Fact Check #142

Greetings and Happy New Year!

For several days I have tried to start this update, and have had a serious case of writer’s block. What could I possibly say that is not well known already by the vast majority of you?

As for the current scene, I won’t attempt to replay it all here. You know the present situation and are a pretty well informed group. So, let’s continue to await new information when it is possible to be released. We are on the cusp along several fronts, and well advanced from this time a year ago, or so it would seem.

The objective of this effort was to help you stay properly and accurately informed on relevant matters. That is being achieved, and the need for a safe harbor from misguided, opportunistic parvenus and their click-bait guru shtick was certainly real, and has been well received by the vast majority of our readership. We have discovered the real world underpinnings of these anticipated events, and the serious consequences ahead if good men didn’t step up to right many wrongs. Let’s remember these efforts, and that real people, with lives and families, like all of you, are on the front lines. They do this to assist the survival of mankind, and not solely to make it possible for speculators to gorge and then go home without paying the bill.

The wish for many to exit their exotic paper holdings is certainly understood. Many were sold the dream years ago. That dream was propped up by some of the least qualified to understand what was truly behind it all. This is proven out by the tons of incorrect forecasts and claims of “tomorrow we should be at the bank”. Throngs are still gathering in numbers around these same Svengalic leaders as if they produced gold from their nostrils, and bread from their loins.

The opposite is the case. The promoters have made all the profits so far by deftly maneuvering their audiences into disgorging funds from their meager paychecks for little value in return. For them, it’s been a continual “RV” (Revenue Vehicle) with a warm, pliable “targeted” audience at their disposal. Without such a pre-warmed audience, non of these persons could promote anything else of value, and would starve otherwise.

NESARA, millions in payouts to all, universal debt forgiveness, and other assorted fairy tales continue to be promoted, and believed by too many, leaving them starstruck, mesmerized and idle. But, their numbers are dropping now as the cerebrally prolapsed retailers of these scenarios die off from actuarial realities – their promises of amazing prosperity unfulfilled when the death angel came. Entire lives were spent waiting, with little or no verifiable evidence that any of it was real. How tragic it is for one to have spent their life’s energies in such a state of delusion.

It has not escaped attention that the inexorable progress in the crypto-currency markets has attracted many of our readers, some of whom have participated and have done very well by all reports. How amazingly ironic that an RV of another type has come our way since 2009 when Bitcoin first hit the scene. Events in this industry are escalating at a furious pace, and at c600B in market cap and growing, is unlikely to abate any time soon. People may start to unload their non performing currencies to seek fortunes in the digital realm. This is understandable, especially with the reports of lackluster interest in setting up a public RV exchange mechanism for smooth and uniform exits of long held paper. Yet we are not told that a public window is entirely out of the question.

While we are not a crypto-currency blog, and do not engage specifically in consulting as a core mission, you are all free to discuss and share experiences that will help you navigate these types of speculative endeavors. There is no dishonor in partaking in these markets while you await the fate of your paper holdings, if you choose.

I anticipate that once things do settle out among the big battalions, we may be presented with a new direction and mandate. I won’t even try to imagine the exact mechanics of that right now. For those of you who will hold your paper until something breaks, please continue to be ready to move fast.

I would like to once again extend sincere thanks to the White Hats and staff – hard working, tough, unflinching and loyal. They have made themselves available to assist at all times, and quite generously so.

We also thank our friends at One World of Nations for allowing us to reproduce their key updates here. Their work to make available responsibly managed resources to humanity is needed now more than ever.

And, thank you all our readers. We do no advertising, no promoting, no marketing of any kind, and yet our readership has grown each year. All of you get the credit for that. We sell no seminar tickets or ask that you pay for our food or buy baby formula, and you have my assurances that WHA will remain free of such buffoonish opportunistic vulgarities.

Lastly, I am happy to inform you all that I have resolved the issues that were going to cause the blog to sunset in March. You will be informed in advance of any new sunset date. For now, we are good for 2018.

And Caesar wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.

We wish you the best in all things – in life, in love, in health, and in prosperity for 2018.


155 thoughts on “Fact Check #142

  1. Tony:

    Anything you can share that will help those on this forum that may be growing concerned that the downturn in the crypto markets should have washed out the weak hands by now, and strong hands should have taken over by now and this market has more reasons to move up rather than down by now?

    Are you growing concerned or do you think it is premature right now to think that the bear market will continue?

    Did I read that one of the alphabet agencies put the brakes on funds or brokerages using bitcoin or something to that effect? This would help fuel a bear market for bitcoin if the massive adoption of bitcoin by financial trading institutions was put on hold.

    Just looking for some reasons to believe that things will turn around and the market will go higher. I know that the helpful insights you give will help some people on this forum.

    Thanks my friend.


    • Certainly.

      The concern is just what strong hands want to create more of. The strong don’t care about prices going down, only the weak holders do. They bail, and strong hands buy to facilitate that.

      As for the issue that the transition should have happened by now, I think it’s best to say that sometimes these corrections can last many months, even years. Remember, strong hands hold on. They don’t hold on and quit after so much time – lest they really would not be strong at all. It may very well continue for a while. It matters not. Smart money came in in amounts that should have been easy to do away with. Dumb money came in too much, with little option to stay in the game except in desperation to win, kind of like a craps player who brought his rent money to the table and somehow can understand why he shits his pants when he hears “7 out!!!”.

      I hear all kinds of news. One moment, one analyst is calling for a BTC crash to $200. The next, another is calling for BTC at $1,000,000 in a few years. Blah blah. Nobody knows. The chart tells all, and will tell you which phase you are dealing with. Right now the shakeout is in process. The news is just part of that shakeout, and the price action is proof.

      Usually a shakeout is for stronger hands to obtain more, and not for reasons to lose. Extreme weakness is on display. This plays on the minds of the ill prepared. It’s for a reason. They are prepared to wait out as long as they can, to obtain as much as they can at lower prices.

      We are about a month into a correction now. That’s not a long time. I would look for continual moves up, followed by discouraging actions meant to shake lose more desperate husbands who spent their honey money when the wife was not looking. More “bad news” should also be on the horizon. The prudent speculator who didn’t bet the farm should hold to the last man. The fool who bet the ranch should lose, as this is what happens to foolhardy speculators.

      The drop in price on January 16th was a classic shakeout within the shakeout. Price has squeezed to a fine point around January 15, and then a significant drop after what many thought would be a consolidation for a higher move. The trick here is that such is just what it is, but it looks more like Foreman in round 8 with Ali. The price is now staggering in indecision, weakness, vacillation, uncertainty – fertile ground for the sowing of doubt.

      It’s when you see this that you should realize that a strong possibility exists that the opposite is the case. The wise speculator quietly buys on dips, within his tolerance. Why, in this case? My reason, based on years of seeing this play out over and over, is the long base that preceded the 1000% run-up we are now in this year. From 2010 to early 2017, a base of extreme duration was formed and laid. This foundation is the support on which present prices now rest, and without which it could not have reached it’s present staggering price, which is some 11,000,000% higher than it’s initial price of .10.

      Imagine what some of that dinar money could have handed you had you diverted it back then.

      So, think this present one month shakeout is something that should have been over with by now, and it’s causing “concern” because the price has not yet risen once more to it’s former highs? Careful! Such a conclusion is just what those who are desperate for your cut may want you to think. They want many more to hit the chicken switch.

      These same processes will now play out, with a new base from which a higher rise will be set on. Look for this to be built on the bones of those who could not hang on.

      While I am not able to guarantee anything, I can almost assuredly tell you that based on the chart action alone, when a price holds it’s 11,000,000% gain this long, it is not just a fluke, a bubble, a pump. In fact, if you extend back a bit to about early November and follow the lower trend line to present time, and the upper trend line from mid December to present, you see a wedge formation of formidable amplitude, the ultimate outcome of which may spring a breakout to the upside to retest the 19K highs of recent days.

      When the shakeout is complete, you will see it. The chart will tell all. For now, volatility will continue until that task is complete. No prisoners will be taken, I can assure you.

      That’s my opinion on the matter. I welcome others.

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    Popcorn Alert Update

    As reported last week, SoCal is readying to serve arrest warrants.

    This is still in play. No one knows when, who or why but here’s what we do know.

    Its NOT immigration related. This seemed to be a sticking point for some officers as a raid was performed in Northern California earlier and all were assured it has nothing to do with that.

    Teams have been formed and all are on STANDBY. When called, they report ASAP and will then get their assignments.

    They were informed they will be serving arrest warrants on unsealed indictments.

    This is profiling as a BIG event as they were briefed by a Captain on it this week. The amount of secrecy would seem to indicate high value targets.

    Have been assured I’ll get a call when the fun is about to begin and will post here to give everyone advance notice for a popcorn run.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’m so happy to have added the popcorn lexicon to this site. What i found unusual was the amount of websites now talking about “getting the popcorn ready”. Seems the influence and readership of this site is greatly underestimated. Nonetheless, I’m happy to have made that contribution! Hopefully, this is the beginning to the end of the cabal.


  3. Just for your amusement: I am syncing a cryptocurrency wallet right now that I downloaded a couple of hours ago and I am just 3 years and 33 weeks behind after only two hours of allowing it to sync. LOL…. This is going to take quite a while. Remember, if you can spend the time setting up wallets, it is much safer than holding your cryptos on the exchanges.

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  4. Tony – can you please delete my comment regarding thanking you for the beautiful Hiroshima video you posted. I only watched the beginning of it and loved the scenic pictures. I just watched the rest of of the video and it is so sad to watch the bombing. My mother was born in Japan and she was a little girl at the time when it happened. Her job was the take the soup to the bunker when the siren went off. Thank you


  5. China is ready to implement their oil-yuan-gold trading system but keeps delaying. It is likely being pushed by anti-US factions. Xi may be in the faction that is delaying it to accommodate Trumps swamp draining agenda. Xi gave Trump the red carpet treatment on his recent trip to China while BO had to exit the rear of the plane on arrival for his last official visit. In a recent interview Dr Dave Janda suggested watching for the oil-yuan-gold trade implementation as a clue to what’s going forward. It was first expected in Dec 2017, then Jan 18, 2018, and now ???.

    I just posted the Janda video a few minutes ago. The oil-yuan-gold topic comes directly after the missile topic at about the 26 minute mark. The 2 topics may be connected.

    This article mentions the Dec 2017 delay:


  6. Another week tallied here at WHA. The watchword for now is…….”No word possible at the moment”.

    At least a monumental step in progress for mankind was achieved with the partial shutdown of the U. S. Government, insofar as it being already too big and too overpriced to begin with. Let’s see what this leads to.

    Hawaii was subjected to a terrible false warning of impending nuclear attack. I can only imagine what that must have been like. It would have opened my lower regional sluice gates for sure. Thank heavens it was not real.

    Let’s not forget that two cities and their mostly civilian populations were subjected to such an attack, and I need not name them. It was war, and war means killing. Let’s remember the cost of such an attack in today’s world would be far greater than it was for Japan at that time. Both their cities have been totally rebuilt and thrive today. It would not be so smart and easy to recover from the magnitude of weaponry available to world superpowers today. It simply must not be allowed to happen. Nobody would be alive to lament it afterwards.

    Tod Rodgrun/Utopia is here with Hiroshima. Don’t you ever forget.

    Have a good weekend, and please stay alert.


  7. OWoN:

    Q: Are you hearing anything about the funding of currencies?

    A: Yes, but a complete non disclosure block in place until done. Rightly so.
    See the major report we will release this week on the disgusting Fed and the biggest Zio Filth Fed Fraud in history. Taking that back fixes all problems. And running them out of America. Eurasia won’t tolerate them, we will re educate the lot or fill the Gulags with them! Give them an inch, they steal each nation. Look not just at the handout but the cause. They stole America.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/active-comment-section-18-january-2018.html?showComment=1516430389218#c892933415152053123
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  8. OWoN:

    Q: Could you share if those PPs are still stagnant or if they’re moving? Would be great getting some action going in our economy.

    A: Action is always good. The Elders can only approve major new moves after 10th Feb and new moves can start. We wait on PPs internally, and Trump has decisions to make. Our next weeks report will light a Firecracker up them.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/active-comment-section-13-january-2018.html?showComment=1516303011675#c506102014308747083
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  9. Latest Greg Hunter weekly wrap-up:

    “A bombshell memo will probably cause the end of the Mueller investigation into the Trump Administration and the so-called Russian collusion story. New evidence, in the form of a four page memo, shows the entire case against the President and his Administration is based on a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. The President called this Special Prosecutor investigation a “witch hunt” from the beginning, and it looks like he was correct—again.”



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