White Hats Report #48

Episode I is UP!

We’re pleased to announce that Episode 1 is up and can be viewed on our new YouTube channel, White Hats Media Group, links provided below. In gathering intel and documents to include in the White Hats Report 48 series, it has been determined that 5 -7 parts may be needed in addition to supplemental information “dumps” we will be releasing to be spaced between the parts of the #48 video series.

The story that NEEDS to be told is at least 75 years of history if not twice that. We will present the events and reveal the names of the bad actors involved. We will give you an overview by providing the “dots” you’ll need to connect in order to get a better understanding of the origins, history and methods of the shadow government, aka the DEEP STATE. The events of the last three years should leave no doubt now that…there is a shadow government….or DEEP STATE….and the term we’ve used in our reports is CABAL. They are all the same in our mind, criminal organizations created to subvert governments, steal productivity, technological advancements and wealth from the people inhabiting this planet to enslave us all.

Share this video with all your social media contacts, send it to your elected representatives and be sure to subscribe to the White Hats Media Group YouTube channel and click the alerts button to get notified of all future videos in this series. We need to get the word out and your assistance is critical to the success of this exposure. We need to push for investigations of the Falcone and Tropos Capital thefts and the Federal Reserve fraud involving fake gold and $15 trillion that the American taxpayers are STILL funding. Trump is our best and last chance to rid the country and of the dark siders. The rest of the world looks to us to lead and we MUST meet that challenge.

NOTE: YouTube has continued its aggressive censorship campaign and if they take down our channels because we are revealing truths they wish the public to be unaware of. They are attacking channels using the subjective “hate speech” weapon, neglecting to explain the reason for censoring a video. We will notify you here if we have to move our shadow government exposure videos to Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

White Hats Media Group YT channel:


White Hats Report#48, Episode I – Follow the Money




  1. At this time, I feel I have shared enough crypto ideas, and feel very satisfied with the quality that has been presented.

    The choice to partake is certainly an option for each of you to consider. Either way, no problem.

    I wanted to make sure that as we complete this year, there was something given of value. Paper chases are still anyone’s guess, and all the while, an entirely new and unimaginable class of technology is unfolding. The wrong thing to do would be to ignore it. And thus, we have not ignored it.

    If the RV should be a flop for the man on the street, and those who are not in legit groups, then at least there is another way to lift oneself up for very little in financial risk with spare money. No need to bet the farm.

    For sure there will be other ideas to come, and I may offer some here and there as suggestions. But, for now, we will rest on these.

    Now we can just sit back and watch for GS moves and legitimate currency groups to either transact, or not, this year. The news has been limited, so we hope that means the reason for such secrecy is because things are actually happening for which it would be wildly disruptive should it be openly detailed. Otherwise, I don’t see the need to keep a cloak of secrecy over something that is not within a reasonably expected time-frame for completion, especially after almost a decade of waiting.

    Good luck, and when things shake out, we will assess the landscape and go from there.

    This is the way.

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  2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Crypto Idea #12

    Ripio Credit Network (RCN)

    We have often heard the phrase “The Great Unwashed”. Of course, this has its genus in more ancient times when public baths were not really in great abundance. The Romans realized that being civilized, in their minds, meant being clean as well. So, over time they built more and more public baths.

    Today, being clean for most people is easier than having a bank account. The great unwashed have been transformed into “the great unbanked”. This idea, RCN, is taking aim at this market, and a huge market it is. This great segment of people also cannot get access to loans or other services from regular banks. It amounts to almost 2 billion people who are presently relying on some kind of underground financial network, whether legit or not, and with a volume of about $15T, it holds a lot of opportunity to bring it into a more tradition form of operation within current banking models.

    The largest market for such a class is currently in South America, where almost 400 million have no bank accounts. the reason they are not is the cost. Overhead, compliance, administrative and other types of costs.

    So, the sharks are there to offer the business that traditional banks wont offer to the small bank account holder.

    So, enter RCN to solve this problem, and give the unbanked access to banking.

    Ripio Credit Network and the RCN token are part of a blockchain-based protocol that uses smart contracts to make low-cost loans. RCN is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token and it’s an integral part of the loan-making process.
    Unencumbered by traditional banking models of physical branches and a bloated staff, Ripio CEO Sebastian Serrano is transforming how the unbanked are getting access to financial services such as payments, money transfers, and loans. His payment company offers a full-fledged banking platform, including digital wallets.

    At present, some 300,000 people across Latin America are using Ripio to conduct banking, pay bills and also buy and sell local fiat, and select cryptos.

    It has established a growing ATM network, and allows some markets to deposit cash directly into their RCN wallets. Bank accounts can also be linked, if one has one.

    The key piece of the Ripio formula lies in the RCN token. It’s integral to the loan-making process. All fees are paid in RCN and all loans are made and repaid in RCN.

    There is so much more to this platform and the value is pretty obvious.

    Have look at their site, and decide of you wish to hold some RCN. https://ripiocredit.network

    If so, consider paying no more than .04 for it.

    This is the way.

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  4. 1,979 years ago, today.

    Regime change, Roman style.

    After many years of his intolerable treatment, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, aka, Caligula, was assassinated by his body guard, lead by several veteran Roman officers, chief among them, Cassius Chaerea.

    His wife and infant daughter were also dispatched, the later by taking her by the heels and bashing her head against a solid wall.

    While certainly brutal by today’s standards, it was almost common in those days that a political assassination was committed in such ways.

    Imagine if we had similar events today? Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Clinton, Sanders and company would be hanging from their ta-tas under the capital dome. Crooked Impeachment? What crooked impeachment?

    The Praetorian Guard installed Caligula’s uncle Claudius as emperor. He reigned until killed by poisoning by his wife, Agrippina, whose son, Nero, would become the last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty to rule Rome, before he committed suicide after being declared an enemy of the state.

    Never the king. Always the kingmaker.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

    This is the only dramatization I could find on Youtube. It’s not accurate in terms of form, but fair as to substance.

    This was the way.

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  5. OWoN Thu Jan 23, 11:31:00 PM MST

    At 2 o clock this morning I was talking with key parties currently in Florida regarding schedules. That focused and intense. I can’t release sensitive and confidential details, but conceive what I am hinting re activation hopefully.
    Then good causes will be assessed and projects addressed. Putting back has always been our key agenda. Most live in a Goldfish bowl of perceived realities. Mine are sharks.


  6. Like

  7. OWoN:

    Latest PPs hopes now seems to be end next week if DOJ can sort certain issues for us. So many parties are focused trying. It’s been a long haul.

    Q: Where do big battalions and majors fit in? Do the PPs still have to release first before these others can go?

    A: PPs first and when you see who get a lick you see why. IF IF, still IF they clear, we can do so much good.

    Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2020/01/active-comment-section-19-january-2020.html?showComment=1579727721921#c6081395133803139522
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

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  8. Just a little update on WHR 48 part 2.

    We can expect it sometime between now and mid February. There were delays from circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

    Life happens.


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