginning next week.

    So, let’s hope the running dogs of usury; the sad sacks of bait and switch; the undisputed champions of greed and princes of provocations will let slip their hold on what is not theirs and pay up and agree to work for humanity for once, instead of stroking their giant egos.

    Maybe this time? Could this be it? Will the broker-dreamers, the schemers, the promoters, the seminar shtick-men and geek hangers-on who fund them finally have their day in the sun?

    Oh I just can’t wait to see how this plays out. Maybe we will see very soon.

    Be safe, everyone. Stay alert and remember, seek advice from only the best. Avoid letting carnival liars and shape-shifting suddenly-an-overnight-expert pitchmen fill their pockets for their career expediency, at your cost.

    Lee Ritenour and company are here to end our week with “Maybe Tomorrow”.

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    1. Nicely done!

      And great video… a much needed reprieve for me! I have consumed way too much “news” today. My brain feels dirty and assaulted.

      BTW, was that a young Tal Wilkenfeld?

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  46. Act Now: Save Net Neutrality

    By December 14th one of the Federale’s alphabet soup agencies: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be voting on whether to reverse Net Neutrality rules. These rules protect small businesses and the right for all Americans to free speech. We’re all affected, so we hope you’ll join us in our battle for a free and open Internet, and make your voice heard today.

    What are the implications if Net Neutrality rules are reversed?

    • Censorship and blocking of websites, apps, and services for any reason without transparency or accountability and I imagine this is one way they could close down crypto currencies in America.
    • Charging Internet users extra fees just to access sites or streaming services
    • Demanding payments from small business, video creators, musicians, and online services just to reach an audience
    • Slowing internet speeds to a crawl on any platform that doesn’t pay up

    Why be so passionate about Net Neutrality?

    These rules are so important to us because they affect many freedom loving people such as small businesses and entrepreneurs, so these are the ones who will feel the impact most if Net Neutrality rules are reversed.

    By rolling back the rules, the FCC is threatening the ability for anyone to start a business and have their voices heard. Also, broadband providers like Comcast and AT&T will be let off from adhering to basic consumer protection laws. We strongly believe that this action by the FCC is fundamentally wrong.

    What can I do?

    Act today! The vote is coming up any day now, so time is of the essence. If you value an open Internet and support small businesses and entrepreneurs, please:

    Sign the White House petition:
    Call 1-202-418-1000 to reach the voicemail of the Chairman of the FCC and say you oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality. It took 12 seconds.

    Call and write to your local lawmakers today to let them know that open Internet rules need to stay.
    Forward this message by email far and wide.

    We can stop the FCC and save Net Neutrality but only if we all write and call Congress now……

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  47. OWoN:

    Major new article just out AND, watch for Tuesday info. Fingers X all for the majors first. It can still get pulled, but if all goes as hoped, it starts to get better.

    We WILL make a difference as per the new report.

    A lot can not yet go public, just read and see when. Hope IS alive! [Trump] has his chance now.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. It is stated: “Major new article just out AND, watch for Tuesday info……We WILL make a difference as per the new report.”

      Tony, can you give us a link to the article/report if you have it? Perhaps it is a highly restricted document for only some eyes to see like James Bond’s eyes for example?…… LOL….


  48. Elders – The Movie

    Utilizing Global Heritage Assets To Fund The Global Economy – TooGoodToBeTrue Interview Series 1

    Returning Of Historical Gold Via Redemption? – TooGoodToBeTrue Interview Series 2

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    1. In part two it describes how the Fed has been refusing to pay out on valid issues by simply saying they are “fake”. Our friend in London has been repeatedly telling us this – how these bums take but wont pay back what is owed using such despicable tactics.

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      1. I wish I knew which bonds the FED have called fake? Is he saying, that the FED could pay on Chinese bonds? I find that hard to believe because it is the Chinese that have to pay off their own bond obligations which they have defaulted on for many years. Now, it looks like a Chinese royal family has determined to pay off the bond obligations….. or at least 40% of them if the figures he is giving us are correct. Thank you.


  49. OWoN:

    Big new report just passed over for setting. Allow time its a big job. In turn, once released Thinking Time for all of you.

    We will be into next week before hopefully the first start on currencies and PPs. If then!

    Funds are finite and nations are co sharing. Prioritizing effective use is key. Our focus now has to be on creating a better world for the new borns, and rethinking everything. Stop repeating past failures, and rethink the society we need.

    These CRAP religions, Todger Chopping, Clitoral surgery, arranged marriages and so false indoctrinations have to to go! Time to expose them and close them.

    We must step up and take back the schools. No more funding false religions to do our job and then Kiddy Fiddle as they do. Priority now is the lot out. People must step up. No more Schools for Religious Order profits, that bunch has to go! Those sequestrated profits must be redirected to Not for Profit Better Educating all.

    Q: How much of the clean up in corruption evidenced by sealed indictments, etc has to get underway before the currencies get released? Is the clean up process responsible for the delays or are they not in any way connected?

    A: Not connected, but we still have to get DC hooks (Noses and all) off the base original Capital long overdue for redemption, and untangle the unnacceptable scale of leveraging these DC low lives have used to scam Bucks and cover their own giant shortfalls from unauthorized speculation and Racketeering.

    Have you seen the personal fortunes each accrued? Even Soetoro for doing as told. The Kazakh Crime Syndicate is something else. But their arrogance when challenged? Chosen people, sure – YOU, railcar 5. Time FEMA gets used.

    These are creatures of low filth, who deserve deporting en masse to the Gulags, and a deal struck with Putin to convert them to energy from a melt down process so some use is recovered from them.

    Only now, for the first time in decades, is a Non Jew taking the top Fed role, so we can start to uncover the depth of the Rat holes and vermin track where it all went. Until the lot are cleared out, we still hit obstacles, and you’re too polite to take a branding iron to them.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  50. One bank you hear come up often when discussing banks to handle the RV for you is Wells Fargo bank. But would you trust that bank to send your currency to another location to be verified as genuine when they have had so much corruption going on in handling customer’s needs? Let this story from Simon Black help you decide.

    November 28, 2017
    Bangkok, Thailand

    Another day, another major banking scandal. It’s getting to the point where you can practically set your watch to these things.

    The latest involves our old friend Wells Fargo. The Wall Street Journal reported last night that Wells has been screwing its customers on foreign currency exchange rates.

    According to the Journal, Wells Fargo conducted an internal review of its fee arrangements and found that they had massively overcharged 88% of the sampled customers.

    For example, the bank might have signed a contract with a customer to charge 0.15% on foreign currency transactions, but instead charged as much as 4%… about 26x higher than agreed.

    It’s absurd to begin with that a bank would charge even a small percentage-based commission on foreign currency transactions (much less 4%), especially given that most of the transactions were to exchange euros and US dollars.

    Sure, commissions are common in many industries.

    When you list your house for sale, for example, your real estate agent receives a commission when s/he finds a buyer and closes the deal.

    Real estate commissions often range between 2% to 6%. But agents earn this money because houses are big, illiquid assets. And it often takes a lot of time and work to close a sale.

    But Wells Fargo has been charging huge commissions on buying and selling MONEY.

    The foreign exchange (FOREX) market trades around $5.3 trillion each day (compare that to about $200 billion for US equities). That makes the US dollar / Euro trade literally one of THE most popular financial transactions in the world.

    Billions upon billions of dollars and euros are exchanged every single business day of the week, around the clock, through electronic trading platforms.

    It’s not like some currency trader at Wells Fargo ever had to lift a finger trying to find a buyer for his customer’s euros.

    Anyone who has ever traded FOREX knows that it takes a fraction of a second to buy/sell major currencies.

    There’s zero work involved on Wells Fargo’s end. Yet they charge a steep commission as if they have to put in all sorts of time and effort to buy and sell currency. It’s ridiculous.

    But even worse, the bank formally agreed with its customers to charge a set fee. And then they totally violated those promises simply because it suited their interests.

    How utterly, completely pathetic.

    Bear in mind, this is the same bank that was caught creating fake accounts and charging fees to unsuspecting consumers without their consent, also because it suited their interests…

    … and that this is an industry that has a track record of constantly violating their customers’ trust.

    These banks have been caught red-handed illegally colluding to fix interest rates and exchange rates.

    They have manipulated asset prices and knowingly sold their customers toxic assets.

    They have invested their customers’ hard-earned savings in astonishingly stupid, no-money down loans to borrowers who had no hope of repaying the debt.

    They use every accounting trick in the book to misstate their true financial condition, including the utter farce of carrying Volcker Rule assets on their books at 100 cents on the dollar… or mysteriously reclassifying their bond portfolios in a way to hide losses.

    They reward themselves the most magnificent bonuses when times are good.

    And when the house of cards begins to fall, they go to the public with hat in hand, claiming that they’re too big and important to lose any money.

    Despite taking the public’s bailout money, these banks treat their customers with such contempt and suspicion. They make you feel like you’re committing a crime when you request a cash withdrawal of your own money.

    It’s truly remarkable that this industry has any credibility left.

    The good news is that it won’t last.

    Banks no longer have a monopoly on finance. Technology already makes it possible to conduct just about any transaction you need outside the banking system.

    You can deposit and withdraw funds, borrow money, exchange currency, invest your savings, pay bills, transfer funds, make online payments, etc. with cryptocurrencies, Peer-to-Peer platforms, and various blockchains.

    And these technologies are often better, faster, and cheaper than the traditional banking system.

    History tells us that technology almost invariably puts entrenched industries out of business.

    E-commerce is obliterating traditional retail. Digital media is destroying print media.

    And it’s only a matter of time before cryptofinance displaces the banking system.

    Whether or not you think Bitcoin is a bubble at $10,000, it’s still worth understanding the enormous potential (and opportunities) of what these technologies can provide.

    Because the alternative of dealing with Wells Fargo isn’t that attractive.

    To your freedom,

    Simon Black

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  51. Hello Tony and everyone here at WHA and OWON. Interesting interview with Jim, Bill, David, Clif and Bix. I know that many on both sites have discussed PM and DLT. Please listen to the discussion (audio only) but specific comment by Clif at 1:59:xx time mark about Dec 5th, May 2018 and Aug 2018. Below is the link.


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    1. Excellent interview. I am glad to see many impressions corrected and new understanding being arrived at. This is one kind of discussion that you do not want to arrive at without proper understanding.


    2. Hi PB,
      Thanks so much for posting this audio. I have only managed to listen to a small portion of it so far due to current time constraints but will most definitely finish it asap. Very interesting. Thank you.


  52. Hey I hope your holiday was good.

    Bitcoin has been very good to me so I wanted to thank you again for your encouragement. Still holding for a bit more before waiting for another dip. It’s worked for me. Thank you so much for your help.

    Your pal, Concord

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    1. I am very glad you are doing well with it.

      I had a nice quiet dinner and went for a walk. I really didn’t need family around this year. I noticed the pain in my ass subsided as a result.

      Please let me know how things go, and please be safe this holiday season.

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      1. I had to overcome my inertia with the cryptocurrencies due to unfamiliarity, but I finally forced myself to buy Ethereum from Coinbase to buy OmiseGo at Bittrex tonight. I found out the fees are lower by placing orders from Gdax platform in the Coinbase system. I now have to figure out setting up the Ledger Nano S to keep my currencies. Both Rob Kirby and Jim Willie indicated cryptocurrencies will be backed with precious metals in the near future, and the prices will go to the Moon. I should have worked tonight, but I felt I needed to take care of my little cryptos before I missed the anticipated rise in 2018. Clif High indicated 30000% rise for OmiseGo in the interview with Arcan Bear few months ago.

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        1. I need to add a little more information about my recent findings to clarify. What Jim Willie mentioned in his November report was Goldmoney’s debit cards with added cryptocurrency feature. Since Goldmoney is in the bouillon storage business with debit cards for bouillon deposit, it sounds like a sure thing. Also Rob Kirby is referring to the precious metal prices shooting to the moon, not necessarily cryptocurrencies prices. Given the above, I am going to buy alt coins with special functions and keep some funds for Goldmoney cryptos, but finding the rught timing is a tricky business since we already know what is going to happen to the Dollar. The question is when?

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          1. Hi SF,
            Thanks so much for sharing what you have above, I really appreciate it. You are way ahead of me, the whole crypto affair is still freaking me out. LOL. Hope it all goes really well for you.


            1. I have been listening to YouTube videos every chance I found to immerse myself to familiarize with cryptos for the past three months because it was so foreign to me. There are courses on how to get started, but I stuck with the free information. I found the written step by step instructions very helpful rather than watching the videos over and over. The only subscriptions I have paid for is Golden Jackass by Jim Willie who was telling his readers about something bigger on the horizon. I have purchased one crypto report from Clif High as well. As for chart analysis, I rely on YouTube videos and actually looking at them myself to see the picture such as price movements against the volume. So much is going on out there.😅

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              1. Thank you so much for the additional information SF, sincerely appreciated. As far as I’m concerned I think you have done a fantastic job to achieve what you have so far. It feels good when you finally gain a good grasp of new knowledge. Trying to keep up with it all is the next challenge lol.

                Keep smiling SF and all the very best to you along the path.


        2. “Both Rob Kirby and Jim Willie indicated cryptocurrencies will be backed with precious metals in the near future, and the prices will go to the Moon.” LOL….. I respect your post, but I have to laugh at these guys who obviously do not understand the value of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Those cryptocurrencies very well could go to the moon, but it will be done by the masses who do not understand decentralized crypto currencies. If you are going to back one with precious metals you lose the freedom and decentralization of that cryptocurrency. I will likely not be buying any centralized crypto currency backed by gold. Give me bitcoin or give me death.


          1. Tony: It looks like ZenCash can not be attacked in the same way other coins can? Looks like a smart choice to park some crypto capital for long term growth? Looks to be safer than bitcoin?

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            1. It certainly has improvements, and it’s always a good idea to buy value.

              I don’t think I can quarrel with your assessment in any way. However, BTC will still be the king for quite a while, value wise. IMO.

              Good man. Keep it up.

              Be the RV you want to see.

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    2. Hi Concord,
      Hope my message finds you well. I just wanted you to know how much happiness you have offered me recently in the knowledge that certain areas of your life have improved to a more comfortable level. The change of tone in your comments recently is quite joyful to experience. I wish you so much more success and happiness in the future in any venture you are drawn to. I offer my very best wishes to you always Concord. Thank you for being here and sharing with us as you do.

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      1. Hi Auraraya. Thank you so much for your nice message. Yes life is better now since I have made some nice bounty with Tonys help. It is not millions but it made a difference. When we see the dong come in I hope, it will be even better.

        I used to be a Zap donator sucker. I cant beleive it but I was. I know better now and keep that money closer to home and now I am supporting myself and not others who wont support themselves and keep making promises that never come through.

        My arthritis is not good and I have to have my neighbor write sometimes while I dictate, but today it is better.

        I hope we see some good news from J soon. It would be nice to finally get the dongs cashed in and move to doing good things for our country.

        Thank you and I hope you are well! C

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        1. Hi Concord,
          You are most welcome. I think about you often.

          Never worry about past small mistakes in judgement, we all experience those. Heavens, some of my errors were monumental and took me many years to recognize. We all learn in different ways and at different speeds. The good thing is we gain the learning and correct the path on the way forward.

          Not sure if you are into trying some natural remedies for your arthritis Concord but I have read a lot of information that states Curcumin, the active ingredient in Tumeric is very helpful for this condition.

          I think J may have run away with Dolly lol. He must be extremely busy and am sure we will hear from him soon. Unless Dolly has completely exhausted him and he no longer has any energy reserves left for typing messages. LOL

          Continue to take good care of yourself Concord. Thank you again for sharing you uplifting comments with us all here. Those little ripples of happiness you experience and share travel all around the world creating smiles. Be well always Concord.


  53. It is amazing what we do not know and what the MSM never covers. I’m looking forward to the new FCC rulings breaking up the media monopolies. In the meantime, researching what POTUS has really been doing takes a lot of time. I stumbled on this gem and it’s worth a look for anyone interested in what is really going on over this last year. He has made massive progress. It’s divided up into subjects so you can look at what most interests you:

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    1. That is very interesting, Matthew. Thanks so much. And Tony, amazing things you come up with when someone challenges you. You do need to write those in a book! Our history has been close to wiped out and few are as articulate and knowledgeable as you. If you don’t write some books for our High Schools at least, you may need to become an itinerant professor in between a kiss to the projects so dear to your heart!
      A friend sent me a very special YouTube presentation by Charlie Daniels that I believe all of us here would appreciate and value. SO here it is: Be blessed! (and if link doesn’t work, let me know!) B2AEkfjc6-o?feature=player_ detailpage


  54. Well, yet another week, and another kick in the nads with a deal so close only to see a key player leave with no love, no joy, no room for another goy when the banking Yids made sure the deal hits the skids.

    So, for the week it ended thusly. And who else to serenade us with the soulful sound of the reminiscence of a love lost, at such a cost, than Jeff Beck and the devilishly talented Tal Wilkenfeld, with “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers”.

    Dedicated to the scum of the earth – banking cartels, the pestilential existential disease of mankind.

    Have a good weekend. We have probably one more week to see something happen, and if not, we are looking at 2018 with the “we have an RV” crowd strung out farther than Janis Joplin locked in a convent.

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        1. …and those magical hands. *sigh*

          Sooo, while we’re in the mood, maybe Tony won’t mind if I indulge and share one of my all time favorites. It seems kind of apropos anyway.

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          1. Magical hands? How about magical everything lol. To be honest I had never really noticed what Jeff Beck actually looked like until this week. Heck, I was sure missing out on that front lol. Knew the name and that was about it. Far out, I see why you had a crush on him alwaysme. Yum Yum lol.

            That video was fantastic. Never seen that clip before but love that song. You have good taste. Thank you for the fabulous share alwaysme.

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    1. Thank you, and the very same to you and yours!

      It was a day to remember alright. I went to the buffet at the casino rather than with family, whom I am not in the best of relations with at the moment.

      What a sight. An endless sea of diners, who probably tipped the scales at an average of 20 stone and still found cause to engage in such profligate consumption known only to the multitudes of the truly starved.

      Two and three servings, followed by desert stacked high, was a common sight.

      I only do the buffet a few times a year, and thank the gods for that. If I were to make a habit of this, I would have long ago been collecting donations for tripple bypass.

      My gods, what a nation of gluttons we have become.

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      1. Oh dear me. Reminds me of the time I last visited a buffet style establishment. That was 17 years ago. After witnessing the behaviour that I did that evening I vowed I would never again visit such a place. I don’t mean to sound all high and mighty but if there is one thing that absolutely freaks me out and something which I refuse to tolerate it is bad table manners and gluttonous behaviour where food is concerned.

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      2. In defense of those who do enjoy a good buffet, which most Casinos are known for good buffets. I don’t make it a habit to judge others or what they may have on their plate. IMO, there is too much judgement already that goes on in this country and this world.

        IMO, it is not just food that is creating the obesity in the country or elsewhere. There are many other factors to consider that causes and/or leads to the overweight issues of people both adult and children.

        I, myself prefer to see what I am eating verses ordering off a menu; if the site of a food item does not appeal to me then I do not wish to eat it. I do not care for my food items to touch each other either, which is another reason I prefer a buffet verses being served my food, call me picky.

        I am a person who will go to a good buffet and I will eat all I want, several platefuls if I want and so will my entire family and I am not ashamed to do so. Our weight ranges from 95#/7 stone (a 5’3” female) to 150#/11 stone (a 5’9” male) and we eat at Buffets quite frequently.

        Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and may you have a Merry Christmas.


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        1. Counter-point proudly shared and respected.

          And I agree with many of your points. It has been shown that mineral deficiencies can cause obesity in many people, regardless of their food intake, and that many people who supplement with complete minerals can eat rather huge amounts and still stay relatively slender.

          However, if you were here, you would have observed that most of the people at the buffet in my neck of the woods would sadly not fit into the healthy spectrum which you and your family enjoy.

          I half expected someone with a pneumatic bolt waiting at the exit.

          Anyone in the 20 stone category can speak up as well.

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          1. Yes, minerals are very important to keep not only weight in check but the body as well as emotional well-being in check. A good multi-mineral would do most people a lot of good. Emotional issues are sometimes a huge factor in weight gain. Hormonal imbalance and so on is a factor, IMO.

            I am guessing that an under active thyroid could be an issue for a large percentage of overweight people. The thyroid can be kept in check and balanced with L-Tyrosine and a good multi-vitamin but definitely L-Tyrosine. You can google L-Tyrosine and your Thyroid to get more information. Then there is also iodine, contrary to what the FDA says, most people don’t get enough iodine. You can google that also. Most people who have an under active thyroid don’t even know it because you don’t feel sick. What a person generally does is simply gain weight for no reason and starving themselves will not stop the weight gain. Then the emotions set in and it is a horrible tread mill for innocent people. If only they just know it could be their thyroid.

            My theory on the reason there are so many under active thyroids in today’s society is all the different ways we are all being fed stuff that no human should be consuming (sic government).

            And on that issue, I also believe the issue of being overweight is all the additives and preservatives in the foods they sell today in the Grocery Stores. EXAMPLE: People who think they are eating healthy by eating yogurt purchased in the Grocery Store needs to think again and they are really loading up their bodies with calories that is unhealthy but “the add says……” I will finish that we “we are being lied to” by just about everyone. All the frozen and processed food, quick meals, etc. IMH pack on the pounds. Anyway, I am sure most of you if not all are very much aware of these things that cause innocent people who do not know gain weight.

            What a good “project” that would be for a qualified person to simply educate people on the evils of fast food, frozen foods, processed food, quick meals and so on.

            Another huge obesity problem in this current society is the life style that is being lived today. IMHO, the dangers our kids live with today are the Pedophilia rings that President Trump has been going after all year. I believe we get rid of them, then our kids can get back out side and play like we remember doing.

            But we also have a problem of how these poor kids are being raised and I won’t get into that. Parents are creating lazy kids and confused kids. Just because Freddy and Mikey hold hands in grade school doesn’t mean one of them needs a sex change when they are a little kid. I remember we all held hands in grade school with our best friend which was generally the same sex because the opposite sex had “cooties”. Remember that? Parents are out of control IMO. I truly feel sorry for these kids today, seems to me they are been messed up so much by so called “well meaning” adults that I think if I were a kid today, I would just eat and eat simply for a sense of comfort and security.

            My apologizes for the length of this but hopefully if there is anyone out there that may be overweight; maybe there is something here that can help you. And also keep in mind there are those people who are simply big boned.


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    1. Thanks so much for sharing this video with us all Tony, much appreciated. This plan sounds really exciting. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

      Tony, would this be something you would ever consider participating in?

      Hope you enjoy a fab weekend.


  55. OWoN:

    Current reality is that no releases can, or will start this week. AU Backing is a complex issue forcing funding support to be withheld, unless AU is facilitated, which it will not be to the Cabal, or even Treasury, unless key demands are met.

    Next week, liquidity shortfalls will not allow the US to fund and feed its 1,000 Global terrorism or Rendition bases, or its Hegemony fleets. Reality will be a Bitch without concessions.

    Certain Asian Principals flew home in fury over the week end. Trump is finding the Oval Office is no place for a Moron, as did Alcoholic Bush 41. For 2 of a kind, life is not kind. The Cabal is feeling the heat. Billy No Mates is alone.

    Favor does not favor the low IQ Grifters in a real mans world.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
      I just watched and listened to Col Roy Potter’s video titled “White Knockle” that came out today or yesterday. It goes for 40 mintes.
      I am reminded of all the good in this world in spite of the evil that kept us subjugated for centuries.
      I wish for safety to all those who are involved in the changes. According to Mr. Potter, they are after Baron who is gifted with very high IQ.
      Although I had no opinion for our current President, watching this 40 minite video changed it.
      I believe the good will prevail in the near future.


    2. OWoN:
      Current reality is that no releases can, or will start this week. AU Backing is a complex issue forcing funding support to be withheld, unless AU is facilitated, which it will not be to the Cabal, or even Treasury, unless key demands are met.

      I am going to fill in more details in rephrasing this above, so correct me if I make a mistake in filling this out. HERE GOES:

      Current reality in the GCR world is that no releases of TRNS can or will start this week. Gold Backing of the U.S. currency via help from the Chinese Elders is a complex process. Because key demands are not being met by the Cabal or the U.S. Treasury this forces a withholding of gold backing funding support from the Elders for the new U.S.TRN currency. So TRNS can not be released yet.


    1. Extremely interesting. Let’s see what may play out in the next few weeks. I will reserve judgment for now since I really have no idea if he is who he says he is, or how he knows what he says he knows.

      I am all for the issues he says are coming, with some exceptions.

      However, why do I get the feeling that this guy may be in some ward at Bellview, with a phone and a 24 hour pass to freewheel.

      I remember long ago when I was selling cars in the summer to pay for school, a street guy who smelled like a dysentery ward, came into the showroom, sat in my office and began to tell me how he owned several conglomerates of international womens clothing concerns, and had unlimited credit lines. He went on and on, quite convincingly about his business. Damn, I remember how impressed I was with his knowledge of finance. He detailed factoring, mergers, stock option plans, labor costs vs. output, etc. All he needed was a bath, a new suit and a resume, and he could have gotten an executive level position with ease. Had he been on the phone, out of site, and out of range of my olfactory passages, I would have loved to have had his business.

      Oh I hope this is not the case with the presumed Mr. Rand.

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    2. I listened to about 60 % of the videos. I do not know enough to form an opinion as to the person’s credibility who is answering the callers’s questions. However, I sense his intentions are aligned with where we may be headed if all goes well and planned.
      I do not have an engineering degree, but I can learn even though I will be 60 years old in 2018. If what this man suggests really takes place in the near future, I may go back to school to learn how to clean up to remove all the toxins from our environment. I was born poor and could not get higher education when I was younger, but an old dog can still learn a new trick. I want to restore the ocean so that marin mammals do not have to suffer any more. I want to remove all the toxic chemicals from the soil and replenish it with minerals that are depleted so that nutritious foods can be produced to mauntain health for all living things on this planet.

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    3. Well, I listened to the majority of the interview.

      Still, despite claims that the “800 numbers” would be released last week, I don’t see it.

      I think I will just spend the weekend in hollow earth and contemplate what may have stopped it.

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  56. The Australian Gov are getting into cryptos:

    Turnbull government invests in cryptocurrency-based company for the first time

    A Turnbull government frontbencher has said the Coalition is not afraid of getting into business with companies in the cryptocurrency world after it made a multimillion-dollar taxpayer funded investment in a company that uses bitcoin technology.

    In an unprecedented foray into cryptocurrencies, Angus Taylor, the Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, awarded the government’s second largest grant in its Smart Cities and Suburbs program to the first Australian company to list itself on Bitcoin currency exchanges on Friday.

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  57. OWoN:

    Q: Thanks for your valuable insights. Now that the Petro Dollar looks to be finished based largely on the Petro Yuan’s introduction when do you see the new Asset backed Dollar being introduced? I know some weeks ago you were optimistic about it being introduced . Has its introduction being stalled or delayed?

    A: Waiting on [President Trump] to be told when to unleash it. Teaching the thick lump to read each day delays things. It will all unfold as part of the RV sequence and be forced if the RBM asset backed Bonds come first. Once the AU and asset backed RMB’s come out, game over.

    When your dealing with a Leaders whose Thick, and confused, a Leaderless nation gets there in its time. Right now, we watch this Jerk for a Knee jerk reaction, and remain grateful at least the US did not vote in Clinton. Whilst this extra, extra, extra Burger gut whopper was just a Clinton stopper, it’s time now to be searching for an actual intelligent, straight Leader for the US, after all apart from Regan who was just a scripted Actor, has the US had a straight man post war?

    As US Hegemony is ending,and the Cabal is being battered, the Zios don’t know which 3 card paper trick to play next.

    [Trump] owes so much to the Zios hes a clockwork Muppet marching to orders.

    The US is just an illusion, now in a state of confusion. Thanksgiving dominates their minds now for a week, with a lot of Guts to fill. Marching to the orders of Her Indoors, what passes for Males in America, will move when Uncle Hymie says Cash out. Right now, it’s all Musical Chairs waiting for the Organ Grinder to sort his Monkey.

    Q: Just for clarity, it is truly a by-a-day,by-a-week, matter, and that the clock is truly ticking for the other side?

    A: Day by Day and even by hour as anything can break by the hour.

    If they fail to move soon, the other side, will be right up their Back- Side.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Although Bitconnect did create millionaires, another one ( EthConnect ) came out about a month ago copying what BitConnect did, lots of people piled into it. I did my due diligence on it today and stopped when I saw a video put out by a Japanese person who visited the building in which EthConnect is supposed to have their offices, and found out no EthConnect was there at the address on their website, and thus concluded the address was fake. There are also some bad comments on their facebook page. Buyer beware of copycats that do not pass a simple due diligence inspection.


  58. OWoN:

    So much is evolving by the hour right now.

    Will he, wont he go Mugabwe, when or will they throw him out, hes a gibbering Buffoon.

    Currencies, when?

    PP’s in serious closings, when? They can’t buckpass much longer. The worlds grip is tightening now. They Owe!

    Clinton, when is she brought in?

    McCain and the the Rotts, it’s breaking!

    Putin looks like he may not run a again, what the hell then? With a rumored $180 B fortune, and a taste for the girls, unlike the US, what should a normal man do?

    China wants US answers on the PPs.

    It needs possibly 2 weeks for the Deep State to explain to the Village Idiot what the PPs are for, and his options. Then how long for the fool to decide? Whose advise will rule this fool?

    The Repubs seen to be getting an electoral cold bath. Interesting.
    How long can JarHead survive now Poppa in Law sees he’s a fool? An inept one at that.
    The arrogance of a Dork is showing now. He wanted the big stage, now he’s got it for sure. It’s clear to all hes not up to it. How long does he hold back real progress posing? His Shickster, how long?

    When will the Petty Sessions face his role with Russia?

    As more dirt comes out now on Mueller, how long has he got? Are any of them clean?

    Now we see Trump has grossly over stated his personal fortune and his Real Estate plus Golf Club incomes are a joke. Walter Mitty Trump. His life is a daily carnival. A walking Freak show.

    At last Bill Clinton baggage is coming home. About time.
    Every day now is Soap Show America.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  59. Well, good morning. I hope all your hangovers are mild and your Sunday breakfast platters are full of non GMO food from happy free-range chickens and happy till the end pork bellies.

    This morning, as usual, I was perusing my inbox and snagged my eye on this note with a link to a conference call which took place on Nov 18, 2017.

    This call is hosted by “Tank”, whoever that is. It’s a typical RV “intel” call, which I usually never listen to unless I need something to put me to sleep.

    On this particular call, at the 2 hour 29 minute mark, a man named “Jared Rand”, claiming to be of the Sperry Rand clan of the Rand Corporation, came on the call and spoke of the anticipated change to the new currency and several topics of interest that are germane to our collective curiosity at WHA and all points along that which cause our senses to tingle. (This link is just Rand’s part). The entire call is here

    He talks until about the 3:09 mark, and then suddenly dropped off the call. I don’t think he returned.

    Enjoy your mimosas and let’s see if the future reveals if any of this information is accurate in its prognostication.

    Live long and prosper. \V/

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    1. Thanks Tony,

      This dovetails nicely with what I have been spending all my time following these days – the Q thread over at 4chan. Q is more operational (not financial) along with tons of questions and research tasks that everyone is encouraged to do. It has been great to see all the people rally around Q and I have learned much.

      Loved that Rand dropped that there are 1800 indictments. The Q team had confirmed 1400 as of the 14th and I was looking forward to the final number being 1600 (to send another message) but the more the better. 🙂


      1. There was a long (almost 6 hours) conference call with Jared Rand last night as well. I wasn’t aware of it until it was about 2 hours in and it was the Q and A portion. Very difficult to hear the questioners at times, and the questions were IMHO not the most well thought out. Only able to stay awake for part of it. I do have to say that Jared Rand sounds like the real deal. I just hope its true. Anyone hear the first few hours that could fill me (us) in ?


      1. I think I would make a fortune with a machine that you insert $1.00 into and then stand in front of, and get a kick in the nads from a mechanical foot. That’s just what most Internet RV intel seems to be like, and what a huge following it has.

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