We are here to support the work of the White Hats.


Several years ago, the White Hats assembled and took an oath to promote the forces of good for our country and the world by helping to remove the corrupt forces that currently have bankrupted the USA and are holding the rest of the world’s markets in turmoil.

We do not work for the White Hats and are not officially affiliated with them, nor do they necessarily approve or support the opinions that will be expressed on this blog. Nonetheless, we are behind them 100%. Why?

For many years there has been talk of a change, and that change involved such things as a new currency with gold backing, of prosperity programs that many had involved themselves with which mysteriously went silent, and about the elusive Iraqi Dinar revaluation. For years, many had stepped up and claimed to be “in the know”. People with names like “poof”, “okie” and “whistle blower” flooded our email boxes with stories of “tomorrow”. However, they fell short, and continue to fall short of the mark. You will not see such sensational repetitive claims made here.

Forget all the rest. You want to be on board with the White Hats, and we are here to encourage you to step up and PAY ATTENTION TO THEM!!!!!

We welcome all, and encourage you to post your comments and spread the word about the good works of the WHITE HATS. You will not find any superfluous flummary here. We will not post things just to get “blog hits”. No. We have NO OTHER FISH TO FRY other than supporting and talking about all matters peripheral to and directly related to the WHITE HATS.

We will also FACT CHECK many of the claims by those who assert that they have “contacts” and “sources”. We are often censored and prevented from posting replies to their posts because they do not like the fact that we challenge them to disclose their sources. So, we will use this forum to speak where we are not prohibited from doing so. We have ONE key source – the White Hats.

Please enjoy your visit and feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date on commentary. 


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