Greetings To All of You,

I am safely home again and I thank you all for indulging my absence.

Time to move to a clean thread since the last comment count was pretty large.

After some consideration, I have decided to remove the DEFCON system. In its place, just have your material handy and organized, and await word from whence it cometh. We will do our best to spread word as quickly as possible, should that day arrive. Simply keep in daily contact and have a major federally chartered bank in mind for your possible disposition.

As far as I know, progress is being made on several fronts. Whatever information we are made aware of will be released to us at the appropriate times, and there is little else we can do but be ready to act.

The question of public chances continues to be a gray area, with neither a firm “no” or a hard “yes” from on high. We may have to wait until those higher in the pecking order shoot their bolt in order to have a final answer. Stay tuned as things develop. Changes are indeed afoot.

My personal advice remains for all to be ready for anything. As I write this, we are under the impression that mid September is the next window for possible public currency moves. Don’t rely on it, but be ready in case. Stay tight, and get good advice if you get out with a slice.

I know we have several readers from the Houston area. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. I don’t know how we can, but please know we are not unaware and certainly hope all of you are safe and well.

Lastly, while away, and when not busy, I came up with some ideas which, depending on what happens between now and March of 2018, may result in a rather safe and much needed path for some of you who desire economic advancement on limited means. Again, this all depends on what happens between now and March. Many variables come into play, so for now, no more information. When we get to that point, we will take stock and I will propose possible options.

For now, we will await results from the land of the BSD.

Most sincerely,


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  1. OWoN:

    Q: Are PPs still close???

    A: Hopefully Yes or my 18 hr days are wasted.

    Q: Are you referring to the first Zim PP block that was being set up and active a few weeks back, or a different PP? Is that still in play?

    A: Yes Private Zim blocks so lets hope. Still in play.

    Q: Is there a back wall date in place for this to be completed?

    A: It’s either done, or not. Each week it’s tried. But once it’s done it opens the whole game up. Precedence. With the amounts in play momentum is all. We are all focused.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-19-september-2017.html?showComment=1506174627083#c8554495950480009095
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    • I am willing to give you my opinion, but please remember it’s just that – my opinion.

      The overall tenor is that progress is being made along all fronts, but it’s obvious that issues remain. We are now in late September, and there is roughly one more quarter left in the year, with two of those months occupied by holiday flummery. Given that public information is now curtailed a great degree, we can infer this points to an edgy, frenetic on-the-edge-of-forever-being-worked-on situation that has advanced several degrees in order of magnitude than a year ago.

      But, let’s not forget the opposing party. They obviously have an interest in seeing it slowed down, and are most likely profiting from such lack of rapid conclusion. Had they the potential of increased profits from an expedited settlement, we would have seen this released faster than a fiery ingot from Vulcan’s ass on the 4th of July.

      With the lateness of the year, I think we are heading into 2018. I do hope that I am wrong. So many good people have gone all in on this, and have exerted far beyond expectations, with detriments to health and relationships. You just have no idea of the sacrifices. They all deserved to have had this behind them years ago.

      With the risk of sounding maudlin, I have to say that any victory from now on will have been very costly, especially in terms of health. Money never buys back life. Personally, I won’t do much celebrating upon any conclusions that I may benefit from. It just isn’t about money any more.

      Once again, I hope I am proven wrong about timing.

      Hope you are well.

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  2. http://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/hugo-salinas-price-the-gold-skyrocket-starts-in-london/

    From the article:
    The Bullion Banks are accustomed to control de price of “paper gold” in such a way that they make it extremely difficult for the holders of “paper gold” contracts to obtain delivery of physical gold. However, as the Chinese scheme comes into operation, this situation will change: a new purchaser of large amounts of physical gold has come upon the scene. A very upsetting development for the Bullion Banks, never before seen by any of the managers of those banks!


  3. OWoN:

    Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 7:30:00 AM MDT

    Q: Checking in to see if there’s any news you can share (if you can) about those PPs redemption to get things moving.
    Really hope those fed regs are not circumventing things.
    Thank you Sir!

    A: Deep in it right now. So far- hope!
    Can’t say more, but if it goes it opens doors. So far, so good. Some are positive. So are we.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-19-september-2017.html?showComment=1506002237692#c3494163869449871465
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  4. Just an FYI…

    For years I know some of you used to read the Wendy/Casper reports. Wendy and Casper were tied into following the “prosperity programs”, chiefly the two main ones that were referred to as “Freedom Corp., and Omega”.

    Wendy passed away today after a long battle with illnesses that left her bedridden for years.

    While we had our disagreements with her on just what was truly realistically in store for the future, we will brush aside our differences and send our condolences to her family and loved ones at this time.

    Wendy was a freedom fighter and it is our understanding that she helped many people who were down and out, despite her being of meager means herself.

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  5. A New Monetary Horizon In View, an Interview with Jim Willie

    “…Topics include global trade dynamics and new systems being implemented as we speak. Jim forecasts exactly what he thinks will be the final blow to the US dollar, involving China and gold and it’s not as simple as you may think. There is another angle here of the US military allowing non USD settlement in hopes that China’s Yuan falls flat. Jim’s analysis on international geo politics and currency trade is truly like none other. DO NOT miss part two as we dive fairly deep into crypto currency potential applications. We include our usual friendly tirades and rants. We hope you enjoy! Jim’s expertise, study, and connections make him invaluable to our community. Sign up for his Hat Trick Letter if you haven’t already…”



  6. OWoN:

    Don’t take the period of silence for the currencies and PP settlements to be no action.
    What is happening needs to be off radar to stop the Skunk sites giving bogus news and cashing in on the gullible.

    There are huge regulatory obstacles, and Bank Compliance is a nightmare to get these Shite for Brains meddlers out of the way, with their beyond frustrating daily nonsense. Closing the lot down would be a huge boost for banking.

    These scavenging Retards now view the proposed profit uplifts as akin to Money Laundering, which is the scale of daily nonsense and mindless frustration we encounter, as these abysmal suited Maggots hunt for a feed to justify their piddling existence.

    We are clearing the minefields for common sense to rule. Compliance has now become the Stassi SS of Banking. Oh for a vicious Compliance attacking virus!

    There are Fed issues still regarding paying back the PPs, as Military Cabals, Contractors, Agencies, and Armaments businesses need to be paid before genuine, long deserving Funders, as the Zio Hymies fight any facing payback. The Jew Zoo does not work for you. Until Goyims take back America, Zio Trash corruption will rule fools.

    Yes, it’s progressing, each day is trench warfare. There are 3 key fronts in daily play waiting resolution to move. But no time or reason to go public. It’s moving, and we push each day.

    Once this breaks, many on the sites can help as we start to project deliver and go for Infrastructure needs also. But mainly to challenge the State and re educate.

    When a Fool like The Chump can get elected, it gives hope for at some time a Non Dope free of a Zios rope.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-15-september-2017.html?showComment=1505638278847#c4236257734229372548
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  7. Hey right again Tony. Just waiting for the lower prices to find a settled place and then I am back in. You make me feel stupid sometimes but you had it right. Thanks for the tips. Down baby down, lower please. lol

    Can I ask what browser do you use? Getting tired of Firefox. Thanks.

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    • I am not sure what you did, but I am glad to take credit. lol If you are referring to not buying on rush and only on retreat, then good for you. You have it right. If you are going to be part investor, part speculator, you have to keep clear of the herd, and ignore the yikkity-yak. The charts will tell the tale. Like following an elephant, the dung piles will lead the way. Let the headless chickens froth about. Pick them up after and cook them.

      Be a professional. Keep that bearing and never let opinions, even mine, rule your thoughts. YOU decide, but plan as if your life depended on it. Be serious about your profession.

      Right now, the dilettantes are kicking up to claim that a BTC price retrace is somehow a shock and dooms us all.

      It’s amateur night.

      As if markets always go in one direction. It wouldn’t be hard to win if that were the case. Some have power to hold, others don’t, and everything in between. The question is, for the professional, what’s right for YOU in this market?

      Don’t feel stupid. Mistakes will happen. Remember to keep reserves to plug the holes. Welcome them, and don’t get too philosophical about losses. Contemplate other things, like Kate Upton, not losses.

      This is a highly speculative market. Your position size, well adjusted to your overall risk capital, is going to govern your emotions. Too much in, and you lose your nerve and fear will rule your plan. Back it off until you can see the outcome both ways and realize you have reserves to rally and fight on. Any other path is foolhardy, and will pin you to emotions that will kill you.

      Keep it up. Thanks for the feedback. This is not a trading blog, but I still enjoy hearing from you about this. Just remember Lewis and Billy Ray in the FCOJ pits. Be like Lewis and Billy Ray. 🙂

      I use Opera.

      Bye for now.

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    • Hello Concord!

      I followed Tony’s advice too! I am pleased by my position- do not let all of the “rag tales from CNN” determine your position. Just hold for now and ride out the lows- all markets have lows and highs.
      I’m waiting for the bottom too, then will buy some more.


      • Hey Tammy! Thanks yes it helped me a lot. I am not expert but knowing to avoid jumping in as a hysterical reaction taught me about emotions here. Very valuable lesson. Plus its cheap to get into cryptos. I dont have the funds for forex or 25K to be a day trader in stocks/options. So this gets me practice and in a safe way. Its fun also.

        I have been reading the news from China on this and several analysts have said that the ICO ban will be temporary and now is a good time to accumulate according to your risk ability. China pulled this crap twice before and markets recovered and I think they will again. Like tony says money sticks to the hands of angels lol. Plus too many industries are now moving into blockchain tech and China can’t afford to ignore that. I bet many chi coms are buying now lol.

        Cant wait to see what March brings with the project tony was referring to. None of us are making crap wtih dinar so I say to hell with it, lets get on with it.

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        • Concord, I enjoy reading your posts on this blog. I am learning crypto’s as well- and yes it is fun! I have become obsessed with catching up on the latest, crypto news. I have not bought into an ICO yet, but research the token/currency. I try to keep my emotions in control too; it is easy to get excited about this new technology (similar to the advent of the internet in the early 90’s).


          • Yes lots of fun I agree Tammy. So much to learn and with cryptos we have a chance to gain starting with little, unlike wall street criminals who want 25K to day trade.

            Tony while here I had a friend who is also a history geek and he said he disagreed with hitler invading Russia after signing a peace treaty with them. He understands how germany was saved from economic ruin by NSDAP policy of exclusing jewish financal usury at the time but he thinks they dishonered themselves overall with invading Russia and shooting civilians as they went. Your thoughts when you can?


            • Concord, you are going to kill me. lol

              Your friend is bringing up a subject that is very complex, and is often explained in history books (written by the same financial interests who backed that war for the west) in a few paragraphs. Just a few, and enough to penetrate the Ritalin fog and set into motion a life-long, slanted storyline of events in that time and place.

              I don’t have a lot of time, and I certainly don’t want to turn this blog into a WW2 debate zone. But let me try to condense it a bit, and hit the high points.

              As for Russia. Keep in mind that Russia invaded Finland, a German ally, on November 30, 1939, which was deemed an illegal act and got them expelled from the League of Nations in December. Weakened by the purges, the Red Army was unable to win a victory. Had Russia succeeded, they would have had Germany in her sights, with no chance that the west would have come to her aid. No way. Why? No banking profits in Germany to save. Put yourself in the place of a German leader in that situation. What do you do? A non aggression pact signed, and then the other side maneuvers to the north on your flanks? One that killed 30M just a short while ago? And expect nothing in defense? Sure.

              As for German soldiers shooting civilians, once again the history books are slanted. They paint the Wehrmacht as simple, blood thirsty monsters who trained solely to shoot civilians. The truth is that once the invasion started, Stalin, the manipulative murdering tyrant he was, ordered peasants, on pain of death, who were bypassed by the German army en route, to turn towards the rear of the German units and engage them. This had the effect he wanted. It forced German army units to turn around and hunt down what in their minds were militia intent on ambushing them from the rear. They did what most armies did in response to partisans. They shot them on sight. We did the same thing in the Pacific in Okinawa. My dad was there. He shot many civilians who were shooting at him. He had no choice. It did not matter if they were forced to do it by the Japanese Army. Many were sent walking towards US lines, unarmed, and were used by spotters to register artillery. So, see a civilian walking towards you. Bang. Unarmed? No matter. Bang.

              It was not a matter of the German army being ordered to shoot civilians. It’s war, and war means killing. Germany did NOT have a monopoly on that. Stalin mastered it. But, hey. The history books just kind of brush that aside now. Who cares because they were our “allies”. Some ally. 30M dead on his hands. What a guy. France, England, US, just look the other way for expediency because now Germany is getting uppity, and we can’t have that now, can we? No money to be made there.

              There were no angels in that war. All sides bear responsibility for what happened. Peace efforts were ignored, and dutifully so, by financiers who were not about to see that another country should prosper without extreme usury. Germany had to go. It threw off financial terrorists after WW1, who were squeezing it dry and causing communists, anarchists, fascists and the like to vie for control of it.

              How terrifying it must have been to western banking cliques to see a country prosper so wildly without the means of plundering built in – no Fed Reserve in Berlin to suck the blood from working people. They witnessed civilians put back to work, productions in high gear, country morale higher than ever, slums cleaned, no homeless, highways built, high standards of living, mandated vacations, standard 40 hour work week and paid overtime innovated. God those western bankers must have been chewing the skin off of their maggot infested claws to see that.

              You get the idea. Germany had her bad apples. No doubt. But it was NOT a one sided war started by a “maniac” who suddenly went mad and decided to conquer the world. Germany had neither the manpower or the resources to do such a thing. That’s all bullshit cooked up by cocaine using tenured professors who get paid by the same interests who descended from the cliques who made fortunes ensuring not a dime was made less they suck a piece of it from the very wallets of the people.

              To this day we see that same battle going on. We see the current fight against what we now call the “cabal”, but in essence are just the same vermin that existed in the 20th century and, just as then, induce and foment war and invasion against anyone who dare stand up to their slimy agenda. Just ask Saddam Husein, Muammar Gaddafi, the Palestinians, and anyone who bucks the international banking cartels. Anyone standing up to them is instantly branded “an enemy”. But of whom? Just watch TV a lot, and you will see the propaganda mills in action – focused on anyone that does not march in step with banking interest. They have that act down.

              They perfected it in 1940-45. The same actors are on the stage, Concord. And as long as money and politics exist on this planet, it won’t change much.

              Let’s make this the last time we discuss this here okay? It’s way out of our subject matter, and the answers are there if you look for them. I replied this one last time because I had too much coffee and I needed something to work out the caffeine.

              Lastly, be sure to read first hand accounts of history by those who were actually there. Many of such texts exist, but you wont find them in schools. Big pharma in concert with big banking rule those venues, not parents. They cover their tracks well.

              Start with David Irving’s, Hitler’s War. Then, backtrack and see the monumental effort made to discredit Irving, and many others like him. At that point of resistance, look who is behind the act of discrediting. Yep, the same cartels mentioned above.

              We cannot learn from history if we don’t have actual history to learn from.

              Take care and I trust you grabbed some of that 11% rise in bitcoin overnight. lol

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  8. Hi Tony and everyone.

    Haven’t bothered to check in in ages. I have Dinar Recaps fans RAGING in my family. It took me just a few months over 6 years ago to figure out that it is a CRAP BLOG FULL OF SHIT. I am so sick of the conversations about who said what there that I am burned out from any mention of the word Dinar.

    However I have always appreciated Tony and the White Hats and all the level headed comments I find here. Just wish I had all the money my father talked me into investing back. If something sounds to good to be true than it probably is. He has hidden it in his house and refuses to give it back. He is fully convinced that one of these days this is going to pay off.

    I don’t believe in The Rapture and I don’t believe in this as a financial investment. My family members full heatedly believe in this and The Rapture as well as this.

    I have told them not two worry about when this is going to happen, because exactly 3 days 2 hours and 27 min. after this money windfall they are suppose to be coming into happens Jesus will come back to take them all to heaven.

    This has been a 6 thousand droller piece of not so entertaining entertainment for me.


    • Thanks for your comments.

      I would agree about Dinar Recaps. Clearly a monetized rag in action and no base in reality.

      6K is a lot of money in relative terms to the average man. To have all that in dinar is certainly an over-the-top wild risk. When I hear stories like this I start to hope even more that an exit will present itself for street level speculators to get out at a reasonable return at minimum. It would be a shame to see so many sunk in that paper.

      Imagine had you put even 1/4 of that into Bitcoin back in 2010. You would be sitting on a cool $52,000,000.

      I know the world of speculation and investing is full of sharp edges. My personal recommendation is to shut most of the chatter off and learn to find a quiet place within yourself to arrive at your own conclusions, and learn to love and respect your opinions. I know that sounds rather transcendental, but in essence, that is what you have to do even when you listen to the opinions of others. You eventually have to make the decision on your own to act. Why not just do so based on your own observations, and not opinions of others?

      Remember what Vito Corleone told his kids? “Never let anyone outside the family know what you are thinking”. Take that to heart, and act on your observations.

      Trust me, I have learned my lessons. I paid dearly for following opinions blindly. You should not even take my words as your final point of decision. Within your own core is your solution. You cannot expect others to know your inner voice. Don’t expect to know theirs and assume it’s right for you.

      Take a look at the chatterboxes at work on cryptocoins. All manner of people are saying almost anything to come across as wise and expert, yet we are in a territory of unbounded, pure wild unknowns, with little time to have passed to create very many experts, if any. If you bought long ago and held, you are in good shape, notwithstanding the yippity yap from those who bought recently (based on gods knows what advice, and without much consideration on their overall condition) and got caught in a correction.

      Bubbles! Corrections! Look out! Yes, stupid goyim, sell now so we can buy on the cheap. lol

      Bitcoin Sept 2, 2013 = $ 130.56
      Sept 1, 2014 = $ 479.18
      Sept 2, 2015 = $ 227.92
      Sept 2, 2016 = $ 576.89
      Sept 3, 2017 = $4563.30
      Sept 14th, right now = c$3400.00

      And yet, “it’s a bubble and going to ruin all of you”, is coming from the the chief creators of bubbles, and those that brought you the 2008 collapse – Wall Street investment banking. Let’s see now, weren’t these clowns the same ones who were bribing ratings agencies before the crash to rate shit paper AA for as long as they could so they could sell it off before it tanked? And did so?

      Goyim never learn. lol

      Don’t be fooled. Act for yourself, plan for yourself. Don’t be swayed by cocaine decisions. That’s what fuels a lot of the Wall Street gibberish.

      Now you can see the price for having oil workers, mlm huxters, talk show impresarios, seminar pitchmen, and the like, act as your advisors on currency matters.

      But, remember we are still not done. The issue of the dinar and the public has not played out just yet. So, at this point you have to decide what to do, hold or fold. If you can find that dinar.

      The answer is never the same for each person. Many complex, dynamic variables exist for each person, and no one source of blather is going to be your salvation. Only you can decide in the end, and hard work and study is going to be a part of any successful earner who plays in the currency markets.

      Thanks for checking in. I sincerely hope it works out for dinar holders on the street.

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      • I have no choice but to hold. My father believes he has my best interest in mind and told me I will never find it. LMAO.

        All l can say is OH WELL. Other people on this planet have done the same dam thing with a lot more and ended up with a lot less in investments threw out history. And at the end of the day l do have a shirt and it us paid for. lol




    I wonder how many “Arkan-cides” will result from this? If we lived in a free and honest Republic, this would be the top story all over the MSM news. That will never happen, because the majority in the MSM are complicit in keeping the deceptions and lies from the sheeple.


  10. OWoN:

    Q: Has the admiral been paid?

    It was reported by okie that okie talked w the admiral and the admiral claims he had been paid, and spent all day yesterday (Fri) signing paperwork.

    A: Re the Admiral- remember the song – “There’s a hole in my bucket Dear Lisah” think a hole in the head of these Assholes. Absolutely No, and the Admiral link is all more false crap which drives poor R to despair. S-H-I-T-E.

    Will they get it in semaphore?

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-6-september-2017.html?showComment=1504969136165#c6181471631863460819
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  11. Steven Bannon describes just what I and many others knew would be the case.

    Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Cimber (McCain, Ryan, Graham, McConnell) are not about to give up their D.C. sugar teats. It’s now game on with Bannon (Marc Antony) and the establishment. Populares vs. Optimates. We know how it ended in 44BC. Just how will this end in 2017-2020?

    Have a good weekend everyone. Stay close and watch for updates.

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  12. OWoN:

    Zim PP is still being set up, live and trying. It’s ACTIVE!.
    But also private, it has to stay low profile until done.

    Other things ARE ongoing. All way too sensitive to risk yet. Huge efforts are in play. Out costs and our time. Ignore the idiot bloggers with rice bowls out. They need locking up, the lot!

    Ignore the idiot talk, few are real.

    What’s in play will change nations. Our agenda is more! But, at this stage we can’t say more. The front line is costly in many ways. Reality soon dawns.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-6-september-2017.html?showComment=1504785925748#c2830666254075820727
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  13. Hi Tony,I just read zaps post. I know you guys think he’s full of it but he was stating that people doing excvhanges right now are just flippers and and getting ripped off. Are all exchanges like this. I’m not sure what the actual truth to it is?


    • He’s been making claims of everything happening every week for the last 5 years……..followed up by requests for donations for his rent, computer problems, babies with dysentery, key members of his team sleeping in cars, people needing dental work, dog sick, care needs brakes so he can get home from seeing mom, and on and on.

      Trust me. When real and legitimate exchanges actually DO happen, you will know it. All this “but but but but but they signed an NDA!!!” crap is just nonsense. People do all manner of things on line in secret, so posting a shot of a bank receipt after a cash in can be done easily. Well, where are they?

      I know if we ever get to a public exchange, many of you will flood this site with photos of your experiences. What are they going to do to stop that? There is NOTHING they can do because such photos can be posted anonymously.

      ZAP has to continually sell his readers on two things. One, that something is or just about to happen, and two, if you don’t support him, you wont get anything. He even goes as far as getting nasty with his flock if he does not get enough.

      The stupid bastard needs to be slapped around and reminded of his dignity and his obligations as a man to support himself and his family. Instead, he panhandles.

      I don’t know if his “groups” will ever get funded, and that’s not the point. It’s how he conducts himself in the effort that is shameful and lowbrow in the extreme. I cannot think of anyone with an IQ above 70 that would even consider sending this guy one dime.

      Maybe I should work a deal with OWoN to cease all intel to the public unless we set up a Paypal, and charge you all $15 a month for it. That’s what TNT Tony and Dan did for years. They had around 4000 people doing this a month in their day. Do the math.

      You get firm, highly accurate reporting from the White Hats and OWoN, both groups sanctioned players on the front lines. ZAP is a schmuck who lives off of others and passes along anything he reads on the blogs, and then asks money for it.

      Don’t pay any attention to his reporting on exchanges going on. If he had any moxy and legitimacy, he would not be bellowing around like a windsucking pony in the Antarctic, begging for a handout.

      As for him claiming others are getting ripped off, well, I find that accusation quite remarkable coming from a dubious clown like himself.

      Don’t try to figure out what he is saying. Ignore him. Stay tuned here for reality checks. When real things start happening, you will know it.

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        • Well, maybe. lol

          But, let’s not single out just one donations opportunist who uses the “It’s happening now” followed by the “help me I am broke” routine. Not long ago, Seminar Dave was also using this same technique. Here he is in 2014, in full ZAP mode.


  14. Hey Tony I bought some Ripple and just sold it for nice gains. Thanks so much for your encouragement on this as any little I can make on the side is of great help for this old guy.

    I sure hope we can see the pp go soon and hopefully the public have a chance. Thanks for everything.

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    • Good for you, Concord. Just remember your general order number 1. Buy on weakness, sell on strength and don’t regret your losers and don’t gloat on your winners. Keep your emotions even, and always remember that tomorrow means a new chance.

      Wyatt Earp was known as being a cool operator and never got ruffled. At the O.K. Corral gunfight, he was the only one not running around like a chicken on crack. He was the only one who never got hit. The lesson here, be calm in all outcomes.

      Be like Wyatt Earp. Ya’hear?

      I got your e-mail. Thanks so much. Family meetings are over, and as I expected, no understanding was reached in many key areas. So, looks like I am going to perform my own “exit”. “Texit” maybe? Time to split up stakes and leave.

      I am taking so much flack right now that I feel like a B-17 over Schweinfurt. Goddammit all. Every money grasping leech in the universe seeking flesh to sink their rat teeth into.

      I also hope the currencies play out. It’s time to get this behind us. Win or lose, thin or flush, it needs to proceed and allow people to act accordingly after. So many good people have placed their life’s energy into this, and the ways of the past have to be rectified and paid for and the new, more ethical platforms established. Eurasia is the future. Remember that for future long term strategic investing.

      Be ready, for anything. Thanks again Concord. Well done and good hunting in the future!

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      • I never thought I would have spent as much time on any one concept without a payoff. Am I crazy?
        Am I delusional? What’s real? So now I’m changing my focus on J. Seems as real as anything else. Hehehe.


  15. I found this on a guru forum, just by chance. I am just sharing this since it is posted in the public domain. I have not bothered to seek further inquiry and I won’t at this stage. Mr. Cottrell says he is awaiting word about any releases via the “The Golden Dragon” which he claims are part of the CMKX payment. I guess we will see. -WHA

    COTTRELL’s Response Aug 30, 2017 at 4:12pm

    Post by redcat3 on Aug 30, 2017 at 4:12pm

    I sent another email to Mr. Cottrell asking if he had any additional information about when he might receive the CODES.

    This is his response:
    Re: Update regarding release of CODES, etal., per the GOLD TREATY (21 March 2013)

    The last communication received, June 2016, from the “Authorities/INTERPOL” stated that the Protocols itemized in the above mentioned “GOLD TREATY” are “Written in Stone” and are “NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE.”

    Therefore, per the last communique with you, (March 13 and 14, 2017), nothing has changed. We, including me, must wait until the word is given by the GOLDEN DRAGON, and the subsequent visit to release the CODES, and the FIPS, CMKX FUNDS, etal.

    There is nothing more that I can add. Sorry.

    Except a word of caution —- NO GURU KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN BEFORE IT HAPPENS regarding the release of the CODES. If you believe anyone of these folks, you do so at your own emotional peril.

    This letter can be released to anyone you choose.

    I hope this answers your question, but please call or email if you have any more.


    Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
    President & CEO
    Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.
    Erie, PA



  16. OWoN:

    Q: “…These Cabal and Zio jackasses have gone years without paying up what your clients are owed, how is the next 2 weeks going to be any different? Your clients have been waiting eons for this payout and it doesn’t seem like it is ever going to happen. Are there some workings going on in the background that we do not know about which is why you had us on watch for all this time? I believed that we were really close due to you never putting us on watch for as long as you have. I just wanted to know…”

    A: There’s a lot going on, much more than I can tell you.

    An Elders team of c16 comes over for 3 weeks. We carry the cost here. Travelling and meals here costs so much. No change out of c $1M bucks.
    Multiple that by 10 trips, smaller but still costly.

    We have our team costs to fund with c30 visits to the Elders over 5 years. Cultural developments. It costs Millions! Our money not State. WE pay!
    Trust takes time.
    We fund it.

    Positioning takes care and money. Also good judgment.

    But all balances out. We are thinking Eurasia. You are thinking about survival.
    We do one small c$10B deal, we make over $100M. We do a T block as is progressing- and ????? Then we trade the net take and ????

    Different economies of scale.

    Only 2 people now have the support of the Elders for Au deals. One in London.
    It’s all a complex myriad of issues. We think Globally. We think in Cosmic
    realities. We think in centuries.

    Whats a few years in the big picture of what is coming?

    Life is an invaluable luxury for most. But a huge privilege also. Most Western people got into current messes by bad choices. Fact! We see it all the while. Welfare shit has killed drive. Real innovators make it happen. Whiners, whine. Reality.

    Right now, with what we have earned in trust via the Elders, helps us turn the screws hard. Political sewer rats, are just treadmill animals. We can cut off their water and wealth supply. They are just Pawns on our Chess board. We are closing in and taking more squares to attack their board. What is time?
    We pay to play. All is changing and evolving now. Do- or die, why live a lie?
    Good things are coming.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-2-september-2017.html?showComment=1504553506320#c3369006351316835796
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  17. OWON:

    Once the Chinese Gold and Oil backed RMB’s start being used for Trading Settlements,the Petro dollar is dead, and hopefully the Gut Rotten Cabal, its Agency’s and its vile, incestuous military goon squads are starved of funds, and removed from being a Global pestilence.

    America needs to focus all its energies on wealth creation, innovation, and saving whats left of its so betrayed nation. America has to remove Jews from the Treasury and close the NY Fed crime bank. End its special relationship with the Vatican,cease more Jesuits links with the WH, deport Dual Israeli passport holders, and end all Knights of Malta membership in America. Ban IT!

    Focus on Infrastructure. Focus on DARPA craft and technologies. Expand Area 52, and commercialize it.

    There is a major movement to try to get Zim blocks done as a PP deal over the next 2 weeks. If achieved it puts pressure then on Dinars. China will do major energy deals with Iraq and Iran, which will underpin the RMB. Once Zims get done, the Pentagon greed will drive Dinars, as those rabid Pigs at the Trough will drive releases. China will find an angle to cash out on Dongs.

    Zims, if successful, will put pressure on the lot. Let’s see how it goes.

    Derby Girl – no staying power. Lol.

    WHA, Tony welcome back and keep her head fed.

    We don’t get a free ride. Our outlay costs is enormous. So is our intense focus. No one knows costs more, or drives harder.

    We carry the worldwide costs supporting it all. Our capital and time outlay is vast.
    For sure we are in it to win it. Welcome to our real world.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/09/active-comment-section-2-september-2017.html?showComment=1504436400680#c357980279894830817
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


                • Tony; Could it be that the reason the Zims have value is that they really are bond notes, like the Gurus claim? I have learned the hard way to take everything they say with a grain of salt, so it would be shocking if they were actually right about something for once.


                  • I have to admit that my interest in the ZIM is lower than Slack Alice’s reputation at the local convent. I neither have ZIM or plan on having them. I do not know what their real structure is. All I do know is that the GCR is all about BASEL 3. And this means that such standards require sound currencies. So to me it’s all about what people think the future value may be. Because the present value of the ZIM is that of well used anal cleansing tissue.

                    Just how anyone plans on restoring the ZIM per BASEL 3 and what affect it may have on the current notes I do not know. I never bought them, so I did zero research on it.

                    Best to look to London for any clarity on what the ZIM is and what may become of current issues. However, if the gurus are right, well, Te Salud, Don Corleone.

                    But even so, the question of “when” is still an unknown. How can the “how” be of concern when so many years have passed with people seeking their fortune this way? People can only wait so long, then the price of inaction starts cutting deeply.

                    Confucius say, “Man who stand on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in.”

                    Liked by 2 people

  18. The world’s top oil importer, China, is preparing to launch a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan and convertible into gold, potentially creating the most important Asian oil benchmark and allowing oil exporters to bypass U.S.-dollar denominated benchmarks by trading in yuan, Nikkei Asian Review reports.



  19. Thank Goodness you are back. I’ve been bored since all the eagles have hatched and the giraffe was birthed. Not much to follow except OWoN


  20. OWoN:

    Q: Just checking to see if there’s any updates you may be able to share on PPs associated with projects, so our contries get going with some progress.

    A: Late next week they hope to try another Table Top swap. IF, IF they come up with the money. If so, it starts the balls rolling. Greed will follow. But, Monday is another ridiculous holiday, and where the US is concerned, if Monday is the holiday, the Bastards will never travel back in their own time, so expect a No Show until Wednesday and the week blown. Thanksgiving is even worse. A nightmare species.
    Close, but allow wobbles.

    But I am working on vast Elders deals taking time and sensitivity.Don’t lose heart- Or Dolly!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/08/active-comment-section-30-august-2017.html?showComment=1504290646459#c3247057107227706950
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  21. Zeroing in on fully automating clothing production….

    These bright young minds are truly building the future. Instead of wearing a mask and rioting in the streets (when not in mom’s basement jerking off to porn), these hard working kids are zeroing in on automating clothes manufacturing. Slowly, over time, such menial low wage sweatshop labor will be replaced, and along with such will come the obvious conclusion that such manufacturing, coupled with software development and robotic applications can free us all from the parasites in the money grubbing banking cliques, and also from money and politics altogether.

    It wont be fighting the beasts head on that will win in the end. For sure, good people are trying to make finance less corrupt and more on purpose for developing and not waring. But if you want to really get rid of financial slavery and life sucking drags on humanity, don’t try to argue “strawmen” or “creatures from…” but instead build robotic “men” and let them liberate us all to be what we are meant to be – equal and free inhabitants of a clean, healthy world where all live well and have no need to war or fight each other over so much abundance that is artificially made “scarce” to provide a high standard of living for so few.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Pingback: WHITE HATS AUXILIARY UPDATE – August 30, 2017 | saintandrewstwinflame

  23. OWoN:

    Q: “…If the Zim PP goes, would that mean that it would have to follow shortly that it would be traded again on forex? It would make sense that someone funding it would want it to be on the exchanges again so they have an exit. I’m still confused as to how they bring these 2008 series 50T and 100T notes back into circulation. Are they going to print new lower denomination notes and use the exchange of these higher zero notes to refund…”

    A: Clearly if they do pay up, the fix is in. No one real is putting down multi B for monopoly money. And- it’s DC approved! It’s a multi B deal if it goes, and we sure as hell won’t pontificate.

    We will leverage it, trade it, and boost it. These are good clients, and will do a lot of good with the proceeds. Like minds.

    We have good relationships and Trust. Let’s wait and see.

    We can also help Zimbabweans. Another monster regime. Western meddling screwed up Rhodesia and lost South Africa. Nations wasted. The US F up big time there meddling again. How do we help them recover? We need to rip the US nose out of the trough. Back to basics. Butt out and rebuild America time? Stop sneaking in funding Contractors to kill for Bucks.

    If Zimbabwe does clear, the Banshees in DC will howl the roof off for the rest.
    Don’t moralize, just horizontalise and get under the bar fast. Just follow the scorching tyre tracks, that will be me.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/08/active-comment-section-30-august-2017.html?showComment=1504209019584#c4215787206836268253
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


          • Thank you. As much as I love to make this experience as pleasant as possible, we are getting down to the wire for many. So far, we have organized around an activity that has not produced near term results as had been promised to them by many over the years. We have stepped in to bring realities home by aligning with direct players so they know what they are truly involved in. Many have shifted gears once they realized that the guru was selling bovine scatology. Good for them.

            With current moves, much of which cannot be detailed openly, I think we have a good chance to see what may come, if anything. But once that has been determined, depending on what happens, the time will come for serious application of resources. For me, for you, for all the realities of life are ever more real.

            RV or not, I am going to push on and try to make whatever difference I can within my limited talents. I know many others will as well. But first, we need to see this through and then act accordingly, win or lose. I want this behind us, whatever the outcome. All this waiting around is not healthy.

            Above all, I know the good people working on these events are also wanting it over. And they deserve a chance at victory. They have earned it.

            But soon, no matter what, the time is going to come to place energies in more productive outcomes.

            Thanks again!

            Liked by 2 people

        • Been there, done that. Never fun in the midst, great to get to the other side.
          Brings home how deep & powerful forgiveness is at the heart level. Truly is
          something that words cannot even describe. When it’s done, it’s done.
          Godspeed, so you can move on & put your emotional energy into your calling !


  24. Hey Tony!
    Really glad to have you back. I missed the posts by you and the others.
    I hope things went well for you.
    I have now subscribed to this new Fact Check.


  25. OWoN:

    Key Issues

    1. A PP deal involving Zims nears start up. If achieved it will motivate others.

    2. Trump had so many chances to be Statesmanlike with Houston. The Bum fumbled it again.

    3. North Korea is getting worse. Sleep walking to disaster.

    4. Bitcoins and others are now prime hunting territory for Hedge Fund swine, it will create new bubbles.

    5. Brexit stumbles towards a face off and Brussels suits being told to simply F off. Good luck to those bags of Shit when the UK walks away waving the long finger and leaves them with nothing. These Socialist Rat Bag wasters don’t get what it takes to make money, or what will happen when we just stop paying in. Like a Praying mantis Za Za Gabor, what do they do when the ex boots them with nothing and says your on your own. They drown in a mental spiral down. When the UK leaves more will follow. The UK and US will expand together, and open up the Commonwealth. It’s a brave new world waiting. Who needs parasites?

    6. Sorry for Houston, America needs to do self help fast here. Look after its own. Just no more Bush /Clinton aid theft.

    7. There ARE good things coming. We will report when possible. We are watching so many good innovations cross reported by you all. As are many. 3 big weeks lie ahead.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2017/08/active-comment-section-30-august-2017.html?showComment=1504171541874#c6289934145426280412
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. So good to hear from you again Tony! Very curious to hear about your business venture when the time is right. I believe we’re in the quickening and much will be revealed soon. Stay safe & keep the faith.


    • Thank you! I sure hope you are right.

      It’s actually not really going to be a business opportunity, but will be more of a collaboration, or guild/collegium that will enable you to participate without liability. This means you will control your stake, and never lose control of it. There will be risk, but it will be managed very professionally. The final shape cannot be known at this time since possible currency moves for public may negate the need for it altogether.

      In absence of such moves, an alternative can be set up. We will see. But just know that I worked on the planning for another route, and if needed, we can bring it on line for those who need it.

      For now, let’s see what September brings.


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