Caesar Has Fallen – New Directions And Intelligent Maneuvers In The Age of Neo-Bolshevism

Some time ago we discussed the possibility of a Biden/Harris victory and the attendant post-election ramifications of such a thing. An eerie parallel to The Year of Four Emperors was sensed to be re-playing in the modern US Republic; a transition of power to an ever-increasingly less capable group of power seekers who lack the accomplishments of prior peers to justify the offices they suddenly now hold or aspire to.

Well, this day is now a reality. A man who is clearly in the early stages of cognitive decline is now president. It is unlikely that he will serve out a full term (or is unlikely to be in shape to campaign again in 2024).

If comrade Kamala moves up before 2024, she appoints whom as V.P.? Then, in 2024, they may lose to which GOP challenger? Or a Trump party return? Rapid-fire power struggles may soon play out. Chaos may ensue, just as it did for Rome when Nero drove a dagger into his throat, after being declared an enemy of the state.

All the post-election “Trump will be staying” rhetoric from many supposed “sources” has come to nothing: Q, Insurrection Acts, Light Workers, military intervention, Pence’s electoral college gambit, White Knights, NESARA announcements, QFS watermarked ballots, etc. All have failed to materialize and produce the results that were claimed to be coming. But, you can rest assured that conspiracy promoter ad revenue ticked upwards between election day and inauguration.

Some have no scruples when it comes to truth, and discernment skills in some circles are very poor. There is no area in life where false information does not enter in. All manner of lies, exaggerations and embellishments are often used by those who wish to seem “wise” or “expert”. When pressed, such types melt away or eventually move onto another grift, having suddenly become “expert” in another area as if by magic.

And there is another hard realization we should admit to: Politics, in the fast accelerating technical age, has run its course. It’s not going to reform or right itself; no more than a Roman legion could if it somehow found itself dropped on a modern-day battlefield. It’s very construct, well suited to the tasks of the past, is now irreversibly obsolete.

Today, one man with a modern automatic weapon could fend off an entire cohort of Caesar’s most seasoned veterans, while making love to his wife. In the same vein, an entire legion of good men could not make politics perform the best and most effective management of a modern day society, when such can be done technologically and on a more decentralized and efficient scale.

We see those with little accomplishments to their name rising to positions of political power with nothing more than a copy of The Communist Manifesto tucked under their arm, and backed by an ever increasing, angry, dis-enfranchised mob rallying to their red banners. Regressive psychosis is in full bloom, as if society has developed a curious affinity to sail in a rudderless ship by the hand of a known failure of a Master.

That a new-age version of Bolshevism/Socialism is the game plan for the left to grab power, is simply as a result of the intended educational and social environment that has been constructed to incubate such, by a relatively small number of oligarchical interests, who skulk about in the dark halls of power using their influence to ply their corruptions in political, media, high tech media, and business circles. And this pestilential clique has constructed for itself a legal shield against any criticism or challenge. They are indeed sublimely clever, and intelligent.

Any body of humans who truly has as their goal the liberation of all persons on earth to have the highest standards of living, and the elimination of poverty and the need for war, would not promote, of all things, Bolshevism, as the solution. However, unfortunately, this is the direction the political winds are blowing at the present time.

So, for the individual, who can wield no force against the political powers on his/her own, are there any means to effectively bypass this inflamed political boil on the buttocks of humanity and make for themselves the means to live well and achieve economic stability?

Fortunately, yes. And like ages past, those who saw the pending past significant social transformations in play, and understood them, also viewed them as opportunities to survive and prosper in the process by being early in that understanding.

Technology has advanced to a point where people can wield enough power through micro processing to avail themselves of resources and benefits which were only once available to deep pocket consortiums who could afford the then highly expensive computing time it required.

As just one example, A.I. based trading and predictive analysis systems, far better than any E.F. Hutton broker in the past, can now be inexpensively accessed by almost anyone, anywhere. So, to, is the ability to transact anything via smart contracts and do away with useless and bloated third parties, thus making it possible to partake in commerce at much lower costs.

Society is decentralizing at a rapid pace, and centralized institutions, big governments and the like, are slowly starting to look less appealing as protectors of rights, but rather more like impediments to them.

But, while a national imperative for freeing the world from politics is not expected, this does not mean that the truly forward-thinking segments of society can’t effect such freedoms, in essence, on their own, over time, and in the process, become the new vanguard of where society is inevitably going to go if humanity follows the dictates of emergent societies in the past. In other words, the changes will come as they always have – by the opening of pathways for people to travel if given the chance and unstoppable by weight of sheer irresistible numbers.

People are naturally drawn to survive as their “prime directive”. We can now avail ourselves of more efficient and advanced tools for doing so, especially during times of transition in a modern age. This means that achieving wealth and applying that wealth to increase your standard of living and value to society is going to get easier, notwithstanding the debacle of political Bolshevism growing in influence in the USA.

Any group that is seeking the optimum route to secure its future would be remiss to avoid understanding the above, so we will be discussing it further in the future, along with practical assessment and application.

But what about global re-sets and currency revaluations? As has been witnessed by all who read WHA, we have effectively exposed and debunked the many false GCR/RV scenarios which continue to be sold to the obsequious throngs of mesmerized gapeseeds, and have de-clawed the fiction merchants while laying bare the real world backgrounds to what re-sets really are, and are not.

Any true procedures along those lines will still be shared with our readers since we do have the very best assistance from London power centers, whose business in this area is pretty much in their lap 24/7. If anything should come of these longstanding curiosities, we will indeed bring you the news, as is appropriate.

What comes down the road from it will be based on real world processes based on hard economic solutions and not fantasy funding to rescue speculators who went long on war-torn paper bets issued by war profiteering bookies. So, for those of you who are still interested in seeing if anything does arise from this sector, don’t feel we are going to completely ignore it. It simply won’t be deeply analyzed, as in times past, any further.

It’s high time we move forward, and let the hustlers take on the responsibility of delivering the claims they sell. Let us never forget the wasted years that these running dog blabbermouths have given their audiences, as we look back on yet another year having closed without the pecuniary largess that was coming weekly – but didn’t.

Some of the claims being made have been truly bizarre. The estimates of payoff are, at times, fanciful. Many have been led to believe that they will turn their one million dinar into multi-millions in USD by simply walking into a bank, or via an appointment by an “800 number”.

Well, nobody just walks into a bank off the street and makes that kind of gain without some serious diligence. And, the 800 number thing has morphed from a simple bank inquiry made by a group of paper holders years ago (to ask if they could call into a bank to arrange an exchange should such a thing happen). Naturally, the bank said they probably could arrange an 800 number if there was enough business, and a market was there.

This theoretical arrangement mushroomed into a myth of RV-ready banks currently staffing multiple “call centers” around the USA, with people manning phones to take your information and set your exchange appointments to come in and “get rich”. These staff members seem to be continually waiting around, on stand-by, on call, having pizza parties, being called in, called out, called in again, called out again, in-out-in-out, or stunned like ducks hit on the head with a club, or simply confused about why the phones are not ringing.

Multiple offers have been made to any of these RV call center employees to come forth and verify their occupations and purpose, with strict assurance of identity protection. None have done so.

We are not saying that currency revaluations won’t happen, but, it has been made painfully clear by those whose business IS international financial restructuring, that paying off unauthorized war profiteering currency positions will not be in the budgets. Those revalues may come in far lower than advertised – as they plan to re-inject value up to realistic budgeting requirements via authorized notes, and not to bail out unauthorized bills which materialized out of some mill in Iran or France.

It’s been almost 18 years since heavy armored columns rolled into Iraq and laid waste to the place. In that time, other new financial sectors, which were largely ignored by currency selling promoters, have created many millionaires for initial outlays, which, at times, amounted to a few hundred bucks. And, without war torn blood-lust profiteering as a prime reason to set it up, but instead, a valid underpinning for transforming the world’s industrial and financial centers for the better.

One of these new sectors is Blockchain technology, the process that powers Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) arrived in 2009, and an initial market was set at around .10, USD. Eight years later, the price soared to over $19,000, an increase of some 19,000,000%.

Dinar remained the same price throughout this same time.

For what most put into Dinar, say, around $500 on average to be conservative, that return rate would have been a payout of $95,000,000 before taxes. And, all right under the noses of the “currency experts” who said your middle-eastern blood money payday was coming “soon” – year after year.

Presently, a new range of $30,000 – $40,000/BTC is in play. That $500 is now worth about c$175,000,000.

Dinar has remained worthless.

The decision to hold such paper is a personal one. But, it need not stultify you into sitting idle while the world offers more promising horizons built on technological development, and not war profiteering.

In any event, we are well positioned here to provide accurate and well sourced information on any public chances at a paper exit, should it occur under realistic circumstances. We don’t say that lightly, and it’s not an exaggeration. If you have been following our articles for the last few months, you know that the source is not from some Jakarta apartment over a bar, a low rent dwelling in Arizona, or a behind-in-rental in Hong Kong with a weekly Paypal begging channel.

For those of you who have arisen from your dinarian dogmatic slumber, and think that you missed the chance for a financial transformation in your life from digital asset class speculation, you most assuredly have not. From all indications, the largest gains are still ahead.

We can not give individualized investment advice. We cannot recommend any investments. But, we can share what we feel are quality ideas, and why we like them. From there, it’s your duty to learn and act in accordance with your personal circumstances, if you wish to. In that, we are happy to help if we can. Many of our regular readers are becoming quite adept at this market, and can offer help if you simply ask for it. We will also post many articles and videos covering a wide variety of news and developments in this amazing, relatively new sector so you can gather information as needed.

Unlike dinar paper, or the like, this sector has proven statistics. And, not just with Bitcoin. After the last halving in 2016, many new crypto ideas delivered transformational asymmetric gains to those fortunate enough to take well-timed positions.

NEO, an open source Blockchain project which allows a myriad of tools for across the board development in many ecosystems, could have handed you as high as c$785,000 for a $500 risk had you exited it in January of 2018. Ethereum, likewise, handed people amazing gains, rising from around .40 to a high of around $1400 at around the same time. $500 there could have handed you c$1,750,000.

Many more examples are in existence. And, this was at a time when the level of institutional interest we see now was nowhere near present levels. Not even close. The entire sector has exploded, and with it, for the well prepared, the best gains are most likely ahead of us.

We have shared many digital asset ideas which we feel are poised to bring astronomical gains for low initial risk. And, of course, we always stress that only risk capital, and not critical survival money, should be in play. There really is no need to over-invest and cause unneeded sleep loss, or loss of consortium because you blew the family purse on a wild bet that went sour. Such amateur-night foolishness is highly discouraged here.

Just know that there are opportunities to possibly transform your bottom line without waiting for Iraq or Vietnam, or whatever country whose bones there are to pick at, to reflect some kind of tangible gain from a currency re-set.

To conclude this particular topic, Blockchain technology is certainly amazing, with so many facets and potential impacts on our lives that we cannot possibly cover all of them. The rise of the Blockchain economy is going to lead to new innovations, many of which are still outside our creative imaginations at this time.

But, there is another sector which also holds the keys to potentially life-altering consequences, both financial and existential.

That sector is called Transportation as a Service (TaaS). Let’s briefly address this area.

TaaS is going to greatly impact the world over the next few decades. There will be some massive upheavals in society which will stem from the development in this sector. There will also be some amazing opportunities for wise investment of capital, provided one adheres to rational placement of funds and proper research.

Combined with another sector, A.I., this sector will greatly impact the lives of many.

TaaS is a combination of many technologies which will revolutionize and transform how we get around. Using both A.I. and various other new innovations, the way we move ourselves and the underlying methods used to accomplish this, will open doors for incredible gains for early investors.

At present, everyone is familiar with the electronic vehicle, or EV. Of course, this is not exactly new information. We all know about Tesla and the Prius hybrid that you ride in when you hail an Uber. But, what many may not think of is that the battery technology used to store energy for such vehicles is improving at a very rapid rate. Ten years ago, it cost $1000 per kilowatt hour to store. Now, the costs are down to $100, and going lower.

This is a very important turn of events because this means the range of the electric cars now coming out can be significantly increased to upwards of 400 to 600 miles per charge. And, because battery technology is not only getting better but also a lot cheaper, the point at which time EVs are going to be less expensive than gasoline powered cars will soon be upon us, perhaps as soon as 2022.

If you are thinking what we are thinking, then you are right. This will mean that very soon, and a lot sooner than most think, gasoline powered cars will no longer make any sense. How so? Well, for one, the gasoline engine is a complicated thing with many moving parts, and are costly to maintain and operate on a yearly basis. All electric vehicles are far cheaper to run and maintain.

The drivetrain in a gas powered car has as many as 2,000 moving parts, versus as few as 20 in an electric car. Electric cars and trucks have motors, not engines, so they don’t need to shift gears, and they don’t need oil, spark plugs, air filters, coolant, or transmission fluid. There’s essentially zero maintenance, besides rotating the tires. And, while a conventional car typically lasts 150,000 miles or perhaps 200,000 miles if you’re punctual with your maintenance, electric car engines can last 500,000 to 1,000,000 miles or more under the right conditions.

That may be all well and good, but where is the “Service”?

This is where A.I. comes in. Because based on developments in this sector, the era of the self-driving car is soon to be a part of our lives. Right now, in limited sectors in major cities, these self-driving cars are being tested within geo-fenced areas. They do not drive anywhere outside of these sectors at this time, because they are still being developed and are not ready for unrestricted area coverage. But, as time goes on, the areas will grow, and as they do, this is where TaaS will impact our lives in ways unimaginable.

Rather than own cars, in the future, people will simply subscribe to TaaS vehicle services which will allow them to hail a ride right to their door. For a nominal fee, say, around $175 a month, they can use such services for far less than the yearly cost to own and maintain a gas powered car. AI will allow such things to happen, and with increased safety.

The impact to society will be huge. Just for starters, there will be no more parking ticket revenue for cities. No more personal injury mills run by shady attorneys for exaggerated injury claims, because such cars won’t hit each other. No more moving violation revenue for State or local governments. No need for gas stations, or major oil drilling for gasoline needs. No need for car insurance, warranty contracts, or any of the far reaching and numerous industries associated with supporting all of these things. Many sectors will be impacted as we shift from one operating basis in transportation to another.

With 40,000 people not getting killed in auto accidents every year, there will be far less funeral home revenue, and far less legal issues from such clogging the courts. Emergency services will be alleviated from attending to such things – a huge cost savings. Each industry directly affected, affects several more in turn, and so on.

There are many more ways that TaaS will change our lives, but this is not the place to outline all of this. What we want to focus on is the opportunities that TaaS will give the smart investor in the months and years to come. Many companies make the constituent parts for these vehicles. Everything from the software, to the motors, the batteries, the hardware, the control servos, etc., have companies which are expected to boom as these new services start to expand.

The opportunities are too numerous to continue to explain here.

Take some time to research TaaS, and use the tools you have at your fingertips to find companies which deal in this sector, and consider placing some of your risk capital in them. This sector, like Blockchain technology, is fairly new, and is developing rapidly.

Remember, the future will not immediately reveal many of the best ideas as technology has not gotten to a point that makes such unknown ideas possible for someone to presently think of. But those ideas will come, and many of the technologies we see developing now will play roles in such future ideas in ways we can’t imagine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what we see today is “how it’s going to be forever”. That’s not so, and history shows us this.

The point to all of this is to get you to think outside of the falsified version RV box. Other worlds await.

If there is any legitimate cause to focus on revaluation of currencies, it is for nations and their respective treasuries to determine how to manage. And usually, their focus is not on paying off bookies at their cost. This point, having been repeatedly made along with several warnings about the dangers of following non-expert “currency advisers”, can not be made any more. We can only issue so many warnings before we have to lower the lifeboats for the last time.

That time is just about now.

With Biden/Harris now a reality, it’s time to remember what Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman said: “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

Likewise, we feel it is no use trying to “fix politics” as it is now becoming cruelty. It’s best use-case is over. The retrograde de-evolution into Bolshevism in this election cycle, in the “freest nation on Earth”, proves it.

You could elect a legion of angels from heaven to political power tomorrow, and by morning you would wonder why such enlightened beings would lower themselves to manage the affairs of Earth in such a backwards and barbaric fashion. True, we still live in a world managed through political processes. You should participate in it.

But, don’t dismiss the fact that all systems of human social organization have life cycles. And the current transitions to the technological age will be far faster than past transitions, and for the truly aware and prepared, the opportunities will come much faster as well.

To that end, we now set the tone for 2021.

WHA was originally started to support a group of White Hats while seeking the real truth concerning global settlements, currency resets and revaluations. That task has been completed, and our paths have undergone a necessary divergence; they attending to their center of focus and we on ours.

As a by-product of this association, we have been fortunate to retain a hard won relationship with what we earlier referred to as a London power center. Consisting of a long lineage of dynastic influence, such a congeries of power reaches far above the din of retail level activity in high finance. This gives us a unique access advantage, and one which is freely shared to those who are wise enough to discern the difference. And now, because of this generous donation of their time and assistance, we must move in new directions, because the times require it.

  • We will remain an open discussion forum. Any topic is fine, as always.
  • We will watch for and share digital asset ideas which we feel are potentially going to deliver life-changing gains.
  • We will cover and promote news items that Bolshevik run press won’t. No social media hippie CEO holds this site in his hands. This includes pointing out the continuing folly and slow death of politics, and the criminally insane, incompetent, and ineffective who are swelling its ranks.
  • We will continue to watch for news concerning legitimate and real world dynastic asset/currency settlements – the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to experience.
  • We will advise on how select readers may be availed of new investment and project opportunities stemming from dynastic settlement conclusions. (Via registered parties. WHA is not a licensed broker dealer).
  • From this time forward, unless specifically and urgently needed, no more time will be devoted to the discussion of RV controversies via our Information Briefings. You may continue to discuss the topic in the chat threads, but the resources we devote to information releases must now be saved for purposes which occupy a higher plane.

Our consistent warning to all has been: Be ready for anything.

Those who heed that warning and move towards that state of readiness to as high a degree as possible for one’s circumstances will find life can be lived from a point of being cause, and not effect.

This site is not here for the sole purpose of hosting endless commiseration about the ills of life. There are no shortages of such sites if that is your desire.

We are here to create the means for effective communication; a platform for learning and understanding; to truly understand international geo-financial, geo-technical and geo-political processes, so you can empower yourselves to move forward as political environments move backwards – flailing about in a hopeless Pavan, while hemorrhaging relevance in a modern technologically advancing age.

And we have the good fortune to have the support of a key player who moves among the “hands that rock the cradle“; who has the trust of key dynastic elders; who is safeguarding the guidance and use of pending newly released resources for life supporting causes, and not war or parasitic usury; who is willing to devote time to assist our true understanding of these processes – and with occasional humor!

Combining this beneficial assistance with the available, ever expanding technical tools in the hands of those who use them, there will be pathways for stunning progress, even in the face of the many obstacles which the dying political classes will place in the way.

Some of you don’t know it, but your lives are going to change in ways you would’ve never thought possible. The choices you make will be very important.

Choose wisely. Neo-Bolshevism has now come to power.

Leggio II Avgvsta
VercovicivmHadrian’s Wall

If technology does not liberate all people for the pursuit of higher aspirations in human achievement, then all its technical potential will be meaningless. Jacque Fresco


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  3. Enormous things on a scale incomprehensible to most are playing out at the top.

    With the advent and acceleration of Cryptos, we are watching the emergence of a new Fiscal medium which can carry the show if we chose to simply default on Government Debts to the Zionist Bank Racketeers and tell them to Shove It as the Icelanders did to the IMF and Fed. They fired and JAILED their Bankers. The Fed and IMF threatened melt down if they did not comply. They waved 2 fingers to the lot. Iceland walked. Alone!
    Iceland is now thriving free of all of them.

    The world needs to pay heed. Don’t pay Jewish Fed and Bank Racketeers. Deny Their Debts! Shove it.

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    The reset will be universal. Wait until you see how? Everything will change. Time to rethink humanity soon. Or reduce? It’s all in play. What’s coming can amaze you. China and Russia will not go with the Vatican/ US NWO.

    Ignore the Fake news. There is hope. We have to remove the Khazar Weevils. The root and source of monetary Evil. The Zionist Weevil. Rethinking life. Not wasting it keeping that scum in luxury. Soros? Unreal. Kissinger? Greenspan. Rotts?

    Change is coming.

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  5. For those investing in cryptocurrency, it would be wise to read this post from Martin Armstrong and internalize what he is saying. He is about the smartest man in the room when it comes to the “real” world of finance. He is not a newsletter writer that has never traded. Quite the contrary, he advises governments, central banks, sovereign wealth funds and major companies.

    The future is ultimately about digital “EXPIRING” credits, unless you are elite, in which case you will be able to build wealth and those credits won’t expire. This digital crypto realm in front of us now is about “CONDITIONING” the masses for this dystopian future. The people involved in these current crypto projects, in many cases, are noble. However, it’s been allowed to flourish to “condition”. And before you say they can’t stop crypto….I would remind you they just shut down the world. Bottom line, these psychopaths wield a lot of power.

    When it comes to crypto, remember…there is a time to take your profits. It may not be now, but, it will come. The current long term cycle appears to only be about halfway through, but be flexible. HODL can end poorly. 2017 to 2020 wiped out a lot of capital. Many projects have disappeared. Many have survived, but are a fraction of the previous value. Some have reached new highs and will continue higher.

    This mass adoption phase (If it can really be called that) could be the last chance to turn those profits into physical assets. Homes, land, gardens, tools, equipment, stored food, etc. Just don’t get married to the trade. You can’t eat crypto and if the power goes out, you will have a hard time using it to buy things. Also, the World Economic Forum wants you to own nothing by 2030 (part of the WEF’s “Build Back Better” theme that all government leaders are now parroting)…so make sure these physical assets are in trusts and foundations that you control, but technically don’t own.

    They will most likely not succeed, but they will create a lot of havoc and destruction along the way.



    Such studies contradict the media narrative and the position of teacher unions, including many which continue to oppose a return to the classroom despite the science. Accordingly, Ludvigsson was attacked and hounded out of further research.


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    You could not ask for a better tip off to plan your investments for this decade.

    Excellent recreation of ancient historical figures. Nero’s mom was kinda hot.

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    More like Dinar Gurus calling the RV every week.

    “Texans always move them”. -R.E. Lee

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    Sturgeon facing demands she RESIGN as First Minister over Salmond case

    Sturgeon needs to be brought to account

    Shared from Sky News: Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls: ‘Repentant bandits’ key to release of the 279 students it has emerged

    Thanks to all who got these poor Girls girls free. Nigeria? Again! Disgusting.
    Britain is set to be INCLUDED in the EU’s vaccine passport scheme in sign of hope for summer holidays on the continent

    Hopes of foreign summer holidays were given a boost last night after the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced plans for a so-called ‘Digital Green Pass’ to kick-start travel.

    Covid passports will be here by May. Fights , Hotels, Taxis coming Trains, Bars , Restaurants, Cafes. Sport stadiums, Gyms. Conferences and Unis. soon the lot will want them.
    You have a choice.
    But be assured, the Chips will be coming behind.

    DNA sequencing is the real issue, because that is the big one coming. The ultimate human highway. Highways have Robbers!


    Interesting Putin starts to feel Sanctions hit. His henchmen now know they are on Global watch. Named, blamed and shamed.

    Chinese investment in Australia plummets 61%

    China always makes you pay.
    Can a Hydroponics Farm Be a Good Business? Expert Answer

    For many of our readers.
    For Germans, Britain is now the grown-up
    Citi and Ruffer predict breakout moment for bitcoin
    Tensions are brewing in Middle East as the geopolitical map is changing

    America and Khazar Israel have F about in the Middle East for since post WW11 causing nothing but Hegemony inspired genocide and chaos. Now its payback as Russian has moved in.
    Also,in part.China.

    I saw what was written in Zerohedge the other day about the strikes against so called Iranian targets in Syria by Israel, threatening Russian personnel. In the article, there was no mention of the Russian jets scrambled to intercept the Israeli planes who turned away from a confrontation, which I found curious.
    I wondered what the next comment would be from Russia and did not need to wait long to find out.
    Its here, no vaccine cert no travelling. The US will follow. So will Asia . The Global jab is here, the Chip comes next. Just wait until you are told of the Great Reset.

    EU’s vaccine passports offer a hope for holidays
    The Queen is not Don Corleone’: Royal experts accuse Oprah of suggesting Monarch is ‘some mafia boss who silenced Meghan’ and the Palace ‘should be worried’ after tell-all CBS interview is EXTENDED to two hours

    Buckingham Palace should be ‘scared’ after it emerged that the Sussexes’ tell-all interview due for broadcast on Sunday night was extended from 90 minutes to two hours.

    Let’s get this right, being Sock Puppets for a Rodeo of failing Ratings Has Been Oprah , putting out a documentary to denigrate a lifetime of selfless dedicated service by HM the Queen, and an ailing Grandfather whose now facing 6 more weeks hospitalised, with survival questions, is not a great way reward the family who raised and funded the pampered Brat.

    Harry is not the brightest. Far from it. A typical Windsor with only a Dim light on upstairs. A pampered Brat whose party trick was to roam naked in Californian parties,.tactless, tacky and the family idiot.

    Despite both his Brother and Prince Philip trying to advise him to swerve this Bit Part Wannabe B Grade TV small time nonentity, a Bolter of some repute, he railroaded them. The Bolter is certainly no Grace Kelly. Buckle Hooter Markels fame memorabilia traces as far as a cheap and tacky low cost film where she was giving a head job to some whacko in a car, and being Knee trembled in the filing room in a low budget TV Suits soap. Glamour? Really?
    This will bury the pair of them in the UK and his LA glamour slot won’t last.

    During the wedding her Mother, Doria Ragland, was a picture of Grace and Decorum. She did America proud.It was the Cinderella story, Who was not entranced/

    But so, on the day was Megan, America’s own Princess. This was welcomed by both nations. Anglo American Royalty and a huge Race gain.

    A fairy tale for all. Apart from a father who did not attend, but sold private letters to the media for gain. Since then, Megan blanked him and he may never see her or his grandchildren.

    Even the half sister writes hate books for money and other family members are Whackie Bakkie types. Dysfunctional as it comes.

    The Man Child has immersed himself in this?

    Her brief period among the Royals had her labelled Me Gain by the Servants, and Cheap- Tacky by his friends.All saw through her, sadly not Dim Harry.

    If only she had the class and tact to have taken time and learned the ropes in London. They had a golden life ahead. But a year later the Bolter was off. Hollywood notoriety.

    She’s now ditched old LA and Canadian friends also. Me No Gain, you no use. Obtuse!
    Oprah is grasping her own Last Hurrah. It will all be perceived as cheap opportunism. If Philip dies during this, Harry will be exiled for life with his own Wallace Simpson.

    William has lost a Brother and Dumbo has lost his mind. A Cause Celebre has a time slot. Neither get it. They will, too late.

    Karma is a Bitch. The Monarchy will survive this. Mediocre Harry won’t. Me Gain has her ticket to ride. All media circus rides have a shelf life.

    Buckled Hooter will crash to earth. The Man Child will be reviled. If she hoofs him. where does he run to?
    He’s not even getting paid ,they shafted him for the lot. His compensation will be the disgust of his home nation. It’s sad, America and the UK deserved better.

    Diana would never have ordained this. Charles is a Dimwit. William will pick up the cost. Sadly. At least he’s got Kate. Class or Crap? Man Child Harry chose that? Mugged!

    Payback, watch for 20 seconds


    1. Now that was payback for the site color change. lol (inside joke).

      I could not figure out who Taylor Day was. I searched and found many of them but with so many Taylor Days out there, I was stymied.

      Then, I saw it was the person on the Tweet account. 🤭

      Now as to your question – No need. Just look at Sturgeon and your problem will be fixed. Taylor is very easy on the eyes though. Forget the hospital. I will find her number and ask for a consultation.


  11. Yep, that would do it.

    Vital cultural enrichment.

    I hope this did not land on John’s Rolls.

    I hope the elders were not staying there.

    Let’s hope they agree…in the end.


    1. I could not even look at the Sri Lanka link. Poor little child. How can people do this? Re-education is so desperately needed when beliefs of this nature are killing children.


  12. Why the next flu season may be worse than ever

    It never ends

    Why would you want to put up with this BS? Don’t fly until this crap ends

    Biden: It’s Okay to Finance China’s Military :: Gatestone Institute

    This is really dumb.
    WHO insiders blow the whistle on total immunity of Bill Gates through GAVI – global vaccine alliance

    Gates has a lot to answer for. This spells out how it is done.

    Unemployed and still rambling still with nothing real to say. Jabber the Mutt unleashed.
    Penal colony where Alexei Navalny is being held is so hellish that other inmates have injured themselves to avoid being sent there, former prisoner claims

    Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has been moved to penal colony number 2, known as IK-2, (pictured) in the town of Pokrov, near Moscow where conditions are ‘like torture’.

    Putin does not play like a Sissy Boy. This guy will soon know fear. Real fear.
    QAnon supporters tell CNN they want a military coup ‘like Myanmar’ and called Biden a ‘puppet president’

    QAnon supporters told CNN in a bizarre interview on Friday that they believe former President Donald Trump will be reinstated in a military coup like Myanmar.

    Get real the Chump , this Heel Spurs coward is too gutless to lead it. The Narcissist is a hero only in his own head. In real life a Draft Dodger, one of New York’s sordid Criminal Elite.

    Be clear, we have a real Gulf Stream Problem. One requiring Global political cooperation, but lacking Leadership.
    This is an issue of Global consciousness and consequences.
    Meghan Markle stuns in £3,300 Armani floor-length black gown

    What a Fake Snake opportunist. 2 mediocrities abusing Royal privilege. Once she’s cashed in he’s probably out as Bolters do. Palace staff referred to her as very common. Lacking social graces as a B grade TV actress whose main fame was getting knee trembled in the filing room. Not exactly Grace Kelly is she? The Markle nose and her attention seeking past, pathetic Harry how long will it last?
    Meghan Markle’s ‘enigmatic’ smile echoes Princess Diana

    Your NOT Diana Bolter now you never will be. Nor Eva Peron. Wallace Simpson more likely. How did that go?
    Nicolas Sarkozy convicted of corruption

    Good the little Bitch got what he deserved. Next?

    If only simple Harry’s Bolter could sing like this?
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: This virus will keep evolving – and that makes international travel risky

    This is going to make travel ever harder
    ‘The Queen is not Don Corleone’: Royal experts accuse Oprah of suggesting Monarch is ‘some mafia boss who silenced Meghan’ and the Palace ‘should be worried’ after tell-all CBS interview is EXTENDED to two hours

    Buckingham Palace should be ‘scared’ after it emerged that the Sussexes’ tell-all interview due for broadcast on Sunday night was extended from 90 minutes to two hours.

    Oprah and the Bolter may cash in on this, but a lot of doors will close afterwards.

    Harry is an IDIOT. He just bought his own Wallace Simpson. The Palace wil ice him for this. A beyond foolish pampered boy. Thank God for William. So many doors will close on him. His B List Wannabe will take him to the Cleaners.
    They heard Gates was coming


    This young Lady says it all in 57 seconds!!!!
    I wish every elected official had to watch this video 100 times.
    Particularly relevant to the US and UK. 2 Leaders not for Bottom Feeders!



  13. Watching Trumps latest Bluster Buster attempt at mass media, it’s hard not to draw conclusions he’s really so not suitable to lead America again, and No Loser like Trump, have ever bounced back. Fine words, but absurd. He may rally the Right, but it’s not enough. He won’t take the Socialist left, but unless he captures the female vote and has appeal for the intelligent Middle Classes, hes going to lose it again for the GOP.
    His ego versus Nation. A No Brainer. Sadly!
    4 Years for America to rethink its role and for the GOP to profile a worthy contender. Be clear,America is under growing competition for Global standing,and losing!
    American domestic choice is one thing. But do you want Global appeal JFK achieved so well for you?
    Worldwide IQ has accelerated, You cannot front Shrek and appeal. Protesters even unleashed a large Orange Blimp of him to fly the skyline during his London visits. Mocking him worldwide.

    When will America get it- Quality first? Change starts also with you. Look how many PMs the UK has bounced out.
    Trump could not survive 12 months as the UK PM. He would be ridiculed and hounded out. Since JFK its been a Varmint run. Twice a week the PM has to face the House. Full head on PMQ;s His head could not take it. Ridicule is caustic. Heel Spurs would run away, as Draft Dodgers do.

    America has a Proud and momentous history of Real Leaders. The aspirations of of the Founders are known to all. Nixon and all others bar JFK , excluding Ron, have so lowered the bar. Liberty weeps.
    Is the GOP devoid of options? Beholden to a Grifter?

    As the Statue of Liberty cries Please,Take All of Them!

    Time for a Beltway Rethink- Cleanse the Stink!
    So many able Americans could lead the nation. Block Jewish Money rigging and owning the WH.
    America for Americans! Level the Playing field. Unleash so much talent free to run in a none rigged system.
    Chump will peak and blow soon. Time for change. Dopie Joe will show that.
    Reducing Crack Tax for Hunter is not what the Voters bought into.
    Are no young Kennedy’s left?
    4 Years to get it right now. We are all with you. Constructive criticism is not attacking Americans. Look how we humiliate our own? We don’t carry fools. Keep the Anglo American Alliance strong. A United voice for all to say.


    1. I would argue the above slam of Trump is a bit flawed. First, he didn’t lose the election. It was stolen. Out in the open. No bones about it. There is no more “winning” elections. The Democrats pulled out all the stops and will continue to do so. When the wicked have the power they desire, no way in hell they will relinquish it.

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      1. He had 4 years but failed to plan and Plot! All knew that was unfolding.
        He’s not an Administrator. He’s not a Visionary. He’s not a Global Leader.
        He STOLE the Golans .Fact! He’s owned by and beholden to the Khazars.
        He had the power, but was simply too dumb to control it. But so was Bush 41.
        Sleepy Joe or him?
        I don’t disagree with the the theft of votes. It’s not new to America. JFK had a swath of Teamsters and Mafia votes. America was built on corruption. It still is.
        America has top people. Simply Organise! Is a century not enough?
        If the GOP does not get back, your Socio Economic problems will bury you. Change is fast tracking now.
        All Empires end. Trump is no visionary. You need a JFK. Badly! It’s time. Are all asleep on watch?

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  14. “Socialism On A Global Scale”: Sky News Host Demolishes Davos Elites & “Great Reset” Scheme

    “Sky News Australia host Cory Bernardi has just taken a flamethrower to the global elite, telling us we need to be mindful “of any organization with the term “world” in their name” in a monologue which would never see the light of day in most Western nations.

    After flaying the World Health Organization (WHO) for ‘giving China a free pass on the Wuhan Flu,‘ while banking $500 million on pandemic bonds, Bernardi demolishes the World Food Program, the World Meteorological Organization, the World Tourism Organization, and the World Trade Organization – for lies, misinformation and climate-related pretzel logic to justify policy.”

    WOW! How nice it is to see a reporter in the land down under that actually has a set of balls telling it like it is.



    Where is Justice to Investigate this travesty when immunity was rigged from the start.
    How to make a small garden look bigger in 9 easy steps

    Something the Khazars did not assimilate as?

    We have growing warming problems irrespective of actual cause
    Bitcoin cannot replace the banks

    So these clowns have not caused enough social devastation?

    The Bolter has really screwed Boy Child Harry. Once she’s scammed her big Bucks is he gone?
    Prince Andrew ‘will miss Queen’s birthday parade again this year’

    Be assured this is torturing the slob..he’s socially annihilated.
    Cryptocurrencies: Why Nigeria is a global leader in Bitcoin trade
    Rishi Sunak categorically rules out speeding up lockdown exit

    This is the nightmare unfolding. Sequences of lockdowns unless stopped by hard resistance plus a bloody determined face off if required. But are the laconic Sheeple ever going to get off their laid back Arses?

    Utter Bastards the people needs Guns back




    Skip Rats lead the pack


  16. Wow… this is awesome!… telling it like it is on capitol hill… about 3 minutes… must watch!


  17. The Future.

    This man knows his business. A.I. and transportation are merging and will transform our lives.

    This promotion is very well done, and describes the possibilities of the future of how we will get around, and the opportunities for those who see it. In the future, some of those crypto profits may be well served to find a home in this sector. We can’t recommend or give investment advice, so the duty is yours to explore.

    WHA gets nothing from this promotion.

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    1. Correct, its beyond economically infuriating. Family impact alone is visible. Idiot Johnson, backed by Big Pharma heavily funded “Scientific Advisers” whose sole purpose is to promote vaccines, has a lot to answer for
      But, it’s in hard and will be Repeated! The mindless, deplorable, too dumb to be true Sheeple gifted them the Corral keys. Dumb subservience. Lemmings are loose.


  18. They truly are insane and sociopathic at the top of the asylum:



    Amazon data breach your at risk

    Further weather woes bring economic consequences

    Here’s the real Scots for you.

    Vance digs deep into Trump Tax issues

    The Gold Digger is getting exposed
    It’s not stopping Muslims
    14 garden path ideas – curved and straight walkways in gravel, brick and stone for every budget

    They are coming after the major US companies and Banks.
    So it’s kill off bad news from Trump?
    How Bitcoin’s vast energy use could burst its bubble
    You can smell trouble stalking him here.
    This man could not keep a straight course and they have the experience to see right through his games.

    Putin knows how to use the Gulags . Send him Soros

    Is the Galaxy raining life?

    Good for him it could be a
    whole new life for all 3 of them. Of course, the money helps.
    For Biffie and others.
    So now Whackie Backie will be made redundant?

    Dam. I misread it and got so excited.
    Shared from Sky News: Jamal Khashoggi: Joe Biden tells Saudi Arabia’s king that he will ‘hold them accountable for human rights abuses’

    It’s a good thing that the US raises the issues of Saudi tyranny.
    But America’s is 100 times worse. Who holds America’s bottomless hegemony to account?
    Anas Sarwar is named new leader of the Scottish Labour Party after beating Monica Lennon in vote

    The politician, who served as Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party from 2011 to 2014, took 57.6 per cent of the vote compared to Lennon’s 42.4 per cent.

    Now the Asians are taking over Scotland? Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All that money from mad Gaga wasted.
    We could have supplied her with a certain Lord’s wife and Clinton instead and still had change from $10 Bucks!

    An older article, but valid for debate.
    The real issue is DNA, but not for this time. When that breaks all will become clear. The real Matrix HIghway.
    Flying Syringes – Bill Gates Wants To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Inject You With Vaccines

    Organise for Tino to read this during breakfast. The man is nuts. They now know the Sheeple are in play.–bill-gates-wants-to-release-genetically-modified-mosquitoes-to-inject-you-with.html


    1. That English garden link was great John, thank you.

      English style cottage gardens are my absolute favorite. The first home I purchased for myself was an absolute dump when purchased. I completely renovated it and created the most gorgeous English style cottage garden in the front yard, it was truly beautiful. The neighbors were thoroughly delighted to have such a much loved beautiful little cottage in place of the mess that was there prior. People would walk along the street hanging over the front fence eyeing off all my beautiful flowers. It was such a delight. I was very proud to have created that lovely environment for my first shot in the real estate game.

      I plan to create another cottage garden in this home or maybe the next but just have to get all the food producing plants and trees well established first due to this rather unsettled time we are experiencing in this world these days. Have to make sure we can feed ourselves if forced to live on the outer rim.

      Thanks again John, hope you enjoy a great week ahead. Toodle loo buckeroo.


  20. Covid is only part of the real Matrix.

    Transhumanism is coming. Unstoppable.

    With it will come exponential quantum leaps in Intelligence, physical abilities, ageing resolutions, and health care. Replacement parts designed to order. The learning curve of knowledge and breakthroughs applied to the Sciences will be multi thousands times greater. But so will be the applications for war.

    We will be redesigning host bodies for Galactic use to cope with both G Forces and radiation.

    Once we leave this host planet, the Cosmos is ours to explore. As with Columbus, what hell will we wreak? Planet Earths Conquistadors. Welfare books to hand for the Muslin part time crews ?

    Imagine Sleepy Joe or Self Repeating Brain Babbling Trump as our First Contact Ambassadors to Bamboozle all in our path?

    So, case for Transhumanism instead is understood? Keep your hair on Trump? Sorry they they don’t do Quad McDs. Nor the Big Guts. Can neither understand there is an IQ and Physical test for Astronauts.

    Imagine Biden slipped some of Hunters Crack before First contact? Co hosting with Trump. Unleash the Blimp.

    Humanity is retracking this century. No, you will not be consulted, but selected, or not. Democracy has gone. Wealth now rules. There will be no consultation to resize each nation. The Sheeple just showed their resistance is beyond futile. Who needs the Borg to corral Sheeple?
    Covid has activated new Think Tanks of needs applications.

    But with it, draconian controls. QFS will encapsulate Catch All. A whole new information highway.
    Transhumanism. Then all will be come clear. But, as with all new species, selection will apply for new herd
    re stocking. Looking forwards a Century, those looking back will be reviewing adolescent Pygmies.

    Hybrids will network the grids. Re thinking Humanity is now in play. Covid will re assemble societies. Or worse yet to come. But predicted. Random, or unleashed?

    Follow your site. Start thinking Cryptos. Self help? Positioning? Start small. Start buying. Fund what is coming.
    Think outside the Matrix?


    1. How else do you think we control our London Glass Ceiling for Zionists and their Khazar type?
      We KNOW what they are. We take no crap from them. Here, they know we view them as vermin seed.
      They feel unsafe in London, Correct!

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  21. Salve Citizens

    The year has been quite interesting so far. I wish to make a few comments about this and a few other items of note.

    First. I wish to thank those of you who have shared your crypto successes here, and also with me via email. It’s been quite exhilarating to see the numbers I am being given…from 4, to 5 to even 6 figure success stories, and from people from all walks. Some were down on their luck, and needed and got a miracle. Others are now well on their way to their first quarter million, half million and more, fortunes.

    And, to think. We are just getting warmed up this year!

    From all indications, from all the analysts and professionals I read, and speak with on a weekly basis, I am personally convinced that the best gains are still ahead. Nonetheless, if you are suddenly presented with gains which solve a problem for you, then by all means, there is no shame in wetting your beaks a little to do so. But, for our purposes, we will continue to play the game for the long term and largest gains which are most likely ahead. Whatever your strategy or approach, I hope you are all enjoying the feeling of seeing your hard-earned funds working so well for you.

    Next. The intriguing world of international finance and elder releases continues to fascinate one and all. The information that has been released to our readers so far points to quite a process. The numbers involved are staggering. The plans and purposes are honorable and beneficial. Our contributing London power player is deep in the thick of it, so stay tuned for any accurate news as it is able to be released. Just know that the process he has described is VERY real, is ongoing, and from all indications, will see success. From there, the projects and changes that will come from such a massive push forward into the realms of using finance for other than money lending at high usury, will mark a significant advance in the human experience.

    Politics continues to bumble its way forward, doing some of its best worst. I expect the obsoleteness of it all to continue to contrast strongly against the technologically superior methods of managing the needs of a modern society which are coming into existence every day. Technology is replacing the need for human labor. It’s not a stretch to assume that replacing the need for human bureaucrats would be far off.

    Continue to be ready for anything. And, if what is going to happen is as I have been led to believe might, hold onto your hats. This year is going to be one for the books.

    Pax Romana
    Leggio II Avgvsta

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    1. Thank you Tony, so good of you to take the time to share this very positive message.

      I am also very pleased to hear of the success of others here at WHA with their crypto purchases. I may not know these people personally but it gives me a real thrill to read about the gains made and the benefits and opportunities that has now given those people. Great job done by all.

      I am also pleased to see some positive tick overs in my own affairs too. ;-))))) Again, my ability to enjoy this is completely thanks to you Tony. I know you tell me I thank you too much but again, I do very sincerely thank you for sticking with us all, sensibly guiding us along the path and for always being there to assist if we found ourselves with questions or concerns. We owe you big time.

      You note what John is up to behind the scenes, which does sound extremely interesting. I could definitely do with a good whack of excitement so looking forward to such news when possible I thank John as well for that which he brings to WHA, well most of it anyway, he still bugs me where Trump is concerned though so I am keeping the wooden spoon out for him just in case lol. Actually, John is in my bad books at the moment as I have not received my shirtless pic yet lol. Such a tease that bugger.

      Hooroo mate. Enjoy your weekend.

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      1. Thanks for that comment.

        Always know that you can utter against any opinion by anyone, at any time. But, I would ask that the rebuttal be on point and against the words, not the person. I think you know what I mean and I know you have a good heart and can understand.

        Others, well, they are obviously not about to learn the fine art of gentlemanly disagreement, and it has, and will, cost them. Where we are going, we do not need, nor want, those who forget themselves so easily and wantonly and descend into childish, two-faced rhetoric. Fortunately, we have very little of this to deal with. And for that I am very grateful.

        The future we are heading into will not forgive slack thinking. It may forgive slack Alice, but John won’t kiss and tell. lol

        Thanks again, mate. She’ll be right.

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        1. No worries at all Tony, I do completely understand and accept what you have stated. I know I was in the wrong and was stupid to just let my emotions and anger get the better of me. The drinking did not help either lol. Funny how you try to relieve overwhelming pressure in one part of your life by drinking which then so negatively impacts another important part of life. Silly me.

          Anyway, all good here. Stopped drinking again two weeks ago and feel so much better. You probably noticed I was back to being my sweet self again lol. Geez, let’s just hope it stays that way. LOL

          Take care Tony and thanks again for everything.

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          1. I also wanted to sincerely thank you for your very kind words in your comment above. I very much appreciate you expressing that Tony.

            Have a great week Tony.

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      2. Aurataya,
        I always congratulated Trump for any good moves. I pushed for him not Biden.
        But, he’s still as Thick as a Brick and America really needs to lift their bar much, much higher.
        Comment, needs to be from the heart and encourage live debate. We all, ultimately want the same thing. Progress.
        The US President needs to be a person of high standards and proven integrity. Can none aspire?
        Look how I batter Johnson here. Deservedly. You can’t hope to lead the First World and evade hostile criticism for narcissistic, moronic stupidity, Plebeian stupidity has no place on a world stage. Nor should be the face of America.
        Our Queen has been beyond dispute an historic Global success. Her own direct children sadly have been abject failures. but thank God William came from the Windsors dung heap. All Thanks to Diana. None to Charles.
        Be assured, IF, Hopefully only IF, this idiot takes over as King, it will be a media free for all.with Camilla as Queen? An MSM melt down is assured.
        QE11 has given so much. The Chump little. She does not mass pardon Jewish criminals, or fund Pariah Israel. .
        On all other issues, tongue in cheek humour., with mercurial mischief humour if possible. .
        Has any woman anywhere raised the bar so high? Be proud of her. You want a Roo instead?
        William and Kate are already aspiring with such high promise. .
        Harry is simply a lost Man child. The Bolter has blown it here. Just a User!
        The US has such talent, why elect such Crap? A rethink is so needed. Integrity seeded?


        1. Hi John,

          Thanks for taking the time to respond to my cheekiness. I do hear you John, loud and clear and agree with you in many ways. I was just so incredibly angry over what was happening to Trump when he was overwhelming elected by the people and those other thieving rotten commo criminals took him and that away from everyone. I was actually quite shocked that it impacted me so deeply.

          I know Trump does not possess the highest IQ on the planet and maybe he does have some unflattering issues in his past, don’t we all, I sure do, probably not anywhere near as major as others may but still serious regrets. And I absolutely did not agree with some of the things he did whilst President such as the Golan Heights matter and embassy relocation in Israel, those decisions were disgraceful in my opinion. Pondering those decisions, it made me wonder what sort of hold others had over him. Maybe that was some payback for other criminal entities that he owed as has been suggested. I do not know but strongly disagree with it.

          I also know his ego is huge and sometimes his mouth did come out with things that were a bit embarrassing for himself but I chose to overlook that. I think I would rather have someone as President that was confident and bold even if they were not the most intelligent person on earth, rather than some wimp that was always saying sorry and hiding from others like a woosie little wanker..

          Trump is unique and from my perspective, I still believe he did an enormous amount of good for the US and her people. I truly believed he loved his country and wanted to be proud of it and allow the US people to share that feeling, excitement and energy. I know he lacked in some areas but I excused that due to seeing the good he was doing for his country and people.

          I agree that he needed trustworthy and intelligent people in his team to fill in the gaps where there was lack. But just look how many turned on him and those that pretended to be with him from the beginning but truly never were. Disgraceful turncoats. Trump had the power of the people behind him, no one can deny that. But as we know, there was a choice of Trump or Biden, so to me, the choice was obvious. Not that I believe in the current electoral system in the US after the 2020 shenanigans. Personally, I would like to see General Flynn run for President.

          I know you love your Queen John and I am happy you feel so deeply about that. I am not English and although my Grandfather was and I still have relatives in the UK, my home is Australia and we look at things differently. I Know you think Aussies are a bit of a backward, low life. thick mob and in many cases you would be correct. But we are who we are and sometimes we are wrong and sometimes we are right. Just like every other country and their citizens. Don’t get me wrong, I see a lot of crap in this country that horrifies me, makes my blood boil and also sometimes makes me feel quite ashamed of this country. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I have pretty much given up on my country. I rarely even bother with Aus news these days, the arrogance in the politicians here is incredible, particularly the dimwit that calls himself the PM. I’m not sure what the future holds for Australia, I hope for the best but expect the worst.

          In closing I wanted to say one final thing. I like to be honest and even though this is embarrassing for me to recognize and admit, I will. Since that time I attacked you a short while back and also having the time since to reflect upon my behaviour I realised something rather ugly about myself. It has only just hit me that this has been a problem for me my whole life. Because I do not feel very intelligent I am often scared to debate most topics. And when I see something that makes me angry I lash out and attack because that is the pattern of behaviour I have learnt to fall back on due to feeling so inadequate on an intellectual level. I admit I am extremely aggressive when it comes to certain issues like protecting someone in a vulnerable situation and I don’t think that specific aspect of me will ever change, but in the case between us as noted, it was wrong for me to do what I did to you and I do sincerely apologise to you for that John. I am the only person in control of my behaviour and no one else is responsible for what I do, so I accept full responsibility for acting in such a childish and very unpleasant manner.

          Heck, I just never stop learning even at this age lol. John, I am sure you have sussed me out well enough to know I am not sucking up to you so I can get in your good books again. You know I am a rebel in many ways that would rather go down fighting than break my own moral code to enable myself to gain an upper hand illegitimately in any manner. That’s not me so you can believe what I have expressed in this message if that feels right to you.

          Anyway John, I have rattled on far too long here. I wish you a fabulous week ahead and thank you again for persisting with, being patient of and accepting me, even with all my faults. But I have some ripper good points too lol. Oh, and where is my picture Johnny. I dare you to send that pic to me. Dare you. Dare you. Double dare you.Triple dare you. Hehehe.LOL. Toodle Loo Buckeroo.


  22. Man has quick debate with BLM woman.-NAILED I

    First, I do HAVE GOOD African American partners, really nice people. Great friends.
    So No Racialistic feelings.

    But BLM are Thugs and nasty vermin. Watch this it blows the lot.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Vibrant cultural enrichment.

    Avoid, buy, avoid, buy, avoid…well…okay. Buy.

    The Romans should have stayed.

    Acosta is a snarky Bolshevik apparatchik.

    Watch it, Goy. Stay in your place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure what is happening re the last link Tony. I freaked out when I read that Jewtube has deleted Coindesk’s channel but clicked on the https: link and it is still there. Maybe it has been reinstated.


    2. Re Tony’s comment Romans should have stayed. They cross bred Tony. Its all in the mix.
      We ARE hybrids.
      I am DNA linked to Vikings, Norman Barons who anglicised, Celts, Angles.Saxons, etc. Pure blood- What?
      We survive and rule Global Banking. Plus more. Keeping it real and humour matters.
      Delusions we leave to others. This Tiny Islands conquered the known world, Until Mad King George blew our US Colony. Feudal Monarchs? Now Trump wants to be one?


  24. The walls are closing in on Trump. Soon he’ll be a prisoner of Mar a Lago | The Independent
    The uncovering of the vaccination data in Israel reveals a frightening picture-הודעות של נקים‬

    This is quite shocking! More vaccine questions.

    “We conclude that the Pfizer vaccines, for the elderly, killed during the 5-week vaccination period about 40 times more people than the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times more people than the disease among the younger age class.”

    And people wonder at the building resistance to taking the vaccines?
    Lady Gaga offers $500,000 reward after dog walker shot and pets stolen

    What’s she paying for someone to exercise her Pussy?
    How to Grow 63 Varieties of Vegetables on Your Terrace Using a Few Buckets & Fish
    Chinese £3,200 budget electric car takes on Tesl

    At this price the potential is huge.
    Shamima Begum: Supreme Court to rule on her fat

    Hopefully Justice is done and she is left to hang,
    As I told you, these are coming in and at you. The Social and validity you can debate, een with good and valid cases and cause, but decline and the consequences wi.l impact hard.
    Now they have seen how fast the Sheeple have self corralled, expect no reservations from the Politicos to capitalize. No Vaccine cert will mean no life soon. You will chose to live in the Exclusion Zone
    Protest with cause, but enough won’t. The Brain deads have it. Acceptance is a chose, but draconian consequences is not You deserve and have the Sovereign Right of Free Choice. That is about to go.

    Vaccine passports ‘WILL be here by summer’ say EU leaders
    It’s fair game to kill Terrorists, but this is another war the US, Caused, funded and supplied weapons to Extremists, while it still STEALS Syrian Oil. Cynical Duplicity! War for Oil Whores.

    Biden bombs Syria: US airstrike destroys multiple facilities
    Thank all Gods. This loathsome Pakkie Bitch is denied a free ride in the UK. She needs to rot and die in the Hell Hole she chose. Pakkies infest and infect nations. A loathsome sub species. Vermin seed.
    This Pakkie is crying while the poor, innocent victims are dying. A big Well Done to our Supremes. 2 Fingers up for this Bitch. Any chance we can Deport 5 M more of her species. Give the Brits a Vote and they are gone!

    Shamima Begum WON’T return to UK to fight for her British citizenship

    Another view on Covid.

    What a confused, 2 Faced Twat McConnel is.
    Tiger Woods moved to new hospital as he continues recovery from horror crash

    From many of us, huge goodwill and hope for Tiger. If only he can play again. Flaws and all, what a magnificent presence he’s been. Beyond best goodwill hopes Tiger.
    He’s done so much good for America.
    Shared from Sky News: Weakest Gulf Stream in 1,000 years could bring more ‘extreme’ winters to UK and Europe, says study

    Not good for Texans finding out what cold and snow is. Poor little dears.
    Look what’s coming.
    America has had a tyrant like Trump before: We fought a revolution to get rid of him |

    Trumps ego is so dangerous. America could unleash it. He’s plotting for sure. Presidencies don’t work when the likes of the Bushes. Clintons, Kenyan Usurpers and Vote Rigging Biden get in.
    What stunt will Trump try on?
    Too many crooks are in play. Anything goes. What next?
    Trump Won’t Say If He’ll Accept DEFEAT In November – Plants Seeds Of ‘Rigged’ Election – Jim Heath TV

    What’s he plotting now? It’s like watching Adolf in his Bunker. Same dangerous mental Pygmies in power.
    Alex Salmond lashes out at Nicola Sturgeon for ‘astonishing’ attacks on him

    Loving it these 2 Gobshites are turning on each other. Will a Salmon swallow the ugly Sturgeon? Please?
    War of the scheming, begging bowl Grunts. A truly pointless, failed species. No successful history, Just Whiners.
    A Boil on the Butt of the UK. Had the Nazis come they would have gone.
    Still they do not get in their shallow, begrudging heads, those are English vaccines they are freeloading, English subsidies, and English funds behind the Gas and Oil fields.
    Their Bankrupted Banks bailed out by English funds.
    No wonder Rome chose not to bring them into the Empire. A wet, windy and snow ridden place, Miggie Flies and Sheep/ Cattle Rustling Drunks.
    Let’s get Salmon and Surgeon armed and into an Amphitheater. To the death.
    Then hang the Winner. Focus Longshanks.

    Teasing the wannabe Bruce. You want this lot? Send the lot to the Islands. Zero subsidies. Nature will sort it. No return boats. They will eat the Rabbits, then the Rats, then each other Sorted.
    Longshanks got sloppy.

    Joking Wannabe Bruce. But good to watch.

    I fully agree the Teachers should be prioritized. Swap vaccines from the Long Term unemployed and illegals. Defund Muslims.
    Protect the Teachers, NHS and Students/Kids. $10K each for all Asians and Arabs to go back. Get real.
    Alex Salmond invited to repeat bombshell claims about Nicola Sturgeon to MSPs | HeraldScotland

    Did someone offer Sturgeon a free shower or bath? What a Mug on it?

    Disgusting, disgraceful can no one save Africa from itself? These poor girls and heartbroken parents
    Where is a war on want? On injustice? Pariah States.


    Fun graphics to make you laugh. They will catch you out.


  25. Legal immunity & state assets as collateral: Latin American govts ‘held to ransom’ by Pfizer during vaccine talks, report says

    “A number of Latin American countries have reportedly experienced extremely aggressive negotiating tactics by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which has demanded full immunity from any civil claims and state assets as a guarantee.

    The questionable negotiating tactics by the pharmaceutical giant have been highlighted in a fresh report by the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ). Officials from Argentina, as well as from another unspecified Latin American country, talked to the outlet, describing Pfizer’s approach to negotiations as “high-level bullying” that made the governments feel like they were being “held to ransom.”


    1. Tino

      Unreal.All of it. I have seen first hand mass Sheeple ignorance and panic. Forget revolution. The Sheeple can’t get out of their own way Another minimum 7 weeks before they will left lockdown. Minimum. Nothing will be left standing by then. For the NHS and Care Homes, No Jabs- No Jobs is the new Mantra.
      Every city and town is deserted. Trains are empty. Petrol / Gas use has fallen off a cliff.
      Unemployment has soared. Hotels have crashed. Pubs too. Shops gone, forever. Stores are going home delivery.
      Hospital waiting list are now back 4 years. Utter chaos. Still these Chimps run the Zoo.
      But the real sadness is the Sheeple. Laconic naivety, mass ignorance beyond our worst nightmares.
      Kissinger said it all in 2009. No one could have predicted how simple it would be to corral the Simpletons.
      Now they turn on each other, We have granted them now 12 feet of air space as their domains. The Useless Eaters mass protect it, Mindless. Agenda 21 just got such a boost,.
      How can you be fined for walking alone on a beach? Moronic Pigs collect new taxes.
      Where is truth? Jabbering Johnson rules Fools. Clueless.


        1. Their choice is not disputed. It’s their mask mindlessness which Ps me off. And total assholes jumping 10 ft glaring if you within 6 feet of them. Try , as an exempt person, not wearing a mask. We have maybe a couple of million here exempt. So far I’ve had to invite a nosy Retiree outside for a good slap, and faced off a big angry Whale days ago which for him was going to go very ugly.
          How do our harmless Elders cope with vicious retards threatening them? Coyote packs roam.
          The Sheeple are sad to watch. They just gave away the keys to the store.
          Just decline vaccines now and see how it goes.
          In 3 months vaccine passports start. Good luck without. Outside the tent will be cold wet and starving.
          You can have your rights. Will they pay your bills?
          Next step you will need it blue tooth logged on your phone , or no access, anywhere it’s coming! Exclusion.
          Big Brother.
          They don’t give their consent, they concede all. What follows now? TPTB smell lunch. Surrender. Now, no fear. Soon, contempt. Self corralling in queues is not smart. Dignity has gone. Sad,. all of it.


  26. Wow, look at the first still pics you see. the same ears, the same nose, the same face, creepy!

    This is from

    However, after looking over things closely I can’t deny it is legit, when the facial posture and expressions are the same, Zukerberg and Psaki are a perfect match. There is something screwy going on with this
    I repeat: I really don’t like the source, but this really needs exposure
    Whatever is controlling the faces is a different entity, which obscures the fact that they are identical. Much of what identifies an individual is the expressions chosen. So that hides the fact that the face is exactly the same face.
    Either they are clones, or it is a mask, or a particular group has a gene pool as shallow as a wet wiped table.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Far out Biffie, that is seriously freaky. Even the ears are exactly the same. As soon as I get a little time tomorrow I am going to look up the links suggested in the video. Thanks Biffie, have a great weekend.


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