Greetings To All of You,

I am safely home again and I thank you all for indulging my absence.

Time to move to a clean thread since the last comment count was pretty large.

After some consideration, I have decided to remove the DEFCON system. In its place, just have your material handy and organized, and await word from whence it cometh. We will do our best to spread word as quickly as possible, should that day arrive. Simply keep in daily contact and have a major federally chartered bank in mind for your possible disposition.

As far as I know, progress is being made on several fronts. Whatever information we are made aware of will be released to us at the appropriate times, and there is little else we can do but be ready to act.

The question of public chances continues to be a gray area, with neither a firm “no” or a hard “yes” from on high. We may have to wait until those higher in the pecking order shoot their bolt in order to have a final answer. Stay tuned as things develop. Changes are indeed afoot.

My personal advice remains for all to be ready for anything. As I write this, we are under the impression that mid September is the next window for possible public currency moves. Don’t rely on it, but be ready in case. Stay tight, and get good advice if you get out with a slice.

I know we have several readers from the Houston area. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. I don’t know how we can, but please know we are not unaware and certainly hope all of you are safe and well.

Lastly, while away, and when not busy, I came up with some ideas which, depending on what happens between now and March of 2018, may result in a rather safe and much needed path for some of you who desire economic advancement on limited means. Again, this all depends on what happens between now and March. Many variables come into play, so for now, no more information. When we get to that point, we will take stock and I will propose possible options.

For now, we will await results from the land of the BSD.

Most sincerely,


467 thoughts on “FACT CHECK #141

  1. Well, good morning. I hope all your hangovers are mild and your Sunday breakfast platters are full of non GMO food from happy free-range chickens and happy till the end pork bellies.

    This morning, as usual, I was perusing my inbox and snagged my eye on this note with a link to a conference call which took place on Nov 18, 2017.

    This call is hosted by “Tank”, whoever that is. It’s a typical RV “intel” call, which I usually never listen to unless I need something to put me to sleep.

    On this particular call, at the 2 hour 29 minute mark, a man named “Jared Rand”, claiming to be of the Sperry Rand clan of the Rand Corporation, came on the call and spoke of the anticipated change to the new currency and several topics of interest that are germane to our collective curiosity at WHA and all points along that which cause our senses to tingle.

    https://youtu.be/ZcYAiAaDrhk (This link is just Rand’s part). The entire call is here https://t.co/15DF2kTkle

    He talks until about the 3:09 mark, and then suddenly dropped off the call. I don’t think he returned.

    Enjoy your mimosas and let’s see if the future reveals if any of this information is accurate in its prognostication.

    Live long and prosper. \V/


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