Biden…His Time??

Time to publicly wake up the masses and define the Founders’ hopes for your America, as all hopes will be lost if Biden and the Criminal Usurping Obama backed Deep State take over again. Then Democratic genocide would follow. Do you want a Muslim, BLM, Zionist Criminal controlled America? Everything the Founders sought to escape seeking Liberty.

You each, America and its people, deserve better. Heed the call of Paul Revere. It’s wake up time. The last hopes of the nation will be determined in November. Biden is criminally corrupt and a Deep State lackey. As is Obama. They need to be STOPPED! They all do! There are vast records proving these Frauds and Theft and their combined criminality. This is the lead in to recover multi Trillions of YOUR hard earned Dollars stolen from you, and to unlock the vast Pandora’s Box of US Cabal Criminality. Even Bush 41, the most Criminal of all US Presidents, stated, “If the people knew what we had done, they would string us all from the Lamp Posts and Trees”. We KNOW! Organize and take it back.

See WHR #25

We know and track where Obama is hiding his own defrauded funds. They can run, but they can’t hide. Time to expose them and close them down. Biden does not deserve the right to the Oval Office. But neither did Usurping Obama. A heinous crime for which he needs to pay!

Your vote and YOUR Responsibility is to keep America free on YOUR Watch! Stand up for America and vote NO to Biden! No More Deep State and Democrats Corruption! No to Corrupt Biden! Stop this Train Wreck. Vote No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote No, NOW!

We have the incontrovertible proof with Josef Ackerman, then of Deutsche Bank, setting it up for Bush 41; the Banks, their Bank Program Platform Engineers, and Political parties linked and stealing from Falcone and all others they also reneged on from redeeming Trillions owed. Michael Herzog, also wanted now in Israel for Fraud, is up to the neck in this, as are the vile Clintons, and Romney. Worse, FBI Agents acting for Mueller, who in turn was acting for Bush 41, traveled to the FBA Palm Beach unit to stop FBI Agents we have identified on record from pursuing Romney or Bush. Corrupt Agency interference to hide a vast crime.

Democracy, or Deep State and Crime Family Autocracy? How can this Crime Family of Bushes morally back Bribe-Taking Biden? Zero moral conscience, the lot of them. But then, it was Bush 41 and Clinton who first bribed Biden, with the Falcone Fraud. The Bush/Clinton Crime families again. Sleaze and corruption, they are Traitors. Then Vice President Biden, a Public Office Servant, was BRIBED by Clinton and Bush 41, and Mueller acting for Bush 41 and Romney, helped cover it up. Treason! Witnessed by disgusted Patriots. But all on record!

This needs ONLY a Military Court. Military Sentences! The Founders would have settled for nothing less. Who will clean up America? What was that we heard,” I will Drain the Swamp”? When? When election pledges fail, so does the incumbent. Drain the Swamp!

This new report is being re-released as a Tribute towards the austere and valued work Bill Barr and Kayleigh McEnany undertake as true Patriots, defending America and their President. One ever besieged by a crooked, lying Democratic autocracy, and the pitifully corrupt Fake News Media, who are a disgrace as the Voice of America. So, can this help become the voice of truth to free America of the Deep State and Democratic Vice choking America? The time is now for ending these Political Crime families, and the loathsome Zionists stranglehold on America. With both Houses treasonously coerced by bribery into swearing an Oath of Allegiance to a despotic Kazah Shill Cult, posing as Israelis and Zionists. These are NOT Jews! Few have any Israeli Jewish bloodlines whatsoever. These are the spawn only of Khazar Genghis Khan Plains Marauders vermin seed which has thieved, defrauded and raped its way across the Russian Empire, Europe and has taken complete control of America’s Fiscal lifeline. Denying you a right to the Treasury or your own Fed run by Americans, for Americans, not Jewish greed. Break free of this Zionist Vice! America must own its own Central Bank, not these Shylocks and Shysters. Give America its OWN Central Bank run By Americans, for Americans.

There has been a recorded Criminal Conspiracy for which we all need your help and support with you emailing this to get to Trump, Barr and Kayleigh, to stop Biden and help Trump’s team to re- track America. Keep America SAFE! Fight for American Liberty. Deep 6 the Deep State. You can help protect Americans. It’s on YOUR Watch!

American Lives Matter, as do the Free Rights of all to be heard. Not Herded by the un-elected Deep and Shadow State. No President has ever been so shabbily treated, and the Press Office meetings which Kayleigh attempts to hold with decorum and dignity, has her being rudely talked over by crude and arrogant MSM Stalking Horses, determined to establish a Demos Deep State Doctrine on America, clueless as to the consequences of such banal views. The MSM is a disgrace to America. Shameful. They are no voice of the People, nor possess any ethical or moral fortitude. A truly squalid and shameful rabble. Unfit for the WH Press area.

As Mueller was criminally involved, protecting Bush 41, the most Criminal and Treasonous of all American Presidents, and Biden, he is the last to talk of corruption. He’s got a Monkey on his own back. Enough to jail him.

White Hats Report #14 – The Dewhurst Files – Part 1

Nailing Biden!!!!

Kayleigh and Bill, please- go for HIM! Investigate, sequestrate. We are behind you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6199346_dewhurst-girlfriend-mugshot-split-tn-img.jpg
Dewhurst and his jones-crusher girl’s mugshot

When the White Hats started reviewing the Falcone Fraud, David Dewhurst was then currently serving in Texas as the Lt. Governor, a position of Public Trust. An honorable position, demanding he conducted himself accordingly. His ambitions extended to challenging for a seat in the Senate. Mr. Dewhurst’s complete personal integrity, and his ability to be an honest, forthright, public official, an elected leader of the people of the State of Texas, following the Bush /Herzog Fraud, now becomes an issue tracking right through to bribing a Vice President in Office. Not dissimilar to what Custer also once found himself up against with the squalid corruption of Washington DC. Sleaze lives as ever.

This is a man whose own brother, in conjunction with others, is now facing unfolding litigation following the debacle over the breach of contract, and numerous other serious felonious criminal activities, relating to the Ed Falcone affair. Public entities are complicit and their associations which are unfolding will have implications for many.

Here are further details received:

Donald Nevin, the half brother to David Dewhurst, signed a contract with his passport copy attached, as part of a settlement deal with Ed Falcone. This was presented to Ed Falcone as an already signed agreement. Falcone hoped to help Hurricane Katrina Victims and to rebuild Florida areas in need. Funds intended to do good were stolen by this Vipers Cabal.

Ed Falcone received emails in reference to this settlement contract that contained a heading, ”The Bush Settlement”. President Trump’s team NEEDs to contact Ed Falcone and his Attorneys to get all of this. This is your Smoking gun. The Silver bullet for Biden.

Donald Nevins opened up a bank account for his group. Part of the settlement funds were instructed to be transferred into this account. He met with Ed Falcone and his Bankers, (fully accountable exposure here!!!!) assuring them the funds would be wired to the agreed bank coordinates with Bush 41 clearly linked.

Donald Nevin indicated he was working on behalf of Bush Senior and the “Agency” (a reference to the Central Intelligence Agency) via his brother, a former CIA Operative and the then Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst. Indicate this in a Criminal Fast Track Inquiry? Let Biden run with that exposed! Let Kayleigh challenge them, investigate this!!!! Do your jobs, and be Patriots. Not Zio Shills!

Donald Nevin was part of a team, including five (5) other CIA individuals, who flew around the world desperately trying to move money and alter bank account records to hide Bush Senior’s stolen monies from Falcone and Joe Biden’s bribery money, from pursuing investigators. We have previously reported about some of these activities. These accounts using Bank trading Programs escalated up to over $900 Billion dollars, all Tax Evaded and hidden offshore by Bush, Herzog, Ackermann, Romney, Biden, Clintons and others. This is just one of so many more cases and Herzog, as the Bagman for the Bush, Clinton Crime Families, was fully exposed by the Interpol raid on his German home and offices, where vast amounts of incriminating evidence and many other such contracts were discovered. Why has America Justice failed to act here? Interterpol gave them the files and proof. Mueller knew!

As a vengeful, vitriolic Zio Rat, Herzog has threatened to expose all the extensive Bush/Clinton/ Biden and CIA trading accounts if he is made to pay back his part of what they stole. This needs Trump to appoint a Trusted Elliot Ness. Extradite Herzog, interrogate Dewhurst, Romney and all of them. The Bribes alone will carry a lot of Jail time. Life! Take it to them. Save this Presidency. Or Crime wins! Do this for America! Who will pick up this Can of Worms, Bill Barr please. Drain the Swamp? Let Biden try to run with this- Fast!

The signed agreement by Donald Nevin instructed Ed Falcone, that upon receiving his settlement payment, he would transfer $550,000,000 Dollars into the group bank account explained above. 50%, or $275,000,000 Dollars would be divided between Donald Nevins and his brother, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, while the other 50% would be divided among the five other CIA individuals, who flew around the world using Government planes, acting for Bush and Biden, helping move their stolen funds. Crime on an Epic scale. How about a Hollywood Blockbuster? Is this what it will take for Justice? For this Crime they all do time!

Arrest the CIA Officers. Treason!

It’s way overdue time for US prosecutions, with damning consequences for many, including Dewhurst, as he will have to answer for his very awkward participation. Their Bank visits with Senior Bank Officers, which are on record and will be declared, will have severe international legal consequences. Proof and the footprints of guilt are all ready to be exhibited in a Court of Law, with developing criminal implications. The Bushs were telling their scared minions not to do anything and be quiet … it will all blow over … “trust us”, they say. Well, trust us … it will not blow over … even with all of the threats, bribes and political destruction, many are fiercely angry and are not only willing but will gladly come forward to tell all they know. Even the Bushs do not have the ability to stop this building political storm once we get Herzog extradited. Bring Herzog back to America. He will throw them all under a bus. Do it now!

The consequences are unfolding. Perhaps Dewhurst’s dream of Senatorial glory would have been better focused on being a Senatorial candidate by upholding the Constitution and all that being a high level, elected public official means and requires. If we could suggest, and we hate to be out of line by suggesting, but maybe, just maybe, then ex Lt. Governor David Dewhurst needs to tell the truth about his involvement with the Bush’s and the $135,000,000.00 Dollars he was to receive for having his Brother deliver a message and documents. Or was ex Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s share of the money, a mere $135,000,000 Dollars, more than meets the eye? Dewhurst was a CIA operative after all … does he know the truth? America, this does not compute, does it to you? Are you voting for a person who was using his office for things that logically are difficult to explain? Is he to be trusted to represent you faithfully, or as we saw, line his pockets at your expense? It’s your vote!!

Either way, we say that if Dewhurst cared about his personal integrity, and that of the offices he wished to hold, he either needs to tell the total truth which exposes the Bushs, Clintons and BIDEN, or cease with his aspirations of being an elected official on any level. Dewhurst, your answer will tell the people of the State of Texas and all of America about your ability to ever hold office and faithfully represent your constituents. THE EYES OF OUR NATION ARE NOW UPON YOU. You’re in our Cross Hairs, Dewhurst. We know your guilt.

Especially since your girlfriend publicly beat you up, you pathetic Wimp and Big Girl’s Blouse.

What is visibly unfolding is a real life play on the American dream. The American ethos is to work, to prosper, to succeed, but not to have it stolen or defrauded from us. It’s about doing the right thing, standing together and helping all. Elected Officials are paid to help us, not use public office to help themselves like Obama and Biden. Biden is a Fraud! Clinton deserves to go to Jail. Obama knew and covered it up. Another Usurper who lined his crooked pockets.

Let us show the American spirit has not died. Your voice counts and together it gets louder. Exposure is their worst nightmare. Justice for one man, is justice for all.

We need President Trump to appoint an Enforcement Officer to investigate all of this and Biden, also to urgently Extradite Herzog, recover these funds as proceeds of crime, prosecute the Fraud and Bribe Takers /Givers!! Prosecute the Tax Evaders, and use all the proceedings to cross investigate all linked Trading Programs and Tax Evasion running into Trillions. Take it ALL back!

Drain this Swamp. Give Bush 41 the exposure legacy he truly deserves and Biden a trial!

Help America by mailing it to The White House, Bill Barr and Kayleigh. Help us all protect America. Expose and close down these Public Rats in Office.

Karma, for EVERY Bad Decision there is a Consequence. Indict Biden, also Benghazi Traitor Clinton who bribed him, acting for Bush 41, and all of them! Each one implicated is known.

Time to open up this entire can of worms. Payback. What a Hollywood Blockbuster this Ball Buster would be. Do the Crime, Do the Time, it’s coming for you Biden. We need you all, to save America. Save its people from the Deep State and Zio crooks. Save The Constitution.

Bring Biden and Hilderbeast to Justice. Obama knew and covered it up. He’s dirty. The whole lot of them belong in a Nuremberg type Dock. You deserve better. Falcone’s Attorneys have all the evidence and proof. Dirty CIA agents known. President Trump, PLEASE, Drain this swamp.

This is your Legacy. This will save your Presidency. We seek only to help you all.

Just as with Epstein and the Clinton Lolita Express, You, the American People, have the right to say No. Biden must not become the American President, and Biden must not be allowed to cover up his Heinous Crimes.

Let us help President Trump and Bill Barr, enforce Justice, this is his Legacy.

Put back and re-track America. Will the MSM publish Truth? Even investigate it?

The Cabal Deep State Truth- Lies!

President Trump, now please give the people this truth, they have a right to know, and to stop this travesty. For Biden the Big House, the Pen Not the White House. Expose them all.

A Legacy to be proud of. Did America ever need its new John Wayne more? Act.

Save America.


  1. A private source is telling me that on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, there will be an announcement that there will not be a Presidential Election take place on Tuesday November 3rd 2020.

    August 11, 2020
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    In the alternative media, there’s plenty of speculation about the upcoming Presidential Election.

    Following is my analysis of this matter the second week of August 2020:

    1.) If President Trump allows the Election to move forward, our enemies (the Socialists, Communists, Muslims, Democrats) will cause sufficient civil disorder to either stop the election, or so compromise several large states that have the most Electors in the Electoral College that the election will be seen as being invalid. This civil disorder will result in hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and an untold number of deaths.

    2.) If President Trump acts to mitigate the civil disorder by stopping the election, the civil disorder might possibly be tens of millions dollars of property damage and far less loss of life.

    I obviously believe the election will not take place in either scenario. However: if the President stops the election, he will most certainly also go after (with criminal indictments) any and all people, groups, organizations that have conspired to destroy our Republic.

    It will be a long list.

    Pray for President Trump. Pray for our Republic.

    John Moore


  2. Subject: Re: BRAVE NEW WORLD: Health ‘Experts’ Propose Spiking Water Supply with Lithium to Stop COVID-19 Suicides – Big League Politics

    The fact this is needed is scary in of itself.
    How will society cope with real economic fallout from the blanket shutdowns. I suppose the pharma gang will compete for lithium with the battery crowd.

    Subject: NEAR Token Sale Postponed After CoinList Is Overwhelmed by Demand

    Subject: How Not to Lose Everything During the Bull Run


    Not good news at all.

    This will revolutionise Electronic applications

    China is testing Taiwan and America. It’s coming it’s only when

    Missing Cryptoqueen: Why did the FCA drop its warning about the OneCoin scam?

    This opens up new dimensional options

    More fears for holidaymakers to France as Covid hospitalisations RISE

    It’s time to deal the borders and stop the selfish bastards returning until it’s safe. Shit for brains selfish Mediocrities risk mass contaminating us all again. Plague Ship rules. You leave, you stay out until either the Plague dies or you do. Weak Leadership again.

    Face them down, dump the Bastards to rot and see how many more try it on realises you go, your gone!

    Subject: Watch “Melbourne Gestapo Caught Choking Woman: It’s Okay Everyone – White Women Don’t Matter!” on YouTube

    No one with half a Soul or mind could not have been deeply disturbed by the arrogant mandhadling of a man who was dragged to the floor while a Thug officer knelt on his neck for 9 mins and killed him.
    Dreadful Policing. It has created ad excuse for BLM to create vast damage.

    We have the same in Melbourne. 2 absolute Thug, Criminal, Out of Control Officers, Neo Nazis loose, think they can manhandle a poor girl not wearing a mask on the streets and assault her.
    Human Right, liberty, the right to be Free?
    It’s a disgrace. Give Australian Tourism a miss.
    Give Australian Trade a miss. we don’t want to support Nazi states.

    Health care, should we allow them to come poaching our own scarce and valuable workers and longer?

    Australia, not for for Purpose? It may now only attract Germans and Attila the Hun. Why would you want to go there with those sort loose?
    It seems 100 years after packing out own Low Life Crims out there the still have not learned


    1. James, I sincerely thank you for sharing this video, it was riveting. Very sad and confronting but also very inspirational. Definitely worth watching. Thanks so much James.


      1. Wait until Trump is re-elected, and the Floyd cops get off.

        The Hottentots will truly go on the rampage, and make the terror of the French Revolution look like a quail hunt.


  3. Why Grayscale’s New Digital Currency Ad Could Bring Crypto Investing To Millions
    Monday out in the hills 8 miles to the only pub and 8 miles back to teach us not to do that again.
    Time to clear a Brits head, and get life into perspective.

    Once it used to be with a 60 lbs Bergan on my back, 20 lbs of ammo and body armor, plus weapons and heavy boots on training marches.
    Then I could fly it.

    Now without the weight it kills me. Life heh?


    Subject: UK heatwave: Chaos at beaches as Britons swarm coastlines and cause two-mile traffic jam.

    The brain dead morons just don’t listen and are too stupid to think.

    Subject: Blockchain Bites: Inside Cosmos, Bitcoin at $200B, DeFi Surges – CoinDesk

    Subject: Bill Barr's Remarkable Interview on Fox News and a Preview of …


    Subject: Quantum computing breakthrough as scientists find possible solution to technology’s biggest hurdle

    Subject: Trump news: President attacked over executive orders for coronavirus relief as economic adviser ties himself in knots trying to explain them

    Subject: No Language Is “Foreign” Anymore Because Of This Smart Japanese Innovatio


    Subject: Four Altcoins Could Break Out As Ethereum-Based Ecosystem Goes Parabolic, According to Messari Researcher

    Subject: ‘They’ve had enough of everything’: Record numbers of Americans are giving up their US citizenship

    Fully understood. With Hispanics and Muslims flooding in, Afros soaring crime and birth rate, all too many on Welfare, who would want to stay?
    Many good Americans now come to the UK.

    Subject: ‘You better watch out if Trump is reelected’: Critics warn new executive orders will ‘defund’ Medicare and social security

    Subject: Trump says Spanish Flu of 1918 ended WWII – a conflict that didn’t start until two decades late

    When he gets it wrong, he gets it so awfylly bloody wrong.

    Subject: Trump’s attorney general under fire for calling Black Lives Matter a ‘Bolshevik organisation’ with ‘fascistic’ tactics

    So now Bill Barr is under attack for Truth?
    Joy of working from home next to your wife

    Watch it until the end when it becomes clear, so true and funny.


    I think this video, in the interests of fair play and truth, is one you need to watch. We all do. Facts matter. Truth matters. You won’t get it from the MSM.



    1. Bastards aren’t they, so lets JAIL the Kids that will hurt bad! Fraud, Conspiracy to commit Fraud, Theft, Money Laundering, Tax evasion. 25 year plus will stick it to them.

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    1. Shooting outside…. was watching the press conference…. Trump left then came back and explained the shooter was on his way to the hospital….

      Side note: It appears Trump is not hiding somewhere after all…. he is at the White House….. guess the big send off by the staff the other day was just a trial run?


  4. No one wants to go down with Creepy Joe

    Joe Biden is having trouble finding anyone who wants to appear on the Democratic presidential ticket with him. AC chronicles the obvious problems:

    Whitmer met with Biden as he nears VP decision. Three things are obvious to all of them. One, he will never win. Two he is up to his ass in criminality over Ukraine. And three, there is a good chance once Trump wins, and Biden is taken down hard, there will be child molestation shit tagged onto his legacy. So the rumors of people turning him down when asked may very well be right, and he cannot find someone willing to sign on to be his VP. If he cannot find a VP, either it is a show designed to make Michelle come out and sign on, out of a sense of duty, before he dies of a stroke and she slides into the Presidential candidacy as part of a show to justify the fraudulently close, or even Democrat-victory results, or it isn’t a show, and this will just be a standard, full on Trumpslide.

    It’s not a show. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate was always going to be a sacrificial lamb, which is the only reason why the Color Party was willing to run a white candidate. They don’t want to permit any of their Color Revolutionaries to go down with the decrepit old guard. Source: Vox Day

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    Man up you tub of lard. Turn them or sink them! Slap them into helicopter rescue sling under our military choppers. Fly them back to Calais and dump them from the air on the French. Stop paying EU subsidies make THEM pay for air lifts and see how fast their borders esal up then. We are led by Nincompoops!

    The following video may be the most important thing you spend time on this weekend.

    Is it scary? Yes! It should scare the stuffing out of you. But the time to play ostrich is over. It’s time for all of us to take our stand.

    It’s time for all of us to choose how we’re going to fight back.

    My red line happened with a mask mandate. I will not, nor have I, donned the mask of servitude.

    My only master is God – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and they don’t require a mask. Still not sure?

    Visit or re-visit the short 3:30 video “The Truth Behind the Mask.”

    In only 87 days, the evil “movers and shakers” (aka Godless monsters) will try to steal this election

    from Donald J. Trump. If they succeed, I can promise you that your world will never be the same.

    From the Editor’s Desk of The Remnant Newspaper: Michael Matt takes a look at some good news regarding the Covid recovery rate before he explores what’s really going on with the global pandemic. To understand what’s really happening here, he takes us to Davos, Switzerland—to the World Economic Forum—where the movers and shakers of the world have been meeting on a regular basis, especially since January 2020, to discuss the “opportunity” for a ‘global reset’ at the Davos 2021 Summit.

    Using multiple video clips, Michael shows how everyone from Soros, to Gates, to Schwab, to Al Gore and the Secretary-General of the United Nations are only too eager to admit exactly what The Great Reset is all about.

    Using the Trojan Horse of a very serious Coronavirus, (they have a more deadly one than Covid-19 ready to distibute) these globalists plan to create a global reset of everything from the world economy, to population control (read 75% reduction), commerce (fewer businesses all in the hands of the elite or government), climate change regulation (fake global taxation excuse), education (more dumbing down) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (need less people to run the world on less) in order to “reorder” and “re-imagine” every aspect of life as we know it (no more free speech, freedoms, guns, free travel, free association, controlled social behavior etc, etc).

    This is the rest of the story behind the Russia hoax, Ukraine, the phony impeachment and all the other deep state attempts to cripple Trump’s efforts to ‘make America great again.” Why? Because no country—especially not the U.S.—can opt out of Their Great Reset.

    If they get their New Normal, nothing will be the same ever again. Nothing, that is, unless Donald Trump wins in November.

    The folks at Davos want a new world order, and the only thing standing in their way at the moment is the US.



    Steven Mnuchin says Democrats will ‘have a lot of explaining to do’ if they challenge Trump’s executive order after Chuck Schumer calls it ‘faulty and unworkable’ and Nancy Pelosi slams it as ‘an illusion’

    The White House is confident Trump’s four new executive orders will stand up in court as lawmakers denounce the unilateral move as ‘unconstitutional’ and the action faces potential legal battles.

    Face off with the Dumbo Rats.


    Subject: You all know why Trump has now left the White House _@drawandstrike | blogdog

    Before and misshaps, you really ALL need ot read this on why Trump has run for safety. Spur Heels in fast action.
    All any side action delays. There is panic.


    Tunnels were ancient escape routes for the Hillderbeast Hag. She is 12,000 years old isn’t she?

    Tinos point is coming home. Please, just deny it to Dumborats.

    Subject: “Within Days I Was Able To Breathe”: NYC Democratic Councilman Says Hydroxychloroquine Saved His Life | Zero Hedge

    Perhaps the answer has been in plain sight. Although the big pharma crowd will not make new riches from this.

    China is a dangerous brutal regime

    This could cost Trump the election

    What a Dog



    Dam right just get lost !


    Heave Adelson it’s more Zionist games


    The Fall of Cabal Parts 1 – 10 The Great Awakening


    Subject: Re: World War 3: Moscow’s 15-minute nuclear warning to China after territory scrap on border | World | News |

    We try help you understand the raw realities of actual events not MSM garnbge for the Plebs.

    No surprise here as Russia has always been wary of China, and it is a long standing policy of Russia to counter China with the use of nuclear weapons.
    Recently, I told you that Russia has Directly warned China, and placed 2 Iskender missile formations (32 missiles) on the Chinese border. They made it clear that any threat to Russia would be met with a 500 mile kill zone inside China. And winds do blow south. There are current moves to protect Kazakhstan from China where the Chinese think they can take 45% of the land mass as historical land. Obviously Kazakhstan can not defend itself, but Russian nukes on Russian soil can effectively counter any incursion Into Kazakhstan. Watch for this message to be delivered by placement of new missile batteries on the Kazakhstan/Russian border pointed at China. These will be shorter range (1500-2000 mile) mobile systems already enroute.
    Further, you may know that Russia has delivered a clear warning to Israel last week that retaliation will be in kind for further missile strikes against Syria, on Israeli soil. Russian missile systems were augmented last week in Mediterranean both at sea and on land. Israel has no defense against such hypersonic missiles. And the US is not going to come to their aid either. Bibi is on his own.
    As for India, Russia is already responding to India’s request for additional hardware as an assessment has been made as to what India needs to level the field against China and specific hardware is being provided as such. Russia’s sudden cancellation of the S400 missile systems should be a wake call for Xi. Russia has acted to defend herself by insisting that China pay in gold and in Rubies for oil and while it has weaned itself off USD; it remains wary of China as a greater threat than America, not just to itself but regional partners and spheres of influence. Case in point to China, the communication that they travel the Arctic at the pleasure of the Russian Navy and only at that pleasure. This is a Silk Road that bares a cost with no Chinese hegemony attachments.
    The Russian economy is suffering (12+% decline) like many others, but Russia will not give sovereignty to anyone without inflicting terrible loss, even if the country is destroyed in the process. Oddly a similar attitude to Britain.
    In the Middle East, Russia is most annoyed that China is helping the Saudis build their own nuclear weapons who are paying China in USD and in oil. Russia sees this as a direct threat to the whole of the Middle East. And should the Saudis one day be tempted to hit Syria with a nuke, they will be wiped out as a response. Even if they do not believe such a possibility, and no one will come to their aid.
    The true and present danger today is that as threats by China are made or attempted at previous parts of the USSR which Russia considers its’ backyard, Putin will face growing pressure, as he is now to act and act decisively. And this means the use of nukes. Right now it is quite clear that any strike at Russia or its’ direct interests will be responded to by nukes, not troops. However, as hostilities grow and hegemony overreach grows in the future the war hawks in Russia may well get policy change. I sincerely hope not and hope the world finds a path to peace for mankind. The situation is far more fragile now than in the fifties.


  6. I’m not sure about everyone else, but am I the only one barely hanging on? I need this switch to be flipped and to exchange I want to pay ALL my debt, (the creditors banging on the door) and put every extra penny into Crypto after the bills are paid.

    I hope I last and will not be hauled off before I have my chance to do what I need to do. Just thinking out loud and wondering if everyone is in same situation.

    I hope for some good news news in next few weeks and will wait patiently. I have the doors barred.


    1. Hi there Homemembership & Welcome,

      So sorry to hear of your current difficulties. I think many here are experiencing their own personal struggles in different ways, so in that sense you are not alone. I do hope there is a healthy shift in your life soon that brings forward to you what you need and desire. Just try to stick here with us all through these tough times and we can support each other along the way.

      I wish you a wonderful, peaceful and very happy future life. Stay strong and hopeful.


  7. There are many who think while it appears to be quiet nothing is happening.

    A lot is playing out as we restructure documentation for key participants, determining who gets what % of Project Platform Funding, and any following public overflow. Right now we are focused on structured re building of infrastructure and key needs. Global and integrated regional solutions. Humanitarian and Ecological issues. Health care issues.

    Resource allocations. Big steps, big hits, freeing resources from Zio Tykes and back to the needs of the People. Re integrating wealth created or accrued back to servicing the needs of the people, not bloodsucking Zio filth sequestrating assets on every corner. As poor Trump is finding, even allowing them to scam all in Las Vegas, Campaign funding comes at a hell of a demand price. Converting the lot of them to Bio Fuel has its merits.

    Look only at their penetration of the Senate, Justice, Media and Banking, to see the scale of their Evil within. We will be rebuilding with this scum blocked out at every stage possible. Genghis Khan raping marauders loose in suits posing as Jews. Assimilating Khazars. Loose Predatory forces in our world, Raptors. Rebuilding with their Snout ripped out!

    So Yes, it’s taking time to remove the Swine. Trump is now learning the hard way, once letting them near they are right up your rear. Not one is allowed near our Trusts or group. Zero tolerance. Bringing forwards QFS we rip them out.


    1. John
      Maybe, if some of us small fish actually get cashed out, you could think about letting us have a few percent of a trading program by aggregating our funds so we can participate and do good humanitarian things locally in our respective locations. Just an idea.

      The “white hat auxiliaries” fund


      1. I appreciate that comment, but of course I was not the one who originated the prediction. I simply observed and considered what so many other fine analysts have and came to the same conclusions within a reasonable certainty, and put my chips in play.

        Now, if we can get out of paper ahead of the really big moves, then our readers who also have a stake in this sector will see potential life-changing financial increases and have some security which so many came into the “RV space” to find. We are still early, and while preliminary moves have started, we need to get out of paper before the end of this year, or I fear our crypto holding members will miss the post-Wall St banquets. What we see right now is just minor pre-prom foreplay compared to the moves that are predicted for many good ideas in key sectors. Right now they are cheap to get into, but most likely won’t remain so for much longer.

        I wish I could simply make predictions and have them come true, but every day I wake up and Kate Upton is still not waiting for me in the shower. 😊

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        1. Well I can’t help you with Kate Upton waiting for you in the shower but as far as I’m concerned, all information you have shared so far has been totally spot on. We could not have asked for a better guide than you have been for us Tony. Big cheers to you.

          Actually, if a few of us here at WHA make some good dollars on crypto we may have to see if we can hire Kate for a day for you. LOL


  8. _______



    Plague kills second victim in China as patient dies in Mongolian city

    What does China want to infect us all with now?
    Outpatient services are virtually non existent. Mass conditiens are deteriorating as they get protected salaries to negate all service responsibilities. What BS Health Care is becoming outside of Covid. Total No Shows.



    What new crap is China unleashing this infected poo pile nation ?



    As we have cut back Foreign travel look how the brain dead swamp the beaches.


    Adelson has a huge Zionist price to help fund Trump. Disgusting

    Trump walks out of his COVID relief press conference after a reporter pressed him on his claim that he created the Veterans Choice program – which was passed under Obama in 2014

    Trump was taking questions from the press in New Jersey after signing four executive orders on Saturday when CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid pressed him.

    The problem for a serial Liar like Trump, is that when he’s challenged on it in public, he runs away. More bad PR for the Lying King.


    The deepest slump on record and still these Clowns don’t get it.

    Trump lashed out at mega-donor Sheldon Adelson in a recent phone call, prompting panicked Republican Party officials to try and deescalate the situation

    The hard fact is that Trump is finding Adelson’s F demands well out of order as he tries to screw America ever more for Israel and to close down the Epstein Mossad investigation.
    You can’t go to bed with this shit or you wake up lice ridden! Say NO to Adelson and his Zio filth. Step away from Israel.




  9. This ex 32nd degree mason has been accurate about what is coming for the last year. Don’t listen to this is you want to be able to sleep at night.

    You have 6 weeks of moderate normalcy, then it’s over. If you survive, nothing will ever be the same.

    He does say all of the ELITE Masons, Illuminati etc., have moved all their assets to digital currency to prepare for what is coming and gold and silver will be outlawed.


      1. Sounds like you will be good, financially speaking, since you are basically loaded with digital currency.

        It’s the gold and silver that are going to be outlawed.


        1. They can’t even outlaw pot anymore. Gold and silver? Imagine trying to send Feds to every house that owns metals and taking it. Even if they pay for it. In my neck of the woods, they will give them lead before gold or silver.


    1. Not going to happen. According to him the deep state will regain/keep control of everything and kill us all, but don’t worry, God will save us. He is a very depressed man and If he wants to “go home”, we will let him. Pretty disconnected stuff. This is the worst of the worst fear porn. There is a lot of that out there right now, and it is not the White Hats putting that out. Fear is the deep state’s greatest weapon. We haven’t come this far for everything to completely fall apart. It is going to be uncomfortable leading up to the election, but there really is a plan for humanity, and we will see it unfold. That is why we are here at White Hats Auxiliary paying attention. Those Elders and John haven’t worked so hard for years for nothing.


      1. I stopped listening to the 32nd degree Mason awhile ago even though he is a financial “expert”. I sensed his limitations in his analysis and felt he was rehashing the same thing over and over. I felt I was not learning anything new from him, so I moved on and found Tore Says, thanks to Paladin and WH team. Even though the Freemason tries to sell their brotherly love, their ultimate goal is the control of the herd, so they have to use fear. I also find their truth to be not the whole truth. Like what Machiavelli told Lorenzo Medici, it is better for Prince to be feared than to be loveed because the public is inherently corrupt. We trust as much as we can afford to be deceived. Too bad for the human nature for the most part.


      2. God? Seriously?

        God is the energy within you. That means it’s up to you.

        Remember, they just shut down “THE WORLD”. THE ENTIRE WORLD! You need to respect the power they have. This is a 10,000 year old blood cult. Thus the spiritual white boy accounts with 50 zeros. Centuries of building.

        Where do you think that money is?

        Moved into DUMB construction and food prep, etc. for this event. They have cities underground for this event.

        Where is the NEW BABYLON he speaks of? It’s the city under Denver airport.

        And the idea that Americans are going to stand up is farce.

        The streets are empty. They are broke. Just enough for some Budweiser and Potato Chips.

        It’s a depopulation event. Great, go out in a blaze of glory. Better to die than to fade away!

        Did anyone resist when they rolled the streets of Boston after the bombing and yanked people out of houses. Zero resistance.

        Any resistance for masks….No.

        Everyone is wearing their mask. Obedient little slaves.

        The natural event he spoke of is the asteriods combined with Nuclear devices. And if anyone thinks that’s fake, I can send photos. I just captured 2 coming into Arizona airspace a few days ago in the afternoon. I have photos of that. Glad to send them. 49 years on this planet, never seen one. Got 2 at the same time on camera.

        Bottom line, prepare or don’t. You’ve been advised. There are no saviors. White Hats have been at it 20 years. Still no Quantum System. God Bless them. Unfortunately, not enough help from the unwashed.

        It’s late in the game. Prepare.


        1. HIW

          We ARE right on the edge of QFS right now tinkering with pre switch details.

          Yes it’s been a long time, but Moses got lost for 40 years walking in circles. The Zios set up Drinks stalls every mile or two to cash in. That said, the risks, depopulation plans and more are very real. Be ready to take your money shapeshift and run.


          1. John,
            The real question is where the hell do you run to? I don’t think there is anywhere they don’t have their claws in.

            Mustique, maybe?

            Hang with some cheeky brits. 🙈

            On a side note, congrats if it finally rolls over. Long overdue. You all earned it.

            Will we see Russell Ray Gould surface with his real US Flag?


            1. HIW

              Whichever way it rolls the US is finished as Top Dog. It’s had its run. All Empires end
              London will have an ever more powerful role with the emerging new Leaders.
              Get a Brit passport and you can travel anywhere.
              Our Hot Ladies” Go anywhere.” You could do worse.


  10. Salve Citizens,

    Those of you who have digital asset portfolios have no doubt seen price appreciation. As I write, some of the ideas we suggested are up 20% on average. CND alone, is up 11% on the day as I write, and LINK, up 34%. Many others are as well.

    While this is certainly good news, be mindful that significant volatility is still in play, and we may see wild swings in both directions in this price range for a while. Don’t let this worry you. Use any retraction of price as an opportunity to consider adding to any of your positions within your safe range, should you feel it appropriate. Never chase a rising price with critical survival funds.

    Of course, we hope for a paper exit before too much more digital asset appreciation takes place. So far, we are fortunate that Wall St and other commercial interests are still marshaling for position and have not yet brought their full batteries to bear. However, this window will not remain open forever, so let’s hope we can get out of paper in time to allow some of you to re-position a portion of your gains into this sector for the chance to significantly increase your personal wealth.

    The news of late has been encouraging. But, we still do not know with any certainty the precise timing of such possible transactions. However, we are well positioned here to have the best possible advanced warning and will do our best to bring such news when possible.

    The same warnings issued many times before are still in effect. If you see an exit price, proceed without delay and exit your paper position. What you do is up to you, but that recommendation is well sourced and not from the fairies.

    In terms of timing, we could not hope for a better time to exit our paper, if we can.

    The age of blockchain technology is experiencing the dawn before the dawn. Significant events have taken place with nary a notice, or full understanding of the importance of the events.

    Once such example is that of what happened on July 22, 2020. That’s the date when the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued guidance that banks can store and work with cryptocurrency. Most people would think that OCC means “Orange County Choppers”, because that reality show certainly has more people watching it, than watching the digital asset markets.

    The OCC regulates all banking in the US, so it’s pretty powerful. So, when they issue guidelines on crypto custody, you know that traditional financial products now have the okay to present digital asset products to the market so long as they abide by all applicable laws and standards in the process. Banks can now participate without worry of regulatory jabberwoks trying to get in the way.

    The importance of such a pathway for banks is perhaps expressed this way. Only a very small fraction of people on Earth own digital assets. Probably no more than 50 million at present. Opening these markets to hundreds of millions more who are banking customers with some $20T in deposits, will mean further allocation of capital into this new space. Just a 1% increase of those new customers would nearly double the market cap of BTC alone. This will have a potential ripple effect in the alt coin markets as well.

    The majority of central banks are heavily researching digital currencies, and it is estimated that 10% of the world’s gross domestic product will be stored on blockchain systems by 2030. That’s about 9T in overall value. The valuations of this space right now are almost laughably cheap, compared to what increased adaption and larger client base exposure will do as commercial interests prep for fee income in the process of allocating a part of their business into this space.

    Remember, in the dawn of the tech age in the 90’s, things happened at a slower pace than we can expect today. The systems that were evolving were at the mercy of the speeds of that day. Now? The world is linked, and monetary interests can do business more efficiently and with greater rapidity. What took companies decades to develop and bring to market back then will happen in much less time today.

    Let’s hope we can get out of paper very, very soon. There won’t be an unlimited time to engage in a two-step parlay like this one that presents itself right now.

    Do your homework, select good ideas with sound management and good use cases. Then, let some time and the inevitable and inescapable forces of greed and progress do their thing.

    It’s been my experience that the best way to make a better world is to first make a better YOU. The rest solves itself from that point on.

    Good luck.

    Stay tuned.


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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this message Tony, as always it’s greatly appreciated. You never cease to encourage, educate and care for all of us, so again may I offer my sincere thanks to you.

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  11. Boy, six, is swept out to sea on an inflatable swan

    Our morons are loose do we get brain dead bottom feeders to understand don’t mass congregate on Beaches shit for brains?


    Bill Barr understands
    Jeffrey Toobin’s new book examines the Mueller investigation

    Soon another one will be found for Brennan and the Dems to get out.
    New Quantum Approach for Sharing Secrets Sets a Record With 11 Dimensions – SciTechDaily


    Trump under court assault again.


    August 7, 2020: Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko previously said that mass vaccination in Russia is expected to begin in October (2020). And the minister noted that all expenses will be covered from the Russian state budget.

    Russia will register its first vaccine against the coronavirus on August 12, the Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said Friday (August 7).

    Regarding the testing of the vaccine, he said: “At the moment, the last, third, stage is underway. The trials are extremely important. We have to understand that the vaccine must be safe. Medical professionals and senior citizens will be the first to get vaccinated.” And that “The documents that are needed to register the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of the Health Ministry, including clinical trial data, are under expert review. The decision on registration will be made based on the results of the review,” said Gridnev to reporters at the opening of a cancer centre building in the city of Ufa, Russia.

    And emphasized that the effectiveness of the vaccine will be judged when the population has developed an immunity.

    The vaccine therapeutic was developed jointly by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defence Ministry, and has two separately-injected components that together are expected to build a long-term immunity against the virus.


    Subject: Watch “[IMPORTANT] This is whats going to happen next…” on YouTube

    The Plebs are as clueless as the Demo Rats. Its going to get so ugly. Decades of false. fantasy Governance. Be clear, Polticos are useless, and Bankers Thieves!


    Progress? Dam!


      1. Google the term “Blowing smoke up someone ass” that old saying should be brought back today for all the welfare recipients.

        When someone is “blowing smoke up your arse” today, it is a figure of speech that means that one person is complimenting another, insincerely most of the time, in order to inflate the ego of the individual being flattered. Back in the late 1700s, however, doctors literally blew smoke up people’s rectums.May 20, 2014

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  12. You have a great site. Top daily Cripto info. Top world issues. Top Political issues.

    But on the key issue, Watch your Site because when it breaks, it will be without notice.
    We are NOT feeding Guru Blog Sites. Watch your site and see what’s playing out.

    What’s evolving is huge. Good luck, one certain note may make a lot of you very happy. Work it out?

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      1. HIW

        Lets see if it’s cleared, first and when. There is a need to use a worthless currency as a front, to give an illusion of asset probity, as with the Petro Dollar. Farce follows farce, towards the GCR. If and when it comes cash out fast.


    1. LOL. Well thank you big J. I think I may be beyond being made happy. LOL

      But heck, I wish the rest of you guys a big bundle of happiness.


      1. Now Aurataya its sad you’ve got such a lovely heart going to waste not.fulfilling a lot of Aussies dreams. They are losing out. But give Donk a miss. Save him for Nancy or Hiderbeast.

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        1. Thank you John, that was very sweet and I appreciate your kindness very much.It’s all good, just going through some stuff these days.

          I shall certainly follow your advice and give donk a big miss John, don’t really have the time at the moment anyway.

          I hope all is well with you. I don’t always reply but I appreciate all the links you share, particularly the funny / cheeky ones. ;-)))))

          3.30 in the morning here so I had better get my butt to bed and see if I can switch off for a while and gain some sleep. Hope the day ahead is a good one for you John.


  13. If the Durham indictments come out the week of the 17th there maybe few candidates willing to be scarified.

    And put in who?

    Question is whether the democrats dump him at the DNC.


  14. It’s Happening: US Attorney John Durham has Requested to Interview Former Corrupt CIA Director John Brennan.

    The nightmares are about to unfold for the tainted Brethren. Brennan will beg to Plea. He’s beyond Cooker Deep in Dung. He will sell them all put.

    But it doesn’t matter, they still have them all ready to go down. Trump is now looking at protected cover while they get taken in.

    Give it a week after the interview and the report will be out with indictments following. This will be a giant Cabal and Banker dump. It will cross borders.

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      1. John is this why Trump said we would not see him for awhile? Are banks and bankers going down too? Arrests with new financial system at same time?


        1. HIW, JAY


          Once Brennan takes the poisoned chalice, the lot go down. Even without him they are still going down.
          This is now reaching the Bust stage. They HAVE done the crimes and now must do the time. Life!
          Corrupt Political Agencies and Bankers are facing hell.

          So, next week, as Brennan either agrees to meet and cough the lot, or he will be indicated with no chance to Plea,
          and they will burn him. They are all going down. Canary or no Canary. Will he be their Patsy? He will plea.
          But now, as with Epstein, the Cabal are desperate, both Justice and the Agencies are rotten to the core.
          Just think a Mafia Trial and Witnesses protected, even hidden.

          Trump has real reason to fear, he knows this. We know this.

          I was woken up at 3 this morning to deal with this and its implications.

          I can’t say much, OK?

          We must protect him. These people have gotten away with it so long they don’t care. Look at Clinton and the Bushes? These are Rats in a trap now.
          We need to bring Herzog over.

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  15. Subject: What Is the Universe Made of? | Live Science

    Subject: Expats “Lock up And Runs” Increase On Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca At An Alarming Rate

    As the millions of European bottom feeders are forced off the Spanish Cost due to Covid restrictions, all the British Shop or Restaurant / Pub Landlords leasing properties, have cut and run. leaving Property Landlords and the Banks with a nightmare. Covid is here to stay. Tourists are not. Its reshaping society.
    The masks alone are a huge imposition, in turn forcing people out of the stores. Society heads for freefall.

    Subject: 3 Must-Watch Stocks for the 5G Boom

    Subject: Joe Biden would be wise to pick Kamala Harris
    CamelArse Harris? You jest?

    Subject: Swiss banking giant unites Ripple and SWIFT on one platform
    Now the banks position.
    A bit like Stormie for a fat Cheque.

    Subject: As Dollar Weakens, U.S. Stocks, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin Are Chasing New Highs

    Subject: Germany demands UK is more ‘realistic and pragmatic’ in Brexit trade talks
    Really, so we pay over $150B in needless subsidies to these Tossers? What part of go F yourself does it need.
    Johson is scared to bring itt o the Lords because he knows it will come back with a No Deal vote. Churchiils 2 fingers for Gemany.

    Subject: Fwd: ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Twitter Employee That Censored Trump Campaign Tweet is Former Kamala Harris Operative – Big League Politics

    It is called election interference. Camel arse again. Disgusting trash. They may try to sub Big Mike next.
    Facebook Bans Pro-Trump PAC Ads Through Election
    The Jews News want him blocked again it seems.

    Donald Trump News

    A pro-Trump super PAC has had its ads banned by Facebook, potentially for 90 days, which would last through the November presidential election.

    The Committee to Defend the President is blocked from digital ads on the social media giant for sharing alleged “misinformation,” reports the Washington Examiner.

    “As a result of the Committee to Defend the President’s repeated sharing of content determined by third-party fact-checkers to be false, they will not be permitted to advertise for a period of time on our platform,” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said in a statement.

    The PAC shot back at the political censorship, calling out the “Trump-hating” fact-checkers seeking to “restrict free speech.”

    “Facebook is determined to restrict free speech and attack those who dare to support President Trump,” Committee to Defend the President Chairman Ted Harvey wrote in a statement. “When their liberal, Trump-hating ‘fact-checkers’ complained about the Committee’s first ad for correctly calling out Joe Biden, we changed it. When those same ‘fact-checkers’ didn’t bother to check the facts or even watch our second ad, they still banned us.”

    “The Committee will not be silenced by ‘woke’ Silicon Valley elites, as we expose the real Joe Biden. We have reallocated our entire Facebook budget to other online platforms, so Americans can see the whole truth — not just Facebook’s truth.”

    The ad that led to the ban asked African American voters what they “received in return” for voting for Democrats.

    “Barack Obama is right,” the now-deleted video read, per the report. “For the last 70 years a majority of African Americans have voted for Democrats. ‪What have they received in return?”

    The ad declared: “the worst jobs,” “the worst housing,” and “distrust between law enforcement and their communities,” claiming a Joe Biden presidency would lead to “more of the same.”

    You go into Politics Lying and Draft Dodging will be only the start of what will be thrown at you. Deal with it. Throw back on Biden. We gave you the Ammo.

    Arizona, Georgia, and Texas: Joe Biden goes after Donald Trump country in massive campaign push that will see $280 million in TV ads in 15 states

    Joe Biden’s campaign announced Wednesday that it has reserved $280 million in a digital and television advertising push that will run through the fall in several battleground states.

    Selective Trump credibility annihilation, He will do what? Game on.


      1. Remember BOTH Obamas were stripped of their Bar Licenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        How did he ever clear vetting? Either of them? Or his nationality????


            1. Like

                1. Looks like the event is starting to be censored. Both of those You Tube video were pulled. Someone doesn’t want anyone to know this was a bombing….


              1. When do we ever trust the “official” story? Current world events and responses by “officials” should be a testament to that.


                1. I take these stories as they come, regardless of the source.

                  Nuke claim – false. No radiation or claims by any nuclear agency that such happened.

                  Missile – false. No radar track of the missile or plane is claimed by the Lebanese. If they had proof, they would indeed publish it. Also, parts of the missile would survive the impact and would be photographed and held up for all to see, and identify as to make a nation responsible. So far, nothing like that has happened.

                  All the people involved in the investigation, so far, point to the careless handling and storage of ammonium nitrate, which was ignited by accident or negligence, and it exploded.

                  I don’t assume that “alternative media” always has its facts straight, because that’s foolish. They push some of the most outlandish crap that one could imagine. I judge news events based on observable facts and common sense.

                  Not all official stories are false. Not all alternative news is accurate.

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  16. Watch your own life cycle unfold.


    More air bridges scrapped: Bahamas, Andorra and Belgium will be taken off UK’s quarantine-exemption list on Saturday meaning anyone visiting them must isolate for two weeks on return.

    Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said people arriving in Britain from Belgium, Andorra and the Bahamas will have to quarantine from 4am on Saturday.

    Big Reality Check. You put self gratification ahead of your nation by going to high risk Covid nations and now you WILL be slapped with a 14 days Quarantine lockdown when you get back to the UK.

    That means, stick your head outside of your nominated UK lockdown locations, or see ANYONE not pre approved, you get an instant heavy fine, and if you do it again, JAIL!

    Now the Whining brats are screaming we will lose our jobs. Hello? How brain dead are they ?

    In 12 to 10 months you may now get a Compulsory Covid Vaccination on arrival, if Covid is still a major threat. Be clear, if you behave like an Asshole going to these nominated bad places, the needle will impale you. There will be NO Right of Refusal if it’s still a Pandemic then. Hopefully not, but if so, selfish assholes will get either offered arm, or if rejecting, enforced Butt needles held down hard! Big Brother is coming.

    Ignore the rules and scream into the night. Yes, you know what comes behind, if it’s the ageing bottom feeder sector lot who won’t listen, Nanobots will be in the next plans. Save on Pension Funds for them. The world is changing and rough justice will come. Stay out of risk areas and OK. Ignore it and pay the consequences. TPTB know a focused Nanobot will take down the lot. Rights- Dream on!

    World Government is coming. The wealthy don’t care. The bottom will not matter. We have to hope we can delay Cabal plans long in the making .
    Your world the OLD world, is gone. Smell the roses. Learn to play the game now, or else. Long term Retirees, if only Welfare funded, are not affordable, or needed.

    There will be no Fairy Godmother funds for them.

    We need to rethink money and soon, or others will. They are!

    Look at now how the Sheeple mass march to order. Economies trashed. Masked and subservient to nonsense. I am saddened by the sheer scale of mass subjugation I see. Lemmings to the cliff edge.

    I had not contemplated how truly dumbed down they are. What a mess.


    Where is truth in the polls as the MSM lie!


    Traveling to Singapore will get complicated and thus will deter both businesses and tourism


    As people wear masks and problems develop, it can only be measured time before some manufacturers or offices will see class action lawsuits for harm, since no warnings ARE on the boxes they are sold in. This will come to fast end when the lawsuits start to fly. Expect more crap from Fauci


    Subject: DeFi Traders Are Gaming Ethereum for Higher Profits, Researchers Say – CoinDesk

    Subject: Deutsche Bank gave Donald Trump financial records to New York prosecutors – report

    Subject: Brexit LIVE: Boris prepares to follow through on no deal threat – Operation Brock release
    Its time to walk away from these mad Socialists. Otherwise they will want Toxic Debt help.

    Subject: Young investors have flooded into bitcoin during the pandemic, while the older generation can’t get eno

    TimeTrump makes his Damned mind up on Covid. Conflicting crap all the time.

    If a Nuke attacks London, it’s gone!



    The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug.

    This means that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the CDC, the liberal fake news media and the tech giants have been pushing a lie that has had deadly consequences!


  18. ————————————

    And a deep dive on the chart of countries with/without HCQ: “a country-randomized controlled trial” . 80% reduction in deaths per million


  19. Blood filtration tech comes online. I mentioned this as a possibility. Shutdown the cytokine storm by removing the cytokine storm out of the blood. We’ve had this capability for years, but it has been shutdown and suppressed a couple of times thru infighting. This isn’t the exact tech I was referring to back when the pandemic started, but its the same family and it more or less works to shut down sepsis.

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    1. But, if you want to join ANTIFA, or BLM, or any other Bolshevik movement and burn down your neighborhood, go right ahead.


      1. And if you plot positive tests versus deaths, the positive tests keep mounting but the death curve is flat…

        At this point the Infection Fatality Rate (which is the division of the two numbers) must be sliding from 0.2% to 0.02%….

        If you believe their numbers, of course.


  20. Like

    1. Not enough heat damage, or blast damage for a nuclear fission device.

      Nuclear event safety teams would be inbound to detect the radiation, and if found, the signature of where that material was made could easily be determined from the isotopes.

      One hell of a bang, but, in my view, not nuclear. Just a lot of alarmist hysteria at this point.

      Oh yea, “Gordon Duff”. That says it all.


      1. Not nuclear. A big bang. But not nuclear. The core center did not reach the temps of a nuke or the requisite power. Satellites would have picked up the double IR flash, and no such report is anywhere. Also, it wouldn’t be clean. The radiation counters would have been going crazy and there isn’t any trace of radioactivity to be found. Particulate analysis is pending, so I’m quite sure we’ll know what blew in time. Those like me (who built apps to find WMD from orbit), if there was a bird looking at the area, the hyperspectral analysis has already been done and they know whether it was high explosive or ammonium nitrate. We just haven’t been told. The fact that nobody has gone up on DefCon levels also says it was non-nuclear.

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  21. She can stay with us to shelter from the bad guys.

    Katie Mack: ‘Knowing how the universe will end is freeing’


    This has been around a long time but as his police log book to show protection details has been lost the stink of cover up demands witness testing because liars on fat public purses need exposure.

    Maxwell must have so much crap on Trump hes sticking his neck out for her. Sleaze at a price. Whats he frightened about? What’s he hiding?


    Subject: Those envelopes delivered at Bush’s funeral…




    Councils can BULLDOZE contaminated homes and crush cars as a last resort under new laws to stop second wave of coronavirus

    Under the wide ranging set of powers, local authorities will be able to impose lightning closures of public buildings, order mass testing, ban events or shut down whole sectors of the economy.

    What the hell is mindless Johnson up to again.

    A correct analysis of the useless lump we have as the PM here. Seriously not up to the job.

    Gold prices are soaring.


    Heading towards a fascist regime, martial law disguised under medical law.

    It’s beginning from the land down under.

    Fascist Victoria Police smashing car windows over non-compliance with fascistic lockdown – you are under fascist rule Australia. A ludicrous and idiotic Stasi police chief Shane Patton speaks …


    Inside Beirut’s ground zero: Images reveal the scale of devastation

    First calm and thorough investigation..ascertain the precise facts and cause.
    If Israeli nothing less than a full missile attack from surrounding nations. The atomisation of all Israelis illegally on the Golan’s. Forced removal from seized Palestinian and other nations stolen lands, forced removal of Gaza blockades. A worldwide support action to bomb all Israeli walls and the removal of Mossad from Embassies all over the world. The removal of US funding from these Pariahs and removal of weapons supplies to them. Stop their Genocide.

    France ‘could lose control of coronavirus at any moment’

    France needs to get control of its illegals not let vast people’s trafficking cities like Sangatte spring up. Torch the place. Repatriate the lot. Refuse the human rights BS. Let Wookies fund their own. this African Asian Muslim tidal wave is too much. Columns now string out for a hundred miles. They just want to dump on us. Send up the helicopter gun ships and sort it. They will soon change course when they see decimated columns ahead. France and Germany have been stupid allowing them in. Rabid dogs.

    We can’t dispute his Advisors strategy, the big Lying Lump has shown badly on this and it may cost him at the Polls. To be beaten by a Dufus like Biden is shameful.

    Good. This is what we need to see

    It has the stench of Khazar murderers all over it.


  22. I’m sorry BUT………….

    1. Drain the Swamp failed and that WILL cost the Chump votes.
    2. Clinton would be in Jail. Especially after Benghazi alone- well? More votes lost – Chump Trust gone!
    3. Covid, Has he got a clue? Confidence is votes.
    4. The economy. Sure about that?
    5. Would you even want to watch a debate between 2 clearly extremely overrated Dummies? All Biden has to do is not talk and let Trump talk himself out of votes.
    6. Where are the arrests? Has America got any Justice?
    7. Why are the Elders still waiting for redemptions?
    8. What happens to the old Bond debts when the Petro Dollar ends?
    9. Apart from watching fake MSM news from 6 until 11 each day, has Trump any concept of what is going on in the world? Condi Baby Sat Dummy Bush 43, with Cheney also covering. Who Baby Sits Trump? COS’s ran screaming. As have many more – He Hired!
    10 Who among you can help get the new report, which can save his Presidency, to Trump, Barr and Kayleigh? Ideas? Suggestions?


    1. John, the Powell interview above gave me renewed hope real arrests might come… her wording said it all… she opened herself up to major lawsuit accusing them… she must know they have the goods!… I hope anyway!… hopefully arrests will come and things you and others are working on will finally break!


      1. Tore Says shares encouraging information as well in her daily podcasts. When I am discouraged, I listen to her. She keeps saying things will look like a rollercoaster until the Labor Day. I trust her words.


  23. Ok I had to take a break for over a year. My sanity depended on it. So. What happened to the dinar? I apologize for being behind.


    1. Not nuclear, partial or otherwise, as far as I can tell.

      The Hiroshima bomb only fissioned 12% of its material, and look what it did. Had this been nuclear, the camera would have caught an intense fireball, almost blinding the cameraman, and they would have already detected radiation. The blast wave would have also been much stronger.


      1. UPDATE 4:02 PM EDT —
        The warehouse which detonated in Beirut was, in fact, a MISSILE STORAGE WAREHOUSE, holding missiles and other weapons FROM IRAN, given to Hezbollah.

        This was NOT a fireworks factory fire.

        The question now is, WHY did that warehouse blow up?


        Defective weaponry?

        Act of war?

        UPDATE 4:38 PM EDT —

        For some reason, government officials are telling people in Beirut to “Leave the city immediately.” No one is saying why . . . .


    1. The goal is to weaken from within.

      “For there is no nation for us to fear,—no king who can make war on the Roman people. All foreign affairs are tranquilized, both by land and sea, by the valor of one man. Domestic war alone remains. The only plots against us are within our own walls,—the danger is within,—the enemy is within. We must war with luxury, with madness, with wickedness. For this war, O citizens, I offer myself as the general. I take on myself the enmity of profligate men.”


      Liked by 1 person

      1. There is no such place as “Ciscero” …the pronunciation is like the letters CIA or FBI. So you say C.S.I.R.O. YOUR PRONUNCIATION SOUNDS WEIRD AND TAKES AWAY SOME CREDIBILITY.


          1. It’s a funny world.. is it not. It appears he’s unfamiliar with “Cicero” 😄 Marcus Tullius Cicero (/ˈsɪsəroʊ/ SISS-ə-roh; Latin: [ˈkɪkɛroː]; 3 January 106 BC


  24. Donald Trump launches another attack on mail-in voting with rant against ‘illegal late night coup’ in Nevada while Republicans worry his onslaught will hurt them in ballot box in November

    President Donald Trump launched another attack on mail-in voting as Republicans fret Trump’s salvos could hurt them at the ballot box in November.

    Damned right Donald should fight it.


  25. We put in bottomless hours and costs to help you all, and to help America. Will you just put in a little of your time to help us save America from what is coming. Doing nothing, will leave you with just that. Nothing.!

    Between us all, who can help us get email coordinantes to get this report to Trump, Barr and Kaleigh.We need you ALL to email it. Please publish contact points you can find. Let’s top this great wrong. Bribed officials do not deserve the role. You had great Founders. Help us stop these Bounders!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trump won’t do anything.

      He’s part of it. Did you see his press conference where he just said that the vaccine will be delivered by the military with great force.

      Trust October he will announce it before the election and they will go to immediate vaccination and if you refuse, you will be taken to one camp, wife to another and kids to another.

      There is way too much cognitive disodence when it comes to Trump.

      He has been told he can be Nationalistic on everything but vaccines and 5G. They are the tracking system…at least until it kills everyone over the next 5 years

      This RNA type vaccine is like a huge Nazi experiment. It’s the scariest thing to happen to mankind on this scale. What will it rewrite your DNA into? I can’t help but think of the movie “The Fly”.

      Totally twilight zone.


    2. John,,, I will do, and have done, anything I can to help…
      those leaders in America, who took on the job, willingly, have the responsibility to act!
      are they gonna sit back and be paper tigers?
      you wanted the job American leaders!… DO YOUR JOB!


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