A Tale of Two Cities – London and Washington D.C. Facing Down The Selfish Alien Parasites Denigrating Each Nation

While we are moving towards a “Hopefully” successful redemption soon, as there are now strong moves to acquire mass Gold volumes from our Chinese Elders Clients, to underpin the coming GCR, there are key questions. Apart from usual stressed Free Lunches howling, there are bigger Real World issues you first need to understand. How to grow your consciousness. How we help Humanity, and You, raises real issues of who is worthy, or not. Tough love! We have revolutionary moves in planning processes, once Redemptions are cleared, to create a whole new funding concept initiative to help the site and the genuine needy. There are so many causes. We know, we care! Our societies, post Covid, have to, and will, need to change. But now is not yet the time to show our Big Picture hand. Timing – Is everything. Cards matter. Very large Real Settlements for the Elders are close now. They have the key Assets the US needs. AU! Power, the key to the future to be used with care. Not for Banker
s and Politico’s greed. For once, it’s now time to focus on rebuilding our shattered world, not funding bloated Militaries and its myriad of scheming, treacherous Agencies. Fund Humankind to be kind! Reeducate and rethink our goals as a species.


We, in turn, combined with key Elders, also have an Agenda, to ensure the coming releases are rescheduled and developed as an investment strategy, to make a difference. Scheduled for Communities and Individuals deserving of support, by putting back new profits accrued, where most needed. Ethical trading, Ethereal values. A conscious choice and a cogent direction. We are ever aware of need.

Please, break free of the US brain fogged Brokers Dream World and try to understand the core realities impairing all parties progress. Life matters, it’s all about Quality! We need to elevate consciousness and be more than we are. Fail this last chance and NWO, in whatever form, wins.

The juxtaposition of this transient reality, is that the Cabal and Deep State Racketeers who have plundered America while it slept, on your watch, have cross combined with double standard sanctimonious people, unfit for the Presidency, who have then looted the store yet again. As did the Neocon Criminal Bushes, also the Deep State Traitors and Cabal they became. The Cupboard, thanks to these Traitors and degenerates like the Clintons, is now laid threadbare. With it has gone your own, and your family’s future if not recovered. Betrayed from within. A City of Betrayers and Jackals. It’s too unthinkable that a crook like Biden could walk into the hallowed Oval Office and open the door for Harris. Don’t count Trump out yet. Biden and his son, Hunter, are despicable. Ukraine shame! Unfit for Office. This needs to be expanded by Trump. Face him down. The Bidens are all Bribe slime! Like Father, like Son!

All Politicos are being played and gamed as Pawns on the board by the malignant conspiring Zionists. Adelson, Soros and others need to be neutered. They treat the Deep State and Bribable Politicos like the Bushes, the Clintons, Soetoro and Biden, as no more than useful idiots, and now own virtually everything! You own…almost nothing. Do the Maths! Some nerve, the Federal Reserve. What a giant Scam.

You elected a Grifter who promised to Drain the Swamp. Arrests – None!

Beyond infuriating, so what do they have on him to be so pathetic?

All the power of the Oval Office and Trump has failed to use it. 4 years is NO Excuse!

Will he fully promise to jail them if re-elected and be assessed on it and held accountable to it? Otherwise, why run? Will he commit to quit in 2 years if he fails again? A hard commitment is needed. No more excuses. No more habitual lies!


Washington DC is a City of almost total moral repugnance, with both its callous Houses, who betray the world to order, in turn ever diminishing poor America’s standing in worldwide opinions. This is not the wish of America’s so many good-hearted people. Nor the humane, decent, harmless God fearing innocent Good American Jews, who have done so much for nations and societies around the world, but who now fear retribution for Zionist, or Bad Jewish Acts they were never party to, nor condoned. Many are now even fleeing Europe in fear, as rabid Antisemitism grows with mindless attacks on them by ignorant masses and a growing Right Wing. As it did in 1936. Good Jews, of which there are many, need also to align with us all to expose and remove the malignant and conspiring Zionists. Equally to stop them falsely posing as Jews.

Good Jews are Doctors,Teachers, Artists, Musicians, and many contribute so much. Most are not the Lying, Thieving, degenerate Zio Banking, Khazarian MSM Media, Hollywood and Legal trash, so be careful to differentiate. Good family values Jews matter and deserve both respect and protection to live in peace free from persecution. Soros, scheming bad Jews and Wall Street parties, do not. Soros is a heartless World War II War Criminal and parasite who should rot in jail. As should all the Zio Bolsheviks. Look at poor dispossessed Palestine with these Godless Israe-Hell Zios! Just look at their cruel tyranny and Genocide in Gaza.

But, to protect the real Settlements away from prying eyes, we keep real progress purposefully off radar until each transfer is achieved. Privacy is key. We are seeking to do so much good to help turn our world around. These assets are entrusted to feed Need, not Greed. Entrusted for Safekeeping, not plundered by Hegemony. A Higher cause. Zio FREE and Apolitical. Control of such assets is an ethical privilege to be honoured and observed. We filter out the trash.

We have a real mission, an agenda of good intent and purpose. To make a difference. We will need you all to help when stage one clears. We will keep it Parasite free.

Yes there IS progress. Just not for Public release yet. Do NOT despair, or lose hope.

Understand just this as part of the total equation. There are more platforms also!

A vast historical Bond, Currency Pallet and AU Bullion heritage is held safely by the old Chinese Dynasty Elders, and accompanying nations, who are seeking a long overdue Redemption resolution which can re-empower and revitalize our ailing economies. It needs focus and clear Global strategy plans for Infrastructure, Education, and job creation. Core wealth and assets to keep sheltered away from Banking scavengers and Politicos. Also, fast buck fortune hunters and Brokers. It is in very, very real play, but now is no time to go public, not yet. Access will be selective.

Good religious Jews seek only to live in peace.

Evermore the Deep State continues unchecked. Whatever happened to Trump’s lax promise to Drain the Swamp? Worse, the Bolshevik Zio Rats he is surrounded by, roam free, even including the annexation and blatant THEFT and extortion of Syria’s mineral rich Golan Heights for Dweeb Crime Family Kushner and his Cabal henchmen, including Cheney and the Israelis. Despicable collusion again! It is not Trump’s remit to sequestrate Syria’s land. Abysmal Hegemony, more looting. Despicable! Who holds them accountable? White House power abused yet again. Always the dead hand of Zionists and Mossad. With their DC Lab Rats all in place as Gatekeepers to loot America, is no one clean in DC? Bennie’s Man Kushner, is a Gatekeeper for Mossad in the WH. So sad! Where is screening? Post Soetoro – Zero! Clean up America! Where is a Rodent filter?

They sit preening above all, endowed as America’s paragons of Virture with their AshkeNAZI Bolshevik Zionist handlers. The Kingdom of the Blind. To control your own future, first understand what was taken from you, and how. They stole your Democracy.


Be clear, not one of these Khazars is, or has, an ounce of Jewish Bloodline or DNA in them. The lot are AshkeNAZIS !!! Fake fronts.

Their loathsome tentacles penetrate the world. Fake Jews, the lot! Khazars!

Assimilate, Sequestrate, Annihilate is their agenda! Just look at America and poor Palestine. Wake up America! The Bolshevik Zionists have deceived, looted and blood sucked you dry also. Still you won’t awaken from this stupor while they feed like Locusts taking all for fools. Who owns the nation now? Not you for sure! What a convoluted web we fight daily. Real time! In America only Dreams are free!

Genghis Khan’s raping, looting Tribal Marauders, the Khazars of the Mongol Plains, plundered and robbed Asia and Europe, and both pre and post World War II, fled to America to bloodsuck its emerging riches. Gold Fever, asset rich, they came as ever, a Plague on humanity. Just 10M of them encamped in America, now own it all. They fund and own both houses. Without their money, who gets elected as President? It’s so wrong! America has to restrain Political seat funding ownership by the Zionists. When Democracy is bought, it is lost!

Swiss Denied Roman Abramovich Residency Over Suspected Criminality – The New York Times

Russia and Putin have the same problem. The key criminal Mafya Oligarchs are mainly the Zio Khazar Bolsheviks, like Roman Abrahamovitch, who gifts to Putin multi hundredmillion dollar Yachts, and a percentage of the profits of the Crime Proceeds of their assigned territories as his Fiefdom Tribute. Little Caesar’s pleasers. Commie Crime Inc. How did Stalin work out for Russians?

Incestuous crime follows them. Look what this filth has done to Hollywood and LA. All the depravity of the Khazars. Locust swarms. Ugly, depraved , all Weinsteins and Epsteins! Zio parasites. How many nations have kicked them out? So when does America – wake up? They are bleeding you dry. You do not even have your own American people’s Central Bank, they occupy all Treasury roles to keep you OUT, and they own the Fed. Will no one rid you of this accursed Pestilence? Still you sleep!

Almost all the Bank and Finance Industries are owned or controlled by them. The US Treasury and Fed also. Most Financial Crimes are theirs. All Bugsy Seigel types. Yet none dare breath its name. They own the Media and block news of their so many crimes. Even the truth is denied.


They fund and thus own most of the incumbents of the seats of both Houses, and yet Trump can’t even find how to run again without them. Why has it come to this? He is, in effect, imprisoned in this Ivory Tower of Babel, owned and beholden to them. Deeply compromised. Married into them. Absorbed like a Borg. The White House is full of them. Totally disproportionate inclusion. Why? We can’t allow so many good, Patriotic Americans who are more than fit for Office, fine people, outstanding Americans, to be denied the Rights to stand and protect their own nation. Why are the perverse Zionists and Jewish money, funding and fixing who does run? Gophers! Real Patriots are denied.

Stop these Zionists and Fake Jews owning and compromising your Democracy. Limit their funding! Block their powers. Stop selling out the nation. Inclusive for all.

This is NOT The Constitution your Founders fought and died for! What you have allowed to envelope you all is Reverse Slavery. You are ALL enslaved to the Zionists. They own your Banks, Fed and Treasury. They own the media. The Statue of Liberty excludes YOU Americans. Count the Zio Supremes! Justice?

Thomas Jefferson warned you of the enormous risks of betrayals ever allowing them empowerment. As Churchill did with the Nazis. No one listened or cared. We defeated Hitler but despite clear warnings, the Bolshevik Zionists had already penetrated America, and within a Century, now own it, and sadly, you.

The TriLaterals ethos for Population Reduction is very real. As you line up with your masks, sucking in your own exhaled toxic carbons, corralled, Sheeple in-waiting to cull, it’s being gifted to them on a plate. For sure, these are not the Designs of the Visionary Founders. What in your God’s name do you think inadequately tested vaccines can do to you?

But, forewarned and forearmed, post the releases and GCR, we will be operating between the QFS, the Feds attempt to slide in a Digital Dollar, and other platforms, to focus helping Nations and Communities emerge. There is a fight going on for life and Liberty of all, to be free of the Deep State, and Zio Bolsheviks. Once the first redemptions start, if a major Gold initiative, currently being strategically well negotiated, is delivered as intimated, and is money free to transfer, as per contract, without traditional Fed and US Treasury deceit, an entirely new Fiscal market can follow. Restrict Fed criminality and the planet can breath; the green shoots of recovery will emerge. Instead of Trading to fund the bloated Agencies and Military, we will be reversing market proceeds to focus on Humanity. Community funding, education, and seeking to restore Community pride and a purpose of being. Wall Street, its Offshore skim offs, and horrendous accruing debts, funding US Hegemony, has to end. All it achieves is a spiral of Debt for Death.

Time to clean out the Sty.

Think what good these funds can do if aligned to Cryptos launched as asset backed project funds with shared corporate ownership and profits income for all of you?

Our putting back to feed people’s needs and giving every child Education to contribute and belong in a new society where respect is now inherent for all. Where your life matters. A nation fit to live in. Your Sovereign Right to be Free in Dignity!

Educated to KNOW the Difference? Each child needs to be given a protected Right, Educated to fulfill their capacity and contribute for all. This NEEDS to be YOUR Constitutional Right! Your hard earned Profits working for Democracy, Humanity, and rebuilding our multinational world. Equality of opportunity. Ethereal – LIFE!

The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look. – Julius Caesar


  1. Will LONDON go back into lockdown? Cases have risen 33% in a week

    What a mess is building.

    Will LONDON go back into lockdown? Cases have risen 33% in a week https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8747667/Will-LONDON-lockdown-Cases-risen-33-week.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Most Organizations formed to Combat Child Sex Trafficking are Actually Facilitating and Funding It

    Our nightmarde world, is so false.

    Say NO to Face Masks

    Muzzle a Dog, not humans.

    I know you would have seen and read everything about the muzzle but just to keep reminding ourselves, and here’s a little something from Technocracy.

    Everything you need to know about the muzzle…

    Yes please, and a Non Demo Rat!
    “Absolutely Terrified” Democrats Demand Emergency Investigation Into Durham Probe | Zero Hed

    So they should be . About bloody time and hopefully, if re elected Trump now WILL clean the stye!

    Now the press turns on Johnson and turns up the heat. Befuddled mentally, lazy and incompetent, he’s way out of his depth, and Etonian tosser and tney will eat him alive.
    Don’t be surprised to see him gone. Parliament is ruthless and knives are out for him. How did it go for Caesar?
    This one is a Nincompoop and they are lining up to attack. He’s an arrogant half wit cruising for a bruising. Best gone!
    Dublin locked down with further restrictions closing pubs and restaurants for indoor dining – as 30 million euro bail-out announced to help badly hit businesses

    The Irish Government has announced plans to tighten its coronavirus restrictions in Dublin from midnight. Only pubs that serve food and restaurants with outdoor facilities may be permitted to open,


    What, the worst Pisshead City in the world on Lockdown?
    Medical tents return to the streets of Madrid as the city is gripped by coronavirus second wave

    The green medical tents return to Madrid’s Gomez Ulla military hospital, as the city is gripped by coronavirus second wave. Spain has recorded average of 10,000 new cases per day


    Spain’s nightmare is coming again.
    Where is a courageous, thinking PM who will say to his nation, NO- YOU are NOT flying out and infecting us on return! You fly out and I will ORDER a no Flight rerun for you.
    Sod us? Sod you.Rot there. That will sort them. Selfish, childlike Muppets who needs this Dross?
    Trump is expected to ignore RBG’s dying wish and nominate her replacement in days while Biden demands he wait until after the election so the American people can decide

    It was the dying wish of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg , who passed away Friday, that Trump not nominate her replacement, yet he is set to ignore her.


    Absolutely right Trump should head off a possible Biden fix.
    One third of UK covid deaths in July and August due to other factors https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8750139/Scientists-claim-UK-covid-19-victims-July-August-died-causes.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Again how can we trust Covid claims?
    Still think Politicians can be trusted?

    Subject: To keep COVID-19 patients home, some U.S. states weigh house arrest tech | Reuters

    This is completely nuts! Use iodine if you are worried.
    To deny the rights of freedom of movement over this virus is far more reaching as it is denial of freedom. Once this path is taken where does it stop? Look at the insanity in Melbourne and how people are treated there.

    Anti-lockdown demonstrators clash with police in London protest https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8750505/Anti-mask-mayhem-Trafalgar-Square-Conspiracy-theorists-clash-police.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Public resentment towards masks is building.
    Now there’s a Covid explosion among the children and it’s surging ahead in dense communities. Where’s it suddenly coming from after months of lock downs


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  3. Thoughts John? GAVI is the Vaccine company Trump Announced he contracted with.

    Trump says U.S. will manufacture enough coronavirus vaccine doses for every American by April


    (GAVI) Bill Gates-backed vaccine alliance raises $8.8 billion from world leaders and businesses



  4. When you have lived through and seen the collapse of the British Empire, the takeover of Rhodesia and the pernicious violence, land theft and genocide which followed, to then live in and though the South African collapse and see history repeat itself in a now crime ridden and murderous country, to then cross compare the racial crime zones of the EU and UK,it’s time to remove the Blinkers and look at America.

    Where the minorities have become Majorities, or the Minorities have taken over political or Federal roles, Crime and corruption has soared. Hispanics and their gangs have poured in unchecked swamping communities and bringing in degenerate neighbourhoods of violence and corruption. Africa repeats itself. When standards go, it’s run by the Ho. In one form or another. Just another gimme Brother.

    Education is failing, and as with the African White Exodus, smart money is bailing.

    In Africa Land Owners demanded their rights, and were skinned alive or gutted. Property was seized and assets freezed.

    They took all, fed high from the fruits of the land, and when no one was left to work and replenish, starved. When Free lunches seized have to be replenished, how when you have killed the Golden Goose?

    America is now visibly following a well trodden path. You destroyed the widespread Native American populations, raped, lotted and stole their lands. Now the Minorities are becoming majorities, and like Obama, even a Kenyan Chicago Con Man illegal, all want their lick. How fast the Obamas looted the store. Enriching faster than Nero or the Bushes, as they all looted the store. It was 8 years of very expensive partying by 2 Struck Off Attorneys, and a forerunner of what is coming. Corruption loose. As they kill the goose.

    Welfare in America IS Unaffordable. Get real! The State does not create money it takes yours!
    But when you are taking from a Diminishing pot, yet still demand more, how does it end?

    Be sure of one thing- All Empires End! Always badly! Yet the stupid never see it coming. Ask Rome?
    Once the Vandals and Barbarians are inside the borders, one day they strike like Rattlers.

    Americans have simply become so incredibly dumbed down by the Jewish MSM and Agency propaganda visibly no one thinks any more. 10M Jews and Zios own America. Wake T F up? You’re just production line body bags on a belt about to stop. Then what? How can you think when for a lifetime you let this happen? You don’t have a Central Bank, the Jews won’t allow you to elect a Non Jewish Treasury Secretary, and the Fed is a Con which has gutted you dry. Still you can’t see it. That light in the tunnel you all live inside in a Delusional State, is the Train Wreck coming at you. 10M backed by Israel, run 370M of you dry. Duped Slaves.

    If your paid out, think smart, get smart, most of you are descendants of poor migrants who ran before, you came for a new life, it’s now being stolen and the dream is long gone. Like the previous Presidency, a Kenyan Chicago Con. He’s filled his pockets and gone.

    If you get paid out, switch on those brain cells. Or follow the Stupor and Stupid. You are being outbred!
    Think get out to get ahead. These pay outs if achieved will be it for many. Get a life, a new one, but where?

    The world is yours think wisely. You came from rotten States. History is repeating, start retreating. You are losing the plot, do you want to lose the lot?

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    1. It’s a new WORLD order.

      There is no where to run from RNA Vaccines, Darpa chip Hydrogel, digital currency, etc., etc.

      You are F’d just like the rest of us.

      Have one last hooker and blow party then put a bullet in the brain.

      That’s Reality.

      Point being….it ain’t just America my friend.


      1. HIW

        Your points are understood.

        However, in the UK, we have a rabid and ruthless Press. With higher freedoms, even as a wrecking crew!
        Get exposed in the Commons or Lords, and your as good as gone in 48 hours.

        We annihilate dubious Politicos at the polls. Every few years many hit the road. All your sins are printed.

        Unlike the Senate, or even Congress, where all sorts of total Scumbags walk as Teflon.eg the F Clintons and about 70% more of them. Here you would be stopped before even seat approvals to run. Most under vetting are syphoned out, unlike in the States. Obama / Soetoro would never have been allowed to run here. Totally fly blown. Biden also.

        So Yes, we have a better chance here because our Politicos here are heavily watched. We don’t trust the Fs!
        An idiot Lord sniffing Cocaine through a 50 pounds note with 2 Hookers was exposed on a Sunday by the Press, was out by Tuesday.Fired! Suspended on Monday, booted on Tuesday – Bang!
        An MP just exposed groping women was just jailed for 2 years. Clinton would be done for rape plus.

        Prince Andrew is under huge pressure. It’s a very dangerous time for him. The Queen can’t save him.

        If the US Attorneys present the evidence claimed, he faces possible extradition. He has zero sympathy or support here. Standards matter.
        You treat Slick Willie like a hero. We treat he and Andrew as Scumbags.

        They will never get Compulsory vaccines through the Lords. It WILL be voted down! WILL! They know that.
        They also know we hold Intel reports on all of them, push it and the Media will get Brown envelopes of serious compromising issues to bring many down. Enough. We survive millenia by knowing how to game the board.

        So, with respect, Yes, we are different. We play to win.
        Unlike you, we have an Old Guard above both houses. Our own Faceless Old families Deep State. Hands which rock the cradle of civilisation, and choke the F’s if getting out of line. Off Public radar for good reasons.
        We know, we care , we play to win. We don’t give fools too much rope.

        Maggie Thatcher, Tony Blair, John Major,Theresa May. All had the knock on the door and were gone. As will the Buffoon Johnson. We only let the Politicos have so much rope.

        The Jews control America, we control the City.

        Israel only exists because we used Balfour and Palestine to block them out of here. We have Glass Ceilings. Gaming the board.
        You leave known trash in Public office. Here you are gone.
        It’s not perfect, but it’s Policed.

        We have Global cultural and Family Business Relationships, with Bonds of earned Trust, going back centuries.
        You have no such Culture or concept of Trust.
        We are playing 5D Chess with Grand Masters.
        You are still playing Checkers, and losing.
        The Bilderbergers, the key World Think tank, is a London operation.
        The Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, Chatham House is a London operation.
        The Merchant Banks London.
        The Global Tax Havens, London.
        We game the Board, We leave you to play Tiddly Winks and dream. but, we nod and smile.
        But we only give you so much rope.

        The Elders will ONLY come here. You have earned Zero trust. Nor will.
        Behind the scenes no one one knows how much is in play each day.

        Via WHA you get the best support and truth chains of any site. Plus so much Crypto information.
        You are better placed than anyone. Trust your site. Truth here is free.

        When the time is right, you will get so much help quickly. Plus some serious breaks for many.
        Again you are seeing only a Checkers Board of moves. We are playing 5D Chess multi boards. With 3 or 4 key pieces always up our sleeves.

        We game to win.


      1. Jay
        Dongs ARE already a quoted currency so little downside risk.
        However China factors big into that equation because if we boost the Dong right now, it scuppers Vietnamese Ex ports and buggers Chinese investments in Vietnam.
        Very tempting!


        1. Well, and I know you are fully aware John, but this COVID mess is sitting right at China’s feet. Give them a damn second heart attack by RV’ing the Dongs. This will allow others to reinvest in Vietnam, and partially break some of the damn territorial impetus in China. Set them back a decade. The world will be a better place.

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          1. Tino

            I had given tacit support pre Covid towards China because played with with the Eurasia we wanted, it gave us the game board to body bag the Khazars. Post Covid is a whole new rethink.

            We are close to getting the UN and US consensus on allowing the US beneficial use of AU, not giving them real metal, but a slight of and which will let them play a new hand of false Fiscal probity.

            The metals are coming to London.

            We need to clear this first, then it’s off to game China!

            I’m aware of the new Virus outbreaks both in China, and also the Mongolian Black Death risk. We first need to re position the Elders, move them and their assets here, then we can serve it up the Chans. The Zios and Khazars we will play via other options. You will see market refocusing of wealth options as we expand Blockchains and Cryptos.

            There’s a huge card to play I am keeping close until ready. Vast!

            We can use the Iranians, Syrians , Lebanese, Palestinians and Russia to assist deal with the Khazars. Then it’s just how to resolve the US bad elements. The Epstein, and like types. Hollywood and New York Mafia.

            Once we transfer the Elders assets, and reposition them here, we can curve ball Vietnam.

            They use significant British Commodities Trading outlets. If we switch then to Blockchain and Cryptos it’s a bloodbath for Chinese merchants, as we did when we collapsed the Russian Rubles.

            China is now high on our Shit list. Singapore and Australia are British Protectorates. China is sabre rattling.

            Once the Russians realised we WILL nuke, it changed policies. China is only at the Size Matters stage of evolution. Nothing like a few Nukes to bring you down to size. We KNOW if the UK has to unleash on China, the US will get dragged in. You will have to protect your 5 eyes bases, and many are our Protectorates. Be assured, if we unleash, we will leave you between a rock and a hard place to try to evade supporting us. Trust, we will game that board hard.

            Once we get the Elders resolved, we will route the Chans out of Commonwealth nations. See how fast we disentangle them. London can close their access to Commodities markets any time we wish. Try feeding their masses then. We can implode them from inside. As Genghis Khan did. Two can play, only we don’t “Play”.

            When China lied and our economies fried, China will find the only pot they will be drinking from soon will be our Piss pot! Even Putin has delayed S400s to China because he can see the risks of that if he needs to attack them also. Food is China’s biggest threat as its polluted the hell out of its own farmlands. China is belly up at our whim if we chose to start a Commodities offensive. Armies can’t march on empty bellies.

            First let us get the Elders cleared. Then they relocate here. Assets here!


  5. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-birch-says-no-retail-crypto-wide-bull-run-likely-for-rest-of-2020

    Take note Bitcoin holders

    What a moron!

    Hackers are nightmares
    Organization With Chinese Communist Party Ties Funds BLM Ventures

    Still think this is about black lives ? You are handing over Democracy on a plate to these Anarchists and Commies

    China would organ donor the lot.

    Joe Biden Weirdly Rants About Quartermasters and Ladies Departments, and I’ve Got Nothing

    This sad bastard Biden is an embarrassment.

    Watch “‘Lies are being told everywhere’: Alan Jones” on YouTube

    The end of truth and Democracy as you knew it.

    Barr reportedly investigating federal charges for Seattle mayor – American Digest

    If so a major Yes to Barr and time it started. Drain the Swamp!

    Las Vegas is a ghost town where even the strippers put up signs­ saying, ‘Sorry, we’re clothed’: CAROLINE GRAHAM visits the ruined home of gaudy capitalism in the shadow of Covid-19

    In the shadow of Covid-19, Las Vegas is on its own losing streak. Casinos, hotels and shows which last year generated $60 billion (£48 billion) in tourist revenue are either almost empty or shuttered.


    Sign of the times
    ISIS jihadists overrun paradise islands where Bono and Daniel Craig holiday before torching luxury villas and imposing Sharia law

    Luxurious hotels and eco-retreat villas on the island of Vamizi, Mozambique, have been razed to the ground by the Islamist terrorists.


    This is an exact case where WesternForces need to land and shoot the lot dead. The perfect message.
    President Donald Trump made a direct pitch to voters in a series of late-night campaign tweets touting the Republican Party agenda and attacking Joe Biden and Democrats.

    In nine tweets, Trump echoed points he made to voters in Wisconsin on Thursday.

    The president claimed in the tweets he was under attack because he was fighting for Americans: “Never forget, they are coming after ME, because I am fighting for YOU!” the president wrote in one tweet.

    Special: Shop at Costco WITHOUT Paying the Annual Fee

    In another tweet, he reminded voters that Republicans’ goal is to keep them safe and employed: “A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities, great jobs, and a limitless future for ALL Americans. Instead of letting Washington change us, despite all that we have been through, we are changing Washington!”

    And he lashed out at Biden: “No one has been more wrong, more often than Biden. He voted FOR the Iraq War, he supported the defense sequester that gutted our military, he opposed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden, he opposed killing [Iranian Gen. Qassem] Soleimani, he oversaw the rise of ISIS, and he cheered the rise of China as a ‘positive development’ for America and the world.”

    He said: “Joe Biden called police ‘The Enemy,’ and vilified them as a racist, oppressive force. The rhetoric of Joe Biden and the Radical Left puts our Great Law Enforcement in danger.

    “At no time before has there been a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies, & two agendas
    Now this will hurt the sleazy Swine.

    Looking at the state of that decrepid 68 year old he most likley will die in jail.
    Can we get 10M of his kind to go visit him on a one way trip? An infection risk lockdown?

    Queen STRIPS Harvey Weinstein of his 2004 CBE https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8747525/Harvey-Weinstein-stripped-CBE.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Rumblings behind the veil in Europe Now, befor you dream of Kindergarten Resets, think Facts!

    The talk is that Europe is in a box it cannot get out of, as negative rates or non existent rates have run their course and have failed. Hastened by the blanket shutdowns over the virus which have caused enormous damage to the economy, that cannot be repaired any time soon. The result will be that all past debt will be declared PERPETUAL as of January 1, 2021. If this does indeed occur, it will serve to confirm that Europe cannot borrow any longer and the Central Banks can not raise interest rates without blowing up their own balance sheets. What happens to bottomless country deficit spending is an unknown, as there is no consensus as to how to address new debt going forward or what the reaction will be. However, one can be sure will come to an end with many repercussions. Making debt perpetual is a simple confirmation of the fact you can no longer pay it back, so you make it interest only. What impact this will have on such asset holdings is not known as it depends on treatment of such asset holdings. The reality is that any attributed value to capital not redeemable is worthless as only interest payments have cash value. While perpetual value has zero liquidity value as it is a declared valuation where technically a default has occurred. What banks will do will be indeed fascinating. What that means for the value of the Euro itself is a intriguing question.

    This is extraordinary, in that traditional economic thinking goes into the dustbin. Even in Canada, there is talk of zero or negative rates, which if implemented will lead to the same end, while in the short term driving all asset classes to higher values.

    The times are a-changing and so is investment outlook with new risks and opportunities as a new course will be charted. The blanket shutdowns over this virus has hastened the conclusion of failed economics and will result in a reset which will not be the the “Great Reset” planned for by socialist agendas as failure already exists before starting down this road.

    Watch for capital flows for direction, as astute money will flow to stay out of harms way and reposition itself.
    iOS 14 update shows an orange dot to warn if someone is listening

    What we really need is a sonic power signal we can switch on and burst the eardrums of vile Snoopers.

    iOS 14 update shows an orange dot to warn if someone is listening in https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8744423/iOS-14-update-displays-orange-dot-warn-listening-in.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Bitcoin ATMs surge by 87% in past year to surpass 10,000 globally
    As network costs rise, Coinbase will require Pro customers to pay withdrawal fees

    Whoaaah, Whoooahh, now here’s trouble.



  6. The UK is experiencing a surge in Coronavirus cases. Many sections of the country are now back on lockdown.
    The big emergency Nightingale Hospitals have been taken back out of mothballs to cater for the masses expected.
    If it does increase as is now feared, the NHS will not cope. It will bankrupt it. The knock on effect upon millions of other cases means we will win the battle over Covid, but lose millions to Cancer.

    Worse, we will trash what’s left of a deeply savaged economy.
    We seriously risk economic collapse if this continues.

    The mass partying continues. Thousands of teenagers and early 20s mass congregate with total disregard for all.
    Apart from machine gunning them how does it get through? After all, at that age, they know it all.

    So hopefully they can swerve an incoming 9 mm Hollow Head bullet if it has to be cranked up. A war on Mutants?

    The UK appears to be in growing real trouble again! Why?

    Smashing the economy is NOT the answer. Teenager Raves maybe.

    The Selfish Swine who demand their Med holidays, need to be denied flights back as contagion risks. Half a million buggered paying for it big time will get it into their thick skulls, it’s a No Go until cleared!

    Leadership, shat better! Tough love. Lock down who comes in or back.

    Johnson is a numbskull and Matt Hand on Cock running Covid is a sad joke. Both need the poke.

    But note, the deaths are way down! Why are we so overreacting? Scientific Advisors who need throwing into the Thames? Chained together! How will this all play out? Our Economy can’t take it.


    1. The UK is NOT suffering a surge of coronavirus cases. The UK suffering the random spikes of a garbage antigen test, detecting stressed physiology of random humans. A positive test, does not equal a clinical case. ( Never has. )
      Like most everyone worldwide, positive tests no longer correlate to hospitalization and hospitalizations no longer clinically, for the most part, match the COVID constellation of symptoms. This is an orgy of false positives. I know, I’m not telling you anything new.

      The solution is to stop widespread testing. Testing is useful only in the early phase of an epidemic when you still have a chance to short-circuit spread. The garbage test is utterly meaningless clinically, but if you have to test, then test at the hospital, those presenting with two consecutive drops in O2 saturations. Then you might have a true COVID case.

      If you open any epidemiology text, you will find that no-one ever recommended generalized quarantine of the healthy, precisely because they are catastrophic economically. Or as I think the guy who helped eradicate smallpox said “singularly unproductive”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. On the above I concur Tino. Remember how I was denigrated for daring to challenge the London University Hospital predictions as wrong. How dare I? I was then shown to be right! The Stats simply made no sense. I saw it and rejected them. Then their big face loss. Crocks!
        Covid test and death ratios make no sense. The explosions of trust failures raises huge questions of competence.
        Where are the bodies? We are hardly losing 20 a week. We lose more to Flue. How many Covid claims are Flue?


    1. Wait for the Elders decisions first..

      But one tip to help you there is not the real world volume to underpin it unless the price shoots way up, then it works.so ?


  7. From Mountain Goat…

    It is going to be hard today to top Tuesday’s news. It was all so good. I can see that the target of the CBI might be January from all this news, however, to be more certain we must watch and wait for announcements from the new CBI governor about the project to delete the zeros.

    I expect we will see him in the public just as soon as he gets his feet wet in his big new role. I am being told by my CBI contact, that we can expect him to unveil financial reforms for the CBI and for the nation. I suspect this will be in part, the currency reform.

    I am hearing rumors that the CBI is targeting the end of September for an RV.

    This is of course so ridiculous I am laughing. Why do I laugh? I laugh because the CBI has told me numerous times that they will first educate the citizens again on the process when they are ready. This will be a sign for us. It is mid-September already and I hardly believe they would have enough time to do it at this point for an end of September launch.

    We’ll see…just keep praying.


    1. HIW

      A Public offering is not likely this year. Deleting the zeros still grossly overvalues so much paper out there. It’s a tiny economy which justifies c$7T at best. Dumping an impossible debut burden on them to reward a Slavering Dog Nation who mass murdered them, is too much for the Hegemony Meisters to try, there will be world condemnation of the ugly Warfare nation. How much burden can poor Iraq carry for the Dogs or War? Why?
      The world may take a stand on this. Hopefully. An equitable level of debt. Iraq has suffered enough.
      What about poor F Iraqis who caused none of this? How about the Bushes paying War reparations? Blair also.
      When does the US killing stop?
      How about the West tries living as an Iraqi for a year?
      It’s all ugly.
      At best a deal valuing the lot at c$7T morally should be made. We free ride while a million died.
      Maybe we need to lock out Speculators from Human Suffering.

      I have been close friends with the ex real King of Iraq’s brothers family in Kuwait for over 40 years. All despised Saddam and non deserved to have their country pulverised and raped by despotic scum.
      The question now, is where to draw the line? Who pays War Crimes reparation to the families of 1m murdered Iraqis? Who funds to reconstruct a nation post Shock and Awe? Why are Bush and Blair not on trial in the Hague?


      1. John are you saying an exit of paper is likely out for this year? Just trying to game plan for plan b to enter the crytpo market before the train leaves. Thank you!


        1. Those holding notes inside the big Battalions have every chance of a possible imminent pay out because deals for them will be rigged for Special Interests. Those holding notes alone will have no representation at the big tables, so no scraps are contemplated yet.

          Deals done for the organised groups will be different to Joe Publics. In fact, for such a small economy as Iraq’s, once the feeding frenzy is over, even major banks are not likely to want the cost of maintaining Dinar desks, so if it clears, and you have a bank willing, get the hell in fast, and sell out fast. Profits need to be taken or lost.

          These deals hopefully close to closing now, are for Special Interests not for Joe Public.
          Nobody asked you in so if possible, muscle in and exit. Tough love.

          As Dolly would say, push harder!

          Right now the Elders Special AU deals and Cash Pallets via the UN are progressing, and those will fund the projects needed, so we are focused on our own priorities. Economies will benefit. Roles will be found for those deserving who match needs. Opportunities will be created for many. With controls.
          But be assured, new employment geographics will have population impacts and for some it will be seismic.

          What started as a European Locust swarm which genocided Native Americans, will be face down against smarter, well educated Afro and Hispanic population growth, and White privileges will deteriorate, for the poorly educated, masses.
          Education, Education,Education because if not your left behind as the Alien Nation.

          AI is coming. Unstoppable. Will you be inside or outside that tent? Another party you may not be invited to.

          Change is hovering now. Weaponized drones will shred traditional armies, as will Cybernetic warriors.

          While you can expect to see weaponized Drones erasing ISIS activists soon, what happens when they adapt, and hit back.Two can play. Next will be terrorism within borders.

          The US has allowed mass Islamic immigration. You are Mad! Totally naive. On a par with asking Pedos to baby sit your children. It’s a F Cult, and a nasty, truly backward one.

          If you do exit on notes, time to rethink as evolving Locust spawn if it’s time to rethink Geographics.
          The Zios have sucked America dry, Now minorities demand “Their lick!”.

          If you cash out, those with half a brain need to look outside the blinkers and think, Move Out?
          You will have a window. Use it or Lose it. If Biden gets in.God help you. Camel Arse Harris and her Demo Rat Socialist Radicals will take you to hell. The Dream was never real.What’s coming is.

          If you cash out, make an intelligent Geographic assessment of you options. Soros and the Demo Rats will bring down America. Plus the “! want my Lick Minorities.” The Demo Rats are the greatest enemy America faces.

          They despise you, and voting for them is on a par with Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving. It’s become habit forming.
          If you do get to cash out, think outside of the box and think Get Out?

          I was in South Africa watching as it was lost. I see the same parallel in America. Nothing lasts.
          If you let Biden in, there will be consequences.

          When the big battalions clear, we will let you know. No one has planned for Public holders, nor cares. Be conscious of that and stop dreaming of rights. You have none. If you do cash out, take control of your own life, and heads.

          If you get clear, use that Grey Matter so you matter. Learn the reality rules and step clear of the Fools.
          Think like a Fox, outside of the box. Sheeple are lunch.


    2. Are you serious??? How many times does John and Tony said don’t bring this type of hype crab from other sites???? When in the God sake you will learn? They does not have any kind of expertise or insider, they just want you to hiperinflate your self for distress you and your family. Please need to stop that speculators. They are announcing the RV since 2015 or before.


  8. Saudi Arabia’s crown prince endangers ties with western allies

    Saudi again is a Wild Card the US can not shuffle.

    French Navy seen shepherding migrants into UK waters, and abandoning them

    So much for the treacherous French again.

    Binance’s crypto Visa card is now available all across EEA countrie

    Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles for Miles! Massive Turnout for Trump Parade on I-275 Loop Around Cincinnati

    In a fair and honest MSM country why is Trump not given credit for this?

    The country rallies behind a sitting president.

    NEW AUDIO Released in Ukraine Reveals Joe Biden Trashing Trump and Promising to Stay Involved After Trump Inauguration — While His Son Was on the Do

    Too much. Why would anyone think of voting for this guy ?

    Do eyeglasses lower COVID-19 risks? Study finds spectacle-wearers are FIVE TIMES less likely to be diagnosed with coronavirus than the general public

    A new study from China found 5.8% of coronavirus patients wore glasses for nearsightedness. Meanwhile 31.5% of those living in the Hubei province wore eyeglasses for the same condition.


    Covid bypasses those who wear glasses.

    Another wierdo creep wants her moment of glory.
    Well- Would you? Case closed!
    Testing is a shambles, more and more local lock-downs are on the way but blustering Boris Johnson claims that if we all behave ourselves and ‘flatten the second hump of the camel’ he will ‘save Christmas’ (it’s a dromedary by the way)

    Boris Johnson begged the public to keep faith with his draconian rules despite the testing system descending into a shambles, with fears schools and offices will have to shut.


    Now this is bumbling Boris.
    The truth is- He would rather hump the Camel.
    He already has, look at what he’s shacked up with. Enough to give any man the hump.
    Shared from Sky News: This desperate children’s hospital in Yemen could be the closest thing to hell on Earth https://news.sky.com/story/the-hellish-fight-to-keep-children-alive-in-a-yemeni-hospital-12073718

    Once the releases start this is one of many areas we will take on.
    ‘I didn’t know I had the ‘rona when we went out’: US military employee who faces ten years in German jail for bar crawl with COVID-19 revealed – as it emerges she served top brass at conference on how to stop disease spreading

    The 26-year-old American woman facing up to ten years in a German jail for visiting bars in Garmisch-Partenkirchen while she had coronavirus has been named by a former co-worker as Yasmin Adli.


    I hope she get’s hard time.

    Now these IDIOTS want to enforce another total lockdown with a small virus of no visible consequence. Society needs to step up if so. Throw the lot arm and leg bound into the fast flowing river stools. We once had ducking stools where you were immersed for 5 minutes. Survive that and were Devil possessed so they killed you. Die and it’s proof the Devil took you.
    Face them down. 🦆 Duck that?
    Horrific moment cops STOMP on the head of an unmasked man on the streets of Melbourne | Daily Mail Online

    Ned Kelly has now joined the Australian police to rule over Fools. Utterly disgusting for poor Aussies I feel for you. It will get worse when China comes for you. There’s too few of you to defend it and too many want it. Time to emmigrate back Guys. Crims now rule.

    Andrews has gone full fascist in Australia.
    Real awareness of The state of affairs in Australia can only lead to more violence and a flight of capital. One does wonder If there will be free elections as no one would vote for this person.

    In any case, you can bet tourism will be non existent and those People who can leave, will do so and not return. The sad part of all of this is that shutdowns and such behavior never succeeds in building societies or gives rise to prosperity. Many people in a number of countries are quickly becoming nomads in search of a normal life without government interference. Regrettably violence will continue to escalate as the real fallout from shutdowns take their toll in lost businesses and rising unemployment. In tourist dependent countries or communities, whole Societal structures are being Recast into a new normal vastly different than that just experienced months ago.
    Predictably of more confrontations and more violence is a reality.


    Liked by 1 person

  9. What a highly credible job Kayleigh is doing for the WH and America. Huge accolades and credibility.
    What a bunch of Dogs she has to deal with daily. Rabies vaccines are needed!

    Well done Kayleigh identifying that FACT that Europe’s percentage of infection is far higher. Correct.
    So STOP putting down America on Covid, the FACTS are that you are doing far better than Europe.

    Kayleigh is brighter and smarter than 90% of Washington. FACT!
    Be PROUD she IS an American! She does so much to help your PR image.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. 🩲 Their a little small but they tell they stretch. 😆

        I’m sorry, I’m just amusing myself- being silly. Don’t post this if you If you think it’s inappropriate, but I was cracking myself up as I was posting this here.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/extradition-to-a-us-jail-unsafe-for-assange-jb2fggwqp

    Assange is assuming whining will stop his extradition. It won’t. Why threaten suicide they dont care. His best chance is to face them down in a US Court. He’s got nothing more to lose they have him

    Was it a Democrat?
    Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state and declare republic
    UBS Doubts That Bitcoin Is a Safe-Haven Asset

    He’s a lot of support for rejecting the devastating consequences of false science

    It’s been a week without Kayleigh Oxygen

    You selfish Twat!
    Watch again: Boris Johnson says second lockdown would be 'disastrous' for U

    At least now our own Mr Thick is getting it- No More Lockdowns- No!

    Now he’s getting it. This damn Cartel needs to be stopped

    So now the mass murders want to blame others?

    Serious stuff for the Monarchy. Charles is an idiot, always has been. Harry is a pointless ego tripping boy child, and the public will never forgive Camilla so when the idiot then King tries to force her as Queen expect dissent. The public does it want this jug eared Clown and William is the only hope for survival. But Charles own ego won’t let him step aside. Parliament may face him down. When the Queen dies it’s an impasse. Tough for William whose done so well, but selfish Harry has harmed them badly.


    Exactly what most Brits want just tell them to F Off and walk away


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