The Philippicae – What Cicero Didn’t See

After the assassination of Julius Caesar, Cicero, a senator who had no love of Caesar, and did not partake in the assassination, turned his attention to attacking the character of Marc Antony. He felt that Antony was just as much a threat as Caesar, and should have also been done away with.

The written attacks became known as “The Philippicae”, or “The Philippics”. They were intended to rally support of the senate against Antony. It worked, and the senate raised an army, declared Antony an enemy of the state, and commenced to do battle with Antony’s forces at Mutina and Forum Gallorum.

Both battles were victories for the senate, but their key generals, Hirtius and Pansa, were killed, and the armies were leaderless and open for acquisition. The local magistrate of Cisalpine Gaul who assumed command, Decimus Brutus, was one of Caesar’s assassins. Octavian (Caesar’s heir), refused to work with him, and the two armies soon switched loyalties to Octavian.

The senate scrambled to bypass Octavian and retake command of the armies. However, always the clever man, Octavian reconciled with Antony, and along with Lepidus, a military general once aligned with the senate, formed the First Triumvirate. This left the senate defenseless.

Cicero, an intelligent man, gifted orator and talented lawyer, had now become open for proscription, along with many other senators and persons of means. He had not necessarily acted without knowing what he was up against, but in the end, even his careful consideration of all matters simply didn’t work out. He was outmaneuvered by Octavian.

Eventually, Cicero was caught while trying to flee to the coast. He pulled aside his tunic, and offered the arresting legionary his neck, hoping for a swift, painless death. He was decapitated, and his head was staked in the Forum, where patrician nobles took turn stabbing his tongue with pens – a way of expressing their hatred and apparent jealousy for his gifted oratory. His hands were cut off and nailed to the senate house door, as a warning to anyone else who would write against the new triumvirate.

There is a lesson in all that. And it can be boiled down to a simple moral: Don’t take on a fight with an enemy you don’t know well, and especially with a flawed strategy.

But, what was flawed about his strategy? Cicero was not a military commander. He was just a senator, one of many. He didn’t exercise control on the field.

His flawed strategy was not the military conflict, but his instigating the affair with the Philippics, and angering someone (Antony) who still had considerable influence and power with very experienced military units from Caesar’s veteran legions.

Cicero had no such influence on his own, save that via the senate. But, they were not Antony. And soldiers were quicker to follow a military leader they admired, rather than a bunch of bureaucrats they despised.

Cicero had also not judged Octavian’s potential to join Antony, and rally those whom were loyal to his adopted late father (Caesar). He was overpowered and had not the forces to defend himself in such an outcome that had befallen him.

I thank you for your forbearance with this history lesson. I will now make a relevant point with all this.

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint in Federal Court against the Meta1 Coin operation, and its principals, Robert Dunlap, et al. Long time RV/GCR talk show host and seminar promoter, Dave Schmidt, was also named in the complaint.

Long ago we warned that the law is clear on publicly offering and selling anything in the form of a security that offers a return on investment. In the U.S., such offerings, unless exempted, require a securities license, or at minimum, registration of the investment. The SEC has now stepped in to make that point with respect to the Meta1 offering.

There are many allegations of wrongdoing in the complaint, and we won’t even try to analyze it here. The courts will eventually decide if the allegations are true or not, and in time we will all know just what Meta1 was doing, and what its fate will ultimately be.

Aside from the main allegations, it was alleged in the complaint that:

“…During the SEC’s underlying investigation of this matter, the SEC subpoenaed each of the Defendants for documents and to appear to testify. Each Defendant returned the subpoena to the SEC with the word “Fraudulent” marked on every page. Schmidt refused to produce documents to the SEC, and refused to testify. Dunlap refused to produce documents. He appeared for testimony, but refused to answer several important questions, such as whether he drafted the Whitepaper, claiming at various times the questions were ridiculous, the answers were none of the SEC’s business, and he “[has] no contract with the SEC.” Bowdler produced some documents, but refused to testify...”

The tactic of marking documents “fraudulent”, especially under these circumstances, and claiming that one “has no contract with the SEC”, or other government agency, under such similar circumstances, is often used by persons who take the position that they are “sovereign” or somehow not subject to the jurisdiction of the law because they are now a “secured party creditor” or some such thing.

The courts have repeatedly rejected the claims of people using such arguments, and those who have persisted in using such claims to prevail in a legal case have found themselves either fined for doing so, or jailed after being convicted for crimes when such defenses failed.

As we saw with Cicero, even the best thought-out plans can wither against the unknown and unpredictable. But, it is made even harder when you outright ignore, or blissfully act in ignorance of your opponent’s track record of victory against a tactic you are trying to use in defense. Further, you make yourself a wider target for doing so.

The government considers any use of fraudulent sovereignty claims against their jurisdiction as a sort of Philippic against them, and once you bring such claims onto the battlefield, you are at once in a very precarious position, with almost no defense. The ram has now touched the wall. And, when the opponent is the SEC, there is serious power behind that ram. And claiming that your opponent does not even have a right to ram your wall, after they have, is not going to scare them away, or rebuild the wall.

We will certainly watch with great interest how this case turns out. There are larger issues at stake within this case, but we will leave that for another time.

Moving on…

The adoption and innovation in the digital asset realm continues, and with increasing interest and demand. There is tremendous value all around at this time. Be sure, the buying windows for many of the new up and coming ideas will not last forever.

The upcoming BTC halving and continuing Wall St and other interest in this sector is queuing up to create a potential explosion in value that could be unprecedented. Big interests, exceeding several trillion dollars in combined worth, are continuing to invest in and develop in this sector.

I learned from many years of experience that wealth is best acquired by investing in value, and holding on through any and all volatility, comments, opinions, reasons to vary from that approach. By combining the patience of an investor and the boldness of a speculator, and becoming an “investolator”, you can benefit from such an approach without losing sleep, getting ulcers, betting on chart patterns, reading chicken bones in a bowl, spitting Bacardi on your wife, or wondering which Youtube “analyst” with unknown credentials is the right guru to follow.

Simply locate value, take a reasonable position size based on your personal risk capital, and hold it. Value will create demand. And in this sector, that demand, combined with declining availability in BTC, (which is currently a liquidity reserve that most other alt coins transact in and out of) will force an effect on price. But, timing is critical. Getting in early, ahead of the halving and large capital influx, may have a tremendous affect on the potential future gain.

The last two times the BTC code mandated a halving, many coins experienced severely irrational gains in appreciation. Spectrecoin, Reddcoin and Verge, for example, handed investors profits of $2,000,000, $2,700,000 and $5,000,000 for every $500 ventured. And this was before the kind of significant commercial interests we now see coming into this space.

Similar gains were had with NEO and Ethereum. There were many who saw what was coming, quietly bought and waited, and made millions. Others dithered, questioned, nit-picked over “flaws”, over-analyzed charts, engaged in Pavlovian peer-enforced skepticism, or simply just didn’t know.

Will such gains happen again? I don’t know, but I would guess that the chances are probably better now than they have ever been in the past. Always keep in mind that, at this time, it is not necessary to take huge risks to make potentially huge gains. So, for what I would spend over a weekend in Vegas, I can instead place such resources into something that no slot machine can probably return.

The key is picking good projects. This is where your job to do good homework and research comes into play. There are many resources out there to help you do this, so find one you find agreeable, and stake your claim if you so choose.

In the event that public RV paper exits fail, you now have a hedge, with low buy-ins, should you choose to partake. One that has come along at the right time and probably stands a much better chance than paper returns might. We had always hoped that people could exit their paper before the anticipated run-up in the digital asset markets. But, time is running out for such preferred sequences to take place.

At present, our understanding of what we watch for is as follows:

The Global Settlements remain un-settled. Do not be surprised if such remains so throughout 2020. The opposing party obviously do not fear legal repercussions. Even in these trying times, when the industrial might of our land has come to a near halt, these money-changing, hobnail-toed parasitical vermin refuse to release what is not theirs; depriving the nation of much needed revenue to cope, in a truly sublime display of their contempt for the general welfare.

We continue to watch for private group transactions and the attendant Brontosaur-sized turds that they will deposit once they transact – including any possible public transactions. While we cannot detail such, the groups will proceed first before any public chances can materialize.

If you are in a legit group, continue to maintain silence and obey all admonitions to you concerning confidentiality. Failure to do so could be costly. We understand that legitimate groups are making good progress. However, details simply are not possible to share openly at this time.

With the current epidemiological hysteria, there are some who are convinced that this “crisis” will be used to implement central bank digital currencies. The legal language describing digital wallets/digital dollars in the latest US stimulus bill is intriguing, so the notion of some new form of monetary infrastructure being enabled is perhaps a viable possibility. What this has to do with anything we watch for is still not clear. However, it is interesting to think that releases which parallel the general stimulus payments would probably go unnoticed in form, but the results would be “expected” in such a case and less of a “surprise” if released solely without a public stimulus at the same time. We will see.

The death rate from the current viral outbreak is terrible, but still far less than other natural killers. Remember the tsunami of 2004? It killed c230,000 people in one afternoon. A similar event directed at either of the U.S. coasts would kill millions, and send our economy into a tailspin that would take years to recover from.

Many were not prepared for this recent, rather mild breakout; a love tap compared to what could happen in the future. How prepared do you think most are for a real natural event, one that really has a punch to it?

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, diseases, meteor impacts, terrorist originated biological attacks, etc. Are you ready for such?

As long as we continue to manage the earth with politics and money, we will be left wide open to allowing the least qualified persons to prepare for or manage such events, so you better be self-sufficient.

Always be ready for anything. That way, if you are wrong in your predictions, you can still be right.

We are still waiting for WHR #48 part two. We will post it when ready.

Get ready for a wild ride for the rest of 2020.


You’ve got to expect things are going to go wrong. And we always need to prepare ourselves for handling the unexpected. – Neil Armstrong


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      1. LOL Google’s new 5G censorship policy (as reported by Robert F Kennedy Jnr) must be working.
        What are they so afraid of?

        Robert F Kennedy Jnr
        “Using the Coronavirus crisis as pretext, Google today announced it will censor discussions of 5G health effects. Google joins the mainstream and social media drive to shutter the 5G movement….Big Data/Big Telecom are using this rumor to muzzle debate about the abundantly documented health harms from wireless”.

        View this post on Instagram

        Using the Coronavirus crisis as pretext,Google today announced it will censor discussions of 5G health effects. Google joins the mainstream and social media drive to shutter the 5G movement. Google says it means to stifle a“conspiracy theory “ linking 5G to the pandemic. Big Data/Big Telecom are using this rumor to muzzle debate about the abundantly documented health harms from wireless. The NYTimes& CNN say all health complaints against wireless are baseless.MSM news reports consistently target me and Children’s Health Defense even though CHD has rejected the 5G/coronavirus hypothesis as unsupported by peer reviewed science. Conversely,over 4000 peer reviewed reports describe myriad injuries from wireless.A 2019 Federal (NTP) study blames wireless for cancer and DNA damage. The International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) links Wireless to brain tumors. The Data/Telecom Robber Baron’s are apoplectic that CHD’s lawsuit against FCC threatens the wireless future,and at our campaign to stop 5G’s quarantine deployment. Google says new algorithms will use search terms to ban coronavirus “conspiracy theories” and “misleading health claims” about 5G The search giant will ban advertising ,search terms and keywords that relate to “misleading health claims” surrounding 5G and coronavirus". results”. Facebook and YouTube are joining the efforts. As the world’s largest data mining firm,Google stands at the center of the 5G roll-out. Telecom giant AT&T owns CNN. Telecom billionaire Carlos Slim owns the NYTimes. The Irish Press Counsel recently rebuked the Times for its false and misleading reports on 5G safety in violation of Ireland’s Truth and Accuracy Standards. To justify its censorship, Google claims that the International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has found “absolutely no risk to public health.”Google nowhere mentions that ICNIRP is a Telecom industry front group. An Italian appellate court recently ruled that cell phones caused the brain tumor in a telecom employee. The court found that studies conducted by ICNIRP members are biased because ICNIRP is “funded by the telecom industry.”

        A post shared by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (@robertfkennedyjr) on


  3. OWoN:

    Q: Any word on Dinar?

    A: Complex problems trying to get irretractable undertakings from US entities not to effect any withholding tactics from funds converted once transferred because we are dealing with the world’s biggest Fraud operators. We can’t risk converting the funds then finding the accounts don’t have free use. Dealing with the worst lying, treacherous conniving bandits on the planet means bolting down these scumbags before letting them near the end deal.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved


  4. Tony, if you have a few moments could I please ask your opinion regarding what the heck is going on in our world at the moment with all this lock down craziness in relation to this virus matter.

    I am starting to become a little concerned about what all this means and would sincerely appreciate your opinion as I know you will offer a wise and intelligent perspective.

    May I thank you in advance if you feel like responding. No worries at all if not. Thank you.

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    1. A rhetorical, yet serious question, nonetheless.

      The highest and best assessment I can give you from a self-perceived position high above the din, is thus: We are simply witnessing the incompetent management of our planet within outmoded and outdated frameworks. Political and monetary systems are slowly becoming unimportant in the psyche in the majority of people. Technology is bringing the capability of people to organize around a much more local and decentralized core of common association. The truly capable and technologically skilled are building systems that make the methods of the past no longer viable.

      We are seeing the entire world being shut down over something that is rather mild compared to similar things before. The response, in large parts, has been completely ineffective from the standpoint of what it could have been had politics and monetary interests not been brought to bear.

      Imagine a world where epidemiological responses were based on intelligent detection and containment, not some bureaucrat worrying about his stock portfolio if such were implemented, etc.

      This is why I have always warned to be ready for anything, because this world, functioning in a retarded fashion, won’t respond to such situations with greater good of the world in mind. Granted there are good people working hard to help, but they are handicapped by the system they and all of us dwell in which won’t let them reach their full potential in doing so.

      So, what’s going on? Different parties are maneuvering to gain an advantage, as always in a competitive society.

      Stay ready for anything. Prepare for the future. Knowing what is going on is just not quite as important as being ready for anything.

      Sorry for the long answer. I am distracted by many things today.

      Hope you are well!

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      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your opinion Tony, I do greatly appreciate that.

        This lock down situation is really bugging me. It seems like such overkill in many ways. The personal / family destruction that is coming from it is quite shocking to witness. The whole control aspect of it is getting to me the most, just feel like a sitting duck at times.

        Never apologize for a long answer Tony, the more at length you express yourself the more I like it. LOL

        I am well thank you Tony, I do hope you are too. Thank you so much.

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  5. Some time ago, Dave Schmidt claimed that he and fellow defendants in the matter of SEC vs. Meta1 Coin would be bringing charges of perjury against counsel for the government at their hearing.

    Turns out that the judge had other ideas. He granted a preliminary injunction granting, among other things, freezing of assets and preservation of documents.

    We are still waiting to see if the judge ran from the courtroom out of fear of a secured party strawman coming after him with a lien for a zillion dollars. Still no word if Abe Lincoln channeled in to claim slander, or if any of the defendants attempted to write “fraudulent” across the judge’s face.

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    1. What I don’t understand is why people get excited about these government DC’s.

      It’s not good for crypto. Certainly not good for civilization. Do you really think governments are going to allow a competing non-government digital currency? If they have their own CBDC, do you think they will allow other digital currencies to flourish. Doubtful.

      Maybe…Just maybe…Bitcoin was a trial balloon to get people acclimated? Did anyone think of that? Who IS Satoshi Nakamoto? NSA? Digital currencies are horrible for humanity. You can be turned off at will.

      If there is ONLY a digital system, we are all F’d..


      1. As there are other vehicles even now that hold value aside from currencies, there will most likely be outside of any government CBDCs. It would be almost impossible to stop it, not to mention, unconstitutional.

        Not that many people own or even know how bitcoin works. I don’t think the trillions of dollars being invested in blockchain infrastructure are being done without a pretty good idea that they will not be stopped by some overreaching regulation.

        Governments wont be able to stop a decentralized blockchain currency. They can’t even stop child porn, drug smuggling, moonshiners, fiat dollar smuggling or money laundering at present.

        Both will find use in a regulated environment, if you ask me. It won’t take much longer to find out.

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  6. Press release April 14, 2020

    “Once the immediate impacts of the crisis abate, Ministers and Governors will return to other priority agenda items, such as further promoting debt transparency and sustainability, addressing tax challenges resulting from the digitalization of the economy, addressing illicit financial flows, and setting proper frameworks for digital assets and cybersecurity of the financial sector.”


  7. This guy is either a genius on earth or is from another planet. He speaks way over my head.

    Vitalik Buterin ( creator of Ethereum ) Predicts:

    The megatrend in cryptography of the 2010s was elliptic curves, pairings and general purpose ZKPs/SNARKs.
    The megatrend of the 2020s will be (in addition to broad adoption of the above) lattices, LWE, multilinear maps, homomorphic encryption, MPC and obfuscation……The common theme in both is the rise of cryptographic primitives that operate over boolean or arithmetic circuits as a mathematical representation of computation, and hence cryptographic constructions becoming general purpose.


    1. Lol! I had a cousin who was a physicist (rip) who talked like this. I definitely did not get any of those genes.

      Vitalik Buterin explained in regular people terms:

      Now this we can understand!

      We got big toys in the last 10 years and now we are getting bigger toys in the next 10 years.


    1. It’s nice to put a face to the doctor. Looks like he did a second YouTube video. The first one was deleted immediately. In case this one gets deleted, please watch the one I posted yesterday from the John Stadtmiller podcast. He gives the dosage level and something we can do daily to keep healthy.

      I’ll repost it here:
      The whole podcast is great but dr starts at 34 min mark.


    2. SF Driver, thank you so much for sharing this video. Happy I caught it prior to deletion. I like this guy, he is brave. He is also now a target. Please excuse me but this guy has balls. Thank you.


      1. I am glad it has not been deleted. After this video, he has to suffer the consequences with the adminitrative side of his clinic/hospital. Also, he has to fight the American Medical Association to keep his credentials. Things are heating up and reaching the climax. Let’s hope for the best outcome for the people.

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  8. “The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda. This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch. Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video. You can support our team and future projects making a donation at”

    NPR is funded by Gates foundation among others, by the way.
    I weaned myself from television before 2000 but was still listening to radio programs, especially NPR Radio because of their music programs. I still listen to music on the radio when I drive, but I turn it off as soon as someone starts to speak.

    NPR wants the “undocumented” to receive the stimulus money even though they have not been paying income taxes while receiving every imaginable handouts the US citizens were not benefiting from. We do not even know if the State of CA is going to pay our unemployment benefits. So far there is not a single self-employed person who has been approved for the benefit. I have to wonder who is keeping the money. Nazi Nancy and her nephew Gavin Twosome?

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  9. Must hear!!! This Dr claims that quinine which is in tonic water and zinc will kill any virus, cold flu etc. He says Doctors have been treating covid19 patients in really bad shape and said they are crushing it.

    His YouTube video was banned but he was a guest on John Stadtmiller show so you can listen on his podcast.

    Start at 33 min mark.


  10. The US, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan have banned Huawei 5G

    Why have countries banned Huawei from building this technology then, if it is so great?
    It all comes down to security concerns. The new 5G technology can transport enormous amounts of data, but with that new freedom comes a loose, unrestricted, and rather unprotected system. According to online sources, the security architecture of 5G has been adjusted to allow as much data as possible to be collected, essentially enabling a form of mass surveillance. Governments are concerned that if one foreign company constructs the 5G network in another country, a lot of spying could potentially go on.


    1. Former Vodafone employee stated Huawei was working with countries to install 5g tech. (I’m guilty-I posted the video before it was banned).

      Did he not know that many countries have banned them from doing so.

      I think there may be some fear monger if going on.


        1. With all due respect A Johnson you are confusing security issues with health issues. All those countries are still moving forward with 5G.


          1. Rocco – yes you are correct. My bad. But they are moving forward with this technology.

            From the whitehouse last month.


            Check out this site. It has loads of info. There is an interactive map to locate the towers. You can check if there are any near you and what we can do to protect ourselves. All we can do is the best we can because it is not going away. Will I take a chance and live near one? Hell No!



  11. 75 years ago today, the day after Roosevelt died, my father landed on the island of Okinawa with the 383rd Infantry Division. They were replacements for casualties suffered by units that landed around the first of the month.

    The first thing he saw when he exited the landing craft were huge tarps on which lay the shot up equipment of dead soldiers. It was dragged to the rear so the enemy could not use it in some way. It was covered with blood, and in some places, pieces of flesh and bones.

    Near the end of the month, dad was still alive, and getting closer to the south end of the island. One evening, they were sitting around their fox holes, eating K rations; the first real meal break they had in a few days. It had rained heavily and the mud prevented commissary units from setting up hot kitchens.

    Suddenly, there was a “plop, plop!”. They knew immediately what that was. Mortar rounds had landed within feet of the men, but had failed to detonate because of the soft mud. They jumped in their foxholes, flat out face first, and a third round came in – a heavy mortar round – and it hit a rocky outcrop and detonated. The explosion destroyed all their equipment. Rifles, packs, water cans, ammo crates, medical supplies. All of it was lost.

    Had the first two rounds detonated, I would not be writing right now.

    Near the end of the battle, a photographer snapped a picture of my father and some of his comrades, a copy of which is below. He’s on the far right,

    The last few days of fighting saw remaining Japanese soldiers running all over the southern tip of the island, like a big flock of chickens scattered by a raccoon, dad recalled. One of them jumped up in front of my dad and he shot him at close range. He never forgot that boy, who had to have been no more than 17.

    75 years ago.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing some of your history with us Tony.

      It’s hard for me to really know what to say in instances like this. Wars frighten the hell out of me. I would be absolutely useless if placed in a war. I do not understand how so many that have endured war experiences remain sane.

      I am pretty certain most of us gathering here are rather pleased those first two rounds did not detonate too.

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      1. Thank you.

        When I visited Okinawa in 2002 with a group of veterans from the battle, you would not believe the stories they shared. Most of those stories would never be told broadly, but they rival some of the most heartwrentching tales ever spoken of in war.

        Let’s hope all war becomes a thing of the past very soon.

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        1. I absolutely believe you regarding the traumatic nature of the stories those veterans shared Tony. My German Uncle also shared some war experiences with me when he fought for Hitler at age 16 to 17. I have never been able to erase some of those details from my memory, unbelievably horrific.

          As much as I hate war, I admire the inner strength and toughness of those that were confronted with such incredible horror and able to deal with it and continue living life beyond those experiences. There is certainly a difference between such people and those like me.


          1. I can only imagine.

            Hitler Jugend, in one case, took over 8000 casualties alone in France after the landings at Normandy. They were pressed into very hard duty at a young age, faced terrible situations, and fought bravely. No child should ever be in that situation. But, still to this day, many even younger are pressed into such service. Tragic.


            1. So very true Tony. I often feel like crying for my Uncle with regard to what he endured at such a tender age. He is no longer with us unfortunately, he passed away 5 years ago now and I miss him so much. He was a very caring, gentle and wise influence in my life. A truly beautiful man.

              When will all this horror end? I can’t believe our world was meant to turn out like this.

              I wish I could have been able to see a clearer picture of your Dad from the image you shared. I always like to look at peoples faces and into their eyes if possible to see the stories revealed without words.

              I know this may sound a bit corny coming from me but I believe you Dad would have been extremely proud of the person you turned out to be Tony. You can be proud of him and of yourself Tony.


              1. That was very kind. thank you very much.

                They were called the Greatest Generation, and for good reasons. Of course, they made their mistakes as our generation has, but in the end, we are still here and building on their work and sacrifices towards a better world, one hopes.

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        2. My father was in the army too. He was a sgt major.

          He fought Korea a Vietnam twice and has three Purple Hearts. He never shared with us his experience that went on in war.

          I could not even imagine.


          1. I went to school with a guy whose father was in the Marines, and was at the Yalu River when 400,000 chi-coms stormed over. Stinking hoards should have been nuked.

            I can only imagine why your father never shared experiences. Such things are hard to recall for many and perhaps best left in the past.


            1. I want to dedicate this song to our fathers and loved ones who fought in war because it was my dad’s favorite song. Oh Tony, you have me in tears right now.

              Both Sides Now | Judy Collins


              1. OMG A Johnson, you and I are both basket cases this evening. LOL

                That song is so beautiful, I love it too. Your Dad had good taste. My favorite version is below.

                Try not to be sad beautiful. I’m a bit sad tonight too but we must stay strong. We have so much time left to achieve beautiful things in this life. One thing that I am truly grateful for is being given the opportunity to meet YOU because you have truly brightened my life with your gorgeous soul.

                Both Sides Now

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            2. I can’t even begin to imagine what confronting that specific situation would have felt like at the Yalu River. Too much for me.


          2. OMG A Johnson, I know I am totally far too emotional lately but your comment made me cry. Far out, what your Dad must have endured.

            This is what breaks my heart. These people that have endured these experiences and then they are supposed to return to a normal life within society and the family unit and be totally normal. Where is their release from this trauma? These experiences cannot be wiped from their memory. How do they ever recover from these experiences?

            I really bloody hate this world sometimes.

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            1. Sorry Tony, could you please delete one of these comments for me please. My mistake reloading the page and hitting post comment again. Thank you.


  12. “Underground War Details! Gene Decode: Part 2. B2T Show Apr 12 (IS)”

    Gene explains 19 minutes into the video about the position DJT is holding (the Commander in Chief) is higher than the President of the Corporation due to the current State of Emergency by calling 1 million reservists back to active duty. He said there have been about 800,000 missing children since 1940’s in the US alone. Each Deep Underground Military Base is about 4.2 miles in length, and it costs about 17 Billion Dollars to build. I am hopeful that when the children are rescued, the focus will shift to rebuilding nations world wide. I’ve only listened from 19:00 to 33:00. Will post additional information if I hear anything noteworthy.


  13. “Just what does this mean?” – Erin T. Scott
    “Because he knows it’s a corporation that is ending “ – dalywildkat (in the comment section)

    “OPEN LETTER to Chris Martenson, Mike Maloney, Bix Weir and Clif High from Erin Scott + Ron Boccaccio”
    “Hi Erin more food for thought.. Here in the UK.. I have visited my City Hospital a major trauma center three times recently and the changes are.. The pay and display parking normally full is now free and empty. The accident and emergency department is also empty normally full with a 6 hour wait. There are many reasons for the above, firstly all routine procedures are cancelled, work and bars are closed so accidents , road crashes are almost nill. The gangs are in lockdown so the knife crime has evaporated. Just a few of the reasons why the hospital is empty, and people are terrified to go anywhere near the place unless they really have to.” – Garry Croft (in the comment section)

    The saying “numbers do not lie” is so true. It is difficult and almost impossible to fool engineers who build their livelihood (something real and tangible unlike trading financial markets) with mathematics.
    The people who spread the fear among the alternative media for the “plandemic” with the second hand statistics and information need to take responsibilities for their reckless actions by destroying the world economy. There was no need for it in retrospect, or maybe they have been working for the dark side.


      1. True, but the Vodafone boss is not even a GP.

        5G is not going to fade. Big money behind it. Without the speeds 5G offers, future technologies won’t have the cycle rates high enough to be viable or workable.

        We will see where this one goes, but between 5G and not 5G, I am putting my money on 5G going mainstream and going in a big way.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. No he’s not a GP but more likely to be privy to the big picture gameplan. The video was deleted from YouTube twice during the week.

          First 15 min definitely worth the watch.


    1. The three pillars of power Erin T. Scott spoke of in her video has a lot to do with the Act of 1871 after the Civil War in my opinion. When the Corporations representing the DC, Vatican and the City of London dissolve, so will the structures that hold their power. I am pretty sure Paladin spoke about this in the recent video. This is my conclusion about the two videos I copied and pasted this morning. I think the dual citizens (the US and Israel) who have been shaping the geopolitics in the 20th and 21st Centuries are freaking out right now. Humanity can no longer be suppressed or oppressed.

      “What Congress did by passing the Act of 1871 was create an entirely new document, a constitution for the government of the District of Columbia, an INCORPORATED government. This newly altered Constitution was not intended to benefit the Republic. It benefits only the corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and operates entirely outside the original (organic) Constitution.
      Instead of having absolute and unalienable rights guaranteed under the organic Constitution, we the people now have “relative” rights or privileges. One example is the Sovereign’s right to travel, which has now been transformed (under corporate government policy) into a “privilege” that requires citizens to be licensed.
      By passing the Act of 1871, Congress committed TREASON against the People who were Sovereign under the grants and decrees of the Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution.
      The Act of 1871 became the FOUNDATION of all the treason since committed by government officials.”


    1. Tony – I’m thinking maybe I should not have posted this video.

      To be honest, It scared the living crap out of me. Had I watched this a year ago, I would not have believed it but now we are living thru it, it makes total sense.

      The mayor where I live announced setting up check points!!!


      1. I was pulled over the other day. I happened to be the only car on the street for miles, and a cop decided to see what I was up to since AZ had a no travel order.

        I was polite and respectful through the entire encounter…disclosed that I had a firearm…and the officer was kind and thanked me for telling him, even though we don’t have to in AZ.

        He just wanted to see inside the car, to see if I had any burgle tools or swag since business break-ins are on the rise.

        I told him where I was going and that I would return home asap. He thanked me and I thanked him. Off I went, no harm no foul.

        Had I copped an attitude, pressed my “rights”, and acted like I was “sovereign”, it could have gone badly, especially with me carrying a .380.

        In times like this, we can make simple decisions and realize that we have to give a little to enable us to glide through situations that some think are a lot worse than they are.

        Compared to ages past, even now we have it well.


        1. That’s true Tony. The longer this lock down, the more desperate people become. So, police officers out there’s a good thing.

          There have been several robberies in the last week in the area I live.

          I usually don’t lock my doors at night but now every window and door locked before bed.


        2. I agree with what you say…There are things we cannot change so we have do the best we can with the cards we are dealt…People are waking up to certain things and eventually most of us will be on the same page and we will be able to change things..remain optimistic and strong


          1. Yes. The fact that it is on a major news paper is great even though they are calling it conspiracy. How many people will do their own research to validate if true or not. We are all on lockdown. What else is there to do.

            It even mentioned topics david icke talked about in the video. Bill gates involved with nano technology chips in vaccines is one.



    “Abrogation Of Titles To A New Leader?” – Roy Potter


  15. “Gene Decode #9 DUMBs update,five George to six George safe,3 Days of Darkness=Dark to Light,FrazzleDrip Huma/Hillary”
    Gold discussion begins at around 13:30 in the above video. Gene said there are hundreds of Trillions of Dollars worth of gold that will be repatriated, but it will take a long time due to its sheer quantity. He thinks the dark side mush have a meticulous ledger system to record the ownership of the stolen gold.


  16. Hi Tony. this is my first post. I’m looking to start investing in crypto currencies. I couldn’t find your previous post on suggested secure wallets and currencies. If possible, can you repost. Thanks


    1. Hi,

      The first suggested crypto was found here:

      You can then just scroll forward through the thread and find the rest as they appear. Let me know if you have trouble and I will assist. Readers here also have made their recommendations known, and feel free to research those as well. If you have any to share, that’s fine too.

      As for wallets, there are many that are good. I don’t remember making a post on suggested wallets per se. But I will mention some that I know to be good. is very good. is also very good for ETH and all ERC20 tokens. Trezor is a good hardware wallet as well.

      If your budget is high enough, I would suggest you join Palm Beach Confidential, or Weiss Crypto ratings, especially if you are new to this space. They make good, well-researched recommendations, and also, very importantly, they have tons of information and educational resources to assist you. And, they will keep you updated on all the recommended coins/tokens, and issue critical news that you may need to take action on from time to time to keep certain tokens in good standing.

      Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay!


    1. “Heads Up.”

      The devil is in the coding, the stats for the pandemic is bogus.

      WHO and CDC that governs the International Classification of Diseases codes:

      AMA that governs the Current Procedural Terminology and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes to control the revenues for the licensed practitioners:

      “Digital Immunity “Passport” or Continued Lock-Down”


  17. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers I received, upon letting you know my Dad was in the ICU with the Corona Virus. Unfortunately, he passed away today at 4:49 PM today. I am at peace knowing that he is no longer suffering. I will cherish all the good memories I had with him, even though he was not my biological father.


    1. Terrance,
      Here to your father who nurtured you to become the person you are today. As he filled your life with fond memories, you must have brought him much joy and pride. Hope the music brings you comfort, eternal love and continuity of spiritual journey your father has embarked.

      “Stern told some unforgettable stories. He recalled when he was in Dallas the day that his friend, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Sitting in a cafe at the Dallas airport, while waiting for a connecting flight to San Antonio, a devastated Stern and a friend downed a bottle of bourbon. Looking out the window, they could see Air Force One which was carrying Kennedy’s body.
      The next night, Stern was scheduled to play the Sibelius Violin Concerto in D Minor with the San Antonio Symphony, but at the morning rehearsal he told the conductor that the piece seemed inappropriate.
      The only thing he felt he could play was Bach. That night he told the 4,000 people in attendance that musicians sometimes pray by playing certain kinds of music, and that he prayed by playing the “soul-cleansing” music of Bach. Stern asked the audience not to applaud at the end.”

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dear Terrence,

      I am so sad to hear the news of the passing of your Dad. Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

      I know it’s hard when a loved one transitions, particularly such a beautiful soul as your Dad. I understand the pain and feeling of loss can be difficult to cope with in these early days but you and he were both so very blessed to have had the opportunity to share such a meaningful portion of this life experience together. The love you shared is eternal, never forget that. This is just a new stage of life for both of you and although your Dad may not physically be with you, his love will always surround you, as yours will him. Grieve as you need to Terrence and remember we are all here for you.

      I wish I could give you a big long hug right now Terrence just to let you know I care. XX

      Do not stand at my grave and weep
      I am not there. I do not sleep.
      I am a thousand winds that blow.
      I am the diamond glints on snow.
      I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
      I am the gentle autumn rain.
      When you awaken in the morning’s hush
      I am the swift uplifting rush
      Of quiet birds in circled flight.
      I am the soft stars that shine at night.
      Do not stand at my grave and cry;
      I am not there. I did not die.

      by Mary Elizabeth Frye

      Liked by 1 person

        1. You always make me cry beautiful with your sweet, kind and generous comments. I sincerely thank you gorgeous for taking the time to express what you have. THANK YOU SO MUCH. XXX

          Liked by 1 person

    1. “ First, Treasury is instructed to issue a new class of zero coupon perpetual Treasury Bill – the ‘Treasury Dollar Bill,’ or ‘Treasury Dollar’ – valued at precisely one Federal Reserve Note (a.k.a. ‘dollar bill’) per Treasury Dollar. The Treasury Dollar is deemed legal tender, sufficient to discharge all obligations public and private, on a par with Federal Reserve Notes.”


  18. “Global Pandemic PLANNED? ID2020, Vaccines & Crypto!
    ID2020, digital IDs, and forced vaccinations! Is this coming from the global pandemic crisis? Was this planned by the elites and led by Bill Gates to take away our liberties, while creating a mandatory implanted ID? The evidence is mounting from ID2020 programs like MyPass, the creation of MiPasa and a recent reddit AMA done by Mr. Gates himself. But how is crypto and blockchain involved? Are there certain projects contributing to this? Tune in to find out!

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰ 00:08 Introduction: Flipping the Script 01:10 America Is Still the Beautiful. But For How Long? 01:54 Our Liberties Reduced Until at least the End of April 03:07 Limits on Civil Liberties: Medical Martial Law 05:18 More Drastic Measure to Come? 06:26 Social Distancing Being Pushed Like Mad 07:18 The Contagion Connection To Real Life: Predictive Programming 11:11 The Contagion Similarities Continue 13:13 The Vaccines Coming? The Fear Spreads 14:36 Worst Case Scenario So Similar to Contagion 15:38 The Vaccine Scramble? 15:51 ID2020, Global IDs & Vaccinations 16:15 Bill Gates Is Behind This 16:54 Vaccination IDs? 17:27 MiPasa Blockchain for Coronavirus Data 18:18 ID2020 MyPass 19:05 ID2020, Blockchain & Crypto Projects 20:54 Outro”


      1. “Update on the Underground War! Gene DUMBs Decode. Over 60 updates! B2T Show Apr 2 (IS)” interview from 3/31/20 – White Hats’ are making progress


        1. Correction: the interview was live streamed on 4/2/20
          Gene said: “we got the gold” in the video to back the dollar? He also said in the video with Cirsten that the assets are automatically being seized from the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity.
          I have also heard Jim Willie say the same thing (about the gold) few months back, but he also said he has no way to confirm this.
          All of this validates what Paladin told us in the recent video. He also said that what will end up happening after the 10 days of darkness and into the summer will be similar to NESARA.


          1. Gene explains the five-George being installed in the US is completely different from the ones in China @ around 1:12:00

            “REALIST NEWS – Insider gave me some intel!! You heard it here first! Melania Trump Speech Coming”
            Melania will give a speech on “healing”.


    1. Three years ago “look at the site daily” What is the difference between then and now? OWON is wayyyyy over his pay grade but just don’t or cannot admit that he is . Just another level of “Guru” Thanks for what you do Tony. You have never been pretentious.


      1. Well, that was an interesting comment. That would have been best directed to OWoN, but I will reply just the same, while not speaking for them.

        Be reminded that most of those “watch the site” comments concerned anticipated success with the GS. Not necessarily the RV. And true to form, the other party didn’t keep their word. An expected completion simply didn’t complete, time after time, that’s all.

        I don’t remember very many currency predictions, and only one time a group process pre-notice was made, but didn’t happen. Only once. Can’t say I find much fault in that.

        Compare that to the mass guru cartels who are calling it weekly, and on top of that, calling things like NESARA and mass prosperity millions, which are fantasies, on a weekly basis. Advising that call centers are manned, which is baloney. Saying banks are ready for the public, which is false as well.

        I would say we have it good. So, count your blessings.

        As for the “over his pay grade” remark. Well, as you see it.

        The currency issue will eventually have to conclude. There is no choice. The exact form of the conclusion will eventually show itself. Until then, hang in there.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Connecting the dots, the latest with jsnip4.
    “REALIST NEWS – WOW OMG – Q Misspelling of Dankess. It is happening folks!!! Children rescued!!”

    In case I forgot to copy and paste Cirsten’s video earlier.
    “CIA John Brennan exposed,Saving extracted children from Dumbs update”


  20. Cirsten mentioned about the new telecommunication systems being installed (not five-George anymore) in the US do not emit radiation at around 18:00 minutes in this video. If her information is false, millions and billions of people will be dead very soon. Somehow, I doubt that very much. Besides, what could I do about it? I doubt the patriots being that thoughtless and heartless.
    The lockdowns need to be lifted soon to save what’s left of the economy though. Dr. Fauci needs to shut up, and Nutsy Nancy should be called Nazi Nancy.


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