Information Briefing #163

The Emerging Realities And Opportunities Of The New Roaring Twenties In A Post-Brexit World

With the UK about to leave the reviled Socialist Communist EU and to Brexit, the UK Economy will boom. Its Global footprint and its potential is huge.

But what may befall America if stripped of its right to a true Democratic vote, by these Self Interest Criminal Enslaving Elites and Zio trash?

Is betrayal of the Founders’ so well conceived Constitutional Rights to ensure you were never again enslaved this way, not your Voting birthright to protect Americans? Also for your own Children? Obama, Biden, the Clintons, the vile Zionists and Nasty Nancy, would enslave you all by their Treason. Albeit whilst still lining their own pockets with their own crooked treachery. How can Obama ever find a solution, he can’t even find his Birth Certificate! This ever Lying, Usurping Chicago Fake Con Man. Such Trash rules fools.

The Election and Vote Rigging scam visible to all is treasonous. If you don’t bring their crooked system down, your endowed rights all end.

With the Chinese Dynasty Elders now close to a UN supported redemption release for the key Elders, the US is so desperate for use of those metals, Cash Pallets and Trusts. But, by focused redemption and hard bargaining, huge things can happen next year. Good things. We will not budge. No way the Cabal way.

For them they bend or it’s their end!

It’s time for Free thinking, not Free riders. Opportunities for WHA. Time to think about Cryptos and to escape the Pariah Zio Trash and oppressive Elites’ cynical taxes.

Imagine what is possible by combining the vast potential of the UK AND its Commonwealth of c2.5 billion people with the potential of a refocused America? The UK has full access to c500M in the EU. It has access to over 1.3 Billion in India. It has access to Asia. Now refocusing on the above and the entire Commonwealth, the UK now has a target Trading market well exceeding 4 Billion people. Even focused up to 5B possible. It needs no one.

It will Thrive free of Socialist dogma and the UK HAS its own Central Bank, OWNED ONLY by the nation, not the Rothschilds shackles of America or EU. The Rotts have no UK foothold. They were removed decades ago.

The world sees the crude and brutal betrayal of America’s wealth creating voters.

Post the emerging Releases, with funds then to underpin key projects by selective UN/ Elders Project Funding, Wealth and Job creation can boom. It will NOT be used to fund Monopoly Games money by cross demonetized notes gamblers. Nor Pumpers or Shyster Promoters. Notes ransacked and stolen from Iraqi banks or falsely printed by US forces, are not of lawful origin. Nor will we fund any such redemptions. You bought it, you sort it!

War Torn Currencies Will Not Be Revalued To Extreme Levels To Fund Speculators

A new world is coming and they are afraid. Free of Zionist Banks or even US Dollars, now able to use the Blockchain and Cryptos in a free Ethernet highway, what is possible now? Cryptos will soon be bigger than the Banks. Free of their rapacious charges also. Even China is preparing to release an unhackable speed of light new Global communications system. US communications, MSM enslavements, and Hegemony is about to end. A new world is emerging but how do we all help shape it?

There are no nations. It’s just a fake illusion. The entire world is only land and sea. The rest is an illusion of Corporate Governance. All to deceive and manipulate you into universal sufferance. Corralling Sheeple. Sequestrate and dominate the gullible.

But – Your Soul was born free, as is our choice to work towards the evolution of a Superior (Humane) Human Being. Free to evolve as Being More.

We need to Defeat the Elites. The real border starts with the Consciousness of the Human mind. Your Soul was born free for a journey of Human Carbon Life Form discovery. Subservient to no one, nor their Fake religions. No God wants pieces cut from the genitalia of your children. It’s Gross!!! Have you no thinking ability? It’s your children! Blood sacrifices are Neanderthal. You need horse whipping to wake you up to cease such a macabre, disgusting cult practice. Incarcerate Shivas! Mind enslaving children to such indoctrinating Cults is abusive and wrong. All are based on false Fallacies. Man created Religions.

A new door is opening. Do you cross the road to an enhanced Crypto meritocracy, or allow this cynical vote rigging to steal the election and derail all the Constitutional values your Democracy aspired to? The Democrats offer you None!

The Presidency is NOT about the Party. It’s about the privilege and honour to represent the face and values of all Americans. Biden does not deserve such a role, ever! Appoint him and you just dismantled the Founders entire ethos, those who so aspired for the Constitution, living values to enshrine, empowering all of you.

“…With the Chinese Dynasty Elders now close to a UN supported redemption release for the key Elders, the US is so desperate for use of those metals, Cash Pallets and Trusts. But, by focused redemption and hard bargaining, huge things can happen next year. Good things. We will not budge…”

In 2021, which road will you take? Thinking for yourself is a good start.

America is about to lose its place as the Global lead power. What then as the new world surges? Bribe Taking Biden, his foul Son, Nasty Nancy plus Chicago Con Man Usurper Soetoro will self enrich themselves only. Ever more rapacious abuse of power. The US Cupboard is bare already. Rifled for decades. Freeloading is ending.

It’s your life, your journey of discovery. Such a privilege to even be alive. Life – is all!

2021 is a new world and destiny for the UK. We broke free of Socialist Hegemony.

But what of our US Allies? Bribe taking Biden lied, your votes denied. Barr in Justice was a Plant only. Justice is ever corrupt. Both Houses self serve only. 10M Jews and Zionists OWN America!!!!!! How can you allow this to be? Israel and Mossad control America. Wake TF up and step clear as the UK has just done with Brexit. Lose your votes, you lose your right to be – Anything! Britain just took everything back. Votes count.

For the UK the future is bright. Biden just stole America’s.

You will do what?

The World is not ruined by the wickedness of the wicked, but by the weakness of the good.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Information Briefing #162

Do You Want Global Reality Or Guru “Truth”? You Decide

Before we start a new year, it’s probably best to convey the following now and prepare to move into 2021 with a fresh perspective.

Out of public sight, little understood, game changing moves are taking place in the major league. We will explain further a little later on.

Life is a game board where, in this case, too many pawns presume to be kings.

WHA raised for you the specter of false guru visions and fake Dinarian hope propagated yet again by the mercenary currency gurus. False gods deflect you from both reality and a new life direction. We promote nothing for profit. Just reality.

Too many innocent, needing and desperate people were sucked into the glib assurances of the fake Dinar paper promoters. Armed with sequestrated Iraqi Dinar plates, with $20 of printing and packaging, the promoters offered multi-hundred million dollar returns from a demonetized currency which was neither of valid intent to be redeemed, nor of credible commitments, for just $500, or more. The promoters and pumpers went wild!

Bait and switch. The bait was your greed. The switch was your money.

Promoters got rich and rode the wild tiger market fueled by middlemen and fake gurus. Anyone attempting to challenge truth, questioning their impossible dreams, unleashes waves of vitriol by naïve wassocks who “know it all”, but, mainly, the f— all variation.

Suckers really are born every day. Fools and their money...part.

Chumps continue to pontificate how they will be paid, from the land of brokers’ dreams, while you got laid!

How many years, false dawns and failed promises? When does it dawn, Custer’s not coming? The amounts of quadrillions of dollars in future revaluation claimed are delusional. Of course, Iraq’s not backing it, nor able. Do you want a South Seas bubble?

Read now, the reality:

No nation has the money, interest, or even the will to bail these gullible, albeit innocent and mainly well-intended high gambling wannabes sucked in by the pumpers’ hype. Each, failed fantasies, but not for the pumpers who scammed your money! Why don’t they pay up and make good their promises? Every month, every year, never ending flatulent hype. More gurus’ fake news. More tomorrows. Ambulance chasing is fraught with failures. So many “M1s” and “empowered ladies” from high density low cost homes in Palookerville alleging authority to draw down the funds, but can’t – ever!

Indonesia is awash with “M1s”. Not one can raise a dime and some are scamming up-front fees against more false, illegal get rich fast promises. Again – trusting, good people, get hurt. The most needy are victims of the pariah greedy.

The reality is this: One high-profile, publicly protected future global refunding project, a nations reshaping plan, is very much in play. Very much so. But, not for brokers or ambulance chasers.

Contrary to tiring claims of ever more “elders’ assigned masters”, or lady gurus of the universe, a very high level real and authorized economic/humanitarian project is actually progressing, with cross-U.N. finance ministers and collective elders’ true representatives, whereby all the genuine AU holdings, from all elders’ nations, (albeit often without full, or some even any LMBA registered and evidenced bundle packs) is now being cross-assayed as a special project undertaking. All holdings are being computed up to a cross-collected value, and will be allocated to a U.N. controlled Global Nations Redevelopment Program fund. The game of hidden metals, illegally concealed from use, benefits no one. Any unauthorized transfers now become money laundering with huge bank penalties. We refuse to touch such transactions. Crime is time and not for us. All nations’ holdings are now being, at last, coagulated for global beneficial project funding for c200 nations to be allocated monitored development-only-funds as approved. Not for get rich quick shysters.

None of this is coming to street traded demonetized paper. No functioning duly authorized competent Iraqi Government ever was empowered or had rights to authorize this quad T debt fantasy. Why argue with fools? There is not the money in the world to fund such ridiculous claims.

Nor even interest!

In London, the Elders’ key Trust advisors will shut down any such errant attempt. The key U.N. party about to take control will do nothing without London oversight. It will not clear appropriations. Dongs are safe. Iraq has limits on what will be allowed and authorized. The rest is “Whakkie Bakkie”. Quad T’s? Get real! Mass printed, unauthorized source currency, is not real money. But, why argue with an opinionated gullible rabble fool?

Think, those funds flowing back in cryptos now and starting again?

A senior, real Elders authority is being appointed with the U.N., to head up, supervise and monitor the allocation of approved project development capital to 200 nations. Rebuilding the world. Effective use. Phase funded with professionals.

For nations there will be project benefits and jobs. Not funding whakkie backie papers. Nor political or military/agency kickbacks. Iraq can afford at max to issue c$7T in notes. No more. But to whom?

Who repays Iraq trillions for the VILE “Shock and Awe” bombing of a defenseless nation? A million innocents unlawfully killed – 5,000 years of culture erased.

So, facing down the needs of 200 nations, where are you in the queue?

Real help, with an ever growing economically literate WHA readership, look how many have followed and profited from the site over the last few years, even doubling funds and more. If you start small, achievable real objectives and rebuild, in 5 years from now what could you then be worth? No free dinners from 20 years of fake Dinars! You have a vibrant community, common interests.

New concepts are under consideration for next year. Economic global community development. Not a bad ground floor position to restart is it? Real assistance is planned, so stay tuned. When the aforementioned projects are completed, look for future details on what this may mean for the truly able, capable, intelligent and prepared.

The rest? For those who scoff at the content above, sorry. But truth is, if you can handle it: Custer is NOT coming. He simply relied on poor information and charged in, but couldn’t charge back out.

Thank you. Please have a safe Holiday.

Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true. – Julius Caesar

Information Briefing #161

Cryptographic Currencies And Personal Encryption May Significantly Disable Future Nation-State Taxing Capacity And Political Power

The new Ethernet Crypto markets open up a whole new dichotomy for the Global State Tax Authorities.

While the incoming QFS has been designed to Stage Transaction Tax-All, the Crypto market opens doors for a vast Taxation bypass. The Ethernet has no Revenue Tracking jurisdiction, an opening few will fail to recognize.

Let’s review an example of how the savvy business class conduct their affairs to pay minimal taxes.

Most major trading companies operate Offshore Transfer Pricing planned structures, whereby products for internal markets are first purchased from Source by offshore Company A, at, say, $.65 per item, to be mainland delivered. Company A, the offshore vehicle, then transfers the goods or services at $.80 to its Onshore Outlet, Company B, who in turn sells them to the public at Retail for $1.20 per time. The margins accrued are taxed for the Onshore Company, but the $.15 offshore is skimmed bypassing Revenue declarations and amassing fortunes. Most major Retailers operate in this way.

In the very high trading volumes of Bank Bonds, MTNs and BGs, these operate to Wholesale tiered Day Profits margins. Via a labyrinth of discrete Offshore Bank Trusts, profits which leave the Jurisdiction the same day are not declared (referred to as Overnighting), and in mass standard Bank Trading Program practice, the first 2 trading tiers are skimmed by wiring out profits the same day and only show in Domestic Markets as Tier 3 to 5 trades with Trillions trading out of sight or Revenue knowledge. Profits are skimmed overnight and only partially shown as landed profits the next day with overall majority profits syphoned and hidden. Offshore Banks are sitting on vast amounts of accumulated profits, as long established practices on a need to know basis only.

Soon, these kinds of stealthy transactions will be easier for the less influential to partake in, and in a more efficient manner which will allow equal impact on the taxman’s ability to efficiently collect, to the detriment of political class extortionists.

Following this, we will also now revisit a similar example of raw political power engaged in the theft of significant wealth.

When Bush 41, operating via Joseph Ackerman of Deutsche Bank, brought in Michael Herzog (also the Bag Man for the Clintons and CIA) to set up the Trading Program Platforms for the Falcone funds, they, in turn, used Mitt Romney’s Offshore Trusts to hide and conceal profits. The Biden Bribe paid via Hillary Clinton to Biden, acting for Bush 41, was to stop Biden allowing Falcone to access the profit pool, and to defraud him from his share. When the litigation started, Herzog ran away to Germany and was arrested there by Interpol who raided his home and office. They, in turn, supplied Falcone’s Florida Attorneys with copies of the contracts and concealed profits. Bush 41 and Herzog took Falcone’s face off, defrauding him.

Bush 41, when litigation started, orchestrated evasion techniques using multiple CIA Agents to fly around on Government planes moving Biden’s Bribe money from Bank to Bank, laundering the records. When Falcone’s Florida Attorneys took the issue to the Miami FBI unit to arrest Romney and pursue Bush and Biden, linking them to Interpol units, the then FBI Director Mueller had his agents fly to Miami to “Advise” agents, such as “WL”, not to approach Romney, or to activate a clear Bang to Rights Criminal case. This is how the Politicos and conspiring Agencies phase justice.

In the future, these kinds of monumental shake-downs from political powers will be drastically disabled as such potential victims will circumvent the need to expose their financial resources to extortion risks as outlined above. They will conduct their affairs via smart contract information systems which will ensure their performance is unhindered by arbitrary recalcitrant thieves who are able to hide behind their respective offices, seemingly immune from legal recourse.

A vast network of Tax Avoidance and Evasion exists worldwide, with Sheltered Made Men. Bankers at the top are totally in on it. Imagine how much is skimmed from Pension Funds margins denied to gullible Pension investors as hidden contributions.

Individuals Are Wielding More Individual Cryptographic Fiscal Power, Giving Them Escape Routes. Increasingly Obsolete and Inefficient, Governments Are Struggling To Stay Relevant

This vast world has long existed. Out of sight. Just not accessible to the public. Now, suddenly, beyond the reach of the planned catch-all QFS, along comes the Crypto market. Ethernet trading, Ethernet Wallets, and Open Season to aspiring Investors to catch and keep. A fair chance to build their own Pension funds like never before. Out of sight, with burgeoning pockets. Voluntary declarations? Really? Two can play.

Cryptos offer Speculators a vast, untraceable Ethernet parallel world, to amass and keep. Expect seismic growth here. Human nature will rule. Smart City Traders and sophisticated IT Analysts will create a vast new Global paradigm. The Tigers will be loose. Open to all.

Then all the plans of QFS, to control all, gets bypassed by mercurial practices. “Me too” for the Public. You expect them not to assess their own options here? Ethernet freedom. How can you control what you can not see? But now you can see how fast the Banks are joining the Crypto Klondike chain. Some curved ball is breaking loose.

Treasuries the world over are now panicking. Their ability to tax their masses, to waste and abuse all internal funds scavenged by their repressive Taxes is threatened. Their oppressive Jail Time Penalties for daring to keep what is rightfully yours will be negated as you deploy your own justified evasion from their parasitic, incompetent free riding hierarchies. Forever facing you with their draconian IRS enforcement Police, and Goon Squads of their creation, to feed and free lunch off you as the Roaches they are, where less than 30% of any funds collected actually ends up back servicing Infrastructure, or key Society needs free thought. Yours!

Start thinking for yourselves. Currently with no rights of dissent, you fund bloated, incompetent bureaucracies with their vast waste, yet, they own self lucrative early retirement indexed Pension Schemes, and legions of their threatening Administrators, frustrating and repressing your every move and freedom. The very first raising of your Registered and Numbered Birth Certificate is a Tax Asset Bond they forward-borrow against. From the Cradle to the Grave. Have you seen the costs and their paperwork to even bury you? The Peasant (Pissant) Farming Stocks earned income is now harvested monthly by never ending layers of their intrusive and oppressive taxes, backed up by a bloated Judiciary, all in on the game. For Millennia the Con has gone on. There is no Justice in Taxes. You have choices, so use them.

“Encryption will be an important feature of
commerce on the Web and the realization of individual autonomy. You should acquire and begin using strong encryption immediately. Just as the church attempted to ban printing at the twilight of the Middle Ages, so the United States and other aggressive governments bent on control will seek to bar effective encryption”

From the Book The Sovereign Individual
James Dale Davidson/Lord William Rees-Mogg

Until the emerging aspirational and intellectual creation of Blockchains and the Crypto markets, you were locked in to a never ending story of Take and Rule the masses. But, now emerging is a Capital Rewards and Trading Payments System able to break free of each nation’s shackles, and one able to trade via what will become an ever expanding net of Global internet highways, free by shielding from their State surveillance, and free from Revenue oversight. One where the sheer sophistication of ever changing millisecond encryption shield changes will deter their attempts to track and intrude, leaving these parasites to face the harsh reality of earning their own right to feed, no longer from you.

Using systems such as Hide ALL IP, this is one of a series of simple VPN platforms which shields and deflects your IP address from snooping or Hackers, and offers many secrecy benefits. Ever more are evolving now. The fightback has begun. Free Spirits will not carry these loathsome freeloaders.

Think instead – How dare they tell me it’s a Crime to keep what is Mine? Offshore domain and new Cloud type Globally protected hacker proof network registrations will boom ever more. It currently costs between $2K to $5K USD to set up Offshore Discretionary Trusts. Even that will change and new systems of Asset holding will replace Banking as new transfer systems are emerging, devoid of US $ Draconian Threats to States Bankers. The new about to be burgeoning markets will boom and get ever more creative protecting you. Ever more sophisticated IT Encryption protection systems will collate a cascading series of ever changing communication systems, protected from State Hacking. You can even get Personal Offshore accounts yourself for a few hundred dollars. The Earth wont move, but encrypted currencies will.

Just One Example Of Technology Giving Citizens Power Once Only Reserved For The Elite

Many new domains are increasingly available with sophisticated shielding offering hacking and spying proof asset protection ever evolving. It’s game on! Confidential Offshore Trusts, Bank accounts and soon to be alternative Global Private Domain Asset Shelters supported by new Administrative hierarchies to guide and shield your assets in complete confidentiality from the State, will emerge. The discovery of these insightful new emerging markets will safely shield and protect you and your future trading wealth creation. Each Domain with its shielded Wealth benefits will become your own new Utopia. Finders Keepers – Losers Weepers!

But the Irony of all is this: If Trump does get the DESERVED support of the Supremes and continues, combined with both the impending conversion of the Chinese Elders AU and Cash Pallet assets, all coming via London to avoid Cabal hooks, Trump AND the Key Special London Elders, cross combining those new funds, could cross cooperate in a new Anglo American Alliance for Technology, Sciences and Wealth, to give you the greatest Global Empire of real Wealth the world has ever seen.

But with it, we will bring you Soul Wealth, sadly all too often missing from too much of the US and Worldwide culture. We need to cross-educate all. Life itself is just a Carbon Life Form learning curve. Your life here is a short season but for a reason.

Time to start thinking for yourselves outside of the box. Taking the first new steps slowly, by simply diverting some of your assets, initiate partial secret invoicing from your new domains. Using multiple currencies and coins, and transferring techniques referred to as Tumbling, you can make your transactions virtually impossible to trace. You earn it, you keep it. No one gets wealthy paying taxes. The Wealthy never have! You don’t have to Mine to earn Bitcoin profits. Instead, think of Crypto Trading Wealth you create as Mine, Mine, Mine! Go offshore and close the door. What you keep is now YOUR own Mine.

In closing, we wish to stress that we are not advocating that you willfully violate the tax laws of your country. We only wish to point out that the impact of advancing technology on society will permit individuals to have more power to exercise private monetary options in larger numbers, and the ability for nations to efficiently police such things will be tantamount to taxing air. They can pass such a tax, but collecting it is another matter.

Prepare for a wild ride to the future. As always, be ready for anything.

Thank you, again, for your readership and participation.

See you next year!

Nothing that results in human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. Those that are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of the others.

Christopher Columbus