Updated re-issue of an article originally published at One Word of Nations in September, 2013.

Syria – In a war based on ignorance and duplicity, which people die for Lies?

In yet another mindless, murderous War where only Cabal, Zionists,Contractors and Agencies profit from the slaughter, the Oil Barons steal and siphon poor Syria’s Oil daily; total theft and nothing back to the nation’s needing people. The Thirst of Hegemony again at its worst. Compounded by the theft of the Golan Heights for the business benefit of the Kushner Crime family and their Israeli Kazarian cohorts. The Rape of nations goes on in the lying game. All the poor, loyal and Patriotic American families have to show is their children’s body bags coming home. Sacrificed to DIE for a Profit lie. Yet the media does what?  All these merciless wars. All these needless deaths. Where is the Peace? Has America no shame? Just a giant lying game? All these years, no progress. Does no one care? Only stealing profits! 

The eyes of the world are upon you, those who would be Kings, but are they fit for purpose? History judges not. This is a way over the top reaction, inciting and releasing ever more Middle Eastern Terrorism, backing the wrong horse for a fast buck and unleashing hell among neighbours. Will US Foreign Policy ever get it right?

 Who gives the US the right to bypass the UN and be above the law? Another Classic US Cluster F! SNAFU- again! The consequences will now hit the US by real stealth. Huge dangers stalk the world. Gung Ho US Hegemony exacerbates it all. There will be blood! 

What is now unfolding is not a battle for supremacy, but sordid saga of chicanery, with lethal risks. This irrational Buccaneering action to destabilize yet another Arab nation has united the big dog nations like never before. The same US Agency and Cabal Dogs of War who fund and arm the al Qaeda Insurgents to slaughter civilians will find a horrendous lash back to this misjudgment. Empire ending for them, but it could be LIFE ENDING FOR YOU! Ignorance and stupidity protects no one. What of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Mogadishu, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Libya? Can they get one right alone? Has there ever been a more inept and crooked Empire than Washington?

Cyber Wars and HAARP will wreak havoc on America for this. 
They Lie- YOU DIE! 

Russia is being forced into play by the Agency strategists, who, true to form, will unleash hell on earth as ever. Every corner, another lie is exposed. But this time, it WILL get very personal, and Russia, backed by China and Iran, will retaliate with YOU ALL being used by the US Cabal as just disposable Pawns to be cast aside in this Chess Board Game for YOUR LIVES!

This may be the Alamo that gets you all focused to say “no more” and act. Who does Bush Sr call the Useless Eaters? Who do the Tri Laterals want dead as vast population reduction? 

The report we are releasing for you, is a calm, clear and rational assessment of the mess unfolding and the history of realities. We are neither supportive to Russia nor Syria, but observant of facts, true historical sequences, and cognisant of the real Mongrels playing humanity to the brink of this needless, unfounded war and possible Holocaust. We need to stop these mad dogs in DC and Israel. Otherwise, a lot of decent, innocent Judaic Jews, who have also lived in peace for centuries with their many surrounding Arab neighbors will also become victims of more Zionist aggression. Jews and Arabs do co-exist in peace and harmony. Zionists do not. Israel is not Zionist land.

Truth and Chicanery – Beware Their Double Bluff

This is about a crude, tyrannical move to install a Gas pipeline across Syria, by enforced and illegal Regime change, collapsing a Sovereign Nation State to facilitate Qatar’s Gas into the EU, therefore collapsing Russia’s major energy export market. It’s also about moves to economically cripple Russia as a Global power and Military contestant to America. It’s now Russia’s Cuba moment. JFK was clear, so is Putin. Expect no less. Russia WILL stand firm, now backed by China and Iran. The lunatic Zionist nasty mob in Israel will use any excuse to take down Syria. As they do with the Palestinians. Judaic Jews belong in the Holy Land – Zionists do not. Jews and Arabs co-exist.

This is a despotic game play part funded by avaricious Arab despotic interests, part also by the derailing aspirations of the Tri Laterals New World Order theorists, and part the US Military Industrial Cabal who take anybody’s money for dirty deeds. It’s all just about money and power. Not justice or truth. A power play of conflicting interests underpinned by collective greed, in short, a Liars Charter. Nothing changes. This is a way over the top US solution. A needless and crazy risk based on arrogance not rational assessment. It’s a UN legal issue. Not arrogant Vigilantes. The UK Parliament reigned in its own Mad Dogs. So must Congress! Ask the people and practice it.

The vast US Budget Crippling Military arsenal is for hire, and its dysfunctional US Political Command structure. Add also the mercurial and manipulative Zionist Banking deviants wrestling daily with a collapsing and compounding Debt structure seeking to deflect Settlements due.

Throw in the territorial ambitions of the Zionist Israelis stranglehold on US Treasury and Federal Reserve policies, intermix an inexperienced President elected by chicanery and self-perpetuating lies, surrounded by Marxist Commie Czars and conspiring Zionist Advisors controlling the White House functionality, under the vengeful watch of an Iranian Chicago failed Slumlord with dubious Chicago connections and, Oh My God, Oh what a tangled web they weave, those who practice to deceive. SNAFU US standards. This is history playing out as in the days of the collapse of the old Roman Empire. Cards played badly, allegiances lost. Enmity builds and memories are long. 

  Somewhere in this collective arraignment of deviant, competing interests, who but a fool anticipates cogent policies? Obama has none! Nor do the US Military. With their track record of failures, only a fool has confidence? With his on-going removal of experienced Agency Heads and any Generals or Commanders considered a possible threat to the Usurper, the Administration is but a collective of Camp Followers, Commies and Yes Men. All are being played by Israel and the Cabal. Big wars mean big profit.

Under the control of a Marxist Muslim, pseudo US President, lacking experience, knowledge, collective Global relationships or even a Political Mandate, only a country who tacitly elected a Non US National, bypassing its own clear safeguarding Constitutional laws, has allowed a bogus, lying Kenyan Fraudulent Marxist Usurper to gain control of its highest office, and worse, its Military Command structure. And they purport to be fit to lead? 

Only 3 Empires tried to over extend on multi fronts. The Roman Empire. Napoleon Bonaparte failed and then Adolf Hitler. We saw the end of the Third Reich. Now the Cabal tries to install their NWO Fourth Reich on this world. Will they never learn? Always the best laid plans of Mice and Men, crash to earth and start again.

Bush Sr 41, surrounded in the Agency by his Cabal Germanic Neocon Nazi thugs, colluded, conspired, robbed, thieved and betrayed nations. They looted the planet with impunity. Bush surrounded himself with sleazy, tainted, criminal manipulative types like the Clintons, Greenspan, Cheney, Ackermann, and Herzog, as a bagman between crooked Bankers. He removed integrity from American politics. The check points were lost. Career professionals were replaced by Bought Men or Crooks. This and the Fed debacle is where America left the rails.

McCain plays Poker while nations die. And Loses! 

Bush became inter enmeshed with the Zionist Banksters and used the US Federal Reserve Bank Trading Programs for his own enrichment/Master of all he surveyed. They also used and played him. Americas best and finest Governing establishment has been systematically dismantled over the last 40 years as Bush built his own opportunistic web of protection with his owned men, Neocons and varying shysters to Bush–Whack and loot America, owning the system, immune from law.

What of Syria?
Syria is an ancient civilization, now caught up in the lying game as pawns on a board. No one denies they MAY, or may NOT have been, culpable. That is not the issue, but how to address and prosecute it. With the full force of International Law, but do it the right way. Russia agrees to that. 
So much for Kerry’s wining and dining Assad when it suited their Cabal interests, up to McCain’s own dealings with Kidnapping Terrorists in Syria, fortunes and favors can change overnight. Nations are played and duped by the US regime. Lie down with such dogs? 

Syria is a Global Sovereign State UN Issue for Ban- Ki Moon. Not a US Lynch Mob Game. It merits ONLY Lawful address. Does Congress respect the Rule of Law – or not? 

The case is HOW to deal with it. Statesmanship level judgment calls, all lacking in American circles today. The Great Leaders are gone. America is now ruled by the Zionists and Unelected Forth Reich NWO parasites. Consequences of usual US misjudgments will be grave. New weapons wait to be released. This time AGAINST the US.

First- Establish the FACTS! Whatever is the real truth is the key

Allow an Investigation Team of UN Inspectors to report to the world, and then address it to the nations. THE US HAS NO LAWFUL MANDATE TO ACT ALONE! THAT IS VIGILANTE CONDUCT! Many innocent men will die. Another US Hegemony action of criminals by the Cabal regime. 
If it was via Assad’s regime, did Assad personally know or not? If not, allow Syria’s own laws to deal with those responsible. If Assad did know and pre-approved, he is then in a world of trouble. The base foundation of all Law is to establish Truth and Justice. First establish guilt. Then prosecute fully. That is not in question.

It is NOT for America to act as World Judge and Jury. No! We have a World Structure to address delinquent Nation States – If so. That is not yet established.

Even Putin has said that IF Syria is shown to have done this he and Russia will support World Collective Action, as to be determined by a Competent Court. Not by a duplicitous US Kangaroo Court. NO VIGILANTI LAW to suit Cabal and Israeli Zionist interests.

No more American Body Bags coming home. NO MORE AMERICAN BOYS TO DIE FOR A LIE! 

America does not own the world nor has Lawful powers to attack alone. MORE HEGEMONY AND MORE HATE! It is NOT for America to act as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Why the indecent haste? This is a Sovereign State Issue. Not a US Lynch Mob. If the US needs to Lynch, start with Washington, Wall Street and the Treasonous MSM!

For a world weaned on lies and propaganda, please, allow us to feed you truth. Lose this all conquering ego tripping arrogance of the Invincible America. That reality, like the US economy, is based on false public perceptions and a Fraud. Attacking poorly trained Third World countries is one thing. Bullies abusing children in such a one sided conflict. This is a whole different ball game waiting. JFK had his ARSE ripped out over his Bay of Pigs disaster in Cuba. This will be YOURS!

Obama is clueless and has no Legal Mandate for this. Nor do Congress. Clean up America first. He won’t be doing the dying, nor will Congress. The Arabs and Zionist Warmongers are playing you for fools. The Cabal just wants the dollars and weapons sales. NOBODY WANTS JUSTICE or TRUTH! NOBODY SANE WANTS THIS WAR!

Another mother cried, her son just died, and his father weeps, dying inside.

Russia has a vast fleet and a highly trained equally Patriotic Military.

No one doubts or questions the bravery or patriotism of the US Military. But Bullets, Rockets and Nukes are indiscriminate. Russia and China have enormous, well trained, well equipped and highly motivate armies. No less than America’s. Fighting both if it escalates, the US will lose. Putin IS prepared to lose, but then he will Nuke the entire US and all worldwide US bases. China would get sucked in. This is how WW I started via Austria.

Enough American boys are dead or crippled from false wars. No more! Flags don’t stop bullets. 

China and Iran will back Russia here. The Middle East will become a Tinder Box ignited by fools. 
Always a trusting Soldier dies, for some sleazy Politicians unscrupulous lies.

This is YOUR moment to contemplate reality. What will come at you if it escalates will be the end of civilisation, or even life as you know it. If Russia is losing, their ICBMs and Subs will take out America. China will HAVE to escalate it. They KNOW America will come for them alone next. You can NOT fight both alone and live. Combined, they WILL Vaporize America. This will be the end game of their opportunism and arrogance. A fight no one can win and all will LOSE!

Let the pictures do the talking.

China will take down the US Satellites, and Russia will take out US Surveillance planes. China and Russia, thanks to numerous US Whistle blowers, will hack US Mainland systems to disable the whole infrastructure. They will electronically fry America to kill power and all Communications. Real world! 

HAARP will then be unleashed on both coasts. Wave power is free! Trillions of tons unleashed.
They will go for the US tectonic plates. Geological faults will be attacked and earthquakes unleashed.
WAKE UP TIME! China and Russia have enormous fleets. Each can and will do cataclysmic damage. This is not Hollywood and the end game will be nasty. No heroes, just dead. No one can win and both will lose very badly. Why? For Political, Cabal and Zionist Lies? 

This needs to be isolated and contained. Stop showboating. 

The starter price of such a conflict will be horrific alone. An educated British Parliament stopped their PM dead. Real Democracy kicked in. Putin will protect his borders.

If he takes out Saudis Oil fields it will collapse the US economy.
He may ignite Qatar. 

Israel is looking for any chance to attack. That Benny Nutter Yahoo is a dangerous loose cannon with a Nuke. He’s itching for a fight. Israel is a real Viper’s nest, a bullying attack Bitch hiding behind the US skirts.

If Israel attacks Syria, Hezbollah will go for them, so will Iran and Russia. Millions of good and harmless Jews will die for the Kazakh marauders. Israelis with Nukes are mad dogs on a chain. The Arab world has no issue with the Judaic Hews, the old Israelites. There is mutual respect and harmony.

This entire Syrian intervention is a case of rabid attack dogs needing restraint. The key arms will be moved and well hidden. So now vast Billions will be unleashed as damage, and many lives lost. For what viable purpose will havoc reign? Why do we not at least start with the process of law?

This IS AN UNJUST – UNNECESSARY WAR. AN ILLEGAL WAR! It’s ALL about profits and manipulation and seeking to destabilize Russia. The worst of power games, Regime Change and the intrusive ugliness of the US Cabal Disinformation Terrorism at work, dysfunctional as usual. The LYING Kings!

When will Congress reign in these mad dogs?

When will America take its place among a League and Nations and learn Culture? Universal Law applies to all.

Left unchecked, this ugly and pernicious regime will seek to assimilate us all and unleash hell on earth in a new ugly age of man.

The ONLY reason NWO is failing now is because the human spirit of Man says No, no more and fights back. NWO is wrong. We do NOT need to kill 5B human souls. We just need to plan better and educate. 

There never seems to be a problem or delay in funding weapons for wars and death of humanity.

  There never seems to be a delay in finding new excuses to delay redeeming the many long outstanding Private Placements long overdue. Yet they, once redeemed as OWED, will fund vast new projects, stabilize economies, create jobs, generate taxes, and ease Global tensions. Emerging countries have invested in modern new infrastructure and development. America instead decays, collapsing internally with endemic drugs and crime. To fund its future, it needs to face up to and pay back what it owes from its past. 


The shame of Vietnam lingers without a Forex traded currency to its name as a free Sovereign nation. Iraq is a shambles going from bad to worse. The Dogs of War ravaged and raped its nation. Why is the Dinar exchange delayed yet again? Iraq is hemorrhaging to death in debt. How much more does it have to suffer? Libya has become a lawless bandit zone. What a shambles.

America is hemorrhaging in debt. States are collapsing and it goes bust in October without more support and fiscal rigging. It has reneged on its debts worldwide. Assad has long since removed any dodgy chemicals. For the mother of all Napalming and Agent Orange sprayers to talk of Chemicals abuse, it’s a bit rich. Dropping billions of dollars on empty sites achieves nothing, just sabre saber rattling. Fund the Settlements not ever more wars. Get America working.

Has Congress got any moral integrity left to decline to support this sham? To attack now without a US resolution is an immoral abuse of power and degrades all hopes for a civilised solution. But, for a country whose last 40 years of Political machinations has been a sham, what’s yet another abuse of power. Does America understand the concept of a moral ethos?

Oscar Wilde’s quote of America is immortalized in Global culture. “America is the ONLY country who went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between“! Has America learned nothing from its so very many failures and abuses of trust?

America has given to the world and achieved so much in the past. It still has the potential to re-emerge as a new vibrant economy. But that must be based on Trust, Respect and Goodwill, not the infamy of a nation with no respect for Law or Nation Building. Stepping outside the Law makes America lawless, and a destroyer of nations. Poor Leadership becomes an epitaph in history. The current visible disintegration of the NWO Cabal is indication of hope for our world. Time to take up the beacon of hope and lead America back to being a real Nation Builder, not Destroyer of hope and life! 

OWoN © All Rights Reserved

Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.

Ezra Pound


    1. How do balloon heads like this woman get elected? Nadler and his nad brained colleagues are nothing but a bunch of Soros apparatchiks who want nothing to do with serious discourse.


    1. They would have to do away with politics and money to achieve what they claim to want. Insane. They can’t maintain this system and give equal access to a high standard of living for all. It would have to be completely done away with. They fear that and try to tinker around the edges, and also try to convince all that they are still important.

      As long a technological progress continues, the emerging nature of technological advancement will slowly transform the landscape until, like the horse and buggy vs. the car, a better way to get around can no longer be avoided.


  1. There’s no ignoring the hard fact Trump is losing a lot of support right now. Hes not going to win in November bunkered down watching TV all morning. So many parties are out to get him out.
    He needs a real campaign soon. Its hard for a man so thick to direct one. Worrying to let Biden in.


    Not all funds win.



    Again No Hiding Biden is ahead just by keeping his own mouth shut.



    Trump at least is sending specialist Polcie forces to Portland.



    Metals are firm again.



    For sure the UK does not need to be wasting 55B on Euro trash.Walk away.



    Of course there will be an Autumn cash crisis in the EU. The Socialists have spent it all.



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    But how else will Truth get out?



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    Please give him a sock. Time for Trump to send him to the Hague as the War Criminal he is.




    Dr. Stella Immanuel explains how HCQ not only works as a cure but can also be used to PREVENT COVID infection in the first place! #whitecoatsummit


  3. A superior solution to vaccine will be an antibody treatment:

    REGENERON/YANCOPOULOS’ treatment of coronavirus via antibodies is/or should be progressing to Stage III trials.

    I’m pretty sure this will work.

    Be prepared for vicious attacks on this company.


  4. John, you may want to confirm with elders..

    INTEL: TAIWAN – ***URGENT*** – Subscribers Only

    Ham Radio Operators on remote islands near the shore of mainland China, but which for decades have been part of Taiwan, are on the air screaming that Chinese Military Troops are surrounding them to invade.

    These radio transmissions are coming from Ham Operators on DONGSHA AND KINMEN ISLAND.

    The radio operators are saying “Excercises are underway…in less than 24 hours they will strike.”

    If China moves to invade and seize islands traditionally under the jurisdiction of Taiwan, the stock market will buckle, Gold and Silver will skyrocket and the world will see it really does have a major problem with China.


    1. UPDATE

      Sources confirm that the government of Taiwan HAS contacted the government of the United States over the China “Exercise” and reports from residents on Dongsha and Kinmen Islands that those islands will be invaded and taken within 24 hours.

      The United States reportedly assured Taiwan “there are sufficient US military assets in the area to assure the security of Taiwan.”


    2. Sabre rattling testing US readiness. Its still Chinese territory. Of course China will take it back its only when. Just like with Vietnam and HK.


    1. Some comments on this and other points to consider…

      The same concerns were voiced in 2017 when people were considering Ethereum vs. BTC. ETH was languishing in the 8-12$ range and looked like a dud, even though BTC was climbing. Many ignored it, and many “analysts” were saying it could never do as well as BTC. Well, true in terms of price, but not in terms of percentage gain potential, which many didn’t consider. ETH went to $1400, making many millionaires, while dong and dinar continued to flop like a speared Greenland pilot whale.

      No. Alt season has not ended, and if you ask me, it has not even started. If you are in a position, consider buying the dips on any ideas that you are convinced are quality. People are simply chasing the run in BTC. Let them. Don’t give up the long game. That’s where transformational wealth is to be had.

      Another point to consider, as BTC gets closer to 20K, there will probably be a considerable sell-off as those who chased the price run in 2017 with money they could not afford to part with, will panic sell just to get out and get their shot of methadone. If you are in for the long haul, be ready for this and, again, buy the dips with your risk capital on such retractions, if prudent for your situation. Otherwise, just hold on through it all.

      So much is developing. From private industry, through Wall St concerns, up to and including sovereign nations’ treasuries, blockchain development is not slowing down.

      Fortes Fortuna Juvat

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  5. There are times when a sad, truly ignorant Klutz, is left free with the keys to the Kingdom and clueless how to use them. He so needs minding. Senility next? There are signs watch the speech patterns and facial manerisms.


    At all costs no to Biden.


    What incredibly pampered and stupid children. They just crapped all ovedr the Fairytale . Attention seeking Markle is truly a sad, Muppet about to implode. He just shat the nest.


    Time to face down the chattering masses and state No Overseas Holidays in infected nations. Sod your freedoms what about ours if you return infected?


    Trump walks towards Electoral backlash.

    Hi. I found an article that you might like: “The office is dead! Long live the office in a post-pandemic world” — https://theconversation.com/the-office-is-dead-long-live-the-office-in-a-post-pandemic-world-138499

    Is this a campaign? It’s rocking Biden already.


    Poor Hillary. What an Ass?





    Too bloody right and its needs to start at 21 plus. Sod riding on the back of society with Welfare Brats. Pay your F way. Everyone ages, and we need to Socially re engineer our thinking and economic policies. Starting at 40 is too damned late. Most will now live 70% of their adult life as retirees. Unless the nanobots are launched. A 1% or 2% tax won’t do it. Try 10% and get down parasitic taxes to afford it. Stop funding illegals. Get really tough on crime. Smash them! It works! Yes, be kind and caring to genuine sick cases, but deal hard with Malingerers and Malcontents. Don’t work, don’t eat!

    We ARE running out of Fiscal options soon. Hard truths may impact real world options. You dont help pay, you won’t have a say. You do the Crime, you will do the time, or China will Organ Donor you! Democracy as you know it, may end soon. Putin and Xi are now Dictators for life. In the UK Johnson is a befuddled half wit, the EU a Socialist cauldron, and despite a highly respectful population of more than adequate quality Thinkers, the American Presidential choice is to drink either version of offered Gorilla snot?

    Politics is not working. Pelosi and Biden are proof. Corruption thrives ruling fools. We need to re engineer societies. Re thinking whose fit to serve and not- Gorilla Snot!

    Each of our societies has the talent. Use it? WHA is a collective which works. Thinking voices.
    Constructive dissent.


    Chancellor Rishi Sunak mulls TAX on online sales to raise £2BILLION for Government coffers and help ‘save the High Street’

    With the High Street decimated amid the coronavirus lockdown and huge numbers of job cuts and store closures, the chancellor is looking at proposals to level the playing field.


    On line shopping, they will now tax you for the service.


    At least think about it.

    Senior Merkel ally says there is second wave of coronavirus in Germany https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8564169/The-second-wave-coronavirus-Germany-senior-Merkel-ally-says.html?ito=native_share_article-top



    Goodbye, Washington DC.
    Mayor Bowser broke her contract with residents like me. So we’re leaving.

    Daniel Turner
    July 23, 2020
    During the last night in my condo in DC, I had to walk my dog an extra lap around the block because a crazy person was outside screaming obscenities. I wasn’t afraid. I just didn’t feel like getting into it with him or having to listen to his story—his “Let me just tell you something,” attempt to get money from me. It was 1 A.M., and I was tired from a night out—but more so, just tired in general. Tired of it all.

    I’m a city kid, through and through. And not a recent one. Not some Nebraska transplant who moved to the city and immediately thinks of himself as a local. A woman tried that on me once. With her affected upspeak cadence, where declarations sound like interrogatories, she told me she was from “Brook-LAN?”  “No, you’re not,” I retorted (obnoxiously, being the 6th generation New Yorker that I am). “You LIVE in Brooklyn. People who are really from there don’t pronounce it like that.”

    My uncle Bob, the family historian (and former Congressman representing our neighborhood from Queens) traces our family in Manhattan since the 1840’s. Between my Irish dad, from the Irish part of Manhattan, and my Italian Mom, from the Italian part of Brooklyn, we have family or friends in practically every part of the city. New York is not just where we live; it’s like a family member, as loved as offspring, as revered as a grandparent, as formative as a mom and dad.

    City-living in America, for decades, meant tolerating mild inconveniences so that you could be left alone, alongside millions of others.
    I left that family member in 2003, when I moved to Washington, DC for work. It’s not New York, but it’s still the city, and, for the past 17 years, it’s been an exciting time to call it home. I’ve witnessed the birth of entire neighborhoods: Shaw, 14th Street, The Atlas District, Navy Yard, Ivy City, The Wharf. Parts of DC you couldn’t even drive through at one point now had Michelin Star dining and outdoor beer gardens. From abandoned streets with burnt-out buildings—many still bearing the scorched marks from the fires of the ‘68 riots—multi-million-dollar row houses were restored, new condos arose, and wine bars and gyms multiplied like Abraham’s offspring.

    We put up with a lot in order to live in the city: lousy transportation, noise, traffic, pollution, and our fair share of homeless people. It’s all just a part of living in urban America. But I’ll gladly tolerate sirens and car horns in exchange for a new restaurant on the corner. For major league sports, performing arts, museums, and bars, I will put up with the occasional crazy guy on the street, metro derailment, or gridlocked traffic because an intersection is blocked by some group “raising awareness” about something or other. That’s just the price of the urban lifestyle, and as a life-long city dweller, I knew what I was paying for—and with what.

    I did my part, too. My role in the fabric of urban society, overlooked but essential, was to spend my money. Eat, drink, shop, spend, tip, pay. And man, did I pay: taxes, rents, then a mortgage and HOA fees. I paid taxes on things the government deemed “bad” for me, like alcohol and cigarettes;  taxes on services which organized labor deemed “bad” for them, like rideshare. I paid gas tax, cable tax, cell phone tax, and, of course, income tax. Lots of income tax.

    All I asked in return was relative safety and to be left alone to enjoy the city. City-living in America, for decades, meant tolerating mild inconveniences so that you could be left alone, alongside millions of others. That was the tacit pact.
    And DC broke it.

    Emancipation Memorial, Washington D.C.

    Remember the clip-board activists stopping you on the street, asking, “Hey, do you have a minute to talk about the environment?” You could easily walk right past, brush them off with a simple “no thank you,” or just ignore them completely.

    Now, we are told that, “silence equals violence.” Indifference is no longer tolerated in Urban America. Protests on the National Mall like “Earth Day” or “The Women’s March,” the kind where activists gave speeches over megaphones and colorful signs demanding this or that were standard in DC—and, importantly, easily avoided. That style of protest is gone.

    Now, we have riots, vandalism, and looting. “Protesters” set fire to an historic church and tear down statues. The protests, they say, must disrupt the status quo—and egging them on are media personalities like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who said live, on the air, “please show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful?”

    Do the property taxes I’ve faithfully paid for years not protect the CVS I can see from my bedroom—a building which recently had every window smashed and was looted because of “justice”?

    I used to go for afternoon tea at the St. Regis Hotel on 16th Street; it’s now been renamed to “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” Tea was expensive, excessive, and extremely elegant served impeccably in a magnificent room to properly attired patrons who politely spoke in hushed tones, a little taste of a bygone era when etiquette and formality were still appreciated.

    The St. Regis is now girded with plywood barricades that have been spray painted with curse words. Outside, people routinely set fires and have fights with the police. If I went back, I’m sure some neo-liberal philosopher of the BLM cult will tell me that clotted cream is a microaggression. The tea just isn’t worth it anymore.

    Nothing in DC is anymore. Not to me, at least.

    The pact we made to live here has broken. What am I paying for?  A defunded police force? More murder? More violence? Do the property taxes I’ve faithfully paid for years not protect the CVS I can see from my bedroom—a building which recently had every window smashed and was looted because of “justice”?  When the metro was lousy, we turned to Uber. When the schools were failing, parents turned to charter schools. When one area turned bleak another neighborhood popped up. But when chaos and destruction permeate, and an exhausted people asking for relief are told their indifference–not violent looters—is the true culprit, then there is no alternative but to leave.

    The protesters may think this is their moment, but there is a deep, dark secret that will crush every disaffected group now demanding “justice” or “awareness” is this: city people really don’t care. We have an amazing, almost unparalleled ability, to be indifferent.

    Real city people have no bandwidth to lay down dead in the street or start fires as part of a “protest.”  Look at our day: after our miserable commute to work, we have long days in the office, followed by happy hour, client dinners, drinks, maybe a fundraiser or two or having cigars at Shelly’s—and that doesn’t include going to the gym, picking up dry cleaning, seeing our actual friends or spouse, and that miserable commute back home. Quite honestly, we don’t have time for your cause—of which there are so many, so very many causes, so much so that even a city as liberal DC just does not care.

    Gay? Black? Trans? No offense, but, so what? We are city people: we have seen it all—literally, all—our entire lives. You are our neighbors, our friends, the president of our HOAs, our coworkers. The great beauty of the city is that we come from all walks of life and we get along.  We accomplish this by leaving each other alone.

    That’s why, when DC’s Mayor Bowser spray painted “Black Lives Matter” in front of my tea spot, I knew I was done. Not because of the issue itself or the cause (remember I don’t really care) but because through her actions, Browser effectively mandated empathy. This was government-sanctioned compassion. The mayor used taxpayer dollars—the one’s I’ve forked over for years—to force her beliefs on me. And, just like that, the pact was broken.

    Muriel Bowser.

    Following Bowser’s grand gesture, the litany of grievances against the city which I had been unconsciously accumulating for years began to pour out. Why do I accept that it’s dangerous to ride public transportation after hours?  Why do I accept that if I go to the ATM on Barrack’s Row, I will have a homeless guy pounding on the door waiting for me to come out? Why do I tolerate my car windows smashed, again and again, only to have both cops and friends say, “well, you must have left something on the seat”—as if it’s acceptable to commit a crime if the reward is valuable? Why do I tolerate streets full of urine and stinking of marijuana? Why do I put up with having to stick my fingers into my dog’s throat to unchoke chicken bones someone discarded on the sidewalk? Why do I have to wait until an hour after the local school is dismissed to avoid problems with teen gangs? And take note: I have yet to even talk about the big crime events like murder or rape.

    A man can only tolerate a homeless guy defecating outside his window for so long. The shuttered restaurants, the burnt out stores, the mask-shaming and sloganeering calls for “diversity” or “justice” are all just exhausting, not to mention intellectually vapid and morally bankrupt.  I’m going a step further: not only will I not be conscripted into your cause, but I will no longer even financially support it with the one thing I control—my wallet.
    I am a buying, consuming, spending, law-abiding DC citizen, one who adds and adds to the city’s coffers and never takes.

    The thing is, DC cannot afford to lose me. Not “me” as a person, but “me” as a citizen. Economically, I am extremely valuable to the city. I have no kids in their failing schools. I use no government welfare services for food, housing, or health. I pay them taxes and patronize their stores, businesses, and shops. I am a buying, consuming, spending, law-abiding DC citizen, one who adds and adds to the city’s coffers and never takes. DC needs me. Cities need me. Cities are now angry, dangerous, garbage dumps. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

    Urban America is run by fools: Bowser in DC, DeBlasio in New York, Wheeler in Portland. If I included Lightfoot on this list of fools (as I write this 15 people were shot in a drive-by in Chicago) I’d need another month to expand on it. These cities are run by fools who think that even a modicum of destruction expands the space for the lungs of justice to breathe more deeply.  Fools who think that a class of people, the neglected and unappreciated class, the giving class, the me class, will fund a negligent absentee government in the hopes of a new oyster bar.  Fools who may yet destroy their great cities, but not with the silent citizenship of my taxes.

    I’ve left—we are leaving.

    I haven’t moved that far from DC geographically—only about 60 miles—but it might as well be another country.  Deer at dawn and stars at twilight.  My dog runs through the woods and plays in streams. Ample parking day or night, people shouting “howdy neighbor.” Grocery store cashiers are friendly. I can leave my car unlocked, my front door wide open, and protect myself with every gun I could ever want.  No sirens, no protests, no civic social justice required.

    I’ll miss the city, for sure. But I could no longer humiliate myself by paying a city government to force me into their belief system and political agenda, all while scoffing at my basic needs and demanding I give more. Out here, no one really cares what I think or compels me to their cause, shouts in my face or attempts to shame me into belief.

    People: just leave me alone. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

    Written ByDaniel Turner

    Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at daniel@powerthefuture.com and follow him on Twitter.



    Subject: Three Gorges Dam. It would sweep away China’s entire Commie structure

    What if? Everything will change faster than one imagines, with true global impact. The party writing this is not thinking or concerned by what could happen downstream as cites like Wuhan and Shanghai will be ruined with countless millions dead. Should this occur it would impact approximately 400 million people directly with a country wide indirect impact that will leave few in China untouched. As it is, the water levels keep rising as rain storms hit the region.
    People forget that as usually high temperatures in Siberia have allowed for hot winds to come down from the North laden with water that hits China as rain. This was predictable with open waters in the arctic. And the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

    Should this tragedy occur as this person writes then all financial markets will see chaos in August. As for debt holders or investors in China, they will experience unimaginable losses.

    And if the recent past is an indicator of actions, one can expect the Chinese diaspora to strip stores of supplies to send to China like they did only a few months ago, leaving the shelves bare. So runs on everything from toilet paper to cleaning products etc. will likely occur.

    A Chinese acquaintance writes:

    “there is a high probability that the Three Gorges Dam could break between August 2 and 4 with the full moon being directly over it on August 3.

    “We are talking to my wife’s son (who lives in Yichang) to be out of the region for 3-4 days at that time.

    “There is a simulation for a break of the dam and that the water would flow with a speed of 100km/h and with a wave size of 100m towards the city of Yichang (approximately 4.5 million population) practically putting 90% of it completely under water.

    “If that happens I think the CCP will be gone and also the world power which China represents today will be greatly undermined if not even eliminated for quite some time.”


  6. https://www.breitbart.com/health/2020/07/27/watch-live-frontline-physicians-aim-to-dispel-massive-covid-19-disinformation-campaign/

    The purpose of the two day summit, organized by the Tea Party Patriots, is to allow “frontline doctors [the ability to] talk directly to the American people.” Topics to be discussed include the reopening of America’s schools, “medical cancel culture,” and the public policy.

    Monday’s agenda is as follows:

    8:30 am: Coffee, Opening Remarks

    9:00 am: Panel #1 Schools

    10:00 am: Topic #2 The Virus/Disease Facts

    10:20 am: Topic #2 Hoaxes Identified

    10:40 am: Panel #2 Hoaxes Demonstrated

    11:10 am: Panel #2 Medical Cancel Culture

    11:30 am: Topic #3 Fear

    11:45 am: Topic #4 Public Policy

    12:00 pm: Lunch

    1:00 pm: Capitol Hill Photo Op

    2:00 pm: Capitol Hill Press Conference

    4:00 pm: Panel 2: HCQ

    5:00 pm: Topic #4: Follow the Money

    5:30 pm: Panel #3: Lockdowns

    4:00-8:00 pm: Individual Physician Interviews


  7. When challenged with the virus, Moderna vaccine vaccinated Ukrainian service members end up in intensive care and some died.

    I have not cross-confirmed this, but is plausible as it fits what has happened to animals in other trials of similar vaccines. If anyone can falsify this report, it would be greatly appreciated.

    If true, can we stop it with the vaccine nonsense for a 0.3% mortality disease which won’t be around in a year or so.

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    1. Tino
      We are being socially engineered towards a Global mass vaccination program.
      With what? An untested vaccine, of which we have no possible idea of its consequences. Again, hello Thalidomide.
      Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong will.

      Humanity is about to cross a threshold. Tampering with the G Nome? Why not the G spot?

      18 years on, we can not crack Zars. But in 6 months we can just conveniently sequence check and destroy a virus we don’t even understand? Cry havoc?

      With advanced IT design, prior field testing is essential, otherwise it takes only one miss written code sequence not first fully and widely prior condition tested , to have adverse implications on parallel or interfacing code programs, and you have systems corruptions pending a consequential crash. Just like a computer virus.

      So, your going to inject yourselves with a non field tested virus, and assume it’s OK .There will be no interfacing systems corruptions, and systems crashes? Nor field testing!!! Filed testing, ALWAYS hits corruptions!

      In IT, we mass employ some of the biggest F ups and half wits as Systems Designers or Programmers. Just look at ever happening Bank IT crashes. I made fortunes supplying IT Contractors. Wild Cat Contractors!

      But, no worry, it’s only a life, right?
      So open the Lough Gates and trust the Sciences. Really?

      What can go wrong? Worse- WILL! Hello Nanobots – Free lunches with your host idiots, go gettem!

      Enforce and impose mask rules now in the towns and cities. Already we see the consequences. Elders not able to breath, glasses steamed up can’t see. Less than a week , chaos and adverse reaction. I hear them fully.

      So now they will order online. Delivered by mass fleets we don’t yet have. The novelty of masks will soon wear off.

      But, which over time will collapse the Stores , Jobs, taxes and entire social networks as we take out the economic infrastructure. No taxes, no profits. Who then funds Health Care? Education, Social Services? Security?

      We are about to shoot ourselves in the balls, carrying a loaded pistol with the safety catch off in our pockets.

      I look around and contemplate the sheer scale of mass moronic stupidity of the public, being mass herded, corralled and injected. Shoot em up?
      What the hell are we about to unleash? Consequences.

      Follow the Sciences, Fergusson,Fauci, Hello?

      We have not even contemplated the Economic consequences of 6 months lock downs and mass restrictions now imposed.

      Why not throw in the blindfolds free. A Public now so stupefied as to walk headlong into the freeway pending arterial crashes.

      Ever more, I experience first hand the sheer scale of endemic mass stupidity, and the attractions of both Tri Laterals Population Reduction and Agenda 21. Now that is a consequential systems corruption impact.

      The Gathering Swine, Deep State or Joe Public?

      Xi and Putin, are now self imposed Presidents for life. Democratic lock downs. We counter with Biden?

      Or a half wit who watches TV until midday most days. Our Leader of the Western world counters the Commie Czars, with what? Interfering with Social engineering? Leave it to the Sciences. Fauci, Gates, Soros, GM foods.

      A collective of fools rule. When the only law left is Murphy’s?
      The Pending systems head crash, sadly, is between our ears.

      Evolution of the Pond life, what is about to enter the Cauldron? With such Bottom Feeders as Leaders?
      What can go wrong? The appliance of Science, with a Gates, Soros Alliance.


  8. Now, if correct, won’t this has huge implications. Like saving our economies.


    Welcome to the real world, Mr. President
    As the Narcissist wastes 5 hours each day watching TV for adverse info on him storm clouds are gathering.



    How Can a Star Be Older Than the Universe?




    Weiss Ratings Says One Crypto Will Become Centerpiece of Billion-Dollar Revolution – and It’s Not Bitcoin (BTC)


    The UK is aboiut to walk away from the EU and shaft them . China messed with the UK so we we drain Hong Kong of key staff.
    Dont piss off the Brits.

    Subject: Watch “Trump Loses It After DISGUSTING Personal Life Surfaces” on YouTube

    They are dissecting him alive.


    The US Military Industrial Cabal can only justify its existence by wars, hegemony and Sovereign frauds. The face off is only when



    Spain is furious England has quarantined incoming travellers.

    Why is the media so surprised by Trump’s lying? After so many times only be surprised when he’s telling the truth. We all know by now he just says anything that comes into his head

    Big warning,!

    This was on a Facebook post.
    Parts of it are so true.

    Copied and pasted…

    I’m not starting a fight, but it is something to think about. This may open up a ton of outraged comments by some. Many who will argue how “wrong” this post is. My suggestion, save your time and effort! You’re not changing the reality of what we are living by trying to somehow justify this insanity. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist because we are becoming the Twilight Zone. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind!

    • If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.
    • Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.
    • Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegals voting in our elections are good.
    • It was cool for Joe Biden to “blackmail” the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquires about it.
    • Twenty is too young to drink a beer, but eighteen is old enough to vote.
    • People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.
    • Inflammatory rhetoric is outrageous, but harassing people in restaurants is virtuous.
    • People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees.
    • Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.
    • Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcome.
    • $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not.
    • If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.
    • People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.
    • We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan to us.
    • Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.
    • Criminals are catch-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it’s a violation of THEIR rights.
    • And pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us “racists”?!

    Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese virus in the media, but 99.8% will survive if infected.
    We are living in an upside down world for sure.

    Not my words but very accurate and disturbing!

    Feel free to copy and paste. I did!



    Can the Orange Shrek read the polls?



    > There have been secret agreements made between Nancy Pelosi on behalf of the Democrats with various state governors; that if the state governor‘s keep the people locked down and unemployed to vote for socialism the Democrats will fund all state pension funds and budgets that are currently collapsing, upon a Democratic win. The carrot is that they will not be held accountable for their mismanagement of funds, pensions and general administration. They will change everything, to secure a win, if they can. Wonder why no debates? Biden would do very poorly, so cancel debates. Mail in votes so they can stack them. Think I am exaggerating? Talk to these folks and the repertoire of socialist phrases and thinking will be evident for you to see firsthand.
    > This is a very high stakes game where everything is been thrown into the mix by the Democrats. A Republican win by Trump in November will crush them, which is why they are all too happy to throw everything and agree on nothing as they believe they have the upper hand and are invincible. There is no depth of activity they will not stoop to, to win. We can only hope and pray and fight for a Trump victory. It is not about whether you like or dislike the man or even respect him. The truth is that his person as a symbol and approach is the only thing standing in the way of a socialist America. And if America goes, the west will go socialist, with a whimper.
    > Europe has agreed with the Democrats to keep travel cut off to help them overthrow of Trump. The stupid part is that the Europeans are risking everything for the consequence of an overthrow. But in so doing they are virtually bankrupting countries like Spain and Portugal and Italy who rely on tourism which has been absolutely crushed. Spain is a disaster that found a place to happen. Forget Europe being aided by America given their choice, for the time being. So perhaps some of Trump’s comments now will make sense for you.
    > The fraud that goes on today in America is just unbelievable especially in states like Florida where the misinformation and misreporting of the real cases is just simply off the charts. They were even caught listing a person killed in a motorcycle accident as a death from Covid. Canada is no better keeping Ontario closed with 190 so called cases the other day over a population of 14.6M. Maybe we should count how many people die each day from other causes to have perspective. The destruction to the economy is unbelievable and as I have written many a time; just wait until fall when you will see real pain.
    > The sheer magnitude of what I can only describe as an organized fraud is to keep people down and locked to a decree needed to create a socialist dream is beyond imagination or comprehension of stupidity. Decades of work and wealth creation are being gladly thrown away for this dysfunctional idealism. Even in England, they’ve been shutting down the coal plants by locking people down and cutting off the supply of coal. These nut bars believe they can destroy the world economy and have it reconstructed to being totally green and create their version of a new normal. This is beyond stupid and incredibly dangerous. What do you think goes through the minds of law biding citizens or law enforcement in cities like Portland? Do they sleep at night or do they wonder what happens when the gangs are let loose by democrats (socialists) to subjugate the public? Just ask anyone who lived behind the iron curtain or in the USSR or a dissident in China today.

    > The fools that are contributing capital into the socialist lipstick are nut bars believIng that they will accomplish the achievement of some sort of new utopian living by subjugating all those people who were in the system. This is absolutely futile. History is shown that socialism always fails and it also has shown that those people who think that they are creating a new world for themselves will find that they will be subjugated the same dysfunctional reality that the general public experiences and they will end up surrendering all the freedom and all the wealth to the opposition which will be the socialist bureaucrats in charge. The notion that we may be seeing a time when we will be confronted with the greeting “papers please” simply to travel within country or between cities is just unreal. People like Pelosi and others who work to overthrow society rarely share the spoils gained. And it will be no different here, should they succeed.
    > As I’ve often said rebuilding the world will and has to restart in America and it will start and happen first in those states that had the common sense to actually have resisted this socialistic nightmare. Ever wonder why people have to wait 3 weeks for a uhaul In Illinois? The truth is many other nations will simply have to find their own way and one only has to look at the horrors of life in China to see what is coming to so many unsuspecting places. It is all about the party in control to the exclusion of everything else, and everyone.


    Mad Meghan has now pissed off the Royals, the Brit Public and the MSM. How long will the idiot Prince last before this mediocre B Lister small cult TV Butt flasher bolts again. The idiot Prince will be left beached,and buckle nosed Markle has trashed all her friends so the knives will be out on her way down.. the hag Wallace Simpson was shunned by all. Markle will become the new Simpson which is a pity because the Brits gave her the Fairytale and her Wannabe ego ran away to a false Disneyland. America will soon tire of the family spare low IQ Boy Child then what? Markles shown her Class. Low!


    Subject: Judge Orders Release of Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs And More

    Subject Release of Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs And More

    Let’s see all of it and expose everyone . Who rode the Lolita Express and show ALL the Tapes full Public release, name , shame and prosecutre the LOT!



    Blow for herd immunity hopes as just one in ten is carrying antibody https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8561335/Blow-herd-immunity-hopes-just-one-ten-UK-people-carrying-coronavirus-antibody.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Reality it’s not what was expected. But then infection levels were also far less than predicted.

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  9. Small suitcase nukes. To be blamed on each other for the public. Enough for more FEAR. Not full fledged launch. Ignore the rhetoric between the US and China. Remember the same people control both countries. You are watching a play.

    It was decided last year in September that Trump would win the 2020 election. The Rabbi’s have already decided that. Masons were also told to go to their SAFE place leading up to the election. We are at that point. All are out of the cities.

    Also, Israel is calling all Jews back to the homeland from the states. Why?

    Now, the asteroid thing. I have been researching this more. It’a hard to get a real answer. But, it COULD be project BLUE BEAM being used with directed energy weapons. Or it may be asteroids and your source is not in the know. It’s confirmed over the last few months several have passed close and the immense dust storm that came from Africa and literally covered 25% of the planet is suspect. This was a supposed asteroid hit. It could not have been a dust storm. It blacked out the Caribbean.

    Either way, Starting in August and Definately September, you will see major chaos.

    60% of all businesses listed on yelp have closed for good, we are trillions in debt, the history of the USA is being removed and erased daily, riots go on daily and police have had their powers stripped. Portland police can’t do anything. At normal rush hour in the top 10 city I live in, there are no cars, lockdown 2 is coming-they are telegraphing it in the news daily. They are eliminating cash. There are food shortages. Aluminum, plastic and a host of other items are in shortage. I won’t even get into COVID, which is a live drill.

    Surely you can see it.

    All I’m saying is get safe or be prepared to deal with a Boston type of thing where MRAPS roll down your street with UN soldiers and pull you out of your house. No food, no water, broke people breaking into your home.

    Under Kigali, the UN will be on the streets under the auspices of a humanitarian mission. They are here already.

    What is more apropo than a suitcase nuke or asteroid that hits and causes an economic collapse. No food, no water. Seems like a good reason.

    It’s been rehearsed. Now it’s live.


    1. Again, you can spin scenarios all you like. That doesn’t make them either realistic or probable or imminent. And if you want folks to prep, be my guest. I already have, and have had since January, 9 months food and sundry items in the basement. I’m getting my spare generator soon too. Common prudence. The rest is fear porn.

      Part of my background was designing (in a team of 10) a system to find WMD from orbit as part of the whole surveillance in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was so good in terms of integrative capability that the Gov, after it’s demo, swooped in and took everything down to the pencils and blacked it.

      That was twenty five years ago… Capabilities have only increased since then.

      The issue isn’t that blackguards are afoot or that this is a financial extinction event.

      But I guarantee you an asteroid didn’t hit. Seismographs worldwide would have detected it and beyond a certain [very small] size, the impact would have been felt with destruction everywhere. And if you go check, you will see dust clouds come off Africa all the time and are very big every 10 years or so. We were due.

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  10. Hal Turner just posted a special bulletin for members from a source in China that shows informational boards being hung up with instructions for citizens in the event of nuclear attack.

    Israeli News live has also been posting over the last week information from no less than 7 sources that nuclear devices will be detonated over the next 60-90 days in cities, this should be considered a real threat and if you can get out of major cities, it may be prudent.

    Multiple FEMA sources have also confirmed they have accelerated training for employees regarding separating families to deliver to camps. Should this happen, you will not see them again, if you even survive.

    I implore people to really look at what is taking place all around you. The US is falling.

    No currency revalue will stop that and given it’s been 20 plus years since the Quantum system was created, chances are it never will. That’s reality.

    Some dogs are just bigger. The brotherhood has been around for 1000’s of years. Plan accordingly.

    Get safe and get seriously prepped.

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  11. 5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

    The full paper has been withdrawn, probably for obvious reasons, but a screenshot of the abstract was saved. A text copy below.

    In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting
    like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.

    Keywords: 5G technology; COVID-19; DNA; dermatologic antenna; inductor; millimeter wave.



    1. I got a copy. The case doesn’t hold water, at least not as described. The math is highly suspect. There are leaps of logic. The fact that a bunch of molecules are spirally or circularly wrapped doesn’t necessarily make it an inductor.

      To be precise — 5G might very well be dangerous in fact. However, this paper does NOT prove or make a cogent case.

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  12. Pentagon UFO Unit to disclose a few finding to the public

    So — which narrative do we go with — the National Security Threat one or that the Universe is teaming with life from amoeba to multi-dimensional multi-universal?

    Logic dictates that any sufficiently advanced civilization really isn’t about to launch a war over stellar distances. Plus, violence doesn’t usefully scale at the planetary level. Ie. If you can launch an interstellar attack, isn’t it simpler to divert an asteroid into the gravity well and move in, a century or two later? Of course, the possibility of a xenophobic species or worse, an AI that thinks biologics are to be eradicated, should be considered, but are they probable? (An excellent read, Superluminary, a space opera, it has it all – cosmic threat, science at the max, and the proper relationship of AI to humans.) If Hellyer is to believed, we already have in residence – Reptilian, Altlantean, Antarctican, the Greys, Tall Whites, the unnamed bunch in Russia, and some 12-14 others that come and go. If any of this bunch wanted us dead, I think they could have managed it by now. Especially considering the Nuremberg sky battle recorded in 1561. Even a dullard like me would win the day if I had centuries to plan!

    On the other hand, the CE-5 experiences, by Greer, with many others on video, my own CE-5 experience, argues there is at least one, in logic — many civilizations, that exist in a highly advanced state, clearly control dimensional transfer tech (for lack of a better term) and can easily short-circuit the continuum. The evidence is there: Too many videos catching too many phenomenon on a repeatable, almost predictably repeatable basis.

    Just some thoughts… Oh, and if you haven’t seen Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind it’s a good romp and informative in its own unique way.

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    1. Tino

      Once you either accept, or have experienced Dimensions or Realms, you then have the keys to Pandora’s Box.

      For over 5 Millenia Religious Quacks and Despots have ruled Fools. The subjugation of each nation by mass ignorance. Why accept their phony Religious Mantras, raise your own questions and seek answers.

      The Divinity within reach of your own Souls, is the enlightenment all need but fail to seek. Ethereal truth is within.
      The Vatican is founded on lies, and Islam on Depravity. Where it the God of the Inquisition or ISIS?

      Christianity evolved to serve the aspirations of Empress Helena, mandated by Constantine, who sought its use only as a Doctrinaire Kool Aid for the masses. A gift from each Wily Fox, to closet your minds in their box. So you die for a lie? Theirs?

      Judaism from Abraham, a paranoid Delusional Schizophrenic, tribal Nutter from the Gutter. An era where the Insane were deemed touched by God. Mohammed is living proof. What have they unleashed.

      So now the real question, what is out there?

      Define in Dimensions. Then all becomes clear.

      Correct, advanced species, could have sequestrated all by choice Millennia ago.
      So clearly, they have a Higher Agenda. What? Evolution by intelligent design?
      Emancipation from ignorance is initiated by inquisitive questions.

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      1. Both world governments and world religious institutions (of all kinda) are suppressing the origin of humans and ancient human history.

        An entity that doesnt know his past – doesnt know where it belongs – doesnt know its purpose.

        Keeping you all in the dark is the working goal.

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  13. https://decrypt.co/36563/ethereum-on-fire-price-breaks-2020-record

    If it’s in the hurt locker she has it. Mossad operatives both.

    Kayleigh fronts up America

    New Bitcoin Whales Emerge As $2,197,000,000 in BTC Exits Crypto Exchanges in Just Seven Months








    Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Criticizing ‘Cancel’ Culture, Claims ‘PAW Patrol’ Was Dropped, But It Wasn’t







    Time to be rid of these slimy , scavenging Socialists once and for all. No deal, F them walk away. See how long they last when their exports to the UK collapse. Stop our Tourists travelling there until a deal is done . Hammer their economies. Teach the Brits to toe the line and get tough. Usual rabble rousers can be dealt with hard. We may need to question the point of selections tight now as the only alternatives are the Socialists and that’s no alternative. It stops illegals dead. No papers no staying . Ring fence a few deserted Scottish Islands. Throw them in there with a knife and fork. Eat each other. sorted.



    Why put up with this Trolls crap.
    Muzzle the Dog. Scotland is a conquered nation it toes the line or we cut off its subsidies. No we are not allowing an open border onto our Island and 5M forever whining Scots may need reminding who rules if we just cut our money off and pack them off back.

    We so need to guide and help others never give up



    Heh Supportive Readers what about this one





    1. Kayleigh in the pic reaching out to Tony asking your turn next?
      Really Tony, you should have ” Gone” before!


      1. Hahaha…

        Me at presser: Kayleigh, are you sure you are married?

        Kayleigh: Who are you with?

        Me: WHA

        Secret Service Man: Come with me.


    1. Now, imagine Wall St bringing in 500,000,000 clients, on top the banks’ assets.

      Keep your eyes on the long game – think in futures, and past the near term Seances and over-baked analyzers who will make you run screaming into the night. The world is full of fortune tellers. But, in the end, taking a stand and not moving off of a well-researched position has proven to be the best move and most fruitful when you are in front of a new technological wave of innovation which has value, use, and most importantly, a large pool of potential investors lining up to participate after you have gained an early advantage.

      Like Wellington at Waterloo – just select a good position, hold the line and wait for Bluecher. No fancy moves; no improvising; no knee-jerk decisions; no kidding. Boney tried like hell to weaken Wellington’s center by forcing him to aid his embattled right flank, but the wily Irishman was not having it. He knew the future success was in reinforcements arriving before his inferior numbers gave way. He didn’t run around like a wet cat, allowing panicking commanders to change his tactics.

      Churners are not earners. Holders are never folders.Your intelligent position sizes based on your personal financial situation will keep you sane. Your only job is to hold your position.

      Look ahead and above the din. George Gilder, in his book, Life After Google, refers to the concept of the immanentized eschaton, which is a belief that the things we see taking place in our life are the last and ultimate achievement possible. This is what you must avoid in your thinking, because those of us who came up through the industrial era and through the early stages of the technological fleshing out of the world, know it is not so, and never will be.

      All we need now is to get out of paper before the last quarter of 2020 ends.

      Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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    1. Please watch the first 6.45 minutes of this video. Level the playing field is about debasement of the dollar. I know most know this but there is some very interesting background of Judy Shelton here.

      I know I’ve been posting a lot of YouTube videos from this guy but he’s has an interesting information he shares.



    1. Good. We should not take marching orders from Bolshevik street rabble.

      Most Confederate soldiers and officers did not own slaves.

      James Longstreet was right. The South should have freed all slaves before firing on Sumter. That would have taken the legs out from the tall hairy mass murdering psychopathic tyrant who wiped out the cream of a generation.


  14. Jim Willie – Conspiracy Theory or Fact? (July 2020)
    00:11 What if the public said “No”?
    02:04 Why Trump activated 1 million people to active duty
    04:24 Jim’s disappointment with Trump
    10:09 Hillary, Doubles and Clones
    12:28 Androids, Dean Kamen
    14:48 Trump’s misdirection and Columbo
    16:18 Q runs Trump
    19:40 Sandia labs scandal
    20:53 Three motives for Oklahoma City
    24:06 The Bush Gang
    26:05 The Q is ten people
    27:13 Q Anon
    28:45 Who’s in charge of the Q?
    29:26 Pyrrhic Victory


  15. Like

  16. Masks became compulsory in the Uk in all stores, offices and shops today. They will not allow you in without.

    Madness. We have no F Covid!!!!

    I had to waste 15 UK pounds about 20 USD to buy a box of this crap.

    My glasses steam up. I can not breath and have to lift the mask. Pointless?

    I can not see products to shop in stores with glasses steamed up. Breathing is oppressive and why do I want to inhale my own exhaled breath for Gods sake?

    People will rebel with this. Home shopping will grow home delivered.

    Shopping will end, the stores will be empty and forced to close. It’s chaos. One day and it’s horrible! I felt offended.
    Cities will empty. Society will go into free fall. Inner cities will be pointless.

    Mask up, it’s boom time for Muggers!

    What the hell is wrong with the so called Leaders?

    Now we are finding Lock Down had ZERO effect reducing Covid. We just totaled our economies – Why?

    Policies of Knee Jerks by total Jerks¬ Every chance Boris Johnson will be back stabbed by his own party dissent is growing.
    We are led blind by the Clueless.


    1. I doubt people will stand up. They will march single file into the trains. That’s reality.

      Either way, this is the plan and it’s fully activated. Agenda 2030 is about transhumanism and a post human society. The brotherhood’s live COVID-19 drill showed them people are sheep and will follow the flock. Now onto ID 2020 and the real depopulation event.

      Here is the Deagle link for the US showing 2025 population of 100 million. Where do 227 million people go in 4 years. It’s all countries, not just the US. And if you look at the loss of people in the world in 4 years, take notice of how many are left…..500 Million.

      Look no further than the Georgia guidestones for that one.


      Sorry to say we are done. America is falling, with the rest of the world. There will only be chaos from here on out. A New World, a scary New World, if you survive.

      For my fellow Western country compatriots, plan on no food within 90 days, power going out before the end of the year, Trump will win election, but he’s no savior, JFK jr. isn’t coming to the rescue, UN Troops will be on street with Chinese and Russian Troops in uniform (along with members on the brotherhood) going into homes and splitting up families and that is just for starters. Your home in the US has already been pledged to the Chinese for debts.

      No Q to the rescue on this one. Sorry, they lulled you to sleep with that op.

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        1. It’s called the Kigali Principles

          What the Kigali Principles are designed to do is allow the UN and its member countries more power, even military power to intervene, all in the name of peacekeeping of course.

          This all sounds very noble and humanitarian doesn’t it?

          There is a darker side to this however.

          One of Barack Obama’s last acts before leaving office, was to sign the United States up to the Kigali Principles. What this in effect means is that, in the name of peacekeeping and protecting civilians, the UN and any of its member countries are entitled to intervene on US soil.
          (Think Russian, Chinese Troops)

          Think economic collapse, riots, food shortages, virus #2 with 30% kill rates, etc. And ask yourself…
          Does any of that seem farfetched.

          If so, I would challenge you to really look around you.

          Here is a great article on Kigali.


            1. Just a side note…. Doc just called my mom…. she has a lung doc appointment next week…. told her she must get a Covid 19 test prior to her app…. she has no symptoms and she does not trust the tests…. she will most likely not get tested and not go to her doc app.


    1. Bail out the Banks, with what?

      Where have the mega Trillions syphoned by the Fed and Zios gone?

      Where have vast fortunes syphoned out by Jewish US Treasury Secretaries and corrupt Leaders gone to?
      Why have the vast redemptions lawfully owed not been settled?

      Where has Obama’s fortune come from?

      Where are the multi T Banks Trading Programs profits now?
      When will Herzog be extradited to America?

      Why are the Clintons not on Trial?


  17. Analyst: Token Sale Boom Suggests Major Bull Run Has Already Started


    Subject: Masks Cause Damage: Study Reveals Mask-Hypoxia-Blood Clot Connection

    Yes, we know, but pseudo science from the psychopaths is telling otherwise 😰

    If God wanted to mask us, he would have given us an entirely different anatomy and physiology!

    In God We Trust


    This is coming at Fauci head on.

    Subject: Deadly Cover Up: Fauci Approved Hydroxy 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; ‘Nobody Needed to Die” |

    Should this be true, then Fauci should be charged with murder.


    Subject: Fwd: Top medical org demands FDA make COVID treatment hydroxychloroquine more widely available | News | LifeSite

    Faucci is in trouble now.

    I guess Trump was correct.
    Rumor is that is what Boris Johnson was given.


    Faucci is in trouble now.

    I guess Trump was correct.
    Rumor is that is what Boris Johnson was given.



    France and Norway threaten to CLOSE their border with Spain https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8555817/France-Norway-threaten-CLOSE-border-Spain-soaring-coronavirus-cases.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Of course Covid cases will soar when known bottom feeders congregate in notorious infection black spots and the lowest grade Welfare Shit from the UK flies in with cheap flights. Cheap hotels. Cheap booze. Sun and Cheap people, what do you think can go wrong. then they fly their trash Butts back infecting everyone..how do we stop it?

    Throwing the lot out and the return how with faulty parachutes comes to mind..
    This is where the case for population reduction comes into its own
    Do we need our Walmart breeders any more?


    This woman is now come by across as a manipulative attention seeking freak.



    This issue us getting growing media attention as the MSM see a chance to.humiliate Trump



    Just who the hell does she think she is?

    This is a big break for Trump so let’s be sure he gets the PR



    Has Shrek had a brainwave,,?




    Apple co-founder sues YouTube over Bitcoin scam




    Trump scraps Republican convention in virus ‘flare-up’


    https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-53521001 e

    How much pollution can our planet take?
    Leading MEP names SEVEN nations heading for EU exits as they ‘poison’ Brussels bloc


  18. Suppose PCR and antibody tests turn out false positive results because people are wearing masks every day?
    A person wearing a mask is breathing in his own germs all day long. He breathes them out, as he should, but then he breathes them back in.

    It seems evident that this unnatural process would increase the number and variety of germs circulating and replicating in his body; even creating active infection.

    Along with this, a decrease in oxygen intake, which occurs when a mask is worn, would allow certain germs to multiply in the body—germs which would otherwise be routinely wiped out or diminished in the presence of an oxygen-rich environment.

    Here’s the key: Both the PCR and antibody tests are known for registering false-positive results, since they cross-react with germs which have nothing to do with the reason for the test.

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  19. Interview with Jim Willie, financial expert and editor of the Hat Trick Letter

    Part 2 Interview with Jim Willie, editor of Hat Trick Letter and financial expert


  20. Jim Willie – Behind the Curtain (July-2020)
    00:11 What should the average person be doing? 01:04 Banking Cabal vs. White Dragons 02:59 Gates & Fauci – Targeted by the Chinese 06:25 The importance of news events on the world 08:30 Jim’s geiger counter 10:07 Jim’s marketing research background 13:42 Jim’s endorsement from Rick Rule 15:57 Las Vegas and the NFL

    From 6/5/20 all things concerning money changes, “prosperity funds” mentioned towards the end:
    From 7/6/20
    A few of the key subjects upon which The Jackass opined:
    • Covid, vaccines and his new report dedicated to health issues
    • The need for continuing, relentless and infinite QE
    • How The Fed is calling in select, dollar-based debt
    • The threats to and from the CCP
    • And a whole lot in between


      1. Sometimes I wonder about some of the things he says too. I wonder about many things William Mount says also. JW said in one of the interviews that Justice Antonin Scalia was one of 10 members in Q team. Right after Scalia was found dead in Bush territory, someone told JW, Scalia was a pedophile and was killed by the boy he raped. It’s a good idea to take everything with a grain of salt, but It is remarkable JW survived multiple death threats and the financial loss of about $400,000 in total in a Latin American nation where the legal system renders no justice simply because he is an American citizen. He had to leave the US because of the death threats that resulted from the information he was sharing.


  21. (Natural News) Numerous drug giants, including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Sanofi, are busily working to develop new vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And we have learned that an adjuvant created by GSK that was linked to causing narcolepsy during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic is also slated to be used in these upcoming Wuhan virus vaccines….


    1. This Bolshevik apparatchik needs to go, and she can extract that apology out of my bladder relief valve.


  22. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-no-plan-rushed-and-run-on-the-hoof-mps-condemn-governments-pandemic-reaction-12034359

    Correct bunch of low grade Wassocks grasping at straws




    UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in space

    This is an important take on what has now permeated our World and trashed our entire way of life.
    We have Science gone MAD, CRETINS are out with the Fairies. These Low Lobes with no concept of reality, have led banal Politicians to shut down Commerce, saddling us now with 30 years of Debts, and destroyed a century of Industry. Beyond shameful so many so called Hallowed Halls of Science got it so wrong!
    When I disputed the London Imperial College projections I was criticized. How dare I?
    I- got it bloody RIGHT, THEIR projections did not add up!
    The LOT need taking to the Top of the White Cliffs of Dover in High Tide, leg manacling to each other, and the bloody lot thrown off the top to raging seas 500 ft below. Drown the bloody lot.
    Small recompense to the vast millions whose lives they have decimated needlessly. Throw them over like Rats in a Sack.

    Subject: Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance



    Scientists discover coronavirus in EARS of two dead patients https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8553035/Scientists-discover-coronavirus-EARS-two-dead-Covid-positive.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead





    Senior US senator pushes for new tools to rein in China











    Gamechanger masks are coming. But why the hell cant they provide a Covid killer?




    Absolutely bloody right our fish you buy from us, sod off!


  23. Unfortunately, John, the mask people can point to charts like this, which show a clear trend break after a mask order went into effect June 25th.


    OTOH, I know you’ll enjoy this one:

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  24. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm

    Scroll down to the graph. Can you see *why* having a garbage test creates the illusion of catastrophe? Really — we have to get over this idea that a positive test is somehow the harbinger of doom…

    This doesn’t mean people are not dying — they are. For the most part, not of COVID, only some are dying of COVID. Assuming even these numbers haven’t been screwed with…

    Oh, the positive test to hospitalization to death numbers seem to be decoupling —


  25. Jim Willie’s 30 Day Forecast (Recorded 7/17/20)
    00:11 How countries are coerced to cooperate
    02:17 Will this absurdity be overcome?
    05:28 Jim’s 30 Day forecast
    06:09 Wearing masks in public
    07:19 Did you sleep through Biology?
    08:20 We are Running Out of Time


  26. _______

    Please can Tino give a view on this? It matters to all of you.



    Gates and his Mates!


    The world is heading in this direction (Revelation 13:16-17)

    My only prayer is that these psychopaths and their allies rot here on Earth and continue rotting in hell where these scumbags belong!

    We have to head in this direction (John 3:11-21)


  27. ________
    ‘Is Trump hinting at quid pro quo for silence?’: Shock and conspiracy sweep Twitter after Trump’s message of support for jailed Ghislaine Maxwell as she awaits trial for grooming and abusing teenage girls

    Following US President Donald Trump’s press conference political commentators took to Twitter to try to make sense of what had motivated him to wish the suspected ‘madam’ well.


    Whatever is in his head?


    Be clear, be VERY Clear, if Biden does win, the anger and hatred of the Dems and Deep State, is such that there is every chance Trump MAY be facing a Corruption Inquiry himself and Felony charges.

    Unless HE Sticks it to Biden for Corruption. they are queuing up to stick it to him on so many fronts.
    4 Years in , No Swamp Cleaning, and so many parties so incensed with his rule, if he loses they will drag him by the Hooters from Office and make a serious example of him.

    He’s now got 3 months to organise his own attack force, then go all out to take down Biden, or suffer potential ignominy and serious Criminal charges.

    It’s no longer a Joke, they will skin him alive with power if Biden gets in. Biden can only win if Trump fails to do his job.

    It’s getting ugly and Trump just does not grasp that Juggernaut coming at him. Dumb versus Dumber but the the Loser, a Bummer.

    He so much needs a smart, articulate COS. Too many have ran screaming under his command. It’s the Majors now, and losing will be vitriol repercussions.

    Barr needs to shake and wake him up. 3 months where the Loser goes into free fall.

    Be assured we WILL man up to help Trump and give you all Smoking Guns to save you from Biden and the Deep State. We will need you all to circulate what we will release to help save America.

    Because the US and UK are better TOGETHER!

    We may have our differences, but our hearts in the right place. Partners you CAN rely on.


    God does he need a TOP Campaign Manager.

    ‘He will be leaving!’ Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump will be ‘FUMIGATED’ out the White House if he refuses to accept defeat after he suggested the election might be ‘rigged’ and he’d ‘have to see’ what he’ll do if he loses

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump ‘will be leaving’ whether he ‘knows it or not,’ after the president refused to say he would accept the election results.


    The Guns, Molotov Cocktails and Criminal Inquiries will be coming at Trump if he loses in November.
    So much dirt to throw and all Trump seems to have in his pocket is his Pecker.
    Must- Dow- Better!




    Subject: Whale Alert Uncovers $10,900,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) Owned By Mysterious Crypto Creator Satoshi Nakamoto



    Subject: Watch “They call it THE GREAT RESET | “Planned to the smallest detail”” on YouTube


    Subject: Fwd: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Primary Sub-Source for Steele Dossier Identified – Igor Danchenko – a Soros Connected Associate of Lying Schiff Star Witness Fiona Hill

    Her credibility is the dumpster as is shifty Schiff. This is better than reality TV.




    Absolutely right. Sod them all of. F Socialists. We will keep all our own vast fishing grounds no more plundering by French. Spanish and Dutch fleets. No more funding the Brussels parasites. We keep vast Billions for ourselves. We sit back and watch these parasitic Bastards unglue.



    She is so going down.





    Global number of coronavirus cases tops 15 million https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8547809/Global-number-coronavirus-cases-tops-15-million-pandemic-continues-gather-pace.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    If this goes on Trump’s gone in November all Dumbo 2 will do is blame him and the Sheeple will swallow.

    Kanye West says he has been trying to DIVORCE Kim https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8547757/Kanye-West-says-trying-DIVORCE-Kim.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    The sooner this truly gruesome Clan is disbanded the better . Zero brain cells and methane Butts. Yuk!

    Yet another Covid angle.


    The dark and dirty past of the BIS


    A whole new meaning to China is Damed

    The whole flood control system is beyond the in place dam systems on the river. There has been no choice but to flood the countryside.
    When does the party ever admit they were wrong ?


    China feels the heat.

    Girl, 14, is doused in petrol and torched to death in Pakistan https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8548481/Girl-14-doused-petrol-torched-death-uncle-Pakistan.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Awful low breed barbarians full of disease and genetic failures. An awful race

    Our problem trying to respectfully question the likelihood of a Trump loss sits badly with Trump supporters.
    But where is reality here?
    Yes he’s always had the MSM against him and many times unfairly. But without the Public forums how will he motivate the voters?

    Be clear, if America gets Biden it’s a disaster.
    But so is the choice for America.
    We will unload real STOP Biden articles soon.



    It seems at last Mr Thick is getting the message.

    China is not on the Skids, it’s in Shit Street. The Dragon is failing.

    In the last several months, I have written about the reality that companies will leave China, as the danger of being China centric is simply too great a risk for most supply chains. When you factor in their involvement in the virus coverup, along with their own financial overreach and climate related pestilence and flooding, China has become a risk too many. Flags are up now. Red Flgs!

    In the case of Japan, which does over 20% in trade with China, the telling sign is that 87 companies are in the midst of pulling their factories out of China, with 57 coming back to Japan and 30 going elsewhere in Asia. This is being done with Financial assistance from Japan and means many thousands of Chinese jobs lost, with a resulting multiplier effect of lost jobs within China.

    What started not long ago as a trickle, is now becoming a flood of exiting activity that will directly affect China’s ability to create employment, lessening their economic growth. Also Liquidity! When you cant pay the Freight, the world will not wait.

    What the hell do they expect? Deluges of squawking Brats and arseholes all mass hitting airports post Covid. Do you need to travel, MUST Do? If not-Sod Off.

    The world cant cope, not does it need millions of whining Wannabes dumping themselves on over stressed airports. You don’t matter. If it’s just Whannabe Whiners you ARE the problem.

    STAY at HOME until normality resumes. Why are we letting these Cretins fly? You go, you STAY need to be the message.

    They fly to Shitholes in the Med,high Covid risks areas where mass low cost Grunts go to, Cheap Booze, low class hotels,the worst Bottom Feeders loose, and fly back infecting us all. Are we mad? We should demand 14 days quarantine certifications for them to fund overseas before we let them in. That will dent it. No Welfare Grunts to fly. This is what happens when you unleash these grunts to bring it all down. They cross with crap coming in from Africa and Pakistan. It transmits fast. Does anyone have a clue? Stop the causes and high risks. It took us 3 months to wake our own PM up to stop Chinese flights in when their own Rats were running fast to escape. Our own Idiots in charge Or NOT! We are not going to improve our Airports quickly. Stop anything not essential. We are flying in trouble. Cease. We don’t need or want them. These are inviting mass infection contamination zones.Stupid!

    Furious passengers complain of social-distancing ‘chaos’ at Heathrow https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8549015/Furious-passengers-complain-social-distancing-chaos-Here we let them in./ athrow.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    And so the show goes on. Which were the faulty clearances? Or faulty tests before?

    Israeli doctor is ‘diagnosed with coronavirus TWICE’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8549517/Israeli-doctor-diagnosed-coronavirus-TWICE.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead



    Exactly my sentiments but it’s the same in France and the US. Infantiles are running the Zoos.

    First humans may have reached the Americas and settled in Mexico 15,000 years EARLIER than previously thought, study shows

    Excavations in a cave in Mexico called Chiquihuite revealed evidence of human occupation dating back up to 27,000 years.


    No Zios for the Sacrifices then Dam


    The dichtomy of face masks.


  28. You are watching in real-time, ultimate stupidity that is agenda driven.

    Not content to have created a financial extinction event, the lunatics in charge are engaged in mask mandates, vaccine mania and medical insanity.

    Let’s take them in order.

    Mask mandates: Unless you are wearing goggles and better than an N95 mask, explain how N95 mask, which allows roughly 300-600 sub-micron particles per breath would stop a 0.125 micron viral particle — when in theory 1 viral particle is sufficient, in practice 2000 (roughly) viral particles — for infection. Now consider how badly a surgical mask with 2-4 micron mesh will stop a 0.125 micron viral particle. Now consider how badly a cloth math, with pore size of 100-200 microns or more would stop a viral particle 0.125 microns in size. “Well it’s stopping droplets!”. Okay — consider next what happens when the droplet dries? That’s why masks don’t work. . Wearing a mask is just virtue signalling, causes a false sense of security and every randomized trial shows conclusively that they don’t prevent spread. N95’s help at the margin but are no guarantee. Anything less is a waste of time and resources. And just imposes extra transaction costs and discomfort on the rest of us. An imbecile in the profession today got COVID and announced “he regrets not wearing a mask”. He should be thrown out of the profession for ignorance-cum-stupidity. Nothing short of a space suit would have prevented the infection.

    Vaccine mania: On the merits this is just stupid. To cross the t’s and dot the i’s takes a minimum of 2 years, preferably 3 years. And that’s if you are using well-know technology (e.g. Oxford’s adenovirus version). The insanity of using either an mRNA or DNA based vaccine is just that, lunacy. Not only has no such vaccine (re Coronavirus) EVER had less than 20% Serious Adverse Events (SAE), there is NO CLUE about how it will effect the DNA long-term, possible auto-immunity, germ (sex) line effects and lastly whether, like the test animals, some subset will up and die from an over-reaction upon exposure to a bone-fide nCov2019 or other coronavirus. Even the Oxford vaccine, once you read the actual paper, you find that the rosy public facade of it is just spin. It has SAEs too!

    Medical Insanity: My brethren physicians have lost their mind in an orgy of guidelines, poor studies and authoritarian (medical and other) mandates. One aspect is that they are behaving like goldfish. They’ve forgotten all they know. Example: This is a class coronavirus virus. Ergo, other than it’s lethality in the elderly and the strange over-reaction of the immune system in younger that kills (hence dexamethasone), the rest is like the class. Any appearance to the contrary is from a garbage antigen test of NO prognostic value. The reason Singapore was so effective was that the test however bad, was run against a very select population that had to have the sick and about to be sick in it. Then contact tracing and isolation of the travellers and their immediate contacts did the rest. So — No, it doesn’t have up to a 27 day pro-drome. It’s the usual couple days. No, it’s not asymptomatically spreading — the asymptomatic are not and never have been sick, and are’t shedding virus. All this bullshit occurs from false positives. The actual epidemic is mostly over. We are now, misclassifying dead from other causes. How do we know? Excess death. For the most part, most graphs of excess death are running high, but not 3 standard deviations or more high. Don’t believe me — go look at the stats — they haven’t corrupted all measures. That’s why the death curve, regardless it’s short term blip, is FLAT. How else do we know — 90% of Florida COVID tests are false — by their own admitted over-report, Texas is multiplying it’s positive tests by law by 15. These are the so-called hot spots. So if you divide by implied multipliers, the alleged 1000 per day dead is a whopping 100 per day dead (by COVID), and if you throw in the inevitable false positives from severely ill humans — are we actually losing anyone to COVID itself????

    It’s illusion. It’s gaslighting.

    Now, common sense must prevail. We have created a financial extinction event. You have to open up. If you continue the madness we will all die. And provably (don’t believe me, look at the graphs of 16 nations at random in Western Civilization) and you will see lockdowns never changed the SLOPE OF THE CURVES. Lockdowns simply don’t work in practice. Since none of them can be 100%.

    Corporations: Enough of the goddam bullshit from y;all. You are not proxy enforcers. We desperately need to pass legislation forbidding the delegation of public health powers and forbidding any denial of service by any corporation at any time to an otherwise healthy, peaceable client exercising their God-given Rights! Airlines, Trains, Buses and Taxis. You are common carriers. You don’t get to enforce, thru denial of service, mask mandates or anything else. Airlines. Enough of the proxy enforcement of all the utter bullshit from masks to immunity passport requirements. You too are common carriers. And the same goes for Big Tech — I am, publicly aligning with Mike Adams — you are engaging in a seditious conspiracy to deny Rights and should suffer, after due process in Court, execution for your actions.

    Most importantly — we fought a goddam World War against the Nazis — and at Nuremberg made a blunt statement on the evil of over-riding self-determination in human experimentation. From that arose the Doctrine of Informed Consent. There are no exceptions to this Doctrine. We allow one over-ride — when a patient is provably a danger to self or others, we isolate them. You do NOT get to mis-interpret this to make all individuals carriers and dangers to each and every other person. This latter bit is just tyrannical control by other means, cloaked in a mantle of good. So no — a vaccine mandate (and even all other vaccines for childhood disease) is not acceptable. Don’t even try it.

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      1. Hi John. You are Welcome. You will find at the URL below, a well-written piece chock full of all the professional trial references and other research that puts the X conclusively on masks being mostly useless. Masks Don’t Work. Just more ammunition even though I think I was pretty clear on the core logic.


  29. Well, we have been lied to, again, by omission. This time in relation to the Oxford vaccine. Told you it was statistically and scientifically impossible for severe events to be zero. I lifted this off Slashdot. I’ll analyze the medical paper later, but right now I want to keep my blood pressure down. Oh, just FYI — any NSAID will reduce vaccine effectiveness, just thought y’all should know:

    The press release for Monday’s publication of results from the Oxford vaccine trials described an increased frequency of “minor side effects” among participants. A look at the actual paper, though, reveals this to be a marketing spin that has since been parroted in media reports. Yes, mild reactions were far more common than worse ones. But moderate or severe harms — defined as being bad enough to interfere with daily life or needing medical care — were common, too. Around one-third of people vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine without acetaminophen experienced moderate or severe chills, fatigue, headache, malaise, and/or feverishness. Close to 10 percent had a fever of at least 100.4 degrees and just over one-fourth developed moderate or severe muscle aches. That’s a lot, in a young and healthy group of people — and the acetaminophen didn’t help much for most of those problems [in the acetaminophen arm]. The paper’s authors designated the vaccine as “acceptable” and “tolerated,” but we don’t yet know how acceptable this will be to most people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tino,
      COVID is Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019. Next is ID 2020. It’s a post human world now and 85% of humanity must be killed by 2030. Quit stressing. IT’S ALL A FUGAZI BY THE ILLUMINATI.


    2. Tino

      They are omitting to be truthful about the sheer scale of side effects from these trial tests. There are an unacceptably high level of issues of concern. Why are these results now being shown? The first results scream unsafe! Big Pharma is lying, again!


  30. Silver and Gold are just going blitzo right now. The miners are jumping 5% to 15% per day. Hopefully some of you bought into THM, HL or EXK like I pointed out a few month back. They are all up 150% to 300% since then. Imagine what they do if Gold hits $10k and Silver hits $200.


    1. All are tied together. Before we had to delay on the Dongs so as not to upset China. That’s over now, we will put it right up them. They gave us Covid and shattered our Economies, now we will shatter theirs.

      Liked by 5 people

  31. Come on paper exits!…. I want to get in the crypto world from every angle!…. I am in one of the best projects, but, ide like be in several in a big way, and have several different exit points, as well as very long term holds, as things move and gain acceptance.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Seminar Dave has had enough of prison life. I suppose by now he has figured out he is not going to push the Feds around with his strawman UCC sovereign citizen jibberish. He has apparently decided to comply with the court order and in doing so his release has been ordered.

    Let’s see what his cooperation leads to with the rest of the space cadets who are behind Meta1.



  33. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-53418762


    A quarter of Britons could REFUSE to take coronavirus vaccine despite risks being ‘overestimated by web myths’, new survey shows

    Results will be released today for a global frontrunner vaccine, developed at Oxford University, showing whether it is safe and triggers a positive immune response.


    Ever more Brits are saying Hell NO to a Covid Vac. No Pearly Gates for them.


    Incredible shot of leaping wildebeest during the great migration in Kenya wins the top prize in an international wildlife photography competition

    A Howe’s picture of wildebeest in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve won the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Nature in Action contest.


    Pics with a difference




    Jeffrey Epstein was “a sick pedophile” but Ghisla…: https://youtu.be/HuLvU_YD5qY

    Maxwell needs life! Then she can mix In the hard time Ass Busting Pen with low life’s who will rip her apart



    Trump won’t like this at all.

    He’s visibly coming apart under hostile media criticism. It’s very hard to maintain an aura of credibility when your as thick as he is. His ego won him a role his pygmy brain could never handle. Now Dumbo is about to saddle us with Biden.
    2 seriously stupid candidates. Dumb and Dumber.


    I remember Doria at the wedding. In world spotlights where the delicacy and culture is at its most critical, her dress sense was excellent, her ambiance and decorum magnificent, what a wonderful day for her.
    Now the real world, Cinderella married her brain dead Prince, the B TV Actress has bolted again, they have a 14 months old baby struggling to walk,and no one to develop with apart from 2 brain dead wannabes. So Momma Doria comes to the rescue. The kid, poor Sod stuck with those 2 Tossers. They cant teach their child to talk, but they can teach the world standards heh? 2 Nincompoops!

    Meghan Markle’s mom has reportedly moved in with her and Prince Harry https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8540509/Meghan-Markles-mother-Doria-Ragland-reportedly-moved-Prince-Harry.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead


    So, he wants to Snitch on the Clinton Bitch?


    Go Kayleigh, attack, attack, attack.


    Can you believe this crap?



    Wake up people.

    Why do poor Africans have to be prey for Monsters? Life matters! Now if Gates and his Hag can be arrested for Genocide on an African Trip, that is news and Justice!



    Thirteen nuns from a Michigan convent die from COVID-19 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8541287/Thirteen-nuns-Michigan-convent-die-COVID-19.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    So sad for them what a tragic end. That blows the Convent Property Developers will come running .
    Catholics heh suckered since 304 AD
    Constantine the scheming Swine.


    Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe and provokes an immune reaction https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8541187/Oxford-Universitys-Covid-19-vaccine-safe-provokes-immune-reaction.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Here’s hoping


    1. John,

      Color me the untrusting skeptic since we’ve been lied to across the board.

      The Oxford vaccine’s results are not realistic. It is categorically impossible, as a matter of science and statistics, to not have had Serious Adverse Events in the study population. Somebody is lying or not reporting or it doesn’t work in reality. As a matter of science, no trial anywhere, anywhen, has had less than 20% SAE. As a matter of statistics, the odds, out of the box, that they didn’t have ONE SAE, is infinitesimal.

      Additionally, they did NOT use a neutral saline placebo but an active control. This DOES NOT give the correct control group.

      Lastly, I can’t find it in the documents, but did anyone inject some non-rat mammals and do a cross-challenge with the virus instead of using antibody proxies?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tino

        It’s beyond essential you are a key site contributor challenging the facts and reality of all views.
        How else can we find an objective balance?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The British Navy stopped Napoleon from invading. My, how times have changed.

      I think I am going to put aside all my research into establishing a residency in the UK. I will just get a rubber raft, and float over.⛵


    1. Here is the latest from Jim Willie by an unknown YouTuber:

      Greetings from Dan and David 大卫 Dawei. 00:02 Introductory Banter 03:00 Jim’s Great Awakening 04:50 Jim’s hometown 05:27 Catalyst for leaving the USA 15:50 How He Decided on Costa Rica 17:44 2008 Collapse – 2 years in advance 18:27 Is something ominous setting up right now? 18:40 Should people stand & fight or vote with their feet & leave? 19:42 We’re at a fork… 20:20 The Voice on the banking cabal 25:06 “QE is a guaranteed end of life game” 26:46 “COVID is a fascist project” 27:40 Why would anyone believe anything from the government? 28:46 What the News isn’t reporting 29:31 “What’s the difference between Corona & Covid?” 30:53 Losing Jim – Closing Discussion with Dan

      Jim Willie goes into COVID @26:46 and may answer questions Tino raised earlier. JW thinks the US stats are 25 – 30 times higher than other nations. The reason? “The medical police state has the urgent needs to protect themselves.”


      1. I found another JW interview that is a little more encouraging than the one from last night. It is one month old, and is it possible things changed for worse? I have to listen to Tore tonight for a dose of positive information.
        India has an arrest warrant against Bill Gates for the polio vaccine that killed 100,000 people there, and Italy is no friend of his. Africa hates his guts and the Red Cross who gave lethal vaccines to its people. They were able to connect the dots, so when will the 90% of Americans?

        “Jim Willie: Holding US Economy Hostage As Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong”


  34. Multiple high level sources confirm ELE asteroids will hit major cities soon as the earth gets hit by asteroid belt

    Huge dust storm over Africa, Atlantic and Caribbean last month was asteroid hit in Africa.


    1. Forgive, but I have to disagree with you. There’s no evidence that we have incoming…. this is just fear porn hearsay. I asked my pal out West with his own hookups to NASA, and there’s nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

  35. I’m about to lose it.

    Headline: Those asymptomatic for COVID-19 are “increasingly considered to be a likely mode of disease transmission.”

    Reality: A garbage antigen test creates the illusion that people are infected but asymptomatic. Utter unmitigated bullshit. If the headline was accurate the “surge” of “positively infected” would be resulting in massive death. Instead we have gone from a blended 14 deaths per 1000 cases to 0.3 to 0.6 deaths per 1000 cases…. At what point do we call bullshit? At what point do we round up the CDC/NIH people propagating this nonsense and toss them out of work onto the sidewalk with their cardboard box of personal office items?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. None of this is based on science, so will refuting them with science work? Tore spoke about a homeless guy who was paid money to be used as a human guinea pig and ended up being hospitalized in an intensive care unit on Friday. God will not mind if any of us converts to Jehovah’s Witnesses to stay alive until the politics gets ironed out in the next four years. Tore is not a licensed physician but has gone to med school if any of that makes a difference. She is working on her MBA right now and plans to be in the House to introduce bills in the future. I wish her much success. In the meantime, more people need to take the red pills, not vaccines. I know most here wants the reset done right now, but speaking only for myself, I hope it comes around year end. I wonder if the Great Reset planned in Davos Jan 2021 has anything to do with any of the stuff being discussed here. We are living through crazy times.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am just so sick of the lies. It’s all gaslight. There’s no catastrophe almost anywhere, but if you read the Monday Washington Compost or the New York Toilet Paper of Record, you;d think the US is doing terribly, when we are doing better than nearly every other country.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I respect your internal fortitude to care for your patients in the matrix of lies. Hopefully the reset brings you the outcome you desire so you will be able to do what you hope to achieve with the rest of your life.


            1. Looks to me like the numbers need to be elevated to put the blame on Trump pre-election. Trump seems to be playing his cards well by not taking Peter Navarro’s side when he blamed Fauci. I think Trump is going to keep Fauci alive until the end to be used as the fall guy. This is no science. Pure b.s.


  36. While we can not, and will not, provide detailed client affair reports, what we can safely and discreetly allow is as follows, and you must use your own initiative to form your own judgments.

    1. Major Multinational Sovereign Bond and Cash platforms have started moving forwards again and Principals are reengaging for the next stage of validations. Real moves! Real people! If and when that clears, the Public have a path to follow.

    It’s an expensive and wearing process. Stressful as hell. No one asked the Ambulance Chasers to free ride. Hold your nerves. So they either wait discreetly, or go alone. There’s progress.

    2. US Domestic Bonds are messy still. Political entities and the Cabal plus Treasury are still playing Denial, even though the Agency is now visibly up to its crooked neck juggling and re-positioning its decades of ill gotten gains, panicking how to get their visibly dirty Laundered funds re profiled as Bone Fide Proceeds of Trade to access the QFS. I’m sorry but, you can’t make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s ear. Clinton married Rodham Clinton, Hilderbeast. How did that work out? QFS records the History of funds and how earned? That will be hard for the Bushes, Clintons, Romney, Soetoro Obama and bribe taking Bidens to clear Compliance. The Agency is probably the most powerful, corrupt and Criminal Government protected Crime Syndicate on the planet. Nothing is too corrupt or too dirty. If it pays, they do it. Hollywood makes false legends out of Scumbags. It’s been the New Mob for decades. Now its own Dirty Money may become Monopoly Money. Compliance Officers face enormous Custodial sentences if failing to report or facilitating Proceeds of Crime.They have not seen this coming. QFS can do a retrospective check for the last 50 years soon on all of this. How was it sourced and who was paid – Direct by Who, or Paid Off! Like Texan Deputy Governors or CIA agents. It’s coming home.

    3. Other Dynasty Elders are awaiting to hear the next DC/UN steps to determine how to at last redeem what is long overdue to them. They have UN backing at the trough for a snort! All one big trough.

    4. The Gold backed new currencies are coming, as is QFS. But, QFS will start with cleared decks, and a new base Fund, but it may prove hard for Crooked Agencies and Criminal Funds to get accepted in. Also for Political Crime Family funds to convert. Once registered as a QFS asset fund, its history is then on Public Record, scrutinized by many, and every transaction will be tracked and monitored. Every transfer is seen and validated. Proceeds of Crime will be seized and links traced. Irregular movements, if suspicious, will be flagged and reported. Once in the QF system, it can only move to QFS approved accounts and persons. Before you know it, funds not QFS cleared, will become difficult to use or move. Irregular funds not pre cleared will flag fast. Offshore Banks face a torrid vetting process in future. Were the Funds Tax Paid, who is Audit Cleared and how did a c500K a year Public Employee like Soetoro Obama suddenly emerge with Billions for 8 crooked years in office and no record of business success anywhere? Bungs? How does this Small Time Chicago Mediocre Union Organizer explain Billions? How and for what? This is where QFS will take them down if used correctly. None of their funds or fortunes stack up. Charges need to.

    Will Trump and Barr take down Biden and Clinton? Or what do they have on him in this House of Cards?

    The Systems have been kick started again. There is a need to suck seed. We are advised that appeals to Obama!

    QFS is the Achilles Heel of corruption. Secrets will not stay buried. Fancy dress and dirty knickers is coming. Commeth the hour, Commeth the Can. Will Trump or Barr, be the Man?

    Progress at what price? QFS is unforgiving. Nowhere to run or hide. Not quite what they anticipated.

    Et Tu Brute?

    Liked by 1 person

        1. There are 3 different alternating positions right now. Each independent of the other. Each pushing.
          Let any play out one will be used by the others.
          The basic problem is most the funds have been used by the Agencies or Syphoned by the Zio Trash.
          The site of the new carriages and new FEMA Camp pictures may bring home to the Zios, No Mercy!
          Arm Iran and Syria. Publicly film 500 Zios booted head first into the Rail cars, cuffed and booted hard, and it will focus minds. Even better if their Attorneys are cuffed to them. Military Trials. Treason! When the Hispanics and Afros take over, Zios will get what’s coming. With world support.
          Things are progressing again thank God, but not the Zios version. That’s just Roach life.


      1. Held by who? History of Lawful Title?
        But the lying, thieving , predatory Scum will lie and deny as ever.
        Appian Way the lot.


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