Greetings To All of You,

I am safely home again and I thank you all for indulging my absence.

Time to move to a clean thread since the last comment count was pretty large.

After some consideration, I have decided to remove the DEFCON system. In its place, just have your material handy and organized, and await word from whence it cometh. We will do our best to spread word as quickly as possible, should that day arrive. Simply keep in daily contact and have a major federally chartered bank in mind for your possible disposition.

As far as I know, progress is being made on several fronts. Whatever information we are made aware of will be released to us at the appropriate times, and there is little else we can do but be ready to act.

The question of public chances continues to be a gray area, with neither a firm “no” or a hard “yes” from on high. We may have to wait until those higher in the pecking order shoot their bolt in order to have a final answer. Stay tuned as things develop. Changes are indeed afoot.

My personal advice remains for all to be ready for anything. As I write this, we are under the impression that mid September is the next window for possible public currency moves. Don’t rely on it, but be ready in case. Stay tight, and get good advice if you get out with a slice.

I know we have several readers from the Houston area. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. I don’t know how we can, but please know we are not unaware and certainly hope all of you are safe and well.

Lastly, while away, and when not busy, I came up with some ideas which, depending on what happens between now and March of 2018, may result in a rather safe and much needed path for some of you who desire economic advancement on limited means. Again, this all depends on what happens between now and March. Many variables come into play, so for now, no more information. When we get to that point, we will take stock and I will propose possible options.

For now, we will await results from the land of the BSD.

Most sincerely,



  1. OWoN:

    This is sensitive- BUT- Just watch the site by the day! Real! This is Cliff Edge right now.

    You just may see a Presidential Order breaking this log jam and I for one will then give him full credit. But for that he has to Man Up and Put Up. We sit on major deeply incriminating contracts, files, names and accounts. Deeply bad! There is a real war of attrition playing out. Trench warfare!

    This can break at any time! Any! We have morality and Justice on our side. Also HATRED plus contempt for what they are. We ARE facing them down. Be assured, they are beyond scared now.

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      1. In Guru form, I hope I didn’t scare anyone. It beggars belief that someone who uses a profile pic of them half naked bent over their webcam, writes in caps with poor grammar has any credibility. I rarely visit those sites so thanks for the entertainment before my robot arrives, and it wasn’t even Friday.

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  2. Dr. Jim Willie
    Turning Point Nations On The Stage

    “…The Petro-Dollar is seeing its last months after a 43-year reign as defacto standard. Its retirement will begin in the East, then spread to the decaying loyal Western nations. The entire geopolitical chessboard is becoming more aligned with the Eurasian Trade Zone, one nation after another…”


  3. OWoN:

    Q: Your earlier advice was to watch out Tuesday or Wednesday last week and this week. Then the tax grab curve ball came up, with issues still to be sorted this coming week. Do you still suggest we maintain a watch this coming Tue or Wed or are we on hold for the time being?

    A: This is a battle by the hour and day. It is Global, not just DC. DC is only coming to terms with being told NO to partial deals, or hefty taxes, or just the usual SHITE of renew the loans or we don’t redeem. This time the world is facing down these skunk Scum and saying No!

    They are coming to terms with loss of Empire and control.

    America has lost Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. It is about to lose Turkey and soon Saudi. It has lost Asia. It is losing South America. It has lost Europe.

    They are about to lose the Petro dollars scam and both China and Russia are pole-axing them. Even that clown in NK is facing them down.

    Because they have no concept of Cultures or Global goodwill, they can’t see the End of Empire is now here. For Them!

    This is now a whole new ball game weekly. Watch weekly. The world has nothing to lose facing down these parasites who they see about to implode. If the US does not start redeeming soon, the pure hatred we see will result in more affirmative actions. The Wookies inside the US are yet to really erupt but will. Soetoro allowed millions in, and let the Muslim Brotherhood mass penetrate with Sleepers. He mugged you all. Still he abuses his role as an Illegal and gets away with it. Sessions has achieved what?

    Hold on for a white knuckle ride. Doing nothing now carries costs and consequences. Soon the new AU and Oil backed Yuan will start. The US is being refused US AU sales as we tighten the screw. These are Skip Rats on a sinking ship.

    We are even scuttling their life boats. Sharks now circle as they hit the water.

    Billie No Mates is afraid and confused alone. They either Pay, or by God they Pay!

    Right now they are looking for lifelines. No one will throw them one. Everywhere they look is end of days for them. No more terms and no more delays. They either pay up, or the world scuttles the lot and picks the failed Colony up for 10 cents on the dollar. A forced Fire sale is OK it will allow the world to take what its owed. Starting with canceling all their US Global debts assumed as Fed Credits. If the US does not buy goodwill, watch what is coming once the new Yuan and Ruble contracts start.

    If they don’t settle soon, they will won’t even be allowed into Asian markets, and try running a Global fleet with all ports closed to you. Sea and Air!

    That bubble of fantasy that has become the US simply denies you the reality of Global views. Russians revere and trust Putin. Trump? He can’t even get to take Tea with the Queen or a State visit approved. Billy No Mates is fast running out of time. Once the new Yuan’s and AU backed Bonds hit, good bye Wall Street. Even China now has less than 15 % market expose to the US. Why bomb you when they can just implode you? Pay to stay in, or sink soon. The carrion will become the new Masters. Only now as demands become FU, are they realizing something is badly wrong. They don’t comply, or trust us? NO, they Hate and despise you. The Cabal either buys goodwill and protection, or ? Swiss Banks kick out American accounts. US nationals are told to leave the Banks. Out! The world is turning.

    China is buying up your Debt at a discount. When they call it? It’s a Witches Coven right now. When and who puts you in play?

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  4. What a week. Things on the move; clearly showing a desire on all sides to conclude business, and then a tax grab pops up, true to form. In essence, it’s just armed robbery by men in suits who will say, do or cause anything to maintain self serving positions that are worthless to humanity.

    As I was tallying this weeks production I could not help but think of a song appropriate to this reported attempt at thievery by the caca-bal, so I leave you with “Robbery, Assault & Battery” from Genesis, dedicated to the folly of politics and the facade of which it is constructed.

    Enjoy your weekend and let’s hope the best outcome prevails for all who deserve it and have earned it.

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  5. Today I saw a deep blue sky without the usual white-gray haze and not a chemtrail in sight. Tonight the sky is full of stars and the Milky Way is clearly visible. I can’t remember how long it’s been…

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  6. OWoN:

    Q: The bonds PP you mentioned, is that referring to treasury bonds, historical bonds, or other type of bonds being redeemed?

    A: Historical and PP Bonds issued for cash as US Redemption Pledges. We Promise to Pay – Never? Usual US game. But now the world has woken up. Now they are taking the USD apart. Now by replacing the Petro Dollar, US decline will be rapid.

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  7. OWoN:

    Q: I understand the angst about providing more money for the cabal, but they control most of the money already. Even if your parties receive less than originally expected, you will still trade the profits on the platforms. It would simply take a little longer to reach your desired goal. As long as you deny access to the cabal, your teams will still come out ahead. I just hope taxes aren’t the reason that negotiations are shut down. 40% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

    A: Our clients have already paid vast taxes to accrue the money they used to buy Bonds in goodwill and trust.

    1. Why are they not paying them penalty costs for lying, scheming delays. Try that the other way with a Bank.

    2.Why should our clients lose well over half their funds to get back their own hard earned money? Extortion! No one will buy US bonds now.

    3. Currencies will be far worse if not checked.

    Q: Would this not incur the total wrath of the Contractor and Agency shills?

    A: Yes, Contract, Agency and Military Shills face a real bath.

    The position is simple. Health Care across the EU is c 8% of GDP. In the US it’s over 16% because far too many schemes are for Profit suppliers skimming the pot and loaded with sales personnel. Obamacare is simply unnaffordable.

    Bring in State or Not for Profit, and the gap goes. Match the EU and no need to steal taxes. Let all these Sales Honkeys go get other jobs and stop cashing in on the Sick. Bring in an EU system let the people decide 8% or 16% and the saving stay in your pockets. The EU would never swap the State deal and all think your mad to be suckered into Robbing Insurers scams.

    Why should our Clients accept 40% of a deal they had agreed to take 100% on?

    What happened to My Word is My BOND we will pay your 100% of what we agree and commit to.
    Already look at how many are wimping to settle. Today they were told FU!!!. by the Elders, we want our 100% FU! No! Damned right!

    Be assured we won’t take No. Not a bar of AU will leave for the US, and we will back the Yuan and smash the $ if this is not done right. This gifts Asia to China on a plate! These are not Peons for Zio or Hymie scalping. No more Roach games. The drums are beating now. Forked tongues.

    100% is better than 40%, why fund Obamacare with our money? It’s not happening.

    Q: Are we just talking about RV’s or is the the full GCR/Global Settlements in play right now?

    A:Right now just PPs. But OWED! Long overdue.

    But currencies are right behind, now is not the time to go public on that yet. They were not prepared for the Elders lashback today. Be assured, step near a warehouse and they WILL shoot you on site. They think nothing of sending Tong Teams to redress loss of face positions. DC has no idea what it is into here. They will show displeasure if provoked. We have major cards to play.

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    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  8. I’m just totally blown away after reading the 4 part report by David Wilcock on his website David is a New York Times Bestselling author who I have followed for almost 10 years, and I believe his info is extremely well written and documented.
    If you have limited time, read at least Part 4 where an insider called Meganon talks about what Trump will be addressing the nation about “soon”. I can guarantee that every here and on OWON (I’ve never figured out how to post there) will be ECSTATIC with his revelations. Let’s hope it all comes true !!


      1. Sorry Andrew, am out of town and just saw your request. Not sure how to post URL using my phone. If you go to the main page will show news stories, the most recent of which is a story about Vegas terror. Click on that and you’ll see the 4 parts. All 4 are good but most info will not be new to WHA/OWON readers. The 4th part especially where 4chan poster Meganon posts is what you want to read. Nothing about currencies just the upcoming downfall of the cabal. VERY good news about what will be happening and soon. You’ll be glad you read it !!


  9. OWoN:

    As a series of major PP Bonds are close to paying out, hidden by the Bummer [Obama] is legislation he gave to the Treasury to scalp- 52.5% tax from US Bond beneficiaries.

    This Kenyan Indonesian usurping Con Man has played you as a Grifter, now hes left a minefield to scalp the lot of you, so expect no favors on currencies. They will steal your pot be sure. Be prepared.

    Q: The major PP Bonds, is this the ZIM PP you were talking about?

    A: No. Currencies look to be far worse!

    Q: Taxes on currencies far worse or they are farther from being paid out….or both?

    A: We are freaking the Elders right now. Also more. Even at 50% the Military will freak, and it’s way, way worse if not stopped. Beyond stupid! Obama Shit! Trump needs to override it fast. Obama needs to be arraigned! Madness!

    Madenning. Let’s see if it can be changed fast. They want to mass tax both. Currencies far worse. I don’t think [President Trump] knows yet. He will now- soon!

    When you see what they will try on if not stopped, be ready for real issues. Congress and the Senators pay Zero!!!! Hello?

    We don’t want to talk about those Currency rates now being discussed yet, Sovereigns will freak! If they go through with for Bonds, with what these scumbags are planning, vast numbers of Contractors and Sr Military paid part Dinars will go apeshit.

    Even I’m shocked at their greed, audacity and stupidity. Civil war may follow for sure! Thank God if so, hang the lot of them. This will be a 48 hour stint for us now. Our Clients will freak. So will you if they try it on. 52% is nothing to what they may try on for currencies. Remember THEY despise you because they consider you weak and stupid, which to date????

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    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Everyone wants a piece of the action.

      This is not surprising at all. With tax grabs like this, it makes you wonder why on earth they delayed it so much. Seems they were delaying tax payment largess to themselves.

      This is one reason why I got rid of the DEFCON system. I would have been like a one arm monkey on LSD going back and forth with alert status.

      Stay tuned as I am sure there will be more twists and turns than on Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch.

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    2. Thanks Tony..I know we dont when this could happen..what is your best guess could this
      happen by the end of the month. thanks for all you do and the website I visit everyday but dont post much


      1. Hi Nan, thanks for writing.

        Our friend in The City didn’t allude to any specific delays, so in absence of such I am going to assume that all previously announced references to expected moves are still in force.

        I am very sure we will get the nod if any significant delays are in the works.

        I really cannot say if we are going to see anything commence this month, but it’s very obvious that they want to get it done before the holidays. So, let’s hope!

        Take care!


  10. “IMF names 9 biggest banks that warrant heightened attention from regulators 10/11/2017”

    “The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday said nine of the world’s biggest financial institutions may find it hard to thrive in the new global economy and deserve heightened attention from regulators.”

    “In its latest report on global financial market stability, the IMF listed nine banks: Citigroup C, +0.35% Société Générale GLE, -0.06% SCGLY, +0.13% UniCredit Group UCG, +2.06% Deutsche Bank DB, -0.41% DBK, +0.10% Barclays BARC, +0.21% Standard Chartered STAN, -0.30% Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group 8316, +0.12% Mizuho Financial Group MFG, -0.28% 8411, -0.05% and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MTU, +0.31% 8306, +0.15% as banks that exhibit “both thin capital buffers relative to future regulatory requirements and relatively weak profitability to build those buffers over the next few years.”

    “The IMF said some of these banks continue to grapple with legacy issues. Others, mainly the European investment banks, “still face the problem of defining and executing profitable business models.”


  11. Hi Tony hope all is well with you. As J stated no pre release. Does this mean no advance notice or does it mean maybe we will get a day ahead notice. Just trying to prepare.


    1. Of course, I know you are referring to any possible pre-notice for the chance of getting out of your currency positions at a profit, and not private groups.

      At present, I would not count on any pre-notice and plan accordingly. But, if the rates should re-align, that information will be in the public domain and it will spread fast.

      There may be some slight chance that we may get some advance notice, but that would probably be slight. We were warned that if one blinked one might miss it.

      So, watch the sites and we will do all possible to help our readers if and when an exit for public happens.

      For now, we will just have to stay alert and not depend on any possible advanced notice.

      Good luck!


        1. You would have to ask the person who is introducing you to that “private trade”.

          As far as we know, all legitimate, sanctioned and authorized groups run by legitimate parties, are closed and have been closed for quite some time.

          Good luck.


  12. OWoN:

    3 Issues

    1. A big new report is coming out and is in final setting now. Muti facet and key issues.

    2. There are VERY positive steps playing out but NO pre release. Once done we will be responsible with use, and Slack Alice has been booked for Paladin for 48 hours. We will need 24 just to find him afterwards.

    3. A very dangerous world is unleashing, Leadership is abysmal, and you must take sole responsibility for your assets and future. As the Cabal unravels, so much can fail. You alone must take control of YOUR own life. No one else will take care of you, nor cares.

    Plan your future and be ready for curved balls, although some Rednecks think that is normal.

    But, there are some positive moves. Wait, watch.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  13. 24% Of American Men Would Have Sex With A Robot

    [Not to be confused with those who consider that they already are]

    “…Sex machine is going to take on a whole new meaning in years to come…”


  14. The one speaking on the video starting at 4:12 on the video time clock may be the head of TU-E Capital Bank. He is a trillionaire. At 20:15 he talks about bringing the Malaysian Ringitt and the USD at a 1 to 1 exchange rate. Listen to his whole speech and his talk about getting the 100 to 200 countries to agree to his plan. Sounds like he is involved with the GCR as it relates to Malaysia. Tell me your thoughts after listening to this. Thanks.


    1. The man talking in the video describes what some of us recognize as platform trading. We have heard the man in London talk about platform trading before. What a nice way to generate a large sum of money over a 40 week period. Talk about huge passive income opportunity. WOW


  15. OWoN:

    All we can say is this, watch out Tuesday or Wednesday both this coming week and the next for a possible sizable announcement if DC can finalize their obligation steps in time. The help is geared so as not to trigger the yapping Guru Dogs, and with the Rider, that, “If Part Released” it will be able to accommodate new career chances as support teams are built to reinvest back into Global needs.

    Thinking, not empty talking heads will be needed. So many are switched on between the sites which will help. Nothing is yet finite, but there is new real hope and attempts will be made again to prize free debt obligations to start redeeming so many selective broken promissory notes. Now it’s a case of dragging Kikes off escape bikes,and facing down the Zio’s each day. History repeats itself and always with an exit ticket. Gulag time not Palestine.

    What games will they try over the next 2 weeks? Roaches?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  16. OWoN (Addressing a comment):

    1. The $15T is not silent. A DC party has approached us for the full access details to seek full recovery for the WH. A poor befuddled Peer does not hold those disks, only the person who scripted him and stood him up does.

    2.As I have indicated to you, this is one Global larceny game your not walking to a free lunch aided with for nothing. Either we share, or your Butt stays bare. Our lot may be gutless facing down DC, but not the key Organ Grinder here. It’s in play. Now it’s off radar. Including yours. Have you ever stolen a Bulldogs bone? Or tried? !!!!

    3. The fact that we have not made public yet the progress, is because it’s a Diplomatic minefield, and we won’t let our Numpties, loose, with your Numpties, without a restraining harness to save ours being run over.

    4. The Elders are solidly here for a reason. Trust, Confidence. You can’t change centuries of malpractice and abuse in a year or two. It took time to get it so far derailed, and it will take time to get it back on the tracks. No Political Leaders are capable. T Man “Knows” the Special Link which is strong, and why. Also the true goodwill heart behind it.

    You saw once the depth of ethical moral discretion a key UK party applied respectfully to a certain stressful time and how safe hands got it through.

    No less is in play now for major board games. Our ” Knights” have played it for centuries, and since 1307, we have become adept at positioning. The “Silent Order” rocks the cradle of civilization.

    You know the real evidence we hold. Timing?
    A lot is coming good. Safe hands rock the cradle.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


          1. Tman is a White Hat.

            Translate in North American English? Sure.

            Imma be like jizzed at dat mofo’ Brit playa down dem’ bad ass Mo’fuKinnn 15T BoNes.

            DoNT FuKKINN LaBeL ME cuz dees jacks SWAG ME OuT on the QT since 1307. Feel ME?

            We B tight mofos. Chill and be 4 real homes.

            -end translation

            Seriously, it all boils down to releasing funds back to rightful parties for rightful disposition, and other parties trying hard to not allow it. In and among it all, the public may have a chance. We will have to wait and see. Major moves are in play, and all we can do is wait for updates as they are released. I am quite sure any relevancy to public chances will be highlighted as needed.

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            1. THAT was funny… a little scary in that you did it so well, but funny!

              This is such great news! I had a feeling that ‘J’ was working over-overtime on something big. He’d been suspiciously quiet over there.

              Oh, and I just love me some Tman talk! I wish he could pop in here every now and then… *sigh*

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  17. Tony what do you think happened in Vegas? Do you think it went down as they say or do you think it was a false flag and there were two shooter? Just curious since I know you live out there.

    Also again I did great with recent bitcoin moves. Making a nice kitty for myself. Small but at least I have something for my efforts. Thanks again for your pointers.

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    1. Hi,

      Pretty much. I don’t believe there were multiple shooters because that would have been hard to miss.

      People were confusing the acoustic phenomena that can occur when a high velocity round travels through the air in their direction vs. when it is traveling parallel or away from same. Depending on how far you are from the source, the sound of the rapport is going to reach you slightly later than the “snap” of the bullet whizzing by your ear. The snap is the supersonic tell tale sound of an object breaking the sound barrier. What you will perceive is a snap-boom sound, which may seem like “two shooters”.

      My father was shot at by many snipers during the Okinawa campaign in May of 1945. I interviewed him at great depth about his experiences there, as he wanted me to have his story to be passed along to future generations so that they may avoid war. When asked about his near misses, he described the snapping sound of a bullet as it passed. And shortly thereafter you could discern the report of the rifle. It’s very true that you would never hear the shot that kills you. The bullet would have hit before the sound of the report reached you.

      In some of the Las Vegas videos, you can see the crowd react to the sounds of shots in the distance vs. the sounds of rounds coming close to them. The snap of the super sonic rounds causes them to duck, flinch, fall down, etc. It’s not a pleasant thing. It feels like someone cracking a whip close to your head. This was not caused by two shooters.

      As for a “false flags”, some of the powerful people that one would think would be behind such a thing, have business interests in Vegas. Why in the world would they want to crap in their own dinner plate? In the end, it would be almost impossible to prove such a thing to the extent that you could know 100% that such was a false flag. I think it would be best to allow the investigations to progress and see what they find. If they can uncover such evidence, I would be welcomed to review it.

      I don’t live in Las Vegas, but it’s my hub city for many things. I have stayed at the Mandalay many times and it’s a very nice place. I am so sorry to see it sullied by this psychotic event.

      I am convinced that this fellow was the product of his environment. Some may say that he was a wealthy property owner, and had no reason to be unhappy. Well, that goes to show you that wealth is not nearly as valuable as having people in your life who support you, who are there to be concerned and helpful, and offer solutions of value. I am going to guess that his many failed marriages and his rather unpleasant appearance caused him to feel very bitter about personal relationships, and that is one reason he became so homicidal in the end. He had lost the ability to experience pleasure, and therefor did not want anyone else to feel it if he could not. To feel anything at all, at his stage of collapse, he needed to create a large effect that would impact and move even him to feel something. Instead of organizing something to help others, he slid backwards to the other end of the scale, and chose destruction.

      The psychiatric poisons in his system and probably other toxic elements in his diet probably induced in him a very physically unbalanced thought process as well. Hell, when I go off of coffee for a week, I almost want to end it all. I do this to prevent severe addiction to caffeine. And boy oh boy, the headaches and somatic experiences are enough to make you want to chew on nails. Imagine what a person is experiencing after a life of dissatisfaction in areas of living that are meant to be pleasurable and key to emotional well being. Throw in meds and the general shallowness of our culture and the predisposition for people to judge others on physical appearance, and only such, and you get reactions like that of this man.

      That’s my take on it.

      I am glad you are wining with your crypto speculations. Be sure to practice sound money management and don’t succumb to temptations to bet it all on one play. Small moves.

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      1. This cab driver video makes it pretty obvious that there are at least 2 shooters. She was right under the Mandalay entrance. The 1st rounds are LOUD and right above her. The 2nd are at a distance. They are not echos.

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        1. I don’t agree that a two shooter scenario is supported by this acoustical evidence.

          The first loud 7 shot burst is followed by a 7 round echo.

          At the very beginning, you only hear the echo because the video did not start soon enough to catch the shots that created that echo.

          The second muffled shots are most likely when the late assassin turned inward and shot at the door when the security persons approached the door and he wounded one in the leg. The reason I believe this is that there is no echo since the muzzle would have been pointed inside the room and largely muffled. Had a distant shooter been the source of that sound, we would have heard an echo from his shots, but there were none.

          If there was a second shooter, there has to be some ballistic evidence to support it, such as impact points that prove such a trajectory, etc. The investigation will eventually conclude and they will have the data which I am certain will prove only one shooter.

          We will see.


    1. I have casually followed Harvey Organ’s predictions for years.While I would be ecstatic if this one were true, unfortunately his next correct prediction will be his first !


  18. Fact or Fiction :
    TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Interview Series Part 1 : Sir Ricky Nathaniel speaks about the role and function of US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK as a Custodial Trust Bank on redemption of the world’s historical heritage assets including the global Collateral Accounts, historic bonds, boxes and notes, gold bunkers and various efforts to monetize or liquidate the assets for utilization of countries and economies.


      1. I always thought the movie “The Other Guys” was a great WHA-type movie. Covering the absurdity of bailouts, pension sell-offs, etc. Hilarious but also extremely informative.


    1. If as Steve says the Sec’s aim is to lower the dollar against other currencies I can see 2 things happening: 1 a race to the bottom ie all others will try and follow suit. The net effect will be that gold rises against all currencies as they all move down together. And 2, would the dong decouple from the usd or go down with it?
      Tony at the end of the day I’m thinking this is the start of currencies moving to the value of their country’s assets, with metals being the first. What do you think?


      1. That could very well be the case, Andrew.

        We are seeing a confluence along certain paths that are indicative of a concentration of forces in a major direction.

        Our friends in London have indicated that a lot is going on, with some good chances of PPs being on the move to a greater extent than before.

        In the past we were told that metals would play a part in all of this. Many metals analysts are pointing to rising gold/silver prices as a sort of economic exigent to give proper value to backing currencies with metals at proper prices to match the face value of the notes in circulation. There are even some promoting these moves in their marketing material, completely independent from GCR-centric sources.

        It feels like there is a push to get this done this year, at least insofar as the sovereign and private groups are concerned.

        I hope this will push out far enough for public speculators to gain, even if just modestly.

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  19. How crazy is this?

    “This Isn’t A Joke! The IRS Just Hired Equifax To Safeguard Taxpayer Data”

    “Just hours after Equifax CEO Rick Smith wrapped up his testimony before the House Energy and Commerce committee – the first in a series of Congressional “fact-finding missions” about the hack – Politico reported that the IRS last week awarded the disgraced credit monitoring bureau with a $7.25 no-bid contract even as the company struggled to address suspicions that it mislead investors and customers by withholding information about one of the most damaging data breaches in US history.”

    “Equifax famously waited more than a month to disclose that hackers had infiltrated its servers and absconded with the sensitive financial information of more than 140 million customers, sparking widespread outrage that only intensified after reporters discovered that several of the company’s senior executives – including its CFO – cashed out of shares and options in the weeks before the company came clean about the hack.”


  20. “This is how China moves the world to a gold standard!”

    “The announcement of “yuan for oil, convertible into gold” is a game changer . China imports about 8 million barrels of oil per day, this works out to 3 billion barrels per year. At $50 per barrel, the oil trade by China is about $150 billion per year. If we compare that to total global production of gold, we find the 80 million ounces produced and priced at $1,300 currently amounts to just over $100 billion. In other words, China consumes more oil (in dollar terms) than ALL the gold produced in the world. Think about this for a moment, at current pricing, just one country uses more oil than the entire world produces money? Does the word “reset” at all come to mind?”


  21. Robots To Replace All Human Cashiers At New York Shake Shack

    “…Robots will replace humans and cash won’t be accepted at a soon-to-open Shake Shack in the East Village, reps for the popular burger chain said Monday…”



    While this to me is by far the biggest news I’ve seen in following gold for 20+ years, its gotten virtually no exposure on any of the financial sites. Am I missing something ?
    This would make China’s gold reserves 50% greater than the US stated gold reserve !! Major positive news for a higher gold price !!
    Last time I saw anything reported officially, China was at 1,800 tons. HUGE difference. China markets closed all week for Gold Week.

    China proven gold reserves at 12,100 tonnes at end-2016 – Xinhua

    Reuters Staff
    SHANGHAI, Oct 2 (Reuters) – China’s proven gold reserves reached 12,100 tonnes at the end of 2016, the state news agency Xinhua reported on Monday quoting an official with the national gold association.

    China has been the world’s biggest gold producer for 10 years and the largest consumer of the metal for four years, it said. China aims to increase its annual gold output to 500 tonnes by 2020 from around 450 tonnes currently, it said.

    Last year, 70,000 tonnes of gold were traded in China on spot exchanges, futures exchanges and over-the-counter at banks, and that amount was expected to exceed 100,000 tonnes by 2020, Xinhua quoted Zhang Yongtao, vice chairman of the China Gold Association (CGA), as saying.

    In the first half of 2017, China produced 207 tonnes of gold, a drop of 9.8 percent from a year ago, although gold consumption rose nearly 10 percent to 545 tonnes, with consumption of gold bars up more than 50 percent, the CGA said. (Reporting by John Ruwitch; Editing by Christian Schmollinger)


  23. My thoughts are with Las Vegas this morning.

    What a tragedy. I am going to donate blood and I encourage all of you to do the same if you live in that area.

    By all accounts, the dedicated people of Las Vegas law enforcement acted bravely and with skill to put an end to this senseless act of mass murder. And the medical and emergency teams are also reported to have been on the scene and treated people despite the unknown status of the shooter.

    Liked by 4 people

  24. Dr. Jim Willie: We’re Now Witnessing the “Sunset of the Dollar”

    China is announcing the imminent roll-out of gold-backed futures contracts denominated in Chinese yuan.

    The petrodollar system is breaking down, Willie says.

    OPEC is deteriorating to a state of discord and disunity.

    Willie explains the replacement he sees coming.

    It is terrible for the dollar…


  25. OWoN:

    Q: …It seems like any time anything could happen, it’s always within two week time frames. Is that like the global settlement time frame…?

    A: No we have no comment on the GS.

    These are mainly PP deals owed, and 3 currency deals playing out.It’s only when it comes to the possible wire that we look at the week to pre advise and the week to settle. If successful those funds can help many causes. Even today serious infrastructure investment for a desperate US city was in discussion to fast track help.

    What looks like 2 weeks to you, can be 20 years of others trying and funding. Lives and vast costs have been sacrificed to get there. Not a few parties bunging out a grand or so for Jungle Bunny paper. Real money, real lives. Real sacrifices.They are doing or dying trying.

    Self help, all manning up every day. The We Musts, or the Wannabes?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. OWON:

    2 very interesting weeks ahead.

    If certain parties try to wiggle out of what has been tacitly agreed now, it will have the full head on consequences of a drunken Jolene standing there in her negligee trying to wriggle out of 3 promises made to a drunken Redneck Big Bubba and his brothers that very Saturday night.

    What’s the value of a US promise?

    The next 2 weeks will tell us. Will Big Bubba take a No on a clear promise? 3?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  27. OWoN:

    A welcome surprise. A key West Coast currencies group got a pre advice today to stand by. That is a PP, NOT the RV’s. But at least one group now soon hopefully can get out.

    Again, it’s ONLY done when it’s done, but for those in the PP group, very positive so far. Good luck to them all. Once one cracks the DC power storm will start as those Pigs line up.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is reported to be a workable path because of the relatively lower dollar amounts in play.

      Try to take another view on this. I would suggest you don’t worry about the why, how, when, what, who. That’s energy you could be using to sort other things.

      Let the BSDs work through it. Our job is just to be ready, and to be smart if and when a break comes.

      I don’t know why, but I still feel too many are not going to be ready if a slice falls into their laps because they spent too much time researching the mechanics, and too little time on how to handle the outcome.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. I sit quietly reading the posts daily, yet I’m super tired of those who are still in pursuit of their lick. Sorry Roger, but your posts always seem to resemble the greed of an ambulance chasing lawyer. There has been so much more important info shared here over the course of years, varying from music to alternative health therapies. These are things that are equally important as “who gets what” and “how things are divvied up”. Does any of this matter if there’s no true happiness or outcomes to generate the future success of all of us? Again, I’ve been sitting quietly, yet if you’re one of those who’s only centered on the big pay day, it would be better for you to bottom feed with these comments at the guru sites. There’s so much more than that, which has been offered (without cost) here.

      OK, now that I’ve finally vented…Tony, thanks for keeping this site going for as long as it has. I’d back you 100% if you said that it was time to walk away. I’d certainly miss the ongoing threads and info, yet it’s understandable if/when the time comes to bring this to a natural end.

      I’ll finish with the Green Lantern creed (which is why I informed and helped along the way):

      In brightest day, in blackest night,
      No evil shall escape my sight!
      Let those who worship evil’s might
      Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. LOL… I didn’t see that coming!! GL, I love your insight and perspectives and I always appreciate your posts. Keep shining, my friend!

        BTW, I have several bars of Ivory soap stored away in a cabinet as per your suggestion a few years ago. I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember why though. Please re-advise! 🙂


        1. I think that was during a time when we were sharing info about what people did during the Great Depression. I’d mentioned that my great aunts “seasoned and hardened” Ivory soap bars, to make them last longer. They would remove the wrapping and allow the air to case harden the bar. There were enough soap bars to last a good year or so.

          Another thing I recall from cleaning up their flat (in Chicago, after they passed away) was that we found different denominations of money squirreled all around the flat. Grandma told me that they did that, because they didn’t trust the banks. Although my aunts appeared to be humble ladies, it was amazing to see how much wealth they had in physical cash around their place.

          In sharing this, I’m being reminded of why we all converged on this site in the first place. The GCR is only one portion of the equation. Yet, with all the money that someone could be sitting on, if they’re not well stocked for a minimum of six months (think about sheltering in place). If the store shelves are empty, there’s no amount of money that any one individual can provide to automatically fill the shelves.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Roger,
          Personally, I do not believe you need to apologize at all. You are entirely within your right to visit this website and any others you may wish to visit for whatever reason you may personally have and I for one do hope you stay. Here at WHA and OWoN at least you will be offered accurate information in your area of interest. Remember those other guru websites will just send you crazy with all their bs and to follow that sort of crap would be a recommendation I would most certainly stay clear of.

          Every single person on this planet is different, has experienced a different path, has a different perspective, different interests and may visit various websites seeking different information which they believe suits them and the information they require in their own life. That means these choices are entirely yours Roger and not for any one else to make for you based on their opinion/perspective.

          Not sure what the path ahead holds for you as far as what you are waiting for on a financial level Roger but I wish you every success and an abundance of happiness where your future is concerned. May I also thank you for the polite questions you have presented from time to time.

          Always remember to live your life in the manner that YOU consider appropriate Roger. It is your life and no one can direct that path better than YOU. Be well always Roger..

          Liked by 2 people

  28. Tony, does this mean public currency might get to exchange this year or just approved projects from the Private PP. Thanks for all you have done for us.


    1. At this rate, I would not assume any one set idea on timing.

      We went from Majors first, to a rag tag ZIM PP going first, and possible public chance of some kind, and Majors have to wait.

      I am thinking of getting a therapist as a guest moderator to help us all through this.

      Scan over the updates from the last few years, and see how much changed from week to week. In good faith I cannot give you a solid scenario that will last longer than my first attempt at fornication.

      The only thing I can tell you is be ready at all times from now until the second coming. The issue of public chances is not rooted in any bedrock.

      Clearly, they are shifting strategies to get the ram into position to hit the wall with enough force to open it and allow overwhelming penetration. Once they do, the issue of public chances will probably be ultimately decided.

      I appreciate your kind words and I appreciate your participation. I sincerely hope it works out for all.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Can’t help but laugh at the therapist for moderator comment. The news did have the effect of giving us the highest highs and lowest lows.

        But thru it all even if we were connected virtually I found kindred spirits here. Even J when he gives us the hardest reality checks I feel that he cares much probably too much… for people he never met…

        I say may all the goodness in the universe accompany them who are working so very hard at this time.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.”
          ― Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution

          (I used to be indecisive, but these days I’m not so sure… I think I’m confused… hang on – maybe I’m not!)

          Liked by 3 people

  29. OWoN:

    Q: When you say “Right now, you have some chance, the majors right now, none” do you mean folks in this forum will have a chance to get their projects funded this year, or be able to participate in your projects, or both?. I’m also somewhat confused. Many thanks for everything you do.

    A: Yes, YOU the public may have a shot now.
    The Tier 1 plus majors can not be bailed yet, it’s too much.
    But some very private PP’s can overspill and from that crumbs can spread.

    I am cognizant of both sites needs, and so many people, good people in need.
    Let us see how the first PPs play out first.

    If that works we will see what is possible.

    It needs a smaller group to open up and help.

    Our own minimum client entry level is $500M or greater. We are beyond full and taking no more clients yet. Our latest intakes have been $5B to $50B shots. Our time is way too limited for entry level right now. We will try to help if possible once the first tranches clear. It needs trustworthy parties willing to take on the small accounts, and that is tricky. Licenses etc. Regulatory steps. But, we hear the need, lets see what evolves.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the update. Thanks for the hope. Please know everything you do greatly appreciated. Whether we get something out of this or not we surely have learned a lot. More power to those plowing thru hurdles to push this to completion.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. This venus project is intruiging. I would like to get involved if I have the means to do so. I have watching the videos available in youtube for sometime now. Thank you Tony for the post.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. OWoN:

    Q: For my clarification, does your post imply that tier 1 (sovereigns) & 2 (pp’s) are due to be completed now and tiers 3 (groups) & 4 (public) are put off until next year? I appreciate your patience and time.

    A: No all the Tiers 1 to 4 are sidelined until next year until funds can be rigged to settle any. .

    Only small PP’s are moving right now at c$10B to $100B. Finite, but it helps. Zero for the big hitters until next year.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  31. Tony,
    It seems like the currencies will be a no go. After you came back from your trip last month you mentioned some other financial ventures. Is it possible that you can shed some light on that topic. Do you have any idea how much capital will be needed to participate?


    1. If by a “no go” you mean for this year, that’s correct. Because of mounting pressures and realities, it does appear that 2018 may be when the public may have a shot.

      As for the financial venture you are referring to, it’s still very much in a conceptual stage, and I have a lot of fleshing out to do. It will not involve anyone sending money to me or anyone on my behalf. You will keep control of your funds at all time. It will probably be a form of “watch and do this exactly as I do” kind of thing.

      I do not have a securities license so I cannot accept funds or solicit for promises of possible investment returns. So, the only way around that is for no funds to be under my control. I would rather not have that responsibility anyway.

      If this goes forward, it will be on a very limited basis at first, to test the framework and workability. Then, once the operation shows efficiency we can open it up to those who are interested.

      Please keep in mind that a lot could happen between now and then that would completely change this. So, please don’t assume it will be a given just yet.


      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, Roger. The ZIM pp is currently reported to be close to transacting. This will give impetus to the rest. It is our understanding at this time that the larger PPs and all other major transactions which are much higher in amounts are not going to proceed until next year, along with public chances.

          Please note that we have a bit of time left before the holidays, and things have been known to change quickly. So, keep watching and let’s see if the ZIM thing cracks a thing or two loose before years end.

          The odds are probably against it, but you never know.

          Overall, the news that they are running out of delaying room is great to hear. No matter the outcome, just like you and many others might agree, it’s time to get all this childish quibbling over with. Factions that are fighting to maintain their Trillions while the earth spins into oblivion is pathetic and tragic to the extreme.


  32. OWoN:

    Q: Hopeful that these PPs are executed before the end of 2017. Our humanity needs this.

    A: We may get that very soon. There are many excellent people on the site able to help and just needing support. Also many as frustrated good Americans needing a chance to make a difference. We hear you. These PPs are hopefully close now. Projects are ready. We will feed need, not greed. It’s down to Legals now. And the horror story of compliance mongrels. Daily battles where some imbecile Attorney procrastinates to change yet another word.

    Q: Are the PP that you are referring to Currency related or something else?

    A: Yes ZIMs, but I cant release more. Good US parties male and female, good real Patriots. No neurotic headbangers. They deserve this break. We are protecting all. Their intent is good. It will help many. Also break log jams.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  33. OWoN:

    Now, real news.

    RV’s are now being delayed into next year. The US is Broke! No freebies.

    Certain PP’s are still in play and can help. If they are achieved, we will help by escalating community projects, and a number of key suggestions contributed by so many of you. Helping YOU help many. Every step can change lives. A thinking people, help for all. The PPs are still alive. Ignore the Boiler Room Currency pumping sites and media rags. All is predicated now on the PP’s. A step at a time, if possible. We will advise weekly. Fact whatever. Next year there will be nowhere left to hide for them. They ran out of road to free load.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Well, I was right about public chances over for this year. But, at least we were not told that the public have NO chances now. So, all things being equal, this is not really bad news nor is it unexpected given the lateness of the year.

      Stay tuned.


  34. Tony can you repost that video you did with Dave Schmidt. I have a friend who didn’t get to see it and he is not good with computers and cannot find it in the blog. Thanks so much he really wants to see it.


      1. Who is he dealing with. He says the same info here but acts like he is commander. Are top level people letting safe into there circle for real????? He talks about round 1


    1. I don’t see a way around it.

      So many governments are buying gold since the last debacle, as he pointed out. Why?

      I remember the morons in banking who stood up in 08′ and crowed about how safe their mortgage backed securities were, yet ignored the even larger bets in default swaps that were the true elephant in the room, and yet those numbers were ignored despite it being easy to see the result if default rates exceeded expected limits. No backstop, except the Fed, and the taxpayer.

      And if that same bailout scheme were workable now, why would such countries buy gold? For their teeth? They won’t make the same mistake twice.


  35. OWoN:

    Q: What is the time frame we are looking at here?

    From initial start deal that you referred to on sunday currency update post, to moving thru all the organized groups Approximately how long will that take to complete the organized groups?

    Then what happens after that? What happens to the historical bonds? To the derivatives in the old system?

    A: There are certain major PP deals in play by the day and week. Private deals.

    Then there are the groups and that is building again now. Not without hope now.
    Time frames are evolving weekly, it’s up to each to stand their ground or fold. No one is owed. This is a week on week battle. We fund our own play. We owe no one.

    Historical bonds are selectively stolen each year by the Cabal and Zio trash, but China is now taking stand.

    Derivatives are Dog crap needing to crash and burn. They have no out. They are a Con! Stay clear.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. All PP as opposed to what? Not sure I understand you.

        No new groups will be started. We checked on this a while back and the interest was not there nor the volume needed to acquire interest in doing so. All the legitimately sanctioned groups are closed and have been for quite a while. There are some broker/aggregators out there claiming that you can join them even now. But, we have been told that not all of them will merit attention in the end.

        I really don’t know of any proven, sanctioned, legit, fully on the level groups that are open or are planning on opening.

        We will see just what plays out in the end.


  36. OWoN:

    Currency updates.

    First, we can only comment with strict limits on information flow.

    However, there still seems to be an illusion base out there who just don’t get it.

    1. Major, organized groups only are tracking so far. Banks are simply not going to go setting up expensive Forex Desks for low volume Third World currencies to service only the vacuous graspers of the Western wannabes. Those in the syndicates have the best chance to feed, handled as Private Placement volume trades. No one has time for these little multi M ambulance chasing broker holdings.

    2. There are certain controlled block currencies being volume negotiated right now.

    These will be in multi B blocks with such amounts as are credible to finance. Not the hot air of the mindless T Blocks pontificated by the currency site Boiler Room Pumpers.

    However, once those PP do get cleared, it MAY create opportunities for the ambulance chasers to find an exit. We are cross involved in a number of negotiations right now. The West Coast teams are also active. But none are for the multi T blocks pontificated by moron medias. Capital reality rules, what is affordable!

    3. If such PP negotiations do succeed, such settlements will leave for a new London Safe Haven, not to fund Cabal hooks. Projects will be funded with Global vision and prioritized. Suitable site members have already demonstrated than many can assist with Global development, implementation and distribution. OWON is a World Agenda. As such, a new Collective force for good will emerge. Can do people, who will move their Butts and go with the flow. A Global agenda.

    4. That so far is the finite progress in reality. Private initiatives are in active negotiation, the Can Do’s doing. There is no Public desperation policy nor interest in mass supplying small holdings. Nor likely to be. Crumb policies are just not of interest to the majors, nor an issue of interest. Self Service only applies. Settlements will come to the London Capital Markets for safety and to trade. Non will wait for US implosion. It brings a whole new meaning to Running Money! Smart money moves, and the smart with it.

    Until the PP’s break first, nothing will happen. All this talk of fantasy multi T’s is just vacuous Gobshite delusion. Paid from where and by who? The US IS broke! Bankrupt! China can’t bail it, and the UK won’t! So Get Real thinking, who can? Way too many fantasies are running off loose lips. Money IS finite, and managed. The agenda now is how service 8 billion. We can afford to let an overstocked few million of the herd go into the night. Self help and creative thinking needs to be applied. Mental application not desperation obfuscation. Be smart, think outside of the box and find and angle or service to promote. The Internet is awash with Global opportunities, just focus the time. Most readers having got this far, are smart enough to do it. Reach out and find markets. Self help. Share collective ideas and progress together. Brain storm? Self motivate, don’t stagnate. You CAN do it.Market intellect.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. I would rather his words simply speak for himself. I can only say to you to be ready. We don’t know just what tailings may be available for public. Be ready for some, or none at all.

        For sure, as he pointed out, the idea of “mass prosperity” as many self-appointed NESARA high priests are selling, is complete nonsense. Such people are in need of serious counseling and a warm meal and quiet place to regain their sanity.


        1. Hello WHA, I’m thinking positive about this. I believe that we the public will see something, even if it is a small 6 figure from all my currencies. We all must remain positive as I feel we are in the last stretch.


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