“I’m very glad I found your web site with facts & not full of bull!! I am in a much better understanding of the current situation….”



“Your site has helped me so much. I am interested in being of service in a bigger way….”


“Thanks, for what you all are doing….”



“Thank you for your pragmatic info regarding the GCR/RV. I resonate with a lot of what your saying!”


“Thank you so very much for all your good information and truthfulness in this complicated situation.”


“…..appreciate your interaction with your WH contact, knowing he is for sure on
the front lines.”



“Thank for your time in this matter and thank you so very much for all the work that you do for other people. God will reward you for your selfless service to others.”


“Thank you for all of the information you have provided. It is very much appreciated by this newbie.”


“Thanks and thanks for all you do…it’s awesome!”-CT


 For us and our five friends (Dinar & Dong Investors) who have followed your website for approximately two years; We just want to say thank you for all your hard work.  Decided months ago that there is no reason to check websites such as Dinar Daddy, Dinar Guru or any website that discusses the Dinar or Dong.  You are correct; ”To those who continue to rally to the tattered standards of the incandescently dubious groups of hysterical grifters who surround themselves with obsequiously minded worshipers, we can only ask how it is possible to fling yourselves off the cliff for so cheap a price..”  Even though we have not seen any blogger post $9…We have seen $5..and it is obvious they are all wishful thinkers and have no Intel to back what they say.

 Anyway, we hope the weather along the Colorado River improves and the whitecaps turn to calm waters.  And…You all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!




    1. It’s in the same place. Most recent comments at the top of the thread.

      From the whitehatauxiliaries.com address, just click on the link at the top marked “Updates and Comments”, and you will find the comments section if you scroll down.


  1. Hello Tony u have diffantly keep up the good fight and I think you.I wanted to give u my new email in case I can be of help in good or bad out come ‘ll going to try and relocate closer to kids and grand kids around ft worth by next summer shoeing horse’s again thanks to my new hips never thought I get to what I love doing lol Chase your dreams Tony. PEACE. Thanks again Loyd


  2. Regarding your White Hats report #52, I know you are concerned with integrity and truth, so I have a small correction. The reason for Bush43’s and Dick Cheney’s “falling out” at the end of that presidency was that Bush43 refused to pardon Scooter Libby. He did get him out of prison, but he would NOT pardon him. Cheney thought this was unfair as it was Richard Armitage (a criminal worker in the Bush regime for many years possibly going back to the 1950s with Bush41) who “outed” Valerie Plame – but Libby took the hit for it. Armitage was probably too long a cohort of Bush43’s father for him to make the real criminal take the fall.


  3. It is always gratifying to read your ongoing and tireless efforts to educate, instruct and guide those of us who are of like mind. Anything valuable is worth a good fight to retain and secure for equally appreciative “subjects”.
    Please move me to the front line in order to assist in your gallant charge to reduce and eventually eliminate the strangle-hold that the faceless self appointed “controllers” have created.
    Continue to inform us, and we who appreciate the dedication to freedom and real sincere living, salute your valiant efforts.


  4. Thanks WHA! I was afraid all was lost as I hadn’t heard boo since #126. Has there been any positive news on the Dinar RV this past 1/4? I get frustrated with Dinar Recaps YOYO inputs! Please give us a breath of hope occasionally . I (WE) trust what you have to say. Kind Regards, The Great Gavinchi.


    1. Hi David,

      All available information will be given to our readers when given to us. 99% of what you will read on dinar forums is false, so your frustrations are stemming from such. Best to avoid them. Thank you for your trust, and we owe anything that is said here to our contact and their colleagues.

      Best, The Tired WHA Admin


  5. We want to thank you for your accurate, honest and straight shooting “Fact Checks”. It is easy to see that this website is the only one to use when wanting the latest Intel as to what is going on in Iraq or other places. Appreciate all your hard work! We keep hoping something new will be on this site each day but understand that if you had something to report it would be posted.


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