Transforming The Future Via The True Halls Of Power

Asiatic Dynastic Power Awakens. Benevolent Goals Devoid Of Parasitic Usury

From extensive discussions today starting early morning with the Dynasty Elders, progression towards a meaningful Global reorganization is being achieved. Real people. Real leaders.

What’s coming, with key UN support, will affect all nations. Real issues. Real project needs. Real contributors, getting Real cash soon, for helping effect Real Change. People, Real people, responding when called, will help make it happen.

This will become the forward march of We the People. You – Matter! 

The last few years, out of Public sight, Elders, their wives, Attorneys and Interpreters, have been quietly progressing enormously important agendas re: financing, restructuring, out of public sight.

The corridors of power. What you don’t see.  

Self help, mind power. Not an invisible Higher Power, never there when really needed, is it? That Eureka moment, to realize you’re alone. Just real people. Humble, with a respectful agenda towards our fellow man. Off radar, one agenda to put back so much. 

Today was a good session. Focused consensus. Re-tracking hope, not hopium!

It’s coming. Today was a good day. Progressive and Stage One money is already stockpiled in the US! Positive steps. 

It’s ready when it’s ready; and owes no one. That it’s happening, is all.

Cool nerve, calm hands now. Professionals. Important moves now. This will be the full Global deal released in stages. Huge!

Stay tuned…


  1. Mountain Goat says:

    I am now being told by my CBI contact that they are moving ahead aggressively with the RV and will replace the older larger 3 zero notes very soon. This means to us RV time! …Let’s all hang on to our hats. This is going to be a very interesting month ahead. We could end up rich at the end of the ride.

    🐐 ⛰

    What curiosities await…


  2. China has moved a portion of its nuclear force to a ‘Launch on Warning’ posture.

    The People’s Liberation Army has now moved a limited number of their nuclear forces to ‘high alert duty’

    — Admiral Charles Richard, the head of U.S. Strategic Command


    1. China and Russia have a Joint Defense Pact. Knowing how close Russia is now to a war with the US, China will joint Pre Empt against America, or go for Taiwan while America dithers, over Ukraine.

      The US has no business or rights sending warships into the Black Sea. .It’s just meddling again.

      China, Russia and the world has had enough with them. We are all tired of their wars. Fleets all over Asia. Why?

      If Russia has to take on the US it has to hit the mainland, including nukes. Only that can stop them. The planet is awash with US bases and Agency goons on a War footing. Always meddling and inciting.

      Bottom line, it all comes down to Hegemony. .Cheap, ugly crude chicanery.
      Until others say enough. Ukraine is NOT Nato. Butt out.

      If Ukraine does kick off, expect Rusia to show its power Awesome weapons will be unleashed. Space weapons too! Will they knock out US satellites. EMP will come in fast. Them mass virus attacks. Power will go down. . .

      It’s really long overdue time to close those 990 plus bases. Stop threatening and killing, Or feel what it’s like for a change, The world has had it for a Century. Be careful what you wish for. All Empires end. China and Russia combined is too much. Why does the world have to die for one Evil Cabal Empire? If so, let’s ensure , at least that nothing is left standing on the mainland. Plus the bases.,Will totalling Israel be the culture shock America needs to back off else? If the Big Dogs go for it expect no mercy. Is Ukraine going to be Russia’s Shock and Awe side show? Ukraine can expect no mercy.

      Real Leaders, good Leaders could sort this, but we don’t have any. Mediocre Crud rules the West. Fools swallow!

      Just taking out Israel and the Agency plus bases could save this world from far worse. Cauterizing the cancer. Or the lot, which makes more sense? First the curve balls will come. Testing. Putin has made it clear. Mess with Russia and the mainland gets it, But what then of China? They covet Americas lands They have options. Most Americans don’t have a clue what’s going on with Ukraine. Or care.

      I think we will avoid war, but if not, God help America for sure The Big Dogs now hunt also as a pack.

      Watch with care what just may unfold. .Israel covets Ukraine’s lands. Russia needs to deal with them.


  3. In case you have any questions that these idiots intend to go underground and launch nuclear weapons to reduce the planets population


  4. She was probably ANTIFA.

    Chaos. Confusion. Disorganization…Politics.

    Yep. Better lock and load and sell your NIKE stock.

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  5. Scientists may find ALIENS by 2026 thanks to a new telescope that can detect potential signatures of life on other planets in as little as 60 hours

    Graduate student Caprice Phillips said the results of her study show that we may ‘realistically find signs of life on another planet in the next 5 to 10 years.’

    Just look at Biden and Nancy???????????????????

    No question, this creep hiding behind his pathetic beard, is a complete and utter Tossr.
    Prince Harry wrote father a ‘deeply personal letter’

    Sorry, BUT, Chauvin needs to go down for a long time and to re educate Police. This must stop!
    Trump tells Sean Hannity he’s ‘beyond seriously’ looking at a 2024 run as he slams Biden on border crisis, saying ‘all he had to do was leave it alone’

    The former president, in his first televised interview since leaving the White House, said he was looking seriously at another presidential campaign, and attacked Biden’s border policies.

    Really???????? How about instead, we try to find and FUND an Intelligent. None Sleaze, experienced Patriot of Integrity to run and make America proud?
    Raise the F Bar for God’s sake! No more Dumb and Dumber or Sleaze Bags. Raise the F Bar!!!!!! Or shit thrives in America! Critter check them first! Fix Screening!
    So in 3 year you can’t actually find a Talented person whose actually Fit for Office? Start now! No more Creeps, Grifters and Usurpers like Soetoro or Clintons. Clean up screening!
    India’s health system is collapsing as Covid-19 spreads faster than ever, gravediggers burn piles of victims to keep up and crematorium furnaces MELT due to round-the-clock use

    More than 200,000 cases per day were recorded on average in the last week, 20 times as many as two months ago, after a new variant of Covid-19 emerged

    Tragic for poor India. No thanks to China!
    We have warned America for years this was a growing risk. Your never ending wars may start coming home. It’s about time the US got a taste of Homeland destruction. 9/11 showed enough. Karma!.
    Strategic Command warns US must prepare for nuclear war

    So what’s the real truth now?
    U.S. Ambassador Leaves Russia To “Visit Family”

    Moves like this are never coincidence. This looks like Sullivan was told Fly or Fry!

    Ever since last Thursday when Sullivan was given a warning and timeline for deescalation of NATO. BUILDUP, by the Russian Foreign Ministry, I wondered if and when he would return to the US. Why you might ask? Well his return to the US confirms what I have concluded and that is Diplomacy is DEAD between America and Russia. The solving of political discourse will probably now be settled by war. Lavrov has as much as said this as well. The continued military buildup in Eastern Europe confirms NATO’s intent to ignore what Russia says or thinks.
    While separately, I watch the build up of aircraft both F15’s and F16’s in Poland, I have a sinking feeling that War is coming and coming sooner than any of us know. There is thinking amongst the NATO crowd that Russia will fight a conventional war until NATO organizes and calls up many thousands of troops to put on the battlefield., only resorting to nukes when it is losing. I will suggest that this thinking is incorrect and naive. Russia will slam NATO head on without warning. Russia is not naive and Russian mentality is to accept the hand that fate has given them, so I anticipate they will fight both a conventional and nuclear war in the same timeframe of combat. It would not be surprising to see the use of tactical weaponry to clear the way for conventional forces. Nor should one expect Russia to attack on only one front. People forget that Russians learned combat and plan just like everyone else. In the fog of war, information matters more than anything. Visibility of intent does not mean actionable intel. Prudence suggests one might think about being at least 100KM away from any NATO base in Eastern Europe and further from command centers.
    As bystanders to the insanity of modern war, there is little to do but watch and pray. It is interesting to note that Canadians in the Ukraine have been removed from combat duty citing a Covid outbreak. Perhaps, if sanity prevails others make take note and cry Covid and stand down. Otherwise, I suggest we are days or a few weeks away from war. If this is so, it will come sooner than later. Earlier today, I noticed flight restrictions already being announced for commercial flights in and around the Black Sea. Expect this to spread in coming days to the eastern part of Mediterranean which will cause travel issues for people. So be prepared to have alternative plans.
    I remain of the opinion that the US will not directly get involved and if I am wrong and it does, then Nuclear war will come to North America quickly, without debate or warning. It will never be conventional warfare. It will not be one sided with Russia as I imagine China will seize the opportunity to destroy America as a hegemony threat and quickly seize desired territory. Starting with Taiwan and South Korea. At the moment, the world is a most uncertain place and far more fragile than people imagine. The consequences of kinetic confrontation will not just be millions dying or displaced, but you will see the Financial Markets implode, especially in Europe. Assuming of course hostilities are only limited to the European theatre. Those European Banks with huge derivative positions will quickly implode, causing shockwaves as the contagion spreads to counter parties. This will leave people devastated in an already weakened state of affairs. Capital will quickly flee, so if and when war breaks out, expect capital controls in Europe.
    Buckle up for the coming roller coaster. This could go BIG! Will China and Russia pre empt together? Can they afford not to? They know the danger is allowing America to plan for action. A big mistake. America could face Armageddon from both Coasts and over the Arctic. Can America take it?
    History says no.

    Rethinking Sewers.- Deep Shit!

    What a mess.
    Derek Chauvin found guilty in death of George Floyd

    It’s the right result he needs to do hard time


  6. Once QFS does come in, the old Jewish Zio racketeering Banking system faces melt down.

    Who then funds Pensions. Hospitals. Police, Firefighters, Education? Armies????? Navies. Agencies?

    The very people who stood tall for 9/11,the real Emergency Services and Health Care people, not the blubbering, pathetic Arseholes seen running like frightened Children, the real life savers and real careers, will all be left unpaid as it stands. Systematic collapse.

    So give us time to address this.

    Yes to jerking out the Bankers, slashing the vast Military, and cutting Administrators to the bone. but who takes care of the CARERS? Real People good people, we DO need!

    Which is why we need to expand the UN role as a Global coverage.
    A possible flat QFS tax can cover all these Real People and Real Needs, but rid us of the rest.

    Just look in on Google for Personal Protection Services, and the vast Global Contractors Killing Services we are funding. Mass murder for money. What about life? The real dilemma. How the Hell have we got to this? It’s a vast ever expanding Industry. Why?

    These are real issues we address daily. Economic collapse will be devastating if allowed. Total Anarchy. Gangs loose. Armed and ruthless. Unchecked. Looting, raping and killing.

    Reality is not Disneyland. We need a planned phase over. America is so Not Ready for QFS.

    QFS will not fund Governments as they are formatted today. Nor Militaries. Nor Police.

    No Pensions or Welfare Checks? That would stop – Dead!
    QFS needs refining. A new Path of Life needs planning. Real Values. Humane, and Reality focused. Rethinking purpose. Rethinking Man- KIND!

    Lose the Gimme, gimme, gimmies.


    1. John,
      This reminds me of the best laid plans can often go awry. Must fight corruption or the watchers need watching. I recommend You and Tony for the job.


  7. QFS and a key issue.

    Taxation is still to be decided. As it stands currently, we can introduce QFS with NO Taxations Reporting or access.
    That would close down Nations’ Governments and the Fed.

    A dilemma now for Politicos and delaying release. In one go it would destroy the US Military Industrial Cabal and Zionist Bankers. Good moves! Peace and prosperity.

    Global freedom.

    Freedom for all????????????

    So, we have ” Issues”. Expect metals prices to go high!


    1. are we looking at all this rolling out still in next few weeks? What is Putin tomorrow says he not using the dollar anymore or the swift system and the US can go F off?


      1. Jay
        It’s a daily issue right now. Do we cut and run with QFS, or care for real cases?

        Do we use the UN Special New Divisions to fund Need, ot stand back and profiteer?
        Or find the right balance as we send the Zios and Cabal into the night?

        Correct Russia is dumping SWIFT and the Dollar, as is China.

        Ukraine is a high flash point right now. One wrong move and WW111 follows.

        The beyond stupid Sheeple have no idea, and that’s just Governments.

        The Flat Tax is all we need but UN Administered. Cull out Governments and Agencies. Halve the Military. Close 990 plus world bases. Cease Hegemony. Build trade and goodwill.

        QFS can slam them all to the wall. Banks too. Governments fail us all. Time to rethink purpose. They have none!
        There is no Democracy, nor hope. Fund need. It’s evolving now. Daily. This is the time needed .Refining Right!


        1. Appreciate the site and all the information provided. Some I don’t fully understand. This being one of them. In part, i get the $ spoken about will help nations. That really is great and I’m happy the funds are controlled by people that have good in mind.
          Speaking for the lil guy on the street. And keep in mind, while I like bubba, i’m a college educated professional with full-time job. As I think the bulk of the audience here is. One can tell by the educated responses and comments on the vast subjects discussed.
          Back to my boy bubba, how, if any, of the vast funds in play now help the lil guy on the street? Does it provide jobs? Healthcare? Just trying to make sense of the excitement I see in others. But I feel my lack of understanding is leaving me in the dark.


          1. The precise details would be John’s bailiwick to outline, but I do believe the goals are to direct financial resources away from war, graft, corruption, waste, usury, etc., and into areas which will develop peace and efficient investment into the essential platforms which sustain life and not grab bags for bankers and politicians.

            Some examples would be schools, from trades to advanced learning, brought to those who qualify, and without the financial usury to suck the life’s blood from their life in the process. Infrastructure projects which are efficient, advanced, sustainable and without the bribes and kickbacks which cost us all. And so on…

            “Bubba”, if he is capable of doing an honest day’s work, should find some benefit within that framework.

            What it won’t be is a free lottery ticket for all – i.e., millions for your war torn paper, the cost of which would be born by the respective states.

            Stay tuned for further news and details as they are available.

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  8. Perhaps before we all die in the nuclear war over the Ukraine, the UK might consider opening up:


    1. Scientific Advisors say No??????????????????????????????????/
      Johnson is a Johnson!
      We have now lost 800,000 jobs, meaning c2.5M people are really hurting, just for an odd 50K questionable deaths byond flue levels.
      It will take a decade to recover the losses .
      But still the Moron lets 1,500 day fly in from India which is infected to hell.
      Poliiti Critters.


  9. The vaxx is more dangerous than guns

    The reported number of US deaths from the Covid vaccine in Q1 2021 is 1,524. The average number of US gun-related murders reported per quarter is 3,679.

    However, only 82.5 million people have been fully vaccinated for Covid, or 25.3 percent of the US population. Even if we ignore the fact that the vaccine deaths are almost certainly underreported, this means your chances of dying from being vaccinated for Covid are 63.7 percent greater than your chance of being shot dead, and 44 times greater than your chance of being shot dead by a police officer.

    Perhaps that will help put things in perspective. If the government actually cared about lives, they would devote more effort to vaccine control than they do to gun control.
    — Source: Vox Day

    Having said that, VAERS under-reporting is a minimum of 10x. Thus the Q1 carnage from the nCov vaccine is at least 15,240. You still want to take this piece of Pharma crap?

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    Then let’s get the prices right down and start Global production.. The Scots cashed in for too long. Ageing was always the excuse for pricing. Now that’s gone everyone can produce it
    UK warships will set sail for the Black Sea within weeks as tensions between Russia and Ukraine soar

    British warships will sail for the Black Sea in May amid rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, according to a report by the Sunday Times. The move comes amid rising Ukraine-Russia tensions.

    What the hell is the UK getting itself into here? Have we learned nothing of failing Empires? 2 UK boats to face down Russia?

    Now what could go wrong?
    Kate Middleton is poised to step up in the family: Duchess of Cambridge was dignified and composed as she arrived at the castle alone and chose an outfit that was ‘elegant but not overstated,’ fashion experts reveal

    Celebrity stylist Rochelle White told Femail that the royal appeared to be ‘consciously styled’ in a demure black ensemble to mourn the loss of Prince Philip at Windsor Castle yesterday afternoon.

    Compare Kate to that attention seeking Bloody Bolter from LA. Harry’s bit of Showgirl Fluff. Class and Crap.
    SARAH VINE: Kate, a class act who can be the monarchy’s rock

    SARAH VINE: Arriving in Windsor, the Duchess of Cambridge was captured looking directly into the camera, her gaze steady and serious, her demeanour sombre yet impeccably stylish.

    Thank all the Gods for Catherine, she is the Monarchies savior.
    The disgraceful conduct of the Me Gain Bolter and her Ginger Tosser, has lost America its Princess, and brought the whole Institution into disrepute.
    Charlie Jumbo Ears and Camilla will never be accepted by the nation. He’s no ” Keeper of the Faith”. Like his Ginger Son, a Gerbil posing for the cameras
    Kate and William alone can carry the torch after the Queen.
    Without Kate the line would end. It’s sad Me Gain has blown the Fab 4. Philip warned him not to.
    Post the Oprah debacle, it’s clear Low Class finds its level Over rated mediocrities

    Bitcoin still has nations hesitant.


  11. John,

    Forgive my pestering, but I’m curious about your reference to a timeline of two weeks from now.

    Is that the line in the sand you’ve drawn for SWIFT to comply with the demands for funds release or be cast out entirely in favor of QFS? I’m lost of the deadline you’ve set, because it appeared something was about to occur. Thank you in advance.


    1. Ab Irato,

      The line in the sand was for the net handover to the Elders an acceptable amount for the Cash Pallets and a Beneficial Use Agreement for the Au. They get “Beneficial Use” only, not the Metals. We showed them how to do it. We will never give those Rodents the actual metals.

      Furthermore the Elders lead party had to be the UN Funds controller, run via London. The details we will not disclose. It all comes under the Trustee Governance of London. Rodent free! Glass ceiling rules.

      Appointments to be concluded after the first at the months end. But not publicised. Then we set up the infrastructure for Global use.

      QFS will follow, it then takes what it takes. The deal is the key. Major changes will follow.

      The UN will replace Politicos powers. They failed. We will deliver Turnkey solutions where approved.

      Control is evolving. Time for change. It’s coming. We don’t need .Politicos or Zio Rat banks. Our teams are already on standby. No more will be disclosed yet. It goes off radar for a while. QFS will hit like an incoming missile for the crime families. When there is no benefit from Crime. Change!


    1. Sadly since JFK and Regan all you’ve had is crap. Until America lifts the bar, Cuckoos will crap in the nest. .
      Where is the screening process? NONE are fit!


  12. Apparently ALL US diplomats have been expelled from Russia and were told they must be out of the country BEFORE April 21st. The same day Putin has his speech in the state Duma.

    It appears this long and windy road may be coming to an end shortly for many of us.

    Prep up as best as you can. Unless, of course, you live next to a military base, in which case you are screwed anyway. Just run toward the blinding flash of light and then head towards the one at the end of the tunnel. 😏


    1. Content of Putin’s speech on thr 21st has leaked out that Russia will stop using the USD for trade and will stop using swift by 2025. China is apparently in bed with them on this.

      This makes sense as to why the new CBDC Yuan has been rushed and gold must play into this as they are telling citizens to buy it. Russia has been massively accumulating as well.

      Seems to dovetail in with the QFS info.

      Could be interesting week


    2. HIW

      The Russian Ambassador in London said Yesterday that Russia is not seeking war with Ukraine.It’s so far only exercises. British warships arriving there next week will only exacerbate the situation. Britain will pull his wings after the poisoning issues. Ras Putin is not in good standing in the UK right now . Be sure the Brits will rattle his cage.
      As long as Ukraine does not attack,Russian Protectorates it can ease down. But if so, expect Russia to mount a ferocious attack. . The US needs to back off or else. Mess now and you may force a US mainland attack. If he goes he will go big. Then China comes in. Politicos versus Ras Putin!
      There is NO Sophisticated Political Leadership in the West. Mediocrittures!


    3. Oh please.

      The actual high probability scenario is that Putin has made his point and NATO will chicken out.

      The second highest probability scenario is that Putin will take Ukraine and NATO will chicken out because the US military doesn’t have NATO’s back in this scenario. The neoclowns are bluffers.

      Just another reason why Trump should have crossed the Rubicon on Jan 20th regardless of the alleged threat to average citizen that the Deep State used to prevent Trump’s actions.

      Now we have to deal with craziness and I have my doubts that we will survive all the crises to come from having the current crazy criminals in charge.


  13. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny ‘is DYING’

    Really ???? And he thought he could just walk back into Ras-Putin’s den and be free? A Fool can not Rule in~Russia. Unlike America where they specialize in them. Easier for the Zios to control. .

    Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny ‘is DYING’

    War is coming likely before month’s end if reason does not prevail.

    Earlier today we advised that yesterday Russian tanks were moving under their own power to the border. This simply means they are actively manned by experienced battle troops who know how to use them. This is not simple rail transport, it tells us they are ready for deployment and duty. A week or so ago, we confirmed that fuel placement shad occurred and extra fuel was availed by transport already in place. 

    We suggest they are very wrong! With the first sign of any Nuke fired at Russia, expect every single NATO base in Europe to be destroyed with 7 minutes. Read that Right. NATO would be atomized in 7 minutes. HQ also. Russia will respond on a mass preemptive basis to survive. Imaginary notions of localized conventional war will be lost very quickly. Expect Russia to go after the real culprits of this war, wherever they maybe. There is one other deadly factor not being considered. Russia has something known as the “dead hand” which is a complex AI system meant to operate if their command structure is non responsive. Once so determined it launches a mass strike against an opponent effectively eliminating its’ existence. Remember the missile inventory of Russia is second to none which means thousands of missiles can fly.

    As for the US, we sense sense a disconnect in the Military from the State and the non deployment of American ships continues to indicate that the US military may well stand down while NATO MOVES and Russia engages in response. To do otherwise the US gets hid direct and badly.

    That maybe the best chance for North America to stay out a war with Russia and for the world not to see a Global war.

    Russia knows it is like a trapped Sewer Rat in a corner with America. To have any hope of survival, It knows it has to attack first and big.

    That is why any conflict with Ukraine will be so ferocious and devastating as to make America think hard many times Americas people have no consequences of domestic wars and the horrors. Look how fast the ran away screaming in Vietnam, Cambodia, Mogadishu and Syria. .America just does not get that Russia will preempt fully if pushed. Nor care! There can be no winner, but Russia will not care. Knowing they annihilated America will suffice. Hopefully wise heads will avoid this. But that is neither Sleepy Joe nor alleged Escort Girl Karmella. Only in America?
    All Photos From Prince Philip’s Funeral

    It was sad, lonely and dignified for Phillip. William and Ann have values. So many Tossers walked behind. Once William takes over he needs to cull many off the Public purse. .

    3 utterly useless wastes of space William needs to cut loose
    Prince William ‘requested Peter Phillips stand between him and Harry’

    It should have been the hangman with noose, for the little Shit!

    Prince William ‘requested Peter Phillips stand between him and Harry’
    Huge crowd of maskless ‘travellers’ seen outside Harrods

    So now the Disband the Swine Pariahs want to mass arrest the unmasked free breathers again.
    Prince Harry ‘will fly back to LA to be with Meghan tomorrow’

    The self absorbed treacherous limp brain is running back to Me Gain but still wants to keep his and her titles and privileged posing. He needs to be but loose which we did with Edward and Wallace Simpson. Suited and booted!he won’t even stay 3 days for the Queen’s birthday. All the trouble the selfish whining Wimp. He’s not going to get back when she bolts again. No one wants him here now. Pathetic Wimp.

    How do you trust a Russian who sends out his Poisoning Killers to assassinate in the UK?

    This is a big deal! They now have Iran, Syria, Egypt , soon Iraq, and who next as they take over the Middle East? It’s only, time before Iran gets its own Nukes. then Game Up for Israel.
    Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 on Twitter: “Are we prepared to see our loved ones burn alive in a nuclear holocaust in a war with Russia over Ukraine? If not, cut out the macho saber rattling and deescalate before it’s too late.” / Twitter

    Is anyone listening ? How do we try to explain to so many STUPIDOS this is unfolding?

    He’s trying to manipulate KGB Thugs. No chance!

    Sure and who keeps these Scavengers? Bankrupt in 2 years.


  14. Instead of the Vietnam War, we could have built the North American Water And Power Alliance project, and right now the southwest US would be awash in water, inexpensive power, and jobs.

    But, the little rats in back of all wars had other plans for their usury herds.


    1. Ask any Asthma inhaler user how they feel struggling to breath with them on?
      Even worse the real world family barriers and fear they have created. So many need and deserve serious hidings for this. Truncheons at dawn!

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  15. Digital Asset To Consider

    With the recent market correction, an unexpected window has opened up for a good buy price on a good idea.

    So, if your speculative risk fund budget will allow, consider adding Armor (ARMOR) to your portfolio.

    ARMOR is a decentralized brokerage for cover underwritten by Nexus Mutual’s blockchain-based insurance alternative. It provides users a pay-as-you-go solution to insure their assets across various DeFi protocols. Armor currently provides coverage for the major DeFi protocols including, Aave (AAVE), Synthetix (SNX), Balancer (BAL), and more.

    One of their core products is Armor Smart Cover System. It detects changes in account balances across the supported protocols, and prompts users to adjust their coverage plan accordingly.

    ARMOR is a governance token, so token holders will be able to vote on changes to the fee structure and reward themselves with a share of the platform’s profits.

    This high quality project will allow good exposure to one of the key players in the DeFi arena.

    It’s trading close to a good buy-up-to price of $1.25 now. So, if it goes over, you can set a limit buy order at $1.25 or less and wait to be filled at a better price. An ERC-20 token, it can be stored on MyEtherWallet, and bought on Uniswap, 0x Matcha, 1inch Exchange or SushiSwap.

    ARMOR is a buy up to $1.25.

    Pax Ethereum

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    1. Thanks for the info Tony…!!

      Quick Question: I know you don’t have [Cardano (ADA)] on your main Digital Assets To Consider as there are tons of coins out there but do you have any feedback one way or other on Cardano?

      Much appreciated..!!


      1. ADA is a quality project and I do personally have some in my portfolio. I probably should have included it, but there are only so many hours in a day for me to devote to research, and then there is the need to watch the list and so on. I could have probably added 10 to 15 more good ones.

        I would certainly suggest holding some ADA, and for now I would not pay any more than $1 for it.

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  16. Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Indian variant could ‘scupper’ easing of UK coronavirus lockdown rules, warns expert

    Be clear , Borish Johnson is Thick!.As are sadly. so many failing Leaders today. Donkeys posing as Stallions.
    If Johnson is coerced to try to bring in more lockdowns there will be riots. So called Scientific Advisors are living dangerously. They risk a public confrontation. Deservedly!
    Shared from Sky News: COVID-19: Pandemic has now killed three million across the world – as countries see surge in cases

    Not a small figure even if contested, is it? People are mass dying. Mainly Third World. Defenseless.
    Queen is supported by loyal lady-in-waiting Lady Susan Hussey

    A truly outstanding Queen. Apart from William and Kate, surrounded by Tossers. A bad, bad day for Elizabeth’s long service.
    Typical, Just getting clear of a years grief, and someone tries to slip in a new Dodgy Indian cocktail. Call for Custer!

    Indian Covid mutation ‘could derail Britain’s roadmap out of lockdown’
    One Man Stands in the Way of NATO’s Run Onward to Moscow | New Eastern Outlook

    Beyond dangerous times because THIS TIME FOR SURE if unleashed its heading for the US mainland.

    If Russia gets a hit the US will get hammered.

    Complete madness is unfolding that will leave Europe and perhaps the world shaken to its’ core. It’s time US Disneyland gets a wake up call.

    There will be no winners in a nuclear exchange, which is what this will be brought to. It is not about Russia wanting more land but about the conquest of Russia.
    So why should anyone expect Russia will roll over ? Russia will fight just like China will and no one will win. And those souls left, will pick up the pieces of a destroyed world to rebuild assuming there is enough of humanity left and the planet can still sustain life.

    And while this is coming to a climax, one is supposed to be afraid of a virus no worse than the flu. Balderdash, the biggest threat to life is war, the Elites and Zionists!

    Yesterday, I confirmed Russian tanks under power, their own power we mass driving driving over fields towards the border. This means the spring thaw is almost gone and the length of fuse to war is short. We can only pray that before insanity and madness prevails in the fog of war that common sense will come to those risking life. This time its the planet. and YOU!

    Europe has seen too much bloodshed in its’ history to witness again what will unfold, as the Nuclear effects will be a long one. War seems like it is manageable until the fog and circus of combat and escalation takes over. By contract the natural gas that flowed through the Ukraine is lessened by 25bullion cubic feet to 40 Billion. This means without Nord Stream 2 being finished Europe will run short of gas this winter even if supplied from Qatar or America. To think those boats will be safe is being naïve and why would Russia continue to push gas through the Ukraine? And that is to say that some head case in the Ukraine does not blow up the pipes just to invoke more chaos. This is real fog of how things go awry in war. Perhaps the best indication is the duration of closure of the Kerch strait until late October. Europe has enough trouble now a lessened gas flow no matter the reason will make life miserable even without physical scars of war. And as for European tourism, forget it, as the drums of war pound away, soon airspace closures will come with little advance warning.

    As a bystander to insanity one can only pray. The NATO forces at best can hold Russia back for 2 days. Russia would be in Paris in 3 days.
    Manipulative Markel bolted again leaving this crap. Get rid!

    Prince Harry and Prince William reunited at Prince Philip’s funeral
    As DeFi tokens surge, CRV indicates a bumper crop for DeFi Summer 2.0
    Under-the-hood upgrade drives Ethereum to another major milestone


  17. John,

    What role will SWIFT play in the release of funds? I thought they would have been left out of anything to do with settlements. .


    1. This will be decided in the next 2 weeks hopefully. It’s only the fine details now as the Zios try to claw onto anything possible. It’s the Khazar’s death rattle. Tropos’ SWIFT transfer was intercepted and stolen on Yelen’s watch. One collective Vermin pack. After decades getting this far an odd week or weeks matters little. It owes no one but us.

      It will also be kept clear of the Brethren. We neither need, nor want them. London’s Glass ceilings are Rat Traps.
      The UN needs our Project backing for this. Zio spawn free. It’s done well to be so far. As long as we are happy, that’s all that matters.


  18. Absolutely Excellent comment on Ivermectin. This is how we should have acted. Quote begins below.

    Dr. Conrad Miller| General Practice39 minutes ago
    Please let me add that a very important study from Chamie et al ONLY looked at excess deaths of people 60 and older in Peru. Peru was one of the first hard hit nations in the Americas to be hit by COVID-19. On May 8 2020 by government decree, the Dept of Defense co-ordinated with another 10 agencies did a massive focused treatment program mostly with ivermectin going house to house in state by state including 10 states in what they called Mega-Operacion Tayta. Excess deaths plummetted in these states. Actually 24 of Peru’s states performed similar programs, 14 of these only doing the above with locally manned treatment. Only the state of Lima, with the nation’s capital inside it, did not participate, instead seizing ivermectin from pharmacies. Very significant decreases of excess deaths in those 60 and over, the population involved in most deaths from COVID-19, occurred in especially the states where the military participated going house to house, also providing food for 15 days to citizens to better encourage isolation for that period of time. Deaths dropped ~75% 45 days after peak deaths occurred in the Mega-Operacion Tayta states, while untreated Lima only simmered at 25% decrease over the same time period as the Chamie paper studied. From May to end of July 2020 one out of every 1000 people 60 and over died in Lima state. Here is the link and then the abstract from that Chamie paper:

    [note the chart therein of deaths, with Lima state burning like a forest-fire in the background]


    On May 8, 2020, Peru’s Ministry of Health approved ivermectin (IVM) for the treatment of COVID-19. A drug of Nobel Prize-honored distinction, Ivermectin (IVM) has been safely distributed in 3.7 billion doses worldwide since 1987. It has exhibited major, statistically significant reductions in case mortality and severity in 11 clinical trials for COVID-19, three with randomized controls. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM is the same as that of antiviral antibodies generated by vaccines—binding to SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein, blocking viral attachment to host cells.

    Mass distributions of IVM for COVID-19 treatments, inpatient and outpatient, were conducted in different timeframes with local autonomy in the 25 states (departamentos) of Peru. These treatments were conducted early in the pandemic’s first wave in 24 states, in some cases beginning even a few weeks before the May 8 national authorization, but delayed four months in Lima. Analysis was performed using Peruvian public health data for all-cause deaths and for COVID-19 case fatalities, as independently tracked for ages 60 and above. These daily figures were retrieved and analyzed by state. Case incidence data were not analyzed due to variations in testing methods and other confounding factors. These clinical data associated with IVM treatments beginning in different time periods, April through August 2020, in each of 25 Peruvian states, spanning an area equivalent to that from Denmark to Italy and Greece in Europe or from north to south along the US, with a total population of 33 million, provided a rich source for analysis.

    For the 24 states with early IVM treatment (and Lima), excess deaths dropped 59% (25%) at +30 days and 75% (25%) at +45 days after day of peak deaths. Case fatalities likewise dropped sharply in all states but Lima, yet six indices of Google-tracked community mobility rose over the same period. For nine states having mass distributions of IVM in a short timeframe through a national program, Mega-Operación Tayta (MOT), excess deaths at +30 days dropped by a population-weighted mean of 74%, each drop beginning within 11 day after MOT start. Extraneous causes of mortality reductions were ruled out. These sharp major reductions in COVID-19 mortality following IVM treatment thus occurred in each of Peru’s states, with such especially sharp reductions in close time conjunction with IVM treatments in each of the nine states of operation MOT. Its safety well established even at high doses, IVM is a compelling option for immediate, large scale national deployments as an interim measure and complement to pandemic control through vaccinations.

    Note: Funding: This paper received no funding.” compare this to the faulty JAMA study that had average age 37 of participants. See my other posted critique of JAMA study in another comment here

    Liked by 1 person

  19. WhatsApp records allow stalkers to track you online

    What the hell?
    To believe in any future success for Coinbase, you must have faith in bitcoin
    Dogecoin quadruples in price as Elon Musk memes drive cryptocurrency to new record high


  20. This is dedicated to James Darrin and to everyone who holds Vechain. I’m in the fam too! Why do I feel I need to do the robot dance.

    Vechain Fam


    1. lol… that was awesome A Johnson… took the opportunity yesterday, with the latest huge run up, to sell a tiny amount… the amount is way more than my initial investment back and what I sold will make me bill free!…
      still have ” big bags only “…
      Bills were not real big… and I rent, so, no house paid off…
      Now I ride free with ” big bags on me “…

      Tony, thank you!.. you are the man!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Congratulations James!!!! I’ve been paying debt off too, only one small loan to go and no mortgage. We rent too right now.

        Yes – Tony is the man!! Thank you so much.

        Ps: I played that song for my husband this morning and was doing the robot dance. 🤣 He said I lost it. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I had several I was going to add to the list, but the prices have moved up and over buy ranges for now, so I elected to just wait.

      I may add one next week, but currently it’s a bit pricey for safe entry. Let me watch it a bit more and we will see.

      I try to always protect the interests of people here by getting them in at ideal prices so their downside risk is minimized. Also, many ERC-20 coins are extremely costly to enter because the GAS fees are murder for small investors. The one counter-balance is that the price increases more than cover those fees, which is why they can get away with it right now.

      Stay tuned.


    2. Sampson,
      I have been accumulating Siacoin. Great project focused on decentralized storage and data transfer plus just released Skynet, which is a decentalized internet. Top 50 coin. Survived through crypto winter. Charts look great. Low barrier to entry at .05 range. Great yield op relative to most top 100 coins. Coinbase exploring. Available in US on Kracken and Bittrex now.


  21. SEC warns Meta 1 Coin scheme is ongoing despite Court orders

    “…The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned that Meta 1 Coin Trust (“Meta1”) continues to operate regardless of the Court’s orders to halt the fraudulent scheme. This becomes clear from the latest status report filed by the regulator with the Texas Western District Court…”


    Very sorry for those of you who may have bought into the META1 con via the Seminar Dave promotions. Hopefully, some kind of restitution can be effected in the future.


  22. Hahahahahaha…. and so now the chickens come home to roost

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Ukrainian navy threatens to SHOOT Russian FSB boats near Kerch Strait

    Madness Russia will atomise them

    Will they or won’t they?
    Game changer the Khazars will see their Rrrrs.

    Subject: Iran & Russia set to sign comprehensive strategic agreement: TV Report | Middle East Observer

    Once China set their deal with Iran in place it was clear that Russia would soon follow.
    This is a real game changer in the Middle East as now the 3 countries have unity in a strategic agreement which gives Iran the cover of both Russia and China and basically renders American and European influence mute.
    This will have profound ramifications throughout the Middle East going forward as clearly the influence of the Saudis is on the wane and to think any real strikes are still possible against Iran by anyone without response is irresponsible. Turkey will also face a new reality as their dreams of hegemony are now dashed as their influence will be reduced in the region. This will also give impact to Qatari ambitions and influence within the Middle East and beyond.
    This may act to temper the Turkish involvement in the Ukraine as they have troops there training Ukrainians in drone use.


  24. The most amusing (there is schadenfraude humor in this) aspect of the vaccine effort is the sexual transmission.

    Yep. There is an avalanche of reports of the vaccinated and unvaccinated having sex and the unvaccinated partner reporting the sudden appearance of the “COVID rash” over the whole body.

    Now, someone will need to verify, do serology, all the usual medical confirmation stuff, but there’s too much smoke for there not to be fire. I am sure that the viral vector vaccines will be found to be at fault.


  25. Influenza cases in the USA, 2016-2021

    2016-2017: 29 million
    2017-2018: 45 million
    2018-2019: 36 million
    2019-2020: 38 million
    2020-2021: 0.0015 million

    Masks and distancing work. — Fauci

    Actually, they don’t. — Tino1776

    Covid cases in the USA, 2020-2021

    2020-2021: 32 million

    Therefore, we can reach two conclusions, since the influenza number for 20-21 is categorically impossible.

    Conclusion 1 — Virtually 90% of all reported coronavirus cases were false positives. Coronaviruses probably being the usual 10% of total infections. Which means also that all death numbers, CFR number, IFR number, are wrong. The only correct IFR is from Stanford, from serology antibody, of 0.15%. Thus, a nothing burger is a $12 trillion bonfire of hysteria and stupidity. I, for one, will never comply with a vaccine passport for daily activities.

    Conclusion 2 — They, the Usual Suspects, screwed with the influenza test. Immediately, intelligence organizations should get samples of the influenza test kit and see how a world-wide standardized test was inactivated.


    1. Tony and myself will volunteer to try out 20 sample case women for you to see if they come out with more than Goose Bumps. But pre STD check them all first as clear.and clean. Our effort to help humanity.


  26. Kerch strait will be closed as of next week until October of this year
    How will that effect Gold Prices?

    If you were wondering why gold soon to be followed by silver is rising fast, ponder no more.
    War is coming to Europe, there is no question, only denial by those parties not listening or watching a nightmare unfold.

    This denial of passage of state or foreign vessels is effectively closing off the Ukrainian ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk to traffic for 6 months. This only the tightening of the vise to the effective Ukrainian declaration of war against Russia.

    If this is not clear enough please watch various video’s of cars leaving the Donbas for Russia for safety. Citizens there understand better than anyone what is coming. Does anyone really think the Ukrainians are creating minefields for fun? Or that their massing of troops or that of Poland is strictly for parade? One can only pray for the many souls who will parish as a result.

    War will bring new realities and some of these realities will come at the expense of personal freedom as we are already seeing in countries like Czechoslovakia as tough rules exist for business openings and civilian movement. And they are not alone. This should be considered as the new normal going forward. The bigger question is whether various governments in Europe default on their debts. War brings opportunities to denounce the past and it is doubtful that the “build back better” crowd will waste opportunity. That is if they get to play in the new realities that war will bring to the continent. Britain could be a big winner if they manage to stay out of the fight.

    There are new realities on the horizon to be faced by Europe that will bring no doubt many unexpected events. And it is becoming more doubtful by the day that tactical nukes will not be used by various parties. As survival of factions will come to be more important early in the conflict.

    Russia will be fully deployed and ready by the middle of next week. You can expect the shooting to start anytime there after. If you were thinking of visiting the eastern part of Europe this spring, waiting is the better part of valor as travel will be disrupted. Even now prudent pilots will give the area a wide berth. And soon any existing flights across and in the region will face cancellations.


    The Human Guinea Pigs are slowly ingesting quantified vaccine risks.
    Where is truth?

    This new Indian Covid variant has Global implications carried by travelers

    Sadly they have equivalent brains

    So what is truth now with Ukraine?

    This will hurt many
    Europeans raise privacy concerns over digital currency

    A fast Crypto buy list for you all.


  27. A greater incentive to have no incentive, to colorful people.

    A Johnson when she sees her crypto balance…

    Liked by 1 person

    The Taliban won.
    Biden retaliates against Putin with new harsh sanctions

    Vlad faces them all off

    Pfizer CEO says a THIRD Covid vaccine may be needed

    As expected and after 3 shots what the hell is incubating inside us. We ARE the test animals.
    Thousands gather for dung-throwing festival in India as Covid soars

    This is devastating poor India.
    Share a bed with that lot. Take me first!
    What the hell is loose in the Third World we worry more about stealing oil and arms sales than humanity. What is truth about the spread now?

    Derek Chauvin confirms he will not testify at murder trial

    So, the Cop Out Gamble.
    If he walks there will be riots.

    Derek Chauvin confirms he will not testify at murder trial

    Passenger collapses at Heathrow ‘after waiting in seven-hour queue’

    It’s not rocket science. Mandate the carrier’s to undertake full diligence checks before any passengers are allowed on board. Stop African and high risk nation flights. Shut the bloody doors. The attendant risks are too high. Lead. Decide, if the evidence is sound take protective decisions. Shut down hobby Tourists if danger is high and muzzle ignorance of reality. Think as leaders or quit. Act.
    None of the royals to wear military uniform at Prince Philips funeral

    Posing Tossers want more?

    Why the Farce to protect this wimping Arse????????????
    Royal experts blast Prince Harry and Andrew’s ‘shameful tantrums’

    Totally agree. 2 Absolute Pricks self delusional and both need a serious Arsewhipping . Disgusting. Pathetic.

    Russia Deploys Su-34 Jets To Black Sea Region, US Not To Send It’s Warships There

    There is something for a bigger going on than just the potential conflict between the Ukraine and Russia. They are 2 complete armies now poised within a 50 km radius of the Russian border and 3 paratroop Divisions.
    Addition there is over 300 fixed wing aircraft and numerous helicopters now brought up within a short strike distance within the Russian borders. And in the Belarusian/ Russian border missiles have been moved into forward positions effectively now being able to create a NO FLY zone over Belarus and a strike zone well beyond Belarus within 3 minutes. Poland looks very vulnerable now. I wonder if they realize just how vulnerable they are?

    It is unlikely that all this equipment and manpower is being brought up for a simple fight between the Ukraine and Russia. It would be a kin to bringing a sledgehammer to use on a nail. And yes, it’s very clear that additional sanctions are being imposed by the US and Russia. And to further escalate matters is also just as clear that there will be no meetings between Russia and the United States in the short term. Big telltale sign is the fact that the Russian ambassador of the United States has not returned to the US. And there are unconfirmed rumors of NATO MISSILES being deployed in the western Ukraine pointed at Russia. This a RED LINE for Russia as it means that such missile placement is 5 minutes away from target strike within Russia and does allow for severe damage if not outright risk for Russian sovereign existence. They are being placed into a position of fighting now vs later. As later will be too late as country safety will be in jeopardy. While such activity is madness of the first order, it is occurring now.

    What also is alarming and gives rise to thinking something else is a foot on a larger scale is the resupply of the Russian Pacific Fleet which is being re-supplied with additional missiles and stores and being rapidly redeployed to sea. A resupply is a natural event that occurs; what is unusual is that various ships are taking on additional missiles to what they normally would carry in routine naval operations. This makes one think there’s something much bigger than a confrontation between Ukraine and Russia is a foot. And the Risk of use of tactic nuclear missiles should not be ruled out in Europe. Sadly, it seems the time dialogue is past and the next step is well under way .

    By the end of this month, the ground will be hard enough with the winter thaw having departed for the use of heavy military equipment in the Donbas. And I anticipate that without de-escalation we will witness a broad based conflict between NATO AND RUSSIA and whether it goes beyond, is anyone’s guess. The fact that the US is not sending in their ships into the Black Sea tells us that they have taken the Russian warnings seriously that the ships will be sunk, and this distances the actual US military from NATO. And that SUGGESTS that there is a division within America between the government and military as to the course of escalations going on in Europe. It will not be surprising to see a war break out where the US stands back and a further hint is the carrier forces on both sides of America to protect America. The job and oath of the US military is to defend the constitution and the American people and not to engage in foreign intrigue. America state affairs are another story entirely. And one cannot help but wonder what else is in play beyond what is visible.

    At the same time there are growing signs of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan which may well occur within hours or days of a conflict in Europe. There is a huge build up in the vicinity of Taiwan and there are over 250 Chinese vessels in territorial waters of the Philippines.

    May looks like a most uncertain month full of volatility on a number of fronts.



    BREAKING NEWS 9:54 AM EST — The United States Congress has just been informed by the President of the United States that he’s “declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy” of the United States, posed by specified harmful foreign activities of Russia.”

    “Hostile steps undertaken by the United States dangerously increase the degree of confrontation.”

    Hopefully everyone is paying attention to the serious threat of a Nuclear WWIII taking place in Ukraine. Unfortunately, as with all things American, most have their head up the ass.


  30. Today I have forwarded a lot of core graphics to say it all in pictures. All absorbed in seconds.
    But key issues. Need to KNOW!

    Heathrow arrivals facing lengthy six-hour queues as police 'forced to step in&#39

    The madness grows.


    Russian troops paint assault vehicles with ‘invasion stripes’

    Will Putin go for it?

    Russian troops paint assault vehicles with ‘invasion stripes’

    Please listen to and watch this new version of ‘God Bless the USA,’ even better than the 1st…


    What madness is upon us?

    This is real. It will affect family relationships and bounding. It will break down communities. The Sheeple have proven to be utterly mindless. The depth of what is being unleashed will wreak a terrible cost on society.


  31. Jesus…the Aussies are going native.

    Well, excuse the living hell out of the white race, dummy. Are we really supreme? Well, some race on this planet had to be the more advanced now, yes? Circumstances of location had to lead to necessity, which led to the need to innovate at a greater pace in some areas. Is it okay that the white race take a little freaking credit??? I mean at the turn of the 19th Century, the white race just happened to rule the world. Politically, militarily, culturally, economically and scientifically, and in almost every other way. No other race even came close. Africa, India and China were essentially ruled for all practical purposes, with China basically an economic colony of Europe and America. Japan was perhaps the only non-white nation that had significant autonomy at that time.
    The white race had superior weapons, superior armed forces, superior communications, superior transportation, superior agriculture and industry, superior standards of health – superiority in every facet of science and technology. We had the best universities, the only ones in fact worthy of the name; the best engineers, building things that other races could not even imagine. They explored, conquered and ruled.

    Be glad that you are here, availing yourself of the legacy of those “superior whites” you bitch about now. You lifted yourself into a position of influence HERE, not in Nigeria or Somalia, or some other shit pot ancestral land of yours which could not invent an ocean going vessel in 10,000 years. So your ancestors were slaves. Well, booo hooo cry me a river whaaaaaa!! So were mine. So were EVERYONE’S at one point in the past. Some, today, STILL ARE.

    Ignorant, political hack!! You are not the central moral scrutinizer, speaking on the behalf of all on whether or not the US is a “racist nation”, so stop with the fake piety and realize what you have been able to achieve RIGHT HERE.

    Blaming whites is the new way to climb up into a cool status now, isn’t it.

    You want a world were all live at their highest and best? It will only come about when money and politics ARE GONE, and a resource based economy is enabled planet-wide.

    With the technology that those dirty “white supremacists” started to innovate with long ago so you could enjoy the fruits of such which were bestowed on ALL people in the present time.

    So, show some gratitude, stop your sniveling, and do something for others based on your own merits, and not running your dumb mouth to get ahead by whipping up the dummy army you are pandering to for applause.

    If they succeed at passing this, imagine the results if Republicans refuse to hold hearings to confirm the extra 4 judges. We may see many states secede as a result.

    Liked by 1 person


    Markel is ready to forgive? The preening narcissistic Bolter and C list wannabe needs to renounce her title and Sod off..she failed America and failed the UK. No bloody Class and couldn’t cut it.
    It was s good thing to have an American Royal family member and she was well received. They both had a big presence and roles to grow into. Sadly both failed us. So now we pick up the costs of a Bolter and a Tosser. But with attitude.
    Harry has blown it now he won’t be welcomed back. They should both be stripped of titles then see how fast they both get Woken up. Woke and Broke. Posing Tossers. Sad. Harry chose to marry a Bolter with form
    .what a mess.

    Off we go again. Will someone take Boris by the Johnson and walk him over the River Thames bridge Idiot!
    British troops to leave Afghanistan after 20 years and 454 deaths

    About time. The Taliban will take over again and Trillions plus lives wasted for nothing . Poppy production will thrive. Hopium wins
    Putin snubs Biden over Ukraine

    Russia cares nothing for US opinions on its territory or Global expansion. Russia and China are coming. America is going and NATO won’t last 2 days if war breaks out. Islanders calling! Boom! Game over.
    Prince Andrew to wear military attire for Prince Philip’s funeral

    Kids heh? Scandal ridden Tossers want and want and want. Huge mistake if this scumbag is given anything. Another Tosser like Harry. Who cares if they are even there both have Shamed the family. . See however mighty and however wealthy, Tosser Kids happen to everyone. The Queen needs neither and Harry does not get he’s blown it. As for Markel, Bolt !
    Could Australia take YEARS to open its borders? Health minister says there is ‘no guarantee’ travel will be allowed even after the ENTIRE population is finally vaccinated under strict ‘Zero Covid’ strategy

    ‘Vaccination alone is no guarantee that you can open up,’ health minister Greg Hunt said on Tuesday. ‘If the whole country were vaccinated, you couldn’t just open the borders.’

    Stalag Oz, what a nightmare. Now even the Crims can not get out?
    Russia announces snap live-fire drills in the Black Sea today
    The US has no right to be meddling or pushing it’s nose into Russia’s back yard. Both US ships will be atomised whenever Russia wishes. The US has got to butt out if meddling no one elected America Sheriff. This just winds up the risk of war. Get TF out the world has had enough of your War games. Russia needs to park a fleet right off America’s coast with China helping sending 50 more. Let America wake up and think a D Day invasion is here. Simply get the hell out.
    Why we shouldn’t worry about Covid vaccine blood clots
    No10 WILL try to make Covid vaccines COMPULSORY for care home staff

    This will become Global
    Mysterious dog illness that swept the UK was caused by a CORONAVIRUS

    Even worse if married to them!
    Europeans raise privacy concerns over digital currency



    If the guy had been white we would know nothing about it most likely… accidents do happen… if he had complied he would be alive… Ben and Jerry’s will never see a dime of mine!… I can not understand their reasoning other then to fuel racism and the agenda!

    Liked by 1 person

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