A Report From The Front. Prepare To Defend Your Rear

Salve, Citizens!

Time is short. The reasons why are not possible to share at this time. However, WHA has taken onto its shoulders the responsibility to bring forth from front line positions, true and accurate assessments of situations which our readers may find useful in future planning. Reality balanced, and without any motive to pitch dubious wares or subscription fees.

What’s coming is not what most people are led to believe. But concerning the bigger real issues, what will follow is a series of summaries for those readers endowed with a perspicacious oversight and ability to handle such balanced reality.

So, shortness of time notwithstanding, let us begin.

  • You really do need to pre-think your own family’s life plan for the future changes coming.  Real world truth, at a price. Drone herding is coming as almost ALL global leaders now permeate towards Davos and the Kingdom of the Bald Comic Clown Troll, who seeks to take all, and to then make you happy, or NOT, with nothing! So far, he has the floor, and support among the politicos. Yet the West is now being clearly and clinically circumvented out of the Middle East and Far East. India, with a larger population than China’s, is the fast-growing IT hub for Asia, and a superpower in waiting. One China fears the most. Yet they must coexist, but each concur that America and its hegemony must be phased out of Asia and to simply annex them out where possible. It’s cynical and precise, America by consensus is to go.  As with BRICS, all conclude a US free trade future. Asia is annexing the West. Who is left to prey on? Future US demographics read a bleak picture. Time to reprofile your own futures. Reality checks. How did it work out for Rome once their borders became unenforceable?
  • Sovereign monetary wealth today is either gold/asset backed, or just worthless fiat fake in freefall. What the Zionist Jewish bankers have not syphoned off and stolen, the WEF Swiss gnomes seek to sequestrate from gullible fools. Playing YOU! Word to the wise: Have a metals portfolio and keep it safe. Seek expert advice.
  • You really do need to rethink your banking, your portfolio strategies and balance, and how to protect your assets from bail-ins or tax grabs. Parasite protection. Rethink your portfolio balances. Seek the very best professionals who understand such profound risks and how to avoid the worst-case scenarios if such extreme measures are taken by governments who are desperate to survive at your expense.
  • How do we make sense of a freefalling America, where bribe taking Biden’s own son, drug addict, child molesting Hunter, is found to be a 10% shareholder of a vast new lithium mine in Afghanistan, in conjunction with the Chinese? This explains why the dirty Bidens got America out, to fill the dirty Biden crime family pockets yet again. How many died needlessly for this racket? You wonder why Asia plans to remove America from the Far East and Asia? The stink of Washington corruption carries very far. India and China want you gone! Read up on the Biden lithium filth we post separately.  
  • We now briefly revisit a topic we swore off. Let us, once again, cover the sad truth about Iraqi Dinar pumpers.  Iraq, at best, is a c$4T or max $5T economy. No one in authority gave rights for parties with stolen Iraqi bank note plates to engage in mass printing dinars. But that’s what appears to have happened. There are allegedly Quad Ts of this Muppet Fed junk paper out there. Lunacy if so. No one is going to authorize such paper to be legally revalued to pre-war numbers at the cost to Iraq in trillions of USD. The Iraqi Santa Clause is not coming. Iraq does not possess the reserves nor the obligation to pay off war speculation on its currency. NO one will fund this stupid crap shoot. How many more years will have to go by before this is understood?
  • The all-powerful World Gold Council Chairman for many years was a South Korean Chinese Dynasty Elder, soley entrusted with the knowledge of where the key Family warehouses are, and only he knew the location of the underground bunkers and booby-trapped caves. That family knowledge has been “Bloodline Bond” entrusted to only one current Dynasty family member. Our secret! Right to know only! Secrets we do not share. The Chairman ONLY held the position because the core assets were verified and known to be real. How we now progress “Mongrel Free” to try to safely make good use of those assets, is key. An ever-evolving series of entanglements with a voracious military junta necessitates commensurate care at arm’s length. Also keeping self-serving predatory Americans right out of the loop. Raptors! The Elders are positively guided by trusted and proven London trustees, core and key advisors with a veto block, to protect them from abuse and to guide them safely through the labyrinth of CBDC and unfolding global currency issues. In addition, London shields them from the historical abuses, guile and malignant Zionist/Jewish criminal entrapments of the voracious, utterly corrupt Jewish US Treasury/Fed rackets. Racketeers!  From Jekyll Island onwards they have raped America and the world unchecked. As ever, it’s their plague viral history. It’s also why London has a glass ceiling towards the buggers. Their Oath of Allegiance forcefully entrapping Americans is absurd; an oath to a pestilence and scurrilous roach turd species of Khazarian Mafia! How utterly naive are Americans in Politics?  Oafs swallow! The Zionist and Jewish bankers have looted, scavenged and bankrupted America. Wake TF Up America! Why do real live dummies allow them total oligopoly, criminal control of the US Fed, and Treasury? Jews run the LOT. They own both houses, the media, and the White House. Ridiculous, roach entrapment. For sure as the Afros and Hispanics take over, they will face this species down in the future. Usury Jews used you and took it all. What have they done to the dollar now? It’s worth what? Still the nation sleeps on, devoid of reality. They are being blocked from Elder’s access. Totally.   
Actual Dynastic Elder gold cache. Only a fraction of their total holdings.
  • There are 40 Elder bloodline family unit members, and with their weekly hog fights, positioning needs consummate care. Believe it, with 40 family groupings each presuming their right to draw down 10% of the total wealth for their group alone, once liquidated, from metals. So many rice bowls and so much greed. Trainee Americans? Yet the normal US patriots can be so kind. We segregate them with care. Daily diplomacy versus self-interest. Weevils are Global. It’s a delicate path. We have “Special Plans” but not for disclosure. Ways to beat the system.
  • The WEF and WHO will walk you blindfolded from reality to their sought endgame, if not stopped. Their agenda is anathema to us. They have no compassionate agenda. Nor seek such. They seek only to acquiesce the power of your very being. From the CFR upwards, their position has been, and currently IS clear: Population reduction. Real and clear! That is their core mainline thinking – don’t feed those we don’t need. Don’t be misguided.  Population reduction is real! Planned genocide! They see that no economic herd sized sustainability tables stand up as viable. Doomsday avoidance policies are floundering. Attempting sustainability of ever-growing, non-contributing mass breeding, to them, is pointless. The mass human ostriches just don’t hear or see it, nor handle bad news well. What happens when woke becomes broke? Will you carry them? How? You can’t afford to! Davos is coercing them all. Look at Canada! Unreal. Look at the Woke State of America, complete cuckoo’s nest territory. WEF is bewitching the world. And the methods used center around disruption of the natural inclination to form family bonds and reproduce between both valid sexes.
The rise in this phenomenon is not by accident.
  • Blog sites continue to be assailed with endless GCR fantasies, delusional currency wealth scenarios and conspiracy theorists purport that global debt forgiveness is imminent. For over 20 years now, a concept called NESARA is said to be coming. But funded by whom? No such adoption of this plan has taken place, and it continues to exist in the minds of blogging Moonshiners only! Banks forgiving all worldly debts – sure.
  • As A.I. takes down and clears out vast numbers of soon to be redundant employees, empiric social changes are going to take place.  Tax revenues will collapse as more and more menial and manufacturing jobs are automated. Without taxes, seized to underpin the welfare largesse of socialist spenders, you will fund with what? Socialists and Zionists. None better for bankrupting economies. Bankrupt economies run aground. Unless there is seismic change in replanning the State of Being Human, for the self-centered, delusional beings of today, the future will be one of conflict between the conscientious haves, and the escalating Hottentots. Even the fast-food restaurant chains of the future will be server Free! Supermarkets and Stores increasingly automate checkouts. With growing home deliveries, stores are folding in larger numbers. If you cannot fill a critical role in an ever-increasing technologically based workplace, then there will be no purpose to hire you. For the unskilled and unnecessary, it’s going to get ugly. Have-nots sometimes have nothing to lose. Large groups of such can inflict significant damage if hungry enough.  
  •  Ever-expanding sales of electric cars, trucks and SUVs require fewer parts, and are fast and easy to fix. Huge job losses will follow for manufacturing supply chains and mechanics. It’s coming.  As for oil barons, many saw the light and divested their interests long ago!  If supply chains, tankers and such are untenable, what will become of the price of oil?  
  •  A.I. will hit the mass clerical roles, bookkeeping, administrators, accountants, even law adjudication itself. As A.I. becomes ever more sophisticated, it will self-code and mass program code itself multi-times faster than humans. Programming capacity, thus replacing Programmer coders, will eliminate their errors and costs. Seismic changes. A.I. will be faster and cheaper. Capable also of incredible new concept algorithms and pioneering breakthroughs. Unleashing then a whole new dawn of futuristic technology. Also, Cybernetics. Enhanced people!  Or not? Yes, it IS coming. No, you will not stop it. Enhanced or unenhanced is the next social dilemma. Who will spend on the masses? It does not augur well so far. No one is thinking of sustainable societies. Allow WEF control and it will be draconian. 
  • We are facing an emerging reality future where possibly 40% or more of many jobs will go within the next decade or so. There is no economic forethought of population sustainability, or society ramifications. Each administration simply pushes this toxic bombshell forwards to future incumbents to deal with. State welfare and even retiree packages are unsustainable and bail-ins inadequate.  Your representatives represent only themselves. No one is working for or acting for you! We may as well be on the Titanic. If this lot hits, as is likely, have you got your own family funds sorted, sequestered safely away to swerve the unfolding bank bail-ins and tax grabs? You will need it. Lifebelts will not be thrown. Unless you are earning, you will be left for churning and forget bailouts. Learn now to look after yourself, take responsibility for God’s sake, because if not the cliff edge is looming for Lemmings. 
  • Yes, we are looking for Elders’ support, but it will only be core humanitarian projects and selective, screened sustainable global community financing. We can’t save the world. No one can. Nor will they try with authority. 

  • We are deeply engaged in Blockchain and new innovative cryptos, project backed and communities sharing in the sustainable wealth created. Not 10 cents Zionist Fed phony CBDCs. More on that later and WHA will have a sound platform for its readers. An input. 
  • The current sad state of Ukraine is only a small element of the evolution now between Hemispheres. American hegemony is doomed. It’s over. Empires end. Usually in ignominy. America has lost the Middle East; it’s now re-aligned with Russia and China. The badly planned Jesuit/Vatican U.S. socialist Eurodollar is unsustainable, bailed only now by poor Germany and the Fed.  Scavenging nations now all in disarray.  All take out, no one puts in. For how long? Britain has walked away from the chaos. It’s not sustainable as is. Nor can poor Germany carry it alone. For how long?  If those banks fail, it takes America down with it. That fine a default line. The Teutonic nations need to form a new alliance and leave the rest. Close the porous borders. Look after your own. Merkel has a lot to answer for. Social Madness. She has brought Germany to its knees. Why mass import a nasty, malignant, child molesting, backwards 7th century blood cult? They are destroying the entire multi-millennial nationhood culture of the EU. Barbarians loose inside the gates. Social Havoc. Political suicide. Be clear when EU Banks fail, the knock-on effect means the cross-lending U.S. Banks and Fed goes with it. 
For $40 Billion This Guy Will Do Anything
  • The world is already re-evolving into new trading hemispheres by planned design. The snout of the West will be Out! India is the sleeping giant arising. With a voice and attitude. China fears India. America will be increasingly annexed out of Asia and its markets. They will weaponize metals supplies to the West. To your detriment. Also, for sure, cost! Think portfolios! Balances. How to credit line and leverage your own portfolios. Think money!
  • Eurasia will go to Asia. What a mess. What a loss. 
  • The EU is unsustainable. Let it find an iceberg. The endless Islamic and African flows will sink it if not stopped. Call it or lose it!
  • Pragmatic thinkers will get past what is coming. Key metals will increase in price and with Chinese market games, ever more so. Select which and track the charts. Make money and safely leverage.  
  • America’s own 10 to 15 years demographics do not profile well for many regions now. The melting pot is boiling. The world is yours, just find the right locations. You came as locusts, take flight again if needed. Doors close.

Creative thinking is the future. Foresight, or go with the Sheeple into the night.  Look at the Leaders? Next? Think for your kids now. Who will head off the WEF and WHO? Enhanced or Hottentots? Choose with care. Society is breaking down and there is no telling what it may re-assemble as in the short term.

Be ready for anything.   

Stay tuned.



  1. John,

    Perhaps I missed a recent update, but wondering how things are coming along re:settlements. It appeared things were imminent by your calls to watch the site, yet the outcome is still uncertain. Thanks in advance.


    1. Battles regarding CBDC settlements as they are open to Racketeering Fed BIS recall. Plus no way will we take USD as worthless paper facing collapse. BIS oversight is the Rothschilds family control and nnt acceptable to us. We do NOT want Zionist and Racketeering Jews in charge of world finances. Weevils who need to be ripped out.
      Tropos funds intercepted and stolen by the Fed and Yellen. Marcos funds hijacked. M1 Funds hijacked. Riyardis fund hijacked. Indonesia’s funds hijacked. Golden Lilly gold stolen. We want a Jew and Zionist free solution.
      We are not handing AU to a Rat pack. An alien nation who need ?????????????


    1. Goodbye petro dollar. Hello rampant US inflation and devaluation. America can’t face this reality Others will follow.
      End games coming? All Empires end- Badly!


  2. Judge in Uruguay orders Pfizer to provide complete details on the biochemical composition of its Covid vaccines, including the possible presence of “graphene oxide” or “nanotechnological elements”, as well as evidence of efficacy and safety. He’s given Pfizer 48 hours to provide the information.



  3. Top 10 Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies to Buy and Hold for Stabilit

    Exclusive: Former associate says famous names in Epstein’s little black book;

    Ok, Clinton, the Boston Lawyer, who are the top 8? Name! Publish the logs.

    Zelensky’s starkest message for Ukraine yet as Putin takes ENTIRE Luhansk region | Daily Mail Online

    As ever Zelensky want more arms to sell on to Terrorists.
    Slowly the vice wil tighten on the Kikedome.

    We are on track for a currency crisis – and bankruptcy

    Be careful what is coming.



    A total Bum rap for the Democrats. Not one fit for the office.
    What a big Yuk! total crap.

    A majority don’t want Trump to run in 2024, polling shows
    There will be a savage turnout to stop Grifter Shrek Trump.
    Find better, for God’s sake, find better. He’s a Tramp, no Class or Honour. Worse,Thick!
    Start with IQ testing. 11 year olds are brighter. Who needs an Orange Bum again? He mass pardoned multiple serious Convicted Criminal Jews for Bribes. Corrupt! Despicable!
    The world is done with US Trash Class. Hide him with Obama’s Birth Certificate. The one Blair gave Bush 41 from Mombasa.
    No more Fake Flakes. Start vetting, no more Orange Yetis. Are none clean?
    They will go all out to Stop Trump. He’s corrupt, beyond Thick and UNFIT for Office. 4 more Years for that Orangutan?
    Trophy hunter who killed lions and elephants is shot dead https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10980099/Trophy-hunter-killed-lions-elephants-shot-dead-robbers-ambushed-South-Africa.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    CIA Recruiting ISIS Terrorists To Be Sent To Ukraine – GreatGameIndia

    The Global reality of Criminals in Action unleashed as Mercenary Killers. How many will die needlessly on either side for CIA game plays? Pernicious and Evil. The CIA is a vast Criminal Organization. Vile! Crooked and Wrong!

    And no doubt with training and equipment for sale to either side.

    Watch “The Oswald Letter: the most important JFK assassination discovery in 50 years” on YouTub

    As with Roswell, how does any truth surface in America?

    Why the Ukraine War Is a Scam

    “Some 78% of that total was supplied by German and French firms … Alongside bombs, rockets and torpedoes, French firms sent thermal imaging cameras for more than 1,000 Russian tanks as well as navigation systems for fighter jets and attack helicopters.”

    Of course, war is a racket for making money off the death and suffering of people.

    Why not add the country is now sadly so full of sick Degenerates from Zio Scum to the Illegals? Crime is rife, the Government is corrupt, anything goes in a nation of Ho’s.
    Experts warn that the US could soon lose control of monkeypox https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10980519/Experts-warn-soon-lose-control-monkeypox.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Coinbase-backed Vault halts withdrawals as crypto credit crisis intensifies

    Watch your access to Cryptos, it’s getting messy

    Watch this creative girl.

    Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen – Karolina Protsenko – …: https://youtu.be/Oz4FU991k1s
    For Munich Girl, across continents. The next life. Touching Souls.

    My Hope for America and. England to get through what is unfolding. You too Munich Girl.


    I hope so the Bribe taking Scumbag misusing Pardons for the Kushners and other scum

    They could do worse, like Trump!
    Ex-CIA chief says Putin could be killed in secret plot by inner circle https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10957391/Ex-CIA-chief-claims-Putin-killed-f-king-hammer-head-inner-circle-plot.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    It’s time this dwarf Ho needs to go. We have some attack Bulldogs, or Dwarf Toss Him off a high tower . Stalin would have poisoned him
    If he’s deposed Lavrov will go with him. Moscow Elites are done with him and too many Military Officers have died. So many want him gone.


  4. Industry experts say that at least 50,000 more startup employees are likely to be thrown out this year alone in the name of “restructuring and cost management” while certain startups keep receiving millions in fundings.


  5. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/shellenberger-yes-you-can-blame-biden-high-energy-prices
    But US refineries are already operating at 94 percent of their capacity, with US refineries in the Gulf of Mexico running at 98 percent, which is the highest rate in 30 years. Running refineries at a higher capacity than that risks damaging the equipment. As such, Biden isn’t just wrong, he insulted some of the hardest working people operating in one of the most dangerous industries in America.


  6. Like

    1. All their boats are visible waiting on the French beaches. Armed Drones to fly in and Frag the lot.
      Sink the Bastards 200 yards out at sea, message sent. Any arriving, no comfort camps, straight to the planes for Africa. Parasites, YOU keep them. YOU fund them. We are sick of them. We don’t want them Man the Borders, Frag Marauders. Use the Fee Collecting nuisance Human Rights Lawyers for Troops and Civilians Target practice. Sort both. Europe needs a clear policy- Deport.! The lot!


      1. 50,000 cars descending on Paris and Brussels playing Erika at full blast. Even the streets would be running.,


        1. A private message is on its way to you via Tony, or 10,000 minds will be vibrating sleepless for a week.


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  8. Give women, and our children the right NOT to have to share Universal toilets. The sonic booms are upsetting the men.
    Seriously it’s a no for families. Enough to put anyone off.

    Buildings must have single-sex toilets, ministers to confirm this week https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10977551/Schools-hospitals-offices-single-sex-toilets-Government-confirm-week.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Enormous 1 billion XRP Unlocked on Ripple Escrow Wallet, 340 million XRP Transferred Prior to That



  9. Hungary: Most Vaccinated Counties Have Worst Birth Rate Drops!
    Budapest is the new Taiwan — Birth Rate Drop of -22.2%!

    Igor Chudov
    Jul 3

    Interesting news on the birth rate drop front! It turns out that the most vaccinated counties of Hungary have the worst drop in birth rates in 2022! This is a within-country comparison, comparing Hungarians to Hungarians, for the same time period.

    Thanks to my incredible reader “handyman” and Twitter user @overcatbe, I came across two pieces of data:

    Vaccination Rate in Hungary by county as of July 13, 2021 (archive link)

    Change in Birth Rate in Hungary by County for Q1 2022 (archive link)

    I took my time to prepare a map of Hungary with vaccination data as of Jul 13, 2021, with birth rate changes overlaid and listed as BLUE (for declines) or RED (for increases).

    Unfortunately, this data is noisy, as it presents only a single-moment snapshot of vaccination rates, and they are not super dissimilar. To make the comparison less noisy, I decided to pick five MOST vaccinated counties, and five LEAST vaccinated counties. The idea is to compare changes in birth rates among the most divergent counties, eliminating some amount of noise, driven by little-different counties.

    Before I go further, I have to remind my readers: birth rates are always seasonal! Most parents prefer to make a “spring baby”, which often ends up with them making a “summer baby” because conception takes more time than expected. So, never compare adjacent quarters as they are guaranteed to have dramatic changes that are simply seasonality-driven, with differences very repeatable over the years. Only compare quarters of one year with same quarters of another year, please.

    My own birth rate comparison compares Q1 of 2022, against Q1 of 2021. Since they are within-country comparisons, we can be more confident that they are driven by vaccination rates, as opposed to political, economic, or ethnic differences. These people are all Hungarians.

    So, here are the 5 most vaccinated counties, contrasted with the 5 least vaccinated counties.

    You can see that the five least vaccinated counties experienced only a 4.66% drop in birth rates between Q1 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. At the same time, five most vaccinated countries experienced a 15.2% drop in birth rates! (NOTE: birth rate decline numbers are averaged without weighing by population. Feel free to weigh them by population)

    This is a tremendous 10.5% difference between birth rate outcomes! Put in other words, the birth rate decline in most heavily vaccinated Hungarian counties was THREE TIMES greater than the decline in least-vaccinated counties!

    This is an apples-to-apples, Hungarians-to-Hungarians, same time period comparison! Pretty much the only variable is the extent to which those counties vaccinated their citizens by July 2021, including young people likely to make babies. Again, to remind you: the vaccination rates are a snapshot for July 13, 2021. You can add 9 months to July 2021, which gives you April 2022. Thus, you can see why birth rates in Q1 2022 changed: because of Covid vaccination.

    The result? The more vaccination, the greater the declines in the birth rates.


    For more interesting news regarding drops in birth rates this year, see my series:

    Sweden (dramatic steady decline to -10% this year)

    Taiwan (-23% decline)

    Germany, North Dakota, UK, and Switzerland. (12-13% declines)

    Will Fertility Come Back?
    It is becoming fairly apparent that the 2022 fertility drops are the true “black swans” of demographics, unprecedented in the breadth of countries involved, very large, extremely statistically significant, and very worrying.

    A big question of the day is: is this a temporary situation or will the declines be permanent? If they are permanent, it may lead to depopulation of affected countries!

    The answer is UNKNOWN to me and is also unknown to anyone else. Beware of vaccine advocates saying “birth rate declines are a temporary no big deal, the vaccine is working as expected”. Beware of vaccine skeptics jumping the gun and proclaiming that we will for sure be depopulated. We genuinely do NOT know, yet. The time has not passed yet, for us to know.

    Despite not knowing, we can start worrying right now.

    From other articles, we know that

    Disruptions in female periods after vaccination seem to be mostly temporary (please correct me if I am mistaken)

    The decline in sperm quality seems to be permanent, with a minor rebound around 6 months, and that did not even consider booster doses

    Further vaccination past July or so was extremely extensive, including booster vaccination of young fertile people, possibly further damaging their fertility.


  10. Time to open vast sink holes outside every major City . Flush all Woke and Zios down as essential Sanitisation needed. Had we co joined Germany none of this lot would be alive today. Most Europeans want history reversed.
    It appalls us to see both Houses taken over by them. Post WW11 they have owned the Oval Office and all in it. If we do get WW111 any survivors will finish the job.
    Must do! When the Afros and Hispanics do take over, as they will, Clean House! When Europe unites and marches, they will soon change their attitudes facing bolt cutters ( Nutt Cutters!) and 9mms!. .
    Spring Clean the Obscene.

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  11. Biden Hits New Poll Lows: Gallup: 87 Percent Wrong Track; CIVIQS: 31 Percent Approval; Independents: 19 Percent Approval; Emerson: Trump Beating Biden by Five

    Who would have thought?
    There is no reality to voting in America. There is, its called Rigging!

    Some Alliance!

    NATURAL gas for Europe from America not going to happen.

    Pilots speak out about vaccine-induced injuries and deaths Tuesday, June 21, 2022 by: Lance D Johnson — rupreparing

    Pilot reality. imagine the state of hard reality with military pilots If a Pilot goes, so do you and ALL on board!

    Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional
    It is sad that society can so easily be manipulated.

    Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia’s criminal networks in Europe – European Council on Foreign Relations
    Guy goes into a bar in Berwick, La. where there’s a robot bartender.
    The robot says, “What will you have?”

    The guy says, “Whiskey. “The robot brings back his drink and says to
    the man, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says,” 168.” The robot then
    proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical

    The guy leaves, but he is curious…So he goes back into the bar. The
    robot bartender says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey.”
    Again, the robot brings the man his drink and says, “What’s your IQ?
    The guy says, “100.” The robot then starts to talk about Nascar,
    Budweiser, the Saints and LSU Tigers.

    The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will
    try it one more time. He goes back into the bar. The robot says, “What
    will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey,” and the robot brings him his
    whiskey. The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “Uh,
    about 50.”

    The robot leans in real close and says, “So, you people still happy with Biden?

    We warned you these Khazarian Mafia Israeli Bastards have a big agenda
    If they are allowed to take Ukraine and bring in Nukes Armageddon follows. Scurrilous vermin as ever. Don’t ignore rats they breed.
    Look what they have done to Palestine. Vermin seed!
    3 New Jersey Mayors and 5 Rabbis Among Those Arrested in Federal Inquiry – The New York Times

    Scumbags at work always. Wise up-, shape up and Deport the F lot. Pack the lot off. Then arm Iran.
    The Long, Ugly Antisemitic History of “Jews Will Not Replace Us” | November | 2021 | The Jewish Experience | Brandeis University
    Antisemitism Uncovered: Myth – Jews Are Greedy
    ЈЕВРЕЈИН ДРЖИ КОНЦЕ У РУЦИ – Collections Search – United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Israel will soon have to choose between China and the US
    The Two Types of Goblincore – Tumbex


    1. That’s easy. Israel will choose China thinking it can do there what it did to the U.S. Of course, it won’t play out that way because the US is a “high-trust” society so we fell in hook, line and sinker. China is a lower trust society, with a trust index even lower than Israel’s. So, in point of fact, China is impervious to their manipulations and will eat China’s lunch. But Israel doesn’t see that, so it will go all-in, and be eaten alive.


    2. As to leaky vaccine, they knew it couldn’t work. mRNA tech is simply not mature. Also, whenever one installs new code, it has to go in with a full checksum and regulatory proteins and shutdown code. No such function was present in the shot, and it doesn’t auto-magically happen.

      AND one other factor that CANNOT be minimized. Quality control of the mRNA jabs is suffering error stack tolerance problems in manufacturing. Sort the adverse events by lot number and you get a hyperbolic power curve, the tell-tale sign that manufacturing doesn’t know what it is doing. Essentially, forcing everyone that takes the shot to having played Russian roulette.


  12. Like

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