Global Settlements Planning and Real-World Challenges to Overcome

Salve Citizens!

We sincerely hope all of you are well and prospering. Thank you for the overwhelming responses to the chat section. From crypto, Covid, politics, economics and to the Ukraine, the amount of information shared, and the clarity that is brought to many subjects by our readers is truly appreciated. We know the majority of our readers do not comment, but we nonetheless welcome you.

What follows is an explanation couched in the language of reality, and various plans we hope to implement in the near future, along several fronts.

But first, let us briefly comment on the ongoing market in selling fantasy and magic goofus dust to the gullible masses.

There exists, still, many who believe of secret plans being worked on by mysterious groups of fantastically imagined persons, to widely distribute trillions of dollars to the general populations holding various kinds of currencies, or who are enrolled in some kind of program to disgorge such funds as part of a plan to “free humanity”. Such groups almost always invoke heavy new age mysticism and/or fervent religious incantations, but somehow never reasonably explain a legitimate provenance to such a rare altruistic sovereign/banking undertaking.

There indeed is a global restructuring in the works, but it is not for refunding failed political Tammany Hall types, idle wealth seeking megalomaniacs, or non-contributors and goldbricking slackers. What was true in the early days of humanity is still true today: You need to work for your own fortunes. Nobody, especially banking cartels or sovereign treasuries, is going to shovel millions in your direction for nothing, especially at the cost of a nation’s lives or economic wellbeing.

With respect to large sovereign financial transactions, what is truly coming will come in stages. A very carefully planned and realistically funded and structured series of events which will find its way to the corners of the world where need is truly present. From the very source to the end point, at no time will any one of the various self-anointed “guardians of galactic wealth” be handling such a task. Nor will the currency talk-show hosts or suddenly-an-expert bloggers.

But understand that achieving the legitimate distributions is not without an opposition which cares little for you or anyone outside their private club. We have outlined the astonishing level of theft which financial cartels have engaged in to divert funds earmarked for legitimate public good into their greedy, usurious hands. And with virtually no repercussions in any legal court; a true testament to their influence at the highest levels. One such case was the $700,000,000,000 Tropos theft, overseen by Janet Yellen, the treasury felon. These funds, issued as an ACAT Fund to the Tropos Project Account, held under Wachovia Bank, were blatantly and ruthlessly stolen in transit by the Fed intercepting the SWIFT wire to the Bank, on Yellen’s then Fed watch, where for the last 20 or so years now they have had free illicit use of vast funds meant to fund projects helping millions to do good. They are used instead for the Rothchild’s Fed usury lust.  

Appeals to the highest office in the land resulted in no appropriate action being taken to return stolen funds. For a more thorough exposé on this matter, please see White Hats Report #23.

Safety of Elders’ funds is key. This is not accomplished by invoking NESARA wood sprites or galactic forces. Such safety is achieved by being in the trenches, face to face. An iron hand is needed to safeguard such funding from a “Tropos outcome”. For at any time, if allowed, such resources would be waylaid by the claws of treasury goblins. The Elders are being counseled to reject one shady deal after another – all designed to benefit the goblins, and not humanity. The hand that rocks the cradle is ever alert to such dealings and will stop it cold. No propping up of treasury rat nests will be allowed. Such brethren will not be allowed nearby.

The Zionist cabal Petro-dollar confidence scam is ending. Worthless Zionist Fed paper is backed by nothing but hype. They have syphoned out your hard-earned wealth by stealth, as ever. America’s wealth has been stolen by a locust swarm. You will soon be handed the title to an insolvent farmland of husks, while the goblins, sated by plunder, move to their next target of opportunity. Currently, they salivate over Ukraine; standing by to scoop up the bargains while they foster and promote both sides to war. There are valid reasons why such behavior got them forced out of one country after another for 6,000 years – the good among them paying the price for the actions of the worst among them. They rape, plunder, eviscerate and move on under the cloak of righteous piety. Look at the financial statistics of the fiscal USA. Does it reflect protecting the nation from being plundered? Or does it reflect a grain silo eaten through with only a pile of rat turds left behind as a thank-you. Who let this happen? Why?

The result of this plunder is now clear. America is on an untenable course. Here is your wake-up call. Consider your plans carefully and be ready for any sudden shock. In all respects. If such-and-such happens, what will you do? Think it through. Politicians, in large part, are not capable of overcoming their own incompetence. They cannot manage the affairs of government. How, then, will they be able to help you manage your affairs?

The Elders will exchange for viable funds and programs, then working with their proven, ethical and humanitarian London parties, will expand out bringing hope where needed. The key and core ethos is to build a vast Global Sovereign Wealth Fund, protecting at all times the capital base integrity of the assets, apportioning the accrued profits toward designated Humanitarian needs and apportioning others towards long term income investment for the fund.  

Another area of high-level focus is the alternative currencies. How we credit line AU, and how we trade out accordingly. What and when. That is ever tasking us to get the balances right in a fast-evolving global marketplace.

Hydroponics is being explored to feed and sustain areas where food production is too low to prevent starvation. Medical technologies which include organ cloning etc., and other vital health services, such as hospital mercy ships that can be dispatched to areas where there is great need are also being looked at. Aquifer expansion and a plethora of similar project options. Prioritizing which and when. Instead of shielding it all in some tax haven to escalate self-wealth, such will be legitimately registered for proper tax reporting where required by law and openly and closely administered to ensure no political graft can seep in.   

12 just men are all it needs to be administered, and they are there. Good hearts, good men. A true Round Table of Honor. Quietly have hope, it’s coming. Amazing!

And now, let us correct some impressions about jolly old England. Conspiracy theories about London lizard queens and other deluded nonsense serves no useful purpose. There is no singular global elite ownership cabal, and nor does some Galactic overlord control what transpires in the U.K. Such is delusional thinking, pure and simple.

London has no total global power over the planet. It competes like everyone with standards and relationships under ever-growing competition.  All of London’s think tanks and City Liveries are subjected to constant ethical monitoring and priority. Professional elites set high standards or decline as a meritocracy. Rothschild powers were removed long ago. They have no London standing nor would their inclusion be condoned. There simply is a dearth of high-quality political leadership out there with chaos ruling fools, but this applies worldwide. So, rest assured. The English make their way in life just like everyone else, without assistance from outer space.

The world continues to move towards a Blockchain economy. With that move will most likely come significant chaos as old paradigms give way. The wise will continue to acquire quality blockchain projects and hold them throughout the severe volatility which will continue to manifest as a side effect of increasing adoption and economic uncertainty, both on a local and international level. This is not the time to call it quits or yield positions to dubious forecasts of doom and gloom. Once again, the goals lie far out in the distance. We will continue to add any new projects to our suggested list of ideas as they arise. Our approach will be as always – to hold value and wait; to remain calm while others frantically try to predict highs and lows.

And, as has been mentioned before, post releases, there may be potential opportunities available via a very strict selection process. We have very little details on this at the moment. But rest assured, if and when the time comes to proceed along these lines, you will be given proper notice by lawfully appropriate means. The goal will be to empower the capable, the strong, the talented and consistent achievers amongst us to go out and assert a positive effect on society. The carping critics, the complainers, the fantasists, the indolent, the delusional and the indecisive will have to be gently set aside and hopefully given the rehabilitation they require and will have no place at the table being set.

It’s time to re-orient oneself to the present and focus on the future and what we want to make of it.

Continue to be ready for anything.

Thank you, and please stay tuned.




  1. Like

    1. Kickbacks Tony to keep prices up. Oil Barons at work. Nothing is for your benefit.
      Again, Bidens, Afghanistan, China, Lithium? Treason and corruption
      Sadly, almost all of them. The Phoenix is needed.
      Let’s hope the new article wakes a few up. Will anything?

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  2. Like

  3. Ukraine conflict’s end maybe in sight

    I don’t attempt to make sense of this immoral and disgusting war, where millions are now homeless and displaced, mass rapes both male and female, the Bip Labs, Jewish Bank Money Laundering, child trafficking, and Zelenskys own corruption. It need not have been this way. It should not.

    The entire Ukrainian lines in the Donbas are collapsing in real time. Sadly many thousands have yet to die needlessly but at least a half hearted determination to negotiate for peace.
    Duplicity on the part of war mongering Ukrainian political types is to be expected as they quickly line their pockets with all the cash they can steal. But this is reality of a corrupt class way pass its’ due date with a smell.
    Perhaps several weeks are left of conflict but not much more as effectively the Ukrainian forces are defeated with many simply have been killed. The fact western media is now starting to show pictures and videos of soldiers being killed by their Azov minders for wanting to surrender is a real sign of a changing narrative. One that will change faster in days to come, unless Neocon fools ignite a another disaster.
    With this will come much question of what this was all about and whose fingers were in the pie of money being thrown.
    Oddly it also appears that real questions and curtain calls are being asked of parties of whether they have real money on balance sheet or Monopoly money that no one wants to accept. This is just starting to surface as we see things like oil being seized with minimal cause. Stay tuned on this one. Especially since the Brits have started to freeze ill gotten gains of people like Roman Abramovich as hard questions are asked about how he acquired his wealth. To think he did a deal for $250MM in acquiring a oil company that he subsequently sold back for $13 billion seems like a bit of a stretch as a legitimate deal, unless there was some hanky panky going on. Yet that formed his so called wealth. He is far from being alone, as much of illegitimate capital holdings reside in British territorial holdings where Inland Revenue can color the shorts quickly. So what happens if this effort to question goes deeper and broader a field? Does one not think that maybe other balance sheet funds have been abused or stolen, to be soon found??? Perhaps the Brits hold keys to a new system of monetary capital flows anchored by London locking out dirty laundries. And that may include money being laundered through the central bank of Ukraine to various pockets. As it is many bogus loans have been set upon Ukrainian banks to be collapsed with capital being hauled off to so called safe havens by various oligarchs, in the not too distant future.


    1. 100% across the board.

      In the aftermath, when appropriate, will heads roll in the Intel community for its allegorical nonsense about Russian capability? I mean it’s absurd that outside observers, based on open-source reports, were more accurate in short and long term prediction than the pros. I called the quantum collapse of Ukraine’s forces based on the attrition rate a handful of days back, and reiterated yesterday, but got the range wrong, thinking it was 6 weeks out.

      Ultimately if corrective measures are not taken, the woke Intel agencies will botch it worse next time nor will the correct lessons be learned. Picking one at random, Russia prosecuted this war with its worst assets, so we literally have no clue what its first string is capable of.

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      1. Tino

        There is no first string Tino its nukes within 48 hours, first strikes followed by all out if not stopped.
        Moscow will stop Putin first. They know it’s Do or Die. That is the deterrent. Global Leaders today are all SNAFU Clowns. Putin is surrounded by WEF Groupies. Weevils everywhere. Iskanders don’t matter, dead is dead.


        1. If you say so. And I will accept that contextually. Glad MAD still works. But in the short span of this war I can count at least 10 assessments (if not more) where Intel said one thing and ground-truth turned out to be severely divergent to the point of absurdity. Of course, even if Russia fully prevails on the ground, the victory will be totally Pyrrhic.


  4. So now that the moron of the century, Bill Gates has figured out why vaxxports are worthless with a non-sterilizing vaccine, how long till he figures out that they are equally useless with a sterilizing vaccine?


  5. What’s in your wallet, comrade?


  6. Zelensky woes

    The other day it seems the world is waking up to the reality that Ukraine cannot pay interest on debt let alone debt.
    It is also being rumored that Zelensky is behind on payments to certain parties for weapons shipments. Does this mean the grease of conflict is run out??? Patience or Forgiveness does not enter into such minds…. Wanting their cut.

    Lukanhesko is saying that Belarus expects “pressure” from Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, in particular, with the help of NATO troops stationed there. Does that mean invasion? Russia has a defense treaty with Belarus. Did anyone notice or is this more sacrifice? Russia will not hesitate to use tactical Iskanders.

    Something is brewing and it smells. Likely it is why Zelensky will not allow troops in the Donbas to retreat to save their lives. He knows a diversion is underway.

    There are 6 NATO warships in the Black Sea supposedly headed to break the blockade of Odessa….if this is true it will not end well for anyone
    China Is Now ‘Uninvestible’

    India is better bet along with those Asian countries aligned with it against China. Not everyone is a dragon fan.

    Outside of empty talk they offer no solutions
    ‘I’d no idea who she was’, Uvalde local says after Meghan Markle visit

    Contrived manipulative BS with a photographer lined up. Go see your own bloody father and show him his own grandchildren you cold Cunning scheming bitch. Keep that Ginger balding whining Tosser you hijacked he’s blown it here. Bolters heh?


    1. I’m not surprised Zelensky is no leader, they are getting slaughtered as incompetent Russia now gets its act together. Zelensky is hanging them out to die.
      The Asovs in Russian jails will know reality now. Body bags. How long before Zelensky runs? Rat runs!


    2. Stunning only to the propaganda narrative. 10,000 dead per month troop attrition and slow, but mostly continuous Russian advance, there was no reason to believe that the Ukrainians had a chance of winning this. Ukrainian capability was grossly exaggerated and Russian capability plus resilience was grossly underestimated. I am still of the opinion that we will see a quantum collapse of the Ukrainian forces, 6 weeks.

      Intel agencies are now woke crap, unable to perform their proper functions.

      Having said this, much depends on Western response. The WaPo article might be setting up a new stage of intervention.

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        1. You are all bloody fools if you do this. You will get your asses kicked, and badly, because the Russians are playing you. They have deliberately played into your biases. They will sink you to the last sailor and the days of John Paul Jones are long gone anyway.


          1. No Tino

            A 48 hour window is all there is before the button is hit. . End of- All. If they show it will escalate to Nukes and all follow. Russia knows this. Whores wars will close all doors. Madness both sides. This is no season for that reason.


          2. It wont Tino because Russia has enough intelligent, experienced Generals who will Zap the Runt before they let him go to Nukes. Back Channels Tino, they KNOW the Brits will fire and that stops it all. It saves you Trust we talk. .


  7. Thomas Market was the Father, Homemaker and Protector Funder who kept Megan safe when her own mother bolted. He funded her education and very being. He was her Rock and her Dad.
    She bolted on her first husband. She’s dropped many lifelong friends. What a VILE User she is and what an Ego!
    Her father lies hospitalised from a stroke, denied access to his daughter and Grandchildren by these 2 attention seeking , money grubbing mediocre F Wits. They now seek to fly into the UK, monetize the Queens anniversary, and cash in for Netflix. 2 disgusting sub life humans. Americans please, block out this pair, they are inconsequential grasping low lifes. Half Wit Harry needs to resign his titles and go. Be Gone! No loss. Make peace with your Father, you are feckless, grasping and self seeking mediocrities. Stop free riding on the Royals, get real lives, you two low lives. Shame on both! Shame!


  8. Curiouser and curiouser this man’s business is.

    First you had to attend a workshop to get into his dong exchange. Now, it’s open to all – as long as you buy the dong from him and his brokers.

    He then, publicly, makes the claim of a return of $1.50 per dong as a return. That’s $7,500,000 for your $310 outlay. Now, all things about the exchange process aside, one thing I am most certain of, is that if you advertise PUBLICLY any investment or transaction which offers a return on capital, aside from certain insurance policies, you NEED TO HAVE A SECURITIES LICENSE. There are risk factors which must be disclosed, and depending on what sector or market, those risk factors do vary.

    I am amazed, truly and utterly amazed, that any legitimate currency trade that is given sanction to operate on US soil would allow anyone they deal with to do this. I can understand it being done on a private contact basis, but like this? Openly promoted to anyone?

    I used to write business plans for companies who were trying to go public, and I had my faced pealed on more than one occasion by the SEC for leaving out even one simple risk disclosure on some obscure item the company dealt with that could cause losses to investors and had to be made aware of.

    Selling currencies is one thing. But PUBLICLY offering a RETURN on that purchase puts it into a new category.

    Surely, if the SEC can go after Ripple for claiming their token is a security, then publicly offering a return on currency purchases would eclipse the notion of XRP being subject to issuance as a security and regulated as such.


  9. He was a fine actor. I know he smoked for a long time. Don’t smoke. Quit if you do.


  10. Israel ‘tells US it carried out assassination of Iranian colonel’

    Once Iran gets their own Nukes test 10 on these bastards
    Down and dirty for Spacey. What a Bummer.

    Kevin Spacey, 62, is charged with four counts of sexual assault
    China sparks EU panic: Now Xi threatens to tighten grip on key supplies to Europe

    This was aways coming.
    Waterboard him and hang him.

    ISIS leader ‘captured’ three months after last boss killed


  11. Oh looky what I found.

    Responding to the Fed’s call for comment, the ABA says it supports a big bang implementation strategy for the ISO 20022 migration in November 2023, suggesting one of two non-holiday weekends during the month.

    The association also says it is “essential” to ensure the move happens on the same day as The Clearing House’s Chips service migrates to ISO 20022.

    While agreeing to the timeline, the ABA says banks need a “detailed implementation plan as soon as possible” so that they can set up teams and allocate resources to begin preparing and testing.

    Says the letter: “The Board and Reserve Banks should issue a technology roadmap that establishes a series of key dates and milestones related to the system requirements and testing procedures.”

    The Fedwire migration is just one of several major projects facing US banks, which also have to contend with Swift’s ISO 20022 migration in November 2022 and the FedNow real-time payments system going live in 2023.

    Therefore, with “bank resources already being pushed to the limit”, the ABA is asking the Fed to consider pushing back plans to extend the operating hours of Fedwire and the National Settlement Service and make the ISO 20022 migration the “highest priority”.


    A decade ago, when an Obama-era initiative called “Common Core” convinced 41 states to give up control of their education standards, it was infamously the result of a massive influence campaign by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now, with America’s K-12 landscape being turned upside down by “equity” initiatives that divide children by ethnicity and devalue rigorous academics, the culprit is much the same: Gates and other philanthropic foundations.


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