White Hats Report #65 – #EXTRADITEHERZOG – Part 2

A Case Study in Financial Fraud (RICO) – 2nd in a series

Since the White Hats Reports were launched in late 2010, our focus was and has been on the shadowy world of banking and finance as we endeavored to expose the corrupt underbelly of a system utilized by the cabal to control the planet. Dominated by familiar bloodline families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Mellon and Oppenheim among others Zionist Mafia, we are reminded of the Rothschild mantra of:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.”
-Quote attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the banking family patriarch

The reality of this quote is still as accurate today as it was when it was uttered over 200 years ago. Why?

Apparently criminal statutes and finance/accounting regulations don’t apply to the banking cartel, only the patrons who are forced to utilize their institutions. The monetary system is set up to be dominated, controlled and manipulated by a usurious shadowy group so corrupt that its very existence depends on the masses for supplying the hard earned resources of their sweat and hard work to then be stolen. Wealth stolen through the immoral and illegal methods enacted as “laws” by their controlled and blackmailed legislative sub-contractor class as they virtually fund and own both Houses.


Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating Category 5 hurricanes on record hit the Gulf coast of the US in late August, 2005, causing an estimated $125 billion in damage. From Texas to Florida and all states in between, the damage was lasting and permanent for millions of people who were displaced from their homes.

Enter Ed Falcone of the Falcone Group, a real estate developer in Florida who saw an opportunity to not only help rebuild the city of New Orleans but provide pathway to resumption of normalcy for all those affected by this devastating storm. Mr. Falcone possessed the knowledge, expertise, background and experience to take on this massive project with not only a high probability of success but a patriotic intent to assist his fellow Americans. He is a true patriot in every sense of the word.

It should also be noted here that the cabal has brought to bear a concerted and continuous attack on Mr. Falcone utilizing their media whores and law enforcement lackeys to not only destroy his credibility but make numerous attempts on his life to silence him and cut off his dogged determination to pursue this humanitarian endeavor he began over 10 years ago.

The Plot

As we have shown in report #63 and spoken about during interviews, the trading programs have a real purpose and place in our world, however, like everything else pure and pristine and well meaning, they have been hijacked by the cabalists and banksters and turned into their own personal money machine to feed greed, not need and their rapacious War Machine. The programs were designed for humanitarian projects: to assist with rebuilding infrastructure after acts of nature, to modernize third world countries with electricity and water, to build roads and highways to connect cities for efficiency and commerce and, for the advancement of technology and research to make our planet self sufficient and sustainable.

After months of due diligence and research, Mr. Falcone entered into a contractual arrangement with Dr. Michael Herzog to enter into a trading program facilitated by George Bush (Sr.) using Mr. Falcone’s initial capital of $350M. Bush, utilizing his favorite banker and collaborator at Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, the amount was leveraged up another $500M and traded for another two years. Be reminded that Deutsche Bank was the facility of choice for the CIA money laundering schemes using traded funds that could be sheltered from both IRS scrutiny and Congressional oversight hidden in tax havens by shady bankers and corrupt bankers for the purpose of funding the illegal wars and black projects undertaken by the cabal and their Deep State co-conspirators.

After a year of trading activity on Falcone’s initial principal, the growing list of co-conspirators, including but not limited to Bush 41 and 43 plus Greenspan (Fed Chairman at the time), Paulson and of course Herzog and his erstwhile Canadian partner Paul Guenette, decided to continue trading the profits without paying Falcone. Meanwhile, the victims along the Gulf coast of the US were suffering without any relief in sight. Permanently displaced, they had to restart their lives in a new city or state.

The vast billions and trillions accumulated, funds meant for the rebuilding of victims of hurricane Katrina were virtually stolen by this criminal cabal. The Bush crime family, orchestrating the whole event, were kept out of the limelight as Herzog and Guenette were used as front men for the scam.

In our next release, we’ll discuss how this financial crime filtered into the political arena with payoffs going to various high ranking government officials in DC to stand down when Falcone turned to them for assistance and how a potential Vice Presidential candidate had to wait four years to run for high office due to a vetting problem that could not be avoided. With billions and even trillions generated from various trading platforms, there was plenty of bribe money to go around to glad handing officials who were only too eager to accept the payoffs in exchange for doing…..NOTHING.



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    1. I’ll gladly take “week by week” over a stand down order. I can’t begin to fathom the work, frustration, anger and resentment built up over forcing these events through such deeply entrenched corruption. These are some righteous souls to remain so engaged in this fight, to bring about a change for all the world, yet remain humble enough to remember us little people out here who just want to make our little corner a happier and more humane place to live. Absolutely amazing to witness and participate in this once in a lifetime battle for justice, freedom and an awakening.

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        1. 🙏 it will come to fruition soon.

          I just want to tell you all that I have been listening to my affirmations video every nite for a week.

          Yesterday I joined a gym and the general manager offered me a job doing sales with hours that would fit my schedule and you get free membership. Yay!

          Until we can exit our paper, I at least have a little income and do something I love at the same time.

          I hope many of you are holding up until that time arrives for us all.

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          1. I would like to note that I was not looking for a job. I went there to sign up. Life sure is full of surprises and I am enjoying it to the fullest. Give it a try, I posted the video a week ago. Powerful stuff.

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          2. Congratulations on the new job A Johnson, that’s fantastic.

            Whenever I read some of your comments I often get a picture of a gorgeous little fairy dancing around the blossoms of a wild English style garden. So very gentle and beautiful. You brighten my days. Thank you.

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  2. Dr. Jim Willie


    July 5th: topics covered include the assured failure of Deutsche Bank and the guaranteed collapse of the Italian banking system with French falling dominoes in contagion (WHICH IS CERTAIN TO FINALLY RELEASE THE GOLD PRICE), the coming Gold Trade Note alongside the Petro-Yuan launch with a potential gold backing (ALSO TO RELEASE GOLD AS SECOND TRIGGER), Russia’s recent history battling the Deep State, the Elite & JPMorgan large-scale active hoarding of Silver, the true high price inflation for the economy which means a multi-year recession, the new technology rollout with Silver at the core, unintended consequences of failed USGovt sanctions, the ongoing German defiance of US-led Russian sanctions, the new RMB Hub at the Frankfurt Exchange, the role of Blockchain Technology in the Tokenized Economy.


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  5. OWON

    Sunday, July 8, 2018 at 6:20:00 AM MDT

    The PPs can be days to weeks away. Some appear imminent. One bunch sent us a Conditional Swift. Our response, drop the conditions, wire the funds!

    We are multi tasking. Today’s, tomorrow’s and Dam it yesterday’s failed promises world.
    These are layers of issues and some ARE daily.

    Any breaking benefit many. Majors benefit generations and comprehensive plans are needed.
    This Elite raddled cauldron of special interests with be given no tacit acceptance from us.

    As much as MLK had a vision, so do we and we dare dream, that one day you will all be free as Ethereal Conscious HUMANITY.

    Unlike Moses you will not be mislead up Shit Creek for 40 years.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2018.html?showComment=1531052410897#c4030290542084034072
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  6. OWoN:

    Q: In your honest opinion, do you think everything will be delayed again into next year? I know we have not been told to stand down as of yet, but I don’t want to get my hopes up again. And if this Quantum System will be used for the RV, how will we be able to access those funds? Once again I am truly thankful for what you and the Elders are doing.

    A: I finished detailed discussions again today, Saturday, with US links. There are so many over lapping interests. Answer, nobody knows it’s a by the week issue with complex dynamics. All cogs have to fit..We have to get the systems to interact and fit.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/07/active-comment-section-7-july-2018.html?showComment=1530985581471#c7177045894050390455
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  7. OWoN:

    Q: How are the Elders doing over there J? They happy with the progress?

    A: Roger they don’t arrive until next week then im locked down for weeks. Just when an interesting Treasury PP may be breaking. Elders will only work in their own comfort zones.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/07/active-comment-section-2-july-2018.html?showComment=1530921617706#c1303044187321458510
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  8. Tony,

    I was referred to this blog by several people who are in the Freedom prosperity program and are just about convinced that it won’t pay. I was told you had commented on this in the past so I am here to ask your opinions on this.

    I joined in August of 2002 and bought 3 units for a total of about 1100 or so, I can’t remember. We were supposed to be start receiving funds of $6,000 a week for 40 weeks about 6 months after the start of the program trading. We are still waiting lol.

    Can you offer anything that would encourage us to want to keep watching? Or, what would be your suggestion? Have you any contact within the White Hats that would suggest there is any hope for the Freedom prosperity program to actually fund? Thank you so much. We enjoy your blog and also that of One World and White Hat Reports.


    1. Hi,

      I will assume you are from the Florida coast. Welcome.

      I wish I could give you in-depth good news about that endeavor, but unfortunately all my efforts to get to the bottom of it were in vein. The closest I got was to be told that it was a derelict platform, inactive and abandoned with no lineage to any responsible party that has taken the reins to inform anyone about its present status.

      After 16 years of waiting, I think the writing is on the wall. The only ones who are sure it’s coming are the ones who promoted it. Most others are hoping. “Hope” in the financial arena is often a punchline.

      It has been called to my attention that the chief source of “intel” that the Freedom “administrators” now use to try to understand when they may be paid, is of all people, ZAP. When your project relies on such a person for anything, you might want to double your life insurance and get a cancer screening. That’s bad juju.

      There may be some slight chance, but I would say 1 in 100 that it pays. Those platforms were reportedly looted by Bush cartel members who operated them and diverted funds into secret black opp projects and gods knows what else.

      We have several Freedom participants who read WHA so you are welcome to hang out. I am sure if some miracle happens we will know. But, the odds are long against it. Sorry I could not offer more positive news, but that’s the story I was given and I have nothing to counter it.

      Thanks again for your question.


  9. I have received several e-mails from readers and I wish to comment on them to close the week here.

    Some of you have fallen on very hard times, and I understand. I crashed and burned many times financially in my life and came close a few times to living in my car. The key to overcoming this kind of thing is to never blame yourself 100% for it. That creates a self attacking mechanism that will throw you further down the chute and destroy any remaining self confidence you have. Taking risks will always involve a percentage of losses vs. winners in any endeavor. When you strike a balance that is slightly in the positive column, you will win over time. Just don’t try to blame yourself for every failure or you will set yourself up for thinking you are a flop. Not true.

    This week I was asked several times if I thought the public would be going to the bank before years end. I am always hesitant to play the role of prognosticator in this realm. But I will offer some personal feelings which you can take as my opinion, and not based on any direct information or advice from anyone.

    I know many are focused on the recent arrival of elders in London and the mystery surrounding the goings on there. Some of you are silently hoping that this will signal some movement in RVs and that you may be able to exit your paper soon.

    I wish to caution you against jumping to that conclusion. The work being done there is not being openly discussed or detailed. I have no knowledge of what the end goals are for such a congeries of dynastic overlords. I don’t seek to know. However, I don’t think it is anything to do with RV releases insofar as the public is concerned. I do believe it is more aligned with Eurasian infrastructure and monetary issues, and not matters concerning public paper exit routes. At least, not directly and immediately.

    There is a certain process which we have been told has to occur. None of them have done so in advance of the public chances, so please don’t think that July is a dead lock on for such. I may be wrong, but from what I have distilled down over the last several months from my own observations and interactions, I don’t see it being that close. I wish I could say otherwise, and I would give my right arm to be wrong.

    I will go out on a limb and say that if we don’t exit by end of October, we wont this year. The mid terms offer a very opportune time for the politically powerful to showcase some achievement that would sway voters to their banners. I would not put it past such men to take full advantage of this to delay things until that time. Will they? I have no idea, but my instincts are leading me to that notion. The next window for maximum political capital would be mid 2019 in advance of the 2020 elections.

    Again, these are my personal opinions and not to be taken as descriptions of anything I have been told as fact or planned. I would continue to be ready to move without delay to a paper exit route, but I would counsel to not depend on any paper rescues for the planning of your future goals. The entire episode is just too murky, and lacks any appreciable way to clearly ascertain the precise location of the endeavor in relation to a finish line. This is not due to any fault or inadequacy on the part of White Hats or other good people, but on the lack of ethical framework that constitutes the structure this endeavor is forced to dwell within.

    Politics and banking will never be without corruption. An army of angels could replace them all, and we would have backroom crap games in play by breakfast the next day. Such is the built-in competition that is part of a system that fosters “struggle” to manage social affairs. Political adversaries. Parties. Lenders. Borrowers. All segmented and constructed to ensure one group has to struggle to overcome the other to get some benefit.

    I have always advised you to be ready for anything. Sadly, as I finish this message, I am going to suggest that you also be ready to accept that no public exit of paper will happen this year. I do hope on the highest mountain that I am wrong. Be ready in case I am. But plan for the continuation of delays into next year.

    I also wish to say that the events in London and so forth point to progress along other fronts where traditional entrenched banking rats are being kept from participating to suck the living guts out of people for the benefit of Talmudic ritual usury. This is a good thing, and is a step in the right direction to clean up financial centers as nearly as possible. Again, I don’t think the focus is RVs in this particular process, but the general freeing of capital for purposes of improving infrastructure and providing a pathway for increased employment is certainly fine with me.

    Stay tuned.

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    1. I would like to share this with whomever would be interested. I do affirmations and it really works for me. This particular one I found a couple of years ago I listened to for about a month, every night back then.

      I landed a job about two weeks later working for a clothing designer making pretty good money. She had just put the ad in when I responded and called me immediately. It was the perfect job for me at the time. That was my first experience and I’ve had many since then.

      I’m waiting like everyone else to hopefully exit my paper. In the meantime, my wants and needs always seem to come to me. Doing these affirmations has been like training my mind to think differently which is reflective in my daily life. It is a sense of freedom to me.

      I hope this affirmations video will help some of you like it has me.

      Subconscious Programming | Success | Happiness | Abundance | Prosperity

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        1. Your so sweet tony – thank you but I landed that job a couple of years ago. I only do the trade shows twice a year now as my home schedule now conflicts with the job. But I had no experience in that field and I got free clothes and at the most paid cost for a lot of items.

          What girl would not love that! 👗👠

          Anyway, the point is doing my affirmations has changed my thinking and in turn has changed my life.

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    2. Gosh Tony, you never cease to confirm what a good, caring and honest man you truly are. I know it must be hard for you to express these types of messages but it is necessary in my opinion and I appreciate you having the courage to do that. Thank you so much for being and sharing the authentic, decent and kind man that you are. I have enormous respect for you.

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      1. Absolutely- without a doubt. Great human being! Also, many great people here and owon. The best!

        J posted this video recently about the universal language of 432hz. I listen to sleep music in 432hz almost every night.

        This particular video he posted was amazing. I never knew in this perspective and learned something new.

        Thought I would bring it here in case anyone missed it.

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        1. This Episode deals with topics such as The Number 9 Code Mystery, Vortex Based Math, 360 Degree Circle, Flower of Life, Fibonacci Sequence, Time, Digital Root Method, Coral Castle, Crystals / Crystalline Rock Structures, Sun Analemma, Torah / Bible Number Codes, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Pythagoras, 432Hz, Eric Dollard, Astrology, 144, Magnetism, Hexagonal Vortex, Saturn Northpole , Cubes, Energy, Electromagnetic Fields, Geometrical Shapes / Patterns, Sound, Light, Diameter of Planets, Sun, Moon and more.You


    1. When will these jerks stop wasting their time trying to convince us of their bs. We know what’s going on and this time some of us beat these mongrels in the queue. And we will most certainly create our own money just exactly how we desire to and they cannot do a bloody thing about it. So go suck eggs fellas. Although, in this specific case this dude had better leave the eggs alone as any additional intake of food in his case could cause him to explode. What a grotesque evil cretin.

      Blockchain is transforming our world for the better in my opinion and not only do we have an opportunity to make some money but more importantly we will be participating in some incredible projects.

      I love seeing these banker type criminals crapping in their pants, that really makes me smile. They may think they are sitting at the top of the ladder but very soon they will be at the bottom licking dirt. And I sure hope a dog has just crapped right where there mouths land.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing this link Tony, it’s certainly looks like an event not to miss for all levels of investors. I just read through all of the articles at the link and am now even more excited about the crypto world. Teeka and his team sure do look like they know what they are talking about. Very exciting indeed.

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  10. Here is a promo piece for Weiss Ratings. The video goes into some good practical overview of why blockchain technology is something you want to consider very strongly.

    You can join this service if you feel you can benefit from it, but that’s your choice. We get 0$ from this if you do.

    What I am wanting to share is the broad application of the technology and the needs it fills in so many areas of our business world.

    Careful and prudent placement of spare dollars has tremendous potential. Choose carefully, do your homework, and don’t bet your life savings. You don’t need to.

    What a shame if RVs don’t make it out of the gate before the end of this year. Just 1-5% of your RV gains, even modest or very small, could magnify tremendously in this market.

    I don’t think I can stomach the thought of most of you missing out on this because some jerk bankers wanted to hold onto funds to satisfy a bunch of old, self anointed, smug holdout overseers from Jekyll Island frog-spawned afterbirth.



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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this video Tony. It’s definitely worth watching and assisted me to gain further understanding of this field. Just checked the Weiss Crypto website out and it certainly does look like there is some excellent information provided. The articles are well written too. Great stuff. Thank you.


    2. That was most informative and i did sit through the entire video. I was 10 seconds away from jumping on board but i first wanted to ask you if you are a member of Weiss. The material they offer looks to answer many questions. There is an auto-renewal, which i hate when they do not initially warn you first but never the less it could all be worth their information. Thanks again pal. I am at the very beginning stages of trying to wrap my head around the crypto world. This is definitely the way this world is going, we just have to be smart about choosing the right direction and it seems Weiss helps. Thanks again!


    1. My hands have a severe case of rigamortis. There is no way in hell these pinkies will loosen their grip to allow any little coins to wander off. LOL

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      1. Hello WHA, Isn’t it strange the timing in all of this? Vietnam is ready to have firm Dong, and the Elders are in London all of July. I really hope that J and the Elders are finally able to pull this thing through. Remember a lot of other people said that the Dong would be a sleeper.

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        1. Well, all I can say is that if 4 weeks of elder presence in London does not forshadow something manifesting, of whatever nature, and for whatever purpose, then it’s hard to understand why that long of a visit would be needed for anything less important.

          Discussions alone can be done via phone/Internet. Simple paperwork can be done via courier. It would seem to smack of physically observing something, or perhaps even celebrating something, or a convergence of parties face to face on neutral territory. I am simply guessing of course. I don’t have any special insider knowledge.

          I am acutely aware of how many people have worked on this thing, and the energy and cost to personal lives it has taken. Very few of us have the backgrounds to have succeeded at such a thing.

          The timing of this would be perfect. We are standing at the threshold of technological retooling of monetary and information processing methods that will increase efficiency, and that’s very valuable in a world fixated on the bottom line. If we play it right, many of us will be able to safely parlay into personal realms that will enable the taking on of responsibilities that many may not have imagined possible. A lot of good can result from that.

          By August 1 at the latest, perhaps we will know the lay of the land a lot better, one way or another.

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  11. Digital Asset Custody For Institutions


    “…Coinbase Custody is owned and operated by Coinbase, the leading digital currency company, established in 2012. We currently store over $20B of crypto assets on behalf of our customers and have raised $216M from investors like the NYSE and Union Square Ventures.

    To make digital currency investment accessible to every financial institution and hedge fund in the world…”

    If there is a key time for an RV, it’s now. -WHA

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  12. Tony I am intrigued by the comments about the elders going to London for all of July. I can not imagine that they are going there for that long other than because they are wanting to witness for themselves large financial transactions and ensure what they have asked to happen does happen.Its too long to be there for meetings only. I know J cannot tell all but it is because of that fact we can probably agree that silence covers very large things happening or going to happen. I hope this is it for releases across the board.

    Good luck to all. C

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    1. It is indeed a very remarkable thing for the Elders to be in London for that length of time, and their presence there, described as “interesting”, leaves me to conclude that they are wanting to observe what they could not from their home locations. And I cannot think that such observations would be tourist attractions.

      And even more interesting is that President Trump is going to be there in a few weeks as well.

      Just what that means for settlements/RVs, etc., I do not know and don’t wish to probe very deeply. It would be gauche to do so since we have been asked to respect the need for discretion at this time.

      No matter what, let’s hope for success all around – releases, RVs, etc. These are critical projects indeed.

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  13. Like

  14. So, based on some e-mail feedback I am going to amend the Friday commentary issue a bit. It will be “as needed”.

    From time to time there may be comments I need to make at the end of each week and if so, I will. Otherwise it’s not important that it be done every week.

    I have received several private e-mails from some of you outlining your crypto portfolios and wanting my comments on them. Well, I have to say that you are all doing a good job. You are using only risk/disposable funds, keeping your positions small and spreading the risk out among quality tokens. I am most happy for you and very glad that you are adhering to safe approaches that will not ruin you if things go very wrong. So far, the long term horizon is looking very good. Many of you are taking advantage of bargain prices, and being responsible in the process. Excellent.

    My main anxiety remains the sequence of things. We are half way through the year and still all remains reportedly close, but still unresolved. There is little anyone can do but wait. All I can figure out is that the target is still moving as we get closer to it. Sooner or later the two will converge.

    Have a good weekend.

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  15. OWoN:

    There are 4 tiers of deep negotiations playing out. Non for Blogging, but each can help a lot.

    Client affairs have to stay confidential, but are progressing.
    The next 4 weeks with the Elders will be interesting. Very!

    Iraq wants a resolution. Vietnam will follow.
    America has huge Global pressures to ante up and come clean.

    But the greatest enemy of all, is the one within and a new article coming will expose more. Knowledge is power and YOUR Freedom must be fought for.

    That Kenyan Indonesian Gender Bender Obama just declared at this weeks Turin Bilderbergers,that Americans are incapable or running themselves,and will be absorbed into his Commie Bolsheviks Puppet Masters NWO.
    The Fink who says you can’t think?

    When is that Usurper off to a Rendition center?

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-27-june-2018.html?showComment=1530272587867#c2373748071250613708
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. More “news risk” as expected. This will continue for a while, so those of you who like to bargain shop, it’s your kind of day.

      Psssst – hey Congress. Don’t like cyptos for political contributions? No problem. Just pass a law making it USD only. That way, you can keep the kickbacks in cash in your freezer. 😉

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  16. Hi Tony, thanks for all you do. Does the OTCXN exchange I read about on owon mean you can buy crypto currency such as xlm or others direct with fiat thru them.


    1. Not quite. They have built an end-to-end crypto settlement system for institutional trading houses to settle without third party risk between them and with full custodial oversight. The funds transact and settle within a secure blockchain ecosystem without the need for outside technology to move them.

      An example would be what the public has to go through now to get crypto into cash. You have to initiate your sell order from your exchange and they have to then pass those funds through a fiat banking system, wire or ACH to move them to your bank account.

      OTCXN has made it possible for institutional trading firms to conduct their business, end to end, within a blockchain environment, with the ability to settle without leaving that environment, and do so securely and with custodial oversight. US funds are tokenized and remain on the blockchain within their system.

      They are not a broker or exchange for buying and selling to retail end accounts, such as what Coinbase or Uphold would do. Or, at least I do not see them offering such services at this time.

      Just wait until the first BTC ETF comes on line. Holy cow what amazing events are on the horizon.

      If we can get out of these pestilentially delayed dong and dinar positions, the chances for life-altering financial advancement will be incredible for many of you. Just a little could mean a lot.


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    1. I’ve been following Q since October. Q Anon post 1194 where an Anon asks Q: ‘Federal Reserve ending?’ Q replies: ‘Structure’. I also believe that the structure of the FED will be used for the new system. Just re-brand the FED and get rid of the criminals.


      1. I totally understand.

        To find out that, according to this video, that Q is NSA, is quite amazing. That such is revealed at this particular time is even more amazing because it’s revealing a critical source. It’s kind of like revealing your battle plan to your opponent, but only after you have him down so far, and your victory is well advanced that to do so is not harmful.

        And lately, the information concerning RVs, many major things in play, etc. seems to point to inevitable changes for good, as outlined in that video.

        What an amazing thing to be aware of.


        1. Tony, as Q indicated in the video: This will be the greatest story ever told in American history- the take back of freedom. We are living in remarkable times. (I always thought that the Reagan shooting was staged, just like Kennedy).


    2. Great video. YouTube search polls many different posters claiming Q Anon. Do you guys have link to official ch,if it exists?


  17. Like

  18. OWoN:

    Only Zims are running up as risk right now. Other issues are ongoing. Huge things are evolving daily . Elders are not coming over for vacations. Real world, real progress is happening. We can’t change 50 years failed lives in 5 minutes. It takes what it takes and with approaching 8 Billion the human herd is adequately stocked so no worries on the big picture.

    Worry far more on Cabal and Zio issues as both need eradication like a viral plague. We are making progress where it matters but a little light relief with 5,000 Zios and Deep State thrown into an arena where we have SMGs and GPMGs would be appreciated. Why kill wonderful wild life when hunting rifles can be used on demon vermin instead and do the world a favour.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/06/active-comment-section-21-june-2018.html?showComment=1530102864006#c1806599538909756329
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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