Understanding The Global Settlements By Seeing Beyond The Masks

For comprehending the Global Settlements, first understand its background and real issues before you look for answers. Don’t bite on the disinformation hooks. Fake information is fallow ground.  Also, it’s not happening as portrayed by the Plebs and Rednecks. Start by understanding the subjective, real-world judgment calls we have to make to protect our interests and nations. Raise your own consciousness reality awareness. The GS reality versus the mythological broker version which is not going to happen.

Future American control is delusional. Hegemony is ending. Perhaps with a blast for the whores of wars. 

A taxing dilemma for us in the settlement process is having a clear tacit agreement. In December of 2021, we were insistent that Elders did not sign off on anything less than a phased table top distribution where only 20% per tranche could be completed at each stage limiting the Fed’s ability to syphon off and steal the assets (as the Fed did when intercepting and syphoning of a multibillion ACAT wire transfer sent by SWIFT to Tropos, but misappropriated at the bank by Yellen’s team). No one has ever been paid out, ranging from Marcos, the M1 Principle in Indonesia, Ryadi and many more. Wild West rules – they steal everything – which is an alarm bell to continue with the US process.

Then, we did not have BRICS and yet still refused them. Now, we do. A major new alternative, and we have increased beneficial use terms to deal with us, encompassing a strong ethical agenda. Allowing the cabal and Zio Jews access to sequestrate funds again is anathema to us, and an issue we watch with care. They cannot help themselves and yet always help themselves. That is the endless dilemma. With BRICS we can have autocratic ethical oversight control. With the US, it’s on a par with being sealed naked within a sack of avaricious sewer rats. If we are able to achieve a sensible BRICS solution, it enables us to allocate funds by choice to service good US causes and projects. Directly to pre-cleared good people of approved standing.  A varmint check. We are focused on helping Americans. But even more focused on stopping the US Jewish banking mafia helping themselves. BRICS will change the world and end Fed tyranny. Britain’s arming of Ukraine to kill Russians is not helping our process; our own knee jerk politicos. But, if done, all nations will line up for benefits. Money greases wheels. Intense dialogue continues daily; it’s a multi-party process keeping the weevils out. 

The entire world is now separating into new trading hemisphere zones, as the dollar and US hegemony are being ever more contested and rejected. Asia is breaking away, as is China and Russia. Hemispheres are polarizing, leaving the US as incursers and predatory Zionists up in lights. Jewish hegemony usury banking has enslaved the world, to become totally subordinated to their predatory usury schemes, and the true fiscal consequences of allowing this rodent species to take hold of the world’s money supply is now under global separation hemisphere reviews. The split is coming as c5 billion people will leave the US hegemony umbrella. BRICS will break America. Eurasia IS coming with BRICS and vast markets. It will be forced to choose – or bankrupted. Look at Germany, straddled with costly NATO bases which won’t last 48 hours but will kill vast numbers of innocent Germans in US inspired hegemony conflict.  Now they freeze to death. Some partnership. Body bags for DC.  

Even Eisenhower forewarned of what was coming down if not checked. Zionist forces sit like carrion with Washington’s Military Industrial Cabal and its Agencies, encouraging them to squander evermore with reckless abandon. Every turn, the Jews earn from your own avaricious recklessness. Goyim! A nation now owned by the Zionists and Israeli ringmasters are gaming you all. Like Soros, all are loathsome. They are gaming America blind. This species has form. Millennials of it. To achieve anything, where is the money coming from to pay you out first? Show me the real Money! They never give back, only sequestrate and take. Users run usury banking! They do NOT have the money. 

Why would the Far East, Asia, Russia, South America and Africa want to be paid in USD when these monies can be sequestrated at any time?  They are re-planning hemispheres and cutting America out and off. Alarm for the Fed and Zionists. They face losing their gaming board. Losing a lot. 

Same carrion, same games. Goyim never learn. Understand the past to see them in operation now, same games played over 5,000 years.   

It was estimated by Josephus that the Romans slaughtered or sold into Slavery c100,000 Jews in the early years of record to contain these volatile itinerant Gypsies’ dogs. By c70 AD there were so many Jewish uprisings, forcing them to adopt ghetto tactics to divide and rule. Just look at Palestine today. How they sequestrate everything in sight as they have done with America. They seek a Greater Israel and now Jewkraine. Tapeworms loose. The concept of an enlarged Jewish Khazarian homeland encamped on Russia and Europe’s borders is anathema to all. Nuclear missiles delivered by Israel, Khazarian Mafia flooding in along with America’s worst Zio/Jewish Crime families. A country 4 times the size of the UK and the size of Texas, vastly rich in minerals, and farming capacity. If then crooked Ukraine is absorbed by a Greater Israel, it would be a giant carbuncle on the backside of mankind. Money laundering, drug trafficking, people trafficking, child trafficking, and arms trading loose under their control. Crime Inc., unleashed. OUT of control. Now we are refocused on Russia, realizing the greater good is for them to win in Ukraine and to clear this land mass of US Black Operations Labs, corruption and Jews. Clear out the lot. We cannot realign the new nations as trading blocks leaving this mass corrupt cow patty in the center. France and Germany aligned with the US, lied to and deceived Russia. Any trust has gone. The UK arms and weaponizes Ukraine killing ever more Russians and antagonizing Moscow. Every indication is that we could have WWIII within 3 to 4 years, with truly dreadful consequences.

The world today parallels the old Roman/Judaic conflicts with never ending Jewish incursions, temple money changers, and their endless rabblerousing. From 132 to 136 CE, the Bar Kokhba revolt brought mass Roman anger. Emperor Hadrian, between 117 to 128 had endless revolts and just lost it with them. He booted all Judaic Jews out of Jerusalem, with Roman legions effecting brutal mass genocide, where hundreds of thousands died, and this viral species were slaughtered by Rome suffering their anger and frustration. Others left alive were dispersed throughout the Middle East and across into Europe or Asia. Like HIV or weeds, they spread and mutate. Egypt and the Romans found it was an uncontrollable blight on humanity. They are!

“50 of [the Jews’] most important outposts and 985 of their most famous villages were razed to the ground. 580,000 men were slain in the various raids and battles, and the number of those that perished by famine, disease and fire was past finding out. Thus nearly the whole of Judaea was made desolate.”

Cassius Dio, History of Rome, 69.14.1-2

Assessing that, how can we have a GS underwritten by worthless American dollars, led by predatory Jewish bankers with a known sequestration trait? No enlightened nations seek a new usury hook, or currencies backed by nothing but hype.     

Look at Europe today and America. They infiltrate, sequester and dominate. Almost all Russian Oligarchs running from the law are Jewish. They stole, defrauded and looted Russia blind. As with Ukraine. China is deeply immersed in strategizing new BRICS hemisphere structures, and conceiving a free landmass with no US hegemony warfare bases in Japan. Taiwan, South Korea and Australia, are all under review. As are NATO bases which cannot contain a Russian assault for more than 2 days. If we are polarizing, as is, why do we need America at any level? BRICS, if endowed then with c$15T of Elders AU, can bank leverage that 10 fold, and underwrite a whole new economy.

The US can’t fund a GS. We can.

Polarization of the East/West territories now needs the new incoming BRICS currency to fund the split. Or have America cut off the money supply. 

The EU will fail and needs to realign with Eurasia. All Middle Eastern energy will then be sold to the Far East, Asia and Europe. America is already being circumvented. Without hegemony, the entire incestual US Military industrial cabal, will fail. 

The key now is to redesign a full stage phased Eurasia as its own fully integrated trading and economic block, free of DC and Zionist usury fake moneys. Europe must face East to markets exceeding 5 Billions, and let the US go West.

Can a new Paul Revere wake up America? The dream has gone West. Now, it’s the whole world marching down on you. Karma and angry gremlins. Stealing the world is now over. Like Rome, the world is coming home. Self-sufficient Eurasia is coming.    

Unleash innovation to save this once great nation.  

So, the key takeaway here is: Don’t fall for false and highly embellished “intel” about what the valid Global Settlements are going to be. Such is often falsely sold as “mass debt forgiveness”… “dinar or other currency millions from public revaluations”… “NESARA”… “galactic intercessions”… “a world which will instantly be free of problems”… “one or more blogging bums in a shanty or rented apartment is going to be handed trillions to save you”, etc., and;

The real-world necessities for the GS will be addressed with real-world solutions based on real-world agreements that avoid the very problems that were brought on by the current cartels. There will be no room, nor funds, for indulging indolent megalomania, or something-for-nothing profiteering by freeloaders. The future multi-polar world will now demand far more skilled contributory value to maintain past living standards. There are now new “players” on the block.

As outlined above, the changes ahead may not be easy for many. We must also not ignore the unknown or the unpredictable.

So…be ready for anything.

More when possible.



  1. Thoughts?

    Trudeau recently sold the mRNA licensed patents of the Vaccine to China for $500 Million USD.

    Trudeau is/was the actual owner of the company (CPTH), so Trudeau made the $500 M.


  2. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/chinese-team-behind-dangerous-human-animal-gene-manipulation-says-it-could-lead-radiation
    According to details, the military scientists say they’ve successfully “inserted a gene from the microscopic water bear into human embryonic stem cells and significantly increased these cells’ resistance to radiation.”

    “They said success in this unprecedented experiment could lead to super-tough soldiers who could survive nuclear fallout,” SCMP writes. The initiative involved the experimental introduction into human DNA (utilizing embryonic cells) of a key gene found the water bear. The gene in question gives the microscopic creature rare resistance to radiation and other extreme environmental effects.


  3. Ukrainian Armed Forces tortured half of the Russian prisoners of war

    This could get ugly.

    Typical .. wait until the Azov is unleashed in Europe and the horrors that come. Ukraine is a training ground and they have dispersed weapons into Western Europe


    Crypto Comeback: Examining the surge in crypto price


    Get into meme coins this April Fool’s Day



  4. Interesting comment by Karl Denninger. Not saying I agree, just good food for thought. Personally I blame Marxism. ::

    … South Africa infamously had an “apartheid” government structure for 43 years; black people were formally and legally disadvantaged, unable to be treated as equals despite being in the majority of the population, from 1948 to 1994. The nation, despite formal and legal segregation had a functional economy and government structure.

    In the 25 years since that system was formally ended the nation has essentially devolved into gang violence, thuggery and is teetering on the collapse of basic goods and services such as production of basic foodstuffs (farming), electricity and water supply. Please explain how, if there was no cultural or other significant difference whether in capacity or culture between the two groups this occurred and for extra credit please explain why anyone should consider assistance of any sort to this nation when the majority of the people there, who demanded equality and got it, are in fact fully and completely responsible for this breakdown in the basics of any civilized society and economy.

    MASHELE: You’ve got a political crisis, which started in 1997, where the then-CEO of Eskom alerted government and told them that, if we do not get additional capacity in, we are going to start load shedding from 2007, which is exactly what happened.

    Post-apartheid the electrical system operator warned the government that if they did not act to incentivize infrastructure and investment this would happen. The newly-empowered majority government did nothing of the sort — with fully ten years of fair warning — and thus [electrical] collapse it is.


        1. It’s a screwball case. If it lives as precedent even Saturday Night Live would have to shut down. Perfect storm of prosecutor and judge. Both of whom should be taken out back and shot (metaphorically speaking).

          The appeals Court should be able to eviscerate this in short order. Here’s hoping.


        2. The absurdity of putting Ricky Vaughn in jail for a tweet that was an obvious joke is self-apparent, particularly in light of what has been ruled “free speech” and “free expression” as well as the massive quantities of voter fraud in the 2020 election alone.

          But it is also a serious warning about the way in which the clowns genuinely intend to utilize any excuse to use the institutions and agencies of government to harm Americans in every way they possibly can.

          This conviction further demonstrates the wisdom of refusing to engage with the US political system any longer. The less contact one has with Clown World and its retarded inmates, the better. It’s not as if Americans are going to vote their way out of chaos. — Vox Day

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  5. 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗖ⓐ𝗟𝗟 on Twitter: “#bankcrisis #bankrun Claims that Australian ANZ Bank is out of cash https://t.co/gOoXvXDtiS” / Twitter

    If this proves to be true then contagion indeed has spread globally

    Mean while there likely is some truth that the Federal Reserve is losing it as the Central Bank to all Central Banks. Neocons do not care about anything but their agenda and they have highjacked DC to do their bidding. Ordinary Americans have no interest in war or the Ukraine or NATO. The EU has the big stake here and if it falls so does NATO and the Euro.

    You may recall, to save the world monetary system from the stupidity of the European politicians, ( zero interest rates and the great reset of WEF) the Federal Reserve had to step in and take over the REPO market where JP Morgan was the major player. They created FIMA on July 28th, 2021. However, unbeknownst to most people, that solution became permanent. That is why I have been saying that the Federal Reserve has become the central bank of the world.

    In the middle of this banking crisis with your typical pretend analysts claiming everything is purely domestic, these people have no real comprehension of the structure behind the curtain. They focus on the latest statistic that foreign central banks liquidated Treasury holdings at the greatest pace in nine years. Some say see! The dollar will CRASH! Baloney!

    What they miss in their in one-sided interpretation is that they also tapped into this little-understood key Federal Reserve facility to raise cash as banking stress roils markets. So in truth, yes they dumped US Treasuries, but NOT because they were bearish on the dollar, but because they were BROKE! And Central Banks are really not in any position to stand behind national banking players who are insolvent or circling the drain.

    The Fed data reveals that the foreign official holdings of Treasury securities fell by $76 billion in the week through March 22 to $2.86 trillion. That was indeed the largest weekly decline since March 2014. However, simultaneously, the Fed’s FIMA facility to hand REPO was tapped for a record $60 billion. That dwarfed the $1.4 billion peak reached during the height of the pandemic. This shows the real scope of this banking crisis. It is VERY serious in Europe – much more so than in the United States.

    The Fed’s FIMA program has now become the Great Hope to help ease any pressures in global funding markets. It allows foreign central banks to post their US Treasury holdings as collateral in exchange for dollar liquidity, which is often in high demand during times of stress. The Fed can lend with one eye closed at face value rather than market value. This is also why despite the selling of Treasuries to raise money in Europe, Treasury yields have tumbled reflecting that the Fed is indeed the defacto central bank of the world. And in effect whatever the true value of those treasuries the lost is not being disclosed on the Fed balance sheet for us to see. Don’t you wish everyone could do this and not be held to account? Except such a Pollyanna state of reality does not exist for anyone.

    This is the real problem because the Emperor has no clothes. What backs the Federal Reserve? Especially as other Central Banks need liquidity and turn in their treasuries to the only Buyer making the Fed the sole and only buyer shuffling debt that no one can buy. This is what you are not to understand. And why the rush to war! And why the distancing from the USD in trade settlements to avoid fallout by non aligned Western countries who will keep going, regardless of what occurs with the West.

    Speaking of War, do you know that Russia has adopted a new revised foreign policy strategy in which West is declared an “existential” threat to Russia? Or that Russia is calling up another 147,000 troops? Are you aware that NATO is going to send in so called “Peace Keepers” into the Ukraine conflict? After all the deployment period was extended for the 45,000 American troops in Romania and it was not for nothing. Medvedev has made it clear that :” any peacekeepers on the front lines in Ukraine without our consent must be eliminated”. If you are aware that there are now Russian jets in Belarus quite capable to delivering hypersonic missiles with a number of nuclear missiles to be stationed by July then you know Russia is responding to the provocative and aggressive actions of NATO with full disclosure hoping for common sense to prevail. And yes the S400 missiles are deployed in Belarus along with Iskanders for good measure. Do not think previous images of deployment of defensive systems on Moscow rooftops was for show. The protection around Moscow and other cities is layered deep with state of art systems. And even with that it is clear that major hits will be absorbed. And one supposes that American planes sent to Europe to coordinate missile strikes are seen as some sort of barrier for retaliation. One imagines that if the worse was to be occasioned, no one paid attention to the Russian “dead hand” which if needed will ensure America ceases to exist, even if all Russian politicians and military are dead. It is fail safe that is without equal and darn scary. And what images of protection are there around Western cities to be seen?

    In typical fashion when all else fails, we are led to war to distract from realities. This time should actual overt war break out the Neocon fools will learn that nukes will fly. And one should expect any and all NATO bases will be destroyed along with breaking the fight to the American homeland. Unlike previous wars where America stood undamaged this will be much different.

    If traveling soon, be flexible and anticipate that plans may have to be changed on short notice for personal safety and mobility.
    British Army specialists join German counterparts on exercise

    Anglo German fighting machines working together as Partners where we EACH belong.
    To all our German Allies, so good to see this at last.



      1. Remember she has denied this affair in writing so she has a problem.
        Cohen is just another Slimy Hymie.


  6. Seal off the hallway and nerve gas the lot.

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