White Hats Report #48

Episode I is UP!

We’re pleased to announce that Episode 1 is up and can be viewed on our new YouTube channel, White Hats Media Group, links provided below. In gathering intel and documents to include in the White Hats Report 48 series, it has been determined that 5 -7 parts may be needed in addition to supplemental information “dumps” we will be releasing to be spaced between the parts of the #48 video series.

The story that NEEDS to be told is at least 75 years of history if not twice that. We will present the events and reveal the names of the bad actors involved. We will give you an overview by providing the “dots” you’ll need to connect in order to get a better understanding of the origins, history and methods of the shadow government, aka the DEEP STATE. The events of the last three years should leave no doubt now that…there is a shadow government….or DEEP STATE….and the term we’ve used in our reports is CABAL. They are all the same in our mind, criminal organizations created to subvert governments, steal productivity, technological advancements and wealth from the people inhabiting this planet to enslave us all.

Share this video with all your social media contacts, send it to your elected representatives and be sure to subscribe to the White Hats Media Group YouTube channel and click the alerts button to get notified of all future videos in this series. We need to get the word out and your assistance is critical to the success of this exposure. We need to push for investigations of the Falcone and Tropos Capital thefts and the Federal Reserve fraud involving fake gold and $15 trillion that the American taxpayers are STILL funding. Trump is our best and last chance to rid the country and of the dark siders. The rest of the world looks to us to lead and we MUST meet that challenge.

NOTE: YouTube has continued its aggressive censorship campaign and if they take down our channels because we are revealing truths they wish the public to be unaware of. They are attacking channels using the subjective “hate speech” weapon, neglecting to explain the reason for censoring a video. We will notify you here if we have to move our shadow government exposure videos to Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

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White Hats Report#48, Episode I – Follow the Money




  1. I thought I would post one of my absolutely fav documentaries if it’s ok with Tony called “Ancient knowledge” for anyone who may be interested. If the first one peaks your interest, you can find the other ones easily.

    Part one:
    Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics

    The rest of the parts are the topics below:
    Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God,
    Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths,
    The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle,
    Coral Castle, Magnetic Forces, Sacred Sciences, Anti-Gravity,
    Number 9 Code, Vortex Based Math, Flower of Life, Fibonacci, Time, 432Hz


  2. Hello Everyone. I just found out that my Dad is on a ventilator at the ICU. And he tested positive for the Coronavirus. His wife told me that there was nothing that they can do. He is 75 and has a lot of other health problems. Now while he is not my biological father, he still treated me like I was his own son, and I kept in contact with him even after him and my mom broke up. Please, I need all your prayers. Remember, family doesn’t have to be blood.


    1. Dear Terrence,
      I am sorry to hear your news. You Dad may very well pull through this as many have. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man and I feel quite happy that you both gained such an amazing opportunity to share a portion of this life experience together. There may be much much more of that Terrence, don’t count him out yet. Good people surrounded by love are strong and he may very well have a great deal more life to experience beyond this.

      I offer you, your Dad and your entire family love and comfort during this time Terrence. Be positive and share that energy with hm and all. XX


  3. Heavens above Andrew this is so incredibly kind of your to track this video down and share it here with us. Thank you so very much for your generosity, I very sincerely appreciate your trouble. I had no idea anyone would even leak this info so I never bothered to do any searches for the information. This is so awesome. I am going to give you 100 gold stars today for your tremendous effort. LOL I am heading straight off now to watch it. Thank you Andrew.


    1. “ One Pay FX uses Ripple’s payment messaging system, as opposed to Ripple’s native token XRP, to move money between currencies.“

      Regarding this quote from the article, please watch this demo from the swell conference last year.

      How XRP and Ripple Technology Power an International Payment


  4. Joe M
    · 3h
    Patriots have bankrupted the Federal Reserve and absorbed its function into the United States Treasury! The cause of all wars, famine and economic collapse for the past 100 years has been dissolved, and the people have RECLAIMED the money system. CONGRATULATIONS HUMANITY!
    Flag of United States

    Show this thread


  5. Thanks goes to SF Driver for that video on hottest DeFi tokens.

    Here is a list of them in order of importance in the opinion of the video maker:

    Top Six DeFi Altcoins

    1. Kyber Network ( KNC )

    2. Kava ( KAVA )

    3. Maker ( MKR )

    4. Ren ( REN )

    5 Origin Protocol ( OGN )

    6. Hydro ( HYDRO )

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  6. I have been reading through the Meta 1 complaint filed by the SEC, found here.

    What a jumble.

    “…Bowdler claims to use her “psychic expertise” to provide investment guidance to listeners who share her beliefs, encouraging them to invest in Meta1. In particular, Bowdler claims to be an “Earth Angel incarnated to help humanity,” and purports to regularly channel and
    commune with angels, including the mythical angel, Metatron, who frequently teaches her about “the realities of our world….” 🤣

    “…Bowdler contributed to the deception, telling the Crypto Visions audience that “the Coin has been specifically architected out of the angelic realm” and that it is “really exciting when people find out what we’re doing with the art.” Bowdler told the audience that she channeled “the Archangel Metatron,” who told her that: (a) of all the cryptocurrencies being issued, only 15-20 would be left standing; and (b) the Coin would be one of them. Bowdler also
    told the audience that Metatron and Abraham Lincoln revealed to her what would happen in the world’s financial and economic structure over the next 20 years. Because the audience shared her “metaphysical beliefs,” Bowdler knew her statements would influence them to invest in the Coin…” 🤣

    “…Schmidt also runs a series of conferences and workshops in various
    cities nationwide where he and Dunlap pitch the Coin Offering (the “Workshops”). Schmidt has never been registered with the Commission in any capacity and has never been licensed to offer or sell securities…”

    Based on claims of using a “secured party creditor” status, etc., there will probably be IRS investigations to follow. Such “creditor claims” are usually made as an excuse to not pay income taxes. Meta1 was also organized as an unincorporated business organization, as an irrevocable trust. Such “trusts” are considered pass-through entities with the IRS, which means all income to such trusts is taxable to the beneficiaries that such funds eventually flow to, and does not mean the income is tax free, as many pitchmen to sell these trusts claim.

    Long ago we advised to stay away from “strawman” “UCC secured party”, “pure trust tax free income claims”. This especially applies to any company organized in that way that makes claims along the same lines.

    How sad for all the investors in Meta1 that their capital is now out of hand. 😥

    I just channeled Jefferson Davis, and he told me that Abe Lincoln stopped taking channel requests long ago, so we know that is a false claim.

    We will see where all this leads. God help me, I am laughing so hard I just pulled a muscle.


    1. Well, I wondered why they called it “Meta 1”. I guess Metatron gave them the name. Oh lordy. What a mess. Dave claims they are a deep state target and they have done nothing wrong.


      1. Well, he’s part right. But they are not being targeted because of “deep state” angst.

        They MADE themselves targets because they bought into the Koolaid argument of “secured party creditor/straw man don’t have to do what government man say”. This is evidenced because of this behavior, outlined in the complaint:

        During the SEC’s underlying investigation of this matter, the SEC subpoenaed each of the Defendants for documents and to appear to testify. Each Defendant returned the subpoena to the SEC with the word Fraudulent” marked on every page. Schmidt refused to produce documents to the SEC, and refused to testify. Dunlap refused to produce documents.
        He appeared for testimony, but refused to answer several important questions, such as whether he drafted the Whitepaper, claiming at various times the questions were ridiculous, the answers were none of the SEC’s business, and he “[has] no contract with the SEC.” Bowdler produced
        some documents, but refused to testify.

        I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people go to prison bringing such arguments against the government. I always knew Seminar Dave was a RV promoter who would not have any life if not for his positioning his marketing within the GCR market place. But, I had no idea he had fallen that far off the face of reason and intelligence by being so dumb as to think he could wave his strawman at the Feds and make them back off.

        I really feel sorry for all the people who placed their hard earned funds into Meta1, or the seminar tickets.

        The Meta 1 defendants are due their day in court, so we will see just how this plays out. But, I have yet to see any Federal court lose to such preposterous claims that these clowns have tried to use to claim they are not subject to the same rules and regulations all of us are.

        Let us learn from this.


  7. Like

    1. Wow, I knew it. I do follow Schmidt for his currency swap updates. He does seem to have a pretty good grasp on that. But this Meta-1 coin was a scam from the start. They have been pumping it for a couple of years, always promising huge gains. Glad I steered clear. Stick with well established crypto’s. I have a feeling a big year is still in store for us well positioned. Thanks a lot Tony for this site!


      1. Glad you steered clear as well. Many didn’t, and their asses are stinging right now.

        Be very, very wary of these “asset backed” crypto ideas. Most of them are pure crap.

        For too long now, promoters who positioned themselves against the RV have skimmed and milked the field. Easy pickings when you have so many “like minded” people stuffed into one corner.

        You have to ask yourself why would someone decide to promote his billion dollar asset backed coin idea on an obscure talk show, when you would think that something like that would have been presented to venture capitalists and such instead, if it had that kind of value and a viable market and use case.

        A valuable lesson learned for many.

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    1. Since 1993 Maxine Waters has been able to pass 3 bills. Mad Maxine is a pro-socialist Democrat who has been voted the most corrupt member of Congress 4 times. I wouldn’t get to excited about anything she writes.


      1. Agreed re: Waters. She’s a useless, low-IQ street level ghetto rat, and should be employed cleaning toilets.

        However, the move to introduce a digital wallet and that particular language in the bill, is what is compelling at this time. They will haggle over the bill, but it will be interesting to see if this particular section remains in the final agreed version.

        In this particular bill or not, it’s interesting to see they are cognizant of such things, and recognize the seriousness of bringing greater efficiency to economic transfer. And, greater transparency.

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    1. Tony – this was very interesting.

      Do you think it’s safe to say according to the man in the video, who said to become more spiritual, those who live life in a high vibrational frequency have more of a natural defense against the “Chinese virus?

      What are your thoughts?


      1. I don’t really know what he meant by that, since I am not sure just what it means to live life in a high vibrational frequency.

        If by that you mean someone who is generally more upbeat, positive and optimistic, then there may be benefits to one’s immune system for being that way. However, I don’t think that just because someone does not live a spiritual life (meditating, incense burning, crystals, yoga, etc) that they are more susceptible to disease.

        I know a lot of drunks and grumpy people in this town who never get sick, and they eat tons of crap and smoke like chimneys.

        Likewise I have known clean athletic types who have dropped dead in their sleep at 45.

        So, I can’t say it is safe to say that living a more “spiritual life” will give you a better defense against this Chinese virus.

        Also, his views are disputed by others. I really thought he made some good points, but I am not a medical expert nor an epidemiologist, so I don’t know what to make of it.

        Those are my thoughts.


        1. I understand. All true but I was trying to understand what he meant by start living a more spiritual life because he states that 5g technology is changing the energy frequency on the planet.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject. I appreciate it.


          1. There is a whole body work about subtle energy to which this topic belongs to. It may or may not be true. What is true however is that 5g will have an effect on the physical body just as radiation before it.
            The totality of the person’s environment and individual health also has to be taken into consideration. For sure earth is not what is used to be. More electrified. And now probably more radioactive because of emerging technology that is being launched.
            Each is responsible for doing their own research.

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    2. WOW! That certainly was very interesting Tony, thanks for posting that video.

      A few days ago I was speaking to my relative above 5G and the health issues I believe it can cause. We were discussing this as we have both had severe headaches for about a week now and terrible trouble sleeping. I went online and discovered that a new 5G tower was activated near us about a week ago.

      I cannot stay asleep longer than 2 hours now. Get out of bed at least 5 times each night to drink water as I feel so dehydrated. During the evening when trying to sleep I can feel this stinging type pain in my head too. Every day I wake up with a headache, it comes and goes all day and I end up going to bed with a headache as well. We have both felt extremely tired during the last week.

      I was looking forward to moving soon but the State I currently reside in has closed its borders and we can no longer leave to view property in the State I was intending to relocate to. It would have been great to get further away from these towers but we will have to see what happens in the coming weeks.


        1. Dear MN,
          Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information with me, I greatly appreciate your trouble.

          I have read some of the information and it seems quite fascinating. Unfortunately, I have a shocking headache again this evening and cannot really read the screen properly anymore without making my headache worse. Hopefully I will be able to continue reading tomorrow.

          Please know how much I appreciate your assistance MN. Thank you so much. Hope you wake to and enjoy a wonderful day.


            1. Thank you so much beautiful. I’ll definitely have a look at it and let you know how I go. That was so sweet of you to share that and I greatly appreciate your kindness. Enjoy a fantastic day beautiful.


              1. You’re welcome. I hope you feel better. If you decide to give it a try, you don’t have to pay for the music tuned to the solfeggio frequencies, particularly 741 hz. There are plenty for free.

                My favorite YouTube channels are awakening planet, power meditation club and sprit tribe awakening.

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                1. Thank you so much gorgeous. Please excuse my basic language but I have had an absolute shit of an afternoon. I think I need to check out these frequencies you are recommending and hopefully will gain some time tomorrow to tap into that.

                  I today have had to deal with an extended family member being a total manipulative, conniving F’ing a’hole causing so much incredible drama within the so called family unit (which I disown btw) in the hope of gaining control on the money that belongs to the elderly relative I care for . I am actually in total bloody shock at what is being pulled to gain this control. It is so incredibly cruel and beastly. Far out, I just don’t understand why people need to be so sneaky and dishonest.


                  My God, life would be so much easier if everyone could be decent, honest and moral.

                  ALL WILL BE WELL.


          1. Glad to be of help. There is a lot to share. I have been a student of this science for awhile. Attended their introductory course. Students ranged from doctors of medicine, architects, building contractors, naturopaths. Used some of the solutions they offer. Results are immediate and remarkable at times. But as I will always say. Do your research. Take care.

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            1. Thank you again MN, much appreciated. I’m really looking forward to delving into this information in depth, which hopefully will be tomorrow.


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