Unmasking A Post-COVID Future

For Millennia, Mankind has evolved under the conflicts of Religions, Hegemony, Race and Materialism. Whatever came our way, including Pandemics, we adjusted, and economies grew. We are the Global Top Primate Species. Top of the Food Chain. But Covid-19 is loose now as the ultimate Lab Bats cocktail.

The Wild Card, no courtesy of China.

We are – Defenseless. It is merciless and indiscriminate. Nations’ Borders are no barriers. The Chinese travelling mobile human Ants have carried it everywhere.

The American B-1s are now visibly carrying masses of Cruise Missiles to Guam in response ready, if needed, for war. America is taking it to them. Needs Must!

In turn, and in time, huge questions for China to answer for what has been unleashed on the world. Unforgivable. Who must die for a Chinese lie to protect the Middle Kingdom with its own Global conquest ambitions by stealth?

Knowing now what was loose, why did China not seal its Borders?

Now IS the time for Trump to rise to America’s needs and for us to support Barr for truth and justice. We need Trump reelected and Barr in place to carry on the investigations and arrests.

Why were Western Leaders so inept as not to lock out a perceived visible Pandemic of such a cataclysmic threat level? They knew, and their reaction was pitiful. Leaders today? Who can trust any published death rates? Why is Covid being so media-hyped, with no highlighting of obnoxious Bill Gates of Lolita Express notoriety, the Big Pharma opportunists, and its potential use for Tri Lateral and Zionist NWO population reduction strategies? How meekly the Sheeple assembled and locked down like Lambs to the slaughter! Why?

The world just acquiesced with a typical French Military Flag of a white cross on a white background. Come and get us?

But also, sadly note, with a virus which seems to have an actual Death Ratio now of only 0.015% of a population, (Real World!!! – One 7th of One Per Cent population deaths) why are our limp-wristed Politicians devastating jobs for 20% of Employees and greater than 30% of the Corporate population? Reality is, 30% of our companies are now at risk. Many now will never reopen. What of the yet to be unveiled multi million consequential deaths caused for those denied months of remedial treatments, for those missing months of standard Doctors surgeries Check Ups? Britain alone now has an 8 Million delayed Check Up backlog. Millions risked now, how many Real Deaths as avoidable costs?

So many cancers and life threatening illnesses will be missed, catching and treating nothing in time. Health Care has virtually closed down for half the year. Care Homes are Death Traps, currently the source of needless 30% of our Deaths. The Economic consequences of that will implode on their Solvency.

As it will for 30% of our Businesses currently facing ruin. Taxes will implode leaving decades of debt, and possibly a mass switch to Cryptos for blatant Tax Evasion. There are no Free Lunches; Welfare has to be paid by someone. You!

No other site out there offers you the help and community platform with Cryptos which WHA does. You will need it. The site is a must read now.

Question now not only the cause of Covid, but the questions of failed containment, as with Ebola. Inept Government strategies and blame to be.


Sort Border Entries testing.

Sort Contract Tracing.

Sort PPE supplies! Replace Chinese!!!!

Sort treatments. No more Chinese Lab Bat Cocktails!

Question now the roles of Gates and Soros in Wujan and why?

Trump now advocates his wish to have the Military assist deliver the Vaccines.

Gates has 60 M available, Non-Human tested, the stench of Thalidomide all over it. How have Africa’s poor Souls fared under Gates?

Boris Johnson in London claims we will be led by the Sciences. He was, under Fergusson’s alarmist projections of Bubonic plague level proportions. We just wasted Billions on the unneeded new Nightingale Hospital, not used and now mothballed? Billions – CLOWNS!!!!

Fauci, too! Fauci. Ferguson. Two F’s. 2 complete F Ups!

Misled by the Sciences! We have destroyed our Economies for this pair?

WHA has shown the way for groups to commune, help the Collective, and produce outstanding profits. A small step at a time. Save just 3 dollars a day and soon it builds to hundreds then you can start to buy Cryptos. Self help.

The Gates way, dubious cocktails, then the Chip, then the Chop!

Whatever is left in 4 to 8 weeks we start again. We will get through, it’s just the unrecognisable society then, and what’s left in the Human Zoo for You?

Money is Finite and that Bonfire of Vanities on Wall Street may ignite?

Congregate, communicate and take WHA to a new height.

© 2020 Whitehatauxiliaries.com

Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must. – Duke of Wellington


    1. So, this explains the third degree, and not second or first degree murder charge.

      The defense will probably seek evidence of Floyd’s resisting arrest, video or other evidence which justifies the officer pinning him down to the ground. It is doubtful the officer just threw him down on the ground instead of placing him in the back of the car just because he felt like being mean. Little is being said about the nature of resisting. How did he wind up on the ground? If they can show any evidence of Floyd creating the circumstances needed to pin him down on the ground, then the defense could create reasonable doubt.

      The officer may clear the rap.Then, the real riots will start.

      Be ready for anything.


      1. It’s all manipulation and complete context and standards collapse. The reason it should be murder with depraved indifference is that no reasonable human being believes that in any law enforcement scenario where the victim is subdued that a knee should be on a neck. for any extended time e.g. a few seconds — with aggravating circumstance as the officer was allegedly trained, so can’t claim ignorance. When I was young and stupid and I had 19 inch biceps some idiot tried to start a fight with me. I wrapped my arm around his neck and squeezed. He was out in 15 seconds. Thank goodness a guy bigger than me (the bouncer, “that’s enough!”) unwrapped my arm from the guys neck because it wouldn’t have taken much longer to stop a heart. Imagine the damage the full body-weight thru a knee bending cervical vertebrae, compressing airway, and carotid artery and jugular vein would do! Really? Why do we even allow these kinds and levels of force to be used. South Korean police as well as Japanese police take down felons without these kind of shenanigans. What the hell is wrong with our law enforcement? We used to lose roughly 300 ‘felons’ per year in arrests. Now we lose north of 1,000. Something is beyond very wrong at this point.

        Conversely, given the insane times we live in, I wouldn’t be shocked if the alleged victim is already out of the country collecting his Deep State check. The whole thing smells to high heaven as a purposeful setup.


        1. If he’s found not guilty, see what happens then.
          America has a real problem with police violence. The Law needs to apply to Everyone!


  1. The world is sick of US Hegemony, aggression and Global genocide.

    Also sick of seeing US Police Officers brutally beating civilians. Charging Chavin with Murder but only Third Degree is a Cop Out gain. At least once inside, Big Bubba and the Boys can give him a Come to Daddy meeting in the showers. Forget a Bad Ass, it will be sore one when they finish. He deserves all he gets. They will shank him.

    It’s time this Racial crap ends in the US. These riots are costing vast millions now. No one had the right to brutally kill George Floyd. Third Degree Murder is not good enough. Dead is dead. If he gets shanked it will send a message to all of them. Payback! Stop the brutality all US Cops,Stop it! Clean up this crap. US racialism is till despicable. Pig Ignorant! Shank Pigs where justified! A Shank for a life! Chavin will now be bricking it.


    1. John F

      We need at least 10 more days now.

      The PPs are progressing.

      Bonds are progressing, and there is a move for Dinars now to try to rig a black hole but via other locations not Reno.
      White knuckle rides.

      It’s a melting pot John F.
      Forget Confucius – Confusion rules now.


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  3. Right, just in as we are fully qualifying all positions to focus on finite real funds and end the Broker hype. We will not correspond or waste our time on this, take it as is.

    I. Reno has failed! Aggregators etc are empty handed, and were always forewarned, Funds are Finite! Don’t Swallow!

    2. Now, ONLY a certain location is left standing. They are focused on agreed Bonds etc., and being validated in batches. No we will not define which, it’s Private!!!! If you’re in, you know. If any currencies do overlap to the new location, we will let you know. It’s messy! Big Guru questions! How many families have been destroyed? Real people hurt! A new run on toilet papers? Money is FINITE!! Got It??????????

    The new location is all that is left standing. It’s very private, and staying that way. No Reno crap there.

    No Camels in that Tent. One Reno party may, deservedly, be carried through. No more info! No! Karma!

    This will get messy for some now. Karma


    1. John, will these bond redemptions result in the opportunities that you mentioned before? If so, where might these opportunities be located?


      1. Terry they will help many. Global options Terry.

        Although Reno got sidelined, you may still be in either of 2 groups likely to get brought over. We are on it 25!! x 7!


    2. You mentioned gold backed currency and called out Jim Willie who also talked about gold and $200-$400 silver.

      What’s the behind the scene take on miners. There are some great buys right now.

      Is it safe to say, these events will effect this market shortly? And are we talking an overnight type of PM repricing?


        1. John2020,
          Thanks for the hints! I am smiling just looking at this blog all lit 🔥 up because of the breaking news update and the ensuing comments/questions.

          Hope springs eternal! Good news in a bleak reality for a change.

          More power to you John and company. I am sure you will bring all of this news to reality.

          Watching and praying 🙏 for the good guys to win !!! 😀



        2. Understood.

          For others here looking for a cheap speculation in Gold and Silver Miners to diversify.

          For Gold….

          THM-International Tower Hill Mines is a speculative prospect for cheap. It’s trading at just over $1. However, it has the largest north american gold only deposit. The Livengood project has a MASSIVE reserve, but at recent prices it has not been feasible. Word is they can make money now and feel it is a good time to push forward with opening the project. I would say this is a probable take-over for a big boy. In 2011 when prices were $1800 it was trading around $10. This is the list of big funds and institutions involved in this project.

          Paulson & Company, Inc. 59,593,314 shares 31.77%
          Sprott Inc. 29,973,969 shares 15.98%
          Kopernik Global Investors, LLC 7,772,775 shares 4.14%
          Tocqueville Gold Fund 26,070,134 shares 13.90%

          60% of this project is held by Major Gold Investors. It’s traded for years under the required $1.00 average on the NYSE without being delisted. Wonder why? Alot of power behind this one.

          For Silver…

          EXK-Endeavour Silver Corp. Most silver miners have been unprofitable as of late, however, this company is trading at the highest PE of the major silver miners. Around -5. The other big names are -8 to -13. Best thing about this one is they are opening mines back up and their biggest project in Mexico just found some new veins increasing the reserves. It closed at $1.92 and also traded around $11 in 2011.


  4. First, be very clear I utterly condemn the wanton and callous killing, MURDER!!, of the American subjected to Thug Police brutality. Pepper spray or a Taser would have been effective. Time to arrest those involved. Police attitudes stink when it has all the hallmarks of racially motivated. But two wrongs do not make a right. We need to make BOTH Right!

    These complete F Brains have no right to keep mass rioting. It’s time to lead and end it.

    Bring in an experienced Special Ops Watch Commander and his Assault Troops.
    At best it needs 20 men.
    Shields up.

    Cannon shell GPMGs on the outer line as Wingers.

    4 experienced Spotters. Troopers one to 4 waiting to fire with selected targets indicated by the Spotters and by targets confirmed by each Sniper who stays locked on.

    A fast fast moving APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) rushed out to within 100 yards of the rioters or less. Throw a Clearly marked tape across the road, or spray a line. Tell Rioting Shit by Loud Speaker that is their Rubicon Line. Cross it and we open fire instantly. Film it! Voice record it!

    If they approach the line first fire over their heads as a warning. If it fails, order Sniper one and two to take out the first 2 Ring Leaders once any cross that line. Followed by Snipers 3 and 4. Targets 3 and 4 go down!

    If that fails, open fire with the outer GPMGs on the ends of our lines. Each armour piercing bullet slams through 4 or 5 behind. It pushes them inwards as it scythes through. Have 3 GPMGs on the front line reader for orders to open fire in sweeping moves. You can gas mortar them and smokescreen them to break them up. Just 10 seconds and it’s over. Other troops can then fire at will when ordered. How do you think the British Empire won? Or Romans?
    Get a GRIP!

    Be Humane to the Innocent Civilians. No needless Thugs. But use that Iron first when needed.
    Stop Riots and Looters hard. It works. Clear streets the next days. Don’t dither when Might is Right. Lead!
    The Romans dithered when the Vandals erupted. How did that end up? You have no Might if you have no Fight?
    Better than Covid and fast. But last resort! You ran in Vietnam, stop running! F Woosies!

    First STOP Police Brutality unless warranted! That Bull with His Boot Crushing the Afro Americans neck is on video worldwide. It Stinks! But it’s no excuse for Riots. The Scum will use that to loot and steal. Get control .Get Real!
    Get America back!


  5. The site is now achieving between 30 and 60 comments a day alone, and leading the market with articles.
    You’ve all been a massive help in building leadership. Everyone matters. Your all helping make a difference. Thank you all.


  6. It’s worth noting your site is going from strength to strength.

    You get daily Global news of key issues. Humour, and all you valued comments. The difference you all make.
    We are careful with GCR issues until done. You will be the first to know when. A step at a time.

    Look at the huge inputs each day. So many key issues.

    So much is breaking.


  7. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/rioters-storm-and-set-fire-to-minneapolis-police-station-on-third-night-of-protesting-over-george-a4453866.html

    Seriously pissed off Numpties.



    The Brits will take the best, the Commies can have the rest.



    The reality of stupidity


    Maybe population reduction is not such a bad idea.


    Are you sure you want Gates in control of Global Health Care?


    Gates has been at this for some time and to think depopulation control is not his objective is plain naivety.
    In each of such chips you only need 1 drop of an active killing agent to end life by remote control. Have another drop to make you so sick and you will ask for a vaccine which comes at a price.

    This goes well beyond Chinese control through surveillance as this is life control by remote device. No need for surveillance when you can turn off life at a whim. Wake T F Up! Turn off Gates!



    Read events as they happen.



    Read events as they happen.



    So with lockdown more wanted a Bit?



    It’s called taking back their territories.

    China threatens to ATTACK Taiwan https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8368627/China-threatens-ATTACK-Taiwan.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    Hmmm, theres a lot of Super Spreaders in LA and NY. How come they didn’t break first?

    Wuhan wet market was NOT the origin of the coronavirus pandemic https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8369085/Wuhan-wet-market-NOT-origin-coronavirus-pandemic.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    With Statins get the big picture.


    Will someone please stop them being smuggled into the US as Democratic Senators and Congressmen?




    Truth behind the riots. Thug Cops again!






    He was way ahead of his time funny.,


    Your future travel passport is alarming. Behind the scenes the scheming NWO Bastards will own you. One twitch of the switch and you cease to exist. People, please. Wake T F Up!



  8. Astro Zenneca have selected the Oxford University Test Vaccine to start production.
    Even though the test monkeys contracted Covid, there have been no viable Human tests, no- What can go wrong?
    Post Thalidomide will we ever learn?


    1. That’s right, Chrissy-poo. Transformation is coming.

      And I hope it transforms the IMF right off the planet. For years I have tried to account for anything they do to justify their existence in terms of benefiting anyone other than the IMF. I still can’t see tangible benefits. One nation after another deep in dutch, and a relative few cartel mucky-mucks rubbing their hands together and profiting from the chaos.

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    1. It’s about time. Now, issue shoot-to-kill looters on site, and bring order, or lose the entire city to these brain-dead brigands.

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  9. Like

        1. As Tony told us a ways back, make sure you have a clean computer with good security and definitely a vpn. I use NordVPN. You can connect up to six devices. Nord has malware byte protection for your phone too. I use a premium package anti virus protection and malware bytes protection for my pc.

          You should be good to go.

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  10. Jim’s fronting this but take nothing for granted. As of Thursday we STILL have no fixed agreement.

    As such it is still way too delicate to pre-release the actual stage we are really at.

    But, be VERY Clear, until we can clear this RATS NEST Deep State and the disgusting Zio Scum, who ALL need to be hanging from Lamp Posts, or collectively all ankle chained together and thrown overboard 20 miles out to sea with a heavy lead weight bound to each ankle, there will always be hooks delaying clearances. Forget trials for that lot, they all need rounding up, manacling and thrown into cargo holds for sea dumping.

    Loathsome scum like roaches on a carcass.
    We could do so much good instead of feeding this Vermin!

    Too many people are talking arrests. In 4 years show us any?
    Sadly, as Trump is OWNED by some of the Vermin, and surrounded by them in the WH, be circumspect. So far, just sound bytes by a Grifter, but we can hope.

    However, let Jim pre-announce issues NOT yet cleared.

    A Rat Colony guards every corner it’s not easy. A Vermin Patrol is needed, armed and shoot to kill orders. The DNA of Genghis Khan seed is not hard to see.


    Be clear, if China kicks off with a war with India, its flexing its muscles for the big Dogs later.


    While America has been skimmed dry by the Ziols, Bent Politicians and Bankers, Russia and China have spent wisely and caught up on all military technologies, even surpassing America.


    Forget the Patriotism, most are simply Grunts too dumb to care who vote!!!
    What IF next time Regular Americans just don’t show in force.

    Whats his real track record?
    Hes stolen Syrian land for Israel and his Son in Law for the Kushner Crime Family
    Hes failed to drain the Swamp.
    Where are the arrests?
    4 year in whats he got to get the votes?

    I don’t want Biden for sure. So its Chump or Sleaze again. Don’t write Joe off is hes just Biden his time.



    More Covid claimed solutions


    What a White House Press responder. Trump should be so proud of her. How to shut down Press Mutts.
    This is positive news PR for Trump.


    Just 13 years old, What a talent.She must be protected for and from Stardom.Amazing girl.


    Yet another UFO incident what is going on out there?



    The need to Vote for Trump in November. Think about this.

    Think about this—really think about it—– This is a fascinating (and scary) read. One of the best nutshell descriptions of our current political situation in these United States.

    Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can’t settle the question through elections because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in charge. That’s the basic issue here Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

    The Mueller investigation was about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that. But it’s not the first time they’ve done this. The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn’t really win. The Supreme Court gave him the election. There’s a pattern here.

    What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean? It means they don’t accept the results of any election that they don’t win. It means they don’t believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections. That’s a civil war.

    There’s no shooting. At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice. But the Democrats have rejected our system of government.

    This isn’t dissent. It’s not disagreement. You can hate the other party. You can think they’re the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don’t win, what you want is a dictatorship.

    Your very own dictatorship.

    The only legitimate exercise of power in this country, according to Democrats, is its own. Whenever Republicans exercise power, it’s inherently illegitimate The Democrats lost Congress. They lost the White House. So what did they do? They began trying to run the country through Federal judges and bureaucrats. Every time that a Federal judge issues an order saying that the President of the United States can’t scratch his own back without the judge’s say so, that’s the civil war.

    Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that’s not the system that runs this country. The Democrat’s system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country.

    If the Democrats are in the White House, then the president can do anything And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. He can use the IRS as his own police force and imprison citizens who speak against him. He can provide guns and money (Fast and Furious) (Iran nuclear deal) to other countries to support his own agenda, and watch while one of America’s Ambassador’s is dragged through the streets and murdered doing nothing to aid our citizens. His power is unlimited. He’s a dictator. But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can’t do anything. He isn’t even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented. A Democrat in the White House has ‘discretion’ to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy. A Republican doesn’t even have the ‘discretion’ to reverse him. That’s how the game is played. That’s how our country is run. Sad but true, although the left hasn’t yet won that particular fight.

    When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren’t even allowed to enforce immigration law. But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws. Under Obama, a state wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries. The Constitution has something to say about that. Whether it’s Federal or State, Executive, Legislative or Judiciary, the left moves power around to run the country. If it controls an institution, then that institution is suddenly the supreme power in the land. This is what I call a moving dictatorship.

    Donald Trump has caused the Shadow Government to come out of hiding: Professional government is a guild. Like medieval guilds. You can’t serve in it if you’re not a member. If you haven’t been indoctrinated into its arcane rituals. If you aren’t in the club. And Trump isn’t in the club. He brought in a bunch of people who aren’t in the club with him.

    Now we’re seeing what the pros do when amateurs try to walk in on them. They spy on them, they investigate them and they send them to jail. They use the tools of power to bring them down.

    That’s not a free country.

    It’s not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an ‘insurance policy’ against Trump winning the election. It’s not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition. It’s not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media. It’s not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn’t supposed to win did.

    Have no doubt, we’re in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and a leftist socialist Democrat professional government.

    Well now Pilgrims and Patriots, having read the above, I suggest two things: forward this very timely, very important analysis to those whom you believe think like you do (and those that don’t) and ask them to read it. And, vote to re-elect Trump in November.


    India Expands Use Of HCQ To Prevent Coronavirus Based On Three Studies


    You wont eat out as much again.

    There goes the buffet restaurants and cruise ships. You will think twice about the pepper and salt shakers. Assuming they are still on tables and whose fingers will touch that wine bottle on the table? And when you touch the ATM, did you bring your own sanitize wipes? Or what about the gas pump which is always been a source of germs and viruses? And we wonder why some places now insist on you using hand sanitizer prior to entry? And who will not sanitize the tray on a airplane ✈️?



    Custer’s not coming to save us, but the Clusters are coming to take us. WTF!!!!! has China done????????????


  11. So, apparently France has banned the use of HCQ based on the technically poor report of The Lancet on 15,000 hospitalized patients. Bad science wins again or is it politics? Other EU nations following suit.

    And, why, in God’s Green Earth aren’t we using indomethacin? A drug whose metabolites are provably viricidal for SARS-coronavirus? See Italian work. Y’all can do the PubMed search. Tested in mammals too!

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko gives a 5 days treatment with HCQ, Azithromycin and Zinc. Starting before day 5 of the symptoms. After 5 days 1448 of his 1450 patients were cured.

    I digress… back to the main topic:

    The earliest enrolled patient Day 8 of illness.

    The authors themselves state, “These data do not apply to the use of any treatment regimen used in the ambulatory, out-of-hospital setting.” In other words, the authors did not study how many people HCQ kept out of the hospital in the first place. In fact, there is no mention at all of anyone in either the treatment group, non-treatment group, or rejected group who was identified as having been hospitalized subsequent to taking HCQ. Furthermore, the authors caution that cause and effect should not be inferred.

    Where to even begin?

    No zinc status. Bad. The study claims the drug was given early — yet since when is 8+ days into the disease course early? Bad. I’m not going to do the math, but if you do the dosing math you will find that many patients were overdosed. One protocol reported mean daily dose was 790 mg (SD 320, so apparently some pts got > 1000 mg/day) for mean 6.8 days, but up to 9.3 days Remember my brethren, that hcq has a 22.4 day half-life… BAD. Patients accrued to this study from Dec 20 2019 and Apr 14 2020 and when did we start modifying our use of ventilators? Apr 24th (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2765302 Management of COVID 19 Respiratory Distress) Do you think ventilation status approach might throw a vast confounding variable into this study? Bad. Bad. Also controls were 7.7% intubated vs 20% intubated on treatment arms. Geez a little due diligence for ‘case control’?

    In this study of patients who had significant comorbities and experienced arrhythmias the authors admit that QT intervals were not measured and that prolongation was more or less inferred as the causative trigger for them. Do we need to point out that in the ICU-bound even without HCQ/Zpack that they had arrythmia? (https://electrophysiology.onlinejacc.org/content/early/2020/05/17/j.jacep.2020.05.015 Atrial Arrhythmias in COVID-19 Patients JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology May 2020 DOI: 10.1016/j.jacep.2020.05.015) Bad. Bad.

    In other words, we are walking away from a drug that should be used at first sign of symptoms with zinc and antibiotic because the seriously ill suffering cytokine storms and respiratory distress dying *late* in the disease don’t respond to the cocktail!!!! Really regulators? Really politicians?

    And are my brethren enstupidated? While not a sure-fire way to kill Qt prolongation, a potassium drip to put them as close as possible to 5mmol/L usually does the trick! Lastly, It is a known fact that SVTs have long been known to be linked to pulmonary disease, heart failure, thyroid disease and metabolic problems including diabetes’ impact on the electrical conduction system of the heart. Pneumonia is also linked to SVTs.


      1. Yes, in theory. It’s a strong drug. It more or less stopped canine coronavirus Can’t be used post-surgery. Can’t be used in those with bleeding disorders or gastric ulcers. Probably best at half-dose, about 25mg/TID. I’d have to dig up its half-life for proper dosing.


        1. Thanks Tino,
          I have gout, so I always be keep some on hand. My doctor said thstbit could affect my kidneys if taken too much.


    1. Rioters are the dumbest bunch of bastards that you could ever imagine walking the earth.

      In response to what they consider an injustice, they get together and burn their own neighborhood businesses, and loot others. How many people are now going to be out of work because of that? I hope those stores never return to that area.

      Dumb all over.

      I remember the times when looters were shot on sight. Now, they should shoot them for being stupid, irrespective of the looting.


  12. Lord and Saints Preserve Us. Even though JP Morgan of all people have shown the R0 of every State is going down, my brethren physicians remain clueless as shown in the following:

    As a physician on the front lines, l have watched in dismay as many U.S. states have begun to reopen from the lockdown. This is despite the fact that most of them do not fulfill the recommendations set forth by the White House. Those guidelines ask for a “downward trajectory” in newly diagnosed cases or in the percentage of positive tests. Some have criticized the guidelines for not being binding. Others have pointed out that they are overly vague and unambitious. Even then, many governors are ignoring them, while simultaneously claiming that they are listening to their own experts.

    These misguided people believe every idiot pronouncement from WHO and CDC and NIH, all of which have been shown to be either suffering agendacy or corrupt or partially corrupt. The claimed death rate didn’t even justify the original the original lock down and the guy who eradicated smallpox basically pissed all over the quarantining of the healthy


  13. “Jim Willie – Debt Jubilee & RESET Almost Here – Part 3 – Coup De Gras”
    In this interview, Jim Willie said he thinks three types of debt will be forgiven:
    Auto loans
    Student loans
    He used to say debt Jubilee for the little people were not going to happen.


    1. They are being led by Sr Advisors who watch paint dry on a wall for excitement.

      All 3 have missed every target. Same PLEBS who wasted 3 months doing nothing.

      Johnson is a Muppet, useless. Surrounded by half wits, like Matt Hand on Cock.

      We are trawling the barrel with this lot.


    2. Tino

      The Track and Trace system collapsed on its first day today when it’s stupid parameters meant contacting 2 million people to lock down. Like -Hello????????
      Yes, they REALLY are that Thick!

      I see the social distancing and panic of stupid mutants that are our Public and they Vote!

      Respectfully, witnessing this charade, our Public are too THICK to vote!


  14. Glad I got into this one fairly early because of a trader I met on Telegram who introduced me to two cryptos that have given me nice gains, and NO both of them were not on the recommended list put out by Teeka.

    Could it be they never paid him off to recommend them? [This comment is libelous and false. -WHA]

    The other crypto was Tezos which tokenizes real estate.


    1. One more false accusation about Teeka or PBG being paid off to recommend, and you are history.

      I am very tired of your two-faced, snarky and false claims against them, and I consider it casting aspersions against me personally since I incorporate their news into the assistance I give people at WHA.

      I am not maintaining this site, at no charge, to host people like you.

      If you have proof of such payoffs, you better provide it. Or else you are engaging in libel, and I won’t be helping you do it.

      I know you are a big Mark Z groupie, and you are probably here to get your snarky revenge by making such comments and to score one for your pot smuggling guru.

      You have been warned. Once more snarky comment, or if I even sense you are trying to veil such comment in any way, shape or form, and you are finished.



      1. Actually, on review of your past history, you were already warned once to stop with this kind of thing.

        You are done.

        Start your own site and make your snotty claims there, at your expense. I am too busy to baby sit people who are mental cases.


  15. This is for WHA and Tino. Pandora’s Box is opening.

    This is very important. You will recall that we brought you the story one month ago about Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize winner in 2008 who wrote a paper describing the Covid 19 as man made. He also stated that all man made viruses are not stable and they will revert to its natural state, basically the common cold. His paper was basically ignored. But now it has more significance because a new Chinese team has discovered that the Covid 19 blocks T killer cells from killing the virus as it destroys marker cells which help identify the COVID 19. This is exactly what happens in HIV..disturbing the immune system.

    As I have stated to you on several occasions, we are dealing with a man made virus originating from China. Who paid, and who actually is responsible, is not as clear as the point of origin, and the coverup that occurred where organizations like WHO and others followed China’s direction of silence; and thus are compromised and are of no creditability in providing public direction. If this is not enough to cause independence of thought 💭 in accessing the world around us, then the coming financial hit from the madness of blanket shutdowns will be slap in face to wake up. And what should be clear is that the climate change crowd along with the likes of Gates have wasted no time or money to use this to their advantage in remodeling the world they want at the expense of the public.

    Coronavirus Uses Same Strategy As HIV To Evade, Cripple Immune System: Chinese Study Finds


    1. John

      How is the reset being released the QFS and financial reform etc going to change this awful events we seemingly face Now?

      Talk a bit about what we may see in terms of the reset influencing this rough time the world is going through …



    2. Interesting. I agree that the virus should go non-lethal over time. That just what’s been observed over the last 40 years. Good of the Nobel winner to remind us all about that.

      Given the amount of politicized garbage and the inherent errors in virology and its basic science let’s not over-react. I doubt this science mostly because, while accepting engineered gain-of-function, the HIV element engineered into it does not appear T-cell specific. (E.g. The chemokine receptors CXCR4 and CCR5 function as coreceptors for HIV-1 entry into CD4+ cells. During the early stages of HIV infection, viral isolates tend to use CCR5 for viral entry, while later isolates tend to use CXCR4. These receptors are (mostly) T-cell specific.) COVID goes after ACE2 primarily. Let’s see a truly independent group either in the UK ,or even Montagnier’s lab, replicate.

      Given the nCov infects passively an enormous number of individuals (Does it? Did it? The antigen test is garbage.) , one has to ask how T-cell killing it is. Perhaps those dying outside of the >80 age population are looking at a particular genetic affinity. Or have some Chinese adopted an immune system killing lifestyle — polluted areas and hard smoking come to mind? In HIV, nitrate poppers in the homosexual population clearly obliterated their immune systems long before HIV infected. Please note that if HIV is as causal as accepted we should have had a heterosexual epidemic, and that never materialized. The “vast replication [of Covid19] in vivo without being effectively monitored by anti-viral immunity” is an illusory side-effects of the garbage antigen test. The authors, and I will give them the benefit of the doubt, should know that Coronaviridiae clobber CD8+ cells anyway. And I quote “Similar to earlier observations about SARS-CoV-1 infection (He et al., 2005), several current reports emphasize the occurrence of lymphopenia with drastically reduced numbers of both CD4 and CD8 T cells in moderate and severe COVID-19 cases”. In English, a SARS derivative shows some SARS capability, it blows away CD4 and CD8 cells. [[https://www.cell.com/immunity/pdf/S1074-7613(20)30183-7.pdf pg 11]]

      So, I said before, don’t worry about shed virus, don’t worry about asymptomatic carriers (there aren’t any, and even IF, the latest data shows that they are not spreaders), and for God’s sake, will some real professional make both a good antigen test and good antibody test???


    1. Right on time, and just like a banker. First, they degrade and malign an asset to possibly manipulate the masses to sell. Then, they scoop up the asset at lower prices and start to develop products based on that very asset, and in a seemingly miraculous volte-face, they will offer the product (with a fee) that they before considered excrement.

      John has dealt with these root-weevils for years, and has repeatedly described their Modus Operandi which centers around scheming, scamming and manipulating so they can benefit first, and their end users are sheep for the sheering.

      Nonetheless, they are certainly correct on the undervaluation, in my view. Wall St. is buying up BTC, quietly and swiftly.

      I would say, in my view, that we are already in a bull market, but early in it. Look for volatility to continue, and use dips to add to your positions, but only within safe risk capital limits.

      What will be different this time around is the number of projects out there, and the amount of capital waiting in the wings.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks Tony – been buying the dips for a while now. 👍. Waiting for the big one! Trying to get a feel for timing, if that’s even possible. Lol

        But then Goldman Sachs comes out with this today-just the opposite. Of course, I don’t buy it at all.

        Me – And not just Bitcoin – all cryptos

        Goldman Sachs says bitcoin is not a viable investment for client portfolios



        1. After reading this again. I think this is all about regulations. The SEC is still sitting on its ass for regulatory clarification in the crypto space. Hope we get it by the end of the year.

          After, nothing but bullish news. 😉


          1. Trust me, even this news will be a speck of dust compared to the amount of liquidity from corporate and Wall St interests that are coming, and those regulators will be told what to do to allow it.

            Crypto exchanges, across the board, made over 6 billion dollars last year. Wall St. brokerages made 0$ from such markets. Like John says, pigs at the trough are at the trough because they anticipate easy meals. The small cap crypto ideas that we are holding today, well selected and with good use cases, stand good chances to see their market caps go to billions or even trillions of dollars as their markets develop, and Wall St opens them up to 500,000,000 clients who will be pitched these ideas.

            If we can get out of paper early, and into these ideas early (or safely add more if already in), many of you will potentially experience a change in your financial futures that you didn’t think possible.

            I could not be happier if that occurs for you.

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  16. Like

  17. Be careful what you wish for in Politics.

    With the media against him, having FAILED Totally so far to take down the Deep State, the Swamp will look to swallow him up next time with scandals or stories of incompetence. When does the Lying King ever get his stories right?

    He’s always one tweet away from being seen to be a Fool.Be assured, he’s long since been seen as a Moron by the EU, he’s a standing joke, He needs to get the arrests happening, or the LYing King may get turned over when he least expects it.

    He needs to get some scalps on the board. After 4 years why are Comey’s gang not in jail? Clintons? He would be unelectable in Europe.Totally!

    Don’t be so sure he won’t fail in November.

    Biden has so much dirt.When will the Lying King stop playing the Fool and start learning the game? No one wants Biden, but it still needs enough to vote for a Fool. Will then again? Sure about that? Where are the arrests?



    Slowly the Sheeple are waking up.


    If not if, but when China takes back its territories. It’s coming.



  18. From Armstrong Economics….

    We have reliable rumors behind the curtain coming from Europe that beginning in 2021, all foreign citizens will be required to undergo a pre-screening and registration process, which will be known as the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) before entering European Schengen-zone countries. Not all EU members are part of this Schengen agreement – notably Britain, Scotland, and Ireland. While this system was on schedule before the coronavirus, what is being suggested is that this should nowinclude a health certificate to prove you have been vaccinated to visit Europe by Bill Gates.

    If there is one way to kill tourism in Europe, they seem to have discovered that perfect law. Instead of the old Berlin Wall, it will become the European Wall.

    Imposing this type of health clearance on top of a pre-clearance to travel will most likely only accelerate the breakup of the EU as Southern Europe is thrown into an economic depression killing all tourism as other member states are already telling their people not to leave their home state for fear of the virus.


    1. HIW

      1.We have already seen total capitulation by the Sheeple. Waffling Buffoons rule as Leaders. NWO can’t believe their luck. Gates needs to be visiting the Pearly Gates, ( Entry Refused) as soon as possible.

      2. Open that compulsory injection door and it’s game over. The Police State is her now. Vile and disgusting.

      3. The EU is unsustainable. Americans escaped to build a whole new world, only to have the Zio Trash seize all, and for the Bush/Clinton Crime families stitch up Democracy. Denied!

      We are entering a very bad time for humanity.


  19. How certain are you John2020 that Britain will have ships parked outside of Singapore to defend it against even a surprise attack from Chinese forces? Or, is it more likely Britain will arrive with their ships AFTER a surprise attack has taken place? Please give me some certainty to go on if there is any. Thanks.


    1. Our Subs and Satellites are very active. You saw what we did with the Falklands and Kuwait.
      Be clear, we have a two way response there. Step 1 Special Forces and armed drones.
      Step 2 we go Nuke and Bang! Knowing we will total China is enough. We WILL!


  20. any truth here???

    . He confirmed your source’s White House contact info that “Trump is holding the actual [GCR/RV final release] funding for political purposes,” but he said that Trump is NOT just holding it “because he wants what he wants” as your source’s WH contact claims; our guy said again (1) Trump did sign off on GCR/RV funds release in asset-backed USN disbursements last Fri night overnight 5/22 as expected, and that (2) Trump IS under contractual MANDATE to get the funds fully released BEFORE NEXT MON 6/1’s transitions; BUT our guy said there IS a good reason Trump has been holding the actual funding back and it is NOT out of Trump’s self-will or pig-headed stubbornness but out of Trump’s desire to do what is RIGHT for the American people–Trump had been holding back the release of final funds until the Chinese Finance Minister & communist govt officials and Chinese Elders agreed to a fairer percentage of debt relief to the USA for Chinese exotic bonds held by the USA that the Republic of China defaulted on in 1938 (for some background he said google “fox business news may 14 2020 $1.6 trillion china bonds” and google “dinarrecaps.com PIR Report Friday 5-15-2020 “Historic Chinese Bonds are in Play”)–so POTUS and his team have been negotiating for a fairer percentage of debt relief value (forgiving American debt) in exchange for US Treasury bonds that China holds that could forgive China’s debt to the USA; Trump has been working on a quid pro quo debt forgiveness deal, but the Chinese were holding back what Trump and his team were requesting for the deal to be fair; however our guy said THIS IS BEING RESOLVED behind the scenes NOW and the USA and Chinese sides are coming NOW to resolution for FAIR debt forgiveness to both countries so that POTUS can release the funds in the coming hours; he said PRAY FOR COMPLETION OF details for FAIR RESOLUTION for both China and the USA.

    [5:12 PM]


    1. I responded to this days earlier when I simply said, way too sensitive right now.

      Cutting through the obfuscating waffe, it’s NOT the equitable disbursement which is the issue. It’s the sheer Size of Military Budget Demand the Military Industrial Complex (Deep State) is demanding before THEY allow Trump to agree. Self interest, not national! Our people are shocked at the greed witnessed. It’s ALL about feeding fat Butts at the Pentagon. Trump is just a Leg Man for real controllers. The Pigs at the Trough want more!
      Covid is now America’s Ace card!


  21. Is this hype or a possible buy? It has risks. Just worth WHA discussing if worthy or not.
    Subject: Market Analyst Says This Little-Known Cryptocurrency Will Soar 700% in Two Years



    The Chinese Long Game? TAKE America!


    Why? Because China’s own lands are so polluted it can not sustain its nation.. But taking America will!


    Unmasking Q and his strategy.
    Subject: GVP #158 – Charlie Freak & Colleen. The Q Plan Explained – YouTube


    Oxford Covid-19 trial of Trump-backed hydroxychloroquine is CONTINUING – despite WHO chiefs suspending a global study on the anti-malaria drug after results showed it may raise the risk of death

    Oxford University researchers were given the green light by the UK drugs watchdog to continue giving the tablets to NHS patients with COVID-19 as part of the Recovery Trial.


    Interesting that despite the WHO dropping it Trump pushes on.


    Interesting UK upturns

    NHS gets green light to treat coronavirus patients with Ebola drug https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8357333/NHS-gets-green-light-treat-coronavirus-patients-Ebola-drug-remdesivir.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    Watch out for the kids.

    Face masks are dangerous for children under two, Japanese experts warn https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8357929/Face-masks-dangerous-children-two-Japanese-experts-warn.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    What the hell is Gates unleashing on humanity?

    Why is it that people think they know best when vaccines are needed or that we can trust untested devices and technology to do a better job than doctors and existing protocols?

    Mankind has done just fine without all this nonsense and control.
    And in the absence of rigid testing published and reviewed why does anyone want to be the test subject or have children provide the value of such implants?

    Crazy business. This is madness and Gates needs to be taken to Gitmo for life!



    Britain could soon be carrying out a MILLION coronavirus tests every day after experts say they can unlock huge increase in capacity.. as one NHS trust plans to use it to screen frontline workers every 72 hours

    New technology – if approved – could allow routine monthly testing of every household in Britain. Documents reveal the NHS is in early talks over the tests, which cost less than £2.50 each.


    Now THIS is hope, if achieved.


  22. The city of Atwater has declared itself a “sanctuary city” from Governor Gavin Newsom’s continued lockdown orders, allowing local businesses and churches to reopen.


  23. Good evening Tony. Me and the gang here in upstate wanted to ask you if you could share some of the advisory services you have used in the past. We know you have spoken of Palm Beach Group and Weiss but are there other ones that you like and if so can you share so we may look into them? Thanks somuch it is so nice to see john here helping us stay informed and with accuracy on the RV and all. Thanks so much, your pal C.


    1. You and your gang in Upstate NY really come up with some interesting questions.

      It really depends how far back you wish to go. I will just stick to the last 5 years or so. Some I have been a member of off and on, some now, some soon. It just depends where I see the best opportunities so that the costs are offset as soon as possible, which is usually the case.

      Here is a list. Remember, I will list all I have been in, am in, or am trending towards. This is in addition to my own personal picks. As I get older, I prefer to buy the advice I consider as a time saving feature. It would take me too much time to really dig into these ideas on my own. That’s just my personal view.

      Palm Beach Group:
      Palm Beach Confidential
      Palm Beach Venture
      Palm Beach Letter

      Stansberry Research:

      Stansberry’s Investment Advisory
      True Wealth
      Gold & Silver Investor
      True Wealth Opportunities: Commodities
      Extreme Value
      The Income Portfolio

      Casey Research:

      International Speculator
      Casey Platinum

      Weiss Research:

      Gold & Silver Trader
      Markman’s Strategic Options
      Weiss Ratings’ Quantum Trader
      Weiss Ultimate Portfolio
      Weekend Windfalls
      Weiss Crypto Investor

      I am also reviewing several others but have not had a chance to test them. Check back with me in a few months and I will let you know.

      Hope your investment group is enjoying nicer weather!

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  24. Breaking via Natural News: But buried in Moderna’s own press release is an admission that Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine caused serious injuries in 15% of patients who were injected.

    Importantly, the so-called “grade 3 systemic symptoms,” which require medical intervention, appeared after the second round of vaccine injections, underscoring the suspicion that the first vaccine injection sets up the body for an injurious (or even deadly) reaction upon a second exposure to a pathogen.

    High-dose subjects suffered “serious adverse events” The injuries were reported at the 250 ug (microgram) dose levels, and Modern removed those participants from any consideration of antibody reporting, restricting their antibody claims to those who received lower doses.


    1. Both above issues bring us back to Thalidomide days, and the greed plus morality risks with a non person like Gates allowed to dominate a sophisticated Medical Profession with neither the academic nor moral fortitude necessary. Testing? So, again rush Covid and unleash hell. Do we want to mass inject a cure which kills us?


      Thank you Tino.


  25. Never forget a sad, lost Girl, who had it all, but had nothing. She saw the stars, and was adored by the world, but reviled by a petulant little shit, who chased the County Bike, and almost brought down the Monarchy.
    This song, on the day of her funeral;.stopped the country, stopped the world, and is epic in history.

    The Peoples Princess.

    She gave and left us William. He is England’s last hope of a Monarch. The gibbering half wit between himself and the great Queen, will never have public support.

    May the Queen live 10 more years.

    Diana, thank you for William, and for he being first. Did England ever so need him to be good.

    Diana, you left an epic line with William and the hearts of the nation will be with you for ever.

    In a world of lying and dying, let’s think of Diana, the life she so deserved and lost. He who is unfit to be King, but will! May it be a short reign. No public respect is his legacy. As for Camilla? She is reviled for Eternity.
    Family values matter. Diana will never be forgotten. She lit up the world and touched hearts. Sadness was her legacy. .


    In a time of unparalleled risk as we fight NWO, the Elites, and the human scourge of the vile Zionist parasites, we need you all there helping on this journey.

    Did we ever need the PPs and RV’s more and for fit Governance of these funds once released to avert the Elites and their Tri Lateral plans. We need Gates to go to the Pearly Gates soon. Soros with him.
    We need a miracle soon. Celine and Andrea say it all, please use the full screen if you can.


    New Covid angles.



    Living in Trumps Glass House he dare not. Does he need a new Stormie with November coming up?


    Just when we thought we were getting out, Covid strikes back.

    Hospital in Somerset stops taking patients because of Covid-19 cases https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8354401/NHS-hospital-Somerset-shuts-E-stops-taking-new-patients-surge-Covid-19-cases.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    China, what a nerve, they have destroyed Global economies, and try this SHIT!. We need to block out their trade and work it right up them for this. Bat and animal eaters, Child molesters. You blew it.
    Eurasia now WILL be led by Europeans, not by you Bastards!



    In order to help you understand the vast amounts stolen by Wall Street , the Criminal Bankers, and corrupt Politicians, this video will help you see what we are all seeking to recover.
    All these years, but the net is closing in on them now. The Bushes and Clintons won’t be heroes then. Nor Obama. We can recover the LOT!


    Please spend 3 minutes reaching for the stars with us. Large screen if you can and loud.


    For all of you, you matter. NWO will never give us this, or corrupt Politician and dirty Bankers.


    You need a macabre sense of humour to appreciate this. I qualify.


    We live in a world of such sadness and so much suffering. A song to touch your hearts.. Before Covid gets it.


    Which life is real, Asks Bohemian Rhapsody.


    If the second wave hits, what then? Lock down again and switch off the lights? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  26. We are going to give you an Agenda so stark, so manipulatively horrific, that even the THICKEST among our populations, which sadly appears to be above 80%!!!, may at last start realize what sort of sad and mass manipulated world the NWO Elites have planned for your Children and Grandchildren.

    Without more agenda just assess the stark, horrific reality of this. You at least can. That’s why you’re here, and Thank God you are.

    While America is preparing to give Israel yet another $38 B USD to continue its Genghis Khan Seed Khazars Pariahs funds to assault Hegemony on its neighbours, and to bribe or blackmail all Senators, Congressmen, or Presidents surrounded by these disgusting Zionist sub human Jackals, who face demands that it’s necessary to continue funding this blatant farce, or their funding gets pulled. Red Riding Hood and the Wolves.

    Welcome to the Pack Leaders! Trump is surrounded by the Vermin! The worst are dug in pulling all his strings.

    1936.Too STUPID then, too STUPID Now?

    Will the Sheeple wake TF!!! up in time?

    You’re the awoken, and we need every one of you. We are all on the Damned Titanic right now. Please, THINK Reality right now, and WHAT IF?



    Hong Kong today, is YOU tomorrow!


    Are we alone in he Universe?


    Having given you the stark reality of NWO, let us share with you hope via Celine and more
    We share, we care.
    But most of all- We think.
    Kindly too.

    Values we all need.


    1. Agenda 2030 has already started. I know people won’t like this but could Trump be control opposition to keep a percentage of the population waking up complacent? Q anon too?

      The economy slowly opening right now is just to give us plebs some hope that things will get back to normal. We’ve been living in a propped up fake economy and how convenient for them to blame it on a virus. Trump himself has said a second wave of the virus is coming this fall. I think after the elections by end of year. Then shut down again and hello reset in 2021 while they continue with their NWO agenda.

      I hope I’m wrong.


    2. Digital nomad investor goes into detail the plans they have for us.

      “Agenda 2030! Globalists Plan for Global Enslavement!” DNI Bonus Video!


  27. Pre-announcement: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko gives a 5 days treatment with HCQ, Azithromycin and Zinc. Starting before day 5 of the symptoms. After 5 days 1448 of his 1450 patients were cured.
    His scientific report will be published next week.


  28. A simple and serious big question.
    IF Covid re appears will we lock down again?
    We will already lose up to 30% of our commerce.

    No one is telling you yet what happens if Pension funds can’t meet annual commitments now. That will skewer the Zio trash on Wall Street..Derivatives calls will be the Perfect Storm unfolding.

    So, do we lock down again because if so, apart from Education., the lot risks melt down.

    Do these Morons in Governments have a clue about consequences?

    Do you, as you’re the smarter Public?


    1. I think we are in big trouble. What do you make of this? https://unnwo.org/
      Happiness for all mankind by 2050?

      We who hold gold silver and cryptos may preserve our wealth or become wealthy, but what kind of world will we have on the other side.

      Real question John2020?


      1. I think you already answered that for me in another post.

        On another subject:

        Right now I feel sick to my stomach. James wood has been posting videos of fragile elderly people getting beat up in nursing homes. I just saw one of a woman hitting a man in a nursing home with a belt over his head. Over and over again!! He crawled in a corner. OMG!! What kind of effed up world do we live in!!!


      2. A Johnson

        Please. look at the NWO strategy above. Now, do you understand, all humour apart, the reality we are focused on, the fact it was only 02.43 in the morning here when I logged this in, The work we do, the stresses we bear, money apart, the fact that we care?
        If like type minds, most on this site, don’t help us so few as we take up this fight if we lose, we all go into the night..


    1. No problem if we fill each with 100 pakkies and launch the lot back at France. We should fill 100 craft a day, and launch them out of Military Bombers 2 miles off the French coast.

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  29. What IF this Covid is only a forerunner of far worse to come?

    What IF, this Covid has been stage played by Gates and co?

    What IF, the Tri Laterals. NWO and Big Pharma, see how unbelievably Thick the Sheeple are as they walked like Mutts to be corralled. are now thinking – Lunch , unreal no one could foresee how naively brainless they are. This is 1936 all over again. Churchill warning about the Nazis. Ridiculed for it, and 3 years later it came.

    How very much worse could a real Pandemic be? Our Leaders are simply too thick to lead. Mutts minding Sheeple while the Wolf is on the borders.

    These things come in waves. What next and when?

    NWO can’t believe their luck. I can’t! Economies will demand action and then?


  30. Shoot me now….

    America’s Center for Disease Control “is conflating viral and antibody tests…” writes the Atlantic, “distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic.”

    Thelasko shared their report:
    We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus. The upshot is that the government’s disease-fighting agency is overstating the country’s ability to test people who are sick with COVID-19… The widespread use of the practice means that it remains difficult to know exactly how much the country’s ability to test people who are actively sick with COVID-19 has improved.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Ashish Jha, the K. T. Li Professor of Global Health at Harvard and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told us when we described what the CDC was doing. “How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess….” By combining the two types of results, the CDC has made them both “uninterpretable,” he said…


    1. Also Tino

      As we have found so many tests to be inaccurate, along with rigged counts, where is truth?

      We have wasted 5 months allowing idiots to fail to plan, with no clue of containment strategies. Clueless, the lot led by mediocre Matt- Hand on Cock ( Hancock) how can we not fail?

      We still can’t test 100,000 a day which is way short of needs. And- with faulty tests? Are we testing as Positive those who are not? Trust nothing.

      Our economies are beyond trashed. Why? Where is border checking? Where are pre-flight tests if so bad?

      With a pending Perfect Income Storm for Pension Funds, what goes down if or when they go down?

      We are in freefall. Why?


      1. **We are in freefall. Why?**

        To borrow a phrase which fits, errors of this magnitude are never by accident.

        It is a deliberate assault. It is deliberate gaslighting. It is an attack on We, the People at this point. No rational observer would leave an economy shut down at this point. Especially when the hospital surge never materialized. It is the exercise of power to establish precedent and conditioning. Now the data is showing lock downs have barely changed the pandemic course!

        Not to mention the criminal nonsense being inflicted by the CDC Guidelines for reopening schools. Absolutely criminal. I won’t list them here, but no child should suffer the restrictions. And shouldn’t rationally either, since while it is true that children under 5 suffer worse COVID outcomes than the flu, the 5 to 18 crowd is mostly bulletproof to the disease. You will do more harm by the CDC school guidelines than letting everything go back to normal. Again, an error of this magnitude is never by accident. There is pure evil afoot here.

        In regards to air travel, we know asymptomatic transmission simply doesn’t happen in practice. Fever checks are sufficient. Like Asian nations do, lots of infrared cameras on your way to Customs. Works well for Taiwan. And you get to see yourself on the screens as you go by,


  31. This company focuses on helping their clients go where they are treated best with respect to tax and business friendliness. I don’t have a client relationship with them. I am simply presenting as an item of interest to those of you who may need such services in the future.


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    1. That was a really interesting video Tony, thank you. Even worth looking into even if one is not terribly wealthy just to understand the opportunities/possibilities and how it all works.

      Dad gave his son some great advice there. How very proud he would be of his achievements.


  32. What comes around goes around. China will lead and NWO will follow.
    China will be flexing muscles and not just in HK Read the horror of what the NWO, Tril Lats and Gates plus would do. HK may be our own tomorrow.




    So there is some good news?


    Sometimes, it’s time to move on in life, and rise to new opportunities. Life awaits, reach for the new journey about to begin.

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  33. So much for social-distancing! Donald Trump is seen golfing for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began and is seen shaking hands on the course

    President Trump enjoyed a leisurely start to Memorial Day weekend as he arrived at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia Saturday for a round on the course.


    Poor Trump.

    He gets that this whole lock down is so way, way, way OTT and beyond ridiculous. The chance of a hand to hand infection is minuscule outside of high risk areas. Sensible Professionals are already self protecting so why throw away centuries of culture. Social distancing now has the mass mindless jumpy. It’s beyond offensive to see some brain dead half wit too dumb to select obvious items from Store shelves, while the semi morons gawp at them, holding back shoppers in the isles afraid to pass them and receiving threatening glares if even walking past within 3 feet, which I do always. This over the top lock down is going to cause real social conflicts if not lifted. Turf Wars as some Plebeian Lump believes we have stolen its right to use its now 6 ft of Air Space Kingdom which we presume to use to pass and do our daily transacting. I’ve had a few altercations to date where I have called out their mental faculties, and asked often if they were born simple or have just spent a lifetime perfecting it. The lock down is bringing out the worst of Joe Public. Sadly, there are times where they allow the Tri Laterals to prove their point about population reduction. Scientists have made an absolute Balls of infection projections, and the level of Bottom Feeders we have ensconced in Political Office have unleashed Draconian regulations which the Sheeple have mass adhered to.

    Unemployment levels may escalate to such a level as to be un-affordable on Welfare, and post LockDown release expect a surge in crimes. Then what do we do with the mass visible surplus sheeple? A Hand Atomiser to clear the Store isles of mutants springs to mind People are having to queue in cold wind and rain for essential shopping while numbers are limited and life is is being needlessly and adversely affected by needless Big Brother regulations. Tri Laterals you may soon get our votes. Sheeple? Already we have seen the lock down ignored as masses flooded to beaches or parks. and a presumptive Police Constable meddling was mass assaulted and given a good kicking on the ground by enraged teenagers. It’s getting ugly. Use common sense and ignore the Nanny State. But I see way too many Sheeple subjugating to the Corral. These clown know the price of a store item, but not freedom? We need electronic cattle prods when shopping. As an ex Hobby Farmer I know only too well the frustration of herding cattle or sheep. Mindless. Vaccines will do it. Gates will be forgiven. Order. (Said in Humour!)


    God help Borrowers.

    If a commodity like Oil is worth nothing, then the value of the commodity in exchange is also worth nothing.
    One cannot help but wonder what restructuring can occur when the asset has no value due to decreased demand. Presumably, a bond or flow through instrument is reduced to a zero current return with a future nebulous payback, we can assume it is impaired. A Pension Fund can extend maturity and horizon of Capital return but is lost as to current earnings. I cannot imagine much of a future Pension appetite for such instruments. This will kill the likes of Rothschilds Glencore in such future attempts as suckers will be more limited to their pitch. Emerging energy dependent nations will face unprecedented catastrophe in trying to get ahead socially. Let alone maintain even current standings. Imagine the pain of their societies to come.

    With an estimated global 30+Trillion in asset value destroyed thus far, and limited cash availed to restore activity; decline in future consumption is a built in reality. One can only imagine increased volatility over the next 2 years or so, as a true notional equilibrium is found at a bottom of this decline. Even in retail, it will take until next fall to even understand the complete outfall from store closing and related supply chain collapse. Believe me when I tell you that your local stores need you more than ever.

    Even if society suffered a 5% fatality rate, it would be better off, than what is in progress. Yes, I understand systems would be overwhelmed. But, I suggest many more will die from a lack of care, than the virus. And that says nothing about the upcoming suicides and drug and drinking problems which will result in broken homes. Just take a moment to think about the social cost. Where will this money come from? Do not think that crime will decline; if will increase and most likely violently as Crime soars.

    Frankly, I think every Misguided politician who stood up for the shut down of economies deserves to be voted out of office, as unfit for duty. And what has happened with Seniors is not just tragic but a complete abduction of civil duty of politicians to people who contributed to society. We celebrate heroes, well how about holding Senior resIdences accountable for needless deaths, along with the politicians who abandoned their civic duty?

    Yes, I know I will get return mail telling me a I have a bleeding heart for Seniors, and I should not, as they are old and value spent. But I ask you, do we not all get old? Were we not taught to have respect for Elders ? It would be nice to think that the society we contribute to, and contributed to, cared enough to return the favor. Sometimes gray hair carries wisdom not found in the exuberance of youth. And in times ahead that knowledge and wisdom will be sorely needed. Melt down would be ugly.




    That’s a leveler. What now?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. john

      can you share a bit how is the deal going …

      the one that was in FL but moved to a more secure protectorate?



      1. JJ

        Huge respect to all of you.

        Radar silence right now. Very, very important, understand?

        If this comes off, the significance is off the map in tactics then.

        Imagine, if the last century of Rothschilds, and truly disgusting Zios had been used for humanity? Imagine if a Party had the Bank Platform Control of the new funds, choosing instead to use the vast output not for War, Weapons, or Greed, but to change the entire focus of being, a better species of Human Being?

        To scrap ALL Religions, yet focus on Ethereal values, making everyone conscious of their own responsibility as being Keepers or Your OWN REAL Souls, and helped you understand the true Universal Sufferance of Atonement if not? Removing Zionism and the Islams scourges from our planet, turning the Vatican into a museum

        AND, having the funds and power, to take away all School funding from all Religious Cons, bringing back responsibility to correctly fund and educate all our Children, from Birth onwards in real values, Arts Sciences, Literacy, Math, Cultures and History.
        Ending slavery, and Child mutilation, the Tower for Shivas! Both Heads and C****s on the block for that lot.

        Where, if successful, real Caring and Sharing is applied to rebuild a better Human Being, where Governance of Values overtakes Government by Chancers and the manipulative Parasites we now see effacing all Cultural values, without integrity or Purpose of Being between the lot of them. To serve a purpose, NOT Help themselves.

        To serve a nation is an honour. Honour it! That is reward enough. To rid Banking of the Rot of the Rothschilds, and to rethink financing forever. A Block Chain which BLOCKS Zionists and their type.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. A lot of good stuff in your post John… the leaders who are keeping these lock downs in place should be dragged out of their high office and stream rolled!.. the officials who enforce the unconstitutional orders should also be steam rolled!.. you took a position of authority and with it comes the responsibility to fight against the same government!

      Love Trump adding churches as essential… more to these lock downs than safety!

      Cuomo should be held responsible for what he did to the elderly… be shocked if that ever happens…

      Add him to the 100 mile long list of those that need to be charged and arrested which we are supposed to be waiting on!

      And, as always, if we had a real media this stuff would have been over already… hope I see the day when a lot of these media low life scum are held accountable!

      To the “tower” with them all!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you James, and an everlasting smile for Dolly Parton. Her journey, losses and humour. Dolly keeps it real, inside.


      1. You’ve already got enough dodgy items. But if she spots those mini cameras God help you.

        In Seoul in South Korea some of the top Hotels have cameras hidden in Bedrooms and all link in on funny channels to watch the tourists at it.


            1. That’s easy…just open a valve and she shrinks down and fits in a drawer. 🤣 (I kid)

              Not married…yet, anyway. I remember as a young man I would visit the clubs and tell girls I liked, “Honey, I wish I were married so I could leave my wife for you”.


              1. Serve you right if something starts vibrating in her bedside draw, you look inside , and in panic flee fast downstairs looking for a bike pump as an emergency. A hornet works Tony.


              2. Did you ever go to the Red Onion? It was a popular dance club in the mid eighties. Dress code. You never know, we could have bumped into each other back then. Lol


                1. Yes…and Don Jose’s on Torrance and Hawthorne Blvd. Big big pickup place – young execs in three-piece suits. Chicks on black beauties (speed) could dance all night, even on the dance floor. I avoided the drugs. Many didn’t and are not here now.

                  We may have indeed met. When AIDS hit, the club scene really came to a hault. The herpes triangle really crashed for a while. Life seems to want us to be monogamous. When I look back, the best life has to offer is with a true genuine affinity for one partner. The club scene, looking back for me personally, was just a debauched waste of time chasing doped up harpies who were wanting another notch on their lipstick cases. Devoid of real future planning with the right mate. Boozed up love.

                  Well, we survived it. 🙂

                  Liked by 2 people

                2. Replying to your posts below:

                  Well I was a good girl. Didn’t do drugs even though it was all around me. I love to dance. I use to go to the salsa clubs too with live music. Fandangos was so much fun. Tiered seating all around the dance floor.

                  My girlfriend was going out with a famous lead singer of a hard rock band for n the eighties, who I will not name. He died of an drug overdose 10 years ago. Finally took a toll. Talk about drugs. Omg! I drove home by myself in the middle of the night from LA to OC, while she stayed and partied it up. Not into that sort of thing.


                3. ” Life seems to want us to be monogamous. When I look back, the best life has to offer is with a true genuine affinity for one partner.”

                  That is such a beautiful statement. So nice to hear a man speak like that.

                  Liked by 1 person

  34. Jared Tate stepped down from heading up Digibyte because he wanted to set an example that actions are more powerful than just words. He truly is serious about decentralization and showed it with his decentralized stepping down…. But he is holding onto his DGB bag with a passion because he knows it can succeed without heading it up.

    Jared wrote:
    Stepping away from social media & taking a well earned summer sabbatical does not equate to selling everything & leaving forever. I still hold 99% of all my crypto in DGB & always will. Its time for DigiByte to shine on its own.


    WONDERFUL NEWS about DGB working together with the European commission. Will DGB be used for govt. cryptos?:

    Great news. A Matchmaker has been appointed for the Digibyte team by the European Commission, to guide them through the matchmaking process that the European Commission is finalizing so the DGB Team can be prepared to meet potential partners from public and private sector.


    1. Good luck to those holding this idea.

      Commercial interest in crypto may be the tide that lifts all boats. I saw it happen in 2016-17.

      Someone offered to pay me for a service and asked if I took DGB, so I said yea..sure. It’s liquid at Uphold so why not. So, let’s see what happens. The adventure begins.


  35. Well, the BASTARDS again failed to report.


    So, I claimed that asymptomatic transfer was a non-starter simply based on the fact that the classes of the cold virus, including coronavirus, simply don’t transmit that way. Primary mode is droplet, secondary mode droplet-to-surface-to human. All other common transmission methods are small. I also claimed that anyone thinking there was asymptomatic spread was believing the nonsense results generated by the poor antigen tests which persists to this day, starting with the erroneous and retracted German paper on asymptomatic transfer (the patient was found to have mild symptoms).

    Even though I still believe that asymptomatic transfer is a non-starter, we now have a real *apparent* quantification by the other side and it’s very weak. This means air travel needs only to check for fever, getting past this idiocy of using the ultra-poor performing antigen tests, which remain garbage.


    1. Good to see you lead off Tino and thank you. See the massive boost in comments. It’s flying. Thanks to everyone also.

      Great for Tony he’s hung in for everyone.


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