The Legitimate Dynastic Elders And Goals of Their Releases  

This is a complex, multifaceted, multi-nation, multi-Banking, and Global Power Control Dichotomy. All have their Say and want to be in the final Game play. 

We now have Rockefellers, the Crown via the Committee of 300, and the Elders in full play. Representatives are there right now, as parties try to reach a consensus with so many self seeking special interests. One which will cater for the ever changing new Global Dynamics. With the emergence of Cryptos, Blockchain, the growing Global preference for Euros over USD, and incoming QFS, the Zionist Old Guard is seeking to hook their Claws onto something, or all will be swept away. Their problem in the new world incoming, is there is no real role for them to play or dominate. Nor a need. Parasites are trying as ever to burrow into a new Host! “Hit the Rocks, Fella”, is not what they had in mind. It’s Culture Shocking them. 

QFS can negate their entire control base, as so many accounts would fail the History of Funds Diligence Checks. How was it earned or sourced? Apply this and entire groups of cross corruption will be exposed. They seek control. We are denying it. 

“…We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits…”  

Senior GS Trustee

Tough London Ethical Controls. No “Camels” in the tent. Trust! Zio Free!

The U.S. simply is insolvent, and in desperate need of an asset base to underpin its Fake Fed Base, the insolvent U.S. Zio Banks are sucked dry to cover over the cracks in the U.S. Treasury Balance Sheets to continue the Myth of Fiscal probity. We know this! 

More meetings are set for next week hoping to clear issues to be finally signed off soon by all parties. Presidents are waiting. There is a lot we can’t and won’t say in Public. Nor will we show our hand yet. Almost all the Tier One and Tier Two MTN Bank Program Profits (Vast!!!) are skimmed off into their Offshore Accounts daily, evading Taxes and denying nations’ wealth creation needs. This goes to fund an insatiable CRIMINAL Military Industrial Cabal and a vast plethora of Special Interests’ Mercenary Contractor Killers costing between $3K to $5K per man day operating beyond the rule of law, in ruthless Wars created for profits. A Million poor Iraqis died for this. How many poor Syrians have died for this?

Be clear – the ONLY reason the U.S. is in Syria is to steal its oil, and to steal its land. Look at the disgrace and suffering of Palestine. Trump, acting under orders from his Zionist Paymasters, unlawfully gifted Syria’s Golan Heights to the Kushner Crime Family and other Zionists, Cheney and Mossad’s Nutter Yahoo. Hegemony for Money!  There is no Moral Imperative or Honor in using the U.S. Military as body bags for Israeli and vast Zionists’ profits. Mongrel Dogs rented for profit. 

We will raise the bar. Imagine…IF, London and the Elders bought a key Sovereign Bank, one which also facilitated Global Crypto Trading, and Metals holdings, and then forced all MTN Trading Profits back into Nation rebuilding; if we denied Offshore Banks access to QFS transfers or MTN profits. They want amnesties? We want the vast Profits accrued daily to service Human and Ecological needs, not their greed. Putting back. Establishing a Moral Imperative.   

Wait until you see our terms. We will show our real plans only after we first get real control. We are thinking a Century forwards. Inclusive regeneration. Our objectives are going to recycle back Project Profits created by the People, into new Wealth Creating Projects and Token/Cryptos where the profits of good projects are then reinvested back into you, the people, and you all become real stakeholders in a United New Wealth Version Self Generating funds for all nations. Educating nations by Professionals, not Churches and Cults skimming off fees. No 7th Century ignorant Despots loose and demanding. Ethereal values from birth. Quality education for all children to have equal chances. Nurturing values from birth. Educating. Not allowing ever continuing indoctrination from these Mongrels and their Blood Cult Child sexual mutilations. We have to turn the tide over a century.  

Only 40% of all Taxes syphoned off from you actually goes back to fund needs for you. 60% is recklessly wasted on Admin and Bureaucratic Suits. Why? Because it’s “Their” pernicious Law? Not to serve you, but to help themselves. We will be looking to fund Humanity directly to the point of need, and to cut out their waste. Why do we need “Governments”? Incompetent, inept and crooked. Without these mediocrities over 150% more investment can go back to meet needs, without the Half Wits, Clinton sleaze, Nancys and Scammers syphoning from the pot.

What you the people create, we want to put back without Roaches on your back. Rethinking Community Development, its purpose, protective needs and how to secure Communities by the self created Community Pride of We The People protecting its own Community with pride. Where every Person’s Home is YOUR own Sovereign Domain. Your Right to be Free of persecution! To exist safely. To know, that as long as you have Humane values, we will protect your very right to exist.

Those are the objectives of the Elders and London Trusts. To make a Difference! To serve Humanity, not to help themselves.

So much is active on your watch. Vision is alive! These funds need to be used for a good purpose as endowed. To sow the green shoots of hope for Mankind to be Kind. Leaders fit to serve. Service to others is a Privilege, not a Right.

Right…is putting back.


  1. Guys, with all due respect, wtf are you talking about?! Did no one tell y’all the plan? Literally ALL of this has been 100% taken care of. We good, folks. Chill out and be grateful.
    This is world peace and prosperity and an end to Luciferian blood cults wrapped in one package.
    Love y’all ur gonna delay the whole shebang w negative propaganda like this.
    Our vibrational states matter.
    For real.
    LB God bless


  2. Dr. Bhakdi: “The vision is so horrible and so awful and terrifying that I myself I don’t even want to know what happens next.”

    Five minute video. He efficiently lays out an entirely new future based on the latest data. I cannot even describe how awful the consequences of the jab are. It is quite clear he nailed it.
    Basically, to sum this up, if you get exposed to the virus after getting the jab or get a third jab your immune system is going to eat your veins and you’ll totally clot out. Your veins contain a clotting agent that gets released when they get injured (to stop the bleeding) and when your immune system starts eating the veins from the inside out, you’ll clot up and that will be the end of that. He goes over the exact process that will occur to cause this, which we have seen in earnest so far compared to how bad it is going to be.


    Watch “Biden defends pulling US out of Afghanistan as Ta…” on YouTube

    Chaos and more betrayal. Vietnam all over again. The world looks the world sees, again America on its knees. The real world is not fake news or Hollywood. Just America deserting those in so much need. But now China moves in to cash in.

    Biden defends pulling US out of Afghanistan as Ta…:
    DR MAX PEMBERTON: Why doctors like me have chosen to DELETE the NHS Test and Trace app

    DR MAX PEMBERTON: When I downloaded the NHS Test and Trace app I thought I was doing something sensible. Soon though, we began to realise it wasn’t so simple.

    I declined to switch on my Test and Trace mobile tracker right from the beginning. I thought of the lock down disruptions and chaos costs from fake flags.
    For almost 2 years I have bypassed their BS system. I have never encountered Covid. Nor has anyone close to me.
    I do NOT believe new claims of 100K new cases a day. Complete BS!. Shut the fake news up and shut down Fake Test and Trace.
    Rip the locks off Lock Down and get them back to work. No more Furloughs and bottomless Tax Rises.
    These Scientific Advisors have crippled our country. Idiots lose. Idiots in need of a serious caning!
    Re: Graphene Oxide in Jabs, Masks and Swabs

    You need to read this.

    They want to cull the human race period
    Graphene Oxide in Jabs,
    Masks and Swabs

    Yesterday’s video with Dr Ruby on Stew Peters’ show has gone viral. A Serbian subscriber saw it and put me onto the source, a group in Spain called “La Quinta Columna” (“The 5th Column”), who put out this video by biostatistician, Ricardo Delgado. The site is an excellent Spanish-language resource, along with, which did the English-language translation of this video (upon which I improved, slightly).

    Delgado and his team of scientists have concluded that the symptoms of “COVID-19” are, in fact the symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning and that the graphene oxide nanoparticles discovered in the Pfizer vials by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid at the University of Almería are also found in surgical masks, thus confirming of the suspicions of a British doctor, featured here last April. Surgical masks produced by Shandong Shenquan New Materials were taken off the market in Spain by the national health authority, Sanidad last April, due to the discovery of graphene oxide particles on the masks.

    In addition, the 5th Column confirms other videos posted here last March, that graphene oxide is found in the testing swabs used in both the PCR and the antigen tests, as well as in all the flu shots after 2019.

    In other words, everybody using Chinese surgical masks and taking COVID tests has been getting hit with graphene oxide – not just the vaccinated people!

    This video also mentions that that NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), an antioxidant food supplement that is a precursor to glutathione, counters the toxic effects of graphene oxide and has also been shown to cure “COVID” in scientific studies.

    Glutathione is found in very high levels in children. Therefore, “COVID” has hardly any impact on the child population. Glutathione levels drop considerably after 65 years of age, which is why “COVID” is more prevalent in older people.

    Graphene oxide is particularly tuned to absorb electronic frequencies in the same bandwidth of the 5G network, which excites and oxidizes this material very rapidly. This has the effect of attacking our bodies’ natural antioxidant glutathione reserves.

    Interestingly enough, Amazon just de-platformed – er, stopped selling – NAC! I saw Clif High tweet about that a week or two ago and he mentioned that his friend, who owns a supplement company still has some available.


    The Fifth Column is providing information that is vital to your health, physical integrity and of your environment.

    The masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the testing swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

    All of the major COVID vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, etc. also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles.

    These findings are the result of analyses by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques used at various public universities in Spain.

    The anti-flu vaccine contains graphene oxide nanoparticles, as do the new anti-flu vaccines, as well as the new intranasal anti-COVID vaccines that they are soon to be released. All contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles.

    Graphene oxide is a poison that causes blood clots. Graphene oxide coagulates the blood. Graphene oxide alters the immune system by disrupting the oxidative balance in the body’s glutathione reserves.

    If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route, it provokes immune system collapse. And subsequent cytokine storm.

    Graphene oxide accumulates in the lungs and causes bilateral pneumonia by means of its uniform dissemination in the pulmonary alveolar tract.

    Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste in the mouth. Perhaps this is starting to make sense to you.

    Inhalation of graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and as a result, the loss of the sense of taste and partial or complete loss of the sense of smell.

    Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the body. This explains the magnetic phenomenon that millions of people around the world have already experienced, after various routes of administration of graphene oxide, of which the vaccine is but one.

    In short, graphene oxide is the alleged SARS-CoV-2, the “novel coronavirus” that supposedly caused the disease known as COVID-19.

    This is the real reason why we’ve never had real isolation and purification of the the novel coronavirus, which is a fact that is recognized at the highest levels of most health institutions in several countries when they were directly questioned about this.
    COVID-19, the disease is the result of introducing graphene oxide by various routes of administration.

    Graphene oxide is extremely potent and strong in aerosols, as is the alleged SARS-CoV-2.

    Like any material, graphene oxide has an “electronic absorption band”. This means that it absorbs a certain frequency that excites and oxidizes this material very rapidly, which attacks our bodies’ natural antioxidant glutathione reserves.

    This frequency is in the bandwidths of the new 5G network. That is why the deployment of these towers never stopped during the pandemic. In fact, they were among the few services that were maintained, along with the heightened state security around them.

    We suspect that during the 2019 anti-flu campaign, graphene oxide was introduced in these vials, since it was already being used as an adjuvant. With the subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, the COVID-19 disease developed in the interaction of the external electromagnetic fields and the graphene oxide now in their bodies.

    Recall that it all started in Wuhan. This was the first pilot sample city in the world for the 5G technology trial in late November 2019. There’s a coincidence in space and time. Both the pangolin and bat soup episodes were used for distraction.

    The purpose for the introduction of graphene oxide is even more obscure than you might imagine. Therefore, it is Moree than enough for you to assimilate this information and “reset” everything you thought you knew about the disease up to now.

    From the highest governmental institutions telling the population to protect themselves and even forcing them to ingest something that could potentially make them sick with the very illness, itself.
    Now that we know that the causative or etiological agent of the disease is actually a chemical poison and not a biological agent, we know how to attenuate it: By increasing glutathione levels.
    Glutathione is a natural antioxidant present in reserves in the human body.

    A few details will serve for you to fully understand everything that was poured into the media.

    Glutathione is found in extremely high levels in children. Therefore, the disease has hardly any impact on the child population. Glutathione levels drop considerably after 65 years of age. This is why COVID-19 is more prevalent in the elder population. Glutathione levels are very high in the athletic population. This is why only .22% of athletes had the disease.

    You will understand now why countless studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), which is a precursor of glutathione or glutathione administered directly cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients, plain and simple because glutathione the levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide.

    The discovery made here by the 5th Column suggests an ongoing full-scale attack of state bioterrorism – or at least with the complicity of governments – against the entire world population, constituting crimes against humanity.

    It is therefore absolutely essential and vital that you make this information available to your medical community, physicians, nursing and health services in general, as well as local and regional media and press and those around you.

    The 5th Column estimates that tens of thousands of people will die every day, in Spain alone when the government implements the switch to 5G technology.

    Bearing in mind that it is not only the elderly in nursing homes who are vaccinated with that flu vaccine with graphene oxide but as you know, a large part of the population has been vaccinated – or “graphenated” with gradual doses of graphene oxide.

    The body has a natural capacity to eliminate this toxin, which is why we suggest that you take up to one third of a dose per year during the next years, to keep the graphene in your bodies.

    We have each and every one of the proofs of what has been described here and as long as the justice system isn’t working, people will continue to be pushed off a bottomless cliff. If you are watching this audiovisual material, you will understand that for more than a year, you have been totally and naïvely deceived by the highest institutions. Only now will you understand all of the inconsistencies that you have observed on your television news.

    To complement this valuable information, you can access or our Telegram channel La Quinta Columna TV, where over 100,000 are already aware of the truth and are not part of the mass deception. Please make this video go viral and let’s stop among all of us the destiny that awaits us, the fruit of the Agenda 2030 roadmap. It’s up to us. Thank you for your attention.
    The Lies of Anthony Fauci

    Everyone is coming for Fauci.

    This week, a full exposé on Dr. Anthony Fauci, as told through multiple email revelations from the Washington Post, Buzzfeed and our own Informed Consent Action Network. We lay out an incriminating timeline, positioning his public commentary against his ‘behind closed doors’ email interactions with the most influential public health figures in the pandemic. It’s a comprehensive assessment of Anthony Fauci like you haven’t yet seen! In addition, Del sits down with Judy Mikovits, PhD. who has been up against Fauci going back to the AIDS epidemic, and her work at the National Institutes of Health. Don’t miss these stories TODAY on The HighWire 11am PST/ 2pm EST. To keep up with breaking news and events visit our website at


    Funny to see Matt Hancock getting shredded by MPs.

    Like the Elders?
    The “Welcome Leap” into Transhumanism – Whitney Webb on The Corbett Report – Forbidden Knowledge TV

    Hello, what are these Clowns missing.
    First, affordability, then justification.
    But don’t forget ability in between.

    Selection is key. But with capability.
    Who decides?
    Trump, and Bush 43 are Morons! Money also breeds stupid! Living proof. Why enhance Morons? How does that help Society?
    Biden is senile. Soetoro does not know if he’s Arthur or Martha.
    Liverlips Clinton is a mental lightweight. As are most of the Bushes. The rest being criminals.
    Enhancing Zios, the last thing we need, it’s like feeding Japanese Knotweed. Sadly, these Swine will head every queue. Why, Aren’t they Special? Wlould you enhance a Rat?
    So where does selection start? You will all be behind the Zio Swine,

    Now what can go So Wrong here?
    Interesting More Fauci exposure

    He is really not going to like what’s tracking him.

    Click to access The-FauciCOVID-19-Dossier.pdf

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    Meanwhile, the raids on suspects continue, while some arrested months ago are still being held in solitary confinement. In the early days of the investigation, every available FBI agent was reportedly assigned to the case, which is still ongoing. Six months in they crowed that they’d seized a Lego set from one man’s home.

    As a regular consumer of this cringe-inducing panic pornography, you could be forgiven for not knowing all the power of the FBI has failed to unmask the suspiciously Antifa-looking suspect who set live and deadly pipe bombs at the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee headquarters. He’s received nearly zero attention from either congressional Democrats or their media fixers. It’s funny.

    You might also be forgiven for not realizing only one person was killed that day. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, she was one of the rioters, she was unarmed, and she was shot by an officer — although we still don’t know the officer’s name.

    Corporate reporters don’t seem bothered by this. Nor do any appear bothered by their roles in spreading the lie that Officer Brian Sicknick was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Nor do any appear concerned with tracking down the suspects and instigators of months of national race riots that killed dozens of innocent people, destroyed hundreds of millions in property, and were cheered on by Democrats.

    Also, while a “bipartisan report released by the top Republican and Democrat on both the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Rules and Administration Committee” found that the Capitol Police failed to protect the the Capitol that day, and while six months later CNN reports they still are in complete disarray, the Capitol Police are busily expanding their authority beyond the Capitol they failed to secure.

    The six-month anniversary of the Capitol riot not by Black Lives Matter exposes exactly how unserious the left is about the reality of that day — and how serious they are about using it for their own political ends.



    This is classic left-wing collusion that occurs among Democrat politicos and bureaucrats, their friends in the media, and the deep state. Sometimes they loop in extras — in this case, a political military actor, or on a past occasion, a British spy. Step one: Identify the conservative position. Step two: Hyperbolize and demonize it. Step three: Let the media parrot the false narrative. Step four: Justify state force against “extremist” opponents.

    It’s easy to justify breaking the law and seizing power when you can make your rivals out to be domestic terrorists — and that’s exactly what the left is doing to conservatives like you.


  6. Heat waves: I keep forgetting to mention Mexico is colder than a zombie’s *ss right now
    If any online records or reports say things are normal, they are being falsified.
    There is clear and obvious weather mod going on. During a time of the year when Mexico should be a sweat factory it is so cold I have to intentionally warm the house up with the stove and at night full blankets are needed. It is in fact so cold that mosquitos are not even breeding (at least in our area) there are ZERO. NADA. ZILCH mosquitos and they are not going around spraying for them either. It’s just too cold for them to breed.
    This is not a short term condition. It has persisted for so long that there are no mosquitos, despite the fact that everything is soaked all the way through from rain – it has been raining persistently for over a month, I’d say about 100 inches total in my area for the last month and a half. Clearly we have at least exceeded yearly totals by 3X in the last month and a half alone.
    If temps were normal, we should be breathing mosquitos with this much rain.
    There are endless stories about “how hot it is” in various places, and about “how all records are being broken” with heat which “proves global warming/climate change” is real. But here is the real story: The earth gets a certain amount of heat, and if they are going to use weather mod to screw the climate they have to take the heat from somewhere, and they are somehow changing wind patterns to divert all the heat to where they want it for these serious weather anomalies. The area where I live is one such area they are stealing the heat from. It literally is as cold as a zombie’s *ss. Enough to disturb the natural order to such an extent that there are no mosquitos. IN MEXICO.
    They are somehow exporting Mexico’s heat to somewhere else, PLUS taking the rains from somewhere else and dumping them here. Weather warfare is a cold hard reality, something is amiss, there is no way out of it.
    Actually, it is really nice to have no mosquitos and the cold does not bother me much and the rain is good for the shrubs but knowing what this means elsewhere is concerning. Much of Mexico has been lot colder and a lot rainier than Vancouver for the past couple months.
    Biffie: from


  7. “…Cryptocurrencies could usher in the greatest transfer of wealth from institutions, corporations and the 1% to the masses, so it is important to be an early adopter of this new technology and currency system. And remember to keep a macro perspective at all times…”


  8. Thinking of entering the cryptocurrency market? Here’s an investment, trading guide for you

    An extra help for WHA readers.


    Again living proof you cant cure Stupid!
    How about they were there long before us?
    Injectable chip implants, innovating in the fight against future pandemics – Dsruptive Subdermals

    And so, Citizen Dumbshit, you thought they were kidding. Hello Trump brain?


    They need to end Newsom!…what a POS!
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
    – The Second Amendment to the US Constitution
    You can largely determine where a person will fall in the debate over gun control and the Second Amendment based on their view of government and the role it should play in our lives.

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  10. Once a Global exchange facility is in for CBDCs. retail Banks will hurt. More important, new CDFI structures will emerge ( Community Development Financial Institutions) and will focus on actual direct Community and National Project needs, bypassing retail banks.
    What then for the Jewish racketeers? Who then needs the Fed? Who needs Forex if CBDC’s are fixed balances and Forex gambling strictly prohibited?
    What happens to Derivatives gamblers?
    What happens when new CDFI’s outcompete the Banks when Funds fit for purpose service nations real needs?
    Listening CDFI’s?
    Change is coming, and the Zios need – To be run out of town! Out of every nation. Khazars going home.


    1. John,

      Do you anticipate that Global exchange facility to be installed and subsequent CDFIs to reach full operating potential this year?


      1. Sampson

        When that phone goes off at 03- 00 am in the morning, it’s not Clinton panicking the wife answers while he’s out, it’s John dealing with the issues 24 x 7.
        Let’s see what the markets can handle? This year is test runs, next year is more likely for the Public.
        BUT, WHA takes you close in ahead of anyone.
        And, we pick up the phone, not Clintons discards.
        Be assured, under every stone is a Brit networking. 2,000 years of devious Bulldogs. Lol


          1. QFS is very much WIP right now.
            Way too much dissinfo out there. As for the Hopium??????????
            Hugely complex Dynamics have to overcome Hegemony greed.
            The US has not yet realised it’s lost the plot. Wait until it realises ditto with the Pot.
            You trusted the Zios!!!!!!!!!! How has 6,000 years gone for the rest? Ask Egypt. Then follow the Slime trail.


              1. The CBDC’s are a nation’s own control of its assets Zio free and freedom to control your own money. You issue and control it. You stop parasite scum like Soros racketeering it. He buys in, you determine it’s prohibitive speculating, so you freeze, seize and confiscate the lot. He won’t try that again! Nor his Zio Roach Brethren.

                Iraq can issues its own CBDC’s. The right to be Roach Free. Let China Organ Donate the lot.


  11. This document from the IMF mentions several projects at the end including one of my favorite Zilliqa and Ethereum. Also Corda which encompasses the big 4 XRP, XLM, ALGO, XDC (XinFin).



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