The Philippicae – What Cicero Didn’t See

After the assassination of Julius Caesar, Cicero, a senator who had no love of Caesar, and did not partake in the assassination, turned his attention to attacking the character of Marc Antony. He felt that Antony was just as much a threat as Caesar, and should have also been done away with.

The written attacks became known as “The Philippicae”, or “The Philippics”. They were intended to rally support of the senate against Antony. It worked, and the senate raised an army, declared Antony an enemy of the state, and commenced to do battle with Antony’s forces at Mutina and Forum Gallorum.

Both battles were victories for the senate, but their key generals, Hirtius and Pansa, were killed, and the armies were leaderless and open for acquisition. The local magistrate of Cisalpine Gaul who assumed command, Decimus Brutus, was one of Caesar’s assassins. Octavian (Caesar’s heir), refused to work with him, and the two armies soon switched loyalties to Octavian.

The senate scrambled to bypass Octavian and retake command of the armies. However, always the clever man, Octavian reconciled with Antony, and along with Lepidus, a military general once aligned with the senate, formed the First Triumvirate. This left the senate defenseless.

Cicero, an intelligent man, gifted orator and talented lawyer, had now become open for proscription, along with many other senators and persons of means. He had not necessarily acted without knowing what he was up against, but in the end, even his careful consideration of all matters simply didn’t work out. He was outmaneuvered by Octavian.

Eventually, Cicero was caught while trying to flee to the coast. He pulled aside his tunic, and offered the arresting legionary his neck, hoping for a swift, painless death. He was decapitated, and his head was staked in the Forum, where patrician nobles took turn stabbing his tongue with pens – a way of expressing their hatred and apparent jealousy for his gifted oratory. His hands were cut off and nailed to the senate house door, as a warning to anyone else who would write against the new triumvirate.

There is a lesson in all that. And it can be boiled down to a simple moral: Don’t take on a fight with an enemy you don’t know well, and especially with a flawed strategy.

But, what was flawed about his strategy? Cicero was not a military commander. He was just a senator, one of many. He didn’t exercise control on the field.

His flawed strategy was not the military conflict, but his instigating the affair with the Philippics, and angering someone (Antony) who still had considerable influence and power with very experienced military units from Caesar’s veteran legions.

Cicero had no such influence on his own, save that via the senate. But, they were not Antony. And soldiers were quicker to follow a military leader they admired, rather than a bunch of bureaucrats they despised.

Cicero had also not judged Octavian’s potential to join Antony, and rally those whom were loyal to his adopted late father (Caesar). He was overpowered and had not the forces to defend himself in such an outcome that had befallen him.

I thank you for your forbearance with this history lesson. I will now make a relevant point with all this.

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint in Federal Court against the Meta1 Coin operation, and its principals, Robert Dunlap, et al. Long time RV/GCR talk show host and seminar promoter, Dave Schmidt, was also named in the complaint.

Long ago we warned that the law is clear on publicly offering and selling anything in the form of a security that offers a return on investment. In the U.S., such offerings, unless exempted, require a securities license, or at minimum, registration of the investment. The SEC has now stepped in to make that point with respect to the Meta1 offering.

There are many allegations of wrongdoing in the complaint, and we won’t even try to analyze it here. The courts will eventually decide if the allegations are true or not, and in time we will all know just what Meta1 was doing, and what its fate will ultimately be.

Aside from the main allegations, it was alleged in the complaint that:

“…During the SEC’s underlying investigation of this matter, the SEC subpoenaed each of the Defendants for documents and to appear to testify. Each Defendant returned the subpoena to the SEC with the word “Fraudulent” marked on every page. Schmidt refused to produce documents to the SEC, and refused to testify. Dunlap refused to produce documents. He appeared for testimony, but refused to answer several important questions, such as whether he drafted the Whitepaper, claiming at various times the questions were ridiculous, the answers were none of the SEC’s business, and he “[has] no contract with the SEC.” Bowdler produced some documents, but refused to testify...”

The tactic of marking documents “fraudulent”, especially under these circumstances, and claiming that one “has no contract with the SEC”, or other government agency, under such similar circumstances, is often used by persons who take the position that they are “sovereign” or somehow not subject to the jurisdiction of the law because they are now a “secured party creditor” or some such thing.

The courts have repeatedly rejected the claims of people using such arguments, and those who have persisted in using such claims to prevail in a legal case have found themselves either fined for doing so, or jailed after being convicted for crimes when such defenses failed.

As we saw with Cicero, even the best thought-out plans can wither against the unknown and unpredictable. But, it is made even harder when you outright ignore, or blissfully act in ignorance of your opponent’s track record of victory against a tactic you are trying to use in defense. Further, you make yourself a wider target for doing so.

The government considers any use of fraudulent sovereignty claims against their jurisdiction as a sort of Philippic against them, and once you bring such claims onto the battlefield, you are at once in a very precarious position, with almost no defense. The ram has now touched the wall. And, when the opponent is the SEC, there is serious power behind that ram. And claiming that your opponent does not even have a right to ram your wall, after they have, is not going to scare them away, or rebuild the wall.

We will certainly watch with great interest how this case turns out. There are larger issues at stake within this case, but we will leave that for another time.

Moving on…

The adoption and innovation in the digital asset realm continues, and with increasing interest and demand. There is tremendous value all around at this time. Be sure, the buying windows for many of the new up and coming ideas will not last forever.

The upcoming BTC halving and continuing Wall St and other interest in this sector is queuing up to create a potential explosion in value that could be unprecedented. Big interests, exceeding several trillion dollars in combined worth, are continuing to invest in and develop in this sector.

I learned from many years of experience that wealth is best acquired by investing in value, and holding on through any and all volatility, comments, opinions, reasons to vary from that approach. By combining the patience of an investor and the boldness of a speculator, and becoming an “investolator”, you can benefit from such an approach without losing sleep, getting ulcers, betting on chart patterns, reading chicken bones in a bowl, spitting Bacardi on your wife, or wondering which Youtube “analyst” with unknown credentials is the right guru to follow.

Simply locate value, take a reasonable position size based on your personal risk capital, and hold it. Value will create demand. And in this sector, that demand, combined with declining availability in BTC, (which is currently a liquidity reserve that most other alt coins transact in and out of) will force an effect on price. But, timing is critical. Getting in early, ahead of the halving and large capital influx, may have a tremendous affect on the potential future gain.

The last two times the BTC code mandated a halving, many coins experienced severely irrational gains in appreciation. Spectrecoin, Reddcoin and Verge, for example, handed investors profits of $2,000,000, $2,700,000 and $5,000,000 for every $500 ventured. And this was before the kind of significant commercial interests we now see coming into this space.

Similar gains were had with NEO and Ethereum. There were many who saw what was coming, quietly bought and waited, and made millions. Others dithered, questioned, nit-picked over “flaws”, over-analyzed charts, engaged in Pavlovian peer-enforced skepticism, or simply just didn’t know.

Will such gains happen again? I don’t know, but I would guess that the chances are probably better now than they have ever been in the past. Always keep in mind that, at this time, it is not necessary to take huge risks to make potentially huge gains. So, for what I would spend over a weekend in Vegas, I can instead place such resources into something that no slot machine can probably return.

The key is picking good projects. This is where your job to do good homework and research comes into play. There are many resources out there to help you do this, so find one you find agreeable, and stake your claim if you so choose.

In the event that public RV paper exits fail, you now have a hedge, with low buy-ins, should you choose to partake. One that has come along at the right time and probably stands a much better chance than paper returns might. We had always hoped that people could exit their paper before the anticipated run-up in the digital asset markets. But, time is running out for such preferred sequences to take place.

At present, our understanding of what we watch for is as follows:

The Global Settlements remain un-settled. Do not be surprised if such remains so throughout 2020. The opposing party obviously do not fear legal repercussions. Even in these trying times, when the industrial might of our land has come to a near halt, these money-changing, hobnail-toed parasitical vermin refuse to release what is not theirs; depriving the nation of much needed revenue to cope, in a truly sublime display of their contempt for the general welfare.

We continue to watch for private group transactions and the attendant Brontosaur-sized turds that they will deposit once they transact – including any possible public transactions. While we cannot detail such, the groups will proceed first before any public chances can materialize.

If you are in a legit group, continue to maintain silence and obey all admonitions to you concerning confidentiality. Failure to do so could be costly. We understand that legitimate groups are making good progress. However, details simply are not possible to share openly at this time.

With the current epidemiological hysteria, there are some who are convinced that this “crisis” will be used to implement central bank digital currencies. The legal language describing digital wallets/digital dollars in the latest US stimulus bill is intriguing, so the notion of some new form of monetary infrastructure being enabled is perhaps a viable possibility. What this has to do with anything we watch for is still not clear. However, it is interesting to think that releases which parallel the general stimulus payments would probably go unnoticed in form, but the results would be “expected” in such a case and less of a “surprise” if released solely without a public stimulus at the same time. We will see.

The death rate from the current viral outbreak is terrible, but still far less than other natural killers. Remember the tsunami of 2004? It killed c230,000 people in one afternoon. A similar event directed at either of the U.S. coasts would kill millions, and send our economy into a tailspin that would take years to recover from.

Many were not prepared for this recent, rather mild breakout; a love tap compared to what could happen in the future. How prepared do you think most are for a real natural event, one that really has a punch to it?

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, diseases, meteor impacts, terrorist originated biological attacks, etc. Are you ready for such?

As long as we continue to manage the earth with politics and money, we will be left wide open to allowing the least qualified persons to prepare for or manage such events, so you better be self-sufficient.

Always be ready for anything. That way, if you are wrong in your predictions, you can still be right.

We are still waiting for WHR #48 part two. We will post it when ready.

Get ready for a wild ride for the rest of 2020.


You’ve got to expect things are going to go wrong. And we always need to prepare ourselves for handling the unexpected. – Neil Armstrong


  1. Sent to me earlier. The chatter about what is coming, is now almost always including blockchain technology. XRP tokenizing gold? I was warned that a lot is going on…and a lot is coming. There is no escaping it. Technology is making its presence known in the highest monetary realms. You can go mental trying to understand it all.

    Hang on, because it’s going to be a hell of a wild ride into the future.

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  2. Tony!!!

    My computer went down and it took forever for the deliver people to get my new one from NYC. What a mess this state is. Wowie!!!! John is here!!!! This place gets better and better and better.

    Just now getting my cryptos all bought and positions set before the halving and not a moment too soon. Projected profts for myself are 8 figures over next year or so. I am just besidse myself trying to give thanks for my good fortune for being here instead of where I was 5 years back when I was a zap groupie. My how things change when you stop giving those people donations and spend it on yourself for a change. and especially at this time when so much is happening in a new space at around the time when we may see the rv at last!!!!

    I am just so happy that you are still keeping this site up because you are doing what few others are – you bring us news from people like John a BSD who stands shoulder to shoulder with elders and you help us with digital crypto assets and you ask nothing in return. YOu care!!!

    John thank you for being here. You dont have to be but you take time to give us help just like you did when you gave that 50 pounds to the homeless man in the presence of the elders.

    Cannot wait for the day when all breaks loose and there are so many new wealthy people here who will make a difference. Your pal C

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    1. I was wondering where you were. Welcome back!

      I have no doubt that you will indeed be retiring a very wealthy man. You have the approach down pat, and you have the steady hand and discipline that goes with the simplicity, and that is all it takes.

      Sure hope you are right about that elusive RV.

      And yes, we are damned fortunate to have John to assist us with all possible news…as accurate as it can be and of an unquestionable source, devoid of any need to play the role of the hustling grifter with a talk show.

      Eight figures? At least! If we are fortunate enough to see releases before the halving and commercial influx from Wall St, then I kid you not; 9 figures is the target. And once that is hit? Watch for bolder plans, longer strides, higher targets that will make this endeavor look like a booth at a flea market.

      Thanks for checking in. Stay close.


  3. “We Are The Enemy”
    Per Roy Potter, Michael Savage is going to join the militia in order to avoid the test and vaccine. I hope we still have several months left before the knock.


  4. Tony – I think your hometown is in LA but I’m proud of my fellow OC beach goers.

    There may be some hope there after all 😊

    Californians Refuse To Comply – Reopen Laguna Beach Themselves


    1. LOVE IT! That’s the only way to take it back.

      A rolling stone gathers no moss.


      We need to do this for the Vaccines Too. Checkpoints will be coming and real gut checks are on the way.

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    2. I have mixed feelings on this kind of thing.

      First, I understand how people want to go out and enjoy their beaches. Secondly, California is run by morons and communists. So, I can understand their propensity to want to act in a severe authoritarian manner.

      But, I would never cause law enforcment that kind of headache. They are dealing with a very delicate situation. They are in contact with the public daily, and if too many of them get sick, who is going to come to your aid if something very bad starts?

      All we would need is one incapacitated police force, and the Guard would have to come in to quell any rioting. That would be tragic.

      So, I take the middle ground here. Go to the beach if you must, but don’t give the police a hard time. They are just doing what their bosses ask of them, and I think the best way to help them is just find someplace else to chill for now.

      But. I am but one man, a long way from the beach, who lives on a river in AZ, which is open to the public, and I left CA long ago because it’s run by Bolsheviks. So, good luck out there, and give my regards to OC. I used to hang out at Huntington Harbor years ago. Great food, hot, hot women, and beautiful beaches for sure!

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      1. I don’t live there anymore. I live in another left wing socialist state with gorgeous beaches. Mistake leaving Arizona nine years ago. I hope we can leave this rock before it really gets bad here.

        Yes great food for sure and The Beach Boys didn’t write the song California girls for no reason! 😊


        1. Well, either you are on Alcatraz, or Hawaii. 🙂

          Good luck! Hopefully soon we will be seeing some fantastic results. I know a hell of a lot is happening. Boy oh boy, is it ever.

          Yes indeed, those Cali girls were something else. I remember making out with my HS girlfriend, Debra, under the Hermosa Beach pier on warm summer nights. Now there was a fine beauty…tall, tan, brown hair, green eyes, dimples…Oh to be young again! 😦

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      2. Just for you Tony – beautiful California surfer girls wearing Brazilian cut bikinis. All the girls where I live where these – so it’s not a big thing here but I don’t know if you think it might be too much skin to post here.


        THE SUNRAYS “I Live For The Sun” 1965 HQ


  5. Some weeks back an online event happened where the top analyst from the subscriber service called Crypto Capital invited Ron Paul to join him, and in that event they discussed how someday all companies will have their own tokens, and the analyst talked about the Master Token. They would not disclose the name of it in the event, you could only get the name if you paid $3,000 for the subscription service. or, like me, someone who is well connected, and knows where to find out.

    Someone on here some weeks back mentioned this event having happened, and yours truly brought you the name of the token. There were a few posts in reply, and I believe some of you got into DGB before it moved up greatly. It at least doubled or more from the time I got in, and I bought more DGB just a couple of days ago….. and the token goes up…..

    Good for all of you who got into it some weeks back. Can’t tell you to buy now as that is your decision.

    All this wording below was spoken in the conference some weeks back when DGB was still selling for less than a penny.

    The master token was developed by a former U.S. Army person and gives companies access to the blockchain. The core blockchain they use will be used by the chain offered by the master token. It is the longest block chain in the world…. So the chain is fully decentralized…..

    The master token will eventually have a few billion tokens…. So the goal is total infiltration….. There will be a lot of people using it….The Master Token trades for less than one cent now….

    Investing in the master token now is your second chance to make a fortune in the block chain space.

    $100 could end up handing you a half a million dollars in the Master Token…. ( note: this was said when DGB was trading for less than a penny )

    Buy the token now at this crazy low price of less than a penny….

    May 2020 will set off the crypto boom. This is the Bitcoin halving event. The halving event happens once every four years… So you should buy the master token now …….


    1. Be cautious about overbuying a position in DigiByte. Weiss Ratings gave it a D+. This is not to say it will not be pushed up on irrational speculative frenzy, like may other bad ideas were in the past. Just be reminded to take even positions in a speculative portfolio, and spread the risk out. Very important. So, if you buy into any idea, including Digibyte, do so with caution.

      Weiss Ratings:

      Our Advice Is to Follow 3 Basic Rules:

      Rule #1. Focus your investment dollars on the coins at the top of our list, meriting a grade of B- or better.

      Rule #2. Avoid — or promptly get rid of — any coins you may have that merit ratings of D+ or lower, like Bitcoin Gold (D), DigiByte (D+), Electroneum (E), Nebulas Token (D+) or ReddCoin (D+).

      Rule #3. Don’t touch the cheap imitation coins with a 10-foot pole. We don’t even bother to rate them.


      1. Don’t know about the others, but completely disagree about Digibyte. There is a reason it was one of the first ledger wallet crypto’s.

        They have one of the oldest and longest blockchains in existence, no centralization and 5 cryptographic algorithm mining. They use odocrypt which changes every 10 days. They were one of the 1st to implement segwit.

        The problem is they are truly decentralized so they can’t pay Binance or Coinbase to list them. Or Weiss to cover them.

        Let’s not forget Weiss promoted Holo chain up the wazoo? That’s a big dud. Only 177 Trillion in existence. Better ask who Weiss is getting paid by.

        Agree on the all the other points though. And agree that Digibyte could be a dud. Entire crypto market is a big roulette wheel. I just think from a truly crypto centric standpoint, you can’t get much closer to bitcoin than digibyte, but quite frankly better tech.

        Their Digi-ID is cool too.


        1. That’s fine.

          The point is, and still is, don’t overdo the position based on your finances.

          I doubt very highly that Weiss is paid by anyone to rate anything. They have made their clients very good money. If you have proof of that, I would like to see it. Otherwise, be careful you do not go around claiming that too broadly. It could be libelous.

          Describing Holochain as “a big dud” at this stage, is inspection before the fact and it’s completely wrong in any implication that Weiss clients lost from it in the past. They saw a 258% gain from recommendation date to high. I don’t hold that one, but we are premature to call that idea a failure, but we can gauge viability by the backing, management and use case to level the odds from here to post-halving. So far, number of outstanding coins is not going to be a determining factor until adoption is properly scaled. There is no telling the demand before development is complete.

          I really do not care who buys what, but on this site, as long as I am in charge, the prime directive will be: Don’t overbuy any position, and buy what you feel best.


  6. Good morning! I’ve doing a lot of thinking trying to absorb what it is you great people are doing.

    I don’t know how to ask the right question without sounding ignorant. The country is starting to open up slowly but there is talk about a second wave of the virus coming this fall. So everything gets shut down again?

    My cousin wanted to open his business May 1st but the consequences If he did would pay a fine, jail time and lose his liquor license. In Arizona! This is not just happening in blue states, although my mother in law told me it’s about 50/50 dem and rep now.

    Is the Potential RV of currencies a sign that we the people are winning? Is there a significance to this event then just our pocketbooks?


    1. This is a question best left to John to answer as concerns the details of significance other than financial.

      It is my understanding that this is a new rebooting, with fresh resources. As to what happens then, well, if you ask me, the financial system is going to be technologically upgraded, and this should mean more ability for oversight and streamlined transfers. We can debate the good and bad of this, but one thing is for sure: Change is coming.

      I certainly understand about your cousin. It’s very hard on small businesses right now. I hope we will see an easing on these restrictions by end of May.


  7. How does one get every comment emailed to them over here?

    Is it possible to get every comment direct to one’s email box?

    If yes how?


    1. I am not aware of any way to get ALL comments mailed. Only those which you designate by checking the box to have them e-mailed following your specific comment.

      You can subscribe to the comment RSS feed using any good feed reader. Most web browsers have them. So do most e-mail clients. I use Thunderbird, and follow several feeds with it. It’s a great client.

      You can do a Youtube search to find out how to set up and use a feed reader if needed. Or, if you need help with doing so and have a question, I can try to help.

      At present, this site only allows new posts to be e-mailed but I don’t see a way to have every comment mailed. That’s only possible via feed readers.


    1. We need to strongly defend Mike Pompeo’s right to raise deep concerns on this Covid origin. It simply defies belief that it has no possible link to a Lab escape. If no problem, let it be cleared after due process. Simply establish truth. Admonishing Mike on religion is fatuous nonsense. Mike simply wishes to clarify fact and origin of the virus, as we all do. For a Bat, Rat, Toad, Tortoise, Snake, Dog, Cat and Insect eating nation, why now?

      This mutating virus is a plague on all nations now. And like the Mother in Law, the damn thing, uninvited will stay for ever.
      China has no idea of what’s brewing from this. Reciprocity. Time for Pompeo to erupt, not Xi with a Chinese lie!

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  8. Lord James of the House Of Lords ( a Westminster friend of John’s ) verifies the reality of the high yield trading programs starting at the 9:40 time mark on the video and if you listen for two or three minutes you can hear about the reality of these programs.

    In the U.S. the agency called the ESSS EEE SEA ( real abbreviation kept from the search engines ) does everything in it’s power to keep the little guy out of such programs. That agency protects the conventional investments industry in the U.S. It is a fascist alliance. England does not have to put up with these gestapo agencies and the people can access a lot of investments that are kept from the common people in the U.S.

    I would not mind piggy backing with the right connections in one of these high yield investments if the currency program does not open up. I could never get involved on my own as I do not have the capital or connections to get accepted.

    Just an idea.

    Cheerio! The Other Andrew


    1. We are getting private conversations from parties thinking we have some special fast track way to bypass control systems. Let me be clear. WE Don’t!

      Everything we do, MUST, and IS, ONLY by the Rules, within Regulatory and Ethical guidelines. Strictly and totally within the law. Which is why, it does all take time, as we have to get approvals and clearances as regulated for each task and stage.

      Also why we turn down any approaches which requires us to bypass, deviating from Laws or Ethics, and why only hard work, focus, and dedication gets us through.

      We stay totally within the Law on everything. As mandated. Full Compliance and Duty of Care Diligence.

      There is no Special Magic formula, we just outwork many others. Hard, grueling hours out-thinking problem issues. Whatever it takes. Which creates hell with any Social life. Dedication saves the Nation. And our word being- Good! Moral fortitude to care for the multitude. Dedicated, ethical responsibilities. Standards by which we have to be judged. The High Ground.


    2. Out of sight, the Backlash is now evolving for China. Already we are being asked to exclude China from any Tenders or Supply Chains. Doors will close. The Silk Road to No- Where? No one taking it. These Commie Czars have crossed the line.

      As Trade diminishes and is forcefully retracked back, how do they sustain home and Foreign investments when capital is tanking in their Banking? Cross firing Debt and Truth is only for so long.

      Two years from now, as with so many of their hastily constructed buildings and bridges, cracks will start appearing. Three years? China’s trouble is starting now. Their lying Commie Subterfuge just killed their own cash cow. Wise words, steer clear, that hole in their Dam is about to appear.

      All that hope and bluster, the Chinese Threat. Watch it all implode when sinking under Debt. Next the fire sales will start. Steer clear, nothing is cheap on a sinking ship. Covid has killed China now. No one trades out from a platform of lies. China’s coming threat, is its own unsustainable Debt.


    3. Who do you think wrote the speech and prepped him for it? They play Stage parts we set. Kabuki theatre, the lot.


    4. Let us contribute hard reality and help you understand what’s in play and what’s real. Lords are acting to scripts written for them for 300 UK pounds a day fees to attend. Bit part Kabuki Theatre State players. Scripted illusions.

      Reality is the Players you don’t see. Behind the veils are the real scenes. The hands which rock the cradle.

      WHA has a good site and supportive contributors, willing safe hands and huge comment input by many of you to help all. Without high and focused input, a site dies. The whole world is a stage, pick which to view.

      Intelligent, focused contributors keeping it real. A journey of like minds together. Caring and sharing a journey of discovery. Real information, is power. Forearmed, for play.

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    1. Borrow?

      Shouldn’t the US Treasury be able to utter its own credit? Shouldn’t banks, who hold the collective earnings and wealth production of our nation, lend money at 0% (except for a fee to cover overhead)? After all, it’s our money yes? Usury is whose idea? Why would the people of a nation acquiesce to such a scheme? Did we?

      In the past, history reveals startling and often hard-to-accept truths.

      Which country in the past, recovering from hyper-inflation and mass suicides, outlawed usury and gave its citizens a system of credit backed by labor and production; gave interest-free loans to buy homes and forgave most of such after families were started? Which nation mandated a 40 hour maximum work week with paid holidays and time off, and paid vacations? Which country provided free education and medical, paid for by the productive capacity which didn’t have to fund a “national debt”? Which country innovated an affordable mass produced automobile, and gave no-interest loans to be able to buy one? Does it sound like a country that put its citizens first? Yes? No?

      Yet, we, in the “land of the free”, labor under circumstances not superior to that country, and support a parasitical system run by whom? Us? Did we vote for it? Who did?

      Remember the past, and use this knowledge to improve the future. Many paid the ultimate price to keep our civilization going until now.

      Hopefully, we are on the brink of a forward thinking humanitarian movement that puts humanity first, and the interests of a relatively few un-elected bloodsucking usury cultists where it belongs: On the extinction list.

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      1. You borrow from the Jewish Fed which charges you for notes backed by nothing and skims Ts over time. Always. The Fed MUST go! But now does Trump cut the links when he’s funded by and surrounded by them? Kabuki Theatre again. The lot. It’s a cruel farce.

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  9. A recent excerpt from crypto analyst Teeka Tiwari. His take on what may lie ahead in this space:

    “…Just two weeks ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission allowed $130 billion hedge fund Renaissance Technologies to get involved in bitcoin.

    This is big…

    RenTech’s Jim Simons is the highest-earning hedge fund manager in the world, according to Forbes. And his Medallion Fund is famous for achieving the best continuous returns in history. Between 1994 and 2014, it generated average returns of above 71.8%.

    And another major player just came into crypto: Marc Andreessen. He cofounded Andreessen Horowitz, a top Silicon Valley venture capitalist (VC) firm. And days ago, we learned his firm is shifting $515 million into crypto.

    So what you’re seeing is the top hedge fund and top VC firm get into crypto right before the Phenomenon takes off. As I always say, follow the smart money…

    And this is all just the tip of the iceberg…

    We’re on the verge of 500 million stock investors being able to buy crypto with just one click of their mouse. I believe this huge influx of demand will ignite the prices of a handful of coins to levels we’ve never seen before…” ©Palm Beach Group

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  10. How dare this “haole” women exercise her constitutional rights with a peaceful demonstration. I am livid. This needs to go viral!

    Hawaiian Police Arrest & Torture Protest Leader


  11. Here is another photo of key elders and their retinue visiting with John and Lord James in London several years ago. Observe that both are standing together, power with power. It has been said that the mountain does not come to the man. Look where the key elders are. They came to the mountain. Why would they be there? Why not elsewhere? Why next to our London friends? Such power goes where like minds dwell.

    Remember, we are assisted in our understanding by this power. But, that assistance is absent of superfluous egotistic flummery. Rather, it is given as re-assurance that you are not reading fanciful claims by dreamers or “intel providers”.

    You are getting reality, right between the eyes. You deserve nothing less.

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    1. Well I certainly have had a dose of realty the last few days.

      Gorgeous photo! I zoomed in on each face – such beautiful and kind faces.


      1. Yes, but that guy in the front row, second from the right…He’s getting a little too close to the elder queen don’t you think? 😂


          1. She was raised in the temple for her safety. Her father was Gold Minster and was assassinated by the greedy Military , as was her brother. She was herself car wrecked, needing 9 months Intensive Care and Plastic Surgery. She is under intensive Junta threat by the Military wanting the hidden Gold and money warehouses. It’s not easy for her. She is heading up big things for the Elders. 40 key families control the wealth, it’s like rats in a sack. She has the vote for 26. It’s never easy. Only one man stops Lords and Elders groups while he goes down on one knee on the City streets walking with them, with his hands on the Homeless heads, giving them money for food, time to show them someone cares, and hope to go on. That’s far more than money to the Leading Temple Head. To know they each are in safe hands, as each go to their bed. To know one understands. There is good in far off lands.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Good info to know. I can only imagine the challenges that these fine elders face in the region they live in. And despite all that, they keep their humanity, risking all.

              Liked by 1 person

  12. “We will shut you down, we will cite you and if we need to, we will arrest you and take you to jail.”
    Wow… people need to sue!


  13. John, it’s good to see you posting valuable information that is sorely needed on such a credible platform


    1. Thank you Scott. I was asked to contribute to help. The site and hard work was done long before me by so many of you. With the consent of the majority I will try to inform if needed That’s all it will be. Many, many other valuable voices are here.


        1. Lady Liberty.

          Right now we have hugely sensitive Global issues affecting this as a direction. As ever, the problem with any Electronic medium is hacking risk, State seizure and Taxes. Minefields to steer safely though and to protect your liberty, Lady.
          Then the fightback by the Fed and the all powerful Zionist / Jewish Lobbies, are battles raging. Having seized control and manipulated nations now for centuries, this is their Armageddon. When Guile and Stealth, can not control others wealth. Fiscal Democracy? Freeing YOU from Bank Racketeering. The purpose and power of money in your hands. Tony may chose to run some articles which show a lot. It’s a long haul. Power fights back. .
          We are on your side.

          Liked by 2 people

  14. Hello,

    Hope you are all enjoying a good evening and are well.

    Things have picked up at WHA, and I thank you all for your participation. It’s amazing what a difference in workload having one more Brit on board can cause! lol

    With the increased comments, I am trying to make certain adjustments to optimize the appearance of comments as they appear. With the current format, the comments get squeezed into a thinner body, and the word wrap goes crazy. For those of you on a mobile phone, if you hold your phone along the horizontal axis, the word wrap should correct itself for proper viewing.

    For PCs, I am in touch with Word Press on this and will come up with a fix as soon as possible. I am also working the bug for the R rating video feature which requires a birth date to access more sensitive content. You know, like when a chi-com eats a turtle by ripping it apart with her mouth and slurping it down like a half-crazed Bolshevik?

    We may have to use a different Word Press theme, but I hope that’s not the case since this one is easy on the eyes and easy to manage from an admin point of view. I appreciate your patience.

    Our London White Hat friend is spending a considerable amount of time to assist us with proper understanding of our subject matter, and for that we are very fortunate. One does not get access to the halls of power in a major financial district like London by just asking. We did not start this site to engage in guesswork, or deal with amateurs and shape-shifting circus clowns who become “intel providers” for financial expediency. We did it to fulfill the mission statement. Period.

    As of late, I have been briefed on things that I cannot openly detail, but I can say it would blow your mind if I did. Just know that the activities discussed are very real, the challenges very daunting, and the people working on them very ready and skilled at their respective duties. Keep that perspective, always.

    Stay tuned for the latest. And, as always, be ready for anything.

    The spice must flow.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into the site to make is function better Tony, much appreciated. And thank you for the update.

      Oh bugger! I do love getting my mind blown too. Looks like I miss out this time. LOL


    2. Tony – I’m am in awe! Just when I think I have it all figured out about the direction I feel the world is heading and not in a good way, you post this video and it brought tears to my eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. A damning accusation from Mike Pompeo that Covid did come from the Wujan Lab.
      Huge consequences. Already its cost a quarter of million lives and will quadruple over time. Economies have lost vast trillions and more to come.
      The media will run with that. Suddenly there’s a rabid Chink in China’s smokescreen.


  15. In case people need a place to order currencies quickly, I have used for mutiple purchases and sales over the last 5 years. They are quick and I have never had a problem with them buying or selling back. You might be able to get dong at your bank relatively quick as well. In the past I ordered and received within 24-48 hours. If we are to move quick, you want to think ahead and be prepared because this COVID crap is effecting everything. The nice thing about is they carry a bunch of currencies like Afghani etc. which at one time was rumored to be in the first basket with Zim, Dong and Dinar, so it’s a one stop shop. I just want everyone to be able to take advantage if we can. It takes an army if we are to stick it up the globalist’s ass. Bill Gates 1st!🖕


    1. An excellent contribution HIW. For reasons of Trustee confidentiality, there are certain issues I am not at liberty yet to release, but your welcome contribution is beyond fortuitous. Yes, if Florida successfully converts this time, be ready for the next steps to co engage and benefit.
      Keep HIW’s comment to hand. Tony may also choose then to also enhance other outlets. Thanks you HIW.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Beautiful. Thank you for bringing that in. We will remember. It is what we here wait to prove. People like Tony provide these forums while we wait together to help our humanity and our beautiful planet. The wait has been painful at times, but maybe we will be allowed to do what we so desperately want to do. The wait has taught us well.


    2. That was truly beautiful John and so very true. Thanks for sharing that one with us, much appreciated.


        1. I think I get your drift there Mr Cheeky. There were a few lyrics that brought a smile to my face LOL.

          You know John, I actually avoided listening to that song until this evening. I do like beautiful songs like that and recognise the beauty in the words but when you’re single it can make you feel a bit alone and sometimes sad, depending on your mood at the time, so I generally avoid them. Unless I have had a few too many drinks and feel like torturing myself and blubbering all night. LOL

          I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to actually be in a loving relationship and share that song together in complete trust and honesty. I have never truly been in love, so don’t really know what it’s all about. I have cared enormously for the partners I have been with and still do but no magical connection on that specific level unfortunately.


  16. John,
    I wanted to know if you could give me the true landscape of the world economy . Not related to the RV or GS.
    I am amazed at the fact the no one is concerned about adding $4Trillion worth of debt to the $23 Trillion that we already have. At the same time tax revenues will decrease because a lot of businesses are not producing goods and services.

    I thought you had previously mentioned that some banks have huge exposure in the derivative market with respect to oil. How are those banks doing now? The EU has to be in trouble based on the problems Italy had alone,

    Government employees are sitting home getting paid as if money is infinite. That’s local, state and federal employees. I can’ t see how this can go on much longer.

    A bird’s eye view would be appreciated.


    1. Terry

      It’s actually far worse. Even the UK will run up Multi Ts in losses, as will the world because of wrong policies over Covid. We are giving loans or Grants with money we do not have .So we will borrow from the Fed, or Jewish Mafia. Effectively saddling our nations with decades of Debt to repay. All for a virus which takes a fraction of one per cent, for which we are destroying 90% of the economy. So much for Scientific Advisers, Political misfits and the Skanks in Politics. Useless!

      40% of Fleet cars have not been re leased. Travelling is out, Gas /Petrol/ Oil sales are in freefall. Oil Tankers are rotting at sea. Land Tanks are full, no demand. Oil Barns will be signing on for unemployment with JR soon. All the derivatives gambles have fallen apart. Insured losses, how far? Watch that space. Insurers are slippy weasels.

      Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and all Hospitality events closed. Sports Clubs in perilous financial trouble. Sport Stars mega salaries about to fail. No gate money to fund them..WAGS are hooking for Dimes.

      Air flights re grounded. Anyone travelling is fined heavily here. Locked down!

      Hotels are shut down. Vast millions are not working. Many businesses now will not re open. Stores tenants can not pay their rents. Home builders have stopped.

      Taxes have fallen off a cliff and these lunatics are spending money the do not have. Debts will soar.
      Cheap flights will end. Be prepared for rocketing costs. Planes are mothballed. Who pays?
      Economies are being destroyed.

      The US hidden Military and Agency costs are in vast Ts of waste. All funded by off balance sheet Grey screens. Funny money now compounded in losses reaching infinity. Interest screwed by the Zios. Goats on a Leash.

      The landscape portrayal is desolation don’t you think? Lunacy rules fools. Pass the parcel games with an un-exploded bomb. They are extending loans and throwing in grants. Zio Bankers are in ecstasy. Interest riches. Charging real money for Fools money backed by nothing. A Zio Cults worthless promise to pay!

      So Yes,Terry, When does it crash to earth? The Perfect Storm comes when?


      1. I heard a long time ago that Trump was put in office to manage the bankruptcy of the US Corporation, which includes The Fed. From what you just described, the bankruptcy is happening — which will lead into the new economic system. The criminals own the large corporations which control most everything. That has to change if we are to break free of this slavery.

        I think the Rats intentionally let loose the coronavirus, but Trump is using it to bankrupt them. I hope I’m right.


      2. Thanks for your response John. I have a bad feeling about this. You can’t turn an economy on and off like a light switch.


      3. One more thing. Commercial insurance policies do not cover losses incurred because of a pandemic emergency.


        1. Fully aware which is why Hedge Funds are bricking it now. The nasty scheming Bastards are being made to swallow bad gambles.

          But governments should never have paid stupid loans out. They can not be repaid and the economy is failing anyway. The well is dry for most. It’s you or the Zio’s. They need to go!

          If we can get Florida cleared, we will assess and test the next stage, ONLY if prudent. If the next stage is possible, we will try to help people grab a fast buck and fast track if it stacks up. No details you are in our thoughts. You matter!


  17. Tony, I wanted to thank you for all of the extra time and effort you are putting into the site. I know comments have increased quite a lot in recent days and you have not missed a beat in addressing that. I know you don’t always have a great deal of spare time so please know how much I, and I am sure many others appreciate that. THANK YOU.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Maybe we should invite Lord James in that case, your life may sparkle even more. LOL Then again, you may be too exhausted to continue taking such good care of the rest of us. Nah, not such a good idea then. LOL


        1. I’m starting to feel like who are you people!? And I posted a it’s getting hot video as a joke to Aurataya. Ripping body comment. Was just having some fun but I feel like such a fool now.

          Well nice knowing you all. I’m going to crawl in a hole now.


          1. My darlin, when I read this comment from you I just wanted to give you a big hug. It’s ok, you have not done anything wrong. Your comments and videos were not inappropriate. They were fabulous responses considering the mood we were all in that day. It was heaps of fun and I really enjoyed it. I love mucking around with you and anyone else that wants to join in. And as you can see for yourself John and Tony like to have some fun too.

            Sweetheart, I am just an ordinary person just like I believe you are. I can see Tony and John have offered their responses to bring you up to speed a little more. John and Tony may move in different circles to us but that does not mean we are not worthy of communicating with them or that we should be shy to do that. They are both very down to earth people as you know.

            A Johnson, if you go running away from us I’m am going to track you down and give you a good smack of that hairy butt of yours.LOL Let me assure you that you have done nothing wrong. You are always yourself and that is exactly what I love about you. I cannot cop people who put on all the airs and graces when in certain company. Please don’t be shy, don’t be embarrassed and don’t hide away from us. You are a gorgeous lady with a truly beautiful spirit. I feel close to you because you are natural, kind, intelligent, considerate, loads of fun, down to earth and most importantly, you have a beautiful heart.

            Now heck little Missy, I’m not buttering you up anymore because your head might get too big lol and you know everything I have stated is true so just accept that we all love you for exactly who you are and that is that. NEVER change yourself for other people. ALWAYS be yourself because that is what attracts good people to you.

            Oh, and I personally do not know Lord James either. I also only know Tony and John from being online here at WHA and OWoN. Relax darlin, we are in good company. XXX

            Liked by 1 person

          2. A Johnson

            Your a valued part of the site. Don’t ever feel excluded, each day we all learn more. You matter. You all matter.


      2. David and I are one. Anything to him comes to me. Who do you think writes the key speeches and plans the show?

        Last time I sat in the VIP Lords oversight area for a key session, LJ had brought a female friend who was so high on weed you could smell it from 10 feet. I brought my son along and he was stoned for 30 minutes even breathing the air. Behind closed doors? Once LJ hinted to her who was ex 9 she was hot to trot.

        Money, power, pheromones, welcome to Westminster. And do they- mone! Joke, play on part words.


        1. I had no idea! I thought you were some well off guys who just wanted to help some people. I did not know it was at this level.


          1. A Johnson. For you and others new here, this is a pic of our London friends, from a previous publicly released article on OWoN. Check out the background and you can see where they are allowed access. I have often said we are lucky to have a communication line to such people, because 99% of the stuff we had to read about our subject matter in the past was largely sourced from nutcases, ex-cons, grifters, overnight parvenus, “sovereign” space cadets, and every other chunder head you could imagine.

            Welcome to realistic park.


            1. Well that is a little intimidating for an OC Cali beach girl. How did I end up here?
              Nothing is by chance so has to be a reason I always gravitate to this site.


                1. Tony can you give us a refresh on possible reval amounts that were always thrown around? The range of possibility?


                2. In the past, we were hearing .10 to .47 on the Dong. And anywhere from 1.00 to 3.50 on the Dinar. But, that’s far from certain and even so, possibly subjected to strict individual limits and time windows. People were warned to move quickly once any changes are seen.

                  For now, we will have to wait for any updates on this. Things are moving, and I sincerely wish everyone good luck on any paper exit opportunities.

                  With the coming upward appreciation in key quality digital assets, this would be a good time to get it over and done. Then, other horizons await, and such horizons only come around every so often.

                  Thanks for your question!


              1. I know why you always gravitate to this site my little Cali beach girl. It’s because you love me so much and the other reason is that you cannot stand the thought of missing out on the video that Tony is sharing next week after my request the other day. You know the one that you nominated the Joe Cocker song for? You very simply do not wish for me to be the only one that gets to enjoy it. I’m sick of having to share all the time. I should get my own way sometimes. Ha ha ha ha ha,

                Smile darlin, today is a beautiful new day. XXX

                Liked by 1 person

              1. No, that’s Lord James and the one on the left is the Chinese Dynasty Taiwan Presidents son here for protecting family assets discussions.


              2. Not quite what I meant. In the link (which Tony has made “clickable”, [Thx Tony]), if you scroll down you’ll see a video, marked “VIDEO” in red. The video starts with a long shot, past a standing LJ and the caucus of Lords, to a roped off area (which I presume is the VIP Lords oversight area). Is that you, coach?


                1. No the Royal VIP section are is at the other end which is hidden from TV. Hell, show you Kabuki theatre?


              3. Helen

                New pics will answer all your questions. It will all help you see the bigger real picture.
                But, never doubt, we are humble, polite and real. Also some of us stay off public radar for good reasons.
                The site is about to get ever more interesting. Thank you for responding.

                Liked by 1 person

            2. Remember, all you ever see is Kabuki Theatre.
              The Genies are the Puppet Masters who plan the moves and write the speeches then stay quietly in the background out of Public sight. Old family powers, bloodlines. Need to know only.


              1. Aaah, but is that you in the video marked “VIDEO” in red, in the above link, at the opening shot, sitting on the far right hand side in the public gallery area?


                1. Look at the one with the Taiwanese and Lord J. who keeps it all together? We go out of our way to stay invisible. The hands which rock the cradle. Tony may chose to show you pics in the inner sanctum presenting to the Elders. The real powers. Out of sight, never out of control.


            3. Dear John or Tony:

              What is the name of the building that the room pictured above is in? Pardon my ignorance.

              Thank you.


          2. Hey A Johnson, don’t you think it’s cool though, that even at “this level” you have the opportunity to share with down to earth people with good hearts that actually do care about you?

            Liked by 1 person

      3. If, and its always IF with major currency deals, IF, Florida completes this time, as hoped by many, there may, I say MAY, be an opportunity for another to follow. It’s NOT guaranteed, still a gamble, but then a pretty hot one. We can’t advise, just suggest.

        So, IF Florida completes, those able to park up a few hundred bucks in a currency speculation, may see a good return. If so, as it will be a window of opportunity, PLEASE, use those fast profits to get rid of Credit Card and Loan Debts as fast as you cash out. You have nothing if all you have is owed. Once you make the huge mistake of part paying your Credit Cards, you are on a Debt Cycle which will last your lifetime. Often all because of a stupid whim, I want, I want, I want. Stop wanting until you can pay for it in cash. Get CLEAR of Debts. Do NOT use that fast profit to go shopping until you are clear of Debts. Public enemy Number one (Apart from her Indoors) is Debt. Get the Sharks out of your lives. I don’t Forex Gamble it’s a nightmare. But IF Florida clears I may buy just one fast. We will advise you if so.

        New Car sales are c40% down and vast stocks will be discounted to hell to unload them. Second hand cars will crash pro rata. Find out where Car Fleet Leasing companies sell Fleets after 2 years use. You can often get a car with low mileage for 50% off what it would have cost you retail. Use your heads. Buy at trade prices. Keep the money in your pockets. This, Post Covid, is time to reflect. Clear Debts if possible. Switch cards to clear in total every month and don’t buy what you can’t afford.

        Everything will change soon. Covid is here. With consequences but also opportunities. Assess and think smart.
        We will give a clear hint if Florida trades out. Then it lines up the next. That is your window. Take out those cards!

        Good luck.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Thanks for sharing that John. I’m sure many readers will feel a little uplifted by that glimmer of hope you have offered. Great advice re those horrid credit cards and fleet car buys too. Thanks John.


        2. Interesting info and good advice which I very much will heed. So in which currency would you “park up a few hundred bucks”. Dinar? Dong? Both?

          How wonderful to have John here with us.


          1. Reflecting again Spirit 156, IF Florida trades out, I will answer which one, but only after at least $100M of my own money is then parked in it as a speculation. Your choice to gamble then, but if I smell a real move it will increase fast. We will be clear when the Buys are made if it can help you all. But please, if it comes off,. get rid of those cards.
            If we get inside knowledge we will try to help you make many times more gearing up in margin calls.
            White knuckle times until then. .Good luck.


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