Happy New Year!


I hope your holiday celebrations were pleasant and refreshing.

WHA is now in its 5th year. I think it is only fair to discuss future plans. This is not an easy task since we cannot predict the watched-for outcomes with a high degree of reliability or certainty. So, the future course will be subject to alterations based on results, or lack of. Information of late points to the first quarter of 2019 for some possible commencement.

The most probable events to transpire first, will, of course, be the legitimate, large private groups. The sovereigns, military, big dogs, etc., are first in line and we can only guess as to what will be the end result for the public, if anything is left for such a distribution to take place. Zimbabwe dollars are reportedly dead forever, having been advised that it’s a hopeless case to ever see a public speculative return from such. Dinars are still a troubled bundle of overprinted, war-torn paper, of which the ultimate outcome is still far from confirmed. The dong is considered the most stable, is internationally traded and recognized, and may offer some speculative returns. But, the realities of the Vietnamese economic processes are said to offer significant barriers to an easy, carefree cash-out.

It is not surprising that the clear advantage in all this business is with the top tiers, military, sovereigns, legitimate groups, and it will be from the top down, and not the bottom up, that any economic largess might be distributed through the system and perhaps ultimately reach the street. This could be in many forms, such as infrastructure projects, job programs, investment, etc. It’s final form remains unclear. Equally unclear is a blueprint for solid public RV exchanges. Even at this late date, we are told the banks have made no plans for such a thing. Contrast this to the almost constant reminder from dinar talk show hosts that the banks are “ready”, and that call centers are “manned”.

Of course, the principal driver of those who hold currencies is to profit from them. Few are concerned with the “how”. They just want to know “when” and “how much”. Set against this is the reported total lack of desire for anyone in banking to ensure you have even a slim chance at RV speculation. Given that banking cartels are demonstrably uninterested in human well-being, this should not be a surprise among RV devotees. Yet, notwithstanding the above, we have not been given a complete death sentence for possible public speculative success. Maddening – truly maddening.

At present, that’s how it looks, based on all we have learned from those who sit high enough to see it, and have been generous enough to share such information with our readers.

So, what now? All we can do is watch and wait. But, be prepared for either case, be it a pre-warning to get ready for a possible public exit, or a let-down. Currency speculation is a very tough road, and too many promoters and money grubbing bloggers have tried to paint it into a pink fuzzy cosmic fantasy of easy, endless cash on the horizon. Sadder still, far too many people are buying into such things.

This leads us to some plans for the future.

Until it is firmly called off, we will stay on station to assist for any public pre-RV notifications as needed. If the process starts, in whatever fashion, we will remain available to do whatever is asked in the way of helping. We may not be asked to help. I don’t know for sure. At that point, if an RV/funds release has transpired, and we are not tasked, then WHA will close, or transform; it’s purpose fulfilled in one way, with another purpose to possibly be determined.

If the private groups are successfully transacted, those of whom are interested may wish to use WHA as a gathering place for administering beneficial efforts for those who could not, or won’t, directly benefit from either private or public exchanges. In this day and age, one cannot splash significant money around to whomever they wish without some possible repercussions if the receiving parties are somehow questionable in the eyes of the law. So, this type of thing may be in coordination with OWoN or whoever in an official capacity asks us to help and be lawfully cleared to do so. We will have to wait and see.

Moving on…

While we are not a crypto blog, there is certainly interest here to hedge against possible failed RV speculative gains. This is understandable. We cannot cover all possible methods, approaches or disciplines to this entire industry from end to end, and all of you are free to do your own research and share your ideas and beliefs. I have shared how I personally approach this industry, with an eye on the long term opportunities, and not quick, short term chart trade speculations. You may approach it as you wish, but experience has taught me that in new sectors, and especially in commodities, such as cryptos are considered, the long term plan is where the transformational wealth is most easily made. To that end, let’s discuss the current scene, and the many roadblocks, minefields, hobgobblins, demented wood sprites, and personal demons that will be cast before you, should you decide to take a stake in this new space in search of transformational wealth to enable you to be of greater service to your fellow man.

The over 80% retreat from the highs of January 2018 are now offering you unparalleled value for entry of your spare, risk dollars into sound tokens with good management and ideas that solve critical needs. Also, it offers excellent chances to dollar cost average your older positions, to potentially magnify your future gains once prices reverse.

Remember that the key components to participating in this kind of highly speculative market, is position size and risk management. Risk capital, is just that – money you can risk. Uniform position sizing is also important. Equal amounts in each idea – balance. This approach will keep you calm under the bodhi tree while those who bet the farm and got caught in draw-downs that deprived them of needed funds are spending inordinate amounts of time in the WC conducting a symphony in B flatulence. Up, down, sideways – the market action at this juncture is not of concern to the person who entered safely. The wild ride is just that – a ride. It will have an ending, and we are far from that ending at this point. It will either end in a crash and disappearance of your funds, or a screaming ride upwards into the stratosphere with incredible gains. Prices won’t stay the same forever in front of increasing demand, adoption and innovation. And I doubt the best ideas will crash to 0 in the face of such, either.

This ride to lower prices is designed to make you want to get off, to give up and shake you loose from the coaster. Others will step in and take your seat; the strong taking from the weak. It’s your decision to partake. Be responsible in your approach, and let the entire industry work its way forward. We cannot possibly outline all the reasons to expect considerable increases in future value, but the limited supply vs. the expected demand of BTC alone will probably propel its value past last year’s highs. This will affect alt coins as well, with Wall St greed contributing to that effort. Major players like Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Citigroup, ICE, CBOE, Goldmans, Coinbase are all developing BTC products, notwithstanding anything you hear to the contrary. They are sitting on client lists which number into the hundreds of millions, and they are signaling interest in increasing rates. Then there is BAKKT, operated by the owners of the NYSE and their plans to offer the first-ever institutional BTC settled market in 2019.

All this is being overshadowed by panic selling, which presently stems from SEC actions against ICOs which now have to refund, defend and deal with enforcement actions against them, and they are raising cash for this by selling their positions. There are other reasons, but let’s not get too deeply into things we can’t control. It’s all part of the game to get you to fear and dump, rather than look coherently at the potential numbers of players coming into this space via institutional platforms, which shows no signs of abating so far. Think like a Wall St player. Would they be giving up with such potential staggering profits to be had? Not a chance. They have been quietly buying in large volumes, in a market that ultimately has an extremely limited supply. To do this, and to shake both supply and prices loose from weak hands has necessitated some extreme market manipulation and fear mongering. Your defense is to buy smartly within your safe limits and sit quietly in the knowledge that you won’t let their Jedi mind tricks work on you.

So, for those of you who are holding crypto positions, good luck, and let’s see what some patience will bring within the next few years. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to risk rather small amounts to potentially win big, or risk nothing to gain nothing.

As an adjunct to future plans, a while back I mentioned that I had met with some key players in the world of creatively using credit to leverage into wealth. This association continues, and more doors are opening. I did not engage this process for my own benefit, since I really didn’t need it. I did so to explore a viable and quality pathway to offer any interested and qualified readers the chance to improve their lot in lieu of a possible public RV failure. I am happy to report that, so far, all is proceeding well, and the parties with whom I am interacting are proving to be of complete honesty and integrity. When I am in possession of the required final results, I will possibly organize a way to lead others through to benefit as well.

I cannot go into all the details at this time. This process, if undertaken, will not be solely to line my pockets by front-end commission loading, and then casting you to your fate in untested waters. Oh no. I would cut my liver out with a dull knife, and eat it, before I turned this blog into a shameless bordello of pecuniary opportunism, where only I can benefit from something easily sold, but impracticably applied after the fact. That won’t happen.

My work on this continues. More later.

Thank you all for your readership in 2018. Let’s see what 2019 brings. We will continue to watch for news and updates and bring them to you here as they occur. Be safe, and as always, plan and be ready for anything.


The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject. – Marcus Aurelius


    1. This balloon head Bolshevik actually thinks that a science driver as bold as ridding the planet of fossil fuels would be best administered by politicians taking more from the very same sectors that are innovating such right now, without parasites like her on their backs. There is no end to the stupidity that comes out of this ignorant communist’s mouth.

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  1. Rep. Steve Cohen introduces constitutional amendment to abolish Electoral College

    “…Rep. Steve Cohen, Tennessee Democrat and a Judiciary Committee member, said in a statement that that proposal was inspired by his party’s defeats in two presidential elections in the past generation — Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016..”



    1. This Bolshevik pig is doing what we expected them to start doing now that they have established a beachhead in Congress – starting to dismantle the framework of our legal safeguards and processes which keep our elections immune as possible from little rats like this.

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  2. Great article Tony. Thank you so much for your blog and for your time. I have done so very well here and your help has been the difference. You never asked me for a dime. Zap took my money and gave me nothing but lies. So very sorry I ever gave him a dime.

    My crypto portfolio is primed and ready. Now really looking forward to your other possible avenue regarding leverage and credit. I know when you are into something, you are in for good reasons and dont muck around. Happy new year and looking forward to 2019 and a wrap up of this rv business. Time to move on! Thanks again your pal C.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you as well, and I am very glad you are moving up in the world. If you want something badly enough, you will find a way, and you have found a way.

      Hope you are well, and thanks again for your comments and your support!


    1. You are right on about crypto. I think META 1 coin has a good solution! It is a crypto currency backed by Fine Art. Super excited about it and I think it is just what is needed for release of this money and protection from the reset. They have their own private bank (1808 charter) and their own private crypto exchange. Love it!


  3. Happy New Year to you Tony and to everyone.

    Wishes for this coming year to bring each of us a happy, abundant and peaceful life.

    Thanks again for all you do Tony. You are a good man.

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  4. As you can see, the ever important 300 EMA (in orange,) which is equivalent to the 50 EMA from the daily chart , is converging with the neckline of the IH&S pattern (in blue,) as well as the center-line of the downtrend channel (dashed grey trendline .) So, there are three resistance areas that are converging, just above the current price action. If BTC can get it’s booty up there, and then break out to the upside, it would be taking out three resistance levels simultaneously. That would undoubtedly produce a sharp rally to the upside. I’m pretty sure that everyone, their mother, their dog, and even the mice are watching to see if this inverted head and shoulders pattern breaks out. So, if it does, I’d be willing to bet that the rally that ensues would be very powerful.



  5. Well, I finally found recognition by the mental cases at inteldinarchronicals, of which one of their readers wrote:

    “Back at you White Hats Auxiliary” by One Who Believes in Good Over Evil – 1.1.19

    Your New Year’s cheers smells just like it came out of your most foul mouth and calculated to do the most harm to the most number at a time when they might seem most vulnerable to the most pessimistic words of “advice” that you could possibly come up with.

    Well, open wide…

    I eagerly await the unsealing of that GLORIOUS collection of indictments that are ready to hand with courts across the nation ready for action with brand-new cozy quarters awaiting you and your colleagues at GITMO.

    We on the outside will spend nary a thought about your fate except to be happy about it. You, on the other hand, can go suffer the years that you have reaped for your just rewards–just as justice does.

    One Who Believes in Good Over Evil


    My reply:

    Didn’t have the balls to come over here and say that yourself.

    There, there my little one. I know your potty training was a rough experience, and it no doubt interferes with your ability to discern truth from fantasy. So, you go on thinking you are aligned with the Marvel Comic saviors of the universe, and we will make sure there is a warm bed and good food for you after every electro-shock session at the NESARA wing-nut ward.

    Reality is coming. Get ready to open up as well. But for you, the other end of the alimentary canal.

    Happy New Year


    1. Wow Tony – what a nutcase. I was just getting ready for bed and after reading what this person wrote about you…. well it’s just disturbing and who are your colleagues he/she mentioned? J? People who follow this site? I feel sick to my stomach after reading such hateful and disturbing words.

      I actually feel sorry for whoever he/she is. Poor soul.

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    2. Tony, you don’t deserve that type of mental aggression. But I must say, this is absolutely hilarious and gave me a good laugh. This guy reeks of pure delusion and mental imbalance. His post actually made me laugh out loud and then your reply just topped it off.

      Anyway, thank for the laugh, and just want to say that we appreciate you Tony, and here’s wishing you a very happy new year and many good wishes for the year to come.

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    3. Well Tony, your reply was way more polite than I would have offered such a F?ckwit. (excuse me.) I am staggered by the absolute lack of commonsense from this moron. It is quite shocking when you are actually faced with the writings of such a brain dead fool that resides in such a false and demented reality and so vehemently believes it’s all so real. Totally unbelievable. We had better get in touch with big J and get him to start that mass culling program with this dipstick.

      Yeah, and definitely no balls or guts whatsoever with this wanker. They would not dare show up here as start a conversation because they would absolutely crap their pants if they took you on in a debate. They would be turned into a stinking rotting pile of mush in seconds. So the best advice one could offer this twerp would be to F right off.

      I do apologize to you Tony and everyone else here at WHA for my foul mouth in this comment but I cannot tolerate trouble making, threatening, foolish, keyboard hero d?ckheads like this.

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    4. I’m assuming “One Who” has a 2″ stack of Zims and was banking on owning the planet. Looks like he got his “New Year” bell rung.
      Happy New Year, Tony — You’re the Best!!

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    5. Apparently you are going to Gitmo because you dared to speak the truth about the possibility of the Public RV being a bust. Where should we send your care packages? lol


      1. Haha….send them to Westminster in care of our London friend. He is arranging all female guards for me, hand selected from prime British Airway flight attendants. The cake with the file arrived early. Got to had it to those British…they think of everything. lol

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    6. This person is actually thanking one who believes in good and evil for making that post. Unbelievable- The rv of currencies is a gamble and these people think it’s a for sure thing and it’s their right. What are these people going to do if it does not turn out like they think. I hope they have another plan in place.

      I hope it happens but I’m not banking on it.



  6. Happy New Year Tony. A sincere thank you for your selfless caring and giving hope and a potential path forward to the readership at WHA. Many blessings to all here at WHA and OWON. PB.

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  7. Thank you Tony for an excellent message. I wish you and all the WHA readers a prosperous and great year ahead. This is certainly a very different world today from even 5 years ago and the information and views I’ve read here have opened my eyes in many ways. I’m very thankful to have been here for the ride this far. All the very best. PD

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  8. Thank you so much for this awesome message Tony. I greatly appreciate your honesty and clear manner of expression when discussing all aspects of interest.

    The new venture you have mentioned sounds fascinating and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing more on this subject when that time arrives. As you have obviously not moved forward in this area to line your own pockets may I offer you my sincere thanks for your personal time and energy allocated to this matter with the view of assisting others. I would trust you 1000%

    I wish you a magnificent 2019 Tony. My thanks for your endless support and assistance is offered to you with sincerity.

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  9. Thanks and a sincere “Happy New Year” greeting to our WHA Friends! May 2019 be a year of Promise and good health for all of us!🙏💖

    On Tue, Jan 1, 2019, 12:18 PM WHITE HATS AUXILIARY and FACT CHECK CENTER whitehatsauxiliaries posted: “Happy New Year! I hope your holiday > celebrations were pleasant and refreshing. WHA is now in its 5th year. I > think it is only fair to discuss future plans. This is not an easy task > since we cannot predict the watched-for outcomes with a high” >

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