Never Before Should So Many Take Back So Much Stolen By So Few

WHA, unlike any other site, excels with a cross-proliferation of truths. Your creative thinking and input gives it daily life, informed opinions, and foresight for all. So, we take it as a Duty of Care to try to inform everyone about the complex and competing realities facing us all.

We try to have your backs, but unlike the Plebs, YOU need to understand the game board playing out. Our world – your world – is not just changing. Your own freedom to even be free is hemorrhaging fast. Only this site gives balanced, non-MSM truth. Humor, too. Guidance to face and prepare us for what may be coming. Life is under relentless threat.  Political integrity has long gone, and as for Fauci, how low is the bar?

This is our State of the Kikedom Union address for 2023.

Why was intense moral outrage not expressed when the convicted and pre-jailed Kushner crime family facilitated skank grifter Trump’s mass release, for MONEY, of long-term jail sentences for seriously bad Jewish criminals? A mongrel of a man, as shown by his mongrel parentage, and of no moral integrity, as Stormy and Cohen will attest.  Multiple serious crime cases were commuted. The Alamo is ashamed. Presidential privilege is not for abuse. The world is appalled. We warned you beforehand that known heel spurs coward draft dodger Trump would run with the Washington riot. He’s white trash and no more. No second run for him.

America is in freefall. Liberty covers her eyes at what is befalling the Land of the Free.  Why was a president taking pardon money from convicted seriously bad Jewish criminals? Why did this crooked grifter steal the mineral-rich Golan Heights for them and Tel Aviv mafia skanks?  

Just look at the chart of how many of the Kikedome now mass surround Biden in the White House, controlling all. What Democracy is this? America is beyond “In Play”! Rip these Weevils out.    

War risks increase as NATO and the Agencies threaten Russia and China threatens Taiwan. Europe faces rising energy costs with potential to melt down its economies. Iran steps ever closer towards a nuclear breakthrough, and Israel to deserve Armageddon. Poland receives ever more American NATO cabal arms ready to attack Russia. How do we penetrate the skulls of Americans heading towards out of control fiscal implosion WWII German-style? A nation now sadly clueless to reality – a Reality TV nation.  Yet, still, with so much inherent and wasted potential. A once great nation is now freefalling, muzzled and ridden by Socialists and Zionists.  Woke now rules a nation no longer awake. So many lives given – for this?  Plan for a serious US meltdown. 

If those US-supplied missiles now based in Poland hit Russia, then NATO and Poland will be erased within hours as Russia has forewarned and meant. Russia has already moved Iskanders and more missiles onto the borders ready to attack. Look then at the German incoming displaced migrants! Their hypersonic missiles will hit America. Russia cannot be more clear. They WILL attack the US mainland and global US bases. War is war! Out-of-control Agency hawks are walking you blindly into this. No more hiding behind other borders. 9/11 times a million is the price to pay for these fools! Your lives! America mentally fragmented over 9/11. It cannot mentally take a homeland war. The US would be a fireball in play. Who cares that you hit back. You will die – it’s that simple. Russians have a fatalistic view. Planet Earth does not want, or seek this. Time to de-tense and seek sense. 

WHA has oversight, as do so  many of the focused contributors, also it leads with true GS awareness and COVID reality. A competent and cogent cross-collective from impassioned site supporters. WHA has also seen, first hand, so much American goodness has been availed to those in need, from the good hearts of its people. Charitable acts of giving to fellow men. The GS can help the Elders rethink cryptos, creating opportunities for all, and WHA is frontline placed. Thinking for the people for the good of the people. Simple, meaningful projects like advanced hydroponics is one of our future strategies. Self sufficiency for our citizens. A nation’s need to feed. 

Ahead of the pending high science breakthroughs in clean energies, as we research fusion and Hydrogen power with Anglo American leading university projects and thinktanks, the consequences will have enormous implications for you, your future life structuring, and taxes, and how the loss of dependency impacts upon selective and ruthless energy suppliers, who each face obsolescence once their rice bowl places are gone. Arab nations and feudal kingdoms will lose majority income sources. So will tax and customs entities. The Parasite takers. It will tax the revenue suits. The energy barons’ kingdoms face oblivion. State budgets face major hits. So will defense industry spending. Time for peace and an end to Waste-ERS! 

Survival thinking. Once you can purchase Hydrogen energy chips, or fusion power access bypassing the state, each society will face enforced change. Some even will evolve. Anarchy may come with feudal revolutions, as is happening already in Paris. The Wogs are revolting. Yes, aren’t they? The sick states will try, as ever, to regulate control, but this may be their demise. Radical revolt is stirring across the EU.  Wakeup time also for America. No more porous borders. The straw and the camel’s back. Sophisticated industrial nation states, like Germany, may follow Italy, where Roman refuseniks just revolted, taking back Italy, and England may follow close behind. Hopefully! 

Such a talent

Our own Monarchy itself now faces a melting pot. A dithering weak dweeb as King and a whining, limp wrist family nonentity, with the new Mrs. Simpson, are trying to set up a new Court with a grasping C-lister mediocrity in L.A. Wannabes grasp at straws. Pitiful mediocrities. Narcissist Markel opines, selling her fickle soul and butt for a buck. It won’t last the aftermath, but anger will. Betrayers!

The West, once losing hegemony inputs and income, risks becoming tinderboxes for social revolt. Look at Paris. London is a growing risk to follow. Partial radical driven revolts, barbarian led. Free up energy, and you free nations of state tyranny.  Or, as with poor Germany denied by Merkle’s inept awareness planning, you freeze to death. Industries are failing. Jobs lost and communities impaired. WEF offers tyranny and oppression. Schwarb seeks to be the Borg Master. Release the power to the people, and free will follows. The Zios, illegals and states may be faced off. Anarchy versus tyranny. The future faces a people’s militias melting pot.  Look how Germany once united its people, its patriots, and marched to a cause. It overreached fighting on 2 fronts, lost the plot and paid dearly.

The Motherland and Fatherland irreparably damaged their economies, but Germany’s vast rebuilding and modernizing program was funded by the Alliances. England’s was not. It stood alone, unaided and was raped and ravaged by the cynical and devious opportunism of Washington asset-strippers. Gold reserves were sequestrated and war aid supplies were priced off the map, taking over 65 years of American predatory war debt to redeem. Ruthless scavengers’ opportunism destroyed our economy. We have not forgotten, nor forgiven. We wait. Opportunism will be repaid as the hegemony kingdom implodes and Billy-No-Mates reaches out to find none.

Hemisphere changes incoming may not be as you envisage. Take away the energy threat and it all goes into freefall, freeing mankind from political and banking repression. Washington D.C. faces unconsidered oblivion as nations rebel with the arrogant ringmasters. Sadly, so many are Kike-driven.  America’s power has been founded upon ruthless hegemony and fake  money, as were all old Empires. From Hannibal and Rome, upwards. Takers! Over time, each failed. The split hemispheres will reshape the West as power transfers out of reach. Washington balks, and trade walks. End of empires. The West is going…West.

The emergence of Eurasia is unstoppable. It’s coming and will build to a tsunami. How nationals amalgamate is the key and dilemma. The future incoming Eurasian global power will end America’s plutocracy.  Reshaping with it, the new world. Reshaping old cultures minus American vultures. Change is evolving. Nations will. If only we can mutually project-cooperate in time as we envisage with Elders’ funds. Harvesting the water of the Rockies, Hydrogen energy and fusion power. Solutions together as applied minds and shared projects. Structured thinking. Getting power back to Germany and the people. The Rothschilds, Soros and WEF Borgmasters out of it!  Opportunist Zionist fake puppet Zelensky seeks to integrate a role within the WEF.   

Lamp Posts for Schwarb and his demented followers. Study history. Think first of big picture implications. Mutt free. Woke on Steroids! Schwarb profiles like an unelected dictator. We agree! The Appian Way for he and his kind. Even currently, faced with the laughable WEF, and pending multipolar hemisphere break-ups, those train wreck lights moving fast, are coming at us. Will 8 billion become disposable pawns on the board of life? 25 million blood cult Zios see Goyim to go. Schwarb wishing to seize all? 

Zio todger-choppers are currently mankind’s worst threat.  Neanderthals – as perceived by any advanced civilization. Organ mutilators. Gross.  Like COVID virus, remove the dreadful virulence of those 25 million and the world will be a better place. Goyim need to fight back. Not go into the night. The DNA virus needs to go out in the night, hunting assimilated Khazarian spawn, and level the field for humanity. These temple usury money shysters mugged Americans when Woodrow Wilson naively allowed these shyster Kikes to ram their claws into the gullible nation’s wealth creating system via their Jewish Jekyll Island Fed in 1913. The biggest tapeworm America ever let loose to gorge itself on the hardworking Americans’ earned wealth. They stole it all as they do to all nations who let them in. How many nations have evicted them over the centuries? Always, it ends the same. They arrive dispossessed and steal all. America has been systematically looted, dispossessed and has lost everything. Within just 15 years they owned America. You own nothing. You can neither trust, nor reason with these parasitic self-serving rodents. Has 6,000 years taught you nothing? Slow learners? They see Goyim only as slaves to serve them in entirety. This cruel and ruthless blood cult despises you. They are worse than HIV. 

Allow me to quote Israel from the book of Isaiah. Start to Know your Enemy. Their book! Their religion and their own false core beliefs.

Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption, They have forsaken the Lord, they have spurned the Holy One of Israel, and turned their backs on him. Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom“.

Nothing has changed. I give you: The Kike. Even their God rejects them.

Read the Wikipedia files on how many nations booted them out. Make the effort! Read Isaiah on Zionism. Forewarned against, still they covet all.  Read and weep! Nations lost. Hated and exiled. They learn nothing, their sleazy cult is fundamentally flawed. So sad. They have owned every American president for many decades, both houses and their fake MSM propaganda Media. Our Democracy has been derailed, bypassed and stolen. The Constitution has been subverted as they do to all nations. 

Commie fake Soetoro usurped his standing and illegally occupied the White House. Fraud! Soros funds chaos. 

Trump, the SKANK that he is, abused America’s trust and filled Mar-a-Lago with state funded staff just to feed his failing hotel chain, and the Kushner CRIME Family, used this roped dope to pardon so many convicted, BAD Jewish criminals. Leaders abuse America. With the Afros and Hispanics queing up for their lick, such chaos is coming. All parasite fleas on America’s back. A recipe for revolution. How can we protect the innocent, harmless and decent Jews, as necessary Zionist retribution unfolds? That is our dilemma. Saving them. How to try to shelter the innocent, deserving good Jews. I know good ones.  

Last December, our key bankers and Elders flew in from Singapore, Frankfurt, Seoul and those in NY also, to try to quietly achieve a USD GS deal, off radar, with good intent, but cautious. We came so close. But, as ever, last minute US racketeering derailed it. As always. Chicanery is species inbred. 

But, with BRICS and CBDCs emerging now as credible real alternatives, we can now change the gaming board and remodel. Major board changes we are not missing. This deal can now be done without the US, then see the vitriol hit the fan. Opportunities lost? But it has created a new board to game all. Be assured, London will allow none of the Zio trash near the Elders’ GS wealth. We have total corporate blocks on them. Absolute blocks. No Zio banks or faeces species. They neither have, nor deserve, residency rights in the Middle East. These are Arab lands. Khazarian and Ashkenazi locust, despised and rejected by Europe, swarm free. Iran, Syria and Russia need to activate Israeli Armageddon. Reason has failed for 6,000 years. It needs a final solution. Science-backed to deal with Khazarian marauders. No access at any borders. Negate fake MSM news. Jews news! Knowledge is power and the wisdom to rid the board of incoming problems and reality checks is the only way to stay safe from what is coming down. Nowhere better for you than at WHA. Now, sadly, the Jewish owned MSM is just toilet paper. As for failed leaders? 

BRICS and CBDCs will break the America you think you know unless free-thinking Americans innovate and crush the Jewish owned state. With SWIFT tanking, the future bail-ins waiting in banking, with pension funds running dry and wrong algorithms, health care running dry, industries and jobs exported, just who will be left to pay the freight? We will be left to the low-lifes of Washington DC’s fate. My lick central HQ is draining the pot. When the petrodollar collapses, you will pay with what? More toilet paper fake dollars? It won’t fly. Are your new US fraudulent CBDCs only worth Zionist snot? Nations won’t buy it. Naïve fools ruled by Khazarian crooks in Tel Aviv. Now Russia is arming Iran, what next will hit the fan? Iran is now only a step away from the nuclear bomb. Stalingrad is coming hard to Ukraine. Armageddon practice for Israe-Hell. 

The world is about to split into polar hemispheres, 75% non-American! Have you thought this through, how it will then affect you? America must have its own non-Jew central bank if it is to survive. Get them out! American wealth created is for Americans. Scavengers out! So much innovation can still be achieved, but distanced from the Zionists’ and Vatican’s knee. Unleash your potential and let it be – free! Innovation to save each nation. Release the potential of all our people. Not mules carrying Zio jockeys.

Post our GS we WILL be working and reaching out to innovative Americans and global associates, planning with good intent to develop beneficial visionary projects together. Applying sciences for Humanity. Clean, low cost hydrogen and fusion energy will be high priorities. Power FOR our people. Planning your water needs and safety. Planetary changing. Cogent cohesion of minds, researching and funding solutions. Appliance of science. Prioritized thinking. Power sharing. Power – For and To the People. An energy cell, not a hard sell. 

As the false Western World’s self-serving Washington Zionist polluted cabal is deteriorating in front of our eyes, who retains these visibly inept political lemmings’ Western leadership?  Why are nations failing to grasp what does not have the balanced portrayal of reality being played out daily, as the Western reality of old-value democracy crumbles before us. Bush 41 destroyed the constitution by his criminal racketeering; about as credible as Clinton’s blatant lie to Americans. No national or family values remain. Look at the incessant filth that Jewish LA disgorges. The banal and toxic WEF is unelected, but dangerously penetrates weak political assemblies with veiled and venal intent, arrogant and blatant. Anal Schwab rules all these fools. A pawn of the Rothschilds and Soros. He offers you only depraved socialist slavery and Marxist chicanery. Your freedom sold for fool’s gold. You have drifted so far from the visions and dreams of the Founding Fathers. This Constitution is a stillborn ablution. Borgs!

 Only the merging of common unity between the Motherland and Fatherland can save Europe. Is there time? Is the German willpower still there? Historically, did the UK and Germany fight to empower the Khazarian Ho? Look now how we opened the loch gates and the price paid.  Many have the hindsight now to question, “What if”? Where was the foresight then?  All can now relate to this fate. 

Aryans must break free. Our lands, our Rights, our combined Might needs to be restored! Or let the Zionists illegal swarms send us into the night. Now off the Vatican knee, it’s time to get Wog and WEF Free. 

“Back to The Channel, lads. There is work to do.”

WHA brings you balanced truth. Hard truth, as-is. Tenable or otherwise. Not Agency or Zionist propaganda. Free of Zionist or Agency cabal chicanery. Our Woke is real!  Cogent facts. Faeces species free. Where is the crumbling alliance taking us?  Be very aware Santa Klaus is not there. Just Klaus Anal Schwab. Snow White is coked-up, and the only fairies are either running Woke, LA/SF Whorehouses, or holding DC seats, scavenging for bribes. Free-fall alliances. ONLY the EU’s Motherland and Fatherland, merging and marching for a cause, can save European Caucasians from the jaws of these dead-eyed, Khazarian manipulating, Israeli-backed whores and incoming mass illegals. The crimes of these swine!

25 million DNA pollutants, plot and propagate this. A viral and scurrilous scheming 25 million tainting 8 billion! Time to wage war for Mankind on these faeces species. DNA is the weapon.  

Who has saddled Russia with its own Vietnam? It was predicted, wrong timing and tactics deploying when not really ready. But soon, there will be a price. General Armageddon will unleash a missile storm. Unstoppable.

Poland is in play and will be blown away.  

Ukraine was badly planned by Putin’s inept Russian leadership. The lives sadly lost on both sides are brutal, ruthless inhumanity destroying mankind has played out to all. Each soul, and lost soul matters. So many innocents are needlessly lost. Families are devastated. Entire communities destroyed. It could have been yours, then it matters. Ukraine was sadly a foremost very corrupt child/people trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking and vicious Asov Neo Nazi autocracy. Profiteering also by ruthless, mainly devious and scurrilous Zionist Jewish oligarchs, using the Asovs as vicious criminal enforcers enslaving all. Now, at least, that is exposed. As are the multiple US funded Black Operations WMD Labs. Currently, the double- dealing gaming board Zionist snake, Zelensky, acting in cahoots with his Zionist handlers and oligarchs, is profiteering from American weapons and war funds, returning vast kickbacks to the likes of the Bidens. Obama will also be concealed in the chain, as will the usual cabal snake poison peddlers. Corruption Inc. at work. As with all war criminals, it needs a Russian edict to identify and avenge their fallen and those to blame and pay. 

Following the vast losses of Russian military negligence, and the global humiliation Russia has suffered, this ex-mediocre KGB runt has exposed himself with his visible knee jerks, surrounded himself by them and failures, has now resulted in him appointing his own new Vlad The Impaler, in General Sergie Surovkin, known by the alias of General Armageddon, to win in Ukraine at all costs. No mercy. Win ugly, just win! Genocide and mass cruelty walks with him, as portrayed in Syria where his war crimes and callous genocide matched America’s in Vietnam, Libya and Iraq.  Russia’s own new Ming The Merciless is loose. Charged with winning at any price, new tactical battle plans are being drawn up. Russia now has c700,000 troops in play waiting to re-invade, and is regrouping. Vast supplies of new missiles and drones are being delivered. Some by Iran, unstoppable Iskander missiles, and ever more highly accurate Iranian attack drones, all being constantly refined with more sophisticated telemetry, for attacks on Israel to follow. Their support costs for help to Russia will include future nuclear proliferation aid to the Iranian Supreme Guard. And weapons, yet to emerge, will involve nuclear capability to deal with the Khazarian mafia thugs assimilating and posing as Jews, continuing their unchecked Rothschilds’ visions of a border breaking expansion to create a “Greater Israel”. Israel’s dream of a Greater Israel encompasses Jewkraine backing into the scurrilous heartlands of Kazakhstan, with open doors to the Khazarian mafia, coordinating wanton child/people trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, and all the usual Khazarian Jewish criminal histories.

No one should fail to assess and read into what is happening with the approaching Global Hemisphere splits. 

Trust and Détente between the West and Russia is irreparably damaged. Merkel and others’ admissions that they created a false front and lied to Russia about their true foreign policy intent, while the CIA and EU plotted to create wartime situations inside Ukraine and Poland as attack bases against Russia, has had a marked impact upon Russian perceptions of trust and the need to accelerate serious levels of high speed nuclear missiles. It is no longer war games, but serious hostile intent. Inept, incompetent Western leadership is visible to all, as the CIA and Rothschilds covet ever more power.  To Russia, the concept and harsh reality of a Khazarian mafia crime led, hostile Nuclear enriched base on its very own borders, and the visible subterfuge and blatant chicanery exposed by the West, is a declaration of Trojan War intent none have missed. Russia and China both realize they have a combined military capability now exceeding  the Americans, and the ability to strike now with devastating consequences for America and Europe. As suddenly as WWII broke out with the annexation of Poland, flames are being fueled by fools. Porous borders and fiscal implosion are combined attack vehicles. Led by fools, the West is sleepwalking to disaster. Political, crass and naïve incompetence places a face- off ever closer. China covets Eurasia, but also America’s food capacity homelands. As the Khazars do with Ukraine. 

China, using BRICS is skillfully designing a serious weapon of mass destruction for the West by coercing energy sales and trade via the petroyuan and BRICS separation of old US petrodollar influence as America is being pushed out of everywhere. And the EU faces its nations imploding, economies destroyed.  This is 9D Chess, and with a US led by sniffer Biden, how do you think America will evade what is incoming? Naïve, ignorant, delusional fools, lead the West. Citizen morons chase Dinar and Dong dreams with zero quantified monetary backing or will, led by drooling fools. Donkeys. 

Right now, our world is a very, very dangerous place, and top, experienced Western professional military planner observers have never been so afraid. Over the next 3 years, be worried what may unravel and flash fire crash. One more naïve, wrong move by the scurrilous US war machine Agencies, is all it will take to ignite the tinderbox. 9/11 was frightened children blubbering in despair with the only heroes being the US Emergency Services  workers. Bush ran and hid.  Imagine 10,000 times that volume hitting the mainland as a fire bowl erupts in hours. Pearl Harbor, 9/11; all know America is asleep on watch and the roaches are ready. So F childlike nationals dream. Truly, too many are a Walmart nation.

While behind the scenes, real dialog proceeds, dogma free, and none tied to a Rothschilds’ knee. The West is a House of Cards – you call this balancing?       

Imagine that giant, dead-eyed turd factory species, emerging in Russia’s backyard and on Europe’s borders. Horrific. A Nuclear armed, toxic pestilence emerging from Israel, uncontrolled.  The “Rottenchilds” Kingdom of the Damned. With Israeli nukes to blackmail and threaten the world. Doing nothing begets Armageddon, but Global. With this Faeces species, nothing is ever enough. No one can reason with uppity rodents loose.  A brainwashed human pestilence. Dead Souls walking. America’s endemic corruption permeates through all, taking the West into freefall. Biden, a bribe-taking, mentally ailing puppet, rules fools as a pawn for Obama and the Woke, commie causes behind. A Kingdom lost. Corrupted votes, ringfenced Goyim, for only the Khazarians Genghis Khan spawn to ride free. The West is now ruled by these Faeces species.  Ukraine will get wasted. Hopefully, the Zios, too. The Israeli snout needs ripping out. Jew-free Ukraine. Oligarchs, out. Russia’s Oligarchs, out as well. 

As BRICS emerges, supported by c75% of the world’s population, the US Kikedome is fast tracking its Kling-On currency Game of Thrones via their own CBDCs offering to head off the petrodollar demise, buying time, ringfencing the Goyim swine. Capital markets face a meltdown.  Everything is built upon Jewish fiscal usury practices, using and owning YOU! You live and breed to facilitate the Jew. Goyim slaves to a Rottenchilds’ cause. Palestine and the world were stolen to facilitate these vermin. Each nation has sold its kingdom for a kikedom. Scammed, as with Jekyll Island. Worthless paper sold for the souls of a gullible nation. America got shaken and taken. Now as naïve kindergarten minds, they swear a ridiculous and deeply offensive oath of allegiance to a shapeshifting, assimilating Khazarian marauding, inbred swine species. Faeces feeding from all. Why are so many asleep on watch to this roach invasion? 

Can Man apply free will to be human kind? Can we learn to evolve ourselves also as a species of enlightened light energy as higher ascended souls? What is our core, primary mission objective of being? Start by being – more?  Your future is yours to lose. Not to walk in Zio WEF Borg shoes.

What we do, needs to be up to you. Free will! 

And to close, we share with you now some news concerning the Global Settlements. And note: What we share here is, at best, about 10% of the overall mechanics of the GS. The bulk of the entire affair remains off radar and veiled from the public eye, for good reason.

Rather than selling the Elders’ gold, we are instead now changing the game plan and offering only 10 years beneficial use gold-backed Bonds, insurance wrapped, for the new currencies, but with Social responsibilities and redress.  Beneficial Use only, controlled use and a clear line. Cross it and we pull the Bonds. Game changing ploys. Seismic shocks to many. Ethical use or into the night. We Pay – We Say!  Targeting needs. Human need. Energy for Mankind. Not subjugation to the Zio nation. Rethinking purpose and need, not greed. Real power is creating Human life for a purpose and a Sustainable Vision Plan.  Ethereal planning and Soul values. Meaning. Yes-We-Can.

Thank you, again, for your time. Stay tuned for more updates and any possible further news on the GS. Rest assured, so much is happening out of sight. There is a 9D chess game playing out among those on whose backs the world turns. And, if you are reading these words, you have the best chance at staying accurately, and realistically, informed on these events.

Let’s see what 2023 brings. We go forward to find out.




  1. Dr. Paul Alexander:
    CELL study (2021) showed potency of NATURAL infection-acquired immunity being protective, robust & long-lasting with long-term antibody responses, memory B & T cells (& CD8+ T targeting nucleoprotein)

    This was one of many studies shown in my Brownstone seminal paper on natural immunity being superior to vaccinal immunity, then why didn’t vaccine makers use nucleoprotein (conserved) as a target?

    Dr. Paul Alexander’s comment and question above is damn correct! A suspicious mind might think, knowing that the mRNA shots will cause autoimmune adverse events, one shot that kinda-sorta provided real immunity wouldn’t be a candidate for multiple injections and wouldn’t be a candidate for multiple coercive mandates. Plus, the pandemic would end if the vaxx worked… and perpetual emergency is required if one is to impose a medical tyranny.

    The latter is a a major violation of Nuremberg principles — from lockdowns to firings — all of them are violations of Nuremberg law.


  2. New Study Finds Link Between Remdesivir and Bradycardia

    “Forty-two percent of the bradycardia cases were determined to be serious, with the most common reason being an HR 45 bpm or lower (36.7%).

    In this cohort study, bradycardia occurred during remdesivir infusion and persisted. Given the widespread use of remdesivir, practitioners should be aware of this safety signal.”


  3. As Russia is now mass escalating its attacks, and Zelensky is fast running out of 14 year olds and upwards to slaughter, which support States takes the next step of high risk supplying Ukraine with new weaponry steps which kills more Russians and enrages the Hawks back in Moscow. As it now stands , we are probably only one or two steps from a real WW111.

    Will the stupidity of the West get sucked in further to support this truly corrupt Zionist shackled State and risk Moscow next unleashing weapons of full Mass Destruction as their final ultimatum.
    Russia now has fully loaded Missile carrying Warships cruising off America’s coasts. A nation simply beyond too Truly Dumbed Down, to see where we risk this going. With an Idiot in Chief, getting the Poke by Woke, and remembering the real mass Cowardice as 9/11 struck, is there even a cogent system of credible Advisory Advocates behind the Pedo Sniffer capable of comprehending Armageddon if the Hawks in the Pentagon, and the not reigned in the largest Crime Syndicate Agency in the world, are not shackled?

    Demented Adolf overreached fighting on 2 Fronts, and led poor Germany to annihilation of the nation. Mass rapes and brutal genocide followed.
    How much further will Sniffer go until a Competent Authority says No?

    Behind the scenes, this all offers invaluable aid to the BRICS momentum, for the world to tell the US finally, to go West,. Once BRICS mass trades, America falls as fast as Rome. It will collapse like the House of Cards it now is. So will the Zionist forces, as Israel will face its own caused Armageddon, if the Middle East wipes it out Head On.

    When will America’s good and “Regular Folks” ultimately wake up and say to DC, reign it all back, or this the end of me. Of all of us. Putin’s Warships now openly cruise your coasts, and his Subs lie waiting, shielded and ready to launch if ordered. You don’t ever factor China in.
    Pine Gap and Five Eyes would go in seconds and all bases plus fleets. All Global bases, bang!

    Oh to have eyes to see. As the Lard Arse Military gets a Hello Card Pearl Harbour style at 4 o clock one Sunday morning, as a Combined Russian Chinese fully coordinated force unleash? Subs and Warships alone will mass annihilate key US mainland targets while all sleep and 3 minutes later all Global bases and Fleets would be taken out. Of course it won’t happen, ask Rome?
    Ask for trouble? How did Austria and WW1 kick off?
    Putin is coming for Ukraine. Why die for their Oligarchs lie? The West fields the Pedo Sniffer, Bribe Taking Demented village idiot, to take on Chess Masters? By such, Empires were lost.
    While Joe Public sleeps, IQs now flooded with the new Markashians posing as Monte Cito US Royalty, forces plot. With a board loaded only with gullible Pawns, who will get you will lose the lot?
    Markashians and Pedos now rule America. While the 4 squares rule the Budgets for Toys. Markashians presume Entitlement. Sad Gits.
    Will fools escalate a dying and lost Ukraine? Is it worth- America?


    1. Sadly as has happened here now for decades. Jews control all MSM. As they do the Banks, Fed, both Houses and always the Oval Office. When a scumbag like Trump, steals the Golan’s for the Kushners and Israel, when a SCUMBAG like Grifter Trump, is paid off by the Kushners abusing his power of office, to give Presidential Pardons to low grade Zio Jew Crooks already convicted and serving up to 25 years , or more. what sort of Trash abuses the integrity of this office so crudely for money? Even the Kushner Crime Family now deservedly despises the Creep.
      No Jew Free MSM , No Justice now anywhere

      If BRICS is Elders backed, their Houses come down. Bring in a Non Jewish Central Bank . End the Fed.
      Europe needs to unite, block the Borders, return illegals, and rip out all Weevils. Repriate en Block.
      A month of Nights of the Long Knives. Rounding up Swine to go. March as one, for Justice, Wogs and Zios gone. With BRICS we rule. Time for change. All eyes like Pissholes in the Snow to go! Recover the Home lands and Wogs to go Home!
      You saw what happened in DC when they stormed the Houses. As once did the French.
      Post BRICS they will be ripped out.


  4. Neocon Nikki Haley announced her candidacy for the Presidency, as fellow South Carolinian Tim Scott plans his own Presidential bid.

    CPI “falls” to 6.5%

    Biden forms new UFO task force, as this increasingly looks like a mass distraction campaign.

    Trump’s new nickname for DeSantis is “Meatball Ron”, which is kinda funny.

    Feinstein retiring finally.

    House committee to investigate Fauci.

    USA Today now admits the obvious: Russia winning in Ukraine.

    Smart legislation in Arkansas: expand ability to sue for misguided gender transition treatment.

    England ends boosters for under 50.

    T-Mobile outage hits across the country.

    Georgia Trump grand jury report to be partially released.


  5. Evening blood pressure check. At almost 61, I can’t complain.

    No meds.

    6 eggs a day and almost 1/4 a stick of butter a day and a ton of vitamins and minerals. No grains diet.

    Your ultimate wealth is your health. Without it you have nothing. My experience is that the human body will cure anything if you give it the tools to do so.

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  6. A few interesting UFO issues for you.


    Nothing new there are she will have the Jewish money and media behind her to keep those Talons on the Oval office.
    British weapons could be made in Ukraine

    What a game for Thieves and Zionists.

    The patsy and thief that Zelensky has discovered that Western companies/governments want payment for their donations of equipment. And how does that happen? Simple really. Cheap sales of Ukrainian factories to western companies who then pay off governments for arms shipments and the like at reduced price levels.
    And Ukrainians get robbed twice. Once by the crooks called oligarchs and their minions and by then by foreign investors who pick up the remaining plunder at cheap prices. All in a good day’s work in a model repeated nation after nation.
    Whatever is left of the Ukraine will be rump nation of poverty like many before it. The only question is which nation steps up to be next?
    WARNING: The designer war in Ukraine is rapidly escalating – The Expose

    He gets correctly, we are sleep walking into a nuclear exchange led by fools. You may soon find WW111 has kicked off led by Fools.
    Putin MUST make it clear, if depleted Uranium is used in Ukraine all the Missles back must , MUST hit America. Stop this farce and DC first.
    BREAKING! US is sending depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris – YouTube

    Russia has already stated this is a nuclear escalation that will be responded to. Russia is correct NUKE America!
    Can anyone understand that this means WWIII with all of its horror.

    Welcome President Raisi. China, Iran no need to watch attitude of US, West: Global Times editorial – Global Times

    Iran has sailed away from the West and both Russia and China have a direct say in its future. A future that does not rely or include the West.
    Confused? It is simply another failure of flawed American foreign policy. One supposes when all that cash bound supposedly for Iran under Obama found its’ way through Ukraine, Iran realized what had become of America.
    America has lost the plot and the pot in the Middle East. The days of gunboat diplomacy and currency threats are waning quickly and with this hegemony. China will not hesitate to fill teh void.
    All those lives, for what? What a nasty and viciojus war and we are sheltered from it. They are not.

    Putin’s brigade of 5,000 men is all but destroyed in brutal battle
    Putins world. How to die for sheltering his lie.

    Former Russian general fired by Putin found dead in ‘suicide’
    This will be huge Jeffrey Epstein’s associates to be exposed

    How many bloody years has it taken? Long, long. long overdue its inexcusable. The lot need charging. Scumbags.

    Rugby league star caught performing alley sex act on ‘friend’s wife’

    Those were the days to show her your tackle and not get caught.


  7. This Ohio train disaster converted by the Feds into a geographic disaster, is as terrible as the locals say. The fact it is barely registering nationally is another tragedy. The toxic cloud has contaminated farmland for several thousand square miles.


  8. Frieda and parties

    Get this clearly,

    We MUST jointly link up, team up and Man UP to co enjoining Europe as part of Eurasia.
    The Driftwood, and dross has to be cleared out, bilge pump it back to where it came from. They forced their way in here unwanted, and when the time comes, it’s just mass Excreta to go. Give Woke the Poke, and Socialists the Camps. Re build our own Culture and Man Up our lands. Educate, feed need and house our own first. Can the Zios plan. Clean up this Cesspit mess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. James I will need my own 200MPH Panzer Tank if this kicks off. We either clean up this mess, or become co congealed Gorilla snot. Time to close our borders and return Wog freeloaders.
      Post GS our first wars start at home protecting our Homelands. We need to come out of the Human Rights act and hose down the Bastards. Choke Woke or all go broke. Time to smash Woke. Hard!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Adolf, as a Neurotic Corporal got so close . Imagine what real strategists can do? Sad but a mental piss pot, surrounded by Pansies like Goering, lost the plot. And the Luftwaffe. We won’t. Europe has many good and excellent people. Uniting them for a cause is key. Close the Borders and sift what stays or goes. Time to fill the Gulags. Cheap labour.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Great comment by Robert Barnes:

    Consider the doctors. If a doctor told a patient not to get the drug, and the patient suffered any adverse outcome purportedly due to not getting the drug, the doctor could be sued into oblivion, charged with unethical practice and defrocked as a licensed doctor, and even criminally prosecuted in some cases, all of which we have now witnessed come to pass.

    If a doctor told a patient to get the drug, and the patient suffered any adverse outcome purportedly due to getting the drug, the doctor enjoyed complete immunity from suit under the PREP Act, couldn’t even be sued in state court, and no ethical board or prosecutor would challenge his actions made immune under the PREP Act.

    In short, a doctor had no incentive to refuse the drug and every incentive to promote it. The professional class prejudice shared by the government overlords in the licensing boards, prosecutorial offices, and judicial chambers only enhanced these distorted incentives.


  10. Five Canadian teenagers ages 17-19 died suddenly in their sleep in the past month…

    So, back of the envelope, the odds of this happening by chance are below 1 divided by 10 raised to the 25th power. That’s one in a 10 million billion billion chance. Therefore, there is a cause and the cause is obvious: the mRNA vaxx.

    Mind you, the number I calculated is a ceiling. The odds of this catastrophic outcome are probably even lower.


        1. But Admiral Byrd and the Naval Pilots incidents are all open minded real incidents. As are many visitations.
          So, open minds, it’s only when it breaks.


    1. Something does not add up.

      First Chinese balloon (clearly seen as as BALLOON by every pilot sent to observe it) allowed to fly over, at will; nobody shoots it down until over the water. Safety concerns cited for delay. Sure. No airspace closed off.

      Now they close sectors because of commercial aircraft collision concerns and then shoot these “balloons” down…over land?? I guess there were just white population densities under that area, so who cared. USAF/RCAF pilots can’t discern balloon from something that “defies description on how it stays afloat”? How would they identify bogies any better in a dogfight? Jesus.

      I am reminded of the Roswell cover up. “Weather balloon”, that a highly trained intelligence officer “misidentified” as not of this earth, afterwards the parts of which they tried to burn, cut, smash…to no avail.

      Next will be pics of the “debris”.

      There are balloons and there are things up there that are not balloons.

      Take me to your leader, Goy.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. We all suffered badly, the Blitzkrieg was awful, so was Stalingrad. Horrors of war.
      Hitler failed to take England. That was the beginning of the end. Huge mistake.
      We all lost, badly, but we have forgiven. But not forgotten.
      We need each other and your women are hot. Help each other, Motherland and Fatherland. We are one people. Now the Wogs if not stopped will take it all.

      Every night so many dead. Endless bombing, we suffered. We all lost everything. Never forget, you started this, we finished it. They all died because of it. Never again.
      We all hurt and we died for what? The madness of wars. We had this for years. Payback came later.
      Madness ruled. Never forget, the horrors of war.


      1. He did not want to fight the British. He had no hatred for them. Only their drunken failure of a prime minister who was financed by Jews wanted to fight and it was British bombers who first attacked after multiple offers of peace were made with condition being full withdrawal from France and Belgium. Just let them have Danzig which was German already and that would have been the end of it. England conquered colonies all over. No war. Germany only wanted back their territory in the east. World goes crazy.

        Yes John now look at Europe. Look at the US and look at England. Who is the designer of such a society? Who authored the books on it? Who keeps telling us that Europe must learn to be multicultural? Oh yes it must be and it is now but not because of anything Germany did.

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  11. When events shows how wrong one is… priceless comment on a Substack:

    Dr Rosemary Faire
    10 hr ago
    Liked by Jessica Rose
    In Australia they are still rolling out these shots – the 5th now – and still ironically (or nefariously) mainly for people over 60 and those with “compromised” immune systems (as if they won’t be MORE compromised after the 5th shot!). And to think I used to be engaged in a fight to legalize euthanasia for people who were suffering with a terminal illness – now I’m busy trying to avoid BEING Euthanized myself!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankfully the spike protein mRNA jab seems lethal to most fetuses. So we won’t be passing this bs down the genetic line, at the cost of some vaxxed women not becoming mothers…


  12. Now the Boys with Toys BS howls again. Ever more toys, endless 4 Squares whining and endless excuses.We need None! We can never win that kind of war. No one does. We knew that 50 years ago.
    All we need, we have.
    Our simple and meaningful response to Moscow leaves no doubt. No warning, no threats. No build up and wasting ever more vast Billions feeding Arms Suppliers, buying poorly manufactured Aircraft Carriers which break down and limp back to dock on trial runs, and US Jets with so many failings, we cant fly them. Jets which don’t fit the Carriers take off runs, and Choppers with no codes to fly and the US refuses to deliver the codes after being paid. It happens all the while..Madness. We have weak Leaders, bought Leaders and Bottom Feeders as leaders, afraid to kick the US’s Ass, inbred to kiss.
    If we go BRICS ,curve balls will follow as New Leaders will come with the BRICS package. Radicals with Ethics, Standards and New Thinking. First we feed need Exit Bottom Feeders.
    The UK is the Global Banking Center for Eurasia and we need to enforce that.

    Ras Putin needs to be told clearly that this is the new order of reality. So stop the Threats and Innuendos. Now get this clearly. Hit any UK assets or bases and we mass unleash. The lot will come. We know we go, So what. We will take out at least 60% of you. The US and China will be forced to pre empt the rest. We- Don’t- Care. Dead is dead. To us that’s enough. It all goes. So don’t mess with the Brits. Everything is set to mass launch if triggered. Dead, what do we care? But Moscow does. No more wastes on Arms races. People first. BRICS will sort the US. Wait and see. No more life on a DC knee. Free rights and Dignity. . Re think the Cabal Stink. .

    Fears Britain’s armed forces are too small to combat Russia

    Absolutely right he deserves all his bad PR.
    The webs we now all weave.

    Perhaps it is the way Hersh describes but we must not forget Liz Truss‘S infamous twit “it is done” because there is more to story than Hersh wrote.
    None the less it has always pointed towards America as the sponsor with willing servants.
    We very quickly are losing semblance of global order and nations lose trust in one another, especially the big wolfs of hegemony like America, China, Russia and lessor actors like India and Iran etc. Trade and commerce will become much more complicated to navigate and unrest will accompany this.

    Getting dangerous now
    U.S. military shoots down unidentified object over Lake Huron

    What’s in play here?
    Video: Biden ‘Wonders Where The Hell The President Of The United States Is’ – Summit News

    Sorry, BUT, how can ANY Nation who parades a lunatic like this expect to tbe taken seriously?

    Why anyone believes this demented man runs and controls anything is beyond comprehension. This is Elder abusem from a Bribe taking Pedo.
    What we all should ask who is in control??

    Then so will China and Russia.

    Why we all loved him.

    By now they know if its alien or not.
    So what’s the truth?
    As we have forewarned for months. Russia will force Zelensky out of ammo, then Boom!

    Russia’s feared new offensive has already begun says NATO chief
    STRATCOM report reveals China has a larger nuclear ICBM arsenal than the US –

    It’s worse. Russia and China have a Pact.They fully expect to fight and to fight and destroy America. Its only when? With the lowest form of Bottom Feeders as Leaders, China needs only wait. Illegals and Fraud will seal its fate.

    American Neocons and blind politicians might want to rethink going to war with China. It has been on frantic attempt to build a modern nuclear arsenal to take on America, while the thieves in charge have robbed and pillaged America. It is a very sad tale of a nation of promise and leadership being destroyed from within.


  13. Like

  14. Excellent observation.

    The spread of technology around the world has evened the playing field, which is why it is no longer possible for five media companies controlling a relatively small market of 330 million to dictate a global narrative for 8 billion people. — Vox Day

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Like

  16. Rancourt, Denis & Baudin, Marine & Hickey, Joseph & Mercier, Jérémie. (2023). Age-stratified COVID-19 vaccine-dose fatality rate for Israel and Australia. 10.13140/RG.2.2.15017.47209.

    It works out roughly between 0.05% and 0.1%. Reminder: a safe vaxx kills 1 per million or less.

    According to this report, 13 million individuals are estimated to have died in association with these injections alone, based on the 13.25 billion doses of these injectable COVID products administered to the human population as of January 24, 2023.

    How many Jews did Hitler kill again, for which we have to stop and mourn every year?


        1. Tino

          So far indications may be towards the South Pole. Or Chinese origin. ET dubious so far on the latest sightings. The submersibles need to factor in. But Naval Pilots have issues and credibility. It can’t stay Dark for long. Interesting times. Is there any truth in South Antarctic conjecture? If so it opens new insight. Disclosure when? What and where is truth?


          1. Pity on lack of ET. However, Antarctican, preferably non-Nazi but who can say with rumors around Operation Highjump and DC 1952 flybys, would be quite the shocker. If Nazi, what then?


            1. That, so far, I am staying on a low profile until we get reliable data to evaluate.
              Lead on with facts if we have them. Too sensitive to bat blind.
              The Nazis had no such time. Only a civilization way beyond. Conjecture will only wrong foot us.
              Waiting time. Maybe Moby Dick blows first.


                1. All indication is it was the Antarctic lot some 8 or 9 in a pattern and no Mother Ship. Don’t ignore Byrds report, it was cogent, so was he. Nordics.


    1. 77 years on the Big Question, and consequential highlights may indicate alternative realities. Look at what 25M had now done to our world? Who was right?


  17. Chernohio by Vox Day

    At this point, there is no way one can assume government stupidity is responsible for the toxic outcome of the chemical train cars derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice.


    Officials on Monday completed the release of toxic chemicals that had been carried on a train that derailed over the weekend in eastern Ohio. Officials had warned that the chemical could be deadly if inhaled.

    The release of vinyl chloride, a toxic, flammable gas used to produce vehicle interiors and PVC piping, was completed late Monday afternoon after evacuations were expanded from East Palestine, Ohio, the site of Friday night’s derailment, to an adjacent community in Pennsylvania.

    The release was “successfully completed,” according to the train’s operator, Norfolk Southern. A burn-off of material would continue past nightfall, it said.

    A federal Emergency Alert System message on Monday urged residents in East Palestine and Pennsylvania’s Darlington Township to leave immediately.


    There are various reports on social media of wildlife and pets dying and reporters being arrested, while the mainstream media has been covering the story in the most anodyne possible terms. It’s too soon, and the information is too restricted, for us to have any idea how bad the situation is, but it appears likely that the matter is more serious than has been initially reported.

    The fact that the town is named “Palestine” may also be significant for symbolic reasons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. James I was beyond disappointed when our key Daily Mail Mainstream Political Reporter we invited into the Lords told us he would not be allowed to run the Biden. Romney,Bush Hertzog exposure we evidenced to him. Appalled. Truth died.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. All indications of the numerous drones sited, including one shot down over Alaska, confirm intelligent control, electronic capability, and existing. So monitoring for what and whom?
    The Debris will be simple to determine if it’s terrestrial or not. Start there, no cover ups, confirm if of terrestrial origin or not. End the conjecture.
    If not, the growing number itself raises issues. Origin and purpose, intent?
    Yes, we ARE big enough to handle it. Are you?
    If, as indicated, mass swarms are linking to the South Pole, so many reports and conjecture there, indicates what? Interesting if so. Let’s see first if they even truthfully state origin?
    Is that asking too much? The materials alone tell us the likely origin at least. Qualify that.


    1. That said, at this stage I’m more inclined to weigh in on Chinese Spy Balloons. But materials will tell us soon enough. ETs would have been off in heartbeat. They were drifting at the speed of Lardarse Trump.


  19. 3 graphs as of today, that tells you a story i)COVID infections/cases are near flat, it is DONE, COVID is DONE ii)near ‘0’ vaccine uptake means NO ONE wants it, it is deadly iii) deaths elevated, WHY?

    IMO: the COVID infections-cases have bottomed out, the uptake rate is near zero (no one wants it) but deaths surging! Why these deaths? Because of the effects of the mRNA-DNA gene injection vaccine

    FEB 13


    1. Covid was phase 1, no thanks to Fauci,Gates and the Political incompetence of all.
      “We will be guided by the Sciences”. Political half wits! That lot Govern?
      Global stupidity.
      Since JFK the Dems have been led by Lying, Raping, Robbing Crooks like the Clintons, a Kenyon or God knows what DNA Usurper, raised by Male Queer Nannies, who doesn’t know if he’s Arthur or Marther, now Sniffer, and his Bribe taking, nasty crooked family.
      The Bushes were supposed to be banned from Politics prior to WW11 for Treason,Sr was a lying, robbing Crook, Jr the Village idiot, and Grifter, low life Trump a Jew’s Toy Boy.
      America left the tracks long ago. It’s now only when the roof falls in. The US opines?

      Seeing the Covid hit rate, how long now before Middle Eastern sources, or others, unleash the new weaponized Viruses to take out the Khazarians and cross breeds posing as Jews. When it mutates God help the rest. What Vipers nest is loose?

      Liked by 2 people

  20. Additionally,

    Video surfaces showing hundreds of UFO’s on way to Antarctica

    China has UFO sighting and shootdown

    Airspace closed over Lake Michigan and Montana.

    UFO shootdowns in Alaska and Canada.

    The rhetoric is getting louder and more in the open. Once again, more prepping of the masses for The Alien Invasion to unite all countries in a “New World” FIGHT.


      1. TY Tino!… expanding my mind!… plenty of room for expansion in my head!…

        How to say it: Sequelae (see-quell-lay).
        What it means: Conditions or diseases that follow another.
        Where it comes from: From Latin sequela meaning “sequel.”


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