Originally issued in April of 2016. Reprinted by request of the author to once more clarify and reinforce the importance of understanding the reality behind these critical releases.

Global Settlements – Show Me The Money!

Truth is free. If only the Media would give it to us and not sell us out. Helping you all understand what is real, is putting back with respect.

Let’s end the Bogus Guru Sites Donations Fee Scammers and Bogus phone line call in premium rate costs. False Truths at a price is no way forward for Truth to break free. Why buy trouble? Global releases? Who is being paid for real? Why? Where is it all at now in truth? Who is real? For sure, nothing from most Bloggers. We will give you so much reality today –  Free!

The Internet is awash with a never ending growth of opportunistic Blogs, all requesting fees to “ Allegedly” keep their sites open for one more week, begging bowls at the ready, pending the next vacuous and so false revelations of imminent releases. All – untrue! They know nothing, have the value of nothing, and their only role seems to self-promote illusionary false status positions for your Buck. Your hard earned funds, coerced out of you for a fantasy. Cease funding these mongrel packs, or they breed. What we have is a collective Internet force of Liars, fantasists and fools. Few are worth the time of day. Their opinions even less. Where is truth for the deluded, we will show you now FREE and give you a real overview of what is real, all that is real! Don’t pay out to be lied to when truth is Free! Trust your own Counsel. Following such fantasists will lead only to disappointment. Who seeks the Counsel of fools?

Why appeal to stop it all now? Because if it helps the good, well-meaning Ladies avoid getting conned by the Irish Broker Mercenaries and other posing unwashed, it protects good people. If we are to establish credible Blogs to protect the nations against the Cabal and their maleficent media Barons, you need to become selective. Media is not a right, it’s a privilege. So we need to start with Truth! Sites need to earn and keep your trust.

A Congeries Of Power

We see so many false, utterly baseless claims of imminent settlements from parties who will simply never even be allowed close to the real Halls of Power. The only locations where such discussions are taking place is between the most Elite of parties, screened and highly selective by invitation only, and then only by Special Families of ancient bloodlines, not the mercurially elected deviants seeking only opportunism and a fast Buck. Real platforms in negotiation with only one London group, are to be backed by Dynasty assets, and having seen the end product of the carnage entrusting Non-Lineage scavengers, no more doors will lead to Rome for time-wasting Chancers.

Only a few weeks ago, an application was promoted by parties on a commission, seeking to have the Elders part with 25,000 MTs of AU for the Fed. A copy came to us to review and comment. We recommended immediate rejection. Another scavenging Con! The key Elders now cross check all with us. On first sight, within 2 minutes we declare each approach to be garbage.

Last week we exhibited Real Fed Contracts with them, correct formats, colours and signatories. Only available on a Need to Know basis. Such versions would never be publicised.

For almost a century this loathsome Parasite Cabal force has sequestrated all it touches in an orgy of greed and subterfuge. No redemptions have ever been honoured. Lies, chicanery, excuse after excuse, are their skid marks on Public record. A loathsome liars charter. Our policies are clear.

Expunge them out of all future negotiations and planning. Decline invites, and don’t explain. They no longer deserve the right of a hearing. No consideration. When the hand which feeds these rabid Cabal Mongrels is bitten, withdraw it. As is now happening. Let the Jackal Packs turn on each other. Why feed and encourage this worthless Fed carrion to breed more? Their word is not good, they have no honour, nor Trust. All their face has been lost. And as such, exclusion is now the only policy. They are, in total, irrelevancies. So why read such vacuous Bloggers nonsense? It’s rewarding to see the multinational rejections of mediocre Politicos by Voters wising up.

Key Elders All Smiles After Serious Dialog

Real dialogue, with Real Asset Holders, is progressing well between families of Stature and Culture. Real world. The photographs you can judge. Out of Public sight, but real. This is free help to give you hope! Reality. Nothing is yet cleared, it is in key party negotiations. Not via Grunts and fantasists. Yes, there are Genuine discussions in place, with real vision and commitment to help turn this leaking Ship of State around and give people liberty again. Sometimes it feels like every day or week is our Alamo. Reality is tough! Not childlike fantasies. Deals are fought hard. No one is parting with Trillions for an out of control Grunt feast. It needs purpose and synergy.

The turgid rhetoric propounded by so many sites, is simply delusional and grossly misinformed. Why would we even need to include or distribute Elders funds through such Cabal or Fed carrion? Their face has been long lost. As has participation.

We are assessing the needs of a Global population approaching 8 Billion. An application to help fund and house 70 million Chinese in need is currently being processed for approval. We are looking at Educational and Healthcare needs for Asia and Eurasia. We are assessing vast Silk Road and Infrastructure needs for Eurasia, and allocations of AU to help underpin and stabilize selective South American nations. This is real dialog, not layers of fantasy Broker papers presuming the right of self-enrichment having bought into Boiler Room currency hype, buying instead just trouble. While the Dogs bark buy more, and Sterling wait to do time.

We are contemplating new Global Water dynamics. Our World dehydrates, starves or poisons its masses and oceans, with polluted, disease infected water and plans to use water as a new wealth creating asset, while in fact there is more clean and sustainable water beneath the surface of our earth than above it, simply needing recovery.

Why deny the building blocks of life to others for power and greed? Real dialog supports real vision. Opportunities will emerge for many considerate nationals to assist in Global delivery projects. These are your real opportunities. The $500 bucks for Get Rich Quick Redneck Hillbillies or Bible Belt gullible would have been better invested in a Hooch Still.

We have allowed a power driven Hydra, an unelected Corporate Hybrid, composed of Military / Agency Despots, fiscally entrapped by a Kazakh Zionist predatory Banking network, to wrap its bloodsucking tentacles around all. For the last century collective interests have been sequestrating Global assets and crushing freedom, all the while claiming to be delivering Democracy behind the false illegal Regime Change Policies of a Corporate false front US nation with none of its own.

Yet in the Great Halls of Truth, where none dare speak its name – We do!

Dynasties of East and West Engaged in Discussions

A luxury of free thought and speech is active, enabled by true Dynasty Elders of like minds. Impervious to Political sycophants and their Shylock Type Paymasters.

Real Leaders, Real People, Real Visionaries, do care. Contrary to the vacuous hyperbole exuded from the fantasies of bottom feeding Bloggers, some just Grunts with Collecting Bowls, deep dialogue is in play and real issues of help being debated. We have left Elders in no doubt that neither solutions, nor complex progression will be achieved by Politicos. Simply because few are fit for purpose. Nor truly care. Entrusting development of our species to these amoebic misfits will end only one way. Nor will divine guidance intercede. Those core funds are being invested for Capital protection, and only accrued profits used to fund projects. We have cut dead the Fed Hydra from stealing more.

Our case has been to demonstrate that complex Global changes can only be effected by those empowered, both economically and intellectually, and capable of conceiving the prioritised steps necessary, directing resourcing and delivering planned solutions. Self-help.

Our vision is for multi-billions in need. Who really cares about a few Blogmeisters promising a few lost millions, and all is coming tomorrow. Just believe, donate and contribute to the cause they obfuscate. These are just Carnival Barkers.

The Global economy is rapidly deteriorating. Reserves, what reserves? Redemptions overdue yet again, are reneged on ever more. How can a broken system pay you, with what? Yes, we know you need, but so what? So do billions. So, real world, do we protect primary billions, or a few million whimpering wannabes? Aaahh was promised. Poor fools. Politicians want only your vote, no more, and have no plans for you. For any of you. How do we get hard truth across? Prosperity funds and failed redemptions are, by and large not coming. Overalled Rednecks sit in mountain shacks guarding a fistful of Dinars. I’m gonna be rich! Really? Somewhere a lunatic fringe still lives in blind hope of a magic mushroom Dinar free for all. Basket cases. Blogs continue to pump this garbage. South Sea Bubbles. Look it up. Sorry but for most it’s a new version.

As the world becomes ever more a complex, hybrid Corporate Oligopoly of special interests, where are you, and who cares? There is no Shadow Fairy Godmother, nor Santa or Custer riding in to redeem the masses. You are worth the level of intellect between your ears. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

There are no State Reserves or even Private Pension Reserves capable of carrying through feckless retirees or Welfare Basket cases. So you paid into a scheme. So what? Apart from funding fat bonuses, as the State starts to raid the pot, what will be left, as they lose the plot? Be assured, not a lot. If you don’t control your own destiny, someone else does. Study historical equivalents. Good luck with that. Look at America today facing a future of Clinton or Trump. A psychotic career criminal or a flatulent, egomaniac, how low is the bar now? A daunting demise faces America. Ball games and reality TV rules fools. While Welfare Wanabee’s with a vote, contributing nothing – demand. How the mighty have fallen. Eurasia rises, while a Geographically illiterate mass sit in their State of Delusion, reading Blogmeister’s procrastinations, of Heh Buddy, send me a dollar and Poof the Magic Dragon will fly in your fantasy Geld funds. Fools and money? Between the Bible Belt and Blog sites it’s pay dirt for Carnival hustlers. With seemingly no end of cross bred gullible.

Truth, is Santa coming? How old are you?

Facing the needs of a world approaching 8 Billion, how important are the needs of a few tens of millions of speculating Blog cannon fodder? In our world, evolving ever faster as a Grand Corporate Union of Economic Grandmasters, what standing do the Public really have, or expect?

As East versus West increases conflicts, and War risks with it, where do you think real interest is focused? Politicos are not in it to put back, but to take out, and the only thing being taken, is you.

There will be no free ride, bar you being taken for one.

Now, respect, truth and free real advice for the non-stupid. You’re on our own. Responsibility for your passage through life, is in your own hands. Your calls, your moves, your own Judgment and Life Management Action Plan. You think it out and don’t lose the plot. Or leave it to others who will take the lot. Stop dreaming, life is real. Get truth. Get – It!

So from Get Real, what is real?

Our response and guidance to the Elders was to seek no accord of trust with Politicos and to determine valid needs they wished to support, but then implement a direct support strategy, via their new Representative London office, bypassing the Political structures, unless support was needed. We can develop both Infrastructure and Regional strategies with minimum political intervention, and curtail the corruption from such associations. We also showed them how less than 20% of capital allocated to Charitable needs ever gets to the end user needs, and how much is syphoned out in ostentatious Salaries, bonuses and overhead admin costs. Our strategy is to deliver total Turnkey solutions using regional resources direct, and delivered by our own teams. These are REAL Elders progress issues, not moonshine fantasies disgorged by itinerant Irishmen parading photographs of some poor Asian wannabe Money-man profiling with a face like an unmade bed.

We are discussing Silk Road policies. We are discussing Global educational needs. We are discussing Water and Energy needs. We are discussing reality. Collective Elders of real stature sat through 2 full days of detailed presentations, achieving real progress. The point was made clearly to them not to depend upon Political promises, as history determines millennial failures and to focus on direct, total control. Two days with nothing taken out, where a key Lord said to me quietly, you get major claps from the team after each session. Elders respect vision and truth. Even more, the integrity to speak it.

Could it be perhaps because we opened each session by explaining to the Elders teams that a centuries progress has been slow, or non-existent, because their trust has been betrayed, their assets exploited criminally to fund 990 plus bases to wage vile Hegemony on the planet, all to protect Energy and asset grabs, as well as funding planetary destroying Arms industries, and Gut Busting Pentagon budgets for Boys with Toys, over medal burdened not for valour, but Butt kissing. Plus also the fact that we are making Elders key Bank Signatories on the new Trust Accounts with clear Capital Protecting Investment Strategies and safe income control long term. No filters, cross trading or skim offs. Integrity, Trust, Ethical policies, full oversight and clear vision. Elders know reality. Trust has to be earned. Honesty is the start. Ethical vision the next.

How can Political skip rats even start to understand? See how Cruz blanched at being asked to his face on TV if he had had affairs behind his wife’s back. His flunkies tried to defect to Trump, and Cruz ducked the question. That said it all. More soiled goods. When there is no Trust, there is no point. Why vote for any of them?

We charge you nothing for truth. Yes, we opine against corruption, and ever more against moronic naivety. But we do care about you, the way forward, and our custodial care of our planet.

We respond to only one race, the Human Race, and the Cosmic ties to all of us. Elders see, we get it. Elders see we walk and talk the real case. Elders feel our compassion. Elders trust our links and lineage. They have seen and experienced the US Carpet Baggers shabby imbalance of Global control. Greed has bypassed need. This is a world we are all in together. A cosmic force of good for all.

Every child has a right to life. Every child has a right to love. Every child has a right to come here as a new Soul and try to fulfill their dreams. Our role is to protect and encourage that and them. To help you be born free and to fulfill your full potential of being. Your Carbon Life Form experience needs to fulfill its purpose and real agenda. You came here for a reason and you competed with millions for this journey. You won. Why waste it now? Wake up and fulfill it. You’re not just Cosmic matter – You matter. You are an ethereal life force experiencing a Carbon existence along a journey with no end. Once you understand your role, then we can help you enrich your Soul. To be – alive, that is the wealth of the universe.

I recently saw our UK statistics showing over 600,000 children are now listed at risk of abuse, either physical or sexual. That is 1% of our nation. So even at the same levels that means 3 million America children a year are suffering. It’s truly heartbreaking and touches us deeply.

For the UK, America and the Children of our world, what is happening is appalling. I am saddened and sickened by all of it and our inability to stop this disgusting abuse now. It sickens me to my soul. How can anyone do this to a child? These are the real issues needing our time, who cares whether you hustle a Dinar or two. Our children matter! They all matter and need us. All are children of one God and it’s not Allah, nor Yahweh! Elders asked me, how do we deal with the growing Islamic problem.

I answered, for those in the West start by dictating in each nation that ALL Islamic children from 5 upwards are educated only in each nations State schools and given fair and free education. Give them truth and respect. Teach the children that forced marriage of girls from 6 to 9, or any age, is a filthy, depraved and guttural society and will no longer be allowed or tolerated. Teach the children to say its despicable and it’s my life you are throwing away, so I say NO! Teach them it’s the ramblings of a depraved old man who married Ayesha at 6 had had full intercourse with her, by his own admission, when she was 9. Disgusting, the poor child. Start by exposing and ridiculing this filth. That is a potent weapon to disarm and dismantle this Wookie Cult from within. Give the Children an informed choice. If they don’t like it – leave! Assimilate, educate, or go.

Set the bar and lift it high. Start closing their Mosques and tell them you either assimilate or Vacate home! No one asked you to come here. Teach children truth and values. Stop the Islamic State schools, the Madrassas, in the Western world. No Shariah Law here. No! our laws or leave. Don’t let them brainwash the kids on our watch. Shape the future by reshaping the Wookies, and show the children they are worth more. Not as Slaves. We stopped Slavery, why allow Islam? Look at their scale of child molestation and mutilation in Western nations. Truly, a disgusting species. Face it down. Take it down. Why allow 6th century decadent fantasy to pollute the West. Stop listening to Culture and start using Cult, then you get it and stop it. Every child needs us to protect them. They are all children of the Universe – Ours! Rebuild humanity by enlightening all for the future starting with each child. Consciousness is the Search Engine to everything. Start, on your watch – today. Every child matters. Every life form needs a chance. Nature, the Cosmos, animals, all life forms, we are One. You – Are the Living Universe. Help each child achieve their calling. Kindness is the real currency. Real wealth is the emotion of your Soul. That is all you can take with you. Call each day better. It may be your last.


  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/05/17/barack-obama-says-leaders-arent-even-pretending-charge/

    Obama is a permanent Bogey on Trumps back.
    For an illegal usurper he’s got a lot of nerve. If Barr goes for him he’s in a Gitmo cage.


    PM tells Tory MPs he wants to return to ‘near-normality’ in July as he hails British ‘good sense’ over lockdown and announces £93m to open research centre early and fast-track coronavirus vaccine

    Speaking to 100 Tory MPs via video link, the Prime Minister said he would take ‘grandmother steps’ to ease the lockdown rules and confirmed that Commons discussions will resume on June 2.


    Covid protests are active in the UK and people are defying lock downs.Enough is ENOUGH!

    Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost warns of No Deal if vital talks with the EU fail in 15 days as he urges Ministers to ‘take the moral high ground’ when facing their counterparts

    David Frost, who heads the Prime Minister’s ‘Taskforce Europe’, told Ministers to ‘take the moral high ground’ negotiating with EU counterparts in the face of stubbornness from Brussels



    The hounds of Hell are coming for Bill Gates and it will only build.

    He belongs in The Hague .
    Watch the grass grow and it may take some time but he is finished as is Microsoft ., the ground swell is growing a phenomenal rate against him and his foundation. Sometimes money cannot buy integrity of others and many Politicians are starting to see the people angered. This will only grow as the true extent of devastation is apparent.
    Don’t be vague send him to the Hague. Africa is his burial ground. How many has he killed or sterilised?
    If he gets tagged to Wujan, he will get fragged by Americans


    The groundswell is growing to arrest Gates.
    Good article worth reading .. the blowback they got for publishing this is indicative of how close it hits.



    If the Socialist scamming EU does not drop its parasitic demands on the UK, Britain will go for a NO Deal, save 39B UK pound,s and screw the lot of them in December.
    Which is what most Brits wants. Vivid has cost us over $0B, not way do we want to be wasting another $50B on a bunch of Losers.


    1. I’m sure congress will never recover from that threat.

      No doubt this “warrant” is being enforced by the Jedi Order.

      We’re saved.


    1. 🤣
      “ Living breathing Humans can buy META 1 Coin. Corporate Fictions, non-living entities are not allowed to buy META 1 COIN. META 1 COIN is a coin for Humanity and needs to stay in possession of Humanity.”


    2. OMG! Some of the statements are utterly hilarious. Sorry, I have to highlight some of them.

      “This complete monstrosity, which looks more like the cover of a self-published novel, can only have come about by fiving a ten-year-old access to Powe Point and some 1990s clipart and told he had five minutes to complete it.”

      “We get why they used artworks as the backgrounds, after all this is supposed to be an art-themed token, but it is done in such a ham-fisted way that each page looks like it’s been put through a washing machine and badly ironed.”

      “This use of what seems to be an attempt at English is a theme throughout the paper, with spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes littering the piece like the author was being paid by the error.”

      “The whitepaper is littered throughout with so many red flags you’d think you were on a shark infested beach.”

      Too bloody funny.,

      The author of this article, Mark Hunter is brilliant. Love his sense of humor.

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        1. Now that was scary! It did not give even give me a chuckle…… as they drive off into the sunset with their $250,000 dollar Ferrari. Who would give these people the time of day? Wow just wow!


        2. OMG! Well, in all honesty, I would smack this bird right across the bloody head to shake some bloody sense into her empty skull. I could honestly do a better job of a channeling session than this twit. And ya know why? Cause me has da goods when it comes to da old psychic channeling. LOL

          Sorry, I’m being silly again. Few drinks after a shocker of a day. HAHA.


        1. That was meant to say “big meanie.”
          Can;t type properly cause Tony made me giggle too much. LOL
          And it has absolutely nothing to do with the how many drinks I have had this evening. LOL


  2. Another week comes to a close. With the news of a new Asiatic location for transactions of interest, we will now wait out the several weeks noted for possible commencement of same. Only after such will the public possibilities for paper exits come into focus. I have no doubt that as soon as it is possible, we will learn more details for such. I sincerely hope it can be favorable, to whatever extent possible, with the real world resources there are to see the thing through.

    Stay safe and stay healthy. Continue to be ready for anything.


    1. It breaks my heart that the ones who have “big” amounts invested may be able to cash out and the little people who don’t have a lot may lose everything. I thought I was obeying God. I had big dreams of community gardens. Fulfilling the call of God for my life. To hear that the rich get richer breaks my heart. I am not a liberal. Conservative and Godly to the core. When you said the big wigs would go first and there might not be any left for us just made me sad. My son died a few months ago. I have been broken since then. He knew of my dreams to help children who had no one. He encouraged me. I pray we don’t lose out. If we do then I will move on. Just makes my heart hurt. I hope it won’t be that way. 😢


      1. I am very sorry for your loss, Julie.

        I do sincerely hope that the public will get a fair shot. We simply don’t know at this time. The matter will have to conclude at some point, and I sincerely hope it’s for the best. We would never knowingly make false promises and exaggerated claims that all is going to work out great. If I knew that to be so, and could let you know, I would. But, at this point, no firm conclusions about such have been released to us so that we can honestly inform you of it.

        I promise that you will get the honest truth here, and no attempt to beguile anyone with false claims will happen. Thank you for sharing, and please be well.

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      2. Dear Julie,

        May I firstly welcome you to WHA. So good to have you here with us all.

        I am terribly sorry to hear that your son has recently transitioned. It must be dreadfully hard to endure such pain and loss. I know that the wonderful group of people here that gather at WHA will all feel deeply for you, even if that is not expressed publicly by all members. Please know we do care about you and are here if you need us.

        It may not be a perfectly appropriate moment to express what I am about to but in consideration of what I have sensed from your comment above I would like to share with you if I may be so bold.

        I completely understand what you have expressed. Your frustration and feelings of discomfort and sadness are clearly understood. But…do you really desire to have something or someone take your dream away from you?

        You note that you have a magnificent dream. Your dream is to start community gardens and care for the young who have no one. Such wonderful and admirable aspirations Julie and I’m sure God clearly sees the beauty and generous heart within you.

        Julie, I would suggest that you try not to worry about those “big wigs” gaining funds. Those types will always outdo us in many ways in this life and we should not worry about what they are doing as per this specific topic. Know that funds received by those who are not worthy will not treat them well in the long term. They may win initially in some ways but they never win in the end when their actions are well considered before those that truly matter. Forget them Julie and concentrate on making your dream a reality.

        Julie, is it possible that a letterbox drop in your neighborhood would assist to draw like minded people in your area toward you in assistance to gather a workforce to commence your community garden? Is it possible you could approach your local council to make use of any vacant blocks of land in your area to start your community garden? If not, what about several people in your community turning their own back yards into mini community gardens.

        I suggest the above as I see that there may be ways in which you can commence your community garden idea without a huge amount of funding being needed. I imagine that there may be many who may enjoy assisting you to create this dream. I also believe that the current state of affairs in our world at this time may be the perfect time for you to commence this project. You know your community better than I, so do you think this may work?

        I am presuming you are in the US. I have an excellent selection of beautiful heirloom seeds just waiting to be nurtured. If you are in a country where I can legally send them to you I would be more than happy to do that. I’m not too knowledgeable about such laws so not even sure I can send the ones I have anywhere outside of Australia. But I absolutely will if I legally can. Please advise.

        Julie, take a stand and start making your dream a reality. Please do not wait for currency money to come. Your dream is possible now. Do not put your life on hold any longer. Make your dream come true right now. The power and satisfaction you will gain within will bring you so much contentment and inner peace.

        Just imagine how proud your son would be of you knowing that you stood tall and got this all going with the assistance of a few people that care about you and share your dream.

        Please forgive me Julie if I have come across in a manner that you find at all offensive, I did not intend that at all. Your dream just seems so possible to me to start right now. You may have to start on a smaller scale than you originally wished to but from that initial small effort, great things may come. And I personally believe that is absolutely possible. Be proud and positive Julie, you can make this happen now. DO NOT allow your life and your dreams to be put on hold for anyone or anything. YOU are the author of this life and in your case, God will be there to support and uplift you the entire way. You know that.

        My thoughts are with you and we are here if you need us. XX

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        1. Hello,

          Thank you for your very kind response. It moved me. You are correct. We live in the 5th largest city in the US. We are, however, selling our property and moving to the mountains. We want a much smaller community. Your letter was wonderful and opened my heart to new possibilities. We want smaller and my dream can start smaller with God’s help and my heart dreaming it. I would be happier on a smaller scale anyway, then if God wants bigger, He can tell me!

          Your generous offer of seeds is amazing! I am not ready to start as we haven’t moved and bought a property yet, but I will save your name and contact you when the time comes. It will be as soon as we can sell, hopefully within a couple of months. I don’t have a lot to say right now, as this is a difficult week for me.

          Thank you for your sympathy and kindness. It won’t be forgotten. I felt your care all the way over here. I am not offended at all. I am truly touched. Be blessed.



          1. Julie, thank you so much for your lovely message. I do sincerely appreciate your time and effort to respond. Please, NEVER feel pressured to respond to me. I completely understand, and I think you know that. ;-))))

            I am so excited to hear that you are moving to the mountains. That sounds utterly glorious. I am also in the moving mode just now. Have purchased a property and am in the process of relocating.

            Just take the time you need to achieve what you desire. I wish you every success in selling your current property and finding the perfect new home where your future will be filled with everything you desire and need.

            While you are going through the process you currently are I shall check out the laws about sending seeds to the US and see what I can find out. I may be a tad slow due to everything I have happening just now but I’m sure our timing will work out perfectly.

            Sweetheart, take good care of yourself, stay strong and please remember we are here for you if you need us. Take care of what you need to to secure your home situation and then we can start working on getting you moving ahead with you beautiful dream. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN JULIE.

            No need to reply Julie. RELAX. Take is easy and keep dreaming of the magnificent dawn ahead. XX


    1. Three cheers for the dogs!

      After they are done there, maybe they can be re-tasked to protect the settlements from bankers?

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  3. Looks like the sovereign citizens are finding out that their sovereignty is not so sovereign after all. Where are the galactic councils to rescue them? Where is Anna von Rietz to file some paperwork and get all the charges dropped? Where are the glorious throngs of “light workers” who rallied to this project? Did they all scatter like anti-proton matter?

    The real world catches up with more defendants. They are having their assets frozen, and I believe this party is just getting started.

    Never get involved in Philippics against a powerful enemy, and with a strategy so flawed that you lose before you take your first morning cup of coffee.

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  4. That arrogant Self delusional B grade actor De Niro is sounding off against Trump again in UK Chat shows. He’s a flatulent old Fart who needs to stay out of Public sight, the never has been attention seeking mediocrity.



    Its time Trump takes on the Chicago Con Man Obama and has fair press support. https://youtu.be/U-7N8HAKWmc


    You cant write this stuff yet its in our face. Gates and the Vatican, with its own Lucifer Telescope system,have a lot to answer for.

    As always, follow the money and who benefits becomes very clear. Whose nose is in the Settlements?
    What is truly amazing is that He and his foundation have not been taken to task for the vaccines given that have sterilized women and maimed children.
    And the world trusts him to run a seed bank ? And now another vaccine 💉 with no credibility? How many have died for him?



    This you should all read. Please?

    Gates guilty of crimes against humanity: The most important speech ever done was just delivered by an Italian MP.

    In this speech she calls out the Italian President for being in cooperation with Bill Gates:

    We, the people, will build the fires of resistance to such an extent it will not be possible to repress all of us. I ask you, leader (of parliament), to be our spokesperson who will give advice to President Conte: Next time you receive a phone call from the “philanthropist” Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this for us, tell us how we should define you, the “friendly lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal.

    The full transcript follows.

    Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above, but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing their own freedom and granting it to a third party. With this you are goin(g) on anesthetizing the minds with corrupted mass media, with disinfectant, and NLP, with words like “regime”, to “allow” and “permit” to the point of allowing you to regulate our emotional ties and feelings.

    So in this way, phase 2 is nothing other than the execution/continuation of phase 1. you just changed the name, as you did with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). We have understood that people, for sure, don’t die from the virus alone. So people will be allowed to die and suffer for other reasons thanks to you and your laws – for misery and poverty – and as in the “best” regimes, the blame will be dropped only on citizens.

    You take away our freedom and say that we asked for it. Divide and conquer.

    It is our children who will lose more, who are RAPED SOULS, – raped with the help of the -so called- “guarantor of their rights” and of Cisma – (the Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse.)

    In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery – involuntary treatment and to virtual enslavement. All this in exchange for a push scooter and a tablet. All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalist who’s driving force is the conflict of interest, conflict well represented by the WHO, who’s main financier is the well known “philanthropist and savior of the world”: BILL GATES.

    We all know it, now.

    Bill Gates, in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at an event called “Event 201”, together with Davos, Switzerland. For decades, Gates has been working on depopulation and dictatorial control plans, on global politics, aiming to obtain supremacy on agriculture, technology, and energy. Gates said, (I quote exactly from his speech:) “If we do a good job on vaccines, health, and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%, only a genocide can save the world” With his vaccines, Gates managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa, Gates caused a polio epidemic that paral(y)zed 500, 000 children in India, and still today with DTP, Gates causes more deaths than the disease itself and does the same with his sterilizing GMO’s, designed by Monsanto and “generously donated” to needy populations by Gates.

    All this while he is alread(y) thinking about distributing the “quantum tattoo” for vaccine recognition, and mRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system.

    In addition, Gates also does business with several multinationals that own 5G facilities in the U.S.A. and on the same table there is the entire deep state in Italian sauce:

    SANOFI, together with GLAXO (pharma) are friends of Raneiri, Guerra, Ricciardi, and of the well known virologist that we pay 2,000 Euros every 10 minutes for the presentations on Italian TV.

    Sanofi and Glaxo sign agreements with medical societies to indoctrinate future doctors, making fun of their autonomy of judgement and their oath.

    High tech multinationals, like Roman engineering, which is allied with the noble Mantoan, or bending spoons of Pisano (ad campaigns for companies) are there for control and management of our personal medical records in agreement with the European Agenda ID 2020, an electronic identification system which aims to use mass vaccination to build a digital ID platform. ID 2020 is a continuation of the transfer of data to IBM, which was started by Renzi, who in 2016 gave an enormous contribution to the gates global fund, increasing it’s funding by 30 percent.

    At the deep state ta(bl)e there are the people of Aspen, like the Saxon Colao, who was paid 800 euros per hour for his reports, – reports which had no scientific review and subsequently dictated politics as a “Bilderberg general”, staying well away from the battlefield.

    The list is long, very long.

    On the list there is also Mediatronic, by Arcuri, and many more.

    The Italian contribution to the International Alliance Against Coronavirus will be 140 million Euros, of which 120 million will be given to GAVI Alliance, a “non profit” created by the Gates Foundation. This is just part of the 7.4 billion received by the EU to “find a vaccine” against coronavirus – vaccines which, as I said – will be used by Gates. There is no money, of course, for serotherapy, which has the collateral effect of being super cheap (this is prophalactic use of drugs like Ivermectin and chloroquine which condition the blood and prevent infection well into the future from only one dose) – no money for prevention, real prevention, which takes into consideration our culture, our food, and our ability to move freely in the environment.

    The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute dominion over all people, who will be transformed into guinea pigs and slaves who have no sover(e)ignty and free will. All of this thanks to tricks and hoaxes disguised as political compromises while they rip up the Nuremberg code with involuntary obligations, fines, and deportation via facial recognition and intimidation endorsed by dogmatic “scientism” that will be protected by our “multi president” of the Republic who represents the real cultural disease of this country.

    We, the people, will build the fires of resistance to such an extent it will not be possible to repress all of us. I ask you, leader (of parliament), to be our spokesperson who will give advice to President Conte: Next time you receive a phone call from the “philanthropist” Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this for us, tell us how we should define you, the “friendly lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal.

    Thank you.

    Deep State, Bill Gates, Agenda 21 at Italian Chamber of Deputies. May 14th, 2Q2Q


    The USVs issue is part explained as in this video. Tino and others were exploring the issue so this will help.


    Yes to Trump taking this in full public view to question Fake Con Man Fake American Soetoro Obama.

    Start by asking him if he accepts the sanctity and rights of Americas long standing laws.
    Then ask him for his legal name.

    When he states Barak Obama, ask by what name were you known as a child and Student in Indonesia.
    It’s simple question.

    Ask then, as we need to establish truth this House meeting,and under Penalty of Perjury as with all lawfull Citizens, under what name did you enter America as a Student and what passport? Ensure for recard sweeps you have the date and name by which he entered America. Why was this not done before as vetting?

    Then when did you lawfully apply to become an American citizen? Was your lawful passport and Birth Certificate submitted?
    Is it this, with passport application copy exampled?

    But we have checked this and it is NOT verified as a lawful document, because it was obtained with false information, so to establish who you are, when under penalty of perjury now, Private Citizen Obama , did you as an Indonesian become an American, because here is a copy your Indonesian passport?
    So how did you, an Non American Born Person, lawfully obtain the right to the highest office in United States, prohibited by law to you? Have you unlawfully usurped this role for 8 years?

    And there you have the Bastard,. hook , line and Sinker! Go Barr, Diss Barr this Con Man. The Bolo Punch and all America can rejoice.

    His cage awaits in Gitmo. His crimes then are endless. How many died for this illegal?

    Barr, please put it Right- Up HIM!




    You can not have a feasible Europe run by Jesuits using Brussels Socialsits as a front, and Vatican NWO rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A 100% coronovirrus blocking success but note its collaborating with the F Brethren funding! Life At A Price will Follow!

    US biotech company claims it’s found antibody to block coronavirus https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8324395/California-biotech-claims-discovere-antibody-block-100-coronavirus.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    1. Ola John.
      Sorry for delay, was off illegally earning a living outside of quarantine and meeting with a brilliant ER Doc. Thanks for the USV/USO video above.

      Read your extensive reply to my coronavirus comment.

      I’ve spent considerable time integrating and thinking. Given where we are at, 3 points emerge invariant.

      1) The basic science has to be wrong in some manner. Except for few hotspots with excess mortality – and even there, lots of doubts, the rest show NO excess mortality. (Excess mortality in Spain, Italy and Ecaudor track back to hospitals systems running at 95% capacity when the pandemic started. Any bad flu season would have resulted in tens of thousands dead. This implies that the rest are just producing random data or patient-dx shuffling.) This further implies we are NOT identifying the true pathogen correctly. The ER doc, who is also well-versed in basic virological science, agrees we may be dealing with arbitrary classifiers. The results of a subset of the Upper Respiratory Infected diagnosed by the antigen test is just one giant false positive based on random exosomes from stressed cells in a stressed patient.
      2) If they don’t have the correct pathogen, and the viral vaccine nutjobs are keying off, not the pathogen but the genomics, the results of the vaccine will be well… random with a positive bias. Essentially a randomly positive test will randomly select sick (of any URI) or the randomly healthy expressing the RNA, and because 99% will get better ANYHOW, the vaccine (useless, it doesn’t target the pathogen) will appear to be effective.
      3) At a National level, if the test is a random, arbitrary classifier, it blows all plans to attach flight status to test status. In a nutshell it will do all the following simultaneously: it will miss the true carriers, it will accidentally identify true carriers, it will prevent travel of the truly healthy, it will prevent travel of those sick otherwise by non-Covid crap of no public health consequence.

      Now, you raised the point that a 2-week shutdown to clip a possible surge has morphed to “prevent Covid death” via a draconian lock-down of the economy with no end in sight. It makes no sense. I smell tyranny by hidden hand. The criteria not only mutate faster than a virus, the criteria do not allow for any lifting. The repeated idea of “eradication” via either lock down or vaccine make zero sense. Sweden will never require either. Eradication by lock down would take 12-18 months. Already we suffer near irrevocable damage if we don’t re-open right NOW. By vaccine, we really have to remember that EVERY vaccine to date had hypersensitivity reactions — and not a rash — more like shortness-of-breath, autoimmune lung reactions and dare I say it? Death. I’m supposed to believe that they will get it right? And why in God’s Green Earth am I supposed to trust them? Every doc that knows the HCQ/Zinc/Z-pack solution knows that EVERY clinical trial to date keeps ignoring zinc — and the NIH can’t be that f’ing stupid… Another doc who doesn’t dare let it be known, had 49 out of 50 severe patients reverse course using IV Vitamin C alone.

      So other than being careful with those over 60 and the various other co-morbidities, going back the previous status-quo may be the only reasonable choice on the balance of probabilities.


      1. Thank you Tino,
        Sorrento Theraputics in California claims to have discovered and antibody that can completely block coronovirus.
        It clims its ST1-1499 antibody stopped coronovirus from entering 100% of healthy human cells in petri dish experiments.
        Sorrento is collaborating with Mt Sinai Schools of Medicine in New York. Zio hooks again!


        1. But also note if our UK death levels drop our 1/20th of One per cent could drop to 1/50 th of One Per Cent then huge panic overkill gets called into question.

          Our massive new Nightingale Hospital built for vast Billions is empty, and now mothballed.
          Experts heh? Scientific opinions? DUMMIES the LOT!
          We trashed the world for these Clowns?
          Fauci and UK Fergusson both need 30 years in Gitmo.


        2. So we walk directly into the cousin situation of what I described: that if we have the wrong pathogen and we keyed off the original genomics of the common coronavirus that folks have isolated, we may end up with a treatment that doesn’t do anything but because the original test won’t select for the true pathogen, we will end up with a random treatment result biased positively. Let’s see what happens…


          1. What is ever more clear, is that all the data and alarmist projections are wrong. So far 1/20th of One per Cent is not justification to lock down nations. Nor Elders. With masks and had washing plus reasonable distancing 99% of this goes away. Fauci and Ferguson caused this with abysmal advice. Worse, backlogging check ups and screening for 6 months, triggering far more mortality losses.

            We are creating devastating economic consequences with as yet undefined losses to 30% of our businesses.
            Society faces freefall. Sensing free furloughs it won’t be easy to get them back.

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  5. Bed fellows and relatives

    It all becomes a little clearer now.

    *YES, the Governor of Michigan used to work for George Soros




    * YES, Hillary’s daughter Chelsea IS married to George Soros’ nephew.

    * YES, ABC News executive producer IAN CAMERON is married to SUSAN RICE, Obama’s former National Security Adviser.

    * YES, CBS President DAVID RHODES is the brother of BEN RHODES, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    * YES, ABC News correspondent CLAIRE SHIPMAN is married to JAY CARNEY, former Obama White House Press Secretary

    * YES, ABC News and Univision reporter MATTHEW JAFFE is married to KATIE HOGAN, Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary .

    * YES, ABC President BEN SHERWOOD is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood, Obama’s former Special Adviser.

    * YES, CNN President VIRGINIA MOSELEY is married to TOM NIDES, former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary


    This is “Huge” and is a ‘partial’ list since the same incestuous relationship holds true for NBC/MSNBC and most media outlets.

    Trump has been right all along. Fake News is generated by this incestuous relationship.


    1. Get the hell out of here. If I was woken up with this “traditional English folk song” I would get a bloody machete out.

      Come on. Is this supposed to be an English town? I try very hard not to be too racist but what the hell happened to the respect for the original culture of a country?


  6. Tino

    I left you an extensive reply to your article yesterday please check it out. Certain facts may stand out.
    Issue the Public have not yet been accommodated with. Your comment merited it and may help your own deliberations. Balanced realities. Thank you for your own contribution. Please retrack your comment and reply.

    May 14, 2020 at 5:25 am Edit


    If you look at our Graphs and new outbreaks, nothing can be predicted or trusted. Nothing- Makes sense.
    We have flown over 800,000 travellers into London over the last 4 months with no pre testing or arrivals checking. It’s estimated by our OWN Health Care Authorities, that c450 will have been infected carriers. They will keep coming, it’s a vicious cycle. With no contract tracing in place!

    Non Existent Covid Border Checking failures are abysmal. Gross Political incompetence─ So many nations versions are now mutating and re infecting us. A cycle of madness and death. Why is there no border testing? Why is there no pre flight airline testing for Crew Safety alone? Idiots plan, or don’t!

    We MUST now pre flight test or it will never end.

    We do not correctly report Community deaths, and Retirement Home Deaths, now reported, are late.
    But- over 30% of our Deaths now reported are in Retirement Homes. Unprotected Patients and Staff.
    Our High Risk Killing Fields. No effective PPE strategies. Ineffective Chinese faulty PPE knock offs are no solution.
    No thinking is visible!

    Care Staff are dying, and cross infecting their own families. Which expands out.

    There is a media frenzy.

    But, what ALL are missing is THIS:

    1. By our OWN records we have c35,000 dead ( It could be 50K with hidden Community Deaths- But cross counter that with normal Flue now mis reported as Covid). So far,. over 5 months since Covid became an issue, we have lost, by our own figures, less than 1/20th of One Per Cent of population die to Covid. Assuming we lose 100,000 by the end of the entire year,.it’s still then less that 1/7th of One Per Cent, due to Covid. What?????????? Why is this not explained?

    2.So, for less than one 7th of one per cent worst case, we have created our worst recession for 300 years, put
    30% out of work. virtually Bankrupted 20% of our companies, devastated our Taxation and Economic policies.and deralled Family life for entire communities. Industry has stopped, and giving them an 80% State funded No Work Furlough is insanity. They will milk it dry!. Our stores are wiped out,as are our towns and cities. Tens of thousands of people are now fined even being out of their own homes. NWO MInd Games at work. Police Highway Robbery.

    Tourism is dead this year. Nations will suffer.
    Airlines are folding, Car sales a 90% drop. Hotels closed. Towns closed.

    Yet families and and Elders are denied RIGHTS to Mask commute and Commune. Why, it makes no sense?
    Denied the right to see and hold our own Children and Grandchildren? Invading and devastating Family infrastructure. By what Rights- or Logic? When of age, you will each then understand how precious each day is.

    Currently our Death Rate is only 0.1/20th of one per cent. 35,000.
    Ye the cost of the lost Cancer and Heart detection issues, and far more by 6 months of no Hospital or Surgery services, will be far greater. So now they destroy communities as well as economies?

    Judgment calls. Are they fit or fitting?

    300 years of Industry and Commerce taken past the brink. I too valae life, but for between 1/20th and 1/7 th of One per Cent? Collateral damage will be immeasurably worse. Are Politicos fit to Judge and call it? Is giving them a presumptive Blanket Vote, time to recall it? Who is judging the cost, of what we have lost?


    News items of interest:

    Good idea. but it also then attacks our other immune systems.

    Mouthwash could prevent COVID-19 transmission, scientists say https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8315269/Commercial-mouthwash-prevent-COVID-19-transmission-scientists-say.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    Now China is going to get so Really,.Really Butt F for this!

    China brands Britain’s handling of coronavirus as a ‘mess’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8319159/China-brands-Britains-handling-coronavirus-mess.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    Covid Music just for you


    How to deal with the Deep State, the Obama Clinton Crime families, the Rothschilds and Muzzie terrorists.

    Not just in the movies


    Always there is goodness in the world. Every Soul matters.
    Have you ever heard of this gentleman?
    The best two minutes you will spend today!
    You may want to get a tissue……
    Decisions taken in the moment have many consequences and some are future gifts. Children know the kindness of a stranger’s hand.


    1. John2020 – You were right about grabbing a tissue before watching the last video. I’ve never heard of this man before. What a gorgeous and beautiful human being.

      Thank you for sharing.


      1. The site keeps you aware of many issues.

        Im printing Tony’s black book names and phone numbers next. Lol
        But I’m having trouble working out what these $50 Bucks to $10 Bucks signs by each name means?


                1. I know exactly what you liked most about those commercials Tony. The bouncy blonde bits at the end. LOL


    1. As a result of Control and Confidence Issues, the final Florida closings will move to a certain Asian Banking Centre from next week, and the substantial Asian backed assets involved will not be at risk of the usual US seizures of Capital, as all have experienced historically, from the cruel betrayals of the notorious US Hegemony Monster Shysters. Smart move. It’s likely now to take from 3 weeks upwards to schedule and phase through. Reality with key New Banks they can trust. Their nightmare, correctly founded, is having Settlement Funds trapped within US Crime Inc territory and lying US Banks forever. Lie down with a Tribe of Skunks and ? Reality planning now. Keeping it out of the Zio Snout Zoo. It’s an issue of Trust. They have None. Zero!

      Only such funds as will be allocated for agreed projects will route to the US. There will be a Military Payoff, Protection Racket money, then Real Beneficiaries walk free and nothing on the streets. Practical thinking. Swamp and Zio Rat free. Military Guts will be fed. The Military Industrial complex. Hate it but pay it off. Like Covid, unwanted but here.

      You now have NEW Reality. The Real Gaming board. The Principals do not trust the US. Agreed!


      1. Does this mean the pubic could go in 4-6 weeks? And now that its going to safe bank it wont be stopped this time?


        1. I can’t answer that, but as a lot of Military Contractors hold those notes, what do you think?
          This will light the touch paper for sure if all clears as intended. Until it’s done it’s NOT!
          But it skips clear of China and the US if cleared. We will then keep the Zios snout out!
          It can only help you all.. This puts real pressure on now to clear it.


          1. John2020,
            I am sure you find it frustrating hearing us ask the same questions over and over again. Pretty sure in our heads there are more than a few of us asking the same question as Champ and others. I can only smile whenever someone posts the questions. 😀

            I am sure you also don’t want to give us a negative answer. But thank you for the reality check. Even if the public does not get to partake of this monumental wealth transfer. I am sure the money will go to the right causes. At least in that sense we are all beneficiaries.

            More power to you John and company who are working hard on this settlements.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. MN
              The money WILL, for sure, be used to rebuild nations well. And good causes.
              It will be kept away from Zios and Agency trash.


        2. Jay
          Beneficioes greed can still delay issues. A certain Italian Fake Religious group of Knights are cross linked with hands out.


      2. Good move John2020:

        I have warned of similar concerns on the forum just recently. Seems like those warnings can be looked upon as not radical at all, but very appropriate. I wish you much success in your relocation. Say hello to both Queens for me.

        Sincerely, Maximus Augustus Marcus Aurelius Disgustus


        1. Also, I bet my 60 year old yellow rubber duckie that the Asian banking centre, where the exchange bank is located, is none other than Singapore. But to keep it secret, no response to my comment is desired….

          Sincerely, The Other Andrew


          1. No response you have got, smiling.
            But what we have got, is the lot out of Zio trash Banking hands and free movement to safe areas.
            We have an absolute Glass Ceiling in London..It’s a Private Club where a nod and a wink keeps out the stink.
            The Class system rules. It keeps them out. We got rid of the Rotts and I stopped Sassoon getting the top B of E job as a Gofer for the Rotts. Our Blackball system keeps them out. It only needs one to block them, but where they are concerned, we can virtually assure you for a Committee of 10, there will be at least 12 black balls in the count! Old family rules. Not a snout in the trough! No Zio crims at the top. No Camels in the Tent!


          1. John2020 said: “It’s a Private Club where a nod and a wink keeps out the stink”. This is one example of the gift of rhyming that I think you have. I have noticed a lot of them in your sentences. It must be a gift that is spontaneous as I can not fathom you sitting in your chair taking all that time trying to create them.


  7. Ka-ching! Exited TNT as well and doubled my capital outlay in that one so thank you so much Tony. reinvested in 0x, enj snt dash and xrp. Our little group here thanks you as well as we have done well. Now we have settled in and our current plays are bought up and now we wait. Easy as pie.

    by the way we wanted to commend you on your resolute position to stick to a simple and effective strategy. it has helped us keep things very basic without having to continually try to learn over and over. We bought some BTC on the dip and up it went. We then buy our positions, then repeat. We have funded so muhc just on that simple process alone and the results have been great. Thanks again we do appreciate wha. Your pal C

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    1. Good to hear! I always know I can count on you to make the right moves and come out ahead. I have given up on so many others, but you are always one to keep it simple and keep it profitable. Well done.

      I have just about bought all I want to as well. Still adding to some positions a little, and spread the TNT profits (damned near quadrupled) into a few other ideas as well. We could not have asked for better luck than a 20% pullback right after the halving. It screamed “buy me”. So, I never pass up a screamer. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing, keep up the good work, and your predisposition to avoiding excessive pedantry in your position decisions will carry you up and on. I look forward to hearing more from you as time goes on.

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  8. “Today the Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, announce a $138 million contract with ApiJect Systems America for “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA,” which together will dramatically expand U.S. production capability for domestically manufactured, medical-grade injection devices starting by October 2020.



    1. Volatility is coming, and it will most likely be of the sort that will be unlike the past. Hold on.

      Those of you who are invested in whatever ideas you have selected, I hope you have chosen well, and that we can see a paper exit before the expected run ups. It’s coming down to the wire now but not a lot of time left.

      I sincerely hope London has good news for us in the very near future. If we can sneak in partial paper profits into this sector before major Wall St brokers start offering digital assets on their platforms, then the upside potential starts to defy words to describe. Add in the self-destructive actions of a floundering Fed, and continual talk of central bank digital platforms, and it’s plain to see we are not in Kansas anymore.


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    1. I just love watching the Bolsheviks in the press go ape shit over having to face a woman of such accomplishments every day when they attempt to foist their turgid questions on her.

      It must really drive these commissars stark raving batty, and on top of it, she’s white, married, a mother, a Catholic, married to a white man, educated, raised in a family that built and owned a business, and isn’t barfing on herself on a beach while twerking to some 5th grade drop-out rapper’s idea of music.

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  9. News Items of Interest:

    One Certifiable Non Performers is on borrowed time,
    The other is wasting our money on Welfare all to be repaid from higher taxes.



    A different issue for you as general interest.



    Rightly so its a shambles.




    They are still packing them into trains in London.


    Britons face pay freezes and tax rises to cover £300bn bill for coronavirus, leaked Treasury plans reveal as it emerges that one in three firms may NEVER reopen and employers could have to pay staff to do nothing under Rishi Sunak’s furlough extension

    Leaked documents suggest a £300billion body-blow to UK plc from the enforced lockdown, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak facing making major changes to keep the country on an even keel.


    Devastating consequences real world



    So much for Muppet policies


    We need to take extreme caution as this virus is now breaking out again in a second Chinese City. Reports Who Flung Dung

    China puts a second city under lockdown in the space of four days https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8314487/Chinese-city-partial-lockdown-major-risk-virus-spread.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    This opens tracking wide open to abuse. When did the State ever need to be asked twice?

    Coronavirus tracking apps pose ‘a serious risk to human rights’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8314843/Coronavirus-tracking-apps-pose-risk-human-rights-says-humans-rights-organisation.html?ito=native_share_article-top



    Effective use of Science.


    This is such a dangerous strategy right now. Who will help protect Americans?

    Covid-19 could take FIVE YEARS to bring under control warns WHO https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8316823/Coronavirus-FIVE-YEARS-bring-control-warns-WHOs-chief-scientist.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    The Flynn Obama net is really closrng in now.



    If this is correct it means 4 Million Americas having to self isolate from contact tracing.

    Contact tracing could cause 770,000 Britons to self-isolate every day https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8312585/Up-770-000-Britons-told-self-isolate-day-contact-tracing-regime.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    1. All this is imbecilic. Just open up. It’s clear that the tests are garbage. They are arbitrary classifiers, and you are reclassifying normal death into COVID. Already it’s obvious that there is no truth to US or UK numbers, as the deaths are just reshuffles. While there is *some* excess mortality it’s barely a bad flu season. Again, the solution is simply to open up, never shut a healthy person in again, and let the dice roll. If you positively need to take action, it is for the over 60, give them Vitamin D,zinc citrate, Vitamin C 10 gr prophylactic infusion, and give them a few masks for good measure and let’s move on.


      1. Tino

        If you look at our Graphs and new outbreaks, nothing can be predicted or trusted. Nothing- Makes sense.
        We have flown over 800,000 travellers into London over the last 4 months with no pre testing or arrivals checking. It’s estimated by our OWN Health Care Authorities, that c450 will have been infected carriers. They will keep coming, it’s a vicious cycle. With no contract tracing in place!

        Non Existent Covid Border Checking failures are abysmal. Gross Political incompetence─ So many nations versions are now mutating and re infecting us. A cycle of madness and death. Why is there no border testing? Why is there no pre flight airline testing for Crew Safety alone? Idiots plan, or don’t!

        We MUST now pre flight test or it will never end.

        We do not correctly report Community deaths, and Retirement Home Deaths, now reported, are late.
        But- over 30% of our Deaths now reported are in Retirement Homes. Unprotected Patients and Staff.
        Our High Risk Killing Fields. No effective PPE strategies. Ineffective Chinese faulty PPE knock offs are no solution.
        No thinking is visible!

        Care Staff are dying, and cross infecting their own families. Which expands out.

        There is a media frenzy.

        But, what ALL are missing is THIS:

        1. By our OWN records we have c35,000 dead ( It could be 50K with hidden Community Deaths- But cross counter that with normal Flue now mis reported as Covid). So far,. over 5 months since Covid became an issue, we have lost, by our own figures, less than 1/20th of One Per Cent of population die to Covid. Assuming we lose 100,000 by the end of the entire year,.it’s still then less that 1/7th of One Per Cent, due to Covid. What?????????? Why is this not explained?

        2.So, for less than one 7th of one per cent worst case, we have created our worst recession for 300 years, put
        30% out of work. virtually Bankrupted 20% of our companies, devastated our Taxation and Economic policies.and deralled Family life for entire communities. Industry has stopped, and giving them an 80% State funded No Work Furlough is insanity. They will milk it dry!. Our stores are wiped out,as are our towns and cities. Tens of thousands of people are now fined even being out of their own homes. NWO MInd Games at work. Police Highway Robbery.

        Tourism is dead this year. Nations will suffer.
        Airlines are folding, Car sales a 90% drop. Hotels closed. Towns closed.

        Yet families and and Elders are denied RIGHTS to Mask commute and Commune. Why, it makes no sense?
        Denied the right to see and hold our own Children and Grandchildren? Invading and devastating Family infrastructure. By what Rights- or Logic? When of age, you will each then understand how precious each day is.

        Currently our Death Rate is only 0.1/20th of one per cent. 35,000.
        Ye the cost of the lost Cancer and Heart detection issues, and far more by 6 months of no Hospital or Surgery services, will be far greater. So now they destroy communities as well as economies?

        Judgment calls. Are they fit or fitting?

        300 years of Industry and Commerce taken past the brink. I too valae life, but for between 1/20th and 1/7 th of One per Cent? Collateral damage will be immeasurably worse. Are Politicos fit to Judge and call it? Is giving them a presumptive Blanket Vote, time to recall it? Who is judging the cost, of what we have lost?


  10. Dr. Fauci warns senators that reopening cities or states too fast ‘will trigger an outbreak you may not be able to control’ as he reveals hope of a successful coronavirus vaccine trial by ‘late fall’

    Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Tuesday that reopening cities and states too quickly could trigger an outbreak that would get out of control and turn the clock back on efforts to fight the coronavirus.

    Fauci is so divisive.


    A positive action by Trump and the right one. Karma!

    This will hurt China a bunch .. bet BlackRock steers clear of China as well. They have no idea what is coming at them. Western Incontinence pads sold to China will be good business soon.


    Shared from sputniknews.com

    George Soros: Germany’s ECB Ruling May Spell ‘the End of the EU as We Know It’

    THe EU is again facing collapse as both Germany and the UK pull the rugs.


    China is not even starting to see the consequences, but it’s coming.


    Futures Slide After Senators Propose Legislation To Sanction China If No “Full Accounting” For Coronavirus Outbreak


    Union bosses tell workers they have a legal right to REFUSE to go back to the office and demand health and safety risk assessments for EVERY employee before they agree to return

    The Trades Union Congress said existing laws already protect employees in Britain who have a legal right to refuse to work if the risks are ‘serious and imminent’.


    The implications for this are massive now.


    1. As far as I’m concerned China needs to be ripped a new one.

      They are playing with Aus at the moment re trade. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I personally would be happy to see the lot of them out of this country. They have gained far too much control here thanks to the money hungry morons we have running this country.


      1. SF driver – the people realized it. It’s been a takeover. The state passed proposition 187 by a landslide. Take a look at all the green on this map. One stupid judge over turned it. I remember that day.


        I think you are right about crazy mazzie lunatic woman. Sure is scary times living in these leftest states.

        Can’t wait to leave. I know two people who recently left to move to Texas. Both born and raised here. Sigh


      2. Don’t forget the poor Actors, ( With Opinions!!) poor Plastic surgery, Divorce Lawyers, Zio Porn second to none and the worlds probably worst Silicone Airheads with blown up lips. Tony defining that lot as a Moron is a promotion. They don’t even know if they are Arthur or Marther. They are awarded 5 Stars, for Crass stupidity, and Nancy!


      3. Yah. I live in S.Ca. Love it but hate the politics here. Been a blue state since I was a kid. Truly the worst come from here. Poligrip, the universities up north teach the most absurd crap. Would love to see CA go red and support The Donald!.


  11. From john2020:

    Rothschilds worst nightmare and Sicko Nutter Yahoos too. The Fed to be run FOR the People and not owned by a Jew? Biut for the vast Trillions already skimmed off, what need we do?

    Subject: Watch “Trump Takes Control of the FED – Leads the way for other countries to follow – Michael Tellinger” on YouTube


    Something different for you all to contemplate.

    Subject: How Will the Universe End? | Live Science



    Nutter Yahoo loose he’s as bad as Covid 19.

    I must be living in a science fiction movie 🎥.

    One would think that after what the Jews went through in Germany and having to wear stars so everyone knew they were Jewish, you would assume someone would say – hey! Wait a minute! We seem to be repeating the events of the rise of Nazi Germany from burning books to suppress dissent to demanding we are all micro-chipped.

    This is completely nuts. But so is Nutter Yahoo, Gates and all Zionists!

    History will not be so kind when a future round up begins Will they ever stop pushing it?
    The next lot, armed with technology, will finish it. Re educate, don’t segregate, give the kids a chance.



    Time to really look deep at this Cheap Chicago Hussler, and ask who needs indicting now? Bathhouse Boy Barakh- Your Time is coming!


    ‘Bat eating, wet market selling, virus making, greedy b*****ds’: Rocker Bryan Adams is BLASTED for blaming China for coronavirus pandemic in shocking ‘racist outburst’

    Bryan Adams has been branded ‘racist’ over a shocking social media post which appeared to blame the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on China and its citizens.



    Big questions coming for China as they are now being locked out of new trade opportunities. Even on PPEs we are being asked NOT to offer Chinese supplies.

    It will only grow.


    Beyond ugly Google spies on every second of your life and reports in.
    There is no privacy to actions if you carry a phone 📱.


    1. What if the phone is powered down/OFF? Is it still invading? This is bothersome information, although expected. Big brother.


    1. Well so much for the Pundits who challenged for limiting lock downs to 2 weeks. We are now on 9 and going 5 more, and still not sorted it. Hard FACT, at less than 0,015% of populations deaths, FACT, how do we assess the impact of deaths caused by losing 20% of jobs and putting economies hack decades?

      We have built emergency hospitals, not used, ruined families lives trashed the world, for what?
      Scientific Advisors so wrong again! Wrong!!!!

      How about, we find a series of deserted Quarries and bury the lot of them, then fill it all in?
      So many IDIOTS let loose? So much to answer for.


    2. WHA offers unique Crypto and Global Social Economic and Political perspectives.Respect it as we respond to and respect you. Trolls, swamp rats and psychos have no place here. Fortunately and full credit to Tony, we have an Editor who sorts and despatches misfits. I will contribute a Tower of London cannon if needed. I much prefer the Wrack for Trolls!

      Over the last 2 weeks response via Readers has doubled and comments have trebled.
      The site is alive, really good supporters and comments. But also the responsibility to keep it that way.
      We, at our own cost and time keep you aware of multiple issues. Diverse realities.

      GS, the RVs and Currencies have their own complex restrictions. Political restraints have to be overcome for GS and Gold Backed Bond redemptions. For a while we always had to protect China’s investments in Vietnam, which restricted Dong adjustments so as not to harm Chinese interests. Kiss that Goodbye! The Dong is now open to be played. As compared to Bankers playing with their Dongs. How many are now dying for China’s lying?

      New forces have co engaged for the RVs. More notes and Bonds have been accepted into a new cross permutation as a Global Part Debt resolution. But, of course it has meant new Money Laundering, Bank Note and Bond checks, and when dealing in Trillions the electronic realities of how many notes a day machines can cope with. To detect and extract Counterfeits. To cross report on holdings and re accredit New Holdings as new cleared pallets emerge.

      It’s a heavy Security validation process. Warehouses can be notorious for note and AU switching. Hot spots of Crime. There are high level parties involved, but no guarantees. There is a current need for resolution to re activate the Settlements in part, but then we are involved in a process requiring us to compensate Treasuries, Military Hegemony Protection Racketeers, the actual True Beneficiaries, to clear Anti Money Laundering Regulations, History of Funds to ensure Clean Title, Bank Compliance, and “Special Interests” such as Vatican meddling! Then finally disentangling loathsome predatory Zionsts hooks. Nothing is simple, or easy.

      Our time, our Dime. Do we ask, for anything? It’s taken Decades to get it here. We have a higher agenda.

      There are higher issues we can not discuss. Volumes not for Public release. But all correlate. To all the while the effervescent whine from some, of I want my Dime. Try alone?

      With the dismantling of the Zios Oligopoly, good things can happen. Breaking their Claws takes time. As as have found for Millennia. The Kazar Genghis Khan Assimilators are the worst. Empowered Roaches. There is no easy way then THEY are in it!

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  12. Crypto Sell Alert:


    Today, Teeka has issued a sell alert for his clients to exit TNT at a 383% profit for those who bought when they first recommended. No specific details have been released at this time for the decision, and I know there were rumblings at TNT by Bruce the CEO about Chainpoint operating on a different blockchain in the future. So, for now, the profit was good nonetheless, and if you bought when we first placed it here for your consideration, you should not have lost.

    So, if you wish to wind up your position in this one, feel free to do so with what gain/loss you have and move those funds to another idea of your choice. That decision is yours to make.

    Now you see why position sizing is important. Not all ideas will work out, and even some of the very best will not make it, while others that are far from ideal, may exceed anyone’s imagination.

    Because a critical sell order was issued on this idea, and because we shared it here, we are assisting with this news. In the future, as things heat up post halving, the decision to exit will be yours based on what you determine to be the right number for your life’s needs. That number is different for everyone.

    Thanks again.

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    1. Even though I bought Tierion (TNT) because of Teeka’s recommendation, I found out that the company behind TNT had abandoned the token a number of weeks ago, and it could have been a couple of months ago that I found this out…. as I kept up with the news on the TNT discord channel. Wayne (admin) on that channel warned the people over and over again, that the TNT token did not look like it had a future. After hearing that news I sold as I assumed that the news could come out at anytime and travel like wildfire and thus cause a collapse in the price of the coin.

      Feeling I had a moral responsibility to warn you all about the TNT token I came onto this blog and told you what I had found out, and told you I had sold all of my TNT.

      It does not surprise me that the Teeka group did not know what I knew about TNT as I have seen them make wallet recommendations in the past, that caused me to stand there scratching my head, as I thought, if they only were really using these wallets they would not recommend them. So my trust in them weakened even more.

      When I saw them come out a few days ago with their buy up to price recommendation for TNT, I stood there scratching my head further as these people are supposed to know more about TNT than I do. After all, some people are paying them thousands per year to know intimately about these coins and they are trusting them with their crypto portfolio. What is an amateur like me walking around with the knowledge and not them?

      Let’s just say when I saw that buy up to price recommendation for TNT, I know someone who then alerted Wayne on the TNT Discord channel about this, and so it does not surprise me that the timing of the sell order for TNT by the Teeka Group came shortly after the recommendation to raise the buy up to price.

      Enough said. Do I regret not holding onto TNT longer so I could have made quite a bit more money? Not really, as I was acting on truth and not fake news in holding or not holding my TNT tokens.

      Much crypto prosperity to all of you in the future, The Other Andrew


      1. Thank you for selling. I enjoyed the 400% gains very much.

        Contrary to your statement, you are assuming a great deal about what PBG knows and does not know, but then again, you did say you were an amateur. They have not released any details on their internal discussions or investigations.

        The timing of the sell order was perfect, and it’s fair to say you didn’t do as well as Teeka’s clients did.

        For someone who does not like PBG, you certainly spend a lot of time reading, copying, researching them.

        Finally, you lay claim to writing what you did out of some moral obligation to do right by our readers, yet, in the past, you attempted to plagiarize and post wholesale, some of Teeka’s recommendation updates on this site (I disallowed them). And you hold yourself up as a world class paragon of ethics. I find that kind of sublime hypocrisy truly amazing.


  13. Hi Aurataya
    Please see my response to your comment on the Aussie protests over the weekend in the previous thread. Bottom line it was nothing like what was shown on tel-lie-vision. The entire rally was very peaceful throughout. As folks were getting ready to go home the cops pounced on the crowd like fascist thugs in order to make a point. Most of the arrests shown on TV were staged arrests at the end for the media.


    1. Hi JohnF,
      Thank you for the reminder, much appreciated. I did try to view your links on both sites but was not able to unfortunately. Seems I needed a facebook account to watch them. But I do thank you for sharing them. Always good to view from different perspectives.


        1. Hi JohnF,

          That was really kind of you to track this video down for me, thank you very much.

          Yes, I see your point quite clearly in this footage. It’s certainly not good is it? I would never have thought I would have seen scenes like this in Oz. I actually believe we have already let things go too far in this country now and it truly is make it or break it time. What that may mean to each person is the interesting factor. I do see trouble ahead unfortunately. But, enough sometimes is enough.


  14. john2020 – regarding the underground bases the whitehats has taken over, the first thought I had was, this is cutting the head off the snake.

    Aaron Russo (RIP)who did the documentary freedom to fascism, use to say this. I’m thinking this is what he meant. Some crazy truly evil sh__ going on down there! I tried to go down that rabbit hole in the past but it was/is too disturbing for me.

    Another thing that came to mind about the cross breeding experiments, was the movie Mothman prophecies, based on a true story.

    The tall manlike bat creature sounds exactly what people saw.

    Did they let one out for some laughs?


    1. Montalk and more but Dulce and the 37th Parallel is the highway for most of it. How many levels down and the tunnels? So many secrets and potential for most of the advanced tech now. If, for example, they are now tunnel connected to Area 52, it makes a lot of sense. Dugway is cross connected to a vast array of underground bases and Labs. The 37th parallel is the fly by highway for most of it. The vast Grey Screens multi Ts Fed program all went somewhere. Most UFO’s link to there. Terrestrial!

      All Agency and the Real Secret Shadow Government

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        1. I was reading about the children in cages at Point Mugu Naval Base in 1995 dated to the early 80’s. At that time they were above ground in buildings stacked floor to ceiling. All rigged with electrical shock systems. Mind control programs.

          Who do you think are your politicians around the world? Ever looked at Pelosi and Schiff’s eyes. They are obviously graduates of these horrific programs. They are also police officers, military, doctors, lawyers, stars.

          And who controls them with 1 phone call and some code word.

          I would also encourage you to read about Donald Marshall at https://donaldmarshallrevolution.com/

          He has been confirmed by many Illuminati “Runaways” as telling the truth about the clone programs.

          This is his original letter begging for help years ago. It’s eye opening.



  15. From john2020:

    Every time he opens his mouth with yet another Dumb statement, the Comedians are waiting to ambush him afterwards. Drink Bleach – God has he got any sense at all?

    At least his Script Editors know there’s no point in giving him an elaborate speech to autoqueue. At last they see he can’t even read like an adult. Fact!

    This man appears half way there to what we need, and he’s got such a big job to do. But he self assassinates his own character.

    He’s a Comics dream. The Master of Verbal disaster. Does anyone realise how big a Joke is is abroad? Truly he needs Public Lock Jaw for a year.

    I share the joke with you. It’s hard in the Public limelight, but he took the job.Maybe teasing him mercilessly he can grow into it. We need him to Succeed. Not Zionists seed!


    Coronavirus will be with us for the ‘foreseeable future’ warns PM
    Like- YEARS? Many? Life changes will be huge! Imposed.



    Our own media is sticking it big time to our inept , mediocre MPs who don’t have a clue, but now get fragged daily by the media.
    Fact OUR Country, our little Island, has the second worst death rate in the world, because JOHNSON and his IDIOT MPs failed to act.
    So, when I stick it to Trump when he fails to get it, be assured I am 10 times worse than that with ours.
    We are run by incompetent IDIOTS . None up top the job.


    Be assured Sacoolas we won’t let go and you are going to jail here. You WILL be trade swapped, and your ass will hit a UK Jail Cell.

    Interpol issues arrest warrant for Harry Dunn’s alleged killer https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8308287/Interpol-issues-international-arrest-warrant-Harry-Dunns-alleged-killer-Anne-Sacoolas.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    1. First, Trump never said that.
      Second, the actual comment was “can we disinfect the blood somehow” followed by “perhaps using light”
      Third, he was right on both counts, we have UV light for decades and there is a lung-intubation device being tested at Cedars-Sinai which has been brutally censored when that company addressed the issue.
      Fourth, you don’t help putting the blame on the victim (Trump) as opposed to a horrifically hostile media, that propagated the lie of drinking disinfectant, which enabled the comedians. Even a Saint of the level of St. Francis, would get excoriated in this environment.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Tino

          In fairness, it’s like bear baiting with an Orange Gerbil. He’s made to spoof.

          Did you read the articles on the underground cages in the 151 section. Select which you accredit but there’s a lot of Terrestrial info also in there and advanced energies etc.

          It would justify the vast YR Grey Screen fund uses.

          I also, in fairness did credit him earlier for certain progress issues. Good PR for him.

          But Bleach was too good, it traveled. Justice? He just is seen as our 21 st Century Forrest Gump over here.

          I think you will find some of the articles on 151, underground bases of interest. Just be selective. The last few comments carry it.


            1. Tino

              2 issues.

              1. Always understand, as we ARE read, sometimes I game the system just to rattle cages to zone in on a problem, and incite action with Politicos. Please, understand my contempt is generally uniform for all of them. Look at my stance on our own half wit of a PM. I raise the question of allowing Society to be misruled by all Political mediocrities. So few merit such power. The resultant degeneration of society is the consequential fallout.

              2. The underground base and children comments under article 51 will take you into multi, multi layers of interest concerning the tunnels, disappearances, human experiment allegations, advanced technologies, and UFOs ever more being terrestrial, especially along parallel 37. It’s too focused geographically to be coincidental. Montalk used to be the hybrid experimental unit until closed down, so where has it gone? Some pretty awful hybrid creatures were found near there. Hybrid creatures and cattle mutations along parallel 37 raise questions. Who and for what? Dulce and the vast network of tunnels go somewhere. The Labs have been rumour sources for decades. Are the strange and alarming creatures fund results of escaped genetic experiments? Many, many questions will arise from the articles. The tunnels will lead to labyrinths of other sites. Some mercurial, some simply Disneyland, But questions. The sheer scale of bases around Dugway which have sprung up questions why and how funded? The vast amounts of dollars raised using the Fed programs by the US Military alone, underpins why YR’s contractual asset base has been expanded to quad T’s, and where it has gone to.

              The powers of the Shadow Governments far exceed Trumps. He must be perplexed by his inside briefings of what is his Domain and what is Shadow Domains.without any Public accountability. Exactly what JFK himself feared as he saw the Hydra emerging. As had Eisenhower before him. Mutated powers? 70 years of unchecked, open Fed Programs Grey Screen Fed T Blocks of funds have created what? Once you go down that tunnel, all becomes clearer. But then, the big one. Who really runs the Zoo? Trump is only the CEO of a Corporation fronting for far deeper issues of control and purpose. As JFK found. A Black and Grey Screen Fund Raising Program over which Presidents have no control? Lift that lid on Pandora’s box.


      1. This is for John 2020 You have no clue. You are what I would call a smogger . Not even a blogger . GOD help you


        1. Trust me, if you knew his dedication and what he does to get the job done, you would swear he needed no help whatsoever, even from God. (inside joke).

          Now, as to your impudence, you have had your say. One more like that and you go head first off the Tarpeian Rock.


        2. And you are what could be referred to as a FLOGGER.

          Why was it not possible for you to respectfully disagree and state your case instead of being so rude?

          Ok, I know I’m guilty of being rude in the past but I’m trying hard to remain civil even when I want to crack a skull.

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  16. Interesting…

    Whether it is about Iraq, Vietnam, or any other nation, currency value going forward is going to be forced to be reflective of a true market economy. Value will have to be based on the ‘value’ of what they can produce – goods – services – hard assets and natural resources – etc. ..Real ‘Stuff’..

    Currency value manipulation (thank you George Soros and company) must end. Trade imbalances must end. Fiat currencies must also end.

    This ball of string MUST be untangled at some point or another.. And, those determined to maintain the status quo, are deathly afraid of a Dona;d Trump and the part of his team, who are the ‘white hats’ who can add and subtract..

    This is going to be an ugly process to witness, and to live through, but it is necessary..

    So, enough already.. The reality check is underway I must presume. And, if you’re bored with this day in history, it’s because you (we) are not paying attention..


        1. Jay
          Smiling, there are grouches on board, throwing Soothers out of the pram, not reading that.
          Well done Jay. Full Brownie point score for observation.
          But, until done we still keep it low profile.
          I have not even commented on other core deals yet. Off radar.


          1. Well I suppose I am late to the party as I figured nothing would happen during this COVID 19 debacle. I have a handful of VN currencies. Now, I wondering if I should take the plunge and purchase some Dinar, or am I a day late and a dollar short?

            From what I am seeing, and of course I could be wrong, it appears that the VN Currency is on the back burner?


              1. Hi A. Johnson. Thank you for reminding me. I went to their site yesterday and it appears that everything is back-ordered. My luck. Oh well, I do have my VD currency. If I have to wait, I have to wait. We all know we’ve waited a long time, what’s a few weeks/months etc?

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  17. More Lip service; pass the RV Mofukr and sign your name then I believe other wise STFU so tired of Lying rich men trying to con me out of more money. What’s in it for me more dazzle as in dazzel them in Bull Shit.


    1. My god! What is happening to this site?

      One may not need to sign their name if one was aware enough to recall this information being presented previously.

      The author may very well be a rich man but I cannot fathom how you consider he is attempting to con you out of your money. That is a seriously ridiculous statement and grossly untrue.

      Do we have a sock handy?

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  18. Thank you for this message Tony and John.

    May I ask for some further information regarding the following statement if you would be so kind and have the time at some point please John?

    “An application to help fund and house 70 million Chinese in need is currently being processed for approval.”

    Thank you.


  19. Aurataya – Tony closed the old thread so I was not sure if I could still comment there.

    I just want to tell you that you make me smile. Been feeling a little edgy lately with everything going on in this crazy world but we are all doing fine.

    Hope everything is well with you and you had a nice Mother’s Day. Even though we have no children, we are caregivers to the ones we love and that makes us a special kind of mother. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes – there is no greater joy!

        Though, It would be nice to have a bank account like Tony’s. What’s wrong with having it all!


    1. No worries beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that and for sharing such kind wishes. I appreciate that very much. XX

      We did enjoy a nice day on Sunday, a mini celebration. Not sure what sort of mother I would have made but doing my best as a caregiver.

      I hope you enjoyed a beautiful day with your mum. You seem to share such a lovely connection. How is your mum going these days beautiful?

      Thank you again A Johnson, you always brighten my day. And never forget to reach out if you ever need to. Enjoy a magnificent evening gorgeous. XXXXX

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      1. My husband started it with the whole Mother’s Day thing. He says I’m a mother to my mother so he includes me.

        Thank you for asking about mom. She is doing well. She’s always been a strong woman and still is even at this stage of her life. Everyday is a gift.

        I don’t know in what capacity you do as a caregiver but I know it’s not easy. Hope your not getting burnt out. My mother is total care, so you what what’s involved in that type of care.

        Have a nice day Aurataya! You brighten my day as well! ❤️


        1. Gosh A Johnson, it sounds like you have a wonderful hubby, I am so pleased to know that he is so kind and good to you. The good ones seem few and far between.

          So pleased to hear your mum is doing well. You are doing such a wonderful thing for her taking care of her as you do. Yeah, it sure is hard, particularly when their mind is not functioning well and due to frustration and feelings of incompetence they become argumentative and aggressive. But I try to understand and be as patient and kind as I can be under such circumstances. I often put myself in that situation and consider how I would like to be treated if it was me. Burnt out is an understatement some days. lol

          One fab bit of news I have is that I finally found a lovely home which should be settled in about a month from now. It’s in a quiet, partly rural environment which I’m sure we will enjoy. I shall be most happy to be moving away from my current location where all the family dramas are. We will have gorgeous lake and river views all around us, so morning coffee on the deck will be quite delightful. Not much renovating to do either but quite a bit of work in the yard but I know I will enjoy creating a beautiful new home environment again. My favorite job. lol

          Thank you for your kind wishes beautiful, keep smiling and wake to a magnificent day. XX

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          1. This reply is from A Johnson. She posted in the wrong place, so I am performing a comment transplant:

            Your new home sound nice. All those gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to look forward to from your deck. I’m picturing colorful flowers all around your house.

            Maybe your relative will be less aggressive being in your new environment. I have a feeling you are doing a great job. How lucky he/she to have someone who cares enough. It’s a commitment and a huge responsibility. I completely understand. You have to do and think for them. I think feeling burnt out is just part of the territory. When I start to feel like that, I go for a walk or just be out in nature. It helps rejuvenate myself. We are only human. We’re not super woman!

            Hope you have a nice day and I’m really excited about your new home. It sounds like a little peace if heaven. 🤗

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            1. Thank you for “transplanting” lol A Johnson’s comment Tony, much appreciated.

              Thank you for your reply A Johnson. Oh yes, there will be color and plant life everywhere, indoors and out. Must have a good garden and beautiful touches of color around me to make it feel like a home.

              I think the aggression is coming from her inability to perform basic daily tasks that were once so simple, I get that and sympathize. We can only do the best we can do on any given day. Continuing to try is critical as giving up on her is not an option.

              At least you are sensible when you need a break and head out into nature to rejuvenate, i just want to grab a drink. lol

              Thank you again for all of your sweet wishes beautiful, I really do appreciate them very much. Catch up again soon my little chickadee. XX


              1. Tony – that was awfully nice of you to go the the trouble.

                Aurataya- wish I had the luxury these days to grab a drink. You’re relative still sounds functional. Next time you pour yourself one, pour one for me too will you? Lol

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  20. From john2020:

    The Republicans take up the Biden sexual allegations again. How about his bribe taking also?


    Gates under the Bribery spotlight.
    His money travels far it seems for the wrong reasons.


    Netanyahu and his Khazar Marauders want to mass chip the word by force. Time to just poison die the Khazars.

    Trump charges Obama with ‘biggest political crime in American history’

    Over 5 years whats the hype for ? We lose less the 0.015% of the population yet smash 300 years of Commerce for insanity.

    Coronavirus could cause more deaths ‘than the Second World War’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8304675/Final-UK-death-toll-coronavirus-worse-Second-World-War-according-study.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Donald Trump says coronavirus will ‘go away without a vaccine’


    This virus can assume the position faster then Miley Cyrus.

    The Queen herself can no longer meet, greet and touch Joe Public so its taken out the Monarchy
    There goes the neighbourhood.


    The Khazars stole Palestine. Now they want to steal from Canada? Who will deal with this Pestilence of a species? Refine Covid!


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  21. Well, another Information Briefing so quickly. And this one full of information to consider.

    It would be great if those of us with small amounts of currency, and not in groups, could also be included. We could make a difference as well.

    Thanks and I have subscribed again.


    1. Currency and Bond Realities- Delays.

      The current large groups waiting clearances are having to wait while every note is counterfeit checked, and source issues verified. It’s a huge electronic task taking time to scan.

      Bonds likewise, each has to be authenticated, sources checked and money laundering diligence undertaken to batches. We can not have Crime profiteering from re-gearing.

      We will advise you as appropriate.

      Once the majors are done the Public can be reviewed.

      On sheer economies of scale, getting the majors cleared first enables us to address the Project needs with Capital to act in recovery.

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      1. Delays?!?! Clearly, we again are the punchline of a persistent joke, and we keep falling for it.

        Are they already recycling excuses? All of these bonds/currencies were already counterfeit checked, and now it’s time to do it again. Next, expect the second/third/fourth breakouts of COVID-19, H1N1, Ebola and Swine Flus to impose more delays.

        The World is burning!!! Meanwhile, the Fed is printing our futures away while stagflation is becoming more and more of a reality. The true counterfeiting is occurring with the Fed’s monetary policy, and has been for the last 35 years. However, it’s ok to check these instruments one LAST time, right?

        This is lunacy, and if anyone reading this isn’t infuriated our futures and our very existence as a species is in jeopardy right now, you should be. That’s the reality we are facing right now.

        John, this is NOT directed at you. But it is directed at the central bankers and elites that have no empathy towards their fellow man, preyed on our hopes for resolution, only to routinely take them away at the last moment.


        1. AB

          Diligence is a nightmare we all deal with daily. It’s beyond frustrating. Especially us.

          Kid gloves, or they run away. Diplomacy is key. This for many, has been a 40 years or more journey.

          Correct neither the Fed nor Central Bankers give a dam. Diplomacy or try it direct. No one has ever got as far forward as we are. I am weekly trying to get a phased release compromise. But also, on our side, we have our own Rats in a Sack fighting for priority slots.

          We also have Senior Bankers behind us as well. This is the old Bush 41 and Greenspan Stinkpot plus today’s Zio trash creating waves.

          The Elders have only now established Trust with one ley Negotiating Head. 40 Dynasty Family Heads have to agree. We walk on rice paper.


        2. Ab Irato,
          The last time we got to the point where they authenticated the currencies was May of ’17 or ’18. That would be 2:or 3 years ago. My sincere question to you or anyone else who wants to chime in, if you were exchanging something for something, would you want to re authenticate after a 2 or 3 year pause?


      2. This sounds like very positive news. Thanks for the update John.

        Sorry to hear about the Queen.

        Sending appreciation to you and your associates for the work ahead.

        Mary Ann


          1. I must have misunderstood your post. It looked like you were saying it was a scam and wasn’t ever going to happen. I probably need to re-read it. This is what I am referring to.

            Prosperity funds and failed redemptions are, by and large not coming. Overalled Rednecks sit in mountain shacks guarding a fistful of Dinars. I’m gonna be rich! Really? Somewhere a lunatic fringe still lives in blind hope of a magic mushroom Dinar free for all. Basket cases. Blogs continue to pump this garbage. South Sea Bubbles. Look it up. Sorry but for most it’s a new version.


            1. He is referring to many so-called “prosperity programs” which were scams, or simply were pilfered long ago.

              The reference to Dinars is in response to the claims that many have made in the past that endless trillions of dollars will be spent to bail out speculators of over-printed notes at the cost of Iraq’s economy. This is most likely not going to be the case.

              Once the big groups go first, the public issues will then be addressed. Until then, we simply await developments on this front and will certainly be happy to carry the news as it happens. We won’t make promises or claims that are almost impossible to know until real world processes play out.


      3. John

        I fully realize it is hard to estimate

        But can you share a sense of time for the compliance step?

        Are you sensing days weeks or months?



        1. Weeks JJ. It’s under way now and legal opinions coming. State/Military splits are under discussion. 60% of all US taxes goes to funding the Military and Agencies. It IS a Military Industrial Combine. The Hog has to be fed.


    2. What information?? It was an incoherent rant. It did NOT refute with FACTS and assertion made by ANYONE. It was a waste of time to read!


  22. I am pretty sure everyone subscribed to this feel similar already and know this. Overall, it feels like a lot of criticism and pontification.. -To your credit, maybe this is all your can say? Also, I thought 7-9B population was inflated to support Agenda 21 measures. -The real number is closer to 5-6B…But 8 is a well-used Red Dragon number, so makes sense. -Sooner or later, we will all know who walks and who just talks.. -This is my personal, intuitive opinion.


    1. Hhhm. And I suppose the Senior Buddhist Temple Head travelling with the array of Attorneys, Special Advisors, and Dynasty Heads, meeting as the pictures show, with Inner Negotiating Heads in the Lords, is of little valid meaning?

      We spend fortunes, real fortunes, and vast time, funding this. You however fund what?

      As regards Pontification, try the Front Line, the hours and the costs?

      You- Are contributing what?

      We both respect and care enough about our readers let them share this journey, akin to Jason and the Argonauts.

      Liked by 2 people

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