Note: The following article was first published in March, 2015 in another venue. The author has authorized a re-publishing and hopes you understand the implications for us all as the mission and goals outlined below continue to advance on many fronts. – WHA

It’s amusing to see so much unfounded rhetoric across the media and Blogs. Even more so the wild speculations of some comments. Currency projections, wealth disbeliefs, and political negativity. At best, most are naive. Quietly, out of Public view, so much is unfolding and forces of good ARE at work for all of you.

Real world moves are being achieved by highly placed Political accords and Private meetings between Empowered parties. The Publicly invisible Diplomatic and economic private meetings, so dependent upon the standards of culture which founded the truly great Empire epicenters, with the skill, and often speed of intellect, of those out of Public view on the front line. Empires thrive, survive, or fail because of them. People make it happen, or not.

So much is propounded by the Blogmeisters. Daily claims of Chinese Elders imminent moves. Yet, in London, quietly away from Public view, potentially the most important steps of all were not only progressing with articulate skill, but Elder’s extended stays a further week to encompass longer term aspirations in a whole new spirit of ethical Trust and mutual goodwill achieved. Be in no doubt, had the wealth of the Elders been utilized ethically as intended by US Presidents and the Cabal, our world would have been a wealthier, more stable and peaceful civilization. Co-existence is a state of mind. Elders in London were enthused at the charisma, dynamism and truly humble personal manner and depth of understandings of those so highly placed. It also gave them hope and understanding that remaining vast Elders funds, if used correctly this time with such Enlightened men of standing as they met, offers that candle of light in the dark night all seek. A Beacon of hope. We know the duties of office needed.

Although telling that to a disenfranchised American Public today, whose very survival as economic units is precarious, is a step beyond current mental reach. First the need to change their mind set.

For a nation who had it all, to now, where has it all gone?

The future for Americans, as it stands, left to the Cabal or Zionists, is now just that- Precarious. Truly. Yet the vacuous and mendacious Mongrels from the Political spectrum to the Military and Wall Street roll on taking from all at will.

Petraeus cops a Plea for his sordid affair and dereliction of duty. Another over hyped, Pencil Pushing Wonder Brat who had presumptions of power. Now he wiggles in ignominy. A sordid little man consigned to history as a train wreck of vanity. How sadly the presumptuous mighty fall. What a miserable Wimp he turned out to be. How dumb is a Spymaster too stupid to swerve a Honey Trap?

Well, at least he was born with the ears for the Dumbo role! John Wayne we miss you. Or his type.

The Bush / Clinton Crime Cabal goes on, with no standards of decency or morality. The Cabal beats its drum, as the American economy just ever more retreats. A hundred million, good, distressed and confused economically burdened Americans wait in blind hope of new Leadership, as yet another election will be rigged. Leadership? But, from where? Have you assessed those Skip Rats in Washington? The Sleaze machine capital of the world. Pigs at the trough. Chaos rules. As Mad Benny Nutter Yahoo propounds his Kazakh States determination to invoke Nuclear hell on his neighbors, and with the support of his enriched Stateside Zionist Backers, seeks to Mug the US Political apparatus ever more. The Jewish lobby was hard at work. They flatter to deceive. When will those bribed to support Israel be removed from Office?

Who cares who we Shackle if it makes us a Shekel they whine?

Yet in London the real battles are being won. Hearts and Minds. Culture thrives. Concepts of good citizenship are expanded and agreements reached. Wealth is power. Wealth empowers. But, as the Empire knows, real Wealth is the hands across the oceans. Meetings of minds. Relationships build Empires. Yet between the sites of WHR and WHA are so many green shoots of hope. New life. The basic goodness of communities ever there. Hope is not lost. Both sites are enriched by their quality of supporters. Each a credit to their nations. Look at ever growing worldwide support. Nations are co-enjoining. Meetings of minds.

In the greatest hall of power, serious dialogue is progressing. Economic debate covering this century is playing out. As regards the true wealth of the real Elders, respectfully, nations have no idea. Taiwan houses the majority of the vast ancestral wealth of the old Chinese Dynasties. When the key families moved to escape oncoming Communism, their many centuries of wealth went with them. Gold, Cash, Bonds, Artifacts etc. Vast treasure troves remain to this day, hidden from Public or State view. Controlled in total by the key 40 Elder families.

The main power beneficiaries are fully aware of the encroaching risks of Chinese expansion across Asia and Eurasia. Is it coincidence that in London, in the most private meetings of all, consummate diplomacy was hard at work with intense negotiations, achieving clearly what has made London the most influential Financial base in the world, and the true corporate infrastructure base of capitalism. As America ever founders, London ever grows. The City is awash with touring foreign schoolchildren, mainly now Chinese, all the key building blocks of the future. Shaping opinions, shaping the future economies, appreciating each others cultures.

We are ever at the forefront, winning hearts and minds. Evermore you are read across the planet. Your points are heard and comments read. The Elders reverberated from this new concept. One World of All Nations? Asking, why was this not envisaged 60 year ago when we wished to help nations co-exist? Yet, when all hope was foundering, quietly, in the greatest Hall of Power on Earth, confidence grew as minds attuned and new deep relationships were forged.

There IS hope and a new found concept of true Global awareness is on its way back now – back to Asia. Awareness of a better way. Behind it ever greater wealth and power will transfer to London. As will the emigration of the great families. As their vast wealth moves, so will they.

You all have a voice and a point. Now, evermore a Global one. We are a growing Global force of each and all of you. It is YOU. The voice of nations, of values and truth. To help evolve humanities consciousness. No other such media reaches where you go. From Transhumanism, to pseudo religious ideologies, and Political chicanery. We give no mercy, and push the boundaries of truth and hope. It is the voice of all of you, striving for a better world, a consensus of minds and standards of decency. Nation rebuilding to leave our children a future worth having. Helping each Elder understand the very concept of our Book of Life, forged ideologies which may change nations. Reason is founded on Trust. Societies need a base of values.

So many of you make ever enlightening contributions. For all of us, you are our candles in the wind of change. Twelve men helped change a world. What can twelve thousand of you do? Post the GCR and RVs we will see. Behind it all, in the great hall of power, real progress is building. Elders met English key Elders, and deals are forged. Empires are evolving but now based on Global progression, and removing those sleazy Runts between the Banking, Political and Cabal infrastructures who are the root cause of rot today. We tell it, as it is. New relationships take time to evolve, but it’s happening, and progressive understanding is in play with a Global vision. There are no nations, just one people who need to learn to co-exist, establish communal values and share our planet in harmony and culture for all.

It starts with building and valuing Trust. It starts with believing in and striving together for better. Expanding consciousness. Evolving as a Soul Nation for all.

If one group can do that, why not all? Our whole world is now changing so rapidly. Politicians are so dreadfully out of touch with the emerging Global reality. Unfortunately, in the MSM rigged media circus of America, so are the people. How do we help our Brother men bar with truth? The Information highway.

Exported back now to China is a whole new word of expression for the Cabal and US Political deviants. Ah – Souls! They loved it.

From such camaraderie new Empires are built. Laughter is priceless. As is the love of our children, so, lets give them a world fit to grow in safety. You are all the candles in this dark world of confusion created by such Political mediocrities. Our shining stars, and YOU are the future. Already you are conscious and evolving. As will all you embrace.

In just 3 weeks we have built a whole new concept of Nation’s needs.  Yes – We – Did!


  1. Re the Melbourne, Australia anti-lockdown rally over the weekend, don’t believe the media fake news reporting that there were ” violent clashes between protesters and police.” The only violence was when police brutally attacked the crowd. The rally had been very peaceful until then. Fake arrests were staged by the police for the media at the end as folks were heading home. (Disturbing images and graphic language warning)

    Peaceful protest in Melbourne about to wrap up and disperse when cops aggressively take out the speakers


  2. From john2020:

    These articles merit reading, take on board what you determine to be real, the rest is subjective, but worth assessing.

    This array of articles is forwarded as part subjective, and part horrifying. What part is true, because ANY, and it’s real issues. Contemplate.assess all and factor in the probability factors.

    A lot is too close to home not to have concerns. The inhumanity of Man is that of a Predatory creature, look at what we do to ecology and each species. The inhumanity of some Men to others is not Man- Kind!


    Whether you accept it or not, Women vote . Often as with this, badly!

    Lets hope come November, as with Clinton its wrong!


    Over 5 years whats the hype for?


    Now this raises a lot of genuine questions of real concerns,.

    Why are you the Sheeple going alone with this Crap? Are you walking to your own demise? I’ve been saddened at the sheer scale of mass stupidity I’ve seen.

    NWO cant believe how easy it is. Turkeys for Thanksgiving. For sure they don’t fear you now. Sites like this are our only hopes. Awake people!


    When will someone muzzle this mouthy Mongrel Mutt Illegal Con Man?


    The Auzzies protest for freedom. More than our useless lot are doing. Well done Ozzies.


    Puts it squarely where it is ..YOUR Liberty or YOUR Slavery as it will only get worse as Social programs collapse and Government tries to stay in power

    The State is out of control and you are out of your minds.!

    Say NO! March!


    1. Thanks John.

      Re the poll above. I don’t think those figures can be trusted at all. Trump may rub some women, and men the wrong way with his approach, policies and presentation but no woman in her right mind would vote for that sleazy hair sniffing, repulsive, demented peddo over Trump. Sure some may be persuaded by superficiality but as far as I’m concerned, most thinking women would never go there.

      And maybe we should remember that many many men voted for Bush and Obama previously. too. I don’t think that making women out to be brain dead idiots compared to men is appropriate. I do believe there are many people of both sexes that do not delve deeply enough into issues when casting votes either.

      Re the Ozzie protest. Ozzies need to smarten up and plan a heck of a lot better. They did not consider well enough every aspect of that situation. Emotions need to be seriously curbed in instances of this nature at this particular point in time. One needs to outwit the other side and be in full calm control. This lot, although appreciated, were not in control and their planning was not right.

      Loved that video from the US cop above. Wish they were all like him.


        1. Aurataya re the Auzzie protests are you commenting on the fake news MSM version of events or what really happened as posted in my comments and links above John’s?


  3. From john2020:

    Please, DO READ and absorb all of this.

    Get Real OBAMA was never your lawfully elected Natural Born American.

    He IS a Cheap, low grade Usurping Con Man and Crook, who Usurped and illegally held his Office in clear breach of laws, enriched himself by Crime, Bribery and Fraud, and covered up Biden and Clinton’s Bribes. They all knew and conspired.

    It will not be to Americas shame that hes jailed, , but relief Due Process has been reborn. His entire stinking group need to go down. The Hell with this trash playing the race card. Show down and Mow Down if needed.
    Great news IF Trump carries through now.. Man Up! Write your own history but be the Man.

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      1. Funny story….my 65 year old dad was the president of an international company based in Torino, Italy. He would do 4 weeks in Italy and 2 weeks back in the states. He stayed at an extended stay type hotel and would walk to get groceries. Across the street from the hotel was a park where gypsies would congregate.

        One night while walking home with 2 bags of groceries, these 3 old gypsy ladies with small cymbols on their fingers started dancing around him in circles snatching things from his bags, like hyenas circling prey. He was swinging his bags at them. By the time he got to the room they had swiped half his groceries and his 3 bottles of wine.

        I laugh my ass off everytime I think about that story. Luckily his company was a big enough employer there and had a large contract with this hotel so the manager got the police involved and they cleaned out the park. He rented an apartment after that.

        Still makes me chuckle.


        1. That is also a disgusting act. That is assault and theft. How dare they think they have a right to behave in this manner and steal what does not belong to them.? They should get a bloody job and buy their own groceries. I’m pleased they were moved on from the area but I suppose they ended up somewhere nearby and are still harassing others.


    1. F’ing animal. I know what he needs to teach him a lesson and it sure isn’t sex. How dare someone do this? Utterly disgraceful and sickening.

      When are there going to be laws in place to deal with repulsive evil crimes of this nature? Maybe the civilized people of society need to start looking after these matters themselves.


  4. From john 2020:

    I have a well known low empathy towards Trump, but even less for the appalling alternatives.

    We live in hope. and on that basis,we need to ask all of you to view this video before Jew Tubes takes it down.

    Fine words, if only he ever kept them. As such I give him fair and full support for this if ever achieved by the Lying King.


    China and its territories are being dumped fast. Even the Chinese are getting out.

    Bed fellows and relatives

    It all becomes a little clearer now.

    *YES, the Governor of Michigan used to work for George Soros




    * YES, Hillary’s daughter Chelsea IS married to George Soros’ nephew.

    * YES, ABC News executive producer IAN CAMERON is married to SUSAN RICE, Obama’s former National Security Adviser.

    * YES, CBS President DAVID RHODES is the brother of BEN RHODES, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    * YES, ABC News correspondent CLAIRE SHIPMAN is married to JAY CARNEY, former Obama White House Press Secretary

    * YES, ABC News and Univision reporter MATTHEW JAFFE is married to KATIE HOGAN, Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary .

    * YES, ABC President BEN SHERWOOD is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood, Obama’s former Special Adviser.

    * YES, CNN President VIRGINIA MOSELEY is married to TOM NIDES, former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary


    This is “Huge” and is a ‘partial’ list since the same incestuous relationship holds true for NBC/MSNBC and most media outlets.
    Trump has been right all along. Fake News is generated by this incestuous relationship.

    Soccer is big business, but we want to show you how to take 2 for the Team


    A Whole new version of the Nut Cracker Suite. – Indian Style. Watch and WEEP!


    One misguided fellow. only sites like this can stop this man and his truly evil henchmen.


    In spite of all out troubles, Humankind can still aspire to this.

    Hope for all

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    1. Great message John. Thank you for going to the trouble you have to present this information. I agree with all you have stated.
      That Indian commentator was hilarious.


  5. I want everyone to know what is going on in the state of Hawaii. This is outrageous! Boycott this state. Don’t come here and spend a dime. They stick it to the tourists anyway. Aloha spirit my ass!

    Rogue tourists arrested for repeat violations of state’s 14-day quarantine

    MAY 8, 2020


    HONOLULU (AP) — State authorities are cracking down on rogue tourists who are visiting beaches, riding personal watercraft, shopping and generally flouting strict requirements that they quarantine for 14 days after arriving.

    A newlywed California couple left their Waikiki hotel room repeatedly, despite being warned by hotel staff, and were arrested. Others have been arrested at a hotel pool, loading groceries into a vehicle outside a Costco and bringing take-out food back to a hotel room.

    The rules, the strictest in any U.S. state, have helped keep infections relatively low. As of Wednesday, Hawaii reported 626 coronavirus cases and 17 deaths.

    Yet the shutdown has devastated the islands’ economy, which is hugely dependent on tourism. Since March 26, when Hawaii put the rules in place, about 5,000 visitors have arrived, compared to pre-pandemic times when about 30,000 came daily.

    That’s left the state with crushing unemployment, estimated to be up to 35 percent. Tourism industry officials say the hotel occupancy rate was down about 34 percent compared to March last year. More than 100 hotels have suspended operations and workers laid off from their jobs wait in long lines at food distribution sites.

    It makes those who ignore the rules especially offensive, said Honolulu City Councilmember Kym Pine, who wants travelers tracked via their cellphones or tested for the virus before boarding planes for Hawaii.

    “The people that are coming don’t care about us. They’re coming to Hawaii on the cheap and they obviously could care less whether they get the virus or not,” she said. “So they obviously could care less about that mom and dad who have no job and no food.”

    While in quarantine in a hotel room or residence, people aren’t allowed to leave for anything other than medical emergencies. That means no grocery shopping, no strolls on the beach, no hotel housekeeping services.

    When the honeymooning couple, Borice Lepovskiy, 20, and Yuliia Andreichenko, 26, of Citrus Heights, Calif., arrived at their hotel last week, a front desk manager read them the quarantine order, but they claimed airport staff told them it would be OK to visit friends and go to beaches. They left the hotel.

    According to the state, they returned after midnight with a pizza, checked in and refused to sign a quarantine agreement.

    In the morning, they left their room and were arrested when they returned.

    They’re among at least 20 people arrested statewide on charges of violating the quarantine, and many others have received warnings or citations. Anyone convicted of violating the emergency rule faces a fine of up to $5,000, a year in jail, or both. Officials have even considered having travelers wear an ankle bracelet during their quarantine period, or setting up a designated site where tourists would be required to stay at for the 14 days.

    Hotels are being told to issue room keys that are only operable for checking in, so that when guests leave the room they have to go to the front desk to ask for a new one — a signal they have left their room in violation of the quarantine, said Mufi Hannemann, president and CEO of Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association.

    When travelers arrive, officials verify their accommodation arrangements by contacting hotels directly and giving them a heads up that a visitor has arrived, the state said. Call center workers from the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau and the Hawaii Tourism Authority follow-up numerous time to verify travelers are in quarantine. When call center workers can’t contact someone, they alert law enforcement.

    Last month, a pair arrived on Kauai and were told to go directly to their hotel. Kauai police stopped them after they were seen going in the opposite direction of their hotel.

    Adam Schwarze, 36, who police said lives on Oahu and his travel companion, Desiree Marvin, 31, of Alexandria, Virginia, were ultimately arrested in the parking lot of a grocery store.

    Leif Anthony Johansen, 60, of Truckee, California, was supposed to be in quarantine but was spotted on a personal watercraft off Oahu’s famed North Shore. He was later followed to a Costco, where agents from the state attorney general’s office arrested him as he was loading groceries into his vehicle.

    Johansen, Lepovskiy and Andreichenko could not immediately be reached for comment. Schwarze and Marvin declined to comment.

    “I am, quite frankly, quite surprised that people would still want to come because this is not the Hawaii that you’ve dreamed about, that you want to experience,” said Hannemann of the tourism and lodging association. “There’s a lot of attractions that are closed. Everyone is walking around with masks. You know, we’re just not going to demonstrate that spirit of aloha that you’ve heard so much about. … So to me, it’s just crazy for someone to still want to come here.”


    1. I feel bad about what I said about boycotting Hawaii. There are many beautiful people here on the islands and many are suffering.

      I am just so frustrated and I apologize for saying that. It wasn’t very nice.


      1. It’s ok A Johnson. Frustration can make any of us get a bit crazy. I personally don’t think there was anything wrong at all in what you expressed. It’s the truth and sharing that is important.. I wish things were more comfortable for you and your family. Many people are having trouble dealing with many aspects of our current situation, you are not alone.

        I agree that there are many beautiful people in your lovely part of the world, and you are one of them. I hope you wake to a new day that feels a little brighter and more positive. XX


  6. From john2020:

    Huge, at last we block the vast incoming hoards by getting checks and quarantine in place. It’s only 4 months late!
    Bereft of effective Government, a Bumbling Buffoon as PM, too stupid to articulate a single sentence, and too Dumb to chart a course to unlock.

    Time to pack off all illegals. Time to keep the louts out.

    So, hotels will choke, as will eating out. Society will so change. But worse is the panic in the eyes of Dumb Mutants if you approach within 6 feet of them in Supermarket Store isles. Have we really sunk to this? I haven’t time to waste while some half wit gawps at a product for minutes keeping us all waiting. I just sweep past them and shop. We need to rent electronic cattle prods for some of them. How to move their asses. Social distancing is going mad. Our own Cabinet need the Cattle Prods right up the butts daily We must get a Moron bar for Parliament. Raise the dam thing. As with most countries now, how can such mediocrities rule? Politics isn’t working! It’s had its day. Airlines will be in free fall. Like, forever? Hotels too. Tour at home and live with it. Covid is beyond reach now.

    But we cant destroy economies for a fraction of 1%. We have to breed more. With 6 kids I have! Lol


    1. John2020 – what is really goin on?

      This is the same thing they have been doing in Hawaii now for over a month.

      No exaggeration:
      When you arrive, a national guard will greet you to take your temperature. Then you are required to give them your cell phone number, which they will call on the spot to make sure it’s a real number.

      They want your hotel number address and itinerary. They said you can’t lie to them because a representative will be checking up on you through your whole stay to make sure your “feeling ok”.

      In another local news article they said visitor numbers are starting to rise! Lies


    2. What sort of world is coming?
      Who will fly now with the risks and restrictions in place. Gross!
      Tourism is down, even dead for years.
      Airline, air crews, Pilots, kiss that goodbye.
      Restaurants, nose diving big time.
      Hotels need a lot of upkeep. With what income?
      Chefs, waiting staff – Gone. Cleaners jobs – Gone.
      Shopping Malls – in Free Fall.
      Cars, drive where? Gas stations see the income collapse.
      Arabs Oil Racketeering – Goodbye?
      Social distancing at food stores. Now wholly unpleasant. Home deliveries will soar. Shopping is becoming ugly.
      Town centres, for what?
      Job losses will be huge. Crime will soar. Hopelessness will escalate violence what’s to lose?
      Doctors surgeries, expect more home video calls.
      Getting old. You are going to be so on your own. Insurers will not keep funding bottomless age issues. They will tighten you up on claims. You will get cost capped.
      20% to 30% are heading to become unemployed. You think workers want this tax burden? Not at all.
      Corporate office blocks will slump. City centers, the big bust is coming.

      We will end up with many times more dead because of hospital chaos.
      Retirees Nursing Home Death Traps, Goodbye to that game. Death Traps!
      Expect a lot of top home prices to crash.
      Who can afford new homes now?
      NWO, the Tri-Laterals and Gates, will be manic to get the numbers down.
      Injections, you will be tagged and body bagged. What the hell will be hidden in?
      Has anyone seen the collapse in Boy children being born? Why?
      Now, with Social Distancing, you can not even hug your own kids and grand kids?
      Police are in your face everywhere. Fines, fines, fines!
      Planet Earth, we have a real problem.
      We have seen mass populations just lock down and self subjugate. The Sheeple have arrived. Kissinger will be loving this, Soros too. Sacrificial Lambs. Defenseless, Clueless. Jobless! Recession this time????????
      Projections for this lot?


      1. Lovely world to look forward to.

        You are right about people jumping out in front of you to keep distance. I turn on the radio and you hear repeatedly. “Remember keep social distancing”

        I saw a father and son in their front yard tossing a ball wearing masks.

        This is beyond a nightmare. These people will line up to take the vaccine.


  7. From John2020:

    Get this right. Russian Stealth Jets flew over 6 US bases in Syria and Iraq and the US didn’t see them coming.
    Russia now is outpacing America in warfare. US Global bases have no chance they will annihilate the ,lot if pre empting. The world has changed. Russia and China have armed. America is being bled dry by the Zios.and Deep State.

    Technology at work

    Bill and Melinda Gates have so much to answer for. Has he actually been party to this? Both of them?


  8. The two alphabet soup agencies that stand out when it comes to protectionism are the ESS EEE SEA and the EFFF
    DEE AYE. Both of them are willing to defame and incarcerate their victims to protect the conventional investments industry in the case of the first one mentioned above, and in the case of the second one the protection of another big money earner: pharmaceuticals. Someone from another country does not see this, but those in the U.S. with eyes to see, know what is going on. Alternative investments and alternative cures are looked at very closely and if a crime can be found or a crime manufactured by the lawyers of an alphabet soup agency they will do just that to protect the companies they are in fascist alliance with. These govt. officials are great at telling lies and defamation, but if all else fails, murder is not out of the question. They will even prey upon their own if it affects money that can be made, or if it is perceived that a particular investment is threatening to the profits of the conventional investment industry, or a particular cure, even a conventional one, is threatening to the profits of a particular pharmaceutical company that wants to squeeze out the competition.

    The darkside of protectionism

    Guess what they manufactured? hydroxychloroquine:


  9. From john2020:

    All you need to know on Covid updates here.

    The Global fightback against the Virus is now winning. Here is a Global round up for you all. A one stop shop.

    Our results offer the exciting possibility of a ‘double blow’ as a therapeutic strategy aimed at PLpro: stopping the spread of the virus and strengthening the human immune system at the same time – explained prof. Ivan Đikić, lead author of the paper

    Scientists led by Ivan Djikic, a professor at Goethe University and director of the Institute of Biochemistry II (IBC2) in Frankfurt, have identified the PLpro (Papain-like protase) of the new coronavirus as an essential viral enzyme and its potential “Achilles heel”.

    Utrecht University, Erasmus Medical Center and Harbour BioMed Researchers Report Discovery of Antibody that Blocks Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Cells


    A human monoclonal antibody blocking SARS-CoV-2 infection


    Researchers report discovery of antibody that blocks infection by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in cells



    The Braunschweig virologist Prof. Luka Cicin-Sain and his team have succeeded in detecting an antibody that successfully prevents the novel coronavirus from entering cells.


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  10. From John2020:

    Yes its a good ting and lots of US Corruption issues now.

    Justice Department DROPS case against Mike Flynn for lying to the FBI

    We beyond agree with this, but having coerced his own election indicating the hopes he would jail them, he’s fed on his free WH Multi Burgers at night, and delivered squat!

    Biden appears now to be 9% ahead if any Polls can be trusted , so will the Lying King this time man up use the power of the WH Oval Office to get Justice?

    Why is Clinton not in Jail? Why has Herzog ( Bush /Clinton and CIA Bagman) not been extradited knowing he would bring the lot down?

    Why is the Chain of Crooks not on trial?

    Disgusting abuse of power as the English Police Pigs show needles risk to life with Tasers. It’s time police were jailed for abuse of power. Shameful!

    Police Taser father in front of his screaming child at petrol station

    The heat is coming on Biden. Slick Willie times?

    Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are sued over £6.7m unpaid bill that is four months overdue on their £13m skiing chalet in the Swiss resort of Verbier

    Legal proceedings have been launched in Switzerland against Britain’s Prince Andrew and ex-wife Sarah, a newspaper said today, over money they were said to still owe on their chalet.

    Sleazy Andrew and Free Riding Fergie the Duchess of Pork are at it again! What a waste of space he is.


      1. Talking of * ankers:
        It has been noted that the Von Reiz character is now using sites to solicit donations. This is a regulated area.

        Parties need to do a Duty of Care back ground check before allowing her onto sites. As with Cone head before!.
        IRS Liens and Court cases etc?
        Has she a purpose here? Feeding her Reis bowl is not the best idea.


    1. We must start standing up and stopping these filthy f’ing animals. I have had enough of this destruction of everything decent in our world. What is wrong with these cretins? This is totally inappropriate.


    1. The Florida cross purchases have slipped a week due to volumes and phasing. Huge numbers and vast validations involved. Big issues, big complexity. c60% of available free assets are cross engaged here. It’s big!

      Monday has an EU Bank holiday so even that may cause a settlement ripple. Sensitive timing. Once clearing these funds will go to Global projects. Fit for purpose. Our fightback against the Cabal and we WILL be swerving Zio Banks for Bank Platform Trading. Rodent free where possible. Planning these Varmints out of the loop is the way forward. The London Glass Ceiling will lock them out. Rodent Snout free! We got rid of the Rotts, now its clear out time for the lot. Rodent free Banking. Just look at what they have done to America. Our own human Covid infestation. When will America have its OWN Central Bank for its people? Why is the Zionist Jewish Cabal milking Trillions out of America? When will a Non Zionist /Jewish funded and Puppet Strings Free President ever be elected to set America free? One working for Americans?

      MLK marched to set his people free. Who will march for Americans?
      They own the Banks.
      They own the Media.
      They own both Houses.
      They own the Supreme’s
      They own Big Pharma and Insurance.
      They OWN the White House.
      They own Wall Street.

      Get a Grip and level the Playing Fields. End Mossad’s Puppet Game. Releasing the Settlements will break their grip. Thinking forward to a Free America. Owned by Americans!

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      1. does this mean next week could be a possibility then? how many weeks before a pubic exchange could happen realistically? Thank you-


          1. no I am not, i would go public but if VND are off the table then it would just be for me IQD. So in all reality just thinking out loud for public how many weeks this could be.


            1. If in the right group, interesting.If it breaks it breaks big.

              We will let you know if and after it’s done.


                1. Jay
                  Private to start, but once that’s done, still IF!!, it’s done, but IF its done it cracks it wide open to follow.
                  We will help when we can. We want to see you get out.


                2. John

                  Help us understand who or what has final authorization to pay out the FL deals?

                  The IF part is not clear



  11. Salve Civium

    I continue to hope all of you are well and making progress at returning to regular living and work schedules.

    Just a few comments and some housekeeping items.

    To begin with, I remind our newer readers that the comment field for new comments is at the very bottom of the thread. Scroll down and you can enter your comment there. You can reply to any comment by hitting the “reply” button beneath the comment you wish to reply to. The most recent comments are at the top of the thread. You can subscribe to the comments by selecting the “Notify me of new comments via email” box, found at the bottom of the comment field. You can likewise subscribe to RSS feeds for both comments and new posts.

    We are awaiting updates and from all indication, a lot is happening, and the pressures are incredible. I have no doubt we will be updated as often as possible, so thank you for your patience.

    Next week the BTC halving will go into effect, as mandated by the code. This is a guaranteed adjustment to the mining rewards for BTC. We are seeing increasing volatility, as expected, ahead of this event. Continue to steel yourself from the urge to overbuy and chase rising prices. Just be prudent and do not exceed your personal budgets to take positions. Only you can determine how to play it safely. We cannot give individual investment advice, so again, please. Be rational, in whatever fashion being rational applies to your circumstance.

    At present, many of the ideas we shared with you are doing nicely. As I write, CRPT is up 113% on the day. TNT is up 46% on the day; ZRX, 42%; RCN 12%; VET, 6%. Others continue in a consolidation and accumulation pattern; the snake coiling for a massive potential strike.

    In my opinion, this is grade school heavy petting compared to what is coming. Already, some very heavy players are continuing to pour hundreds of millions into this space, and soon, Wall St will inevitably bring their 500,000,000 clients in to have a look.

    If you have taken a stake, congratulations. You are a true pioneer, and I sincerely hope that all of you find your lives transformed in the most positively remarkable ways imaginable. If you have staked yourself responsibly, then your downside should be so that your current lifestyle is not at risk, and your upside is unlimited. Good luck!

    Unfortunately, the public paper exits still have not materialized, and we are coming down to the wire for it to precede a digital asset boom. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I hope digital asset prices remain affordable for some time to allow paper exits to have a fighting chance. I would love to see many of you exit such paper and transition some of those gains into what could potentially change everything for you in a big way. I am really hoping for a miracle.

    So, whatever your position, whatever your choices are, I wish you well as we await further news from the front.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much Tony for sharing your crypto picks. I got a few of your suggestions. Nice to finally see some decent gains, although dgb has done pretty well too. I bought a small position and wish I would have bought more before the run up. Not worried, I think I’ll do very well with what I have.

      Also, Sheriff Mack from Arizona is coming to our state to try to help us. We do not have a sheriff here and he was contacted because we desperately need help with this out of control government.

      Today is a good day!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Thank you so much for this message Tony.

      Many of us would not even have a stake in crypto if it were not for you Tony. I personally would not have been anywhere near as brave as I have been without you standing beside me offering your sensible guidance the entire way. You have not missed one beat when it came to assisting everyone of us along this path.

      May we sincerely thank you for giving so much of yourself and your life to us so freely. You really are an extraordinary man. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

      Liked by 2 people

            1. Ok, I’m not getting fresh or anything but I have to say that you are a truly beautiful person Tony. What an absolute honour/honor it is to have been given the opportunity to meet you. Even though it is online. YOU SHINE SO BRIGHTLY.


      1. Agreed. I didn’t buy crypto till i read the blog here and followed T’s advise. This was maybe 2 years or so ago. I wish I’d picked up more Bitcoin but I picked up about 1k when it dropped a few weeks ago. Appreciate this blog!

        Liked by 3 people

  12. May 07, 01:09:00 PM MDT
    HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model — NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD — To Persuade President Trump to Lock Down Entire US Economy!
    By Jim Hoft
    Published May 6, 2020 at 7:47p

    Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the ENTIRE US ECONOMY.
    ** The fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic
    ** The authors of the Imperial College Model shared their findings with the White House Coronavirus task force in early March
    ** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy
    ** A new critique of the Imperial College Model finds the study is “completely unusable for scientific purposes” — The study is a sham
    ** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed a garbage model on the White House and the American public and destroyed the US economy

    As reported weeks ago — in mid April Dr. Fauci admitted that it was he and Dr. Birx who persuaded President Trump to lock down the US economy knowing the massive destruction this would cause in jobs, lives and commerce.

    President admitted that during a press conference in April that “two very smart people” came into his office and urged him to lock down the economy or 2.2 million Americans would die from the China virus.
    But President Trump did not say who those “two very smart people” were.


    1. Wasn’t the” I’m a Genius” supposed to be smart enough to see through this BS?
      What happened to “I’m smart?” I still reflect on and cringe from the first CIA disaster meeting.
      Knowing full well every Analyst there went home feeling, OMG, the Elephant is already in the room.
      Two very smart people and Homer? I feel for America.
      We all face 3 very hard years ahead. Each nation needs High Quality Leaders.
      Will Barr be able to get the bad guys? Truly, I hope so.
      I’m pleased Justice is backing off Flynn. Heads MUST roll! Jail Time! Hard Time. No Copping pleas.


    2. As was inevitable, after spewing bile the Von Reitz Buddy Can You Spare Me a Dollar contribution signs are up. Send my YOUR money and I will promise you the Fatted Calf. Please! The game goes on. Ca Ching Ca Ching.. Bible Belt Orators you have competition. Reitz wants a slice. Does it ever end?


  13. Question for John2020 – Somerset Belenoff/World Governing Council

    What can you tell me about Somerset Belenoff and the World Governing Council. Belenoff was allegedly appointed to the Council by Queen Elizabeth, and if true, you would know about this. I have been digging into this and the info I have seen is quite astonishing. Belenoff appears to have a huge influence on world leaders and events. I am not going to make many comments here, but the info is so deep, mysterious and intriguing, I cannot discern the motive or purpose behind the World Governing Council and this individual. There seems to have been fore knowledge of world geopolitical events that is unbelievable.

    So, I have wanted to ask you about this for a few months, but you are busy and I didn’t want to bother. I don’t want to dig any further into this until I can get some perspective, hopefully, from you. Some of the information is quite spooky, but overall seems positive because the events that appear to have been “ordered” or “mandated” by Belenoff, which actually happened, have had a positive impact on humanity.

    That is the best I can do with this daunting question. Hope you know what I am talking about, and if there is anything to this, you will know. I trust whatever you can share. I am not surprised by anything anymore. Thank you.


      1. This operation has disbanded web sites, be careful it has a lot of junk and fake posting issues around it.
        Wierdo territory take it with a pinch of salt.


        1. Thanks John. The link in the petition is to the “Bloody Rise to Power” site which I have been through in late January. That site has a link to “Glamis Calling” which is where so much other stuff is posted. The sites, including the twitter page, did all stop posting in mid January except for one post in February in response to so many questions being asked. This whole thing hit our radar in January and people started looking at it.

          So the Council is real, Belenoff is real, it is an illuminati operation and can’t be trusted. Is that right? And it sounds like you might think all the so called items of fore knowledge posted at Glamis Calling might have been posted after the fact?

          I will look more at the petition, but at first review, it is not clear what the petition is asking for.

          This is a deep and dark rabbit hole.


          1. All sites are full of so much Dissinfo! False leads, and fantasies. Alice in the Looking Glass.
            Judgement call? It seems a crock! Be very, very circumspect. It”s all Thule Society spin offs. Old Bush and CIA games. Germanic Forth Reich head cases. Skull and Bones and the KM’s. As Christian as the Popes?


  14. From john2020:

    If a Psychopath was good enough for John Lennon, why should Gates not get his moment of fame, and retribution for all he has done to the world.

    Gates has just proven he is a psychopath. He just admitted that 700,000 people would die from his vaccine in a CNBC interview and that’s OK, its collateral damage I suppose.
    More at this link.


    1. I saved this for myself in case I’ll need it but when you have a senator of a state state “who cares about the constitution”, probably will not do much good for me where I live.

      How to legally decline the vaccine:


      1. It posted the whole thread. I wanted to post the instructions from dr. Shiva, so you’ll have to scroll down to find it.


  15. From John 2020:

    China is so going to curve ball America and sink the dollar next. What the US did to the Russian Rouble, China will do to America. Economic war. You are being SET UP! A Patsy to the Chopping block.America , align with Britain lets stop this game. US- UK Better together!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The conjecture relating to Covid and Lock Downs should worry us all. Elders, with Masks and Hand Washing are perfectly safe to congregate and travel. Yet Political Chancers, inept and incompetent to a (wo) man, chose to deny us the right to travel and see our Children and Grandchildren. Police now mass assemble like S*** Flies handing us hefty fines if caught driving out of our areas . Who EVER gave them such rights? Did you vote for this? Would you?

      Suddenly societies have self corralled like sheep to the Slaughterhouse. Social distancing and 100 yard long queues at the stores in cold , wind and rain. Why? It’s now deplorable.

      Inside stores I see frightened Sheeple who jump a yard if you bypass them in Isles invading their space while they gawp pondering brain dead. . How can so many have drunk the Kool Aid and be blindly following this Mantra? Social stupidity has reached a new zenith.

      I don’t negate the seriousness of Covid. I KNOW. But- it is taking down a fraction of 1% , which following sensible precautions, will be reduced a further 10 fold. Yet we wipe out Commerce and Industries. We are giving out loans enslaving the masses for decades. Shops, stores and businesses are collapsing. Why?

      Airlines, Hotels, Trains, Cars, offices and Industry, it’s all in free fall. Yet daily State Wage Paid Mediocrities bombard us with diatribe of why we must follow their Doctrines, while they miss every containment target, fail to plan for and fail to deliver PPE’s, yet appear with neat haircuts denied to us, spout psychobabble, Ego tripping on Podiums, AS IF WE CARE!

      Millions, REAL Millions will, die because of cancelled operations, failure to detect cancers and illnesses, in cancelled Check Ups, and treatments. Chaos rules Fools! Their treatment cure is mass killing us.

      Vaccines are imponderables. Collective mass issues of doubt. Lock down for how long? Why?
      Where is the balanced Judgement Call? Have you seen the Dross posing as Leaders? Empower fools, suffer the consequences. Politics is not working. Would you buy a used car off any of them?

      Is this it, now NWO is running over Fools? Population reduction here we come. What a trial run. They complied and freedom died. The Tri-Laterals must be ecstatic. What are we becoming?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear you with the many points you made there John and I agree. I’m not certain about other places in the world but life here did not change so much for me.I continued to do what ever I wished to do and had no difficulty in doing that. Only one point annoyed me for a couple of weeks and that was getting across one of our state borders whilst searching for a new home. I found a way around that anyway. Haha.

        The supermarket situation here is not too crazy either. Sure, they seem to keep control of distancing near the checkouts but the rest of the store is pretty much as it normally is. No one is freaking out trying to keep their distance. Everyone just walks past each other like we all did before. You get the odd fruit cake but I just continue on an ignore them. I’m considerate of the elderly people if they seem a little unsure of a situation but the majority of them are totally chilled here as well.

        I have not even seen too many people wearing masks either. i would guess that during the last two months I have only seen 15 people wearing a mask. Most Aussies don’t seem too worried about this virus. Although they did have a major panic when it came to the toilet paper issue. Have to admit, I was one of them. LOL


    2. Trump slams Pelosi for not wearing a mask.

      Be fair and be reasonable. By State Decree, Pelosi should be ordered to wear a mask any time seen in daylight, or a night lit room, and Dogs housed safely away to avoid mental breakdowns.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Hi Tony

    Thanks for the reply.

    Ginger?? Aha! We are both old enough to remember the TV show, Gilligan’s Island, with Mary Ann, Ginger, the Professor and Gilligan. (Smile)

    Stay safe and keep well,
    Mary Ann


  17. Subscribed.

    Thanks Tony for who you are and what you do for us.

    And thanks also to John, with his quirky sense of humour (Canadian spelling), and all his valuable updates.

    Mary Ann

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome Mary Ann. So, you’ve been cursed with the intellect of literacy? Thumbs up for Canada. That u sorts them doesn’t it. Smiling. Plus lol.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you Lady Liberty. I was in the process of uploading the MP4 to the site, but as usual, with so many people home jerking off to porn, the uploads to WP servers are painfully slow. I have posted the link to John’s earlier post. We will see how long it stays up. I will get the MP4 up eventually, and it will not be removed. Thanks again.

          Liked by 1 person

  18. For any of us, its a privilege to contribute.

    So much is going on, Huge.
    Allow for the confusion and delays Covid is causing with resources. It’s like a 3 balls Juggler has slipped 6 more in and realising 2 are his?

    But getting there!
    Manic and a Diplomatic minefield. We ALL want it done.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. From John2020:

    There has been a vast cover up and conspiracy with Pharma and Military Labs. Humanity itself has been placed at high risk by their viral complicity and criminal actions.

    There needs to be Global Ban for this and Life in jail if caught. Life! Or Hung!

    Editor note: Jewtube twice removed this video. It’s now securely uploaded here. -WHA

    Liked by 4 people

        1. He’s a valued presence but I was not going to create waves, its a free choice move . I have retained a dignified silence.This site is going very, very well and full credit to all those here. I respectfully comment, as best i can.


        2. jj,

          You earlier asked about subscribing to comments via e-mail. As admin I don’t have use for that option since I have to manually approve each comment. But, after testing, you can get all comments posted in a thread sent to you via e-mail by checking the box marked “Notify me of new comments via email” directly under the comment field found at the bottom of the current thread. Since I don’t post that way, I really never us this option so I had to research. Let me know if you need further assistance.


    1. Thank you for pointing this video out. We had seen several other interviews by her.
      My wife was all over the this woman’s story like white on rice.
      She then facilitated Larry Klayman getting in contact with her.
      (Hi John!)


      1. Tino

        It made my day to see you here. Beyond happy. I had mentioned to Tony if you arrived it would enhance the site and group. Excellent sighting.
        For some strange reason, Tony’s hard work creating this site,.and persevering, ( I know that cost!) has suddenly been rewarded by seeing his hit rates double and comments trebling in the last week. The sites become a must read.
        It’s a really nice group Tino, credit to all of them.
        I’ve sent Tony a new video you will find interesting. Worrying if more than conjecture.
        The site is alive Tino, and all the better with you helping. Beyond- welcome.


    2. Thanks for the permanent video. I wanted to share this with some people. Can you take it over to OWoN?


  20. As we review history on the long march to freedom, it’s interesting to see scuppered Politicos who’s days are done, and Zio Rats exposed to the sun.
    Clinton’s perversity and their thieving, robbing, malicious, predatory fiefdoms are in free fall. When will the Hag be jailed? Her Rapist slime bag consort also? Then liver lips for the Charity Fraud, Theft and Money Laundering?

    What now befalls the Germanic Nazi Bush Hitler funding Crime family, as James Baker and Cheney have left the family grouping? True history will reveal a low IQ Slag Crime family. Social Disasters.

    Thanks hopefully to William Barr, the net may at last be closing in for the Comey Traitors and let’s unseal those damned Soetoro files, expose how much this cheap Chicago Keynyan Con Man stole and hustled from America. Then put him on trial, and also the shameful Democrats who knew. and did nothing. Narcissist Nancy? This needs to expose Biden before the votes. His own Bribe taking Soetoro needs to have everything seized as proceeds of his crimes. To be tried in Gitmo under Military Law having falsely masqueraded as Commander in Chief, be hung! Along with his co conspirators. Strip away the false persona and cage Big Mike! This ” Thing ” knew and played You- All!

    Hopefully during Trumps Second Terms of Office, Barr will be able to bring down Greenspan and all his linked Cabal and Deep State criminal conspirators. Greenspan needs to be taken to Gitmo. Abu Ghraib style, with guards carrying electronic cattle prods to administer each time he fails to answer or fails to give a correct confession. Cheney was a great advocate of water boarding. Is it too much to hope that he, Greenspan, Soetoro, Biden and so many of the key Zio trash all get processed together? Cleaning up America. It’s beyond time!

    Trumps first elected Officer Term Score Card reads ZERO arrests. Failure to Act! Time for the Lying King to hit the board! If that head can last 4 more years.

    Second Term – Sort it! Do the Day Job. Bang Up these Perpe – Traitors!
    Slick Willie to get Life with Big Bubba and Vaseline denied! Epstein’s Lolita Jet Buddy gets his.
    Is Justice to be denied- AGAIN- in the Land of the Free Riders?

    How would the Real Courageous and Devout Patriot Founders have dealt with this trash? They are nor ordained or fit to be Americans!
    Clear out the Trash.

    If only Covid could be program selective.

    Covid is a salutary hard lesson. Bring those jobs back to America and Europe. Investigate Covid, its origin, cause and costs. Reciprocity!

    The deep seated work we are undertaking with the Elders has a Moral Agenda. Not a Zio Rat will touch a Dime. AU will NOT be coming to be looted again in America. No! No more asset theft. Nor to Kloten.

    We are working together, conceiving a different kind of Free Will World Order, where the Sovereign Rights of Your Souls can enter a Carbon Life Form Planet geared to nurture and nourish you, enlighten and educate you, a world where order has meaning, not to be Zio-trapped as Goyims in a life demeaning. We are not expendable life forms to be abused by the Slag Seed of Genghis Khans marauding lot. Itinerant trash assimilating as society.

    We have deep concerns about the Tri Laterals NWO ethos. Its Fourth Reich and Germanic Agencies.

    Electronic Black Chain Wealth Management and Crypto Trade Credits are coming. But with it, inherent Gatekeepers to block Zio Trash or the Brethren from ever again congregating and seizing the Wealth Asset markets. They will be electronically ID tagged, flagged and fragged! No more Weevils in the feed stores. The Rotts are freaking at what’s coming. They will be electronically de- nied!

    What we are working on will have seismic consequences for Rodents and corruption. Every Documentary Credit ever assigned will be instantly traceable, current holder on file and and a full transaction history, how earned and why, and now recoverable. All money will have to be reprocessed. Every Zio crook wiped out in a nano second. None will ever again work in or on central controls. Zipping up the Zio’s. Ghengis Khan they are coming home.
    Only money left in the system will have a verified and cleared history. Cash will be gone and Tax Havens with them. Organised crime and corruption, won’t have a Dime, to spend.

    You have seen how fast Lock Down has worked. You had No Say. You all complied.
    The Great Fiscal Clean Up is coming. It will take time, but like Covid, it will clear the Swine.
    For the Elders assets, there will be Terms. Were you consulted over Covid?

    The Fiscal replay, will not be foreplay. We pay, we say – No more Zio or Deep State corruption..
    A total systems rethink. A Life of Meaning, not Demeaning.
    As Dynasty Elders are are positioning to LEAVE Asia, and Chinese tyranny, they will seek terms for asset transfers. No Free Lunches or Deep State games. No more corrupt Sequestration.
    Out of sight, so much is evolving. In its time, you will see it. What is time?
    This time, we need to try, to get it right. Or if not, left to this lot, we all go into the night.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Thank you for sharing this again. It was a good read and very relevant the first time posted. More so even now. Many thanks.


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