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It’s time to move to a fresh thread. Barring any new updates or releases from the official White Hat blog, this thread will remain until the end of the year. All previous threads are still available for reading by accessing the archives.

By now it is no surprise that a rather quiet posture has set in from our sources. Between reports of Elders sojourning in London, and being told that RV specifics are not possible, one can only surmise that the progress is of a forward nature. In the past, progress of a backwards nature was always quick to be released and outlined in no uncertain terms. Despite many weeks passing since the silence has started, no “slipping” has been reported so far. I will leave it to you to determine just what “silence” can possibly mean at this time.

We never started out to be a crypto blog, but many of you are taking more of an interest in this new space and the desire to obtain transformational gains is certainly understood. Given the ongoing RV delays and uncertainty about the final numbers, the needs are certainly understandable. I have done what I could to impart simple rules to keep you safe while positioning yourself for possible future gains. Many have shared their experiences with me, and I am happy to report that almost all of those who have, did great jobs in being disciplined, safe and prudent in their approach.

As I mentioned previously in the last thread, my main anxiety now is that of timing. While an RV is not needed for one to experience a potential windfall from expected crypto value increases, it certainly would be optimum if additional capital could be safely committed before institutional funds are unleashed into the crypto world. We can only hope that fair winds, and the silence from the top, will augur well for events to happen sooner rather than later.

For now, “news risk”  will be impacting on crypto prices due to relative thin liquidity and the naivety and unsophisticated nature of most who hold BTC at this time. Don’t let such shake you loose. In advance of what we know is on the horizon, it is at this time that you must hold on. All manner of jabberwoky will be hurled at you in an effort to make you give up. You should easily repel such urges by safe position sizes. If you find yourself chewing your knuckles when prices go against you, then you probably put in too much in relation to your bankroll, and are now going to doubt yourself. When doubt creeps in, wealth creeps out.

When it comes to speculation of this kind, I have seen people driven to hysterical frenzies resembling rapid-fire schizophrenia intermixed with near uncontrollable urges to crap into their hands and rub it in their hair, just because they heard one financial analyst say one thing, then another one says something different. They don’t know how to maintain a stable position. As a result, they buy and sell themselves into a vat of buttermilk as they chase one opinion after another. Such is the price to pay for letting “news” run your decision. We have seen major institutions bash BTC mercilessly with one hand, and then turn around with the other hand and buy it. Major players like Soros have also been caught doing this. Your antidote against such slimeballs is just to take your position and hold. Otherwise, you are just placing your ship into the hands of a gorilla with ADD.

Binance made more money than Deutsche Bank last year. But no, that’s conveniently ignored because, after all, crypto is a scam. They say BTC is doomed because the electricity used to validate the transactions will exceed that used by Japan in a year. But they forget to tell you that current banking infrastructure already uses 3 times the annual electrical usage of Japan. Godzilla is a bigger threat than crypto is. This is the kind of rhetoric you will encounter in a concerted effort to give up. If you do, someone will come along and buy what you sell – most likely the same interests who convinced you to give up.

If there is truly any value in what you are holding, then time will prove it. Not the opinions of others. There is only one way to find out. Commit to a course of action and don’t vary from it.

The monopoly of money creation and transmission is being challenged by distributed ledger technology. True, the powers that be are also interested, but they will have to share that plateau now, and not be able to exclusively dominate the wire systems where they could take as they saw fit without the ability for others to see it so clearly. Multiple well financed and quality DLT platforms are now coming on line, some completely impenetrable, offering commoners to operate as if a fully equipped bank with the ability to transfer value from point to point, in privacy. This ability, and not straw man, sovereign citizen, UCC, or other regressive legal blather issued by cloistered, self-anointed saviors with cult status at best, will force the changes that so many want to see. The ability to compete equally based on a great technological equalizer will be the key, in my opinion. This will create a whole new angle and fresh plan of attack that few saw coming.

WHA has pretty much accomplished what I wanted with it – introducing people who had an interest in the RV to the right sources for accurate information, and to expose RV/GCR parvenus for what they largely were – overnight shape-shifting opportunists who found a warm pliant market for their income spiel du jour.

From now until the end of 2018 we will patiently await events to run their natural course, and will do what we can to convey news and information as needed. In January we will reassess the lay of the land. If paper exits have occurred by then, closing this particular effort will most likely be the wisest course of action.

It has been a wild ride. So, let’s prepare for all possible outcomes. Thank you for your readership and your participation. I sincerely hope 2018 will see some long awaited releases finally accomplished. Those who have devoted time and effort in advance of such, certainly deserve it.


There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time. – Napoleon Bonaparte


    1. WHA Admin:

      It looks like these banks are not going to adopt the Ripple system, at least not right now, because they have a different system?

      What do you think?

      When they say “Ethereum based blockchain” does that mean they plan on using the Ethereum blockchain or is it likely they will have their own blockchain like the best projects end up doing?

      Your thoughts?



        1. A Johnson:

          Does that article put a little concern in you about the total impact of XRP in the crypto world, especially being adopted by the banking system worldwide?


  1. I would not ask you to read this unless I thought it was amazing. It is only several paragraphs long and well worth your time. Enjoy. How could this all be by chance? It is a real eye opener.

    What are the odds of this many 7s being coincidental?


    There are several identification markers of the last 10 years that specifically inform us of God having stepped into history to rescue us from organized deep darkness. These markers are seen by the multiple 7’s and they speak to us of the Divine Seven-Spirited One (Isaiah 11:2-3) intervening in the affairs of men to short circuit the conspirators.

    Sept. 29, 2008 (Rosh Hashanah) the Wall Street Dow Jones fell a record 777.7 and it shook the world’s financial markets. An extended economic slowdown followed. Though it looks like the 777.7 was the cause of the world recession it was actually what saved the United States and the world from a deep and prolonged financial depression. Dark world economy manipulators were orchestrating a deep depression, but God intervened—in ways we will also find out about—to save us from a catastrophic, economic collapse. (I have written about some of this in my 2010 book “The 7 Mountain Mantle”)

    June 23, 2016, the very unexpected Brexit vote took place that surprised the “world economists” and again threw off the sinister world manipulators. That date was “coincidentally” exactly 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, and 7 days after the above 777.7 date. The prior assumed rejection of Brexit was seen as sure a thing as the United States rejecting Donald TRUMP for President seemed a sure thing—and again global manipulators were shocked. The Brexit vote is still being warred over, but it was orchestrated by God to create another economic wild card lever that curtails the dark world schemes.

    In the year 5777 on the Jewish calendar, a man named Donald TRUMP shocked these same global “elitists” by winning the United States election. He won by 77 electoral votes. TRUMP was 70 years old, 7 months, and 7 days on his first full day as President. What are the odds this many 7s could be coincidental? These are all signs of God’s intervention. The WHY God intervened is about to become clear, and it goes well beyond God preferring Conservatism to Liberalism or Republicans to Democrats. As the story unveils and as we fully awaken to what we were up against and what He saved us from we will see the immensity of it all. It goes way beyond simple politics, but rather into being rescued from a ring of demonic criminals with tentacles at the tops of every one of the 7 MOUNTAINS of society. I saw of vision of the hand of God swipe through the tops of all the MOUNTAINS, essentially clearing out the tops of media, education, government, economy, family, arts and entertainment, and religion. He is removing the world mafias and thus permitting the sons and daughters of the King to arise where they have been previously impeded from going. Even as He promised to go before the children of Israel—should they cross into their promised land—even so, today as He now sees us targeting our cities and nations. He is going ahead of us and making it possible for us to succeed in our mission.”

    Above text taken from long message given by Johnny Enlow.


    1. Tony, thank you so much for sharing this interview, it was absolutely fascinating.

      Heavens, some of the topics raised were a tad more than mind blowing. I certainly hope Dave Janda is correct with the suggestions he makes, excluding the last one toward the end of the interview of course. I had not even considered some of the possibilities he points to. Seriously riveting material. What a game plan if true.

      I had not actually heard of Dave Janda until your presentation of this video and am curious if he has a good track record where information of this nature is concerned. Do you happen to know that Tony?

      This really is a must watch video/interview. It actually uplifted me from the quagmire of political bs we are swamped by these days and offered me a good dose of hope. Brilliant stuff. Totally awesome share Tony. Thank you.


      1. I am glad you enjoyed it.

        I have to admit I know little of Dr Janda or his background.

        I was told by a friend that Janda has key contacts in government and is reliable in his comments concerning the subject matter. I don’t personally know Dr. Janda so I guess we will have to watch and see what plays out.

        One thing I think we can all sense is that the center of power is being challenged ever more, and as we have seen in decades past, they will maneuver in many ways and forms to protect such positions.

        Starting wars to hold power is becoming too risky since high tech advancements have allowed almost every square inch of even cabal neighborhoods to be targeted within minutes. So, they are resorting to less bellicose forms of removing anyone to opposes them, such as what we see with the Kavenaugh, Stormy, Mueller stinkbombs. All the while, the key crooks, like Clinton, Bush, Biden, Obama are given passes and actually held up in media as patron saints and virtuous virgins.

        No matter what happens in DC, my chief worry remains that the cursed RV happens, and with some public benefit, before start of next year.

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        1. Thank you so much for your explanation Tony.

          Yes, we will have to see what eventuates, so fingers crossed on that front. I just find it so exciting to consider the game plan mentioned in the video even being a possibility. The art of the deal that would most certainly be.

          Hope you wake to an enjoy a wonderful day Tony.


    1. Well, look at the bright side. More time for the “RV” to hopefully do something this year, and more chances for those so inclined to partake before the SEC does approve an ETF. Big funds are circling, and will pick off the sick and wounded holders who fall behind the pack.

      Take your vitamins and hold on.

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      1. Heck yea! XRP baby. Been buying all the way down to .25 cents and will continue to buy.

        How I wish I bought early last year for half a penny. Was listening to the “bankster coin” crowd, until I started doing my own research. My gut feeling was to buy and Tony confirmed it for me when I asked him several months ago.

        Good for you other Andrew! If we get one final downturn in oct before the big guys enter, I will consider it a gift and load up on cheaper prices again.

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            1. Other Andrew – just for you

              I’m alone right now and was dancing by myself – oh wait that’s a song too!

              Maybe premature but why not, we know where it’s going. Not just xrp


              1. Yes, XRP has set the market on fire, and this is happening in spite of the news that the CBOE ETF was postponed. Perhaps it is XRP that is and will be the catalyst that moves the market back up to old highs. Just the additional XRP amount that I added to my holdings has doubled in price already. Go XRP !!!


                1. Electroneum has also broken out to the upside now by having a strong use case. If we could get a number of cryptos breaking away from Bitcoin perhaps the market will become free of the massive influence that Bitcoin has had on the market’s direction?


  2. Hello Joe McCloud:

    My theory is that if the Fed’s Charter is not renewed, then the Federal Reserve’s license may also be revoked. That means we must have the electronic TRN now even though we are still using paper FRNs. Those FRNS will be taken out of circulation gradually and replaced by notes that no longer have the word Federal Reserve on them. The GCR in various stages will commence. The major stages and timing is in the hands of the ARCHITECT OF TIME AND ETERNITY. Expect the unexpected. Thanks.


    1. That’s certainly interesting news. Thanks Tony.

      I’m a bit behind with all my crypto news lately, so very much appreciate you highlighting all these articles they you share here, much appreciated.

      I have been quite unwell in recent weeks, just starting to pick up again in the last two days thank heavens.


      1. This fellow references someone named “Kim”.

        OWoN commented on one of his previous videos which claimed the FED’s charter had expired some time ago. Here is that comment concerning “Kim”.

        “That is Kim Goguen. A Broker party who lives in Arizona and who has propounded her nonsense for the last decade. Many parties got coerced in at huge costs. She is on Black and Red Alert Scammers lists everywhere. Sure, like the US needs a Wombat broker living in a high density low cost Arizona Hicksville, to give them permission to use money they stole decades ago. Fantasy woman. Ignore.”

        Read more at:
        OWoN © All Rights Reserved


      2. I do not know who this guy is, but it is always good to consider all angles in doing due diligence on someone. I do not know if this website which issues a caution about him is true or is also a disinformation website:

        My theory is that those we may think have the real intel may be disinformers and those who we think are disinformers may be the real deal? Someday we will know who gave us the truth and who gave us B.S.



        1. I am glad we have the sources we have. It would take a monumental effort to know just who is who in all this, without such.

          I would hazard that the “intel” business takes in millions every year in ad revenue, commissions, etc. Easy pickings.


        2. We were informed by owon a few years back, ” its a day by day thing, watch the site” . B.S. or not B.S.? now, that’s the question. your thoughts Tony ?


          1. Definitely not BS. However, the banking overlords had other plans and they don’t want you prospering. They can’t engage predatory usury among prosperous citizenry. We already saw one world war implemented to protect that racket, so what makes you think they won’t try to use delaying tactics again, but with more efficient 21st century methods that don’t require standing armies to obliterate regimes?

            Believe it or not, the watchword is still, “daily possibilities”. I keep watching for a relaxing of this status, but it never comes. I have questioned it, but each time, for various reasons, the high alert status remains.

            My advice is, spread out and be industrious, because as we have been warned that limits may apply and no certain rate of return is known or guaranteed.

            Know this. Aside from the crypto pathway (just one pathway of many), I am investigating other avenues of potential opportunities that are legitimate and beneficial. The problem is that under the auspices of the White Hat “brand”, I cannot operate a retail operation to line my pockets. Nor do I need or want to. I am working out how to convey opportunity without opportunism, as I want to avoid that at all costs.

            For now, let’s just wait a bit longer. If we head into 2019 with squadoosh, then other pathways will force themselves, and we may transform to facilitate the objective to produce the result that the RV may have failed to produce at that time. Notwithstanding anything to that effect, we will always be here to interact with and support project organization which may stem from whatever releases enabling the creation of same.

            More on this later. For now, I think it’s best to allow the combatants time to finish their parleys.

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    1. This September 9th post below and the video above about the Federal Reserve may be related.pieces of the puzzle.

      whitehatsauxiliaries says:
      September 9, 2018 at 9:32 am

      Reports are coming in alleging that Eric Holder, Bush Jr and Obama are blocking currency releases from a Dallas Texas Bank, with threats and blackmail, and that current Treasury release directives are being forcefully blocked by the above. PP Creditors are furious.

      We are waiting on further details. Cornered Rats? When they get hung watch the Cabal fall apart. Deep State, Treason, execution no appeals. The Bushes, Obama, Clinton’s, Holder, Greenspan, Cheney, and more, all dangling and watch the Deep State State fall. Military trials, why even give them the night, Nooses or the Firing Squads outside? Any Appeals Lawyers to be shot with them.

      It’s getting Public and dirty.

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  3. OWoN:

    Q: This question pertains to the conversation earlier in this thread. If investors are as allowed to exchange their Dinar, will there be limits to the amount of money that they will be allowed to walk away with?

    A: 1. First we don’t know if there will be a public facility.

    2. Of course there will be limits including majors because Iraq has limits to what it will be allowed to issue, even if new currency, and if buying in, with what they have no money nor can they sink under debt for predators .

    3. It’s about Iraq. Why should these tragic people be saddled with more accursed debt for the heritage of Hegemony and criminal Cabal printing?

    Justice would be the Finance Minister just issuing 2t of their own new notes and leaving all that crap to burn.

    Dongs are real. Dinars are not earned by honest trade but either desperation or greed buying into criminal overprints. Even Iraqis holding this crap and willing to saddle their own with debt, were sent home this week with a No and capped limits. Even Iraqi skanks tried to cash in on this scam. Human nature?

    If a public facility is allowed, beyond 10k there are history of funds questions re anti laundering and if that’s the level they ask you how it was earned, good luck with that. Oh, I just participated in a giant scam passing my clean money in exchange for overprinted paper issued by criminals using plates from an entire civilization we F parasites just bombed into the stone age , murdering a million, in a totally illegal WMD war, but who cares just gimme the money.

    I think society may have shocks on store when the MSM gets a hold of it if it moves towards releases and a lot of interests may get bad news.

    Why should anyone be enriched to murder a million and destroy a whole civilization. But America does not do Culture. Iraqis, Vietnamese, Koreans, Afghans, Iranians, Libyans, Cambodians and so many, will never forget.

    I really would not worry about it. If there’s a public free for all get in fast because no one will buy that crap and banks will soon shut the windows.


    Once the GCR comes, after approval by China and a Dong re alignment, you may be ok.

    Dinars are a whole different nightmare.

    Imagine if your Butts had been parked in Reno for the last 5 years eating bank charges and Credit Cards chasing this shit.

    I feel more sorry for the truly desperate American country folk who bought in tracking Bush /Cheney and put their meagre savings into it. The printers made gzillions and the desperate got royally ******!

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  4. I am posting this because this individual has been one of the best Technical Analysis pros I have found regarding crypto. This is a continuation of the original chart he created back in May calling for a brutal bear market in cryptos all the way to the end of the year. A market that has followed his original charts almost to perfection and charts that I have posted here.

    It’s worth reviewing because as with all things financial, the market dictates value. While we would ALL love this to explode to the upside, you can’t really argue with the charts and some of his comments.

    I am invested heavily so I want a bull market, but wanting something and getting it are 2 different things. While we have good news about cryptos coming out daily, the question remains….How does that translate to value?


    1. Please…..go down more. Please, please! Then, guess who comes in to snatch it all?

      I love the chartists who scare the pants off of the quick buck artists. This guy is the best at it.

      What most chart junkies miss in a new tech sector market is the pace of adoption and innovation, which is not reflected in charts.

      Don’t ask how the good news translates to value. Ask rather, why do the charts not reflect the good news?

      The answer is simple. This market is very, very immature and only when custody and institutional acquisition are firmly in place will the demand reflect in the charts.

      Quiet, sideways markets are the best time to buy, smartly and with risk capital only.

      Charts such as these are great for those who trade and look for the best entry and exits. But, this is not what will make you a transformational fortune. It’s a different discipline altogether.

      While it’s okay to share these things here, I want all of you to realize that there is a difference to “trading” and long term speculation.

      For a new market like this, with so much more innovation and adoption sure to come, the value is in the long term implementation, not the quick buck buy and sell racket.

      Be sure to know which one you want to be before you let the lingo confuse you. I see it cause mental hysteria every day in the blogs and articles. Don’t let it sway you away from the smarter play, which is holding in advance of increased value, and not trying to scalp your way up the ladder while hoping your ulcers don’t do you in before your wife does with the frying pan.


      1. Projecting out 6 months is hardly trading. Those are daily and hourly charts.

        Listen, I started buying December of 2017 and have bought consistently since then. I bought in a large position around June and I’m down 70%. I have 6 figures in this market and am holding not trading. I just bought more yesterday because I’m a gambler. But I am fully ready to lose it and understand that markets go both ways.

        However, since you mention new technology and maturity, how many internet stocks from 2000 are not around anymore that were blowing off at the top and never made a dime? Answer…too many to count. The truth is that most of these cryptos really have no use case. Blockchain…yes, but alot of these cryptos have just been created to raise capital for a business model. You don’t even own equity in the company. Bottom line is it is total speculation.

        What if it goes down another 50%. The point is, no one knows. Could it go up, sure. Could it go down, sure. Can you really say that institutional money will drive the market higher? Why? Why does it have to drive it higher. Did it go higher with bitcoin futures? Everyone said this is it. What about the people who say this is the way cryptos cycle. Can we really compare previous markets these people use that were mainly Bitcoin? There are thousands of these coins now and more regulation. The point is no one knows.

        I provided this chart because it is the same chart from May continued out to now almost to perfection, along with 80% of his other 5000 charts.

        I know you have said Teeka Tiwari is a good person to follow but he is no better than most. What about Teeka’s bull market starting in July?

        It’s good to look a both sides of the coin. Because reality is no one knows.


        1. Look, it’s not the timeframe of the chart that signifies “trading” or “holding”. It’s the aspect of how frequently you buy and sell over that time frame. The chart analyst you referred to clearly is interested in trading his positions. I am very much aware of the time frame of those charts.

          Only 70%? Not bad. Some I know are 90% or better, but again, this is risk capital, or only supposed to be. If that was my retirement fund, I would be evacuating my insides out until I looked transparent. Drawdown is part of the game, and is to be expected. Those I know who are down are not amateurs, either. It’s SOP. Overall exposure to their net worth is probably 5% at most. Any more than that, well, good luck.

          A gambler? Well, I will assume your six figures exceed what I would consider safe, and you are shooting for the moon. I don’t know, and really don’t care. Personally, I think you will be fine, depending on what you hold. I don’t know that either, so you can let us know in a year or two how you do. If you selected well, you should be doing very well, your gambling status notwithstanding.

          Yes, a lot of tech stocks never “made it”. Who said they all did? Did that stop wise, early investors from becoming rich on Apple, DEC, IBM, Oracle, etc.? Only the idiots that bet heavy on any one of those early ideas that didn’t make it got their nuts hacked off. Yes, most of the cryptos have no case. Who said they did? I hold 35 of the 1600 or so out there. Not all will make it. I am most certain of that. I am confident that most of the ones I do hold, will do just fine over the long run.

          I disagree with your wholesale dismissal of cryptos as pure speculation with a purpose of raising capital only. Many of the most quality and innovative ones have specific propitiatory uses which are dynamic and evolving all the time. It’s impossible to pigeonhole them in a category of pure risk, and there are many reasons why, which I don’t feel like spelling out here. The use cases are well explained in many places. I am sure, or at least I would hope, you based your decision on selection because of understanding the specific needs each fill, or will potentially fill if things go as planned.

          Yes, BTC did go higher when futures entered in. From about $3000 to $19,000. Did you miss it? Teeka called for a future price of 10K BTC in July of 2017 when it was even lower than $3000.

          Posting a chart with trend lines is no big feat. I’ll bet a lot of tech stock critics posted similar charts in the 90’s and warned of lower prices, thinking that technology would never advance from the level it was at then. Look at the tech stock charts from the 90s and you will see a parallel to the BTC charts today. Looking at the current chart of the tech sector NASDAQ, and seeing what happened, it makes the present situation look like a minor detour on the way to the final destination, with a much more accelerated effect due to the broader market that crypto is vs. what the NASDAQ was back then.

          Saying Teeka is “no better than most”, is your opinion, but I will reserve judgment for that once key institutional funds are on the way in and see just what impact it will have on value, both in the near future, and for innovation that is still on the way and not presently disclosed. It’s way too early to judge him like that. He’s made fortunes for his earliest subscribers, many of whom were down 70% or better before exiting with nice gains.

          As for his calling a “bull market” in July, prices went from 6K to about 8K over that time, and then corrected. Since he is a long term value investor and analyst (overall), let’s let things play out a bit longer and then look back to see just when the expected bull market “actually started”. It’s all a matter of perspective and allowing enough time to pass before you can pass judgment. Holding a safe position size should make such criticisms unnecessary, and is pretty much inspection before the fact for a long term player.

          I am all for looking at both sides of the coin. That’s why I limit my downside risk with proper position size and hope that all who are in for the ride will do so as well.

          Let’s see what the future will bring. All you can do is play it smart, be safe, stay informed, and time will reveal it all.

          Win or lose, I am positioned to do very will in an up market, and not damaged at all, in a down, catastrophic collapse and disappearance of the entire crypto space. I continue to believe we are heading for the former, and that the chances of the latter are so slim that I am actively safely adding to my positions at every dip.

          Good luck and thank you for your comment.


    2. This was an interesting comment from that article……….. So basically, you’re saying Bitcoin and crypto is dead. While Coinbase is doubling staff, crypto exchanges are expanding, banks are preparing crypto custody, BAKKT is launching in November and countless hundreds of millions of dollars of real world fiat money are being poured into infrastruture and developement of this new asset class?

      Not to mention the fact that it once was an 850B MC with returns created that traders and fund managers can only ever dream of, and that has a possibility to happen once again in future (we all know markets are manipulated).

      Further downside and extended sideways trading is possible for sure I’ll agree with that, but the death of BTC and crypto… I don’t think so.


  5. Always remember what policemen/policewomen have to deal with on a daily basis. When you deal with a police officer, keep it low key, stay calm, be respectful and remember that they don’t know who you are or what you are capable of. If you have any problems with the officer, save it for the Judge. That’s what they are there for.

    Notice how sweet and lite the late gangbanger acted. Hands up and all. Calm in voice up to the point where he pulls a handgun from between the seats and shot the lady cop. I am surprised they didn’t do a felony stop on this guy knowing he was a gang member.

    The second cop was really on top of things. Wow, what a good shot to take that scumbag out while being fired at and having to shoot through the glass and also got a head shot in.

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  6. Tony you were spot on about Zap. Look at this. His latest from China or so as he claims. You were even right about him using the continual claim that if we do not send more money all will be stuck for humanity. Even with him being in China he needs money. I cant believe people actually give him money to this day.

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

    Zap Says

    HI ALL,










    1. Holy mackeral!

      Supposedly in the dragon’s lair and still he needs paypal money to set humanity free. Money will be flowing “next week”, mixed in. Always the bright rose colored dawn is presented to give a sense of reward in return for those donations, and disaster awaits if no funds are sent. A truly gifted grifter at work.


  7. OWoN:

    Q: [I am] curious about the 2 posts…. you posted this:

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 AT 9:38:00 AM MDT
    It’s live Tim there are huge and complex dynamics involved and it really is possible to release in phases any time .

    Then you posted this about 6 hours later:

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 AT 3:15:00 PM MDT
    I told you all nothing will start to move until cards are shown on 12th and responses are seen . The point now is do they have more on Trump to counter threaten so let’s see that play out, whose dirt is bigger?

    Are you talking about 2 different things?

    And one more question, at the risk of you sending out a black heli to take me out :)…. is CMKX in the mix anywhere? just for the record I am not an “I am owed ” CMKXer I am just someone who bought a lottery ticket.

    A: Black hole launched to deal with you re CMKX.

    That is a giant poop package which encompases a failed enterpise gutted by incomptence and Fraud. For the last 6 or so years an Attorney has crowed tomorrow, it’s here, tomorrow, and a broke fantasist without a Pot to P””” in has been claiming he will take over as Treasury Secretary. Totally unreal. The Treasury will not pick up and bail out F ups. Clear? Take it to the Feds. It’s a Fraud case. Please no more of that pile of excreta. They crawl out under every stone. Beverly Hillbillies on Crack!

    Now, sensible questions.

    Only After 12 th September,hours, days or weeks, will the big T be able to respond on the big issues once the Demo’s get their Go Straight to Jail file, or Fold and vote as ordered right now once the Come to Jesus meeting has taken place with a number of marked cards. Each will then expose what they have on each other, then who blinks? The problem of course, is what they hold on T? How much dirt? How much worse than theirs? My view is it’s no secret he’s a cheap Skank, so the odds are his cards are better and I would back him to hold his line. Even a dirty brush sweeping clean works for me.

    So after those meetings, if he has the heart and commitment, real progress is now possible.

    We all know he needs to hammer the Dems before the election. But will he?
    Any right thinking person hopes so. Is this his time to truly rise and act for America? HIS Moment as a Soul to payback and clean up his life? The people will be with him. But will he? How much is he hiding?

    While PPs are argued daily, and progressing, last week we saw the first refocus on currencies for a while. We can not expose which but some are now tracking. Even that is positive. In confidence, it means just that! No details.

    I expect nothing to move until the WH meetings after the 12th. Skidmark season.
    Face off. So now, will he face up, or throw up? He’s been given the dirt. Files of it. The Mongrel files. Hardball or Weasel out?

    We wait. We poison the arrows.

    When Bannon was in situ we had a focus point. Now it’s Bennies Bwoy and Budgie face riding shotgun for Ziostan. Alice in Wonder F land!

    How far can we hope for each marked card, with this tub of Lard?

    Pop guns at dawn, and all a big yawn? Or whose face off?
    It’s truly a question of the man now.
    John Wayne or Homer Simpson? Where is his head at?

    His actions list after they have fed him his daily comics?

    The future is his now,if he’s man for it.
    But remember, he’s really ONLY the President of a rigged Corporation, he does not work for you.

    I watched in awe with Lee Greenwood, and I so hoped for all of you. I still do. Lee gave you an America with pride. We honour that. We revere your Constitution and the Founders.

    Will he? His time, is now. So, for all, good luck. Him also.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


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