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UPDATE! New White Hat Report:

White Hats Report#63 – #ARRESTtheFED

The Storm is here.

The releases coming over the next few weeks will expose the details of the methods by which the cabal rules the world through the control of money by showing you trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion. Enough to fund every TRUE humanitarian project on Earth in addition to advanced technology, free energy, the exploration of our universe, housing, hydroelectric projects for undeveloped countries, turning deserts green and other infrastructure projects all over the world. Instead, the money is used to subvert the production of the people to a select few bloodline families. This is how these people control Planet Earth.

Signatories to the trading contracts:

Federal Reserve:
Alan Greenspan
Ben Bernanke
Roger Ferguson
Janet Yellen
Timothy Geithner

US Government:
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Jack Lew
Paul O’Neill
Neil Wolin

Trading Programs

Trading programs were created as a way to raise funds for projects that relate to humanitarian endeavors, ie. Creating, maintaining and rebuilding infrastructure, assistance with bringing undeveloped countries up to current technologies, rebuilding communities after natural disasters….are just a few of the applications.

But, as with anything to do with the financial world, the rat pack of bankster cabaliss have infested it at the highest levels to subvert the program for their own devious plans to control the world. History is replete with personalities whose aspirations to run the world are well known: Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Adolph Hitler….are just a few who come to mind. Why is it such a stretch to believe that that same lust for power is not present today? Rather than be accomplished by might and power and strength and armies all out in the open, now it’s being done in secret by conning the people of the world utilizing a usury system of currency control akin to immoral grifters running a game of three card monty.

Trading programs are initiated, administered, operated and controlled by the Federal Reserve. Sound familiar? You should know what’s coming next.

Now that the information is out in the open about how the Federal Reserve and their bankster brethren are operating a massive con game on the public, we’re going to take you to a deeper level, never seen before and never revealed to the masses on the scale we’re about to unveil.

The elements of a trading program contract are very simple, an investor, an amount, a time period, collateral, earnings and payout schedule. The investor puts up the collateral (asset), the Federal Reserve administrates the profit generation mechanism (program trading, bank to bank) and the proceeds of the trading profits are split between the parties to the contract and the project fund. There are two parties to the contract, the investor and the Federal Reserve Bank (NY), a PRIVATE CORPORATION.

The scam is simple although the protocols and mechanisms of the process are sophisticated. Find an investor with vast sums of cash or gold or equivalent asset value, enter into a contractual agreement where their humanitarian objectives are accomplished, then when the proceeds are paid from the inter-bank trading platforms,  steal the proceeds and use it for a variety of means, all of which are crimes against humanity and serve to keep us all in chains.

Over the years, we’ve documented the thefts on Falcone, Tropos, Wanta and others, accomplished by bribes and payoffs in the millions of dollars. When you generate multiple trillions with each trading contract, what’s a few hundred million paid to the Clintons, Romney, Herzog, Guenette, Biden and others to keep their mouths shut? When you generate $25,000 Trillion ($25 Quad), you could pay every debt on the books, fund all governments for decades and of course, trigger a financial reset to enrich every person on the planet.

But no, that’s not how it’s done when you run the world. You coerce, bribe, blackmail, steal and deceive your way into controlling the planet by controlling the flow of money, creating a process by which you are the ones at the top of the pyramid. The majority of money generated from these programs is OFF BALANCE SHEET. This means it is NOT reported…..recall the old joke about “two sets of books.”

Read More at  http://whitehatsreport.com/2018/01/24/1400/


One World of Nations Presents:


Exposing the biggest Fed Quad Trillion Scam on Earth and putting the Spotlight on the Fed’s worst possible Nightmare. Remember how Madoff came down? Exposure and Closure!

Before we take you to the key and real case of trusting Yohannes Riyadi (YR), who has been deceived and betrayed for decades by the Washington and New York Zionist Cabal, each time he has tried from his heart to found Hospitals, Medical Centers, and make a real contribution to humanity and mankind, his US Treasury Check Fed account has been denied. Yet we had confirmed it as real. His is the largest US FRB-NY (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and US Treasury / Agency scam on the planet and he is the innocent victim. As are many more. Such vast amounts have been plundered and wasted, so much as could regenerate the Global economies, and fund the long awaited nations currency RVs (Revaluations). The Travesty of Justice, that is the FRB-NY and HS (Homeland Security), has a lot to answer for. This truth can set America and the Elders free. Truth the world needs. It’s time now for a Free Democratic world. No more of their Banking Shylocks.

Now, at last following a trusted, highly reputable law office from a recognised sovereign nation is performing the Herculean task and endeavors to progress his long deserving case, China is coming on board via Beijing. Truth will be verified. His Ancestral case and history has been checked and also verified, as we also did, to determine that YR has a truthful and bona fide case. One of so many more unfortunate trusting US Hegemony victims. Like the other 4,500+ looted Elders accounts, all are victims. All trusted the US, and all paid. Ask the Native Americans about Hegemony?

The bad news for the US FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) is that China will soon become a partial Benefactor and they will be served with the biggest Chinese Redemption Marker you ever conceived. Those are Chinese Ancestral Assets they STOLE! Their secrets will not stay buried.

These assets, if correctly used, can rebuild America, Asia and Europe. Where have these vast funds been going to because None met the Elders Ethos. We need to free them up and Feed Need not Greed!

Payback time is coming. Why has Mr Riyadi never been been paid? Why keep renewing his contracts if not correct? Where have the vast profits gone? We could so much have helped America and the world. Mr Riyadi, from the heart, will assist nations and good causes once we unlock the claws of these Pariahs. What you will see will show you your Deep State. We need President Trump to Deep 6 the lot! Clean the Swamp! Let’s get America working again. Redeem Trust and Repay Mr Riyadi!

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/our-last-stand-report-9-exposing-biggest-fraud-on-earth.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+OneWorldOfNations+%28One+World+of+Nations%29

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  1. OWoN:

    A brief but REAL interlude.

    It’s very sensitive right now, but economic good news really is pending.

    So many parties are well advanced on Cryptos, so with the value of experience now, if readers were suddenly able to take a small c$2.5K gamble on Cryptos, what would good advice be for them, including how to start up. There just “May” be PPs imminent which could mass help a lot of people. (No more on that yet!).

    But if a Ray of Sunshine not Nukes breaks?

    Let’s cross share ideas to help all. Suggestions please for all readers?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/04/active-comment-section-11-april-2018.html?showComment=1523691203780#c5408353302079765555
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    1. Litecoin has potential as a big mover in the cryptocurrencies; I also see populous with real world applications in the business sector.


      1. I did and usually it’s difficult for me to decifer j’s updates. Had to read it a few times.

        Tony – I’m so grateful to you – I own cryptos now and I feel good about my holdings. Been busy educating myself.


    1. Well, much to the dismay and confusion of the msm whores, the talking heads, and the politicos, that de-escalated quicly… kind of like a reverse shock and awe.

      Maybe, for the first time, we can finally trust the plan.


  2. With the passing of another week the watchword remains, “By the hour, each day”.

    The phrase “by the hour” simply means “each hour”. We take this to mean that the process of release is being negotiated, worked on, debated, discusses, deliberated, fought over, each hour of every day. Just what this means in terms of how many more hours/days/months/years until tangible results appear is not really known.

    But, nonetheless, we are told to check in every day, so we will watch – every day.

    As nuclear armed nations position their navies in anticipation of a possible high tech version of Jutland, Part II, I have to once again repeat my suggestion to be ready for anything, including getting nuked.

    I am not surprised that hidden banking cartel weevils have, once again, succeeded in having their store-front dummies in the political class snap to attention, click their heels and say “Zu befehl!”. And how about that timing? Just when the news of settlements is “by the hour”. Oh, the humanity!

    They say music hath charms that soothe the savage beast. Well, perhaps that theory is correct. Leslie Mills certainly can charm me, anytime. I knew I should have carried on with my piano lessons in grade school.

    Have a good weekend.

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    1. I wonder if they will show this on the evening news in the US and UK?

      Is there anything these wretched finacial/political cartels won’t do to fan the blood lust that they live on?


  3. Hi tony

    J said in a recent post at OWon that PPs are by the hour. He has said this many times for a long time now. What do you think it means to be by the hour and yet go weeks at a time with not resolving? Just curious.


    1. I know what you mean. It seems almost counter intuitive to think that the release of the major currency PPs are “by the hour”, yet weeks go by and it’s still “by the hour”.

      I think what this means is that the issues, insofar as the large private currency PPs are concerned, are so well advanced that each hour is a window of expectation for such to commence. Much more is going on to which we cannot be apprised of, so we are left to speculate on this.

      Think of it as a wife in labor. It’s only a matter of hours before the joyful event.

      I don’t know how far behind this move the public chances will be, so be ready in case.

      Hope those hands are holding up.

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    1. Wow, a sigh of relief. I thought that there was going to be a delay due to the Syria crisis. I also hope cool heads prevail and that they can stop that catastrophe.


      1. I sincerely believe that neither Trump or Putin want to be remembered in the records of whatever would remain of the Internet, for destroying most of the industrialized world, over Syria. If such were the goal, they would have eagerly pushed the button long ago.

        Someone else is backing the fight; hiding in the shadows, rubbing their little hands together just hoping and wishing for the missiles to start flying. They are the same party that is most likely funding the rebels. If we could get the USA and Russia to discover that party and go after such, it would be intelligent.

        Rebel armies have to have funding. Weapons are expensive. Transportation is expensive. Feeding, clothing, training and maintaining forces is expensive. Who is paying? How? Where is the investigation into that?

        I will tell you why there is no serious investigation. Because the bodies responsible for digging into such are owned by the same that own the media who won’t report on it. International banking cartels.

        This is not new. The twice destruction of Europe in the last century, and every major conflict since had the backing and urging of this clique. All waring parties are backed by funding.

        Syria has its own state run central bank.

        Syria has no IMF debt.

        Syria has banned GMO seeds.

        Syria has oil and gas reserves.

        Syria has stopped using the USD.

        Syria does not engage in extreme usury.

        I seem to remember another country that had similar economic platforms that flew in the face of international banking interests, which had their hooks in nearly every country that eventually declared war on it, despite it having never fired a shot in their direction.

        Very little has changed. And very little will, as long as we run our civilization based on 1) Politics, and 2) Monetary systems.

        Until we rid ourselves of such, we will never have a world without war.

        I look forward to the RV/GCR for one reason only – speeding the technological development along all fronts to accomplish the establishment of a resource based economy. This is for future generations to enjoy and to fully establish. We will either pass to them this ability, or a planet glowing white with cobalt radiation.

        Having these new, fresh funds put to work in vital sectors absent that of war production and usury will advance scientific research markedly. This will result in more and more automation, which will advance the notion among the people of earth that human labor for money/survival is obsolete. That’s bad news for bankers. It’s great news for mankind.

        Now, we just have to hope that the international hyenas that are fanning the war flames don’t succeed in pushing things too far.

        In closing, it always amused me that people thought the outcome in WW2 was a victory for world peace. “Millions more would have died!!!”, is the cry.

        To which I always say – “You idiots. Millions more DID DIE after that war concluded, despite the victors”.

        The bankers emerged victorious. And to this day, their work continues, because we fought to keep them in power, while they instead convinced us all that we fought to save ourselves from some other bogeyman quietly backed by the same bankers.

        Little has changed, and little will, unless we pull out by the roots the very causes of what keeps us from advancing past the maintaining of international financial cartels and political classes on the face of Earth.

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        1. You wrote:

          “The bankers emerged victorious. And to this day, their work continues, because we fought to keep them in power, while they instead convinced us all that we fought to save ourselves from some other bogeyman quietly backed by the same bankers.”

          While I’m not disputing your claim that the bankers emerged victorious, I am left wondering if you really meant to imply that Hitler, Nazi Germany, and their allies should have been left alone?


          1. I sincerely believe that the loss of 50,000,000 people (including the Jews), the destruction of Europe, the loss of c200,000 US soldiers, countless resources, countless recorded and unknown war crimes by all parties, could have been avoided had Britain and France not been urged to declare war by financial interests, and not the clamor of their citizenry, which did NOT want war, and had not suffered one bullet in their direction up to that time.

            What was the benefit of it?

            Let’s say they had been left alone.

            No “holocaust”.

            No expansion of communism.

            No destruction of Europe.

            British Empire left intact. (Bankrupted instead)

            Instead? We partnered with a Communist leader who had 50,000,000 dead on his hands, started a war which killed 50,000,000 more, to wind up with communism expansion and 50 more years of wars brought on by international banking cartels which started WW II.

            It was a senseless and needless war, as are all wars.

            Had we left Germany alone, they may have easily done away with Communism in Europe and Asia, sent the German, Polish and Russian Jews to Madagascar (No Israel in Palestine), saved countless lives and destruction, kept intact the British Empire, probably no Korean War, Vietnamese War, Middle East wars, no arms race, etc.

            50,000,000 dead Europeans and the countless loss of life in subsequent wars is no prize for human kind to gloat over, and it certainly is not the outcome that would have taken place if communism and banking interests did not enjoy the unprecedented expansion they did once their victory in WW II was complete.

            Whatever course would have resulted in the least amount of death, destruction and suffering, and least amount of profit for international banking interests, would have been the best course.

            I will leave it to you to decide if the best course was taken. I have already come to my conclusions, and am comfortable in it, and don’t hide it one bit. It would be immensely hypocritical for me to, on one hand, say we were right to fight that war, and on the other, to say I am against financial war mongering. Notwithstanding what I wrote above, I hope that point is very clear.

            Thanks for your question.

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  5. I just came across the following video put together by the American Intelligence Media which echoes Dave who publishes x22 report.
    I need to go back and listen to it again because Thomas mentions the mechanics of the gold backing of the US Dollar towards the end of this video.

    “Published on Apr 6, 2018
    “Betsy and Thomas answer questions from Ron, Maggie, Richard and Martin. These included topics about the world trade organization, the Second American Revolution, chemtrails, glyphosates, and Senior Executive Service.
    Here is the link to the ASCEND diet: http://www.ourspirit.com/ascension-diet
    I have been following the x22 report for about a year, and “Dave” gives optimistic views for our current and future horizon. I recommend listening to his reports by visiting the following site, rather than finding them in the YouTube versions because what he publishes in YouTube are edited to prevent the censorship.
    I know it is difficult to wait and hope for the best because I am in the same shoe as everyone here, but I feel we are in good hands. Like what Lindsey William said “God intervened!”, the words that came out of his Elitist contact who most likely worships Satan.
    In the meantime, I try to remember the actions I should take today, and for now, I have to finish my taxes, yikes!


  6. Hi Tony, Iraq has stated it will not RV until after their elections in May. With what is going on in Syria with possible conflict it looks like nothing will take place with RV until a much later date, if so we need to be told to stand down. We have been on a daily watch for some time. Thank you for all you and J ,WHA have done for us.


    1. Hi,

      If you could link to your source on the Iraqi statement, it would help very much.

      At present, we have not been told about any specific Syrian related delays for the RV.

      Yes, we have been on a daily watch for a while, and until we are told otherwise, that’s where we will remain. In the past, when it has been determined that delays were ahead, we were immediately, and without any hesitation, informed of them.

      Thanks for checking in.


  7. Tony – is ripple considered an alt coin? It’s third in the top 5. I read some very positive news on ripple but also read that it’s the banksters coin.

    I have a couple of alt coins and wanting to add a few more.

    Also, for people who live in a state that is hostile to crypto currencies like the state I live in, uphold.com is great. It is the only place I could link my bank account to. I think it’s because I am not directly buying cryptos. I linked my bank account to their usd card and then I can transfer those funds to various cryptos and currencies including gold and silver.



    1. All coins other than BTC are considered alt coins, mineable or not.

      The reason some call it a “bankster coin” is because XRP is vying for the top job of becoming the top payment processing platform for institutional banking. Don’t sweat the banking coin issue. It’s actually a positive for its particular application and value.

      Read more about it at http://www.ripple.com. Ripple is gaining in popularity and usage.


      1. Thanks tony – my gut feeling was telling me to buy and usually a womens gut instincts are pretty accurate. Lol

        I also value your opinion – you are way smarter then me.

        Uphold just launched ripple so I can purchase it there. I also read that exodus will be adding ripple soon.


        1. Not sure I would assume I am smarter.

          Had I acted on these a year sooner, many of you may have as well, and could have created quite a personal RV. I am just not as quick on my feet as I used to be.

          Thankfully, the best is yet to come, in my opinion.


          1. You have done so much for us. I am so thankful for the WHA. ❤️

            This should get your feet moving quicker – High times tony! Very exciting times we live in.

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        2. Just added two beaten down blue chip cryptos to my own portfolio: FACTOM and NEO.

          Live long and prosper fellow crypto champions !!!


    2. A. Johnson. It is wonderful that you found this work around for buying cryptos. I also have something that may help people here:

      Got this from a conference call for buying bitcoin:

      Some advice for those living in these more difficult states for buying Bitcoin.

      Hawaii is one of the toughest states and Bitstamp is recommended for purchases by Hawaiians.

      Arizona and Washington has Coinbase as a good option since it is licensed to do business in those states.

      For Minnesota and Wyoming use Gemini for purchases.

      Let freedom reign !!!


      1. Thanks other Andrew – I am aware of bitsramp but you have to wire transfer funds to purchase. Hawaiians can be like normal people now by using uphold.
        Wire transfer fees are ridiculous but with uphold its free.


  8. Hi Tony. Have you ever considered a chat room here? Just curious.

    Also I have gone over my list of alt coins and I am forecasting that if they perform in the next year or so as I think, I will have six figures plus at cash out. I will cash out to USD right away so taxes wont be a problem as I will send a quarterly payment right away.

    I cant believe my life has changed since being here. So much thanks I owe. I am glad I saw the light. Congratulations on 3,000,000 visits so far! Your pal C.


    1. Hi Concord,

      I explored the possible usefulness of a chat room, but decided against it for several reasons. First, a room like that has to be moderated, and I cannot do so 24/7. I would have to appoint moderators and that would mean having to manage them as well. Additionally, my relationship with our WH contact, and by extension, our friend in London, is based on a link that I wanted to keep unfettered by the idea that “others could be in the loop”. In our case, a party of one, me, fully accountable to maintain our good status with our WH friends, was the best and most secure option to maintain that status. If we lose it, then it’s on my head and nobody else’s.

      I am happy to say that my calls are still taken by our WH contact, and our relationship is terrific. That would not be the case if I turned this blog into a bawdy house of opportunists and sought ways to line my pockets at our reader’s expense.

      Good job on the alt coin portfolio! Taxes should never be a problem, since most coins exit into BTC as a sort of reserve coin, which are liquid for USD set asides right at the time of sale for tax reserves not subject to fluctuation.

      You have certainly come a long way since you arrived here, and I appreciate your sharing this with us. Many others are following now, so come end of year, if absent any RV, I hope to have many more such success stories to post here on this interesting side venture.

      I honestly didn’t notice the 3,000,000th visit mark. What an adventure. Thank you for the kind words on that. If we could get all people who are donating to dinar sites, seminar pitchmen, and bug zappers to put that money into their own modest alt portfolios, these sideshow opportunists would vanish, and a few years from now, lives could possibly really be impacted in ways that guru promises have not delivered.

      Stay industrious my friend.

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        1. You have quite a selection – thank you for sharing your holdings. I own a few on your list and have been eyeing a few others you have. One of them is cardano.

          Have a nice evening.


  9. Tony, I recently found a GAB site by one named “Blinding Light”. Today he/she posted a link to the Paladin YouTube site. It looks like the site is sitting there waiting for content from Paladin. Paladin has surely told us about this someplace else and I can’t remember where. But I wanted to share this with you as we watch for more uncoverings to happen. Sheesh, there is just so much info to follow lately, it is hard to remember where it all is. Thank you helping all of us put the pieces together.

    Have you heard from the White Hats that they have any new reports coming out? I just want to make sure I’m not missing a source that is important.

    Here’s the Blinding Light post:

    blinding light @blindinglightshines PRO
    44 minutes · edited


    The White Hats Team Leader is going to be making this youtube channel a new source of investigative information drops! Make sure and drop in on this site and subscribe and ring the bell for notifications. I will see you there!



  10. Hello Tony , I am a avid follower of white hats auxiliary and OWoN I have a question for you I would like to know the name of that water purifier that you had purchased I tried to find it I couldn’t find the model number and the brand name ,, thank you so much I appreciate your time I know it’s a little off topic but I know you are all doing a wonderful job behind the scenes I follow you several times a day 24/7 we’re almost there thank you


    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your kind remarks and I am glad you are finding your visits here valuable.

      Oh I hope this adventure is ready to conclude. So much is waiting to be done, and I know the good people working on it all are stretching their energies to the maximum.

      The water distiller I use is the H20 Labs Model 300SS.


      Stay thirsty my friend.


  11. Another week comes to a close.

    As best I can tell, the present situation remains unchanged.

    Until further notice, the TRN is considered imminent.

    Until further notice, be sure to check in daily.

    Until further notice, be prepared to act swiftly and completely once obvious rate changes have been observed. (And until further notice, the ZIM is considered a bust and wont pay off to the man on the street. What you do with any ZIM you may hold is your choice).

    Until further notice, as much pre-advice as possible will be sent to us, but is not guaranteed.

    We expect that if anything concerning the above requires a significant change in status, it will be conveyed to us.

    Don’t take the quiet posture to mean nothing is happening. A lot is, but it is not proper to detail it in public. I do hope we will soon see visible results that will work out for the best for all.

    On another tangent, I have received e-mails from several of you who have started to accumulate crypto currency positions, and so far the details being sent to me indicate that you are all taking the proper precautions to not use critical funds, and to keep your positions small, or relative to your ability to sustain a palatable loss if it should come to that. If you select well and buy value, then RV or none, you stand a good chance of advancing your capital, perhaps significantly, within a relatively short time.

    If the SEC should green light BTC ETFs, then holding it will be as easy as doing so through your Wall St account. That can only mean more capital inflow by people who otherwise were not technically inclined to feel comfortable in doing so previously. Combine that with the limited amount of BTC, which falls short of expected future demand, and you can perhaps see where that is going to lead.

    There are other such angles, too numerous to spell out here, that point to an almighty future influx of capital into this new frontier of technical advancement. For now, volatility will rule. Be aware of that. Counter it by proper position and usage of non critical funds. Remember that this particular asset class is still drastically small compared to others – for now. But that is most likely going to change. However you should choose to partake, good luck!

    Change is coming. Be ready for anything, and if you can experience anything that comes your way, you are truly in good shape and capable of anything you put your mind to.

    To close our week, Chloe Lowrey is here to remind us that change is not always pleasant, but it is always necessary.

    Have a good weekend and thank you for your support.

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    1. Good morning tony! I came across this video video today. I never listen to this type of videos or follow gurus but I was bored and decided to hear what he had to say.

      About the five min mark Seems to confirm what J said about no public payouts for the zim. Not that I needed a confirmation. I just thought it was interesting.

      Apparently, he has a “contact” who told him that many of the currencies some of us hold are listed in a “bank memo” and the zim was not listed. Something to that effect.

      Have a beautiful day!


      1. While I can’t speak to who these people are or who they are connected with, I am glad to see they have adopted a no donations platform and appear to not be playing some angle to skim funds by offering things for a price via a seminar that are freely available on the Internet.

        We will see if they evolve into a click for cash site once their audience is large enough. This tends to happen.

        Thanks for sharing, and feel free to share any interesting developments with their effort.


        1. I agree – only reason I was able to listen to the whole video. I have never joined chat rooms etc but I’m going to sign up with this group.

          They seem to be different than the others.


  12. Hi Tony, a timely reminder for coin traders..

    “I Just Discovered I Owe The IRS $50,000 I Don’t Have, Because I Traded Cryptos”

    A Reddit user who was “surprised” to learn he owed the IRS roughly $50,000 from his crypto-trading profits – money that he had not set aside when he cashed out his bitcoins at the height of the boom – complained in a viral post that crypto trading “ruined his life.”

    The alleged trader, who uses the screenname Thoway, explained that he bought eight bitcoins for $7,200 in January 2017 then cashed them out in December for about $120,000. Here’s the catch: his altcoin investments quickly sunk, eating away most of his bitcoin profits. But unbeknownst to him, by selling his bitcoin, Thoway had inadvertently triggered a “taxable event”.



      1. Would the possibility of the SEC greenlighting BTC ETFs, as you mentioned in an another post, have any effect on the “taxable event” issue? From what I’ve read, the IRS is now demanding that every single cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trade be treated as a taxable event. I am trying to wrap my head around how anyone who does even a medium amount of trading is going to be able to document every single trade to the IRS – it seems a bit overwhelmingly complicated. Whereas if it only had to be counted when it was converted to fiat, that would be quite simple. I’m just wondering if the ETFs would somehow be able to simplify or have any effect on that process?


        1. I think the matter will have to be settled once and for all in the presence of a green lighted BTC ETF.

          It will be, I think, for the SEC and IRS to finalize their decision, and I am sure they will. So, I think your wondering about a simplification of it may be on the right tack.

          Money changes everything.


  13. Hi tony – since it’s been so quiet, I thought I would post this video. It’s based on astrology. He said markets may close during the last week of April due to panic selling and more. Very interesting stuff.



    1. I neglected to put the title with the video I just posted. Thanks

      Tony – if you think this is too out there to post on your site. I understand.


      1. Hi,

        Not a problem to post this.

        I review content on a case by case basis and most of what is posted is fine. While WHA is not a democracy, it’s certainly not an out and out dictatorship either. The TOS here are pretty much what I feel is best for the purposes we even have this blog. So, when in doubt, just post. I will then post, or not and explain why not. Easy.


  14. According to someone who follows the path of the dinar quite closely: the new rate isn’t in the Iraq 2018 budget. If that is true, then are we looking at kicking the can down the road again? I sure hope not.


    1. Got some updated info pertaining to what I posted above: Not to worry about the higher rate not being in the 2018 budget: There is a mechanism in place to change the rate if the program rate is in the budget, which it is. Leave the budget alone. but instead watch for the second article to come out in days or hours. We are waiting to see the rate change come out in the second article. This is how I understand it.


  15. I know many of you follow Q anon. I saw this post tonight, and while I don’t know who Q is, nor do I really have any idea if this relates to anything we watch here, it is certainly intriguing regardless of what it may be about.

    Q Apr 04 2018 21:45:45

    POTUS will be up all night.
    Watch the news tomorrow.

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    1. Jerome Corsi on Twitter has a link to the decoding of the drops today. On YouTube CBTS_STREAM they are running a 24/7 watch and decode for Q posts. Mr Corsi comes onto the chat along with other moderators and breaks each post down.

      Other anon posts on 8chan are brought in for reference. The Great Awakening board is no longer used by Q

      qanon.pub is a concise site that pulls in the Q posts.


    2. OMG! I’m finally able to sign-in again from my tablet!!! For some reason (probably my own technical ineptitude) I haven’t been able to for the past few months. Of course, I could still read everything, I just couldn’t comment (or even ‘like’ anything) unless I was sitting at my desktop… hard to do being on the go a lot right now. Now Tony, you may not be as excited as I am, LOL, but I am so excited!

      Anyway, I am really enjoying the Q saga. He sure seems to be opening a lot of eyes. People are really researching and the veil is being lifted and I think as things continue to unfold, we’ll see that it’s all related. I love to see you and others here following his posts so closely too. Where we go one, we go all.

      Sigh… it feels so good to be completely plugged in here again.


      1. Welcome back! I understand what it’s like to be “on the go”. I am rather new to the Q thing, but I enjoy watching people try to interpret it all.

        Being that we have been told President Trump is to announce the TRN, I thought maybe that was the issue Q was referring to. I guess we will see.

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    3. Thank you Tony for posting this from Q anon. If you do see anything else in the future that may relate to what we are doing on this forum, I am looking forward to your posts in the future. Thank you for all that you do here.


  16. Some really encouraging news from our friend at…

    I am redacting this post. Too much guru blather, and I don’t wish to provide any advertising on my dime to any site that is dispensing this kind of thing while mixing advertising of their business and products along with guru intel. -WHA


  17. Please be aware that there are many Jews both inside and outside Israel who oppose the Israeli government’s actions against the people in Gaza.

    From a Jewish website site Tikkun:
    “We at Tikkun are in mourning for the seventeen Palestinians killed and hundreds wounded by the Israeli army on the eve of Passover. We are outraged by the use of violence and force by the Israeli soldiers who faced no threat to their safety or to the security of the State of Israel (though there were a handful of violent provocateurs among the thousands of nonviolent Gazans who came to the border with Israel to protest the ongoing blockade that has caused incredible suffering and many deaths among those living in this tiny area of mostly Palestinian refugees).

    We are also once again grieving for a Judaism that is being trampled on by those Jewish leaders who turn a blind eye to the brutality orchestrated by the Israeli army and justified by the Israeli government.

    Hundreds March in Tel Aviv in Solidarity With Gaza Following Deadly Protests


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    1. Mary, that is why I am against anyone using the word “Jews” to describe a cabal element or a smaller group that may not support the views of many other Jews. When someone wants to describe who they are talking about they should not use the word “Jews” but be much more precise in the words they select for description. I for one am tired of anti-semitic language especially from those who should be wiser because they are older and even if the person using it claims they are not aware of what they are doing….


  18. OWoN:

    Q: Quite some time ago you had stated the VND RV can go at any time and is up to china entirely AND is not related to PP, RMB, etc. Is this still the case? And, is the final hold up of the VND RV the tax rate?

    A: All RV issues are concluded in progressive play and l can’t indicate more. Fine tuning now is key and agency plus bankers games.

    Q: Could you please explain to us what H.R.5404 means? [To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold. 115th Congress (2017-2018)] says they will implement 30 months after passing the bill? Full disclosure? etc?

    A: They will organize themselves to gear dollars to link to gold values for first TRNs then later internal dollar values if it survives.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-30-march-2018.html?showComment=1522640595852#c2622398285119479543
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  19. After reading these two posts below, I have a question or two: We have heard from OWON that the TRNS are progressing well. I was also under the impression that the TRNS will be gold-backed, but after reading both posts below I am wondering how OWON could say that “talk of gold backing for USD is premature. It would have to be ground reserves. The US holds no such Bullion levels.”

    Are the TRNS that are progressing well going to be nothing more than toilet paper…. a sham fiat currency with no real gold backing? Are these the TRNS that are “progressing well”? How can these save the U.S. currency from crumbling?

    Also, the person who submitted that bill in post two below, must not be aware that the U.S. has no above ground gold. If he did he would know that none is available for gold-backing of the U.S. currency.

    But of course the Chinese Elders could provide the gold for TRN backing, right? I have heard of that possibility.

    Any replies to my questions will be appreciated.



    SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2018 AT 11:03:00 AM MDT

    ….Foreign operations don’t need to buy Petro Dollars, its perception of value is in question. Talk of Gold backing for USD is premature. It would have to be ground reserves. The US holds no such Bullion levels.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-30-march-2018.html?showComment=1522593283409#c9162347254930253641
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved



    You all need to be aware of what is happening with the new Gold standard backing.

    H.R.5404 – To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/5404/text

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-30-march-2018.html?showComment=1522593283409#c9162347254930253641
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved



      1. TOA, some additional comments here. I read that Bill, which is still in committee and is not law just yet.

        I trust you read the latest comments from London concerning it, posted above. The Bill itself says nothing about a TRN, yet we understand that the TRN will be metals backed, which I believe means simply fixed to the price of gold based on whatever is set by law. The Bill concerns the current USD.

        Let’s be careful in our understanding, and not carry the meaning of this Bill beyond its language in the simplest terms. The Bill seeks to simply “define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold”. This, to me, means to assign it a value based on the price of gold, with so many dollars to the ounce. In other words, it sets an exchange rate.

        The last section states, in part, “…the United States Government shall take timely and reasonable steps to disclose all of its holdings of gold, together with a contemporaneous report of any United States governmental purchases or sales, thus enhancing the ability of the market and of market participants to arrive at the fixed dollar-gold parity in an orderly fashion.”

        This section deals with requiring full disclosure of whatever gold holdings and gold dealings it is engaging in for the purposes of arriving at the desired rate of exchange.

        I see nothing in the Bill that calls for the redeeming of USD into gold on demand by deposit holders. Setting an exchange rate is one thing. Redeeming, quite another.

        Therefore, the issue of how much gold our country has, whether above ground, below ground, or on the Moon for that matter, it not at the moment a concern, because demands are not addressed in the Bill. Only setting the rate of exchange is. And the purpose of that is to prevent the mass overprinting and inflationary practices of the Fed.

        For our sake, the RELEASE of the TRN is vital, as I understand it, to seeing the events we all watch for proceed to whatever end result they are intended to.

        That’s how I see it.

        Additionally, it is well known that I have always encouraged people to not be too concerned with becoming GCR theory junkies. There is no tangible reward in it. It’s best to let the BSD’s deal with the machinations and mechanics of that, as we have no say in it, and are subject to whatever comes down the pike.

        Further, we are not privy to all information, and that will most assuredly handicap our ability to arrive at a reliable end state of certainty on all this. It’s a geek’s pursuit at best.

        We have been, and hopefully will continue to be briefed on important events relevant to preparing for it all, such as warnings of devaluations, increases in metals prices, to be quick when exchanging, etc. That truly has value, and we are very fortunate to have such assistance. But, the technical mechanics of it are pretty useless in applicability to your immediate survival.

        Just be ready for anything.


  20. Russia Claims Skripal Poisoning Was Staged By UK Intelligence

    “…The UK still hasn’t explained why out of the myriad of ways to kill a human being, Russia would use Novichok – certainly knowing it would directly implicate them in Skripal’s death…”



    1. Yea, I seem to remember pointing out that very same thing a few days ago here, re: using Novichok would clearly implicate the Russians.

      While I am not sure it was UK Intelligence that did this, I would bet that whoever it was is sitting in the shadows, rubbing their little hands together and saying, “Come on, fight, fight, fight, he he he he”.

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  21. OWoN:

    The fact that OWON is telling you to keep faith and watch is all we can say.

    Unlike wild Blogs, what we don’t say is all important. A LOT is in play right now, and only AFTER it’s done can we say anything.

    Many are focused on it. Let all issues play out. It can not go public.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-30-march-2018.html?showComment=1522593283409#c9162347254930253641
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  22. Tony,
    Do you think the decline in the cryptocurrency markets could be related to the RV? Just trying to wrap my head around the continued mess in the crypto markets.


    1. Hi Tammy, and happy Easter Sunday.

      I don’t think there is any direct relationship of the current market cap decline in cryptos to the hoped for RV.

      Don’t think of the price declines as “a mess”. BTC is still up over 496% for the year. Many others key ones are up similarly. The vast majority of them are scams, with very little utility or potential roles to play in the future for which demand will be created, and is being created.

      The fact that you used “a mess” to describe this market sector is just how some very powerful market news propagandists wanted you to conclude. I have seen these moves play out time and time again; in the commodity markets, the tech sector, the energy sector and so on. There was no “RV” pending then.

      This is distinctly apart from the expected devaluation in purchasing power of the US dollar, and drop off in equities that has been forecasted by our insider friends, and which I believe will happen.

      Remember the tech boom of the 90’s which had people getting rich on .12 stocks that went to $150? Preceding these gains, the markets gyrated wildly up hundreds of percent, and then down again before ultimately reaching highs that nobody on the street imagined would ever happen. Not everyone had the staying power to enjoy those returns because they imprudently invested above their means, and reacted to specific pressures, fear and spousal threats to cut off consortium, or related parts thereof. Weak money had to leave, and insiders who knew the value of what they held while others sold off based on emotions, picked up those shares and got rich.

      It’s simply weak money leaving, and strong hands acquiring. It’s a pattern. Once you learn it, the key to fortunes is placed in your hands. You suddenly can become a silent partner with those who guide the feelings and control the level of fear in others. In this case of this market, you can see it in the myriad of news releases which write of “government crackdowns”, “increased regulation”, “Google, Twitter, banning ads”, etc. This, with real world events, such as the Facebock sell off, have combined to create panic in those who cannot stomach it any longer.

      In the background, the quiet acquisition continues by strong hands who have staying power and know what is coming.

      The small investor can utilize the same staying power by not overplaying one’s hand. Position size is very important in new speculative markets, especially in a market that achieved a 600B market cap with little regulation, and with many offerings that were jokes on their face.

      Regulation and custodial implementations are not a bad thing in the end. The c1T in new funds waiting to enter this market wont do so in large numbers without recognition and oversight by bondable parties. This is being done, and those that know it are enjoying a buyers market. Those that bought early, and did so prudently, can hold, and are holding. Those that didn’t, are panicking.

      In my experience, position size is senior to all. It’s then a matter of holding to the last. No fear of “losing it all” should ever be a part of your position. That’s where a lot of people went wrong. They treat their speculative portfolios like crap tables on which they have bet their last dollar.

      Don’t worry about “why”. They “whys” are often “lies”. Look for value. Acquire to your safely level, and let the world squawk like a bunch of sick chickens while you go about your business safe in the knowledge that win or lose, you will sleep well either way.

      In the past I told people to watch for news and price action that will be highly discouraging. We see it now.

      For BTC, we see a possibly double bottom forming on the daily chart. It’s from such a formation that a rise is safely constructed, perhaps even after a third bottoming, even better. Form a strategic, long term view, and do not be concerned with short term gyrations. Leave that to the coke head gamblers who dream of quick hits, and frequent Winchell’s Donuts at 3 am to commiserate with other sleepless gamblers.

      No matter what happens, the above is how I personally play in speculative markets. I will never vary from this pattern, nor will I ever deviate from my belief in it because the charts show the results of proper position size, patience, and the acquisition of value vs. the buying of junk.

      Sorry for the wordy reply. Good luck, and good fortune!

      Audentes Fortuna Juvat

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      1. Thank you so much Tony! I’ve been trying not to get emotional about the cryptocurrencies, but have not been successful. My head is full of the possibilities with populous, veritasium, etc. When I see the coins dropping so much- it is like my future is at stake. I see these coins/technology as the bridge to a brighter, enlightened future.

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        1. Tony, also thank you for describing how I should view my investment in the crypto’s. I have always been a conservative investor in the past; the crypto’s are my first venture into a speculative market (so I get emotional).

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          1. Don’t worry about emotions. Keep them at bay by keeping your positions within reason, and not with money that is critical to your mental outlook or day to day needs.

            Let me share my personal story on speculations.

            I started my speculative career in commodities. In those days, that was the place to gamble. The margin requirements were very high, but I was single and had no expenses other than my own personal life. I had a neighbor who was a broker with Sherson/Lehman, and he helped me with reference material on how to trade, margin requirements, and set me up with a broker.

            It’s been a long time, but I think margin to get into a contract of wheat was around $1400, with unlimited downside risk. This means that if the position went against me, I was on the hook to provide additional funds to keep the position, or they would sell it and bill me for any difference. Upside was unlimited as well. In those days I was clearing about $500 a week, so I was betting three weeks pay at a time on these contracts.

            I let my emotions get to me, and sure enough, the markets ate my brains, month after month. I then realized that I needed more study. It was then that I found the right material and switched from a quick buck pirate to being a long term strategist. That made all the difference.

            I found my way into a lumber contract, based on observing a long period of sideways market action and bought a few contracts, and also some put options to cover my downside risk and not use any stops, which was my bete noire, having caused me to continually lose while market gyrations took effect and cleaned out weak positions like mine were at that time.

            Well, this time, I positioned myself to hold on. It cost me more, but I was not going to leave that market without either a break even or gain. As luck would have it, there was a huge storm in the pacific northwest that year that caused flooding that prevented the lumber harvest schedules. The market went lock limit up (the highest price movement allowed per day) for two weeks. I could not get out of the positions. Nor did I really want to. Nobody was selling. So nobody was buying. Then, the news improved, and the market went lock limit down for several days. I was sweating, but still well in good. I bought more put options for insurance with a higher strike price, to lock in profits, but paid dearly for them – a mistake. The market then reversed lock limit up for another week, and finally my sell order found a buyer, and I was out with better than $17,000 in gains after all costs. It was better than sex.

            Lesson learned. Don’t try to be a quick buck artist. The market will come alive and lock radar on you and you wont escape. Speculative positions should, by and large, be long term in nature, and with well measured risk, and well researched thought.

            I then shifted to coffee, after seeing the same exact pattern that lumber had taken. The margin requirements were around $3750. I bought a few contracts, and also protected them with options. The position went against me for almost two weeks, and those options kept my account from a margin call. A few more weeks went by and I sold the options (dumb idea), while I kept my contracts, and kept the cash on account. Luckily, the market took off in the right direction and I cleared $75,000 after all was said and done about three months later. It was better than sex with two girls.

            I was hooked, and set to task on doing the same thing with other instruments, such as stock options and eventually currency futures as well. Losers were certainly part of the game, but they were always within my tolerance. When I pushed my luck, the market ate my brains.

            Today, you can get even better potential without the margin calls, without the large contract prices, without worrying about expiry dates, option prices, snotty brokers, subscription costs, unlimited risk potential, etc. You will still have to work hard at research, and consider the new industry factors that will carry risk of sometimes unknown nature. But, again position size is key to keeping yourself intact and ready to fight another day.

            Early investors in NEO saw $500 turn into $150,000, even after the position went against them by 70% early on. You can bet many bailed out at that point because they overplayed their hands. Early investors in ETH saw $5000 turn into $1,300,000 in a few years when ETH hit its recent high of $1300 plus.

            And on and on, in a market that was yet to be regulated.

            Now, with regulation on the horizon, and c$400M alone being invested in Poloniex towards proper oversight and custodial management of funds, c1T in funds are marshaling to enter the fray. With new ways of distributing contracts, transaction funds, manage records, maintain client integrity and make transparent international transactions, etc., the new way of doing things on this frontier is bound to make many wealthy in the process, as needs are filled.

            It’s never been easier to stake a claim with spare dollars, and potentially create your own RV without having to hold a dong.

            Good luck, good fortune, and never quit learning!

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            1. Tony, my goodness! Thank you so much! I have re-read everything at least five times- you have given me a wealth of information and personal insight!

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        2. Hi Tammy. While I cannot give individual investment advice, and certainly not without knowing what you put in, and to what, my general recommendation is to not bail on your current positions.

          I cannot speak to your choices of coins, which is indeed key, but if you feel you have researched them to the proper depth, and have a full knowledge of just what value they will bring to the marketplace, then hold. There is no benefit in bailing at a loss with such a small placement (assuming you didn’t bet your entire cash holdings).

          I don’t hold either of those coins, and know nothing about them, so I hope they are quality in both filling critical needs and important applications.

          We are going to be in for more volatility for a while longer. So, hang on. Summer will see a congeries of industry bigwigs and venture capital inflows that will certainly have an impact. Just how much I can’t say, but I doubt very much that the entire industry will die off and amount to zero.

          Good luck!

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          1. Tony, again- Thank you! I feel much better and will learn to tame my emotions. I have researched my coins and feel confident to hold on for the duration.

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  23. Hello again. Tony I wanted to wish you a happy Easter weekend and to thank you again for your effort here. When you consider the tremendous amount of posts this far one can appreciate your time invested here and for no financial gain on your part in terms of charging or asking for donations. For that you are to be commended.

    Your post on Germany prompted me to also say the following. I had noticed some many posts back that you had mentioned reading “Hitler’s War” by David Irving, to get a more firm understanding on the causes for the conflict which became WW2. I have just finished the book, the 2nd edition. All I can say is wow. The perspective in that book is very unique and reflects the authors tremendous efforts to research archives and personal diaries of participants, rather than copy the works of academics who have copied each other, writing the same things but in varying shape to arrive at the same conclusions. The archival research done by Mr. Irving simply shakes up the landscape and shatters the molds with the pure light of truths which are bitter to those who dont want to lose their tenure at the university.

    I am hooked, changed forever. The college textbook learning I received on that conflict is erased now and replaced with a clearer view, as if I were there and recorded it all by myself as a participant. I dont have to accept some teachers regurgitated narrative. And just to be clear, I didn’t come away from the reading of this book with greater love for Nazis or such as some have criticized me would have happened. Instead, I see the entire thing now as a complete failure of all participants to head off the calamity that occurred so that certain parties could retain their power. To this day we see that as the goal of all wars. There is someone in the wings waiting to gain when the shooting stops. The academic veil of fairy land history is down. I dont know why but I find it intensely liberating. I walk around feeling that I view the world in a new light. I can see now why Irving was nearly destroyed. He was held up as a titan of history by his peers since the early 1960s. When he wrote Hitler’s War 2nd edition in 93, it all changed and suddenly he was the devil hatemonger and Nazi apologist. Clearly here there were those who didn’t want the truth and are paid to suppress alternate investigations which outclassed the kindergarten researchers who watched movies and wrote books to fit them.

    But what I wanted to say the most was I admire very much your dedication to making sure truth is known, understood and recognized with respect to the “RV”. It follows your apparent desire to not overlook the work of those who are otherwise ignored or castigated because of bias or pride. So many follow blogs and guru sourced “intel” like sheep to the slaughter. Yours is the only effort that lead me to the White Hats and One World where we get a true perspective of this matter and the reasons for it. In my eyes, your effort here is in line with your personal desire to find the ultimate truth in all things with respect to history as well.

    I am sure you have received criticism for this but I encourage you to disregard it and continue on. You have often said that your work here is insignificant and only that as one who is just pointing people to the right sources for RV information. In other words, you are not the source but a revealing point of the way to the source. It’s rare that someone steps up to reach out and beyond their ordinary life in the world to contact those higher up in the rare air of power and influence and ask for help. I am sure that came at a price. It rarely comes free.

    I see the light now. I see the truth of One World and The White Hats. It stands apart from all the rest in many ways and form. It all points to dedication to not letting anyone scare you away from diving deep and drilling hard for where the truth lies.

    If I come away from my experience here at WHA with anything it will be that I now understand the importance of getting as close to the source of participants of whatever field or event you are trying to understand. This translates to anything, not just the RV or WW2 history. The right reason for any commercially guarded happenstance is buried deeply behind facades of those who benefit from keeping it buried.

    Thank you again and please do what you can to keep WHA open until the events are done. You may not think it very important since others are above you in all this and can exude information without WHA. But I would caution you from thinking this. While it is true you do not personally sit high up in London or that you are not a White Hat yourself, WHA does help those of us who are too busy to read multiple blogs find the key on point updates concerning the RV in one place that does not necessitate having to read through huge commentary to find it. You dont know who much that is appreciated by people like me who work 50 hours a week plus.

    Keep the flame of discovery of truth burning my friend. I am very sure that someone of your character will never be stopped from your task here. I sincerely wish you the best and I will be watching with fascination at what may come this year. Thank you for pointing the way to truth.

    Happy Easter again from my family to yours!

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    1. Hello,

      Thank you very much, and I wish you the best for Easter as well. I do appreciate your kind words and I am very happy that you have found value here in this tiny corner of cyberspace.

      Your comments on Mr. Irving’s body of historical research were appreciated as well, and I have sent them to him for his appreciation. It is indeed a cold slap in the face when you are presented with deeply documented accounts of events that occurred for reasons that were ill researched by academia, or were purposely left out for politically expedient reasons so as to not offend voter bases or financial grants which partly support “focus groups” that are trying to convince us of such things as “there really are no genders”.

      For an historian to have been arrested, jailed and deported from places where free speech is protected, like Canada for example, just for holding a lecture, shows you how deep and extreme are the measures to suppress free speech and to prevent truthful research from supplanting the dishwater mush that is fed to kids in school and passed off as true actual accounts of things. Very few accounts from actual participants of things are presented, or, only from one side of the events, which were copied from a string of other historians who all read a few books and wrote one of their own. Most often each of these types possess tenure, and wont for one second risk that by actually learning to read, write and speak German so that one could actually read what was in the archives, or speak to participants who were involved. But, in reality, there are many mainstream academics who quietly agree with Irving, and have told him so. However, they will not come forward. Their pensions are too important. Thusly, Irving was held out as a sacrificial lamb, and he paid dearly.

      Imagine that. An historian, of all people – subjected to persecution that not even some pedophiles or Wall Street robber barons are subjected to after collapsing whole economies and ruining the lives of millions of people. When that sinks in, you understand the power behind hiding certain historical facts. Otherwise, if Irving was a rank idiot, a fool, a bumbling retard, a crazy psycho, they would have left him alone and ignored him, just like NASA ignores those who deny we walked on the moon. They are just not worth the time of day.

      I have to agree that WHA is based on a personal desire to see that more people were exposed to actual participants in the “RV world”, and not just MLM hustlers with a blog. I was simply able to search out and find some of the people involved. That’s all I did. The rest is their job.

      I will certainly hold this place open for as long as I can, although I came close to shutting down this year. So far, it looks like smooth sailing for 2018, and if we need to go into 2019 (I hope not), well, we will see. I am 56 now, and thinking of early retirement. RV or none, I am close to that and it’s very tempting. I may find someone to take over here for me, rather than shutting down. We will see if it comes to that.

      Thank you again, happy Easter, stay well and again, thank you very much for your message.

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  24. HORROR IN DUISBURG, GERMANY: Police Called After 80 Men Brawl in the Street with MACHETES

    “…Germany, a country of 82 million, welcomed 800,000 to one million third world migrants and unvetted “refugees” in 2015…Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed close over 280,000 migrants the following year. Today there are no-go zones in Germany. And now this…”



  25. OWoN:

    Q:The cryptos have had a downwards correction of 30%+ can you please explain more about the market corrections we need to see before the TRNs are supposed to be released?

    For example, how are we supposed to distinguish between a regular correction and the correction aimed at preparing for the TRN’s rollout?

    A: 1. They have to determine not the not the sheer vast scale of T’s of notes on pallets out there which will have to be converted, but judge which?
    2. Which are bribe and corruption money?
    3. Which are drugs trade money?
    4. Which are tax evasion money?
    5. Which are Russian monies or Vatican scum money?
    6. How much falls into the US Tax category to redeem?
    7. Politically who has to be told it’s toilet paper and the US is reneging again!

    All that said, think positive it’s very live by the day but we can’t pre release you will all know asap.

    That said US petros are expected to fall 30 to 40% phased to correct the economy and cut down the trough sizes for the lard arses.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-30-march-2018.html?showComment=1522459333710#c277330947843951152
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  26. We say goodbye to first quarter 2018. With all the positive news received thus far, we hope the results of such good news will be evident in the next quarter. Nonetheless, continue to forge your own path, because we do not know just what the outcome will be for those who hold paper.

    We know the ZIM is a bust for public speculators, but so far the dong and dinar are still apparently in the running for some type of transformation. I am sure we will be told if otherwise.

    I know that continually being given great news which seems to be followed by no results, is exasperating. But be reminded that much of what is going on is not released for good reasons. We can assume that most reports on blogs that claim to be from official sources, are highly questionable, and are most likely designed and posted for acquisition of site traffic. The sale of comforting lies still out paces the disclosure of inconvenient truth.

    There will be good news, and perhaps some bad news. We just don’t know the full picture. Plan for good, bad and ugly.

    On that note, here is The Danish National Symphony Orchestra with “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, composed by Enio Morricone.

    See if you can spot the cabal banker who was invited and given the best seat in the house! If only.

    Stay alert and have a good Easter weekend.

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  27. OWoN:

    Q: What is the probability that China will accept your terms for the use of the AU that’s been offered to gold back the yuan? Is it looking promising at this stage? Of course, only if its something you can answer.

    A: Weekly they go to one person. So does Japan and DC. That request comes to London and is flatly refused unless strict adherence to our terms. No warfare or weapons, no harm to ecology or the environment. Humanitarian and sound economic project use only. We will only allow beneficial use.
    Cross the line we pull the use. Goodbye RMB. Toe the line the world benefits.

    But both certain Bonds and TRNs are progressing. Positive!

    Our biggest task now is to close those F bases, get the US out of wars, and rebuild America. Fit for the trust of its people.

    Look how long we locked horns to get a non Jew to head the Fed. Job done. Now we are coming after the banking crooks and military.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-24-march-2018.html?showComment=1522337186399#c2784570684039629832
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  28. Field McConnell was being interviewed by Jason Goodman and dropped hints about a potential GCR happening around the 1st of April. I was surprised to hear him mention this — my purpose for listening to him was to learn more about the SES program that his “evil” sister started. He refers to the GCR at the 34:08 and 54:30 mark.

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    1. At 55:42 on above video he says the Global Reset may be a done deal by this time next week. Today is Wednesday.


      I am going to make an appointment with Wells Fargo for Wednesday, and if it does not happen, I will just cancel the appt. It pays to plan ahead.


        1. My prediction that is taken from several different sources but coming mainly from ONE SOURCE: The GCR will be launched on a Tuesday in April or June of this year led by the dinar. If it happens this way I will put together an amazing report showing you how this was revealed to me. If it does not, I will either be hauled off to prison with the other GCR gurus or I will sit in the corner lonely and dejected and eating humble pie. LOL….


          1. Save yourself taking the rap. Instead, just invite your “source” to share here. It’s so gods damned boring right now. We could use the excitement. lol

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  29. Like

    1. Go ahead and repeal that Amendment. The very reason for the Amendment will then be demonstrated – starting with the judges. Americans will never agree to such a thing, and these communist hacks know it.


      1. The only way the 2nd Amendment can legally be repealed would probably be impossible today. Too many states would either vote it down or not even vote. Of course if you want to commit treason or other criminal acts it might be possible. Using the same method that rigged the 16th Amendment wouldn’t work today.


        1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the 16th Amendment did not give rise to income tax. It clarified the problem that arose concerning taxation on property being direct or indirect. In other words, when you tax property, are you taxing the property, or the income derived therefrom?

          The Brushaber court determined that income taxation was an excise, and accordingly any tax on income was to be administered as an excise.

          This prevented the need for apportionment of any tax on income from owning property, because the 16th Amendment now said that it had “…power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states…”. In other words, the thing being taxed was the income from the property, not the property itself. A tax on property in absence of income from such, would still require apportionment. At present, there are no direct taxes on property on the Federal books.

          Federal courts use the 16th Amendment to justify the tax on your occupation by citing the “…from whatever source derived…” language to mean, any source, such as your job income. With “income tax”, are they taxing your property? Are they taxing your occupation? Which one? Federal courts have come up with all manner of ridiculous answers to say “both”, and often cite the Amendment as some kind of enabling of a new kind of hybrid tax.

          Don’t fall into the trap of saying that the 16th Amendment was not “properly ratified”, because you would not legally owe it even if it were properly ratified.

          The Supreme Court has held that income taxation is indirect in nature, or an excise. Is there an excise tax on your occupation? Ask your congressman. Be prepared to be bullshitted to within one inch of your life.

          Notwithstanding anything written above, I would urge you all to just pay the tax and accept it as a natural artifact of an unsane society laboring under outmoded and long ago obsolete methods of addressing the needs of society.

          Even if they could ram a repeal of the 2nd Amendment, just as with the 16th Amendment, they would have to use clever language, researched by the most scholarly communists in our midst, to make it appear to say something it really didn’t, and have everyone believe it.

          Americans know what preceded the mass murder of millions in ages past – gun confiscation.

          Imagine trying to get every American who legally has a gun to give it up by a certain date, never to own one again.


          1. Thank you Tony for your added education on this issue. No one should ever take on the IRS on this unless you are prepared to sacrifice your well being for years and a large fortune for a battle you have a significant possibility of loosing.

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          2. The US tax system has evolved into a behavior modification program and surveillance tool as well as a means to keep a fear base in place to keep citizens in line. Why is it that some elites like Timothy Geithner don’t (or didn’t) pay taxes or even file returns? I hope that as more and more citizens wake up, we will have the momentum and power to do away with the corrupt US tax system and instead, put a fair and simple plan in place.

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  30. Tony I forgot to ask you, what is your take on the alleged nerve gas attack on that guy and his daughter in London? Just curious since its quiet now I thought I would ask. C


    1. Spy vs. Spy is way outside my area of expertise. But, given the sloppy way this was carried out, I would hazard a guess that it was not Putin. My money is on Mossad. They have been known to be very sloppy with their operations at times. Just a guess.

      The motive is to stir up tensions between Russia and the West. Naturally. This gets a free-for-all going right when banking monopolists are feeling significant encroachment onto their turf, and other variations on a theme which all point to enrichment for the hidden party in the background who watches while the two big boys go at it.

      The previous assassination of Alexander Litvinenko was indeed, in my opinion, Russia. But, this left open any third party to copy such a hit and the Pavlovian response would be “Russia again”. I would have guessed that something that could have caused a heart attack, or mimic such, would have been the Russian option this time around. They are not stupid, nor sloppy.

      Nerve agent? Seems a bit too overt, and of course, the source of it “points to Russia”, naturally.

      Hope you bought the dip last night in BTC. Two months now into a consolidation. It takes nerve, without the gas. lol


      1. Thank you Tony that was an interesting take on things.

        Another question if I can. I am looking for an in home water processor. Tired of buying water all the time. Do you have a favorite and if you do can you share? Thanks, C


        1. Yes, I produce my own water at home, and I drink distilled water because I believe it is the cleanest and healthiest water for your body.

          I use the H2O Labs Model 300SS. It costs $249, and is well built and produces one gallon of water in about 5 hours.

          I usually start it before going to bed, and upon waking I have a gallon of water for the day. I store reserve gallons so I can go a few days without having to run it. It also has a small filter pod that you change about every 2 months. The water is filtered to prevent any VOC gases that survive the distillation process from exiting. It removes everything from the water; chemicals, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, etc. The water is then rendered pH neutral.

          Any concern that you may not be getting minerals in your water is unwarranted. The best way to get minerals is from your food. Water minerals are very hard for the body to assimilate anyway, and distilled water is more easily absorbed, meaning you can drink less water to hydrate your vital organs.

          You can see it here http://www.h2olabs.com/p-55-stainless-steel-model-300ss-water-distiller-with-glass-carafe.aspx

          There are other models available. On average, it will take about .30 worth of electricity to make one gallon. You would pay about 1$ a gallon for distilled water from a grocer, so the unit will pay for itself over time.

          Hope this helps!

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          1. When I lived in the big city I used to have a Berky. (I’ve still got it but no longer need it as I live on rainwater now).

            They’re gravity fed, remove fluoride and impurities but leave some of the minerals in the water, and they are incredibly cheap to run.

            I had a travel Berky and it was plenty big enough for two.

            Here’s a link.



  31. PetroYuan Futures Open – Over 10 BillIon Notional Trades In First Hour

    “…after numerous “false starts” over the last decade, the “petroyuan” is now real and China will set out to challenge the “petrodollar” for dominance…”



    1. AION is working on a solution to allow blockchains to communicate with each other. The potential upside of the Aion token is so gigantic that you can risk a sum as small as $400 and still make as much as $111,000. GO AION !!!

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      1. I agree and I hold AION. In fact I hold about 15 altcoins now, the ones I consider will fill needs and be in demand once this new class of money takes firm hold this year and in the future.

        Tony I cant thank you enough for getting me interested when BTC was $700. You were right to encourage us to not wait. I hope the RV happens but I would have been toast had I just sat on my ass and kept in sending money to Zap. I actually have a nice savings now, nice fishing gear, new carpet and kitchen appliances and most bills paid off now. My pension check is small so now I can actually save most of it.

        Let’s see the RV done this year because it is time to do better things. Your pal, C.


        1. I am always glad to hear of successes like this. Thank you for sharing!

          Keep up the good work and yes, I agree, let’s get this RV stuff out of the way – good, bad or otherwise. It’s time to move on and move up. Your portfolio sounds well rounded. I am pretty sure you will be doing even better by years end.

          Be safe and I hope your hands are better!


  32. OWoN:

    Q: What would be the purpose of Trump visit with Philippines’ Duterte in Asia next month? Would it be for the use of that Country Gold as a basis of the TRN? If that is the case, then an RV cannot be realized until after that visit?

    A: There is nothing left to steal or rape.
    1.The Leader is seriously P with America.
    2.How about more PR BS to buy time on Redemptions owed.

    Q: So we are then back to where we were, the past couple of years with Obama and Bush being able to stall as much as they can, buying time on Redemption owed, which takes us way past silly season once again? Any end in sight? Please feel free to elaborate.

    A: Although we can only hint, a lot is playing out. The world has needs and failure to act will forfeit all US leadership. Just watch.

    A new report coming out will help you all.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-24-march-2018.html?showComment=1522014172471#c7893608077843310740
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  33. Published on Mar 24, 2018

    Bill, Jim, and Dave discuss the recent trade wars and fear of morphing into hot war.China is set to trade oil for yuan beginning Monday, countries have been invaded and rulers deposed in the past who threatened to trade oil in currency other than dollars.The recent convulsions in markets leading up to the oil for yuan trade are only a precursor to the main show.The biggest generational shift in power and wealth in human history is upon us.

    This discussion is being made public because of the importance of the topic.As many websites have recently been taken down by DDOS attacks, we want this on the record

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  34. For those of you tracking this event – Ben covers the new paper just released at the 2:00 mark into this video. He has many other videos full of information about the shift if you want more information. The hour + long video recapping everything up to this point is the first link in the video description. I think our solar system leaving the Oort cloud is just as interesting… No fear but this is not something we can avoid and it appears to be coming fairly soon i.e. Ben relocated his family:

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    1. Hi Mathew tracking and thanks. The Kryon talks mention the movement of the magnetic North moving towards Chile and is a metaphor for global power moving from the North to the South ie the developing world this century and it’s interesting to see physical confirmation.

      I didn’t listen yet to the vid but if the author says the solar system is leaving the Oort Cloud then Im afraid that cannot be correct, as it is a circular collection of icy bodies that orbit the sun ie the Oort Cloud is part of the solar system. Where the sun goes, the Oort Cloud also goes. Just like the planets. They are all gravitationally coupled.



      1. Hi Andrew, Sry for the delay in responding my life is getting a little crazy these days. Exiting the Oort cloud was misleading. It’s a small local bubble…

        In this link you will see a recently added playlist called “Where Are We?”. There are 5 short videos covering the research into our solar system’s direction and entering a local bubble.

        We are getting the trifecta here. Entering a local bubble, the magnetic shield dropping, and the poles flipping. As solar energy increases so will the local weather events. We are seeing signs of this already.


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  35. Another week passes and so far the news remains, well, sparse but assuming to still be positive that we are moving in a forward direction. I have to admit, each week I am expecting word that “it’s slipping”. But, no such news of that type has been sent to us so far. In absence of such a claim, we can safely assume the opposite. News of slippage is seldom harmful to release, but exact news of just where we are now, remains guarded. It’s rare, and, for important reasons, not available in broad detail.

    We have burned through the first quarter of this year, so let’s hope the second one sees it through. Stay close, and continue to ignore the master-clickbators, who are continuing to send out continuing news of quadrillions in imminent payments for ZIM holders and that motherships from the center of the galaxy will soon be distributing NESARA proceeds after John F Kennedy is wheeled out in front of TV cameras to announce it.

    Continue to be ready for anything.

    Michael Ball & Sierra Boggess are here to close the week.


    1. Another beautiful video, Tony! These kind of have the same effect as a really good glass of wine at the end of a long day. And after the mass hysteria of yesterday, it was much needed. Thanks.

      Nearly everywhere I looked yesterday, people were totally freaking out over this omnibus bill. People who have been professing to be not only awake and in tune but also ‘armed and ready for battle’ were completely melting down… whining that “it’s over”, “no more MAGA”, “we’re doomed”. They were acting just as crazy as the liberals on election night.

      As we’ve been discussing here, potentially messy changes are coming and the inability of so many people to use reason and critical thinking or to strategize in any way is alarming. What do you think is going to happen if and more likely when we ‘reset’ and/or the SHTF.

      The unknown quantity, i.e. general public, is really scary. Rest assured though, as per your advice, we are preparing for anything over here.

      Cheers, my friend.

      (psst, Back to the video… redheaded chicks are just awesome, aren’t they! At least that’s what my hubby tells me! 😉 )


      1. Glad you enjoyed it.

        Indeed the changes on the horizon may be very difficult. I wish we knew exactly what the final form of it all will be, be we don’t. I hope it works out for the best for all. I continue to recommend planning for all outcomes, and while I remain optimistic about timing being close, I cannot help also warning that further delays may be in store. Just be prepared for that as well.

        While I don’t think a navel war with Russia is coming, be ready to survive if it does. Any navel war with today’s weapons would make Jutland look like amateur night at summer camp. It’s too dreadful to imagine.

        Yes, red heads are unique. Generally feisty and independent, but beautiful, and in Sierra’s case, gorgeous and talented for sure!


  36. Hi Tony, I wanted to share this J post from OWoN.

    This is where the brilliance of J shines through IMHO. This is also why I believe the “awakening” on earth is not a local energetic shift. I believe our ability (and strong motivation) to critically think, question and challenge everything we are told by the MSM etc, to use our voices and not be scared silent, to be willing to risk a little to gain a better life, is a galactic if not universal energetic shift. And as I am currently studying eternal inflation – A multi-verse energetic shift.

    FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018 AT 4:16:00 AM MDT

    It’s not just the complete failure of your Republic it’s a Western infection.

    1.Bush 41 in conjunction with the Jesuits and Vatican acclerated the NWO program.
    2.Foul Zionist elements such as those in the Tril Laterals combined with the CIA had a field day unchecked for 60 years.
    3.Zionist and Vatican influences created the EU and its Socialiat agenda.
    4.The pursuit of Greater Israel has resulted in perpetual CIA unleashed wars accross Asia, and vast millions displaced.
    5. CIA and Bankers Drug running has created a crime dependent US society, enriching many, but devastating millions of lives for these Low Lives!
    6. The Zionist control of Hollywood and the MSM has unleashed bottomless perversions and created a moral dilemma for all family values.
    7.The abysmally low moral character of all US Presidents since JFK has left America devoid of Leadership values, or Principles, and the impotent low quality choice of EU Leaders followed.

    The planned Dumbing Down of the US left a society bereft of values or direction. But now, the intellect of man is showing and the fightback begins. The Internet released Global contact and Values. You are all living proof as you fight back now for more.
    As you say No More!

    Values are Soul Values and that in inherent in the very Cosmic make up of your being.
    Society is Cosmetic. Souls are Cosmic and all powering.

    An Ethereal consciousness shift is now visible. Collectively you are awakening,and the Universe is with you.Soul Power Empowers, and is greater than all. The empowerment of the Universe is the ultimate dynamic,and one where you all are as ONE!

    End the Fed and end the Industrial Military Complex the US has become. Use the talents of all people to enrich all Societies with values and enhanced Human Consiousness. As a Global society, reject Zionism, remove these foul sub species from Banking, Law and all Government roles. Zionism is a disgusting perversion of Humanity, a Tapeworm devouring all it touches. As are the Jesuits and Vatican.

    One True God is not devisive but inclusive of all. Division of values is bereft of values and missing the point of your Soul Journeys. All are as one, but for many, each a tainted one where Atonement has been long foreseen by Jewish Prophets,and awaits many.
    Humans are awakening and asking – Why?
    Who gave any the right?
    What are Human Rights? What is Right?

    Consiousness of all enriches most your very being. A true Human Being.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-18-march-2018.html
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  37. China Is One Signature Away From Dealing The Dollar A Death Blow

    “…On March 26 China will finally launch a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false-starts,” but this time the contract has gotten approval from China’s State Council…”



    1. Whether or not, a correction is in process.

      I am of the opinion that the TRN will bring not only a new currency, but with it a period of reckoning. There will be hardships, but along with it, great opportunity, insofar as that word can be used to describe a chance in the midst of greater hardship.

      Be ready for anything.


      1. I agree. After the dollar comes home to roost and we can no longer import goods at today’s prices, American companies will be forced to begin manufacturing domestically. Hardship, loss of revenues, then, slowly, resurgence of diverse US micro-economies. But we must brace ourselves and help one another through hunger season. It’s a change long overdue and one that, while painful and fraught with suffering, may save this country.


        1. To some degree, home-grown industry will indeed increase by necessity. But, the great variable in this is the increase in automated manufacturing, which will dent the need for human labor in this sector.

          The great advances in automation will cut both ways; freeing people from dreary repetitive labor, and hastening the need to develop alternatives to monetary economies as a way to distribute resources.

          Great challenges lay ahead, and of a nature unlike those that were faced in the past.


          1. Automation will be an interesting variable. It will no doubt burgeon in high volume manufacturing to benefit large and small companies alike. Tooling up for automation can be costly, so low volume, specialized runs may crank back into production the old way at first.

            I am so curious what kind of model you envision for a jobless society. You have mentioned it from time to time and I am inspired but still strain to imagine it clearly. You posted videos a while back that discussed it in broad strokes. Good for humanity and good for earth, hopefully.


            1. We can only imagine what it will be like. The transition, over many decades, will be hard. Many with power wont want to give it up.

              As automation increases, the machines will produce more and more goods that people will not have money to purchase.

              At this time, we have the technical skills to fully automate food, clothing, transportation, shelter and a great deal of medical procedures. This will only become more perfected as time and technology advance.

              It’s understandable that many are challenged to accept a world without money and politics. We have been inculcated with it since birth. It’s almost part of our DNA. It’s like asking someone to give up their eye teeth.

              But, in the future, perhaps even this century, this is what we will eventually evolve into. Money and politics, like any other way of doing things, will have an end of life and usefulness.

              Imagining it clearly is perhaps made more difficult because of the fixed idea that the way things are now, is “just how it is”. Just imagine a child born into a world that was resourced based, and not monetary based. That child would grow to look back on our present system as “barbaric” and would strain to imagine how anyone could live like we currently do.

              There is a video on The Venus Project on the home page. It explains how a resourced based economy would solve many of the world’s problems and allow us to live in harmony with the earth.

              Definitely good for humanity. No question.


  38. OWoN:

    A few issues more for you all…

    A large PP Client “May” be on the verge of getting his Capital releases part via TRN infrastructure funding. No, No more explained yet. Those who understand will get it. Clients! But a good potential step.

    The system never sleeps. Nor does a Speedy Gonzales London S/H rat who scooped and collated the lot in 3 minutes tonight. We are so on every angle.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-18-march-2018.html?showComment=1521668167012#c5245280141676913779
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  39. Hi Tony hope all is well with you. Can you clarify statements made by J the last 4 days. Watch the sites 24×7, then expect big market corrections before TRN released, then only the TRN can save the U.S. now, then the GRC can only be solved after the TRN comes out. Why watch the sites 24×7 if these things have to happen first? This is a jig saw puzzle. I know J means well from reading the site for several years but, I believe none of us can understand all the confusion. I thank both sites for all you do.


    1. Well, you know those Brits. They love to confuse us over here across the pond.


      He is simply advising us to keep watch for sudden shifts in value of the currencies being watched. He obviously is aware of events and circumstances that could unleash rapid changes and wants us to be aware of it.

      That should be your key focus, notwithstanding any other comments on why things are as they are.

      He mentions the TRN because that has to issue before anything else can happen, or that is the impression we have been given thus far.

      We are probably told to watch closely because there may not be much time elapsed between the TRN release and moves in value.

      All is well here, thank you. Hope it’s the same for you and yours!


      1. I am going to take a risk and say that the GCR will take place in the month of April and on a Tuesday. Only if it happens in those time frames will I tell you where I got this information because if I am wrong I will eat humble pie in silence and alone. LOL…


  40. OWoN:

    Q: Do you think the Chinese will put the petro yuan on hold? That’s really what this is about isn’t it? What of the GCR?

    China is choosing its time and it’s time to think “Assets” not just Petro. That includes certain metals. The GCR can only be resolved after the TRN’s come out.

    There are certain Geo Political key issues in dialogue right now, not least of which Russia is now field testing its Nuclear launching and Defence drills in case these Desk Jockey lunatics in the Pentagon launch on Syria which Russia, backed by China will respond on.

    Step one needs to be the instant annihilation of the US fleet, and for the good of the world, the immediate neutroned, atomised removal of Israel. Sorry for the Collateral damage, but a small price to deal with this pestilence and send a message to the Zio Kazarians left in the US. Close one Zoo, then next Cabal it’s you!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-18-march-2018.html?showComment=1521591542783#c3983028741536551568
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Instant annialation of US fleet and nuetroned atomization of Israel -sorry for collateral damage ?

      That is an unbelievable statement…very unfortunate


      1. Of all the people I read J is the most consistent with chanting nuclear war threats. I imagine he is simply under a huge amount of stress/frustration and lack of sleep so his gut reaction is to nuke earth and start over. Makes me sad that we need to read this to try to understand what is going on with financial matters. But it takes BSDs like J to fight the good fight against the tyranny we are under.


    2. Wow! I guess this is how one would look at the situation from a purely human point of view? I am wondering where God would factor into this? Seems I’ve read that Israel belongs to Him! To the annihilation of our US fleet, why would anyone want this? Aren’t there better ways to handle things?


      1. Remember that a Navy buildup around the Koreas preceded the start of N/S peace talks. Maybe something similar can be squeezed out of that can of worms in the Middle East. Some chaos may be needed as an excuse to roll out significant financial reform.

        A purely human point of view? What is a human? Who is God or the gods? OWON recently posted a video on Sumerian ancient history that precedes both the New and Old Testaments by thousands of years. Expert Decodes Babylonian Tablets and Leaves Historians Speechless:


        Next is a supplemental video that should put yet another nail in the coffin of textbook history, intriguing artifacts from the ancient races of Mexico that are typically not found in museums. I imagine it is hazardous to ones health to admit having these pieces of history. Keep an eye out for Sigourney Weaver’s arch nemesis in her old movies. Truth is stranger than fiction.


  41. OWoN:

    Expect a big market correction before the TRN’s come out. Smart money has cashed out and will wait.

    Q: Curious to know your thoughts: is there a (geo-political) nexus between the TRN’s introduction to the world and the petro-yuan futures launch?

    A: Absolutely and a power correction battle, which China will win. Only the TRN’s can dig the US out now. Big moves are imminent, but we can not release anything.

    Q: Does the Saudi visit to the White House today play any role in the timing of the TRN roll out?

    A: Not really they want US aid now. Their economy is leaking. They need jobs or social unrest will take out their Puppet Regime.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-18-march-2018.html?showComment=1521555374266#c918632066269441939
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  42. US Congress Releases Extraordinary Report Praising Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

    “…The US Congress just released its massive joint report on the state of the economy, and for the first time an entire chapter is dedicated to cryptocurrency. What’s even more extraordinary are the number of bullish sentiments on the future of the emerging technology…”



    1. Now that scared money has been shaken loose, over time, watch for the news to get less and less fatalistic, and more and more positive, after insiders have scooped up all those bargains.

      That aside, what a remarkable time to witness such a profound retooling of world financial platforms. And the chances for small stakeholders to make good without foolhardy risks have never been better.

      Audentes Fortuna Juvat!


  43. Some time ago, pre-US elections, I commented about the visits from Kerry, Biden and the NZ$20Bn military upgrade

    New Zealand has just hosted Hillary and now we have the Kenyan arriving tomorrow.


    A while back I remember posting a comment to the effect that New Zealand was being eyed up as a refuge for the elite. I have no evidence for and am just speculating, but the slavish media and our puppet politicians seem to be falling over themselves for these gutter criminals.

    NZ needs a Hannity / Carlson.


    1. I can’t imagine a small peace oriented country like New Zealand would have any use for a $20 billion dollar military upgrade except for the use of the US, UK and Australia strategic alliance.

      On the theme of a refuge for wealthy well connected US current and former officials and bankers, I think this may have some validity but doesn’t end there. The NZ real estate market has been overheated for years as a result of a flight to safety for international mobile wealth holders with a “bug out plan”. This is a smaller scale than what has happened to Vancouver, California, New York City and London. As the ultra rich comb the planet for a place to escape war and nuclear destruction, New Zealand is probably not a target and far from concentrated fallout paths.


  44. OWoN:

    Before the next weeks questions start, are we still in play, absolutely. But – you will ONLY be advised once we clear our first transfers, and not detailed confidential info.

    It will clear when you least expect it, so watch your sites. Yes, it is VERY much in progress. Daily!

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-13-march-2018.html?showComment=1521372769896#c5624864937085773025
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  45. Communism through the back door..(4 hours long but a real eye opener). I don’t know if everything in this is true, but I believe there are definitely many truths within this documentary.


    1. Tony,
      I’m going to try to get through this video, but… I’m only about 20 min. into it and have a few comments.

      1. I generally shun videos of this type whether from the left, right or various religious/ideological groups that use dramatic music strongly in the background as it is a mind control technique to more deeply implant beliefs deeply in the mind as fact. So far this video is short on facts but strong on images and music. The mainstream news media uses repetition combined with human emotion for mind control while the movie and entertainment uses the same techniques as this video.
      2. I have only heard one religion mentioned with derogatory implications while no religion is mentioned for the Rockefeller ( John D. wasn’t fond of Jews ), Cecil Rhodes, Stalin, Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, Queen Elizabeth, etc.
      3. Just because I have mentioned 1 and 2 doesn’t mean that I am disputing facts portrayed in the video so far.

      Also, I have started the book you recommended “Churchill’s War” and find it very interesting and well written.

      Thanks for the opportunity to reply.


      1. Tony,

        Surprisingly I’m just about through the whole video. It is actually very interesting and has introduced me to new material, names and associations, incidents and images. In particular the subject of Hollywood was startling to me. I retract my initial comment about only “followers” of Judaism being identified as collaborators or instigators of One World Order government. An interesting point the video makes is that neither Al Qaeda nor ISIS has attacked Israel.

        I find the trick of utilizing music to reinforce images pervasive throughout. In particular only part 6 has pleasant light music combined with images of German troops in prayer and receiving church blessings with the addition of Goering and Hitler at Church services. When part 6 is over the ominous music begins again with only a few brief breaks. The message being Germans = Good, German opponents = bad.

        The video mentions Theodore Hertzel in connection. with the establishment of Zionism. I asked my friend who had researched many of the OSS files as he was born in Israel just after its declaration of independence. He fought in the 1967 war and the Yom Kippur War. His comment about Hertzel was “He was one of the ultimate Jewish idiots and the people that revere him are the totality of stupidity. What you have today is the result of this idiocy.” He has stated to me that the idea of Israelis being well organized, well equipped, superior tacticians and superior leaders is a myth. The country is more chaotic that the US and has no Constitution and therefore not even a definition of who is an Israeli. He also said criminal organizations run a great deal of commerce, there are many Israeli Arabs who are gracious, polite and fastidious in their personal habits and the Israeli armed forces are totally unprepared to deal with the hundreds of thousand small rockets buried underground that will be unleashed at Israel if another war comes which is likely.


  46. “March 2, 2018 at 1:46 pm


    Iraq passed its budget yesterday. Their parliament is now due to reconvene within 48 hours ( Saturday) and to re vote on its second reading.

    It is expected that within 2 hours of a vote confirming the new budget DJT will announce the TRN’s will be the new International currency of the US.”

    Do you remember when OWoN said this above? Why would they all of a sudden expect something to happen so soon?

    I believe they wrote the above because they knew that an Executive Order for the release of the TRNs was signed on the night of Feb. 28th as confirmed on this Q research board: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/547414.html#547860

    Much prosperity to you all,

    The Other Andrew


    1. Now there is a person by the name of Kim that claims they have the codes to release all the money for projects. Why do people do this?


      1. This is why it’s best to stay tuned here and to the official WH blog and OWoN. It will keep you on the right path to know just what is up, and what is click bait.

        The RV “industry” is very profitable for blogs, and for that to keep up, they need traffic. To get traffic you need “news”. And there you have it.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. What “anonymous” said on the Q research board about the stock market collapsing could be something we could prepare for by using a reverse market fund which shorts the market? Anyone know of any symbols of funds that provide this way to gain from a market collapse? Thanks.


  47. Another week has passed, and as of right now the status remains “daily”. Continue to be ready to move quickly, until we are told otherwise.

    We are certainly in new territory, and seemingly quite advanced in process than from a year ago. But, the final outcome remains very mysterious as to final form, and probably for good reasons. I hope the outcome is as good as it can be, and as soon as possible.

    Andrea Bocelli and Helene Fischer are here to close the week.


    1. Oh this was really nice, Tony… so much talent and beauty. I love you sharing these with us, it makes me feel like I’ve got some culture and sophistication going on in my life!

      Well, it looks like the storm is really rolling in! I sure hope we’ve got enough popcorn!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Glad you enjoyed it. Both of them are some of my favorites.

        Let’s hope the storm passes with everyone’s asses intact.

        Many seem concerned with all the firings and staff changes within the White House. I am not surprised that it is going on. When you are trying to restore an area that has been in as much disorder as our financial centers, a ton of confusion and chaos is going to result in that process. I believe that’s what we are seeing, in part. Those that are somehow working against the plan are being removed.

        The stakes are very high in all this, and we know how clever and deeply entrenched the money lending weasels are in all of it. As they come to the surface, they are seemingly being removed one by one. The constant attack by media against our president is one key indicator of those same slimy factions using their other monopolistic arm to foment angst and derisive hostility against the focal point they fear the most – that being the changes that will take away some of their power.

        My chief concern now is that the delays will push all this to the point where too much damage will be done before it is settled. More street agitation, more foreign rabble being given power in California by low IQ multicultural balloon heads, and a new generation being groomed to hate anything white, is simply Bolshevism in play, disguised as “social justice”. And we know who was behind Bolshevism, as history is well settled there.

        The line of defense against it all is very thin, and time is not on our side.

        The recent news has been pointing to imminent release of the TRN. Let’s hope we are not here a year from now under the same circumstances, or it may be released into a barren landscape.

        Liked by 1 person

  48. OWoN:

    Q: Last year around August, we had discussions about recipients receiving fresh cut bonds, with structured settlements…. (maybe 3% per year for 33 years or some approx schedule) is this still the case?

    A: Current dialogue is for phased partial releases – real money is tight.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-13-march-2018.html?showComment=1521226234319#c860394910311862350
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  49. OWoN:

    Q: How was the activity this week? Was the activity towards completion as expected ? Today being Friday. What are your expectation for next week? Even more of the same or absolute fire works?

    A: Daily bank completion issues; can’t elaborate it’s a day thing.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-13-march-2018.html?showComment=1521225719309#c6815426264621376649
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      1. Oh cool, a new name appears to discredit an entire site. Now I have to have a deeper look. Oh there it is. A much more plausible explanation of the failed murder attempt (coincidentally using a russian nerve agent) of the ex russian spy Alexander Litvinenko . Thanks for bringing that to my attention. The story we’ve been fed is obviously a bunch of BS.

        Anything else we should not be reading Lanson?


        1. I’m not new, I’ve been around for a long time. But I just keep my trap shut and observe, especially enjoying Paladin’s contributions, specifically the last few videos he’s been in regarding the shooting in Vegas (my home) have been absolutely awesome, may he have luck in unraveling the truth.

          But I thought Sorcha Faal has long, long ago been discovered as disinformation. Tony, do you have any truthful info (or solid opinion at least) on Sorcha Faal? My research has found that source to be nothing but lies.


        2. *Sergei Skripal

          I have been searching for the truth behind this attempted murder. Anytime the MSM and .gov jump all over the same story and push it in our face we all know there is something else going on. Especially when they blame the Russians.

          And I’m on the lookout for new names as trolls for the Nazi World Order because they tell me which direction to look. Apologies for not seeing you over the years.

          I’ve never seen Sorcha Faal before…


  50. Tony just some comments.

    Just as you said long ago we would see all kinds of “news” designed to sow fear and uncertainty in the crypto market at the same time that large interests would come in to quietly buy behind the scenes. Now we see Google going to remove all crypto ads etc. Wow. No doubt now that narrative is correct. And also seeing news about trillions lining up to enter these markets.

    What amazing events we are seeing. And now the TRN on the horizon and looks like this year all of this will play out. Thanks so much for your help. Your pal C.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been a common tactic used by powerful money interests for hundreds of years. It works, and as long as they can use it, they will. Just continue to act and think like a banker and ride their coattails. Every dollar you make is one less for them, so keep at it.

      Look for continuing “news” about all manner of “threats” to the crypto markets. All the while, watch as trillions of $ pour into it, quietly, methodically, and smartly. Weakness will give way to strength.

      The “newswatchers” who let their emotions guide their hand will continue to play the game with all manner of unintelligent approaches. They are the targets of that news, and lay down willingly to be slaughtered.

      You know better so I know you won’t end up that way! Continue to take a well thought out position and hold it to the last, with non critical funds only. By using funds that are easily done away with, you will have confidence to hold it while others are turning tail and running, providing grist for stronger hands to take it all.

      Glad you are enjoying success.

      Liked by 1 person

  51. Tony – Do you think what bill holter describes post petro yuan world will be averted to some degree with the announcement of the trn’s and the hard work from our friends in London? What he describes is a frightening scenario.


  52. OWoN:

    The reason for no news on TRNs and currencies is because detailed progress must be kept off radar until all issues are concluded. It’s all hugely sensitive as deals are done. Many of you will only be advised once cleared. We also have to maintain total security for client’s own safety. It’s a predatory world and none realize the attendant risks post completion.

    Good will come from each stage.

    We understand all needs and will assist in stages. Just watch daily news for 24 X 7 progress.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-13-march-2018.html?showComment=1521034974645#c5318430399764972260
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  53. OWoN:

    Q: When is the UN going to do their thing with Iraq?

    Can u please share where that TRN plan is currently.

    A: Iraq has “Issues” with the US. China and Russian are heping Iraq. Russia is arming them and defending them. The US is in a Boo Hoo stage right now. With 2 fingers from Iraq.

    TRN’s are very far forward, just watch the site. You will know.

    Q: I’m curious what that looks like. Do they just announce a new currency? Is it expected that metals will rise on this announcement? Do they say you have 4 weeks to exchange Fed notes at 2 for 1? How does this play out? What’s the expectation behind the scenes?

    A: I can not expand until we get decisions pre release.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-9-march-2018.html?showComment=1520964705167#c4985308007685459120
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  54. OWoN:

    The articles circulating on poor Leo [Wanta] are – Wrong! Again!

    The articles circulating on Dana are repulsive. The poor man is fighting serious medical issues. Dana is NOT a Bush front, nor will be. With Mueller, Romney and the Clintons they don’t need Dana. Nor would he assist them. Between the nut job in Asia and 2 or 3 key Jabberwocks in the US, does anything go in the US?

    Alex Jones had a total melt down in the UK and now has earned zero credibility for life.

    The 2 limp wrist losers circulating lies on Dana are contemptible.
    Low IQ – Blog if all else fails? Works for ZAP.

    All other issues are in serous discussions, and it takes what it takes. Our dime, our time. First even earn the pay grade right to be in the loop.

    Once real clearances are achieved, you will be advised. No Blog speculation. These bottom feeders blog rubbish.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-9-march-2018.html?showComment=1520781562594#c9080016018416386947
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  55. We end another week. The news continues to be very positive along many fronts. For now, the best course of action is to remain prepared and organized, and await whatever news is released. There is little more that can be done.

    The word remains – proceed without delay to exit your paper when the time is here. In the end, your choice will be your choice, but a quick exit is what has been recommend to us by those that see 99% more of what’s going on behind the scene than we do.

    Enjoy your weekend and stay alert. Relax. Make love. Here is something to get you in the mood.

    Liked by 1 person

  56. OWoN:

    Help for WHA.

    1. Leo has not been authorized. More of that usual shit source.

    2. Humbly, my apologies if I made some feel little people and those will be bloody big crumbs so stop whining when you don’t qualify as then fat cats. Lol

    3. Still far too much disinformation in play by clueless Plonks . How much practice does it take to get it wrong every time!

    4. Just stick to your sites. Following half wits sticks . We will give you reality after we get our clients and BSDs through first.

    There is hope but not for pre release . We will try to release you in time for the hog stampede.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-3-march-current-2018.html?showComment=1520552094622#c4008356326057151821
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. I’m just thinking out loud, yet it would be fun to get feedback on this thought.

      If/when the TRN are released, wouldn’t that essentially kill any treaties based around the FRN system? Could Trump be getting ahead of this happening by implementing tariffs, knowing any trade agreements that are currently on the table would potentially be null and void?


      1. Hi,

        At this time we have not been given any specific parameters for individual prep for the TRN. It’s a new monetary issue and we are assuming it will be just as negotiable for goods and services where the US dollar would be as well.

        Please stay tuned for any more information on this as it is made available.


    2. This below could be confirmation of dinars coming out under .10 or about .10

      See if you can figure it out from what is written below in a. and in b.

      It would be much easier to become a millionaire from the dong if it came out at the same .10


      Iraqi Currency Import regulations:

      Local currency (Iraqi Dinar-IQD) and foreign currencies: must be declared on

      Currency Export regulations:

      1. Nationals or residents of Iraq being older than 18 years of age:

      a. local currency (Iraqi Dinar-IQD): up to a maximum of IQD 100,000

      b. foreign currencies: up to a maximum of USD 10,000.- or equivalent.

      2. All other passengers: up to the amount imported and declared.


      1. Thanks ToA. Out of curiosity I checked the same regs for Viet Nam:

        “Under Article 2 of Circular No.15/2011/TT-NHNN dated 12-8-2011of the State Bank provides for the carrying of foreign currency and Vietnamese dong by inviduals upon entry into and exit from the country through intenational border gates of Vietnam with a valid passport. Individuals who carrycash in foreign currency or Vietnamese dong in excess of $US 5,000 (Five thousand United States dollars) or other foreign currencies of the same value or 15,000,000 VND (Fifteen million Vietnamese Dong) must declare it to border Customs.”

        Documentation is also required:
        “when an invidual exits Vietnam and carries an amount of cash in excess of the amount as prescribed must declare to border Customs and present either of 2 following documents in Article 3 of the Circular No.15: Confirmation of carrying foreign currency or Vietnamese dong in cash abroad issued by an authorized credit institution in accordance with the current provision of the laws on foreign exchange control; or a written approval to carry foreign currency or Vietnamese dong in cash abroad issued by the State Bank of Viet Nam.”

        The above was from 2011 and has a ratio of 1:3,000 usd:vnd which doesn’t match the forex rates.

        From http://customsnews.vn/unlimit-the-amount-of-cash-that-individuals-are-allowed-to-carry-upon-exit-593.html


        1. Thank you A.J. I guess either the Iraqi dinar regs were recently updated and the Vietnamese regs have not been updated yet or the Iraqi one is also old and has not been updated yet just like the Vietnamese regs have not been updated yet? I guess it is all wait and see.


          1. Update on when latest dinar regs were written:

            The were revised recently according to what Frank reports on his call. So I believe that Vietnam will update their regs in the near future to reflect the monetary reform.

            Wednesday Night KTFA CC 3-7-18

            The first part is business Promo and the the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

            PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#

            or you can listen here: https://fccdl.in/fWhuNGTUwB

            starting at 48:00 minutes on the playback URL listen until 58:00 minutes or beyond if you like.

            10,000,000 dinars allowed out of IRAQ or into IRAQ in the past and until just recently.

            100,000 dinars are the new regs which could reflect monetary reform happening….


  57. OWoN:

    Q: On the reset (Sovereigns, Big Battalions, etc), how is this time different than all the other times? Many of us have been through several Iraq budgets, second readings, etc; but then the supposed events after that never seemed to materialize. Is it different this time? if yes, how is it different this time?

    A: 1. First and foremost, the BSDs are in the Battalions, as are the Military and Politicos. So very devious piece of crap with access and status, will shimmy in first. Life!

    2. We have only just sprung Iraq clear.

    3. Now we have to assemble Capital from a leaking bucket market.

    4. We have only just got the Banks stable again. Thieves refunded. They keep stealing or screwing up, we keep bailing them out.

    5. Is it now different? Yes.

    6. Why? Need to know! First, get the Pay Grade. Just if well placed, be ready. We can not release info until it’s done. First we MUST help our clients trade out fully. No Wild West Spittoon bar rushes. First the BSD’s.

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/03/active-comment-section-3-march-current-2018.html?showComment=1520436231502#c3346231913113396258
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. I appreciate, so much, what J is accomplishing. We will never know the magnitude of his input and efforts. I have a different view, however, on us little folks that hold IQD. I assume many of us “ambulance chasers” are wonderful people who didn’t have the money/status the privileged ones have to insure they are 1st in line. It does bother me when we are belittled, even if not intended. I will be grateful for whatever little crumbs we are allowed to have.


  58. Lee Wanta, Stew Webb and Tom Henneghan yesterday. Good info on Wanta, Reagan, Mitterrand protocals.

    Update: After this video was shot yesterday apparently Trump signed off on Wanta getting his funds. Guess we’ll find out. This is apparently why Cohn quit.


  59. Published on Mar 6, 2018
    Very soon we will be hearing directly from the President concerning quickly unfolding events. The time has come to Make America Great again.


    1. This video is saying the same message as the Q posts of 11/1/17 (posts 34 & 35 https://qanonposts.com/). Could the White Hats affiliated with this site please affirm or deny as to whether this message carries weight? We will see what happens on Sunday 3/11/18 when the video above says the arrests will start.


      1. Yes – i believe he is reading a q post. I would also like to know if it carries weight.

        I only posted this video because it seems to correlate with the timing of what J said about trump making an announcement about the TRN’s.

        Maybe the whole shebang will occur. One thing for sure – we find out come March 11th.


  60. So much craziness going on daily, it almost feels like we are in the midst of one of the great legends of old. For everyone fighting the good fight on both high levels and low, I just wanted to share this scene because it reminds me of that purpose. I’m sure many have seen it before, but it’s one of my favorites and a fair tribute to the Tolkien spirit of never giving up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s one step of the process done.

      Next step, hopefully soon. Then we will see reality play out, based on real numbers and not talk show balloon juice.

      If the rate comes far short of guru promises, I will just love watching them pull their sites and run for the hills as the lynch mobs come with torches, tar, feathers, rope and double 00 buckshot.


      1. The main Gurus that will be lynched will be Okie and TNT Tony. With the Dong being the safer of the 2 currencies, I hope we get a decent rate on them. I am very excited now.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We have been told about the economic harm against Vietnam if rates go higher. Yet, we are told that “dongs should be good”.

          This means the rate increase may be just enough to not harm the economy, or perhaps higher than wanted, but only as a temporary spike? We really don’t know. So many unknowns.

          This is highly speculative stuff, so we will have to wait it out and see.


    2. Here comes the GCR swooping down to rescue those of us who tried to become the RV using cryptos.
      Thank God there is a second chance in life after all.


      1. Rescue those who tried? Wow. You give up far too soon, if I understand your meaning. The ship has not even left port, and you lower the lifeboat?

        That denouement has yet to play out, and I am very sure it will.


        1. Yes, I believe that later this year cryptos will take off again, but the GCR will be the big rescue event during the first half of the year. Cryptos will later add some frosting to the cake.


    1. Hi Tony – Am I correct in understanding that VND still has a chance in all of this? I haven’t seen it stated that it is out, but most of the talk recently seems to be centered around IQD only. Many thanks


      1. Yes, as of right now, we have not been told that the VND is out of the running. It is the only internationally traded currency, bank recognized, of the lot. As to what the end rate may be, we can only guess.

        The IQD seems to be first in the pecking order, unless something changes. The ZIM is out as far as public speculation is concerned, unless we are told differently in the future. For now, it’s poop paper, according to London.

        Stay tuned for more information as it is released. Good luck!


  61. Tony, I am very confused, first J said Monday Tuesday ????? to watch. Today there is no money and to watch over the next few weeks. Was that for the Zims, thought there was not going to be any public exchange? Dinars, what happened over night? What matters is what I am not saying! Is there something I am missing? Thank you for all you do and J and white hats.


    1. Hi, you are not the only one.

      Let me try to put things in proper perspective, as best I can from where I sit, in my current state of decrepitude.

      I know it seems incongruent in the extreme to be told one moment that settlements are imminent, and then “there is no money”. What I believe he is saying is that there is no money for freewheeling gambling payoffs like giving multi-trillion dollar payouts for every dinar on the planet, overprints and all, and for all similarly situated paper of whatever nature held by people who bought because of an MLM marketer’s insistence.

      There has to be SOME money to make settlements and to revalue currencies for sovereigns and big batallions. And we know that elder caches are extreme, but not meant for massive giving to enable speculative windfalls. Funds entrusted to key persons of earned station and experience will not be used to back up unauthorized paper, of which there is quite a bit. That’s where there is no money.

      Also, the US government is broke. No money there except what is lent to it, with usury, by a rootless international clique which does not abide dirt under their fingernails.

      As we understand it now, there will be no money for public ZIM exchanges. Until this is either rescinded or modified, that’s the deal. Yet, on a “prosperity program” phone call on Thursday, hosted by a NESARA high priest who lives in Yelm, Washington (the hotbed of such types), the host went on and on about how it will be possible to take your ZIM into a bank very soon, and get structured payouts in the TRILLIONS. That’s no shit. He actually is telling people this, and they believe it.

      With respect to Dinar, nothing has changed that I am aware of. It’s always been the case that Dinar speculation would be high risk, with no assurances of endless millions from a $1000 stake. Only those who were receiving kickbacks from such sales made those claims. We have been repeatedly warned that any public payouts may be very limited in both time and rate, and that only the fleet-footed who get in and out early, may be able to claim anything. The reason? Because nobody is going to expend funds to ensure that overprinted paper shit is going to suddenly turn into gold from the gilded goose.

      The reference to Monday/Tuesday was simply a possible window. It was not a guarantee. I am not going to assume we could be that lucky, so give it till the end of March to see how we stand. But, be ready and alert every day from this day forward.

      President Trump is reportedly going to announce the TRN, so let’s wait for it. I don’t think anything will happen until that happens. When it does, be ready. And be ready for events and outcomes that we may not have imagined, good and bad.

      Good luck, and be safe.


        1. I would say that could be a real possibility. Either that, or for way, way less than previously done. I have no way to know that with any certainty.

          Just don’t be slow so you don’t have to find out the hard way.


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