Biden…His Time??

Time to publicly wake up the masses and define the Founders’ hopes for your America, as all hopes will be lost if Biden and the Criminal Usurping Obama backed Deep State take over again. Then Democratic genocide would follow. Do you want a Muslim, BLM, Zionist Criminal controlled America? Everything the Founders sought to escape seeking Liberty.

You each, America and its people, deserve better. Heed the call of Paul Revere. It’s wake up time. The last hopes of the nation will be determined in November. Biden is criminally corrupt and a Deep State lackey. As is Obama. They need to be STOPPED! They all do! There are vast records proving these Frauds and Theft and their combined criminality. This is the lead in to recover multi Trillions of YOUR hard earned Dollars stolen from you, and to unlock the vast Pandora’s Box of US Cabal Criminality. Even Bush 41, the most Criminal of all US Presidents, stated, “If the people knew what we had done, they would string us all from the Lamp Posts and Trees”. We KNOW! Organize and take it back.

See WHR #25

We know and track where Obama is hiding his own defrauded funds. They can run, but they can’t hide. Time to expose them and close them down. Biden does not deserve the right to the Oval Office. But neither did Usurping Obama. A heinous crime for which he needs to pay!

Your vote and YOUR Responsibility is to keep America free on YOUR Watch! Stand up for America and vote NO to Biden! No More Deep State and Democrats Corruption! No to Corrupt Biden! Stop this Train Wreck. Vote No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote No, NOW!

We have the incontrovertible proof with Josef Ackerman, then of Deutsche Bank, setting it up for Bush 41; the Banks, their Bank Program Platform Engineers, and Political parties linked and stealing from Falcone and all others they also reneged on from redeeming Trillions owed. Michael Herzog, also wanted now in Israel for Fraud, is up to the neck in this, as are the vile Clintons, and Romney. Worse, FBI Agents acting for Mueller, who in turn was acting for Bush 41, traveled to the FBA Palm Beach unit to stop FBI Agents we have identified on record from pursuing Romney or Bush. Corrupt Agency interference to hide a vast crime.

Democracy, or Deep State and Crime Family Autocracy? How can this Crime Family of Bushes morally back Bribe-Taking Biden? Zero moral conscience, the lot of them. But then, it was Bush 41 and Clinton who first bribed Biden, with the Falcone Fraud. The Bush/Clinton Crime families again. Sleaze and corruption, they are Traitors. Then Vice President Biden, a Public Office Servant, was BRIBED by Clinton and Bush 41, and Mueller acting for Bush 41 and Romney, helped cover it up. Treason! Witnessed by disgusted Patriots. But all on record!

This needs ONLY a Military Court. Military Sentences! The Founders would have settled for nothing less. Who will clean up America? What was that we heard,” I will Drain the Swamp”? When? When election pledges fail, so does the incumbent. Drain the Swamp!

This new report is being re-released as a Tribute towards the austere and valued work Bill Barr and Kayleigh McEnany undertake as true Patriots, defending America and their President. One ever besieged by a crooked, lying Democratic autocracy, and the pitifully corrupt Fake News Media, who are a disgrace as the Voice of America. So, can this help become the voice of truth to free America of the Deep State and Democratic Vice choking America? The time is now for ending these Political Crime families, and the loathsome Zionists stranglehold on America. With both Houses treasonously coerced by bribery into swearing an Oath of Allegiance to a despotic Kazah Shill Cult, posing as Israelis and Zionists. These are NOT Jews! Few have any Israeli Jewish bloodlines whatsoever. These are the spawn only of Khazar Genghis Khan Plains Marauders vermin seed which has thieved, defrauded and raped its way across the Russian Empire, Europe and has taken complete control of America’s Fiscal lifeline. Denying you a right to the Treasury or your own Fed run by Americans, for Americans, not Jewish greed. Break free of this Zionist Vice! America must own its own Central Bank, not these Shylocks and Shysters. Give America its OWN Central Bank run By Americans, for Americans.

There has been a recorded Criminal Conspiracy for which we all need your help and support with you emailing this to get to Trump, Barr and Kayleigh, to stop Biden and help Trump’s team to re- track America. Keep America SAFE! Fight for American Liberty. Deep 6 the Deep State. You can help protect Americans. It’s on YOUR Watch!

American Lives Matter, as do the Free Rights of all to be heard. Not Herded by the un-elected Deep and Shadow State. No President has ever been so shabbily treated, and the Press Office meetings which Kayleigh attempts to hold with decorum and dignity, has her being rudely talked over by crude and arrogant MSM Stalking Horses, determined to establish a Demos Deep State Doctrine on America, clueless as to the consequences of such banal views. The MSM is a disgrace to America. Shameful. They are no voice of the People, nor possess any ethical or moral fortitude. A truly squalid and shameful rabble. Unfit for the WH Press area.

As Mueller was criminally involved, protecting Bush 41, the most Criminal and Treasonous of all American Presidents, and Biden, he is the last to talk of corruption. He’s got a Monkey on his own back. Enough to jail him.

White Hats Report #14 – The Dewhurst Files – Part 1

Nailing Biden!!!!

Kayleigh and Bill, please- go for HIM! Investigate, sequestrate. We are behind you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6199346_dewhurst-girlfriend-mugshot-split-tn-img.jpg
Dewhurst and his jones-crusher girl’s mugshot

When the White Hats started reviewing the Falcone Fraud, David Dewhurst was then currently serving in Texas as the Lt. Governor, a position of Public Trust. An honorable position, demanding he conducted himself accordingly. His ambitions extended to challenging for a seat in the Senate. Mr. Dewhurst’s complete personal integrity, and his ability to be an honest, forthright, public official, an elected leader of the people of the State of Texas, following the Bush /Herzog Fraud, now becomes an issue tracking right through to bribing a Vice President in Office. Not dissimilar to what Custer also once found himself up against with the squalid corruption of Washington DC. Sleaze lives as ever.

This is a man whose own brother, in conjunction with others, is now facing unfolding litigation following the debacle over the breach of contract, and numerous other serious felonious criminal activities, relating to the Ed Falcone affair. Public entities are complicit and their associations which are unfolding will have implications for many.

Here are further details received:

Donald Nevin, the half brother to David Dewhurst, signed a contract with his passport copy attached, as part of a settlement deal with Ed Falcone. This was presented to Ed Falcone as an already signed agreement. Falcone hoped to help Hurricane Katrina Victims and to rebuild Florida areas in need. Funds intended to do good were stolen by this Vipers Cabal.

Ed Falcone received emails in reference to this settlement contract that contained a heading, ”The Bush Settlement”. President Trump’s team NEEDs to contact Ed Falcone and his Attorneys to get all of this. This is your Smoking gun. The Silver bullet for Biden.

Donald Nevins opened up a bank account for his group. Part of the settlement funds were instructed to be transferred into this account. He met with Ed Falcone and his Bankers, (fully accountable exposure here!!!!) assuring them the funds would be wired to the agreed bank coordinates with Bush 41 clearly linked.

Donald Nevin indicated he was working on behalf of Bush Senior and the “Agency” (a reference to the Central Intelligence Agency) via his brother, a former CIA Operative and the then Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst. Indicate this in a Criminal Fast Track Inquiry? Let Biden run with that exposed! Let Kayleigh challenge them, investigate this!!!! Do your jobs, and be Patriots. Not Zio Shills!

Donald Nevin was part of a team, including five (5) other CIA individuals, who flew around the world desperately trying to move money and alter bank account records to hide Bush Senior’s stolen monies from Falcone and Joe Biden’s bribery money, from pursuing investigators. We have previously reported about some of these activities. These accounts using Bank trading Programs escalated up to over $900 Billion dollars, all Tax Evaded and hidden offshore by Bush, Herzog, Ackermann, Romney, Biden, Clintons and others. This is just one of so many more cases and Herzog, as the Bagman for the Bush, Clinton Crime Families, was fully exposed by the Interpol raid on his German home and offices, where vast amounts of incriminating evidence and many other such contracts were discovered. Why has America Justice failed to act here? Interterpol gave them the files and proof. Mueller knew!

As a vengeful, vitriolic Zio Rat, Herzog has threatened to expose all the extensive Bush/Clinton/ Biden and CIA trading accounts if he is made to pay back his part of what they stole. This needs Trump to appoint a Trusted Elliot Ness. Extradite Herzog, interrogate Dewhurst, Romney and all of them. The Bribes alone will carry a lot of Jail time. Life! Take it to them. Save this Presidency. Or Crime wins! Do this for America! Who will pick up this Can of Worms, Bill Barr please. Drain the Swamp? Let Biden try to run with this- Fast!

The signed agreement by Donald Nevin instructed Ed Falcone, that upon receiving his settlement payment, he would transfer $550,000,000 Dollars into the group bank account explained above. 50%, or $275,000,000 Dollars would be divided between Donald Nevins and his brother, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, while the other 50% would be divided among the five other CIA individuals, who flew around the world using Government planes, acting for Bush and Biden, helping move their stolen funds. Crime on an Epic scale. How about a Hollywood Blockbuster? Is this what it will take for Justice? For this Crime they all do time!

Arrest the CIA Officers. Treason!

It’s way overdue time for US prosecutions, with damning consequences for many, including Dewhurst, as he will have to answer for his very awkward participation. Their Bank visits with Senior Bank Officers, which are on record and will be declared, will have severe international legal consequences. Proof and the footprints of guilt are all ready to be exhibited in a Court of Law, with developing criminal implications. The Bushs were telling their scared minions not to do anything and be quiet … it will all blow over … “trust us”, they say. Well, trust us … it will not blow over … even with all of the threats, bribes and political destruction, many are fiercely angry and are not only willing but will gladly come forward to tell all they know. Even the Bushs do not have the ability to stop this building political storm once we get Herzog extradited. Bring Herzog back to America. He will throw them all under a bus. Do it now!

The consequences are unfolding. Perhaps Dewhurst’s dream of Senatorial glory would have been better focused on being a Senatorial candidate by upholding the Constitution and all that being a high level, elected public official means and requires. If we could suggest, and we hate to be out of line by suggesting, but maybe, just maybe, then ex Lt. Governor David Dewhurst needs to tell the truth about his involvement with the Bush’s and the $135,000,000.00 Dollars he was to receive for having his Brother deliver a message and documents. Or was ex Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s share of the money, a mere $135,000,000 Dollars, more than meets the eye? Dewhurst was a CIA operative after all … does he know the truth? America, this does not compute, does it to you? Are you voting for a person who was using his office for things that logically are difficult to explain? Is he to be trusted to represent you faithfully, or as we saw, line his pockets at your expense? It’s your vote!!

Either way, we say that if Dewhurst cared about his personal integrity, and that of the offices he wished to hold, he either needs to tell the total truth which exposes the Bushs, Clintons and BIDEN, or cease with his aspirations of being an elected official on any level. Dewhurst, your answer will tell the people of the State of Texas and all of America about your ability to ever hold office and faithfully represent your constituents. THE EYES OF OUR NATION ARE NOW UPON YOU. You’re in our Cross Hairs, Dewhurst. We know your guilt.

Especially since your girlfriend publicly beat you up, you pathetic Wimp and Big Girl’s Blouse.

What is visibly unfolding is a real life play on the American dream. The American ethos is to work, to prosper, to succeed, but not to have it stolen or defrauded from us. It’s about doing the right thing, standing together and helping all. Elected Officials are paid to help us, not use public office to help themselves like Obama and Biden. Biden is a Fraud! Clinton deserves to go to Jail. Obama knew and covered it up. Another Usurper who lined his crooked pockets.

Let us show the American spirit has not died. Your voice counts and together it gets louder. Exposure is their worst nightmare. Justice for one man, is justice for all.

We need President Trump to appoint an Enforcement Officer to investigate all of this and Biden, also to urgently Extradite Herzog, recover these funds as proceeds of crime, prosecute the Fraud and Bribe Takers /Givers!! Prosecute the Tax Evaders, and use all the proceedings to cross investigate all linked Trading Programs and Tax Evasion running into Trillions. Take it ALL back!

Drain this Swamp. Give Bush 41 the exposure legacy he truly deserves and Biden a trial!

Help America by mailing it to The White House, Bill Barr and Kayleigh. Help us all protect America. Expose and close down these Public Rats in Office.

Karma, for EVERY Bad Decision there is a Consequence. Indict Biden, also Benghazi Traitor Clinton who bribed him, acting for Bush 41, and all of them! Each one implicated is known.

Time to open up this entire can of worms. Payback. What a Hollywood Blockbuster this Ball Buster would be. Do the Crime, Do the Time, it’s coming for you Biden. We need you all, to save America. Save its people from the Deep State and Zio crooks. Save The Constitution.

Bring Biden and Hilderbeast to Justice. Obama knew and covered it up. He’s dirty. The whole lot of them belong in a Nuremberg type Dock. You deserve better. Falcone’s Attorneys have all the evidence and proof. Dirty CIA agents known. President Trump, PLEASE, Drain this swamp.

This is your Legacy. This will save your Presidency. We seek only to help you all.

Just as with Epstein and the Clinton Lolita Express, You, the American People, have the right to say No. Biden must not become the American President, and Biden must not be allowed to cover up his Heinous Crimes.

Let us help President Trump and Bill Barr, enforce Justice, this is his Legacy.

Put back and re-track America. Will the MSM publish Truth? Even investigate it?

The Cabal Deep State Truth- Lies!

President Trump, now please give the people this truth, they have a right to know, and to stop this travesty. For Biden the Big House, the Pen Not the White House. Expose them all.

A Legacy to be proud of. Did America ever need its new John Wayne more? Act.

Save America.


  1. Any man who blows the arm off of a Bolshevik, and kills two more, is a hero in my book. WELL DONE, KYLE!!! You took a stand, and didn’t hesitate when those disgusting Soros asswipe monkeys were threatening you with lethal force.

    You were tracked down in record time. Of course. We can’t have a white man who actually stands up to these malodorous, excremental Bolsheviks now, can we! No, the legal establishments in these liberal Bolshevik enclaves will act, and have acted fast to go after anyone, especially whites, who use lethal force to counter imminent grievous bodily injury, or death from the wild packs of rabid mongrels who are emboldened by their Bolshevik overlords in the city governments, who let them go as fast as they are arrested.

    Kyle stood up and did the job that the National Guard should be there doing. They should be sweeping the streets – with full on anti-personnel rounds, and canister artillery rounds. Stack these stinking BLM and ANTIFA cockroaches like cord-wood and use their pyres to make s’mores.

    SHAME on you President Trump. SHAME. As commander and chief of the military, you acted too slowly to call in the Guard. I sincerely hope you will pardon Kyle Rittenhouse should he be convicted by these Jacobin legal vampires who will do their best to put this hero away for life. You owe him that, because he was only doing what he had to do…because you didn’t.

    Donations for Kyle Rittenhouse can legitimately be made here:

    Post settlements, and/or crypto run-ups, I am going to pay for any unpaid balance of his defense costs/appellate costs. You better F—ing believe it!


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    There really are times when the Windsor’s need to be saved from themselves. No one in thise UK gives a dam about this Perp.

    View at



    Plastic expressions?

    Interesting times coming


    God Bless America and the good people of the world!!!

    Ex-public schoolboy caned in Singapore says beating was ‘brutal’

    He won’t try that again. My mind is thinking Soros. Bush 43, both Clinton’s. Greenspan. Soetoro. Biden Zio Bankers and do many more.

    Mask Mouth Warning from Dentist | NaturalHealth3

    Tino and all, you each need to read this.

    Now this is really crazy.

    People are slowly figuring out that wearing masks extensively causes the brain to to have a lower PH due to a lowering of oxygen intake. This will lead to a host of issues in the future. If humans were meant to wear masks everywhere; you would would be born with one.

    But teeth and gum Disease are something the pundits have missed entirely. The only ones who will benefit are dentists and dental labs. Although dentists are finding themselves busier with a flood of dentists retiring who simply had enough.

    I wonder if the insurers have picked up on this as employee insurance costs will rise as a result. And is it only a matter of time, before a class action lawsuit is launched for ruining the smile? Because employment law in principle requires one to have a safe workplace that does no harm to the well being of the employee. To require employees to wear masks at work takes on a level of new risk of action.

    This has them panicking.

    Interesting videos FYI:
    Here we go again. When will they ever keep their noses out,? Haven’t we all had enough of America’s Vietnam’s failed. Iraq. Disaster, Afghanistan failed. Syria failed. How many must die for another US lie?

    No doubt of this.




    Hell on earth trapped in that squalid nightmare

    Kim Jong-un holds cob of corn as he inspects typhoon damage

    One corn cob won’t fill that Gut he needs the field

    England’s Covid-19 R rate could now be ABOVE one, scientists say

    This R rate needs ramming hard up their rear passages. We are not even losing 10% of what we lose to Flue and a fraction of cancers from cigarettes and booze.

    A nation is being economically destroyed. I very seriously would be more than willing to take our top 10 so called Scientific Advisors, Ferguson, Fauci, Gates and our Politicos, leg chain the lot together , drive them all to the cliff tops in Dover, chain them all together and throw the bloody lot to drown in high tides raging below .


      1. Nero: “Send out a cohort. When Londinium calls, I deliver”.

        Here we are, John. Which street are they on?


    1. Whatever happened to those relocating to another country, choosing and adopting the way of life of the newly adopted country?


    1. When you hold a gun in your hand and approach someone with an assault rile in a threatening manner, you get your arm blown off.

      Stupid ANTIFA Bolshevik. My only regret is that he didn’t catch that full metal jacket round right in his big ignorant mouth.

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  3. This is becoming absurd. People need to man up and tar and feather the lot of them, followed by a hard lesson! Very!

    Robots Enforce Face Masks, UN Says Pandemic Will Last 2 Years, and Absurd New Mask Order

    Up to 30 teenagers may have brought Covid-19 back from Greek holiday

    Knowing the risks why for Gods sake are we allowing naive selfish idiots to take such holidays this year. Leaders need to man up and block the lot this year or it will never end. Give them an option, go but a one way ticket you can’t come back until next year and even then quarantine tested before allowed near flights. Of course this will keep happening cheap booze and mindless Yahoo’s.


    North Korean hackers use LinkedIn for cryptocurrency heist, report reveals

    IMF Makes Bold Case for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency As ‘Evolution of Money’
    Investing In Bitcoin: How To Get Started

    So now who’s getting the needle?

    So you also target the good corona viruses which are beneficial to the human biome thus rendering humans compromised to the deadly viruses… I can see where this is heading!

    Shared from Sky News: Coronavirus: Needle-free vaccine which targets all coronaviruses could start trials in autumn
    Europe’s second wave takes hold as cases rise in France, Italy, Spain

    Makes a lot of sense to keep to Brexit and let the sea divide our Island from that lot.

    It’s all coming out and soon Andrew will be less appealing than Dog vomit.
    But having been married to Fergie he’s used to that.

    Masks become compulsory in Paris as French coronavirus cases soar

    Yes, well have you seen those Muslim women France let in as illegals. Masks need to be compulsory.



    Now we will screw the idiot two faced Bastards. Doors will close on them


  4. Tony hello and I could not sleep so I wanted to say thanks again for everything. Our littlei nvestment club had our meeting tonight and we all concluded our crypto picks and placement of funds for the year and now we will sit back and enjoy the rifde.

    What an amazing time we live in. We all figured that once the commercial investment in crytpo takes off, with our projections accross the portfolios we have we will easily hit 7 to 8 figures. Even more if we can get out of the paper we have at even modest rate of echange but we really cant agree when this may be. It is so late in the year already and every time we see a window another two weeks is needed it seems. We hope befor the end of this year but are not going to factor this into our projections.

    We thank you very muhc for your selfless time and assistance you have given us to start down this road because it has made the difference.

    We also wanted to thank John for coming over to WHA and its been a real pleasure to be able to have him keep us firmly rooted in the most accurate information concerning the RV and settlements. It has given us the ability to free our attention off of the worry about “when” and simply watch and take care of our business along the way without the anxiety of wondering about it.

    Thank you again your pal C.


    1. Thank you, Concord.

      It sounds like you and your group and doing great, so keep up the good work. Be sure to let us know how things go and share with us your experiences if you can.

      As for paper exits, I still don’t know if we will see public chances this year. Your plans to focus on other areas in the interim sound good. I am quite confident we will have all possible information when the time is right, should something break. We can then act on such information with great confidence. And again, my fondest wish is to get out of paper in time to allow those who wish, to bolster their digital asset portfolios accordingly.

      I just hope I don’t look like Charles Laughton by the time all this does happen.

      Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

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      1. Great Channel SF Driver!

        He did another one this morning. All Americans will have a digital wallet by January 1, 2021. Per the narrator, reset to take place in January 2021.


      2. My largest holding is XRP. I own a decent amount of Algo as well. Really excited about this one. Dollar coin to be run on Algo blockchain.

        Must hear!

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    2. Thank you Concorde but it’s a team effort with all of you.

      The days passing are noted, but we work 25 x 7 keeping focus and heat on them. A permanent Banshee force.
      As regards the keeping it real, try a week on the front line and then all will see.

      But life has always been so.

      I took my wife with me to Kuwait for a visit in the early 70s. We left a party at one and I had to be up at 5 for a run out to Ahmadi to meet the Oil Company CEO for Projects.

      A Pigeon on the roof at 2 would not shut up, and that wailing bloody Mosque was next door.
      Child number one! Lol. I traveled a lot creating Global trade.

      I had a lot of kids.!!!!

      So focus comes loaded.

      Be assured we cover 24 x 7 and the real world is very REAL.

      You’re all appreciated.


      1. omg that was funny! Every time I see a mosque I will think of you having a baby lol. I apcreiate the reply John and thank you so much for helping us all with this.

        I can only imagine what it must be like to deal with the other parties you have to deal with. And it must really agitate your good self to read all the bogus crap that all these sites promote. I stopped reading it and started to follow WHA and you and I now focus on many other things as we wait and it has made a big difference in my life.

        I do hope you can finish your work and take time off to conduct more “trade”. lol

        my best C


      1. Wow…. He had a knife…. Yes, seven shots were necessary… There was a domestic dispute…. 2 police officers with guns drawn…. One man, with his back turned, possibly getting a knife…. Kids in the car… Th only solution is to shoot him in the back seven times…. Justice was served.


        1. The knife on the floorboard, and him reaching in that area certainly was a potential danger to the lives of the officers.

          All he had to do was stop being resistive. Resisting the lawful commands of a police officer is plain stupid, and often times, criminally minded people act like that because they don’t want to go to jail or be placed back in jail.

          A knife is a lethal weapon. Reaching for it in the presence of officers is plain stupid. They would not know what he had in that car. He could have grabbed a sawed off shotgun and in a second killed an officer.

          Sorry, but this clown acted stupidly. Yet, none of these so-called “black leaders”
          are taking the time to counsel their people to stop resisting arrest. Not resisting, alone, will just about assure you that you won’t get shot. Reaching into a car after the officers have told you that you are under arrest will just about guarantee that you will not be ignored and lethal force be applied if they cannot see what you are reaching for.


          1. Jacob was definitely in the wrong… But were seven shots necessary… There are no leaders of the Black community just like there are no leadersvofbthe White community… We are all individuals… I would not have resisted that way. I don’t know why he did…. I once saw a video of police officers talking a white suspect into putting his gun down… It took a lot of talking, but eventually the man put his gun down and stopped resisting arrest.


            1. 7 shots are not necessary. 2 shoulder shots he gets the message fast. Tried reaching with 2 limp arms?
              Mind you, a .lot of Wives tell me they have similar problems and he’s not been shot! Lol.

              And No, 7 shots are needless and mindless. Deserving of jail time!


    1. I signed up for Doug Casey’s free news report and it helped me put things in perspective. Can’t say I’m happy about it. It is what it is.


  5. Please share this for awareness of what is happening in this state.

    There ARE good people here, like this guy in the video running for mayor but things are getting so out hand.

    Someone sitting alone in his car at the park with no mask on, was approached by a police officer recently with a warning that it was an arrestable offense.


    1. Btw – the video of Bud Stonebreaker was from over two months ago. Things have progressed since then.

      The current mayor said in a press conference yesterday, they want to start removing people from their homes. Coming to America!

      HIW? This sure sounds familiar.


    2. I’m so sorry for going on on about what is happing in my state. You may think because you don’t live here, it doesn’t matter. This is where we’re heading if people out there don’t wake up no matter where you live.

      I do want to note that this tyranny is only in Honolulu right now. They are going into another lock down and mass testing campaign. I talked to the mayor in my county and he is not going to lock us all down again and beaches are open as normal.

      I think people are waking up. We need to continue to try and wake up the masses everyday. I do every chance I can and a lot of people ARE waking up.

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    The little Porker is back in North Korea.
    EasyJet passengers flying from Gibraltar are forced to quarantine

    Enough of their whining. They knew months ago this crap was in and the consequences. It will take time before the selfish whining swine get into their thick heads 2 weeks away will mean 2 weeks quarantine or huge fines. Let costs educate stupid. It is what it is so stay home this year all S for brains. Stay home!

    She needs to be tried and sentenced to jail. Her poor, innocent victims, is dead. His family distraught.

    A tough, focused Leader should be telling the US to hand her over or close your bases here and clear off. No more Royal visits

    Let me help you understand some of the good points of the Lord’s as a restraint and check point for the idiot Politicos in the House of Commons. MPs not fit for office like your Demo Rats

    Yep, If Trump does lose he will get cannibalised by the system afterwards. There will be no forgiveness. They will crush his bones.
    Elephant poacher who killed more than 500 animals gets 30 years labour

    Just shoot the Bastard and save the keep cost. Good riddance

    ISIS ‘Beatles’ WILL be tried in US over beheading of captives in Syria

    Good. Castrate, part blind and kneecap them. Life without parole. We used to have dungeons that sorted them.

    Of late a lot of people have been experiencing some sort of fatigue and breathing difficulty, and maybe this explains why 👇

    Typical scavenging Scots outspent their Budgets and need bailng again. They want to go but no one wants them. Now would be good. Was there ever a better time to just tip the lot into the North Sea? Very tempting

    Chemical in insect repellent can kill the coronavirus, its claimed

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          1. Whatever the case may be, we are getting close to the make-break point for 2020. Personally, I believe if we do not see these currency situations move out of their continual non-performing status by mid October, we are looking at 2021. I can’t see them taking the time over the holidays in November-December to push it through while their ski trips await.

            Digital asset appreciation is right on track and all the right moves are being made. It won’t be perfect all the time, and not all ideas will make it. But, at least we can see what’s coming, and have a good idea when.

            If we can just get the people who are continually jerking the RV world around to un-f—k themselves and get something done before year’s end, our readers may have a good shot at transformational gains before this time next year.


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  7. Oahu’s Mayor just announced that they will be removing people from their homes if they test positive OR come in contact with anyone who tests positive. I found a like minded group of people and they are looking for a constitutional lawyer for help. Fat chance one is here.

    I don’t live on that island but I’m sure in time, the other Islands will follow. Like I said hell in paradise.


      1. It’s still NOT yet fully launched because there are games in play, right now, where the Currencies have been held back as backing, again, because of attempted double dealing, where certain (greedy-crooked) parties are being cleared out of the way, because even at this stage, the usual bottom feeder greed overrules sense. A large block of Dinars, part of what had been intended as “Creative” Asset backing is having to be removed, the parties with it, and the balance re quantified, with Dongs and Zims to follow behind. As ever, it only needs one Parasitic Swine to create a Ripple! They can’t help themselves. Always a Scumbag who pushes it too far. It’s just knocked handover back for weeks as it confuses closing. There was a day, when in Wild West America, a Scumbag caught cheating at cards, could be shot on the Spot, and horse thieves hung. It tended to resolve issues quickly. It worked for Epstein didn’t it.
        Albeit, how does anyone hang themselves with toilet paper? We need the same Guard to deal with our scumbags.

        It’s caused chaos and confusion while we clear out the trash. It all has to be re documented and re scheduled.

        Big numbers and a complex game board. The new board has to be re documented and remaining balance parties lined up again. Asset books have been closed so we will try again with the new net balances. Always there are one or two who can’t stop themselves. Not dissimilar to the shock of some marriages.

        Allow a few weeks, then weeks more for other currencies and bonds. Even now there are delays in Cash being delivered to pay off key Bond Parties waiting long overdue Redemptions. The Zios and Politicos have robbed the store blind. It’s hard when the Treasury and Fed are now Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard when we need a trigger fund and the Rats pre robbed it all. Now it’s creative accounting. How to launch a new system based on re quantified worthless assets and currencies, backed to start with part demonetised, then remonetised paper. Games in play. Reality on Crack!

        New Fake Empires. With Card Shills STILL emerging on the front line. Too stupid and Crooked to stop themselves, then caught pre launch. A bit like the gruesome, abysmal and unreal Nancy’s Democrats. That shambolic mess has left some of its cast offs trying to morph into new roles as we try to launch QFS. Weevils in the Food Barrels. Then the Zionists at large where we need Ropes on every corner and Wild West Rules. Epstein endings for the lot of them. Rodent laws. Bolshevik Zionists are a curse and plague on humanity. They need Global sanitisation. Once in the Food barrels? Just look at what 10M of their kind have done to America. Genghis Khan’s scum DNA. Assimilate, sequestrate and annihilate is their code. The White House, sadly, is full of them, and Trump needs them to fund his new run. They control the MSM, Banks, Wall Street, Law and Hollywood. You expect Justice?
        In this coagulated mess, we juggle.

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        1. “ it only needs one Parasitic Swine to create a Ripple!“

          Interesting choice of words, considering who “Ripple” the company have strong ties to.


    1. An invading army need not land troops to destroy our cities. Their proxy surrogates, trained here via their college professor commissars are doing a good job organizing skirmishers in force and probing our resolve to do absolutely nothing to stop it.

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    Typical F French . They never forgave us for all the times we went to aar with them and F them over..
    Next time finish the job..just walk away with No Deal and see how long the EU survives without our subsidies.
    Russian cosmonaut films mysterious ‘space guests’ from International Space Station

    John Oliver on Trump’s border wall: ‘Stupider than I thought was possible’ | Late-night TV roundup | The Guardian

    Trumps wall is failing badly


    What has PRESIDENT TRUMP and his cabinet accomplished…..

    Dude has been in office for 3½ years…. what has he done? Other than dodging the darts the media and Pelosi have thrown?!?

    What has PRESIDENT TRUMP and his cabinet accomplished…..

    Here you go:

    The election battle is on between the treacherous Press and Trump. If he gets in without them they are done.

    More Clinton Epstein dirt

    Parts of Trump you have not been shown by the media so we put it right

    It really is time to face down this posturing Frog and walk away from this bunch of Socialist creeps. No Deal.
    They sell twice as much to us as we do to them so the profits from our new import taxes will stick it right up them. Wake up Bumbling Buffoon Johnson and end this farce. The only point which this clown needs get is our battle spear up his Arse. No deal. Then watch them squeal. Block all our seas from scavenging EU fishing fleets, sink the bastards caught poaching, huge fines, vessel seizures or sunk. Stop all French wine and champagne imports. Slam huge tariffs on EU cars, then watch how that goes down. They will tear Brussels apart

    Universal alternatives to the Big Bang effectively questioning the alternative universe which provided the vast flood of matter and energy which gave birth to ours.

    Can’t go soon enough+ Useless,?

    The French are out of control
    Their poor, innocent Citizens.

    Here we go again the little Naploeons are on the march. Armed with their Military Cross of a White Cross on a White background, all see France coming.

    Arrested for wearing a mask below the nose. Really, I always Do!
    Great advertisement for tourism and a distinct warning for capital investment and safety of capital.
    When socialism takes hold, all actions of common sense leave, to be replaced by brutality and a denial of personal freedom and expression. In all such cases, economies decline leading to chaos and ultimate removal of government that collapses in of itself with unsustainable debt in a weakened economy.
    Such actions serve notice to buyers of French company products to be wary of future performance due to societal unrest which will only worsen.

    “Capable Of Hitting Targets In Space”: Russia Kicks Off Final Testing Of S-500 ‘Prometheus’ System | Zero Hedge
    The final piece of Russian defense

    Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to be moved out of solitary confinement

    Good. Tough law is needed and no cover ups. What’s her link with Clinton and how many flights did he make?



  9. Mountain Goat Dinar Update From Her CBI Contact

    Where do we stand with the reinstatement?

    I know many of you were very disappointed that the August window did not open up as I expected it might. Trust me I too am VERY disappointed along with you. I was only relaying to you what my contact in the CBI told me they were targeting but could not pull it off as planned. Now that they are closer to January (the most opportune time to reinstate) they are just going to wait and ensure everything is set. This gives them 4 more months.

    But the news this week was all still very good and Iraq is moving in the right direction. This is what we need. President Trump is mandating that the Iranian militias be disbanded and guns taken away. Folks, this is what we have been waiting for since 2014. This is great news. It is about time. But this would not have happened without Trump. So we let this play out and watch the stability come back to Iraq slowly. This will lead to a climate that they can then rebuild the country and their economy.

    So, back to Iraq and the RV. I am told to expect details on the rollout of the lower denominations sometime in October with the actual rollout in late November thru December. If this does not happen it will be delayed further.
    This news tells me that they plan to complete the project to delete the zeros late this year, but will not move to the global markets on FOREX with the currency until very early next year 2021. They are still currently under OFAC sanctions.

    My contact sees things MAYBE changing as a result of Al-Kazemi’s visit to the US this week. I told her I would try to touch back with her soon to get a more news.

    Am I giving you dates? No! I am just telling you what my long-standing friend in the CBI told me to think about.

    For those of you who doubt that I do have a contact I will refresh your memory as to who this person is. When I was stationed in Iraq, I was a higher ranked officer. In the intelligence corps you meet some interesting people. I met women and we became very best of friends. I was invited to her house for dinner and met her family even. She had a lovely family and just like us, wants peace and stability. I realized then they are no different than us. They only want to make love, have children, work hard and be given the chance to raise decent children. They too like to shop. Buy nice things.

    They are patriotic too and want a free Iraq. They are glad for the liberation from Saddam but not so glad how it was all handled and how the US just let Iran come in and boss them around. The majority now want the US to stay and see how they are helping. Also they do not like president Obama, as they see him as the one who allowed the corruption to take root in 2011. So, this woman works in the central bank but her title I can’t reveal to you for reasons you should understand. She is my contact.

    LATE UPDATE on the OFAC Sanctions…

    What happened just recently about these OFAC sanctions on Iraq?

    It is reported that agreements have been established that would allow comprehensive sanctions to finally be lifted on certain areas and the currency is one of them. Existing non-comprehensive sanctions would still remain on a list of Iraqi individuals, entities and Iranian influencers in the country. Folks…do you know just how good this news is? This is WOW news and paves the way for the reinstatement of the dinar, if they keep their promise.

    We wait and watch. Yes, things are lining up for a January 2021 reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. WOW again!!!! 😊


  10. “Cases” guarantees perpetual COVID crisis.

    Some pertinent facts:
    (a) The antigen test is garbage and produces both random and false positive results
    (b) A positive test does not equal “a case”. A positive test is of no prognostic value whatsoever. Turning negative is of no prognostic value. In fact, there is no implication whatsoever from a positive or negative antigen test. You are NOT “an asymptomatic patient” if you test positive. You are NOT cleared of the virus just because you turn “negative”. It’s a garbage test.
    (c) A case can only be identified clinically, with dropping O2 saturations, coagulation issues, glass lung findings etc — the COVID constellation of symptoms. It’s utterly irrelevant if someone tests COVID positive or negative with these findings.
    (d) 25% of (c) patients will die, especially with comorbidity.

    Now. Deaths are flat. Everywhere. Or getting there. E.g. excess mortality for COVID is now approaching ZERO.

    “Cases” in the U.S. keep being found because we keep testing! These however, are not cases, they are mostly just positive tests of no consequence. The reality is there is now NO RELATIONSHIP to cases and even cases to death proportion is breaking. Why? Because Farr’s Law is on the move. Even with the testing insanity, we are dropping several percent per day because that’s what happens. The reality is the math says we are done and except for the false-positives, the contagion is over.

    So, if we look at “cases” we will never be done because of the garbage test creating random noise in stressed patients. It will never end.

    On the other hand, let’s look at death. The excess mortality is simply not there. Time to move past this, open all the economy without restrictions.

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  11. Forwarded by a friend in NJ:

    New Jersey is now using EZ-PASS (Multi-State Car and Toll Payment System) to track people coming into the State for Possible Quarantine. Governor Murphy is ramping up the Totalitarianism with threats of Kidnapping.

    The 18 year old daughter of a family friend in New Jersey recently made the decision to delay the start of her College Freshman year at a West Coast School. (Paying $60,000 in tuition to attend a California University by video from her parents NJ house really is not much of a college experience.)

    Given the substantial amount of time she and her friends in similar situations have, they have been traveling to other South Eastern Coastal states that have good Surfing conditions and fewer Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, mask requirements and Big-Brother state monitoring diktats.

    It turns out that the State of New Jersey has been monitoring when she leaves and returns to the State on her East Coast Surfing trips and are now calling her. She answered once and the State of NJ asked where she was, who she was with, what she was doing, etc. etc. She did not answer and hung up.

    She is now getting calls daily from New Jersey Contact Tracers.
    The State can easily identify her the next time she crosses into New Jersey. EZ-PASS has the make, model, color, and license plate number of her car. They can easily pull her over on the Turnpike, interrogate her and hold her without her parents, or anyone else knowing.

    I told her parents she needs to throw the EZ-PASS in the Ocean immediately and pay by cash the next time she drives back into NJ.
    Governor Murphy is a Deep State stooge. He is a cornered rat and his ridiculous lock-down rules and Stasi like monitoring of the EZ-PASS system means he sees the Citizens of New Jersey as a threat, including an 18 year old girl on a Surfing Road Trip.

    To add to the threat, Phil Murphy is part of the Clinton crowd. He worked under Hillary when she was the Secretary of State as Ambassador to Germany. Gov. Murphy is also good friends with John Podesta; someone you definitely do not want to know where your kid is at anytime.

    Reminder, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey Invited John “Skippy” Podesta over for a Sleep Over at his Middletown, New Jersey Mansion

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  12. I am fortunate…. do have small bags ( compared to some)in CND and VET…. if no gain with my VND( do not have Dinar) then I’ll ride on into next year with what I have…. look forward and press on!

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  13. Strong rumours swirling around Westminster that the Bumbling Fool Johnson is planning to quit in 6 months, His excuse will be Covid after effects.
    Reality is the lazy, limp brained and Torpid Food is not up to the job and knows it. . As we all do.

    With 5 months before walk what harm can the useless fool do now? A lot!

    He needs to go and Now! Preppy boys are all soft. Mummies boys the lot!

    But when you look at the Cabinet they all have one outstanding trait visible between the lot. Wankers! To a man!

    A Tramp Ship of Idiots.


    1. Thank you Tony, that was very interesting. I appreciate you sharing this video. Looks like I have some more research to do when time permits.

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    1. Lol – one guy is pulling a wagon with their water toys and the other holding a shamu water toy. Too funny.

      Nothing says sexy like a yellow polka dot and pink flowered half one piece on a man.


  14. _______







    The Most Powerful 2 Minutes of TV I’ve Seen in a Long Time

    Smacking home Americas reality over a few minutes.
    Go to Hell? Vote Democrat and you will.


    China may tank again. Then what?
    With over 1/3 of the global economy destroyed over a hyped up threat of a virus, this should be expected.
    The real fall out is yet to come.

    THE STING: Patriot Robert Trump Went Undercover for the FBI to Stop BCCI, Hillary Clinton’s BNL Fraud in Iraqgate – QUARTERMASTER NEWS

    Interesting story. A lot of strong allegations here.

    Way past time to get it through Boris Johnson’s THICK HEAD it’s way past time to wave 2 fingers to Barnier, the French and walk away F the lot of them!

    Close all UK Fishing grounds to EU Free riders.

    So the French Fishing Fleets will blockade their ports again. Let them. We will route lorries via Belgium and Holland and starve the Bastards.

    End this farce IDIOT Johnson. Get your fat Butt off holiday and call it!

    Then resign, Sod Off and let a Real Leader emerge, time for you to go. You blocked Corbyn and that was your only role. This rambling Buffoon was never PM material.

    So defining reality is now an issue.

    So Kelly fears getting tagged with a sinking ship
    Loyalty heh?

    They are practising for American bases

    At last Republican Dummies are waking up to wipe out if Trump loses. Time to Man up and Put up it’s overdue.


    Not good! Just in! :

    China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has asked soldiers in the province of Fujian, opposite Taiwan, to write a goodbye letter to their spouses, giving rise to mutterings that war is near, cable station TVBS is reporting.

    According to the report, soldiers were asked what they would write if war broke out the next day. One responded that since he had chosen to wear the uniform, he would follow orders.

    Others told the “organization” not to worry, the “motherland” not to worry, and the people not to worry, because they would “return in glory,”.

    The impact of the virus and unprecedented floods across China have led to speculation that the communist regime might try to provoke a confrontation with Taiwan in order to distract the public from its own failings.for the last month Xi has led a purge of the party to quell dissent.

    The other issue China has is a very real food problem with much of this year’s food supply lost to flooding. And there is no reliable information yet as to disease outbreaks. Although I have written earlier there are at least 3 Known outbreaks of the plague. Contained maybe and maybe not. And this does not address the very real debt problem China has in USD. It would be in keeping with Chinese thinking to fulfill Xi’s dream of greatness by bringing Taiwan in. While at the same renegotiating debts owed knowing the world is ill prepared for the losses to be endured by their inability to pay. Or better get sanctioned and divert the blame.

    Three days ago, on August 21, trainloads of surface-to-air missiles were seen traveling into Fujian province. At least one train, carrying 162 missiles was video recorded moving toward the China coast opposite Taiwan.

    Whatever is going on, China may well attempt an invasion of Taiwan sooner than later.

    Now on another front, the year Iranian Defense Ministry is going to Russia at the end of this week.
    According to preliminary data, the Iranian defense department intends not only to obtain information about modern Russian weapons, but also to conclude many contracts – the greatest interest for Tehran is the Russian S-400 air defense systems, Su-35 and Su-57 fighters, T-90 tanks, coastal missile systems and, obviously, tactical missile weapons.”

    Logically the effectiveness of anything is after October when the embargo ceases to exist on Iran. Russia may well use this opportunity to counter Chinese influence much to the dismay of other parties including China.

    All markets are very fragile and can turn on a dime.


    1. Finally, a good looking Youtube crypto analyst. So tired of looking at hippies and fat basement dwelling cretins.

      She makes some good points.

      Each week that goes by without paper exits is another week towards the potential tragedy of many of our readers missing out on a massive parlay. If I were Japanese, ritual seppuku would be on my bucket list if we retire from the field absent the desired sequence. 🔪

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      1. Seppuku? Please Tony don’t say that!

        If the RV doesn’t happen, there has to be something people can do to partake in the crypto boom?

        Maybe sell half of their currencies and put them in cryptos? If we have an RV? Win win (not financial advice-just a suggestion)

        If the currencies don’t pan out. Do you have a plan B? Many of us are going to do quite well. I would absolutely help Tony.


        1. Tony – can you not post what I write above? You obviously don’t have a plan B, otherwise you wouldn’t have written about seppuku.

          The Big crypto gains could be another year.


          1. Not a problem. Again, I was not writing about my personal situation.

            Yes, well aware of the maximum gains being a good year out, but I was referring to the paper going FIRST, because the maximum gains could start on their way up a lot sooner than we think.

            The remark about seppuku was just a figure of speech. I am not prone to such impulses in real life. I promise.


        2. That’s so kind. But, I was not referring to the issue of my personal situation, in case that is what you thought. Just that I want our readers to get the most out of these years, and not come away with zip.


          1. Oh my gosh Tony – I know it’s a figure of speech and you didn’t mean it for you personally.

            I never understood the seppuku. Surely there’s got to be a less painful way to go. Lol just the thought of it- yuck!


            1. Okay, no worries!

              I have been kind of slow on the uptake as of late. It’s been one hell of a very busy week, with so many intense issues to deal with, so my reasoning skills are probably suffering.

              Bottom line, crypto prices won’t stay cheap and easy to buy forever. A paper exit before the end of Q3 would probably allow many to shift into them at reasonable prices, and allow significant upside in the next 12 months.

              That’s the window I want them to catch. We have ONE shot. I know many good people are working on the matter, and they will do their best. But, if this window is missed, they will simply watch as the potential increases they could have had go on without them.

              That’s what I don’t want to see, and my seppuku reference was simply my way of expressing frustration at the fact that we don’t have a lot of time left in the buy windows, and that if I were Japanese, one disposes of dishonor or failure, with a blade.

              But, yes. It must be horrible. But, the balls on those Samurai. Incredible courage.


    1. Even the IMF wants in on the act. 🤡

      Lose your password results in losing your money? What a total crock of shit. I won’t go into the multiple ways to recover your funds when passwords are lost, which, of course, even bank portals have to retrieve lost passwords, so you won’t “lose all your money”. 🙄

      Cryptos indeed are volatile, but that’s a good thing. These are not retirement accounts. Sheesh. The dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1920. Should we say that it strikes a finer figure regardless? 🤔

      Bad guys can use it? No shit. That’s why you KYC mandate exchanges so that when they exit to cash, you know who those “bad guys” are. Seriously, who writes this stuff for the IMF? Their night watchman? 🔦

      It all boils down to a simple narrative. Technology is making it necessary for governments to scramble to protect tax revenue so they can continue to convince people that taxes are “the cost of a civilized society”. Yea. 💩

      I have been under the impression for a long time that the IMF is one of the most worthless collections of strutting primadonnas on the planet. Show me what they do which has resulted in anything to justify admiration of the “stability” that they profess to be the guardians of? I would not be surprised if their dirty little fingers are key in the hold-up of certain releases germane to our subject matter.

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      1. Tony,
        You’re are correct on their role. The IMF is the leader for the Globalist and want to become the Central Money Exchange with the SDR’s.


  15. Digital Dollar To Be ‘In Competition’ With Bitcoin

    “…While the U.S. has barely even begun thinking about a digital dollar, its potential implications have generated extensive debate, with a former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, saying bitcoin and Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency may eventually be “in competition” with central bank digital currencies..”.


      1. Tore has been well-vetted. I wouldn’t go “Hmmm” at this point. Plus, the message is much more interesting than the messenger. Seek the message. It’s much more important than a monopoly on virtue.


    1. I raised this with Paladin this morning he thinks it’s just Jealous grievances playing games. He’s not concerned.


  16. Kim Jong-Un ‘is in a coma and his sister is set to take control’ of North Korea, claims South Korean diplomat

    Chang Song-min, an ex-aide to late-South Korean president Kim Dae-jung, claimed the regime is hiding the truth about Kim Kim Jong Un’s deteriorating health

    More rumours out re Fat Man.


    No vaccines before Winter 2021 is more realistic.


  17. Russia launches a SECOND Covid vaccine

    New Crypto Asset Could Be Next DeFi Unicorn to Explode, Says Bitcoin Analyst Nicholas Merte

    Trump news latest: President’s sister recorded criticising him | The Independent

    So, Trumps onw sister says hes a ruthless, lying, conniving Skunk, whats new?
    The key is whats worse -? Biden!!!!

    Meghan Markle ‘ignored advice from Camilla on handling bad media headlines before her marriage’ | Daily Mail Online

    How long will the Markle charade go on? She’s visibly ageing- and badly. She’s totaly blown her role as a Princess, she couldn’t handle it. No Class!
    Whne the media tires of these 2 mediocre Clowns it will all crash. Muppets!

    Iran sanctions: nearly all UN security council unites against ‘unpleasant’ US


    Covid-19 will be around for ever, says former UK chief scientific advise

    Still this has not woken them up, Thanks China!!!

    Iconic ‘Magnum, P.I.’ House Torn Down, Environmental Laws Bypassed To Build Obama’s Beachside Villa

    Why should we expect anything different? The Chicago Crook is at it again.


    TRUMP TRAIN 2020


  18. James darrin – remember you asked here a while ago about a cheap crypto? Check out AGI – singularitynet It’s been going up the last few days. I bought yesterday at .05 and .06 and it’s over .08 right now. You can buy at Binance or KuCoin if your interested.

    SingularityNET (AGI) | $47+ Trillion USD Worth of Market Applications

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    1. Thank you A Johnson….I just bought back CND…. had sold all to buy more VET at .0024 and .006 ranges….
      I am all tapped out now…. love to see a paper exit!…. AGI would be on my list!

      All I can do now is sit back and piece together info…. wait and see what changes are coming….

      Big thanks to all here at WHA!…. very glad to be a part of the site and read all the perspectives….

      John, quit chasing woman and get the paper moving!… kidding!

      Tony, and John, thank you for all your efforts…. very big hearts!
      Godspeed to all!

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      1. James

        I’m efficient, I net in multiples. Saves time so I can focus on main issues.

        Westminster, money, power and pheromones. Rude to throw them back don’t you think? Waste not , want not.
        It’s called Democracy, we try them all. We do our bit, a lot! Lol

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      2. James darrin – they have major partnerships. The guy in the video just did another one this morning talking about all the partnerships and adoption in 2021. I don’t like that AI and robots are going create major job losses for we humans but it’s going to happen wether I invest or not. I don’t think I like the concept of smart cities either. I liked things the way they use to be. Fat chance that will ever happen.


  19. Tony – I cant see what I’m typing down below. Leave it to Aurataya to say exactly the right thing. She has such a way with words. Like I said, I had a very lengthy response to what you wrote last nite but I’ll try to keep it short here.

    I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life and I’m sure with many others here. I could feel your frustration and pain with those suffering. It was difficult for me to read of the struggles many are going through. We live in such difficult times right now. We’re being hit on all directions and desperately need a lifeboat. I consider WHA a lifeboat for truth, even if the truth hurts and John sure has given us some doozies of what is in store for humanity. The other lifeboat we need is the money. I pray it comes soon. I know you and John have big plans.

    Like Aurataya said, you’re not alone. I’m here for you in thoughts and prayers.

    You and John are doing a fabulous job here.

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    1. I also want to mention how you have given your time freely to help us with cryptos, FREE of charge! Most people have to pay for the information you shared with the crypto ideas. I hope people understand this.

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    2. As for not being able to see your text as you write, it should scroll to show your present line of text as you write. If not, I think it may be a browser issue. Not sure if you are using a mobile phone or computer. I only use a computer to attend to the site, so my knowledge of what you may encounter with a mobile phone is very limited.

      Thanks so much for those kind words, and I do appreciate your participation.

      We have a lot of readers, many who remain silent, which is fine. But just knowing we offer some grounded reality in the midst of an effort that has been turned into a circus, is satisfying to a large extent.

      John who? (I kid, I kid)

      Seriously, where would we be without that man and his colleagues? We would be adrift in a sea of flotsam and mired in the detritus of fantasy land.

      As for plans, yes. I look forward to such. By then, the right people will hopefully be empowered to move humanity forward and leave the parasitical monopolists behind.

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      1. I use my phone. My brave browser lately has been crashing but I like to use it to get my free BAT tokens. Why buy it when you can get them for free! 🙂

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    3. Thank you for your kind comment A Johnson, I appreciate it very much. Actually, my message came across in quite a confused manner. I actually find it extremely difficult to express myself clearly sometimes. And a few drinks and a crappy day never helps either. Ha ha.

      I also wish to apolgise to all for my comment re marriage. I thought about why I feel that way today and one thing that really bugs me about it is that the government has to be involved in it by those concerned having to gain a licence to wed. No one else should be involved in that union imo. I may also be a little envious too lol. I actually believe it must feel incredible for two well matched people to find each other in this world that deeply care for each other, totally trust each other, completely relax around each other and find joy and comfort in each other when together. I have just never found that in life so maybe I’m a bit cranky about missing out on knowing such a lovely experience. So again, my apologies if I offended anyone.


      1. Aurataya- you’re fine. I didn’t find anything confusing about what you said. Marriage has its up and downs.

        I’ve always wanted a besty girlfriend, like a sister. Never had that kind of relationship. If you can count on one hand how many true friends you have, your blessed.


        1. Thank you beautiful. I’m in the same boat as you re the besty too. Life does not really allow me to seek out new friends at the moment but must admit I had pretty much given up on that front too due to discovering ones I thought were okay could not be trusted.

          I just recently had an experience with a person in the extended family that really played me badly but when I realized what was happening that person learned the hard way not to try and cause me harm. lol That last experience has probably burnt me for life as far as trust goes.

          Anyway, no point being miserable about experiences, life goes on. Live and learn as they say. Enjoy a lovely evening beautiful.


      2. OMG SF Driver, the words you have expressed above are so beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share that lovely comment.


  20. I guess the Galactic Federation could not afford a lawyer to properly answer the SEC’s allegations.
    Clerk’s ENTRY OF DEFAULT as to Meta 1 Coin Trust, Robert P. Dunlap, Nicole Bowdler.

    Clerk’s ENTRY OF DEFAULT as to Wanda Ironheart Traversie-Warner, Alfred Dewitt Warner, Jr, Ironheart Trust.


  21. John posted the following video as part of his earlier daily contribution. I am re-posting it to reinforce its importance.

    It does my heart good to see such quality investigation, and, post settlements, these people and others like it need to be financially supported and protected.

    Bolshevism is a foul, execrable ideology which strikes at the heart of human existence. It is alive and expanding under the covert banners of a myriad of so-called “justice” groups and we will never move forward as a society if we revert back to this heartless scourge and allow ourselves to be ruled by its abhorred, soulless dictates.

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    1. Thank you John & Tony for highlighting this video. It most certainly is worth viewing and is rather disturbing. It’s actually quite heart breaking to me to see all of the destuction currently taking place in our world.



    At bloody last?



    Now this is a brutal analysis many Globally will empathise with.




    When the rot of money is within the Death Sentence needs to be Mandatory
    Florida mosquitoes: 750 million genetically modified insects to be released

    Joe Biden’s speech wins praise from left and right – but not from Trump


    Watch “MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR3: Infiltration Not Invasion Alexandra Bruce” on YouTube

    The Infitration destruction of America, Thank you Soros! You hate Americans this much?


    Trump news – live: More Republicans turn on ‘dangerously unfit’ president as White House bid to delay release of tax returns denied by judge | The Independent

    So, the Hustler Carnival Barker who lies to order, thought the Dumbest guy on the Game Board could lie his way forward?

    Whatever dirt hes got, as baggage, and for him it will be a lot, they will expose it and him. Stormie was just the pack Joker. They hold the Ace of Spades!

    Game on?

    Queen must strip Meghan Markle of title after Trump election attack says Piers Morgan

    Piers is right on this one. Royals carries both restrictions and deep responsibilities.

    She can not use her title to crtiicise the US President. No Class, no Idea.

    Someone needs to bring home hard to the B Grade Bolter Divorcee TV actress, her only qualities being a buckled nose wannabe, with the bony legs of a Wild Turkey, and the Arse of a Hippo, does not merit a Culture pass.
    Just as when idiot Edward married his US Divorcee Simpson, trouble was to follow. They both got shunned quickly.
    Harry was born a Fool, what’s to be expected? William tried to warn and guide him. Prince Phillip told his to just Schtoop it and move on. He told him clearly, we do NOT marry actresses. They all carry baggage, or worse
    What is this spoiled pampered Bratt doing publicly criicising our closed Allie behind a Royal shield.
    Two stupid children loose abroad. Out of Control.

    Yes, strip her of Royal links and title now. A train wreck unfolding. The Brits will turn on both of them. Our Media is a Shark Pen.

    She’s cruising for a bruising. No talent, no looks, big dreams.

    California Military Veteran Warns that Armed Resistance is Coming: “There’s a Million People Like Me, and You Won’t Stop Us”

    Well done Guys, you won’t be alone. Don’t waste the bullets. Make sure every on totals vermin. Leave none to come back. Time for a Reckoning.


  23. World

    RUMOR: SWIFT Global Payment System to Shut down on . . .

    WORLD NEWS DESK 21 AUGUST 2020  HITS: 4788


    There are very strange RUMORS circulating from financial markets here in New York City today.   

    Two separate sources claim that the SWIFT payment system, which is used by all banks globally to send/receive payments, is going to SHUT DOWN on

    August 31.

    Other RUMORS claim that SWIFT will then re-open  with some gold-backed payment system, while other RUMORS are saying there will be some type of Block-Chain Digital currency.

    NONE of this can be verified at this time.

    The weird thing about these rumors are the sources; they are people who would actually KNOW this type of detail here in New York City because they are deeply involved with all things financial.

    Neither source would agree to go On-the-Record” with their name and business name.  

    So for now . . . just RUMORS.   I guess we’ll all find out on August 31.

    Hal Turner


    1. Out with the old – In with the new. They have to update their old outdated system or they become irrelevant in the high tech digital world.

      It’s probably true. I have come to the conclusion that this new digital economy is just an updated high tech version of the old. Money laundering? There are privacy tokens like Monero they can use. JMO

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      1. Sorry for sounding so negative. I’m in a rotten mood right now. There is a rumor that Hawaii is going to enforce mandatory vaccines early next year. If I ever get off this rock, I will never come back here ever to this hell in paradise.


        1. Stay strong A Johnson. Do not let the authorities do anything to you that you do not wish to have forced upon you. You have rights. You will not be alone there in not being willing to be vaccinated. Start making contacts with like minded others in your area and discuss various plans.


        1. And Missy, you are not slow. You would have to be one of the wittiest switched on Gals I know. For one example, just look at what you have achieved in the crypto arena. You have researched everything so well and retained knowledge on that front to the point you are brilliantly confident when you share info and reach out to assist others. That is not slow. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. I think you are awesome.


        2. Well, I think you pretty awesome too.

          I was going to do a quote from one of my favorite movies “Clueless” starring Alicia Silverstone, but most people here wouldn’t get it because I’m sure they don’t watch teeny bopper movies. As if! Lol


    1. Just curious, how are those Schiff recommended gold mining shares you bought doing now? Are they improving?


      1. Newmont mining and it is about the same price at the moment as when he recommended it in 2011. Only took nine years to break even. I don’t own any btw.


          1. Thank you so much! I will and coming from you Tony, he’s got to be good.

            I’ve been thinking about hiring someone to help with my finances in the near future but did not know who to turn to.

            Btw – pre 2008, Peter made us a lot of money. It was fun while it lasted!


      2. So far a better investment then my dinars and I’ve been holding for almost as long. At least newmont pays dividends.


        1. I know the feeling.

          This week has been one of the most viscerally moving experiences of my time here.

          Several people reached out in private with heart-wrenching stories of pending evictions, and similar crisis. All hold currencies and they naturally wanted to know, from me, if we were in any way “close”.

          I just could not give any answers to that question. If I knew for sure, I would certainly clue them in, and perhaps some day I will have a good idea backed with true certainty. But, for the moment, I don’t, and it makes my position in all this that more frustrating.

          I started WHA to assist in spreading CORRECT information concerning this endeavor, and not paint a weekly false picture disguised as a donations racket. With that in mind, I am very careful not to embellish on what we are indeed told so as to make it sound better than it really is. We have to be quite literal. No sunshine at night, and no darkness during daylight. Truth.

          If having to try to assist a few people who were at their last hope to keep a roof over their head is not challenging enough, one of them had to sell the few alt coins they had just to afford a week’s hotel to keep their kids off the streets and living in a car near a bad area. Their dong and dinar is next, for food. After that, nothing.

          Imagine what I am going to feel for this poor person if all this takes off in the near future, they miss it. After all those years of waiting.

          This won’t be a sweet victory for me. More money for myself is not something I really crave at this point. I have had several contacts with people whose families have all but fractured and collapsed, and had invested quite a lot of time following the traditional currency “intel” community. It was their hope.

          No more. It’s now their funeral pyre. They put faith in promoters. Those promoters failed to explain the true reality of the cold-hearted forces, and tried to present it as a giant humanitarian force for good – that it was all to spill humanitarian cash in unlimited amounts to the “highly favored” group, and it was always coming “next Monday”.

          This kind of reckless flummary has lead many down a primrose path to always be anticipating fortunes, and for many it has resulted in a form of arrested development of their natural desire to put forth the best efforts to better themselves. After all, why bother, when TNT Tony and Okie claim you will be “at the bank” next Monday and get millions?

          At least here, I can look back, win or lose, and have the satisfaction that I kept it real, always spoke my mind from truth as I knew it, and had the pleasure of getting to know some real power-players who made sure we were always on the right page and NEVER embellished for the sake of traffic or google ad revenue.

          Many more will have gone by the boards by the time this is all over and we move to the next stage. There is nothing we can do about that. Life on a planet as steeped in confusion as this one will exact a price.

          So, if we can get the paper events DONE before end of 2020, and sidestep into the next frontier of digital blockchain wealth, then I hope to see many success stories from our readers. It’s important to me that this happens, because right now I am beset with many tragic tales of struggle and collapse which have made this endeavor especially difficult to experience.

          I know good people, involved, and walking the halls of power, and clothed in immense influence, are pushing very hard to get it all done. That knowledge ALONE is the only reason I don’t pull all this down right now.

          Like Gordon Gekko said, “I don’t throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things”.

          Sorry for all the words. As the saying goes…



          1. TONY, I see and feel what you are experiencing to a degree and I am sorry and sort of impressed you are feeling this way but I think you need to remember what we all can achieve as a group.???? We, and maybe I speak for myself, but maybe not too, we can help.

            Tony, we can all pull together here and get others over the line. Shit, I know it’s a drawn out shit fight but I seriously think you need to STOP carrying the load you are. Heck Mate, do you honestly think we are not going to be there for you and the concerns you have? We are a frickin awesome group of people here and I for one will stand by you until death do us part. How do you like that for a commitment? Okay, I am not pretending I am married to you or anything LOL cause I also do not believe in the typical bs marriage crap but heck Tony, after everything you have given of yourself here with all of us at WHA we will not walk away from you. Well, I certainly won’t anyway and I’m pretty sure there may be many here that feel the same.

            Tony, I sort of get your concerns but you need to ease off taking the load you are, We all appreciate your genuine concern and unending commitment but this is not your fight alone. THIS IS OUR FIGHT TOGETHER. Learn to trust us. Okay, there are many here and certainly myself that do not possess your amazing level of intelligence but NEVER FORGET we have hearts that appreciate good people. That’s YOU Tony,

            So sorry for my brazen slack arsed common manner of speech but, hey buddy, that’s me. Take it or leave it???

            Heck Tony, I know all to well you need a break. I know you have your own life to deal with. All you have done for the last few years is look after us. Do you think it may be time that we all worked together to achieve what we all wish to see happen.

            Tony, I think I might have a slight gist of what is happening is this world these days, as others may also but can I be so bold to suggest that we can achieve results together. Tony, have a bloody good look at the people that have gathered here at WHA. Okay, we have a variety ;-))))) but Mate, look into the depths of what you have achieved here. How can you not be incredibly proud of yourself? You have been the brilliant light in our world. We found you through truth. We found you because of who you are. Okay, there are to odd dipsticks but heck, that’s just bloody life in the big city. LOL

            Tony, do you honestly have any idea what you mean to us? Speaking for myself, and I’m sure others, you would have to be the most decent, honest, caring person I personally have come across in a very long time. Okay, we had better give big Johnny a hug here in case he feels left out lol. Heck, John knows how I feel about him, he is my ethereal guiding light, with a cheeky twist, which I love.

            Anyway, I am going to wind this up as it’s probably getting a bit corny but I will end this and say that you Tony are not alone in your desires for others. Let’s do this together. I’m certainly with you on the journey anyway, not that I think I will last that much longer unfortunately and to be perfectly honest, but I’ll stick by you until my end my precious acquaintance. XXX

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            1. Thanks, mate. I do appreciate that.

              The load is bearable in terms of work, but the suffering I am made to see is at times very hard to experience, especially when I know the resources to help them are available, but being suppressed by people who have no concern for anything outside their immediate space.

              We will do our best to make up for the squandered time, when that day comes.

              Thanks again! I do appreciate you being here.

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              1. Thank you Tony. Sorry my previous comment may have seemed a bit odd with some of the statements I made. I seem to be quite adept at embarrassing myself sometimes. LOL

                I just feel so upset when I see you distressed with your concern for others. So many people must unload their difficulties in life to you and that must be extremely hard to cope with. I just wish I could help you more.


                1. Thanks mate, no worries.

                  I admit, it’s hard to hear someone on the phone, with kids crying because someone just disconnected the power. Or, a marshal just knocked on the door and delivered a foreclosure notice and they have about $10 in their pocket to try to get someplace else in a car that has about 1/4 tank of gas.

                  But, I look forward to better days ahead for all of us. I do what I can to help where I can, but in the future, those efforts will be much greater. At least, I am hoping so.

                  You help a great deal with your participation. And, soon we will put some things right, business-wise, and look back and laugh at how minor a diversion it was.

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              2. You truly are a wonderful man Tony and it is my absolute pleasure to know you. Thank you so much for what you do for others Tony and I also thank you for everything you have done to assist me toward a brighter future.


    1. No shit…

      I say pack up the entire city government in a sealed-off wing and roll 20 canisters of Zyclon B into it. In 15 minutes, the city can then start to right itself. Worthless blowhard politicians are nothing but a parasitical drag on the society. Bold action is way over-due.

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        1. Long ago, one nation took up the banner to wipe these Bolshevik vermin scourges from the earth. And we set to task to support…the Bolshevlks.

          Way to go, Franklin Delano the Limper, and Churchill the drunk. We invested so many lives to preserve Bolshevism which is now embedded deeply in our own country via our liberal educations systems, and we have only ourselves to blame. Statues of Marx and Lenin go up in city squares and remain un-touched. Washington, Jefferson, Lee, Grant, come down.

          The chickens are now coming home to roost, and not only roost, but to burn down the coop, with all of us in it.

          How about that victory in ’45? Yea, that was a real winner. 70 million dead and Lenin and Marx kept alive and now active with little resistance within our borders.

          We indeed need a new Appian Way roadside beautification project with crosses and nails. Antifa and BLM packs hoisted high.

          Watch for the commie reactions if Trump is re-elected. Then, you will see just what Marx and Lenin had in store for us all, courtesy of the idiots who sent our men and tax dollars to prop up what is going to destroy us in the end.

          Be ready for it.

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  24. _______




    project Veritas catches the whole DNC and Clinton crime family

    Everyone needs to watch this.

    Anyone that CAN, should make copies of it and put on DISK and share with others so Google, Facebook etc cannot stop people from knowing the facts.


    Subject: Congress Drops Bomb On The ‘Deep State’ In Final Report – National Insiders


    France sees another sharp rise in coronavirus cases with another 4,70

    France sees another sharp rise in coronavirus cases with another 4,700


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    1. Tino and all

      This should help your legal standing to decline worldwide. No one I know believes we will get a clean, tested viable vaccine yet.
      Thalidomide, autism, what has Pharma done to us so far? Gates, Soros and the Tri Laterals?
      Dirty Harry, ” How lucky do you feel, Punk?”

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      1. I believe we have a Supreme Court decision that vaccines are knowingly unsafe. This should dove tail with Nurember Informed Consent (ALL medical procedures must be voluntary. Social utility or the Good of the Many is not a valid reason to force a medical procedure.) Which we can then link to the Hippocratic Oath.


    2. Thanks for sharing the “rigging the election” video above John, it certainly was interesting. Those people should be ashamed of themselves working to destroy their own country. Such criminals should be hung.


  25. Tony – is it normal for a crypto currency to have double the volume of its marketcap? Is there something special going on with OMG? I added a few more this morning at 5.60 and it’s over 7 dollars now.


    1. Make that over 8 dollars now. I’ve never seen anything like this but I have not been in the space as long as you.


      1. Well bugger me. I really liked this project but unfortunately bought in at about $30.00 AUD, Still waiting for that to turn around. Whatever will be will be.


    2. Not normally, but it’s certainly not impossible.

      I am not sure why it’s up over 106% as I write, but I am not surprised given what’s coming.

      OMG is a very valuable environment for building ERC20 business infrastructure. Given how the Ethereum smart contract world is ever increasing in demand, I am not surprised at this.

      It remains a good buy up to $20.


      1. Well I ended trading it because I got nervous how fast it’s going up. I put in Dash and orchid. If it goes down, I’ll re buy it. OMG is over 1 billion market cap now and the volume is over 2 billion. Crazy

        Thanks Tony


  26. My husband sent me this video this morning. I thought you all would find it interesting. Maybe some have seen it – it’s from January.

    Donald Trump Implying Iraqi Dinar RV During Fox Interview (1/11/20)


  27. Someone turned the switch on for OMG. The volume surpasses the marketcap. Wow – wish I had more!

    Now, turn the switch on for XRP XLM ADA and VET please 😁


    1. The only way the market can surpass the market cap is if the exchanges are using derivatives or wash trades. Keep your cryptos off the exchanges and in your own possession.

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  28. Trump just had meeting with Iraqi PM he said they use the US dollar but are doing well and eluded to them have a strong currency now on their own. wonder if this is tt and public announcements will be coming soon,


    1. Funny you mention that. My cousin called me this morning to tell me. He sold all his Dinar about a year ago but just bought a million. I don’t don’t what it all means but I’m holding on to mine.


  29. No questions so many can not stand Trump but Biden’s a terrible option, and Camel arse plus a dodgy husband walk in then.

    Subject: Trump news – live: Dozens of former national security advisers pen open letter backing Biden as President travels to 2020 challenger’s hometown

    Weiss Ratings Says Crypto Newcomer Set for Meteoric Growth in Second Half of 202

    The Bitcoiners Who Live ‘Permanently Not There’ – CoinDesk

    Don’t say we don’t give a fair appraisal of both sides.

    Subject: Watch “BEST CAMPAIGN AD OF 2020? – Kimberly Klacik Takes Down Democrats” on YouTu


    Cybernetic warriors are coming fast

    Attorney General William Barr discusses Operation…:



    Bitcoin price hits 2020 record as investors turn to cryptocurrency during pandemic


    Understand the changes coming

    Are there any Ethical standards left in that Crock of Shit passing for a US Goverment?
    Does anyone care? It was bad enough Soetoro mugging the system, why the HELL is Biden not in the Dock?

    Steve Bannon is arrested and INDICTED over ‘multi-million wall fraud’

    Suck this up Bannon


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  31. John, always willing to toss the hat in the ring.

    5G is fundamentally impractical. It makes sense in closed environments, in building and on certain types of campuses. Universal deployment doesn’t make sense, especially when point to point lasers can give ludicrous levels of bandwith to any user.

    So why deploy it? It makes sense only if you want to bathe folks in multi-gigahertz radiation. The obvious is that it only penetrates a certain level into the skin, but certainly into the living dermis. So skin cancer alone is a concern. A good doc pulled a FOIA and found an interesting paper that shows that 5G upon penetration will result in a spike of energy. This will increase the depth of said penetration. The unanswered question is does the 5G do anything else? Pure power, unmodulated, probably doesn’t do a hell of a lot. But what happens when the modulation is overlayed on the carrier wave? We’ll get back to that.

    mRNA/mDNA vaccines are, in a word, insane. The first, and deepest concern, is it will modify your base DNA program. The claim that the modification will be limited to simply resulting in new immune triggering peptides is pure bunk. The vaccine will intercalate in many places, most which will be non-coding, so no big deal. What of the coding intercalates? Will it trigger an auto-immune disorder? Hell, that could occur even without extra DNA changes. Will it trigger cancer? Could it, as so many other vaccines have done, trigger a hyper-reaction with challenge from the virus or worse — a related virus with some kind of homologous peptide? And why in nether hell, in violation of all Nuremberg principles of human experimentation, would anyone even suggest trying these kind of vaccines? (For a virus with 0.04% infection fatality rate!!!) There is no way a rushed 6-month vaccine is safe. Additionally, efficacy is measured incorrectly — via antibodies. The ONLY proper way is vaccination followed by challenge with the pathogen of concern. So why is nobody doing this? I suspect because nobody has purified the damn virus. (We leave for the astute reader the implication if none of the core groups ever purified the virus and never validated all of Kock’s postulates? Are we even testing for the right thing? Even the CDC is admitting, piecemeal, that the antigen test is garbage. PCR as a viral diagnostic test is scientifically meaningless.)

    But PCR IS a manufacturing technique. It was invented for that. We could put any sequence we want in, with a high degree of repeatability. So what if something is being smuggled into a vaccine? After, all why the fuss for the latest vaccine? Which brings us back to 5G.

    Now, if I was a suspicious type, I would wonder about binary and ternary weapons. Something smuggled by the vaccine get transported or inserted somewhere by the 5G — which we know opens up nuclear pores, unwinds DNA, cracks DNA, and shifts all sorts of cell receptors in their function/metabolism. So now, an insert gets somewhere it has to go. But might not do anything until third substance comes along, and all of a sudden, (as example) a substance the body could easily detox can’t because an enzyme subsystem is knocked off line. Worse, what if another substance, nanotech or not, is introduced, and it combines with something else, a creates a poison? Or something that starts cascading failures in the DNA, leading to chronic disease and death?

    All this is within the real of the possible. Of course, it might not be in this vaccine at all. Now that they have the pandemic crisis idea afloat, it can be done again and again, until they get the right combo they want.

    Of course, the informed consent forces are beginning to rally together. Resistance will go exponentially higher as folks equate all vaccinations with experimental medicine and being fundamentally unsafe – a violation of their human rights. Nuremberg DID change the game 75 years ago. (Which is why Dershowitz is wrong on mandatory vax.). Trump in time will also sabotage Big Pharma on classic childhood vaccination, since the forces are aligning for a major comparison of the vaccinated vs the un-vaccinated. The extraordinary health of the latter group so outstrips the vaccinated that it will collapse the Vax Regime overnight.

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    1. Tino

      Thank you, well collated and well worth reading folks.

      Apart from Murphy’s law on attempting to fast track a complex DNA helium, I for one KNOW, both the nanotech, and documentary control issues are simply too great to entrust them with. Assume Covid, or equivalent, is JUST the test forerunner. Look at its Global impact already. Imagine a version 100 fold following when predicated?
      When the Rats control the Labs? Soros or Bush 41 types? Zio Trash unleashed? Has no one weighed their US penetration and control? What an agenda!
      Who first unleashes will hold the Right of Life!

      Nanotech loaded, with a 5G activation trigger, what is now conceivable by like minds power enriched? More effective than Neutron bombs and wider ranging. Sat Navs for directional planning. Global Satellites with entire encirclement for hemisphere pollution removal? Fast encroaching now. The Sheeple have no idea, above all sit the Agencies and Committee of 300. With Kabuki Pawns, gaming the board of Life! Who moves to erase 5B? What right of life if Nano Infected, and switch OFF controls in whose hands? Who controls the Human Zoo?

      Ethereal versus material? A battle for Mind- Kind?
      When the right of life, is predicated upon a Satellite switch?
      You couldn’t, write it , and we can’t Right It if not controlled.
      What if?
      While masses sleep, what forces creep?


    1. I googled qfs and the first search result was “off world monetary system”. Lol “Each county must be Gesara compliant”. All you get is a bunch of nesara gesara bs.


      1. Forget Nesara that was for Broker BS, QFS is a fast encroaching Global Agency backed Capital and Credit System with a central control of all entrapped in the Net! The ultimate Big Brother.


  32. I came across this site that is using AI for High Frequency Trading. Minimum account is $5000. Unfortunately, you can’t have an account as a US citizen. But, may be good for our international friends.

    [Link redacted. Don’t post investment sites which offer referral commissions. Most are scams] -WHA


  33. _______

    The Tottie Hottie
    Subject: Watch “WATCH LIVE: White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany gives news briefing” on YouTube


    This stupid yapping Scot’s Dog again.

    Sturgeon, a name for a Gobby fish, need to be told your a conquered people. We fund you, we own you and you are not walking leaving our borders exposed to God knows what. Shut your mouths or we will stop funding and feeding you and it’s a no to gifting our land to the EU. It’s easier to tip the lot into the North Sea and start clean. who needs them?

    Gobby Scots. Gobshites.

    ‘She’s voting for Biden’: Awkward video shows Trump repeatedly trying to hold Melania’s han

    Be clear, Melanias visible mulgti attempt rejection of Trumps hand is Global. Viral! She clearly finds him repulsive. Who wouldn’t?

    But this lump has to be kept in office to stop Biden and Harris. Deep State, Deep Do Doo.
    For sure, post the Oval Office Melania will be filing. She can’t wait. Or will he be the first President divorced in Office?

    Politics, what a bag of Varmints.

    Range of Russian EMP weapons increased to 10 km — sources – Military & Defense – T

    The reality is that shortly such EMP WEAPONS systems will have an effective 25 km range acting as a battlefield dominance tool, with artillery taking in everything else from 25 -75 km. After that, their new Hermès precision Strike missiles will take out everything within 75-100 km giving Russia battlefield superiority with minimal personnel risk.
    The big thing Russia is focused on is to give themselves battlefield superiority given the lack of manpower they have. Even their drones and robots are designed to act in concert with soldiers to minimize casualties.

    This in effect gives them a 100km front line of depth in facing a combatant. With their longer range hypersonic missiles taking out larger targets up to a 500km range to soften up the enemy. This is not lost on China in the slightest as they are quickly recognizing that Russia is preparing to fight them head on and win, even though they are vastly out numbered. NATO for all the hype is not considered a effective invading threat, rather it is more of missile threat which has been effectively countered as Russia in response can execute a perimeter of control of a 1000km with existing missiles. So a land based invasion is a non event. And why Belarus will be protected as a land buffer to give time for missile response.

    Never before has such a strategy been used with such controlled advanced perimeters of combat. Russia has Kazakhstan’s back with longer range missile batteries on the bordering Russia, if China dares to invade. The notion that Kazakhstan needs to give China 45% of its’ land as historical Chinese land is non starter and will trigger a war China will lose. Russia will not invade but will defender with a aggressive offensive strategy.
    India has expressed real interest in wanting to participate in such a strategy to which there has been no response. Other than Russia has assured India it will equalize the battlefield so China has no advantage and thus hopefully permit peace.

    The next target of defense for Russia is its’ southern belly and it is keen not see Iran in a war, as Iran serves as a southern buffer to attack. Russia is working on a multifaceted solution to seeing Iran fall but it continues to see Iran as a problem especially as China’s colonial ambitions take hold in Iran.


    If this is true, give Australia a miss.

    Subject: Melbourne: Authorities to Use Surveillance Drones to Catch People Not Wearing Masks – Summit News

    There comes a point when technology makes every day life a prison.
    I wonder if these are Chinese drones like the ones used in China for the same purpose?
    I suppose The economy does not matter, only control. And it raises the question of what does the future hold?


    1. Aurataya- I’m thinking about you over there in Australia. Hope your in a safe place. Coming soon to America? God help us.


      1. Hey A Johnson,
        Yes, some of the news of late is quite disturbing. This total wanker of a PM we have here has a very big mouth. He has started the game now and declares that he wants 95% of the population vaccinated. But also states that it will now not be mandatory, even after suggesting that same day it was to be. Kickbacks in less than a day. Testing the waters I would suggest.

        They seem to be targeting those on welfare payments first, stating that no payments will be made to those refusing the needle. He has also stated that travel restrictions will also likely impact those not vaccinated. One would think this was China the way they are behaving. I am shocked to see this type of thing kicking off here.

        I for one will never accept any vaccination and am quite grateful that I do not rely on the so called government for anything in my life. I honestly do not know how far this is all going to go here but I do know that many will not lay down and take this crap. Where it all ends up, I have no idea. But we do have rights and I for one intend to defend those rights.


    1. Why does the Rantings of a 7th century deranged pervert have house room in Europe or America? He married a 7 years old and had full sex at 9. a truly DIRTY Cult! Reject the lot!

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    2. Tony – I clicked like on the video post but don’t like what is going on over there. It was hard to watch without fuming. Those people need to get the eff out go back where they came from. I liked the fact that you made it a permanent home here for all to see.

      Thank you

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I agree A Johnson. Who the bloody hell do they think they are? If they like that bullshit so much then get the hell back to where you came from. They are breaking the laws of the country they are residing in and should be charged and thrown out immediately. This sort of situation is gaining too strong of a hold in the west and needs to be dealt with NOW.

        Thanks Tony for giving this video a permanent home here, much appreciated.



    I’m praying for this RV quick so I can disappear. And our friends in New Zealand can get a nice yacht and sail away into the sunset.

    This, unfortunately, is coming to every country. Which is why they want 8 billion vaccines.

    Never thought I would live to see this NWO birthed.

    I have nightmares about the world being left for my kids….if we even survive. Deatg may be a better option given the insanity.

    For all the New Zealanders….stay small and get off grid if you can.


    1. Untested and highly dubious vaccines with what side effects and deep consequences, plus ANNUALLY renewable and with 5G about to encircle the planet, Hello? 5G will activate what in those vaccines?

      Tino may care to comment.

      In 18 years we have failed to achieve a Sars vaccine. So now in 6 months? Get real! Have you any idea of the consequences of DNA coding chain sequence aberrations if unleashed? A head on system crash as with IT!

      Sadly, I truly mean sadly, the gross stupidity of the masses with their masks and social sheeple queues, will be their undoing. What do you think our populations will be standing at in 10 years from now?

      Economically we no longer need the masses. Spiritually maybe, but Spirits don’t fund these fools.
      Unenlightened Pseudo Leaders see them as disposable bottom feeders.

      Big Pharma, Monsanto, Chinese expansionism, Soros, Zionist Global ambitions, Deep State, and Islam, you don’t think we have enough problems?
      The real issues, is how we address it all.

      Religions are over! Politicos have been exposed and failing.

      How we, and sites like this, address the post GCR future is the key.

      Remodeling wealth fit for purpose. Re breeding fit Chicks. Humour!


  35. _______

    PETER HITCHENS: My suspicion is that the wrecking of the economy and the state-sponsored panic of these times has killed more people than Covid ever did

    PETER HITCHENS: The time has come for real discontent, or there will be no end to our mistreatment and humiliation by this Government.

    This is Truth!


    Not good

    US report: North Korea has up to 60 nuclear bombs & chemical weapons

    Planet is nowhere near achieving herd immunity to Covid-19, WHO says

    Planet is nowhere near achieving herd immunity to Covid-19, WHO says

    Watch “The Great Reset: Where Do We Go From Here?” on YouTube

    This is an indicator of the confused Globalists Nation State.


    Watch “People Need to Take This Everywhere!!! Bill Gates & Fauci Wicked Agenda Exposed!!” on YouTube

    Slowly the Clinton dirt is breaking. More please. Let Justice be done.

    Bill Clinton receives neck massage from Jeffrey Epstein victim
    Air Force One Just Had A Near Miss With A Drone According To Reporter Onboard – The Drive

    This is getting very serious now, and you can see the fight is a no hold barred exercise.
    A near miss, likely is more likely a prodding of response times and reactions. This is what such activities are about.
    I hope his people are on top of this. The Deep State has a nasty bite. So do the Wookies!!!!!!!!!
    Or was it Melania backed by Soetoro and Big Mike? Did Stormies Check bounce?
    But sure as hell AF One now needs a Laser intercept to blast anything in its way or incoming. Fast action- Now! Or the Wookies will act.


    1. Warren Buffet warming up to crypto is extremely bullish. XRP is definitely the most overdue altcoin to pump. I believe it will have it’s time very soon,as will many other strong altcoins. Enjoy this ride, they are very rare.


    1. Some important points on BTC at this time.

      While BTC remains a buy, we may see a sharp pull-back as the price gets closer to the 15-20K range. Many who chased the price from that range in 2017-18 and bet funds they could not easily do without, will be lining up to panic sell to get junior’s college money back at cost. Or, to get the wife back in good graces after admitting to her that they spent the vacation money on BTC back then, and there went the 2 weeks in Hawaii.

      My approach is still the same…play the long game, where time and large interests do the work while we hang onto their backs. If you wish to add to your positions, consider waiting for a pullback which is very likely to come before we pass 20K for the second time.

      Bottom line? Don’t put key funds at risk and chase the price upwards. I know this sounds pedantic, but I would rather be a boorish moderator, than an exciting one who didn’t repeatedly keep you from turning into a bankrupt kamikaze. The results would be equally bad, both before and after your plane smacked into the ship.

      I am really hoping a paper exit is in the cards before Q3 ends, and if not, at least Q4. The window for a rare one-off parlay is going to close very soon, and won’t re-open for another 4 years or so.

      On my way to the temple to sacrifice a virgin that it may be so.

      Pax Romana

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Tony – I know I’ve thanked you many times but gotta say it again. THANK YOU!!!! You have saved my butt even though you still can’t see it. Still have not gotten a hair cut. Lol

        Very exciting times for those of us who hold crypto gold and silver. Most likely everyone who reads this site.

        Much Love to you!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. That was very kind, thank you!

          Hopefully John will not get too jealous of our mutual affinity. 😉

          I am happy we are seeing some decent moves upwards, but hope we can get out of paper before the real moves start.

          Let’s hope that “deep penetration” John spoke of, was business related and a sign of the closeness of the release. lol

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Yes thank you – we are doing fine. Hope you and your relative are enjoying your new home and garden. Nothing like home grown veggies. 😊


            1. Hey Beautiful,
              Thank you. Have not got that far yet. Getting some clearing done this week which will allow the clear ground I need for those veggies. We will get there soon though. Stay well gorgeous. XX

              Liked by 1 person

    Hollywood’s Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals

    CAROLINE GRAHAM: The pandemic has made many in Hollywood realise they don’t need to live in LA – or anywhere near it – to keep working.

    Just what the hell did they think would be the end game for Sodom and Ghamora the twin Pillars of Evil communities?


    It’s never pleasant watching an ageing talentless Pop Star on an ego trip opining on Politics. Who cares?


  37. Masks are causing a rise of bacterial pneumonia.

    It’s obscured in the data, but it’s there and we are getting more and more reports about this. The problem is a lot of said folks test COVID+ but that’s a false positive from the stressed body, the garbage tests and pure unadulterated reclassification of patients landing in the hospital with a respiratory illness. Clinically, its clearly bacterial pneumonia not COVID. It responds to appropriate antibiotic therapy. Some TLC and they are out of the hospital. Shouldn’t have had to wear a mask in the first place and get pneumonia. Grrrrr.

    I guess that what’s happening on hot, humid days is that the mask is saturating with moisture, and inspiration is pulling a large(r) quantity of bacteria deeper into the lung, where it blossoms into pneumonia with shift back to air-conditioned environments.

    Masks got to go.


    1. Tino

      The mask issue is a serious dichotomy. Brain dead Sheeple swallow!

      Breathing back in What?? Are these F brains for real? Even a day of masks and they are now cross carrying what?

      It’s deeply offensive to be dictated to by S for Brains, low grade Politicos, with the intellect of Pygmies, or so called Scientific Advisors who need , frankly,to be drowned en masse with the Sewer Rats they are!

      We have decimated Day Treatment Centers in our hospitals. Risk conditions have gone undetected and untreated for months. The knock on consequences are exponential in vast multiples.

      We have lost 46, 000 so called Covid cases while Flue deaths normally exceeding 60,00 by now, have gone silent, Hello??????? The numbers make no sense to justify their actions.

      What a Clandestine Coup! Bloodless, apart from Yours!

      Millions at risk have gone out of the checking system. Covid ,FACT, kills less than Flue – Fact! We lose 10 times that to cancers and more . Detectable and treatable conditions we failed to check and treat. So what now?

      Chaos rules fools, and how many will now die- Needlessly ?

      Who will patch the accrued devastating Black Holes in our Economies? How DARE they assume such powers and abuse them with such poor Judgments ?

      When the brain dead Public wake up to the betrayal of Trust by Political fools and mediocrities, aligned to Skanks like Fauci. Gates, Soros and Ferguson, the whole Ethos of Political – Miss- Representation will be be a cost incurred. How many needlessly will die? All avoidable! Real deaths incurred. Millions, Why?

      Trust is like Virginity. When it’s gone it’s gone! Even the Brain dead Public will get it. I am saddened by the sheer scale of frankly moronic stupidity of Joe Public I see swallowing the Kool Aid.

      So I raise again, with respect, the Ethos of the Useless Eaters. Of course I don’t agree with the Tri Laterals and Bilderberger genocide concepts, who would? But they DO have both the power and will. And means! Look at how Adolf rose and what he achieved with his demonic Mantra? Zionism and the Goyim? Are they so different? It’s long in planning now. Power is might, not right.

      All Leaders lose the Plot. But now, they truly Plot!

      Scientific Advice has been abysmal. So wrong! With Fauci funded by Gates and Soros, the mass ignorant are Sheeple to the slaughter. When are parties going to leave Dreamland and finally comprehend parties who want nothing less than the systematic collapse of America, and sequestration of all for cents on the Dollar. How do you all think the Rotten Childs amassed so much for Centuries. Their Dirty Tentacles are dug in everywhere like Khazar Crab infestations. What they will do to America and are doing. They won’t even give you a handkerchief to wipe your tears. Infiltrate, Assimilate- ANNIHILATE!


    1. I use to live in walking distance to that store Mothers in Newport Mesa. It’s a very popular health food store and restaurant.

      The same is here in Hawaii. The police can now arrest you if not wearing a mask. They even have a hotline for people to call so people can spy on each other and report. Disgusting!

      I wear a face shield and it’s acceptable. At least you can breath with it on and I can wear lipstick again.

      Liked by 1 person

  38. A comment about beaches. It is unlikely in the extreme that the beaches per se allow coronavirus transmission. Too hot. Too humid. And certainly won’t transmit in the water due to salinity and dilution.

    It is possible that some fecal-hand-oral transmission happens in bathrooms, but that is easily solvable. In any event, all the insanity for a few extra cases when we are looking at a cumulative 0.04% mortality is simply silly. How do we get the lunatics out of office? Right now we are looking at Greatest Depression III. We need to return to full economic activity without restriction NOW!

    My revenue is down 90%. I doubt I can reinvent myself a fourth time. I am not infinitely pliable. My business will pick up the moment we restore economic activity, but we have to restore it. My staying power is great, but not infinite…


    1. Tino

      Sadly, prepare for up to a further year of chaos and possibly more lockdowns.

      I don’t defend or justify it. Mediocre Politicos have lost the plot, again, and seem impervious to reality.

      Next month, our idiot Chancellor, who allowed Furloughs at impossible costs, having saddled the nation with hundreds of Bs in losses now has to cut the funding to the gathering swine, who will turn on him like Rattlers. Thay sat needlessly State funded on their Butts for 3 months, playing at life and he was a hero. Cut their idle money, and it’s zero. How fast the bottom feeders will turn on him. It takes time to learn, never feed the lost Swine. Never borrow, never lend,

      Now this fool is out of money. Our money!

      We have still only lost just over 46,000 allegedly to Covid. We normally lose c600,00 to Flue by now, but not a word. So now Flue is signed off as Covid? What’s their game?

      Hospitals are in chaos. Consequences in a year or so?

      We have trashed c30% of our economy and 20% will not re open. Trillions lost and families destroyed.
      On whose orders, F Politicos and IDIOT Scientific Advisors !

      Now the new imposition is masks. Unless necessary, I decline.

      Then the Vaccine scam with totally inadequate testing. Knock on consequential risks?
      If a new Covid hits in winter what then?

      Trump and Johnson have a similar historical trait of Leadership. Both complete Chumps.
      Egoistic lightweights the pair.

      I watch the daily gyrations of the GCR and Banks. The Blind are lost.
      Tino, Chaos rules Fools. Prepare for curved balls.

      ( I think they were born that way!)

      Sorry, truly to hear of your dilemmas, hang in.

      We ARE getting there with the GCRs and PPs. As big a battle.


      1. We are prepared for the rainy day, as they say. Evan a long tempest. A continuous, never-ending monsoon, we’re not. (Otherwise, I’d have settled in a valley in Wyoming or Utah.) I never thought any system of politics would be prepared to suffer a 35% drop of GDP, so clearly another agenda (21) is afoot.

        Don’t envy your GCR and PP battle. But there are none better for this than you and Team. As always, may God smile on the endeavor and give ’em Hell.


        1. Tino

          We are dug in even deeper on so many fronts. It only needs one to break, and we will compound trade it so fast we will tear the doors off the rest. I have far deeper penetrations than many realise. With a Truly Humane and Visionary Ethereal Agenda as our end game. We Know- More! Comprehension is a powerful agenda. Knowledge is power.

          We only need to win one and the locks are off. They need to AU. That is their Achilles Heel. We know how to Hustle a Ho!


  39. Northern Trust takes custody of blockchain bonds. The bank extends traditional custody services to securities tokenized on Singapore’s BondEvalue exchange.

    “…The move represents another example of global financial institutions gradually moving into the blockchain-based world of digital assets – as well as claiming the first trade of a tokenized bond…”


    1. Good for the police. Put the spray away and start with the double 00 buckshot and hollow point .45 rounds.

      If what Davos has planned is truly coming, then let’s start early. If you don’t have anything to do but run around in the street and screeching like a half crazed gorilla, then who needs you?

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Subject: Greenland’s ice has melted beyond return, study suggests | World News | Sky News

    For those not awake, like 60% of the Dumb asses methane swamping us, factor in HARD, that if the Greeland ice sheet goes, so do US Coastal cites like New York, Florida, Boston half of Asia, and most of Europe. But , it’s too much reality for the great Non Thinkers to factor in. The loss of Islands will hit hard. Coastal Cities gone? New York- Gone? US Naval Fleet bases, gone?

    I see the A-levels must be cratering in Britain. Whoever sent you the report needs severe chastising.

    See levels have been essentially stable for the better part of several thousand years, and the curve of sea level increase is clearly asymptotic. Ie. contrary to all the Green hand-wringing, nothing at all is actually happening.

    That we are going to lose coastal cities is simply a wrong assessment.

    It takes all of 60 seconds to verify that the Greenland ice sheet is of no relevance to sea change. Never mind that an area far superior to Greenland’s ice sheet melts every time the Northwest Passage clears. Never mind I can prove, categorically, that CO2/Methane cannot under any circumstance control more than 1 in 10,000 parts of global temperature for CO2, and that the upper bound bound on methane, even at maximal concentrations, can’t change it much better between 1 in 100 parts and 1 in 1000 parts.

    Humans have near zero effect on ice sheets, the sheet has grown and contracted over the years. In fact, the ice sheet had retreated so much that the country was called Greenland:

    History of the Greenland Ice Sheet: paleoclimatic insights … › science › article › pii
    Paleoclimatic records show that the Greenland Ice Sheet consistently has lost mass in response to warming, and grown in response to cooling. Such changes have occurred even at times of slow or zero sea-level change so changing sea level cannot have been the cause of at least some of the ice-sheet changes.
    by RB Alley – ‎2010 – ‎Cited by 177 – ‎Related articles


    1. Now, I’m not sure how much is land based ice and how much is sea based, but doesn’t ice displaced water?

      So, pretty sure if Greenland melted sea levels would lower, at least as it relates to sea ice.

      Land ice may have some effect, but doubtful much.


      1. Well, of course, a glass with ice, if the ice melts, the water level doesn’t change.

        So if the Arctic goes, there’s no change to the sea levels.

        If the Antarctic were to blow, that would be, well, bad. But last time I checked, we are well within historical bounds. So no threat there. One ice sheet is in trouble, but the heat is coming from a volcano(s).

        The Greenland ice mass has, a matter of history, probably come and gone several times. The coastlines never changed. We have drawings from the Renaissance of certain cliffs in France and Italy, and the same rocks are basically sitting there. Hell, Ostia Antica is still sitting there at the old mouth of the Tiber River, and that precedes the discovery, settling, agriculture and subsequent refreeze of Greenland after the Vikings.


  41. Trump Invokes Article 9 To Begin Prosecution Of Democrats For Treason THE TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU Fired Writer

    The Democrats have been planning and pushing forward their fake impeachment scam for three years now. From the moment that President Trump set foot in the White House, the socialist plot to remove him had begun.

    Their case is without evidence and without merit. It doesn’t meet even the most minimum judicial standards for a legal prosecution. Indeed, it is not a prosecution, but a persecution. In fact, it meets all the legal requirements to qualify as a coup.

    That’s why President Trump has decided to invoke Article 9, a section of the constitution reserved for legal discourse against traitors to the presidency. Article 9 reads as follows:

    “Whereas an elected official’s loyalty to the president comes into question, and furthermore said official chooses to begin action to unseat said president, that elected shall be deemed unfit and unworthy of his office and a traitor to God and country. The President shall be given sole legal authority and responsibility to remove the traitorous personnel from public service. This should be done swiftly and without prejudice.”

    Essentially, what the article is saying with reference to recent events, is that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, by virtue of their vicious persecution of an elected president, are traitors to the crown and should be punished appropriately. The only person to have the authority to push forward with their punishment is the president who was the victim of their actions, in this case President Trump.

    So now the new trial will begin. It is expected that all will be prosecuted simultaneously so as to limit the amount of government time wasted, especially since three years have already been wasted on a fraudulent impeachment process. Legal experts expect the full trial to take no more than one week as the evidence against the Democrats is so overwhelming.

    At long last this whole circus will be coming to an end. It remains to be seen if the Democrat Party as a whole will be held responsible, but that would seem to be the logical way to go.

    Brexit lift-off: UK could forge £20trillion trading bloc with US to ‘eclipse EU’

    Expect the UK and US to sandbag all of them.

    France responds to fears over micro-chipped face mask

    Meghan Markle planning movie return that could earn her a whopping £38m

    This is the Cunning Shrew Harry has blown a Kingdom for. A User! She trashed her Husband, her Father and next will be him. A Female Tarantula.

    Subject: From Oakland to the White House? The rise of Kamala Camel arse Harris

    Subject: Greenland’s ice has melted beyond return, study suggests | World News | Sky News

    For those not awake, like 60% of the Dumb asses methane swamping us, factor in HARD, that if the Greeland ice sheet goes, so do US Coastal cites like New York, Florida, Boston half of Asia, and most of Europe. But , it’s too much reality for the great Non Thinkers to factor in. The loss of Islands will hit hard. Coastal Cities gone? New York- Gone? US Naval Fleet bases, gone?

    Subject: Prince Andrew appears to hum a tune at the wheel of his car, while brother attends VJ Day memorial
    As no one wants the Bum, he’s alone,. shamed!

    Subject: World War 3: US in ready position to defend Japan from Chinese aggression

    China has not forgotten, nor will forgive, the rape of China by Japan. Payback is coming.

    Subject: British kingpin known as ‘The Banker’ controls people smuggling ring Time we lift the Bastard.

    British kingpin known as ‘The Banker’ controls people smuggling ring

    Subject: 08/13/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing

    What is news without Kayleigh?


    Subject: Scientist calculates the ‘sad, lonely’ end of the univers

    As bad as wishing for a Threesom and waking up with Clinton and Pelosi on either side.

    Subject: China Claims The F-22 Is As Flawed As The Old F-4 Phantom
    China now has air superiority.

    Subject: Millionaire Bitcoin Whale Places Crypto Market on Notice, Warns Big Losses Coming to Newbie Trad

    Subject: New Video Of B-2 Bomber Dropping Mother Of All Bunker Busters Sends Ominous Message –

    Use them on BLM looter gatnerings.

    Subject: COVID Vaccine Manufacturers Given Legal Immunity for Injuries or Deaths Caused by Fast-tracked Vaccine

    The criminality of Big Pharma at work.
    How dare the Law Makers let this happen? Corruption.

    Subject: Fwd: Judge Kavanaugh Rules Against George Soros Connected ‘Open Society’ – Preventing Foreign Funding When No Policy In Place Opposing Prostitution and Sex Trafficking As Required By La

    A positive move. Good for Kavanaugh


    Subject: Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong – American Think for yourselves for Gods sake.

    The folly of governments is always surprising. With the internet today, it is not hard to see why belief in government is falling, as governments continue to delude themselves.

    It will be this divide of confidence between the public and government that will cause the most change over the next decade.
    Subject: Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong – American Think for yourselves for Gods sake.

    The folly of governments is always surprising. With the internet today, it is not hard to see why belief in government is falling, as governments continue to delude themselves.
    It will be this divide of confidence between the public and government that will cause the most change over the next decade.

    Subject: Top Trader Analyzes Odds of Ethereum and XRP Moonshots, Says Bitcoin and Four Altcoins Heating U

    Sleazy Mueller Gang Leader Andrew Weissmann Scared – His Corrupt Accomplice Clinesmith Who In 2016 Texted: “I Have Initiated the Destruction of the Republic”- Admits Guilt Today

    Slimy Not So Weismann is now in the cross hairs for lies, corruption and TREASONOUS betrayal of the Presidential process.

    He maybe next. Please, Bill Barr, take him DOWN! This Scumbag and his accomplices need to go on trial. Soetoro/ Obama with him.


    1. John your post above re Treason; “Trump Invokes Article 9 To Begin Prosecution Of Democrats For Treason THE TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU Fired Writer
      The Democrats have been planning and pushing forward their fake impeachment scam for three years now. From the moment that President Trump set foot in the White House, the socialist plot to remove him had begun”.
      Just been looking into that and it appears to be a load of the proverbial you now what
      Even the web site that posted the article appears to have no real credibility this link brings a search to your post.
      Don’t get me wrong I could think of no better way than to have Pelosi and her bunch of despicable’s rounded up and held accountable in a Military Court, but Article 9 appears to be wishful thinking.
      Unless you know something more that confirms such an assertion.


  42. Like

      1. Tony

        When it does start, it will ramrod Politicos as wealth will become transient to move. Instant transfers, but full public records exposing history of funds and all corruption. Applying to join QFS, how do you explain to Compliance investigators your History of Tax Evaded funds and kickbacks? Any Theft or Fraud will be easily recoverable and re callable. Kickbacks will be seen and traced. Receiving money from unauthorised sources will be seen. Live clean, no problems, Zio style the screens will get you. But, you will sacrifice privacy, and you will not be given a choice. Nor will the Banks. Your earnings and Credit Records will be open to all. As will your tax histories and offshore banking. So will be your debts. Your Net worth, or Deficit, will be on record. Once that comes in, watch Credit cards get reduced or pulled.

        The State will start allocating some credits, but systems coming in will stop that game at some stage once they exceed budgets. Propping up the lost, sick, and worse- Bums is going to hit the blocks. Look at the US Fed and Treasury with that game. Basle 3, then 4 will rip their face off.
        DC will see its own Butt! Israels Honey Hole will get pulled. About time!

        No Money, no Honey for Welfarians. Get Real time will come. Life will get ugly. Crime will rise and be met with force. Who will tolerate the Ghettos, for how long?

        Your world is changing. I don’t advocate, but state, that crushing repression is a future factor. Factor in Hong Kong. Russia. This is not a statement of support just future reality. Democracy is dying now. You will not have a say where you are in play. Look at DC. How did that Cesspit go for Democracy?

        QFS will expose truth, or lies. A Fancy Dress and Dirty knickers will show. Cinderella will be seen as a Ho.

        But the biggest issue is QFS will be non political, a Global tool, and those determined to be of Not Good Standing, will be exercised out. A crash landing. A Global domain. Good standing, or Good Riddance. There will be Losers.Exposure! World Order is coming. You still think you will have a vote, with its Claws around your throat?

        The Stink of the Deep State brought us to this. Sorry but the Chocolate Box is a mirage.


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