White Hats Report #64 – #EXTRADITEHERZOG – Part 1

A Case Study in Financial Fraud (RICO)

To our loyal and long time readers, the above hashtag will resonate and remind them of one of the cabal’s front men, con artist and Bush crime family fixer. Yes, Dr. Michael Herzog is, once again, spotlighted by the White Hats.

Before we revisit this sordid tale of fraud, corruption, theft and criminality, it would be prudent to mention some current events so that issues can be put in proper perspective. The exposure of the cabal (aka Deep State) has been occurring since the November, 2016 election. Notwithstanding our exposures starting in late 2010, the self exposure has been going on for 18 months and has reached the desperation stage.

Remember the recounts? Remember the attack on the representatives of the Electoral College? When those two gambits didn’t bear fruit, the “Russian collusion” narrative was started before President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. That lie has long since disappeared from the CIA controlled media narrative, the obstruction of justice nonsense is now losing steam and what’s left? Continue the Mueller ruse long enough to negatively affect the mid-term elections so the party of Communists and Socialists can gain enough seats in both chambers to start impeachment proceedings while the usual Deep State stooges, including Mueller and Comey continue to cover their asses while Trump continues to drain the swamp.

In the backdrop to all of this, we’ve learned how utterly corrupt and political both the FBI and DOJ is although anyone reading our reports would’ve been fully informed of this sad fact years ago. While jaywalkers and speeders and shoplifters are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, traitors and financial con men and drug traffickers are provided cover to expand their operations and continue the plundering, pillaging and raping of the planet and its people. Under cover of “national security” and other such ruses created out of thin air, the people are simply collateral for the unending debt placed on the collective working class. This is the result of convincing the citizens of the US they are ruled by a government of the people and by the people rather than a corporation which treats them simply as security against a debt that can never be nor is it intended to be….repaid.

We’ve exposed two of the prominent US crime families, Bush and Clinton, in addition to a wide variety of their stooges who do the heavy lifting, taking the real exposure risk for fronting their scams and cons.

When you control the law enforcement community, everyone involved has “immunity” unless your gambit to elect another criminal, Hillary Clinton, fails and you’re faced with the unthinkable, having to come out of your bolt holes and dark hiding places to expose yourself in the preservation of your criminal racketeering and conspiracies.

We are witnessing the “throwing under the bus” of such cabal enablers as Strzok, Page, McCabe and others, soon it will start moving up the ladder to Comey, Lynch and perhaps the Kenyan born conman himself, Barry Soetoro. These fools thought they had cover but are finding out otherwise as the unpeeling of the onion of sordid criminality continues. Not to mention the military tribunals that will soon be formed to address the treason committed for years against the last free country in the world, the united states of America.

Dr. Michael Herzog

The releases coming over the next few days and weeks will again shine the spotlight of shame on Herzog, a co-conspirator with current and former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, aspiring politicians and the usual suspects in the banking cartel including former Fed Chairmen. Not only do you display your loyalty to the crime family but also your ambitions by both your deeds in private and your worlds in public. With the assistance of the CIA controlled media empire in the US, propaganda and lies are continually offered in the hopes of dumbing down the unsuspecting public and creating virtual rock stars of the most incompetent of these criminals in the pursuit of putting them in positions of power. When they’ve proven their undying loyalty to the crime bosses, they are then rewarded with higher offices through a fixed, rigged system from top to bottom.

Enter Dr. Michael Herzog, an international Zionist banker who knows the intricacies of the bank trading apparatus and is able to manipulate the system and front for the crime families pulling the strings.

We began reporting in late 2010 while the theft of Falcone funds was playing out in real time. We documented the bribes and payoffs, the investigation which reached into Europe, the attempts on Falcone’s life and the knowledge of the FBI, Congress and SCOTUS of the whole affair while doing absolutely NOTHING. Blackmail, threats and payoffs is how the minions of the crime families are controlled to do the bidding of their masters holding the puppet strings. All while holding public office and performing to the voters who, misinformed and hoodwinked, vote them into office.

Trading programs

We’ve exposed to the masses bank trading programs, reporting on them in throughout our releases and providing proof of their existence in our White Hats Report #63 – #ARRESTTHEFED. These programs were designed to raise money for humanitarian projects all over the world but like everything else related to banking and finance, have been hijacked by the cabal to serve their own aspirations of world domination. All power emanates from the banking cartel and if you control that, you control the world. When you control law enforcement, you can steal and thieve your way to a position of power and influence and never inconvenienced by laws enacted only for the slaves in which you rule over. Bush Sr.,Greenspan and Cohorts have Racketeered via Trading Programs generating Trillions with No Congressional oversight, through a myriad of Offshore banks and false fronts.

Ed Falcone, a real estate developer from Florida had intentions of helping to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and revitalizing the slums of Miami, Florida. A concerted effort by the cabal and their media arm have conspired to harass and portray Falcone as the heavy while continuing to trade his stolen funds, avoiding taxes and enriching themselves and their loyal minions who’ve facilitated the entire con.


Our #ARRESTTHEFED campaign worked better than we could have imagined and now we continue the onslaught on the cabal.

Get this information to Trump, Kelly, Wray, Sessions and others so that we can begin the process of extraditing Herzog in the quest to destroy the Bush crime family and continue draining the swamp. Like all conmen, once their cover is blown, protection eliminated and their crimes exposed, they fold up like a cheap pup tent and rat out their former masters.

Part 2 is in process and will be released soon, in the meantime, all hands on deck to get the word out.


    1. Thanks for posting this Tony.

      There is so much misinformation and disinformation about Jews, Israelis, Semites, etc. From what I understand The State of Israel considers Jewish a nationality which is absurd. The State of Israel never adopted a constitution so has no basis for Law. Most Arabs can not be anti-semitic unless they hate themselves and most Jews are not Semites. The dual citizenship nonsense concerning “Jews” supposedly stems from if your mother is Jewish you have a right of “return” to Israel but if you have never been there how can you return? My mother was American and loosely followed Judaism . She wasn’t Israeli or Palestinian or a Hebrew and I don’t think any of her ancestors were from Palestine. I never heard any of my parents, grandparents, sister or brother say one word about being Zionists or one of the Chosen People. .

      If Zionists had not carved out a territory in the region of Palestine the people that live there would still be fighting with each other or some invader.


      1. From the time of Lawrence of Arabia, who acted in good faith to help Arabs unify and throw out the Ottoman occupation, through to the Sykes-Pico/Balfour keelhauling, I am not surprised that Arab anger has not abated all these years later.


  1. Wow what excitement! Terrific new updates from Owon. I was away fishing and enjoying some crypto profits on my vacation. A first one in many years thank you WHA.

    I hope that those transfers mentioned that were to happen this weekend do happen so good people can get good things done. J was very generous to share such information. I am thinking he did so because he is very confident of outcomes now or he would not have been so disposed to get false hopes up. He is not like that.

    This quiet little corner of cyberspace is my refuge and I cant appreciate it enough. Thank you Tony, your pal C.

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    1. Yes, I agree. That update was far and away different than the cautious tones of the past. Still, we have to wait for the weekend to pass. We will probably be told of either another failure for parties to honor their promises, or perhaps silence will follow as moves are completed, with more details later when appropriate. I don’t know for sure, so we will have to wait.

      I am glad you are enjoying some time off. You earned it.

      While I am here, some have asked me about the fact that cryptos have not had a significant gain since Consensus, etc. and what could be the reasons. Let me say this about that. All manner of reasons are going to be given, and I have seen some interesting ones. Some say the fact that they refused to accept crypto to pay for Consensus admission was one reason (It showed little faith). Some say that not enough banking interests were there, and others say too much geek time was spent arguing over protocol and not application. I can’t blame them on that one. We saw CEOs of companies showing up on stage in shorts and sandals.

      I don’t pay attention to these kinds of observations. It’s all subjective.

      What is important to understand is that the charts will tell the tale, and I have seen similar examples of this on commodity charts that go back to the 1920s. I am speaking of the propensity of crowds of speculators who got caught in sell offs, trying to exit on any effort for prices to recover. We see that now. Remember I earlier wrote of “discouraging action” and the price looking like “it can’t go up”.

      This will continue for a while longer. Then, as institutional money comes in, those that had the patience and discipline will simply hang on and enjoy life changing gains. Continue to adopt the patient outlook of a disciplined, thoughtful and well healed speculator. Your smart entry, sized to your budget and risk, will be your strength.


  2. This week comes to a close on rather interesting news. Stay tuned.

    Jerusalem was in the news quite a bit in the last few weeks. So much blood spilled over a piece of land for so long. Macedonians, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Parthians, Scythians, Ottomans, Arabs, English, Jews and gods knows how many others have at one time occupied that place, and blood runs in their streets still to this day. Holy land, they say.

    Perhaps building another Jerusalem may be the answer? One for Arabs, the other for whomever. I am reminded of a song that mused just such a thing on English soil. A very nice version of that song by Libera is presented here to end our week.

    Pax Vobiscum


  3. OWoN:

    Q: Assuming this money is actually moving, is this Wanta funds, Tropos, currencies?

    A: Selective decisions will have to be made. Prosperity crap was defrauded; it’s gone. Leo is manipulated by parties abusing his trust and name. He creates his own problems. The others are major PPs and once cleared will come via our Trusts so it’s delicate. Currencies are in multi national discussions and Elder support etc .

    But, as you can see, it’s a by the hour and day position. But with a Rat hiding in every hole.

    Vast amounts got sidetracked for agency and personal gain. Telling Agency and Fed Made Men these funds are all proceeds of your crime, is a traumatic weekly confrontation. They are in collapse denial .

    Just watch and wait daily. We have it covered from Beijing to DC. Hourly!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-18-may-2018.html?showComment=1526711191978#c6754691916188653477
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved



    (Text of an overnight communication- WHA)

    Understand there was a meeting at the White House with the Donald and including military where to go ahead was given, yesterday ….

    [Treasury] confirmed the meeting and result although somewhat sheepishly, when confronted today…. he also found the OWON article hilarious and asked why the rest of them were not named at other banks? (I had it sent to him and others while I was away)

    The problem as I understand was the requirement that the Fed have no access to the funds transferred to the banks by CIPS.

    My further understanding is the ledgering of funds will take Friday and Saturday with a ready to go date of Monday.

    According to HK funds are moving now.

    I guess we will see what really is, soon enough.

    I am waiting to hear back from other [Treasury] contacts.

    I imagine J should be hearing confirmations soon enough, if this is truly afoot.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-18-may-2018.html?showComment=1526675185545#c2915199326815939521
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Well, how about that?

      Be ready for anything. I have no idea what all that means in terms of public RV issues, and I really don’t want to start pressing for specifics at this point because doing so will not change things. Just be ready in case.

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    2. Hello, WHA. I attempted to reply to one of the posts above and it will not let me. I almost forgot to sign up for the new post. I am very excited with the recent news over at OWON!


      1. Remember that once you click on reply, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the thread, where all new comments are entered. You will see a box open with a specific message that you are replying to whomever you indicated.

        Replies are enabled on all posts.

        Yes, the information was great. I am hopeful that the decision to release such sensitive information is because of the inevitability of its success.


  5. Get the popcorn ready to watch my favorite journalist, giving an incredibly awesome rant. Someone get this video to J at OWoN, just to show him we do have passionate truthers in the U.S.

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  6. OWoN:

    Q: I thought the CIPS system was in place to circumvent SWIFT and not allow the Fed to skim/delay payouts. So many good patriots want to move forward with projects to restore our broken countries. Can you clarify for us?

    A: I will release you a copy of our overnight communication. What happened when the Military and President met, the impact of the new OWON article and the drive to get selective releases started.

    Also showing how the CIPS system has blocked the Fed juggling with other people’s money.

    They are amused how OWON is sticking it right up the Zoo trash and it’s coming home.
    It’s getting to the point where if they don’t move again, OWON unleashes a new overnight swarm of vitriolic S flies which do the rounds exposing each malpractice

    It’s getting to them and at them. Worse in cross memos it appears they feel London has so tight a watch the British knows each morning and emails are unleashed before they even get up each day.
    This is merciless retribution.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-14-may-2018.html?showComment=1526620520143#c6695145747627706251
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  7. OWoN:

    Lets look at emergent realities now.

    1. We thankfully avoided a face off over Syria. A No Win all lose madness moment. Israel left alone may well trigger WW111 for these F Kazars! Time to say No to the Zio Ho!

    2. Major, deep and serious moves are playing out for real behind the scenes. Way over and above cheap Politics or the cheap posing low IQ hustlers found there. With real people who don’t associate with such Political trash. Real visionaries who care, for all of you.

    3. Crytpos will get beyond the Wild West Klondyke games and new orders are coming.

    4. All major nations have abundant qualities of good intellectual talent, and we need to cross pool it, and you all, for common good. To think as ONE People, committed to our small fragile planet, where YES, you ALL are special and each life, like ecology is precious. To start to think and transcend the greed and grubbiness of Nationalism, pointless religions, and to explore the true boundaries beyond. Lifting the veil (Oh God yes yes yes, Lol) and taking the next step for the evolution of our species.

    Because it’s time and your time is coming now. Look beyond and across the pond. Together we are more.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-14-may-2018.html?showComment=1526551155138#c4760970125685236611
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  8. Iran and Russia Discuss Plans to Start Trading with Crypto to Bypass the Dollar and SWIFT

    “…Iran sees cryptocurrencies as a promising avenue to withdraw from the influence of the dollar, Mohammad Reza Purebrakhimi, the head of the commission for economic affairs of the Assembly of the Islamic Council (Parliament) of Iran, said according to Interfax…”


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  9. OWoN:

    Q: A few weeks ago, you said Trump signed off on something and TRNs were imminent.

    What happened there?

    “…Yes they tried, but there is a massive Global exposure operation in play right now. Sorry, at this stage we can not elaborate. But, “Assume” formal discussions are taking place, discreetly between Parties of Real Power, and once concluded, as “Global” powers, the follow up will be a shock revelation to some. A F UP ex Colony will be getting a full on Colonic Probe, and the depth of what follows, will be seismic for some.

    No time now to show our hands, but understand it’s a by the hour thing!

    There are layers and levels the Public have no awareness of, and Dynasties who want Action! Even today, a formal written request from our Top Parties, once responded to On Record, will open the door for massive actions…”

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-14-may-2018.html?showComment=1526467764887#c3646060114068001141
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. Have heard of it but am not going to participate in it for now. Not nearly enough of their offering is subscribed to make me feel comfortable with it at this stage. If you go ahead, keep us informed if you can.


      1. I’m hesitant to purchase at this time because I think there are other ones that will go up quicker. This one is a long project. That’s why I wanted your opinion. I just added stellar. It was on your list. I like the rocket ship – hope that’s what it will do with the price.

        I’m putting together a watch list and will add matrix.

        I have to tell you – really liking xrp more everyday. The news is phenomenal!

        Have a nice evening tony and thank you

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  10. One World of Nations Update 15 May 2018

    As the failure to pay long overdue, long promised Redemptions continues, it’s time to lift the covers. While we still have Diplomatic restraints as to how much we can personally step into National entities activities where Enforcement SHOULD instead be active, we need now to at least start pointing fingers. Naming, shaming and advocating for action

    Just who are these parties conspiring with the Deep State?

    We will provide you with the cryptic messages in formats we have received, from Elder’s Beneficiaries, parties directly linked to us.

    Including ex-Agency parties and in the verbiage as it comes to us. Relating to a series of major PPs obstructed yet again the Person who signed the order to not pay was a Danielle P. Wainwreit or Danielle P. Wainwright (likely associated with Josef Ackermann, Alan Greenspan and Michael Herzog who are known to be Cabal Associated, etc…).

    Allegedly, a further person has admitted to having been following instructions under the Executive Orders of Chicago Con Man Usurper Barry Soetoro / Obama as directed by the Bush / Clinton Crime families.

    This other reprobate’s name is Wayne Clevanger and he is believed to be in hiding between San Diego or San Francisco.

    Two retired ‘Bankers’ are also cross implicated. These being Terrance Procter and Rodney Bails, along with an active Banker by the name of Lyle Tomlinson from the San Diego area, who gets a perverse kick out of doing now what Clevanger’s job included. That is to call Payees and give them a date for Payout, which they know will be still stopped by Danielle P. Wainewreit.

    We need US Enforcement with INTEGRITY to come on board and stop this. We need an Executive Order now from Trump himself Directing it to end and Funds to be PAID to all Trusting Beneficiaries as Due. Long OVERDUE!! We need a new Elliot Ness.

    This information is provided to us directly, by long overdue owed US Patriot Payees, stressed, and sick of the treachery and abuse of their Trust. Sick of the failure of the seemingly nonexistent American process of Law to address such grievances. The ongoing failure of US Law to activate and fund critical Infrastructure projects or to redeem to trusting allies. THEIR funds are owed for over 35 years, all intended to help US recovery. With their own funds back, Yes, They Can and Will do better!

    So who are these people named above disrupting the Settlement process, who are frustrating the payment process, who by name is directly gaining from the unauthorized use of Lawful Beneficiaries funds, and who in the Law Enforcement Community can assist us get it stopped?

    FBI? How did that help Falcone? His own Attorneys provided them with volumes of Interpol arrest records, but the FBI Muzzled it from the top. Allegedly Mueller acting for Bush 41. As with Comey and the Clintons. Obama covered up the Biden bribe. Justice in America? Who will really clean the swamp? Sound Bites?

    Who are the parties named above, who can bring them into a full spotlight to explain their actions? Vince Foster wanted to explain his part of the Clinton corruption activities, but Loretta Lynch claims she was told directly by the Clintons they killed him. Such a claim, and nothing is done? Why not?

    Trump claims he will clean the Swamp. Yet Clinton walks free, BOTH!! Pizzagate has gone where?

    The sheer scale of corruption is beyond Endemic, it’s a Pandemic. So where do we start?

    How about with the above names being delegated by the White House to a Highly Empowered Public Named Official to go after them each. Bring them to Justice and get long overdue Redemptions settled, so key Projects and Infrastructure can be funded. Vast proceeds recovered as Proceeds of Crime, bringing the Perps to Justice. Rebuilding an America fit for Purpose.

    Start by Extraditing Michael Herzog. Follow by bringing in each of the above named parties. A Full HEAD ON Forensic investigation. Recover ALL the money. RICO Charge all responsible. Start when? Who will Extradite Herzog to bring them all down? Ackermann too?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/update-where-is-justice.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+OneWorldOfNations+%28One+World+of+Nations%29
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  11. OWoN:

    Q: Since releases are being blocked, PPs are not progressing, this being silly season MAY 15 2018 ! Then it would be only logical to accept as fact that there will be NO currency revaluation (THE VIETNAMESE DONG) in the year 2018 ? Thank You.

    A: Not so, read what comes out any time, and names who will have a rapid bowel movement when exposed. Let us crank it up in stages.

    Lets see if Trump will work to give back whats lawfully to Americans, instead of giving Jerusalems land UNLAWFULLY to his to sickening, gloating Kazar Mad Bennys Poodle, and the posing Shickster. A sad day for the Middle East. How many will die today? When the Pandemics hit America, you may question this. You intercepted 3. Next 3,000? Beats suicide vests. Far more deadly.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-14-may-2018.html?showComment=1526400145472#c8363775636455071027
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  12. A few ICO’s I have recently invested in. All are great uses for blockchain which is best used for consensus. All have 4+ ratings and great advisors.

    New Exchange-Buying their exchange tokens.

    Blockchain Global GPS Tracking System for e-commerce

    Blockchain Lending Against Your Cryptos-Roger Ver, Bitcoin Jesus, owner of Bitcoin.com is an advisor

    Sharpay-Social Media Sharing Apps to earn crypto-5 star rated


  13. Institutional investors are no longer watching crypto from the sidelines

    “…Despite the public hype and speculation, institutional investment into cryptocurrencies has remained a relatively fringe activity with banks, hedge funds, pension funds and family offices particularly hesitant to get involved. That’s all about to change…”



  14. OWoN:

    Q: It’s Monday morning and I don’t know if anyone’s asked this yet, but are we still on track? Are we progressing forward?

    A: I can’t go public yet. There are ” Hard Words” coming accross at the top.
    Trump is mystified at a bare Fed Cupboard. How? WTF is small under stating. Where TF is it now needs to be forced up them. Start with the $15T. Forensic traces will get it all.
    Leader or Dummie, GET the F Money! The WH needs a thorough Clear Out. 6% of the Population so allow only 6% in both Houses. Get control, get a GRIP! Rip them out! Stop the Zio snouts!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-9-may-2018.html?showComment=1526322991486#c1554146820247481554
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  15. Hi Tony, we appreciate your great in site on the topics here. I think we are all concerned on our paper exits. It appears the powers in control does not want this to move forward and for sure they do not want the public to benefit, so we wait and hope. I do believe the crypto currency play is the right way to go, but for some of us it very difficult to set up and to pick those that have the possibility to rise. Is it possible to list 5 or 10 that have met the funding requirments you have talked about. I think many here are older as I am and have difficulty with this new age technology . You mentioned a broker earlier, are they able to set things for us? I know all of us here appreciate your efforts as well as J.

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    1. DA – do you at least have a wallet set up like a coinbase? If you don’t, then at least open an account and get thru the verification process and be ready to purchase. That would be the first thing I would do if I were you.

      I’ll tell you what I did.

      Set up account with uphold.com to purchase cryptos. (Or coinbase). You can purchase btc and a few others there. From there I transferred btc or ltc to exodus.

      Exodus is a desktop wallet and has many different cryptos i can exchange and hold.

      They have many erc20 coins you can
      hold too. These coins i bought from binance.com or gate.io and transferred some btc there and exchanged btc for whatever erc20 coin I want. Then I transferred back to my exodus wallet.

      In addition I purchased a Trezor and a ledger nano s wallets for cold storage.
      I personally hold
      Looking at NANO & SUB at the moment

      Doing this three months now and spent many hours on how to and self educating myself on various cryptos. It’s been frustrating and I even cried when trying to transfer theta to MEW. Had to add it myself because it was not on the list. Anyhow – now that I know how to do it. I love it and it’s fun! But I had to work hard at it as I am not technically inclined and I am 53 years old so difficult to wrap my head around the whole thing. If I can do it anyone can lol

      Also make sure you have a vpn service

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      1. Forgot to mention in regards to the nano coin, want to share why I am looking at it right now. Never heard of it before until my husband had a dream a few nights ago. He’s never heard of it either.

        In his dream a women in the future told him that nano was going to change the world. (Long story short)

        When he woke up he told me about the dream and so I looked to see if it existed and here it is.


        Not trying to get people to buy it – I’m thinking about it myself. It actually looks like a good project to me but wow that was freaky.


    2. I think you are correct with respect to public RV issues. I sometimes wish we could get the call. “No chance, folks. Go home”. But, that call never comes. It has with respect to the ZIM, but dinar and dong? Still no cancellation for those events. So, we can only wait.

      Cryptos have come along as a sort of surrogate mother for those who wanted a chance to wet their beaks a little at the fountain of new age speculation. If one wanted to imagine a second chance, one could not have done a better job at crafting what is soon to come in that sector, and in multi T blocks in market cap to boot. On that basis, I understand the strong desire to avail oneself of it as a hedge against the complete mystery that surrounds the RV in terms of “when”. We know good people are behind it, but it seems that bad people are holding their own, unfortunately. For now, anyway. We hope for changes in that outlook.

      Your request to provide 5 or 10 well chosen coins is a tall order, because I could not possibly guarantee or know if those 10 will be the best of the lot. But, I will try my best.

      As for a broker, there are several good ones. Poloniex, Bittrex and Binance are good, and should serve to allow you to buy easily. Open accounts at all three. It is pretty easy. Make sure your computer is clean with good security software installed.

      Here are 10 that I think are good quality with good management and sound business applications. I wont detail all of the application specifics, but you can read about that by looking up the companies and reading about them.

      1. XLM
      2. AION
      3. ADA
      4. EOS
      5. QTUM
      6. CND
      7. BNT
      8. VEN
      9. BNB
      10. QSP

      This list is not exhaustive and is not a recommendation per se. It’s just a list of quality in my view.

      Buy evenly into some or all of them if you can and want to. Don’t pick one and go heavy to the exclusion of the rest. That’s folly. Leave that to the leisure suit golf hustlers. Your goal here is a safe and sane approach to a market that is going to try to shake you loose like an epileptic harpy. Buy with money easily parted with. That will keep your nerves steady through the wild swings which will come, I assure you.

      Buy positions on weakness. Don’t chase a fast climber. No need. Not yet. We are early yet and you have not missed out.

      I know some who are taking second jobs just to put together the scratch to buy in across the board. I know some who have bailed on dinar and put it all in some of the coins above. I know some who have sold their cars to do the same, and now bus to work. If there is a will, there is a way.

      I wish to reemphasize that I am not shining a bad light on the RV, or our fine White Hat friends both in the US and UK. It is not their fault that redemptions and RVs have not moved forward. I am sure they understand if we take a side track while those issues are being sorted. Until they call it off, we have to imagine that something is expected of it. I can’t imagine that they would withhold such information if it were determined to be a total wash with no chances.

      The problem is “when”. How many more months/years/decades can one expect to wait when life ebbs away? Jobs are going by the boards. The requirements now for even some of the lower level technical jobs require a college degree. I have seen such a requirement for simple call center work at times. 10 years ago a HS diploma would have sufficed. Less and less now, it wont. 75 years ago you could have worked your way to CEO on a HS diploma. Now, practically no chance.

      So, I know many of you who are up in years and are short for your lean years, are needing to catch up and don’t have time to compete in the shrinking job market for those with older skill sets. The RV has so far been a dry well, with no reportable due date or current sign of life. I understand the tug and pull that you all feel for as close to a sure thing as possible. Right now, crypto markets are that possible chance. If you can spare the funds, you stand a better chance at gain than you ever did with paper (insofar as I know).

      My heart is very heavy right now. Paper exits in this quarter, even modestly, would give many of you the capital to gain a crypto footing that many will miss out on. There is, in my opinion, a 3 to 6 month window open right now for perfect entry. Just what the chances are for paper exits in this window are completely unknown to me. I have not the faintest notion how far, or how close we are to such. Every month that goes by now without such exits is going to weigh even more on my awareness of what is slipping out of the grasp of paper holders. This is starting to become a deathly serious matter, and to think that a few miserable low life zio rat bastard vermin hobnail scumbag dung-eating bankers are holding up what may be a rare chance for many of you, is a reflection on just how little regard some have for the welfare of most of us.

      Try the above list on for size, do some research, add more to it of you want, and I wish you the best.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Thanks Tony for posting the new articles from OWoN and the White Hats. Very interesting and informative. I will be now subscribed to get sent the new comments as they are posted.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. What a wonderful new article from the White Hats and OWon. Those redemptions which I assume are largely money owed to patriots like BB and such should be released to those good men. I stand with them and wish them well.

    Tony can I ask you. When is Concensus and what do you see from there? I am invested and content to rest on what I have in play now. Just curious on your opinion on timing. Thanks your pal C.


    1. Yes, incredible investigating and reporting on their part. It took a lot of work to uncover all that. We are right to appreciate it and spread the word.

      The Consensus Conference is May 14-17. Attendance is expected to exceed that in years past. That, along with the current retracement levels and expected institutional influx of capital, may point to even larger price increases than in years past. We will see!

      My personal feeling is that between now and end of year we will see our first trillion dollar market cap. From there, it will double and triple into next year, and then some. Prices will no doubt track exponentially.

      Holding paper is soon going to lose its luster. I sincerely hope we can exit that stuff soon. It could not be at a better time.


  18. After many weeks of silence, we end the week with a banking swift of another type – a swift kick in the crotch as news of continuing interference from Wells Fargo with respect to owed redemptions was brought to light.

    As to what it will take to overcome this seemingly insurmountable obstacle, we don’t know. That good people are on top of it is understood and appreciated. Nonetheless, just when it will be sorted in ways that will open a pathway to exiting your paper is hard to call.

    In the meantime, other avenues beckon, and may even provide relieve well in advance of paper exits.

    It is clear that the good guys are turning up the heat. Thank you all for helping to spread the word. Be on the lookout for more revelations as they are released.

    Many of our readers have taken a keen interest in crypto holdings. We understand this urge since speculative gain is what many of you bought into paper for to begin with. However, with such redemptions languishing in banker black holes, many are wanting to position for gains before the anticipated deluge of institutional money into the sector.

    The most basic approach I can suggest is to buy and hold quality. If you are more technically advanced and wish to trade for short term gains, that’s fine. However, that’s an approach best suited for the experienced, and there is no time to train people into that groove. For most of you, the easiest way is to apportion what you have in the way of disposable income, into even lots and place them.

    For instance, if you have $1400, make 7 $200 lots and place it into 7 different well selected coins of your choice. Buy quality. Avoid the latest ICO craze you found on Facebook. Most ICOs are scams, with plagiarized White Papers and useless application value. Stick with those coins who have met their capital requirements, or nearly have, or those who have long passed the ICO phase and have established themselves with credible, experienced management. Don’t try to get rich quick.

    Then, hold. Up or down, frantic, calm, violent, sudden, or however the price may react, hold on. No matter what is said by whatever mainstream financial blabbermouth, or storefront dummy, don’t exit based on fear of loss. You should already have been willing to do away with what you have placed. Fear should not be a part of the equation anymore. If you overdo it, and put your mortgage money or junior’s college deposit on the line, then you may find yourself at the Winchell’s Donut at 3am dodging crack heads who once were mutual fund advisors.

    Just buy and wait. You are situated ahead of a monster curve and a tsunami of cash about to hit this sector. To abandon your position now would be foolhardy. Hold. No matter what. Hold. Be like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and hold to the last.

    When market caps start hitting 1T, then 2T, then more, you will probably see exponential rises in prices that will cause you to disbelieve. Believe it.

    I don’t know if we will get out of our paper holdings before the big run ups. But I suspect if not, in a year or two, many of you won’t need to worry about it anymore.

    More on this later as we go along.

    I think our friend in London is about to summon his inner ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and get ruthless on these knobhead bankers. “No prisoners!”, was a rallying cry, I believe. To that end, here is the BBC Concert Orchestra with the theme from “Lawrence of Arabia”, by Maurice Jarre, to close the week.

    Have a good weekend and let’s hope for some positive news on redemptions very soon.


  19. OWoN:

    WF have just failed YET AGAIN to release Redemption money today, hiding behind old Obama Executive orders, and keeping funds in Ledgers as Reserve accounts claiming it’s to be compliant with Basel rules, and do not link it to Client accounts or a Transfer can be forced. Just blatant crooked Casino Bankers again. Gaming hard pressed Beneficiaries.

    Key Beneficiaries have offered to retain good balances for the Treasury, but the Stock Market Racketeers and Treasury have gone deaf. For the likes of Buffet this could cause a shit storm if Other People Money can not be used for their Ponzi trading.

    How now do they get access to Trump and Which Side will he take?
    Obama was and is nothing but a dirty Chicago Gaming Skank!
    Clearly WF will continue until lifted and placed in Custody.
    Has Trump got the knowledge and ethical character to enforce releases?
    Who will break WF strangleholds? Necks even better.

    Q: Will this affect the currency negotiations with the Majors, or are those negotiations still ongoing?

    A: It IS affecting negotiations because when we agree phased steps WF go into obstruction mode. While we keep it off Public Radar, we can go Public!

    What none have yet had is a Global firestorm of Personal Exposure, as is starting with the Slag Herzog.

    WF Bankers, exposed with all their dirt for Global view, is a Goldfish Bowl they will never recover from. If we Deep Six them in the London Capital Markets, it would unravel them in public. Collapse! Controlled and responsible steps first. As they see us ripping Herzog to pieces, it will sink in. Next week we may let a few Bagmen hang out to dry by named exposure. One fears we will get him killed. Really? Only one? Silly Season is now Hunting Season. No Money- No Reason! We WILL use the Big Stick!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-9-may-2018.html?showComment=1526060193939#c8896842081520948085
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


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