Unmasking A Post-COVID Future

For Millennia, Mankind has evolved under the conflicts of Religions, Hegemony, Race and Materialism. Whatever came our way, including Pandemics, we adjusted, and economies grew. We are the Global Top Primate Species. Top of the Food Chain. But Covid-19 is loose now as the ultimate Lab Bats cocktail.

The Wild Card, no courtesy of China.

We are – Defenseless. It is merciless and indiscriminate. Nations’ Borders are no barriers. The Chinese travelling mobile human Ants have carried it everywhere.

The American B-1s are now visibly carrying masses of Cruise Missiles to Guam in response ready, if needed, for war. America is taking it to them. Needs Must!

In turn, and in time, huge questions for China to answer for what has been unleashed on the world. Unforgivable. Who must die for a Chinese lie to protect the Middle Kingdom with its own Global conquest ambitions by stealth?

Knowing now what was loose, why did China not seal its Borders?

Now IS the time for Trump to rise to America’s needs and for us to support Barr for truth and justice. We need Trump reelected and Barr in place to carry on the investigations and arrests.

Why were Western Leaders so inept as not to lock out a perceived visible Pandemic of such a cataclysmic threat level? They knew, and their reaction was pitiful. Leaders today? Who can trust any published death rates? Why is Covid being so media-hyped, with no highlighting of obnoxious Bill Gates of Lolita Express notoriety, the Big Pharma opportunists, and its potential use for Tri Lateral and Zionist NWO population reduction strategies? How meekly the Sheeple assembled and locked down like Lambs to the slaughter! Why?

The world just acquiesced with a typical French Military Flag of a white cross on a white background. Come and get us?

But also, sadly note, with a virus which seems to have an actual Death Ratio now of only 0.015% of a population, (Real World!!! – One 7th of One Per Cent population deaths) why are our limp-wristed Politicians devastating jobs for 20% of Employees and greater than 30% of the Corporate population? Reality is, 30% of our companies are now at risk. Many now will never reopen. What of the yet to be unveiled multi million consequential deaths caused for those denied months of remedial treatments, for those missing months of standard Doctors surgeries Check Ups? Britain alone now has an 8 Million delayed Check Up backlog. Millions risked now, how many Real Deaths as avoidable costs?

So many cancers and life threatening illnesses will be missed, catching and treating nothing in time. Health Care has virtually closed down for half the year. Care Homes are Death Traps, currently the source of needless 30% of our Deaths. The Economic consequences of that will implode on their Solvency.

As it will for 30% of our Businesses currently facing ruin. Taxes will implode leaving decades of debt, and possibly a mass switch to Cryptos for blatant Tax Evasion. There are no Free Lunches; Welfare has to be paid by someone. You!

No other site out there offers you the help and community platform with Cryptos which WHA does. You will need it. The site is a must read now.

Question now not only the cause of Covid, but the questions of failed containment, as with Ebola. Inept Government strategies and blame to be.


Sort Border Entries testing.

Sort Contract Tracing.

Sort PPE supplies! Replace Chinese!!!!

Sort treatments. No more Chinese Lab Bat Cocktails!

Question now the roles of Gates and Soros in Wujan and why?

Trump now advocates his wish to have the Military assist deliver the Vaccines.

Gates has 60 M available, Non-Human tested, the stench of Thalidomide all over it. How have Africa’s poor Souls fared under Gates?

Boris Johnson in London claims we will be led by the Sciences. He was, under Fergusson’s alarmist projections of Bubonic plague level proportions. We just wasted Billions on the unneeded new Nightingale Hospital, not used and now mothballed? Billions – CLOWNS!!!!

Fauci, too! Fauci. Ferguson. Two F’s. 2 complete F Ups!

Misled by the Sciences! We have destroyed our Economies for this pair?

WHA has shown the way for groups to commune, help the Collective, and produce outstanding profits. A small step at a time. Save just 3 dollars a day and soon it builds to hundreds then you can start to buy Cryptos. Self help.

The Gates way, dubious cocktails, then the Chip, then the Chop!

Whatever is left in 4 to 8 weeks we start again. We will get through, it’s just the unrecognisable society then, and what’s left in the Human Zoo for You?

Money is Finite and that Bonfire of Vanities on Wall Street may ignite?

Congregate, communicate and take WHA to a new height.

© 2020 Whitehatauxiliaries.com

Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must. – Duke of Wellington


    1. Animals it needs machine guns disgusting rabble. The filth of society. What low lifes. The Founders would freak.
      Russia would Gulag the lot.


  1. You tube and facebook have started removing videos of Trump exposing Hillary, and anything else offensive to Dems or DC. Police state!


  2. sektor is in our group… ______________

    *Dum Spiro Spero* ~ *While I Breathe, I Hope*

    On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 7:04 PM WHITE HATS AUXILIARY / INFORMATION CENTER wrote:

    > sektor1952 commented: “Question doesn’t the us have to have an asset > backed currency in order for the anything to happen, because then it won’t > be worth it?” >


    1. Personally speaking, I do not know if the US dollar has to first be asset backed for anything to proceed. I tend to think not.

      However, I hear from many places that such is in the works but I don’t know timing or final shape and form of the arrangement.

      Many theories are out there. Then, there is the interest in digitizing the payment system of which many news articles have pointed to.

      Modern technology is being adapted in the private sector, so I presume the governments of the world will follow suit.


  3. Interesting bitcoin analysis.



    While I , like most Westeners , have real concerns about the Grey Matter between the ears of Trump, not only do I also totally support renewing him to stop Biden. but I make damn sure the excellent work of Kayleigh as Press Secretary gets full Global publication. Great for America.- Great for Americans. Be so proud of her. She’s out there batting for a cause and all of you. Kayleigh for President, if only?

    Watch her go for Slimy Joe as the Dems Ho. Watch her fight to keep you Free!


    Everything has a price. One hell of a one if we defund the police.

    I wonder if people understand that when you rid a city of policing, that vigilantes take over, and you get anarchy. Socialists often believe their way is correct, not withstanding the 100 million or so people died to prove that the concept does not work.
    The real scary part is that many young people really think this is the way forward. Or worse, many people simply do not Think!



    With c350M not exactly a life killer is it?

    ‘100,000 more people will die from coronavirus in US before September’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8410159/100-000-people-die-coronavirus-September.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    Now this needs real investigation because if true, what have we done to the economy?
    Coronavirus deaths could be HALF the official toll https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8409677/Coronavirus-deaths-HALF-official-toll.html?ito=native_share_article-top



    America be so PROUD of Kayleigh. Huge accolades. What an Ambassador for you all.

    This is so sad. But we can’t risk her at her age. But we need William not Charles.

    Queen’s reign ‘effectively over’, royal biographer claims https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8410335/Queens-reign-effectively-Covid-19-royal-biographer-claims.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    It’s deplorable that when we show a Good Trump speech taking down Hilderbeast, a historical Fact, they take it down on You Tube.

    So we hit back. The President’s Inauguration Day. for all Patriots, let’s give Tribute toTrump for providing this and Be Proud to Be a Free American!
    You deserve to be heard. Watch it again, Your voices matter. We bounce back and give Trump falr support today.
    And Lee Greenwood who put you all first!

    Our gift to you , your nation’s voice. please watch this video.

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  4. Candace Owens
    Wow this video is really important and every person needs to watch and share it. Black Lives Matter donations go directly to a superpac called “ACT BLUE” that has given hundreds of millions to Democrats running for President.
    How is this legal? #BLM is LITERALLY a shell company.


  5. Like

  6. Question doesn’t the us have to have an asset backed currency in order for the anything to happen, because then it won’t be worth it?


    1. Many are expecting an asset backed currency, but the details have not been officially released if this is the case. Forecasts and predictions abound.


  7. John
    Just to clarify are you saying the groups in the current processing pools have cleared and will now go through and it’s the public that can still fail, or can both still fail? Many thanks


    1. John F

      No, they have NOT yet cleared , it’s all processing. It could still fail, but many parties are linked with Bankers and Generals facing hell from Her Indoors if it fails.

      The first direct Elders have cleared, and that’s already coming to us in London. I have been conferencing with them since 3.30 this morning.
      A major Chinese Elders HK Foundation is fronting for major US and Vatican interests, and that’s still all in play.

      So many hungry rats in that sack.

      Most of it also comes to us once done. We need No Zios here. Rodent free.


  8. It takes one Trump to do this.


    Whoops, there he goes again.


    Now, to be fair to Chump let us give him fair air time when he did have a good night and Hillary was really exposed for what she is. The Dems also. but WTF has he done since? Beyond the bluster, where are the arrests you IDIOT? Do the day job! 4 years and you nail None? Only to keep Biden out must we put you back in.
    This video is a credit to Trump. Positive.
    If only he matched up to it. Blind hope will not carry a Dope.
    We dread Biden turfing him out. The Deep State back in and all doors closed. Drain – The- Swamp Moron!
    When does he get it? Jail these criminals. Then retire him to Belle Vue where he belongs.
    4 more years to do what? Why is Comey not in Jail? Clinton? The US has 2 choices of useless. Tragic.
    America has so many good and excellent people. Time to clear the trash out. Elect the best. Raise the Goddam bar high! Not dropped to the Sty!


    An American on the other side of the Pond and a much better life. Welcome if moving.



    Dr Fauci admits coronavirus has become his ‘worst nightmare’ and ‘it is not close to over yet’ as infections near 2 million in the US with more than 110,000 dead

    The bleak admission from Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, comes as states across the US continue with their gradual reopening efforts.


    Fauci wants again.


    Tony Blair calls for new ‘digital ID’ so people can prove their coronavirus ‘disease status’ alongside test and trace programmes as world eases out of lockdown

    The former Prime Minister said that only if people can show easily whether they are clear of coronavirus will industries like international travel be able to restart.


    Blair ( B- Liar)is on the payroll again!


    Click to access safari-jun-9-2020-at-7-37-pm.pdf


    1. Fauci needs to be taken out back and shot. For incompetence if not sedition.

      First, ALL the graphs show cumulative plateauing. There is ZERO evidence of a 2nd Wave. Hell, we barely had a 1st Wave. Let the infection spread a little more so Farr’s Law can kick in and rid us of the pathogen. Plus, at this point, not one of us is going back to “lock down”, not after the Floyd protest insanity.

      And W.H.O. can’t have it both ways on transmission. However, their first take here that asymptomatic transmission doesn’t happen at any rate of significance is the correct one on a scientific basis. Which by implication, means the “lock downs” were meaningless. Note the narrative now of “millions of cases avoided” to justify what they did. Nobody with a lick of sense believes that at this point.

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  9. A respectful moment of thought for all of you with RV expectations.

    1. All notes have to be electronically checked for counterfeit.

    2. You MUST only take your notes to a Bank which physically has the scanning machines on site, That way YOU physically control and safeguard your own destiny. Ring fence YOUR money. Otherwise Wild West Rules will Rip Off Fools! Wake up to reality. Or settle for being a loser. Your destiny, like your money, is in your own hands. Control it.

    3. Cease whining about difficulty. No one cares! Get those Butts to the Banks with the processing and scanning machines and do not let your notes be switched for SKRs until at that site. For sure if so, counterfeit notes will get switched for many. Mugs and money, fools and money? Control your money. Some just need a serious Shambocking. Boo Hoo I have to travel or fly to pick up millions. Barf bags?

    If in groups, if your groups are in the current processing pools, it’s already in play. If only a Joe Public role learn to play the game and risks. It’s YOUR responsibility. Solely yours. Banking is a Thieves Paradise, got it? A den of Vipers. There is no honour among thieves. Why the hell do you think Wells Fargo rode with a shotgun?

    Even now, there still is no guarantee that events so far forwards will still cash out. It can still fail, as it’s done before. Way too many Simpletons have no idea of the processing and regulatory links and conflicting issues. We have parties who still think they will be allowed to leave the Banks with cases full of cash to carry back to their little Credit Union Bank in Palookerville. I guess Gabby Hays bred after all. Beverly Hillbillies here we come.

    We hope it clears for you all, but for Gods sake, if you have to go alone know the rules and game plays.

    Stop Whining and start Winning! Go to where the Validating machines are. Got it? Switch on brains and motivate Muppets. Or join Custer. Control, the links and risks. Go to the source. Do not get suckered into sending off notes. You’re lunch! A bunch of low life’s suckered you into the Fed over a Century ago. They took you for vast Trillions . Will you ever learn? Let go and trust some Banking Ho? Think it out.


    1. John we have waited years and years. Whatever bank needs to be driven to will be done in heartbeat and all request complied with.

      We are lucky to have this opportunity and a humble compliant attitude is a must.

      Thnak you for keeping us informed.


    2. I know this is a dumb question but how do we find out which bank has the machine to check for counterfeit bills? Sincerely Nancy from Pookerville ( state.. I dun no )

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      1. You can bet that a major bank with a currency exchange desk will have that capability. Be prepared to go to such a place if you see a rate change. We have been told that small town banks just won’t cut it.


        1. I was told by 2 Chase banks today that are Forex branches that no one has DeLaRue machines. I also sent an email to the commercial Forex side of Chase and they referred me to customer service, which referred me to a local branch that was a Forex branch. They both said it’s online and they just look at the photos to make sure that it’s an accepted currency by name and photo. At least in Arizona.

          I’m thinking that the only way to find out this information is through the private/wealth banking side.

          BMO also has no machines. They have a central hub that all branches send their currency to for validation.


          1. HIW
            Once it clears we will ask which banks will give a public processing facility. Banks have to counterfeit check notes before paying for them. Only Banks are allowed to Loot, Steal and Defraud. They hate competition.


      2. Nancy

        Its not a Dumb question. When the time comes WHA will publish procedures for you all, we are just keeping it off Broker blog sites right now. Banks can not take in Billions in notes they can not check. Its being worked on.


    3. “ Get those Butts to the Banks with the processing and scanning machines and do not let your notes be switched for SKRs until at that site.“

      So even after they validate notes, we will receive SKRs? Will the money be in the account? Trying to understand what this means.


      1. With large amounts highly possible the Clearing banks will need to give you an SKR in the morning or for overnight while they draw down funds for you Banks don’t keep Millions in Front Tellers tills. But at least being at a nominated key branch you don’t face high theft risks in transfers in the system.


      1. Surely that’s where you adopted Orange Shrek from? That for sure carries a fully certified Pallooker passport. He rates on a par with Popeye over here. But we still have to get him over the line in November to stop Biden.
        Thank God for Kayleigh and Barr. Real hope , real Class operators.
        Now let’s try to clear this real RV? Time to try to get most of you Debt Free.
        Sorry for the macabre humour. See what we do to our own Numpty Politicos in the UK. It’s a bath of fire for them daily. Exposed and shredded by the media. Ridiculed by the Public. And- Booted out at Elections! Here it’s a baptism of fire if they goof up speaking, or on policies. But WE- Would have checked Soetoros Birth Certificate and Passport application for a visible Wookie. Why the hell does Trump not unseal his files and get it? Tony Blair delivered it for Bush 43 which both Bushes took to the WH, walked in uninvited, and showed him – You’re now our Bitch- or else! The world knows he’s a Ringer. Time for Trump to give him the long finger. Time to sweep the Stye.


  10. I must have missed the answer. Sorry for the repeat question if it was answered. The news of the possible RV. This signals an asset-backed currency for the US?


  11. Tony
    If there is a public release please inform us here in Canada where to travel to and who to exchange with here. I am installing my winter tires now just incase. Will I need chains ? Lol


    1. Hi Martin,

      I do have a key Canadian contact who might be able to assist with this, but at the moment I can’t approach them on this because we are way before the fact. But I will do my best.

      Don’t know about chains, but those beavers get cold and find a way to warm up, right? lol


  12. Please watch this it helps bring this whole Black White nonsense into perspective. For Gods sake, be ONE People!


    BLM now wants to tear down more statues in the UK. Our heritage.
    Our limp wrist Government is confused and asking for direction.

    Revisit history?

    No one wants any of this. But someone has to draw the line. Where? When?


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    1. Smart money seldom stays where it can be lost so easily, especially when Bolsheviks work to remove police protection.

      Dumb, Dumber and the Dumbest are rising on Bolshevik orders from Soros and other Central Committee members.


      1. Oahu had a large BLM rally this past weekend. Holding signs to end racism and police brutality.

        Where were they when the white “haole” woman was tortured by the police a couple months ago? Crickets


        1. Also, just want to say that I am half white/Japanese. A “hapa haole”. I’m exotic looking and because of the way I look, I get better treatment then the people who look white.

          At the deli counter, I will be served first, even if there is a white man there before me. I was speeding one day and the Hawaiian cop drove up next to me and when he saw me, he drove off. If I looked totally white, I would have gotten a tix.

          My husband is white and he said he notices better treatment when I’m with him.

          End racism doesn’t count for the Caucasian’s apparently.


          1. I had a girlfriend in trade school years ago as a youth. Alice. She was Japanese/White, and a stunner.

            Her father lived in Rio de Janeiro and was a US citizen, and a key executive for a major importer. Her mother was a Japanese national. The birth took place in Japan, and her father had been out of the US too long to confer citizenship on her. In Japan, they do not confer citizenship on any child born to a non Japanese parent (or at least did not at that time). She was literally a citizen of no country, and she was in the US on sheer luck on a student visa as a refugee.

            She left a modeling job with a top Tokyo agency (earning as much as $5K a week) because clients who hired models to attend corporate functions were starting to ask a little more than she was willing to do to meet the requirements of the job. This was commonly done to the girls who were edging towards the end of their usefulness in the industry. They got less photo work, and the agency pushed them into such “work” to squeeze every last Yen out of them.

            So she decided to learn a trade in the up and coming tech world, and that’s how we met.

            She wanted to marry to be able to stay in the country, and like a dummy, I didn’t. She married a music executive and last I heard is still quite beautiful.

            Asia produces some painfully beautiful women. I often wonder if John got all these transactions shifted there for that reason. lol


            1. Chinese/Japanese ladies “Appreciate” a cultured Western Man, and know how to service our needs. It’s a welcome part of their Culture. Why disappoint them? East meets West, you know the rest.

              If you had a Korean, you know the rest.


              1. Never dated a Korean. Chinese and Japanese/Caucasian, yes. Korean women can be very beautiful as well. When I worked downtown Los Angeles as a technician, years ago, I saw some Korean beauties that worked at the Commercial Bank of Korea that were stunningly beautiful.


                1. Nah Tony. I got some advice form the Meta1 gal and successfully channeled your Grandmother this evening and she told me that you would find your life partner in Australia. LOL LOL LOL LOL

                  OMG, I’m sorry just can’t help myself from being cheeky when I’ve had a few drinks. Don’t worry Tony, I am determined to stay single for the remainder of my life. Although, if I did change my mind that poor dude would have to love talking one hell of a lot, among other things. LOL

                  Actually Tony, your Grandmother could very well be right. Don’t be scared of going home to Italy and meeting someone. Would you not find it comforting to find a beautiful lady who is a pleasure to be with? Not some bossy boots but someone kind, caring and loving. Imagine the beautiful days you could spend together. The comfort of someone that loves you and wants to care for you. Make sure to maintain the ground rules though. LOL

                  Heck maybe a convo for another day. I have had too much to drink. LOL

                  C ya later alligator. Ta Ta.

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                1. Tony, I am so sorry that I posted this comment. Could I please ask you to remove this one for me. Thank you and my sincere apologies for writing that foul mouthed comment.


            2. She is very pretty Tony – you would have gorgeous babies. 😊 a quarter Japanese.

              My girlfriend In cali is german/Philippine and is drop dead gorgeous. Her husband is polish but their children are absolutely beautiful.

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    1. With some luck, we may just squeak in with paper exits (assuming they go) before institutional capital inflows blow the crypto prices into the stratosphere. This means that even if you get out of paper with minimal returns, you can sidestep into well-selected digital assets and experience a possible magnification that the man on the street usually cannot experience with such small capital outlay.

      I don’t know if we can survive three weeks of sphincter-lock. Having all this go into next year will be too late for such a two-step scenario.

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      1. Tony

        If your readers get lucky and paid out this month, it may be worth a few days helping and suggesting safe ways for them to go forwards. Also then to look at ideas to help those not able to cash out.

        Lets see if any of the Public cash out first. All the BSDs are howling for Magog right now to get them paid.

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        1. Indeed! I am trying to put together an organized primer on this. Most know already and have digital positions.

          Wall St brokerages will probably make the process even easier, but I don’t think that will happen in June. Later in the year, but not this month.

          I am at the Temple with the priests right now as well…


    1. There is a concept of the “tiger”, which I think originated in intelligence circles. A “tiger” is someone who is very convincing, capable, articulate and occupies a place of responsibility. Yet, they move in a way to forward the work of another group with the aim of destruction.

      This woman, a through-and-through Bolshevik, is, in my opinion, a “tiger”. Her answer to the Alderman was totally inappropriate, arrogant, unprofessional and most likely was her true inner nature spilling out.


    2. I moved our family out of the city about 10 years ago. The problem with living in IL is that she and the Chicago-machine has long tentacles. Just the way she spoke to the reporter is what she thinks of her residents.
      She and Governor Fat-A$$ work in tandem to keep us locked down from the COVID 19 pandemic.

      Looking back, Daley was crooked as old hell, but when he got caught, he knew he was. She and the Governor have no conscience.

      What can you expect? Obama and Hillary hail from IL. Lucky us lol


  13. Message for the Readers re RVs and PPs:

    First, please realize a lot is highly confidential and will not be exposed or elaborated on. Sensitive.

    1. We have at best 3 weeks left then it’s Silly Season. Squawking Brats, whining Wives and vacations. Feeding the ego of Her Indoors.

    2. If it fails to break before then, next expect even next year. Covid has Bank staff away and it’s chaos. We have a short window.

    3. There are very intense discussions right now, there’s a lot of collation and paper checking right now. Time IS finite.

    4. A private Elders Block via the UN has been done. No, we won’t release details, but it’s a phased deal. It’s coming in via London.

    5. A lot is being attempted over the next 2 weeks via Currencies and Bonds.

    6. If not done in 3 weeks it’s highly likely to be next year then.

    7. Those cleared and paid, first clear all your debts and rethink life. Keep it quiet and maybe, if needed, re think a new other half? Either side, don’t lose half your pot dumping Gorilla snot. Keep quiet and keep walking.

    8. Those not paid out, you need to recall your notes and wait alone. Many groups were dodgy people, be careful. Many Brokers lived in Reno selling off assigned notes to survive. If you’re not part of the next 3 weeks recall your notes, as many groups not paid may not survive, and you need to get out safe. That is- If they respond! If you can even reach them. Get control of your own money. If not paid out, pull out.

    Once funds do RV we will see if we can help the rest where we chose, via a Correspondent Bank. And N0- You’re NOT going to find a correspondent bank in Nashville, and if you can’t travel to a major city, we have a waste of space problem. To cash out you move your Ass, or pass!

    Real world. Aaaa can’t move out of Nashville. Bang! Tracking Leg Tags?


      1. Tony please, is he saying that no major bank will do the cash out in Nashville, its a major city. JPM is here.

        Is that literal or a possibility? meaning an investment bank that could be in Houston, or Atlanta major hubs?

        I am not trying to annoy just understand., would the bank cash out for pubic be within that 3 weeks also?

        Thank you very much. Prepared to travel to another city if thats the way it rolls.


        1. These will be non standard currencies. Banks at best will ONLY deal with them via 2 or 4 Hub Points. It needs special teams. Inter branch is madness, it’s asking for Note to be lost in transit. You get the Forex Branch and hightail your Butts to it. Cash out fast once signaled. So, for some it’s a Day off Flipping burgers in McD’s or delivering Moonshine from Redneck stills. Substitute your notes for Your Weanies in your hands and hightail it to the nominate Forex Branches. Get rich as a Bitch.


          1. I’m a long time BofA customer. Also Chase Bank. There’s a BofA financial center nearby. John, do you think , if lil dudes get some crumbs, BofA financial center or Chase will be ok? I’m about an hour outside of LA so can hightail down there if needed. Maybe jump into a BLM protest while i’m there…I KIDD I KIDD..:)


            1. I don’t know about B of A for this but JPM will be pigs at the trough. But go ONLY to their designated Forex Branches for this do NOT follow Dumb Asses waiting for them to be sent inter branch. Are they born stupid or a lifetime of ;practice? Go to the Forex Centre dealing with it. How many thieves are in Banking ? Hello FFS. Trust no one Clueless. Lol. Protect them like your Dong. I hope you make the Swill trough. And all of you.
              But first let’s see if the Groups get cleared. So many need. There are so many overlapping interests and hands.
              Think right now of Rats in a sack.

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      2. So HIW’s post of Trump coded RV message could be true?

        To be honest, I wrote off the potential for a cash out long ago. Now I can’t help but get a little excited.

        Tony or John2020 – I bought all the currencies. It’s all in my name. Would it be possible for my husband to travel and do the exchange?

        Is this for dinar and dong?


        1. Oh boy, you opened a can of worms asking John to comment on husband vs. wives doing an exchange. lol

          Community property laws in your State will most likely apply in terms of right of ownership.

          As for whether or not they will make an issue over due diligence and history because of the name on the receipt is something John will have to help with as I truly don’t know.


          1. LOL – but he did say keep the good ones.

            The only thing I can think of is having him bring a notarized letter.

            Our currency is safely on the mainland. We are in Hawaii so it will be a few day trip.

            If it’s not possible, then dam that sucks, but can’t leave mom. No one to take care of her.


          2. A Johnson

            There are now strict money transfer and exchanging rules. Anti Laundering, History of Funds, How earned etc, and Compliance Diligence to be satisfied.
            Today’s real world you are planning to walk off the street asking to exchange in excess of $10K and walk out. At 10K they ask a lot questions. Now for millions? Try to show how you bought the notes. receipts etc. Evidence.

            Just walk in with boxes of notes and no history or evidence and be ready for possible seizure. A lot of Moonshine Hillbillies bought volumes for cash. That will be interesting.

            However on a brighter side, I’m sure, as a good Christian, your husband will raise no objections to your holding his Dong, and Auratara may offer to help a few neighbors burdens for the same.

            Key, these will be windows which may only be open for a few weeks. No one wants the costs and complexity of keeping non standard Forex positions open with no future trade. Worse, if hoards or Rednecks arrive en masse, Spittoons and Big Mommas in queues, those tatooed arms, hairy chins and wild conduct will get banks jumpy.

            Even worse when their husbands arrive.

            If getting to the bank, have with you your Passports, Driving licences, evidence of Voters registration in a State, evidence of State Bills to your address, Taxes, Health Insurance cards and Phone bills etc. All the usual BS to open an account. Satisfy those and it will be easier. If not they may hold the notes until you do. They are likely only to give you a Bankers draft cheque, or wire funds for you to a designated account so funds are tracked.

            Criminals and the Bible Belt Grifters bought many. That will be interesting! I’d love to see Danny de Vito in that queue.

            If these are joint holdings you may need other parties to sign an affidavit, Notarized stating that you are acting for both. If your cashing out for millions, a Lawyers letter who knows you may be worth carrying certifying your OK. Times have changed it ‘s a BS world now. Forget walking off the street with suitcases of Jungle Bunny notes.

            Try to get a times appointment ahead with an identified Bank Officer and confirmed, Keep it all professional.

            Try to avoid allowing your Notes to be couriered between branches, its inviting trouble. Like they were checked, found to be counterfeit and have been destroyed, Yeh, sure. Goodbye millions. Ride shotgun on your own money.

            Good luck.

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Sky Pilot. I have to be careful with words. or smacked arses errupt if not in.
        Over the next 3 weeks, if it’s going to be this year, your either paid, or not! After that Silly Season.
        We front for major funds via London. I have strongly advised them to stop ambulance chasing every last Dime, thats for Arsholes. Cash out, get out and Cash n Now! 90% of a cake or no cake? Some go overboard, tough luck Collateral losses. Cash in- Bucks in! There’s only one Funding Source, but multiple Pigs at the trough squealing.
        Good luck.
        It’s with the Gods and Silly Sods.


    1. What is it about summer “silly season” that makes completion impossible?

      I can think of some things, but overall, It seems that with something so important the time of year wouldn’t matter that much.


        1. That was my first thought. However, many of us forego vacation or delay vacation when critical matters come up and think nothing of it. This completion is world changing, earth shattering stuff. Humanity is at stake. Would I give up my vacation to assist this plan? Would any of us? That just seems such a trivial thing to hold up something so huge. You work 24/7/365.

          If that is the case, then they ARE Dick Heads and much worse. I guess that is not a surprise to any of us.


      1. John has called it “silly season” for years – it’s when all the bankers etc go on vacation for the months of July and August …


  14. Mayor Bill Deblasio of New York City had his own daughter arrested by NYPD for throwing objects at police officers. She was arrested for it under a week ago and is charged with multiple counts of facilitating in the mayhem. But Deblasio came out in support of his daughter, saying he was proud of her.


    “How can the NYPD protect the city of NY from rioting anarchist when the Mayors object throwing daughter is one of them. Now we know why he is forbidding Mounted units to be mobilized and keeping the NYPD from doing their jobs,” read the Sergeants’ Union tweet.

    After the tweet was removed, the union again responded.

    The SBA was outraged that the tweet was removed.

    “[T]he purpose of twitter and social media is to allow a free exchange of ideas as long as it’s lawful speech…not only did they shut down our account because of something that is already out there but this is a union social media account that we use to communicate to our members but also to mobilize our members and keep them up to date on issues,” Mullins said. “This is a time we need to communicate with our members and public….and is an attack against union issues and the relevant events going on.”


  15. If you can spare the hour it is worth listening to.

    I did work in the 80’s where technology wise using certain software, we could control you and your thoughts and evolved robotic personalities to comfort and challenge you. At that time, I could remotely control your computer even if it was not turned. All that was needed was that computer be plugged into an electrical socket. So imagine how far such technology has evolved. And I could access everything on your machine without leaving a trace.

    It has Know for a very long time common knowledge that life can be extended by technology on a nano technology basis to the point that nano particles can assess life needs and communicate them from within . In fact Blackberry did some published works in this area. The idea of a debtor chattel is not new and perfection of charter of title comes with understanding how to control and keep you living to extract the maximum value from your life existence. Today, fitness trackers are common and serve a purpose individually but also serve to deliver collective data for the database to determine a model of costing to determine life value over time and the characteristics Of health to clearly understand whether lending based on profiles works out, which will be tried. Even now the monthly fee based apps do much more than feed you personal data as it all about understanding what it takes to have health, thus value. The idea of dying with debt one day will not exist.

    While this sounds terrible on one hand it can be put to good intent. What will determine this is public awareness to institute laws to protect humans. Otherwise we will definitely enter the world of transhumance moving quickly within a decade to cyborgs and the like where the differences between humans and machine will be blurred. After all once you have the right vaccine marker, updates to life and longevity is up to the creator or the vaccine and not you.
    We are indeed into a brave new world, not understood by the public at large.



    Idiot Politicians needs to be redirected fast and hard. Time to step back from Beijing. Sorry but- The Silk Road just became Shit Street! China lied too many died!
    This is an article worth reading over a glass of good wine and ponder 🤔.
    How can China control 62% of the vitamin C market? It makes no sense for them to have this market.




    It’s a worrying time for Thinking Americans.
    Dirty Joe will cash in on the racial vote, and God help your taxes as he and the Deep State help themselves.




    A must have because spares will cripple you.,



    Americans man up and F Up Anifa as a Go For It Punk Moment. You think it can slread to the Senate as Citzens march in before a meeting with Tar and Feathers?



    Now the EU faces reality as the Brits walk.



    Covid rebound



    What a bunch of Useless Bums run UK Borders.



    No Chan – ce ?



    Hope for the Elders.



    Well of course they will, what part of Economic War do they not understand? Its a battle for supremacy, and may parties, including Soros and Rothschilds, wamt the end of America.

    When are Americans giong to wake up and get it? Soros broke the UK pound he now wants to break America. Wake – Up!


    1. Of course. If you are not a Bolshevlik and march lock-step to comrade Soros’ Commissar drone army, you will be denied fair access to any service owned and operated by same.

      Let’s hope she opens a Bitcoin wallet, or similar.

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  16. The Recovery Trial doesn’t change the facts on the ground. In fact, one can argue that the trial was designed to fail. Also, everyone omitted to report the honest Investigative Chief that said the Recovery results should not be used to disparage other uses of the drug earlier in disease course. Bravo! for understanding the limits of the study.

    We, on the ground Docs, have been giving a trifecta [HCQ/Zinc/Zpack] to patients to a cohort that didn’t require hospitalization but was clearly on a trajectory to land there, as said patients universally had shortness of breath and had slowly dropping O2 saturations, and before circa day 5 on average. The trifecta almost universally reversed trajectory in everyone under circa 70 years of age in a 4hr to 24hr range. And no, we’ve seen enough patients and reports to know that this is not chance, but treatment effect. Yes, the odds are they would have survived anyway, but why make anyone suffer an additional 14 days plus adverse outcomes when we can put an end to it? And did. Plus, we’ve gone completely around the medical dictators here in the U.S., literally having the prescriptions filled out of Canada by overnight delivery. [See parentheses at the bottom of post.]

    You, the Medical Establishment, keep testing in cratering patients with multiple comorbidity, an HCQ monotherapy, and telling us the drug is useless. HELLO? Anyone HOME? If any of you had a lick of pharmaco-physiology in you, we keep telling you zinc status matters! And clearly azithromycin plays a role, although there is reported success with other antibiotics. When NYU Langone reported that it changed patient trajectory in hospitalized patients by giving the bifecta or trifecta to patients, did NO lights go on? Were you asleep that day in med school where dosing, timing,baseline patient selection mattered in drug administration? Is it true, giving you the benefit of the doubt, that Investigators gave an HCQ dose which is considered to be fatal or near fatal, 2400 mg over 1st 24 h. Total dose was 9600 mg/10 days. It’s highest ever used and typically ~1800 mg/ day requires immediate admission to the ER. The cohort was highest risk – middle age and elderly patients with advanced stage of Covid, HTN, diatetes, low K and Mg, hypoxia, etc. even more vulnerable to overdose related deaths. If all the above is true, least some treatment group participants were killed by overdose.

    And for crying out loud: Not one of you are testing indomethacin even though the Italian data from a decade ago shows that it is potently anti-SARS in vitro and IN DOGS. Dogs being a great model animal. Thankfully Ecuador reads the literature and the anecdotal reports remain very positive, as does the use of ivermectin. We’ll see when all the data is in.

    (When the insanity is over, the pharmacy boards will need to be over-turned, Governors and legislators told they have zero authority in a crisis to regulate medicine, and heads at the FDA will have to roll because BY LAW they have NO SAY in the Practice of Medicine. All have acted egregiously. Same for the UK in different degrees. The NHS Chief Medical Officer DOES NOT get to dictate to a Doc how to practice in a crisis. If any Doc came into my Office and tried that crap he’d be laid flat out on the pavement. Even Chiefs of Service here tip toe around this issue gently and with a light touch unless it is a malpractice issue)


    1. There will be questions, and hopefully heads roll after this ends Tino.
      But remember, it needs Leaders not Losers. Now there is our joint problem.
      Excellent points and read. Thank you.


    2. Tino

      You may not be aware but you are being read in the US, UK, India and Australia daily.
      We tried in Irealand but teaching the Buggers to read every morning is quite a job.


    1. In reference to Black Lives Matter, initially I was not in favor of the group. My reasoning was similar to the author’s… In Baltimore we have over 300 homicides per year… Mostly Black on Black crime, but we are protesting the killing of one man by the police. I wasn’t feeling it. Over the course of time I came to the opinion that the young people chose the easier issue to deal with. Black on Black crime will not be solved with marching.
      My personal solution to turning around Black on Black crime(homicides) would have three components
      1. Fathers in the home.
      2. Families together
      3. Jesus Christ in our hearts
      Not necessarily in that order.
      In my opinion, that would lay a foundation that may change things.
      In my opinion we are witnessing the result of a failed social ecperiment called Welfare. Where the government gave girls money if they had children out of wedlock. They were given money if there was no man in the home.
      So here we are generations later with young men that have no respect for authority and no regards for life. We have you women that don’t realize that they have value beyond their physical attributes.
      Having a daughter helped me realize that girls need paternal love. It gives them a foundation of being loved by a male for who they are. A lot of young women in the Black community are missing paternal love, which leads to a more promiscuous lifestyle at a younger age… Which leads teen or out of wedlock pregnacies . In my opinion.
      In addition to the three points that I mentioned earlier, I would teach young children the importance of family, and the importance of waiting until after they are married before having sex.
      There are no overnight solutions to solve Black on Black crime. The ideas that I have would probably take a decade or more to make a difference.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Terry

        I have a lot of friends, good friends from the Afro Community. Creating false guru marches, muggings, drug dealing, pimping and looting does nothing to help integration. The Problems are understood. The cause agreed , needs serious education. Or we keep on repeating the endless cycle. But it needs good Afro Leaders to front up.


      2. Terry, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to firstly read the article and following up with such a well considered lengthy response. You have made a great deal of sense in your comment and I agree with you.

        As I have aged, I have come to realise that a stable family environment is critical to healthy development. I was not one who had that opportunity and consider that a great deal of my crazy behaviour in early life was a result of not having a solid stable loving family environment. I also think that even as I became a young adult and was entirely responsible for my actions, much of those early thought and behaviour patterns were ingrained in me and very hard to rid myself of which I still may not have fully done, even at this age.

        Terry, you seem like a genuine, intelligent and very decent man so maybe the example you are setting in your own life will reflect on others in your community as being a better way. I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like residing in a city where 300 people were killed each year. I would personally find that extremely frightening. You have a great deal to contend with and I am sorry you are having to endure those circumstances.

        I am extremely pleased to know that you cherish your relationship with your daughter and are guiding her well. A beautiful father daughter relationship is an incredible blessing.

        I do wish you a most beautiful day Terry and thank you again for sharing as you have and for being here with us offering your sincerely appreciated perspective.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. What a cheap hustling Skank Biden is.
    Joe Biden to meet the family of George Floyd and record a video ahead of the funeral in Houston as he criticizes Trump for ‘stoking the flames of hatred and division’

    Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden will travel to Houston, Texas, on Monday to meet with the family of George Floyd and record a video for Floyd’s funeral service



    Under prerfect control.Really? Or Heel Spurs ran away again.



    What a Crock and we have trashed ecjonomies for this?

    As more People publish and awareness grows and cities suffer the consequences of blanket shutdowns changing the face of what they used to be. One cannot help but wonder where the resulting frustration and anger will be directed and who will attempt to steer it for gain. And this is not just America as the world was sold the False study by disgraced Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in London who was a useful idiot until he was wasn’t. Perhaps te. Same fate awaits Fauci and Dr. Birx Today we still have people trying to sell the false narrative of blanket shutdowns until fall while every week new evidence suggests otherwise.

    > https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/sorry-america-catastrophic-mortality-rates-sold-us-dr-fauci-dr-birx-huge-scam/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=the-gateway-pundit&utm_campaign=weeklyam&utm_content=weekly

    Its right to pursue Justice here and Andrew will find Truth will cone out. One way or another.

    Prince Andrew vows ‘to fight back’ after DOJ officially demanded the UK make him available for questioning about his links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as part of their ongoing criminal investigation

    Prince Andrew will launch an extraordinary public fight back Monday after US authorities made a formal request for him to be quizzed over the Epstein affair.


    The violence is getting out of hand with these protesters, its not about freeing a Mandela type of man, but a viloent thug with a long record and it will all backlash soon. This is harming race relations, No good will come from this.

    Police are injured as missiles at London Black Lives Matter rally https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8397019/Police-injured-missiles-London-Black-Lives-Matter-rally.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    America has to understand the world sees Trump differently to many of you.
    Let the video explain why. Created by Americans.


    The Deep State are out to get Trump out. When does he get arrests made? We look at him and think what a ???????



    Now this is interesting if onlyTrump were even part literate. Maybe he can get tbe village idiot to explain it to him.


    Ethereum has wings.



    Fauci is taking heat and its going to get worse. When the Mutts in Politics wake up to the Ts lost. there will be scapegoats.



    This is gross stupidity!!!!!!!



    A real Covid issue for all to debate.

    The dangers of altering your RNA and DNA 🧬 are not known, nor can they be identified by any short term testing. To go down such a path is both reckless and irresponsible, especially when long consequences are not established science.

    Even if there were no unknown consequences, most people will suffer related illness requiring yet more drugs in a body altered with no cure. Why would you wish to do that to yourself? Just ask anyone who has inflammation be it arthritis or celiac etc. what life is like with constant inflammation and pain.

    “the mRNA vaccines being developed against COVID-19 will alter your RNA and DNA, which is of tremendous concern. The idea behind them is to turn your body into a protein manufacturing plant, and if your immune system is hypersensitive, it could overreact, causing severe problems. Considering how many people have autoimmune diseases and allergies, these vaccines could have devastating effects for many.

    “When you try to stimulate strong inflammatory responses in the body through the use of genetic manipulation, squalene oil-based adjuvants and nanoparticle technology — one vaccine is even using electricity to try to hyperstimulate an immune response — what is this going to do to people who don’t resolve inflammation in the body and become chronically inflamed and chronically ill and disabled?

    This is what vaccines do. They stimulate inflammation in the body. They have to in order to provoke an antibody response, but this is atypical. When you’re trying to do this in the body, this is not a normal way that the body mounts an inflammatory response to a microbe.”



    The bicycle: A teaching moment

    A Priest was about to finish his ten-year tour of duty and was leaving his Mission in the jungle where he has spent years teaching the natives about the Bible and Christian values, in their own language, when he realizes that the one thing he never really taught them was how to speak English.

    He reasons that the most efficient way to encourage the tribe to learn would be to give a crash course to the smartest man in the village and to leave an English Bible with him. So he takes the chief, whom he had befriended, for a walk in the forest. He points to a tree and says to the chief, “This is a tree.”

    The chief looks at the tree and grunts, Tree.”

    The Priest is pleased with the response.

    They walk a little further and he points to a rock and says, “This is a rock.”

    The chief looks and grunts, “Rock.”

    The Priest was getting quite enthusiastic about the results when he hears a rustling in the bushes.

    As they peek over the scrub bushes, they see a couple of natives in the midst of heavy sexual activity.

    The Priest is really embarrassed and flustered. Not knowing what else to do he quickly says, “Man riding a bike.”

    The chief looks at the couple briefly, pulls out his blowgun and kills them both right in front of the Priest.

    The Priest goes ballistic and yells at the chief that he has spent years teaching the tribe the virtues of Christianity, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and how to be civilized and kind to each other. So how on God’s green Earth could he kill these people in cold blood that way?

    And the chief replies, “My bike.”

    Enjoy your day and remember to keep off the main roads when riding somebody else’s bicycle!


    Who takes down the Deep State? It’s them- Or YOU!


    Exposure right on Q?


    This is the perception, and not a good one to have.


    Absolutely right we give Trump a fair PR shot also.


  18. Like

    1. Hey Mitt, what about Ed Falcone’s stolen funds, does that matter?

      I bet you would have sicked the dogs on Floyd had you seen him within 20 feet of your front lawn at 2 AM.

      You cheap, flimsy, empty, spineless, backstabbing, excuse for pond scum.

      Liked by 2 people

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