Happy New Year!


I hope your holiday celebrations were pleasant and refreshing.

WHA is now in its 5th year. I think it is only fair to discuss future plans. This is not an easy task since we cannot predict the watched-for outcomes with a high degree of reliability or certainty. So, the future course will be subject to alterations based on results, or lack of. Information of late points to the first quarter of 2019 for some possible commencement.

The most probable events to transpire first, will, of course, be the legitimate, large private groups. The sovereigns, military, big dogs, etc., are first in line and we can only guess as to what will be the end result for the public, if anything is left for such a distribution to take place. Zimbabwe dollars are reportedly dead forever, having been advised that it’s a hopeless case to ever see a public speculative return from such. Dinars are still a troubled bundle of overprinted, war-torn paper, of which the ultimate outcome is still far from confirmed. The dong is considered the most stable, is internationally traded and recognized, and may offer some speculative returns. But, the realities of the Vietnamese economic processes are said to offer significant barriers to an easy, carefree cash-out.

It is not surprising that the clear advantage in all this business is with the top tiers, military, sovereigns, legitimate groups, and it will be from the top down, and not the bottom up, that any economic largess might be distributed through the system and perhaps ultimately reach the street. This could be in many forms, such as infrastructure projects, job programs, investment, etc. It’s final form remains unclear. Equally unclear is a blueprint for solid public RV exchanges. Even at this late date, we are told the banks have made no plans for such a thing. Contrast this to the almost constant reminder from dinar talk show hosts that the banks are “ready”, and that call centers are “manned”.

Of course, the principal driver of those who hold currencies is to profit from them. Few are concerned with the “how”. They just want to know “when” and “how much”. Set against this is the reported total lack of desire for anyone in banking to ensure you have even a slim chance at RV speculation. Given that banking cartels are demonstrably uninterested in human well-being, this should not be a surprise among RV devotees. Yet, notwithstanding the above, we have not been given a complete death sentence for possible public speculative success. Maddening – truly maddening.

At present, that’s how it looks, based on all we have learned from those who sit high enough to see it, and have been generous enough to share such information with our readers.

So, what now? All we can do is watch and wait. But, be prepared for either case, be it a pre-warning to get ready for a possible public exit, or a let-down. Currency speculation is a very tough road, and too many promoters and money grubbing bloggers have tried to paint it into a pink fuzzy cosmic fantasy of easy, endless cash on the horizon. Sadder still, far too many people are buying into such things.

This leads us to some plans for the future.

Until it is firmly called off, we will stay on station to assist for any public pre-RV notifications as needed. If the process starts, in whatever fashion, we will remain available to do whatever is asked in the way of helping. We may not be asked to help. I don’t know for sure. At that point, if an RV/funds release has transpired, and we are not tasked, then WHA will close, or transform; it’s purpose fulfilled in one way, with another purpose to possibly be determined.

If the private groups are successfully transacted, those of whom are interested may wish to use WHA as a gathering place for administering beneficial efforts for those who could not, or won’t, directly benefit from either private or public exchanges. In this day and age, one cannot splash significant money around to whomever they wish without some possible repercussions if the receiving parties are somehow questionable in the eyes of the law. So, this type of thing may be in coordination with OWoN or whoever in an official capacity asks us to help and be lawfully cleared to do so. We will have to wait and see.

Moving on…

While we are not a crypto blog, there is certainly interest here to hedge against possible failed RV speculative gains. This is understandable. We cannot cover all possible methods, approaches or disciplines to this entire industry from end to end, and all of you are free to do your own research and share your ideas and beliefs. I have shared how I personally approach this industry, with an eye on the long term opportunities, and not quick, short term chart trade speculations. You may approach it as you wish, but experience has taught me that in new sectors, and especially in commodities, such as cryptos are considered, the long term plan is where the transformational wealth is most easily made. To that end, let’s discuss the current scene, and the many roadblocks, minefields, hobgobblins, demented wood sprites, and personal demons that will be cast before you, should you decide to take a stake in this new space in search of transformational wealth to enable you to be of greater service to your fellow man.

The over 80% retreat from the highs of January 2018 are now offering you unparalleled value for entry of your spare, risk dollars into sound tokens with good management and ideas that solve critical needs. Also, it offers excellent chances to dollar cost average your older positions, to potentially magnify your future gains once prices reverse.

Remember that the key components to participating in this kind of highly speculative market, is position size and risk management. Risk capital, is just that – money you can risk. Uniform position sizing is also important. Equal amounts in each idea – balance. This approach will keep you calm under the bodhi tree while those who bet the farm and got caught in draw-downs that deprived them of needed funds are spending inordinate amounts of time in the WC conducting a symphony in B flatulence. Up, down, sideways – the market action at this juncture is not of concern to the person who entered safely. The wild ride is just that – a ride. It will have an ending, and we are far from that ending at this point. It will either end in a crash and disappearance of your funds, or a screaming ride upwards into the stratosphere with incredible gains. Prices won’t stay the same forever in front of increasing demand, adoption and innovation. And I doubt the best ideas will crash to 0 in the face of such, either.

This ride to lower prices is designed to make you want to get off, to give up and shake you loose from the coaster. Others will step in and take your seat; the strong taking from the weak. It’s your decision to partake. Be responsible in your approach, and let the entire industry work its way forward. We cannot possibly outline all the reasons to expect considerable increases in future value, but the limited supply vs. the expected demand of BTC alone will probably propel its value past last year’s highs. This will affect alt coins as well, with Wall St greed contributing to that effort. Major players like Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Citigroup, ICE, CBOE, Goldmans, Coinbase are all developing BTC products, notwithstanding anything you hear to the contrary. They are sitting on client lists which number into the hundreds of millions, and they are signaling interest in increasing rates. Then there is BAKKT, operated by the owners of the NYSE and their plans to offer the first-ever institutional BTC settled market in 2019.

All this is being overshadowed by panic selling, which presently stems from SEC actions against ICOs which now have to refund, defend and deal with enforcement actions against them, and they are raising cash for this by selling their positions. There are other reasons, but let’s not get too deeply into things we can’t control. It’s all part of the game to get you to fear and dump, rather than look coherently at the potential numbers of players coming into this space via institutional platforms, which shows no signs of abating so far. Think like a Wall St player. Would they be giving up with such potential staggering profits to be had? Not a chance. They have been quietly buying in large volumes, in a market that ultimately has an extremely limited supply. To do this, and to shake both supply and prices loose from weak hands has necessitated some extreme market manipulation and fear mongering. Your defense is to buy smartly within your safe limits and sit quietly in the knowledge that you won’t let their Jedi mind tricks work on you.

So, for those of you who are holding crypto positions, good luck, and let’s see what some patience will bring within the next few years. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to risk rather small amounts to potentially win big, or risk nothing to gain nothing.

As an adjunct to future plans, a while back I mentioned that I had met with some key players in the world of creatively using credit to leverage into wealth. This association continues, and more doors are opening. I did not engage this process for my own benefit, since I really didn’t need it. I did so to explore a viable and quality pathway to offer any interested and qualified readers the chance to improve their lot in lieu of a possible public RV failure. I am happy to report that, so far, all is proceeding well, and the parties with whom I am interacting are proving to be of complete honesty and integrity. When I am in possession of the required final results, I will possibly organize a way to lead others through to benefit as well.

I cannot go into all the details at this time. This process, if undertaken, will not be solely to line my pockets by front-end commission loading, and then casting you to your fate in untested waters. Oh no. I would cut my liver out with a dull knife, and eat it, before I turned this blog into a shameless bordello of pecuniary opportunism, where only I can benefit from something easily sold, but impracticably applied after the fact. That won’t happen.

My work on this continues. More later.

Thank you all for your readership in 2018. Let’s see what 2019 brings. We will continue to watch for news and updates and bring them to you here as they occur. Be safe, and as always, plan and be ready for anything.


The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject. – Marcus Aurelius


  1. The People’s Bank Of China (PBOC) could have acquired gold on behalf of its commercial banks, and those banks could hold massive amounts of gold on their balance sheets. When gold is revalued, which is inevitable, those banks will be far and away the strongest banks in the world. And indeed, the entire Chinese economy will be sitting on extremely strong footing…

    April 1st was the tenth anniversary of the publication of a fairly brief paper published by BIS and authored by the then head of the PBOC, Zhou Xiaochuan. The paper argued for a new monetary system that would be based on SDRs. One statement in it stands out:

    “The basket of currencies forming the basis for SDR valuation should … include currencies of all major economies … the SDR can be shifted from a purely calculation-based system to a system backed by real assets…”

    Zhou shrewdly does not mention gold, but clearly since all major real assets other than gold are primarily used by industry and cannot be fixed in price, gold is the only asset that fits the bill.

    $10,000+ Gold

    I have argued for some time that the new monetary system will be based on blockchains of gold-backed SDRs. The light at the end of this epic tunnel is gleaming inexorably brighter. Given the amount of gold in the world available as a reserve pool to back up SDRs and the amount of yearly trade and total debt, the kind of monetary system I envision will eventually mean a gold price well above $10,000. My guess is that gold will see step-wise revaluations with each revaluation followed by a trading range. In other words gold’s price will be managed much like short-term interest rates in the US. And the Federal Reserve Board will take a back seat to a new regulatory body, perhaps dubbed the World Gold Reserve Board.



  2. I have something very interesting to report regarding Dr Wallach and his Youngevity products for those interested.

    Today is my first day in about nine months that I have not had a fairly high measure of lower body pain. Today is also this first day in that same period of time that I have not walked with a limp. I can also feel some change, as in more feeling, in an area of my leg that has been quite numb for many many months.

    I am not doing anything other than following Dr Wallach’s advice and taking his Youngevity products that could be the cause of this change in my body. I know it is quite early in my program but something is changing and I feel so much better today.

    To actually get out of bed and not walk with a limp. Or sit in a chair and not have pain upon standing is quite a shock to me. I am walking around smiling to myself like a big kid. Can these products and following Dr Wallach’s advice work this fast? I was not expecting any changes this early but something has definitely started happening and I am thrilled to bits about it.

    Be well all.

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      1. You are most welcome A Johnson and I thank you for your comment.

        Cell Shield RTQ
        Beyond Osteo FX Powder
        Beyond Tangy Tangerine tablets
        Gluco Gel capsules
        Ultimate Daily Classic tablets
        Selenium capsules
        Ultimate Bio Calcium tablets
        Flora FX capsules
        EFA Plus capsules
        Ultimate CM Plus

        I have also purchased a few other products but have not added them to my regime yet. Just doing the basics for my condition for the first 90 days. I am bursting to start on all the anti-aging products. LOL

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        1. Disclaimer: this comment is meant with no disrespect! (i.e., also known as tongue-in-cheek)

          So gee, Aurataya, with that regimen of tablets, powders, and capsules, do you find any time (or room!) for REAL food?

          Har har har?


          Seriously though, I’ve tried doing the vitamin regimens, and omg my main problem is after about a week I get so sick and tired of swallowing pills/capsules/tablets. Ugh.

          If only they could make all that stuff into ONE powder you added to your water or something.

          Now that I think about it, I guess that wouldn’t be nearly as profitable….

          Good luck with your regimen!!


          1. Look into a nutrional supplement made by a company called Reliv. You can Google Reliv. They make a powdered supplement that you can mix with water or any liquid. Not advertising. No profit for me. They have many powdered supplements


          2. Hi Chris,
            So sorry for my delay in responding to your comment, I only just caught it this evening.

            To be honest with you I have always taken quite a lot of natural supplements so I am used to that. Yes, it is a lot to stomach three times a day and I certainly do not feel like eating on top of it but I do consume a small amount of some type of food with each intake of supplements. For the last few years I have normally only ever had one meal per day anyway as I simply have no hunger until the afternoon to early evening. I do not like eating unless I am hungry. I drink a lot of water and normally find that satisfies me quite well.

            I am not into the liquid type supplements and would rather capsules where possible. I do have one powder in my new regime but am dealing with that as it is so critical to assist with my specific condition.

            I appreciate your perspective where your suggestion of profitability of the intake of so many supplements relates. Different conditions require different supplements and quantities of those supplements. Some require heavier doses than others. Depends on the individual, their condition and the current state of that condition. Several of the supplements I am taking in this regime I decided to include myself as basics and were not suggested as being necessary to assist with my stenosis issue directly.

            Yes, the products are expensive but for me it boils down to what value I place on my own life really. I would rather pay for these supplements and give this manner of recovery a chance than go to hospital and be operated upon by a person that I do not trust. There are no guarantees either way, it boils down to each persons choice. I have chosen the direction I have and am very pleased about it and also very positive about the outcome. For me personally, I was faced with going down the path I have or doing nothing and being faced with the strong possibility of ending up in a wheelchair fairly soon with no use of my lower body. I can assure you there would be no way in hell I would spend my life like that. So supplements for me was an absolute no brainer.

            I thank you for your kind wishes Chris. Be well.


    1. Congratulations on the improvements Aurataya. Hope you continue to improve and enjoy more relief as time goes on. Chronic pain can be such a burden at times and I’m genuinely pleased to hear your news. Kia kaha. Warm regards, PD

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      1. Hi PD,
        So sorry for my delay in responding to your lovely comment.

        I sincerely thank you PD for your kindness and warm wishes. I will most certainly stay strong my friend, I am a determined little bugger when the going gets tough. Heck, maybe I have a bit of kiwi in me after all. LOL

        You are a genuinely beautiful soul PD and I appreciate knowing you.


  3. OWoN:

    Reader Comment: Lets get J’s opinion here : Thank You

    Board of Governors of World Bank and IMF announce transition to asset-backed currencies
    [PRESSWIRE] Washington DC, United States – 09 March 2015 – The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced that fractional reserve fiat currencies will be replaced with gold from a trust created at the end of World War II.

    Jose Rizal, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos, established this trust for the benefit of humanity. The trust also contains other precious metals, gems, and artwork.

    The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury do not possess the monetary gold reserves of the United States; these reserves are in the trust administered for the benefit of humanity by the Bretton Woods institutions. Instead, the Federal Reserve owes quadrillions in compound interest on obligations issued during the 1930s.

    The Board of Governors has filed Financing Statements with the Secretaries of State in the 12 states where the Federal Reserve Banks are located to secure this debt. National debts are going to be offset against the indebtedness of the Federal Reserve.

    Antal Fekete, a monetary expert of the New Austrian School of Economics, said: “A negative gold basis tells you that there is an excruciating shortage of deliverable gold.”

    The Board of Governors determined that the fractional reserve fiat currency of each country is going to be exchanged for their national currency in aurum (http://www.peakprosperity.com/podcast/84359/new-way-hold-gold). Treasuries will issue gold certificates on an interim basis. The certificates will be replaced with aurum as they are minted.

    With restored confidence in international currencies, peace and prosperity will be preserved. Legal tender laws will go out of effect, and local currencies will be permitted. Countries may also issue asset-backed currency with other commodities than gold.

    The Bretton Woods institutions held the trust secret for 50 years so that the assets were clear and free for humanity as a whole under the statute of limitations.

    The 50 years of sequestration ended in 2005. A coalition for the rule of law has come into existence to end the secrecy and to safeguard humanity’s patrimony. This coalition was predicted by an accurate power transition model developed for the US Department of Defense by Jacek Kugler (https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf).

    The fractional reserve fiat currencies of the central bank members of the Bank for International Settlements will continue to circulate until they are exchanged with aurum.

    A: The Old Fed smoking mirrors game. Now you go Gold backed. If only!

    1. You can’t even release 20 mts of Gold owned by Germany and other nations who asked years ago for its return because you no longer have it. You stole it and blew it.

    2. Fancy fleets posing around the world suck up funds and Hegemony no longer pays. Everything you can rob, or deceive, you have. 990 plus bases and 4 squares a day cost- Gzillions!

    3. You had half the Marcos Gold. London the rest. You’ve squandered your share living the great lie, your cupboard is bare, now you want us to share our half. No! Dream on. Bare assed you can fund what?

    4. All these Goonie birds posing as Special Trustees for Elders Trusts are flakes! Not one can perform. All false fronts, fancy dress and dirty knickers. Flakes!

    5. Actual Elders hidden reserves are from Ancestors long since dead, with no paper chain of records to prove clear Title. So without LBMA paper chains and lawful Bundle Records of true ownership, you can’t move it or sell it. The LBMA will deny you. You can’t even let the EU countries recover tens of tons of their own lawful AU. You could not stop thieving and the cupboards are bare. Wolves fed. You raped a world of their wealth. Now your paper is discredited, the Petro Dollar is dead, SWIFT is being bypassed, bartering and new Trade deals bypass the US for Oil and Gas. The Chinese and Russians have taken the Middle East and now Venezuela. Now you are getting surrounded by S400s and S500s in Venezuela and Syria/ Iran. Soon Iran will deal with Israel. Or Russia may.

    6. Without AU it’s a pipe dream. No one will deal with a Cabal which has lost its face and trust. All talk and all WALK! Gold backed USD, it’s all broke talk! Guru Elders Agents- BS Peddlers. No Papers, you can’t move it. Understand? Unless you can show clear and fully verifiable History of Funds and a clear paper chain to you, you don’t own it. Nor can you sell it, without a full 100% clear LBMA Bundle record history. None of the Gurus have it, and the real Custodians of the Gold won’t let you near. Not a chance. Catch 22, a Bare Ass for you. Sins of the fathers came home.

    The US will Gold back with what? Pay back what you owe first. But with what? Thieves tomb robbed the US. The Cupboards are bare.

    This is all empty talk. Broker rhetoric. Smoking mirrors. No one is inhaling.
    Forget the Marcos talk. Looted and defrauded. The Fed and FRB NY is an empty shell. The Quad Ts of Grey Screen funds are worthless BS. Non on balance sheet. Rigged. Worthless.

    You can’t make Basel 111. You can’t even make Basel 11. Your whole once wonderful Industrial nation is decaying. Bush 41 , Greenspan and the Zio Rats have bled you dry. Bushes blew so much on failing Derivatives gambles. Look how they robbed Falcone and YR.

    America and the UK have the finest Universities and outstanding potential to do so much- Good! But Zio rats sit guard on all money chains, and the Deep State use you as body bags. The puppets march to order and believe the Kool Aid and Hopium. Sad.

    But, and hear is real hope. Fact, the UK has central coordinating control of the vast Commonwealth. c2.5 Billion people. Also access to 2B more in Asia.

    We have the cultural links and trusts. London are Bankers to all. Merchant Bankers to Merchants of trade. We booted Rotts long ago.

    America and London combined could restructure trade and hope. Rebuild your failing infrastructure. Refocus both nations as Centers of Excellence. Because Still- Yes We Can! Together we can turn the lot around. But that means rethinking Politics. Rethinking new orders and better Democracies- For the good of All! Re Tasking PURPOSE! Re thinking life. Making your lives have meaning, not demeaning.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/04/active-comment-section-10-april-2019.html?showComment=1555106746526#c1482784207075879744
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. I wonder if the “…we are in touch with the Dragon family…we’ve been to Hong Kong…we are there…we are in touch with someone who is in touch with someone who knows an elder…” talk show blabbermouths will share this information during the next installment of their money-grubbing broadcasts?

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  4. OWoN:

    I really can’t pre release , but be assured there really are high pressure activities in play to conclude redemptions and selective Bond releases. It absolutely is a by the day thing on that side. Any day can trigger. Keep hope alive it could activate when least expected.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/04/active-comment-section-3-april-2019.html?showComment=1554831506830#c7720168236144751481
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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    1. Dear WHA admin:

      For the benefit of newbies and also oldies who need to hear it again, can you please explain the meaning of these words from OWoN?: “…..conclude redemptions and selective Bond releases…..” Some are wondering if redemptions has anything to do with the public RV/GCR or private group bond redemptions and RV/GCR group transactions only?

      Thank you


      1. No problem.

        This is a multifaceted endeavor and the jargon can get confusing. I personally don’t make a significant effort to understand the inner workings. To me, that’s not information which I can use to make any headway in my personal life. I tend to deal in information that I can act on. But, I understand the insatiable desire to slake the mysteries which beguile and vex the rank and file currency speculator.

        Let’s keep it simple.

        The Global Currency Reset is basically all about BASEL 3. The term “RV” is specific to the Iraqi Dinar. As to when this will affect the values of the currencies in question, we still have no idea as no official public timeframe or schedule has ever been released, notwithstanding the continual conveyor belt of “intel” from “sources” you see on the myriad of blogs. We understand this will be a phased process, but little more is known of which we can be sure of.

        Private groups are sanctioned by the respective government agencies to conduct their transactions among their participants. There are probably many such “groups” that were not sanctioned, but are mere broker hopefuls. We don’t know how many there are that are situated in such a way, but if you are in a “group” and have no way to contact anyone in official capacity, then you may have given your currency to someone who was not being truthful. Legitimate groups have legitimate contacts.

        Bond redemption issues are longstanding debt obligations that go back quite a ways, and are owed to the legitimate holders of those debts. These are part of the Global Settlements, not the GCR/RV. There are legitimate groups organized to intake and process claims for such instruments, but we do not really cater to this issue here. This is a separate issue from the GCR/RV.

        At present we are simply watching for signs that the private groups are moving forward. So far, they have not. Until they do, the street players will remain in idle. They can’t partake of crumbs until the feast is served. So far, the table is set, but nobody is eating.

        We have been advised that the ZIM is a lost cause for street players. The only ones who made out were the retailers of this paper. They made book.

        The Dinar was overproduced to meet the demand of speculative frenzy. We have been advised that Iraq will revalue their currency when they are ready, and a re-issuance of their currency with a concurrent repudiation of existent street float is a likely scenario. How they will do this is up to guess. We have not been given any firm blueprint for how they intend to proceed. One thing we have been repeatedly warned about is that Iraq will NOT make any effort to finance public speculative hog troughs. While we have not been told that it’s a total lost cause like the ZIM, it could end up that way.

        Dongs “should” be good. This is what we have been told. At the least, you will have a legitimate international currency to take back to the bank for USD if it does not perform to your liking. But, no overwhelming assurances have been given that this one will do any better in that way.

        Bottom line? No clear path to easy millionaire status exists with this process. It’s the most incredibly risky currency play that could be imagined. Combine this with the most incredibly stupid bunch of intel hustling opportunists who are leaching off of the bone marrow of many hopefuls who are being sold on a future that is far from certain, yet promoted as “We are there”, almost weekly.

        We are not “there”. We don’t know where “there” is. Until the brontosaurs eat and crap out the residuals, “there” is nowhere.

        On the bright side, if you are reading these words, you can pretty much count on any verified legitimate pre-released information available will be posted here. We cannot be certain of much in this arena, but we are certain of one thing. And that is, the people who are helping us are indeed occupying places well situated for the delivery of accurate information, when it can be shared. Until then, you can almost guarantee yourself that 99.99% of what you are reading on dinar “intel” blogs is complete and total bullshit.

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    1. This video was absolutely brilliant. I had only read the transcript initially over at OWoN and although good, the video has way more impact. Brilliant presentation. Thanks OWoN and WHA.


  5. Great information!! And congratulations on your good health!

    I have to admit, I’ve been over cooking my eggs for years. I’ll have to work on that. Lol

    Just checked Amazon and they sell the youngevity products. Looking forward to trying the tangy tangerine.

    Thank you Tony


  6. Good morning Tony – I’m curious to know what kind of supplements you take?

    You mentioned in a recent post your eating habits, which is admirable. I could definitely improve in that area.


    1. For many years I took Dr Schultze’s Super Food. It is a terrific supplement, and has incredible immune system support. I was hardly sick in all those years.

      As I got older, I started to notice symptoms of not getting enough calcium and magnesium. Both of these are not found in Super Food. So, I started to supplement in addition to SF. Then, blood pressure issues started. I solved that with additional intake of water and calcium and magnesium. After all, high blood pressure is not a lack of blood pressure medication in your body, it’s a lack of some vital nutrients. Chief among those are calcium and magnesium.

      As time went by, I had a conversation with a friend to was taking Dr. Wallach’s Tangy Tangerine product. It’s also a whole food based approach but with significantly higher amounts of nutrients. So, I switched to that product, and after a brief period of getting sick almost every month (which I attributed to cleansing), I am now stable on it, and my health is excellent.

      My blood pressure on rising is around 120/77. My sleep is deep and restful.

      I removed all grains from my diet which contain gluten. No wheat, rye, oats, barley. No processed meats. No fried foods.

      In the morning I eat several poached eggs, with gluten free bread, steak, with some fruit and coffee. Eggs should not be overcooked and eaten soft scrambled or poached. The cholesterol in eggs is beneficial in many ways, and helps keep the brain healthy. When you overcook the eggs, you destroy the nutrients.

      You can go to Youngevity.com for more information. I am not a distributer and get nothing from promoting that link. Of course, I am not a doctor and not giving medical advice, but just sharing my experiences.

      I will sometimes take additional calcium/magnesium in addition to the foundational product I consume. It just depends how active I am. If I start to get creepy legs at night, I know I am deficient in calcium/magnesium and I will take more. It solves the problem for me.

      When I do cleanses, I do the Dr Schultze regimen and take Super Foods in support of it since the recipe calls for it.

      That’s about it. Hope this helps.

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      1. I have been on Youngevity products for about three weeks now and following all advice provided by Dr Wallach.

        I was recently diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis which freaked me out a tad as I do not take kindly to ill health of any description lol. One issue that caused me serious anxiety was when my legs would just collapse under me at the most inappropriate moment. I began to lose a lot of leg strength and started experiencing areas of numbness and swelling in my feet and legs. That really cheesed me right off as I have always been very strong physically for a woman and always believed myself to be rather invincible lol. These issues were accompanied by some other rather horrid symptoms as well. The pain in my lower back would give me a damn good jolt when it felt like it too. One night, late last year the pain was so severe I ended up on my hands and knees having to breathe like I was giving birth trying to deal with such an extreme level of pain, not pretty at all.

        I went to the local doc to gain the referrals required to get the tests done that I needed to work out exactly what I was dealing with. Before she even knew what I had she was trying to admit me to hospital, which I rejected. After gaining the results she again tried to get me into hospital with great speed advising me that I could end up with complete lower body paralysis if I did not do what she suggested. Of course that meant being cut open and allowing some narrow minded brainwashed surgeon to play around with my spine with all his/her lovely little metal tools. There was no way in hell that was happening.

        Our magnificent host here at WHA, the wonderful Tony was kind enough to direct me to Dr Wallach and his Youngevity products after I reached out to him for some assistance knowing he was well educated where health issues were concerned. After viewing many videos and reading as much as I could about Dr Wallach and his products I was convinced he had what was needed to assist me to recover from what I have and probably for the first time in my life, reach an optimum state of good health.

        Many would call me absolutely crazy for taking the route I have with my current state of health but in this circumstance it is the only answer for me as I do not trust the medical profession at all. Both of my parents and my Uncle are no longer in this world due to medical incompetence. And they have butchered me once before and that will certainly never be happening again.

        Sorry for the long comment but I just wanted to share those details to enable a follow up in the future based on my use of the Youngevity products and following Dr Wallachs advice in case anyone else needed some help with their own health at some point and/or possibly seeking a quality source for supplementation needs.

        Unfortunately, I have been quite unwell the last two weeks which is really unusual for me. I have had some sort of flu that truly bold me over. I would say it is the worst one I have ever had. That was only the third time in 17 years that I have had a dose of the flu or even a cold as I take a daily dose of echinacea. So nearly back to normal as far as that is concerned. Onward and upward from here.

        As far as my results from the Youngevity products so far, I think it is too early to ascertain anything yet. But I can say this, my legs have not collapsed on me once in the last three weeks and I am still managing to walk quite well. Actually, I am probably doing way more than I should considering my issue but I am not the sort of person that can just sit around and do nothing. I am a bit too hyperactive for my own good. lol

        If anyone is interested in hearing about my experience with these products from time to time, I would be more than happy to report that. I swear this is going to work and I truly believe, later this year I am going to be in a state of health that will blow my mind. Yippeeeeeeeee!

        Sorry if I bored or annoyed anyone with this large comment and subject matter.

        And thank you so much Tony for directing me to the magnificent information and products that you did. I may get so fit that I could do a Forrest Gump and jog around the world and personally say G’day to y’all. LOL

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        1. Thank you for sharing! We all wish you the very best in recovering your health. Give yourself the credit and allow time to let your body heal itself. Now that you are giving it the tools it needs,

          We look forward to hearing about your progress!

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          1. Thank you so much Tony. I appreciate your kind wishes. Again Tony, I must thank you for directing me where to find those tools. I am honestly not too sure what situation I would be in today if you had not been so kind as to assist me as you have.

            I absolutely know I am on the right path and am seriously looking forward to the results I know I will achieve. God help anyone around me if I get any more energy than that which I already have, there will be no stopping me. lol How awesome am I going to feel to finally be providing my body with all the nutrients it has been craving all these years. I am very very excited about this recovering and resulting level of health I will be experiencing.

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        2. Aurataya- Save this as a potential option, just in case.

          If you can somehow go to Phoenix – I highly recommend this dr. My mother had severe spinal stenosis and had lumbar surgery. What a mistake! To make a long story short. She was in such severe pain that the drs prescribed her to all sorts of pain killers and then that messed up her system. She was in a worsened condition.

          This dr Anthony yeung was recommended from a nurse practitioner friend who works at cedar Sinai in Beverly Hills, ca.

          This dr. Invented this particular minimal invasive surgical procedure and even the surgical tools. https://www.sciatica.com/doctors/anthony-t-yeung-m-d/

          He fixed my mother in 2011 with two small incursions and was in and out in one day.

          She has had no pain or problems whatsoever since.

          Just something to consider if it ever Gets to that point.



            1. A Johnson, I just had a quick look at the video and Dr. Yeung certainly does seem like he is a cut above the average doctor. Pardon the pun. He also seems like a good man. I have all the links bookmarked now and will have a good look at all the information provided.as soon as I get some time in the days ahead. Thanks again beautiful, I appreciate all you have shared.

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          1. A Johnson, what an absolute sweetheart you are for going to so much trouble for me and sharing all that you have here to assist me. You are incredibly kind to do that, thank you so much.

            I will most definitely have a very good look at all the information you have highlighted and keep it bookmarked for future reference. And I am so pleased to hear your mother has experienced such a wonderful recovery,

            There is no way in this world they will get me hooked on any pain killers. Which is a bit unusual for me with my addictive personality lol. I have a pretty high pain tolerance level but that one night noted above buckled me badly. I do get a bit sore but it’s usually when I have done work. I just cannot sit still. When there is work to be done I need to do it. But I must be careful with this issue so will have to attempt to tame myself a little, for a short while anyway. This may sound weird but when I have pain I like to be able to feel it to understand exactly what is happening to my body rather than mask it and not deal with whatever issue it may be.

            A Johnson, I again sincerely thank you for your generosity sharing with me as you have. You are a gorgeous soul. I wish both yourself and your mother a magnificent and very healthy life. XX

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            1. Sorry for the bad grammar in my last post. I type from my cell phone and when I’m out and about, I don’t proof read.

              When you said you were in such pain crawling on the ground, it reminded me of my mother. It broke my heart and I felt so helpless. I had to share with you this amazing dr. There is a reason people from all over the world go to him. They help with all your travel and hotel accommodations.

              Have a beautiful day and I hope you feel better. 🌻

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              1. Thank you again gorgeous. I appreciate your care with regard to my situation.

                Never worry about your grammar either, it’s fine. Phones are silly things to type on anyway. When you make as many typos as I do then you may have to worry. lol

                Trust me beautiful, there are not too many things that get the better of me. When something happens to me like that pain situation described, something clicks within me that makes me very strong willed and determined and I mentally prepare myself for battle,. And I do not like losing where physical restrictions apply. LOL

                It’s all good beautiful. I am just thrilled your mother has made such a wonderful recovery. We are all sent our tests in life. Sometimes they happen to alert us to bigger issues approaching on the horizon. Or just a nudge here or there to redirect us on the path we are traveling. All part of our unique life experience.

                Your kind wishes are most appreciated and I offer you the very same. And I am feeling better and better every single day. ;-)))))))

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        1. Thank you so much yeildeandstill. I absolutely agree with your comment too. I must admit, In many ways I thought I was taking care of myself but when I face reality I believe I was kidding myself pretty badly. I never really believed anything was going to happen to me physically and pushed every boundary I possible could in that sense but now my thinking has to be corrected. And I most definitely do need to become more mindful in caring for my body and I have absolutely started doing that. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s nice to see you here commenting too.


      2. Commenting on above post: Dr. Wallach is a veterinarian. He has insights about how to cure people from his work on animals. Veterinarians are not controlled by the same powers that control regular human doctors so he can actually help people. Also, if you are having gender identity issues, I recommend you go to a veterinarian. They can tell the difference between a mare and a stallion without socially polite correctness controlling them or fear of being accused of hate speech or discrimination. So you can get an accurate diagnosis to clear up your confusion.

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        1. Thanks for your comment Andrew. Yes, Dr Wallach is a Veterinarian. He also holds the qualifications Tony has noted below. He has also performed thousands upon thousands of autopsies on animals and humans. He is quite the all rounder and an absolutely brilliant man in my opinion. And as far as I’m concerned, I so deeply appreciate him sharing the knowledge he has and for taking the time he does to actually listen to and truly heal people. Everything he says makes so much sense to me. We’ll see what the outcome is in a few more months. I am pretty sure my future will look rather bright as far as my state of health is concerned.

          I do not think I have a need to visit a Veterinarian for any gender issues thank god. I am all woman. No confusion there.


  7. This news should sober up MarkZ if he takes this to heart:

    Mountain Goat Predicts There Are Many Months Left To Dinar Rate Change:

    “Breaking news… The 2019 Budget is now opened” Well, well, well…it looks like Iraq has finally opened their 2019 budget and paid out at the 1180 rate according to this article. So we all know what that means. We need to settle down, relax… This is going to be yet another end of year January 2020. But my CBI contact was correct. They did pay out and open the budget this week. Just not at the rate we all wanted.

    Read more at: https://dinardetectives.com/mnt-goat-101/


  8. “No, we don’t have an HCL…and no, there has been no RV announcement. But, boy howdy, talk about tracking! Iraq, the CBI, President Trump, and the Easter Bunny all have something in common: NONE of them are going to give us a specific “heads up” when Iraq is about to pull the trigger on a ReValuation of the Iraqi Dinar. Our job here is to be informed, engaged, and prepared. OIL is over my forecasted/predicted/anticipated mark of $60.”

    Sobering assessment above in quotes came from Adam Montana at the dinar detectives website.

    The change of date by Jim Rickards and the silence from “J” or even negative disinformation from some can be interpreted as a way to remain silent and not give away something that should be kept quiet but is about to erupt. There could be an exciting and abrupt GCR happening after the storm of silence. But it is kept quiet so traders can not capitalize on it? Just my two cents.


  9. Drtimm: Very weird going on at my Chase bank today. I went there this morning & I had to show my bank ID to the guard at the front door. There were several Gov vehicles in the parking lot. I thought there had been a robbery there. I had t get a certified check for our new offices. There was only one teller available, just one. So I asked here what is going on…she said ‘I can’t say much but we are having all new up dated equipment being installed’. I asked if those are new de la rouge machines and she said yes. ..Oddly I was the only customer in there. Yet several what I think were white gov rigs & one utility truck. hummmm? Something is going on…

    Lambchop: Yes, crazy going on at US Bank, Chase, BoA here in Fox Valley area of Illinois…suits, high security……It’s nuts! They just told me “don’t ask”.Who knows….hey, may even be HUGE audits since wire services were down last two days. I won’t assume anything. Will see.

    GFulcher66: I believe an article from zerohedge yesterday was also explaining how US banks and the globe are changing the way $ is moved/transfered from SWIFT to CIIPS, a much faster and secure $ transfer system. Kind of goes with the fed thing, IMO its another sign of the RV moving fwd, the new track it will function on … (not that were waiting on that)

    Got the above on a thread from KTFA reported on: https://dinardetectives.com/ktfa-delta-58/


  10. From Mountain Goat…Conversation with my CBI contact on Monday:

    We were told the reinstatement rate is within the new budget and when it is opened they plan to pay out on the new rate. This is why the hold up. Another cause of the holdup was a large sting operation on counterfeit currency coming from Iran. Billions of dollars worth of notes were confiscated.

    They did run all the payroll files but they reflected the wrong rate under the program rate so they had to re-run the file and now it is based on the new rate. I was told the rate but also asked not to reveal it. I also was told they will definitely pay the Kurds this week. We can expect to see articles in the news on this and the reinstatement may happen VERY soon afterwards. I was also told to expect some juicy articles shortly showing pictures of the newer lower category notes. So far there has been NO distribution of these to the general public. Why are they careful? The do not want these notes to get into the wrong hands so the counterfeiters can do their work. So all this bullshit you are hearing from any guru that says the “notes are slowly trickling out” is nothing more than lies and bullshit and this is why. You see eventually the TRUTH does come out and they are caught in their lies red handed – yes, TNT I am talking to you!

    If we do not see these payments this week we are held up again. My contact only knows so much and so this is all I got. I prodded for more with many questions but was unsuccessful.


    1. I am referring to the private currency groups which are composed of, in part, sovereign and government types who have substantial holdings. When they start transacting, there will be unmistakable signs of it.

      As for sources, OWoN is certainly in the loop on that process, and I have my own direct connections as well, but I am not at liberty to give details at this time.

      Just know this – keeping tabs on what’s really going on, for us, is almost an effortless process. OWoN is unmatched as a source for all things happening with the WGS and GCR.

      I have my own channels which are juiced in on the currency side, so on all fronts and flanks, we are well positioned to differentiate the real world vs. the bovine scatology that passes as comforting lies among the plebeian audiences.

      The key is watching for the giant droppings that brontosaurs will leave as they trundle down the path of processing after they gorge themselves.

      Until that happens, it is my understanding that the public will not have whatever chances there are to partake as well.

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  11. Tony, i remember J stating that Iraq would decide when and if they would rv, and that China would make their own decision on the Dong. Why does he say there is no money. Does the rv depend on the US or money from some where else? Elders?

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    1. It gets confusing. I understand.

      He is working on GS issues, which are separate from RV issues. GS monies come from a separate place. Those are sovereign redemptions long past due. There is no money because they remain unpaid. Zero bucks from any of it.

      The RV funding is understood to be from Elder sources. The status of this is yet to be complete. Remember, the big dogs go first, and they have yet to go. Without that, there is no public transaction possible.

      At this stage, quite frankly, I could care less how it’s all going to be done, where the funds are coming from, and who, what, where, etc. That’s all background color commentary that matters little to anyone looking to eat and pay rent.

      What matters is completion, honoring agreements, transacting, paying as agreed, performing. etc. As a speculation, this is long past the due date and expectations are being repeatedly missed.

      All the while, other horizons beckon.

      Soon I will release some information about future plans. If what I think is going to happen does happen, it will be time to play a different role and let those closer to this particular grand adventure keep the watch. As it should be.

      Sorry I could not be more helpful.

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      1. Even if you shut your door on this very day Tony, I doubt there would be anyone here that would not agree that you have gone above and beyond in providing any assistance that anyone has needed at any time. You have been our rock throughout these years we have been gathering here. I personally could not have asked for a better guide at any point in time. You have been an incredible teacher in so many ways and on so many subjects. There simply are no words one could express to thank you enough for what you have so freely and generously given to all. Thank you so much Tony.

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        1. Thanks so much. But…

          In actual fact, the assistance I have planned, RV or none, is just getting warmed up. So much more is possible, and is needed because the “RV” is at best a wild, unclear, undetermined, unknown variable that nobody should count on for economic surety.

          So much more is available, and working NOW! It’s a shame to see so many people being promised every week that “it’s here”. These blabbermouths do not know the damage they do to people by plying them with mental rum. For every reader here, there are 10,000 over there who have been conditioned to “think positive”, even as they go down the tubes to the sounds of cathartic cheer leading – unable to shake the Stockholm Syndrome they have developed for their Svengali intel hustler gurus. It sickens me.

          Results are needed. Real effective processes.

          Stay tuned.

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          1. I 100% agree with you re the blabbermouths Tony, they need more than a good kick in the backside. I also agree with you with regard to one counting on any payouts related to currency speculation. I have reached the point where I have given up on that idea altogether.

            And I will most certainly stay tuned to hear any news you desire to share re future opportunities Tony. Seriously excited about that actually. ;-)))))))

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    1. Geez, I tried to do that move so inconspicuously. Bugger! Busted.
      OMG, how I wish that had been me. Just mucking around. LOL


  12. OWoN:

    Reader Comment: Anna Von Reitz has now joined the GURU club on the RV and GCR…. http://www.paulstramer.net/2019/03/update-on-money-situation.html So many diff people giving a version of “what they know”…. Somebody has to be at least close to reality(other than J of course) Guess the only 2 questions are: WHEN is IT coming and, WHAT EXACTLY is coming…. Time will tell….

    A: Ignore all the Muppet Show side talk. They know and understand nothing.
    More so they are not in the loop.

    There is NO MONEY to settle right now. Banks have none to release and won’t.
    Behind the scenes it’s beyond stressed. Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is bare – Assed!
    What the Zionists have not stolen, the Deep State has wasted.
    You wonder why I get P off?
    I have to deal with broken promises daily, then have to be told BUT- Some F Blogger half wit says!!!!!!!

    It’s a day thing, and real attrition is the mission.
    Nothing is as it seems, and MONEY simply is not there.
    Have you any idea how much has been stolen and syphoned?
    Real world is Un Real!

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/03/active-comment-section-28-march-2019.html?showComment=1554233695331#c9044597129476719780
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


    1. The key phrase here is “…real attrition is the misson.”.

      If this keeps up, if there ever is a public redemption, the queues will be clogged with walkers and wheelchairs. One payment option may be, “To which assisted living facility would you like your dong proceeds sent to?”.

      This process has long past the joke stage, and is now trending into the pathetic.

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  13. Appears 3 identical orders across 3 different exchanges tripped the Algo’s to set this off. Each order for around 7000 bitcoin. All custody exchanges…Kracken, Coinbase and Luxembourg based Bitstamp. Has to be an institutional player. That’s over $30,000,000 for each purchase.

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  14. So I thought I would share this here. I happen to follow a fella on Twitter. He works for the govt, and I feel pretty confident that he does as he provides undeniable proof that he does. Not sure what capacity he works in though.

    Apparently some dinar holders follow him as well. At times he has Q&A sessions, but they are rare. More often than not the majority of his time is spent explaining what this guy or that guy said, and what we might see happen regarding President Trump, the FISA documents etc.

    Last week, I was a tad embarrassed for currency holders. They were asking him all sorts of questions. While he acknowledged the coming gold-standard, when they pressed him on currency reset; he told many it was NOT going to happen.

    Who knows what he does or does not know? I do know many were very upset with his answer.

    Who knows? Those that do are not telling. That’s why I take the position if it happens, it happens. If not, maybe it will in my kids lifetime.

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  15. This is a must hear
    Published on Feb 4, 2019
    Charles Hoskinson (IOHK) speaks about the new money Satoshi Nakamoto created and why he develops the Cardano Blockchain.

    1:50 cypherpunk movement
    5:50 digital money
    6:20 satoshi nakamoto
    11:08 new markets
    12:05 current transition
    13:05 digital money is coming
    15:45 privacy
    16:29 centralized platforms
    22:00 decentralized infrastructures
    25:07 game theory
    27:20 design protocols for decades
    28:08 peer-review
    29:54 end of part one
    30:04 formal methods
    33:33 africa
    36:33 IOHK move to wyoming
    38:24 infrastructure


      1. It seems that the Zim currency (ZWL) has a UN operational code of 3.0013 to the dollar. I could be wrong, but this Zim code is not the same code as the notes speculators hold. https://treasury.un.org/operationalrates/OperationalRates.php

        To me, this means that things could start to be changing — so we watch.

        Here is a quote from Anna Von Reitz’s 3/31/19 report — “For all those Junk Bond Traders who sunk their Penny Stock Dreams in Zim and Iraqi Dinar, the pay off is coming —- not as good or as bad as the extremes of various prognosticators, but coming nonetheless, probably this week.”

        Again — who knows if this info holds any weight. So we wait!!!

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  16. Wow!! I saw Apollo 11 this afternoon after breakfast. Amazing documentary!

    There was a lot of never before seen footage, including on board audio from the crew. This was way better than that piece of crap movie, First Man.

    If you are a space geek like me, then this is a must see!

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    1. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to seeing this one! I know you saw it at the iMax so the visuals must have been absolutely amazing.


      1. Amazing indeed!

        I was 7 years old when Apollo 11 launched. The month before, I begged my dad to send me and my friend, Mertz, to the Cape to see it. Of course, he wisely told me “no”.

        I watched it in our den on the GE Color TV set. It was amazing even then, but of course the quality of the re-mastered media and sound of the launch is almost like being there.

        What a shame we didn’t keep the Saturn 5 in operation. It was a proven vehicle, able to lift 150 tons into orbit. It was the most incredible machine ever built to this day. No other nation has matched it. The Russians tried, but could not perfect their on board data processing and engine management systems and kept blowing their moon rockets up.

        One particular scene in the movie that moved me was the shot of the S5 from the elevator while it was riding to the top of the gantry. It started from the base and seemed to go on forever until it reached the top, some 360 feet later. Jesus that thing was huge. And all 6,000,000 pounds of it lifted by 5 engines on the first stage delivering 7,000,000 pounds of thrust, gulping 15 tons of fuel a second.

        Where did we get such men who rode that beast into orbit?

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    2. Tony: I grew up during the space age. One of the first books I got as a kid was a 25 cents hard cover “Little Golden Book” about rockets and space. I am holding it in my hand right now. The title of the book is: EXPLORING SPACE. At the time this book was written only animals had gone into space. No, I am not including demonrats within the category of animals. But in this 60 year old plus book is this statement: “In time, scientists will build rocket ships that can carry people to the moon.” And thanks to John F. Kennedy and lots of hard work at NASA, they did.
      Yeah !!!

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      1. I was far too young to remember anything before Apollo 11. I do have faint recollection of Apollo 8, which was an incredible journey and one fraught with risk.

        Hang onto that book! I had several magazines from that time but they were lost or stolen. I remember having Tang for breakfast every morning, even though it was not used on the flights despite the clever marketing that hinted that it was.

        We don’t often think about it, but JFK, in prodding us to take that challenge, forced us to innovate in ways that accelerated our progress by 100 years.

        All the modern day technological innovations we have now were outgrowths of that era. The computer technology alone that came forward from that time has paid off several thousand times over if not more. Had was stayed the course, and not continued the Vietnam war and kept up with Apollo and moon bases, gods knows what further innovations we could have gleaned.

        The men who pulled it off often times made it look easy. It surely wasn’t always so. In fact, here is a brief description of what it was like to have a movement in space, which at times was anything but glamorous.

        Thanks again.

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    1. I had a quick look this morning Tony and it certainly does look interesting. I will definitely have a closer look in the next day or two. Thanks for sharing this info Tony, much appreciated.

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  17. A person who claims that he used to work for Alex Jones sent me this link. He was reading some old comments we had on Bolsheviks in our midst. He now aligns with Adam Green of knowmorenews.org, who used to support Alex Jones but is now calling him out as a Zionist shill.

    In this video, several points are made that are in line with claims that our friend in London has made that Trump is too beholden to Zionist/Jew banking cartels to be completely in favor for American interests without conflict.

    You decide.

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      1. The World is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds are…”


    1. Hmmm. Not too sure what to say really. Seems to be some truth there from the little I know. I had high hopes for Trump initially but that opinion has lessened greatly.

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    2. A thought came to mind as I was heading out the door.
      Instead of fighting the goons physicality in the front lines, speaking of the yellow vests in France, why not follow those who are guarding the Elites to their homes, create a database consisting of their addresses, where their kids go to school, where their wives buy groceries, etc. and post them on the Internet? Will they continue to work for those who are destroying their country? I know they have to live somewhere. Do they rather move to South Africa where the apartheid was turned upside down? Just saying.

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      1. They ain’t foolin us anymore. LOL
        This just gives us all more time to go shopping for those wonderful bargains. Which is exactly what I did today,

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  18. The Financial Stability Board in 2019
    Vice Chair for Supervision and Chair of the Financial Stability Board Randal K. Quarles

    At the Joint Conference of the European Central Bank and the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Frankfurt, Germany

    “…Today, the post-crisis reform agenda has been largely completed. Basel III is final, the largest global banks have substantially more capital and liquidity, over-the-counter derivatives markets are safer, and steps have been taken to address the risks of too-big-to-fail institutions. Through greater monitoring and policy measures, the FSB is addressing risks from nonbank financial intermediation. And there has been remarkable progress on the difficult and unglamorous task of establishing workable resolution regimes that are consistent with the FSB’s clearly defined principles. While we must still work to ensure full, timely, and consistent implementation of the agreed reforms, it is time for the FSB to turn more of its energy and attention to the future..”



      1. Now that BASEL 3 appears to be in place, we will watch and wait for the aftereffects with respect to currencies. This had to happen first. Now, we have to see the brontosaurs gorge and drop huge turds, the trimmings of which will constitute street level remnants, hopefully.

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    1. It’s so obvious to me that they have been delaying a crash in the system until the digital asset infrastructure is in place.

      Like Tony said… we will have our RV one way or another. (Maybe not exact words)


      1. Can I quote you on that?

        (I kid, I kid)

        Indeed…if the street level RV should be a flop, or under-perform, the digitial currency realm will most likely not. The risks are small right now, and the value is, for the moment, exceptional. Well selected coins will find their markets. Adoption continues at a rapid pace.

        Fortune favors the bold.

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    This advertisement above first came out many months ago and the first deadline date for the GCR given was November 8th, 2018. It was then changed to January 29th, 2019. Then the date was changed to March 19th, 2019. Now the deadline date is set to June 18, 2019. He expects the GCR events that he predicts in that advertisement to take place by that new date. You need to read the whole ad to discover the one or two sentences that reveal Jim Rickards is really talking about the GCR in this advertisement.

    As you read numbers 1 and 2 below remember that Jim Rickards had March 19th set as one of the deadline dates for the GCR.

    1. For those that do not know the RV was supposed to take place last Tues. March 19 but didn’t because of security issues and the need for the Mueller Report release.

    2. When the Mueller Report came out everything started up in a hurry in Reno.

    Not recommending the source below for intel, but need to say that 1 and 2 was found on this page:


  20. OkieOilman – It’s All Over But the Shouting! 3/27/11







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        1. That really is disgraceful behavior. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to people for the sake of traffic and the revenue that results. Well, I am a very strong believer in the wheel doing a full circle. One day when they least expect it their chickens will come home to roost.


      1. Heavens, I had better pull my finger out and seriously start getting myself more organized with my crypto. I’ve been so distracted with other matters of late. Time to shape up and make a killing.


    1. At the moment I am watching the private side with some hope that the brontosaurs will start plodding along. It all depends on them because they go first.

      There are some signs of life there, but for now it’s best I leave it at that. I am still watching for signs of giant turds which may start dropping soon.

      If they don’t commence in full blown transactional status by end of April, then I will accept the possibility that 2019 is a goner for public.

      I always try to look at the bright side, but the monumentally catastrophic delays of half a decades length now have caused many to look at this entire activity with a lackluster eye. One cannot buy back lost time. Some have gone down the tubes waiting.

      It’s a tragic endeavor. I do not think anyone will look back on this time with any fondness.

      Hence, we are watching for other avenues as well. Some redeeming of our time here is really needed. Otherwise, we will have sat around and watched bankers screw with people’s lives.

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    1. Such a drastic change in the grading of bitcoin by Weiss, yet when I make a bitcoin transfer I still have to wait and wait and wait for it to show up. Ridiculous !!!

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    1. As the writer says at the end of the article from Weiss: “Although the CBOE may be bowing out of Bitcoin futures trading, the CME plans to keep its offering. And the Intercontinental Exchange is planning to offer Bitcoin futures via its Bakkt cryptocurrency trading exchange, starting later this year.” Yeah !!!


  21. Published on Mar 24, 2019
    Join government and intelligence organization insider Digital Nomad Investor as he explores the Central Banks & XRP in this episode!


  22. OWoN:

    Q: Hi J, hope all is well!! Anything you can share as far as payouts coming in the near future and your take on Basel III coming on line March 29th??

    A: Smiling. Ask at the week. Until then it’s off radar. Yes, it was multi party discussed Sunday between Sovereigns also.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2019/03/active-comment-section-24-march-2019.html?showComment=1553457923929#c918676122621368944
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Liked by 2 people

      1. He’s pretty much saying that currency issues, insofar as correct and accurate information is concerned, are not being openly discussed by legitimate parties at this time. I can only assume that the “smiling” is because things are going well.

        He added that BASEL 3 issues, which is pretty much the GCR, were obviously a subject of much interest among the respective countries involved in the implementation of same.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. What is wrong with those filthy pigs. Sub human animals. Did you see what they were saying to that child? Filthy low lives. How dare they. Honestly, these types should not be in our society or any society. Bloody dirty animals.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I just watched a video of someone who filmed a black man beating up an elderly black woman on the bus. She looked liked to be in her eighties. He was kicking her in the face. Nobody did anything except hold their cameras up.

        Sickening – and to top it off, when the man walked away, nobody went to her to make sure she was ok. Heartbreaking.


        1. My god A Johnson. That is utterly disgraceful. If I had seen that I would have done my very best to cripple that beast. I find it surprising the strength one can muster in a terrible situation like that when someone vulnerable is threatened. Many women would not think of tackling a man in most cases but if you aim for the right places you can buckle them pretty easily. I am not a violent person at all but this sort of thing flips me out completely and I cannot stand by and do nothing.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I would have posted the video here but I still have difficulty posting stuff from twitter.

            I can’t comprehend how someone can hurt an innocent child and the elderly. I don’t understand it. I feel bad if I step on a bug.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Just reading about it was terrible enough for me A Johnson. I would not have liked to to watch the video and witness such a horrible act. Had I seen it I probably would not have been able to sleep peacefully for many nights. That sort of thing haunts me and I find it extremely hard to get those images out of my head once I have seen them. Truly horrific.

              You sound just like me with those little critters. If there is a critter in my house that freaks me out a little like a spider, I will try and catch it and put it outside. Those little bugs need people like us. LOL

              Liked by 2 people

  23. UK denies asylum to Iranian convert to Christianity, saying the religion is not ‘peaceful’

    “…The U.K. government agency in charge of immigration has come under fire for denying political asylum to an Iranian convert to Christianity and explaining its decision on its contention that the religion is not peaceful..”



  24. This is one of my favorite digital assets AGI singularitynet. Sleeping giant?

    The Decentralized Future Of AI – Ben Goertzel @ TOKEN2049


  25. Tony ,

    Sorry to be a bother. We talked a bit about the March 29th date and Basil 3. As you pointed out the GCR is or has been thought to coincide.

    I would have thought we would have heard more about it here.

    Just wondering, any words of advice to prepare? For you example, cash on hand, food, what else? Or am I jumping the gun with preparedness? (Btw I am always prepared for emergencies)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not a bother at all.

      Indeed, as the GCR is pretty much BASEL 3 in our faces. The revaluations of various currencies is thought to be on the agenda within it, and the “RV”, which is a term specific to the Dinar, is thought to be a subset of it as well. Hades only knows how all this will play out, and what the final numbers will be. One thing it was never meant to be is a pure speculation operation to enable common people to gamble and win with good odds on their side, for once. That would be far too vulgar a move in the direction of humanitarian compassion for us to expect from banking cartels. Help people? Banks? LOL

      Hear more about it we possibly might indeed, when the time comes. Unlike other blogs, we don’t paint false rosy pictures about “what to expect at the bank”, because we truly don’t know the final form it will take, if any form at all. If others wish to claim that everyone with $1000 in dinar will be a muli-millionaire, they can do so and live with the potential backlash if such does not happen. I won’t even go so far to say that you will get back your initial costs. I really don’t know, and given the warnings we have been given about the precarious nature of Iraq and its finite needs for monetary reforms which do not include bailing out speculators on their backs, I would not think that any gains will be immediately liquid.

      The way some dinar talk-show hosts talk, you would think that the banks will offer you free RV valet parking and a $1000-a-night-hooker and a bottle of Dom Perignon during the process.

      The big league brontosaurs go first. Once they do, we are well situated to know, and will, within reasonable discretion, perhaps have some possible prep time for expected reverberations to hit the street-level hopefuls. We really don’t know the precise battle plan because no such battle plan has been officially pre-released.

      Always have some cash on hand. ATM/Credit networks are dependent on so many things that can go wrong. Emergency meals and water/power generation means, always.

      As for “RV prep”, just have your receipts. Be prepared to show provenance of funds. Especially the source of the funds you used to buy your currencies with. Simple, just your work history or banking relationships etc. Standard procedure in almost any banking transactions now, and this should be easy to comply with, unless you look like the Unabomber and have no banking relationships and no credentials at all.

      Lastly, just stay tuned. We will do whatever we can to carry news to you once we see it.

      It is my understanding that procedures are advancing far forward than in years past. You may not be jumping the gun at all. But, it’s best to be ready to come as close to it as you can, rather than be late out of the gate.

      Good luck.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciate it. I don’t have any dinar, so that does not pertain to me, but may help someone who does. I have some VND’s, but didn’t I read those will come later If at all?

        With all that said, I was thinking about the bigger picture at this point. How will the stock market, Forex and such be affected if at.

        I did hear that President Trump now controls the Fed. They planned on raising interest rates in order to crash the economy ahead of the 2020 election. Now, they say no rate increases until 2020.

        Truly interesting times.


      2. I have everything but showing the “source of funds”. I never thought of that. I don’t have a criminal record, I pay my taxes etc.

        I bought under 10,000 dollars worth of currencies straight out of my bank account, but it was so long ago. I don’t think I have bank statements that far back.

        Do you think think this will be a problem?


          1. Ok thank you Tony. Good to know.

            I may have problems since I have not dealt with a big bank in 7 years. When I lived on the mainland, I banked with Chase and Wells Fargo.

            There are no big banks in Hawaii.

            I was going to go to the beach for a few hours but now I better start digging up old bank statements.


      1. Go Kiwi’s. Some of those applications are hilarious. I hope you guys don;t give in too easy over there like the pack of sheep did here in Oz.


        1. Yeah, sad to say there seem to be far more Sheeple than not. I have a good friend who is a deerstalker/hunter who is fully in favour of handing them in. Also many hunting retail stores have voluntarily taken them off the shelves already. Personally it’s not so much about the type of weapon but reinforcing the acquiescence and compliance of the population. Frankly I’m completely fed up with the mindless fawning subservience of this lot.


  26. Alsabaah

    Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation

    The Parliamentary Finance Committee is moving in the current legislative session to develop mechanisms to change the monetary and monetary policies in the country, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation.

    “The committee will move during the current legislative term towards changing the fiscal and monetary policy in the country in general,” said member of the committee Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi, coming“. He added that “the Committee is keen to enact the law of financial administration as it gives a complete road map of the financial policy in the country in terms of management of money and cash in the state,” pointing out that “the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation in the country”. “The Commission is determined to make these changes during the next phase and not to follow the traditional methods are not appropriate at the moment.”

    Source: http://alsabaah.iq/6399/

    Liked by 2 people

  27. There is a token called the BAT token which is the Basic Attention Token. They have a browser called the BRAVE BROWSER. I am very pleased with this browser as the speed of it is amazing. You also have the option to browse using TOR which really gives you browsing privacy.

    In the future, they will have the option to earn money when using the browser by viewing ads that the Brave browser supplies to you. If I can sit in back of my computer and view ads and earn enough money to pay the bills and eat, I may be become a Brave Browser Ad Viewing Professional.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry didn’t finish before posting.


      I do have a question, perhaps you can help.

      So, as you know there is a lot talk about March 29th and Basel 111 and gold. How or will this affect us?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All I know is that, in general, the GCR is all about BASEL 3. And metals backing to strengthen the system is part of that integration.

        The devil is in the details, and that I leave to those in the upper echelons to advise us about when the time comes.

        Will the March date hold? From the information I have been observing, it seems highly likely that it will this time around. We will see.

        As for any affect on the RV, I won’t even try to assume. It’s best we wait and see, and wait for accurate information from our friends. They will inform us when possible.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Read this report of an apparently angelic encounter where a man (angel?) tells the pastor to buy gold and silver when the RV takes place:


          “The man (angel?) tells him, “Good, it’s going to revalue soon and when it does you need to buy silver and gold because once it does everything is going to change”.

          I know that “J” on OWoN has also voiced his opinion in the past that the gold valuation will benefit from the GCR and has told us so.

          We also know that silver follows the price of gold, so silver should go up as gold shoots up.

          ——-Jim Rickards Is also of the persuasion that gold will be a good buy in light of the currency revalue ————

          Here is something from Jim Rickards that is simply amazing. Jim Rickards is a credible source of information and he has changed the date in this advertisement three times already from an October date to a January 29th date to a March 19th date which happens to be today:


          Jim Rickards reveals he how believes in the Global Currency Revalue and here are the best tidbits from this advertisement in quotes that shows you he does:

          “I believe President Trump will host an international monetary summit at his “Winter White House” in Florida, the historic Mar-a-Lago resort. Winter white house

          Using his stature as leader of the free world, he’ll bring the financial leaders of the globe together.

          This would include delegates from the U.S., China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the UK and the International Monetary Fund.

          Then, they’ll agree to SIMULTANEOUSLY REVALUE ALL OF THEIR CURRENCIES AGAINST GOLD until the price reached $10,000 per ounce. (If you’re skeptical, I’ll give you ironclad proof that this could happen in a second.)

          ……And let me tell you… One economist who has been rumored to soon be in charge of the Fed is a HUGE supporter of gold.

          And one of Wall Street’s most respected commentators has backed this potential Trump nominee and also confirmed this replacement-in-waiting is a massive supporter of gold.

          I believe a new Federal Reserve chair appointment is a matter of when, not if.

          So, when this new chair’s installed…

          Trump will have five more Federal Reserve appointments… the full support of Congress… and the rest of the federal and state governments, plus the judiciary, to institute a gold-backed dollar.

          …..If they choose more than $10,000 per ounce [as the chosen price of gold], we’ll have severe inflation.

          And if they choose less than $10,000 per ounce, we’ll have severe deflation.

          It needs to be $10,000 per ounce.

          That’s a mathematical certainty.”

          Liked by 2 people

  28. While Bitcoin has found a bottom it seems, there have been some altcoins that have been in a bull market since January and others for about the last 30 days (ever since that SEC guy spoke positively about the strong possibility of something big being approved in the future).

    One coin that has been on a tear is THETA. For those of you who may still have it on the Ethereum blockchain, you can now download the new THETA wallet and import your THETA private key into the new wallet and bring up your Theta tokens. You will see the free 3 for 1 gas airdrop you have been given also. ENJOY !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. A post was made on the OWON site that I thought should also be posted here. A blogger by the name of REX has posted a piece detailing why he thinks Trump was working undercover for the “good guys” in the FBI since the early 80’s”. ” REX is a citizen journalist and analyst of military intelligence, counter-intelligence and military strategy. His current focus is SpyGate, the criminal conspiracy to steal the 2016 US Presidential election, as well as ObamaGate, how Obama’s police state illegally targeted and harassed innocent citizens, including illegal surveillance, for political purposes. Before twitter censored him, REX operated under the handles ImperatorRex3, VachelLindsay and MAGAREX1.” The link to his article: https://quodverum.com/2019/03/75/endgame-potus-trump-s-vindication-nears.html

    Here is an excerpt from the article (which I hope turns out to be true because it would explain a lot):

    The Russians : Bayrock & Sater

    Believe it or not, but the lamentable BuzzFeed produced a very good article in March, 2018 focussing on Felix Sater, one of Trump’s longest business associates and an astonishing individual in his own right, as a US spy.

    As per usual, the reporters (hacks Cormier & Leopold) produced the article, incorrectly thinking it was damaging to Trump. Why? They assumed that Sater, who they revealed has a long-standing relationship with ‘at least six’ of Mueller’s SC team, was giving evidence against Trump.

    This is extremely unlikely.

    Reminder : Felix Sater was was a managing director of Bayrock Group LLC, as well as a senior advisor to Donald Trump and The Trump Organization when construction of the Trump SoHo began in 2006. He played a major role throughout the process of the building’s construction, and remained managing director of Bayrock Group when the Trump SoHo project was completed in 2010. Bayrock partnered with the future president and his two eldest children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, on a series of real-estate deals between 2002 and about 2011, the most prominent being the troubled Trump Soho hotel and condominium in Manhattan.

    During the years that Bayrock and Trump did deals together, the company was also a bridge between murky European funding and a number of projects in the U.S. to which the president once lent his name in exchange for handsome fees. Icelandic banks that dealt with Bayrock, for example, were easy marks for money launderers and foreign influence, according to interviews with government investigators, legislators, and others in Reykjavik, Brussels, Paris and London. Trump testified under oath in a 2007 deposition that Bayrock brought Russian investors to his Trump Tower office to discuss deals in Moscow, and said he was pondering investing there.

    Trump & Sater? Both had been FBI informants for years. Connect the dots – Sater was working & Trump were working for the FBI and using Bayrock, a legitimate business, as a honey pot/ bait for Russian money launderers and crooks. And they’re still close, I suspect. Sater is loyal to Trump. Which Jerry Nadler may have just discovered – and why it’s unlikely we will ever see Felix water testify, in front of his tinpot Home of Representatives ‘enquiry’.

    Oh, Bayrock? Who was the FBI Director all this time? Well, well, well.

    Robert Mueller.
    Incoming : The Storm

    If you accept that Trump has been a very valuable source for the FBI since at least 1981, you can start to see his influence in major FBI/DOJ takedowns more clearly.

    For example, in the early 1990s, the FBI was making a major push against the Mob in New York. The Gambino crime family in New York was brought down in 1992. The Mafia Commission between February 25, 1985 and November 19, 1986 broke up the Five Families. Each of these probes would have relied on valuable source informants, much like the Scarfo takedown in 1981.

    Given the above and the Mafia’s power in the construction sector, what are the chances that Donald J Trump was a valuable source for these investigations? Answer – in my opinion, very high.

    Now consider these remarkable ‘coincidences’:

    Who led the Mafia Commission prosecution? Rudy Giuliani.

    Who led the Gambino prosecution? Robert Mueller, who was USAG for the DOJ Criminal Division between 1990-1993. Who was working for Mueller at DOJ, during this time?

    Rod Rosenstein.

    And who was the Deputy Attorney General between May 1990 and 26 November, 1992, before becoming the Attorney-General?

    William Barr.


  30. CMKM Diamond fraud case yields $55 million judgment (June 27, 2009)

    “The federal government won a judgment against a key defendant in the CMKM Diamond stock fraud case for $55 million, but a source close to the case said the defendant’s whereabouts is unknown.

    U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks on Tuesday signed a summary judgment order against four defendants in the Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit against CMKM Diamonds, a penny stock company that had no legitimate business. Defendants in the case sold most of the worthless stock through a Las Vegas brokerage, causing 40,000 investors to lose a total of $64 million, according to the court order”.



    1. Makes you wonder who all these gurus are claiming someone will bail this thing out? It’s a real head scratcher. We have been warned that it’s a real stretch. Oh well, we will watch anyway, for the benefit of those who hope. That’s all we can do.

      Liked by 3 people

  31. Good morning…

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    I am currently traveling so please excuse me if I do not get your comments posted as quickly as I usually do. I will certainly get to them.

    It would appear that the CMKX warnings were complete nonsense, as I suspected.

    Be that as it may, we continue to observe very quiet postures concerning group currency moves and so forth. Sometimes the silence speaks loudly.

    The best way we can stay properly and accurately informed is to, One) continue to watch for updates from our White Hat contacts, which we share here, and; Two) remember that many here who are in CMKX, etc., will be our best sources of any confirmations for this, and other high risk projects many hope to see happen. There is no need to depend on donations-seeking, self important posers who love to froth up the waters with the smell of money, which loosens the purse strings of the weak-minded.

    More on all that, later.

    For those of you in legitimate private groups, continue to follow all instructions and maintain adherence to your confidentially agreements. In the event of a commencement, we will honor all requests for discretion, so please understand that we will not necessarily cover the play by play for private groups. Continue to ignore all “Reno is doing this, that, the other…” posts on blogs. To my knowledge, no legitimate currency principal would ever authorize an information release for public distribution.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Liked by 4 people

  32. Hi Tony,
    I wanted to share an experience I had at Chase.

    I had some banking business to do, and took a don’t with me, (50k). After I was done tending to my other banking, I pulled it out and asked the teller how much it was worth.

    She pulled up her screen and told me a dong= $1.97. I was a bit taken back, so I asked her to double-check, she looked again and repeated the $1.97. This cued her manager’s attention, who came over and quickly corrected her, saying 1 million was $300.00.

    Now I know I sound like a “guru”, but I wonder where the young lady got her figure from? It didn’t appear to me that she was pulling numbers out of her ear?

    On my drive home, I was thinking about how this could have someone shouting from the highest mountain that this is what you would get when it came time to exchange.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Was that price to purchase from them? If that’s what they will give you, sell all you have,no public exchange if there ever is one, will be near that kind of return. In my opinion only.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You know, I didn’t ask how much to purchase.

        To me, they were confused themselves on just the simple question that I asked.

        The first girl didn’t seem to be pulling numbers out of her ear. Then the manager said 1 million= $300. On Xe it’s more like 43.00 .

        Confusion abounds. Mine are put away for another day, maybe or maybe not in my lifetime.

        My point I guess was, if I were a “guru”, I would tell you the first number quoted, and swear you might be a bazillionaire

        And let me add, no banker winked or smiled or gave me a nod. Lol

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I’m a shareholder. I found this link on one of the old CMKX boards. I have not received anything. If/or until funds are under my control I view these latest developments with a grain of salt.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thank you, David.

            You are hereby appointed high protector and guardian of the CMKX intel lines, with all rights and privileges granted therein, and your associates as aide decamp.

            Thank you for the information, and congratulations.


  33. https://nauticus.io/

    This is a new exchange getting ready to go full launch this month. I purchased in the ICO. They raised more money than Binance. This is an Australian “AUSTRAC” (http://www.austrac.gov.au/) regulated exchange.

    I have watched them make great headways over the last 8 months and taken part in some of their exchange focus groups. They are very responsive and their telegram group is very active. Currently they have about 400,000 exchange members. Plus they allow Fiat deposits. Their goal is 100 cryptos this year and 7 fiat currencies.

    Their NTS token functions like the Binance token did at inception for a 50% discount on trading fees. Right now, it’s pretty cheap. About 3.7 cents. There are around 480,000,000 total tokens.

    Exchange tokens have been a great use case, so this could be a good opportunity to get in early. For the first month any $50 AUD valued trade qualifies for the weekly 100,000 NTS airdrops. If you buy $500 AUD worth, you get 10 entries and so on.

    Worth checking out as this has potential to do big things being located in Asia and regulated.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. MarkZ has confirmed delivery of the first CMKX packages to people in some Midwestern states. He thinks they sent test packages out to people in these states first. The big roll out to everyone is likely to take place today and following…. I am getting better reception of MarkZ on periscope. They talked about common law trusts last night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How interesting.

      We have several CMKX shareholders here. If any of you receive a “test package” or whatever, feel free to let us know.

      Otherwise, one would expect Al Hodges to place such a confirmation in the public domain. After all, he represents that sector.

      Let’s see where this leads.

      Liked by 2 people

  35. Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 2:39:00 AM MDT

    New show came out showing the machinations of the Vatican in the 1300’s revealing the evils they did back then. Called: “The Name of the Rose”. Very well done so far…

    Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 6:24:00 AM MDT

    Friday 13 October 1307, the Vatican wiped out most of my Ancestors, our lineal Baron was seconded to England to protect the regions for French King Richard and had anglicised in name as English Knights, so were able to accommodate part of the Fleets which fled with the Templar wealth,and from that day on, the Vatican had dedicated enemies who will see them destroyed in total. Vast thousands died in torture, as did the women and children,but the entire wealth was pre warned and moved to safety. We now have the Knights Quarter in London, the Temple City district, the Knights Templar Church where all Law Barrister swear oaths of Allegiance,and a Special Group which does not exist, protects the Queen as a hereditary treaty. As happened also with Basle in Germania, whose Gold and Knights created Switzerland.

    Hands do rock the cradle, and wait for Vatican throats.


  36. I did it again – posted it in the wrong place. 😐

    Its probably fine where it’s at now. I don’t know where my head is today. Lol


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