A Tale of Two Cities – London and Washington D.C. Facing Down The Selfish Alien Parasites Denigrating Each Nation

While we are moving towards a “Hopefully” successful redemption soon, as there are now strong moves to acquire mass Gold volumes from our Chinese Elders Clients, to underpin the coming GCR, there are key questions. Apart from usual stressed Free Lunches howling, there are bigger Real World issues you first need to understand. How to grow your consciousness. How we help Humanity, and You, raises real issues of who is worthy, or not. Tough love! We have revolutionary moves in planning processes, once Redemptions are cleared, to create a whole new funding concept initiative to help the site and the genuine needy. There are so many causes. We know, we care! Our societies, post Covid, have to, and will, need to change. But now is not yet the time to show our Big Picture hand. Timing – Is everything. Cards matter. Very large Real Settlements for the Elders are close now. They have the key Assets the US needs. AU! Power, the key to the future to be used with care. Not for Banker
s and Politico’s greed. For once, it’s now time to focus on rebuilding our shattered world, not funding bloated Militaries and its myriad of scheming, treacherous Agencies. Fund Humankind to be kind! Reeducate and rethink our goals as a species.

We, in turn, combined with key Elders, also have an Agenda, to ensure the coming releases are rescheduled and developed as an investment strategy, to make a difference. Scheduled for Communities and Individuals deserving of support, by putting back new profits accrued, where most needed. Ethical trading, Ethereal values. A conscious choice and a cogent direction. We are ever aware of need.

Please, break free of the US brain fogged Brokers Dream World and try to understand the core realities impairing all parties progress. Life matters, it’s all about Quality! We need to elevate consciousness and be more than we are. Fail this last chance and NWO, in whatever form, wins.

The juxtaposition of this transient reality, is that the Cabal and Deep State Racketeers who have plundered America while it slept, on your watch, have cross combined with double standard sanctimonious people, unfit for the Presidency, who have then looted the store yet again. As did the Neocon Criminal Bushes, also the Deep State Traitors and Cabal they became. The Cupboard, thanks to these Traitors and degenerates like the Clintons, is now laid threadbare. With it has gone your own, and your family’s future if not recovered. Betrayed from within. A City of Betrayers and Jackals. It’s too unthinkable that a crook like Biden could walk into the hallowed Oval Office and open the door for Harris. Don’t count Trump out yet. Biden and his son, Hunter, are despicable. Ukraine shame! Unfit for Office. This needs to be expanded by Trump. Face him down. The Bidens are all Bribe slime! Like Father, like Son!

All Politicos are being played and gamed as Pawns on the board by the malignant conspiring Zionists. Adelson, Soros and others need to be neutered. They treat the Deep State and Bribable Politicos like the Bushes, the Clintons, Soetoro and Biden, as no more than useful idiots, and now own virtually everything! You own…almost nothing. Do the Maths! Some nerve, the Federal Reserve. What a giant Scam.

You elected a Grifter who promised to Drain the Swamp. Arrests – None!

Beyond infuriating, so what do they have on him to be so pathetic?

All the power of the Oval Office and Trump has failed to use it. 4 years is NO Excuse!

Will he fully promise to jail them if re-elected and be assessed on it and held accountable to it? Otherwise, why run? Will he commit to quit in 2 years if he fails again? A hard commitment is needed. No more excuses. No more habitual lies! 

Washington DC is a City of almost total moral repugnance, with both its callous Houses, who betray the world to order, in turn ever diminishing poor America’s standing in worldwide opinions. This is not the wish of America’s so many good-hearted people. Nor the humane, decent, harmless God fearing innocent Good American Jews, who have done so much for nations and societies around the world, but who now fear retribution for Zionist, or Bad Jewish Acts they were never party to, nor condoned. Many are now even fleeing Europe in fear, as rabid Antisemitism grows with mindless attacks on them by ignorant masses and a growing Right Wing. As it did in 1936. Good Jews, of which there are many, need also to align with us all to expose and remove the malignant and conspiring Zionists. Equally to stop them falsely posing as Jews.

Good Jews are Doctors,Teachers, Artists, Musicians, and many contribute so much. Most are not the Lying, Thieving, degenerate Zio Banking, Khazarian MSM Media, Hollywood and Legal trash, so be careful to differentiate. Good family values Jews matter and deserve both respect and protection to live in peace free from persecution. Soros, scheming bad Jews and Wall Street parties, do not. Soros is a heartless World War II War Criminal and parasite who should rot in jail. As should all the Zio Bolsheviks. Look at poor dispossessed Palestine with these Godless Israe-Hell Zios! Just look at their cruel tyranny and Genocide in Gaza.

But, to protect the real Settlements away from prying eyes, we keep real progress purposefully off radar until each transfer is achieved. Privacy is key. We are seeking to do so much good to help turn our world around. These assets are entrusted to feed Need, not Greed. Entrusted for Safekeeping, not plundered by Hegemony. A Higher cause. Zio FREE and Apolitical. Control of such assets is an ethical privilege to be honoured and observed. We filter out the trash.

We have a real mission, an agenda of good intent and purpose. To make a difference. We will need you all to help when stage one clears. We will keep it Parasite free.

Yes there IS progress. Just not for Public release yet. Do NOT despair, or lose hope.

Understand just this as part of the total equation. There are more platforms also!

A vast historical Bond, Currency Pallet and AU Bullion heritage is held safely by the old Chinese Dynasty Elders, and accompanying nations, who are seeking a long overdue Redemption resolution which can re-empower and revitalize our ailing economies. It needs focus and clear Global strategy plans for Infrastructure, Education, and job creation. Core wealth and assets to keep sheltered away from Banking scavengers and Politicos. Also, fast buck fortune hunters and Brokers. It is in very, very real play, but now is no time to go public, not yet. Access will be selective.

Good religious Jews seek only to live in peace.

Evermore the Deep State continues unchecked. Whatever happened to Trump’s lax promise to Drain the Swamp? Worse, the Bolshevik Zio Rats he is surrounded by, roam free, even including the annexation and blatant THEFT and extortion of Syria’s mineral rich Golan Heights for Dweeb Crime Family Kushner and his Cabal henchmen, including Cheney and the Israelis. Despicable collusion again! It is not Trump’s remit to sequestrate Syria’s land. Abysmal Hegemony, more looting. Despicable! Who holds them accountable? White House power abused yet again. Always the dead hand of Zionists and Mossad. With their DC Lab Rats all in place as Gatekeepers to loot America, is no one clean in DC? Bennie’s Man Kushner, is a Gatekeeper for Mossad in the WH. So sad! Where is screening? Post Soetoro – Zero! Clean up America! Where is a Rodent filter?

They sit preening above all, endowed as America’s paragons of Virture with their AshkeNAZI Bolshevik Zionist handlers. The Kingdom of the Blind. To control your own future, first understand what was taken from you, and how. They stole your Democracy.


Be clear, not one of these Khazars is, or has, an ounce of Jewish Bloodline or DNA in them. The lot are AshkeNAZIS !!! Fake fronts.

Their loathsome tentacles penetrate the world. Fake Jews, the lot! Khazars!

Assimilate, Sequestrate, Annihilate is their agenda! Just look at America and poor Palestine. Wake up America! The Bolshevik Zionists have deceived, looted and blood sucked you dry also. Still you won’t awaken from this stupor while they feed like Locusts taking all for fools. Who owns the nation now? Not you for sure! What a convoluted web we fight daily. Real time! In America only Dreams are free!

Genghis Khan’s raping, looting Tribal Marauders, the Khazars of the Mongol Plains, plundered and robbed Asia and Europe, and both pre and post World War II, fled to America to bloodsuck its emerging riches. Gold Fever, asset rich, they came as ever, a Plague on humanity. Just 10M of them encamped in America, now own it all. They fund and own both houses. Without their money, who gets elected as President? It’s so wrong! America has to restrain Political seat funding ownership by the Zionists. When Democracy is bought, it is lost!

Swiss Denied Roman Abramovich Residency Over Suspected Criminality – The New York Times

Russia and Putin have the same problem. The key criminal Mafya Oligarchs are mainly the Zio Khazar Bolsheviks, like Roman Abrahamovitch, who gifts to Putin multi hundredmillion dollar Yachts, and a percentage of the profits of the Crime Proceeds of their assigned territories as his Fiefdom Tribute. Little Caesar’s pleasers. Commie Crime Inc. How did Stalin work out for Russians?

Incestuous crime follows them. Look what this filth has done to Hollywood and LA. All the depravity of the Khazars. Locust swarms. Ugly, depraved , all Weinsteins and Epsteins! Zio parasites. How many nations have kicked them out? So when does America – wake up? They are bleeding you dry. You do not even have your own American people’s Central Bank, they occupy all Treasury roles to keep you OUT, and they own the Fed. Will no one rid you of this accursed Pestilence? Still you sleep!

Almost all the Bank and Finance Industries are owned or controlled by them. The US Treasury and Fed also. Most Financial Crimes are theirs. All Bugsy Seigel types. Yet none dare breath its name. They own the Media and block news of their so many crimes. Even the truth is denied.


They fund and thus own most of the incumbents of the seats of both Houses, and yet Trump can’t even find how to run again without them. Why has it come to this? He is, in effect, imprisoned in this Ivory Tower of Babel, owned and beholden to them. Deeply compromised. Married into them. Absorbed like a Borg. The White House is full of them. Totally disproportionate inclusion. Why? We can’t allow so many good, Patriotic Americans who are more than fit for Office, fine people, outstanding Americans, to be denied the Rights to stand and protect their own nation. Why are the perverse Zionists and Jewish money, funding and fixing who does run? Gophers! Real Patriots are denied.

Stop these Zionists and Fake Jews owning and compromising your Democracy. Limit their funding! Block their powers. Stop selling out the nation. Inclusive for all.

This is NOT The Constitution your Founders fought and died for! What you have allowed to envelope you all is Reverse Slavery. You are ALL enslaved to the Zionists. They own your Banks, Fed and Treasury. They own the media. The Statue of Liberty excludes YOU Americans. Count the Zio Supremes! Justice?

Thomas Jefferson warned you of the enormous risks of betrayals ever allowing them empowerment. As Churchill did with the Nazis. No one listened or cared. We defeated Hitler but despite clear warnings, the Bolshevik Zionists had already penetrated America, and within a Century, now own it, and sadly, you.

The TriLaterals ethos for Population Reduction is very real. As you line up with your masks, sucking in your own exhaled toxic carbons, corralled, Sheeple in-waiting to cull, it’s being gifted to them on a plate. For sure, these are not the Designs of the Visionary Founders. What in your God’s name do you think inadequately tested vaccines can do to you?

But, forewarned and forearmed, post the releases and GCR, we will be operating between the QFS, the Feds attempt to slide in a Digital Dollar, and other platforms, to focus helping Nations and Communities emerge. There is a fight going on for life and Liberty of all, to be free of the Deep State, and Zio Bolsheviks. Once the first redemptions start, if a major Gold initiative, currently being strategically well negotiated, is delivered as intimated, and is money free to transfer, as per contract, without traditional Fed and US Treasury deceit, an entirely new Fiscal market can follow. Restrict Fed criminality and the planet can breath; the green shoots of recovery will emerge. Instead of Trading to fund the bloated Agencies and Military, we will be reversing market proceeds to focus on Humanity. Community funding, education, and seeking to restore Community pride and a purpose of being. Wall Street, its Offshore skim offs, and horrendous accruing debts, funding US Hegemony, has to end. All it achieves is a spiral of Debt for Death.

Time to clean out the Sty.

Think what good these funds can do if aligned to Cryptos launched as asset backed project funds with shared corporate ownership and profits income for all of you?

Our putting back to feed people’s needs and giving every child Education to contribute and belong in a new society where respect is now inherent for all. Where your life matters. A nation fit to live in. Your Sovereign Right to be Free in Dignity!

Educated to KNOW the Difference? Each child needs to be given a protected Right, Educated to fulfill their capacity and contribute for all. This NEEDS to be YOUR Constitutional Right! Your hard earned Profits working for Democracy, Humanity, and rebuilding our multinational world. Equality of opportunity. Ethereal – LIFE!

The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look. – Julius Caesar


  1. FBI Raids Home Of ‘Netflix Star and Biden Surrogate’ For Allegedly Soliciting Sex From Minors, Report Says | The Daily Wire

    No surprise here, seems like the democratic thing to do these days Democrats,Dirt and Disaster.


    Trump keeps coming up short when needing to respond to public Voters questions. It’s hard to be a truly Thick President.

    The attorneys will take Maxwell down
    Coronavirus: UK to test inhaled vaccine
    US election 2020: Could Biden’s Latino problem lose him the White House?

    Exactly what most Brits want just tell them to F Off and walk away
    A world in disorder. Look at where these inept Clowns, posing as Leaders, are taking you. Get those Blinkers off and wake up.

    Over $11 trillion+ in GDP destruction and countless lives have been needlessly put into upheaval which will not be fixed anytime soon.

    And naturally not wasting their opportunity, the UN wants more control over nations. Part of the struggle humanity faces is not just recovering from Covid, but the fight between unelected officials who want greater control over nations. This is the longer term struggle between nationhood and globalization that has reached its’ new level, where the Globalist is not companies vs Nations, but the likes of the UN vs Nations. In the end it is the same game, unelected bureaucracy vs individual expression and rights. The end goal is One World Government, where all nations are under the boot of unelected officialdom, where nations and their citizens must toe the line of dictates which is Global Socialism.

    In order for this to truly be Global if America is suppressed, both China and Russia must be brought to heel. This will not happen without a fight as neither country will give in without a fight for different reasons. Should America fall into this mess as is visible with the appalling Democrats ,then in the longer term we will see the rise of conditions of war. While the excuses will be different, the objective Will be the same. This will supplement any hegemony issues between the three participants. The greatest fear these parasitic Socialists have is that America, Russia and China put aside their differences and hegemony disputes to give rise to nationhood, recovering supremacy over dictates of the UN and organizations like WHO as this breaks the control of special interest groups who are behind this push.
    Unfortunately the good old days are yesterday and we face a future with far more risk and discourse than before where success will be loss of all. A function of survival is being able to adapt quickly to change, where the constant will be only change as forces collide.

    As is seen in all nations today, the West is in Freefall., the lunatics now rule their Asyliums. Covid has displaced Wars, and the sterile incompetence of failed Leaders is ever more visible. Each- Grossly incompetence, a sea of fools Rules!

    Click to access GPMB_AR_2020_EN.pdf


  2. Like

        1. China will be responsible for tens of T’s of economic havoc because of the CHINESE virus disease Covid!
          Is seizing !.2 Trillion of their bonds to compensate victims even going to scratch the surface?
          China has totalled the Global economy.
          How about we simply embargo all their exports and scuttle the place?


  3. Like

  4. Trump boasts about getting ‘Bay of Pigs award’ – which doesn’t exist

    Its incomprehensible the world most important economy only has a choice between a Moronic Pig or Biden. And the Pig wins!

    Tether is moving 1 billion more USDT coins from TRON to Ethereum blockchain

    Alexander Vindman Confirms Trump Is 100% a Putin Puppet

    Now this is as expected but worrying.

    EU starts locking out UK travellers as Ireland and Finland adopt new quarantine thresholds

    Bernie Sanders believes Biden at ‘serious risk’ of losing to Trump

    Hopefully correct.

    The 12 Strangest Objects in the Universe

    Hmm, I would have thought the mindset of all too many women would have merited number one?

    Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, BNB, NEO, YFI, LINK

    As clear as it gets for market info quickly to help you.

    https://cointelegraph.com/news/top-5-cryptocurrencies-to-watch-this-week-btc-bnb-neo-yfi-link Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, BNB, NEO, YFI, LINK

    As clear as it gets for market info quickly to help you.



  5. John,

    I’m curious….

    Kazemi has appointed Mustafa Ghaleb al-Kitab as the new governor of the Central Bank of Iraq replacing Ali Ismail Al-Alaq. Maybe more RV friendly? Not sure. He also cleaned house on a bunch of other high level positions in the CBI as well as cabinet type positions, presumedly, to clean out the graft and corruption.

    Trump is also apparently heading there later this week.

    Then an article came out in British paper quoting British economists that Iraq only has two alternatives to survive: either to drastically cut expenditures or put their currency on a float and let the market drive it.

    Seems like a lot of things convalescing. Are we close on this one?


    1. Until the GCR is agreed, IF????, Iraq needs a stable economy.
      Cutting expenditures with a leaking bucket nation is hard.
      There may come a time to simply let Iraq float on its own merits.

      So, a sensible question, do we raise a new Dinar and float, or value the current notes to the quivant of c$7T max as merits their economy, which leaves speculators at least 90% short of what they hoped for and were promised?

      Nowhere do I hear who pays for this crap? Iraq, at best, could take on a c$7T Sovereign Debt, so who throws Ts away into a black hole to fund pointless Wannabes?

      Nowhere do I see a viable solution to bail the masses. The US is bankrupt so that’s a No! Custer’s not coming, and the Jews will Exodus America if the Free Riders Tit is withdrawn, taking a century of plunder with them. But to where? They covet Ukraine, but Russia’s Hawks will nuke it and the lot of them.

      The Cupboard is bare. No way will the EU let a Khazars Kingdom develop next to them. No Russia. 50M Europeans would self conscript to talk over the place and finish the job.

      We have a strict contractual Governance of use for AU loaned for Beneficial use only, and will instantly negate any attempt to use Elders Gold to bail Speculators. An instant block will be applied.

      China has no such Funds and Russia is out of the the question. The Vatican is a fantasy. It has no such funds.
      Who will fund the Wannabes? With what? Iraq will not saddle itself with an impossible burden to enrich the Pariah nation who unlawfully and illegally destroyed its nation and murdered a million innocents.

      Mother Hubbard’s cupboard was looted by the Zios after the Jekyll Islands Con game. America is Bankrupt and living a giant Lie! Roaches took the lot!
      Roaches never repay. If the US fails as Russia did, the Zios will run. Where to? I watched them drain out of South Africa. The US would be a floodgate. The Afros and Hispanics will sort that lot over time anyway as America implodes.

      Israel has no such land reserves. so Ukraine will be coveted.
      Between ourselves and Russia, we will combine to do the right thing.
      Let them first all flock in this time. Mass congregate. Their new Klondike. A year for all to encamp.


  6. Please excuse me for being such a needy selfish contributor.

    Today was one of the worst days of my life so please allow me to share a song or 2 or 3 or four haha, I love so much in my attempt to ease the trauma of the day.

    I suppose when you find yourself sitting in a room crying non stop, something has to change. Even at the age of a few days away from 58, I do not understand how I am supposed to take care of others as well as be slightly considerate to myself.

    It’s all okay I suppose. Gotta toughen up I suppose. So so tired. I’ll probably regret posting this comment but hey, what the heck. I am me and that’s bloody that. Oh shit, I forgot, someone made me drink way too much again. Heck, who the bloody hell is leading this gal astray? LOL Sorry folks just a usual day in shitville these days.

    And to sign off with some pizazz..



    1. Happy Birthday! 🎂🎈 Mine is also in a few days my fellow Virgo. 56 years young.

      I’m sorry you’re feeling so sad. Being a caregiver is not easy. They come first and yes you are going to have to toughen it up. It will only get harder because our loved one will not get better, so you have to adjust to their change.

      Yes I’m tired all the time. No I don’t have a social life right now, only drs and nurses. No I don’t have a lot leisure time and No I don’t feel I am missing out on a thing and I wouldn’t have it any other way at this time of her life and mine. I made a commitment and it brings me the greatest joy.

      Everyone’s situation is different. At least I have a little bit of help. If you need to hire some help so you can have some Aurataya time. Do it! Even one day a week to give you a break. Join a caregivers support group. You are very special and have a beautiful heart. Do what you need to do to take care of you. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My beautiful girl, thank you so much for your kind words and support, I really do appreciate it very much.

        I thought I could breeze through this responsibility but it is so much harder than I ever thought. And the stupid thing is I am mistreating myself trying to deal with it which just makes it harder. I can be such a twit sometimes. Anyway, after yesterday I have decided to stop drinking for a while which will definitely help. I just cannot go on like this.

        I am very independent with most things in life and never like to gain help but you are right A Johnson, the time has come where I will have to do that. This decision will not go down well but I am just going to have to deal with that fallout. Even just a few hours to myself would be nice. There has just been so much to take care of recently with the relocation and trying to get the new property in order as well. Not much beats me in life but this has been my biggest test so far. But I did make the commitment and she has no one else so I will continue to do my best for as long as I can.

        Thank you for the birthday wishes beautiful. Mine is not until the 26th so fall under the Libra category. Although, definitely have a bit of the Virgo touch too. I hope you enjoy an absolutely magnificent 56th birthday gorgeous you deserve that.

        Thank you again A Johnson for your care and kindness, you are a beautiful person that I sincerely appreciate knowing.

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        1. You have a nice B-day yourself Libra girl!

          I think you will feel better getting a little extra help, if you can. I would like to get a lot more help but I can’t afford it. Private care is not cheap.

          Pre Virus, things were so much easier. I paid by the day for daycare. Compared to private, much more affordable.

          Now they want the elderly to wear masks all day. So, she stays home for now on. Not going to put her through that.


          1. Just know, you’re not alone Aurataya. It’s fulfilling and hard at the same time.

            Hopefully, by mid next year, cryptos will be a lot higher and we can have the funds to get us more help. ❤️

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    2. Aurataya- one last thing.. Yes I’m getting a fat ass and I hate it! I use to work out regularly and worked hard at keeping my shape. I don’t have the energy for my workout routine and I’m always snacking since I’m home all the time now with mom. You think you have problems? I had to size up!

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      1. Heavens sweetheart, I know a little extra weight may bother you personally but I honestly feel a little meat on the bones is much healthier than having your bones near sticking through your skin like many women feel is so fashionable these days. I think we all find a natural weight that suits us as we age. We don’t need to be perfect even though we think we are supposed to be. Having a good basic level of fitness and general health is always a good thing though.

        My weight has gone nuts again too. I have always worked physically very hard and I was as strong as an ox. Now I am not able to go and do that type of work and it is impacting me physically and financially and it is freaking me out a bit. Just another thing that adds to the tension these days. I don’t have a problem with food, I can always turn away from that quite easily and I love extended fasts too, makes me feel fantastic.

        A Johnson, you are the only one that can decide on the state you wish for your body to be in but I will say this to you. Please allow a very healthy level of lbs/kls on those scales to cater for your gorgeous healthy weighty heart. XXX


        1. Absolutely Aurataya. Some meat on the bones is healthy. I must be pretty darn healthy. 😊

          I’m not that concerned. I don’t like it but I’ll get back in the fitness zone when the time comes.💪 It’s just on hold right now.

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    1. Always here the other “protestors” squaking that their fellow moron was thrown by the car!…. would have liked to see the guy thrown a lot higher, do about 10 flips and land on the other idots standing in the road!

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  7. DeFi Investor Turns $200 Into $250,000; SushiSwap Crash Sinks Ether

    US election 2020: Bloomberg donates $100m for Biden in Florida

    I hope Bloomberg does his money!

    From open arms to full bans: The latest on crypto regulation in Asia

    The crack down is coming in Asia.

    Trump ‘compromised by the Russians’, says former member of Mueller’s te

    Trump again is plagued by Russia

    Chinese tech firm compiles database on tens of thousands of British figures

    China is spying on who is both dirty and compromsed in the West and files are over flowing.

    Bitcoin price abruptly drops 3% after miner outflows hit 5-month high

    Bitcoin goes roller coaster.

    Huge Blockchain Vulnerability

    Note entire network crash vunerability.

    Trump tells Nevada rally he will ‘negotiate’ a THIRD term in the White House because he’s ‘entitled to it based on the way we were treated’

    Donald Trump shared his intent to run for president again in 2024 during a campaign event in Minden, Nevada, on Saturday, saying: ‘We’re gonna win four more years … and after that, we’ll negotiate.’


    Ir re elected its right he should because the Dems are unthinkable and the GOP is full of Creeps.

    Trump back on the road whipping up votes where he needs to be.Go Donald.

    It doesn’t work, it’s not adequately field tested and we are nowhere near time scales needed
    George Soros – by Bill O’Reilly. Every voting American should watch this video…

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  8. Hello John,

    Thank you for your recent comment and the kind words re: my father and I. Never give up, never surrender, adapt – overcome. And really, it is not over till the Fat Lady sings!

    I am pleased to say (and personally beyond joy), that I brought my father home yesterday. An un-diagnosed condition was at the bottom of it all, and took him to death’s door. Truly talented professionals stabilized him and turned hours into days, and then days into months. If the next few months go well in recovery, we (the whole family) will have more precious time together, hopefully on the order of years. Unfortunately the diagnosis is associated with sudden death, but at 83, the next day is uncertain anyhow even for those in good health.

    And why did the condition go un-diagnosed? Damn COVID quarantines! Had he gone to the cancelled appointment(s) with his doctors, those oh so unessential appointments according to Governors, this excursion to the edge of the veil could have been avoided. And if the Connecticut gestapo had not locked me in CT, had I been able to visit him, I would have noticed the changes, which wasn’t “old age” as he thought, but pathology raising its ugly head.

    This story must be repeating across the whole nation in similar form. Where do I sue for elder abuse? Or better, the Governors for practicing medicine without a license? Class action lawsuit?

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    1. Good news Tino, I had not wanted to over encourage false dawns in case, just to give you a life raft in case.
      Quality time, togetherness says it all. As shared family journeys need to be. He will beyond Treasure it. So will you. Caring and sharing – time. Priceless.

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    2. I’m glad your dad is home with you Tino. He may live longer then you think, like my mom. I treasure every day that she is still here with us.


  9. A clue that the “prosperity funds” was loaded today (per the intel from RDS/his guests), the transition from the malevolent to the benevolent: the House and the Senate appear to be working together to pass the stimulus bill.


    1. AU and Crypto issues. Strategy planning. A lot is in play right now, just not for Public domains yet. Long overdue asset redemptions are unfolding.


  10. I’ve been interested lately in learning martial arts and I came across these videos. Both so inspirational. Never too old!

    Pensioner becomes UK’s oldest (female) 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate at aged 78

    I couldn’t leave out the guys! This one is great too.

    OLD is GOLD – Best Old Man Martial Arts

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    1. They were fantastic videos A Johnson. How cool is it to see the oldies out enjoying life and staying strong and healthy in this way rather than sitting in a chair watch tv slowly dying. Awesome share, thank you.

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    1. “Jim Willie “Golden Jackass” Talks Gold, Silver, Quantum Financial System, Food Shortage, Arson Fire”
      Not even JW knows what QFS is/will be really like, but he presents a conjecture from the puzzle pieces placed together. Not that it matters, I really do not care for RDS’s “attitudes”.


  11. Bitcoin on Ethereum is Booming: Closing in on $1 Billion in Value

    Trump attacks Robert Mueller’s ‘hit squad’ in row over ‘wiped’ phones

    When the hell are we going to see action and Muellers Crime Squad going to jail?
    Why is Comey Not in Jail? Why is Clinton not in Jail?

    Apart from stealing Syrian land for Kushner and Netanyahu, just what the hell will Chumps legacy be?
    Where the the indictments? Is he capable of coordinating action? Is he capable? Its been a long time since JFK.

    European Union Seeks Strict Regulation of Crypto and Stablecoins in New Draft Law | Regulation

    Now the EU Jerks knee jerk their need to be in on this.

    Boris Johnson’s US trade deal hopes face new blow as peers set to block chlorinated chicken imports | The Independent

    Absolutely right we will do all possible to block and stop the importation of US chlorinated chicken.

    Bitcoin on Ethereum is Booming: Closing in on $1 Billion in Value


    Boris Johnson set to opt out of human rights laws

    Its mainly Illegals, and that bloody great tide of parasites have no rights! Its just a feeding swamp for attorneys.

    Rage review: Will Bob Woodward’s tapes bring down Donald Trump?

    All are out to get him non stop. Does yet another Woodward book matter? Who cares?

    Morgan Stanley Strategist Recommends Bitcoin as Central Banks Ramp Up Money Printin

    ‘I saw Prince Philip and his friend Penny gliding around the dance floor… they didn’t give a damn who saw them’: The Duke has been linked to at least 12 women across seven decades of marriage – and the rumours won’t go away, says his biographer

    INGRID SEWARD: Philip’s more recent playmate has been the former Penny Romsey, now Countess Mountbatten of Burma. She been his partner in carriage-driving competitions since 1994.


    Like Son, like Father. Phillip has a lot of enemies waiting to expose him publicly. I feel for the Queen here. It’s no time for this to blow.
    Charles has been no better. And William just sailed into the wind.
    Up to 4.5million most at risk from Covid ‘will be told to stay home under new shielding plan’ | Daily Mail Onli

    So now they play this card to kill millions of Elders? Get a backbone Brits and say NO!.Face them down and tear them down

    Watch “Victoria police go from ‘zero to nuclear’ in latest footage of police overreach” on YouTube

    What gives these nasty Nazi Thugs the right to treat Australian women this way? SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. It’s funny because you saying Trump is an incompetent fool because he hasn’t delivered, yet, is the exact same thing as me saying you are an incompetent fool because you can’t deliver the AU through the deals you are working on. Neither is true obviously. Just funny that you can’t see that.

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      1. dk

        This I take to be the incoherent reasoning of a Jackass. Naive to the extreme.

        Our AU Agenda is proving very successful, just because you, DK, are not party to the significant progress between ourselves, Elders, the Treasury, key Bankers and UN, I will allow for such a position of unmerited ignorance. Am I offended, No. Not at all.

        Who pays attention to the dysfunctional ramblings of a Fool?


        1. Your AU Agenda is proving very successful, but has no results for the average person to see, yet. How do you know that Trump’s Agenda is not proving very successful with no results, yet? You think it is easy to simply arrest people who own the FBI, who own most of the judicial system, who own most of congress? How many people have died trying to snitch on the Clintons? Trump has one shot. If he fails, it’s all over. The stage has to be set perfectly. We have already seen massive change in the FBI, judicial, etc. Not hard to understand.

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          1. How do you know it has no results for the average person? What’s the point without? You, with respect, have no idea what the agenda is. But, thinking outside the box, multi tier, requires enlightenment.
            Yes, it’s EASY to arrest bent FBI parties, unless your own personal life is Stormie, Sleaze and corruption tainted also. As is!
            No point getting elected and not taking the shot he was elected for. Gutless, and moronically stupid. As certified by Kelly, Matthis and others. But compared to Biden, and that is the US tragedy. total lack of quality choice. Tough for the Patriots.
            What changes?
            Where are the big Pedo jail sentences? They plea and walk. Where is the list of Epstein’s Island attendees?
            Where is the list of Pedo indictments?
            Why is Hilderbeast and even Slimy BIll still free?
            Our obvious concerns, not hard to understand? Sadly, is there a more corrupt and sleazy West Nation than the US? It’s the :Pits of depravity. And still you can’t arrest these Mutts? Nations look on, look at each other, and nod knowingly and smile. Pitiful. Yet you still believe you are the greatest? What? Take off the Rose tinted glasses, and smell the ether? Does no one do reality? It’s on a par with Brothel Keepers ( Trumps own family past) expecting Knighthoods.
            Anything goes in a nation of Ho’s.
            And still you don’t get it? Sleaze rules Fools.
            The bar is way too low. Only in america.


            1. I am sure if your only objective was to release the AU your team could have done so by now. However as you have so kindly explained, it needs to be done so in a way, with the proper security and oversight that the funds are not stolen right back. Likewise, Trump could have rushed to arrest many swamp creatures and made a big show of it all, but if not done with the proper security and oversight, with airtight cases so once arrested they never get out, to ensure this never happens again, it would be for nothing. From an outside perspective, what you and Trump are pushing to accomplish, AND the way you are going about it is remarkably similar. It is genius in action and it is all about timing. We on the outside are lucky to be able to watch it play out.

              You should not be so hard on yourself, “Who pays attention to the dysfunctional ramblings of a Fool?” apparently you, as you continue to read my comments and respond. Thank you! I truly appreciate it and everything you and your team is working towards and wish you all the best!


              1. dk

                I speed read vast amounts of information and data daily. I support and contribute to the site, as well as running a comprehensive Trust and Financial / Conglomerate group.
                Part of my agenda is tracking, limiting and exposing Vermin Politicos.
                Feudal rule was appalling.Democracy has failed badly. Politicos are the Pits of humanity.
                Covid has heightened the risk of real risks of Population reduction. Has a Sheeple Herd ever corralled itself and shown the pointlessness of too large a herd better? How can a mass be so dumb as not to understand the forces in play against them? Their point? Covid 2 plus may come at a serious cost and TPTB will be tempted. Gates and Soros sit like Vultures, and the Tri Laterals sense a walk in the park. When before have so many Turkeys self voted for Thanksgiving? These are dangerous times, especially when economics may overrule human compassion.
                It’s always touching to see the best of Humanity. But saddening to see the worst, in a people kingdom of a poorly educated blind.


      2. One more item for the Trump Legacy….. Recently the crowd at a Trump rally chanted “We Love You”… I have never heard of anything like that in all of my years of following politics….Being appreciated by the people that he is in DC trying to serve has to be more important than hoping for convictions from a corrupt judicial system… We realize he is fighting an uphill battle in the rain.


        1. Tee Cee

          We will push to re elect Trump, but let’s hope if he succeeds next time he gets results.
          We all look in with despair, at the Orange Shrek without a pair. Clone a new JFK.


          1. While JFK may have had solid ground within political realm, he was just another Clinton w.r.t hookers and whores in the white house. And this was back during more conservative times. I agree that the U.S is morally bankrupt and a thorough house cleaning is necessary. I’m hoping Trump’s second term will bring the results everyone is watching for. Remember one thing, he is a lone man on an island with almost zero help from his own party and yet he accomplishes much.


  12. Bullish pennant hints at Bitcoin price breakout to $11,300


    Subject: Watch “MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR6: Acceleration of UN Agenda 2030 Part II” on YouTube

    The Neo Nazi Crime Lord Traitor Bush 41 aspirations for a UN driven NWO.
    At least he’s dead, hopefully the crooked UN will follow.


    Crypto.com Follows Binance With Launch of Liquid Swap DeFi Product – CoinDes


    Coronavirus: Who would get the vaccine first? So now we are fighting over who takes the test case trials, and all the flaws in them with God knows what consequences?
    On a par with swallowing cyanide then changing your mind?
    If you really want to die slowly, with severe monthly adverse consequnces, just get married!

    Coronavirus: False claims test kits for ‘Covid-19’ were sold in 2017

    What a mess, and how many are now quarantined for false results? Economies are in free fall for this Balls.


    The $700 Million Wallet Crack: Bitcoin's 7th Largest Address Is Under Constant Attack

    If only the Bush and Clinton families knew bow to hack, they would steal the lot.


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    1. Looking forward to some quality sci-fi, so I hope this re-make lives up to the author’s brilliance. Aside from a few casting misjudgments, it looks to be a really good re-make.

      The Spice Must Flow!

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    2. Never really got into this sort of film but I must say that the short video you shared above looks quite entertaining. Never say never, as they say.


  13. Today my thoughts are with Tino and his father as the path of life for this Dimension grows shorter.
    For those who have not experienced the transfer, it’s pointless trying to explain or sell it, bar to say, once you have personal knowledge and the clinical reality of what is, all has its place in harmony and there is no time, it’s just a series of pit stop journeys. He is proud of you, and this is your journey, for both to spend what time is left here but at worst it’s only a short break of foreverness. Just be alive to today’s being, of human experience together, because once re united, all will become clear. His pride in you is all you will need to overcome what may be, but all will rebalance over time. We all depart, but for sure, he relives. As will you. How do we explain the Ethereal domain?
    Nothing is more real, but it does not translate back to humanity. It just- Is!

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  14. Let’s check in with ZAP, and see what’s new – or perhaps, not so new:

    HI ALL





    For about the 1000th time, the funds are coming on Monday, but he needs funds to get through the weekend. It seems he always runs out of funds on a weekend. He can’t seem to budget for Mondays.

    You all work hard to have shelter, food, transport, clothing; and he comes to you like a giant parasite every week asking you to support him…or the deals will not clear and humanity will be lost.

    The fact that he still has means to post and gets wide exposure on all the comic blogs, is indicative of the circus this endeavor still is, insofar as the general plebeian class is concerned. I doubt that anyone in legitimate power circles would allow this guy into any deals with a panhandling background like this.


    1. Tore Says was explaining how MIC makes money in her video yesterday at around 1:30:00, and she mentioned what one should do with IQD. I was not expecting this piece of information at all, so it was a really nice treat. She said it will be around this time next year.


    2. LOL !! Been so long since I looked at ZAP that I actually thought you were referring to a new Crypto that I hadn’t heard of. :-O Thanks for the laugh, and the blast from the past.

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  15. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/10/donald-trump-bob-woodward-iran-qassem-suleimani-golf

    Watch “😶 Meghan Markle New LOW – When Will The Queen Stop This Woman?” on YouTube

    This opinionated B Grade appplogy of an Actress, needs to reign in that Mouth or have it zipped for her. Princess Grace of Monaco knew how to do Decorum.

    This is just a low grade ex Slum girl ,Cinderella who married her Prince, and will bolt on him next.
    Princes Phillip and William warned him she was not good enough, but the Man Child could not listen. He was infatuated by a creature whose whole life was pretending to be other people?

    Now she is crossing the line big time. Who will Zip this LA lip? Harry is going to get train wrecked by this vaccuous attention seeker.


    Mattis Told Intel Chief They May ‘Have to Take Collective Action’ Against ‘Unfit’ Trump: Woodward

    Trumps Mental state is of real concern to many States.

    Interesting and likely spot on.


    Pentagon Exposes China’s Terrifying Military Secret – The Wolf Of Washington

    When will America wake up to what is coming down on it?

    Still think there is no threat

    Medically Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials and Sex Abuse – The History of the CIA Project MK-ULTRA

    Can you handle this? CIA Criminals In Action!





    1. Never liked hearing politics from Hollywood personalities, but her majesty has gone above and beyond by speaking on behalf of the family she married into but could not stay and had to leave. The insanity is on steroids, but on the other hand, she has the facade to fool Harry and the public. Women with physical beauty is often very dangerous, and this one is no exception. One needs to keep a distance and observe so that she can not inflict harm.


      1. SF Driver, I do not wish to cause disagreement with you but I have a question for you. How do you know Harry and Megan are not seriously in love with each other? I don’t believe we can rely on youtube or any other bullshit media outlet to inform us of the state of their personal/private relationship.

        And another question I have is. Is it true that a physically beautiful women cannot be trusted? That seems a bit odd to me. Surely a persons physical appearance does not determine their personality and morals. Or does it? You fella’s will have to answer that one.


    1. IMF = All talk.

      Seriously, do these people actually do anything that comes in on budget and ahead of schedule to prevent the messes they are always complaining about?

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      1. The NSA can’t show that they have the ability to crack and re-sow blockchain. Ultimately blockchain mathematically is a glorified hash chain. One assumes the entropy is high enough and the computation power required out-of-range, all is well. What if it isn’t?


        1. If the NSA, or anyone, cracks the code to every blockchain out there, or even Monero alone, it would have done so without the ability to act on such an ability, I agree.

          Imagine the world reaction if such was done and acted on, and Monero ceased to function, in essence, because of such a breach.

          Would our nuclear codes be safe? Would anything be safe? It would almost be as if we were invaded by Martians. People would not have any sense that their on-line existence is at all safe.

          Personally, I don’t think the NSA, or anyone, has succeeded in this, and when you further consider that the same powerful classes which are lining up to profit and use blockchain technology, also fund the NSA, it would seem counter-intuitive to do so. Rather, it would make more sense to use such computing power to strengthen the blockchains. And, I am sure they are going to do so when interoperability becomes more clearly defined among many ideas that will consolidate in the future. Kind of like all the car companies that used to exist at the beginning of the automotive development days. They all merged, rather than compete at great expense against each other.

          The future will tell the tale, and all we can do is position in a very intelligent fashion to be ready to gain from, and protect from, what will ultimately be.


  16. I’m gonna beat Joe Biden. Really you can’t make this shit up. You don’t need to.

    The definition of dysfunctional . This IDOT can not lead America as for Harris????????????????

    10 seconds says it all- watch it!


    Crypto markets ‘between a rock and a hard place,’ Peter Brandt says

    09/09/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing This is the 4th time this week Tony has applied for a Press Role with Kayleigh to offer to hold her Briefs.

    Why central bank digital currencies will destroy bitcoin | Nouriel Roubini

    Message being, extract from Bitcoin until clarified.

    Whole of UK could be hit by 10pm curfew in bid to avoid second wave

    This madness will carry.

    https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/09/whole-of-uk-could-be-hit-by-10pm-curfew-in-bid-to-avoid-second-wave-13243578/ _______
    Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – We Will See A “Coup” In The U.S. As America Approaches Its “Weimar Moment” | King World Ne

    Is this the Theatre of Dreams or Nightmares?
    Crazy stuff. Trumps demise if so.
    nmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Orde

    Thank God for WHA and truth!

    Antibodies against coronavirus ‘decline significantly within weeks’

    Bad news for fast solutions. Bad news for immunity F U China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Antibodies against coronavirus ‘decline significantly within weeks’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8719205/Antibodies-against-coronavirus-decline-significantly-weeks.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    XR vandals deface Winston Churchill statue with graffiti

    No one invited this trash here. Nor wants them.
    No problem them chaining themselves to railings. Ecourage it.
    Tip a can of Gas/ Petrol over them light a match and walk away.
    For sure they won’t try that again. Word will get round fast.

    XR vandals deface Winston Churchill statue with graffiti https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8719509/Extinction-Rebellion-vandals-deface-Winston-Churchill-statue-graffiti.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    tate of shock’ inside White House, says reporter

    Now these WH Slag Media Lefties are all over Trump again hollering up Covid.
    Why is he even talking to these Bums? They seem only there to destroy his image. It’s like having a Fifth Colum working against you in the WH.

    It’s confusing you can’t have 2 sets of complete Liars opposing each other because then even if the Media gives honest coverage no one will believe them.

    So what is their point?

    No one cares what Trump says about Covid, because worldwide the mask wearing Sheeple have show what complete idiots they are. It doesnt matter because most are sadly too beyond too seriously stupid to work it out. I am saddened by just how Thick Joe Public truly is. It’s Global, ours too. I now see our Sheeple and ask why bother?
    Sadly the Tri Laterals are getting a home run free now. What passes for society now is coralling itself. Round up any time is a given. I have farmed brighter Steers and Bullocks.

    If this Momgolian Black Death gets loose, powerful forces may let this run. A reduction gift on a plate. It’s not sad its come to this, it’s sad so many are this.

    Global temperatures are on track to reach a level the planet has not seen in 50 MILLION years by 2300, analysis of seabed rocks reveals

    German and US experts analysed cores drilled up from the seabed over the last five decades to reconstruct the Earth’s climatic history back to the time of the dinosaurs.


    Time to rethink Climate issues.


    1. “Nouriel Roubini, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, was Senior Economist for International Affairs in the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers during the Clinton Administration.He has worked for the International Monetary Fund, the US Federal Reserve, and the World Bank.”

      In other words, he’s worked for three of the biggest bunch of Banksters on the planet, and is doing what someone who works for those entities is hired to do – protect it from any threats from the outside. Worthless cryptocurrencies? As if fiat dollars that have lost 98% of their value since inception should strike a finer figure.

      Not all countries will want CBDCs run by the Fed. Peer to peer alternatives will never be done away with. If they wanted to do so, they would have done it by now. But, they can’t. If they ever blocked all BTC access to cash exits, they will force a peer to peer economy to sprout right under their feet. It’s already been deemed a commodity by the Feds.

      As for his comments on blockchain being “overhyped”, one has to really wonder what they are smoking at NYU. Trillions of dollars lining up to partake and develop this technology can’t be ignored. He’s mixing the concept of using a blockchain to transfer a monetary unit of value (simply one use for blockchain tech) with his opinion that all blockchain tech is “overhyped”. While we all know that money is the domain of the bankers, the technology of blockchain is not, and they know it.

      It’s interesting to note that that article is more than one year old. And who is a key player in contracting for CBDCs? Ripple.

      Let’s watch what happens.

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  17. Just a reality message of Hope, albeit, please DO appreciate these are sensitive times. We are playing 5D Chess with up to 10 Chess Masters facing us hourly, all with agendas, and almost every one a Varmint!

    What we will not do is expose our hand or status. Our cards, OUR game play! The ONLY right to Know is OURS!

    What is unfolding “hopefully” is a very high level Game Plan involving the Elders, UN and London ONLY, where Trust, Integrity and a forward looking Multi Tier Multi discipline Trading Model awaits activation.

    One where the Capital will be protected in perpetuity. No causes, however desperate, will be allowed access to the Principle Assets. No Roaches. No lives matter in Bleeding hearts cases with hands out for Fundraisers, it’s false!!!, we can always breed more. Absolute hardball on the Capital.

    Until done, it’s not. But when the Chairman of the World Gold Council being a key Elder, left the only details of asset locations, Trust codes, Warehouse and Bunker locations, it was in beyond locked down secrecy on all issues.

    Either the Top Entity accredited with the Global remit, accepts the terms of access, and allows a certain person sole and absolute Domain control supported by London, or no assets will uncloak and the ship will be left to sink. Hard terms and hard truth. Real World! There are so many false posing Fantasists out there. Flakes!

    If, as is developing, the primary unit is allowed control, medium term plans will then be activated where entirely new Securities Bond Trading Profits can be used to increase the earnings of Pension Funds to generate more Security, Health Care Funds, and better spending power for Retirees. A thinking agenda with Dignity for those deserving.

    Problem one being it will be locked into hard line Delivery Contracts prohibiting Pension Fund Board Skanks from fast enriching themselves from newly accrued boosted profits for which they do no work nor deserve such largess. No Bonuses will be allowed to go untaxed offshore, and no ” Family” or Intermediaries / Brokers may be allowed to skim the pot. The power of escalated new money will ONLY be accredited to give back to the People. Fail that and low tiered deliveries will cease. This is rattling cages. Ethical control for Cowboys? To them it’s like being strapped onto a Bucking Bronco and unleashed.

    There will be new Trusts and Foundations, owned ONLY by the Elders to serve in perpetuity. No Roaches or Roach Banks. Screened Executive Selection. Self Trading, full reporting, Taxes paid, nations helped and Projects created. A selective fair world distribution of projects will be assessed and decisions made. No Political foreplays or games in play.

    We will be looking at a growing range of self serviced Community Projects where people of good intent and assessed or verified capability will be helped to get approved Projects off the ground. No Dreamers, Fantasists or Get Rich Skunks, Losers or Brokers will be handed idiot money to waste. No Bleeding Hearts, just cleared viability studies, how can we make a difference? Where is need? Tough love!

    How can we help rebuild safe new Communities? We have agendas. We have plans. We have already seen deserving cases from both sites who deserve a shot. We will approach them. No Desperado queues will be activated. Selective screening for who and where.

    Things are moving well so far at the top. Our asset terms are pretty tough. A clear agenda. We can wait while they are in freefall. It’s all about the game board now. We have need of no one. Selective screening will be imposed. No Desperado queues or Wannabes. A process will develop under control, invitation only. From low to high, all matter who are deserving. Size will not matter. We value even one and have cases in mind.
    If all goes as needed, for many doors will open. Hope for true good cases, but not to Rope a Dope.

    Behind the scenes so much playing out. We just need to clear the decks of so much Flotsam. Ignore the Gurus, Flakes and Scammers. At WHA advice and info is free. Truth. Facts. Reality. Just let it play out. Our time, our Dime.

    Custer is not coming, but for some a new dawn is. First let what is playing out complete. No one will explain.

    How many Masters of the Universe have imploded out there? Flakes, Crocks and Fantasists. Real money has Pedigree and is the Domain of selective parties only. Real people are already fully engaged. It’s not on the streets, or Blogs feeding fantasies. It’s NOT going into the pockets of the Deep State or the Brethren! Funds with Conscience, Roach free. People, Real People matter! There is hope. There is Light, but for many, it’s lights down the tunnel of a Juggernaut coming at them. That , for them will be their wake up moment.

    Trust Real People, Good People have your backs. But for deserving cases, not head cases.

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      1. Glad you liked that.

        Having learned from many mistakes in the past, I know the potential consequences of being swayed from a path based on following bad or embellished advice from those who pretend to be wise or expert.

        I remember all the brickbats hurled at tech investors in the 80’s and 90’s: “Computers wont catch on…they are expensive…the graphics are a joke…it takes 5 minutes to send a pic of my girlfriend…etc.”. When Apple crashed, many were convinced it was never going to come back. WIse investors bought up the cheap shares. Look at them now.

        Today, we stand at the threshold of a digital re-tooling of huge segments of world-wide industrial, administrative and technical infrastructure. These sectors are seeking the efficiency that blockchain technology affords, and the price of not being competitive in the future, could be deadly. The blockchain economy is going to rise, and through it all, we don’t want to make the same mistakes many did in the past and have limited vision which only sees ahead a few miles and assumes the road ends there. This could be potentially tragic for many. Especially those who have held onto paper for decades now, and still without a clear understanding of when they may see a significant appreciation in those notes, or, even if.

        Be safe, chose wisely, and don’t place critical funds in any speculation. But, by all means, don’t quit based on anyone’s opinions. Look ahead – way ahead. The future is there, and if you don’t take a stake in it, you will not have a chance.

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        1. You KNOW I have previously been a bit of a wild risk taker but you have offered me an abundance of education in the time that I have known you to caution me into transforming into being much calmer as far as risk taking is concerned. You always enthuse and enlighten me and there really is no better education than that Tony. Thank you ever so much for taming me. LOL Although, I’m truly not sure that is 100% possible. Haha I’ll behave as long as possible. LOL

          I believe, you Tony will be remembered in my life as one of the most truly inspirational forces I was blessed with the opportunity to discover on this crazy ride called life. THANK YOU.


        1. Thanks for asking. Due to highly skilled doctors at St. Luke’s Hospital, he has been stabilized. The diagnosis was completely unexpected and there are serious long-term health issues to deal with, and while the cause goes back several years, all this could have been avoided by a good office visit to any of the docs that cared for him.

          But F****ING COVID quarantine and isolation, he didn’t get that doctor’s appointment, and he walked right up to death’s door. When I saw him when I arrived I thought I’d have to bury him. Instead I get to take him home in a few days. His life now will never be the same, and new disciplines will have to set in, and I will be spending much time here in support of him, but at least I get more time with him.

          At some point I will post the whole affair here, because there is a very interesting backdrop, stretching all the way back to 9-11. It will show how world events have surprising consequences in personal lives and why we can no longer afford AT ALL, Trilateralist or other Deep State behavior. It’s time to grow up as a species, in both personal and aggregate behavior.

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          1. Thank you so much for sharing that information Tino. I am so very pleased to hear your Dad has now been stabilized and will be heading home shortly. That really is fabulous news even though there will be battles ahead.

            I look forward to hearing the additional information you wish to share when you have time for that Tino. Be well always.


  18. Banks Are Toast but Crypto Has Lost Its Soul – CoinDe

    Bitcoin options data shows traders anticipate BTC price to fall soon.


    Watch “🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 30 to 6 Monday – Inevitable Back To Full Lockdown Right?” on YouTube

    Disgusting, appaling Gross Stupidity. But, with half wits like Johnson and Mat Hand on Cock what can be expected.
    If Anarchy ever triggers , hopefully this lot are the first dragged ourside, shacked and thrown headfirst into the currrents of the River Thames.

    Unreal stupidity. As if they have not wreaked enough damage already. Society needs to rage and rip them a new Arse!

    When Morons rule Fools or Vice Versa.


    Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Trump needs to be credited for this.

    NATO Jets Conduct Dry-Run Missile Strikes Against Russia – Fort Russ

    Games people play. Ask yourself whether he plays?

    The Kremlin wont be playing games if they strike.



    Reality is we are being sold a Pup, and it’s a BullDog emerging!


    It’s a Crock!
    Watch “Joe Biden listed as criminal suspect in Ukrainian court” on YouTube

    Damned right hes suspect. When will this farce end? What next, Hillary?


    The new Glacial melting and questions relating to emerging sea levels and weather patterns, make an interesting read.

    Make of it what you will.


    1. Massively intense and huge logistics plus political balances to be found. Like never before as the Cabal knows it’s in real trouble, every last corner is being fought. It’s complex and red hot pokers right now, so Diplomacy and deals are all playing out. This is about real world dynamics. Building essential bridges for what is coming, and having new structured hemispheres in place in time. Huge facilitation issues with the Elders and metals. The old Power forces will take it to the wire. Just not for debating in public, way too big and serious. Rethinking everything which matters.

      The Political fronts are in free fall. Covid is a catastrophe and Economies are reaching melt down soon. It’s a case of thinking the Eastern/ Western Dynamic splits, and giving Elders come confidence of who they can trust as Asia won’t touch the US with a barge pole, so remodeling Banking they can work with is taking time. Once Au moves,it will have huge consequences for JPM once Gold Bonds are called in panic. So, so, so many issues right now.
      Ignore the Blogs, just clueless Muppets. This is way beyond their pay grade.

      Everything is in play right now, with decisions and accords needed. Huge! For some real consequences.

      I was called at 01-04 Tuesday morning. I have worked 24 x 7 since and still on hyper drive. So many time zones.

      So many egos. Just no time to explain, nor can yet. We have a very strong need to lock out leaks. Also to resolve consequential issues because for some, they will be huge.

      Also the chaos of Covid, knee jerk Political stupidity, and real consequences of weak Politicos too stupid and gutless to slam the door in the faces of low Lobes determined to travel to high risk areas for vacations despite warnings, thus re importing back new Pandemics we don’t need. We need to lock them out! Compounding that if the Black Plague gets out of Mongolia, with these free travelling F Chans, like lice on Dogs, God knows what then. Chaos may rule soon. It that breaks out it’s game over. Real issues all intertwined.

      It’s no longer about a few Freebies now. A huge Global dynamic is playing out if this does not get a settled accord, you don’t need to know the down side. Just pray to Mecca and cover your Butts if Muzzies are around! We are trying to get a consensus, but opposing pigs at the trough don’t make it easy. One trough , 5 portions. 5 Pigs each demanding 5 portions. The full Illuminati is in play now, and you really don’t want to know. Let life be a Hollywood Chocolate box. Reality is too cruel for both the good innocent, but worse for the stupefied masses. I look at the masked Mutts as Zombies now walking. How the hell have they come to this? It’s depressing, no wonder there is so much Deep State and Tri Laterals contempt for them. Is there a brain among them? Is there a point for them?

      So much is playing out. Huge power plays. Like never before. The Pigs will take the lot down if not accommodated.

      Indifference let it get to this. It’s in play daily. It’s real. Let’s see how it shapes out now. No to time scales, it does not matter, just that somehow we keep each Ship of State on the tracks. It’s ugly! Change is coming. Just hope, it’s the good! I can’t yet give you Disneyland, the Zios have stolen the keys.


      1. A simple question please. The new digital money starts on 1.1.21 without paper money. Is this true for all nations in the world? Will they tell us to turn in all the cash in all denominations both domestic and foreign before their value goes to zero? Will we have a few months for this process?


        1. There will be a phase in period but you ARE going Cashless, Drug Traders will panic, and every transaction will be on hard record in future, along with transfer recovery facilities inbuilt, to track, trace and sequestrate any transfer funds needing retribution. Tax Evaders you have a problem tracking.
          Before funds are accepted into the new QFS, you will have to be audited and verify your source and history of fund. Whoops? This for Zios will be like Adult Circumcision.

          If you lose you cards and digital ID, you simply will not exist for long. Access almost everywhere will be denied.
          Dissent and your spent!

          All assets, all wealth will become entrapped and Compound within one giant system. Catch all. Offshore banks will be wiped out. Tax evasion will disappear. There will transaction taxes at each source. Inheritance Tax will be simple, they will just take what is due on your death. 50% Take all Divorces will be hit. That free riding scam is for the chop. Booted parties will be settled by need, Money will not be for Fools. There will be a new control of Wealth by State Stealth. I’m not justifying, just responding. Alimony pissing contests will become history. No longer the Law of the Legal Whore. The State will ever more sequestrate.

          Zionists will lose their ticket to free ride as has been their culture. Technology will become the new Bankers, But transparent. Full electronic oversight and reporting. Washington DC will be getting a D & C.

          It’s not just an issue of money, but keeping the honey. Change is coming and real issues. Marriage is a gonner anyway. It’s in huge decline in the West. Liz Taylor and Zar Zar showed the immorality of all of it.

          But with it will be a new morality code. Absentee fathers will be tagged to fund each child. Income will be electronically sequestrated up front. At source. If it leaves them nothing to self feed, at least in time it cuts off the wanton breeding source. Another problem solved. An Afro population decline will follow.
          We really need to address Education. How many problems could be avoided if each child’s potential was developed?

          A new, structured, asset balanced world is in process. 8 Billion Carrion need to be fed somehow. Random economics fails us all. One Pot and Division by whatever means. And some element of fairer distribution. I have Gorilla Snot in mind for the Zios and madcap Cults left to my choice.


          1. Sir John. Thank you very much for taking your very valuable time out to explain what is and will be taking place that will chage the way has been far too long, the erroneous one. I and the readers appreciate your efforts to share very important information with us. Your efforts and those by the Patriots will not be taken for granted. I/we hope to reciprocate in ways that will benefit mankind today and in the future.

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        2. Paladin’s podcast #12
          He explains what QFS will be like and shares important information. No Trump re-election = QFS not happening timely. SWFT has been taken out. QFS is digital currency. He says be very careful with crypto currencies because they are not asset backed and could lose value once QFS launches. Shadow Gate 2 will be out soon. He asks us all to spread it far and wide.


          1. Even though I know Tony and John are seriously busy with other matters, I would love their opinion on Paladin’s comments noted here if there is a slim chance I could be so bothersome.


              1. No worries at all Tony. I am sorry to be so demanding but always love to gain your opinion on such matters. Thank you in advance if you do find the time in the coming days Tony. No rush.


            1. Okay, finally I have some time to answer this. I am thinking you are referring in large part to Paladin’s opinion that the QFS, and/or a new digital dollar backed by gold, would wipe out any other blockchain crypto currency.

              It goes without saying that I have nothing whatsoever against Paladin, and he has my support in all matters concerning our subject matter.

              I will have to separate the different segments of what we are talking about. It can be quite confusing and overlapping comments can prevent an understanding that is necessary to a clear answer. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about QFS first.

              As far as I know, and from what I have read about the QFS, it is not a currency platform. It is a system of accountability and recording of financial transactions. In and of itself, it is not a threat to the existence of any non-criminal currency system, as far as I can tell. It will grant legitimacy to valid and lawful transactions as well as disclose any nefarious activity, such as supporting criminal activity or money laundering, etc. This is not going to interfere with digital assets which are validly used for tokenizing commercial applications, including those used to transfer monetary value. I don’t see how it can.

              Now, as for a threat to crypto currency (such as DASH, BTC, MONERO, XRP, XLM, etc.) by a gold-backed digital dollar, it is believed by some that a Central Bank Digital Currency will somehow cause the demise of all crypto currency ideas. I can understand how this may seem so. After all, it would look like big brother coming in with his brute force and eliminating all competition in this arena. This may be what many may think, but I don’t believe it will be the case.

              First, there is the concept of “Interoperability”. This is the ability for one blockchain currency to instantly covert to another. If such is the case, then the idea that all non CBDC cryptocurrencies would be threatened by a central bank digital currency, is really kind of wrong. Why? Because if you can hold any form of digital currency, and instantly convert across the board to a CBDC (or a digital USD in this case), then all the more reason that one would not need to threaten or do away with the other. The market place can decide which digital currency platform it wishes to use, and the option to then move it to a CBDC for conversion to US funds, is simply available, as if exchanging foreign currency. Easy.

              Remember, also, that many of these digital currencies are peer to peer in nature (something that really irks the central banking stuffed shirts), and it would be virtually impossible to mandate their removal without having to attack every server and node which runs their algorithm. This would be hugely expensive, unnecessary and impossible to enforce.

              Of course, this market is very new overall, and perhaps not all digital currency platforms will survive. However, I think that some will simply merge with others as the market continues to streamline and seek the most efficient and cost effective way of serving a marketplace for which they were designed. This will only be very positive for such ideas. They won’t fail, but will join forces and become stronger.

              A CBDC, in the end, is simply the same currency as before, but running on a more modern set of rails. It will be faster, more secure, more flexible and efficient in convertibility. Combined with the QFS, it will be harder for criminal elements, both in and out of governments, to move such funds without being tracked.

              So, bottom line, will a CBDC and QFS wipe out all crypto currencies? I don’t think so. The existence of any digital currency will be based on the demand for it. If that demand remains, so will that particular idea.

              Also, keep in mind that many central banks are working with companies like IBM (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) to create the digital infrastructure for their CBDCs. This means that such frameworks, with interoperability, can carry over their networks any value it is designed to. In this case, that value is “money”. But, it could be anything, like securities as well. And, of course, any other unit of value of a different digital currency. You could transmit, for example, a certain unit of DASH over the CBDC XLM designed blockchain and have it converted to a digital USD, in mere seconds.

              So, when you consider the fees that are paid to the networks to run these exchanges, it would be counter-intuitive to try to “wipe them out”. Instead, there are network fees to be made (paid in XLM as in the above example) to facilitate the conversion, just like we see in the traditional currency exchange markets today.

              Did the USD cause all other world currencies to vanish, even though it is the reserve currency? No. And if you ask me, the same model will apply in the future within the digital ecosystem.

              And, it is perhaps obvious that the digital tokens used for commercial applications, and not strictly monetary value transfer, will in no way be harmed by the existence of a CBDC.

              Of course, there are risks in any new systems. This is why we have always suggested you keep your digital asset positions rational. Be set up so that the failure of any one idea does not overwhelm your bilge pumps. Because, I assure you, not all ideas will perform as expected.

              That’s what I see coming. Let’s watch.

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              1. Heavens Tony, thank you so much for going to the trouble you have here to expand on the QFS topic, I sincerely appreciate your time and effort. You explained that perfectly which has enabled me to gain better understanding.

                I was just thinking that it could possibly be a good idea for Paladin and yourself to create a video and thrash out some of the topics being highlighted of late. Not that I suppose you have any spare time to add that to your current workload but your areas of expertise and general all round knowledge and manner of explanation in such areas is outstanding.

                Thank you again Tony. Hope you enjoy a great week ahead.


    1. The tweet I posted which does not work was a picture of Trump supports in a stand… they were reported as not wearing masks….but when you zoom in on the pic almost everyone in the stands was wearing masks…. just another example of lying media….can not find the tweet now.


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    1. Thanks for posting this. I enjoy listening to him. He’s full of energy and has a positive outlook. I find him credible too. He’s my neighbor too! Lol

      He released this live stream about an he ago.


  20. Bill Gates Funds Invisible Quantum Tattoo Hidden In Coronavirus Vaccine For Storing Vaccination History | GreatGameIndia

    Its time for Gates trip to the Pearly Gates!

    Worth reading
    Julian Assange arrested at Old Bailey after new US hacking charges

    Assange is being nailed with new charges.

    Watch “Perth Vaccine researcher Dr Judy Wilyman gives incendiary speech on the steps of Parliament House” on YouTube

    Even the Aussies are challenging Covid truth.

    But as few can read we gave it on video.

    Waiting to pull both Aurataus legs.


    Andrew Lloyd Webber warns the arts are at ‘point of no retur

    This is sad and alarming. We are on the verge of losing centries of our Culture , and the vast infrastructure of our Theatres Forever. Its unsustainable.
    For what?
    It makes far more sense to take all our so called Scientific Advisors to the Top of the Empire State Building throw the lot off and return to normal before its too late.
    Economic suicide on whose call?


    How to analyze crypto tokens properly before investing

    Help for all you guys.

    Bitcoin ‘plankton’ wallets hit record — plus 4 more bullish BTC charts

    Brexit news: Brexiteer declares victory over EU – ‘Boris has defeated Barnier’ | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

    Shove it right upo them or tell the EU to Shove It!


    Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Reaches Even Greater Heights


    stronomers find NO technological signs of alien life in a study of more than 10 MILLION star systems

    Perth-based researchers used the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope in the Western Australian outback.


    Now this is worrying. But what about Dimensional?

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    1. Cheeky bugger. The eyebrows were certainly raised for a second there until I read the following line. LOL

      Thanks for sharing all of these great links John, will catch up with them a little later in the evening.


  21. While I will be keeping an eye on the site, I won’t be posting for the next couple weeks. My father, 83, is gravely ill in the hospital with an undiagnosed condition. I am leaving to be by his side this afternoon, all State-to-State quarantine bullshit ignored.


    1. Thank you Tino and our thoughts are with you. You are ever in our thoughts.
      Whatever transpires, life will go on.Sadly maybe for a while, but the human spirit fights back. Scots Whisky also.
      Que Sera Sera Tino. He’s proud of you. You mean a lot to him. He raised a good man.

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    2. I can relate as I have accompanied my father to the hospital, 83 as well,
      a few months ago. All the best thoughts for your father’s health!


    1. When I qualified on range for my Nevada concealed permit, the rule was – if you shoot, shoot to kill. If you are presented with potential grievous bodily injury or death, you don’t shoot legs or arms. You shoot center mass.

      I know the officer was trying to spare the life of the assailant, but it nearly cost him the life of his partner. He won’t make that mistake again. That is, unless some Bolshevik scumbag DA does not prosecute him for making the assailant suffer needlessly with leg wounds before killing him. You never know what these vermin will try when they attempt to weaken our defenses from within.

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      1. The first shot should be a centre shot fast triggered as a stopper. That gives you a couple of seconds shock time zeroing in to refine a head or heart target , or just then to wound. A knee or a foot tends to focus them. A head is game over, unless it’s a Redneck. But please, if a Muzzie make it heads for the second.


        1. RDS said Mike Adams has been compromised, and he doesn’t not think Martial Law is a good idea. I was listening to Kerry Kassidy being interviewed by a French YouTuber early this morning. The interview waa uploaded on 9.3.20, and it was a lot of so and so said this and that. Towards the end she said she really does not know what QFS will be like other than the fact that crypto currencies and blockchain will play a big role which we all have know.


  22. https://decrypt.co/40970/flash-crash-bitcoin-dips-below-10000-ethereum-drops-12








    Where is truth with any of it?

    > How much they want him in the Kill zone alone! Piece of dirt!
    >> This article should go out to every American planning to vote in the November Presidential election. Please share!
    >> Navy Seals on Joe Biden
    >> Remember this when you vote…
    >> This guy is a loser in life.
    >> We need to be sure he’s a loser in November.
    >> Lest We Forget:
    >> When he was the Vice President, he did the most unthinkable thing for a man in his position.
    >> He revealed the names and the unit that killed Bin Laden
    >> “On May 3 2011, at a national event in Washington, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did the unthinkable.
    >> He publicly revealed the identity of the special-operations unit responsible for bin Laden’s
    >> killing, just to show that he “was in the know”.
    >> His reckless action put at risk the lives of every member of Seal Team 6.
    >> The Taliban and other jihadists eager to avenge bin Laden now knew which unit to target.
    >> Stunned and shocked, Seal Team Six members immediately realized they were going to be hunted by al Qaeda sympathizers.
    >> Soon after Biden’s reckless idiotic speech, an American CH47 Chinook was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade in the Tangi Valley, Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan, all 38 aboard were killed including most of Seal Team Six, this incident became known as Extortion 17.
    >> After Biden had let the identification out, and before the Chinook was shot down, members of Seal Team 6 had called their families and told
    >> them to wipe out all connection to them, including social media, and
    >> disassociate themselves as far away from them as possible because they too would be in grave danger as the Taliban would attempt to find them in retaliation….
    >> And Biden, well he didn’t even work up a sweat over any of it, and was just too stupid to realize what he had done.
    >> I added a couple links here for those who want proof.
    >> It’s easy enough to look up the information yourself.
    >> These are just a few of many.


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  23. Hi Folks, Hi Tony, I’ve been a subscriber for years but, after some absence, got a tad confused when signing on with WordPress/Gravatar. Heck, I don’t know. Chalk it up to old man stuff, I suppose. Anyway, just figured it out. Glad to be interactive again. Love your good works Tony. Regards.

    I had to figure out how to get involved again because of this [3-min] video. I think it is a ‘wow!’ Timing couldn’t be more perfect. For me, it is a delight to watch. Spot on. Relevant times ten. Congrats to the good people who produced it.

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    1. Thank you for those kind words. I do appreciate your comments.

      We do have many readers who do not post, and while that’s fine, I always like to see people participating in the discussions. All views are welcomed.

      Thanks again and stay tuned.


    2. Hey there ThomasC S S, WELCOME. So nice to hear from you. Don’t worry about the “old man stuff” around here. You have the queen of “old woman stuff” right here. LOL And your video is most certainly a “WOW. Thank you.

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  24. I’ve noticed an interesting change in the following link I shared here on 9.5.20 @7:00 p.m.
    The term “COVID-19 test kit” was replaced with “medical test kit” in 24 – 48 hours.
    Just imagine what the liability lawsuits will be like post pandemic. It will be so easy if we could place all the blames on China.


    “Fauci is Cross-Examined”


  25. Glimmer of hope that we’re turning the corner in the fear pandemic. Three public articles on what Tino has been telling us for months about the inflated results of the PCR covid test. One from the NY Times (!) and two from John’s neighborhood, including British Medical Journal. Sources for the articles are independent research in each country.


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    1. I met Kari Mullis many years ago. I am privileged to say that we were both called to render an opinion on a technology. We came to identical conclusions. Of course, when I met him, I was like a young fan meeting a rock star.

      He’s the only Nobel prize winner whose Nobel acceptance speech has not been republished everywhere. I believe this was deliberate, because self-same speech fundamentally invalidates PCR as a diagnostic technology.


    1. Not sure if I posted it correctly. Still can’t figure out how to post from twitter.

      It’s Ricky Rebel drowning out BLM thugs in Beverly Hills with song and dance. What can I say… I loved it


      1. AJ, the Gateway Pundit has a better version of that clip. You also see how much the police are doing to keep things peaceful. Sorry, have trouble sharing links currently.


      2. P – yes found it in the gateway pundit. Thank you! YMCA MAGA dance off. It’s a YouTube video with the whole song. Over 500,000 views now. So much fun and uplifting. Exactly what everyone needs, at least for me.

        I would go and see that guy at a concert if I had chance. Yes, I’m a Ricky Rebel fan now.


    1. James
      This is precisely why such intense discussions are in place right now. To try to take back what they have not already stolen from other nations as the Locust Swarm they are. They want the AU but need to pay for it. Amounts and phasing. Safe payment is alluding them as offers leave Elders subject to fraud and sequestration. Hard conditions are on the table. Phased deliveries only after each sequence clears. A sticking point. When dealing with Thieves caution is needed. Scumbag Clauses. The pressure in on the US. Elders can wait.
      But correct, without the AU the bubble bursts. Harball!


      1. That frickin foot dance really really really makes me giggle. OMG! Justice sort of served. Thanks buddy for being such a frickin moron and entertaining us. Bloody twat.

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  26. There’s a reason he failed before

    It’s always so good to have the dirt on a lying Crock like Biden.
    How is he going to face that down? Mentally retarded, like that will get votes?

    At least with Trump everyone knows he’s a serial liar so no big deal.

    Biden is really looking to be a dirt bag.
    We already have one of those, he was supposed to be better.

    Biden is leaking puke. Harris will go down with him. Good!


    Biden Family Linked To Genocide, See The Details… – Free Man News

    A family for sale Answer to this Biden!




    Ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok says agency wondered if Trump was ‘Manchurian candidate’


    Cohen is such a slimebag trawling the gutters


    Police clash with anti-immigration protesters blocking A20 in Dover https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8700851/Police-clash-anti-immigration-protesters-blocking-dual-carriageway-march-Dover.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    About time we acted





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  27. A Trump protest was suppose to take place yesterday in Honolulu and they were a no show.

    Another Trump rally took place yesterday with hundreds of people who showed up! It’s getting bigger every week. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    This is a full blown blue state. So exciting to see this happening here.

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    1. Yes, there was an event in Hawaii at the Queens West Hospital. Just a couple days ago. A friend and Veteran sent me pictures and posted on Facebook all of them. Hawaii looks to be leaving the blue status behind. Good for them!!! )

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      1. P – can you tell your veteran friend? Thank you for his service and Aloha from the Valley Isle!

        The Trump train is growing here as too


  28. Is Nesara/Gesara really a garbage? That does not sound good. I am ready for all my fraudulent bank loans to be eliminated. I hope it will happen!


      1. Hi
        Thank you for your comment. I only read the beginning of your post which referred to GCR which I assumed you meant the Gesara psyop. I apologies for this. I’ve read so much garbage and see many people waiting with baited breath to be blessed with trillions to help humanity that I have to say something.

        I will add that I typically do not engage with any online conversations

        You are absolutely correct it is highly unlikely they will wipe out any debts if the people.

        Whilst the global economy is broken they can keep kicking the debt bubble down the road for many years.



    1. Make money – pay off debts = Debt Jubilee!!

      If there is one, I don’t think it has anything to do with us regular folks. Most likely due to the devaluation of the dollar. JMO


  29. There has been many arrests. Pedos, human traffickers and for corruption as evidenced on the DOJ’s news site as well as creative searching using different search engines. Looks like Google is deliberately blocking search’s related to the pedos and child porn arrests. Weinstein wasn’t a little fish either, nor G. Maxwell, Epstein’s procurrer of underage girls. And how many are already calling Gitmo home, we the public don’t know about yet?


  30. There are 101 reasons this so called reset will not happen -Not least if it dou is too good to be true it probably is
    1. It assumes Governments have agreed to this without anyone knowing about it
    2. It assumes parliaments and congress have also agreed to it without anyone noticing
    3. It assumes so called humanitarian waiting with baited breath, have no money or experience in managing ridiculous amounts of money are the right people to save the world.
    4. Injecting huge sums of money managed by these so called humanitarians is a recipe for disaster.
    5. Ridiculous amounts of liquidity is already being pumped into world economies to counteract the effects of the CV pandemic so pumping even more money will cause hyper inflation as well as being wasted because people think they can handle large amounts of money.

    In short this ain’t going to happen – period

    Please stop this psyop


      1. All wars are bankers wars – the thought of stripping wealth from the cabal bankers would lead to war. Not least Trumo would be assassinated. There is no protection from the Luciferian hybrids


        1. I don’t think anyone said they would be “stripped of all their wealth”. They will be excluded from new and emerging platforms which will not allow access for their freewheeling usury practices, or to foment and support military adventures at their behest while others pay the price.

          Stay tuned.

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          1. WOW From this new update from John sounds like we are close. I pray sooner than I think , cryptos Alt market will start its moonshot in next few weeks. This exchange would allow entry and once in a lifetime opportunity.

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            1. Very true, by all indications. I am actually glad the volatility is in the downward direction right now, and I hope it continues that way for a while. The more time we spend in the lower price ranges, the more time we get for a possible miracle paper exit before Wall St and commercial interests enter this space and push things up and beyond all previous all time highs. Buy the dips, if it makes sense for your personal situation.


              1. I pray we can exchange soon crossing fingers it’s a fire sale right now in altcoins … the ones I have my eye on are in a slingshot and will start their moonshot soon . Maybe this time we will all get lucky …thank you John .


          2. Actually am looking for the EO specifically about that and issued not long after President Trump was in office. It concerns not only the bloodline families into crimes against humanity, but also those corporations and all those that assist and aid them in committing those crimes.


        2. Ian
          If and once the Elders first deals are settled, it’s all in play. Trump is of little importance, he’s just a temporary Grifter Lying King Muppet filling a slot until Real Americans, with brains, emerge to take over. Far greater powers will determine the new future. La La Land has had its day. Afro and Hispanics plus fast increasing Muslim communities will be simply wealth creation unsustainable, and the rest will be history. The parties over. Evolution is in process, and the new world has no time for the ugliness and brutality of shallow American Hegemony. Shameful tyranny. Ask Vietnam, Cambodia, betrayed to be slaughtered, the millions of innocent Iraqi dead,Syrians, Libyans, Afghans and so many more. Each victims of American genocide. You have displaced vast millions. Europe is awash with your consequences in tidal waves of Illegals. But the vain, shallow American Psyche does not show you this. Eurasia, China apart, is coming. Unstoppable. One vast land mass of wealth and assets is emerging. It will take half of this century now. China has blown its first born chance, but the concept is alive and well. Even the French President has asked for an EU Military fund to build up the forces to one day fight America. On public record. Put simply, nations have moved on and are integrating into economic communities, apart from the Brits, but we will play the field. Always have. Multi facet Bastards, smiling!

          Eurasia is coming and if a real face off happens, for the first time, you will mass experience on your own shores what you have long imposed on others. Absurd Hollywood brain washing apart, you will get run over. But those coming, will be seriously pissed, as the Russians were invading Germany. Anything with a pulse. male or female, any age, including Babies, got mass raped. Hate covers generations. Force a WW111 and it will have consequences. Napoleon lost at Waterloo when half way through the battle which finished France, Field Martial Blucher arrived with the Prussian Troops and Lancers behind Frances back, and all Prussians were told any Prussians who showed any mercy to the French would be put to the sword and that no French were to be left alive. The Russian Germans ( Prussians) had long memories of French tyranny and brutality. Payback! Napoleon ran and the French were annihilated. Butchered, terrified. As the US has never fought equal armies on its own land, there simply is no concept of reality. Just Hollywood fantasies. All John Wayne and Snow Whites. Look at how you ran in Vietnam. Terrified. We all saw with contempt. The nation went mental over 9/11. What the hell do you, think Bushes cruel Shock and Awe was like to live through for defenceless and terrified Iraqis? Or Syrians with the ISIS forces you have armed and funded to suppress Assad who stood up to you. Or how we withstood the constant German Blitzkriegs, as they bombed us into oblivion nightly, until quietly having secretly build enough Fighter planes, we emerged from nowhere in the Battle of Britain and over 3 nights we wiped out the Germans Luftwaffe. Hitler freaked as German Pilots realising English were now killing them, shat their pants. The Third Reich, part funded by the disgusting Bushes, got payback. Forget Hollywood,we dragged your poor Farm boys and America City Slum Kids terrified out of Foxholes during the D Day invasion, even Patten had to slap one for Cowardice. We just shot ours. But hell. that’s Truth too far for Americans weaned on Hollywood. A nation built on lies and fantasy. But one built on Crime and corruption. The Fed State has always been corrupt. Research Custer? Even then.

          But it’s all catching up, and on a level playing field, hope WW111 never comes because you will run and it will be like Little Big Horn.

          995 US Military bases threatening the world . Close the dam things and make them Centres of Excellence and help build both Trade and a Better World. Promote Real American Excellence because you can, and help us turn this dam Cabal Tramp Ship of State around and build a better world. Because- You can. We must! Or, keep pushing and one day you risk finding yourselves face down in the dust.

          If the GCR works, and you use your heads, WHA may just help you make enough fast to rethink all. The whole world awaits. Opportunities, a new world.

          Why not? Join up the dots. Do you really want to live in the Dems State?

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      1. Yes I know the west has been broke for a long time but they can keep kicking the debt onto the future for quite a few years yet.

        The book drain the swamp was written in the 90′ s and outlined the Gesara idea which raises its head from time to time claiming the same old things over the years.

        I think anyone would like Gesara to happen but if you look at just one aspect of Gesara you will realise how unlikely the whole thing is.

        Fortunately I have researched a lot of this stuff over the years and 90% is BS.

        These ideas get recycled on each new generation and it all starts again and people get all excited.

        Not heard much about the flat earth theory for a while but it will become popular again.


        1. Exactly Tony and I honestly don’t even know what a flat earther is, nor do I care to waste my time to find out. It sounds weird.


    1. Ian

      The work we do including the UN appointments now due, is far from Psyop.

      Please, do not align us with Gesara type lunatics, we are far from it.

      The AU releases, if condoned, will underpin new platforms to re assign. The only way the US gets its sticky hands on the AU, is to part pay what is long overdue. JFK signed off the Redemption promise in 1963. Lies only last so long. It’s a Lawful Debt Obligation and the days of the fantasy US living high on stolen funds are ending. No one else left to raid, loot and torture. Golden Lilly and so many more. Study the history and how much was stolen by Bush and his crew. Why has Opium production increased by 400% in Afghanistan and who gains?

      The cosy set up by the Russian Oligarchs and US ? The real world we deal with daily.

      Changes are coming the Cabal has run out of steam. Without the AU it implodes. So now, it pays back to escape the vice. About time. WHA is right on the money. Not Broker hype.

      In short, it is very likely to happen or the pack comes down. All routes are blocked unless part redeemed first. If not, we start selling to China then see how it plays for La La Land. Hard ball with balls.


    2. Yes my friend this is your reality to live with …But the world is changing from left to right..Another words left minded people have ruled this planet with disastrous results it is pretty evident today..
      Right minded people will be respected and admired in this planetary shift…Common Sense is coming back …Decisions from the heart are coming …🌈


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