White Hats Report #65 – #EXTRADITEHERZOG – Part 2

A Case Study in Financial Fraud (RICO) – 2nd in a series

Since the White Hats Reports were launched in late 2010, our focus was and has been on the shadowy world of banking and finance as we endeavored to expose the corrupt underbelly of a system utilized by the cabal to control the planet. Dominated by familiar bloodline families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Mellon and Oppenheim among others Zionist Mafia, we are reminded of the Rothschild mantra of:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.”
-Quote attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the banking family patriarch

The reality of this quote is still as accurate today as it was when it was uttered over 200 years ago. Why?

Apparently criminal statutes and finance/accounting regulations don’t apply to the banking cartel, only the patrons who are forced to utilize their institutions. The monetary system is set up to be dominated, controlled and manipulated by a usurious shadowy group so corrupt that its very existence depends on the masses for supplying the hard earned resources of their sweat and hard work to then be stolen. Wealth stolen through the immoral and illegal methods enacted as “laws” by their controlled and blackmailed legislative sub-contractor class as they virtually fund and own both Houses.


Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating Category 5 hurricanes on record hit the Gulf coast of the US in late August, 2005, causing an estimated $125 billion in damage. From Texas to Florida and all states in between, the damage was lasting and permanent for millions of people who were displaced from their homes.

Enter Ed Falcone of the Falcone Group, a real estate developer in Florida who saw an opportunity to not only help rebuild the city of New Orleans but provide pathway to resumption of normalcy for all those affected by this devastating storm. Mr. Falcone possessed the knowledge, expertise, background and experience to take on this massive project with not only a high probability of success but a patriotic intent to assist his fellow Americans. He is a true patriot in every sense of the word.

It should also be noted here that the cabal has brought to bear a concerted and continuous attack on Mr. Falcone utilizing their media whores and law enforcement lackeys to not only destroy his credibility but make numerous attempts on his life to silence him and cut off his dogged determination to pursue this humanitarian endeavor he began over 10 years ago.

The Plot

As we have shown in report #63 and spoken about during interviews, the trading programs have a real purpose and place in our world, however, like everything else pure and pristine and well meaning, they have been hijacked by the cabalists and banksters and turned into their own personal money machine to feed greed, not need and their rapacious War Machine. The programs were designed for humanitarian projects: to assist with rebuilding infrastructure after acts of nature, to modernize third world countries with electricity and water, to build roads and highways to connect cities for efficiency and commerce and, for the advancement of technology and research to make our planet self sufficient and sustainable.

After months of due diligence and research, Mr. Falcone entered into a contractual arrangement with Dr. Michael Herzog to enter into a trading program facilitated by George Bush (Sr.) using Mr. Falcone’s initial capital of $350M. Bush, utilizing his favorite banker and collaborator at Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, the amount was leveraged up another $500M and traded for another two years. Be reminded that Deutsche Bank was the facility of choice for the CIA money laundering schemes using traded funds that could be sheltered from both IRS scrutiny and Congressional oversight hidden in tax havens by shady bankers and corrupt bankers for the purpose of funding the illegal wars and black projects undertaken by the cabal and their Deep State co-conspirators.

After a year of trading activity on Falcone’s initial principal, the growing list of co-conspirators, including but not limited to Bush 41 and 43 plus Greenspan (Fed Chairman at the time), Paulson and of course Herzog and his erstwhile Canadian partner Paul Guenette, decided to continue trading the profits without paying Falcone. Meanwhile, the victims along the Gulf coast of the US were suffering without any relief in sight. Permanently displaced, they had to restart their lives in a new city or state.

The vast billions and trillions accumulated, funds meant for the rebuilding of victims of hurricane Katrina were virtually stolen by this criminal cabal. The Bush crime family, orchestrating the whole event, were kept out of the limelight as Herzog and Guenette were used as front men for the scam.

In our next release, we’ll discuss how this financial crime filtered into the political arena with payoffs going to various high ranking government officials in DC to stand down when Falcone turned to them for assistance and how a potential Vice Presidential candidate had to wait four years to run for high office due to a vetting problem that could not be avoided. With billions and even trillions generated from various trading platforms, there was plenty of bribe money to go around to glad handing officials who were only too eager to accept the payoffs in exchange for doing…..NOTHING.



  1. OWoN:

    Q: Well…thank much you for the insight. Bummer! So no Sovereigns or PPs now?…No projects no nothing then…How in nether hell does something like this get redirected? Isn’t this locked down at initiation?

    A: Wooaahh. That’s just the Swiss fund. We still have vast London reserves an no way do we let loose on the PPs. It’s us pushing like hell with Trump simply clueless of the depth of need or justification. He is surrounded by Deep State or Zios, so what gets through to him? Nothing is more important to Global recovery than the PPs and RVs. Assume he’s clueless of such issues as just a Political Plinker. Which is why it helps to keep drip feed hitting those sites.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-11-june-2018.html?showComment=1528867524185#c4581087216315988034
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  2. OWON:

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 3:24:00 PM MDT
    New concerns,

    Having instantly checked the new Swiss Capital Releases we find it’s NOT for the benefit of Global need, but just servicing the Cabal hooks of Greed. Just to feed THEM!.

    Which takes us back again to the reality check. Wake up from naive Disneyland.
    Trump does not have a clue what is really in play, nor the attention span to focus and get it. It’s not about Photo shots for ego, and Treaties which don’t mean Shite, it’s about detail, deep focused understanding of Bretton Woods plus, and THAT is way off Trumps knowledge base or attention span. The issue, the REAL Issue, is who with serious intellect and awareness of the Fiat and Grey Screen Capital Markets, can be given the authority and powers,to go after it and force resolution. The Chump can sign his Comic Books, and pose, but it needs a REAL MAN to hunt down these perps and get resolution.
    My fears are your depending on the Whale Pantomime Dame in Drag.

    Without a real Intellect focused, I fear you are all all eulogising a Disneyland Burger Monsters Pantomime Dame flaunting himself for Camera shots, PR window shots of irrelevancies, while the Cabal keep him distracted and robs the store. As with Bush Sr and Cheney leaving the idiot Son 43, on watch, while they looted America.

    Who in DC Power is acting for YOU!

    I’m still on the Fence so far. Mid Terms not a single Big Scalp and only his Weanie in his hand for photo shoots, and Despots. All the talk of Protective Treaties means little.

    wHERE IS THE MONEY ??????????????? Focus hardball on this odd ball. Show us the Scalps and show us the unlocked Capital. All I see is bare cupboards.
    Herzog back in Chains will crack it all wide open for you. ACTION! Self Help!
    Herzog and Flog this Dog! He will show you the money!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-11-june-2018.html?showComment=1528838679347#c8877819251168075150
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  3. OWoN:

    Multi level PPs are trying to get Fed resolutions. Vast funds are owed, it’s hard to negotiate the recovery and redemption of funds taken 35 years ago when records no longer track or correlate and the Fed don’t respond.

    It’s a day game like fishing with hooks set and cast waiting .

    All parties have special interests. The Feds is that of a Thief who never pays back and now faces redemption demands from hostile interests.

    Iraq needs resolution. Iraq wants forces out and the nation restored. Iraq’s governing bodies see all forces as invasive parasites meddling in Iraq’s affairs for gain. Iraq wants it’s ecomomy released for its own people and Westerners gone. The majority are, and have grounds to be, hostile. We destroyed Iraq .Try being an Iraqi . What a mess.

    Right now, even getting any PPs redeemed will be a good start. RVs are coming. Have to be.

    Time to rethink worlds and re position.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-11-june-2018.html?showComment=1528787602823#c9221884830767838151
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      1. It will most likely find support below that. Forecasts still call for much higher prices once institutional funds are cleared inbound. Right now they are waiting on infrastructure and custodial issues to be finalized.

        Amateur players who run at the first sign of price drops are doing so now. The buying opportunities are getting better and better for those who are prepared to enter and hold without fear.

        Continue to watch for amateur parvenus to sell at the bottom, and buy at the top, while the patient and disciplined forces prepare to play the game right. Hopefully, most of you will play the game just like they do, and not let your emotions guide your hands.


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  5. My opinion about what is taking place:

    OWoN says banks will be going through some kind of adjustment and things would be down for a few days….

    During this time period of transition:
    * Someone confirms that Chase is not dispensing cash.
    * Another person talks about delay from Bank that has never happened before.
    * I, myself, was in a credit union on Thursday and wanted to do a wire transfer to a good sized bank, but I was talked out of it by a credit union employee who suggested they send a check for me instead and that it would arrive on Thursday of this week. I told them that they are losing money by talking me into this, I got a response that it was not much they would lose. So I accepted their suggestion.

    Someone just reported that OWoN is not accepting anymore posts for now. Welcome to the club because intel4u.com was purposely taken offline a few weeks back. I suspect highly it is because of the nearness of what we are expecting because of things being shared on that forum before it was taken offline.

    Get ready folks for a big blessing that is coming sometime soon.


    1. Whoops, I was preparing the above post and did not see what Tony posted at 1:33 P.M. If I had, perhaps I would have said one or two things differently….


  6. OWoN:

    We spent Sunday in deep discussions with Elders and others relating to moving Elders AND Sovereign families AU to London, safe from US theft or Chinese aggression.

    Part of these funds will go into trading once approved, AFTER we get it through the Thick Heads of the Politicos, that we are NOT paying their theft taxes, nor allowing their Swine Snouts in the trough, and that ALL profits will go as Offshore Funding into direct Community Financing to develop self sufficient communities, safe from Parasites,with Community lead schools, kicking out the Churches and their Pedo types, but introducing Ethereal Values, to educate values, and a State of Being, a true Humane being. One respecting by understanding the needs of Ecology, and one recognizing Soul values, and the true purpose of our brief Carbon life Form visit here to experience life as a physical presence, and the Book of Life we take with us.

    Apolitical Communities. Serving Human needs, not greed. Enriching lives not Mamon. No 95% Funds theft by Clinton Foundations. No Hegemony funding, nor State suppression.
    Our way, 65% of all funds will not be taken out by Federal State Parasites. 100% WILL go to Community Development as a Global fund. No waste, or Corruption. Sleeze free.
    No Barmy Barry Soetoro’s or Sleazy Bills.

    No Zios will be allowed any roles in Finance, nor Law, nor will funds go to Zio banks. No Child mutilation, or Blood Cults, nor false Mind indoctrination. None are “Special”, all are equal. Communities will have their own inherent standards and rules. Policing Communities will be aided transgressors eviction from the Communities. Transgress and walk the path of life alone. A Council of Peers is all it needs. Common sense.

    Cryptos free from the State may have a role here. We are exploring Crypto bartering. New Communities, a step at a time. Global communities, self sufficient, self sustaining.

    We are thinking outside the box. Multi nations, with a common goal. It can be done. Getting past the barriers of State intrusion, meddling, and parasite taxes is stage one.
    Re building by educating from birth is the start, as is denying Zios or Vatican access.
    Education is a Community responsibility, not a bunch of Head Banging Blood Cult Organ mutilators, or Vatican Kiddie Fiddlers. Terms will be clear. Transgression means OUT!

    We will set minds Free, not impale on a Vatican knee! No one confused by false Church Dogma can be entrusted to educate a child. Education will rebuild each nation. Free of all Abbrahamian BS. Ethereal values,not the Council of Nicea,or the ramblings of indoctrinated Blood Sacrifice Rabbis. A clean sweep.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-6-june-2018.html?showComment=1528702783716#c8100212648604794513
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. This is most excellent! Thank you J, elders and white hats!

      A couple of quotes from a Japanese 13th century Buddhist monk – nicherin Daishonin:
      “If you care anything about your personal security, you should first of all pray for order and tranquility throughout the four quarters of the land . . .”

      “If the minds of living beings are impure, their land is also impure, but if their minds are pure, so is their land. There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds.”

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  7. Tony have you noticed that no new posts at OWon.?

    Also I have a friend who has had dinar for years and he didn’t understand your last friday comment about the updates being “adumbrative”. He thought that you were somehow complaining about the updates but I told him you were not and never would. Funny how an uncommon word can lead to such a conclusion.Thought you would get a kick out of that.

    Buying more alts today. Bargain shopping with a part of my reserve funds. Cant wait to see where this is in a year. Thanks again your pal, C.


    1. I did notice that. But, it could be for many reasons. I am sure they will resume at some point.

      Complaining about the updates at OWoN? Never. I was pointing out how our friend in London was having to become less and less descriptive about things, and this was for good reasons. He was having to say less and less, but somehow say something. Not an easy thing I am sure. You can assure your friend that I was not taking any exception to how OWoN was conducting their affairs. Quite the opposite! I expected them to eventually have to convey information in a very indirect and guarded fashion. I welcome that as a good thing! Looking back, I didn’t do a very good job conveying that.

      Good on your decision to add to your alt portfolio now that prices are down. I am going to snag some ICX today.

      I remember before the first run up in the alt market, I think prices had gone down like 70% before the subsequent highs. What we are experiencing now is a proportionally minor dip before the upward wave of institutional funds come roaring in.

      Take care and good luck!


    2. What is going on with OWON? This has never happened where there are no posts being allowed or going through. This is strange J or C are always around, especially C.


      1. I cannot explain it, but let’s give it some time. They could be busy, or prepping a new release.

        We are certainly in a very delicate time, as the recent updates from OWoN have described over the past few weeks.

        Stay tuned!


    3. Hello Concord, Hello Tony!

      Concord- I am happy to see your post, I am buying a small amount of alt coins too. I continue to HODL , always keeping in mind the information that Tony posts here about the crypto’s.

      I was watching video’s this morning about the use of 3 D printing in making a house in under 24 hours? I even found a video from 2017 where an apartment building was made in China:


      Anyway, I was thinking if there might be anyone developing a crypto token for 3D printing, I came across this site:


      I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this ico? I’m going to buy a small amount of tokens for now, to get my foot in the door. It is exciting to be living right now- I feel we are just on the cusp of an explosion in new technology!


  8. June 10 Qanon:

    Start the Clock.
    A Week to [Remember].
    Think Logically.
    First private [CLAS-5(6)]
    Second public.
    Blackwater on GUARD.
    Evidence KILLS.
    These people are STUPID.


    1. I don’t think he is referring to the private and public RV issues, but it was certainly an interesting post at this particular time.


  9. Like

      1. I don’t know if this means anything. I have been juggling my credit card debt with the zero percent interest free offers and yesterday tried to do a transfer. They said I have to have the account for ten days and did not know if I qualified for balance transfers. It says in Black in White that I qualify when I received the card. They said to call back tomorrow. This has never happened to me before.


            1. Thanks for letting us know.

              So some key banks took down their cash transfers for a few days. Hmmmmm. Sounds like some kind of upgrade to that system perhaps, or test. Not sure what it was about. But, the most important aspect that we can observe without any speculation is the timing of it.


  10. OWoN:

    Q: I’ve been reading as lot of posts lately that talk of imminent Gesara* implementation. What are your thoughts about Gesara?

    Well meaning out with the Fairies.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-6-june-2018.html?showComment=1528657210509#c3964274790475813836
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    *Gesara is a spawn of Nesara – both are concepts which got no farther than within the Bongo army legions that promote it.

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  11. Crypto Carnage Continues: Bitcoin Plunges Below $7,000 After Korean Exchange Hack

    “…After earlier weakness driven by headlines of South Korean exchange hack, Bitcoin (and the rest of the crypto space) just took another more serious leg lower, crashing below $7000 for the first time since April with the biggest drop since mid-January…”



    1. Lessons to be learned:

      1. Keep your coins off of brokerages. Only pirates and day trading knuckle-chewers need those platforms for such. Use them to acquire and then move to your wallet.

      2. As I mentioned many times over many months, look for more instances like this, where the price actions look “hopeless”, “discouraging”, “failing”. Consider quietly adding to your positions if you can safely do so, when prices come down. Don’t chase higher price movements.

      3. Smart money wants dumb money. Multi trillions are moving in and they will walk on the corpses of those who could not hold on because they should never have bought as much as they did in the first place. To have a piece of this action, present negative equity notwithstanding, is primary. Like Wellington at Waterloo – hold. Blücher is coming.


  12. The Periodic Table Of Cryptocurrencies

    “…It’s getting more difficult by the day to keep up with the changes in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. Even for the lucky few of us who get to spend our days reading whitepapers and refreshing coinmarketcap.com, the sheer volume of information is overwhelming.

    The first way we sought to address the problem was with long-form articles such as the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies and the Top 20 Ethereum Tokens. These articles help to introduce investors to new projects in a concise manner, as well as provide links to resources for further research.

    However, we felt that the information could be distilled even further. And so, in an effort to create the most concise possible overview of the cryptocurrency market, we began work on a Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies.

    Do note that there wasn’t a set criteria for deciding which cryptocurrencies would make the table, nor for determining the order in which they are included. The cryptocurrency market changes incredibly quickly, so we may update this table in the future to include new projects that have gained relevance and to take out any projects that have lost it…”


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  13. Cryptocurrency Will Become a $20 Trillion Market: Billionaire Bull Mike Novogratz

    “…During the interview, which was focused on the economics of the cryptocurrency market, Novogratz was asked by Schatzker about the criticism from skeptics regarding the rapid movement of the valuation of the cryptocurrency market and the bubble-like trend of bitcoin in early 2018.

    In response, Novogratz stated that if the January bull rally of bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies is considered as a bubble, it can be described as the 1996 dot com bubble which occurred prior to the 1999 bubble that led the dot com bubble to reach a valuation of $6 trillion before it crashed to $1 trillion…”



  14. I would like to share the flowing interview that delves into the Reset.
    Dr. Jim Willie stated that he and the people in his life are being targeted by the dark elements, and he is requesting prayers from those in Christian faith to build a protective shield over him/them.
    I would also like to request prayers for our President, his family and all the WH members all over the world who are carrying out the monumental tasks.
    Thank you.

    Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold, And It’s Not What You Think:Jim Willie

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  15. The CIA Project, a group dedicated to unearthing all of the government’s secret projects and making them public, hasreleased a video claiming Bitcoin is actually the brainchild of the US National Security Agency.

    The video entitled CIA Project Bitcoin: Is Bitcoin a CIA or NSA project? claims that there is a lot of compelling evidences that proves that the NSA is behind Bitcoin. One of the main pieces of evidence has to do with the name of the mysterious man, woman or group behind the creation of Bitcoin, “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

    According to the CIA Project, Satoshi Nakamoto means “Central Intelligence” in Japanese. Doing a quick web search, you’ll find out that Satoshi is usually a name given for baby boys which means “clear thinking, quick witted, wise,” while Nakamoto is a Japanese surname which means ‘central origin’ or ‘(one who lives) in the middle’ as people with this surname are found mostly in the Ryukyu islands which is strongly associated with the Ry?ky? Kingdom, a highly centralized kingdom that originated from the Okinawa Islands. So combining Nakamoto and Satoshi can be loosely interpreted as “Central Intelligence”.



  16. Just when you felt the updates can’t get any more adumbrative, they do.

    I know, it’s not fun. We all want certainty. We are used to wanting schedules that are set and met. Unfortunately, with all the people involved, the politics, the power, the very nature of this kind of thing, no such schedule or certainty can be given or even guaranteed.

    But, I would ask that you try to discern what was NOT said, and take that as a guidepost to what may be coming and the way it may be impacting you across the board.

    This week I had a few conversations with a select whale, and the impression that I got from it was that the lay of the land will present itself to you differently depending on who you are talking with. But, underlying the differences in opinion and outlook, the one fact remains constant: this process, with all of its levels, dynamic features and challenges, is going to eventually play out. There is a focal point, and sooner or later, the decision will have to be made. Given the time, effort, and importance of this, and the disastrous consequences of permanent inaction, I believe it is a good bet that action, rather than inaction will be the end result. Just what that means for the vast majority of people, I don’t really know.

    I am quite sure we will be updated as is proper, to what extent possible, short of needing Bletchley Park to assist with deciphering. That will be up to us to figure out, based on what we all know is the desired end result here. And that is certainly not too hard to know at this point.

    On the crypto front, many of you are continuing your hard work and research into this new space, and sharing your findings and ideas. Good. Keep it up. I am still beset with the anxieties of Caesar’s food taster. Every morning I rise, hoping and invoking the Furies that public moves will not come too late for you to catch a once-in-a-lifetime cycle that should change lives in uncommon ways, for little risk.

    Then again, I am reminded that mass prosperity and a nation of people with healthy bank balances, and no need for credit cards and pawn shops, is not exactly what bankers are up late at night planning and hoping for.

    So, even if the optimum situation does not sequentially manifest, those of you who are able, continue to consider and partake in building a crypto portfolio of well researched and balanced choices. Paper exits are still shrouded in mystery and suffer from a reported low priority in banking circles.

    Have a good weekend, and a week or two more may avail us of some form of unmistakable landmark or barometer of just where things stand. I hope so.

    Whatever happens, whatever your goals, remember. The best way to fight back against a banker is to get out and stay out of debt.

    Pax Vobiscum

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  17. OWoN:

    Although some cards are expected to be played next week, it could take weeks for the hands to play out. A start is game on. That it’s happening is all. Those who can’t take the heat, leave the market. Hands need to play out, and priorities will emerge. No one has time for Wimps or Whiners. Or interest. Empires are not built by Muppets, and New Dawns are rising here. Be part, or Depart.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-6-june-2018.html?showComment=1528484658493#c3857804458123955509
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  18. OWoN:

    Now, details of which I can not release. YOU work it out.

    Certain major Trading Banks, are going to have a Network Black Out for 5 days.
    Those with major banks, the likes of HSBC, Barclays etc, may not be able to use your Credit Cards to withdraw cash, Cash Transfers may take over 5 days, and transaction records may be ” Not available” for 5 days. An “arranged” technical glitch.

    Certain key banks look to be about to start a major series of compounding Bank Platform Trades to crank up as much On Balance Sheet Capital as possible selling forwards 40 weeks of trades, and rolling on multiple occasions. Plus all gearing it off the charts.

    Using Other Peoples Money is par for the course. Yours!
    Trump needs major funds soon. Work it out! Then phased steps can be taken. We need to raise vast Capital Fed and Cabal free.

    A whole new meaning to Creation!
    We will say no more.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-6-june-2018.html?showComment=1528475187403#c7751271076794782987
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  19. OWoN:

    It can’t be fortuitous coincidence that 2 major UK Banks are both going to be off at exactly the same time and Credit Cards will NOT be able to pull down cash??????? What’s in play here? They are field testing something.

    Multi key issues, as far as we can accommodate requests.

    Military, Agency and Sovereign interests are pushing Self Interests. A plethora of retired and current Generals, Admirals and Contractors part paid in Dinars, have wives pushing hard for redemptions. For many, that bitch indoors carries more fear than the Taliban or ISIS, and her withdrawal, either personal or services, is a cost non wish to initiate. That’s becoming more than skirmishes, and the issues are on Trump’s list now. Litigious wives, the American way. To keep them happy, they have to pay.

    RV’s now feel the squeeze. So, it’s daily! Politics and Banking versus her indoors. Of such, Empires are very afraid. You promised! How much head banging can a guy take?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-6-june-2018.html?showComment=1528451016666#c6365969855674725883
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


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  21. The thing that has left me in the dust re cryptos is the exploding plethora. I have lost the ability to draw a mind map of who/what they are and their functions, and so, my perceived ease of use of this sector has plummeted even as my perceived usefulness remains high. In this situation it is difficult to know where to start looking.

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    1. AJ:

      Start with the useful token called Cindicator:

      Hybrid Intelligence Generates Annual Return of 166% in Bitcoin – https://medium.com/cindicator/hybrid-intelligence-generates-annual-return-of-166-in-bitcoin-d2f8a5e8f0bb

      Symbiotic Network: The Beginning – https://medium.com/cindicator/symbiotic-network-the-beginning-ee7744b0552d

      Here’s what we achieved since the beginning of the year – https://medium.com/cindicator/here-is-what-weve-achieved-since-the-beginning-of-the-year-844268d9fa12

      Cindicator Bot: Progress to Date – https://medium.com/cindicator/cindicator-bot-progress-to-date-c052b28e730

      WP: https://cindicator.com/Cindicator_WhitePaper_en.pdf

      ❕Useful links to the Cindicator Ecosystem❕

      @CindicatorBot – Analytical Signal Bot
      @CryptometerBot – Arbitrage Alert Bot

      PDF Guide: https://cindicator.com/Cindicator-bot-reg-manual.pdf
      Video Guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhGvusYMn3Hcq0WjlhJOTsxqIJcX3qG1e
      Web Platform: https://cindicator.com/platform (Earn ETH)
      Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cindicator
      iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cindicator-earn-money-by-predicting/id1050619919
      Web app: https://app.cindicator.com
      Discord Application: https://cindicator.typeform.com/to/YRWYOl (devs hang out there)

      Our Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cindicator/
      Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crowd_indicator
      Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crowdindicator/
      Our Medium: https://medium.com/cindicator
      Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWkzeqsbFTYnyz3S3EceQg/videos
      Official news channel: https://t.me/cindicator_news
      Non-official chat in Russian https://t.me/rus_cindicator_chat
      Non-official chat in Spanish: https://t.me/joinchat/BXsu8kDdOZbykW_8ENibWg
      Non-official news channel in Spanish: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAERTKcvTmVxSOzl_JQ
      FAQ for products: https://cindicatorhelp.freshdesk.com/en/support/home

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  22. My lower jaw shot to the floor and stayed there as I stood with my mouth wide open and in shock at this good news. It almost seems too good to be true. It seems similar to Robert Mueller all of a sudden giving a big public hug to Trump. In other words: Enemies embrace each other with the villain initiating the hug.

    A Govt. financial services agency hugs a financial privacy coin?????????? Amazing !!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s clear that events are ramping up. But, the battle rages, and the battlefield is covered in dense smoke with no clear outcome so far. One moment we receive a positive intelligence report from the front lines, and the next thing we know, the enemy has committed fresh resources and the battle shifts to another front.

      Like Marshal Grouchy at Waterloo, we can hear the sound of battle, but are too far away to know what’s really going on.

      Keep working on those crypto portfolios.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. HIW says:
    June 5, 2018 at 5:50 pm
    This is kind of a big deal for the crypto market!
    Tron to be listed by forex brokers.

    With TRON at about six cents per token, doesn’t this news posted by HIW make you excited!!! Surely a double or triple or quadruple in price is assured for TRON because of how it wiil be used massively in these forex brokerages?

    I sure am glad I got a tip when I did some months back, and I loaded up big time when the price was under two cents a token. The person giving the tip expects TRON to go way way way up in the future based on who gave this person knowledge about this coin as a great investment.

    Please post your thoughts about this news concerning TRON.

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Cryptocurrency industry giant Coinbase on Wednesday announced that it is “on track” to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a broker-dealer, a move which would allow it to list cryptoassets that the agency deems to be securities.

    In a statement attributed to Coinbase President and COO Asiff Hirji, Coinbase revealed that it has acquired a broker-dealer license, an alternative trading system (ATS), and a registered investment advisor (RIA) license, and — pending regulatory approval — will begin operating as a broker-dealer under the oversight of the SEC and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has said that cryptocurrencies designed to replace sovereign fiat currencies — bitcoin, for instance — are not subject to securities laws, but there has been debate about whether other cryptocurrencies, such as those initially distributed through crowdsales, should be classified differently. Moreover, the agency has said that nearly every initial coin offering (ICO) token that it has encountered is a security under federal guidelines.

    In previous statements, Hirji said that the four assets listed on the Coinbase platform — bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, and litecoin — were the only ones the company felt comfortable supporting, given the regulatory climate in the US. Operating as a broker-dealer would greatly expand the list of assets that the company could list.

    Hirji wrote:

    “There are now many types of blockchain-based digital assets, from cryptocurrencies to security tokens to collectibles. In the United States, some of these assets will be subject to SEC oversight. With this in mind, securing these licenses will bring us a step closer to our goal, which is to be the most trusted way for our customers to buy, sell, and use many different types of crypto assets.”

    As part of securing these licenses, Coinbase acquired three companies holding various federal licenses: Keystone Capital Corp., Venovate Marketplace, Inc., and Digital Wealth LLC. Keystone and Venovate are each registered with the SEC and FINRA as broker-dealers, while Digital Wealth has an RIA license from the SEC. Venovate also has a license to operate as an ATS.

    Coinbase is not the only major cryptocurrency firm seeking federal registration in pursuit of greater regulatory compliance. As CCN reported, Circle Internet Financial — one of Coinbase’s most well-funded competitors — revealed this week that it plans to pursue SEC registration and hopes to eventually receive a banking license as well.


  25. ‘Disclosure and the Fall of the Cabal’ with David Wilcock on YouTube

    About an hour and a half

    “In this interview, David Wilcock goes DEEP and connects many dots to bring undeniable clarity to the big picture of what is happening on our planet and what we can do about it to help.

    Here is what we covered in the interview:

    – Why the cabal work so hard to suppress humanity and de-populate the world

    – How the cabal uses symbolism and Hollywood to manipulate the masses

    – Why and when the economic collapse will happen

    – Why the cabal are hiding ET and UFO existence

    – Who the ‘Alliance’ are and what they are doing to help humanity

    – What YOU can do as an individual in your day to day life to assist in the downfall of the cabal

    – How WE are going to overcome the challenges ahead and shift the collective consciousness to create a compassionate, sustainable planet to live on.”


    1. No doubt the London crew are doing what they can to get us out of paper and into crypto before it takes off. I can’t even begin to imagine the fortitude those good people have to fight this long, and this hard for the betterment of the entire world. I reflect on something I read a while back; “if you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”


      1. I agree and sincerely believe that taking a portion of any paper proceeds and structuring a crypto portfolio will help our readership in ways we never thought of several years ago. It’s a personal choice, of course. But, opportunities like this don’t come around very often.

        A few years ago I was content to accept pretty much any time frame. Now, the situation has changed. The initial run up to a 600B market cap, before significant regulation or custodial security of funds, was a precursor to what is now highly probable to happen once such are in place. Forecasts of 2-10x this market cap are common. This particular time, like the tech era in the 90s, is going to present a climate where a little can grow exponentially, to a potentially large amount.

        So, my anxiety is growing as public dates are continually pushed forward because of Shylock bankers and political maneuvering. What a shame if public chances are pushed clear of the optimum window for 2018. The anxiety is not for my own particular situation. It’s for our readership.

        As we were told, a lot is going on. I just hope all the goings on will result in a public window before too long. I know a lot of good people are working hard for the best outcome across the board.

        Liked by 2 people

  26. OWoN:

    Q: You had anticipated big moves on the Dinar by yesterday namely move to $1.19. Are you anticipating this to occur in the short term? Any insights as to why it did not happen? I know you were reticent to comment but did so after the initial intel was posted on the site. Would appreciate any insights you can give at this stage.

    A: Just watch daily. These road bumps are 20 times a day. We have pressure on all parties, it’s highly focused 7 days a week. You have no idea what’s playing out. We are at the absolute front end of so many major PPs and other projects. These foul ups have evolved over the last 40 years post Bretton Woods and a century letting these Zio rats anywhere near the food chain.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-3-june-2018.html?showComment=1528295965082#c2739181350904122456
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  27. OWoN:

    Q: Can you tell us anything about your travels for contracts yet?

    A: Client trust affairs plus a series of property development funding support I scraped a few M providing financing for as needed.

    But right now certain Treasury releases and bonds for redemption are very live tasks which once redeemed will provide a wide array of Global investment opportunities.

    Hangers are loaded in Reno also waiting for calls plus I deal with an irate Patriot who’s seeking release of his long overdue payments.

    How come the Bankers and Jewish Treasury Secretaries all seem to make c500M plus over a few years while all others get denied?

    Can you wonder why the Treasury and Fed are each blocked domains practicing flagrant anti trust breaches while sequestrating anything not nailed down for themselves?

    What is the name for Zionist and Jewish racketeering?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-3-june-2018.html?showComment=1528207932317#c3117856942709452309
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. I somehow sense that the hangers are not the only things in Reno that are “loaded”. What an incredibly delayed process this has been. Far too long and for no good reasons other than a few Shylock bankers had to have the game all to themselves.


  28. This started circulating this morning from a guru

    HI ALL,



    1. We may be approaching the time when all gurus may start being right. A few more weeks should tell the tale.

      I love how this particular guru writes, “…I DID SAY THAT WHEN I HAVE REAL NEWS I WOULD ADVISE..”.

      Well, thank goodness for that. We would hope that “real news” would be the only kind they would give out, right?


  29. OWON

    June 5, 2018 at 3:58:00 AM MDT

    Watch what’s unfolding with the indictments. Attorneys are frantic right now contesting every move to delay serving and top target figureheads are already seeking please bargains . The US really needs military courts because the current system is truly rotten to the core. HRC is being ring fenced to stop her taking the lot down.

    Expect the Soetoro Birth Cert to come back once this opens sealed records will be denied and opened. So far it may slip a week because of frantic Attorney actions which is why the Treason route for many may be faster and cleaner. Clinton, Soetoro ,ex Agency boys and DOJ crooks can get life or the rope.

    Both Clinton’s need to hang. Simple as. Why is Saddam so different? HRC needs to hang and dirty Bill to follow. America needs to cleans its Soul and set the people free .

    It’s the warrants delaying releases right now. Trump needs to get tough and demand arrests it’s time. Including Mueller’s for the Falcone affair and others.


  30. Is there a preferred wallet for android (app) that you guys have had positive experience with? Btw, much thanks for all the great posts and info.

    From reading people’s experiences here, motivated me to jump in and purchase several cryptos. I picked up LTC, XRP, NANO, XLM, CND, EOS and some ether. Will probably go for Golem next. I haven’t transferred off exchange yet, looking for preferred app or recommendation on wallets. Thx guys.


    1. I am using ledger Nano S. I bought it directly from France instead of buying it from Amazon. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t tampered with.

      To be honest it was really cumbersome at first and I had watched a lot of youtube videos to understand how it works. But once you get the hang of it it should be ok.

      I haven’t tired other wallets so I am not sure if it is worse or better. To store ETH coins you have to use the MEW website along with the wallet. Also, after storing BTC, ETH, LTC in the wallet the ledger is not allowing me have all 3 of them at the same time. If I am working with ETH I have to delete the BTC and LTC wallets first.

      Don’t be shocked. They are not gone. They are still in the blockchain and you will still have them associated with the wallet. You just can’t have them/see them all in the ledger altogether.

      Goodluck in choosing a wallet.



      1. You should be able to hold all those. You probably just need to implement the new update. After that you can hold 17 cryptos at once.


        1. Thanks fir the tip. I was pretty sure I did the update a couple of times. But I will update it again this weekend and see how it works out.


  31. Good to hear the positive news from J. Thank you so much for bringing it over. Looking forward to more good news. Praying for all Whitehats.

    May this time be the one where they carry it over the finish line.



  32. If you have many crypto exchange accounts it may be a good idea to go through them all, and move the coins or tokens you have in these to wallets for ultimate safety of your assets. I did this over the weekend and got a surprise when I found a token that I forgot was being held on one of my exotic exchange accounts. I looked up the price of that token and it was around .63 USD. It was a token recommended by the service headed up by Teeka Twirari. I looked at the “buy up to price” recommended by Teeka and saw it was $5.00 USD. Quite a disparity between the price now and the “buy up to price”. When I see a huge disparity like that in Teeka’s coins, I sit up and take notice. He crunches the numbers and would not come up with a buy up to price unless the numbers warranted it. So I bought more of that coin over the weekend. The coin’s symbol is DRGN but I would watch it as it may go lower and you could get a better deal on the coin than I got.


  33. Tony, I am confused, isn’t the fact that our paper money is recognized all over the world as the world currency, the reason we can call sanctions on rogue nations? Isn’t our debt due to really bad trade deals that our stupid former presidents and their administrations managed to get us into? I do not understand much about the cryptocurrencies. What do the acronyms EOM, MEW and CMKX mean? You can e-mail me if you wish.


    1. Hi,

      I would say that the USD being the reserve currency does give the money powers the ability to influence such decisions as sanctions. But, this is outside my area of expertise, so I would refer this question to your congressman.

      As for the debt, I can only say that it comes from income less than outgo. Typical government philosophy – why spend 1 dollar when you can spend 10 and get a 5 dollar kickback.

      EOS, is what I think you mean. It’s a crypto token which resides on the EOS decentralized blockchain. You have no doubt heard of BTC. EOS is in that techno realm, and is referred to an “alt coin”.

      MEW is My Ether Wallet. It’s a free and open Ethereum based wallet that you can store Ethereum or any EC20 coin on.

      CMKX is a ticker symbol of a particular mining stock that was naked short sold, ripping off many investors and making someone very rich, and is the subject of a much debated about outcome that many are watching for. I would Google CMKX for more information on the whole sordid affair.

      It has been theorized by some that the CMKX settlement was going to be part of the Global Settlements payments, but that has been subject to debate.

      Thank you for your post, and I hope I have been of some assistance.

      Liked by 1 person

  34. Hello WHA, I just wanted to subscribe to your new blog post. I sure hope that the Dong is still the safer bet that J has been talking about for the last few years. Who knows we may get all cash with the Dong currency and not an SKR.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! If not, he may wake up one morning and find his estate surrounded by dong holders and torches. lol

      All cash could be great. Then, some of it to well selected cryptos. Bang! Instant terror to the cabal – a wealthy and empowered citizenry on its way up.


  35. Yes as David Rose asked, is all this hope for a debt free life and helping others with the funds from the RV or even just IQD a dead horse? I’ve been wanting to get out of my apt and move closer to family for about 8 yrs. And what about CMKX… do the White Hats have any knowledge about what’s happening there?
    These monsters will get their due reward one day, but meanwhile we sure appreciate having a few reports from
    the White Hats!
    Bless you all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As for CMKX, the news we have been given so far has not been too encouraging. It would appear that bailing it out is not a very high priority, but then again, not even the dinar has been killed off in the hope department, so is there a slim chance? I guess we can only wait and see.

      We will certainly bring forth any news concerning it, good or bad, as conveyed to us, as the matter plays out.

      Thank you for your comment!


  36. Good Sunday afternoon folks! I have a question about dead horses. In fact is the IQD ONE OF THEM? I don’t have a lot to lose if so. However I’m one of this proverbial optimists that hopes that one day my $2000.00 might turn into prayers answered for several 3rd world groups that I will hopefully see their lives embellished

    Thanks in advance for your reply. Blessings! David

    On Sun, Jun 3, 2018, 10:21 AM WHITE HATS AUXILIARY and FACT CHECK CENTER, wrote:

    > whitehatsauxiliaries posted: ” White Hats Report #65 – #EXTRADITEHERZOG – > Part 2 A Case Study in Financial Fraud (RICO) – 2nd in a series Since the > White Hats Reports were launched in late 2010, our focus was and has been > on the shadowy world of banking and finance as we ende” >


    1. Hi David,

      As best we can tell from information given to us, the IQD is not dead per se, but as to what the potential will be for you to clear a gain with it when all is said and done, is still not entirely clear. There is mention of a rate of 1.19/1.00. There is mention of an SKR issue in exchange. We still don’t know what that means in terms of cold hard cash in your account, or over what amount of time, or how many dinars will clear vs. how many will be repudiated after so much time, etc. A lot of unknowns.

      But, despite all that, the entire matter being dismissed as a zero chance, has not been the case. It’s a highly speculative market and process, as is most currency trading. So, stay tuned for whatever news and guidance we can get from those on high.

      Many have plans to assist their fellow human beings, and I sincerely wish it works out for the best.

      Thank you!


  37. If you buy EOS and hold on an exchange like Bittrex, will you get the airdrops they keep talking about or does this need to be in something like myetherwallet


    1. I can’t comment on air drops in a MEW vs exchange. I don’t know the individual requirements, but I have seen them show up in MEW.

      Make sure you have ported your EOS if you hold them in a wallet. If you hold them in an exchange, they should port them for you. If not, your EOS will be worthless once they move them off the Ether blockchain.


  38. Wow what a terrific report from the white hats. The level of reporting they do and the knowledge they have of the characters involved is really amazing. You dont get this kind of detail with the nesara blogs and donations sites.

    I can only imagine what it would be like to be in the same room as our white hats and the cabal in the treasury as they discuss these things. And also discussing releases and such. That would be some meeting.

    Tony I know you are wanting us to exit paper before key cryptos take off. I think you may get your wish. I dont know why but I sense it may happen that way. What amazing timing for us if the sequence is that way. Have to stop my hands are hurting, but seem to be getting better with new diet and nutrition. Take care your friend C.


    1. Yes indeed, that report is a cut above the usual embellished click bait you see in the “intel” community.

      Oh I am sitting on pins and needles about the public exiting of paper ahead of the multi Ts in capital coming into the blockchain space. What an amazing opportunity for the truly prepared. It would have made all the waiting worth it. A real 1-2 punch and boost that would enable and empower you to be a force for good and to be of real service to people.

      If you want to deliver a punch to the cabal, as a simple citizen, then get out of debt and stay out. That is their game to keep people serving them via their usury enslavement factory. Get OUT of debt. STAY out. That is the best blow against them, and legal as well.

      I can only imagine what a meeting between cabal minions and White Hats, to discuss releases etc., would be like. Can you see our friend in London in a room full of cabal lackeys? It would probably be like this. Especially the part about the watch lol.

      Take care, and thanks for your post.


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