Life Energy Creates The Future And Learns From The Past

In a world of Chaos, Racial Riots and Killings, where is Leadership now? Beyond the closed mind borders, after the chaos of Covid 19 will we learn anything of becoming a Better Humanity? Or have the mass mIndless Sheeple given up and lost the whole point of this wonderful life privilege they won? When will they rise above the Dark Ages after the Covid pandemic? Man Up! If 30% Job losses hit, everything changes. We need your life to have meaning, not be demeaning. Time to rethink Real Values – of Living Beings!

We do nothing as rabid Mobs riot trashing cities, looting, mugging, drug dealing and pimping. They riot because we have offended them? En masse? These are race conflicts no one needs. It will backfire. Mandela would never have gone forwards with BLM. I know, I was there. I pushed the Afrikaners to set him free, or all perish if he dies in jail. That is what permeated their Nazi skulls. Not one of you will live! That got Ministers on side. Saving their own butts. Fast! His release was historic. Wonderful.

Mandela alone saved South Africa. And the whites. He brought forgiveness. He healed wounds. BLM is not about healing, just looting and stealing. Nelson was truly one of our Greats.

How Empires end and Heroes turn out to be sorted Possums, who flattered to deceive. Post Covid we will have such enforced change and stress. Many businesses will not cope and fail. Jobs all gone. Society is currently in freefall. Chaos rules.

There is not even a Collective Leadership able to reach out and share a Global vaccine, if even merited as safe, to save our whole world of nations. Without it, Covid will just keep on recycling as a virus, and returning ever more mutated. Instead, we see China and the US trying to buy up Vaccines at source as pure Self interest greed. Me, Me, Me!

This is no way to advance Humanity, just selfish Vanity! When do we come together as a Collective entity of Beings all in this together and reason ways forward together? Wouldn’t that reduce conflicts?

If, in fact, either Oxford or Imperial Colleges are first, it needs to be Democratically overseen as our gift to humanity. You all – Matter.

But where is that Leadership now? Me. Me, Me is no Humane Destiny!

Have any of you taken time to reflect on the real purpose of your journey here, as a carbon life force? Yes – You. Do you ever think, Why?

Let’s think outside of the box together. Time to reflect, and question why? Thinking time – the importance of that Unique One Off Being – that is YOU! What can YOU achieve?

In such a messed up world run by either rapacious Zionists, Political misfits and deviants, or seeing a surge in Radical Islam, a semi itinerant mad dog tribe left over clueless from the 7th century, is a rabid threat to all. Now, oil is almost gone, surges of them will run West, polluting all where they settle. They bring nothing to the Gene pool. Under-educated, ignorant trash as waves of illegals bring only surging welfare costs and social threats. Where are their great successful Islamic States to go to?

Or the other lot, the Genghis Khan Zionist Cult pox pool. Look what they have done to America. Integration – Not Sequestration. 6,000 years and still they don’t get it. Roaches!

At the moment of that race for the creation of life, between 400 million to 1.2 Billion sperms are released where it’s the race for life – or death. At best, one succeeds, or usually, all die. Again the miracle of conception, you alone made it. You won!

You had no religion then, or need. So who brainwashed you, and why, for what Lie?

You out-swam the interceptors, and vast millions of others competing for that one chance of fertilised life competing against such impossibly high odds. You won bigger than any Olympian. You alone now exist in full living human life form. A Miracle in itself. Your right to be- Free! Why did you win, and how are you living this life? Winning, or Whining?

This life is YOUR Journey, so why allow any predatory Zio Trash Cult, or NWO Elite like Gates or the Tri Laterals take it from you? Do you have a clue what is in play for your future? To even exist? Rights are not free! Will you abdicate life and go into the night?

They are few, you are many. Before they population deplete you, think, for once, and act. This wonderful life is your right, not to be sent into the night. Say NO!!! To NWO.

Will you give Gates and the NWO viruses the right to chip you, to inject your coming children or grandchildren now at birth? Chipped, tracked, and when no longer needed, Whacked! You will be first for their compulsory flawed nano-technology vaccines.

Will you walk willingly to your State demanded annual Vaccines, knowing once tracker signaled, the Off Button in nano technology units will be triggered for you when they judge you superfluous to need? Which aged 65 plus, is at their call? What is happening to our Right to Life? Not harvesting up your pensions. Do you even think outside of that bubble they cocooned you in? You all start equal. Who takes it from you? When you don’t control your own money, how can you win, when you’re not even In – The Trough System? Work it out.

Do you have any concept of what’s coming soon? Their macabre plans for you?

You were born to live, to achieve your destiny, not in a Human Zoo. It’s on record what vile War Criminal Soros did to his own people and glorified his profits. Why has he not paid for his disgusting crimes? The Bushes, Clintons and Zionists?

America, the UK and Commonwealth are full of so many highly qualified, experienced and motivated Professionals, leading in the Arts, Sciences, Engineering and Medical fields. Empowered by such collective abilities, yet deceived by greed and political depravity.

Why can we not all, at this time of Hubris for all, contemplate in this time, our new opportunity to focus our time and lives on being – a better Human Being?

Why can’t we all assess what’s left the rails in Leadership?

To reassess what’s brought us all to this mess. No one is owed! Life is your road, to bear!

Education should be integration, not segregation. Each child deserves a chance to develop and for a life of meaning, not racial or poverty demanding. Look now at the wealth portals of Corporate powers. It’s time to rethink need, not Jewish Greed.

History repeats itself, and Zionism will bring its own Apocalypse. Deservedly.

People need to have a sense of belonging and need. Not farmed clones to Zio greed.

Human beings need to feel inclusive, not excluded from a chance to evolve and succeed, but denied by race or Creed. Cults Segregate, and segregated tribes annihilate. Ask the Romans how that went?

Do you really want Population reduction, and where do you think you will be in that pecking order? Covid will bring ever more pressures to cut Welfare costs as Beings.

Who then decides your Right to the Life you beat up to a Billion to win? So – You are Special. Start there.

Where is Ethereal leadership, Ethereal values? Who even elevates to aspire to an evolution of purpose where life – Is more?

Post RV’s you will do what?

We now live in a Toxic world. Millions of lives will be lost because of deferred Hospital treatments, or checking processes. Toxic Debts will devastate economies. Tax Collectors – Want! How can the Hospitality sector meet its overheads with the impact of Social distancing. Ever more stores will now fail. How will economies cope with escalating unemployment and losses? Back to work, when there is none? If Covid strikes again in Winter? Shut down again and switch off the lights?

The road ahead may be littered with dead. Where are the Inspirational Leaders?

Kennedy reached for the Stars. This lot is more likely to reach for your Rrrrs!

Time to think Integration not Segregation?

Who is thinking, a Life Purpose Mission? Not assume it!

If we release the RVs, we will do what?
© 2020

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. R. Buckminster Fuller


  1. Just called the bank that purchased most of my dong thru, they said that I could go thru the drive through and the person I talked to said they would make sure that the tellers knew they could exchange the dong. They also said that I could buy more. I’m in central oklahoma.


    1. Can still buy dong here as well, (HI) although I didn’t. Yesterday, the bank teller said someone just bought a ton of it. My bank orders foreign currency thru BOA.


  2. As a result of the Covid Chaos, sensitive and detailed negotiations relating to the release of the PPs and, as now, the conversion of the Elders Cash Pallets, it has become clear we are about to hit the Silly Season Wall.

    Consequentially we are hammering the US negotiators to both extend the negotiations right now, and be prepared to get a firm hold of Bankers and whining, Pampered Staff, enforcing National Interests first, and to make it clear to Her Indoors, if the Husband is called up to serve his role in the National interests, to close down on Vacation whining, and to order her to Shut It!

    If they can’t control them, marry a Stepford Wife. When we have Senior Bankers and Military more afraid of Her Indoor than the enemy, WTF way is this to run America?

    Military and Banking Sissy Boys? Who wears the pants in America?

    We ARE extending negotiations over in Global interests, and we have just denied the Summer vacation bridge. Whinging Wives and whining Brats can wait. This matters. They don’t!

    There now will be no Summer Season breaks for the RV and PP teams. We push on, as we need to. They serve or Default positions. Markets now rule Fools! Wake Up Calls!

    We have shown how we can simply Discount sell the USD Cash Pallets to China and the Russians, for them to then call the US to pay up, and that comes home hard with a bang, if we let China and Russia have Gold, Catch 20 F TWO! Bang!

    Settling now matters. We push on and deny breaks. No! It’s coming home. Hardball! No game for Limp Wrists. Zio Bankers will see their Rrrrs! It takes what it takes. It’s in play, they stay!

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    1. John,

      Do you really believe you can enforce banning them from taking holiday? Its apparent, to this point, they call all the shots.


      1. Read again re China/Russia and AU. Will we make hardball moves?
        This is not Kindergarten.
        We have played it for Millenia.
        Which is the most powerful Financial Center on earth? Why?
        Call all the shots they like. We control the bullets!
        The Elders trust who? It’s about Dynasties.
        Unless your bloodline, it’s a whole new Dimension.
        Britain has a certain “Class” system. Who is Head of the Council of 300?
        Where is the Bilderbergers base?
        Who runs Chatham House? Plus many more?
        Will we explain? No.


    2. We have Kayleigh’s back.
      We will NOT stand by while Cretins like Acosta defile the Flag and continue to rudely interrupt while she gives a narcissistic Pig of low IQ, a considered and polite response, detailed with facts, while this Gypsies Dog crudely continues to talk over her. She’s doing a dam good job and so is Barr. CNN is Fake News and lowers America’s standing. Acosta needs his WH Press Pass pulling. Conduct unbecoming. It’s boring to watch this crude oaf offend the dignity of the Press Room. Fake News has no rights to the WH. Two can play. Don’t we have enough with the Lying King already?
      I don’t like the way the Cabal and Dems are hijacking votes and attendances. Let the people decide for real.
      Kayleigh and Barr need to disbar Acosta. A Creep is sufficient reason.

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  3. ________

    Kaleigh again leads the way for TRUTH for the WH.
    STOP the Fake News!

    Fact Check: Polio Vaccines, Tetanus Vaccines, and the Gates Foundation

    A listener writes in to lament that The Corbett Report is spreading false facts about Bill Gates in Who Is Bill Gates? . . . at least, according to the fact checkers. But are they right? Don’t miss today’s important edition of the Fact Check series where James teaches a master class in how to examine a “fact check” and how to tell whether a claim is supported by the evidence or not.

    This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now
    [video src="" /]


    Democrats Destroying Democracy in America.


    So now they will Socially distance you with Police Robots.


    So now, the Socialist Mad EU is looking to ban US Travellers as Covid Risks.

    2nd largest group and biggest spenders.. comical


    Controlling the mindless Bastards Globally.


    PIERS MORGAN: Trump should be heading for a massive shellacking in November, but insane liberals are fighting hard to get him re-elected by destroying statues of American heroes, rioting in the streets and letting off fireworks all night

    PIERS MORGAN: Somehow, unbelievably, Trump’s opponents are once again doing everything in their power to wrestle another defeat from the jaws of seemingly inevitable victory.

    The Force of anger is with The Donald.


    Why Governments will stop Cryptos

    Albeit 5 years old its still as true today. Where were CNN on this instead of tracking and attacking Trump? Maybe its time we gave Kayleigh and Trumps team the PR lead to raise that at the next Press meeting and demand CNN Liars run an investigation on this ? Let’s see Acosta man up. Mongrel. Ram it in nis face Kayleigh.
    So do we do nothing and let the Illegal and his Fake Wife cannibalize the integrity and run again for his Fake Wife.

    Will someone shut that Rude Pig Acosta up while Kaleigh is talking ? No manners, a gutteral Pig.


    How can such a party stay in office? It shows how far the country has fallen and why foreign leaders ignore him.




          1. Erin Marie Olszewski is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist, who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, on the inside in two radically different settings. Two hospitals. One private, the other public. One in Florida, the other in New York.

            And not just any New York public hospital, but the “epicenter of the epicenter” itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump’s Queens. As a result of these diametrically opposed experiences, she has the ultimate “perspective on the pandemic”. She has been where there have been the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 and where there have been the least.


            1. My guess is the markets trends prior to the roni- rona will continue, meaning the reset postponed to the post election for the Patriots to maximize the effects in the DJT second term. I could be wrong however.


    1. Scots
      Please don’t travel South of the Border. Build Scotland, stop your whining, winging and drunken blame games
      Even the Romans did not want you. They drew the wall to keep you out. We need to build it to keep you in!


  4. “SCOTUS “Legislated from the Bench” on Obama’s Illegal DACA Amnesty!”
    “Only Congress can amend the law, not President Obama nor the courts. One cannot help but conclude that this decision is driven more by politics than the rule of law.”

    From the comment section:
    “Tom, Roberts skirted the issue of making a decision whether or not Obama’s DACA order was illegal. He even mentioned that in his brief. Instead he sent it back to DHS to explain a rational reason for ending the program. I sent a email to the president that put the onus back on roberts and the liberals to state in their explanation for ending DACA that it was illegal to begin with and therefore must be ended. That way Roberts and the liberals will be forced to make a ruling for ending the program.”

    “These people are trespassing and illegally using Social Services and Medicaid. While our veterans go hungry, homeless and without mental health help!! No, if the program is illegal, my President Trump should give them a choice, jail or go home on your own!!?”

    “Chief Justice Roberts is a traitor and we need to make sure that everybody including him knows that that is the public ruling. that is the label that will follow him for the rest of his life, that is the label that will follow his children. That is the label that we will stick to his students, to his aides. None of them can be trusted.”


    “Let’s cut to the chase. Obama was not who he says he is, nor was he a natural born citizen. Nullify his presidency and everything he enacted is out the window”

    “TRUMP 2Q2Q”


  5. So, the Elders get wiped out?

    Nothing beats a strong immune system and taking lots of D3 with K2 with mk7 daily.


    Huge questions, Hello??????????????

    Tell me again why the blanket shutdowns that have done irresponsible damage to the economy.
    Maybe the fear will subside with more publicity of studies like this one.


    So, will Russia supply S400s to India to blow away China?

    In a time of declining consumption and trade, you can count on cutting edge weapons to fill the treasury. China may well have produced for Russia a huge benefit in its’ imperialism.

    Given the fear India has their non mentioned desire to pay USD cash for 36 SU 33’s suggests that Russia could sell existing planes and put the money to work building Su 57’s instead to replace the inventory. A win for everyone.


    Were Gates and Soros behind this? It stinks!

    Thank you, I will let my body fight for better or for worse and trust my immune system to work.


    Albeit 5 years old its still as true today. Where were CNN on this instead of tracking and attacking Trump? Maybe its time we gave Kayleigh and Trumps team the PR lead to raise that at the next Press meeting and demand CNN Liars run an investigation on this? Let’s see Acosta man up. Mongrel. Ram it in his face Kayleigh.

    So do we do nothing and let the Illegal and his Fake Wife cannibalize the integrity and run again for his Fake Wife.

    Will someone shut that Rude Pig Acosta up while Kaleigh is talking? No manners, a guttural Pig.


    How can such a party stay in office? It shows how far the country has fallen and why foreign leaders ignore him.


    And so it expands out


    Just who the F do they think they are.
    This is noway to harm the lives of integrated, contributing successful racial groups. If it’s an issue debate it with sensitivity and decorum
    Not some Marxist Arse bringing only division
    Have vision, or F off back to Numpty land.


    Will the earth move for you?


    Note how many are Muslims ?


    The outcry builds for Faucis head.
    He should be benched


    Really? Time someone got this ape like walking Scrote by the Nadlers.

    Screwing the UK Government and EU is fun!


    Wow. Now that merits alarm bells.


    Heh Maxwell, fate is coming to get you.


    What about Michelle Obama and after he steps down a year later who steps up?

    Reality Checks?


    Poor Spain invaded by the worst Bum bottom feeders


    Now won’t that screw the EU?


    Well how about saying No to these Thugs?


    A fast fix gamble?


    Everyone wants into Crypto trading


    Really, and Bolter Markle hasn’t?


    1. I had to get into the Crypto game also. I Loaded up on XRP but do you recommend keeping the coins on an off Ledger nano?


    2. “Global Communist Revolution is Underway”
      “We’re in the dawn of a high-tech, bloodless Cultural Revolution, one that relies on intimidation, public shaming and economic ruin to dictate what words and ideas are permissible in the public square. “Words are violence” has always been an illiberal notion meant to stifle speech and open discourse. Popularized by a generation of coddled and brittle college students, it now guides policy on editorial pages at newspapers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times and most major news outlets.”


  6. I just requested my insurance agent not renew my policy next month, and I had to explain the reason why. I told him that I was moving to Texas, and I had to explain the reason why.
    I felt bad for breaking his illusionary world in which I could no longer exist, but he needs to cling onto it until he is ready to open his eyes and ears.


      1. Thank you, A Johnson! The historical low mortgage rates are moving existing home inventory rapidly in the pandemic. I would not be taking on more debts right now, but some are eagerly bidding up the prices. Maybe they are hoping for debt forgiveness in the near future? Hope your relocation goes smoothly. Moving your possession from Hawaii is going to be very expensive, but who knows, you/we may get the windfall soon.

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        1. I hope so! Don’t need a windfall, although I would not complain. Just enough and oh yea – it will be an expensive move. It’s a gorgeous picturesque place to live but boy do you pay. Cost of living is very high.

          Really wanted to learn how to kite surf maybe next life lol. I’m not getting any younger. I would sit on the beach and watch them at Kahana. So cool.

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          1. “BEST BEACH IN PENANG MALAYSIA – Batu Ferringhi Beach & Night Market”
            Not to compete or to compare with Hawaii (besides Hawaii, I would love to visit Tahiti. Both islands smell heavenly), Penang, Malaysia is a favorite destination for many Westerners.
            “What are your thoughts on retirement in Malaysia? I have lived in both Malaysia and Thailand and currently living in KL city. I have met a number of young and older expats who mostly prefer Malaysian life over living in Thailand. 
            There is a good scheme called Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) which although has been pushed as a ‘retirement’ scheme, it is actually open to anyone above 21.  Recently I met a young chap from Swiss who runs his company remotely and he is coming in to Malaysia on this programme.”

            I am considering Malaysia for their energy independence, absence of natural disasters, very low cost of living, peaceful co-existence and acceptance of one another where ALL lives matter, the majority can communicate in English and very good British infrastructures.

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  7. Why Banks Stopped Selling Vietnam Dong (Regional Manager Answer)

    Regional manager said a shortage a possible pending rate change and until further notice not selling them anymore.??


  8. “Secret Agenda Behind BLM”
    “Ain’t it weird how on the BLM website, the donation button literally links to ActBlue, which is fundraiser slush fund for the DNC. No coincidences at all…..”



    First wave of Britain’s coronavirus outbreak ‘will be OVER by July 13’

    So when does the hype end?


    India sees record 15,000 daily coronavirus cases

    This virus is mass killing Indians. For God’s sake give it directions to Pakistan next door

    Now this is Justice working, thank God.
    But the system is still rotten, how many more?

    Subject: Watch “SENT TO Prison For 37 YEARS! An Audition SIMON COWELL WILL NEVER FORGET! America’s Got Talent 2020” on YouTube


    While we are hopefully getting clear of Covid, look at the terrible impact of htis CHINESE DISEASE!!! on the Third World. China must pay for this.

    Check out this great article I read on WIRED: “CIA Exhales: 99 Out of 101 Torture Cases Dropped”

    It was all covered up, it still stinks, and so many should be jailed for their parts. But, after genoicide against poor Native Americans what’s new?
    What it can not terrorise and loot, it kills. Deep Stated filth.


    Looters chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ during Stuttgart’s worst ever riots that turned the city into ‘a battlefield’ – as police reveal those involved were ‘mainly young people with a migration background’

    Of the 24 people arrested in Stuttgart, 12 were foreign nationals while three of the other 12 were German nationals with a migrant background, police announced on Sunday.

    Stop letting these Bloody Nutters in!


    1. Terry

      This is a key dilemma for thinking Americans. Well spotted and thank you for contributing. Americans- Thinking heh?


  10. While the optics are horrible, I doubt the validity of the murder narrative of George Floyd.

    In the autopsy they detected roughly 16 ng/ml and one report suggests 30ng/ml. If they had simply sat the man in the cruiser he would have been dead at 15 minutes.


    1. Tino
      Was there ever a case less deserving for unleashing low lifes to mass revolt into anarchy? This taking the knee is madness. 2 Fingers for him! We don’t need a false front to assist stop abuse but then stop looting Raping, Mugging Drug dealing and Pimping! Then look at the corrupt I Want My Lick Crap in Office? Not doing badly are they?
      Justified cases don’t need Anarchy. For Gods sake next time floor Soros. They got the wrong man!
      This route will hurt good minorities. It will needlessly divide us.


  11. Hi John,

    Is the virus potency down?

    Given how they have bulloxed the data, I cannot answer the question definitively.

    What I can say is that, as a general rule, the strength of virii reduces in time. But in a world where the CDC lies and the WHO is co-opted and unreliable, how in hell is anyone to determine how dangerous this bug is? Certainly here in the U.S.we have a bug that is roughly twice as dangerous as the regular flu. Nothing more. Given that the dead are over-represented by false accounting it’s not as bad as the Federal data suggests. Hospitalizations have cratered. In the face of increasing tests and cases. The only rational conclusion is the test is garbage or the virus is very weak. At some point the reality of the garbage tests will settle in. They are trying to invent a second wave out of whole cloth.

    Amusingly, the latest nonsense is the idea of 30% fales-negative results so that they can up the numbers by 30%. In a test that has flagrant false-positives too, given that anybody exposed to a coronavirus over the last few years will almost certainly test positive on the antigen test from exosomes.


    1. Tino

      1.We failed to react when it was clear Covid was a reality, and we failed to block Chinese flights.
      2.We failed to interject masks and hand washing for months. That would have stopped 90% of it.
      3.We failed to establish contact tracing. We STILL Have!
      4.We failed to get PPEs supplied. We allowed China to monopolise it and still sell faulty knock offs. .
      5.We have allowed Gates to profiteer and worse, rig Vaccines for God knows what in future.
      6.We have closed down our economic infrastructure, and the State cost in lost taxes could take 30 years to recover losses. Why?
      7.We have created a feckless loss of c20% of established jobs and boosted the Welfare pool demands- While crashing the economy?
      8.Any thinking person can determine, as we in turn have determined, the depths of inept stupidity and hopelessness of the Political Representatives. Mass mediocrities, now questions their point?
      9. Trump has tried to raise core issues, but your system of Governance does not allow him to lead, but instead allows systematic frustration by an obnoxious pool of Self Interest Weirdos like Nancy, Nadler, Clinton and like types. One eyed Cretins in a Kingdom of the Blind.
      10. We have crashed the Educational process, who now qualifies for Universities and who Graduates? How?


  12. I just saw the most horrific pictures of Iraqi’s being tortured during the war. I can’t even post them here. The pics shared were the safe ones he could post. I can’t even imagine what the other photos are like, nor do I want to. Very disturbing.

    Something to think about while people are calling the potential RV a blessing. I’m guilty of it too, only thinking about how much money I may make, but seeing those pics have given me a whole new perspective. I have tears in my eyes.

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    1. Tony – if you think what I wrote is not appropriate to post, I understand. I just wrote what I felt at the moment.


      1. As far as I’m concerned A Johnson what you expressed above is absolutely appropriate and I thank you for sharing your opinion regarding that subject.

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        1. Thank you Aurataya. The man who posted the photos also described some of the torture done to these people. I cant even repeat it. It’s that bad. Unimaginable.


          1. I know sweetheart, this truly can be a wicked world. I’m sorry this has distressed you so badly but unfortunately, this is the world we live in and are part of.

            I am not one who can stomach this type of information either, so you are not alone. Just continue to be the beautiful and decent person that you are and continue to fight for your rights and also for those that need assistance.

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    2. A Johnson.
      A Million were killed, untold thousands inhumanly tortured, and 3,00 years of history raised to the Ground because a bullying No Nazi Thug, Alcoholic and limp brian Bush 43, wanted to impress Arch Criminal Thug Neo Nazi Bush 41 for his own failures, and mindless Grunts were unleashed to commit vast genocidal war crimes. Disgusting!


      1. Yes – INHUMANLY tortured. I didn’t know it was that bad until I saw the images. I couldn’t help but think, what if this was my husband, wife, mother, father, child, friend or myself.

        I feel very sad right now. I still have tears in my eyes thinking about it.


        1. They were all someones child, and subjected to inhumane violence. As were the poor little under age Girls sold to disgusting GI Rapists in Vietnam. They will pay dearly after this life. For Millennia.


          1. I’m sure I don’t know the half of it. Poor babies. I feel like adopting an Iraqi child and show them love and kindness.

            I’ll never look at a dinar note the same way again.

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    3. There are many people, and so many innocents being viciously and inhumanely tortured in hidden US Torture Centres all over the world. No one gives it the right, and what is done is too terrible to be charged within US Borders, so its vile filth is carried out hidden from Public oversight, and innocents dumped badly injured in countries far from home. Named Rendition Centers, appalling acts are carried out by the CIA with no redress. The CIA is a truly disgusting and foul criminal autocracy. They shame America.


  13. The collapse of our economies and sheer mindlessness of Covid mass over reaction, questions, are the Plebs simply too thick to think for themselves in this new Welfare raised generation of wasters and spoiled Brats? Time will tell


    What, Nadler the human Ape calls Republicans corrupt. Seen any clean Democrats?

    92% of Brits surveyed want the UK to walk away from EU red line demands. Madness.
    We want freedom to deport illegals and terrorists . Screw ridiculous Human Rights laws. No to EU Fleets plundering our fishing waters. No to parasitic EU laws and taxes.

    Satoshi Nakamoto Kidnapped, Tortured by NSA to Destroy Crypto in New Movie

    Mohammed Ali was idolized the world over. For exactly as above


    One of the four ex-cops charged in George Floyd’s ‘murder’ is confronted by a furious shopper in a Cub Foods and tells her ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ as he buys groceries while out on $750K bail

    Former officer J. Alexander Keung was confronted by an angry woman as he shopped for groceries while out on bail for charges linked to George Floyd’s death in Plymouth, Minnesota

    They all have to fear the knives now.

    No need for Russia or China to manipulate our elections when we have Google and Facebook.

    This is a video of a chronic US mass manipulation of votes and they will go all out to stop Trump.
    This video is appalling.


    They just don’t get this is opening a racial divide when Education and Diplomacy could have achieved far more. Stop Pimping their damn sisters, and try real jobs not Dope dealing or Mugging.

    Who fills the prisons? Why? A wish list needs to aspire to more than a Joint, a warm lavatory seat and loose shoes! Raise the bar don’t end up behind them! Do the Crime, do the Time!


    Is it just more old Bull?


    Is the Lying King fooling himself?

    No ethical standards in Arms trading

    Joe Biden sets up presidential transition team under close adviser

    This is yet another bad run for Trump if it runs loose


    Another Psycho loose it’s beyond sad for poor Koreans


    Barrs integrity and truthfulness is under ever growing fire.


    Coronavirus ‘has withered from an aggressive tiger to a wild cat’

    Validity? Tino.

    We’ve heard it before but is this credible?


    Germany’s coronavirus R rate soars to 1.79

    The Huns are getting the second wave. Serve them right for open borders on illegals


    A message to Soros and Antifa. Come and get it!


  14. “Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says the Covid-19 crisis is really more of a so-called “Plandemic.” Fitts says, “What we are seeing is a reengineering of the global financial system on the just-do-it method. We saw a lot of smart money get out of the market at the top in January and February. Then, we saw a push to use police powers in the healthcare system to shut down a huge part of the independent economy globally. So, small business and small farms shut down across the board throwing the emerging markets and many small businesses into debt traps. So, we are watching the mother of all debt entrapments going on globally, and that means we are in for a radical reengineering. That’s what we are seeing in the U.S.””

    Catherine Austin Fitts said “do not call it vaccine, call it the injection fraud for the currency war” “some calls it Windows 1984”.

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  15. “Tucker Carlson tonight said, unequivocally, there is no way to vote ourselves out of this mess. Once a revolution starts, voting becomes meaningless. We’re way past the point of a political solution. He seems to understand this. That is good. Wonder how much longer he’ll be on?”

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    1. It’s easy for Occasional Cortex to push for job losses for political gain, when it’s not her job on the line.

      This stinking low-IQ piece of crap Bolshevik needs to get voted out.

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    1. Going crazy right now with a war is really not the right idea. Despite disparities and asymmetrics, if push went to nuclear and USAP project shove, we can open China down to the mantle for the price of the West Coast.


    2. China’s Concentration Camps and Organ taking from unwilling Donors gives you the lead?
      These Commies view life as cheap, but not theirs. They seek to expand, and conflict is a nuisance in their path waiting. Big dogs face off, one rolls over or they fight. WW111 has always been in the option pot.
      Bottom line, the UK, and US, raped the world, China now? They have to expand to feed their masses. China is polluted to hell. They need land,.Whose? What did you do to the Native Americans?


  16. Having worked tirelessly with Paladin and others fighting to expose corruption, it gets ever more frustrating to see misquotes and the mindless aspirations of the Wannabes and Delusionals. Worse by predatory Blog Gurus. Bottom feeding Skanks!

    Be clear, funds ARE finite. What has not been wasted funding illegal wars on the planet, and orchestrating Genocide for the Deep State and Israeli Ringmasters to grab, has been siphoned or stolen by the Zionist predators, leaving nothing to feed howling Wannabes. When does a Pig ever leave a half empty trough?

    So many Blog aspirationals are delusional. Just who do you think is paying, and why? With what? There are No multi T’s to waste.
    Funds are finite. How many times do we have to keep repeating this?

    Elders are owed vast T’s but won’t be getting it.

    It’s called a Lewinski, they Blew it!

    So, reality, we get what is possible. Reality!
    There are parties out there talking Quad T’s. Hello, spaces at Belle Vue?

    Silly Season starts after July 4th. So, after next Saturday how lucky do you think you will be?

    Any deal will be based on what’s achievable, not Disneyland. The battle is to the wire. Daily, we know.

    If we get some, we can do a lot. But next week is our moment of truth?

    Who get their calls, or a kick in the…?

    The Pharaoh’s made a huge mistake. They unleashed this plague mistaking them for Locusts. Shapeshifters ?
    6,000 years and still at it!

    So, next week, who makes the Cut? They cut everything else!

    We take it to the wire. Diplomacy. Once we Brits made it Gunboat Diplomacy. that worked. We got soft. Mad kings!
    There are some delusionals dreaming they are new Heroes, miscalculating the Zeros.
    Let’s see if common sense, can get many over the Fence?

    We daily are dog-fighting in the Trenches. Not enough goddamn hot Wenches.
    If Paladin starts looking good, I will quit! Lol.

    Let’s see if any can break free. We know how critical it is. Cool nerve, calm hands.
    There’s a lot in the melting pot. Wednesday/Thursday, they break deals or hearts?

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  17. Like

  18. Russia report: UK MPs condemn ‘utterly reprehensible’ delay | Politics | The Guardian

    Trump and Pence drop plans to address outdoor rally crowds amid reports of low attendance


    Now this is how the Brits deal with the BLM lot. We have voices and oh how we use them.


    For Donald, imprisoned in a Toxic bubble beyond his poor metal capability, the last week has not been good for him. Attacked on all sides by a Media, Military, and Political establishment who want him out at all costs, His ego is visibly bruised at such mass hostility and rejection. The Lying Kings Ego is bruised. Now he sees, and perceives, all could be lost in November without big Public wins.

    Where are the Arrests ? With the powers and influence of the Oval Office, I suspect if we only had real access to his School and College records, they would read the only reason he is here, is because his fees are paid, it’s sure not for academic merit of which he publicly exhibits a woeful ignorance of any educational attainment. In short, he’s.Thick. Woefully lacking in visible intellectual capacity, and an Ox in the Box with attitude.

    But America’s danger is not Trump, it’s Bribe Taking, sleaze bag Biden, and far worse who will follow him as VP, when it’s seen his mental deterioration makes him unfit for Office if elected. What would his election unleash on America?

    Where is the MSM now? Unleash Acosta to seek truth? Some hope, that crude Dope! Biden would secure the Deep State and more Commie Czars!. The Chump or them? What a choice for America.
    It’s not about protecting Trump. It’s about protecting America.


    I found this Acosta mutant thuggish conduct disrespectful to the viewers, and his inconsiderate, constant interruptions of Kelly, annoying. Very! He’s not a quality reporter but a Cheap Political THUG, of visibly LOW IQ and I question in turn, why is this Pleb allowed into Press conferences? He’s a MORON!

    Kelly is a bright, articulate, highly Patriotic and wonderful asset to all Americans. A shining star voice of reason, and a Fine American Patriot who cares. A Young Lady with values. And unlike Acora- CLASS!

    Why does the WH not rethink who qualifies, and No, it’s NOT about Free Speech, it’s about a Cheap, Free Loading Turd like Acosta, abusing his privilege, with no sense of decorum or standards. who does not give Kelly or her Office, the respect she merits, or has the visible intellect to respectfully listen to her response.and so merits the Big Question. Is it not time to pull his Press Admission, still allow CNN an option of alternative representation, but NOT Acosta? No one has the right to be an obnoxious Thug and disrespect the WH. Bring this Mongrel Gypsies Dog to heel.


    Not good news. Covid wont die?

    Faucci has economically ruined vast millions. When does he pay? IDIOT!

    Yes, the BIG Reset will take until next year, but here are moves now to get a partial release and that would help.

    Wirecard frauds will cause many to think again.

    Australia is not alone. The Chans are at it everhwhere.
    We can expect more of this from China

    This will open up more investors.

    The bitcoin Miners are missing.

    Can we trust a Fox poll?

    Huwei caught out again.

    The Bitcoin rally is coming.

    Until squashed they will keep pushing anarchy.

    Black Lives Matter protesters to march on cities for fourth weekend

    Too dam right because America will help keep it safer. it just showed , along with Islamic fundamentalist Trash, what will happen if the US allows this crap to emerge on its borders and inside.
    It wont rule the world, but its helps the Commies think again!


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