Unmasking A Post-COVID Future

For Millennia, Mankind has evolved under the conflicts of Religions, Hegemony, Race and Materialism. Whatever came our way, including Pandemics, we adjusted, and economies grew. We are the Global Top Primate Species. Top of the Food Chain. But Covid-19 is loose now as the ultimate Lab Bats cocktail.

The Wild Card, no courtesy of China.

We are – Defenseless. It is merciless and indiscriminate. Nations’ Borders are no barriers. The Chinese travelling mobile human Ants have carried it everywhere.

The American B-1s are now visibly carrying masses of Cruise Missiles to Guam in response ready, if needed, for war. America is taking it to them. Needs Must!

In turn, and in time, huge questions for China to answer for what has been unleashed on the world. Unforgivable. Who must die for a Chinese lie to protect the Middle Kingdom with its own Global conquest ambitions by stealth?

Knowing now what was loose, why did China not seal its Borders?

Now IS the time for Trump to rise to America’s needs and for us to support Barr for truth and justice. We need Trump reelected and Barr in place to carry on the investigations and arrests.

Why were Western Leaders so inept as not to lock out a perceived visible Pandemic of such a cataclysmic threat level? They knew, and their reaction was pitiful. Leaders today? Who can trust any published death rates? Why is Covid being so media-hyped, with no highlighting of obnoxious Bill Gates of Lolita Express notoriety, the Big Pharma opportunists, and its potential use for Tri Lateral and Zionist NWO population reduction strategies? How meekly the Sheeple assembled and locked down like Lambs to the slaughter! Why?

The world just acquiesced with a typical French Military Flag of a white cross on a white background. Come and get us?

But also, sadly note, with a virus which seems to have an actual Death Ratio now of only 0.015% of a population, (Real World!!! – One 7th of One Per Cent population deaths) why are our limp-wristed Politicians devastating jobs for 20% of Employees and greater than 30% of the Corporate population? Reality is, 30% of our companies are now at risk. Many now will never reopen. What of the yet to be unveiled multi million consequential deaths caused for those denied months of remedial treatments, for those missing months of standard Doctors surgeries Check Ups? Britain alone now has an 8 Million delayed Check Up backlog. Millions risked now, how many Real Deaths as avoidable costs?

So many cancers and life threatening illnesses will be missed, catching and treating nothing in time. Health Care has virtually closed down for half the year. Care Homes are Death Traps, currently the source of needless 30% of our Deaths. The Economic consequences of that will implode on their Solvency.

As it will for 30% of our Businesses currently facing ruin. Taxes will implode leaving decades of debt, and possibly a mass switch to Cryptos for blatant Tax Evasion. There are no Free Lunches; Welfare has to be paid by someone. You!

No other site out there offers you the help and community platform with Cryptos which WHA does. You will need it. The site is a must read now.

Question now not only the cause of Covid, but the questions of failed containment, as with Ebola. Inept Government strategies and blame to be.


Sort Border Entries testing.

Sort Contract Tracing.

Sort PPE supplies! Replace Chinese!!!!

Sort treatments. No more Chinese Lab Bat Cocktails!

Question now the roles of Gates and Soros in Wujan and why?

Trump now advocates his wish to have the Military assist deliver the Vaccines.

Gates has 60 M available, Non-Human tested, the stench of Thalidomide all over it. How have Africa’s poor Souls fared under Gates?

Boris Johnson in London claims we will be led by the Sciences. He was, under Fergusson’s alarmist projections of Bubonic plague level proportions. We just wasted Billions on the unneeded new Nightingale Hospital, not used and now mothballed? Billions – CLOWNS!!!!

Fauci, too! Fauci. Ferguson. Two F’s. 2 complete F Ups!

Misled by the Sciences! We have destroyed our Economies for this pair?

WHA has shown the way for groups to commune, help the Collective, and produce outstanding profits. A small step at a time. Save just 3 dollars a day and soon it builds to hundreds then you can start to buy Cryptos. Self help.

The Gates way, dubious cocktails, then the Chip, then the Chop!

Whatever is left in 4 to 8 weeks we start again. We will get through, it’s just the unrecognisable society then, and what’s left in the Human Zoo for You?

Money is Finite and that Bonfire of Vanities on Wall Street may ignite?

Congregate, communicate and take WHA to a new height.

© 2020 Whitehatauxiliaries.com

Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must. – Duke of Wellington


  1. Breaking via Natural News: But buried in Moderna’s own press release is an admission that Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine caused serious injuries in 15% of patients who were injected.

    Importantly, the so-called “grade 3 systemic symptoms,” which require medical intervention, appeared after the second round of vaccine injections, underscoring the suspicion that the first vaccine injection sets up the body for an injurious (or even deadly) reaction upon a second exposure to a pathogen.

    High-dose subjects suffered “serious adverse events” The injuries were reported at the 250 ug (microgram) dose levels, and Modern removed those participants from any consideration of antibody reporting, restricting their antibody claims to those who received lower doses.


    1. Both above issues bring us back to Thalidomide days, and the greed plus morality risks with a non person like Gates allowed to dominate a sophisticated Medical Profession with neither the academic nor moral fortitude necessary. Testing? So, again rush Covid and unleash hell. Do we want to mass inject a cure which kills us?


      Thank you Tino.


  2. Never forget a sad, lost Girl, who had it all, but had nothing. She saw the stars, and was adored by the world, but reviled by a petulant little shit, who chased the County Bike, and almost brought down the Monarchy.
    This song, on the day of her funeral;.stopped the country, stopped the world, and is epic in history.

    The Peoples Princess.

    She gave and left us William. He is England’s last hope of a Monarch. The gibbering half wit between himself and the great Queen, will never have public support.

    May the Queen live 10 more years.

    Diana, thank you for William, and for he being first. Did England ever so need him to be good.

    Diana, you left an epic line with William and the hearts of the nation will be with you for ever.

    In a world of lying and dying, let’s think of Diana, the life she so deserved and lost. He who is unfit to be King, but will! May it be a short reign. No public respect is his legacy. As for Camilla? She is reviled for Eternity.
    Family values matter. Diana will never be forgotten. She lit up the world and touched hearts. Sadness was her legacy. .


    In a time of unparalleled risk as we fight NWO, the Elites, and the human scourge of the vile Zionist parasites, we need you all there helping on this journey.

    Did we ever need the PPs and RV’s more and for fit Governance of these funds once released to avert the Elites and their Tri Lateral plans. We need Gates to go to the Pearly Gates soon. Soros with him.
    We need a miracle soon. Celine and Andrea say it all, please use the full screen if you can.


    New Covid angles.



    Living in Trumps Glass House he dare not. Does he need a new Stormie with November coming up?


    Just when we thought we were getting out, Covid strikes back.

    Hospital in Somerset stops taking patients because of Covid-19 cases https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8354401/NHS-hospital-Somerset-shuts-E-stops-taking-new-patients-surge-Covid-19-cases.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    China, what a nerve, they have destroyed Global economies, and try this SHIT!. We need to block out their trade and work it right up them for this. Bat and animal eaters, Child molesters. You blew it.
    Eurasia now WILL be led by Europeans, not by you Bastards!



    In order to help you understand the vast amounts stolen by Wall Street , the Criminal Bankers, and corrupt Politicians, this video will help you see what we are all seeking to recover.
    All these years, but the net is closing in on them now. The Bushes and Clintons won’t be heroes then. Nor Obama. We can recover the LOT!


    Please spend 3 minutes reaching for the stars with us. Large screen if you can and loud.


    For all of you, you matter. NWO will never give us this, or corrupt Politician and dirty Bankers.


    You need a macabre sense of humour to appreciate this. I qualify.


    We live in a world of such sadness and so much suffering. A song to touch your hearts.. Before Covid gets it.


    Which life is real, Asks Bohemian Rhapsody.


    If the second wave hits, what then? Lock down again and switch off the lights? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. We are going to give you an Agenda so stark, so manipulatively horrific, that even the THICKEST among our populations, which sadly appears to be above 80%!!!, may at last start realize what sort of sad and mass manipulated world the NWO Elites have planned for your Children and Grandchildren.

    Without more agenda just assess the stark, horrific reality of this. You at least can. That’s why you’re here, and Thank God you are.

    While America is preparing to give Israel yet another $38 B USD to continue its Genghis Khan Seed Khazars Pariahs funds to assault Hegemony on its neighbours, and to bribe or blackmail all Senators, Congressmen, or Presidents surrounded by these disgusting Zionist sub human Jackals, who face demands that it’s necessary to continue funding this blatant farce, or their funding gets pulled. Red Riding Hood and the Wolves.

    Welcome to the Pack Leaders! Trump is surrounded by the Vermin! The worst are dug in pulling all his strings.

    1936.Too STUPID then, too STUPID Now?

    Will the Sheeple wake TF!!! up in time?

    You’re the awoken, and we need every one of you. We are all on the Damned Titanic right now. Please, THINK Reality right now, and WHAT IF?



    Hong Kong today, is YOU tomorrow!


    Are we alone in he Universe?


    Having given you the stark reality of NWO, let us share with you hope via Celine and more
    We share, we care.
    But most of all- We think.
    Kindly too.

    Values we all need.


    1. Agenda 2030 has already started. I know people won’t like this but could Trump be control opposition to keep a percentage of the population waking up complacent? Q anon too?

      The economy slowly opening right now is just to give us plebs some hope that things will get back to normal. We’ve been living in a propped up fake economy and how convenient for them to blame it on a virus. Trump himself has said a second wave of the virus is coming this fall. I think after the elections by end of year. Then shut down again and hello reset in 2021 while they continue with their NWO agenda.

      I hope I’m wrong.


    2. Digital nomad investor goes into detail the plans they have for us.

      “Agenda 2030! Globalists Plan for Global Enslavement!” DNI Bonus Video!


  4. Pre-announcement: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko gives a 5 days treatment with HCQ, Azithromycin and Zinc. Starting before day 5 of the symptoms. After 5 days 1448 of his 1450 patients were cured.
    His scientific report will be published next week.


  5. A simple and serious big question.
    IF Covid re appears will we lock down again?
    We will already lose up to 30% of our commerce.

    No one is telling you yet what happens if Pension funds can’t meet annual commitments now. That will skewer the Zio trash on Wall Street..Derivatives calls will be the Perfect Storm unfolding.

    So, do we lock down again because if so, apart from Education., the lot risks melt down.

    Do these Morons in Governments have a clue about consequences?

    Do you, as you’re the smarter Public?


    1. I think we are in big trouble. What do you make of this? https://unnwo.org/
      Happiness for all mankind by 2050?

      We who hold gold silver and cryptos may preserve our wealth or become wealthy, but what kind of world will we have on the other side.

      Real question John2020?


      1. I think you already answered that for me in another post.

        On another subject:

        Right now I feel sick to my stomach. James wood has been posting videos of fragile elderly people getting beat up in nursing homes. I just saw one of a woman hitting a man in a nursing home with a belt over his head. Over and over again!! He crawled in a corner. OMG!! What kind of effed up world do we live in!!!


      2. A Johnson

        Please. look at the NWO strategy above. Now, do you understand, all humour apart, the reality we are focused on, the fact it was only 02.43 in the morning here when I logged this in, The work we do, the stresses we bear, money apart, the fact that we care?
        If like type minds, most on this site, don’t help us so few as we take up this fight if we lose, we all go into the night..


    1. No problem if we fill each with 100 pakkies and launch the lot back at France. We should fill 100 craft a day, and launch them out of Military Bombers 2 miles off the French coast.

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  6. What IF this Covid is only a forerunner of far worse to come?

    What IF, this Covid has been stage played by Gates and co?

    What IF, the Tri Laterals. NWO and Big Pharma, see how unbelievably Thick the Sheeple are as they walked like Mutts to be corralled. are now thinking – Lunch , unreal no one could foresee how naively brainless they are. This is 1936 all over again. Churchill warning about the Nazis. Ridiculed for it, and 3 years later it came.

    How very much worse could a real Pandemic be? Our Leaders are simply too thick to lead. Mutts minding Sheeple while the Wolf is on the borders.

    These things come in waves. What next and when?

    NWO can’t believe their luck. I can’t! Economies will demand action and then?


  7. Shoot me now….

    America’s Center for Disease Control “is conflating viral and antibody tests…” writes the Atlantic, “distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic.”

    Thelasko shared their report:
    We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus. The upshot is that the government’s disease-fighting agency is overstating the country’s ability to test people who are sick with COVID-19… The widespread use of the practice means that it remains difficult to know exactly how much the country’s ability to test people who are actively sick with COVID-19 has improved.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Ashish Jha, the K. T. Li Professor of Global Health at Harvard and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told us when we described what the CDC was doing. “How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess….” By combining the two types of results, the CDC has made them both “uninterpretable,” he said…


    1. Also Tino

      As we have found so many tests to be inaccurate, along with rigged counts, where is truth?

      We have wasted 5 months allowing idiots to fail to plan, with no clue of containment strategies. Clueless, the lot led by mediocre Matt- Hand on Cock ( Hancock) how can we not fail?

      We still can’t test 100,000 a day which is way short of needs. And- with faulty tests? Are we testing as Positive those who are not? Trust nothing.

      Our economies are beyond trashed. Why? Where is border checking? Where are pre-flight tests if so bad?

      With a pending Perfect Income Storm for Pension Funds, what goes down if or when they go down?

      We are in freefall. Why?


      1. **We are in freefall. Why?**

        To borrow a phrase which fits, errors of this magnitude are never by accident.

        It is a deliberate assault. It is deliberate gaslighting. It is an attack on We, the People at this point. No rational observer would leave an economy shut down at this point. Especially when the hospital surge never materialized. It is the exercise of power to establish precedent and conditioning. Now the data is showing lock downs have barely changed the pandemic course!

        Not to mention the criminal nonsense being inflicted by the CDC Guidelines for reopening schools. Absolutely criminal. I won’t list them here, but no child should suffer the restrictions. And shouldn’t rationally either, since while it is true that children under 5 suffer worse COVID outcomes than the flu, the 5 to 18 crowd is mostly bulletproof to the disease. You will do more harm by the CDC school guidelines than letting everything go back to normal. Again, an error of this magnitude is never by accident. There is pure evil afoot here.

        In regards to air travel, we know asymptomatic transmission simply doesn’t happen in practice. Fever checks are sufficient. Like Asian nations do, lots of infrared cameras on your way to Customs. Works well for Taiwan. And you get to see yourself on the screens as you go by,


  8. This company focuses on helping their clients go where they are treated best with respect to tax and business friendliness. I don’t have a client relationship with them. I am simply presenting as an item of interest to those of you who may need such services in the future.


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    1. That was a really interesting video Tony, thank you. Even worth looking into even if one is not terribly wealthy just to understand the opportunities/possibilities and how it all works.

      Dad gave his son some great advice there. How very proud he would be of his achievements.


  9. What comes around goes around. China will lead and NWO will follow.
    China will be flexing muscles and not just in HK Read the horror of what the NWO, Tril Lats and Gates plus would do. HK may be our own tomorrow.




    So there is some good news?


    Sometimes, it’s time to move on in life, and rise to new opportunities. Life awaits, reach for the new journey about to begin.

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  10. So much for social-distancing! Donald Trump is seen golfing for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began and is seen shaking hands on the course

    President Trump enjoyed a leisurely start to Memorial Day weekend as he arrived at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia Saturday for a round on the course.


    Poor Trump.

    He gets that this whole lock down is so way, way, way OTT and beyond ridiculous. The chance of a hand to hand infection is minuscule outside of high risk areas. Sensible Professionals are already self protecting so why throw away centuries of culture. Social distancing now has the mass mindless jumpy. It’s beyond offensive to see some brain dead half wit too dumb to select obvious items from Store shelves, while the semi morons gawp at them, holding back shoppers in the isles afraid to pass them and receiving threatening glares if even walking past within 3 feet, which I do always. This over the top lock down is going to cause real social conflicts if not lifted. Turf Wars as some Plebeian Lump believes we have stolen its right to use its now 6 ft of Air Space Kingdom which we presume to use to pass and do our daily transacting. I’ve had a few altercations to date where I have called out their mental faculties, and asked often if they were born simple or have just spent a lifetime perfecting it. The lock down is bringing out the worst of Joe Public. Sadly, there are times where they allow the Tri Laterals to prove their point about population reduction. Scientists have made an absolute Balls of infection projections, and the level of Bottom Feeders we have ensconced in Political Office have unleashed Draconian regulations which the Sheeple have mass adhered to.

    Unemployment levels may escalate to such a level as to be un-affordable on Welfare, and post LockDown release expect a surge in crimes. Then what do we do with the mass visible surplus sheeple? A Hand Atomiser to clear the Store isles of mutants springs to mind People are having to queue in cold wind and rain for essential shopping while numbers are limited and life is is being needlessly and adversely affected by needless Big Brother regulations. Tri Laterals you may soon get our votes. Sheeple? Already we have seen the lock down ignored as masses flooded to beaches or parks. and a presumptive Police Constable meddling was mass assaulted and given a good kicking on the ground by enraged teenagers. It’s getting ugly. Use common sense and ignore the Nanny State. But I see way too many Sheeple subjugating to the Corral. These clown know the price of a store item, but not freedom? We need electronic cattle prods when shopping. As an ex Hobby Farmer I know only too well the frustration of herding cattle or sheep. Mindless. Vaccines will do it. Gates will be forgiven. Order. (Said in Humour!)


    God help Borrowers.

    If a commodity like Oil is worth nothing, then the value of the commodity in exchange is also worth nothing.
    One cannot help but wonder what restructuring can occur when the asset has no value due to decreased demand. Presumably, a bond or flow through instrument is reduced to a zero current return with a future nebulous payback, we can assume it is impaired. A Pension Fund can extend maturity and horizon of Capital return but is lost as to current earnings. I cannot imagine much of a future Pension appetite for such instruments. This will kill the likes of Rothschilds Glencore in such future attempts as suckers will be more limited to their pitch. Emerging energy dependent nations will face unprecedented catastrophe in trying to get ahead socially. Let alone maintain even current standings. Imagine the pain of their societies to come.

    With an estimated global 30+Trillion in asset value destroyed thus far, and limited cash availed to restore activity; decline in future consumption is a built in reality. One can only imagine increased volatility over the next 2 years or so, as a true notional equilibrium is found at a bottom of this decline. Even in retail, it will take until next fall to even understand the complete outfall from store closing and related supply chain collapse. Believe me when I tell you that your local stores need you more than ever.

    Even if society suffered a 5% fatality rate, it would be better off, than what is in progress. Yes, I understand systems would be overwhelmed. But, I suggest many more will die from a lack of care, than the virus. And that says nothing about the upcoming suicides and drug and drinking problems which will result in broken homes. Just take a moment to think about the social cost. Where will this money come from? Do not think that crime will decline; if will increase and most likely violently as Crime soars.

    Frankly, I think every Misguided politician who stood up for the shut down of economies deserves to be voted out of office, as unfit for duty. And what has happened with Seniors is not just tragic but a complete abduction of civil duty of politicians to people who contributed to society. We celebrate heroes, well how about holding Senior resIdences accountable for needless deaths, along with the politicians who abandoned their civic duty?

    Yes, I know I will get return mail telling me a I have a bleeding heart for Seniors, and I should not, as they are old and value spent. But I ask you, do we not all get old? Were we not taught to have respect for Elders ? It would be nice to think that the society we contribute to, and contributed to, cared enough to return the favor. Sometimes gray hair carries wisdom not found in the exuberance of youth. And in times ahead that knowledge and wisdom will be sorely needed. Melt down would be ugly.




    That’s a leveler. What now?

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    1. john

      can you share a bit how is the deal going …

      the one that was in FL but moved to a more secure protectorate?



      1. JJ

        Huge respect to all of you.

        Radar silence right now. Very, very important, understand?

        If this comes off, the significance is off the map in tactics then.

        Imagine, if the last century of Rothschilds, and truly disgusting Zios had been used for humanity? Imagine if a Party had the Bank Platform Control of the new funds, choosing instead to use the vast output not for War, Weapons, or Greed, but to change the entire focus of being, a better species of Human Being?

        To scrap ALL Religions, yet focus on Ethereal values, making everyone conscious of their own responsibility as being Keepers or Your OWN REAL Souls, and helped you understand the true Universal Sufferance of Atonement if not? Removing Zionism and the Islams scourges from our planet, turning the Vatican into a museum

        AND, having the funds and power, to take away all School funding from all Religious Cons, bringing back responsibility to correctly fund and educate all our Children, from Birth onwards in real values, Arts Sciences, Literacy, Math, Cultures and History.
        Ending slavery, and Child mutilation, the Tower for Shivas! Both Heads and C****s on the block for that lot.

        Where, if successful, real Caring and Sharing is applied to rebuild a better Human Being, where Governance of Values overtakes Government by Chancers and the manipulative Parasites we now see effacing all Cultural values, without integrity or Purpose of Being between the lot of them. To serve a purpose, NOT Help themselves.

        To serve a nation is an honour. Honour it! That is reward enough. To rid Banking of the Rot of the Rothschilds, and to rethink financing forever. A Block Chain which BLOCKS Zionists and their type.

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    2. A lot of good stuff in your post John… the leaders who are keeping these lock downs in place should be dragged out of their high office and stream rolled!.. the officials who enforce the unconstitutional orders should also be steam rolled!.. you took a position of authority and with it comes the responsibility to fight against the same government!

      Love Trump adding churches as essential… more to these lock downs than safety!

      Cuomo should be held responsible for what he did to the elderly… be shocked if that ever happens…

      Add him to the 100 mile long list of those that need to be charged and arrested which we are supposed to be waiting on!

      And, as always, if we had a real media this stuff would have been over already… hope I see the day when a lot of these media low life scum are held accountable!

      To the “tower” with them all!!

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      1. Thank you James, and an everlasting smile for Dolly Parton. Her journey, losses and humour. Dolly keeps it real, inside.


      1. You’ve already got enough dodgy items. But if she spots those mini cameras God help you.

        In Seoul in South Korea some of the top Hotels have cameras hidden in Bedrooms and all link in on funny channels to watch the tourists at it.


            1. That’s easy…just open a valve and she shrinks down and fits in a drawer. 🤣 (I kid)

              Not married…yet, anyway. I remember as a young man I would visit the clubs and tell girls I liked, “Honey, I wish I were married so I could leave my wife for you”.


              1. Serve you right if something starts vibrating in her bedside draw, you look inside , and in panic flee fast downstairs looking for a bike pump as an emergency. A hornet works Tony.


              2. Did you ever go to the Red Onion? It was a popular dance club in the mid eighties. Dress code. You never know, we could have bumped into each other back then. Lol


                1. Yes…and Don Jose’s on Torrance and Hawthorne Blvd. Big big pickup place – young execs in three-piece suits. Chicks on black beauties (speed) could dance all night, even on the dance floor. I avoided the drugs. Many didn’t and are not here now.

                  We may have indeed met. When AIDS hit, the club scene really came to a hault. The herpes triangle really crashed for a while. Life seems to want us to be monogamous. When I look back, the best life has to offer is with a true genuine affinity for one partner. The club scene, looking back for me personally, was just a debauched waste of time chasing doped up harpies who were wanting another notch on their lipstick cases. Devoid of real future planning with the right mate. Boozed up love.

                  Well, we survived it. 🙂

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                2. Replying to your posts below:

                  Well I was a good girl. Didn’t do drugs even though it was all around me. I love to dance. I use to go to the salsa clubs too with live music. Fandangos was so much fun. Tiered seating all around the dance floor.

                  My girlfriend was going out with a famous lead singer of a hard rock band for n the eighties, who I will not name. He died of an drug overdose 10 years ago. Finally took a toll. Talk about drugs. Omg! I drove home by myself in the middle of the night from LA to OC, while she stayed and partied it up. Not into that sort of thing.


                3. ” Life seems to want us to be monogamous. When I look back, the best life has to offer is with a true genuine affinity for one partner.”

                  That is such a beautiful statement. So nice to hear a man speak like that.

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  11. Jared Tate stepped down from heading up Digibyte because he wanted to set an example that actions are more powerful than just words. He truly is serious about decentralization and showed it with his decentralized stepping down…. But he is holding onto his DGB bag with a passion because he knows it can succeed without heading it up.

    Jared wrote:
    Stepping away from social media & taking a well earned summer sabbatical does not equate to selling everything & leaving forever. I still hold 99% of all my crypto in DGB & always will. Its time for DigiByte to shine on its own.


    WONDERFUL NEWS about DGB working together with the European commission. Will DGB be used for govt. cryptos?:

    Great news. A Matchmaker has been appointed for the Digibyte team by the European Commission, to guide them through the matchmaking process that the European Commission is finalizing so the DGB Team can be prepared to meet potential partners from public and private sector.


    1. Good luck to those holding this idea.

      Commercial interest in crypto may be the tide that lifts all boats. I saw it happen in 2016-17.

      Someone offered to pay me for a service and asked if I took DGB, so I said yea..sure. It’s liquid at Uphold so why not. So, let’s see what happens. The adventure begins.


  12. Well, the BASTARDS again failed to report.


    So, I claimed that asymptomatic transfer was a non-starter simply based on the fact that the classes of the cold virus, including coronavirus, simply don’t transmit that way. Primary mode is droplet, secondary mode droplet-to-surface-to human. All other common transmission methods are small. I also claimed that anyone thinking there was asymptomatic spread was believing the nonsense results generated by the poor antigen tests which persists to this day, starting with the erroneous and retracted German paper on asymptomatic transfer (the patient was found to have mild symptoms).

    Even though I still believe that asymptomatic transfer is a non-starter, we now have a real *apparent* quantification by the other side and it’s very weak. This means air travel needs only to check for fever, getting past this idiocy of using the ultra-poor performing antigen tests, which remain garbage.


    1. Good to see you lead off Tino and thank you. See the massive boost in comments. It’s flying. Thanks to everyone also.

      Great for Tony he’s hung in for everyone.


  13. So, the NYU Langone study showing the *early treated* with the zinc/z-pack/hcq trifecta reduces ICU utilization 44% has been buried under the rubble of the other bad studies.

    It’s a really well-done study. Possibly the best of its kind in the wasteland of political innuendo on the drug combo. (Orange Man Bad! derangement syndrome).

    While not cross-confirmed Turkey 30 days ago went “Everyone on HCQ” with wild variations on antibiotics and zinc and other compounds.

    Regardless of the “sky is falling” of 4300 deaths (against a population of 82 million), it seems the HCQ has allowed Turkey to bring serious lung complications down from 73% in the hospital presenting infected to 15%. Go Turkey! Wish somebody would collate the data and publish so we could have a clue what they are doing. We know the Turkish diet will be zinc-rich so that was running in their favor too. Additionally and very importantly, they are delaying ventilator use in favor of high o2 concentrations and flows. That too MUST play a role.

    In other news, the number of docs opting for 25-50grams Vitamin C by IV at the first sign of COVID issues is growing. The network basically reporting that it might not be changing mortality in those going towards severe O2 desaturation, but for everything shy of that they see improving courses with trajectories changing from the moment of the 2nd or 3rd daily infusions, and for those gotten to the earliest — almost immediate shutdowns of the condition.
    They are terrified to report formally for fear of sanctions.

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  14. Looking like a lot of suicides showing up in the data. In some areas maybe as high as 10x.

    Suicide is many times terminal end-stage depression. Depression starts as a disruption of circadian rhythm and then disruption of activities and social relations because you are in the wrong time zone, and eventually the feedback loops make it look like death is a rational option.

    We KNOW, though do not admit, that the vast majority of anti-depression drugs are just bunk. The Harvard placebo studies basically crushed any idea that the drugs do anything useful.

    So does sunshine and people work to alleviate depression? Son of gun, it does. Folks need to get out in the morning sun. In lieu of that, blue led fish-tank lights ($20 U.S.) bounced off the wall wherever one is for at least 30 min in the morning work too. Of course, if we JUST GOT RID OF THE DAMN ISOLATION ORDERS and returned to normal living, it would clear itself up over-night.

    Now, before anyone goes crazy that it can’t be that simple, suicides of traders in Shanghai were prevented by modulating the lights from bright full spectrum in the a.m. to blue-frequency depleted in the p.m. and then dimmed. It’s also why all iPhones have blue light filters built for evening phone use. As does Samsung in its phones. Never mind Japan preventing suicides on its Tokyo train platforms by using blue lights.

    And when I owned a clinic, all depressive patients were placed on sleep-wake hygiene as a pre-requisite for any treatment by the docs.

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  15. Flynn lawyer Sydney Powell just revealed on Fox Business that Obama had a massive and widespread secret surveillance system called the Hammer. I’ve always said, surveillance rolls out as a package. If you get database pulls, you get tech deployment and monitoring. If you get tech deployment and monitoring, you get observation posts. If you get observation posts, you get physical coverage. If you get physical coverage, you get infiltration into your social circle. If she is right and the Hammer is getting revealed, it will be more than just a boring computer screen with meaningless databases amassed in one place. It will basically be a domestic CIA with operations divisions, tech divisions, logistics, direct action, data centers, slush funds, and all the parts of an intelligence outfit, times one hundred – and ultimately run by a foreign power, and present in almost every nation, cataloging everyone.

    Fox Business Powell interview


  16. News items of interest:

    Just another issue of interest in the UFO report scene


    When are they going to get these Jerks Knee Jerks will bankrupt nations?


    The times I’ve been ripped off by Hetz and their kind it gives me pleasure to see them lose the lot.



    This needs to be used to JAIL Maxwell.



    Dave Allen’s take on Religion is lauws funny.,Watch it.


    Proof that Biden is Ugly!



    Coronovirus passports opens nasty doors.



    ” So called Scientists predicts Coronovirus deaths will end, one June, one September and one November.
    Why are so many such complete aresholes? Governmenst guided by Nincompoops.



    Coronavirus threat to unborn babies: Infection ‘injures’ the placenta, cuts off blood to unborn babies and can lead to low birth weight, organ damage or even foetal death

    WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Researchers from Northwestern University, in Illinois, said the findings ‘worried them’. Scientists found visible damage in the placentas of all 15 mothers in the study.


    Help alert Young Monthers to be.



    Bloody Hell, that qualifies it for an immediate Seat in the Senate as a 4 % more intelligent Rodent!



    These are men who know their priorities.


    Coronavirus pandemic could be over in the US by November 11 – while the UK and Italy should recover the month before, model predicting the trajectory of the virus shows

    A complex model developed by Singapore University of Technology and Design predicts the exact date the pandemic will end in the US, UK, and other countries around the world.


    According to yet another bunch of so called Scientific Advisors, the UK Pandemic will end in September and the US November 11th.
    With this lot, give or take 20 years!


    1. Sure did John, thank you. I always love a giggle. Loved the Dave Allen video above too. I remember him as a child. Loved him then and still do.


  17. John what is your assessment of the situation in HK right now in respect to Beijing’s sudden move to roll out the new security law? Is this the end of the “one country, two systems” principle?


    1. John F

      China is the new Pig at the Trough. It’s seen a century of new US Hegemony aggression and now wants its own lick. HK is lost. Their Banking is moving to Singapore and London. China will blow it.

      You can’t cure stupid.

      The UK WILL protect Singapore. China is emerging as a Bull in a China shop right now. They have seen America rape the world for a century and think Me Too! Britain raped the world for 900 years, so who are we to talk? I know reality. But we also brought Culture. The US just rapes their ass.


        1. Loved to see them face down this Media Shite, shame on them all!

          Trump needs to come on for one minute and say- “When we see YOU and your Rags behave responsibly we will respect your right to be heard with truth, so tell it for ONCE and respect ours- Until you are fit to be heard, you will hear little from us. as we hold you in deserved contempt.”

          Hit back. No news, no Jobs! Hurts doesn’t it?


  18. Those of you who hold this token (SOLVE) should do very well in the future. Especially when Wall St gets the okay to pitch this and other ideas like it to their 500 million clients, many of whom are still not sure how to even buy a Bitcoin. RV or none, this is an amazing time to be ahead of the wave in such a new technological space.

    Solve Care has just announced the launch of Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE), a revolutionary Care Network that will enable patients to easily access healthcare services anywhere in the world.

    Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, has commented, “We at Solve.Care believe that the GTHE is the first of its kind in the world, a true landmark deployment of blockchain and digital currency that addresses many of the challenges the global healthcare system is facing today.


    1. The only place I could buy this was at KuCoin. Not crazy about this exchange. Had a difficult time trying to trade some bitcoin for solve but I did it and it’s sitting in my Nano ledger. Need to download the app. Saw that you can stake. Are you staking these Tony?

      This one looks really interesting- a lot to learn too.


    2. Hi Tony
      I am wanting to buy into cryptocurrency but haven’t got a clue where to start. Could you point me in the right direction to learn how to start. I have zero knowledge at this time and I just need a starting point. Anything will help.
      Thanks so much.


      1. Hi Nancy,

        I will share a few resources for you to consider.

        Weiss ratings has three different crypto advisory services. Weiss Crypto Investor, Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio and Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings. They also have a free news letter you can sign up for. Be sure to visit them at https://weisscrypto.com/en for more information. Give them a call at 1-877-934-7778 and ask any questions to see if they can help you with your specific needs.

        Another advisory service is Palm Beach Group. https://www.palmbeachgroup.com. They have a crypto service called Palm Beach Confidential, which is about $2500 for two years if you can get it on special. I am not sure if they are open to new members at this time. You can sign up for their free newsletter and watch for news on this. They have a very complete educational library with information on everything – wallets, exchanges, the basics of Blockchain technology etc. Please contact them to explore if this would be a good option for you.

        There are other services out there, and you can simply search on line for them. Youtube has many videos on how to buy, store and use crytpos, and much more. Just be sure to not start with anything that is too advanced for a beginner. This may cause confusion and lead to mistakes.

        For sure, watch this short video that explains how Bitcoin works. It goes into the basics of blockchain technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um63OQz3bjo

        We have many crypto mavens here, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask. I or someone will be glad to help you. We are not a full service advisory here, and cant give personalized investment advice, but we can help in other areas if needed.

        Welcome and enjoy your stay!


      2. Hi Nancy,

        I will share a few resources for you to consider.

        Weiss ratings has three different crypto advisory services. Weiss Crypto Investor, Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio and Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings. They also have a free news letter you can sign up for. Be sure to visit them at https://weisscrypto.com/en for more information. Give them a call at 1-877-934-7778 and ask any questions to see if they can help you with your specific needs.

        Another advisory service is Palm Beach Group. https://www.palmbeachgroup.com. They have a crypto service called Palm Beach Confidential, which is about $2500 for two years if you can get it on special. I am not sure if they are open to new members at this time. You can sign up for their free newsletter and watch for news on this. They have a very complete educational library with information on everything – wallets, exchanges, the basics of Blockchain technology etc. Please contact them to explore if this would be a good option for you.

        For sure, watch this short video that explains how Bitcoin works. It goes into the basics of blockchain technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um63OQz3bjo

        We have many crypto mavens here, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask. I or someone will be glad to help you. We are not a full service advisory here, and cant give personalized investment advice, but we can help in other areas if needed.

        As for on-line wallets that are quality and insured, be sure to visit uphold.com and blockchain.com. You should open accounts at both and become familiar with how they work. You will find them both very valuable in the future.

        Welcome and enjoy your stay!


          1. You have time. We are just past the BTC halving and the full effect of that will be felt as more and more commercial and financial interests seek to offer crytpo products to retail clients, many like yourself, who are not yet up to speed, but want to invest.

            Feel free to ask questions if you need. I or others here can help time permitting.

            Good fortune!


    1. Tino
      Thank you , our Covid Task Force team now directly reads if from the site.
      Ironically, still little optimism yet for a fast fix. Reality.


    1. And to think, all that hotel money I spent over the years. I could have just done it all behind my car, in broad daylight on the streets of a modern American city.

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          1. There are still stories circulating of how the watching customers had a whip round to have the staff deliver you a Frozen Frankfurter Big Whopper.


    2. That is absolutely disgraceful. I would shoot those two right on the ass with a bloody taser then jail them for 2 years for being such low life creeps. Where is their sense of common decency and respect for themselves? Then again, that may be asking too much from some these days.

      I have no problem with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their home, or even if wishing to be a little cheeky in a slightly unusual environment but a public bloody street behind a car is just disgusting as far as I’m concerned. They are like a pair of bloody dogs on heat.


  19. Why was the entire country not locked down during major pandemics of 1968/69, 1957, 1949-1952 or even the Spanish Flu of 1918?

    That’s a question many are asking some two months into the unprecedented mass quarantine of the healthy in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

    Whatever the answer, wrote Jeffrey A. Tucker, editorial director for the American Institute for Economic Research, it must be “a bizarre tale.”

    “How,” he asked, “did a temporary plan to preserve hospital capacity turn into two-to-three months of near-universal house arrest that ended up causing worker furloughs at 256 hospitals, a stoppage of international travel, a 40% job loss among people earning less than $40K per year, devastation of every economic sector, mass confusion and demoralization, a complete ignoring of all fundamental rights and liberties, not to mention the mass confiscation of private property with forced closures of millions of businesses?” — Source WND


  20. Meanwhile , India steps forward to use HCQ to prevent. It will still need zinc in the diet. eg. Meat. Red meat, in particular, is a rich source of zinc. Legumes. Legumes like lentils, beans and chickpeas contain substantial amounts of zinc. Seeds. Seeds of pumpkin, flax, sesame contain significant amounts of zinc that fulfill up to 33 per cent of daily zinc requirement.

    Otherwise, zinc sulfate/zinc gluconate/zinc citrate supplements are to go.

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    1. Watch the UK Public as it starts to vehemently refuse lock downs and has started group attacks on Police Officers messing with the Public. Now they complain as a group of youths gave a constable a good kicking.Payback!


  21. This is massive!

    Why NASDAQ’s Partnership With R3 Is Great For Digital Asset Adoption


    For those who may not be familiar who is R3: From their website dec 2018:

    R3 Launches Universal Settler Application to Facilitate Global Payments on Corda; XRP the first settlement mechanism


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  22. The Lancet has released another crappy HCQ study that is getting big headlines. I asked someone who has looked closely at it for possible flaws, and they are pretty substantial. His response,

    1) Statement by the authors: “These data do not apply to the use of any treatment regimen used in the ambulatory, out-of-hospital setting.”

    2) The authors also admit: “The association of decreased survival with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine treatment regimens should be interpreted cautiously. Due to the observational study design, we cannot exclude the possibility of unmeasured confounding factors …a cause-and-effect relationship between drug therapy and survival should not be inferred.”

    3) Impact of dosing for individual patients is not analyzed, and the mean duration indicates short treatment periods:
    “The mean daily dose and duration of the various drug regimens were as follows: chloroquine alone, 765 mg (SD 308) and 6·6 days (2·4); hydroxychloroquine alone, 596 mg (126) and 4·2 days (1·9); chloroquine with a macrolide, 790 mg (320) and 6·8 days (2·5); and hydroxychloroquine with a macrolide, 597 mg (128) and 4·3 days (2·0)”

    Patients were not treated long enough.

    4) The authors also suggest other factors related to death: “Non-survivors were older, more likely to be obese, more likely to be men, more likely to be black or Hispanic, and to have diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and a history of arrhythmias. Non-survivors were also more likely to have COPD and to have reported current smoking.”

    5) NO ZINC


    1. Pete, thank your reporting this analysis.

      I concur with your expert’s reasoning. Of course, it is being blatantly mis-reported in the media in an Orange Man Bad way.

      One can also add that as with all drug regimens, getting to them before they require inpatient measures for extreme O2 desats, is key. Most drugs work best early in the acute phase of any malady.

      I’m still surprised that indomethacin is not being used alongside all the other meds. I keep seeing field reports that it is a good adjuvant, again, if used early.


  23. The UK is not only the worst affected country in the UK, but deaths are still running at 350 to 550 each day.
    The curve is out of sequence with other countries.

    Blame as it’s clearly inept government?
    1.Start with Matt Hand on Cock as Health Service Minister. Inept, not up to the Job- Needs to go!
    2. A grossly overrated buffoon – Johnson is not PM material, – needs to go!
    3. 4 wasted months failing to plan a Pandemic.
    4 5 wasted months failing to plan PPE needs and source.- Pathetic.
    5. PPE are not tested or up to Standards. Incompetence!
    6. No tracking! 5 wasted months! Clueless!
    7. No airport control or testing. Shambolic lunacy!
    8. No staff protection.
    9. Retirement homes are Death Traps for the Elderly. Dreadful.
    10 Scientific Advisers, total Chumps. the lot so far.

    The UK Govt tops the Idiots league.
    Clueless, an embarrassment in office, the lot. Time to rethink standards in future.


    1. From The People’s Chemist… “former” pharmaceutical chemist.

      And now we have the coronavirus test.

      Rest assured, it’s built on more manipulation.

      You can’t test for coronavirus!

      Here are three reasons why:

      1. A beer bottle could test positive for Coronavirus

      Carrying a virus doesn’t make us sick. We live in a sea of viruses. They’re just a part of life. Your DNA is filled with them!

      If there were an accurate test to measure whether or not we were a carrier, it would mean nothing…much like if a beer can tested positive for coronavirus, which it could. You could drink that beer, break the bottle over the head of a mask-wearing loudmouth… and neither of you would be infected.

      “Based on the number of viruses she found in her samples, Proctor estimated that every liter of seawater contained up to one hundred billion viruses.” ― Carl Zimmer, A Planet of Viruses

      Even the cleanest surface in your house could test positive for coronavirus. It doesn’t mean sh#t. It means you live in a sea of LIFE!

      2. An antibody test is only good for measuring whether you’re dead or alive.

      An anti-body is proof that you have an immune system. These are the soldiers that protect your battlefield…they attack and destroy “biological nasties.”

      If you’re dead, you will have zero antibodies… showing that your immune system is “out of service.” If you’re alive, you will have tons of them.

      Using an antibody test to diagnose coronavirus is like smacking your knee to see if you’re alive. It’s only good for measuring if you’re comatose… in which case, a reflex test is much easier. Just slap someone.

      Also, having antibodies doesn’t mean you’re sick or immune. It just means…you have antibodies. They could be for the common cold, the flu, or for nothing at all.

      The antibodies IgG and IgM are being labeled as “specific for coronavirus.” But they are not specific for coronavirus…LOL. They are specific to humans. The World Health Organization stressed this saying, “There are five major types of antibodies – IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD and IgE. IgG antibodies are the smallest antibody and are found in all body fluids. They are the most abundant immunoglobulin, comprising about 75-80% of all the antibodies in the body.”

      Isn’t it clear that apes are running the coronavirus tests?

      3. A PCR-Test is a toy for nerds and detectives, not for doctors diagnosing coronavirus…or any virus.

      The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis. A hero to scientific method, he won the Nobel Prize for his work. He invented the test to characterize DNA. Think: crime scenes. At 6 feet in length, the PCR amplifies the DNA strand so it can be better identified, then traced back to its source.

      The coronavirus isn’t 6 feet long. It’s a mere strand. Worse, the coronavirus isn’t even DNA. It’s RNA (retrovirus)…if it exists at all.

      That means before you could even perform a PCR test… you’d have to first make a perfect copy of something that is 1000th the size of a grain of salt.

      That would be like trying to find a pubic hair in The Sea of Cortez, then finding who it belonged to. That’s how ridiculous a PCR test is.

      Recognizing this inability of the PCR, Dr. Mullis said, “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

      Like most “tests,” the coronavirus (COVID-19 or otherwise) test is a fraud. It’s a tool for control and profit. That’s it.

      It’s the stupid “surprise” test that no one needed.

      It’s not what you’re looking for. And it won’t help you.

      Walk away. Say “f@#k it,” and go live your life… preferably without carting around too much body fat…if you really care about being healthy.

      Being fat is a bigger threat to your health than any virus. That’s because it butchers the arteries…damages the joints…and makes life all around miserable.


    1. Good God!. Goodbye the London we used to know by the look of that.

      Why should the original inhabitants of London have to listen to that crap? They would not want me as Mayor I can tell you that.

      It really annoys me that people come from other parts of the world that are totally different to us and our way of life and then decide they have the right to change our way of life to the way of life they left behind when coming to our countries., Get well and truly stuffed.


  24. News Items of Interest :

    Iran is thinking forwards for Cryptos.


    When your stuck with a Health Secretary as poor as ours, dam Right Matt Hand on Cock needs to be fired.

    Matt Hancock job ‘is on the line’ over delayed COVID app as Government DROPS ‘track’ part of ‘test, track and trace’ – as it is revealed close contacts of anyone testing positive will have to quarantine for TWO WEEKS

    The Health Secretary was left scrambling to play down the significance of the NHS Covid-19 software after the Government admitted the roll out of the technology was delayed.




    China starts its Commie Brutal Crackdown. Build more Slave Camps.


    Be clear, if you arrive in the UK you do 14 days quarantine first. Then you get to speed maybe 2 weeks on business or touring. So kiss goodbye to flying now.


    It seems parties really do think they can vaccinate soon. But, lets see tests first.



    Why has the Chump done nothing about Obama’s blatant criminality for 3 years? He would have been skinned and marketed as a suitcase range here . Long overdue.



    India is going to take this thing back out to the West again

    India sees a record rise in coronavirus cases with 6,000 infections https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8346893/India-sees-record-rise-coronavirus-cases-6-000-new-infections.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    From a crisis comes very, very high cost business. fools and money?


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    1. http://www.thestreet.com/.amp-mishtalk/mishtalk/economics/central-bank-digital-currencies-on-the-way

      Central Bank Digital Currencies On the Way
      Six countries have digital currency pilot programs in place. Canada is in development mode while the US lags.
      By Mish , UPDATED: May 21, 2020 | ORIGINAL: May 20, 2020

      The Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker shows the evolution towards central bank sponsored digital currencies.

      Nearly 80% of central banks are engaged in work related to national digital currencies, according to a 2020 Bank of International Settlements survey.

      Last month, China announced a pilot project of its digital Yuan in four cities. This month, the US is considering implementing a digital dollar.


  25. John2020 Tony – when you fly by private jet, is it really private? It’s getting draconian where I’m at and I think it will get worse.

    Making preliminary plans to get back home.

    Thank you


      1. Ok thank you Tony. We have nothing to hide btw. I have a mom who is in no condition to travel. Want to get on and off without the hassle of flying commercial. Of course certain things need to happen for me to afford one with my crypto holdings.


      2. It’s private within reason but flights are logged. We don’t have to queue or be body searched and we can keep flexible time schedules. Not the best idea to try the 5 miles high club in a 7 seater, You have lounge seats, not sat next to Meat Loaf on either side. You chose your company. All you need is on board. What’s money? Just avoiding the free for alls matters and the ugly unshaven 7 o clock shadows from Grouchy female screeners, You work in private, or socialise with ambiance. It helps pull deals flying clients in. Good Marketing!
        And, it helps with discrete travelling companions of choice on board. No delayed, no show or lost flights. VIP all the way. With money, use it.


  26. News Items of Interest:


    Trump sticks it to China over Covid killings.


    Please see attached on the real Dewhurst without Bush 41, Romney and Mueller to protect him now.
    Please go into the White Hats Reports, and scroll down to the Dewhurst files. It’s real. Talk to Ed Falcone and his Attorneys. Contact the WHR they will help you. This is Dewhurst’s Watergate.

    Click to access copy-of-bush-herzog-dewhurst-whr_14.docx.pdf

    Link: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/20/leslie-ann-caron-arrested-david-dewhurst-attack/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email

    Shared via Shareaholic

    Could it have happened to a bigger piece of dirt? Corruption does not stay buried. Without Bush 41, Romney and Mueller to shield him, Karma is coming.


    Again, who can trust the Media or Politicos? But, with an open mind, what the hell does poor America get if the Lying King gets rejected?

    There are so may good Americans, can the GOP find none as back up?



    Subject: Coronavirus updates: Almost five million virus cases worldwide – BBC News

    What a mess CHINA!



    This half wit is truly, hopelessly dangerous. Stupidity is not a good quality for a US President.



    Let’s not be ignorant of a second wave now.


    Time China faces its real Debts.



    1. I do not buy that article about the Trump model… the economy was booming like never before until the Corona crap came along!… nothing was his fault!… the people with out blinders on know this!… the real problem/scary agenda people are coming to light more each day!… a flash goes off anywhere near Biden and he will go into a slobbering mumble for hours!… unless they cheat by mail in voting Trump wins big!


  27. One of the crypto ideas we shared, SOLVE, is going to have a news event. I know little about it as I have been so busy with other things. But those of you who are in this quality token may wish to follow up and check it out.



    Also, a rather interesting development – SOLVE utility token now paired with Vietnamese Dong on VCC Exchange, giving patients better access to Care Networks on blockchain. The listing will enable VCC Exchange customers to purchase SOLVE Tokens using Vietnam’s official currency, the Vietnamese Dong, for the first time.


    If you don’t own SOLVE, consider placing a limit order at .12. As I write, it’s at about .14.

    If any area of humanity needs a good clean up, it’s health care costs and administrative efficiency.

    This is the way.

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  28. Like

      1. So beyond appalling and typical French. We need to start deducting $3M from every illegal caught and Bill France.

        In a single year we would recover the £39B UK pounds to settle, and by starting deducting now it will crash Brussels in 3 months
        Film them as evidence.

        Then open up the cannons. Once the word gets out the Brits shoot the lot it will stop. Our Subs should sink the bloody French escort. Bastards!

        Time we close the Channel Tunnel. See how that helps French jobs. German, Italy and Spain will be furious at Export losses and invade. We can supply the arms.


  29. Bastards. Stomach punch at 8:08. Beautiful piece by Sharyl Atkinsson on HCQ. Circa 9 minutes. Worth it until the climax.

    If it reminds you of the movie, Gaslight, you wouldn’t be far off. The CDC cannot be trusted.

    Now we know why and how a 60cent-a-dose med got clobbered by the Federal CDC Covid guidelines even though and Doc with a lick of sense knew ti should play a powerful role in this pandemic.


  30. thanks john

    i get it that Reno is not going

    and that for even the adjudicated accounts to go, indictments need to be demonstrated [indictment: a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime].

    so, follow up questions:

    what will serve as a operational benchmark the indictment requirement has been met?

    — specific high value targets?
    — a percent of those on lists were effectively apprehended and rounded up?
    — GITMO at 60% capacity?
    — financial crimes are dealt w?

    in other words, what will satisfy this “indictment” criterion / criteria?



    1. JJ
      The problem you have is a man at the top, he’s so crudely ignorant, he has no idea of any of it. How can he lead what he does not comprehend? This is a Putz, who promoted his failing company to DUBIOUS Russian interests who in turn is used by Russian Dirty Money to buy and sell shares in a Public Company, laundering it all. A nice earner and like his Orange tan, a Fake reputation. With 4 or more Bankruptcies, and a very dodgy past, how can you expect a Fool to sort these RV’s? He’s visibly, mentally struggling to stay in control, a gibbering Mediocrity way out of his dept Tweeting. Drain the Swamp- With him in control? My antipathy to him is well known. A Carnival Barker come Chancer and no more. The world laughs at him. A figure of derision. America so needs a Real Leader, not a Bottom Feeder. Confusion rules Fools. Where is the lead? You have masses of real talent, why be lead by that? We also however, have a Fool.Politics. But, as with May we will offload ours.

      He was in to stop Clinton. In 4 years could you not find a real one? Look how many Top Aids have left stating a Kindergarten Moron. The Blind don’t see it, what can we say? The world does.

      It’s all confused with a version of Homer Simpson at the wheel.


    1. No wonder both Clintons are crying hard. Hillary is raging.
      They just heard there is a 5 year ban on eating Pussy.
      Can someone explain to them?


  31. A huge well done to Iraqi intelligence. It wont take long under interrogation to tie him to CIA funding , arms and backing. Any dirty tricks to keep weapons moving.

    ‘New ISIS chief’ captured by Iraqi intelligence officers https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8341865/New-ISIS-chief-captured-Iraqi-intelligence-officers-months-taking-over.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    Wuhan BANS eating wild animals for five years https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8340725/Wuhan-BANS-eating-wild-animals-five-years.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    Get Real, such shite only get it after a seriously hard flogging. Bring back the Cat. 20 lashes will do it.

    Sentences for coughing in the faces of key workers could be DOUBLED https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8341275/Sentences-people-cough-faces-key-workers-DOUBLED.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    Care homes are now Death camps. What a lie to die!



    EU Meddling. It’s time for a tough London Leader to tell that Hag Troll from Edinburgh to Shut the F Up!!! You ARE a Conquered people, No way will England let a Bunch of Scots F ups let millions of EU illegals use that Shite house kip as a back door to England. Or allow Russian Bombers to approach undetected. We have a hook on the wall in Parliament where we hungs the body of William Wallace. Leave that gobby old cow hanging for a week, sorted! No Scotland can not join the EU it’s ours!


    Whooaah the Donald. The Pissing Contest has started.



    Be careful Guys, all of you.



    God what a relief for those poor traumatised parents. Thank God Sold by a Chinese Child Thief!



    The Storm is coming!


    Stop GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The devil in disguise 👿


    To educate all. A picture says it all.


  32. A Johnson… I am the proud owner of some XLM, again… will be holding it now until it booms or busts!… liked the lower price of XLM over XRP, as well as, the lower circulating supply… next buy might be XRP… now back to waiting!

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  33. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/05/19/the-government-is-bringing-back-a-bond-from-the-1980s-to-help-pay-off-a-record-deficit.html

    The Treasury will issue a 20-year bond for the first time in 34 years, in a bid to extend the length of time it has to pay off its record debt.
    The 20-year should be met with a good reception by Wall Street when the Treasury holds $20 billion auction at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday.
    The deficit is expected to grow to $3.4 trillion this fiscal year, according to Wells Fargo.


  34. Tino

    Dependent upon which of your responses I consider directly pertinent, I forward same day to our own Cabinet Whitehall Covid Committee, – Direct! AND to certain credible and personal Global Commonwealth associates.
    Your views are read. Contemplated. Nothing I scan goes to waste. Allow typos that is just time slots and work pressures. Distribution of key information is pertinent to all.

    The world about to emerge, is truly a horror story. . No place to be- Alive.
    What have we done? NWO is here,.
    The Plebs will get it up their rear. No time to be alive- for the next generation.
    What have we allowed to emerge? Joe Public is clueless, ignorance will cost. Covid just opened Pandora’s Box.
    Social phone tracking is here. Next? . Covid 2, this is just a test run.


    1. John, thank you as always.

      Yeah, and obviously the NWO hasn’t learned the correct lesson. It’s impossible to stop even a silly coronavirus pathogen. What makes them think they (NWO) would survive a truly lethal one? And even if they have a vaccine, what’s going to happen when said lethal pathogen mutates?

      In the law, we have to stop invoking the so-called ‘greater good’ against individual rights. The greater good always seems to sacrifice the individual. What are we, cannibals? The endgame is clearly invoking a mandatory set of shots. Well, it might be time to re-invoke the Nuremberg Doctrine of Informed Consent — and state unequivocally that vaccines are NOT exceptions to Informed Consent.


  35. JJ
    Farmers Yes, Native Americans, absolutely. Those poor Souls lost all. Depends which of the adjudicated accounts.

    Dongs DO have a market value. Dongs ARE a lawful, not demonetized currency. You have and safety cushion with them.

    Dongs were kept low to appease China. Guess what?

    Along with the pending Indictments, will come a review of the above JJ.

    Now it is possible, that if thinking smart, a fast temporary review of Dongs could be a War Game.

    Convert them high, enrich Vietnamese, bugger up the Chinese owners, then reverse the currency back down, leaving enriched Vietnamese free to set up direct from profits, throwing off the Chinese shit flies. That would be a smart America.

    With Dongs you can always exit.

    With Dinars at least its wall or toilet paper and a story of possible lost hope and greed.
    The R place is not at the table right now.

    Bonds, PPs, Sovereigns and USD Cash pallets to bring On Balance Sheet. Paying back what is morally due.
    That will be a first. Yes to all the deserving cases.


  36. Well, it looks like sovereign citizen channelers and Meta 1 Coin principals, Robert Dunlap and Nicole Bowdler, have been unable to pay their rent. Presumably because the SEC froze all their bank accounts. Eviction proceedings have begun on their digs after they overstayed the lease. I imagine that it’s hard to fund a new lease when you have the SEC breathing down your neck. I wonder if they wrote “fraudulent” on the eviction notice? Perhaps they claimed their strawman signed the lease, and not their natural-born, inner most ego self, id ying-yang, channeling I ching? ☯


    Here is the house they are going to leave. Those who bought Meta 1 Coin, here is what they afforded them:


    Rather modest for a company that claimed assets on the books of one billion dollars.

    I think where Mr Dunlap is going, he won’t need to pay rent anyway.


  37. Liked by 2 people

    1. I am glad to see news like this.

      These low-fat dietary guidelines are for the birds, especially for men. I am not a doctor, but I have found that taking responsibility to discover what is best for my health is far more effective that allowing others to do it, with the exception of emergency trauma care of course.

      Eggs, butter, meat fats…I eat them all. I don’t consume milk a lot, but I don’t avoid it either. And whole milk. Non of this low-fat garbage.

      Men are constantly being barraged with ads for Viagra and such. It’s no wonder. Testosterone is 80% cholesterol by weight. But, some may tell you to avoid eggs because they have too much cholesterol. Bullocks. That may be true for some, but not for me.

      Processed foods and oxidized oils will clog your arteries. Fried foods – the chief cause, not eating healthy fats. Eskimos eat nothing but that. They live to be older than Moses, unless they have adapted some bad Western diets, and hump their way into fatherhood well into their 80s.

      Time for 5 poached eggs and steak.

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          1. Very healthy. You may be 58 but you must feel 30. My husband will be 59 soon and I will be 56 this year. Yikes! We do not feel our age at all. We are the youngest older people you’d ever meet. We don’t look our age either. People shocked when I tell them my age. Young at heart and mind and healthy living. I probably should thank mom too. 🙂

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            1. Tony does feel like a 30 year old A Johnson. Have you not noticed all those naughty conversations he has with John whilst everyone else is sleeping? LOL I have to keep an eye on them just so things don’t get too far out of hand. Absolutely not for any other reason. LOL

              Ha ha A Johnson, I am older than you. That means you always have to listen to me because I am your elder. LOL
              Well, not by much anyway. I’m 58 this year. Not for a few months though, so I’m still bloody 57 thank god. Far out this age thing is really starting to bug me. I don’t want to be this old. I want to be in my 30’s again. Mentally I still feel like I am but the old bod tells me otherwise some days. BUGGER IT. LOL

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          2. You made my mouth water when mentioning the balsamic grape dressing. I have found the most gorgeous balsamic glaze from Modena. It is utterly amazing on salads. Even beautiful on fresh fruit. I drizzled some on a white peach one day and it was aaammmmmaaaaazzzzzziiiiinnnnnggggg. LOL Love flavors like that.

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      1. Contrary to my previous understanding of good health, I consider everything you have stated above to be absolutely correct Tony.

        Not only are good cholesterol levels critical for testosterone but also brain health.

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        1. Tine, blogging truth against the grain , needs a high degree of moral intellect, social conscience and indignation. Long may you file. If a few do not think, God help humanity. Truth, can sometimes, be hard to bare for a society of free riders.

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  38. John2020 wrote that someone (person’s name protected) “is under increasing pressures for clear currency releases as that communication link has now lapsed. First, any step is based on affordability! Not what is owed, or what is right, but what is left after the great heist Jamboree of wanton spending or theft has been restrained to see what is now possible. What if anything, is left for you at the feeding Zoo?

    John2020, that person under pressure has contracts, so something is definitely owed and it is right for payment to be made. How can you say it is not owed? Do you think the communication link has lapsed because the place that starts with an R. where many set up contracts, has really turned out to be a scam? Are there any real Gs in R.?

    John2020 wrote this in post below: “Currencies need an affordable solution. Do they redeem demonetized notes, or re issue and start new? Be clear, any solution will be based on what is affordable. Post Covid economies are in free fall. Rational thinking is needed. Not Blog fantasies.”

    Which demonetized notes do you have in mind? I know that the dongs and dinars are not demonetized. Which currency or currencies can you list off the top of your head that are demonetized and some debate is going on whether they should be redeemed or should new notes be issued?

    Thank you John2020 and I am glad you are here,



    1. I am not one that believes they are owed. I have a full-time job, little debt and thought I’d so something for my community in the event that I made a little off the VD that I hold (just a handful really.) I have to tell you, now like never before I wish that something would break for the public only because my Governor must have had ambitions to be like Hitler when he was young. Unless lawsuits in the courts pass, we are looking at 5 more months of lockdown. Keep in mind, Pritzker and his family are not bound by this lock-down order as they have been traveling between FL and WI

      Pritzker has deemed himself KING of Illinois. In addition to the extended lock-down, if you say anything derogatory about him via social media he can/will send state troopers to find you, and arrest you. That is why I am posting this today, although I would love for him to try, then I would just take my settlement money, and pay off the house, put it up for sale and move to a neighboring state.

      Pritzker is all about testing. Why? Because he conveniently owns a company that makes and sells tests, owns a company that administers the tests, and owns a company that bills for the tests. It is not about the virus, but instead he is adding to his already fat wallet.

      So, with all that said, I guess maybe the entire reason that I am writing is to give you a sneak peek into what is going on in IL and perhaps send good thoughts our way for tomorrow when hopefully he is handed his behind in court. If we the people lose in court, I unfortunately see a civil war on the horizon.


    2. Bob, Both Zims AND Dinars are demonetized. It’s a quandary Bob.

      If we, the West, backed by Iraq, give a bunch of Profiteering Ambulance Chasers, say $10T for hijacked or mass printed paper, with the Bush gang and others mass selling for fat easy Bucks, who buys that crap and what does Iraq get for it? Nothing! Just scammed and taken- again! Let the Crooks who promised you, pay you.

      What if, a sensible, experienced and Intelligent Finance Minister comes in, and says, Go to Hell.

      The Brother of the ex King of Iraq, lives in Kuwait and the family, Faisal, Sohar and others, are friends of mine of very long standing. I know the Kuwaiti Al Sabah’s, the Bahraini Al Khalifas, and more. Friends Bob. I go way back. If they just print their own notes with IMF support, sell their oil in Dinars─ new Dinars, and reject the rest as proceeds of Crime or Racketeering and Laundering, it sorts the rest. Bang- Gone!

      Payback. They have no contracts with illegal Invaders who trashed their country, stole the plates, ruthlessly murdered a million of their people, and even now is stealing their oil. Iraq owes you nothing. The US funded armed and unleashed ISIS. Look what was done to the Shah of Iran. Gaddafi? Syria? Lebanon. Afghanistan. Vietnam. Cambodia. When will it stop? Your 995 bases say it all. Hegemony. We all despise it.

      Ethically, and morally, new notes should be issued. But Contractors, Agencies and Military plus Politicos own notes, so we know a Scumbag deal will rate High. Is there ever a High Ground with Low Life. If you want to cash out, hope they don’t wake up. There never has been a moral case for Dinars, so good luck with it.
      And- Hi Bob.

      The US will scam it as usual. Dirty tricks loose, enslaving Iraqis for a Buck. As with Vietnam, where the shame will stink forever, you murdered Iraq. Shock and Awe was the action of a cruel, low IQ psychotic Bully to impress Bush 41. Murder Inc. War Crimes for he and Blair.

      Iraq goes way deeper than you know. I WAS the one who risked his own life to get a deal from Saddam to settle all of this and avoid a needless war, but our then gutless PM ran away because Bush 43 wanted to kill a hopeless, weak nation. Iraq is another US disgrace, as they all are. You have done what for Vietnam? Or any of them? Kill, loot and Kill.

      Zimbabwe, the world should be ashamed.

      Neither Iran nor Syria will back down. Thank God Russia protects Syria now. Iran too.
      The world has had enough of vile Hegemony Bob.

      We ourselves were the disgraceful nation who stole Palestine. And more before. We are not clean. Our shame. You are not alone. Iraq is in play. Poor Souls.

      Who knows?


      1. john

        what about the adjudicated accounts, such as the farmers claims and the native americans? are they still going at the same time?

        and what about the VND?



    1. Did any of you ever think you would live to see the day a private company would have the resources to actually challenge a government for control of a monetary system that could compete with them?

      The pace of changes will be much faster in this century than it was in the last, thanks to technological development.

      Just like The Six Million Dollar Man – Better…Stronger…Faster.

      Governments? They can’t even effect a proper quarantine among nations in a time when an epidemiological breakout is sensed months in advance.

      Play all opportunities stemming from these developments like you were an insider. RV or none, you can build yourself your own private fortune by sheer focus in the right areas. Never before has there been so much opportunity to make a fortune from almost nothing.

      Currency revals would certainly help, but, banks are not interested in help. So…use the tools you have and make the most of what you can every day.

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    1. Was just looking at Ripple and some others…. I own CND and VET… got in both well under .01…. they both recently moved up but now they are trickling back down…. got a lil chunk of change…. either buying more CND and VET…. or add another…. love to find another well under a penny that has real use and low supply of its coin…. funds are not enough to make a huge difference if buying something at a dollar or more.
      Did own LTC and XLM but sold those awhile back to get more VET and CND…. did not have a real big amount of either.
      What are some of your stars that you think will shine like the sun?.


      1. Jamesdarin – what cryptos are solving a multi trillion dollar problem with the IOV, has the most partnerships with major banks and FI’s direct or indirect around the world. Is planning to bank the unbanked. Which crypto is partnered with IBM! I could go on and on.

        I can’t tell you what to buy but my largest crypto holdings are XRP and XLM.

        Btw – I hold vet and CND too.😊


        1. James – remember a while ago I told you I would send you some XRP? The offer still stands. 🙂

          Excellent Video
          Ripple/XRP News: You Simply Have NOT Done The Research

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          1. A Johnson…thanks for the replies… yes, I do remember your offer… very nice thing to do… I would like to have some XRP and I may just buy some with this latest chunk of change… think you should hang on to yours… ill live with what I can get and see what happens… hard for me to accept something this way… hope you understand!..
            got another chunk of change available this Friday so may just have XRP and XLM…

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            1. I understand but it’s not charity. I remember having this conversation with you a couple years ago, when XRP was three times the amount. What a great time to get in. I just wanted you to have a few in your wallet. I do this for everyone I helped set up an account.

              Don’t buy them on account of me. Not trying to talk you into it. Just sharing info. DYOR. I’ve been a bull since I asked Tony about XRP and researched it myself.

              You’re a good man. Take care! Happy crypto shopping!

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  39. Not good Corona news.

    Now scientists claim the coronavirus kills 1.04% of all cases https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8337305/Now-scientists-claim-coronavirus-kills-1-04-cases.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    Arrogant Barnier and his Socialist Eurocrats don’t get not to mess with the UK. No, we will NOT give away our Fishing Grounds.
    No, we will NOT easily give away c$50B just to walk from this crap.
    No, we will NOT follow EU laws.

    No we will NOT concede and Yes, we will go No Deal and walk. Most of us want this. The w save $50B Idiot May conceded.
    We need to walk and the EU needs to crash. No to open borders and No to amries of illegals swarming in.
    Europe is not for Muslims. If so good, Sod off back there!



    Did Nancy just call out Trump as Obese? Twitter will go crazy, and that’s just him!


    Psychiatric effects of COVID-19: One in three patients hospitalised with coronavirus infections later suffered PTSD-like symptoms and a quarter experienced delirium, study shows

    One in three people infected with coronavirus later suffer symptoms post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including depression and anxiety, a new study suggests.


    Hell just try marriage it’s the same end game.



    This we can but hope for Bo JO is THICK. Be clear. A grossly overrated Buffoon and not jp to this job. Hunt needs to get it.



    One bunch of idiots follows another ego tripping on podiums daily . Idiots. Sweep the lot out. With only 150 deaths we don’t have a real problem. They are the problem. Chumps!


    Scientists discover another antibody that can block coronavirus from entering human cells in blood taken from a SARS survivor 17 years ago

    Scientists discovered an antibody that inhibits the family of coronaviruses, including COVID-19 and SARS. It works by disabling the ‘spike proteins’ the coronavirus uses to infect human cells.


    Every day more positive coronovirus news.


    Any value in this?




    Very serious recession risk warns UK Chancellor. Huge job losses coming.

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    1. Regarding the article about HCQ and PTSD/mental health issues, they will start building the narrative that the drug causes mental health problems so they can use it against Trump.


  40. WHA in only 3 weeks has doubled its hits and multiplied comments 5 fold. No Trolls , head cases, or loose cannons. A sensible, intelligent fast developing community. Each day a wide variety of new issues. Crypto guidance.and harmony. What’s not to like? Each day it’s alive as so many of your cross communicate. Ever more new names. A huge credit to all of you. Your site is alive and thriving.

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  41. Tony is under increasing pressures for clear currency releases as that communication link has now lapsed.

    First, any step is based on affordability! Not what is owed, or what is right, but what is left after the great heist Jamboree of wanton spending or theft has been restrained to see what is now possible. What if anything, is left for you at the feeding Zoo?

    Between the Fed, the Military Industrial Deep State Cabal and the Rotten Rotts, they took the lot.
    All on YOUR watch. But you didn’t – watch.

    Along the 37th Parallel sit hundreds of Bases, Labs, vast underground Deep State cities, carrying out activities totally outside of Public view, or laws, Beyond that over 995 Global bases to threaten or wage wars on the world.

    Plus the odd few Rendition and Torture centers thrown in. Who funds this lot? And- Why?

    Waste in Trillions and vast Armies of Contract killers to be paid. Even that has go to be paid, How? Apart from the Pentagon Fed Grey Screens of Off Balance Sheet money, what is left?

    So for many, your case, as American thinking has ended, is Where’s Maaah Lick????
    It’s not real world.

    Education has failed this great nation. It’s being overtaken with the culture of a vulture. Post JFK it’s gone to the Dogs. He tried, he died. Bush 41 opened the lock gates, and we see the cost. JFK tried. The rest lied.

    Now with Trump, and Barr, we see a team trying to clean up the mess they inherited. A deep trough. It’s not easy.

    First there is a need to clear Bonds long overdue for redemption. Some even Gold backed. All owed!

    Over and above are Elders and Private Loans made in goodwill to the US and long overdue. Banks and others have had free rides for decades in an orgy of greed. Corruption has ruled. It’s all a Stye of travesties.

    Many are trying to sanitise it in stages.

    First the Bond, PPs and Sovereigns.

    Currencies need an affordable solution. Do they redeem demonetized notes, or re issue and start new?

    Be clear, any solution will be based on what is affordable. Post Covid economies are in free fall. Rational thinking is needed. Not Blog fantasies.

    No decisions yet, and now huge Covid losses to factor in. Colossal reshaping of society as we know it. Confusion and conflict rules. Everyone is at face off. We wait. Others procrastinate. We wait. Covid has thrown its spanner in the works now. Who funds that recovery and how? With what?

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    1. john

      can you maybe share a bit how is the deal going … the one that was in FL but moved to a more secure protectorate?



    1. You are wise to act on what you feel is best for your needs and your budget. Hey, with a recent run-up of 90%, you got out with the goods. Well done. As the saying goes, you won’t go broke making a profit. 🤑

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    2. From the article at the end:

      Tate plans to keep building on DGB

      Citing eight years experience building in the blockchain sector, Tate declares that “the original values of this industry are gone.”

      Tate clarified that he will not permanently leave the project, but will “be focusing on using open source DGB tech to build some commercial applications” independent of DigiByte.

      DigitByte’s founder concluded by thanking the project’s supporters and community, stating: “It is your turn to take over the reigns and guide DGB to new levels.”

      “A decentralized project must stand on its own merit. Not it’s founders’ opinions.”


  42. Swissando, The Cult that conned the wold, fantasy Believers, and False Elders. So many got sucked in, so NOT real. Poor Goguen and Keenan and like types.


    Love it, the Biden Taunts, go Trump. In a while Paedophile.



    Bitcoin fees are rising.



    Even the Donald is not immune to Scammers and Skidmarks.



    For Tino and others of like minds.

    Just a different issue, but more meaningful, the Ethereal Question of all.

    “Consciousness is Like Spacetime Before Einstein’s Relativity” (Weekend Feature) | The Daily Galaxy https://dailygalaxy.com/2020/05/consciousness-is-like-spacetime-before-einsteins-relativity-weekend-feature/


    5 G and China’s real Censorship intent.

    Censorship is always a problem in Society, as various ideologies struggle for supremacy and is nothing new as it has existed throughout time. What is novel is about what Huawei is doing in their ability to be the single doorway of censorship cast apart from ideology or Government influence, outside of China dictates.
    It is why 5G is so important and why China uses its’ money to make pliable vassals to implement its’ true intent which is controlled opinion about China.

    It is one thing to censor a site, even if in error or political interest and a completely different one to be able to wipe out the dissent party from even having access to a digital world. Imagine reading or writing an opinion not favoring China and having your entire digital internet access be denied Permanently and how that changes your existence. No ability to use a phone or internet service or online banking or shopping makes one become just a horse and buggy in a automobile era. And the concept of independent thought and expression gives way to serfdom and mindlessness, as personality is stripped from expression through fear of retribution.
    China has dark intent.


    Schoolkids are carriers again.No one can create a regional outbreak faster.

    Eight schools shut in French city after child tests positive for COVID https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8330927/Eight-schools-shut-French-city-child-tests-positive-coronavirus.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead



    No Pelosi But- it May be because he’s part of the Deep State.



    This really matters.


    Of real interest to Tino and others

    Here it is all laid out … !

    Event 201 = Gates…

    ID2020 = Gates…

    Coronavirus patent = Gates…

    Covid vaccine = Gates…

    WHO/NIAID/CDC/UN funding = Gates…

    Fauci/Birx/Tedros funding = Gates…

    New Economy based on Human Activity (060606) = Gates…

    -Hypothesize a simulated global outbreak, required steps, various phases, overall timeline and expected outcomes (Rockefeller – Lock Step, 2010)

    -Create a very contagious but super low mortality rate virus to fit the needed plan (SARS/HIV hybrid research strain created at Fort Detrick class 4 lab from 2008-2013 as part of a research project to find out why coronavirus’s spread like wildfire in bats but have an extremely hard time infecting humans (hence the 4 HIV inserts, aka the missing key to infect the human ACE-2 receptor))

    -Create a weaponized version of the virus with a much higher mortality rate as a “BACKUP plan” ready to be released in phase 3 BUT ONLY IF NEEDED (SARS/HIV/MERS weaponized tribrid strain created at Fort Detrick class 4 lab in 2015)

    -Transport the research strain to a different class 4 lab (National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg Canada) and have it stolen and smuggled out by China (Shi Zhengli) on purpose and taken to China’s only class 4 lab (Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan China) for added plausible deniability and to help cement the wanted BACKUP public script as something to fall back on IF needed (primary script being its natural, backup script being that China created it and released it by accident)

    -Fund all the talking heads (Fauci/Birx/Tedros…) and agencies (WHO/NIAID/CDC/UN…) that would be involved with pandemic response prior to the planned release of the research strain to control the wanted script throughout the operation

    -Create and fund the vaccination development and roll-out plan so its capable of being rolled out on a global scale (Gates – Decade of Vaccines: Global Vaccine Action Plan, 2010-2020)

    -Create and fund the vaccination verification/certification protocols (Digital ID) to enforce/confirm the vaccination program after the mandatory roll-out is enacted (Gates – ID2020)

    -Simulate the Lock Step hypothesis just prior to the planned research strain release using a real-world exercise as a final wargame to determine expected response/timelines/outcomes (Gates – Event 201, Oct 2019)

    -Release the research strain at the Wuhan Institute of Virology itself and then blame it’s released on a natural scapegoat as the wanted primary script (the Wuhan wet market, Nov 2019)

    -Downplay the human-to-human transmission for as long as possible to allow the research strain to spread on a global scale before any country can lockdown/respond to avoid initial infection

    -Once a country has seed infection in place, lockdown incoming/outgoing travel but keep the transmission within the country spreading for as long as possible

    -Once enough people in a country/region are infected, enact forced quarantines/isolation for that area and expand the lockdown regions slowly over time

    -Over-hype the mortality rate by tying the research strain to deaths that have little to nothing to do with the actual virus to keep the fear and compliance at a maximum (if anyone dies for ANY reason and is found they have COVID consider it a COVID death & if anyone is thought to of MAYBE had symptoms of COVID to assume they have COVID and consider it a COVID death)

    -Keep the public quarantined for as long as possible to destroy the regions economy, create civil unrest, breakdown the supply chain, and cause the start of mass food shortages, as well as cause peoples immune system to weaken due to lack of interaction with other people/bacteria (the outside world… aka the things that keeps our immune system alert and active)

    -Downplay and attack any potential “treatments” and continue to echo that only a “cure” is viable to fight this virus (aka a vaccine)

    -Continue to drag out the quarantine over and over and over again (in 2 week intervals) causing more and more people to eventually stand up and protest/defy them

    -Eventually end the phase 1 quarantine once they get enough public push-back (~June 2020), and publicly state that they still think it’s “too early” to end the isolation but are going to do it anyways

    -Once the public go “back to normal” wait a few weeks and then continue to over-hype the research strain mortality rate (~Aug-Sept 2020), and combine it with the increase in deaths due to people dying from standard illnesses at a higher rate then normal due to having highly weakened immune systems from months of being in isolation, to help further “pad” the mortality rate and hype the upcoming phase 2 lockdown

    -Eventually enact phase 2 quarantines (~Oct-Nov 2020) on a even more extreme level and blame the protesters (mostly people who don’t trust their government already) for the cause of the “larger” 2nd wave (we told you so, it was too early, this is all your fault cause you needed a hair cut, your freedoms have consequences…)

    -Enforce the phase 2 quarantines at a much more extreme level, increasing the penalty for defiance (replace fines with jail time), deem ALL travel as non-essential, increase checkpoints (including military assistance), increase tracking/tracing of the population (mandatory apps), take over control of food/gas (large scale shortages) so that people can only get access to essential products/services if they are FIRST given permission

    -Keep the phase 2 lockdown in place for a much longer period of time then the phase 1 lockdown, continuing to destroy the global economy, further degrade the supply chain, and further amplify the food shortages, and alike

    -Quell any public outrage using extreme actions/force and make anyone who defy’s them appear as public enemy #1 to those who are willing to submit

    -After a rather long phase 2 lockdown (6+ months), roll-out the vaccination program + vaccine certification and make it mandatory for everyone (giving priority access to those that submitted from the start), and have those that are for it attack those that are against it saying they are a threat and the cause of all the problems (we can’t go back to normal until EVERYONE takes the vaccine… people defying them are hurting our way of life and therefore are the enemy)

    -If the majority of people go along with the agenda then let those people enter the new system (new normal) while limiting the minority that defy the agenda’s ability to work/travel/live

    -If the majority of people go against the agenda then release the weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS tribrid strain as phase 3, a virus with a 30%+ mortality rate as a final scare to push the minority to quickly become the majority and give a final “we told you so” to those that didn’t listen

    -Enact the new economy model (Microsoft patent 060606 – Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data) which is based on human behavior and willingness to submit (tweaked version of Black Mirror’s “Fifteen Million Merits”) using food/water/shelter and other essentials as a weapon of enforcement of the new economic system. Basically do what we want and get rewarded (gain credits/score and gain more access to things you need to survive) or go against what we want and get penalized (lose credits/score and lose access to things you need to survive).

    …Welcome to the New World Order..

    And I would like to add that if anyone thinks that this isn’t true then check out parts of China, they already have the cryptocurrency system in place in certain areas…

    A mask wearing warning we may be missing. A clear case of when NOT to wear masks and why!

    People with lung conditions ‘shouldn’t wear mask if symptoms worsen’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8332037/People-lung-conditions-NOT-wear-face-masks-makes-hard-breathe.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    The other case is looking at her indoors at 3 in the morning!


  43. What few may remember, or credit, is that a while ago, we teamed up with WHA to fund raise for an American in need. It mattered and from the goodness of all your hearts, we changed and retracked his life. It touched us all.

    If the Asian initiative is not lost to greed, we have a number of serious concepts we will try to release for help to many. As with all large capital issues, Vatican parties beit Jesuit, or KMs filter in, and there goes the bloody neighborhood again. Someone lets these Skanks in.

    We need to to rip Schools free of this trash, and educate children in Ethereal Values, Arts, Sciences, and Academic basics, free of perched on a Vatican knee. Education for the nation, for the future, not subservience to Rome! 1,800 years of false Doctrines needs exposing. The Weevils of Evil, Wolves in Sheeps clothing.

    Open conscious minds, and leave False Religions behind. Time to come of age, gracefully!

    Once we clear the first releases, we will look to put back. We seek to only help the people, not subjugate the Sheeple.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. “…Robert Dunlap and John Schumacher, both involved with crypto currency company, META 1 Coin, have made multiple YouTube videos slandering me, Charles J Trois. This is a response to their false claims against me and my family, with a substantial amount of evidence to prove they have committed numerous crimes…”

    Charles Trois shows META 1 Coin FRAUD


  45. I am quite excited at the possibility, and I mean potential possibility, of getting involved in an exchange that is in an Asian financial center where the commies are not in control, at least not for the foreseeable future. Let us hope they never attack and take over that financial center in the distant future. I am joining the golden list of hopefuls here today, and making this post to declare it publicly. I do hope the present exchange is successful and something opens up for us who visit this WHA blog hoping to exchange and make a difference in this world with our newly gotten wealth.

    May our leaders, John, Tony, and Kim Goguen (LOL) lead us on to victory.

    Sincerely, Brad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to WH….er…KGA.

      Boy, John is going to have a hard time when he wakes up and finds out he now reports to Kim Possible. 🤣


    2. Brad

      The particular Financial Centre is a British Protectorate, guarded by British Warships, subs and Nukes!

      Non US Fed controlled, and independent of China.

      Now – Goguen , the ” Lady” who answers her phones with a permanently screaming child, whose husband has ran, and who begs can we switch to Skype calls, as it’s Free???? From her sad, high density very distressed home in Arizona. Her Nigerian, Pakistani and ” Mercurial” Asian dodgy Brokers in London and her appearance on all major Red Scammers Warning lists, makes her as credible as Swissanda, the Fix All Indonesian Scam.

      Goguen, without a Pot to P in will do what? Everything Bank listed. Sure, and Pigs will?

      We gave back Hong Kong, because it was lawfully right and redeeming what was agreed.

      The center referred to, not a chance. One Sub, 30 nukes, goodbye China. No, the Chans will not mess with us.
      Hi Brad. Smiling.


      1. John, I thought the British Protectorates were a thing of the past?

        Do you mean the exchange is in a British Territory?

        Smiling, Brad


        1. No, as with Kuwait, we protect. It’s one of our Financial outposts. It’s like Malta and Gibraltar, British to the core.
          We protect your Independence.


            1. Damn right we would hand over anything French rather than having to be stuck with it or feed them.
              The only French things we use here are the letters we use on their wives


          1. I am getting that feeling I had as a kid before Christmas.

            Protecting my independence is just frosting on the gingerbread.

            Looking happy now, Brad


  46. I was enjoying my coffee and a nice cinnamon muffin while enjoying a beautiful Arizona sunset, and I received an e-mail with some amazing claims. It seems we are wrong. All this time, we have been been hooked up with complete frauds. And the real power is in the hands of…Kim Goguen! I am so thankful to have been set straight. Finally we have the truth. I apologize to everyone for having spent so many years hooking you all up with people who, in reality, owe their future existence to Kim Goguen.

    You see, after we posted Information Briefing #151, I received the first of two e-mails from someone who goes by the name of “Soccer Dad” The first, received May 7, was in reply to #151, and read:

    “This article is not only 5 years old, but it completely out of touch with reality”.

    So, being a sporting fellow, and wanting to see where this would lead, I simply replied:

    “Feel free to share what IS reality and I will send it along for reply”.

    10 days later, I received this, via e-mail:

    · Do you not know who Kimberly Goguen is?

    · If not YOU are just as far behind the 8-ball in providing the full real TRUTH about the global financial situation.

    · The Elders have Zero control over ANY trust funds / collateral accounts etc, etc.

    · The Cabal have Zero control over any trust funds or the collateral accounts and are flailing in deep water without flotation.

    · Neil Keenan is not an “itinerant Irishman” (he’s an American lawyer from Boston with Irish roots) a statement which offends all Irish people like me. Neil has always had good intentions for the world, but his importance is now void due to Kim Goguen, who came into her role beginning in 2010.

    · Insulting Dinarians is also uncalled for as I can assure you they were unwittingly lured into that hoax. Their reality was their reality, and one can’t blame them for having hope ….. despite the fact that they didn’t know the fraud. This doesn’t mean they are or were bad people in any way. Gullible maybe. Bad no. Why insult them?

    · Your Lord Blackheath https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_James,_Baron_James_of_Blackheath in the photos blew the whistle in 2012 on the $15 trillion Fed fraud but fat load of good that did. But I’m not saying he’s a bad guy.

    · He is no Elder yet you claim he is in the photos! Is that Madam Wu in the photo? She’s now gone I heard!

    · Lord B may have inadvertently created the real “smoking gun” reason given for the war in Iraq …. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Babylon

    · These elders are were merely peons, caretakers, trustees with no ownership rights. Many of these elders are not of the human race and their prior boss certainly was not. The elders have had 300 years to do what is right and they did nothing. Useless. Their overlord died in 2012. The new one is Kim Goguen. She’s a real human, American, humanitarian. Now the elders are insignificant. The financial fate of the world is now under her control.

    · Calling Trump a flatulent blowhard in 2016 was one thing, but to perpetuate that awful attitude / opinion in 2020 is just wrong unless you have your head under a leaf of cabbage.

    · OWoN is an insignificant entity.
    -end of message

    So, you see…Kim has all the power. All of it. In her hands lies the destiny of everyone. The key elders, our London friends, the White Hats…all figments of our imagination. All were putting on a show for lack of anything better to do; just for kicks.

    So, I am going to change the site to Kim Goguen Auxiliaries forthwith, and will ask the White Hats to follow her every dictate, her every edict, her every wish. Kim, if you are out there. Please forgive me for being so foolish to not have recognized your senior position in all this. Please don’t blacklist me. Please be easy on me for my reckless malfeasance and incompetence for not knowing of your true status as the one person who is going to control the fate of the entire world.

    I am willing to commit ritual Seppuku at your command. I have opened my shirt, knife ready. My death poem is as follows:

    The wind blows. The mountain is unmoved. May Kim save the world. It’s now been proved (via one e-mail).

    Call me.


    1. Heavens above.

      Great response to those emails Tony. LOL

      I have absolutely no idea who this Kim person is but I have a very strong feeling I really don’t need to either.


    2. The Goguen Joke was responded to earlier.

      The Black, Red and everything flagged entity who answers her phone with a screaming child, whose husband has ran away, and who begs all parties to please call on Skype, it’s free for her. Her associates??????????????

      Nigerians, Pakkies and the Cream of the Crop, sure! The video on the Indonesian Scam Swissindo is of interest.
      Goguen is not a credible place to start! You know, what? A Soccer Dad kicking a bag of wind. Great ID.

      None of the parties are close to the truth.
      The actual, real M1 of the old Java dynasty, is direct to us. One to one. Not for publication, or his Sister. He has no link to Goguen, nor will.
      The Korean Dynasty Elders have gone off Public view at our request while real discussions continue. Safe from Brokers

      Keenan who cost a Zurich Lawyer his practice, and who scammed a well meaning US Blog site lady of her savings with his get rich inducements, and promptly wired the lot to his wife to pay their debts, sure, very credible.

      So, the constant requests from the US Treasury for the Elders to release the odd 25,000 MT’s is coincidental, and to convert the Cash Pallets for Program Trading, is meaningless? Will he pay back that good Lady he conned?

      Lord James is a Peer acting with UK Elders, to expose truth. Know the layers and real power. Not for the Public Domain. LJ is well, as is the 800 years old entity behind guiding him. Need to know only.

      As regards the rest, the blatherings of a Boston wannabe? Soccer Dad say it all as to intellect. Other, just grow up.


    3. OMG. Now that I have regained my composure, and I am off the floor and back in my chair, I will hold onto my desk while I await John’s delicious response.


    1. Tino

      Whilst, deservedly, Political focus has been on the necessity to seek a Vaccine solution, it has overshadowed the need for Global alliances to cross share credible information of the most effective Covid hospital treatments to deal with infected parries. Self help and day priorities.
      Much of your work has been cross shared in the UK and worldwide. Nothing was lost. Thank you for the contributions. Credible and valued. We are all in this life boat together.


      1. Thank you for amplifying my reach John! Never expected to see these kind of events in my lifetime. Glad it helped beyond.

        Ecuador is now successfully using ivermectin by injection, an anti-parasitic drug to prime all suspected COVID patients. Followed by indomethacin or zinc supplement or both, and broad spectrum injectable antibiotic.

        In other news, according to the new study, published today in Frontiers in Immunology, treatment with interferon(IFN)- α2b may significantly accelerate virus clearance and reduce levels of inflammatory proteins in COVID-19 patients. Guess what makes the body produce the interferons…. Vitamin C IV 25 grams!


        1. Thank you too Tino, see today’s so many releases coming.
          Post Covid everything changes. For Ever! But huge attendant Deep State NWO risk.
          Round Up time.
          I see Political indifference and crass stupidity top down. Mediocrities rule Fools.


  47. The UK may have a Vaccine in play by September which will vaccinate 30M Brits then we will help Allies.
    The UK will produce volume via Astra Zeneka and Gates gets blown. In additions we are testing 5 Drugs also.
    Pro active, and Nothing for the Pearly Gates, or his evil weevil partner Sore Ass.

    The UK is sinking $500M into this, then vast Bs, we don’t need Scum.

    The Empire is alive.

    Britain’s £130 million plan to manufacture a coronavirus vaccine https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8328479/Britains-130-million-plan-manufacture-coronavirus-vaccine.html?ito=native_share_article-top


    The UK rebellion is starting. Johnson is on notice, Unlock or he will lose his C ***!
    He cuts the crap or faces war. No more Medical Muppet idiots! Masses refused Lock Downs today. He’s on notice, Get them Back to work YOU JERK!

    What a Flopsy Boy Child.



    Time to face down the Lying Usurper, jail the clown.
    Trump demands jail for ‘corrupt’ Obama and Biden over Flynn case . The world is with you.


    The clear racial results to date shows that it carry 4 times greater Covid death risks for minorities than others, raises questions. A racially focused, or DIRECTED, Virus?

    “We are looking at potential biological experiments on ethnic minorities,” does white or black constitute a minority ?

    How and why would anyone trust China with this attitude?

    These are same folk who think nothing of harvesting organs from living patients? Can you imagine yourself with an eye or kidney cut from a live person and be at peace with that?

    Why does anyone accept their money, is also a good question about integrity of one’s own character towards fellow men.
    If this was a Test Run, who next and what does the West do if Covid 2 erupts later this year? This has become a death risk for Humanity now.

    Has Covid been manually enhanced? Who and why? Answers?



    1. John you do realise the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation finance, and work in close collaboration with, Big Pharma and biotech vaccine developers such as AstraZeneca? They are one and the same…


      1. John F

        Thanks John F BUT, the Intellectual Rights and Vaccine copywrite remains with the UK . First we treat our own. Then our Allies and the Commonwealth if required.Gates and co wont get a look in. We will use Astra Zenca only to mass produce. Not to let Gates loose.
        Be assured, his Skidmarks are known here. We will police our property and test.
        If Gates tries anything, we have Porton Down who will produce a Custom Created Spray just for him. One sweep, one stiff creep.


  48. Hello John 2020 , hey I have a question actually several but I’m just going to do one , my question is , China we know that they have a deep State there but who’s responsible or the Coronavirus cool covid-19 their deep state or was it there government officials , I thought it was the good guys. Thank you stay positive and we know you all been working awful hard for years so be careful out there.. thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yet to be correctly determined but they DO have a Ruthless, Vile Sub Human Commie State! Post Covid we have removed our goodwill. The US has to face them down if need be. They won’t lose up. World Domination is their mission, nothing less.


    1. Chris, we can’t give personal investment advice but we can share what we feel are good ideas for you to explore and then consider for yourself.

      In addition, if you are not experienced in this space, you should hook up with a good advisory service of your choosing to assist your decision. Weiss Ratings and Palm Beach Group have such services, if your budget allows. There are others as well. They have less expensive options as well. Plus, you can simply search Google and Youtube for articles and opinions on other ideas. It can be confusing at times, but focus on quality projects backed by sound management and funding which fulfill critical use cases, and such will give you an edge.

      We presented several ideas in the past, but many have moved up considerably over what we would consider safe buy prices, so most are no longer buys but have moved into hold ranges. Here are some ideas which are still in safe ranges to consider.

      0x is one you may consider as it is still in a safe buy range, and is a good project.

      MCO and SNT are also good projects within a safe buy range, as I type.

      Dash and Ethereum are in great buy ranges, but offer less upside potential because of their prices. Still, good places to park a safe amount of speculative risk capital.

      XLM and XRP are still in safe buy ranges. CND is safe to buy at the current price as well.

      Keep your positions small, and use RISK CAPITAL ONLY. At this time, we are in very early in a sector that is about to open up to millions of Wall St clients. It is predicted that at least one major Wall St brokerage will do so before the end of the year. It won’t take a lot to make a lot, if things go as we suspect they will go, and are going at present.

      We will help where we can. But, again, we are not licensed to give individual investment advice, so all ideas presented here are ideas we like, but are not recommending them to you as such advice. The final decision is yours.

      Good hunting!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I was just going ask you if you thought 0x was still a good buy.

        Thanks Tony!! Just bought some. My xrp, xlm and CND bags are full. It’s hard not to keep buying them at the prices their at right now.

        Great to be on this journey with everyone here!

        Liked by 2 people

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