Greetings and Happy New Year!

For several days I have tried to start this update, and have had a serious case of writer’s block. What could I possibly say that is not well known already by the vast majority of you?

As for the current scene, I won’t attempt to replay it all here. You know the present situation and are a pretty well informed group. So, let’s continue to await new information when it is possible to be released. We are on the cusp along several fronts, and well advanced from this time a year ago, or so it would seem.

The objective of this effort was to help you stay properly and accurately informed on relevant matters. That is being achieved, and the need for a safe harbor from misguided, opportunistic parvenus and their click-bait guru shtick was certainly real, and has been well received by the vast majority of our readership. We have discovered the real world underpinnings of these anticipated events, and the serious consequences ahead if good men didn’t step up to right many wrongs. Let’s remember these efforts, and that real people, with lives and families, like all of you, are on the front lines. They do this to assist the survival of mankind, and not solely to make it possible for speculators to gorge and then go home without paying the bill.

The wish for many to exit their exotic paper holdings is certainly understood. Many were sold the dream years ago. That dream was propped up by some of the least qualified to understand what was truly behind it all. This is proven out by the tons of incorrect forecasts and claims of “tomorrow we should be at the bank”. Throngs are still gathering in numbers around these same Svengalic leaders as if they produced gold from their nostrils, and bread from their loins.

The opposite is the case. The promoters have made all the profits so far by deftly maneuvering their audiences into disgorging funds from their meager paychecks for little value in return. For them, it’s been a continual “RV” (Revenue Vehicle) with a warm, pliable “targeted” audience at their disposal. Without such a pre-warmed audience, non of these persons could promote anything else of value, and would starve otherwise.

NESARA, millions in payouts to all, universal debt forgiveness, and other assorted fairy tales continue to be promoted, and believed by too many, leaving them starstruck, mesmerized and idle. But, their numbers are dropping now as the cerebrally prolapsed retailers of these scenarios die off from actuarial realities – their promises of amazing prosperity unfulfilled when the death angel came. Entire lives were spent waiting, with little or no verifiable evidence that any of it was real. How tragic it is for one to have spent their life’s energies in such a state of delusion.

It has not escaped attention that the inexorable progress in the crypto-currency markets has attracted many of our readers, some of whom have participated and have done very well by all reports. How amazingly ironic that an RV of another type has come our way since 2009 when Bitcoin first hit the scene. Events in this industry are escalating at a furious pace, and at c600B in market cap and growing, is unlikely to abate any time soon. People may start to unload their non performing currencies to seek fortunes in the digital realm. This is understandable, especially with the reports of lackluster interest in setting up a public RV exchange mechanism for smooth and uniform exits of long held paper. Yet we are not told that a public window is entirely out of the question.

While we are not a crypto-currency blog, and do not engage specifically in consulting as a core mission, you are all free to discuss and share experiences that will help you navigate these types of speculative endeavors. There is no dishonor in partaking in these markets while you await the fate of your paper holdings, if you choose.

I anticipate that once things do settle out among the big battalions, we may be presented with a new direction and mandate. I won’t even try to imagine the exact mechanics of that right now. For those of you who will hold your paper until something breaks, please continue to be ready to move fast.

I would like to once again extend sincere thanks to the White Hats and staff – hard working, tough, unflinching and loyal. They have made themselves available to assist at all times, and quite generously so.

We also thank our friends at One World of Nations for allowing us to reproduce their key updates here. Their work to make available responsibly managed resources to humanity is needed now more than ever.

And, thank you all our readers. We do no advertising, no promoting, no marketing of any kind, and yet our readership has grown each year. All of you get the credit for that. We sell no seminar tickets or ask that you pay for our food or buy baby formula, and you have my assurances that WHA will remain free of such buffoonish opportunistic vulgarities.

Lastly, I am happy to inform you all that I have resolved the issues that were going to cause the blog to sunset in March. You will be informed in advance of any new sunset date. For now, we are good for 2018.

And Caesar wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.

We wish you the best in all things – in life, in love, in health, and in prosperity for 2018.



    1. I’m amazed there has actually been arrests ( no high level execs though ) of banker market riggers. Bill Murphy and some of those at the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (or GATA) have been providing evidence of this rigging to the Commodities Futures Commission for a very long time with no action taken until today.

      Other news today – McCabe stepping down from FBI and the utmost stupidity of our military and
      CIA for putting tracking applications on military and black ops personnel phones that make it possible for enemies to locate them and their bases – joins the fray. I can only surmise this never would have happened if HRC had been elected.

      I can’t wait to see what explosive info comes out on WHA tomorrow. Thank you Tony!


  1. OWoN:

    The RV’s.

    We, via the Elders, will advise and help support the genuine RV’s to the real level an economy is worth, not wild and mindless speculations. Iraq is worth between $7T and 8T as an issue base. No more. So if c$7T is offered for switching c$7T gets switched.

    If, as a result of mindless overprinting, an orgy of greed has generated hundreds of T’s of crap, they will just get marked down to market value. Do Banks take a batch or just all the overprints hugely marked down? Or first past the post and close the doors?

    Common sense says SKR the first run while IDs are checked. Drug runners, criminals or dubious Bugger are thrown out, substitute old notes for new design, hit the limit and shut all windows. No one knows how much crap has been printed. Now one really cares now.
    A solution will be fed to its limits. Let losers beware. Get- to- Those- Widows.

    Each market will just take a run at it, and if it overheats, burn it off. The market will show reality. Iraq is NOT being saddled now with an unsupportable debt because, Aaaa was promised! Aaa am owed! Twatting stick please. Big Murphy, apply with force.

    Every market Gobshite holding a pocket full of Wookie paper, is propounding why the planet can afford to and should fund their ticket to Disneyland. Because AAAhh am owed.

    Big Murphy!!!!

    No one is owed, bar a nation of Iraqis or Vietnamese who were bombed into the Stone Age by vile Hegemony Bullies from afar. Murderers loose. Brainwashed Goons.

    Each nation has a finite limit. No more. All depends on how much paper hits the bank conversion windows. No one knows. Be sure of one thing, Banks will have a quota and when that is full, windows will close. Dirty Nellie with a wobbly hip who needs 3 days to get her whereabouts, or Big Gut Bubba who needs to load up with his Sippin Whisky and find his way out of Hicksville, may find those windows long closed if paper exceeds need. Forget a run, Banks will! Weasel Clauses will be invoked, and those late for the party will just get poked.

    Vietnam should be OK, and Zims are toilet paper so anything will be good.
    Dinars are Wild West notes. Who knows what the held is held. Some numbers I hear indicate real Sore Butt times coming if true. Be clear ,Elders will not fund $100T for $7T of value paper. Nations also have have a big say. We will not compromise Vietnam’s Export competitiveness and jobs, nor overload Iraq with false debt. Careful balances will be applied.

    What is coming fast soon will be Capital Market Structuring of Cyber Currencies. Hacking protection and check point control of selling platforms to protect you all. Plus Tax Reporting on all transactions. They will be blocked for Money Laundering. Be careful who you buy from and sell to. And really watch those Wallets. Changes and Regulation is coming. Exchanges are still getting hacked.

    If you bought right, you should get out OK.

    Reality is coming.

    Good luck to the Cyber Pioneers. Know when is enough, cash and run.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. As Jimmy Page would say…the song remains the same. Or should I say, the dong remains the same? lol

      Seriously. It remains that you should be prepared to move quickly once any window opens for an exit on whatever paper you hold. The dong remains the best of the lot, according to what is being reported to us. Act and plan as you see fit.

      The “when” is most likely going to be pretty much in our faces with little pre-warning.

      2018 will see huge institutional influx of funds into the crypto-currency landscape.

      You now have two “RV” options. One that has been delayed by criminals, and another which has steem-rolled over the traditional paths to suddenly throw an initial c600B in market cap towards the common man while hungry Zio rat tax and spend mechanisms are flummoxed and gasping to regulate and steal a part of, because it’s not hot to the touch.

      This year, RV or not, should be one for the books. Don’t be idle. Don’t wait.

      Be the RV you want to see. And let’s hope we see an RV.

      Why settle for one, when you can have two? lol


    2. Wow this is exciting. Holding my dong until that time.

      Yes I agree with J that one has to know when to hold and when to fold. It works well for me.

      Tony I found a video that was narrated by William Luther Pierce on the causes of WW2 and would love your opinion. I don’t want to post it here because it may offend so can I sent it email? I know that the blog is not concerned with offending but still with the news about tomorrow and all its not really on topic.

      Thanks your pal C.


      1. Concord! What are you trying to do to this blog?! LOL

        William Luther Pierce? You are really being a bad goy. Shame on you. lol

        Don’t e-mail it. Just wait a few days or maybe next week, since we are going to move to a new FC to help promote the new article coming from the OWoN/WH collaboration.

        But, I promise I will certainly give you my opinion on whatever you post. God help me. lol

        Take care.


  2. OWoN:

    Be ready for when we release the game changer Monday / Tuesday.

    The enormity of it is now in China’s hands also. Betrayal of Trust will cost.

    The sheer scale of what is coming raises unreal corruption exposure.
    Elders will now take China’s backing and no longer be treated badly by Barbarians in DC.
    The Cabal have lost the plot, and next, the pot. Payback is coming.

    Watch for what breaks Monday/ Tuesday.
    Time to question, why be ruled by a Jewish Israeli Fed racket?
    End the Fed, install a Central Bank for Americans and end this allegiance nonsense to Israel. Zios who won’t assimilate can leave. No more Oligopolies and Vote Buying!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  3. Another week behind us, with the news being very quiet overall. Just what may be going on, we can only guess. It us our understanding that all prior warnings about a possible sudden event happening out of our sight, are still in effect, so stay sharp. We don’t know just how suddenly this may require action on your part.

    I sure would like to see a positive ending, with settlements paid and a revaluation to assist all of you to the extent possible. I am sure that those who help us stay informed would like that as well, so that much needed funding for good projects and legitimate parties who are standing by can get to work.

    We all know what we would like. And I know what I like. And if our friend in London sees this through, I am sure he would like to have a few scotches and do some Karaoke in front of a large audience of admirers in Rome, after making good on his promise to help Italian birthrates recover. It would be something like this.

    Big report coming out on Tuesday. We will issue a new Fact Check to assist in spreading the word with this report. Have a good weekend!

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    1. Great choice Tony, I love Phil Collins. Far out that audience was huge.

      I also hold positive thoughts for everyone. It would truly be marvelous to see this world heading in the right direction before I depart this earth. So much to learn and understand in such a short space of time.

      Enjoy a wonderful weekend Tony.

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  4. Lindsey Williams: My Elite Friend Has Just Told Me When – DVD Summary

    I could not help myself but to bring this optimistic information to the WHA readers. The pastor said the cryptocurrencies will go up, up and up along with everything else (perhaps massive inflation caused by too many QEs?)
    The Alaskan oil drilling and the pipeline infrastructure projects will create many jobs in the US and Canada; the US will become the biggest oil producing nation. I hope what was shared to the Pastor by the elite (Illuminati) friend is accurate.
    I was hesitant to post the above as of last night, but…….this morning I listened to William Mount, who is a veteran, a patriot and a good friend of Jim Willie, said the US Dollar will remain strong (due to the Alaskan oil production, and the trade the deficits (hopefully a surplus in the future) numbers may not be accurate).

    Like Greg Hunter always says, “have no fear!”, and may the almighty protect our President!

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  5. Very Interesting Conference Call with a lady who goes by the name “Kim Possible”. She is the only person I have heard describe the heirarchy of “The Order” correctly. Or even use this name correctly.
    Plus, it’s quite obvious she is somewhere highup in the banking system.


    1. Whoa, that dialogue was incredible. Is this what you meant by we should be standing by ready to act Tony? Tuesday being the start of revelations of who has been running the world.

      I note from ZeroHedge that a massive Air Force drill is starting up in Nevada. This will affect GPS systems over a large portion of the south west. The article indicates numerous functions ( not ever having even needed GPS I had no idea of its scope ) of technology besides finding when to make a left turn. Link to visualization of everything that could be affected –
      Perhaps this is in coordination with the mass arrests that we were told to expect for the last two weeks.

      Comments Tony???


      1. I honestly was not aware of the drills or anything else. I was just referring to always being ready, and to keep being ready for anything, good or bad.

        Even in the best of circumstances, transitions have always been difficult and problematic. I suspect this one will be no different.

        I hope that the powerful people in positions to do something about the material that will be released will do so. You can sense the mood in Washington is very, very tense. Scandals are brewing, big ones. And the names we could see being indicted may just rattle the framework of earth.


        1. J seems to be using the word “if” quite generously where the release of this report is concerned. Maybe if certain agreements are reached prior to Tuesday things may head in a different direction. We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

          If the report does come out as predicted and additional reports are released each week as noted in Paladin’s video teaser this evening, it may well be the perfect time to grab some XMR as all the rats head for the drainpipes.

          Very interesting week ahead. No matter which direction things go we can be sure there will be fireworks of one sort or another.

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  6. For any business minded person Trump is killing it in Davos. Arrives to a huge waiting crowd like a rock star and has amazing dinner with big global companies making deals for America. Strengthens relations with Theresa May and talks increasing trade. Awesome.

    His staff skillfully rebut the Davos media who (as we expect) are putting a negative slant on Trump’s trade policies. And he gave an awesome speech today while Soros continues to spew his evil putrid vomit about nuclear war and democrats crushing Trump this year.

    Sick Soros uses a tired old defense technique to try and divert public opinion about his crimes by first implicating other people for his crimes. Telling us Trump and Un will risk nuclear war to stay in power is transparently obvious. Sorry Sick Soros but we know you launched the missles.

    Sorry again Sick Soros but you cannot change this global surge – by the people – for the people. We are awake now and making a better world for ourselves and for our children where evil does not run the planet. Go rot in a hot place Sick Soros – we will not miss you.


                1. Tony – you are the best! I gave up looking since it’s been almost a year with no luck of anything that looks legit. Thank you!!! Hope this one is it.


        1. There are many exchanges available to buy them. are probably the top three in terms of popularity.

          Once you purchase, I would move them to a wallet. Do not leave big positions on brokerages. They own them, not you, until you move them to your wallet.

          Coinbase is not a brokerage. They are an exchanger/wallet. They are insured and regulated, but their customer service sucks at times.

          Hope you are doing well.


  7. Tony thanks so much for recent help. I am enjoying some great RV without the RV lol.

    Can you please share which coins you consider good value? Just one or two? I know you dont recommend and that’s fine as I wont hold you to that but I am sure many here would love to know your opinions since others are sharing theirs. THanks you pal C.

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    1. Hi Concord…

      Well, I guess I can share a little, but please, don’t take any position based on my words alone.

      My favorites right now are Stellar (XLM) and Cindicator (CND). Both are incredibly strong buys in my view and once they become widely understood, look for valuations to go ballistic. Just do some Google on these and you will see the power lining up behind them, and why.

      In other corners, I think Dash is also a good buy, and of course, Bitcoin itself is incredibly priced right now considering what is going to happen when institutional markets are able to partake after infrastructure is able to handle their volumes. Right now brokers are straining under the incredible flow of funds that want in, but are unable to get the funds efficiently into the coins in large amounts at once.

      This will be solved. Trust me.

      Concerning increasing regulation, I would not worry about that. Decentralized exchanges are going to spring up, no matter what bag of tricks the grasping, talentless bureaucratic leeches come up with, the techno-geeks will find a workaround. Politicians are outclassed. All they know is how the suck the jewels of usury rats, and could not innovate to save their lives. It would be a struggle for them to learn how to pour pee out of a boot with instructions written on the heel.

      Key areas of financial infrastructure are fast slipping out of the hands of gutless wonders and into talented technicians who want to increase efficiency, and wont rely on those who run your post office to find ways to do it.

      Sorry for all the words. Too much coffee.

      Hope those hands are feeling better!

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    “…Starting on April 1, 2018, illegal immigrants in California who have obtained state driver’s licenses due to a recent change in state law, or who got them before that by lying about their immigration status, will automatically be registered to vote.Yes, you read that correctly: Immigrants illegally in the United States, perhaps millions of them, living in the nation’s largest state will soon be automatically registered to vote…”


    1. I grew up in California, and loved it at one time. It’s still a naturally beautiful place, but damn it all to hell if I will ever live there, or pay taxes there again. It has become a Mexican province now, and is hardly recognizable as a State of our union.


      1. I was born and raised there as well. My dad was career Navy and I lived on, or near the amazing SoCal beaches until I was 16. I’m 51 now, and I don’t recognize anyplace I used to hang out anymore. The last time I was there, I felt like a foreigner in a strange land and refuse to ever step foot in that state again. It’s a third-world dump, they might as well secede and give it back to Mexico.

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        1. I was in Redondo Beach a year ago, and could not believe my eyes. The pier there used to be a great place to hang out, watch the girls and have a fine meal with some jazz or other music after.

          Now, the beach is dirty, filled with third world bums and mariachi music in the background. Tijuana came to Redondo.

          There was always a Hispanic element to California that was deeply embedded into its culture and I never had a problem with it. But the open border is letting in the bottom of the barrel of Mexican people, who are not citizens and are bringing with them their slovenly ways and attitudes, one of conquest and overthrowing others rather than seeking to become an American citizen.

          Even the Mexican Americans I know are starting to get fed up with it. They don’t want California to become Mexico, or any other country. They came here because they wanted to get away from the failure of their former country to provide opportunity. They came to California to work and earn and contribute, and they have.

          If they don’t stop this nonsense, California will cease to be what it used to be – the 7th largest per capita industrial output “nation”, and revert to a shithole.

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          1. Now that paints a sad picture, we’ve tread a lot of the same ground. I fished off the Redondo pier, roller skated the strand, picked up star fish and urchins in the tide pools at Pelican and Half-moon Bays. I ditched school just to surf Hunnington Beach with my friends. The Hispanic influence was part of what made SoCal so fun, and I don’t recall a time where I ever had a problem at anytime out on my bike, skateboard or skates. My parents retired to San Pedro, but were eventually run out because of the Long Beach bleed-over crime and poverty. They’ve been in Denver since 2004, which was the last time I set foot in Kalifornia. Globalism, unchecked illegal immigrant invasions, the welfare state and horrific governance have set ruin to a once great part of the US.

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          2. I used to live in redondo beach. It use to be so beautiful but now all run down. LA county is so crowded and run down. Orange County is still pretty nice near the coast but yes the Hispanics are the majority pretty much everywhere. I visited my brother in Huntington Beach several years ago and the stripes in the sky from chem trails were everywhere too.

            Here is one of my favorite beach boys song in tribute to the good old days in the summer months at the beach.

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        1. Omg! I’m always seem to have a tough time when posting a comment. The latest comment I made was in response to yours regarding you growing up in Cali and it being unrecognizable etc.


      2. Tony: In response to your post above: California needs another ZORRO to give it back its freedom. I think you may be just the man for the task.


        1. I would never succeed. I am white, straight, educated, and for the wall. In California culture, that’s translated as a slave-holding, homophobic, privileged, fascistic xenophobe.

          California is lost.

          It’s only a matter of time before it fractures even further. They give illegals preference over their own homeless veterans, and have in effect established a foreign occupation by allowing unchecked settlements of foreign citizens in cities openly welcoming them to come, use the services, and, of course, register to vote as Democrat socialists. While I enjoy the beauty of the place, California is, in my mind, a third world country, and will never get any of my tax money, save that on what food and fuel I consume while there.


  9. Imminent threats against POTUS that were stopped with help from who??? This reads like a scifi movie. The original Andrew will “get” this. Go to this link and click on “the document” in the 3rd paragraph. The good reading starts on page 3 after all the legalees. wow. And this is in court now? awesome.

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    1. Matthew,

      Thanks so much for posting this. I read the whole document. If this is for real the excrement will be hitting the fan imminently. Names, places and methods of the top of the NWO. Any one who wants to just read the doc. can find it at

      Also your other post from OWN is also significant about the new Fed. Tax Code specific language to halt the 70 + year fraud against the American People by the IRS, Justice, FBI by forcibly taxing labor.
      Too bad Irwin Schiff ( he died in prison chained to his bed trying to do this ) didn’t live long enough to see this.

      Sleep well all!


      1. Hi Paul,

        Yes, this is very exciting. If I read this all correctly they also cannot tax our property. I always hated property taxes as much as taxing my labor. I have to pay the Gov rent money to live on my own property – and they can’t tell me they provide services for that rent because I do not need any of those “services”. Disgusting. Gov is totally out of control.

        I remember the story of Irwin Schiff. Or rather the tragedy. I am sick that the Gov continues to abuse the Citizens of the United States of America. So many have been abused and killed for doing nothing wrong. I know Irwin will look down on this and smile.


    2. Hey Mathew I did read this (not all of it) and didn’t understand it. What is this meant to achieve? I was following HATJ a few years ago but then they lost me with the language. If you can shed any light I’d very much appreciate it. Cheers.


      1. Hey AJ, (T, if you see an earlier reply please delete but I think it simply did not go through)

        To me it is not so much what is trying to be achieved but the content itself.

        All data is recorded and stored in the “Universal Backdoor” (1A) – Is this the Spectre code in all Intel CPUs that Intel is desperately trying to fix now that it has been discovered?

        To continue, some “insider” at the recent “Universal” meetings where the front men of all those world leaders et all including Xi and Putin are trying to negotiate their continued long-standing management, programs and crimes against humanity on this planet (1B). Whoa.

        These people are all concerned about this “Universal Cleanup” removing their assets and power (1C). And concerned specifically regarding any “Universal Support” being given to POTUS. What the?

        China and Russia planning the removal of Trump by “any means necessary” (1D)… This rings to me of the repeated bombing of America we always hear from J.

        As it continues there is a goal for the bad guys to stop “Universal Unification”. Tried to bribe this person to stop after they kidnapped a retired military guy who was “bait”… okay, I’m just saying, this is wild.

        And now it gets wilder. This is the part I thought you would like. She goes to the White House, activates Universal Unification, trips all Planetary Alarms… She states that POTUS, US Military, and Law Enforcement now have Universal Support and access to Universal Data for the Universal Cleanup.

        This screams of Off World help to me. How can the US Military get “Universal Support” to make them stronger??? Knowing you follow cobra I thought you might like this.

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        1. Wow thanks Mathew. It fits with a couple of other points out there. 1 KejRaj is pissed that the cabal are allowed to negotiate and 2 the Pleaiadeans have now been given permission to act more directly to assist us throwing these fleas off our back (especially after the HI missile event).

          HATJ declared the UCC void a few years back using ‘universal law’ language and I’m surprised she can do what she does – I’m guessing that this language does actually have some stand here on Earth, which does make sense if the cabal truly are ‘illuminati’ in possession of esoteric cosmic knowledge. They’d know they are bound by universal law and must respect the free will that is part of that.

          Ok with your primer I know what to look out for so I’ll go have another look. Thanks very much mate. Cheers.


  10. From OWoN: Texian originally posted this info. Tim4123 added this link. It is an awesome read if you have not seen it yet – i have been waiting for smarter minds to dissect that new 1000 page law. Sometimes to build something new you have to completely break down the old and didn’t Time Magazine show Trump as a wrecking ball? 🙂



    Fiat money will lose its significance to gold and cryptocurrencies in the next twenty years, said Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and his latest, “Why The Rich Are Getting Richer.”

    The self-proclaimed gold bug is one of few investors to be bullish on both bitcoin and gold, noting that the cryptocurrency will slowly erode fiat currencies’ relevance, while gold will act as an important hedge instrument.

    “When I talk to people, I say, ‘what do you think will be here in 2040? Will gold still be here? Well, it’s been here since eternity. Will the dollar be here? I don’t think so. Will blockchain be here, I think so,'” he said in an interview.


    1. Perth Mint says this on their website:

      “Buying and selling with confidence

      Most digital currencies have no physical backing and are transferred from peer to peer, via a computer.

      Mr Hayes said that made the prospect of offering a crypto-gold product even more exciting and possibly a world first.”

      My reply: With this kind of set up comes the potential for tracking, and the trust of a third party that could be robbed during a war or could be doing funny things with the gold or silver behind the scenes. These people are losing business to the crypto currencies and so will issue propaganda to get you thinking like they do in order to increase their business.

      During a war, no one can take your bitcoins or solaris coins or monero coins or ZenCash coins. That is the beauty of decentralized cryptocurrency. The value is in the technology with no third party able to rob you as long as you practice good security on your computer.

      Trust yourself and the technology, and not a third party for value backing,

      The Other Andrew



    Over the years, we’ve had readers and supporters ask us how they can get involved. At the time, the political climate was not right to engage the public in such matters as it would only get them put on a list and the future was too uncertain. We did, however, solicit the public’s involvement when we disclosed in White Hats Report #38 that “Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC, a New York based multi- strategy fund manager, has just launched a new fund with criminal conspirator Michael Herzog as a Portfolio Manager”. We asked our readers to contact Davidson Kempner’s New York office with questions and objections to this hire in addition to providing information to contact the Office of Whistleblowers of the SEC.

    The response from our readers was overwhelming. You all rose to the occasion and not soon after, the Bush crime family’s bagman and thief, Michael Herzog was arrested in Germany. Of course Merkel will not allow him to be extradited to the US to rat out his puppet masters and provide earth shattering evidence of global financial fraud on a grand scale.

    Our next series of reports, the White Hats storm, will again solicit assistance from readers and supporters all over the world. We will be providing evidence of fraud, theft and deceit on such a massive scale it’s almost beyond comprehension.

    The exposure of the Deep State/cabal/shadow government began on November 8, 2016 and has continued unabated until the present and has ratcheted up in both intensity and volume in the last few months. Soon, we will see the infamous FISA memo which will expose the criminal, unconstitutional surveillance state that has infected the world. The IG report that is circulating will further expose the minions in the FBI, CIA and DOJ who are simply the minions, gatekeepers….the worker bees who are compromised and blackmailed to run interference for their cabal Masters. The fraud, corruption, theft and murder cannot be covered up unless the law enforcement agencies are complicit. This will all be revealed in the upcoming storms.

    The White Hats are generating our own storm, one that targets the upper levels of the cabal: the MONEY CHANGERS.

    Money created and controlled through Trading Programs is how the cabal blackmails, funds and pays off the lower level enablers Cut off those funds for the secret space program, black projects, political payoffs and blackmails and the world is different. Expose the criminal banksters for what they are and recovered stolen funds and the world’s debt gets erased in the blink of an eye. They have sequestered funds off balance sheet for too long and its time they were outed, arrested and put in prison.

    We ask all our readers to formulate a battle plan utilizing their social media accounts, friends, contacts and family to help get the information we are about to release in the coming weeks all over the internet. Email lists of media, representatives and associates should be formulated. Twitter and Facebook accounts primed to spread the links to the reports that will come unabated over the next few weeks.

    And most importantly, your representatives in Congress, Christopher Wray of the FBI, Jeff Sessions of the DOJ and Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA need to be deluged (storm) with emails demanding action be taken against the Federal Reserve thieves.

    Timing is EVERYTHING.

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  13. Hope all is well Tony. In reference to Paladin comment on Owon, I thought it was clear there were arrest about to start. Paladin comment sounds like it still needs Trumps approval. Am i missing something. Do you have any knowledge on the crypto money talked about on silver doctors.


    1. Hi,

      Things are quite well, thank you.

      We will have to wait for Paladin to update us on this. I have no more information than what he posted. He certainly will not just make up things, so let’s wait a bit and find out what’s going on with this.

      Right now the US Gov’t is on the brink of another Watergate, but on steroids. Our president came into office without a political track record, which means he is probably very clean compared to the political hacks that are trying to take him down because he threatens their poker game.

      Politicians generally hate you. Trump is a populist who reflects a respect and appreciation for his country and fellow countrymen. Shit-eating mongoloids like McCain, Graham, Schumer, Ryan, McConnel (Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Cimber, Cicero) won’t even try to pitch in, even if to do so because they are, save Schumer, Republicans. Their contempt for who they supposedly represent is blatantly obvious.

      No, actually I have not studied the crypto coins specifically mentioned on silver doctors. Others have and can offer their thoughts and opinions, I hope.

      Take care and watch for more as it comes out.


    2. Dan:

      Crypto money defeats the value of crypto currency rather than enhancing it. Only a mass deception will cause people to think it is better than real cryptocurrency.


  14. Has anybody noticed why Fox News never really addresses the US foreign policy recently? Staying in Syria to support the Syrian Freedom Army in order to over throw Assad? Regime change is back on the table? Mad Dog Mathis spouting off that anybody opposing US policy will be dealt with…. really? Who is allowing these Neo Cons out in public? Why isn’t Trump firing these idiots…. oh I forgot…. they are his puppet masters maybe?

    I hope everyone is aware of the mind games being played? The right works really hard to make the left look bad, but in reality the right is doing a great job of hiding the right’s short comings which could be detrimental for all concerned… Just my 2 Canadian cents worth.


  15. I started following WHA because of the Dinar, RV, GRC. Now I see this3
    media covering everthing else that I don’t I don’t even understand such as bitcoin and am amazed at the variety of topics along with the political alienations involved. I feel that I can now present perspectives on any of my beliefs.

    I accept this evolution from my initual understanding and only focus on my interest.

    This is not a criticism of WHA rather an observation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for that comment.

      Yes, you are free to discuss anything you wish. The only thing I do not permit is unwarranted criticism or disrespect for the White Hats or each other on the blog.

      There is also the occasion where hostile intent is couched in smiley rhetoric, and is often times discovered and rooted out. I am not unaware of such types, and they also will get the Brazen Bull.

      I have often times shared opinions that were very hard for some to accept, but I assure you my personal dedication to seeing long suppressed historical truths and the lies supplanted in lieu of such being exposed is one of the reasons this blog was started. So, the same permission is granted to all just to be fair.

      You are most welcome to comment on anything that concerns your interest, and no censorship will befall you, within reason.

      Liked by 2 people


    Key point to the article:
    The Voice gave emphasis as follows. “Let me tell you something that you can take to the bank and the vault. The day is close when you will not be able to get any physical metal, and furthermore, its price will go into the stratosphere. Blockchain and crypto-currencies are here to stay. However, crypto-currencies will fall to the wayside, pushed out by crypto-money. There are people who are putting crypto-money structures in place that are based on blockchain technology. They will make precious metals fungible, along with other valuable commodities. This means a de-facto democratization of money free from government manipulation, but most importantly free from inflationary debasement. This will constitute the return to sound money. People who do not understand this concept, following the herds of whatever hype, will get their clock cleaned bigtime. The Bitcoin advocates must be careful to secure their exits in converting to spendable money. The recent crypto craze is a manifestation of the US$ being debased. What we witness is hyper-inflation. One is forced to spend more and more dollars to acquire the array of alternative currencies.”

    Questions to the readers here: Is anyone aware of these (PM backed cryptos) yet? And if so, where would we need to go to be the early adopters of it?


      1. I ran this discussion by a Bitcoin expert and he replied with the following:

        I don’t see how asset backed cryptos will devastate the cryptos we have now.

        First of all, any asset-backed crypto will involve the participation of trusted third parties – those holding/storing the gold or silver. That puts such cryptos in an entirely different category to cryptocurrency as we know it. Therefore the value proposition is different.

        I’m not saying asset-backed cryptos will not come or be useful, just that they will not offer the same benefits as cryptos and will also carry additional risks (like third parties defrauding users by running off with the gold or silver).

        Another reason is about “profit”. Any gold or silver backed crypto will have the same value as the metal behind it. Therefore investors will consider the potential upside of such asset-backed cryptos as compared with Bitcoin and others.


        My comment: If gold and silver and other assets go to the moon in value, then I can see those asset backed cryptos gaining much value in the eyes of many people.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Tony:

    Anything you can share that will help those on this forum that may be growing concerned that the downturn in the crypto markets should have washed out the weak hands by now, and strong hands should have taken over by now and this market has more reasons to move up rather than down by now?

    Are you growing concerned or do you think it is premature right now to think that the bear market will continue?

    Did I read that one of the alphabet agencies put the brakes on funds or brokerages using bitcoin or something to that effect? This would help fuel a bear market for bitcoin if the massive adoption of bitcoin by financial trading institutions was put on hold.

    Just looking for some reasons to believe that things will turn around and the market will go higher. I know that the helpful insights you give will help some people on this forum.

    Thanks my friend.


    1. Certainly.

      The concern is just what strong hands want to create more of. The strong don’t care about prices going down, only the weak holders do. They bail, and strong hands buy to facilitate that.

      As for the issue that the transition should have happened by now, I think it’s best to say that sometimes these corrections can last many months, even years. Remember, strong hands hold on. They don’t hold on and quit after so much time – lest they really would not be strong at all. It may very well continue for a while. It matters not. Smart money came in in amounts that should have been easy to do away with. Dumb money came in too much, with little option to stay in the game except in desperation to win, kind of like a craps player who brought his rent money to the table and somehow can’t understand why he shits his pants when he hears “7 out!!!”.

      I hear all kinds of news. One moment, one analyst is calling for a BTC crash to $200. The next, another is calling for BTC at $1,000,000 in a few years. Blah blah. Nobody knows. The chart tells all, and will tell you which phase you are dealing with. Right now the shakeout is in process. The news is just part of that shakeout, and the price action is proof.

      Usually a shakeout is for stronger hands to obtain more, and not for reasons to lose. Extreme weakness is on display. This plays on the minds of the ill prepared. It’s for a reason. They are prepared to wait out as long as they can, to obtain as much as they can at lower prices.

      We are about a month into a correction now. That’s not a long time. I would look for continual moves up, followed by discouraging actions meant to shake loose more desperate husbands who spent their honey money when the wife was not looking. More “bad news” should also be on the horizon. The prudent speculator who didn’t bet the farm should hold to the last man. The fool who bet the ranch should lose, as this is what happens to foolhardy speculators.

      The drop in price on January 16th was a classic shakeout within the shakeout. Price has squeezed to a fine point around January 15, and then a significant drop after what many thought would be a consolidation for a higher move. The trick here is that such is just what it is, but it looks more like Foreman in round 8 with Ali. The price is now staggering in indecision, weakness, vacillation, uncertainty – fertile ground for the sowing of doubt.

      It’s when you see this that you should realize that a strong possibility exists that the opposite is the case. The wise speculator quietly buys on dips, within his tolerance. Why, in this case? My reason, based on years of seeing this play out over and over, is the long base that preceded the 1000% run-up we are now in this year. From 2010 to early 2017, a base of extreme duration was formed and laid. This foundation is the support on which present prices now rest, and without which it could not have reached its present staggering price, which is some 11,000,000% higher than its initial price of .10.

      Imagine what some of that dinar money could have handed you had you diverted it back then.

      So, think this present one month shakeout is something that should have been over with by now, and it’s causing “concern” because the price has not yet risen once more to it’s former highs? Careful! Such a conclusion is just what those who are desperate for your cut may want you to think. They want many more to hit the chicken switch.

      These same processes will now play out, with a new base from which a higher rise will be set on. Look for this to be built on the bones of those who could not hang on.

      While I am not able to guarantee anything, I can almost assuredly tell you that based on the chart action alone, when a price holds it’s 11,000,000% gain this long, it is not just a fluke, a bubble, a pump. In fact, if you extend back a bit to about early November and follow the lower trend line to present time, and the upper trend line from mid December to present, you see a wedge formation of formidable amplitude, the ultimate outcome of which may spring a breakout to the upside to retest the 19K highs of recent days.

      When the shakeout is complete, you will see it. The chart will tell all. For now, volatility will continue until that task is complete. No prisoners will be taken, I can assure you.

      That’s my opinion on the matter. I welcome others.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. My opinion is that this comment was more exciting to read than a few pages of an erotic novel lol. Heck, that is definitely a sign of old age lol.

        Tony that was an awesome comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and opinion as you have here, it’s sincerely appreciated.

        I’m in this for the long haul and absolutely will not be moved from my position. I hold a long term view on most crypto’s that interest me. I do check the prices of those on a daily basis (sometimes several times lol) but no matter where they are each day, I absolutely will not sell. The main players will most certainly not be leaving this gals wallet anytime in the near future.

        One lesson I have learned in this arena is not to allow yourself to be impacted by all the differing opinions swamping the net. The amount of conflicting information being put forward would certainly send one to the loonie bin if you allowed it to. I have decided to read what I can to gain the knowledge I feel I need but to only seriously listen to two sources of information. Those sources are yourself Tony and Clif High.

        So thanks again Tony for sharing as you have. And thank you Andrew for your comment/request above resulting in such a wonderful and educational response, much appreciated.

        Liked by 2 people


    Popcorn Alert Update

    As reported last week, SoCal is readying to serve arrest warrants.

    This is still in play. No one knows when, who or why but here’s what we do know.

    Its NOT immigration related. This seemed to be a sticking point for some officers as a raid was performed in Northern California earlier and all were assured it has nothing to do with that.

    Teams have been formed and all are on STANDBY. When called, they report ASAP and will then get their assignments.

    They were informed they will be serving arrest warrants on unsealed indictments.

    This is profiling as a BIG event as they were briefed by a Captain on it this week. The amount of secrecy would seem to indicate high value targets.

    Have been assured I’ll get a call when the fun is about to begin and will post here to give everyone advance notice for a popcorn run.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I’m so happy to have added the popcorn lexicon to this site. What i found unusual was the amount of websites now talking about “getting the popcorn ready”. Seems the influence and readership of this site is greatly underestimated. Nonetheless, I’m happy to have made that contribution! Hopefully, this is the beginning to the end of the cabal.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Just for your amusement: I am syncing a cryptocurrency wallet right now that I downloaded a couple of hours ago and I am just 3 years and 33 weeks behind after only two hours of allowing it to sync. LOL…. This is going to take quite a while. Remember, if you can spend the time setting up wallets, it is much safer than holding your cryptos on the exchanges.

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