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It’s time to move to a fresh thread. Barring any new updates or releases from the official White Hat blog, this thread will remain until the end of the year. All previous threads are still available for reading by accessing the archives.

By now it is no surprise that a rather quiet posture has set in from our sources. Between reports of Elders sojourning in London, and being told that RV specifics are not possible, one can only surmise that the progress is of a forward nature. In the past, progress of a backwards nature was always quick to be released and outlined in no uncertain terms. Despite many weeks passing since the silence has started, no “slipping” has been reported so far. I will leave it to you to determine just what “silence” can possibly mean at this time.

We never started out to be a crypto blog, but many of you are taking more of an interest in this new space and the desire to obtain transformational gains is certainly understood. Given the ongoing RV delays and uncertainty about the final numbers, the needs are certainly understandable. I have done what I could to impart simple rules to keep you safe while positioning yourself for possible future gains. Many have shared their experiences with me, and I am happy to report that almost all of those who have, did great jobs in being disciplined, safe and prudent in their approach.

As I mentioned previously in the last thread, my main anxiety now is that of timing. While an RV is not needed for one to experience a potential windfall from expected crypto value increases, it certainly would be optimum if additional capital could be safely committed before institutional funds are unleashed into the crypto world. We can only hope that fair winds, and the silence from the top, will augur well for events to happen sooner rather than later.

For now, “news risk”  will be impacting on crypto prices due to relative thin liquidity and the naivety and unsophisticated nature of most who hold BTC at this time. Don’t let such shake you loose. In advance of what we know is on the horizon, it is at this time that you must hold on. All manner of jabberwoky will be hurled at you in an effort to make you give up. You should easily repel such urges by safe position sizes. If you find yourself chewing your knuckles when prices go against you, then you probably put in too much in relation to your bankroll, and are now going to doubt yourself. When doubt creeps in, wealth creeps out.

When it comes to speculation of this kind, I have seen people driven to hysterical frenzies resembling rapid-fire schizophrenia intermixed with near uncontrollable urges to crap into their hands and rub it in their hair, just because they heard one financial analyst say one thing, then another one says something different. They don’t know how to maintain a stable position. As a result, they buy and sell themselves into a vat of buttermilk as they chase one opinion after another. Such is the price to pay for letting “news” run your decision. We have seen major institutions bash BTC mercilessly with one hand, and then turn around with the other hand and buy it. Major players like Soros have also been caught doing this. Your antidote against such slimeballs is just to take your position and hold. Otherwise, you are just placing your ship into the hands of a gorilla with ADD.

Binance made more money than Deutsche Bank last year. But no, that’s conveniently ignored because, after all, crypto is a scam. They say BTC is doomed because the electricity used to validate the transactions will exceed that used by Japan in a year. But they forget to tell you that current banking infrastructure already uses 3 times the annual electrical usage of Japan. Godzilla is a bigger threat than crypto is. This is the kind of rhetoric you will encounter in a concerted effort to give up. If you do, someone will come along and buy what you sell – most likely the same interests who convinced you to give up.

If there is truly any value in what you are holding, then time will prove it. Not the opinions of others. There is only one way to find out. Commit to a course of action and don’t vary from it.

The monopoly of money creation and transmission is being challenged by distributed ledger technology. True, the powers that be are also interested, but they will have to share that plateau now, and not be able to exclusively dominate the wire systems where they could take as they saw fit without the ability for others to see it so clearly. Multiple well financed and quality DLT platforms are now coming on line, some completely impenetrable, offering commoners to operate as if a fully equipped bank with the ability to transfer value from point to point, in privacy. This ability, and not straw man, sovereign citizen, UCC, or other regressive legal blather issued by cloistered, self-anointed saviors with cult status at best, will force the changes that so many want to see. The ability to compete equally based on a great technological equalizer will be the key, in my opinion. This will create a whole new angle and fresh plan of attack that few saw coming.

WHA has pretty much accomplished what I wanted with it – introducing people who had an interest in the RV to the right sources for accurate information, and to expose RV/GCR parvenus for what they largely were – overnight shape-shifting opportunists who found a warm pliant market for their income spiel du jour.

From now until the end of 2018 we will patiently await events to run their natural course, and will do what we can to convey news and information as needed. In January we will reassess the lay of the land. If paper exits have occurred by then, closing this particular effort will most likely be the wisest course of action.

It has been a wild ride. So, let’s prepare for all possible outcomes. Thank you for your readership and your participation. I sincerely hope 2018 will see some long awaited releases finally accomplished. Those who have devoted time and effort in advance of such, certainly deserve it.


There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time. – Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Louie Gohmert calls for RICO probe to find out who’s paying for Honduras migrant caravan

    We have got to have the DOJ investigate where the funding is coming from to send these thousands and thousands of people to the U.S. … You can use RICO to go after them.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


    1. I cannot believe what has come out of the mouth of that Mexican President. That is utterly disgraceful. Who the hell does he think he is threatening the US like that? I know what he needs to fix that attitude and it’s a nice swift solution. That wall should be going up with haste.

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  2. Like

  3. Like

  4. I couldn’t resist posting the latest from ZAP. The last paragraph is hilarious 😂October 20, 2018

    Zap Says

    HI ALL,







    1. Ah yes, the never ending “first funds” that can’t seem to get past “compliance”, yet he is so SURE that next week is it.

      And his team of dynamic, capable, talented people who can’t seem to hold a job, have children with responsible fathers, pay their rent, etc., are humanity’s only hope.

      And yet, people STILL send their donations. It proves you don’t need much talent in this world to lay the groundwork for paypal income if you can find the right audience, write the same words over and over, and make claims for which you need absolutely no proof. The money comes in anyway.

      I think I will change my name to WHAM, create a list of hard luck stories, promote to all the NESARA blogs, set up a Paypal, and make hay.

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    2. I cannot believe a person has the audacity to behave like this. How can he not feel deep shame for what he has done and continues to do? It is utterly disgraceful. I do not understand how he can be legally permitted to continue this charade. Are there no laws to stop him? I would like to give him a good smack across the head for being such a thieving, dishonest piece of parasitic garbage.

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      1. Many have asked me the same question.

        This “GCR Industry” has many beggars, posers and opportunists who puff themselves up to be more important than they ever will be at anything they do.

        Just earlier, someone pointed out to me that someone who runs a server that is somehow hosting the always wrong RV guru Philip Tilton, was reporting that it was under attack by giant lasers. I guess that’s because they don’t want the world to find out the truth that only these characters have.

        Dramatic posing is a tactic and a trait common to these impresarios of the nauseous.

        Neil Keenan has claimed being attacked with poison. Seminar Dave also claimed to have survived several assassination attempts, and once said he was conducting one of his seminars and suddenly felt like he could not speak, etc., claiming that it was some kind of mysterious death beam pointed at his head or some other ridiculous thing (It’s called getting older, Dave. You are not important enough to assassinate, and if you were, you would be dead already).

        All of these clowns are making money from the always anticipated arrival of millions in largess, wherein they claim key roles in being able to assist their audiences in acquiring same.

        They enjoy the protection of an army of mesmerized followers that will snap your face off like a giant horse eating terror bird if you try to inject any intelligent criticism or hard questions into the picture.

        This is not to say that they may not be speaking some truths, as the GCR is a real process and leaks may find their way to some of these types. But, tracking along with them is the ever present profit motive, which they have positioned themselves within the vast grasping audiences with very clever maneuvering and a flair for shape-shifting into what such audiences want to hear, need to hear and have to hear to keep their delirium tremens in check. The constant promise of pending riches is wonderful stuff for getting people to open their purses. There is no more fertile ground than the mass army of RV seekers, who are target rich for such operations, and have proven so without a doubt.

        When this is all over, I will not miss the three ring circus aspect of it. But, I will pride myself in having not taken a dime from anyone in furtherance of tempting them with my version of “RV wares”.

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        1. Gosh Tony, that was such a good comment. You are spot on as always.

          I am just so sick and tired of fake people and the bs they spew forth. It is utterly repulsive to me.

          With reference to your final paragraph above, I hear you loud and clear. I admire your authentic decent and moral character.

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        2. Actually Tony, I just reread your comment here again and find it quite sad to agree that what you have expressed is so very accurate. Just desperate people being hoodwinked by thieving lazy manipulators. Such a very sad state of affairs.

          “snap your face off like a giant horse eating terror bird.” OMG Tony, that is a killer comment that will see me giggling for days. Definitely one of your best. LOL

          Just on another subject Tony. May I ask what your opinion is on the manner in which the midterms will pan out?


          1. I honestly don’t know about the mid-terms. The polls in the last election were so wrong, and they are once again showing dead even in many places, so if they are correct, it could be a tight race.

            The younger generations are swallowing Bernie, Ocasio-Cortez, Marx, Lenin as if it were candy from the heavens. The media is full tilt on making sure pretty pictures of the Obamas are on every magazine. Clinton is encouraging the mobs with her acquiescence to being uncivil, which is her trademark shape-shift to assume the mold of what the screeching prolls want. This plays well on the deluded armies of malcontents who dream of something for nothing.

            How will all this play out? I am not sure. I was certain Trump was going to lose. He won. So, right now I feel it will be tight, so I hope I am just as wrong as I was in 2016, and the Republicans sweep. If they lose control of the house and Senate, then this country will have signaled that the younger generation wants socialism. It may even trigger a civil war at the urban level.

            We will certainly find out very soon. I am prepped. Plenty of ammo, spare food, the means to generate power, shelter, etc.

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            1. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion Tony, I really appreciate it very much. I sure hope you are right. I will be watching closely and hope a calm environment is maintained and that the Republicans come out on top.


  5. Some of you may remember Ed Beckley from the 1980’s and 1990’s. He pitched real estate and business opportunities via television and later internet seminar sales.

    Well, ol’ Ed spent some time in prison and lost everything. Then in prison, he shape-shifted.

    Here he is now.

    Does this man’s pattern remind you of anyone else? What a miracle.

    I think he’s preparing himself a new career in whatever is expedient, and in his case, that of a new age spiritualist, and perhaps the newest of RV Rasputins in your universe? The gift of gab is often a very lucrative tool for those who lack even the most basic of backgrounds in the field they wish to conquer.

    Oh the humanity!

    From real estate seminars, to Federal prison, to new age expert.

    Never dispair. You too can make a career change if you really need it. 😉


    1. All the leaders in Europe who have balls and are not cuckolded eunuchs are going to be targeted by these Soros spawned invertebrates. Salvini knows that his ancestors did not deal with such prolls with a light touch. Glory, honor and strength, O Caesar!

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    2. Good God.! Well that sure made me angry. How utterly appalling. He needs a good hard kick in this arse for this type of public display of bullshit. Who the hell does he think he is? I am so disappointed in him over this.

      I must say though, there was always something that bugged me about this bloke. I was never too sure what it was, just a feeling really. Maybe now I know what it is. Well, he will never get another cent of my money, that’s for sure.


  6. Salvini’s Italy Now Leads Europe in Number of Jihadi Deportations

    “…The most recent deportation saw female Albanian jihadist Arta Kacabuni sent back to her home country after she was found guilty of joining the Islamic State terrorist group in 2015 and attempting to recruit her nephew and his wife for the terrorist organisation…”

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  7. Report: Decentralized Cryptocurrencies Losing Market Share to Centralized Cryptoassets

    In a new 79 page CryptoCompare report, the cryptocurrency information website attempts to taxonomize current cryptoassets and finds that cryptocurrencies focused on decentralization and payments have lost market share to more centralized coins.

    In the extensive report, they started off by detailing their overall CryptoCompare Archetype to illustrate the overall cryptocurrency environment.

    Read more –


  8. Texas Dems ask noncitizens to register to vote, send applications with citizenship box pre-checked

    “The Texas Democratic Party asked non-citizens to register to vote, sending out applications to immigrants with the box citizenship already checked “Yes,” according to new complaints filed Thursday asking prosecutors to see what laws may have been broken…”


  9. This seems like pretty big news, especially in light of the progress reported on BB’s settlement.

    “The Treasury Department today issued proposed guidance related to the new Opportunity Zone tax incentive. The tax benefit, created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is designed to spur economic development and job creation by encouraging long-term investments in economically distressed communities nationwide.

    “We want all Americans to experience the dynamic opportunities being generated by President Trump’s economic policies. We anticipate that $100 billion in private capital will be dedicated towards creating jobs and economic development in Opportunity Zones,” said Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “This incentive will foster economic revitalization and promote sustainable economic growth, which was a major goal of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

    The proposed regulations released today clarify what gains qualify for deferral, which taxpayers and investments are eligible, the parameters for Opportunity Funds, and other guidance. The proposed regulations should provide investors and fund sponsors the information they need to confidently enter into new business arrangements in designated Opportunity Zones. The Treasury Department plans on issuing additional guidance before the end of the year…”

    $100 billion in private capital…. that’s a pretty bold prediction. Tony, it seems like I remember you suggesting something like this awhile back as a means to repair our failing infrastructure and crumbling cities. MAGA.

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