Greetings To All of You,

I am safely home again and I thank you all for indulging my absence.

Time to move to a clean thread since the last comment count was pretty large.

After some consideration, I have decided to remove the DEFCON system. In its place, just have your material handy and organized, and await word from whence it cometh. We will do our best to spread word as quickly as possible, should that day arrive. Simply keep in daily contact and have a major federally chartered bank in mind for your possible disposition.

As far as I know, progress is being made on several fronts. Whatever information we are made aware of will be released to us at the appropriate times, and there is little else we can do but be ready to act.

The question of public chances continues to be a gray area, with neither a firm “no” or a hard “yes” from on high. We may have to wait until those higher in the pecking order shoot their bolt in order to have a final answer. Stay tuned as things develop. Changes are indeed afoot.

My personal advice remains for all to be ready for anything. As I write this, we are under the impression that mid September is the next window for possible public currency moves. Don’t rely on it, but be ready in case. Stay tight, and get good advice if you get out with a slice.

I know we have several readers from the Houston area. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. I don’t know how we can, but please know we are not unaware and certainly hope all of you are safe and well.

Lastly, while away, and when not busy, I came up with some ideas which, depending on what happens between now and March of 2018, may result in a rather safe and much needed path for some of you who desire economic advancement on limited means. Again, this all depends on what happens between now and March. Many variables come into play, so for now, no more information. When we get to that point, we will take stock and I will propose possible options.

For now, we will await results from the land of the BSD.

Most sincerely,



  1. Well Tony, its been a up and down year. We have been by the day by the hour a trip to Asia, and now another trip to get papers signed. I think your right, We the public do not have much of chance this year. It seems to me there is always something else that needs to be done. It looks like the cabal still have the control and will keep it, They have the people in place to keep this from happening. It appears to me J owon are in the know but the WHA and the rest of the world do not have the power to change things. We all hope they can, but at some point we need to look at things for what they are and stop dreaming for a currency reset. I truly believe the people that watch the two site are wanting to help so many and not just for themselves. I do have a question you might be able to help clear up . If the private groups exchange the VND would it have to at some point show up on the forex for possible public exchange. We all are so grateful for you and owons help.


  2. What all seems impossible, may not be. Time will tell as we chalk up another week with growing anticipation of what is out of sight, but clearly not out of mind.

    Speaking of impossible, to close the week, Jane Zhang is here to sing what many thought a human could not, being that this was originally written for a computer voice to sing.

    Maybe she knows some elders and can put in a good word for us.

    Have a good weekend.

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    1. Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that! Truly amazing… thanks for sharing this Tony! And you have a good weekend too, my friend!

      “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” -Wilma Rudolph

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    1. It’s note really a matter of his forecast being false or not, it’s simply a matter of waiting and seeing if it is accurate or not.

      Also, keep in mind that Mr. Rickards, while a top flight analyst, is not sitting at the same table that the key elders are in reference to their involvement, which is absent from Mr. RIckards’ calculations.


    2. Rickards doesn’t make sense to me. Firstly it ignores the AU petroyuan and assumes continuation of totally fiat toilet paper. Secondly DJT indicates that China and he have reached understandings on unfair currency rates and in Japan djt said that the US, Japan and China would soon be on a level playing field.
      All this points to AU as the pegging mechanism, which Rickards doesn’t mention. If RMB pegs to au and the USD doesn’t then you effectively have a floating exchange. The problem seems to be USD-CNY peg. Putting AU in the middle of that seems to be coming yet rickards ignores it.


      1. Andrew says: “DJT indicates that China and he have reached understandings on unfair currency rates and in Japan DJT said that the US, Japan and China would soon be on a level playing field.” Dear Sir: When I relay such information, I like to back it up with a link to a video showing the exact time on the video that these things were spoken. Or give the URL to a web page where I can read the words of the person who gave the information. If you can do that it would really help. But I believe you because Trump said something similar at another time about everyone being on a level playing field as far as currency values goes. So if you can find the sources it would be something I would be interested in hearing or reading. Thank you for your contributions on this forum. The Other Andrew


  3. After Slamming Bitcoin As A Money Laundering Tool, JPMorgan Busted For Money Laundering

    “…Two months after JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon lashed out at bitcoin, calling it a “fraud” which is “worse than tulip bulbs, warning it won’t end well”, will “blow up” and “someone is going to get killed” and threatened that “any trader trading bitcoin” will be “fired for being stupid” as it was merely a tool for money-laundering, today Swiss daily Handelszeitung reported that the Swiss subsidiary of JPMorgan was sanctioned by the Swiss regulator, FINMA, over money laundering and “seriously violating supervision laws…”

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    1. HAHA! Sucko fraudster. What a two faced crook he is.

      While on the subject of cryptocurrency I wanted to offer my sincere thanks to you Tony and everyone else who has contributed to the various conversations recently regarding this subject. You have all shared great info which has helped me gain a better understanding of this subject.

      I was looking at dabbling when BTC was around the $1,200. AUD. Heck, today it’s hit $10,749. AUD. Bugger! LOL.I really want to jump in and learn about all of this but I am having trouble understanding the mining side of these coins. I don’t like to dive into something without understanding everything I can about it but I’ll be buggered if I can wrap my head around mining.

      Anyway, don’t have a great deal of time just now, or for a few more weeks but after that I intend to put my student cap on and gain a thorough understanding of this subject come hell or high water.

      Thanks again everyone for your sharing on this topic, it’s greatly appreciated.

      Hope you all enjoy a magnificent weekend.

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      1. Don’t be concerned about mining. That’s simply how a bitcoin comes into being.

        You don’t have to mine to get them. They can be purchased at many exchanges.

        There are many videos about how crypto mining works, on Youtube. Here is one:

        Have fun!

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        1. Gosh Tony, you are so kind. Thank you so much for your reply and additional information. I will definitely check this video out later this evening.

          Yes, I have found the exchange I would use for purchashing when ready and have checked out all the wallet types and how all that side of things work. I’m just one of those people that has a bit of an OCD attitude where understanding the entire workings of the system is concerned. LOL

          Must admit though, it all freaks me out a tad as it is not an area I have ever delved into before. But, no point sitting on the sidelines while the world heads toward a new way of being. I’m not getting left behind lol.

          Thank you again Tony for your assistance. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.

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        2. Far out Tony, that was fantastic and so simple to grasp. Yippee!

          I just realized a serious mistake I have been making where new information is concerned. I always tend to prefer reading material rather than watching videos to gain understanding on new topics. But reading articles about BTC mining was just confusing me more. Now that I have viewed the video you shared above I have gained that understanding in less than two minutes. Heavens above I really am thick in the head sometimes. God help me in another 10 years. I sure don’t like this getting old business, it’s really cheesing me right off. LOL

          Thank you so much Tony. I really appreciate all of your assistance.


      2. Botslayer,
        A note on Coinbase exchange: you can purchase btc, eth and ltc using your aussie credit card or visa debit card. But you cannot as yet convert your cryptos back into AUD in your account using coinbase. There are other exchanges that do however.
        As for paper wallets, MyEtherWallet seems ok for ether.
        Can anyone recommend sokid btc and ltc wallets?

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        1. Hi Andrew,
          You are such a big sweetheart. Thank you so much for that additional information, that is really great to know. I was looking at BTC Markets in Aus for initial purchase.

          Not making any definite moves in the next couple of weeks though as I have so much to tend to just now in other areas of life. Just want to go over all info once again and make sure I am making the best decisions I possibly can. Also a touch hesitant because all this is so foreign to me. But I cannot let that hold me back. Maybe it’s a sign of getting older LOL.

          And while on this note. I think it was ZH just this week there was an article stating that the IRS had won a court case forcing Coinbase to disclose all wallet holders details that had gained a profit from crypto on their exchange. CB are apparently planning to appeal that so not sure what the outcome would be on that front. I suppose if the IRS get away with it so will the ATO one day.

          Thanks again Andrew, really appreciate your sharing. Have a fab weekend mate.

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        2. Whenever someone gives me something that is life changing, I always remember who it was who gave it to me. But in my case, I need not be remembered, but I can just have the satisfaction knowing that I helped you with this amazing and life changing wallet:

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    1. My thoughts, okay. Please realize these are just my thoughts and not “intel”.

      I do not think we will see a pubic currency RV this year. Far too late in the season, and far too little prep for it is being done so far. I do believe next year will either see a pubic move, or a conclusion that no such thing will happen, or it will happen in a much smaller scale that the guru has lead everyone to believe.

      Private groups may proceed this year, and wrap up next quarter, or start and end in the first quarter of next year. Such being private, I can’t really say more.

      Stay tuned.


      1. Hello WHA. I just wanted to chime in and say that even though it looks hopeless at the moment, remember this can change overnight. We may get lucky with the Dong this year, as it is already a live currency that is traded and probably wont need much preparation. Just my thoughts. Trump, J and the Elders may surprise us. Stay Positive.

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  4. OWoN:

    Q: There have been ramblings about TRNs about to pop (or USNs depending on whether local or international), but point being is that here we are expecting a new US Dollar (anytime) and all of the sudden Mnuchin comes in TODAY with a brand new just printed Federal Reserve Note (FRN!), I mean, Really? So what happened to the TRN?

    A: TRN’s and FRN’s. Two versions. The TRN giving the illusion it’s backed by the country for Global trade and paying real bills, as they struggle to even try to meet Basle 11 and 111 standards.

    FRN being worthless shit, backed by nothing, which they will use as Fiat Ponzy rubbish to keep the fantasy going internally, or for any Suckers worldwide who will take it as a payment.Such as US Contractors murdering to order in the 1,000 bases, and for that lot, who cares?

    When the real fanatics start coming through those Mexican tunnels, The Wall will be the loudest Wailing Wall you ever saw, if those head cases give the US a real taste of the WMD’s dropped on all suffering nations nations. Those vicious head cases exist, because the US both funds them via ISIS and other rogue terrorist groups, and the hopelessness of vast millions of Stateless because of US Cabal policies. The US Cabal started all this, and there is no point saying it’s not us.Fully agree, but it’s happening because the indifferent Electorate allow this trash to do it in your name, so the Wookies see all as one target to blame. Elect Mongrel Dogs to DC, or worse, allow an unelected Deep State to evolve, and welcome to hell. Payback will be a Bitch if the Nutters start. Why is Clinton not in jail? Bush? So many more?

    US choice of Bank Toilet papers is the least of the real worries.

    9/11 the country went mental for a few thousand. Look at the millions lost by others, and if the Nutters do come through the tunnels,the country will soon then be asking, why the hell did we ever let it get so far. As a hundred millions wail, because it all left the rails?

    It’s not the Banking papers, it’s the policies which need real focus.

    The TRN’s will be because you cant meet Basle 111,and no one yet wants to just call it on the Rogue State.

    Islam is producing them faster than you can kill them, so if the Wookies organize,and come in like Sewer Rat Fanatics through those tunnels,history will give real answers of why. Because you let a Rogue Deep State loose on your watch, and the dual papers were only the conniving way you stayed in the game. TRN’s for your Global bills. and Monopoly Money FRN’s for the Goyims trapped inside. Doing Nothing, will be the root cause of Everything. 9/11 was a Test Run. The papers will be because you lost the plot as a nation, and still want to cheat reality to keep the fantasy in play.

    Americans deserve better, don’t drop the People ball, drop the Deep State and Beltway attitude. All the paper is just an illusion to hide the confusion.

    One version an illusion of worthless shit backed by nothing. The other just worthless shit with attitude backed by nothing.

    Reality is the real issues of the big picture. If the Wookies come,as US Hunting season, will any of it matter? Asia is now proliferating WMD’s.

    Why should the suffer alone? What happens when they decide not to suffer alone? 9/11 showed it can be done. The tunnels will be the porous borders.

    If they organize, it’s then payback for the great lies. Fear viral weapons more. Wookies can develop Labs.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. I had an interesting conversation tonight with a professor who teaches Economics at a well known university who also worked at FRB previous to his current tenure at the university. The key points of the conversation as follows:
      * FRB will not be absorbed into the UST
      * FRB will remain independent and will continue to issue monetary policy
      * USD will not be asset backed unlike the Chinese Yuan
      * Janet will resume teaching at the university
      * IMF (SDR) will have no say over the FRB policy
      * FRB will issue centralized cryptocurrency but will not ban Bitcoins ( but its use will be controlled ) my take is for them to allow the money flow that cannot be traced for such things as briberies, illicit drug and prostitute.


  5. OWoN:

    It’s after 01-30. I’ve been up since 03-00 yesterday and will try to get some sleep soon.So much is in play and with the Zimbabwe Coup it needs time to see how it will now play.

    Couriers left DC for Beijing Wednesday to get certain things signed off before the next moves to release the PP’s and possibly Currencies.

    For the next 2 weeks only Wednesday and Thursday are practical releases days, because of time zones, but the next 2 weeks are all at risk because of so many big girls blouse Thanksgiving Assholes who will let the world fall apart while they go off to see their Mammies and chaos rules. Normally we just boot the US from this week until February, it’s such a Kindergarten Klutz factory, but this year we have to cover in case Trump actually performs. But there are now at best 4 weeks left before Xmas chaos ends the lot for the year. We will hang in and ride this Mare until it drops. One way or the other.

    For Gods sake Wives, cook the right Turkey this year, and let’s get the show on the road with a new America. Let us give you a qualified response when the Klutz factory shows a clear direction. Give the birds a break.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  6. OWoN:

    Q: Okay so If I understand all this, currencies are off the table, so no exchanges?
    How far down the road into next year are we looking for a possible reval of the currency?

    A: No, the Zims may be delayed due to the Coup, MAY, but the Big Battalions will still track for other currencies. Only Joe Public looks doubtful for a while to enable volume to be done without chaos, before they decide on any Public hiatus, if in or not. If in, when? If out, decide.

    The PP’s matter and will help. The Big Groups matter, and have too many key parties linked to ignore lightly. The street sales were indiscriminate, with too many possible low life types at risk of holding. Money today is scrutinized hard, to keep trash out of high level access. Source matters. Diligence matters and takes time. Many of those sales should not have happened,so why make bad worse? The Public issue needs care and to be thought out. If you’re in a big group you’re better placed, if not, there MAY be issues.
    High returns, high risk. This Zim issues is a new curve ball. Timing?

    PP’s will be a good thing and help many, but its also now a good time to rethink America. The dream is over, the real world is the new old. As other live it. Can you cut it?

    Currencies for the Big Groups need not be affected, but the Public may be now. Let’s wait and see first.

    PP’s if released will be a good start. Those are well placed and with good Patriots who care.
    The currency groups thought it out well and organised. Those who failed to plan or research risks? Nothing is free or easy out there. Big groups and PP’s can do a lot of good. Low risks also. Let’s now wait, watch and see. PPs are close right now. Good people, good causes. Good cases!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  7. OWoN:

    1. The Zimbabwe Coup cuts apart Mugabwe’s murdering thug regime,and his vile wife has run for her life. It looks like Zimbabwe will have a new President within 48 hours, so another US regime change game is clear. It’s no coincidence, but expect no Zim move now, or yet. More, ” No comment yet”.

    2. Trumps tour of Asia leaves him with options. But the clear need to act. However, what? This Zimbabwe Coup will curve ball other currencies by the day now. New directions will fast track.

    3. PP’s are are currently in a potentially good place, we hope, and if sensitive talks go as planned, the foremost priority is to get real capital blocks into place supporting infrastructure, jobs and hope. Organised majors can evidence the Executive capability to manage such funds and projects. PP’s are long owed, and releasing to a few will help a lot of worthwhile projects over time. They can be managed,planned and easy to supervise. These are Real Funds, owed to Real Parties. Deserving! Very real things are moving by the hour, but will only be confirmed when safe. None will be wasted with Wasters or Wannabes. Guru sites, not a chance,

    4. Currencies, IF and when decided for release, will start first via major groups. Control, planning Tax grabs, and ease of Project supervision, make this the better route.

    5. Forget the Blog and Guru diatribe. At this stage, there just is no Bank or Regulatory appetite for thousands of Turkeys lining up for a free Global mega feed. No one is owed for over print crap, and with the current Fiscal confusion of Banking liquidity and regulatory controls getting ever tighter, no one wants or needs thousands of Thanksgiving escapee Turkeys, running around headless with Freebie funds causing havoc and chaos at this time. Just timing, not a closed door. No point trying to explain the reality of Banking Diligence and Compliance,or Regulatory pitfalls, because we just meet lobotomized Gobshites from a Guru comic coming the other way. I need, is not just cause. So does the world.

    The more I see so many of what passes for US males on Mammie runs over Thanksgiving, and see the mindless airports havoc they cause, not one of these certifiable Bar Stewards will ever travel in their own time on a Sunday, the more I see the weeks flight knock backs, Idiots late or not yet back, the more I truly think we cull the wrong Turkeys.

    Currency Gobblers over Thanksgiving, expect chaos. I traveled with these pampered sycophants. Not pleasant. It’s an American thing. Chaos rules because of fools.

    Now the Zimbabwe Coup is in the mix. But millions now get a chance to live with the vile Tyrant and his Thugs gone. We could deport Soetoro as a gift?

    All curve balls which hit over night.

    But not all negative. PP’s are sound, and once they flow, they will be applied correctly. We will advise the sites of Jobs or contract opportunities as we expand out with projects. So many good people on the sites will find real chances coming. A chance to be part of something good. No one will get handouts to go play God. Don’t be concerned,real things are happening but first we need to route to organized proven parties with Professional planning and controls. Good things will come for you.

    The Zimbabwe Coup was not possible as regime change without the hand of the US involved. So, what now for Zims?

    PP’s will permeate back and help many. It’s good!

    A short cryptic overview of what’s in play by the hour. More later it’s a frantic week starting at 03-00 hrs this morning. A dogs life, but thank God not a Dog wife. Lol. Humour.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. For 4. He is pointing out that currency moves will start with private, sanctioned, approved groups first. This is the more organized route, with taxes and pre-screening already done way in advance. This was never open to the public. It was exclusive. Then, public, if they are fortunate. Here is where we don’t really have the ability to say for sure how it will work out. Or, if. I wish we had a firm plan to convey to you. But, there are no such firm plans that we are aware of for public procedures, if and when a currency spillover does happen.

        For 5. Again, public speculators are, in banking circles, low priority. (When have bankers actually thought otherwise?) However, the real hope for those who are not able to fund economic betterment for themselves via currency speculation, may be able to through future projects funded from sanctioned and approved outlets which stem from expected PP releases. This is the hope that is often spoken of.

        The guru blogs have sold too many a fake scenario presented as fact. For too long, many have sat idle, not bothering to stay motivated to seek out other avenues, because they were fed a steady diet of “Next week!!!!”. Why lift a finger when, “next week, I will be at the bank!”, was the mindset that developed. It was a deadly cocktail that, to this day, continues to hold many in a fixed idea of falsehoods.

        We have tried to bring you the right information from the right people, and I think we have. However, far too many, by a ratio of about 1000 to 1, still follow St. Germain channelers and NESARA High Priests/Priestesses who continue to promise them that JFK is still alive, and will be announcing that all of you have $10M coming soon. And, they believe it.

        Now do you understand why banks are not in a hurry to cater to such throngs? How many of them would have 4$ left after a year if given that kind of money, 95% of them having not managed more than a shoe box full of receipts from the race track? Not many. Real funds will not be used in such ways because smarter management is needed when such resources are both rare and critical.

        Stay tuned, stay busy, be industrious and never come down on the side of “I’ll just wait for easy money”.

        I hope this helps. If not, let me know. Kinda busy right now so I just cobbled this together.

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        1. Thanks, Tony. Your explanation is very helpful, and I appreciate your willingness to help us understand. It sounds like we will know, soon enough, the final outcome. I have never understood why certain people were invited to join a currency group and others were not. And, I am puzzled as to why the groups are considered legitimate and individual currency holders are not. I have not found an answer to a question I’ve pondered — Was this plan designed to financially benefit only certain select people? I hope I’m not out of line asking — I’m just trying to understand. Thanks again!

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    1. Announcing the release of the TRNS and the new global currency asset backed system which will put currencies on a level playing field so a more equitable trading system between countries will take place???????

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  8. WHA can I ask you about the recent Bitcoin volatility? Are you still thinking buy the dips, sell the rallies?

    Great stuff posted lately. Pushing the envelope and hard hitting. Toughness has been made a crime in our country it seems.

    Thanks, your pal C.


    1. On bitcoin, yes. Keep that up, as best you can and don’t be shy about it. Don’t chase it, but don’t be lax. Let things settle out and when the dust settles, you act. Never chase a screamer. Wait until they stop screaming. Then you know they are spent and you can conquer at will.

      What you have seen with Bitcoin is a shakeout action. Scared money ran, and ran hard and fast to the doors, only to find the slow processing speeds clogging the exits.

      Learn from our adversary. They act strong when they are weak, and weak when they are strong. Wait, watch, let things come to you first. When you feel it inside, and you are in synch, you will know. Don’t try to run in the rain and try to stay dry. Wait for the rain to stop, then walk round the puddles.

      Shit it’s only Monday and I am up since 6 am with no food and there is a dead skunk under my house. Either that or a banker was at my door.

      I appreciate your comment on the “great stuff”. I vent sometimes, but somehow I don’t get warts.

      Hope you are well. Sent you some information on dehydration and arthritis. Make sure you read it.

      I have some stories for you from the firing range today, but that will have to wait. I smell of cordite and desert sage. Open desert, fresh air, about 100 .380s sent down range to great accuracy for an old fart. No cucks in sight.

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    Another brain-dead, historically ignorant, low IQ cuck with no clue, openly releases this via the media giants who grin and laugh at it. All the while, history will show that from the time of man’s recording of history to present, whites have been enslaved and slaughtered in far greater numbers than any other race. They also represent the biggest threat to these owners of media conglomerates who are seeking to erase them so they can rule over the leftover brain dead with relative ease.

    If this were reversed in the press, the dorks would be screaming racisssst!!!!!! Media pushing this filth, and it’s dominated by whom? You tell me.

    You all want the “cabal” done away with? How, by granting diversity visas so we can increase welfare roles, while we pass on debts to our kids while oil rich nations reject them and push them to American and European soil?

    The HIDDEN HAND at work. And every vacuumed-out cranium in Antifa buys it, eats it up, shits it out of their mouths and jerks it out of that pencil when mom is not cleaning their rooms. All learned from universities, which are funded and run by whom? You tell me.

    Useless, useless.

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  10. OWoN:

    Matters are progressing not afoot, but with both.
    Just not for Public release yet. Huge focus and pressure.
    A quiet front shelters a storm afoot.
    It’s 24 x 7 but we really can’t elaborate. Most blog sites know- Nothing!
    We have a vast investment in this.

    A large special article will come out soon, allow a few days, it covers many issues,and has taken weeks. Now it needs setting etc and that’s a big task also.

    The new one will expand on Big Picture realities, before it hopefully breaks in stages.

    At this stage, no comment is key. But definitely not no hope!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  11. Very insightful video showing why bitcoin cash will not replace bitcoin.
    There was some propaganda going out this weekend that it could but
    this video puts the issue to rest. Highly recommended video !!!

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    1. I agree. The power requirements for mining BCH are prohibitive. Plus, scaling BTC is not out of the question if needed. It’s not being threatened at all.

      I saw so many dump entire positions of BTC to go all in with BCH, and then saw it plummet before they could exit. And many variations of the same. Chasing, chasing, chasing the market. Always a bad idea.

      Slow, wide, steady and ready, wins. Like that first time when you were not sure. lol

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  12. The Cost of Endless War Since 9/11 – Rory Hall

    “…If it were just Federal Reserve Notes that were stolen that would be one thing, but the fact of the matter is we have happily handed over our freedom, individual sovereignty and our national identity. Currently, as a people and as a nation, we are completely lost…”

    And of course, we know who the backers-up of such are. Their financing of it all makes it possible, and they collect interest on it, and the blood of generations is equally beholden to them, with a 5 figure debt at birth pinned to their soul. Those damned Eskimos who own the Fed, of course. (grin).

    Of course, we don’t want to offend the cucks anymore than needed.

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    1. What is it with these filthy depraved creeps? I wish the pony had given him a good hard kick in the you know where whilst this monster was doing this. I am really sick and tired of all this disgusting behaviour by these sub human cretins. If they do not know how to behave appropriately in a civilized community then they should get the f.. out. And if not, maybe they need to learn what a nice shiny bullet feels like straight through their filthy disgusting bloody heads. Enough is enough.

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  13. Could that day, which we long ago postulated, actually be arriving? The day which, not because of, but in spite of all the latent parvenus, we may see the long awaited currency adjustments which may hold promise of speculative gain for many holders of this paper?

    Will we see the focal point, the convergence, the congeries, the assemblage of information that for ONCE will be correct? After about 10,000 prior calls of “next week”, or “tomorrow”, will they finally take a bow and say “See, we told you so!”?

    Well, we know from our immovable and unquestionable touchstone in The City, that things are indeed on a hot rail.

    But now, we see the above mentioned fractious and dubious band of donation/seminar selling gluttons converging. Could this mass of pecuniary sluggards finally be congealing into something actually resembling an accuracy? Who knows. But. The latest from them is intriguing.

    To wit:

    -Seminar Dave’s last radio show was shorter than usual and he warned that he could not talk at length because of good news from “Reno”. You know, those people that despite being engaged in an activity that requires firm discretion, hooked up with a radio show guy to make it all known and very public. Good move.

    -Okie Oil Man, that long lost fellow who was the patron saint of the guru movement, has issued the following:





    – ZAP has stunned us with his once again, for the 10,000th time announcement, that those pesky funds that have been creeping through the banking system towards his account, have now been sent. Arrival is expected any day now. (seriously).

    And many more such from others has surfaced.

    So, could this be the time that all will be right from the gangs that couldn’t blog straight, or get a job?

    Oh I just can’t wait to see! My lower alimentary canal has been puckering all day and night just waiting to know if that glorious day may soon be here when we can bestow upon the heads of all a cluster of oak leaves, and jump naked into that mosh pit of victory in celebratory realization that we would have been lost without them.

    Stay tuned. We can’t miss this for anything.

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    1. Yikes, although I believe I’m appropriately puckered, I didn’t realize jumping naked into the mosh pit would be required. I may have to rethink my position… otherwise, I’m tuned!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  14. Poland’s Day of Independence is marred as thousands of Far-Right supporters chant anti-Jewish slogans and call for a ‘white Europe’ during protests

    Read more:

    Notice how when Polish nationals stand up for Poland and express what they want their country to be, it’s suddenly “marred”.

    Yet, when speaking out against Muslim men who are imported into Germany (paid for by international financiers), who rape white women, and openly declaring that they will breed whites out of Germany, speaking against it is “Islamophobic, Xenophobic, etc”.

    The hidden hand at work. SCREW the Daily Mail.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Has anyone else noticed that the comment above makes no sense, since both labels– marred and (blank)phobic– are negative in connotation and cannot therefore be compared or contrasted as opposites?

      I’m not going to delve into the obvious ignominy of the deeper sentiments, but please note that these Polish protesters were NOT targeting BANKERS. They were targeting Polish Jewry… same ol’ same ol’…

      This is simple, indefensible, garden variety (blank)– I leave the labeling g to others. Personally, I wish all men in America were young, tall, smart, kind, thin and entertaining; however, that preference does not give me license to demand that the remaining 75% be deported.



      1. If you ask me, I would say that you have bought into the same (blank) that clever people want you to believe so they can plunder you while you gladly accept it in the name of “multiculturalism” – a concept that was not put forth for the people of their nation to decide it, but rather forced on them so that deeper and more effective plundering could take place without your resistance. And who pays for all this?

        If you want to render an opinion towards me, do so. Don’t throw it open to the crowd as if you are talking past me like I am some idiot who would not notice it.

        My opinion stands. Firm and without reservation.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. It’s possible, but if, for the Poles, it was a cultural v. multicultural issue, they wouldn’t be targeting Polish (white like them, Polish like them, linguistically like them, etc.) Jews; they would be targeting somewhat more unfamiliar/foreign objects.

          Concerning my talking past you, never! I honestly thought the comment was brought over. But I can see how it might appear that way from your view. Had I known, I would have emailed you to open a dialogue, especially given that I respect you completely. Ah well, tbc in some other format. Poland, apparently “wants God” but rest your heart; you are by far my favorite moderator.



          1. The target is not the point. It’s the labeling of their protests as being “marred”. Yet when muslims and other such imported, rootless, incompatible types funded by monopolistic, closed cult-like usurious weasels openly attack their adopted homeland and threaten to take it over, or quietly plunder it through proxies that have you fooled, we are told it’s racist, bigoted, etc. to have a say in countering that which goes on in their homeland, established hundreds of years before.

            Softball intellectual cuckolding mind tricks wont work here.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Im just reading your feedback now, Tony. Thanks for breaking down what you actually meant. By now, you are aware that I misinterpreted your point. I tend to be direct, not unlike you. I have no time or interest in mind tricks but fear the wildfire that hatemongering can ignite, so I’m glad to know what you really meant.

              Can a woman be a cuchold? 🙂


        2. This is indeed a delicate topic. I for one am an immigrant here in the US. While this country has been a haven for those who would like to make something out of their lives there are those who seek to destroy it. What do I make of it? The citizens of this country have every right to try to protect it from those who seek to sow destruction.

          Between wanting to help those in need and protecting it’s own citizens, where do you draw the line. Ofcourse I am one also who would want to help but at what cost?

          Looking at what is happening in Europe right now and hearing the horrors brought on because they opened their countries to help those supposedly needing help, this is what they get. Women and children being raped. No one could determine which of those coming in to the country would do such things. And not all are evil. But again where do you draw the line?

          Eventually will they ask everyone to follow their beliefs and how much of their culture would they try to impose? Between trying to be good and helping out, how much sacrifice will be ask?

          It is no simple question.


  15. Well it’s time for a nice long walk, so I am quitting early and going to clear my head.

    We cannot ask for more encouraging information, so be ready, be prepared and move fast should that all too elusive public move finally happen. Nobody knows when, but so far nobody has called it off just yet. So, until then, let’s hope for the best, and if a chance should come, make the very best of it in all ways. Don’t forget your first duty is to you and yours. You cannot help others until your ship is sailing true and steady.

    Enjoy your weekend and stay close. I leave you with Vangelis and Caroline Lavelle.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for your care and words of wisdom Tony. Always appreciated.

      The imagery in your video this week was utterly spectacular and the music very soothing. Just what I needed this afternoon. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us all.

      I hope you also enjoy a wonderful weekend Tony.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. Another head of the alphabet soup agency hydra raises it’s ugly head. We need you to vote to help defeat the plans of this alphabet soup agency hydra head. Please vote. May Trump become the Hercules to slash the heads off the body of the hydra during his eight years as President of the United States. < vote here to defeat this monster.

    Some interesting reading on the story of the hydra below.

    Hydra, also called the Lernean Hydra, in Greek legend, the offspring of Typhon and Echidna (according to the early Greek poet Hesiod’s Theogony), a gigantic water-snake-like monster with nine heads (the number varies), one of which was immortal. The monster’s haunt was the marshes of Lerna, near Árgos, from which he periodically emerged to harry the people and livestock of Lerna. Anyone who attempted to behead the Hydra found that as soon as one head was cut off, two more heads would emerge from the fresh wound.

    The destruction of the Lernean Hydra became one of the 12 Labours of Heracles. For that and other labours, Heracles enlisted the aid of his nephew Iolaus. As Heracles severed each mortal head, Iolaus was set to the task of cauterizing the fresh wounds so that no new heads would emerge. When only the immortal head remained, Heracles cut it off too and buried it under a heavy rock. Further, he dipped his arrows in the beast’s poisonous blood (or venom) to be able to inflict fatal wounds. According to Sophocles (Trachinian Women), that measure eventually caused his own accidental death at the hands of his wife, Deianeira.


    1. We did away with that system because it was becoming too obvious that we should always be on high alert from now on.

      The recent updates point to a high probability of important events transpiring any time now. We cannot know for sure when or how this may play out, so be ready for anything and stay alert and in touch.


  17. OWoN:

    Q: Are we waiting for private groups to exchange? Will the public ever exchange?

    Yes, it will be Private first, and we are close, then hopefully the Public can follow, but that may take time to get Public Forex facilities agreed. Those in groups will get a major boost if all proceeds as hoped.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  18. OWoN:

    Its becoming increasingly clear to the US Diplomatic team in Beijing that China has a multi tier,structured and cross integrated series of plans and agendas for the next 50 years. A Global, territorial map.

    Their concern is not the Trump does not have an agenda.
    Their concern is the ignorant Mutt doesn’t have a clue!

    You might as well have flown out a castrated bullock to sing in a Verdi’s opera.

    Mutts don’t build Empires. He thinks he’s flying AF 1, in his tiny mind.
    How can we ease America towards a soft Landing?

    If he does not goof up what’s in serious play now, you could all find real breakthroughs soon. Very! Have faith, have hope, and have a Mutt gag ready in needed. Every AF 1 needs one.

    We can’t yet release where it’s at, but it’s ours to lose now!
    I’m just not sure sending that narcissistic Ginger Homer was a smart move.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  19. OWoN:

    Q: Is it possible to give any information on the Zim PP discussed several weeks back? Anything on the historical bonds? Thanks!!

    A: All I can advise you is to watch the site every day or two. Things are very positive. Real progress. I can’t say more. You may know all soon enough. We are very prepped ready. Huge paper focus and action plans ready.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  20. OWoN:

    There have been substantive discussions with Xi and [President Trump], albeit the Chinese are bemused at how a buffoon so Klutz prone as this [president], is allowed onto a Diplomatic chess board. He “Didn’t realize how many countries there are?” You put Homer Simpson to front for America? OMG?????

    Positives- There are now tacit agreements for the TRN’s release dates, volumes, schedules etc. Very positive steps.

    Of course you CAN’T have detailed pre-release of those, but be aware this will dramatically enhance the Settlements process, and “”Selective” currency conversions. Details when determined safe.

    Society WILL gain and to us that is key. Progress and Jobs! Real progress.
    It is now being cross sold to associate major nations.

    Real steps, real progress, real intent. Is there a part time Kindergarten Teacher for Air Force One? Geography? Cultural guidance? It only needs 20 Real US Front Parties, the other 480 must be [Trump] Minders! Ford and Bush 43 prepped the world for how low the bar was set. In time IQ testing will be applied into US elections. Then Geography?

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  21. OWoN:

    Q: Hopefully the DONG and an opportunity for the public this month of November 2017 is included in the Currency deal that is evolving.

    A: It is and [Trump] plus his vast team on the Asian tour will be given on oversight of options by China and Russia combined. For him, a salutary exercise of Hubris to come.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  22. OWoN:

    Q: On oct 28th, you wrote the following:

    “….One Sovereign is already in funds, more to come. …”

    When are more sovereigns going to get funded?

    Can you please speak more to the rules or the contingencies controlling the release of funds to the sovereigns?

    Importantly, any idea when the sovereigns will finish up with the funding, when will they get to the end?

    A: The one Sovereign we referred to was a special Elders nation. More phases and Elders will be paid. They are long owed. Defaults are disgusting with 1,000 bases no one wants funded by looting and Fraud.

    The particular Sovereigns paid were Elders holding vast Gold, vast Cash Pallets, and large Trusts. As we were on the verge of selling the Debts to China, DC woke up to Two Can Play! An accommodation was reached, but we still have vast assets untouched. As we have major plans for their use in building end empowering Eurasia, no further leads can be given. These will be century long strategies now. The Elders will help Eurasia, not the evil Empire. It will take a century to absorb what they have.

    The US still has major debts to settle with good US Patriots who will help America, but every week is more frustration. Game plays and moving targets.

    The Empire cheats its own again.

    A Currency deal is evolving which the Evil Empire does not control, nor can fund. Others can, and terms are now key. It is evolving. Daily progress.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  23. It sure feels like the storm is rolling in…

    I may be naïve, but I’ve always believed that Sessions and Mueller have been investigating the Clintons all along. And we know Hillary won’t go down alone, she’ll take the whole cabal with her. It starting to look like President Trump deep stated the deep state!


    Liked by 3 people

  24. OWoN:

    Q: You mentioned late last week you were waiting on a Fed response on Friday, and you had the release overnight (albeit that has occurred before and always failed). Have there been any further developments since then you are able to report on?

    A: Way too sensitive right now to expand in public. Still resolving.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  25. November 3, 2017 at 3:25:00 PM MDT
    OWoN said “Third key currencies…” above in his update. Does this mean that all 3 currencies mentioned here in so many prior postings are all “well forward” then?

    I had read J state some time ago that the VND could go at any time and was not dependent on these other massive program releases(PP’s, etc…). Perhaps I had misunderstood and/or situations have changes since then. So, if possible and safe J can clarify this for us?


    OWoN Friday, November 3, 2017 at 8:47:00 PM MDT
    Let’s see what comes out of the Beijing meeting for Dumbo to be told what to do.
    Or not!


  26. OWoN:

    Q: Are you able to speak about the TRNs? Are they being utilized for payments? Is SWIFT finallly being bypassed to allow funds to move?

    A: TRN’s holding while [President Trump] has his meetings in Asia, to get the nod from Beijing – or! The problem, as always, is getting [Trump] to understand anything over 5 words or letters. [Trump] needs to sign it off.

    The Russian / Chinese/ BRICS alternative to SWIFT is ready to go.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  27. OWoN:


    One deal, where a lot of cash is owed, the Treasury and Fed agents wanted an up front payment to release. Our client paid first time, now they just tried it on again and got a very big F Yourselves back from me! Plus a real undertaking I will have them lifted collar first if they delay much longer.

    They know we have the hard copies, voice prints etc. Slammer material! Enough of this slime!

    Second client PP account. We are battling daily, hacking BS and closing in.

    Third key currencies. We have 2 main nations involved, each readying to bypass the US. It’s well forward. Come Thanksgiving the only Turkeys for the chop may be DC. Well overdue.

    Cryptos, a lot is in play but a major deal beyond all is in strategic discussion right now, beyond Governments. We don’t need those wastes of space.

    It’s all a day thing now. Facing down the Fed. Cutting out the US, and preparing for the $ crash. How will 350M naive mainland Turkeys cope if their Disneyland nonsense life implodes? Are any of them even thinking, let alone thinking the unthinkable? Headless Turkeys still running?

    The melting pot is boiling. Who cooperates, who is pushed in? We wait for Friday’s Fed response. If not, Dogs will be unleashed soon. We don’t cuddle Mongrels!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. From OWoN (above): “Cryptos, a lot is in play, but a major deal beyond all is in strategic discussion right now, beyond Governments.” That statement is intriguing. I wonder what is brewing here? What is that major CRYPTO CURRENCY RELATED deal in discussion that is beyond Governments?


      1. If he wanted us to know, I am sure he would have given more details, so I will kind of dance around being too direct with my guess as to what he is referring to.

        Just let me say, in my opinion, he is referring to the planning and implementation of how interbank settlements are done using the newer protocols that are more efficient, secure and less costly than the current ones.

        I am sure more information will be released in time.

        Intriguing indeed!


        1. WHA says: “Just let me say, in my opinion, he is referring to the planning and implementation of how interbank settlements are done using the newer protocols that are more efficient, secure and less costly than the current ones.”

          For those who want to speculate, you could purchase Ripple as the possible solution:

          Some interest has already been shown by major banks and also by Ben Bernanke (former head of Fed. Reserve) See below:

          Disclaimer: If you purchase cryptocurrency do so only with money you can afford to lose.


  28. Is anybody else going to get AU bars tested? You cannot tell me that the Canadian Mint has no idea how fake gold is melted, poured, and stamped without them knowing it was fake. They process metal all day everyday – it would be obvious to have something fake come through.

    If a non-gov entity did this the .gov media would be all up in their biz shouting fraud. But a mint – oh don’t worry about it, even though we refused to stand behind our product before you went to the media, and now we play it down saying some other guy was hiding gold in his ass… funny as that is this is no laughing matter…


  29. OWoN:

    Q: Will the meetings with President Trump & President Xi Jinping have any bearing on the settlements & negotiations? Can we expect fireworks coming from this gathering?

    A: Yes, there are issues tabled re Settlements,AU backed RMB, new Credit Card settling systems which will replace VISA, the BIS, IMF and AU prices. Trade agreements, or not. The US needs Chinese monetary aid. The US Fed is a Defaulting Debtor. How can China invest more when the US has defaulted, lied and cheated on decades of loans? How can the US refund its destruction of Vietnam and when will it redeem the vast Golden Lilly Manila Marcos theft looted by the CIA, Bush and the Military? War Debt Theft. How does this vast Thief, False Front nation repay what is has looted? Where have all the vast Trillions gone?

    Be sure, if the US does not repay,China, Russia, BRICS and others as Eurasia emerges, will launch such systems as will negate the US Petro dollars, as is evident now, and will collapse America by calling T Bills, not renewing, and leaving the US to face the same sort of collapse as bit Russia. Payback.

    China has an agenda. The collapse of America. Defeating the enemy without Nuclear war. Just a Trade war. As is happening now. The US is under attack and losing badly. Russia has a support Agenda with China to end America. Death by Default. No Money, no Honey. See how far that goes.

    Q: I think is time to make a checkmate move, because all zio-rats and other are making their game and not in favor for the humanity.

    A: It’s happening. We are waiting on Eurasian moves. First we have to safely replace the $, Settlements systems and VISA, bring in AU and energy backed RMB’s etc, before we pull the rugs. It’s coming. As will Russia, the Zios curtain is going to fall and fail. Bankrupting America is a key Agenda for Asia.Russia recovered. Will America. All Empires end. America has no concept of reality, because it’s an entirely fabricated economy, which is run like Madoff’s scam. Both criminal hype and Ponzi Fraud. How will Americans react told the dollar in their pockets, Banks, Pension funds and Properties, is now worthless and the ATM’s no longer work? Be careful what you wish for.

    Watch the Zios run to Israel when the lot goes. Let Iran sort it. With Pleasure!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Great interview. The question seems to be this: whose will prevails in the end? To be free, or not to be free. Each person will decide. OWoN cautioned us about the bitcoins. The interviewer asserted more than once Clif High’s expertise in the subject matter was “limitted”. Perhaps she can introduce those who are more knowledgeable. Besides the precious metals and cryptocurrencies, what else is out there to be proactive?


      1. X22 report Episode 1415b mentioned Kaspersky detecting the virus that changes the wallet addresses as coins are transferred. Please verify to make sure the address has not been altered by the virus. We can be proactive with something like this.


        1. I am not surprised.

          Every time I have come across someone who has been the victim of a malware attack, I almost invariably find that they are using a freeware version of an anti-virus. If one is going to handle financial transactions like an amateur, especially from a home computer, then they deserve to get hammered like that.

          For less than $100 a year in most cases, you can keep a computer incredibly secure.


      2. While I don’t agree with Clif High on everything, especially his affinity for constant pot smoking, he is more of an expert on crypto technology and application than Kerry Cassidy is on being qualified to asses another’s expertise in that area.

        She’s no expert herself and I found it extremely insolent on her part when she tried to school Clif High on IOTA.

        I best stop there.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you for your comment in regarts to the yoda of the crypto world. I was taken aback as she stopped Clif speaking, but I can appreciate the fear of unknown among many. One thing I know for sure is that numbers do not lie, so it is a matter of maintaining the integrity of the decentralised ledgers.


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