The Story Of A Miracle ~ The Greeks

This is presented to WHA via a NATO Admiral, and close friend of our key London contributor and GS principal.  

It will help us all, and the major World projects coming, so much so that it is presented here as a new feature issue. 

Hugely absorbing and cultural. The new Anglo/Asiatic alliance via our London associate desires to get Greece out of the EU, IMF and Fed clutches when possible. Greece has a Special place in our London associate’s heart.

He seeks to do good things for Greece and its people.  Greece’s culture and heritage must be protected.  This is an absorbing video for all. True history. 

How the Elders and London seek to help nations.  


  1. Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply Chain
    Spraying your food with genetically modified spores with custom DNA sequences in order to trace it through the global supply chain sounds like science fiction, but one company funded by SOSV — the same VC behind ‘food replacement’ companies like Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, and NotCo — has made it a reality, and is already testing its technology. Biological barcodes and resource tracking is clearly integral part of the blockchain/AI supply chain being rolled out as part of The Great Reset. But what happens when you eat them? Christian breaks down Aanika and their technology in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


    Biffie: absolutely creepy! 13 minute video



    The past year I have been writing extensively about what I call the “great conservative migration”; a shift in US demographics not seen since the Great Depression. Approximately 8.9 million Americans have relocated since the beginning of the covid lockdowns according to the US Postal service, and a large portion of these people are leaving left-leaning blue states for conservative red states in the west and the south. States like California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey were at the top of the list of states people wanted to escape.



    “I wasn’t making any homophobic comments, I was just defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. I was only saying what the Bible says – I wasn’t wanting to hurt anyone or cause offence,” said John Sherwood, who has been a pastor for 35 years.

    “I was doing what my job description says, which is to preach the gospel in open air as well as in a church building,” he added.

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  4. 🤦‍♂️ The very site of this man rallies our enemies.

    I’ll never look at a B-B-Q grill the same.

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  5. Prince Harry feels ‘regretful and embarrassed over Oprah interview’

    The petulant Man Child was warned not to marry this wannabe Bolter and as predicted she had no class for the role.
    Big Class differences don’t work and Cinderella becomes a Drag Fella!
    Just look at the skeletal legs in Markel it’s never exercised or played sports in its life. Bony legs, a buckled nose and a big arse. Nice on Man Child wait until it bolts to a Demo Rat. What a mess. Cinderella and the Ginger Fella. LA will tire of them.

    Slimy David Cameron tried to sucker our country into funding them for a major pay off and he deserves major heat for this. Since Blair all our PMs have been sleazy and Johnson is no exception. Slimy polecats the lot.

    Attention seeking Wombat Ras Putin will eat him alive.
    Watch “The Two People Pulling Joe Biden’s Strings” on YouTube

    So whose lacing her Rice Bowl???????????????

    Cardano leading the charge against Bitcoin dominance – CityAM
    Girl is raped after being lured with promise of Covid vaccine in India

    Dreadfully sad we have to educate so badly.
    Does Machine Learning reconstruct missing sunspots and forecast a new solar minimum? – ScienceDi

    From a Contributor.

    This more than anything else will change society within the next decade. And while perhaps boring to some parties it because it does not require input or participation, it will be the leading cause of change going forward.

    What is now in motion with lockdowns and structural collapse of supply chains will add to global insecurity amongst nations and people, creating tensions and breakdowns in civil order. Monetary policies are defenseless to the onslaught that is coming likely by late summer. And one should expect losses in areas thought to be safe and gains in areas thought to be too risky as investments are dealt a blow. Traditional monetary and investment thinking is always out gunned by planetary effects that care not.

    You cannot outrun or politicize a solar minimum and to accelerate its’ effect by trying to block sunlight ( Bill Gates’ latest push) is like removing the brakes from a train out of control.

    If we do not plan for this we are doomed for failure, in our current existence, as everything will change and we will have to change as well in behavior and attitudes to ride this wave of change. Politicians are naive to imagine that they can outrun or survive natural changes by the sun and on the planet. So yes, expect more volcanic activity and colder winters in parts of the world and lower crop yields as droughts and the like occur where they have not occurred before. Commodity prices are entering not just a longer term bull market, they will be driven by shortages and supply chain disruption because traditional growing areas will be altered by the changes underway. Even those companies that might have been benefactors from price increases will see their own distribution channels changed and challenged, while risk will be countered by lessened availed credit.

    This all collides with the current in vogue push for ESG which is fine and to be applauded under normal circumstances as a goal, but in light of what is occurring, it will only create more issues to be dealt with midst the changes occurring. And when capital is better served by addressing the changes upon society, recognizing that sustainability takes in new meaning in light of these changes. Some real imagination and risk taking is required to minimize societal impact, because no addressing this reality will produce seismic consequences. And there will need to be the will and courage to sacrifice ongoing short term capital returns to prepare and be successful through these changes.
    Ethereum soars to record high, outperforming bitcoin
    John Podesta-Marc Elias-Hillary Clinton-PeRkins Coie-Russia Dossier-Maricopa Audit: They are all Connected. – American Intelligence Media

    The depth of the swamp. You dig and more dirt. Same names, more games all dirt. Rotten people. Why is nothing done? Is there no Justice?
    From The New York Times:

    Ron DeSantis Does Disease

    Face it, Florida runs the universe.

    Will Ron run under Trump or instead of? How many ran AWAY from Trump in the WH?
    How can a Thinking Man take Trump seriously? Is he more than just a bloated Orange Archie Bunker?
    No 2 to Trump. Would you cuddle up to a Floater?

    Look what a worn old Skank Tony Blair’s turned into.
    Watch “Most CREATIVE Auditions! | Britain’s Got Talent” on YouTub

    A light moment for you all. The Art of Human creativity.


    ‘It’s a fake world’: Caprice claims Prince Harry won’t be able to handle LA’s ‘superficial’ lifestyle much longer after returning home to Meghan

    In an interview with Closer, the model, 49, said she doesn’t think Prince Harry will be able to handle the ‘superficial’ lifestyle of Los Angeles for much longer.

    Of course he won’t, and the biggest shock of all is when Me Gain finds his US Diplomatic Immunity Status means she can’t divorce him in the US when it hits the Bolter.vShe can only Divorce in London and be eaten alive. The future is not good for Me Gain. She’s blown it big time with the Royals and the UK Public. So has Harry Half Wit. William will freeze him out. So will the Public.
    2 Tossers loose. Who cares?
    Ethereum jumps to record high after reports the EIB will issue digital bond
    How is dogecoin so hard to buy? Why the world’s first ‘joke’ cryptocurrency is so difficult to invest in
    Samsung heirs to pay record inheritance ta
    This will hurt.


  6. True life exchange, edited for brevity:

    Colleague: Dr. Tino, you will be run out of the medical corps if you keep talking like this. They will come after you. Nobody is allowed to use HCQ or Ivermectin. It’s not approved for it. No academic medical institution would have a protocol that’s accepted, even internally. Maybe an IRB-based trial at best…

    Me: First, once the FDA lets a drug into market, we [docs] can use it any way we choose. Until the COVID insanity, off-label use was a normal, accepted aspect of practice. Not that Gov. Cuomo has an MD — where does he get authority to ban HCQ. Second, Ivermectin clearly works even better than HCQ. Remember the Peru study I sent out… how much proof do you need? Third , I don’t practice — so let’s see what happens on a First Am lawsuit if talk among docs gets prohibited. And fourth, it took one google query to find [read it and weep] an academic institution with a protocol…

    Click to access Marik-Covid-Protocol-Summary.pdf

    [Some days, not many, one CAN bat 1000.]

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      1. Nah, he’s a friendly.

        Let’s see what happens when I broadside Boston University on the “mandatory vaccine” bs to attend classes in the fall. But as our folk say, timing is everything, and it is not yet time. The pressure is building against the Universities. The Law is on our side, and if we get the right attorney(s), and a few other folks I am trying to line up, it won’t be as exciting as blowing open an Election, but it might buy us a couple years of calm without mandates.

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    1. Our gov is making marijuana legal while making menthol cigs illegal… question I heard today… which one lowers testosterone and which one raises it?… have not researched this but I wonder.

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  7. Thank you Tino, James, Aurataya and SF Driver. So many powerful strong people here. Your posts helps pull me back to center when I’m going off the rails to stay strong.

    I appreciate every single one of you.

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    1. A Johnson, that was extremely kind of you to express such a lovely heartfelt comment, thank you so much.

      If I may be so bold I would like to remind you how amazingly incredible you are. The strength, commitment, commonsense, truthfulness, dedication, wit and sense of humor you possess astounds me some days. Don’t you ever doubt yourself beautiful, you are one heck of a magnificent woman and loads of fun too.

      We all need to get off those rails from time to time to release some emotional stress in my opinion. Those are the days that you must ensure you are number one. Everyone is always here for you gorgeous, never feel lost or alone.

      May you wake to one of the most magical days you have ever experienced A Johnson. XXX


  8. Assess the surge and collective strength of WHA comments.What a cross spectrum.
    Multi Factor Crypto issues and tips.
    Key Covid debates and valued opinions. More incisive than the MSM.
    RV realities False Dawns and hogwash negated.
    Defense issues debated. Race and Ethical standards in open forums.
    Political skanks exposed.
    The site is alive. All Cosmopolitan realities covered. Who needs the MSM? WHA supplies your daily Culture needs. You, the Contributors make it all happen. No other site comes close.
    With humour! No Ivory Towers here.

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    1. Anything that puts power back in the hands of the people is a wonderful thing… that was Trumps main push!…
      But ill be shocked if any new financial system puts power in the hands of the people… we shall see, sometime!

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  9. So basically, if cross-confirmed, the vaccine produces a sub-segment, and the susceptible, suffer the adverse events, in the 100K to 1MM range. It also explains the deaths. The vaccine, by injection, is taken up by the epithelium of the blood vessels. This causes inflammation of the vessels, from capillary (rashes), fluid accumulation (venous inflammation), strokes (arterial inflammations), heart attacks (cardiac arterial inflammation), pulmonary embolus (clots, generic), leaving only uterine issues — synctin1 homology? or simple immune reaction targeting uterine capillaries…?

    Terrible. And they’d have to know… This was attempted genocide. I no longer wonder why the futurist group projected 100MM dead across the US.

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    1. Wow. Very passionate, caring Doctor. She is so right. I sure hope she stays safe. Thank you for sharing Tino.

      The only Ivermectin we can get around here is the horse wormer. No doctor is going to prescribe the pills for you around here.
      I recently had some blood work done. I told the doctor I wanted my Vit D levels too. Got my bill and my insurance denied that test and I have to pay for it. Vit D is so important in ones life especially right now. Things are so backwards in the medical profession.
      This caring Doctor is right. Band together and start practicing medicine for the people again remembering the Hippocratic Oath.

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  10. Tino and all, thank you for your responses on this subject. Much appreciated. I respect an individuals choice to vax or not to vax. Stay safe out there.


    Heh Californians.
    I’m only joking, but it fits a type. Arnie IQ level? Smile! The end is the punch line. Only in California.

    Brad lives in California….. He was sick of the world, of Covid-19, Trump, Biden, Russian belligerence, China, global warming, racial tensions, and the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy media headlines.

    Brad drove his car into his garage and then sealed every doorway and window as best he could.
    He got back into his car and wound down all the windows, selected his favorite radio station, started the car and revved it to a slow idle.

    Two days later, a worried neighbor peered through his garage window and saw him in the car. She notified the emergency services and they broke in, pulling Brad from the car.

    A little sip of water and, surprisingly, he was in perfect condition, but his Tesla had a dead battery.
    For The First Time Ever Russia Drops Under 50% Of Exports Sold In U.S. Dollars
    Russia is strategically kicking Americas Butt and China will follow. So will the EU. Game over? Game up?

    The headline does not tell the real story which is much more interesting and meaningful to what has been occurring in Europe.

    We know that Rosneft switched from USD to euros in 2019. And that Russia is the third largest exporter of oil to America which suggest such purchases either in dollars swapped into euros or in Euro’s bought with USD, by American importers. Russia has effectively replaced in dollar exposure in accounts for 1/3 or so of actually turnover in Euro’s. Ponder this! The US can sanction or eliminate the use of Swift for USD but it cannot cause the EU to do the same to Euro. Because if Russia was to change or remove the use of the euro. The euro by default would collapse in value as a velocity and consequently demand would drop.

    Europe is trapped in a value trap whereby its’ currency velocity and value is being determined by trade of oil by Russia. Oil is the largest commodity value traded each day regardless of what currency is used and settlement in any given currency adds both value and momentum to that currency. And it would not entirely be surprising to learn that some Chinese oil settlements are being done in Euro’s as well.

    One might say that the humble Euro is becoming the new Petro Euro replacing the the USD. The EU cannot allow America to force it to sanction settlement of Russian oil in Euro without acknowledging it is vassal of American bidding. On the other hand, the EU cannot afford to ditch allowing Russia to settle in Euro’s without impacting the value of the Euro. Given the various swaps made between the Fed and the ECB, a sharp decline in Euro value will collapse both parties. I suggest both parties are trapped and powerless to settlement forces in play.
    Now enter China who has investment in Europe that grows by the day and their buying of euro’s also supports the value of the Euro by creating demand for the currency. This too helps soak up excess printing as European banks can easily lend Euro’s and need resilience to buy dollars.

    And major confrontation with Russia by the US or NATO or proxies like the Ukraine will have wide spread ramifications, if it occurs. As I imagine that there were major sighs of relief in certain European capitals realizing a continental war would hurt Russia and crush the Euro making the EU fall apart and a return to national currencies.
    At some point, a soft revaluation of all currency value will come to be strictly by the totality of value settlement weighted in a given currency at the expense of another. This is simply the natural order of things. How and when this occurs is not known but it will come in its’ own time. AND the completion of NORD STREAM2 will add added settlement weight in Euro’s for Russian gas as opposed to USD for gas from Qatar and America.

    At the moment, it seems like the Euro may give the USD a run for the preferred currency of settlement amplified by China and Russia using the Euro as a foil against the USD and prepared to sacrifice it over their own currencies and means of national settlement. And it is likely that this is the real cause of angst and stress in Europe over the hegemony challenge being played out.
    More views and more observations of the madness that is power today. The voracious Military Industrial Combine and its Contractor Mercenaries, are killing the world for their greed.
    These unelected Bastards are the cause of wars, and the cause of Americas decline. Interesting points below.


    Watch the Kabuki Clown that is Bumbling Boris Johnson. How shallow values and sleaze will bring this Buffoon to earth with a bang. Political Karma is tracking. This is a Stupid Man posing.
    Dogecoin price sky rockets after Elon Musk calls himself The Dogefather

    Mike Lindell Presents: Absolute Interference The Sequel To Absolute Proof 2020 Election Fraud
    Lindell spent millions on a digital forensic examination of international traffic to and from Dominion voting machines during the Nov 2020 election.

    Thee is no question they want to extend their influence everywhere.

    China will take the Poles for minerals.
    DOJ executes a search warrant Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment

    Zippergate is getting Stiched up.

    DOJ executes a search warrant Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment
    Lex letter from New York: a bitcoin ETF is a terrible ide
    Biden Nominee for Pentagon Weapons Buyer Under Investigation – Defense One

    It all flows from the top. Corruption everywhere.


  12. Like

  13. SF Driver

    Take the vaccine and be free again to fly. Its minor. Way too much hype. Culture and life matters more. Tour.


  14. The multiple sites are over hyping the Covid vaccine effects.
    I had 2, in the UK its 3 months apart.
    For the first there was a soreness around the needle ;point for a few hours and gone.
    Same evening temperature up and headaches. Not major and gone. Next day or two tiredness then gone.

    Second shot no effects whatsoever. Effects are minimal. But, your choice.
    Long term consequences who knows? But with normal age related Asthma, Covid is a potential killer for Elders, so it’s a judgment call of risk. Way too much hype , the shots affect very few. You have a choice. But don’t expect to fly, travel, coach, enter stadiums, Pubs, Clubs, Conferences or hotels much longer once Vax Certs come in. No Covid Vac Cert your grounded. It’s coming. Dissent is free. Flying is not.
    Your choice. It’s a minor few seconds. Your call. Free to fly. Without , for me then Westminster is blocked. No choice. I’ve had both and no issues.

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    1. John – I’m happy that you have no adverse effects. Good news!

      I must live in a totally different world because just wearing a mask is a choice where I live and I rarely wear one or even think about it.

      I wore one the other day for Vain reasons into a convenient store and I felt like a fool. Nobody was wearing one, including the sheriff in the store.

      We don’t do flu shots or any kind of vax. We are all very healthy. I don’t feel like I need one. I’ve got a strong immune system.

      If I am forced with the decision to take the vax or live like a recluse in the mountains, I’ll do it but for now I still have a choice. I don’t know how my body would react though. The most I take a Tylonol, which is rare for me.


      1. A Johnson
        Sadly, here its compulsory to mask up to enter anywhere. I don’t justify it, just state the fact.Not masking , as I am exempt, has created 2 altercations, the second of which under serious threat of direct a brain dead 300 lbs ignorant phobic Whale raging at me threatening to kill me. Innocent Public members are getting attacked by these Thick Sheeple, Grunts loose and wild. Only my calmly requesting a counter clerk in a store, to give evidence to the attending officers that I was calm under phobic attack, and that the level of protective violence I would have to unleash would be essential for safety, under a death threat. There would be serious damage to one of us, just not me. My aspiring Thug seeing I showed no fear, and seeing what faced him as I removed my shirt to avoid his blood, backed down as I levelled off ready for his attack, The public can neither defend themselves nor should have to. The lowest Grunts are raqing. Moronic tempers are now unleashed if we enter their perceived space. Mongrel dogs loose. It’s becoming Mad Max time here.
        Soon no masks or no Covid passport and you will leave the herd. You have a choice.None!
        We are creating a Monster. Phobic Thugs are ugly. Mine got lucky. For him , very as he left fast.. But WE are putting these animals loose on the streets. Masks have no valid purpose it’s BS. Sadly the Tril laterals do have a case. With incoming IT and AI, what next?
        Tino with good heart, will advocate re tasking society and educating.Hes correct of course.
        In part that will happen, but the rest? Un affordable! .Work it out, Tough calls are coming. Reality.


    2. The VAXX affects are overhyped?… are we now trusting MSM to tell us the real facts, science, truth?… Do I have any doubt the MSM are lying POS scum?…. NO!… so how I am to be sure what the truth is about the VAXX is… why do I want to put an experimental drug in me for a Virus that is way more survivable than the fake numbers they use?… why do I need that worry?… so I can go to the EU?… go to a baseball game here in the US where they want to know my political views?… screw the VAXX, screw the agenda driven machine that is everywhere!

      The EU can live with out me… if I want to see some different surroundings I will go to FL or TX and look around!

      I have seen enough real science and research that tells me something is not right… couple that with all the lying POS that have an agenda, and pockets open getting filled by big pharma…

      Wearing a mask outdoors?… how fucking stupid?.. kids wearing masks outdoors?… how many studies, including Fauci’s studies, with many posted right here, have shown them to be NOT affective against a virus?

      How many people pull away the mask when they think they wont get caught?… it is a bully, shaming, mental fork job being pulled on people!…

      Biden wearing a mask on a zoom call with world leaders?… virus now go thru the internet?

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      1. GO James. I one million percent agree with you. I will not wear a mask and I will not get a vaccine. If that stops me going places then I will find alternatives. And if I have to live like a hermit then that’s probably not much different than I am doing now anyway. They can shove the lot where the sun don’t shine as far as I’m concerned.

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      1. John2020
        Seems like your views on the value of fully implementing QFS and pulling the plug on SWIFT have changed somewhat of late along with your approval of UN over independent (globalist over sovereign) control over funding for humanitarian projects.

        You advocate ridding the financial world of cabal bankers and US imperialists yet you suggest that bankers should perhaps retain some degree of control because, otherwise, (if QFS tracks their off-ledger behaviors) they will all go to jail.

        One pundit recently posited that the big danger of a quick switchover to QFS is that corporate whales might move to quickly pull their wealth out of the stock market and hide it around the world (while they still can), causing the stock market to crash.

        UFS has been running in parallel to Swift for over a year now. As someone deeply connected to the London banking citadel, what do you really see as the answer moving forward?

        Thank you.


        1. Scotlin 2,

          As long as WE control the UN strategic investment program via London, that can work. But first we need the funds released to us clear of the Rodent pack. Then complete ethical control will be applied. But that, they fear!

          QFS,if adopted as we wish, will hang the lot of them. Funds, they must then define on full record,. how earned, Hello?
          Yes they will try to run to Tax Havens. 95% controlled by the UK. Now imagine IF, a very senior City Lords entity were to use his then immense bargaining power to demand that all tax evaded ,criminal and corruptly earned funds, are to be sequestrated and transferred to.the new pending UN society reshaping funding team.

          If, If a major London party demanded that the VAST Ts of City Traded Tier One and Tier Two Profits from Bank Programs are switched from funding the Military and Agencies, and reassigned to reshaping our world instead? Uniting THE Nations to become one Family of All Men? Killing off the Kill for Profit Killers?

          Now you see why they want Amnesties? They fear this thinking. QFS, if under the Elders and Special London Directorate , could reshape the whole pack. Our terms for the Elders AU. Uniting Humanity? We aspire. We try.
          You have no idea how hard we try daily.

          Then battered and worn by every days events, crawl home weary, shell-shocked, to face the ranting demands of Her Indoors, Gimme More, Gimme More!!. I joke Lol.


    1. Uphold has XRP, then i believe if you want you can transfer to an external hard wallet [Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T].

      Uphold Exchange is tricky because they keep custody of some of their coins [ADA, XLM, etc]. So if you as an example happen to buy those [ADA, XLM] from Uphold, you cannot take them out and store them in an external Wallet which kind of force you to keep them there or convert or sell them.

      Other method for XRP could be, if you have an Exodus Wallet i believe you can exchange Bitcoin for XRP right there..!!

      The XRP world is rattling again…. we’ll see what happens…..!!

      Hope this helps!!

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      1. Uphold stated they will be moving the tiers for some of the most popular cryptos sometime in qtr 2, which means ability to move to other wallets and exchanges. They did not say which ones. I’m hoping ADA XLM and ZIL.

        They also hinted they may be listing Hbar soon.

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        1. Another thing to be aware of when buying on uphold. If you can, use you debt card when purchasing.

          They place a 65 day hold if you use ACH transactions. This is only for new accounts. I personally do not have that problem, since I opened the account in 2018.

          Btw – you can transfer XRP from Uphold.

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    2. I bought VET and Harmony at Was looking at XRP and clicked the buy button. Seems to work but I did not buy since I already have some.


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      1. The recent AMA with the Vechain team was very good… but, it did not do much for those wanting the “moon” right now… price is moving slowly in the down direction… looks like the short term thrill ride has been negated… those ups and downs Tony talked about have really hit home!… with all else we look for here, and the current trend in my Crypto world, looks like another summer wait-it-out session.


        1. All it will take now is a Wall Street BTC ETF, which will open the floodgates for every brokerage to start selling crypto products which will bring huge fees (which is their motive).

          Then, watch VET and a lot of other ideas to possibly Moon, Mars, Saturn and Uranus, and everyone else’s as well.


  15. Tino and all, I am concerned about shedding from the vaxxed. The place I work is starting to fill up with vaxxed folks. My question is, exactly how do the vaxxed shed the poisons? Is it through exhaling, touching things, or what. I try very hard to limit contact with others, and of course it would be inappropriate to ask if they got the shot. So it would be helpful to know what I can do to avoid the shedding poisons.
    Have been reading quite a bit about women having adverse reproductive issues and certainly don’t want those problems.
    Also, over on are comments from truckers and others observing drivers driving erradically, slower, running off the roads, and having glazed over looks. Be safe out there.


    1. Shedding? Now that’s a new one. I’m concerned too Biffie.

      There was a bad accident last week near where I live. The driver drove off the cliff and everyone in the car was killed. People are saying it was a drunk driver. Now I wonder.


      1. I have talked to a few people who have taken the vaccine. So far no one has experienced the kind of effect being described here thank goodness.

        I have a friend who is a long hauler. She got her first dose and one of her long haul issues was eliminated by the first dose. She gets headaches and pain behind the eyes. That is gone now.

        The worse effect for those I know is that the second dose made them sick with fever for a couple of days. That’s it.

        I am posting this at the risk of sounding like the sheeple and being called whatever. I personally have also been vaccinated once already.

        The vaccines are not perfect for sure and everybody will react differently. Some severely. Everyone have their own unique body chemistry. We do have the freedom to refuse it too :). To each his own. I am hoping for the best and praying that the country will not experience the catastrophe like the one happening now in India.

        Health, peace and prosperity to everyone!


        1. MN, you will never be called “whatever” here at WHA. You have made a choice for yourself and that is entirely up to you. I wish you well with the choice you have made. NEVER be swayed by a crowd no matter what. You stay strong and continue to think for yourself as you have done. It is your body and therefore your right to decide what happens to it.

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        2. OK. The fact you didn’t suffer side effects doesn’t change the 3500 dead in VAERS which implies some 35K dead nationwide due to under-reporting. Essentially the vaccine is probably killing 1 per 20,000. The situation is Europe is roughly the same. So the vaccine is probably as deadly as the infection.

          ADVERSE EVENTS in VAERS and Europe are numbering in the 100’s of thousands. Which implies, again for under-reporting, possibly 1MM AE. In a VAERS graph you can see the skyrocket of reports.

          Second, it is completely unproven technology. Until insanity struck, NO REGULATORY AGENCY was willing to grant mRNA vaccine use in humans. In fact, having hearing on that alone would In the 20 years of its existence, the ferrets, the cats and the rats all died by antibody dependent enhancement when exposed the wild type virus. I think the best study had a 30% survival rate. Let’s be clear, and I hope I am wrong, but I expect 2% to 4% of the vaccinated to have a horrible time next flu season and I expect a fair fraction of those to die. They won’t let the crisis go to waste, they will declare a new novel corona as the cause and state that the vaccine was simply not protective, instead of blaming it. They will then go draconian locking everyone in their home with motion only by permission and some new mandatory vax.

          Even as they make a big fuss over India, it is clear they are lying as much as anywhere else. New Delhi air is as deadly as Wuhan’s. The bastards in charge told docs there to NOT use ivermectin. Unsurprisingly, flu season in India suddenly restarted the moment ivermectin use fell. Thankfully, the docs are now voting with their pens, and ivermectin prescription is rising exponentially. Expect an exponential drop in the Indian numbers come in 2 weeks. Also many of the dead are from poor provinces who have been locked down and “quarantined” and are dying NOT of COVID but plain vanilla starvation, dysentery and other “lack of essential services” due to the PTB. It is a democidal small scale experiment.

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        3. I got both vaccines. Pfizer. Back in Feb as I work in a Hospital. I’ve been diagnosed with auto-immune disorder and am long term on Prednizone. Have pulmonary fibrosis. Thanks to auto-immune. So trying to NOT get covid. Could be a bummer of a day for me so I went with the vaccine. No effects. Soreness in the arm that night. No fever. No headaches.

          I do eat healthy. Unless I’m having pizza, wings and beer. And workout 4-5 days a week. Does that help with vaccine side effects? Who knows. But if getting the thing returns to you some sense of normalcy and offers protection against what could be a very bad day, why not?

          I do get the whole argument against vaccines. I really do. Big pharma has entered the picture and changed what started off as a good thing. And I don’t run out and get every vaccine that comes out. But in this case, I felt it was worth to do so.

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    2. The vax itself does not shed. Assuming, of course, no one lied, the vaccines based on a virus carrier can’t because the virus is non-replicative ie doesn’t reproduce. Those based on nanoparticle delivery also cannot shed since you can’t make more nanoparticle after injection. There is the possibility of a nightmare scenario where the vaccine material gets cross-absorbed into some harmless human virus, and sheds from there, but we have as yet no evidence or suggestion for this.

      What could shed, and only from women, is some aspect of the spike protein. The reason I say that is women in the same location synchronize their periods and that occurs by chemical messengers. It is possible however, NOT PROBABLE that this is happening. In support of this is what seems to be a preponderance of women reporting side effects around other women while men are few and far between.

      UNFORTUNATELY, it would take some clear cut cases managed prospectively to prove the case. Retrospectively, the prevalence of the vaccine takers means that there will be simple, random associations/correlations with all sorts of conditions.

      More worrisome is the continued and increasing reports of menstrual, and post-menopause excessive flows and sudden bleeds. Those that raised the fertility dangers may soon have incontrovertibile evidence of such. Also, the recent “it is safe in pregnancy” declarations both in journals and the CDC tells me the profession has lost its collective mind. VAERS is receiving more and more miscarriage reports, implying a possible multi-fold increase in vaccinated miscarriage rate. Until literally 2 or 3 years ago, nobody on the planet would have vaccinated a pregnant woman for any reason except in extremis for confirmed infection injurious to her or fetus. And in particular cases, depending on virus, recommend abortion, one of the few times it is justified.

      Incidentally, a healthy pregnant woman has a 99.999% survival rate against COVID. At a 1% prevalence, you would have to vaccinate almost 100,000 women to prevent one death. How stupid and dogmatic are we? Remember, errors of this magnitude are never innocent.

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  16. The ultimate destination, if we are to survive. Future generations will demand it.

    Bolshevik is as Bolshevik does.

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    1. I can see you Guys have good hearts, but Teeka Tiwari? He´s been shilling shit coins for years, very little credibility. I´ve got some ´research papers´ of his from 2018/2019 – total junk and amusing if anything. A couple of the crypto´s you recommend come from Zug, Khazarian stronghold, we need to move on from that. Also, admiration for the (Lizard) Queen? All of them need to piss off, her included, purge the Zios, Khazarians, Hybrids, anyone touching children, and that includes Lizzy Lizard.


      1. Thank you for your first comment on the site.

        You are welcome to your opinion on Teeka, just as he is welcome to comment about you, if he were here to do so. But, he’s not, so perhaps you should write to him about your opinions, as we are not his customer service department.

        Personally, I find your comments very ignorant, and at this stage of the crypto cycle, just a lot of carping criticism and premature inspection before the fact.

        Not sure our readers care about the esoteric origins of where any crypto asset idea originates, but if you wish to make that an issue and express concern about it, so be it.

        We got our readers into some of those “ideas we should move on from” very early, and now they are way, way up. Move on from that? You can’t be serious.

        As for the “lizard queen” stuff…🙄

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        1. Sadly Tony the Lizzard man loses any respect. Sounds like a David Icke Afficionado. Lizard brains? Shes a 95 years old Lady, a superb Monarch and a Global credit to all women. Conduct unbecoming. He needs to return to the Icke Closet. Silly conduct.

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    This is messy when major banks close your account if your trying to buy or bring in crypto profits. It’s very hard trying to get s new account without lots of diligence checks and being kicked out of your own bank is a huge flag.
    Russia poses an ‘existential threat’ to UK as Putin to use nuclear option

    Cryptos danger warning

    The British Navy sails it’s flagship right in Putin’s face

    Britain is sticking it right up Putin’s corrupt henchmen and oligarchs

    Slimebag Johnson is getting more heat to get this limp brain Tosser out next . The ridiculing will start soon then the knives come out.
    Why NATO is dangerous for the Baltic States | The Baltic Word

    Let’s ponder this for a minute. The Brutal Reality of the Rapacious Cabal.

    “Financing is the main problem for NATO. About 70 percent of NATO budget are provided by the United States. Thanks to Washington, expenses have already exceeded a trillion dollars. Washington allocates funds to NATO countries, and they use them to buy American weapons and equipment. American corporations are making huge money. This supports the huge U.S. defense budget.”

    You have a customer with no money who you want to sell to and so you get the government to lend credit to a debtor who cannot pay so they can pay you with money they borrowed that they cannot repay. So the government who has no money prints money to give to a debtor who cannot pay. At what point does the world see NATO as besieged debtor? And at what point does America say pay or no equipment? And what happens to the military industrial complex who clearly would see a reduction in revenue? And one might ask if this debt secured or unsecured ? And if it is secured, by what? The Brits had to pay back their loans to America after WWII which was painful but done. What about NATO?

    This is delusional activity. It is one thing for corporation using it’s balance sheet to finance a customer to take a risk that by supplying equipment in the expectation, they will be able to payback the loan. But to rely on government/state to fund military equipment amounts to an annual bailout out of a sector that consumes capital without creating an equalizing capital benefit. At some point such activity becomes impossible as more and more more generated capital or credit is exhausted in such a exercise until there is none, to spare.

    If America just put that amount to work rebuild America the country and world would be better off as a consumerism economy would rapidly grow. What has maintained global stability is America’s ability to consume as opposed to the export of military goods. Countries from Turkey to China have been only too happy to sell to America while playing second fiddle with hegemony ambitions.

    Given this reality, what happens if America calls the debt? Or what happens if the world returns to the use of on balance sheet money that is asset backed? Because mass printing to fund such sales will quickly become extinct.
    Ominous What is Russia really Up To?

    Submitted by a contributor.

    It appears that Russia is calling up it’s reservists today, along with another 130,000 recruits as part of their spring program. Recruits, I understand, as it is annual thing but reservists are not. This is most unusual and not without cost or disruption to their economy.
    When Russia quite publicly withdrew troops from its’ border what stayed was equipment. What this implies is that within a day Russian troops could be in place on the move with hardware already placed. As I have previously written, I am aware that fuel placement and support depots are in place and manned.
    As far as I can ascertain, numerous short range missiles (within 350KM) are in place and can be launched within hours and certain ones are availed within minutes on command. Apparently, secondary line tactical missiles are also being positioned which tells me that a strike zone of no less than a 1000KM is anticipated on short notice. Meanwhile Crimea is full of anti ship and anti aircraft/missile missiles which makes anything with striking distance a death zone within mere minutes. Whatever is anticipated, they are prepared and ready.
    It seems that any time after next week through mid June maybe a trigger point for an event not seen or known but clearly anticipated. I also note that Belarusian troops are still deployed as are Polish ones. At some point in June, the Nord Stream 2 pipe will be finished and connected and if something goes it will be before that event. Because after that Germany will never give up the cheap gas it affords them.
    Perhaps this is all a new type of military drill on the part of Russia or it suggests they know something is coming and are preparing to take a first blow of some kind. There are certain differences that suggest this is not like Georgia was.
    >From what I see if it continues to build and deploy, odds are that there will be only very short notice like hours before hostilities break out. Traveling to the region suggests caution and anticipated delays that occur quickly.
    And I imagine it will not be confined to a military battle ground as I anticipate that given that Russia is the 3rd largest producer of oil to the US I expect that will end abruptly and China will be in game at the same time.
    ‘Joe Biden’s stupidity is now a threat to the West’: Bolt – YouTube

    NO to the world as his Ringmasters are Obama and that Commie Crowd which is why the Military have a lock on the Nuclear keys because this Mongrel is unfit for office.
    Deal With Soetoro Obama! Gitmo and a Noose springs to mind.

    ‘The next two weeks are going to be hell,’ doctor in India warns

    So sad. Why is Pakistan escaping,,,?
    Twenty retired French generals call for MILITARY RULE in the country

    This Clown let these damned Muslims flood in. Madness. You can not integrate this 7th century ignorant Cult. Deport the lot!
    DAN WOOTTON: Will William ever forgive Meghan? My sources doubt it

    The hard fact is that Me Gain Bolter Brat was never fit for the role. It’s like bringing Cinderella to the Ball while she Farts in public. Trailer F trash! What did he expect. Now he’s stuck and whining to be kept. Pampered Brat. 2 Posers struck off the A list . Harry’s an IDIOT.
    Sex attacker has penis and testicles cut off and fed to PIGS in Brazil

    It makes sense now who will pick up Clinton and his kind? All the Epstein groupies?
    Japan towns refuse to host Olympic athletes amid Covid fourth wave

    Very messy
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be ‘campaign chairs’ at concert

    Just who TF do these self idolising Bolters think they are. Attention seekers both in need of a seriously hard face smacking.


  18. Lil over 2 mins… very interesting on patent of Corona Virus
    [video src="" /]


  19. There is a clear need NOT to pre release key strategic issues yet as we face a 4 fold battlefield.

    1. Facing off the Zionist Rat Pack Fed and its Zionist thieving Rat Pack Banks as Israel’s Khazar Stooges.
    2. Facing down the Cabal and its ruinous Military Industrial Hegemony and War Looting Killing Regime.
    3. Getting a uniform Consensus on QFS and the dramatic consequences for History of Funds evidence of corruption, laundering and blatant evasion. This is a large net bursting with a Big Catch Pool. All Leaders and Bankers are corrupt, so QFS is like asking for Turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving. What do we do with so many thieving, Rapacious Khazar Rats who will face Armageddon? They OWN Washington DC, the majority of Seats, and BOTH Houses. QFS opens the flood gates to check histories. It opens the Sewer Gates.

    The new intended UN Global Project Financing Division will fall under London rules of Clean Conduct, Probity, Integrity, Ethical Rules. A Glass Ceiling for Khazars, and the threat to the USD using Crypto. Blockchain strategies and a Global Humanitarian Ethos with No Hegemony games. Strict vetting and No Dogs!

    Sanitising them takes time. London Rules with No Fools. This is indicating to them their own French Revolution.

    There is a battlefield for Minds and Mines laid waiting. Atonement – On Earth? OMG- But Whose?

    Real issues, Real Patriots, Real Change is evolving. When Cult Religions and Banks lose the plot, they lose the Pot.
    Envision a Leprechaun as we Bushwhack his Gold.

    Worse, when they realise, with the vast new funds, and clear intent, we don’t need their Governments. Nor Them!
    Just watch what is coming. It’s like watching the Russians advancing on Berlin. Trapped Rats. First let us see the releases happen. A Step at a time.


    1. The quadrillion dollar question, John. Are you confident releases will occur in 2021, or will we be having this debate into 2022?


  20. Tony and everyone. Have you seen Project Bluebook? It premiered on the History channel a couple of years ago and is now on Amazon Prime. Excellent series. We discovered it the other day and are hooked.

    Project Blue Book Sneak Peek: The True Story Behind the Government’s UFO Investigation – IGN First


      1. I’m in the middle of season two. I never knew that Steven Spielberg’s close encounter of the third kind was based on research from Dr. Hynik. Season two gets interesting.

        And yes, that girl is beautiful. I like how they did their makeup and dressed back then. Very classy.


          1. Nah, you just need to find someone that cares about truly understands\ing you that you are willing to open up to and fully trust. Those buggers are hard to find though lol. Kate might be a good start for you though.

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    1. Tony, do you even realise what a wonderful human being you are?

      Thank you so much for this message Tony. I personally very much appreciate you taking the time to share these words.

      “die a happy man.” No way mate, you are not permitted to exit this world lol. What a truly magnificent life changing influence you have been on so many of us. I hope I go before you as I would like this world a great deal less than I already do without you in it.

      WHA forever. I agree with those you have discussed the site name change with too. It’s really not the name when you think about it, although I understand the desire for a more accurate reflection of intention, it’s the energy behind and within and that projected.


  21. Some interesting news in this video. Sean culkin to convert entire NFL salary into BTC. South Korea cbdc pilot program using ETH blockchain.

    John and Tony:

    Is it true the digital yuan will be the new reserve currency backed by a digital SDR? If true, what is backing the SDR? Gold??


    1. China is both producing and buying Gold but it also has invasion plans for both Taiwan and South Korea where big assets are held. . Which is why the London discussions are key and our Warships are visiting soon. .


        1. A Johnson
          Some days we need to walk barefoot on delicate rice paper. Diplomacy and guille!
          We have the trust of the Dynasty Elders. Of the Temple Head. Of all the key teams.
          They know our agenda. Our Real Mission and it’s for the good of all. Hard heads with good hearts.
          It’s time to put back. We have NO price. No to corruption and greed. We just know- MORE!
          So allow hard humour. Safety valves.


  22. Oooopsie!!

    Oh no….Canada!

    Jamie, you magnificent bastard…I read your book!!!

    Never thought shorter would be better.

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    Tossers need to go..

    Expect cars flooding back onto roads in the UK from today

    Britain to mega boom
    George Floyd prosecutor says he felt BAD for killer cop Derek Chauvin

    So here you have it. The Cop Out Fix is in
    Indian morgues run out of stretchers as deaths hit 2,800 a day

    It’s getting desperate for poor India. Why is Pakistan not hit like this? You mean even a virus won’t feed off a Pakkie?
    Fifty-two passengers on Delhi to Hong Kong flight test Covid positive

    All countries need to lock them out quarantine ship rules
    YouTube is DOWN: Streaming giant crashes around the world

    Britain goes Global and ignores China
    ‘If you want to avoid another lockdown get vaccinated,’ UK expert says

    Global control is coming.
    Prince Harry may pull out of Princess Diana trip, royal expert claims

    The treacherous Weasel deserves it

    Racist thug kicks a Syrian teen in head and spits in his face
    DAN WOOTTON: Why won’t broadcasters cover lockdown protests?

    So much for truth when the MSM won’t show vast lockdown protests.

    Crocodile tears for IRA SCUM.
    They tortured , raped and brutalised communities. They ran drugs and protection rackets. They bombed and murdered with impunity.
    These were vile scum who cares how we Offed them. Credit that we did. Lives were saved. Sadly, theirs all too often!
    New Documents Bolster Wuhan Lab Theory on COVID-19 – PJ Medi
    Will truth ever get out?

    Who doubts the Chinese would do this ? Or that they had direct assistance by parties standing to gain ?


  24. Now, if a regular program can f it up this royally, what do you think AI will do? And really, in a world where every dime can be traced, did it not occur to anyone that the money was NOT showing up elsewhere???? Perhaps a law that says uncorroborated computer records are not admissible evidence?

    In The Two Faces of Tomorrow humans are deploying AI for everything. On the moon, someone asks the AI to solve the removal of a small set of hills during the building of some structure “as quickly as possible”. The AI responds it will have the task accomplished in a handful of minutes . The perplexed tech is then shocked and deathly terrified when the AI, in a novel twist, uses the mass driver launcher to bombard the area with meteorites, flattening the hills. Needless to say this rather disturbed everybody involved, Good novel.

    Do not think our primitive systems will not create context-free solutions that endanger everyone involved.

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  25. Boy, the RV “community” is going cock-a-hoop lately. This is getting curiouser and curiouser…

    Okie’s Update — Okie called with exciting news from both both coasts and is expecting to land early next week.
    Post by Ponee Today at 9:19 pm

    Dutchie: From Okie’s telegram room, Okie called with exciting news from both both coasts and is expecting to land early next week. His news is also vetted (by [TNT] Tony) from yesterday that we need to be prepared. He said he loves everyone’s and thanks each of you….Tony verified my news from yesterday.

    And this…

    Late Saturday Night Fleming RV Report:
    Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the whole RV release process IS STILL MOVING FORWARD TO CONCLUSION THIS COMING WEEK–even though the release schedule is about 3 days behind because of cabal obstructions last week

    And more…

    Michael Cottrell

    [What are you thinking on timing…my phone started blowing up yesterday with bankers in anticipation for this weekend.] I don’t know the timing but it looks like it’s going to be close. If you look at Trumps EO 13848. He talks about the National Emergency act goes until May 20, 2021…so I think it’s between now and then. I think its soon.

    Still more…


    Iraq did put their budget in the gazette – the printed version – last Saturday…what’s interesting about the gazette is – it is supposed to come out again on Saturday in print to put it out so that it could be released internationally – and that means even to us – because they’ve sort of released it I think within Iraq – maybe to other countries in the Middle East – trading partners of theirs – Saturday is supposed to bring the gazette out to where even we could see it – that means they should have the budget out – and their rate for the dinar…The rate came out a little under $15 and I don’t know if that is where it will stay for right now but I think they wanted it to be traded up a little higher than that…so that is good news for us…

    It continues to crawl…

    Frank26 says — The budget is official and the budget is with the 1 to 1 rate… Empty Frank26 says — The budget is official and the budget is with the 1 to 1 rate…

    The budget is official and the budget is with the 1 to 1 rate…it already exists with a rate of 1 to 1…they’re all waiting for the rate…the accounting in the budget is already in the budget and retro back to the first of the year – that’s called a rider…it’s in there as a mechanism to take the exchange rate of the budget and bring it back to the beginning of the year to cover the whole year for that budget. If there was not a rider like the article say that there is, then they would never have any plans of bringing in a new exchange rate retroactive back to the first…

    What an amazing cross section of…something.


        1. I sold most of my dinar, but kept 1 million just in case. I guess, I don’t really have a dog in the hunt anymore, but, the question I have always wondered is if it revalues, will they just burn all of it and give them a week or two in country to swap all the old for newer smaller zero notes.

          Or will they keep all notes in existence and just revalue at a small value, let it float and pull out the larger notes gradually. Obviously, there is not enough money in circulation to do even $2. That would be like $200 Trillion US or more.

          I don’t think the low float would work because the US dollar is used heavily there so it would need to be at least 1 to 1 to get them to swap and go straight dinar in country.

          More and more, I think this recent devaluation was to get the locals to swap the old notes for US dollar. Then, they will just bring out the lower notes, revalue at say $1.20 dinar to $1 and give the locals a week to bring in any bigger notes left floating around and demonetize them. This little bump would incentivize them to swap.

          International holders would just be out of luck. India did this with their 100 bill. Who know? Hard to tell. Maybe nothing will ever change.

          I can tell you that even forex traded currency like the dong is not easy to sell. I could only find BBVA and Chase that would even deal in it in Arizona. BBVA had to send it in and it took 2 weeks to get paid. Chase credited me that day. Interestingly enough, they closed my account shortly after my transaction and gave no explanation. will still buy both back and they are super customer service oriented. I sold more dong back several times over the last month no problem. Better rate than Chase, actually.

          Guess we will see.


          1. HIW

            Main Banks will close you down for dealing in that stuff and majors are now closing accounts for customers buying or selling Cryptos. It’s getting messy. Step with care.


            1. Hi All,
              I sure hope this is not true since Coinbase did accept one of the major banks in the US as payment for crypto. I have used the same bank for 3 other exchanges. So far no complaints coming from my bank. Withdrawals are ok.

              Maybe when depositing from the exchange into the bank is another issue all together. Only time will tell. So far I have no plans of exchanging to fiat. Not if I can help it.

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    1. This is so very sad to read. Not because of the content but the continued manipulation of the vulnerable.

      Pay back always comes without lifting a finger. The wheel always turns. I have seen it happen many times to those who did wrong by me. But a good smack in the face always feels good too lol.

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    2. Oh goodie. That means Poof (is it poof or zap? Can’t keep track) will finally be global project manager! And bubba can get hisself some real whiskey. Instead of that backwoods piss he’s forced to drink!


  26. Just a little “Homes Of The Stars” moment for you,

    Was reliving some old haunts from my youth in the 70s up here in Lake Arrowhead, CA today. This home belonged to Liberace, years ago. It was about a block or so from my Aunt’s home, and I, my cousin and some friends would often go visit there. Lee was a very nice man, and always had a smile and used to make us sandwiches and great Arnold Palmers. He stopped visiting this location soon after. No idea why, but I suspect his Las Vegas engagements were taking more of his time soon after.

    The candelabras are still on the fence pillars. What fond memories of summers in the mountains.

    Who knows…maybe, just maybe I will see if the current owners would like to sell one day??


    1. I liked that. Thanks Tony. Being near water is important for contentment as far as I’m concerned. If that noted is your wish, I hope you achieve that.

      Far out! I just watched that video and am absolutely in love with the outdoor areas of that property and those gorgeous boats parked outside. The house has quite a heavy feel but very comforting in most rooms. House nice it would be to be able to purchase such a lovely property. I wish you every success.


      1. The last time I was that close to the house, my “crew” and I were 13-14 years old. What great memories. The house will probably not be on the market soon, according to the security personnel who let us past the gate to see it. I will be watching though. 🙂

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        1. Nice vid. I actually met up with some childhood friends. Known them since I was 10. One was out of country for 5 years and just got back stateside. 50 now. We got together this weekend and slammed some dominos. Over dominos and beer! Red velvet chocolate cake made an appearance too. Now if Okies predictions come to pass, I’ll upgrade from dominos to little Caesars! They have more cheese on their pizza.

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    2. Sounds like you had an interesting childhood. Who can say they were neighbors with Liberace.

      Beautiful home. Are those old photos? The decor looks vintage- straight out of the 70’s.


      1. Not sure when those pics were taken. But the bar area and pool room look the same as I remember. We spent most of the time in the back of the property near the dock and beach area. Lee had his housekeeper bring us Arnold Palmers, sandwiches and he made us some great cake for dessert. He was a very nice man, and people were going by in their boats waving at him and he would wave back and flash that winning smile of his.

        He once bought something from every store in the Arrowhead Village to support the community. He was very much into helping people and the very brief contact we had with him was quite a memory.

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        1. What a nice man and a nice childhood memory to have.

          Thanks for sharing Tony.

          So when you own the home – Party at Tony’s! 😬 (just kidding) my wild side is coming out! Wish I was twenty again.

          Up all night – sleep all day

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  27. What a precious little girl. Full of wonder and amazement. Then she grows up and gets tainted in this forked up world. Why can’t life be like this for everyone no matter the age? Lol

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      1. You will always be sweet Aurataya to me.

        How are feeling these days? Better I hope?

        I bought a bunch of organite generators from my cable man that he made and placed them throughout my house.

        Not only are they beautiful but effective. I gave one to my girlfriend who drove 13 hrs to come and see me. We only had one day and her drive home was over 15 hrs.

        She had to go to work the next day and she placed the organite next to her bed and woke up full of energy with only 4 hrs of sleep and with all the driving she did.

        She was amazed and told her co workers. They all want one now. 😊

        I would love to send you one. I don’t know if it will help your back pain but why not give it a try. It will definitely help with more restful sleep.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hey there A Johnson,

          Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely offer to send me some organite. That is extremely kind of you.

          I am a little better today, things are still not great but atleast improved today, so that’s a plus. A have another big shipment of my vitamins arriving this week so I’m sure I will be much better soon.

          Sweetheart, I began looking into organite about 15 years ago when an online friend spoke to me of it. I actually had a personal pyramid made specifically for me in the US as well as a pendant style piece to wear. They were gorgeous looking pieces too. Now that you have reminded me I must find the pyramid and place it next to my bed and wear the pendant again and see if it helps. I move so much that I have not bothered to unpack those type of possessions for a while now but absolutely will now. Thank you for the offer beautiful, I do sincerely appreciate it but I’ll see how I go with the ones I have for now.

          I hope you, hubby and Mom and also doing well these days too. XX


          1. You’ve known about it for 15 years? Where have I been? Lol I’ve been into crystal’s and stones for years and never heard about it.

            Glad to know your a little better. Yes everyone is good. Mom is still with us. I’m still caregiving. I’ve been getting really good sleep lately since I put those things in my house.

            Thank you for asking. I hope everything going well with you and your loved one as well. 🙂

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            1. “Where have I been.” You are meant to discover things exactly when you do as that is always the perfect time for you.

              I have several crystals and my favourite one I have had for nearly 30 years now. I just love all the beautiful facets, such gorgeous natural beauty.

              Yep, even better today. I am actually walking up and down the stairs with a foot on each step now instead of having to place both feet on a single step. Geez, that was annoying and so time consuming too lol.

              Life is a bit crazy on the home front just now but that seems normal to me lol. My Aunt is doing super well and I thank you for asking. I have had her on a selection of vitamins and they are doing wonders for her. But aging is aging and not all functions seem to be able to be improved or reversed. As caregivers, we do what we can do and that is all we can do. XX


  28. Subject: Art and empire in flux as Samsung’s Lee family faces $12bn inheritance tax bill

    This tax will really hurt. Its disgusting and needlessly breaks up companies.
    Car tax changes: Petrol and diesel owners to 'bear the brunt' of costs increase

    Thieving Political SWINE using an y excuse again. Vote them out!
    The man is a joke. He has dementia in a big way.
    And he is going on foreign visits ? His first will be the UK, the worlds Super Center of vitriolic piss taking. We will be merciless. Comedians will lock on . A demented, Bribe Taking low IQ waste of space with Hunter keeping it in the family.
    They CLAIM!

    Scientists say vaccines cut deaths by 98% and call to end restrictions
    In the midst of totalitarian blackouts and cancel culture, American patriots appear to have received a unifying purpose during the Health and Freedorm Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma 2 weeks ago. New free speech platforms were identified. The most powerful new platform appears to be Mike Lindell’s multi-million dollar effort to unite patriots at . You will have to cut and paste the address because Google’s Gmail will not even allow me to convert that address into a hyperlink. The mainstream platforms have pulled out all the stops to hide Mike Lindell’s unstoppable disclosures. has been replacing youtube, but Frankspeech may soon out do it. Lindell, the pillow guy, is not holding back. and its sister site have not been targeted as bad as

    Ann Vandersteel of is another gifted powder keg that the mockingbird media is trying to silence. Kicked off Twitter and youtube, her site is now powered by Brighteon.

    The best way to communicate with me for now is at proton mail (see below). You can sign up for a free end-to-end encrypted email, or subscribe for a pro account as I have. It allows multiple aliases and other benefits. Proton also has a good VPN, although I usually use Nord VPN.

    Browsers: Google and Bing are very actively blocking and hiding links that appear to threaten “the narrative.” Duckduckgo is mostly clean so far, but under severe pressure. Brave and Firefox are good alternative browsers.

    We need to share free speech platforms and functional browsers to prevent a few from silencing all. I hope you will be able to share this information.

    For Tino and others wondering why so many errors were made with Covid in the UK.
    Because Johnson IS a Tosser and now being exposed for his duplicitous, limp brained conduct.
    Beyond that he has affairs with seriously, ugly women with attitude. Not to be seen out in daylight.
    Carrie needs a Carrier Bag over its head. Sly, thick and headbanging ugly is why. Lol.

    A good Soul lost why died trying to save a woman who jumped from a Thames bridge into the river. So many racial stories, but what about unsung heroes like him
    A good Soul and young life lost saving others.



  29. Charles Hoskinson explains in detail the Cardano ADA blockchain system and all they have coming. Thursday they announce how the Cardano ADA system will be used in Africa. I am very bullish on ADA! Cardano: The Smart Contract War Heats Up (w/ Ash Bennington & Charles Ho… via @YouTube

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  30. Weak hands always sell to stronger ones. Don’t have weak hands.

    What a psychopath. IMF – useless carbuncle on the ass of humanity.

    Liked by 1 person


    About time
    We need refunding for the poor kids the Churches sold for money and the vast convict base we sent to stock the place otherwise America would have twice as many jail’s full and more Clinton’s

    So we really exist inside the brain of Biden? Empty space ,?

    At least make sure we can send him back afterwards
    Watch “Funny Joke: The old couple do it for old times sake” on YouTube

    Now, thinking of Biden or Trump?


    It is quite clear that new red lines have been put in place. This means that while war was avoided the parameters of of contact have been extended to allow response. No one should doubt that those lines will be absolute and cause a non advised response without further warning.
    The sign to watch for is evidence of Russia turning further away from the West. I suspect beyond the completion of Nord Stream 2 very little interaction will occur. Russia will be acutely consider its shift.
    It is interesting that China has already come out within the last 24 hours to tell America to tone down its’ verbal and physical activity.
    With a coming change at the end of June for metals one ponders whether both China and Russia will use this time to implement a new system of monetary settlement. Because if they do, it will no longer be controlled by the Central Banking suppression of metals prices or even value settlement.
    Bitcoin plunge: Billionaire investor betting on 'easier to use' crypto to overtake BTC


  32. This video posted this morning. MUST HEAR. He’s an excellent market analyst.
    I’m going to join his mastermind course. His work helps me with timing of when to buy. Could be blood in the streets next week. Good buying opportunities potentially coming.

    GEMATRIA CRYPTO [prepare for next week..]


    1. A. Johnson

      I like this guys TA. A little guruish with the esoteric stuff, but I suppose the Gematria connection could be real.

      I was debating on pulling out of the crypto market for ahwhile before it tanked based on what I was seeing and after really nice gains. After watching him he confirmed alot about this dead cat bounce over the weekend so I went all cash. Already saved me $70k

      Looks like bitcoin is heading back to the $35k-$43k range for test of support so some of these altcoins will be a nice gift as we range down and sideways before the blast off in June or July. Just enough to scare the shite out of people.

      I went back and watched some old videos and you are right, he is pretty accurate.

      Thanks for the link.


      1. HIW – I’m into the esoteric stuff so it’s fun to me.

        Wow, you are a risk taker. I would never sell 100 percent of my holdings. I sold zero. If I were to, it would be very small just for fun. I’m a hodler and have my sell targets in place and I still would not sell 100 percent.

        I posted the video for the “possibility” of excellent buying opportunities and I did not buy either this time. I was waiting for an under dollar ADA to add to my position. Ha!

        We need to keep our emotions in check. We know where this market is going ultimately, so as Tony says buy the dips. I feel really bad that you sold this weekend and now we going up.

        We still may not be out of the woods yet but no matter during this bull market, it sucks to see it bleed but just hold your core positions!

        Just my opinion HIW. Im sorry if it sounds like I’m lecturing you. Please don’t take it that way. Crypto investing can be very emotional.

        I’m still planning to join the mastermind course because I want to learn more about gematria and I like his TA.

        Btw- how coincidental is this. When I put my name in the gematria calculator, XRP gold standard is one of the words that come up. Everyone here knows I’m an XRP bull. Coincidence? Lol I don’t know. It’s just fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. HIW – I might have jumped the gun on my last post to you. I’m sorry. You know what your doing but maybe some people here on the site may not be used to the volatility in cryptos.

        Your are smart guy – a lot more knowledgeable about many things then I am.

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  33. President Trump: Dems won’t be allowed to steal elections again, says Team Trump advancing effort to secure election integrity | One America News Network

    Good but who will stop it? Unlike Thick Chump they will try again. A Revolutionary Thought but how about a Real Leader fir for Office next? No more Donkeys or Sleaze?

    What Johnson’s ex Advisor says about him is real and true. Big trouble is coming for him.

    Beware of Chinese hacking


  34. Tony thank you so much for the Greek article and vid. We watched it last night at our meeting and it was well received. We take WHA to be a thinking persons site and a good prep ground for the goals you and your elder group wish to bring about.

    We are looking forward to big J2021 bringing us more good news for the releases. however it may play out we are making great headway with cryptos and now we have some great bargains presented in the middle of a bull market. What more can one ask for huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do appreciate that thank you.

      Just to clarify. The “elder group” is not my elder group. I think you were referring to it tangentially as THE elder group, which John is leading and guiding, but I don’t want any new readers to think I am a transaction head or equal in such status, because I am not.

      The future news from John has the potential to be the most incredible revelations since the California Gold Rush. So, stay tuned, and let’s hope it all works out as they plan. I don’t have all the details, and without a doubt, nobody involved in it reports to me. But the few details I have been very privileged to learn about are completely mind-blowing.

      Thanks again and my regards to your investment club.


      1. Added to which I am teaching Principle Chinese Dynasty Elders, Temple Masters, and key Advisors the refined
        and ruthless British Art of Piss Taking* Wombats.

        *Piss-take: (n) something that is done to tease or make fun of someone or something; a parody or lampoon.

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  35. BTC potentially over 200,000 in September. XRP new all time high end of year. Been following this guy’s YouTube video for a month and he’s been correct with his calls, using TA and combining it with Numerology, Astrology and Gematria. His largest holding is BTC and second largest is XRP.

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  36. Like


    The contempt from society for these scavengers freeloading comes crashing home. Of course the system will be abused. The lot need to go to guarded detention camps and sent home
    Cases of Indian variant soar 75% in a week to 132, figures show

    Round up some Indians! Lol
    120 injured in clashes between Palestinians and Jews in Jerusalem

    These are truly nasty Kazarian Godless thugs loose. Just like spread right through America infecting all they touch..
    Genghis Khans spawn.

    Hunter Biden … disgusting

    Another Biden SNAFU big time.

    Click to access hsgac_finance_report_final.pdf

    President Trump: Dems won’t be allowed to steal elections again, says Team Trump advancing effort to secure election integrity | One America News Network

    Good but who will stop it? Unlike Thick Chump they will try again. A Revolutionary Thought but how about a Real Leader fir for Office next? No more Donkeys or Sleaze?


  38. The Half Wit Biden’s first overseas trip will be to the UK in June. The Gibbering Idiot is going to the G7 conference. How many will die laughing at him? He’s F Senile!
    A floater with a Flag would be better.


  39. View at

    The Boao Forum for Asia 2021 Annual Meeting was held in Boao, Hainan. As one of the most influential forum summits in the world today, a number of heavyweight guests from home and abroad delivered speeches and held discussions on hot topics. Zhou Xiaochuan, Vice Chairman of Boao Forum for Asia, 12th Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former Governor of the People’s Bank of China said that regardless of digital currency or digital assets, they all have to serve the real world. We have experienced the global financial crisis in 2008 and found that finance is detached from the real, such as the shadow banking and derivatives which have become purely speculative transactions between financial institutions, and there is no longer a connection with the real. Under this situation, it is easy to go wrong. In China, financial innovations have to be clear about its benefits to the real economy. (Source: Ifeng News)


  40. Pfizer CEO said boosters may be needed.
    1) T cell immunity from vax (and Abs) work against variants;
    2) T cells last long time- 34 y & counting after measles vax;
    3) 1st SARS-COV-1 recovered have T cells 17 yr later;
    4) Covid Vax generate memory B cells (lymph node biopsy)

    Plus, let’s be clear, variants are counted in the thousands.

    NONE are more lethal and MOST are significantly less lethal (which is the normal evolutionary pattern). All reports to the contrary are MEDIA HYSTERIA. Fully peer-reviewed papers are couched in qualifiers. The reality: There is NO DATA supporting variants as more lethal.

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  41. Perhaps in one of her ears and out the other?


  42. I’ve been wondering what is happening with regards to cleanup of the City of London? From what I understand there are three legs to the evil cabal, City of London, the Vatican and Washington DC…And the U.K. and their Intel agencies developed the phony Dossier to set up Trump as well as pushing buttons to protect the Central Banking System…What is going on with that? The U.S. is exposing the DEEP STATE.. Is London being exposed? Haven’t heard much about things there…I think the U.K. should be cleaned up right along with the U.S….Why should London be trusted anymore? They’ve been at this dirty game probably longer than anyone…


    1. Hoosier

      There are multi layers of vetting and controls in London. Probity standards are high. Beyond! Many entities are declined and if transgressing, booted fast. We don’t have the Wall Street Zio trash thieving everything. A nod here is a veto block if Zio. Funds come here for a reason. it’s the safest place by far. Clients know.
      What is the US doing about the Deep State? Nothing. Low lifes like the last 6 Presidents could not even clear vetting in London. Soetoro was not even legal. It’s a joke of implausible deniability.

      London’s Financial Industries are licensed, regulated, regular examinations undertaken for licenses, and Compliance checked. Unlike Wall Street. London has a vast Global base and it’s keeping it. Hugely prestigious. Look how fast we throw out our own PM’s. Howled down in ridicule. Vast tracking systems are in place. .Regulatory screening is high. Scrutiny is intense. Licensing is clinical.

      The phony Dossiers were funded via the US. through Freelancers. Boris actually supported Trump. Look at how many of his own Appointees ran screening claiming he’s got the mind of a child. We saw that in a month. Biden is unreal. Slick Willie???????????? H.Clinton?????? Madoff? Milken? Cohen? You question us? Glass houses?
      You try even opening a Bank Account in London. See how far you get. Intense Diligence vetting is applied. And regularly checked. It’s hard to clear here. We threw the Rotts out. You didn’t.. We have our own Non Zio Central Bank. You have the thieving Fed. We don’t. They own your Treasury and both Houses. They fund and own your Presidents. They own the MSM and Supremes!.Worry less about London, fix that coagulated mess.
      Seriously, too many conspiracy stories. Standards are nigh.


      1. Ahhh yes, Blair, May, Cameron and Johnson such straight shooters.. Hahaha.. The UK people voted for Brexit and how many years was it that the EU and May held it up? Real strong Democracy there…I admit we have huge problems here…But the UK is not as squeeky clean as you’d like to think…Yes , the U.S. Deep State funded the phony Dossier but where did they go for a low life to make it happen? Yes, the UK Intel agencies…And with regards to the UK Central Bank Mark “Climate Alarmist” Carney was as crazy as John Kerry…I hope Bailey is better…Blinders off here with my regards to my country, you should try it.


        1. Hoosier

          B- Liar, a Socialist Skank, thrown out by the nation. Despised in ignominy now. You eulogize your failures and trash. We tear them apart in the house, and ridicule them in the media. They become non persons here fast.
          2. May, a Ditsy Old Chick, good heart but didn’t get it. Nor did she get long. She got heaved fast.
          3. Cameron, a lightweight Preppy Boy, we do our rounds of Tosser, but stabbed from behind. We got Brexit, he got heaved. We through out our trash, you give them jobs for life to steal.
          4. Johnson was ONLY elected to keep out Corbyn and to rally the brain dead with votes to go for Brexit, it worked. Johnson won’t last long, his job is done. He’s expendable. His card is marked.
          5. As for May and Democracy, we got Brexit and her out, It did the job.
          6. The Dodgy Dossier, you got suckered. As with WMD’s and Saddam. Suckered. 6 was NOT in the loop; Fake news. SIS is fully penetrated by the Agency. An ex Employee only sold you crap. Mugged for money. Clinton and Co funded him just like your armies of Lobbyists. Only you do this? Payola Politics, votes for sale.
          7. Carney was only brought in because we went flat out lobbying to stop Sasson as the Rots. Mole, and we pulled it off. 20 years of Rotts planning torn apart. Carny can only coordinate within controlled committees
          Unlike your own Treasury Secretaries, all Zios or Jews, and owned by the Brethren. Israel owns and controls you as Body Bags. Sheeple. Mugs to use and abuse. They do.
          8. You have your CFR. We have our Old Guard, and with it real power.. Plus we have the Commonwealth. 60 plus nations and over 2.5 Billion people. The rest is just Kabuki for the Plebs.
          9. With the incoming QFS, we are assessing do we need Voters much longer? Certainly not Dem types. Post Covid we really have issues with the mass Sheeple now. Once we have the new UN Fiscal Control unit in play, we decide who is funded, or not. Then it’s Global, Professionals in control. Selected, screened and qualified. Post the releases, why do we need Governments of Tossers, Grifters or Crooks? Wise Men are better. We have our Old Guard and our Glass ceilings. It works. The hands which rock the cradle. The rest is illusory.

          Hoosier, your voice and issues raised, WILL be read and assessed here. This is where you can and do influence our own Policy Units. Politicos are now little better than Pavlov’s Dogs. Fed and barking to orders. Whose? Kabuki Theatre Puppets. Nothing- Is-Real.
          Huge changes are coming. Focused intent. QFS will terrorize Israel and the Zio Rats. Power and control will pass. Empires fail, as yours has now done. Corruption rules America, sadly. Democracy – With masked Sheeple? We can do better. All revealed in time. Politics will evolve. It’s not working!

          Just a few respectful answers and points for you.


          1. John, I appreciate your reply and thanks for being honest about your PM’s…I like an honest conversation…The QFS you mentioned is long overdue and will be a welcomed blessing when it finally arrives…Have a good day John and I think I’ll reserve my comments about that lovely Royal family…. Cheers!


            1. Hoosier,
              The Queen has been and is Exceptional. Deserving of every accolade.
              Her 4 children are a disaster. Sadly for her. Kids heh? Tossers.
              William and Kate are the only hope for the Monarchy.

              Harry, is a weak, petulant Waste of Space and a Tosser. Lose William and it’s over.
              Markel is a disaster.

              The rest need parking! I offer no defense. The site is truthful and fair to all─Objective.

              Once the UN Elders role is fulfilled, if no reneging, so much good will come. But a major clean up and clear out will follow. We have a top Global Team ready to step up. Huge potential and shocks for many. Tough love!

              With our own banks and AU, we don’t need the Zios or Fed. Locked out! Huge Culture shocks will follow. You have no idea how big. But it WILL be Beneficial for Humanity. With Cryptos, Blockchain and our own AU, we don’t need Governments, they will need us. What a wake up call is coming for them and shake out. Vast Trillions syphoned out in Offshore rackets will stop. Dead! Enough, just wait and see. We shield our hands until then. And secrets.

              Liked by 1 person

                1. The Advising Committee Head is as Radical as it gets, but caring. Apolitical, Anti Taxes beyond a Flat Tax, anti Death duties, anti Zionists and fully supports Gulaging the lot. Anti Corruption, Skanks, Grifters and Weasels.

                  Anti Drug dealers, anti Pedos and fake Churches, Fake Religions and wants ALL Churches kicked out of using Schools to grab State funding for their coffers. Ethereal Education, get thinking minds applied early as all the Keepers of our own Souls. Take Responsibility for your Karma. Ethereal Truth! Open those minds! Lift off!

                  Every child has a Right to Life.

                  Every child has a Right to love, Safety and Security . To belong and matter.

                  Every child has the right to be encouraged and educated to fulfill their capacity, destiny and dreams.

                  Providing the US does not AGAIN!!!!─Weasel out of what is coming, and Honours Redemptions, watch evolution of Humanity. Kicking and Squealing if necessary. These funds will carry the power to rock! We WILL Veto and Block the Cabal funding and Syphoning games. Change will be seismic and for some, beyond a Culture shock.

                  Thinking the purpose of being, a better Human BEING. Getting your minds to Reach for the Stars!

                  Liked by 1 person

                1. I wonder what the holdup for the Releases and the QFS has been? The carnage being left is beyond imagination…It seems the Releases and the QFS would stop the carnage in its tracks and even reverse it….Yet we wait…


                1. Hoosier
                  The delays has been the Zios and control. Also the negotiations for the UN to have access to the Elders AU, which only they can sanction. But only with them in control of the Project Funding and Bank Program section. Huge special interest battles. Zio Rats lose control. The QFS can change everything. For the good.The Elders will only, proceed via London..A full JV is in place waiting. Work it out. The Zio Rats Stalingrad!

                  As for Andrew, he’s blown and untouchable. Despised. Another Tosser. He’s totalled out. As with his treacherous ugly fat ex Wife the Duchess of Pork!. Ostracised.


    1. China may well control both Cryptos and QFS, Goodbye America. All those Wars and Fat Budget Contractors have drained you dry. America is Broke! Sucker punched. Delusional.


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