Life Energy Creates The Future And Learns From The Past

In a world of Chaos, Racial Riots and Killings, where is Leadership now? Beyond the closed mind borders, after the chaos of Covid 19 will we learn anything of becoming a Better Humanity? Or have the mass mIndless Sheeple given up and lost the whole point of this wonderful life privilege they won? When will they rise above the Dark Ages after the Covid pandemic? Man Up! If 30% Job losses hit, everything changes. We need your life to have meaning, not be demeaning. Time to rethink Real Values – of Living Beings!

We do nothing as rabid Mobs riot trashing cities, looting, mugging, drug dealing and pimping. They riot because we have offended them? En masse? These are race conflicts no one needs. It will backfire. Mandela would never have gone forwards with BLM. I know, I was there. I pushed the Afrikaners to set him free, or all perish if he dies in jail. That is what permeated their Nazi skulls. Not one of you will live! That got Ministers on side. Saving their own butts. Fast! His release was historic. Wonderful.

Mandela alone saved South Africa. And the whites. He brought forgiveness. He healed wounds. BLM is not about healing, just looting and stealing. Nelson was truly one of our Greats.

How Empires end and Heroes turn out to be sorted Possums, who flattered to deceive. Post Covid we will have such enforced change and stress. Many businesses will not cope and fail. Jobs all gone. Society is currently in freefall. Chaos rules.

There is not even a Collective Leadership able to reach out and share a Global vaccine, if even merited as safe, to save our whole world of nations. Without it, Covid will just keep on recycling as a virus, and returning ever more mutated. Instead, we see China and the US trying to buy up Vaccines at source as pure Self interest greed. Me, Me, Me!

This is no way to advance Humanity, just selfish Vanity! When do we come together as a Collective entity of Beings all in this together and reason ways forward together? Wouldn’t that reduce conflicts?

If, in fact, either Oxford or Imperial Colleges are first, it needs to be Democratically overseen as our gift to humanity. You all – Matter.

But where is that Leadership now? Me. Me, Me is no Humane Destiny!

Have any of you taken time to reflect on the real purpose of your journey here, as a carbon life force? Yes – You. Do you ever think, Why?

Let’s think outside of the box together. Time to reflect, and question why? Thinking time – the importance of that Unique One Off Being – that is YOU! What can YOU achieve?

In such a messed up world run by either rapacious Zionists, Political misfits and deviants, or seeing a surge in Radical Islam, a semi itinerant mad dog tribe left over clueless from the 7th century, is a rabid threat to all. Now, oil is almost gone, surges of them will run West, polluting all where they settle. They bring nothing to the Gene pool. Under-educated, ignorant trash as waves of illegals bring only surging welfare costs and social threats. Where are their great successful Islamic States to go to?

Or the other lot, the Genghis Khan Zionist Cult pox pool. Look what they have done to America. Integration – Not Sequestration. 6,000 years and still they don’t get it. Roaches!

At the moment of that race for the creation of life, between 400 million to 1.2 Billion sperms are released where it’s the race for life – or death. At best, one succeeds, or usually, all die. Again the miracle of conception, you alone made it. You won!

You had no religion then, or need. So who brainwashed you, and why, for what Lie?

You out-swam the interceptors, and vast millions of others competing for that one chance of fertilised life competing against such impossibly high odds. You won bigger than any Olympian. You alone now exist in full living human life form. A Miracle in itself. Your right to be- Free! Why did you win, and how are you living this life? Winning, or Whining?

This life is YOUR Journey, so why allow any predatory Zio Trash Cult, or NWO Elite like Gates or the Tri Laterals take it from you? Do you have a clue what is in play for your future? To even exist? Rights are not free! Will you abdicate life and go into the night?

They are few, you are many. Before they population deplete you, think, for once, and act. This wonderful life is your right, not to be sent into the night. Say NO!!! To NWO.

Will you give Gates and the NWO viruses the right to chip you, to inject your coming children or grandchildren now at birth? Chipped, tracked, and when no longer needed, Whacked! You will be first for their compulsory flawed nano-technology vaccines.

Will you walk willingly to your State demanded annual Vaccines, knowing once tracker signaled, the Off Button in nano technology units will be triggered for you when they judge you superfluous to need? Which aged 65 plus, is at their call? What is happening to our Right to Life? Not harvesting up your pensions. Do you even think outside of that bubble they cocooned you in? You all start equal. Who takes it from you? When you don’t control your own money, how can you win, when you’re not even In – The Trough System? Work it out.

Do you have any concept of what’s coming soon? Their macabre plans for you?

You were born to live, to achieve your destiny, not in a Human Zoo. It’s on record what vile War Criminal Soros did to his own people and glorified his profits. Why has he not paid for his disgusting crimes? The Bushes, Clintons and Zionists?

America, the UK and Commonwealth are full of so many highly qualified, experienced and motivated Professionals, leading in the Arts, Sciences, Engineering and Medical fields. Empowered by such collective abilities, yet deceived by greed and political depravity.

Why can we not all, at this time of Hubris for all, contemplate in this time, our new opportunity to focus our time and lives on being – a better Human Being?

Why can’t we all assess what’s left the rails in Leadership?

To reassess what’s brought us all to this mess. No one is owed! Life is your road, to bear!

Education should be integration, not segregation. Each child deserves a chance to develop and for a life of meaning, not racial or poverty demanding. Look now at the wealth portals of Corporate powers. It’s time to rethink need, not Jewish Greed.

History repeats itself, and Zionism will bring its own Apocalypse. Deservedly.

People need to have a sense of belonging and need. Not farmed clones to Zio greed.

Human beings need to feel inclusive, not excluded from a chance to evolve and succeed, but denied by race or Creed. Cults Segregate, and segregated tribes annihilate. Ask the Romans how that went?

Do you really want Population reduction, and where do you think you will be in that pecking order? Covid will bring ever more pressures to cut Welfare costs as Beings.

Who then decides your Right to the Life you beat up to a Billion to win? So – You are Special. Start there.

Where is Ethereal leadership, Ethereal values? Who even elevates to aspire to an evolution of purpose where life – Is more?

Post RV’s you will do what?

We now live in a Toxic world. Millions of lives will be lost because of deferred Hospital treatments, or checking processes. Toxic Debts will devastate economies. Tax Collectors – Want! How can the Hospitality sector meet its overheads with the impact of Social distancing. Ever more stores will now fail. How will economies cope with escalating unemployment and losses? Back to work, when there is none? If Covid strikes again in Winter? Shut down again and switch off the lights?

The road ahead may be littered with dead. Where are the Inspirational Leaders?

Kennedy reached for the Stars. This lot is more likely to reach for your Rrrrs!

Time to think Integration not Segregation?

Who is thinking, a Life Purpose Mission? Not assume it!

If we release the RVs, we will do what?
© 2020

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. R. Buckminster Fuller


    1. Be in no doubt, we Non Moronic Thinking Europeans truly frear for all Americans if Bribe taking Biden, and some obnoxious Commie Czar or Deep State Thug, gets elected in November. Don’t fear our voices rejoice we are there for you and care. We don’t drink the Kool aid. As with wars when it’s just the Brits and Yanks standing alone together, against the enemy, our voices matter. We are not Deep State Supplicants. We come armed with attitude?

      Unless he gets some heads arrested, deserving Traitors, he is in trouble. His low mental faculties brought him to this and we have forewarned about it. Kelly and Barr are great assets. Hope. But he needs Wise Heads! Why are Comey and the whole gang not already arraigned? WTF!!! are the Deep State still roaming free? Traitors to a Deep State Cause! How much stink do you want as evidence? Man Up!

      Trump needs to to challenge and demand Justice starts mass debating not Mass Ta Bating!

      Get Scalps or loose! Jail this trash! Including Mueller. Why is Clinton still free? Why has he not ripped open Soetoro’s records and Birth Certificate? It matters! Do the Job! If he loses in November it will be in ignominy. Take them down in shame! Or they will take his down.

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      1. John,

        Seriously, you are up to your ass in deep state in the UK. They are everywhere. You probably crossed path with a few epsteins this week in the circles you run in.

        Bottom line, The Brotherhood has fingers everywhere.

        The spying, unchecked immigration, forced vaccinations, forced home confinement, pedophilia, etc., etc. all just as prevalent in Europe and the UK. Like it or not, you are in as deep a pile of doo doo as the rest of us.

        You won’t be spared when this transhumanistic freakshow nightmare comes in over the next few years.


        1. HIW
          See how fast we disembowel and poke ours. You can’t. Ours get the Bums rush. But we have our Plebs for sure.
          After what I’ve seen over Covid, those needles have a case! Look how many we cut and ditch.

          You can take as given, racial profiling is coming. With that we will deal with ,mass breeding. Read NOT!
          It doesn’t take Einstein to calculate we can’t afford our Welfare pack rats. Worse cross breeding the worst .
          Nothing is lost here. Selective needles are coming. Real world. Many will make the list. Highway to Heaven. We will give them wings, then Pigs can fly. We don’t have Racial issues, just ability.
          Too many have lost the plot, so we will.


      2. “Tom Fitton predicts ‘chaotic’ Election Day: ‘We may not know who won for weeks”
        @5:54 Lou Dobbs moves to the DACA ruling and calls it “minced meat approach”. It seems this is what the liberals have always done to mislead the masses who do not recognize the linguistic trickery. No matter who the President ends up being in the fall, we have “Justices” in the Supreme Court who do not care to render justice in its function. We cannot deny the fact that we have serious problems in the US. The fact that the military brass refused to “intervene” to avert the recent chaos may end up helping Trump victory after all (wishful thinking on my part) if anybody is paying attention to in their own immediate surrounding, but things are getting to be too much like Russian Roulette in the geopolitics these days.


  1. An astonishing fact is transpiring in the statistics of the CDC relative to infant mortality.

    It has dropped an astonishing 200 infants per week. Unintended consequences leading to exposure of the vaccine fallacy?

    Since a well-baby visit consists only of measurement, physical exam and vaccines — this is a terrifying indictment of vaccines. Given the slope of the drop it will be close to zero in another 15 weeks, making the (D) States a veritable test of the hypothesis. If baby deaths keep dropping in (D) States, then we are needlessly killing possibly up to a maximum of 50,000 babies a year. That’s a lot of white coffins!


  2. There certainly seems to be something happening with the VND. Last week I placed an order at BMO Harris where I was told it would take 48 hours on Saturday. On Monday I was told they didn’t know when they could get it, but it would probably takes weeks because of increased demand.

    Subsequently, I went to my private bank, Midfirst Tuesday. They ordered it and said it should be in within 48 hours. So I went to the bank to make another quick order order today before the weekend and now they said effective yesterday it’s no longer available.

    I have been ordering the Dong from them since 2013 off and on, never a problem and always 24-48 hours delivery. Now 3 days after my last order, their desk says it’s no longer available.

    Something is definately afoot. What that means for us is anyone’s guess, but I’m getting a feeling this ride may almost be over.

    For better or for worse!


      1. Everyone is asking the same. I have Elders Attorneys getting (Not Dry) dreams.
        We play by the day, but cant say.


    1. Possible next tourist destination. I love Poland.

      Who gives a flying F__K what the media thinks. They know who is behind the idea to flood Europe with mongrel third-world refuse, and they won’t have it.


      1. They experienced Communism in the recent past so they are not so easily fooled. They object to being invaded but do not mind taking high paying jobs at universities in the Republic of California, the jobs that Americans should be taking. And those displaced Americans lose their apartments and their furniture used to occupy the curbside in SF. The City turned those empty units around so they could house those from the Southern borders. Hello DACA! Welcome to the land of free (for them but not for us.)


        1. American colleges are too busy turning out Bolshevik commissars and not skilled technical workers, which is why we have to import them from places like Poland. They are not invading, they are needed and allowed to come in. Quite different than allowing the military-aged male dross of humanity to enter and bring nothing but agitation, rape and pillage.


          1. Yes, the girl I spoke to casually while I was driving her to her apartment admitted recognizing the familiar ideology emerging in our landscape. She knew the US is turning into USSA, but for her, all she has to do is fly back to Poland when things get really bad here. For us, if we do not want the IRS coming after us, we need to file form DS-4079 with Social Security Administration. But be sure to have another citizenship beforehand.


          2. I also have add my experience working with a Cuban girl who had an engineering degree who probably could have gotten a high paying job if her English was better. The education she got in Cuba was free whereas American kids have to go into debts to get higher education, and engineering has not been a chosen subject for a long time among college students. At any rate I was surprised to hear her say how she loved the President Obama for the invitation to come to the United States. This was in 2015, and I said to myself something was very wrong with the whole thing. For the Globalists, all they have to do is change capitalism to communism in a span of few centuries in different geographical locations to control the masses and their money, and rinse and repeat the process in order to stay in power while the average people are only focused on the immediate having almost no impact on geopolitics.


            1. I will go one further…

              People love to say that “America was founded on capitalism”.

              This is incorrect, and most people don’t even understand the subtleties in the meaning of words to know enough to stop freewheeling into a cosmically sized ball of confusion. We were founded on free enterprise, bereft of unfair taxation.

              First, let’s consider capitalism. What is that? It’s capital from capital, largely usury, when applied to loans. This is the problem here. We have allowed a relatively small group of cult-like, bloodsucking money changers to apply to our system a parasitical pecuniary machine that makes it hard for common people to get a loan without having to spend their entire life to pay off. Our government should not have a treasury that borrows money at interest. From there, it goes downhill and makes everything more expensive than it should be.

              Our treasury should utter credit to the states at 0%, and they should loan it at 0%, less a fee for the administrative costs of making and servicing the loan. Instead, banking cartels pad their wallets on the labor of our nation. No student, once qualified and completing a course of study to a degree award, should pay interest. Further, once they have a job for several years, the balance of the loan should be forgiven, and could be, if parasitical, money-grubbing, weasels were removed from money changing altogether. Our treasuries should NOT be money-making institutions. They are dispensing the capital of our nation to the earners of that capital.

              Instead, the fat, usury bloodsucking parasites are allowed to gorge. Then, people wonder why our country is not producing educated people like the socialist countries do. The problem is, in places like Cuba, North Korea and others, they have to pay for those things, and they do so by sacrificing private enterprise and forcing everyone to live at a low standard; everyone except an even smaller elite than our system.

              I would be all for state paid education and medical, but we would have to get rid of the bloated military and the bloated leech banking system to do it. Further, those colleges and medical institutions would have to remain privately run, not state run, to maintain competitive motive for quality.

              However, it’s too late now. The march towards a world without money or politics is now going to accelerate as technology trims the menial labor fat from the bone and casts it to the street. Intermixed with this transition will be the confused marching Marxists who want to regress to a system that their dork professors have convinced them is the way.

              Be prepared to ride these times out, because in many places, especially where the lower skilled dwell in large numbers, the environment will be like tinder. Even more so than Seattle, Minnesota or NY.


              1. We are being taxed for the usery if we take the federal income taxes as an example, so anyone who earns an income in the US has to pay taxes “voluntarily” according to the IRS, but this rule does not apply to those who crossed the border without proper documentation. This is a case of taxation without representation, and the DACA ruling was a blow to the Constitutionalists as it was to me. If and when the FRB ceases to issue our currency and the IRS is abolished, what do you think will happen to the current judicial system? Do you think Admiralty law will be replaced with Common law? I suppose if the vaccine fanatics get their wishes, we will see a huge population reduction so that the illegals do not have to be deported. They just have to be cremated with the rest of the population. I keep forgetting what Paladin said. We are going to be paying consumption taxes in lieu of income taxes. I wish there were more clues that give us little hope.



    Slowly they are getting there

    – Coronavirus can survive for TWENTY YEARS in temperatures of minus 20C, claims Chinese COVID-19 expert another twist to the story


    Just a reminder why President Macron is visiting London today!


    China is cruising for a brusing with their nasty Commie game.s

    Huge cyber attack is aimed at the Australian government


    Is this how they have to get tneir message home?


    That is the diabolical plan because they have a series of shots ready, 1,2,3,4…& before you realise it you would probably be an automaton


    Just another alert view


    The French have form for losing their heads. The whole country is in free falls as the F Illegals riot. Napoleon would have guillotined the lot.

    In the French city of Dijon, Chechens and North Africans are fighting with assault rifles and other weapons. How the Chechen refugees get their arms is interesting. But this is the global rise in civil unrest I have warned about due to the unemployment caused by blanket shutdowns while certain parties try to remake the world In what is being championed as Reset. These elitist fools think they can shut down sports, close all gatherings for plays, movies, athletic clubs, and prohibit even vacationing in Europe without consequence. This will worsen through the fall As the lack of tourism bites.

    They do not understand Mob rule when there is nothing to lose. It is how all revolutions start and the boys in the band lose complete control if not their heads.


    Republicans you cant take them anywhere.

    Tony’s applied for a stand in slot.



  4. If you watch the sheer scale of Comments growth on WHA,its flying daily, outperforming anything in the market.
    Your views have lit up the net.
    Everyone is reading you all.
    With each new full article we double response.


  5. The headline on Medscape was the need for a hold on antibody testing. I’ve been repeating that both antigen and antibody testing are garbage. I realize I am in the minority saying so. But it seems that finally somebody has done the math and we simply don’t have the accuracy in the current antibody tests. In a nutshell for those interested, the latest bullet points with rhetorical comment in [] :

    Whether the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 grants immunity remains unknown. [Of course, it does, it is still class coronavirus yes?]

    People are probably not getting reinfected, and any positive results on retesting are more likely a result of residual viral RNA. [Well, duh, and will you finally reach the conclusion that exosomes of all those previously coronavirus infected of the last 10 years are your vast asymptomatic “patients” are false positives?]

    The FDA’s relaxed standards and emergency use authorization for antibody testing was “a disservice to us” because of potential cross-reactivity with other coronavirus antibodies. [No kidding!]

    For antibody testing to work in a disease that affects 2%-3% of the population, we need a test with at least 99.7% specificity. [And really, exactly how certain are you that you even got the right pathogen let alone the right antibodies?]


  6. “ In this short episode of Declaring Liberty, I discuss the Supreme Court’s decision in the DACA case, how Trump bungled it and what it means …”
    Mark Pantano, JD stated “was it intentional by the Trump Administration in order to alleviate the pressure from the Trump supporters?”

    The future for the United States looks very grim, and the citizenship is going to worth almost nothing in the near future. I would love to know what Paladin thinks about this ruling.


    1. I wanted to hear what Dave@x22 report had to say about the DACA ruling. He basically said DACA was unconstitutional to begin with because it was introduced by the Obama Administration that had no business writing the law. The problem is we have five Supreme Court Justices who rendered their decisions in favor, and there is no term limits for them. And what happened to Ruth Bader Ginsberg who seems to be “working” through holographic images? I am going hear what Tom Fitton @ Judicial Watch says about this also.


    1. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They have Soros’ money behind them, and with a 50,000,000 death record at the hands of this pestilential ideology, they will not hesitate to bring such resources to bear to once again do away with anyone that they see as deviating from the works of Marx.

      The biggest mistake we made was allowing this ideology to remain past the mid 20th Century. It still sickens me that we fought on the same side as these cutthroat Bolsheviks.

      Now we have to contend with this highly suggestible and gullible low IQ hoard.

      Mercy was given to the serpent. No mercy will be received from it.


  7. @travers33 Could you kindly tell me how you wrote the executive director of the usps and they got your parcel to you. It sounds like I need that. Thank You in advance.


    1. Terrance, it was a while back, but I do recall that I tracked down his contact address quite easily through the USPS website and either called to find his address or found it on the website. In any case, I wrote him directly, snail mail, using a $.43 stamp.


  8. An older article but This is what the whole Flynn matter is about. Will he now take down Mueller and the ex POTUS Traitors?


    The signs of kneeling madness. Sad, nad Sheeple. Cease damn it. They are so playing these dumb F’s!

    We can laugh at it but with tears of sorrow 😇


    Looking Stupid which he is., Bolton states Trump did not know the UK had nukes, Yes, he is That Goddam Stupid!
    We all know that , just not Disneyland. Shrek is feted. Alice in Wonderland.


    The REAL reason Boris Johnson is so fearful of ditching two-metre rule: Doom-monger advisers led by grim private polls, and the terror of being blamed for a new spike are paralysing the PM, write RICHARD KAY and ANDREW PIERCE

    RICHARD KAY and ANDREW PIERCE: The dilemma for Boris Johnson is that every time the two-metre rule comes up he gives every appearance of dithering.

    Dithering Johnson holding his Johnson again!


    There may be as many as six BILLION Earth-like planets in our galaxy capable of hosting alien life, new astronomical model reveals

    Scientists have estimated that there are as many as six billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy capable of hosting alien life.

    More for the US to plunder?


    We need a World Crypto and Hacker Force able to hunt down and Execute this scum.Hack or steal Cryptos you die. End of,.


    No we did NOT say Thank You Gates.
    Remember what happened to John Lennon,. You will run where?

    If these vaccines are made voluntary you will have a choice, and even if there are mandatory, you have options.
    Your body, your history of vaccines, your risk and your life or death are all within your choice to make. Vaccinate and die?


    Bolton has them running for cover fast. Rats run!

    Is the DOJ being cleansed ? Exposed now he runs.

    This STINKS!


    1. Why would you, at any time, take Bolton’s word for anything?
      So, the truth is coming out. First adverse events — and any adverse event rate unless minimal, will condemn thousands upon thousands to serious long-term disease. That’s just math. NOW, since vaccines in general don’t convey true life-long protection, they are discovering the antibodies go bye-bye after some short time. So, are we going to vaccinate, and vaccinate, and vaccinate… and modify passports, again, and again, and again, year after year for a nonsense bug?

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    1. Dismantling police infrastructure is de facto dismantling national security, something for which the military is sworn to prevent from happening.

      This is Bolshevism working through indirect influence.

      Like this well-spoken woman just said, “Don’t resist arrest”.


  9. WOW John-Paladin said tonight 0 chance for RV for public, don’t know how if the rate changes on screen. How can that be? so I guess this week and next will not do anything.


    1. He said that if it did happen, it may be pennies or low amounts, but doubted it would be $3.50 per dinar for street people, etc.

      We really won’t know until the brontosaurs tramp through and leave their giant turds as confirmation.


    2. Paladin previously announced an RV which did not happen. Dangerous territories.

      0 chance for the public yet is wrong. I think Paladin meant 0 right now for the Public which is right. Give it time!

      First it will be the majors. Of course they are NOT going to RV quad Ts of BS. That has only ever been Broker fantasy. BS! Too many complete arseholes think they will get T’s and won’t. Some will get nothing!

      Final reality is in Ts. NOT quad Ts. Crap! There is no money for such stupidity. Reality will rule. But so will majors greed. What is Affordable rules Fools.

      A lot is in play to try to beat the July 4th Silly Season drop dead point. Let’s TRY to even get that done first.

      Whenever it does happen, it opens doors. Ignore fantasy rates and and Brokers. Iraq is not funding a bunch of Ambulance Chasing Stupidos. Nor Vietnam. They will fund what they can carry. First they have to rebuild their own poor shattered nations raped and ruined by Mad Dogs or war. Neither Cinderella, the Funny Feller or Custer will ride in for fast fixes for Stupidos.

      Wait for real facts which WHA will give you when it’s done. Reality will rule on rates. Not BS peddling Blog Gurus.

      What is affordable? Too many are getting a zero or two wrong. Dreams are free. Reality will rule.


  10. Gates’ Insanity, is on full display with slimy Politicians falling over themselves to play on his stage. You may think that certain of the vaccines picked will do different things as a depopulated planet is their clear goal. So it is not far fetched to think that certain specific vaccines will be used dependent on gender, race and age. As this is real control. Older people death will be accelerated. Racial groups WILL be target for sure. Agenda 21!

    Europe is embracing his agenda where people will not be able to even leave their house without a digital certificate from Gates to prove they were vaccinated. As we wrote last week, former disgraced British Prime Minister Tony Blair is on board with the Gates agenda. A paid Lap Dog. A Mongrel Dog! That in of itself should speak volumes about what Gates is doing. Recall this is the same Poodle B Liar!!!!who said there were weapons that needed to be destroyed in Iraq to support the invasion and destruction of that country for Bush 43s ego to kill a Millon .to impress his Nazi father.

    Europe is isolating itself from the world, because if their own citizens will be restricted in their movement, what hope will there be for a tourism ? Watch the value of hotels and vacation properties crash in the fall. As it is as of next year you will need a visa to enter and it would not be a stretch to think proof of being Gates’ vaccinated will not be required. The question is how many tourists will bother. Perhaps, other countries like Argentina will see the potential for European hunger tourists to be diverted. Apparently In Britain, you can leave your house and take a drive, but you must return and are prohibited from staying anywhere else. And if you as a Foreign National are visiting on business or pleasure, a mandatory 14 days first quarantine is in force. How many people will do this? All of this for a virus they make out to be the new Black Death to fear, when the death rate is 0.0003% of the population. This is all about redesigning the world economy by deliberately crashing it to destroy all businesses they feel are unwanted for the zero CO2 world, at a time when the planet is headed for a Solar Minimum, which will produce much colder temperatures. We have said before the climate change gang, and the likes of Gates are on the same page with their agenda, and not paying any attention to the reality of cycles of history of the planet. And it does not matter if German car companies fail or that millions will be displaced and ultimately suffer as a result.

    Europe is headed for complete failure, if it continues to go down this path and competent asset value thinking will avoid Europe as a place of investment for a long time. We may well see Europe decline dramatically in living standards as a result and capital flows out of Europe will accelerate. Current pension plans are most unsustainable with this occurring and this too will have a impact. It is only a matter of time before Europe sees perpetual bonds as debts become impossible to roll over.

    Dreams of a consumer market for Eurasia and China are misplaced as economic decline becomes more obvious, especially as real estate continues to decline and capital that can leaves. It is a total mess.
    Goodbye to Chan’s Eurasia. You just BLEW IT IDIOTS!



  11. Neurological problems by seeing him walk down a slippery ramp?… really!!!… horse manure!…. fear porn!…

    I Watched the vid… watch me walk down a slippery ramp with my wore out knees!

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  12. The Mc Donalds story should be played out as an Advert with Danny de Vito in the front car.
    Then the back- Karma.


  13. Johnson, Train wrecks follow the Muppet! LOl.

    Very tough times for poor Brazil.

    Brazil records its biggest ever jump in coronavirus cases


    So how big is the Chinese Lie?

    China’s real coronavirus death toll ‘could be TEN TIMES higher’


    What the hell is CNN doing here?


    So now they will export the bloody thing as they go raiding and trading carrying God knows what . Time to shut India down fast . Wake up?

    India records 2,000 coronavirus deaths in a DAY


    Not good for we back pain users.

    Ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen ‘may worsen Covid-19’, study warns

    Anyone with a fundamental awareness of DARPA Transhumanism and animal mutation experiments gone wrong, will know what a Zionist backed invasion of this sector can unleash upon a so gullible mankind.

    Gates is one sick guy. The Lolita Express bandit needs to leave this world.


    Why has bitcoin gone flat again?

    Here we go again.The $1M Bitcoin hype.


    If theres one thing the Maxwell Freak does not want, its this attention. Hello Maxwell.


    Yes Apple, you WILL pay your F Taxes!


    At last, the UK ends this bloody Silly Cashpoint Terminal for Foreign Aid Nations Leaders to scam. Charity begins at home Sod off!


    Trumps health again is raised.

    Apart from his confused ramblings which we have all long since raised, now his inability to even descend a few steps cogently is raised. It’s an issue.Churchill went loony also.


    Where else but WHA could you get a laugh like this today?


    Again, China threatens the UK. In one move we can cut of their Finances and hammer the buggers back into the stone age. But of course, with a useless Muppet as PM we wont.

    New Years resolution – Stop hiring Tossers in Politics.


    A big Yes to trade talks with New Zealand. Lovely people and strong old country links.


    All more rhetoric from that Gobshite north of the border. We have a simple and workable solution. How about we just close the border, cut off your begging bowls and nasty rhetoric, Your a conquered people and pain in the arse.
    How about you drunken , whining little Tams go build an economy and pay your F way for a change, Sod off the lot of you. Distance is simple – stay home!


    More Nuclear Threats by the Chinese Mafia.


    Now this, if true, is truly nasty Chiinese Commie games in play. As power passes the US wil have penetrated Asses!


    Why not ground all their flights, they are Global spreaders dam it Chinese lies caused this mass spread. Every time they offer a solution there’s always a bloody Chink it it!


  14. Congratulations when deserved. The data is in — dexamethasone helps in severe, hospitalized covid patients about a third of the time. Well done RECOVERY trial. I can see no severe flaws in the data released at present.


    1. Tino

      We will keep you updated. It’s on site for you to help guide them, or contest issues. Both are needed.


  15. Hello Folks
    Is it possible to exchange my currency in any currency exchange house rather than a bank?

    Thank you


        1. I meant to post the CNBC article at the top.

          MN – I think these are the same folks that someone filmed recently, holding a banner that said they are satanist. They claimed they are atheists and satan worshippers. Their here to save us from Trump lol.

          These people look like a bunch of degenerates seeking attention. I wish I saved it to share here so you can see for yourself. Not even worth another second of time to give to these butt ugly losers.


  16. Clearly Russia has a Spy swap in mind.


    Melanis visibly negotiates appearances in added Pre Nup Points! She barely tolerates him and it shows.


    A touch of how the other half lives for you.


    Boltons always been a wild dog needing muzzling. Trump needs to contract it out!


    A Bit of new Crypto info


    Pension grabs are starting


    The Crypto overview for you all.


    Lie down with Dogs in Seattle?
    Picture says it all


    If only heh?
    How many with him.


    Consistent Melinda Gates and really not good for poor Black people. Inhumane and we know what comes next. Genocide?


    What the hell new strain is this? Stop Chinese flights landing until the Bastards stop lying, stop infecting and stop nations DYING! SHUT CHINA OFF! Only then will this Commie Mafia get it.

    Parts of Beijing are fenced off and new travel bans introduced


    Whats the point of dragging out an investigation which runs too late to indict them?

    Either disgusting incomptence or its a Whitewash.


    The first Covid releases are coming. Viable, God knows?


  17. This is horrific.

    Celeste Solum, former FEMA project leader, talks about the graphene based hydrogel that will be in the coronavirus vaccines. This stuff literally consumes your body and turns you into a borg connected electronically to the Internet of Things.

    This is 45 minutes worth watching. It’s technical, but informative.


  18. So, at some point it will need to be pursued, but the FDA has mud all over its face.

    It is, by charter, prohibited from interfering in the Practice of Medicine. Once a drug is approved, they need to stay out if. It will be us doctors who decide, how and when to use an approved drug, off-label. In Covid or any other case.

    We never needed a statement of Emergency Authorization from the FDA to use HCQ at any point in the Covid disease course. We had off-label use by law from the moment of approval some 70 years ago.

    Today the FDA rescinded its Emergency Authorization to use HCQ in Covid based on a misinterpretation of the results of the flawed RECOVERY trial from Britain. Even the authors of that study narrowed their conclusions that it doesn’t help the severely ill in hospital. Never mind not one was zinc supplement and none had a zinc status check. Additionally, if published dosing used is correct they should all go to jail for using lethal dosing. (If it’s not, some information is not properly available here publicly, I apologize.)

    Back on point. Guess what I and each and every doctor in the US still has — The absolute goddamned right to off-label prescribe HCQ in Covid.

    That’s right Victoria, the Emergency Authorizations changed nothing. Unapproved use of an approved drug is and, at current state of law, lawful without any idiot proclamations from the bureaucrats.

    In part the FDA cited cardiac concerns. Except that is just idiocy because not only have be been using this drug with 1 heart attack ascribed per million doses (yeah FDA, you said that) here is the nail in your stupidity coffin: The cardiotoxicity of antimalarials WHO Evidence Review Group Meeting, 13–14 October 2016 Varembé ConferenceCentre,Geneva,Switzerland

    Click to access mpac-mar2017-erg-cardiotoxicity-report-session2.pdf

    Once again, moderate to severe cases, with shortness of breath but not plunging sats, give the Trifecta of Zinc (30mg elemental by whatever salt), HCQ (normal dosing), Azithromycin, prior to Day 5.

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    1. Tino
      The Pentagon want Trump out, Period. He has challenged their Budgets, Numbers and Kingdoms, John understands all.


        1. So did Bush 41, as does Bush 43, Cheney,Soros, both Clintons,Soetoro, most Zio Bankers, and a good few Agency Traitors. As for both Houses?


          1. You know me John. At the Congressional Country Club in Maryland, at dinner with a billionaire (I get around)(he’s a big donor to the (D)) and a (locally) famous lawyer, in answer to the question of “What do I think of this Congress?” I answered, “I think 530 of 535 members of Congress should be tried for sedition, treason, malfeasance in Office, failure to uphold their Oath to the Constitution and dereliction of Duty. When found guilty, I want them hanged on National Television with their heads on pikes later on the Capitol lawn — as a message to future generations on what not to do.”
            I hope I do not run afoul of any WHA rules with the post.

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  19. So this is really interesting…

    I just received a call from the currency desk at BMO where I ordered VND on Saturday.

    On Saturday I was told by the branch it takes 48-72 hours to get currency. Now, they are telling me it will take 2 weeks or longer because orders for Vietnamese Dong are off the charts and large orders at that. you think someone knows aomething?


      1. I may be wrong and this might not have any effect on the exchanges both private and public…only John can answer that. But in my opinion, this is another hurdle that occurs once these currencies start getting headway and then collapse to no results. News gets out and then nothing happens.


        1. Correct the ambulance chasers start.

          All Big Reconciliation positions have already been taken. The current position is now closed.
          The Exchange, if it proceeds, will be via an alternative Fiscal system. Big SD’s only.
          We need to take care with public risks. There are many layers here.
          This will be the big new system. Not for the public yet.

          Just lets see how the next 2 weeks spin out.

          Even at this level, we have Snrs too thick to understand that once we get past July 4th, and Her Indoors wants to unload the Mammie Waggon and go play vacations, US Males are led by the ears for 10 weeks of chaos. The system simply derails. Add then Covid to really impact chaos?

          The Public only follow behind.

          The Big Bulls have to clear for next week or think Year End. Snr Military Men are like adolescent Children in Finance, they don’t have a clue. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

          I suggest let the next week play out first now. Gun fights come soon at the top. It may get ugly because carve up time may not gift to many what they presume. Tears at the Not OK Coral?


          1. Id be happy if it went to .025 – .005 USD. Even if it went to .001, that’s 1,000 dollars per 1 mil vnd. That’s huge!


          2. John,

            Perhaps this is a parochial question, but it’s worth asking.

            What risks to the financial system are possible if releases are pushed into 2021? Reading into your recent comments, it would seem that is a possibility.


            1. To accomplish the vast conversions we will need to go to QFS to rid ourselves of the Zio trash mafia. Leave a worm in the apple barrel and?
              I have banned them in total from Elders issues. The moment I spot a Zio with eyes like pissholes in the snow it’s asked to go. It takes what it takes, and if takes more time to root any last ones out, so be it.

              The US made the grave mistake HUGE, of allowing them to take over the US Treasury and true to form?
              Next week tells all. Now or late year. The ran the Mob and Crime syndicates. They bought the dirty judges and dirty Cops. They own both Houses. We need to clear this maggot infestation out.


              1. Thank you, John.

                One follow-up, and one question.

                Is QFS ready to be deployed?

                Will the financial system risk collapse without the addition of liquidity currently withheld by bankers?


        1. Your first sentence seems an attempt at levity.

          Your second question is perhaps best left to the recipient of the dong. There are so many variables – the proportions of the dong and where the dong is to be placed, which can vary based on the choice of positions, or the propensity of one to verbally disclose their intentions to receive elsewhere.

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  20. Most people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship who were asymptomatic when testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 remained asymptomatic until they cleared the virus, researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    So the new King Turd of medical journals says.

    At the time of the Diamond Princess it is doubtful in the extreme that the antigen test had any significant viability. (It still doesn’t. A recent press report says it is at 50% — a coin toss). At that point false positives dominated. So in all likelihood, false positives – uninfected — simply didn’t have the disease, and the arbitrary classifier eventually was negative when they used a new version to test them. Now isn’t that a much more logical explanation than a killer virus being asymptomatic in patients on a cruise ship?

    BUT — if I take the NEJM at face value — wherefore go the “lock downs”? Obviously, if you are asymptomatic given what we know now — these patients were never a threat to anyone. Oh wait, did the WHO just reverse itself on that topic to save politicians the world over or were they right the first time?

    Food for thought.


    1. So, Johnson, our own Idiot Chump, who repeats the Mantra we are guided by the Sciences, has not yet been pinned to the Table by his Nuts to explain how many vast Billions did we just spend for the massive Nightingale Super Hospital built the army, which has not been used AND, we found they have No HS Professionals Rostered ro run them???????????????? This Runs Nations! Crap! We just wasted Billions and crippled our economy for 30 years. Why? The Big Stupid Mutt STILL will not unlock! Too Thick to Lead. We need to take these whimpering Buffoon Scientists to the White Cliffs of Dover, ankle chain the lot all attached, then throw the lot over the Cliff into the raging Seas below. Sorted!


  21. Tenino, Washington (population: 1,884) has launched its own local currency, reports the Hustle:
    Mayor Wayne Fournier decided that Tenino would set aside $10k to give out to low-income residents hurt by the pandemic. But instead of using federal dollars, he’d print the money on thin sheets of wood designed exclusively for use in Tenino. His mint? A 130-year-old newspaper printer from a local museum…

    Residents below the poverty line can apply to receive money from the $10k fund that Tenino has set aside. Fournier says they also have to prove that the pandemic has impacted them, but “we’re pretty open to what that means.” Once they’re approved, they can pick up their stipends, printed in wooden notes worth $25 each. The city is capping the amount each resident can accrue at 12 wooden notes — or $300 — per month. According to Fournier, each note features a Latin inscription that means, basically, ‘We’ve got this handled’…

    By creating its own local currency, Tenino keeps the money in the community. As Fournier puts it, “Amazon will not be accepting wooden dollars.”

    “The money stays in the city. It doesn’t go out to Walmart and Costco and all those places,” says Joyce Worrell, who has run the antique shop Iron Works Boutiques for the past decade.

    The article notes that during the 1930s hundreds of scrips were issued by American municipalities, worker co-ops, and business associations — estimated to be worth as much as $1 billion.

    And it adds that at least a few small towns in Italy and Mexico are now giving the idea another try.

    Lifted from SlashDot.


  22. Hello everyone. I need a small favor from everyone on this site. Last month I sent a friend of mine, an older lady a gift of 3 Million Dong for the reset. As of today the post office has not delivered it. I’m asking everyone to send out their energy to see that my good friend receives her package in time if we do cash out.

    Thank You All.


    1. The mail has been slower because of COVID and riots. I sent a letter to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and it took 7 days to get there. Normally it would take 2-3.

      Packages from the east coast are taking over a month to get out west in many cases.


      1. I mailed it on May 21st before the riots. And it was going only 20 miles away. If I had known that it would be delayed this long I would have drove it there myself.


        1. Ouch. Probably pilfered or mis-routed. Pilfering has been on the rise because of all the delays. Dishonest workers are seeing a lot of swag in the distribution centers and are at times helping themselves.


          1. That’s unfortunate. When I was taking online classes between 2008 – 2012, I bought textbooks from Amazon but were never delivered to my address if the sellers used USPS as delivery method, so I had to dispute the charges and inquired USPS for the “lost” mail, the Postmaster did not respond so the alleged investigation went nowhere. Since then my trust for the US system went to zero, and it did not help that what I found in those books was not worth my time and the $. The Department of Education is not going to teach us anything worth knowing. It’s never ending detours and confusions as our time chips away yielding no rewards unless we take the matter in our own hands.


            1. A similar parcel of mine disappeared a while back. After six months of obfuscation, I learned a little known fact from the food people at USPS: After 30 days in the dead letter storage room, all undelivered mail is sold in bulk to liquidators. In the end, they offered me forty dollars. That’s right. So I wrote to the US Executive director of the USPS and told him that if my parcel (mailed from France, BTW) wasn’t back in my hands within the next seven days, I planned to unleash a media blitz the likes of which he has never seen and let every American know what our corrupt hybrid mail service does with our citizens’ mail. That parcel was at my house within five days, intact. Just a suggestion.


              1. I wish I knew how to make them accountable for the obvious enterprise wide thefts, but keeping track of the thieves is a time consuming endeavor for most of the wage earners. I admire your fortitude. What I do now is to avoid USPS as well as buying stuff from eBay. I made a mistake of buying stuff from Ukraine (did not know merchant’s location) few months ago which was delivered to the post office with different zipcode. I got my refund from eBay but no response from the USPS tracking system.


        2. Terrence – never send your currency or anything of value via USPS without insurance and tracking and especially for valuable items add registered mail. I’ve never had a problem with my packages reaching its destination.

          FedEx is the most reliable for sending the currencies, at least for me. Always insure and signed receipt.

          My mother in law sent Christmas presents for the grandkids last year from Arizona to California and it never made its destination via post office. She did not pay extra for insurance and tracking.

          With that said, I hope your friend gets her vnd.


    1. How about hacking the Clinton emails and Benghazi records, plus Obama as he’s NOT an American citizen?
      Trump needs him on board.


  23. This is not in English but that doesnt matter. Watch it for 2 minutes and the end is funny. Universal currency!


    At least something comes from her indoors?


    A dirty litle drunk ~Skip Rat urinated over a police officers memorial in London Saturday. He was medica hunted Sunday, picked up and no messing – Straight in Jail monday. Wait until he tries travelling with that on his record, or getting a credit card, or home loan,.and his car insurance will rocket. Cross tghe line, we can and WILL fast track your ass.


    Crypto community goes mind bending.


    MY names Joseph how can I not be welcome at the Inn?


    Of course but the brain dead cant think yet.


    Interesting conjecture, for Gods sake dont use AT & T or Sprint!


    About time Anyone whose served wants Clinton and Obama tried for Benghazi. Then HUNG as Traitors.
    Our prefrence is hang them first and then try the Stiffs Too many bent Judges!

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    1. This is what you do when you are a moronic flunky; a modern-day Sans-culotte who couldn’t count his nuts twice and get the same answer.

      You stand around with a megaphone and make false genocide claims, and allude to the French Revolution’s Committee of Public Safety, whose key leaders (Robespierre, Sain-Just, Couthon) all went to the guillotine themselves after making accusations against unnamed conspirators backfired. After all, when you say you have a list of conspirators that need to go to the blade, and you don’t specify who they are, then everyone thought they were on the list, and, well, you kind of piss off a lot of people who outnumber you, and they send you to the blade.

      What you resist, you become.

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    1. Dumb, and now dead.

      Once again, the suspect resisted (thinking that he could just resist and walk away?), and the suspect fired a tazer at a cop and then got shot. A cop who is incapacitated by a stun device can have his sidearm taken and it could be used against him. Justified shooting. But, in this climate, where civil unrest and disrespect for law and order is being held up as a virtue, cops just don’t have the right to shoot even when justified.

      This could have all been avoided by simply going to the station, and having your day in court. Instead, resistance turns into stupidity, which turns into death.

      It takes an exceptionally low IQ to struggle with a policeman, on video, and even more of a low IQ to fire a tazer at one.

      Where are the black community leaders who should be teaching people to NOT RESIST a routine arrest by police? Instead, they stay silent and let the communities burn and people act in such a stupid manner that needless death results, which translates into mayhem.

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    1. Of course…

      Bash it.

      Then, buy it.

      Then, sell it to those who were scared away when you bashed it.


        1. A good buy at .18.

          Long term, or short, is based on your goals. If it moons to 3-4$, in a week, or in 6 months is just something you can’t predict. The long game in wealth building is the smarter play.

          I personally can’t classify it it as a long term or short term play. When it gets to where you are happy with what you made, then regardless of the time frame, make your move.

          But, yes. At .18 it’s a great buy.


        1. Hi,

          Please do not change your username.

          I use several wallets and brokerages but I personally do not use a mobile phone ap to transact.

          I have added a crypto resource page, which is a work in progress. Feel free to visit it to get some ideas that you can use. If you are in a specific country outside of the US, I can assist with country specific wallets and exchanges, but I need to know the country.

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    They lied the hell before, so expect trouble.SHUT DOWN THEIR FLIGHTS!

    Useless THICK Leaders , Shut Them Down!


    Welcome to Reality USA, France is bleeding with them, and soon UK. Truth is Truth, sorry brain dead MSM.
    This cop is likely not long for the force.

    Talk about politically incorrect, but TRUE

    This guy is DONE.


    So now China lines up to threaten the UK if we dont bow to Xi and Commie rules.

    The US and UK need to take back our Industries.

    We need to demand Reparation in multi Ts from China for Covid.

    We need to scuttle the RMBs, rapidly produce out own PPEs, and transer back all Drugs and Electronics from the Commie Shop.
    Time to face down Beijing, cut off their Exports., cut off their Banking., cut off their Drug running, RV the Dong, and give Xi something to really sigh about.

    Time to step aside from Beijing.



    My gift to Tino and all. Understand the cesspits of China and whats new?

    This should not come as a surprise.

    Mankind has faced many viruses over eons of time and evolved.

    The difference is today we individually fight to survive based on our genomes, which is compromised by GMO and Additives in our food supply, which then changes the micro genome in the gut and affects our ability to adapt and conquer new viral attacks.
    When you have underlining conditions of ill health. you are even more susceptible to a new virus and lack of adaption which causes death 💀.

    Most people would do themselves a world of good by increasing their intake of D3 along with K2 with mk7 and their glutathione levels( first thing attacked by the virus) As low levels contribute to a weakened immune system and thus response, try taking a teaspoon of baking soda with a squeezed lemon in the morning.

    Nor should we surprised at the outbreak location (China ) of such viruses as it is a cesspool of pollution unimaginable to most people who have not seen or been exposed to this reality. Who really can understand what viral mutation is possible. Add 5G which opens the cell up to infection by the radio wave level and you get a new recipe for disaster. Not to forget SARS came from China and it is only a matter of time before another virus originates there to cross the world yewt again, peraps one 100 times more deadly. . Sadly, some people will adapt and some will not. The current outbreak should be a good indicator of what is to come and who should be protected and how, assuming politicians can learn. When in doubt, remember you are your own best cure to all diseases, as you control what you consume.


    If the 1M each infect 10 more and so on. Pakkie problem solved in 3 months.

    The madness erupting. Now they think they can get away wiht it this is what happens. Scum loose. Loose cannons!


    A young Police officer had been killed by Terrorists while defending Westminster. A small monument paid tribute to the poor girls memory of a life cruelly cut short by animals. This piece of low life human filth decides to urinate over it. He needs to do time hard time. Once we had the Birch and the Cat. Then society went soft and crap like this were unleashed. He deserves and needs 20 lashes of the Cat. It should be televised and re introduced. Scum needs stopping hard. Its the sad world we are becoming. All this opens the door to the Tri Lats and Population reduction. Kill filth not the people.

    Man, 28, is arrested for urinating on memorial to PC Keith Palmer


    A lot to consder here re Bitcoins etc


    China is suffering with the Monster loose again. Countries have to stop Chinese flights for Gods sake Wake Up and lock them out!


    Dickheads rule fools… What a mess poor UK.


    Stop the nonsense shoot feral scum on the spot.


    It’s NOT just the Far Right, this is Media BS crap again. Shut the F UP media limp wrists this is all the nation wanting their country back BLM chose not to simply talk and reason but to riot , rob and attack. What’s new there?

    Police doing nothing to stop BLM will just create Societies backlash and blood will run. People have had enough. If this thing goes on knives will be used. Muggers already do.

    If the Police sit on their Arses on BLM they will unleash hell.
    Pathetic Political Leadership, pointless police. Neither work.


    Agan truth matters and so does fair coverage to all.

    AA BLM marcher picked up a nasty Right Wing Thug who go hammered, and carried him to safety. Human compassion matters. Also it deserves exposure. Goodness?

    REVEALED: Hero Black Lives Matter supporter who rescued injured man


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    1. Just how fast did Al Qaeda spread? Let this snake grow it will encircle and stragulate all, then swallow up the leftovers. Do we need the snake- at all?


  25. My husband told me to listen to this because I’ve been feeling very pessimistic lately.

    My faith is starting to be restored again. It’s the video titled “this is the one you tube censored” june 11th. Subject is about Trump and the reset and more.


    1. Thank you for the link. Since YouTube stopped and deleted the interview towards the end, I would have never found it on my own. I appreciate the confirmation from credible sources besides the Q, and I know “W” is an insider having heard his interview a few times on Rogue News before. Having witnessed the decline of the US in the span of fore decades, I found myself screaming at the people I worked with telling them there was not another America we could flee to over and over. I gave up after awhile because I realized the majority of the people were not used to seeing the big picture only the part they needed to know – “need to know basis” on “just in time delivery” system. The coming election sounds promising, and more powers to the patriots!

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      1. SF Driver

        If you don’t elect Trump, the Dems will be in, the Deep State will change it all and America will be over.
        We know neither are fit for Office, but chose the lesser of the 2 Evils.


        1. Time to think about getting the second passport. The red states will turn purple and blue in no time. Successful paper exits may afford $150k (in case for St. Kitts and Nevis) investments to safeguard the windfalls.


        2. John – If the “lesser evil” (trump) gets re elected, in your opinion, what kind of world will we see, especially in the U.S.?


          1. A. Johnson

            The problem you’ve now got, real problems, is that Gay Fanatic women in BLM, are teaming up with the nasty creeps and Crooks in the Democratic party, linking then in turn to so many Afro Governors, or Political Marxists and False Kenyans like Soetoro, how can you get reason. Soetoro is a Crook and surrounded by them. They and both their Commie and Zio Shills in the Beltway will tear America apart like Wild Dogs fighting for a bone. Every Afro wants their lick, now Hispanics too. Crime, sleaze and corruption rules. It’s endemic and deeply ingrained.

            The best thing thinking Americas can buy is a passport out. The party’s over. The Dream was never real. The Deep State want you only as Body Bags for Israel or Tax Ants. You have- nothing. False pride and Conned.

            How can Trump help, the Zios own his Butt and control the WH. They are everywhere. They ran the Mob, corrupted Judges and Banks, and simply use you as Drones.

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    2. Thank you for that video recommendation A. Johnson. I feel better too about how long this is taking to remove the criminals. It makes more sense now. I have had a hard time listening to Juan and have never gotten through a whole video with him. But I am glad I stuck with this one. Everyone should listen to this. I will share this widely.

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  26. @A Johnson – I believe it comes under the heading KYC – know your customer – how did one obtain the currency? Was It by nefarious reasons? Money laundering? Proof of currency exchange from usd to iqd / vnd… in some instances they may take a gift letter should you have received the currency as a gift from another.. possibly an affidavit stating when currency was purchased and how much usd was paid for said currency… it depends on the situation. But the best way to provide proof is via your own provenance documents.


    1. Thank you get real. Maybe I mis understood what John meant by source of funds?

      I thought he meant showing a paper trail of how the currency was purchased. I’m so by the book. I’ve got the receipts, so hope that will be sufficient.

      I’m not worried about banks scrutinizing. Nothing to find and nothing to hide.


  27. I’m sorry for bringing up a dead horse and please excuse me for sounding ignorant and not sinking in this thick skull of mine.

    John – you said we must show source of funds. Is this for dinars and dong? Or just for dinars.

    Almost all purchases I made were over seven years ago so I am unable to obtain bank records that far back. Had I known, I would have kept those bank statements.

    Even if they check your background, file and pay taxes every year, owned a couple homes and have no criminal background – Not even a speeding tix. Shit out of luck?!


    1. @AJohnson,
      I also purchased some of my currency about 7 years ago. The receipts I got from buying them at a travelex location have all but faded. Paid for them in cash from the excess of my pocket money from traveling.

      Some of them I bought with my credit card so the proof of purchase is still there and readable. About 60% of the total.

      I did not buy a big sum anyhow and I have a pretty long term relationship with my bank. They would have history of funds being deposited there. It is the best I could do to prove that the funds were not ill gotten. Other than that I don’t have any other proof I can present.

      Hoping for the best.


      1. MN – thank you for sharing that with me. I would think that many people who bought currencies way back when are in the same situation.

        I did get lucky. One purchase was made in 2013 and I have the statement for that one.

        Yes – hoping for best for us!


      2. “The receipts I got from buying them at a travelex location have all but faded”
        Whenever you are given receipts printed on thermal paper that you wish to keep always photocopy them, they last much longer that way.


        1. @Aurutaya13
          I was able to photocopy them as well but the photocopies have also faded. If this was a regular forex transaction with the bank which I normally go thru when I buy currencies for travel and bring them back to the bank, the teller would just ask me if I had an account with them.

          I know there would be more scrunity since the amount the currency is going to be traded for will be high. But as I said I did not buy that much. Just enough pocket money to cover a nice vacation. I maybe too naive but I don’t want to worry too much.

          Thanks for the advice. Have a great day!

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          1. MN, that was a sweet message thank you.

            You are not naive at all MN. And please don’t worry, that truly is a waste of time. Sit tight and let’s see where things go. We have a good group of people here that have the ability to work together. ;-)))


  28. Based on my earlier question I decided to go to my BMO Harris branch where I have my business accounts to see if they could order some Vietnamese Dong for me as they would not in the recent past. To my surprise, they now will order it and also buy it back. Something has changed. In case anyone is looking to speculate.

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  29. Tony and John – what are your thoughts on this? Trump signed an executive order to roll this out. Hawaii extended the 14 day quarantine for travelers until end of July. Facial recognition technology will also be ready by the end of July. What timing.

    Facial Recognition At U.S. Airports. Should You Be Concerned?


    1. If it stops bad actors from getting into a position to harm, I don’t have a problem with it. Is there room for abuse? Probably. But, as long as politics and money exists, motive to abuse will be omnipresent in all things which give one party a chance to overcome another for political or monetary gain.

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      1. Soon, you won’t be allowed to fly unless recognised and Covid tested. Next the Chips. Howl all you like, deny all you wish. Bottom line is the plan it to create a Global database, so you can be scooped up anywhere. Coming is banking and shopping. You won’t be allowed accounts and cards unless systems authenticated. No access to hospitals or schools, Your either in the system, or outside of the system. Outside you will be prohibited access and benefits. Nowhere to run one day. Loan applications for development are ever more intrusive. They trawl through your whole life and every card transaction. You will have no privacy. Buy cigarettes, alcohol, gamble or have debts it all factors into your credit rating. Eventually you will have nothing. Expendable or not.


        1. Rev 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
          13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
          13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
          13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

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          1. You nailed it Terry. My thoughts exactly. I’m amazed how this is playing out right in front of our eyes, after having been predicted 2k years ago and yet, people are blind to the truth. I watched a documentary. This fella in the 50’s, he was being indoctrinated into a group that according to him, were called to meetings by fallen angels. Very powerful story. He became a great evangelist, great preacher and he stated how he would see these beings shadowing him. I’m a firm believer, that while human beings are inherently bad you do not achieve that level of wickedness w/o other beings guiding you. I believe the so-called eilite have sit down meetings with Satan, whom they believe is an emissary of light, truth and he instructs them on how to proceed. And it trickles down to the nations and eventually, us.


            1. I have heard the 13 bloodlines are the hybrid of Nibiru – human (European women) who espouse Talmud teachings who spare no mercy for the gentile. Somehow this rings true as things unfold more and more before our eyes.


  30. Bring down Churchill! BLM organiser calls for memorial of wartime leader to be removed – as Sadiq Khan says boarding up of sculptures was necessary due to threat from far-right as 5pm curfew is introduced

    Hooligan groups raised a call to arms this morning for supporters to flock to the capital at the same time George Floyd demonstrators are marching on Whitehall.


    Fancy a Chinese Takeaway anyone?


    A Valid criticism and real threat to Trump. Will he get backing twice in numbers?
    Dirty Joe- OMG??????????


    Among the counter revolutionaries now are many ex Servicemen and caring Patriots who want this trash off the streets.

    No great loss if we allow them to tool up and smash these rioters and rabble rousers. Let Brits free to smash the lot. A serious good hiding for about 5,000 of them should do it. Pick out the ringleaders.They wont be screaming out for violence with broker jaws and teeth knocked out. Hard to drive car if a Freedom Patriot has broken your wrists and some one tapped your knees with a sledge hammer. Let the people, sort it. Smash the trash.

    London braces for chaos as hooligans threaten clashes with BLM Stop it now or the losses will be far greater. End Anarchy. Hard!


    John Kelly splits from his old boss Donald Trump saying it IS time to strip Confederate names from Army bases as Joe Biden backs move and bans Confederate flags from rallies

    Former White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly called for renaming Army bases named for confederate generals – splitting with President Donald Trump.

    Renaming US bases is a complex issue way beyond Trump’s IQ.

    How can the IQ of an 11 year old comprehend any of it? Each day is a sea of confusion to him, and it shows. Geriatric Joe or the Carnival Barker?
    The UK is no better. Another Cabinet of Chumps. Politics today is not working.



    Crime Commissioner leads police rebellion against Priti Patel declaring officers were right not to intervene in BLM protests and saying it’s NOT for ‘politicians to influence operational matters’ after Home Secretary told them to get tough

    Avon and Somerset’s Sue Mountstevens led the rebellion against Home Secretary Priti Patel as she blasted politicians who tried to ‘influence or second guess operational police matters’.

    Something is sickeningly wrong when Police won’t intervene in mobs activities tearing down monuments, looting stores and beating up bystanders. but will call national protesters Right Wing, trying to stop BLM Mobs loose , doing their jobs for them. Cowardly gutless Muppets, happy to ticket us non stop for driving at speed, Highway Robbing Scum, but useless for law and order.
    So, maybe there is a case to disband them after all, get the Bastards off Speeding scams and hire enforcers only. Time to cut them down to size.


    1. Total Utter SCUM and you want sympathy. I want to unload a full mag of Dum Dums into them.
      I’ll tell you where this is heading. Population reduction!
      Behind closed doors TPTB will talk. Heads will nod.
      Once we vaccinate, we will put selective markers on groups. Bin bags on all corners for waste disposal. Disgusting trash! Wise heads will rule fools. Garbage disposal will rule.

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      1. Major Scum bags. I’m so sick and tired of these losers looting and harming others. Was that even necessary to continue beating the poor store clerk?

        He/she was behind the counter on the dam floor! You already broke in to the place stealing. Just effing leave with the shit you stole. No one was stopping you but no, that wasn’t enough for you low lives.


        1. Who are these kids parents, they must be proud. This shit makes me want to carry my gun with me and I hate to do it.


    1. Stay out of Minneapolis.

      Don’t vacation there. Don’t do business there. Don’t pay taxes there. Stay OUT of Minnesota if you can altogether.

      Let the Hottentots make it on their own since they think they are such hot stuff.

      Bolshevism in full bloom…behind the scenes pulling the strings.

      Prediction: The Guard will be called in to restore order, and firefights will result. Weakness in protecting life in the beginning will result in strength taking it in the end. Order is seldom restored from chaos without a price.

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      1. Very sensitive decisions still to be made there.

        But for other issues there is real progress . Total lock down until and still-IF done! But issues I can’t reveal.
        This is real world not Broker crap and real world wheels can fall off. Like Clinton’s strap on!
        But, think of the implications, you can’t RV in the region unless you at least phase others. I won’t say more.
        Think Dominoes.


        1. Thanks John. Given the currency situation (possibly) unfolding would the IRR be a good speculation or would the VND or IQD be better or all are interesting? Completely speculative…understood! Seems based on your comment others are 1st, but if the RV actually goes othes may follow and funds from the 1st might be able to be used for the others? It doesn’t sound like an all at 1 time type of deal. Maybe I’m confused….Just trying to direct funds for a speculative position. What would you do in the next few days? Hypothetically? If you wanted to build funds to help the conservative movement.


          1. HIW

            Understanding that first even the majors are not done until paid, and second that we are dealing with a layer of scum at the top which, as with the long failed lawful redemption of the PPs, are perfectly capable of taking the lot in on SKRs, and delaying or failing to pay, as they did with the PPs and US Guarantees to the trusting nations, for a century, looting lying and reneging. While there is a Roach in the Soup, prepare for trouble.

            Also factor in just because a Cleared Group deal may at last be imminent, expect the Roaches and Zio filth to be capable of any last minute subterfuge with Public follow ups. I hope not but my distrust of this Cult is deep.

            Across Europe, behind closed doors most Europeans quietly espouse a core belief that once cleared out of the primary nations, Germany should have been allowed to finish its processing as no nations wanted them back at any price. Even the US tried to deny their ships, and look at the mess now. They own the show and exclude all. A rapacious predatory Cult, no thanks to Genghis Khan as there is hardly a True Jew among them. Just assimilated Mongol Plains marauders, Nomad filth which simply booted and suited to pass for Human. But inside, a Kazah. Be assured, Sovereigns and all, give them an inch and they take a mile. They kill far more than Covid. Just look at what they have done to Palestine and neighbouring countries. Listen to Palestinians driven off their generations of land, and look how Trump has STOLEN the asset rich Golans, for the Kushner Crime Family, Cheney and Israel. Treachery abounds. So caution. We are dealing with despicable predatory Carrion.

            That apart, the agreement with the Zims was for the Gold backed Bonds, not the cash. We hold most of those.

            Now a positive factor, US Contractors were paid in part Dinars, and Senior Military Industrial Cabal Deep State parties hold them. So?
            Same with Dongs, held by the Suits and Agencies. Pigs at the trough? Do they upset the Deep State and Contractors? Half of DC is in on it. Snouts in deep.

            If, and NOT my recommendation, IF you chose to go “Commando”, I would stick to Dongs and Dinars, but knowing the risks. Dongs already have a public base established anyway so risk is lower.

            But as you surmise, if it comes off, you will have a small Mother-load to hit the Cryptos, and, as the Trustee Head in London will receive his share of conversion fees for T’s in play now, which in turn will release a Crypto Whale among you, and a possible Project orientated, new asset backed Crypto in time, which WHA will have a new issue first option on for you. With us in Big! We care and seek to help and keep you safe. We feel your needs. We ” Understand!
            Clear? With caution.

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  31. Crypto Price Update

    Some of the crypto ideas we shared for you to consider are still in pretty good safe buy ranges at the moment. Let’s take a look and see.

    XRP: Presently around .19 and a safe buy up to about .35.

    SOLVE: Presently around .15 and a safe buy up to .20.

    CRPT: Presently around .37 and a safe buy up to .45.

    ZRX: Presently around .34 and a safe buy up to.75.

    VET: Presently around .016 and a safe buy up to .01. (technically okay to buy more at this price)

    CND: Presently around .01 and a safe buy up to .30.

    XLM: Presently around .07 and a safe buy up to .30.

    ETH: Presently around 231.00 and a safe buy up to 550.00

    DASH: Presently around 72.00 and a safe buy up to 800.00

    BTC: Presently around 9400 and a safe buy up to 25,000.

    The others we suggested you look into are over a safe buy-in price, so be careful if you add to the positions. Use risk capital only, and keep your positions uniform. At these prices, at this time, it won’t take much to make a lot from a little.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. ADA is a good project, and I hold some.

        As to how much is a little?

        Let’s take some examples.

        BTC. .10 when it came out. Many multi-millionaires today from such. Billionaires too.

        Many loudmouth “experts” said it would never work, it was a novelty, it was this, it was that. etc.

        Say you bought $500 of the stuff in 2009 at .10 and still held it today. Get your calculator out and see what that’s worth.

        ETH. Many bought at around $8 in 2016. Many said it would never work out. It was this, it was that, it was the other that would make it fail.

        It was predicted by some to get as high as $400. It reached $1400.

        $1000 at 8$ became what at $1400?

        And there were many other examples of this.

        And this was before the more advanced ideas and commercial interests who are lining up to partake right now, and after Wall St gets their regulatory heads out of their sphincters.

        So, with predictions of the market cap going from present into trillions, and even tens of trillions, what do you think could happen to $100-1000 in each quality idea?

        The newness of it all makes it a speculative arena by default. And “arena” is a word which is derived from “sand”, and in ancient times the sand was to soak up the blood.

        Take a lesson from that, and don’t put critical funds at risk. Only such funds that you can part with and still live as you do now should be placed into such ventures.

        Not all will make it. Enough should.

        Good luck!


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        1. I own some ada also. It wasn’t one of the ones on your list, so I was just checking.

          RV of currencies or not, I should do quite well!

          Thank you for everything you do for us! 🤗

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          1. But pray we have a public exchange. I want to get off this island before they implement mandatory vaccines. People will line up here, I believe.

            They are setting up full surveillance here and not even hiding it.


      1. Hi Tom,

        You would buy them in generally the same way you buy most financial products. In the US, you would use an exchanger or broker. There are many good ones.

        Binance USA is pretty good for most purchases conducted by US citizens.

        One of the best US based exchangers is is okay but their customer service can be poor at times. is pretty good and I think they still accept US persons. Best to check with them on that.

        Once you purchase your asset, you will need to store them if you don’t intend to simply stay on the brokerage account. This can be done in several ways, with either a cold storage wallet like or an on-line wallet like

        Contact any of those companies for more information. If you have any questions you need help with in general, just ask here and someone should be able to give you some assistance.


  32. “…I am alive and well and living in my home in Southern Florida. In spite of various stories and reports in various publications and emails, I have not been taken into custody by the powers that be and do not anticipate it happening anytime in the future…” –Dave Schmidt newsletter of May 3, 2020.

    DAVID SCHMIDT (Register Number 26342-104) is currently located at FDC Miami.

    As of today, the Bureau of Prisons website reflects the above.

    Since he is being held on a civil contempt charge, he alone holds the keys to his incarceration. All he has to do is comply with the court order to do as they ask. He would then walk free.

    Dave has apparently decided to hold onto his position, i.e., that Meta1 is not subject to any court because they are “sovereign” and are “natural persons”. Well, naturally, he is not going to prevail on that argument.

    For those of you who signed up for his “private dong exchange”, I would take some time to look at your expectations for such if he remains in prison. Just be aware and plan another route if needed, if possible.

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    1. Unfortunately the Official Secrets Act prohibits me in Law from telling how we deal with this trash but we used far worse than water for Boarding! And with a Taste of that swirling through their lungs, with hard daily “Correction Training”, there were no heroes, and non not crying for their Mammies within a week. 3 Days and they would sell out their Grannies. We are allowing low Pond Life to emerge and there will be late Put Down costs. Police have become Social Mammies. We have Mamma Gays running the Met and surrounded by their own. You wonder why this all goes pear shaped? We let this lot lose the plot! There will have to be a Reckoning, and Yes, there will be blood! Disgusting.


    1. We need legions of such men.

      Send in the Guard. Shoot all rabble who refuse to disperse.

      Take back the Seattle area and hang that disgusting Warlord by his toes.

      These brain-dead hoards need to be dealt with or this is going to spread.

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    2. Guys, get the Batons out and pepper sprays, spot that loud mouthed Gobshite, and take him out with a full face on baton hit, spread his lips. Cuff him take him in charged with inciting riots, and have some guys in the big house welcome him as new meat on the block on arrival. Shit like him cause the real problems. Shut him up and shut him down. The guys inside will take care of his Butt for you. He’ll come out with a high pitched voice carrying a Pink Handbag, Bubbas Bitch tattooed on his forehead. Time to stop their crap. Stamp it out. Rubicon rules get mean!

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  33. Kayleigh will flatten Biden. Kayleigh for VP.


    Hi Tech Heh?

    A whole new Her Indoors. Never gets headachs or mood frumps.


    The Far Right are boiling to a Fight. BLM are asking for a new Gangs of New York Battle. Weaponised!

    Shocking moment police officer is kicked to the ground during Black Lives Matter protest in London as he backs away from jeering crowd

    A Metropolitan Police officer was kicked to the pavement by a protester in Westminster, London, near the Houses of Parliament. Fellow demonstrators jeered and clapped as the officer fell on the ground.


    About time. The Silent English majority have said enough. Public guards were mounted in 2 areas to protect the statues and monuments from these Rioting Blow Ins. No more desecrating our history and if they don’t like it they can F off back to where their ancestors came from and build their own Utopia. Time these Bums stop free riding on ours. One way tickets out we will fund. Police hassling our own Nationalists who protested about BLM anarchy angered the public so much that a number of Police were pushed to the ground and got a dam good kicking yesterday from the incensed people. It’s OUR F country and if they hassle us they will get treated as the Enemy. Mobs descended on the Police and battered them. Public backlash to deal with this trash.
    Mandela dealt with Reason. This mass trash just focus on Open Season and Treason. BLM mobs risk a real Right Wing and Skinhead backlash. I dont justify it , but it will just brew up and explode. Police need to stop messing with the Left peddling crap or the dam will break. Their heads will go with it. Anarchy will come at a price. There risk an upsurge of retribution. People are sick of it, and if the back lash breaks, be ready for retribution. It just brought home to Police, we are sick of the lot of you. Your cruising for a bruising. There’s a lot of stabbings nowadays so soon they will all be carrying Pig Stickers. Stop this BLM Anarchy or Sod off and stand aside. The Public will Shank the lot of them. No respect for us, no Mercy for them!


    The complete shit China has shipped as PPEs has backfired. We are walking away from them.

    You get what you pay from China


    Make my YEAR!

    Will be entertaining. Now THIS will make his Presidency.


    This angers me.

    Pictured: Three of four charged with attacking two police officers

    In my day they would have had our boots and bayonets scabbards rammed right up them. This and they have to be put down. Mad Dogs got a bullet always.


    Blow Jo has to learn fast allow mobs and shit happens. Now the Right Wing is marching as Patriots, and like Bikers will come tooled up.

    Enoch’s Rivers of Blood may not be so far off. At some point the Brits will say enough then Police have to stand aside or get it, because BLM Mobs will get it!
    As with Mandela reasons wins not mobs descrating our history. Brits are a proud people. If they tool up its over.

    BLM activists DEFY Boris Johnson’s calls to abandon protests



  34. It was most fortunate that John accepted our invitation to continue to assist us with highly accurate information concerning this matter. Many of you asked for this, and, well, look at the results! Our site is very much alive each day with topics of concern. Of course, we do take time for humor and edgy chit chat, but we are adults, and a little colorful banter is good for the soul.

    John can certainly lay it on thick when it comes to our political folly, but he also points such at his own countrymen with even stronger force when called for. The point of such is certainly to point out where we need to hold them accountable.

    I appreciate the welcome that you have all given him.

    We are on the leading edge of accurate information concerning our subject matter, and all of you share in it as it happens.

    I sincerely hope you all see the results you have been waiting for, very soon.

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  35. Love everything.
    Heal everything.
    Forgive everything.
    Nothing is as it seems.
    The Great Reveal.
    We have Sovereign Power.
    We are One.


        1. It’s in among the volume seeking RV right now. There are NO Guarantees and none are done until Done. Be clear they can still fail and have before. Let’s try to get it over the line first. If so, those in cleared Groups will have a real future, and those not, at least then currencies will have a rating. Game changer!

          Let’s see where it’s at by the end of next week. Those cleared it’s then all been worth it. Those posing and lying Skanks claiming access will have real explaining to do if they come up empty. Let’s try to get the majors done first, then we can ask what can we do to help the Public? We know you need. At least when it starts the ice is broken.

          Because of the time zone differences and Global trading, my day starts between Three and Five AM and continues beyond midnight. We are focused.Huge pressures are on.


          1. Thank you, John. Can you help us understand why this would be the last ditch effort to clear funds until next year if not completed prior to silly season commencing?


            1. Because Primary MTN, BG Traders take off on Mega Yachts from July 4th until Mid September to party, wear out the Hot Chicks, blow their minds and pot, leaving only the Wannabes and Her Indoors to use up the rest of the Bankers on never ending vacations until 2nd week September, Chaos, Nobody left to trade.

              From July 4th Onward if released, I still expect to be flat out putting together the new Infrastructure necessary to help the Chinese Elders and US clients due to be paid if settled now, to get them ready for Platform Trading in October. It’s never ending. Also to create the right Project Strategies for them to reinvest such vast profits. We can’t just have them waste it in Casinos and Hot Chicks.

              If they fail by July 4th kiss goodbye to this year.


              1. Very much appreciate the context, John. Is it safe to assume you are more cautiously optimistic this year that in years past? It would appear the banks actually need the liquidity now more than ever.


                1. Your asking a Common Sense question. It depends if it has consequences for Zio filth who I would like mass deported to Siberian Salt mines on one way tickets. The Seed Breeds filth of Genghis Khan have so much to answer for. Mongol Plains Rapists and Marauders in disguise. Filth in a mask. Assimilate, sequestrate.


          2. I asked B Of A financial center if they would cash out currency they told me yes at that location they would take it and credit my account with them instantly with dollars.

            I am not talking about Dinar , that In understand will be a different set of rules.


          3. Thank you, John for your long hours. I, as so many others, look forward to the good we will accomplish.


  36. I’m not a legal fiction, I am the living man. I bow only to my Father, who made me, a new creation, to live far above all principality and power. I will not die, nor can I be destroyed. I will leave here and go to Him only when He is ready. Until then, I am the victor.
    I’m 69 but I can and will stand. Age, for me, is experience and wisdom. I won’t go, even if the switch is thrown. Until it is time.


    1. Agreed. Well said. Covid is a joke, not a pandemic but a common flu. As a Stage 4 cncersurvivor from using alternative means, a big part of our transformation requires we take much more control over our health. Vaccines are for sheep.


  37. Tony – the dinars I ordered are paid for by joint account with my husband. Not from my personal account.

    He should be able to do the exchange even though the dinar receipts are in my name? Yes I hope?


    1. I would think so. I would have him take your marriage certificate along just in case. Not being a lawyer I don’t know the community property laws in HW, but normally I think a bank would recognize joint and several ownership circumstances where marriage is concerned, and where it is not.


  38. There are things waiting to be created… There are Truths unimaginable waiting to be discovered. Patterns of Resonance that can sympathetically vibrate and cancel-out the low hums of dis-ease. There are children yet born with the knowledge, skill and the will to manifest remedies for all the inflexible problems we now face.

    But behind the veil they must wait…hoping beyond hope that we can unhing ourselves from the desire to do harm, the lust to “do evil so that good may come.”

    Time to grow up, is in not?!

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  39. I think there are enough of us who understand right thinking, right action, right conduct, right intention, and have the right heart to use and share the RV blessing to benefit many. I too have a list! Just get the blessing to us!


    1. Jan, I agree. We have large numbers out there just waiting for this to take place. We all want to help others, it’s our calling and I believe now, after everything we’ve seen and how devastating it’s all been to so many around the world, I think it’s more than time to get us working on just that, helping



  40. Hi there. Here’s my (evolving) list of causes I intend on uplifting when the RV or Reset arrives to bless our world, with examples for renowned groups in each instance. I live in the North West of England, but share a global, benevolent, long-cherished vision with many awakening souls.

    Homelessness – ‘Shelter’, ‘Habitat’, ‘St. Mungo’s’
    Soup Kitchens,
    Clean, safe Drinking and Sanitation – Wateraid
    Environmental Protection – Greenpeace
    Sustainable Fishing, Ocean and Pollution clean-up
    Support for Animals, esp. zoos, endangered or farmed
    ‘Be Fair, Be’
    Poverty, esp. Children – ‘Concern’
    Regional Food Banks (most in demand)
    Auto-Immune Disease and its treatment: ie. Natural medicine and Nutrition awareness
    Effective, non-invasive Medical breakthroughs that make redundant
    Mandated treatment of any kind
    Technologies for Heating, Housing, Clothing and Transport
    Mental Health
    Survivors of Sexual Abuse – Children’s Society
    Miscarriage Support
    Orphans, the Elderly
    MK Ultra/Entertainment Industry Exploitation
    Satanic Rape, Torture and Sacrifice
    Creating and promoting Music of Love and Peace
    Worthy Film investments
    Gratitude for all the Light Warriors and Wayshowers..
    Conflict Resolution in Personal and Global relationships,
    Peace as the ‘Default setting’
    Legal support for those on Low incomes, Foreclosed upon
    Disaster Relief
    Refugee Aid, ‘Care’ for Displaced Families
    Human Rights, eg. ‘Amnesty Intl.’, Liberty
    ‘Vines Branch Development Project’, Gary Larrabee
    Lightworkers Congress
    501-C3 Humanitarian Plans
    Help financial and emotional for military veterans
    Grants to small and medium-size businesses recovering from Covid-19
    Integration and Inclusion of all skin colours and belief systems.
    Education systems that promote real self-mastery, compassion awareness
    And Respect for all human beings, life itself.


      1. Still in development, but forecasted to become a reality very soon. People will commute in these and even replace cars with them in certain cases.


        1. It needs a far longer reach 100KM is hopeless. It needs to be at least 400M get the batteries sorted. Its range is a killer. Might as well get in the car for that. Its a toy, just not functional. It needs response to get at them telling them its a muppet Toy at only 100KM. Fit only for her indoors to go shopping.


          1. Yes, but remember it goes at 180km per hour. You get where you are going, faster, safer and in a straight line. I agree it should have a longer range, but power storage is still not capable of that – yet.

            Here is their latest model.

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            1. 180 mph is normal driving for me. It’s now over $1,000 dollars radar trap fund going over 100 MPH across Europe.
              A recent Belgian of all Cops was incensed I clocked over 174. Frigging Brussels, he asked fuming, why do you drive so fast? To pay the Bills saving your arses from the Germans did not amuse him. French Gendarmes are even worse. Open roads Go!. Our lives. Our risk. Good cars are ok.
              Damn plane needs to go faster. Batteries for 100KM is a No.


  41. in answer to john’s Q

    if the [partial] RVs are released,

    as long as the funding is protected,

    a large proportion of those lucky enough to successfully get thru will undoubtedly raise heck as long as they can not be de-funded


  42. Thank you, I still don’t know what I can do as a woman alone and very poor. But I want to do something, anything please give me suggestions as I am seconds from homelessness….what have I got to loose right?


    1. In terms of currencies, if you hold any, we will try our best to get any pre-advice out to you in case of success for public holders. That’s the best we can do with respect to that subject matter.

      If you have a car, try doing rideshare or even deliver with companies like Roadie. I wish you well, and stay tuned.


      1. Yes I have a little but was just considering trying to sell it some how. I’m sorry but I’ve seemed to have lost hope lately. I have to move again on the 30th, will be the fourth time since
        March 6, that is if I’m accepted. I live in Oregon, where Antifa rules and is tearing up our downtown area. I would like to support Judicial Watch, if I we’re lucky enough to get to cash in. They are trying hard to bring our crime families down, and I would support the saving of the children in the sex trafficking rings as well. Thank you for your hard work as well.


    2. Carla, hello and welcome to WHA.

      I am a bit agro tonight so please excuse me if I seem a little or a lot lol, in your face.

      “I still don’t know what I can do as a woman alone and very poor.”
      Carla, I appreciate that you may be experiencing severely difficult circumstances right now but I would like to express something to you and I hope I don’t offend you. What the hell is that statement all about? Heck girl, a woman alone can move bloody mountains if you decide that is what you are going to do.

      A}. If you are that close to homelessness, where are your friends? Your friends have couches. Crash a couple of nights with each of your friends. Do some cooking, cleaning, whatever to repay them. Well, not quite whatever but you get my drift hopefully. Girl, you keep a roof over your head and do whatever it takes. Do not go to the streets. I have been there. DO NOT BLOODY LET THAT HAPPEN. That is a downhill slide. NO NO NO.

      “What have I got to loose right”
      Carla, I am not 100% certain what you are really asking here but it sounds to me like you have already given up. You stop that right this bloody second. You have reached out and you are going to get the responses you get posting on a public forum. I don’t mean to come across like a big bitch, but sometimes I am, and that’s me, love me of leave me, as they say lol. You can tell me to get stuffed if you wish to but I cannot stand to see a woman feeling helpless. I’ll give a boot in the butt and a monster sized hug because I actually do care about you.

      Sweetheart, I know nothing about you but I would like you to know that here at WHA we care. You are not alone and if you need assistance, guidance, cheering up or whatever, someone here will help you.

      I want you to do something for me. The second you read this message, you make the decision to stay strong and absolutely not be beaten by bloody ANYTHING and get a quick plan in place to avoid the streets. I want to know you are okay and have made plans with friends to do some couch surfing. PLEASE, do that for me okay.

      Carla, I know I have come across as a horrible beast in this comment and I am actually sorry about that. But his life needs to be survived and we woman do not have the choice to give up if we want to make it in this world. We have to learn to stand on our own two feet, face what comes and deal with it. We absolutely cannot rely on anyone else to do that for us. Unless you find a gorgeous hubby that just wants to hug you for the rest of eternity and make you feel loved, safe and protected. But heck, where are those dudes? I sure can’t find one. LOL So I’m up shit street there. LOL

      Carla, you can and will get through your current difficulties if you decide that is what you want. DO NOT let this shitty world beat you. If may not always be fields of beautiful flowers and champagne in the early stages but you can get there. Say a big F off to everything that tries to bring you down and you stand your ground and bloody well make sure YOUR life is completely under YOUR control and heads in the exact direction YOU desire it to head.

      I know you possibly feel a little helpless right now sweetheart but you can change that in a heartbeat. We are all here to support you. Dig in my darlin, the best is yet to come. XXXXX

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hell NO Carla Aurataya is a Bitch, just get a horse whip most Judges and Bankers will pay you Big Bucks just to whip them. Aurataya wants it all to herself. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

  43. Interesting Mr.W. Sorry, but just can’t see you helping capture cold grasshoppers pre Dawn for creating an anti-hopper elixer. Science applied can do a lot of good where locusts and grasshoppers are wiping out everything green. R.Buckminister Fuller was absolutely right!!! )


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