A Tale of Two Cities – London and Washington D.C. Facing Down The Selfish Alien Parasites Denigrating Each Nation

While we are moving towards a “Hopefully” successful redemption soon, as there are now strong moves to acquire mass Gold volumes from our Chinese Elders Clients, to underpin the coming GCR, there are key questions. Apart from usual stressed Free Lunches howling, there are bigger Real World issues you first need to understand. How to grow your consciousness. How we help Humanity, and You, raises real issues of who is worthy, or not. Tough love! We have revolutionary moves in planning processes, once Redemptions are cleared, to create a whole new funding concept initiative to help the site and the genuine needy. There are so many causes. We know, we care! Our societies, post Covid, have to, and will, need to change. But now is not yet the time to show our Big Picture hand. Timing – Is everything. Cards matter. Very large Real Settlements for the Elders are close now. They have the key Assets the US needs. AU! Power, the key to the future to be used with care. Not for Banker
s and Politico’s greed. For once, it’s now time to focus on rebuilding our shattered world, not funding bloated Militaries and its myriad of scheming, treacherous Agencies. Fund Humankind to be kind! Reeducate and rethink our goals as a species.

We, in turn, combined with key Elders, also have an Agenda, to ensure the coming releases are rescheduled and developed as an investment strategy, to make a difference. Scheduled for Communities and Individuals deserving of support, by putting back new profits accrued, where most needed. Ethical trading, Ethereal values. A conscious choice and a cogent direction. We are ever aware of need.

Please, break free of the US brain fogged Brokers Dream World and try to understand the core realities impairing all parties progress. Life matters, it’s all about Quality! We need to elevate consciousness and be more than we are. Fail this last chance and NWO, in whatever form, wins.

The juxtaposition of this transient reality, is that the Cabal and Deep State Racketeers who have plundered America while it slept, on your watch, have cross combined with double standard sanctimonious people, unfit for the Presidency, who have then looted the store yet again. As did the Neocon Criminal Bushes, also the Deep State Traitors and Cabal they became. The Cupboard, thanks to these Traitors and degenerates like the Clintons, is now laid threadbare. With it has gone your own, and your family’s future if not recovered. Betrayed from within. A City of Betrayers and Jackals. It’s too unthinkable that a crook like Biden could walk into the hallowed Oval Office and open the door for Harris. Don’t count Trump out yet. Biden and his son, Hunter, are despicable. Ukraine shame! Unfit for Office. This needs to be expanded by Trump. Face him down. The Bidens are all Bribe slime! Like Father, like Son!

All Politicos are being played and gamed as Pawns on the board by the malignant conspiring Zionists. Adelson, Soros and others need to be neutered. They treat the Deep State and Bribable Politicos like the Bushes, the Clintons, Soetoro and Biden, as no more than useful idiots, and now own virtually everything! You own…almost nothing. Do the Maths! Some nerve, the Federal Reserve. What a giant Scam.

You elected a Grifter who promised to Drain the Swamp. Arrests – None!

Beyond infuriating, so what do they have on him to be so pathetic?

All the power of the Oval Office and Trump has failed to use it. 4 years is NO Excuse!

Will he fully promise to jail them if re-elected and be assessed on it and held accountable to it? Otherwise, why run? Will he commit to quit in 2 years if he fails again? A hard commitment is needed. No more excuses. No more habitual lies! 

Washington DC is a City of almost total moral repugnance, with both its callous Houses, who betray the world to order, in turn ever diminishing poor America’s standing in worldwide opinions. This is not the wish of America’s so many good-hearted people. Nor the humane, decent, harmless God fearing innocent Good American Jews, who have done so much for nations and societies around the world, but who now fear retribution for Zionist, or Bad Jewish Acts they were never party to, nor condoned. Many are now even fleeing Europe in fear, as rabid Antisemitism grows with mindless attacks on them by ignorant masses and a growing Right Wing. As it did in 1936. Good Jews, of which there are many, need also to align with us all to expose and remove the malignant and conspiring Zionists. Equally to stop them falsely posing as Jews.

Good Jews are Doctors,Teachers, Artists, Musicians, and many contribute so much. Most are not the Lying, Thieving, degenerate Zio Banking, Khazarian MSM Media, Hollywood and Legal trash, so be careful to differentiate. Good family values Jews matter and deserve both respect and protection to live in peace free from persecution. Soros, scheming bad Jews and Wall Street parties, do not. Soros is a heartless World War II War Criminal and parasite who should rot in jail. As should all the Zio Bolsheviks. Look at poor dispossessed Palestine with these Godless Israe-Hell Zios! Just look at their cruel tyranny and Genocide in Gaza.

But, to protect the real Settlements away from prying eyes, we keep real progress purposefully off radar until each transfer is achieved. Privacy is key. We are seeking to do so much good to help turn our world around. These assets are entrusted to feed Need, not Greed. Entrusted for Safekeeping, not plundered by Hegemony. A Higher cause. Zio FREE and Apolitical. Control of such assets is an ethical privilege to be honoured and observed. We filter out the trash.

We have a real mission, an agenda of good intent and purpose. To make a difference. We will need you all to help when stage one clears. We will keep it Parasite free.

Yes there IS progress. Just not for Public release yet. Do NOT despair, or lose hope.

Understand just this as part of the total equation. There are more platforms also!

A vast historical Bond, Currency Pallet and AU Bullion heritage is held safely by the old Chinese Dynasty Elders, and accompanying nations, who are seeking a long overdue Redemption resolution which can re-empower and revitalize our ailing economies. It needs focus and clear Global strategy plans for Infrastructure, Education, and job creation. Core wealth and assets to keep sheltered away from Banking scavengers and Politicos. Also, fast buck fortune hunters and Brokers. It is in very, very real play, but now is no time to go public, not yet. Access will be selective.

Good religious Jews seek only to live in peace.

Evermore the Deep State continues unchecked. Whatever happened to Trump’s lax promise to Drain the Swamp? Worse, the Bolshevik Zio Rats he is surrounded by, roam free, even including the annexation and blatant THEFT and extortion of Syria’s mineral rich Golan Heights for Dweeb Crime Family Kushner and his Cabal henchmen, including Cheney and the Israelis. Despicable collusion again! It is not Trump’s remit to sequestrate Syria’s land. Abysmal Hegemony, more looting. Despicable! Who holds them accountable? White House power abused yet again. Always the dead hand of Zionists and Mossad. With their DC Lab Rats all in place as Gatekeepers to loot America, is no one clean in DC? Bennie’s Man Kushner, is a Gatekeeper for Mossad in the WH. So sad! Where is screening? Post Soetoro – Zero! Clean up America! Where is a Rodent filter?

They sit preening above all, endowed as America’s paragons of Virture with their AshkeNAZI Bolshevik Zionist handlers. The Kingdom of the Blind. To control your own future, first understand what was taken from you, and how. They stole your Democracy.


Be clear, not one of these Khazars is, or has, an ounce of Jewish Bloodline or DNA in them. The lot are AshkeNAZIS !!! Fake fronts.

Their loathsome tentacles penetrate the world. Fake Jews, the lot! Khazars!

Assimilate, Sequestrate, Annihilate is their agenda! Just look at America and poor Palestine. Wake up America! The Bolshevik Zionists have deceived, looted and blood sucked you dry also. Still you won’t awaken from this stupor while they feed like Locusts taking all for fools. Who owns the nation now? Not you for sure! What a convoluted web we fight daily. Real time! In America only Dreams are free!

Genghis Khan’s raping, looting Tribal Marauders, the Khazars of the Mongol Plains, plundered and robbed Asia and Europe, and both pre and post World War II, fled to America to bloodsuck its emerging riches. Gold Fever, asset rich, they came as ever, a Plague on humanity. Just 10M of them encamped in America, now own it all. They fund and own both houses. Without their money, who gets elected as President? It’s so wrong! America has to restrain Political seat funding ownership by the Zionists. When Democracy is bought, it is lost!

Swiss Denied Roman Abramovich Residency Over Suspected Criminality – The New York Times

Russia and Putin have the same problem. The key criminal Mafya Oligarchs are mainly the Zio Khazar Bolsheviks, like Roman Abrahamovitch, who gifts to Putin multi hundredmillion dollar Yachts, and a percentage of the profits of the Crime Proceeds of their assigned territories as his Fiefdom Tribute. Little Caesar’s pleasers. Commie Crime Inc. How did Stalin work out for Russians?

Incestuous crime follows them. Look what this filth has done to Hollywood and LA. All the depravity of the Khazars. Locust swarms. Ugly, depraved , all Weinsteins and Epsteins! Zio parasites. How many nations have kicked them out? So when does America – wake up? They are bleeding you dry. You do not even have your own American people’s Central Bank, they occupy all Treasury roles to keep you OUT, and they own the Fed. Will no one rid you of this accursed Pestilence? Still you sleep!

Almost all the Bank and Finance Industries are owned or controlled by them. The US Treasury and Fed also. Most Financial Crimes are theirs. All Bugsy Seigel types. Yet none dare breath its name. They own the Media and block news of their so many crimes. Even the truth is denied.


They fund and thus own most of the incumbents of the seats of both Houses, and yet Trump can’t even find how to run again without them. Why has it come to this? He is, in effect, imprisoned in this Ivory Tower of Babel, owned and beholden to them. Deeply compromised. Married into them. Absorbed like a Borg. The White House is full of them. Totally disproportionate inclusion. Why? We can’t allow so many good, Patriotic Americans who are more than fit for Office, fine people, outstanding Americans, to be denied the Rights to stand and protect their own nation. Why are the perverse Zionists and Jewish money, funding and fixing who does run? Gophers! Real Patriots are denied.

Stop these Zionists and Fake Jews owning and compromising your Democracy. Limit their funding! Block their powers. Stop selling out the nation. Inclusive for all.

This is NOT The Constitution your Founders fought and died for! What you have allowed to envelope you all is Reverse Slavery. You are ALL enslaved to the Zionists. They own your Banks, Fed and Treasury. They own the media. The Statue of Liberty excludes YOU Americans. Count the Zio Supremes! Justice?

Thomas Jefferson warned you of the enormous risks of betrayals ever allowing them empowerment. As Churchill did with the Nazis. No one listened or cared. We defeated Hitler but despite clear warnings, the Bolshevik Zionists had already penetrated America, and within a Century, now own it, and sadly, you.

The TriLaterals ethos for Population Reduction is very real. As you line up with your masks, sucking in your own exhaled toxic carbons, corralled, Sheeple in-waiting to cull, it’s being gifted to them on a plate. For sure, these are not the Designs of the Visionary Founders. What in your God’s name do you think inadequately tested vaccines can do to you?

But, forewarned and forearmed, post the releases and GCR, we will be operating between the QFS, the Feds attempt to slide in a Digital Dollar, and other platforms, to focus helping Nations and Communities emerge. There is a fight going on for life and Liberty of all, to be free of the Deep State, and Zio Bolsheviks. Once the first redemptions start, if a major Gold initiative, currently being strategically well negotiated, is delivered as intimated, and is money free to transfer, as per contract, without traditional Fed and US Treasury deceit, an entirely new Fiscal market can follow. Restrict Fed criminality and the planet can breath; the green shoots of recovery will emerge. Instead of Trading to fund the bloated Agencies and Military, we will be reversing market proceeds to focus on Humanity. Community funding, education, and seeking to restore Community pride and a purpose of being. Wall Street, its Offshore skim offs, and horrendous accruing debts, funding US Hegemony, has to end. All it achieves is a spiral of Debt for Death.

Time to clean out the Sty.

Think what good these funds can do if aligned to Cryptos launched as asset backed project funds with shared corporate ownership and profits income for all of you?

Our putting back to feed people’s needs and giving every child Education to contribute and belong in a new society where respect is now inherent for all. Where your life matters. A nation fit to live in. Your Sovereign Right to be Free in Dignity!

Educated to KNOW the Difference? Each child needs to be given a protected Right, Educated to fulfill their capacity and contribute for all. This NEEDS to be YOUR Constitutional Right! Your hard earned Profits working for Democracy, Humanity, and rebuilding our multinational world. Equality of opportunity. Ethereal – LIFE!

The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look. – Julius Caesar


  1. A man in the UK was filmed kicking a teenage girl in the face because he was upset she wasn’t wearing a mask. Before he knew what happened, a brave bystander slammed him to the ground and stomped on his head.In the beginning of the viral video, a couple is heard arguing with a fellow passenger on the UK public transit bus.“All I’m saying is put your mask on!” the man screamed at the 16-year-old girl. “I’m not being racist but the virus is more common in Black and Asians. Put your f***ing mask on.”

    The girl tried to respond, saying, “So, because I’m another ethnicity,” but she was quickly cut-off by the man’s female counterpart.

    “Why do I have to come on the bus and put up with you sitting next to us with no mask on,” the woman shrieked, adding, “If you weren’t sixteen I’d knock you the f*ck out!”

    Not backing down, the teenager said, “I’d like to see you try,” which really enraged the woman.

    The arguing continued as the couple made their way off the bus, but something made the man turn around and kick the teenage girl in the face.

    Upon witnessing the assault, a man in a business suit grabbed the attacker from behind, slammed him onto the ground and stomped on his head one time.

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  2. There are serious, deep discussions and negotiations going on off Public Radar on a strict need to know basis.

    Huge complexities still need to be resolved relating to Elders Dynasty Collateral and title to AU, Bonds and Cash pallets. Real issues. Real people, and real Ancestral Dynasty parties. Trump needs a resolution pre Election. As do the True Elders. These are bloodline Elders, not chains of Wombat Brokers with meaningless Assignments with their Broker fantasy games and the lowest Bottom feeding, Ambulance Chasing Attorneys, cross engaged like a
    bunch of Legal Eagle Pimps with their heads up the Wazoo. As for the armies of Wannabe Queens of the Universe, associated with layers of beyond Dubious Broker Sharks with visible Skidmarks, do non understand Diligence? They seriously think TPTB are going to allow a bunch of Pancho Villa Limp Wrists loose with the seed corn lifeblood capital for recovery? Only Dreams are free!

    Posturing Buffoons. A little knowledge is dangerous. They posture like they matter, and 5 years on, fancy dress and dirty Knickers, they are still posturing. But not alone. Others procrastinate imaginary powers and roles. Sad- os!

    Off radar, genuine assets are being assayed, and Bonds diligence checked. Each are being negotiated for constructive use and complex, credible use formulas are under discussion. Viable projects, both Humanitarian and Economic. In addition both Infrastructure and Special needs. Real world, real people.Real title, as far as can be authenticated. Not bottom feeding Brokers wild on the range with their 20 level deep cross assignments. How did Reno go? Florida? Their hangers on still cross proliferate and compound their Credit Card spending for a place at the Zoo of Fantasy Life. Worse, they propound, procrastinate and obfuscate. Each, as real as a 90 cents note.

    Off Public radar, real people are hard at work, seeking resolution. Our task is to focus on need, not Wannabe greed.

    Their naive, presumptive arrogance is exposed for all to see, yet non have Diligence checked each other. Most have more skidmarks than a Zebra. Collective culpability. Bottom Feeders. Collective rejection will follow. they carry the aura of a Skunk pack. Help is coming Covid masks smells.

    If successfully approved, what is in advanced dialogue is intended to be put to real use. Ethical management, and Sophisticated Investors only. No Broker chains qualify. Real people, real assets, real needs and real causes.

    If endorsed for use, appropriate Projects will help many. Selective need. Selective allocation. wise selection.
    Perceive Bloggers naivety for what it is. You can’t assign- Bloodline! A sophisticated difference.

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      1. James we are always on track its sht dealing with the Excreta flies along the way and time it takes to Swat!

        Wannabes with pointless assignments, No grasping Broker Bum goes from Zero to Hero riding on Elders backs.

        1.The Elders asset are always real. Not Broker Fantasists. We just don’t show our hands.

        2. Private Placements are real. But not for Public exposure.

        Currency issues are for all parties to determine for themselves if what they put in in still viable, or not. Know when to hold them and fold them. We don’t give advice. Too many went in headfirst, gullible or with greed. Experience costs.

        For sure you need to learn to cover Cryptos. Nowhere better than WHA.


  3. Sheep, horses and rabbits are among dozens of domesticated animals that could be susceptible to coronavirus, study shows

    A total of 28 species were identified as being vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2, the same virus causing the Covid-19 pandemic in humans.

    Especially Democrats.
    How about culling the lot for Public Safety?

    Why all the hiatus. Fatman will overcome this and show the overhyping is nonsense. Flue still kills far more. Too much media hype.
    If so serious, test it on bIden?
    Joe Biden for President

    It may be subjective but it sure as hell is worrying. Where is Trump’s advertising war chest he’s clearly outgunned and Tweet lying wont pull it off again.

    How can Small Hands Glad Hand his way out of this?
    He needs campaign money or he will follow Bush 41 through the door and ignominy. Fundraisers matter and with Covid it’s a bit late.

    Presidencies are bought, not fought. Small hands needs funds fast.
    The Ticking Time Bomb in Biden’s ‘Record Player’ Answer – POLITICO Magazine

    Biden is a Moron. Get real! Too Stupid and too Corrupt to stand. Only in America!

    Still this is hidden, ALL Churches need to be made to face Justice for this. Thousands need to be jailed. It’s Global filth and needs exposing.

    Let me be clear, very clear, this UK Government WILL face defeats EVERY time they attempt to fast track poor Laws through the Lords.
    The Lords IS the last resort to block amateur bungling by poor MPs.
    They WILL reject poor Brexit deals and poor Immigration laws.
    The EU still does not understand, it doesn’t matter what idiot Johnson gets railroaded into, it still has to clear the Lords and it won’t!

    Bungling Boris Johnson is fighting for his Political life now,. and being a bungling lightweight Buffoon, just like Biden, he’s being eaten alive in London. We are not kind with Fools, and twice a week, unlike in the US, he has to face the House in Prime Minister’s questions, and they are ruthless. Nowhere to hide as he gets shredded, ridiculed and exposed for his failures. The US needs this system also. But he then can attack back and fully expose the opposition and that does not happen in America. It needs to.

    Brexit: No-deal more likely by the day, top EU official say

    Good news. 2 Fingers and walk away. Pay them NOTHING and block all EU Fishing Fleets from UK waters. Blockl all EU Car sales in the UK for a year, or two.
    Block all French Wine sales to the UK and look at all EU trade with care. Slap a minimum 20% starter tax on all EU imports which they will do to us anyway subject to us doubling it if need be,
    They sell twice as much to the US as in reverse so the UK makes a huge profit from tarrifs.

    When the German industries crash and they walk all over France , job sorted. Cease all payments propping up the EU from Jan 1. Tax all Vatican and Catholic income in the UK. Remove all Churches from School controls, stop their incomes, repatriate thier stolen lands to the State. That is how to deal with the Socialist EU. 2 Fingers and out. It’s called- Leadership!

    Make that clear and watch them fall.

    Face masks don’t work in the rain, experts warn

    Heads up everyone!

    Face masks don’t work in the rain, experts warn https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8799175/Face-masks-dont-work-rain-experts-warn.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Fraudsters are switching from credit cards to Bitcoin, says consumer protection company

    Just watch your backs out there.


    As Chump is trailing way behind in the polls, someone needs to try to get his head tracked or we lose America.

    So much was promised. Justice was not delivered, and all will be lost if Biden gets in. It’s beyond worrying, but the Power Elites care only about robbing the store as a Zionist Whore.

    Please, read this article. Trump needs help and fast. Who can give that well padded Arse the kick it needs? We need to save him and America. Time runs out.


    1. Actually John, Trump is not fat as you repeatedly state. I’m sure he always has a flack jacket on under his suits so that makes him appear a little bulkier imo. Who gives a shit what he eats. He can eat what he bloody well likes. Don’t you? I do. And when a person is continually in a state of stress their body produces profuse amounts of cortisol which makes it extremely hard to shift those pounds. Just for a moment, imagine being Trump. Peaceful relaxed life? I don’t think so.

      I don’t mean to be rude to you John but I do recall not that long ago you went on a diet and lengthy walks to lose several pounds. Many of us have weight issues, some deal with it, some don’t. Let the bloke be.

      Small hands? To be honest, I have never noticed that. Does having small hands mean one is not man enough?

      Look, there are many things I personally do not like about Trump or some of his crap arsed policies but let’s be fare shall we. Can you imagine being in his position? Being attacked on a daily basis from every bloody angle for every single damn bloody thing. Our choice is Trump or sniffing pedo wanker Biden. I know who I would prefer. We all know the system is a load of bullshit but it is the way it is just now and I suppose we need to deal with that if we so choose.

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      1. Auratays,
        Simply dumb but with humility I have no issues with and respect with latitude.
        But a Carnival Barker lump with an ego bigger than Texas, who has no idea of his own extreme mediocre limitations, rankles.
        We can’t afford Biden, and Trump, because he’s truly a Clown, puts America at risk because hes simply too dumb to either perceive his own visible limitations, or reason a way out fast.
        Yes, I prefer Trump also, but it’s one of 2 Half Wit choices. So tweaking his tail a little, is just poetic license. I’m still trying to get the lump elected , and the small hands joke you haven’t, I suspect, understood. But bringing down a pompous Buffoon is fun. Trump is neither intelligent nor smart and that’s a double whammie.
        Someone in his camp, needs to focus him fast on the economy and fight on that. I KNOW we are read!
        Bottom line look how we DO push for Trump. With limitations and reservations. America has so many better,Sadly none running. So we need to try to give Biden a Hiding, but I suspect Trump is self immolating right now. That worries me, because Biden is a horror story in waiting.


        1. Thanks for your reply John. I hear you but I still think we need to place ourselves in Trumps shoes and consider how he feels trying to do the job he is doing with so many others trying to bring him down every minute of every day. We all know he is not the sharpest knife in the block (smarter than me though lol) but in many ways I believe he is doing his best with what he has to work with. Many in his own team probably cannot be trusted. It must be a seriously worrying position for him to be in in my opinion.

          I just don’t see the point of criticizing him on a physical appearance level. We all have our faults and none of us are perfect. Yeah, maybe he does have an ego but would we rather have some withering little flower up there crying at the drop of a hat every time someone looked at them the wrong way? I don’t mind him having an ego, that’s up to him to deal with when he has to in all situations, good and bad.

          I think I’ll just have to get used to you being a bit of a shit stirrer. and not take it so personally. lol. I suppose we do reside in very different worlds. Oh, and I think I may have just got the small hands joke. How the heck would you know that by the way? Anyway, if I have it right now I could tell you a very interesting tale one day. LOL

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  4. Who cares about the Hollywood sign when you have a giant Trump sign! I can imagine the triggered liberals in grid lock forced to look at it! 😆

    Whoever did this I love him!

    Giant Trump sign appears on the hills along the Sepulveda Pass

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    1. Bloody good job. Heck, you guys in the US are in for one hell of a racket in the next few months. I wish you all well.

      The old land down under is in a total shit fight just now and getting worse by the day. We all have very serious and major choices to make now. May we all recognise the best path forward and fight for that in the best manner we feel able to.


        1. I am too beautiful, probably why I cannot get a decent nights sleep anymore. I am staying quite aware of what is happening but cannot make the moves I would like to just now due to my current commitments so will have to do the best I can for all concerned. I have a plan and if things get much more serious here I may have to act on it.

          I don’t believe there is any turning back now, serious decisions need to be made rather quickly. This country is in trouble. I never thought I would see what I am seeing here. So, just have to take each day at a time and be directed by what I feel needs to be done based on the changing environment and what level of personal threat is presented.

          You stay safe too gorgeous. XX

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        2. Aurataya- I just saw that you posted this. I saw last nite a clip of a health minister?? In Australia telling people (paraphrasing) that everyone will have to get the vaccine. The ones who don’t, will not be able to travel, go to restaurants etc.. Sick Bastards!!! I am so worried about you over there!

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          1. Yes A Johnson, that is what they are saying here. But guess what? There is no way in hell they are putting that crap in me. I’m not sure if the people in Oz will fight hard enough in big enough numbers to stop these commo bastards.

            Without saying too much, I have a couple of avenues to head if things do really get too far out of hand here. It’s so difficult facing this and the possible options and ensuring the elderly relative I care for is in a safe situation at the same time. Some very tough decisions may need to be made in the near future if this country gets much more stupid than it already is.

            I will always be ok A Johnson but I thank you for being concerned for me. I’ll get through it one way or another. Life just may be a little crazy for a while. As we say down here, she’ll be right mate.

            Take care of yourself, Mom and hubby beautiful. XX


  5. John,

    Apologies if already covered. Would you verify if the bond redemptions are, in fact, legitimate and if they run the risk of being reneged on? Is it more credible than the rumors of a “reset”?

    Spirits were running high on imminent releases a couple of months back, and hopes recently appear to have dimmed. Is the prospect of an end in sight this year? Any insight is very much appreciated.


  6. Please, as a watching Politico exposer who does care what happens in America, allow me to make a key suggestion in the hope someone can get it to Trump and really help direction for him to win support fast.

    He needs to really focus on what he’s done for the economy and the successes for all Americans which Biden would destroy. It’s ALL about the economy. The rest is a sideshow. Show the consequences in Lost Jobs and lost income if the Moron and his Socialist trash get in, they will TRASH America.
    Focus on work, not electing a Jerk! Trump got Americans back to work. He’s helped America win!
    Trump delivered Jobs. The Democrats just breed more Yobs!
    America IS working, don’t let Biden derail you. Vote Trump for 4 more years.


    1. Well I’m not hitting the like button on that comment because you can be so bloody contradictory John. Stop picking on the bloke for being fat and having small hands and fight for him if that is the result you desire to see.

      You know I like you John but you are like a bloody old woman sometimes with your wishwashy flip flopping. LOL Do you still love me big boy?


      1. Did this lady do a hit and run earlier in her life?….think she feels guilty about something she did in the past!…. like to give her a map to the Appian Way….. this is an example of college professor?…. dear lord!….
        how about we all move forward with a common goal of free thinking and unity…. I can sit here and think of many different ways to move forward as a nation and I am just a hillbilly…. putting us into another form of guilt and chains is NOT one of them…. TRUMP 4 more years!

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        1. I really like you James Darren. And please don’t put yourself down by saying you are just a “hillbiilly.” That seems derogatory to me and there is no way on this earth that approach should be taken as a view toward you. I think you are absolutely awesome mate.


  7. Let’s enjoy some late night horse shit. Seems Kim Gunga Din and President Trump just can’t work out a deal.

    Found at:


    “Last Thursday the silica based quantum system was turned on, according to Kim.

    The artificial intelligence system promptly stopped functioning. According to her military contacts it’s not understood why it did this to itself.

    So president Trump was depending on this quantum system and tried to get funding into the system during his time away from the White House. This funding was turned down, as was the silica based quantum system, so he has turned to his plan B (not Kim’s plan).

    He had some discussion with Kim Goguen but has turned her offer down at this time.

    Very unlikely the Tier 4b will go ahead this week under the current situation of unsecured RV funding….”


  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2020/10/04/a-major-tesla-investor-has-predicted-bitcoin-will-be-worth-more-than-1-trillion-in-under-10-years/

    How Trump supposed to be doing in Swing States because we can’t trust MSM reports
    New York woman claims she was ‘gagged and raped’ by Ghislaine Maxwell https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8804305/New-York-woman-claims-gagged-restrained-raped-Ghislaine-Maxwell.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Now truth is coming home for Maxwell and this is 40 years hard time

    An oh shit moment from a phony baloney. What chance has poor Trump got when the phony media do this to him? Its a giant Crock and a farce.
    SEC Alleges John McAfee Pumped Tokens for Profit – CoinDesk

    McAfee is in a lot of trouble.



    A hiatus for the Kayleigh McEnany show? Coronavirus sidelines another potent Trump surrogate.

    A fast rise in Washington stress levels. Kayleigh has to isolate.

    50M Americans jsut stood up shouting – With me please?

    : Russia Would Have ‘No Problem’ Delivering S-400s to Iran | Financial Tribune

    The game changer. If Russia delivers these, and Yes Please!!!!, Khazarville is flatlined. Any time thereafter Iran can attack the Zio trash and end Ghengis Khans reign in Palestine.

    Armed with S400s they will take out anything Israel can thrown and also neutralise US Warships and bases all over the Middle East. Suddenly its a level playing field, and Vietnam or Mogadishu all over again. Payback! This time Hollywood wont be able to fantasise reality will be raw.

    We try to delver the warning but the Dummies just keep on yawning. Brain dead Hollywood fashion.

    Dr. Carrie Madej Warns About Coronavirus Vaccines and Transhumanism Nanotechnology to Alter Your DNA (Video) | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    Crazy stuff


  9. John2020:

    After all of the work you have put into the GCR, and after gathering all of the information you now have, are you 90% sure that the VND will be revalued greatly in order to put it on a level playing field with the other currencies?

    Why would China HELP the VND revaluation? What is in it for China if the VND revalues?

    Thank you for all your work on behalf of the GCR.



    1. Brad,

      Once the consensus comes, China will be a single finger of dissent wagging alone , and what an opportunity for the West, to say Hell No with a Xi, and overrule the Commie Fool. Vietnam will be set free from the Chinese Commie Cons!! and given Project aid and grants accordingly. The days of according China special status for Asia is over. It’s ONLY their ruthless support for the Dogs of War in North Korea that keeps vast millions enslaved and living in abject fear and horror. China is now exposed as a Naked Emperor of Terror, and post Covid- Payback. Pre Covid, China had latitude to expand. Now its perceived as attitude to lie while we – Covid Die!.
      So will China be allowed to protest, Sure. With a response of Kiss my Ass from a vengeant world. Payback now we can Mr Chan! The Game Board has changed, Now it’s game on, and repositioning. Dongs are not demonetised, so as long as you have an acceptable Female companion to hold yours, time will pass until its time to do a Vesuvius for you. Then what a Xi? The Dong will be in play, and now not Charlies way. So, as ever Dongs have a base. Demonetised notes have none.


  10. 10/3/2020: Attorney Reiner Fuellmich presents comprehensive overview of how the fake PCR test was adopted as the standard for Covid-19 “diagnosis” and how Germany’s Green Party persuaded the German majority government to adopt talking points of deliberate fear and panic in violation of international law of crimes against humanity.  Dr. Fuellmich announces that an International network of lawyers will argue the biggest tort case in world history.


  11. https://dailyhodl.com/2020/10/03/5-crypto-assets-youve-never-heard-of-may-be-gearing-up-for-explosive-rallies-says-bitcoin-bull-lark-davis/

    This Trump video needs to be watched by every American who wants an end to corruption..help us take down these Crooks
    Prince Harry ‘faces tax bill without break from Los Angeles mansion’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8801963/Prince-Harry-faces-monumental-tax-bill-unless-takes-break-Los-Angeles-mansion.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    What an almighty mess this Man Child has got himself into getting man trapped chasing the ego tripping Bolter.

    Cinemas closing what a mess

    Johnson is fighting to survive as PM.
    What’s coming for the Uk is coming to America.
    Crazy stuff

    Beyond sad for the Aussies the Socialist Parasites have struck again.
    Madness in Australia.


    The BEST Trump Ad. WOW

    As the MSM won’t give Trump a fair shot, let’s help him together.
    U.S. Army, Air Force unite in Joint All-Domain Control and Command structure – UPI.

    It’s ALL one very Dirty Stich Up for your money!

    This is bigger deal than most people think.

    DOJ Charges Hundreds of Doctors & Nurses in Massive $6 Billion ‘Healthcare Fraud’ Bust

    This is really nuts Health Care decides who lives or dies by syphoning the pot?


    Microchip’d? DARPA Biochip To “Save” Us From COVID Can Control Human DNA | Zero Hedge

    Is stupidity inbred or conditioned?

    Recently, I wrote about nanotechnology and how it was coming to your body by injection.
    The virus is what it is and not the threat you are told it is and it is by no means a pandemic as government would have us believe.

    As we daily watch and feel intrusion on a incredible level into dictates of daily living and business operations it becomes clear it is about conditioning to get people used to the idea of total government control in every aspect of what little personal freedoms remain.

    In the article you will see another overview that connects the dots. Soon you will be asked to decide whether you want to be human and free or a slave in a control grid where tyranny of governments decide your faith and standing and not your effort as a individual.

    Based on what we see many have already accepted their fate by free choice and yet others will live and die free. Whatever your choice may God have mercy!



    They now have their thieving hands on all your assets on shore so go offshore
    The truth about whack sins. Vaccines!

    Biden’s Secret Ties To Second Debate Moderator Just Exposed – Free Man News

    No surprise There is nothing toe Deep State will not do to stop Trump. Horrific.

    We must keep this President safe. Right now he’s Americas last hope of a Deep State NWO take over.

    Subject: Deep Cover Sources Reveal Intelligence Information That Indicate Four Assassination Teams Have Been Dispatched to Take the Life of the President | The Common Sense Show

    These stories first surfaced 3 weeks ago.
    And there are unconfirmed sightings of Air Force one escorted by 4 jets as is the rule off Nova Scotia the other day.
    One can assume that it is likely that Trump will win and the deep state and various vested interest parties and the socialists are hell bent not to lose so anything is possible. If the parties are known then it would not surprise to see counter teams to have been deployed as they do exist and can be effective.
    Let’s pray and hope he stays safe and well.


    Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order |

    If you are in doubt of what is happening then read this and ask yourself how many lies has history revealed?

    As awful as this is, remember this. No one wanted to believe what was happening in Germany in the late 30’s until it did. The result was a destruction of millions of people who died as a result. Can we truly understand the depth of tyranny being experienced in Australia? Are we next or is someone else in line first? In Germany even Germans were in denial until it was too late. Wha was normal turned out to be a nightmare. A gentle country like Australia is now becoming its own Third Reich.

    More recently German leadership has admitted unification has been a failure because they did not understand the depth of programming of people in East Germany as the walls in their heads were too entrenched. People forget that many millions of people were forced to emigrate whether they wanted to or not. And many more millions died at the hands of those history choose to ignore, or forget.

    If you think I am exaggerating about what is happening then please read carefully what a friend of mine sent me tonight from Australia:” On TV last night they were congratulating Queensland University for working with Bill and Linda Gates and WHO on the implementation of the new nano delivery system for the covid19 vax.
    I’ve been waiting some time to have a hip operation because of the Lockdown they’re only doing Critical operations and I’ve been told that before you can have an operation if the vaccine it’s available you have to have it or you will not be admitted into hospital.
    Ian from stalag 19.”

    What comes next is up to each of us and what do or choose not to do.


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  12. https://ledgerinsights.com/sec-chair-stocks-become-blockchain-tokens/

    In a webinar yesterday, Jay Clayton, Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), observed that all stock trading is now electronic, compared to twenty years ago. In the past, there were stock certificates, now there are digital entries. “It may very well be the case that those all become tokenized,” said Clayton. Along with Brian Brooks, Acting Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), he took part in a Digital Chamber of Commerce event, “Two Sides of the American Coin: Innovation & Regulation of Digital Assets”.


    1. James
      Once the Heath Certs roll out, you won’t be allowed to travel, occupy hotel rooms, fly, travel by train or even enter stores in city areas the way things are going. Messy if so?


      1. I hope everyone buys a giant bag of beans, rice and flower…. the entire US stay at home and see how quick they change this stuff…. I mean,, don’t spend a penny anywhere…. don’t travel anywhere… they can not evict the entire population from their home…. no more gas sales(oil)…. no more Walmart… cut all the big business sales by 95%….

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        1. Start growing onions, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables even if there is no soil to plant the seeds. Hydroponics work ndoors with adequate lights, we don’t need expensive setups. Save the celery ends in a cup and see roots start to grow. Same with ginger. Nature is powerful.

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  13. If you ever whish to know what forces are heavily influencing politics and politicians, this scene, from the movie Nixon, can give you a good example. Two brilliant actors capture the tone.

    Nixon, for all his faults, was probably one of our most intelligent presidents. What a legacy he could have left had he not let his enemies push him into a frenzied act of retaliation which he badly managed and overplayed.

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  14. BREAKING: DC Legal Circles Rumor Says Member of Mueller’s Prosecution Team Has “Flipped” for Durham

    Something big is brewing …




    At least the small hands President will see first hand how little he need worry about Covid. Melania too.
    Keep safe Small Hands we don’t need Biden at any cost.
    Trump considering national address after he and Melania test POSITIVE https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8798153/Donald-Trump-considering-address-nation-Melania-test-POSITIVE-COVID.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    I believe Trump will be fine and it can bust the overkill on Covid. Percentage of population you still have less dead than the UK so what’s the issue? The MSM need to shut TF up and stop hyping this.
    I hope he’s reelected and if so I hope he prosecutes so many of the criminals who betrayed the integrity of their office and in addition, if elected cancel that Mutt Acosta’s WH pass card. Because he can? Justification because Acosta is an insult to intelligence and needs to be removed from opining his constant crap.
    Give Trump and Kayleigh a break. Kayleigh need to beat Acosta senseless with a dead Racoon.
    Hot Mic Moment: Lawmakers Admit Masks Are All “Political Theater” | Zero Hedge

    As we keep telling you now when do we hardwire Science Officers and Politicos lips or a Staple Gun will do.

    So it is in the open. Why anyone believes these folks is a mystery? The right to Breath fresh air is a right not to be given up so easily. And that says nothing about the right to work as new restrictions get imposed.


    If true Biden needs arresting and those who set it up also.
    Proof Biden was cheating during the debate!

    What Presidential Debate? Wallace and Biden Exposed:

    Biden Received Questions Prior to Debate, Wore Wire, Contact Lens He Read Off Of:

    Video on Biden wearing high tech contact lens that he read off of during debate. Chris Wallace had given him the questions.

    Biden Wired Up at the Debate:


    “This was a Complete Set Up”:


    What is this? Some people keep asking Biden WIR#:


    These Smart Contact Lenses Deliver AR Tech Straight to Your Eyeballs:

    Is Biden Wearing AR Contact Lenses & Projecting His Speech With Them?


    Trump to Wallace: “First of all I guess I’m debating you not him”.


    “Don’t tell me about a free transition.”




    Beyond sickening and be sure its Global!

    Hey check this out: http://tapnewswire.com/2020/10/uk-health-passports-urgent-critical-update/
    Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says “Second Wave” Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, “Pandemic is Over” | HubPages

    Now this is most amusing.
    When a chief Scientist Officer of Pfizer ( stands to make tons of of profit from the virus) tells us that the threat is over, do we believe him or the shills for the the so called “Great Reset” ?

    I would hazard a guess that the $100’s of millions paid to secure access to a vaccine are non refundable.
    The continued false narrative of this pandemic will likely result in more chaos as more people reject the story and turn to blame politicians for the disruption and chaos in people’s lives. With what has already taken place there will be an accounting and there is no where for politicians to run from their errors. This is why they will attempt more draconian control in effort to stave off the repercussions of their decisions.


    PROOF that the pandemic was planned with a purpose..

    So where is truth?

    Trump treated for COVID with Regeneron ‘antibody cocktail’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8798153/Donald-Trump-considering-address-nation-Melania-test-POSITIVE-COVID.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Like Trump’s waistline, the plot thickens.
    Watch “What really happens when you Die | End-of-life-phenomena • At Home with Peter Fenwick” on You

    Guantanamo Bay Ordered To Prepare For ‘High-Level’ American Prisoners – AMG-NEWS.com

    Now this is interesting 🧐 If only it were true?

    Agreed but these scumbags would put on a show and get injected with distilled water…

    Amusing the lying King is fed Rat treatment

    Regeneron drug used to treat Trump showed promise in trial https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8800021/Experimental-Regeneron-drug-used-treat-Trump-showed-promise-trials.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    The next presidential debate moderator

    Thought this was funny

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  15. A federal judge in Georgia has set Oct. 5 as the next potential sentencing date for a convicted felon who co-owns the former BB&T Financial Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

    Tyson “Ty” Rhame was convicted Oct. 10, 2018, on 11 of 13 counts of mail and wire fraud conspiracy, as well as multiple counts of mail and wire fraud.

    The sentencing hearing for Rhame and co-defendants Frank Bell and James Shaw has been delayed multiple times as their motions for acquittal and a new trial were pursued.

    On March 25, U.S. District Court Judge Steve Jones denied those motions.
    Jones said in a legal filing Thursday that the sentencing hearing could take up to two weeks.

    The U.S. Attorney’s office handling the case has declined to comment on the judge’s March 25 ruling.

    The BB&T building at 200 W. Second St. has been listed since March 2016 as a potential forfeiture target for the U.S. government if Rhame was convicted.

    Rhame has shared ownership of the building with Charlotte investor Ray Gee. They paid $60 million for it in December 2014, nearly $26 million more than its tax value at the time.

    Rex Morgan, an attorney representing Gee, said March 28 that “due to the current instability in virtually all areas of commerce spawned by COVID-19, I truly cannot say if Mr. Rhame’s conviction will have any effect one way or another” on the operation of the former BB&T center.

    Trust Financial Corp. said March 5 that it is leaving the building — BB&T Corp.’s headquarters for 25 years before its purchase of SunTrust Banks Inc. of Atlanta created Trust — in favor of three lower-profile sites it owns in the city.

    “These transitions are part of Trust’s overall corporate real-estate strategy to move our teams from leased spaces into owned buildings whenever possible,” Trust spokeswoman Shelley Miller said. The new headquarters of the combined banks is in Charlotte.

    Rhame was the founder of Sterling Currency Group LLC of Atlanta. Federal attorneys claimed that between 2010 and June 2015, the company grossed more than $600 million in revenue from the sale of the Iraqi dinar and other currencies. Rhame and Shaw received more than $180 million in distributions.

    The Sterling officials were accused by U.S. attorneys of “taking steps to make investors believe they would get rich by investing in the Iraqi dinar.”

    Rhame and Bell also were convicted of making false statements to federal law enforcement agents. The jury acquitted the defendants on charges that at least $19.9 million was laundered through 24 accounts.



    1. “…the company grossed more than $600 million in revenue from the sale of the Iraqi dinar and other currencies…”

      The constant news of “next week!” certainly helped sales.


  16. It’s both saddening and sickening to see how unbelievably one sided biased the appalling MSM is, but as sickening are the brain dead SCUM blatantly wishing Trump dies on full record. They need rounding up and taking to Gitmo to do hard time banged up in cages with the Rags! Had it not been Trump you would have had the Clintons.What is wrong with you Morons? Don’t answer, we know! Your kind ARE the sub-species Bush was talking about as needing Population Reduction.
    I’ve seen sad versions of some Afros who are committed to vote Biden, who seem on screen, simply too dumb to vote. Maybe we need a minimum IQ level to vote, is it not worth trying, and for sure, to run also? Then neither Biden nor Trump would be running. Problems solved.
    Trump’s a Jerk, and a Jackass, but to die? No!
    If we don’t have Trump we get Biden and Harris. Hello???????????????????????


    1. Actually, I think it is absolutely disgraceful how Trump is being treated. I have never known a President to be treated in such a disgusting manner. Like him or not, he is the President and to a certain degree should be treated with some level of decency in my opinion.


  17. Like

  18. https://cointelegraph.com/news/coinbase-customers-can-now-dodge-bank-withdrawal-wait-times

    Starting today, Coinbase offers instant withdrawals in nearly 40 countries including the US, UK, and more across Europe. Customers in the US, UK, and Europe can withdraw funds with a linked Visa debit card. In the US, customers will be able to also withdraw funds with their Mastercard.
    Customers can select between instant or standard withdrawal methods and see a preview of all associated arrival times¹ and fees prior to withdrawing funds.


    1. Digital Euro,,, digital Yuan,,, every country going to have their own dig currency, or, are we heading for one digital currency for the world?…. seems like it all might as well be tied in together…. with nothing going on now till mid next year maybe that is what the reset will morph into…. just seems like every minute there is more adoption or change happening…
      Might as well put it all on the blockchain.


  19. We just posted a couple of video links re Goguen. There are many more.

    Goguen is linked with a number of high focus, best described as Con Artists, also previously associated with the Indonesian Swissando fee scalping scammers, claiming to be M1 etc. Even Anna Von Reitz, another self appointed Common Law Judge Fake, with a series of public judgments against her, has provided pages of diatribe exposing and attacking Goguen. As have many.

    Goguen is under surveillance, as are the Swamp Rats she operates with, and when considered the time is merited for Enforcement, they will act.

    Her credibility is not Zero. It is not that high!

    Banks have 3 levels of key Security. Compliance will do extensive file searches of all Public and Inter Bank Diligence Records. Their role is to protect the host Bank and keep dubious or known criminal persons out. The second is Risk Management, who will determine if the bank is at risk allowing such parties to transact where prudent judgment is needed to deny access. The Third is not for Public disclosure.

    Goguen is denied credible bank access almost everywhere and her claims are simply delusional. A chain of vacuous assignment of powers from defunct entities, does not constitute lawful title.

    We are not going to get into public mud slinging with Goguen or her naïve acolytes. Time is too important to waste or even be cross associated with such links.

    Simply Google Kim Goguen and intensely cross read the first 3 pages of entry level sections on her, as Banks, Law Enforcement Agencies and Attorneys do. Her extensive public records expose a person no credible entities will associate with. Why would you?

    As do her associations with publicly identified dubious persons of known disrepute. A number linked with sham Indonesian Fake Trusts, one claiming to be yet another M1.

    The true, correct, ancestral M1 is both known to us and correct Authorities, as is his ex-President Sister, and he also, having direct accredited hereditary links to the JFK 1963 accord, still can not access the Funds or assets. Albeit he is in current dialogue to be allowed some facilitation of funds, but under the domain of a yet to be appointed Elders Representative Trust Facilitator. The party is both known to us, and has direct Trustee links to our parties. He has approached our parties for assistance.

    As for Goguen and the ex Swissando Con Artist scammers she associates with, neither the ESF White House Unit, not the DHS Agency outlets, or Fed, need Goguen to draw down or utilize hereditary funds, as they do at will. Assignments of outdated Broker papers do not constitute Legal or Enforceable titles. Goguen is “Watched”. That is all we will avail for you. She has all the validatory credibility of a 90 cents note!

    It is not the wish of WHA, or its associated key Professional entities, to engage in Public mudslinging or exposure of sensitive relationships with such entities. Even association is not tenable. Diligence negates it. You clearly have been drinking the Kool Aid. With respect, spend a few days researching the entire history chain of these parties. Google, Diligizer Boards, interBank Screening systems, Regulatory Watch Lists.

    Even read the public cross allegations of Von Reitz, yet another of Public sensitivity in relation to Goguen. If duly connected or accredited, Bank Compliance Reporting mechanism will avail you of so much more. Swissando, same Mongrels, same Scammers. This is a banner you wish to be perceived under?

    With respect, such dialogue is not tenable to us. Nor such associations. You want – Who are you? The innocent gullible always pay. Dupes.


  20. An Open Letter to President Trump:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Declare that a positive antigen test is meaningless, as all science has shown it carries no prognostic value. Testing, in so far as it useful, has value only at the beginning of an epidemic.

    State unequivocally that neither your wife nor yourself are infected because you show no signs of illness. State unequivocally that the consensus of your Navy-assigned physicians is that this is a false-positive result.

    Lift the State of Emergency to undercut the interminable lock-downs that are crippling the North-East economy and leaving millions without work.

    Return directly to campaigning and governing the Nation.


    A Grateful Citizen and Nation

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  21. Oh, good grief.

    Today’s (Oct 2) headlines are all about Trump testing positive for coronavirus.

    White House quarantine.

    What a load of pure horse manure caused by the garbage antigen test.

    “Super spreader Trump” — Stars and stones — where the hell do they come up with these unfounded statements.

    This is what comes of the routine testing of the healthy…


  22. John,

    It is NOT possible to test positive for COVID seven times and have a real infection. I wince every time I read this travel scare-mongering that is accepted as fact by everyone. There is no such thing as an “asymptomatic spreader”. There never was, since there is no such thing as an asymptomatic infected patient. That is an illusion caused by the s**t antigen test. The antigen test is pure garbage regardless of assurances from agencies and companies. They have ZERO assurance they know the false-positive vs false-negative vs true-positive because they never purified the damn virus to begin with, what happens in normal saline in a lab has no bearing on what happens out in the field, and all this rests on the suppositions from the first Wuhan purifications that were never verified as causal.

    Of course, there was a contagion. It has run its course. Excess death is no longer present as is clearly visible from the stats, thank you Farr’s Law. There is NO ‘second wave’. The infection mortality rate IS 0.26%. 2.5x the flu. It’s goddam nothing. You wouldn’t have brow-beaten anyone for traveling while the regular flu is going round… so why brow-beat them now? Other than MSM idiocy and whoever’s nefarious plan it is to cage us, it is unwarranted.

    Let the seven-time positive Brits come back home. Put them up somewhere for 15 days (useless, but it will calm the scare mongers), declare them properly false positive and send them back to their lives.


    1. Tino

      They were warned in February to go home if overseas, or don’t go if not.
      Not listening has consequences. I tire of such bleating oafs. Let them fund their own tiresome stupidity. We have c70M so losing 3 or so consequence whimpering Pussies merits no sympathy. They are just noise on the system.
      We have serious issues needing our time and support. At best, it will indicate to other complete assholes of which we have our share, travel in haste and face consequences. Bleating hearts seem to wake up too late. Mammie, bring me home.
      It’s enough dealing with Whacko Markels gibberish each day with the Man Child Spare in play gawping like he’s mooning the world. None are newsworthy.


  23. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/30/battered-bloodshot-boris-is-no-longer-the-star-of-his-own-show

    Johnson is losing the plot he’s not up to the job and is facing calls to go.



    We all agree she bolted in a year.

    The sour grapes made her name heard
    At last Ministers are waking up to our requests to take these swarms of illegals scavengers off to uninhabited Islands off the Scots Coast.Wet, cold and miserable as hell with winds cutting through them.
    Nothing to eat but each other. Sorted!

    Migrant ‘hostels’ could be set up on the Isle of Wight https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8791707/Migrant-hostels-set-Isle-Wight-offshoring-proposals.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Absolutely right these boards of scavenging illegals, most of who are economic migrants, need to be stopped hard.
    Priti Patel ‘considered putting WAVE MACHINES in the Channel to stop migrant crossings’ as it’s revealed asylum seekers could be housed on old ferries or flown to Papua New Guinea under ‘offshoring’ plans

    The government has been working on ways to overhaul the creaking asylum system and crack down on abuse. But the
    But the Home Secretary has been left furious at slew of negative briefing.

    Meghan Markle praises Black Lives Matter protests as ‘a beautiful thing’ but admits they have been ‘inflammatory’ as she and Harry blast UK ‘structural racism’

    Meghan Markle today praised the Black Lives Matter protests in America as a ‘beautiful thing’ during a video interview about racism in the UK.


    Three British friends stuck in Italy test positive for a SEVENTH time https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8795303/Three-British-friends-held-covid-quarantine-Italy-test-positive-virus-SEVENTH-time.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    How much does it take to knock into selfish thick heads that they have been told all year about Covid risk. Did they care about their home nation,,? Not all!
    So who cares if enforced quarantine in Italy bankrupts or starves them? Whose not sick of whining Brats? Eat it!



  24. Calls for Joe Rogan to moderate the next debate intensify after Chris Wallace’s disastrous performance. https://summit.news/2020/09/30/calls-for-joe-rogan-to-moderate-next-debate-intensify-after-chris-wallaces-disastrous-performance/

    Joe Biden arrives to Pittsburgh train station to a handful of supporters. Every time this happens, it will sting, because he will hear Trump ridiculing him over how nobody cares about his campaign, and he will see Trump standing before tens of thousands of adoring throngs who are chanting, “We love you! We love you!” Inside it is killing him. https://twitter.com/julianrouth/status/1311377255885664258?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1311377255885664258%7Ctwgr%5Eshare_3&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thegatewaypundit.com%2F2020%2F09%2Fjoe-biden-arrives-pittsburgh-train-station-ha

    Trump supporters were blaring Biden gaffes over huge loudspeakers as he arrived. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/trump-supporters-drag-huge-speakers-blare-audio-clips-joe-bidens-gaffes-biden-arrives-alliance-ohio-video/

    Joe Biden forgets his line, and a reporter jumps in to help him remember it. All those reporter positions are remarkably important in so many ways. Now, I almost think it funny that if you had asked me as a kid, “Could you grow up to be a reporter if you wanted?” I would have replied, “This is America, I can grow up to be anything if I put in the effort.” And I would have thought that a reporter was half-assing it, and it would have been impossible to fail. In truth, there were a lot of doors which were always closed, because there was a giant secret out there which the conspiracy needed to hide. Utility line worker, data-processor or IT guy, especially in certain banks, hotel/motel owner in areas of importance, taxi drivers, reporters, celebrities of all stripes, scientific researchers in certain fields, lawyers/prosecutors/politicians-at-all-levels, CIA Officers, and a ton of other positions were for club members only, or people the club felt they could control. I will bet if you tried to be a bum loitering on certain street corners, you’d get chased off, and think it was just another bum chasing you off. Or you’d have a job fall in your lap – and think it good luck, instead of the reality that was a vital posted surveillance position, and the bum there needed to be (((Their))) bum. I always thought it bizarre Erik Prince walked into the CIA, fresh out of the Navy SEALs, heir to a billionaire fortune, as comfortable in a high-society soiree at a five star restaurant as he would be hip deep in mud somewhere getting shot at, high IQ and full of piss and vinegar, and CIA told him he didn’t have what it took. The guy who built an entire shadow CIA/Pentagon from scratch all on his own, tearing shit up across the entire globe, maybe with a hand in tearing down the Cabal, didn’t have what it took to be a case officer, or a paramilitary? All throughout the country, people were moving into their final positions in life, doors opening, others closing due to the vagaries of fate (or so they thought), blind to a machine that was all around them, amassing files on them from the time they were children with reports from the other little kids in the school around them, watching them, looking to compromise them, and having failed, expending its effort thwarting them or moving them somewhere else. How many good young kids, filled with ability, effort, and determination, had a dream like being an actor, or a writer, or a reporter, and they ended up expending their entire life on the dream, betting everything on themselves, and died baffled at how they ended up failing while surrounded by untalented rubes who soared? All because they trusted the lie of the Myth which the nation they pledged loyalty to sold them. And they may have been the lucky ones. The ones you really have to pity may end up being the ones who ended up on the red carpet, and getting to where everyone thought the real success was. The things they may have endured, may be unimaginable. https://us24news.com/2020/09/30/i-cant-remember-joe-biden-forgets-his-line-and-reporter-feeds-it-to-him-again-video/

    The Huffington Post is allegedly losing millions per year as Verizon scours for a buyer. And it was losing millions each year in the Trump economy, when everybody was flush with cash and buying stuff. And yet when it began, had I heard Arianna Huffington saying, “Dahling, we will have the most famous writers, and everyone will come there, and we will sell advertising, and it will make millions!” I would have believed it, because I had bought all the lies I had subtly been fed about how things worked, and I never mapped it all out myself in my own brain. Enough of those little lies sink in when you are not paying attention, and your whole grasp of reality is fucked and you will believe anything. https://www.idropnews.com/rumors/the-huffington-post-is-allegedly-losing-millions-per-year-as-verizon-scours-for-a-buyer/144304/

    Matt Drudge rumored to be seeking investors for Drudge Report. There it is. I bought advertising there, and it was totally worthless. Completely worthless. And yet estimates ranged from him making $8-35 million per year. There is no fucking way that site moves enough sales through advertising to make $100,000 per year. Nobody is clicking those banners, and nobody is buying adspace based off those banners. All money spent on banners was money thrown at him for something else. Not that he is even involved with the site anymore. But you get what I mean. It was all bullshit. https://nypost.com/2020/09/29/matt-drudge-rumored-to-be-seeking-investors-for-drudge-report/

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  25. Tony.

    1.Re the insert, was I paying attention. It took me off the second half of Kayleighs response to the MSM. See, I still maintain momentum and prioritising focus.
    2. In America, unlike and other leading nation, you now have the most proficient fact enabled and absorbed Press Secretary EVER, who is an enormous asset to your President and and country.
    How many times to I state America is abundant with intellectual capability and talent, but just not in Politics?
    Kayleigh studies all key issues and provides a commensurate response across a diverse range of issues. An intelligent, reasoned response proportionate to need and with a cogent series of fact supporting examples. I would vote Kayleigh for President any time. Unlike the damned Bolter Markel, Kayleigh has ability and depth of character to matter. She is a massive support asset not just for Trump, but a huge flag commanding respect for America and values. Treasure her. Kaleigh flies that flag for all of you, and so well.

    So Yes, Tony, I did switch below like a limpet mine, but then want back to finish off Kayleigh. I wish!
    Point being I multi task and multi focus.
    Now do you want me to send you some real grazing pics? Private line?
    And still I multi focus. Who else at only 3 in the morning is supporting Global priorities and still responding to you.


      1. Tony, while not for public validation, there are many times I am on the job at 03-00 am.
        Apart from just responding to you and time zone clients.


    1. Another crackpot cause taking root in a State run by crackpots.

      I am going to fly to Tunisia and ask them for reparations. It was at one time, Carthage, and they invaded the Italian peninsula in the third century B.C., during the second Punic wars with Rome. No doubt they killed or enslaved my relatives, especially after the Battle of Cannae, where they killed 50,000 in one afternoon, and took thousands of slaves, not far from where my ancestors originally came from in the south.

      I demand justice or no peace will come to Tunisia. I swear it.

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      1. Tony
        Problem solving with Uppity nations.
        Caesar, Veni, Vidi, Vici

        I saw, I came, I conquered. Accredited to him for numerous conflicts.
        Also modern mans aspirations for major deals and hot wish lists, memorable.
        Not to aspire, is not to live.


  26. https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoins-big-believers-6-digits-inevitable-btc-has-a-better-chance-of-going-to-100k-than-zero/
    Boris Johnson in Cabinet crisis talks amid confusion over Covid laws https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8788761/Boris-Johnson-allies-blame-gotcha-questions-PM-bungling-Covid-lockdown-rules.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    As the lashback starts against senseless Draconian lockdowns, and the value of these so called Big Pharma hired and paid for crooked Scientists, Buffoon Johnson is now seeing rising dissent with the public and Mps. His BS is under pressure. Already the search is on for his successor.

    Let me help you understand how under intense surveillance you all are, and the sheer depth of their spying on you all.
    Phones, emails, internet, social media, text messages, they have it all.
    They now own you life. You have no secrets. Do you even have hope? If they decide to move on you, you can do what?



    (I inserted this pic to see if John is paying attention, hehehe. WHA)


    Good it’s time these types got sent down hard

    Time this attention seeking Bolter was brought to earth. What a Narcisstic Muppet.

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  27. Right on time.

    Funds are cleared for his accounts, arriving tomorrow, but yet, for some reason, he needs your money tonight, or he will not have internet at this critical juncture and humanity is doomed.

    The next message will be about some problem with the bank, or variation on that theme. It will be anything and everything, but what it wont be, is his turn to send YOU money.


    HI ALL








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      1. About time, face responsibility, but what do they have on him? The Stinkpot that is sadly American gutter trash in Politics. If Trump get back in. he and Barr need to set up Nuremberg 2!
        The world will then support you. Even Putin will let you fill the Gulags, starting with Soros.


  28. Faced with insurrection and 50 MP’s already signing a complaint to the 22 Committee Fatman Johnson has just backed down and agreed that future Lock Down’s must FIRST go to the Commons floor for a House vote, not via his idiot whims. This farce just almost saw his Arse.He faced a demand from his party to be fired if not falling in line.

    Next the so called Scientific Advisors will face a real grilling.
    Like- How many Gates funded and compromised Plonks are there?


  29. Now this was some outright bare knuckles debate.

    It’s also the best solo performance I have ever seen by Trump. The Man Child did well.

    In one sweep Trump exposed Bidens history of two faced, racist, double dealing mendacity towards Afro Americans. That is a killer subliminal Biden will find it hard to overcome. Served analy.

    Trump swept up the Police and Military votes.

    Trump called out Big Pharma and corrupt Drugs prices and practices.

    Sorry Joe, at all stages you just looked what you are, a mediocre Bribe talking Ho!
    No contest, Joe you deserve to lose because we know you a piece of dirt, and you lost the vote last night.
    That debate ran you over. Even the Demo Rats will be shaking now.
    Biden there’s no Hiden. You lost! You just got exposed and hosed, and this is the first time I have seen Trump look Presidential. Americans, you can not now vote for Biden. What a travesty. He had his podium and blew it.
    It was a Mohammed Ali Rope a Dope contest. Biden just got Ass Whipped.
    The world saw and decided. Well done Trump, now dispose of the Chump.

    America, I truly hope you turn out in numbers, stop Biden at least.
    Biden showed beyond clearly he is unfit to run America. Say No to this Ho.
    Trump has to get the vote now. A good cage rattling show by Trump. His best yet.

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  30. John,

    Regarding your comments below on currencies, does the same restraints apply to the redemptions or is that slightly more hopeful? Thank you.


    1. Redemptions are still in play and backed by actual cleared cash held within the banking system.

      Currencies are all predicated upon a Global rescue scenario and creative funding. Each time currencies get near, hostile predators interject blocks and redirect settlement funds for their own self interests.

      In addition expectation greed levels of the intermediary parties seeking a collective resolution for which they are attempting to scalp voluminous amounts, tend to activate rejection from both Regulators and asset backing parties.

      Too many bottom feeding ambulance chasing Attorneys and self preening Brokers derail well intended closure plans. Trump’s election is now too close, we must allow for the new incoming President to decide policies, and the regulatory entities views. If Biden’s elected God help you all.

      A balanced new appraisal would now tend to profile into mid next year for currencies now.

      PP Redemptions can be any time, and they have the current support of credible entities of significance.

      Broker Gurus etc simply ignore. Some among them are so heavily Bank Flagged they have zero chance of a phased release with their inclusion. Only the vacuous naive follow them.

      Redemptions will be done privately to benefit those credible parties cleared as approved Beneficiaries. As is under current dialogue.


      1. I can just about guarantee between now and mid next year, every week, the dinar blabbermouth baloney hustlers will be saying you will be at the bank “next week”. Week after week after week.

        And, a lot can happen between now and then that will push it further down the road. 9 months is a long time to allow for all manner of things to be set up as the next reason to delay it.

        If someone told me the Marx Brothers were in charge of the RV, I would believe it.

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      1. I’m keen to see what this is about Tony. Nothing is showing in your comment (10.44) above this comment. If you have a moment could you possibly check on that one for me please Tony. Thank you.


          1. Thank you for taking the time to do that for me Tony, much appreciated. It certainly was a good kick in the butt I agree.

            I have not had time to catch up with the full debate as yet, only some snippets. The little I have seen was disgraceful. Everyone yelling over Trump when he was trying to speak. And that moderator needs to be booted immediately.

            I think that technical issue may be happening with twitter too. Several of your links above in other comments will not work for me either. I recall some news in Australia last month about twitter not permitting us to share news or something. I changed my VPN to the US but it still did not work.


  31. https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/planned/

    Let then explain this and where’s the MSM?
    Can Tory rebels defeat Boris Johnson in vote on ‘draconian’ coronavirus laws? MPs’ anger grows over use of emergency powers to introduce tough new pandemic restrictions

    More than 50 MPs have signed an amendment laid down by Sir Graham Brady demanding votes before any future curbs on British ‘liberty’ are brought in, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats set to back it.


    Bumbling Buffoon Preppy Boy Boris Johnson is now facing a 50 signed MP official complaint Petition to Sir Graham Brady at the 22 Committee alleging the fool has lost the plot. There’s a growing resentment to this visible Buffoon and his days are already looking numbered. It’s time, he’s an IDIOT and needs to go! Knives are sharpening. Pot Brexit he’s got little chance to survive.
    Unlike the US, Prime Ministers, once seen to be Tossers, are got rid of fast.

    The world waits to watch 2 complete Misfits face off.

    Sorry but,this is beyond reality can what passes for the public handle it?
    Avoid confusion talk them into a 3 some, sorted!


  32. MSM hate-baiting twisted reporting at it again. What Trump Actually said about a transition of power should he lose. …
    “On voter fraud, as you know, hopefully there won’t be a very big movement because hopefully we’re going to be able to win. I think we have the massive movement. I think we’re going to have a tremendous, tremendous victory. There won’t be a transition because I can’t imagine we call a transition if we win. You know, they talk about, “Will there be a friendly transition?” Of course, there will, but we have a big problem, and you see it every day; you see it happening every day with ballots.

    Sadly MSM will never report Trump says “of course” to power transition. Because that doesn’t fit the everybody must hate him story. The MSM manipulation is so so so so ridiculous.

    That’s straight from the news conference transcript.


  33. BREAKING: Major Investigative Report by Association of French Reserve Army Officers Finds COVID-19 “Pandemic” to Have a Hidden Agenda for Global Totalitarianism, Nanotech Chipping of All, 5G Irradiation, & Genocide | The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

    With such a bunch of medocre and malevolent Leaders today, we have to ask where it truth here? These are dangerous times for humnaity and Covid raises so many questions.
    Where still is its origin and who has investigated?
    But far worse, as a Trojan Horse, what may be in play now?

    We have been watching the bubonic plague for weeks and now its loose in China.

    If this breaks the barriers Covid will be childs play. But Chinas in the mix again!

    Chinese county launches emergency response for the PLAGUE https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8781183/Chinese-county-launches-emergency-response-PLAGUE-three-year-old-boy-infected.html?ito=native_share_article-top
    Parliament bars exempt from 10pm curfew

    Again these 2 Faced Bar Stewards don’t have an ounce of sense. Time we cull the lot!

    Russia Proposes Harsh Penalties for Unreported Cryptocurrency Holdings | Regulation
    So now, Russia wants your Cryptos or else!

    CNN’s Brianna Keilar responds to McEnany attack

    Heh Kayleigh is heating up the Swamp.

    Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance

    The MSM smell bood and Wealth Lies all over this they will hound him like a Dog.

    Key part of Trump and Biden US Election TV debate CANCELLED due to coronavirus

    What a charade, so Trump now fears Biden asking him about his Tax returns and vast losses.
    Like the rest of Trump, smal hands small?
    The only guy I know who can lose money running Casinos. All his Gold courses lose. His hotels too. If Trump stops moving all the Secret service details and Staffers into them to boost bookings
    while looking after him on fantasy trips, the lot goes. The Con is On!

    Observations coming in relating to the French reports on DNA meddling planned.

    > As it is, we see growing evidence that the objective is a “jab” with sinister intentions of altering the DNA and control. And then we see the likes of Elon Musk recruiting volunteers to have their heads tied into a AI circuitry for advancement. And there is little doubt about what Gates is up to.

    > So we need to step back and ponder this to see what is coming. It is clear that we are moving to a transhumance era of a sort where people will be controlled by AI for a purpose not clear but worrisome. And it is clear that elimination of certain sectors of the population is indeed the intent. And just as clear is the goal to leave sections of the population behind as to create a sub species for some intended purpose.

    > In summary, it seems we will see a fight between 2 distinct groups fighting for AI supremacy where the struggle will be between the individual enhanced human individual vs the collective enhanced and controlled individual with a mass of population left on the sidelines. While it seems like a nightmare of sorts, it has been known for a long time that the body can be enhanced in many ways, becoming a computer enhanced human with full retention of individuality and consciousness of thought and reason at a higher plane. In time, the DNA changes to accept enhancements, much like tuning an engine of a car. In software programming, there is a Phrase called “twice as bright” where you program at a higher state of consciousness that is above the norm. The difficulty is that you will literally fry your Brain if you do it for too long as the average person who is capable does not have much training to cope with what occurs, as no one trains for this. Some of the best code writing is done in this state. A computer enhanced human could do far more than this and go far beyond. As it is known how to cause the body to use augmented computer ability to diagnose itself and in a number of instances heal itself by tying into the communication pathways that already exist within the body. And yes, even aging can be a thing of the past. Can you imagine staying the same or younger for a 100 years? The implications for medicine and big pharma are massive in a transformation of human ability. We can expect a heated battle between individual and collective to be intense and far reaching as right now the individual is a disadvantage as too few parties are fighting for this cause while the other side is well down the road to collective control.

    The backstabbing is building and last Obama is getting heat


    China wants control in Asia and the big Dogs are circling

    Yep as expected caught with his past it’s getting ugly and the media scent his blood here
    The doctors still crippled by Covid-19 six months after they caught it https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8782513/The-doctors-crippled-Covid-19-six-months-caught-it.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Now this needs consideration by all of us.

    This is my concern also this is a time for careful consideration and social responsibility. Not cross infecting nations. If they won’t learn as selfish swine it may be necessary to stop flights for 3 months and strand the lot. Expect radical curved balls.

    We’re on it

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    1. Great Video. I would imagine Trump uses legal loopholes just like everyone else does around the world to lower their taxes. Why not if it’s legal? And if I was the President of the US I would have the best brains in the country working on that for me. Let’s see Biden, Pelosi, the Bush family and Obama’s and those of their kind audited and see what we can come up with. I’m sure there would be some fascinating reading in those files.


  34. Hello. I was outdoors today, and recorded this message for all of you.

    Based on the rapid advancement of certain areas and the opportunity it holds, and the continual failure of other areas to do anything for anyone, I do believe we need to change our focus. No precise details for now, but in the video I explain when more information will be known.

    Thank you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your message Tony. Wish I was there day tripping with you, looks fantastic.

      I like the sound of what you have shared here Tony. Time to move on it certainly is in my opinion. Look forward to hearing more about your plans when that time arrives. Stay cool mate.

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    2. Tony

      The ONLY site out there covering so many aspects of Cryptos is WHA.

      Also Health,Social issues, Political issues, and the accursed in some cases, demonetised currencies, which so many years ago got the masses into a free lunch feeding frenzy which failed to deliver, and they now currency starve.

      The future is Cryptos and Projects. The site is well placed for both.

      Current Political and Banking complexities are yet again restraining decisions on currencies, which will take us into Election territory. If Trump does lose, it’s Wild Card times.

      Our focus has always been the Elders asset conversions, which also has its issues. How can a reckless Hegemony war faring nation which has blown the pot, now buy the lot? With what? This taxes us. The key issues is of trust, and as the US has Zero, phased conversion strategies take time, plus the UN is now involved for equitable disbursement of Project focus where investment is most needed and justified.

      No one can enforce the purchasing of Demonetised Notes, just because the I need, or Military Greed Wannabes are in full voice. It’s about Who will Pay, as ever, and with what? Always the great leveler at each final run in.

      While these issues are sorted, Cryptos do merit more focus, they are live, expanding and a growing market.

      The site has such a role to play. Dinars and Zims are back into Who Pays the Zoo territory. With the farce of the US and its bare Arse.
      It’s beyond messy again, progress keeps hitting the bar, so the sites ability to help guide Cryptos will be like Moses taking his unwashed Gypsies Dog Tribes to find a new hope land. The Dinarians journey.

      Time to have a leg in each market perhaps? Elders have real assets, that’s solid hard negotiations, with synergy and an end game. Who leads and can guide Who in the Crypto game as it expands. WHA has synergy.

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      1. I have the very tippy tip of my little toe in each market right now…. was hoping to be able to put ” a leg ” in but that does not look like its going to happen….. plan and strategy will be changing…. have hopes of adding some more very good cryptos…. will see how it goes…. shake it off and keep rolling.

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    3. Thanks Tony…. we press on…. have to make the best of the crypto I have now I see….
      there are a few other cryptos I would love to grab!…. possibly add some more later if they dont make big moves first…. Christmas and a grandson will be looking hard into my wallet….

      Hope all here, and myself, can stay positive and look at the good things we have everyday.

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  35. Autism. Here’s the blunt reality. Use the info nukes as you see fit.

    We start by exploding an oft repeated myth. That the rise of vaccines somehow led to the eradication of infectious disease. Vaccines arrived on the scene after 95% of infectious disease had been eliminated by public health measures. Nutrition had strengthened mothers and infants such that the classic diseases, while sometimes debilitating while infected, were survived by the majority. Technically, vaccines eliminated the last dregs of the infectious diseases. So, even vaccine’s alleged greatest accomplishment is a manifest piece of propaganda.

    Most vaccine safety data is clearly bs. And why in nether hell is the control arm another vaccine as opposed to saline placebo if not to skew the results? Incidentally, unvaccinated children are so healthy they might as well be from another planet. Here in the United States the mandated safety trials, follow-ups and monitoring were ignored and never performed. This failure is leading to a massive study (tens of thousands, the results will not be assailable) of unvaccinated vs vaccinated as a mandated remedy (caused by the CDC/NIH failure to abide by legislative actions). [Not announced yet but I’m past the embargo date placed on me.] Legally, vaccines are regarded as manifestly unsafe which is why there is a Vaccine Court that has doled out billions at this point. (Another reason mandated vaccines are a travesty and violation of informed consent.) Also, in Federal Court, the CDC was forced by FOIA to turn over studies, but the studies did not support it’s favorite refrain that “Vaccines do NOT cause autism” . In fact an Institute of Medicine study concluded that, at best, available studies are insufficient to accept or reject the hypothesis that DTap causes autism. I find the CDC statement ludicrous since autism is at a rate of 1 in 36 in the vaccinated and at 1 in 10000 in the unvaccinated…

    Now, I’m one of the few MD’s on the planet that has successfully reversed autism (1/3rd to ‘neurotypical’, 1/3rd a clinically significant improvement, 1/3rd nothing happens). Full disclosure, I didn’t come up with the procedure but I did put it on a sound theoretical footing and I did design the first RCT of the technique which showed without doubt it works. Furthermore, I actually have seen brain ultrasounds that show incontrovertibly that for most classical autism that the kids are taking a frontal/pre-frontal encephalitic hit. This simple factual truth puts a lie to the genetic idea — plus if it were genetic, please show the grandparent/parent with clinical or subclinical autism? No — the high probability scenario is that we are inducing either acute or chronic autoimmune frontal encephalitis thru repeated vaccination and heavy metal poisoning during the critical first 2 years of life when the neonate needs to be fully anti-inflammatory and untouched. As to aluminum, regardless of hit pieces against him, Dr. Christopher Exley is 99% correct. The science he performed is excellent.




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      1. The Brain Treatment Center team should have gotten a Nobel for cracking open the first valid therapy to reverse autism, but between external naysayers (never mind 4800 treated kids at that time) and then the corporate mis-steps by the near-felons who owned the clinic(s), the operation went into disarray. Only in the modern day world can a severe non-verbal autistic kid morph into an normal child in record time (3-4 months), and folks would tell you with a straight face “Well, obviously, he wasn’t autistic to begin with.” Never mind a 500pg medical record sitting on the desk with a 5 yr history of visits starting at age 3 and culminating in the last ditch therapy at the “crazy” BTC. The kid never had autism… yeah… right…


      2. Tino, as you see it, are there any viable treatments for schizophrenia on the horizon, and might that illness also be exacerbated by the autoimmune affects of vaccines?


        1. The Russians cured Schizophrenia with fasting. It’s well documented. So many things were shown to improve bodywise with these fasts that they made it part of their national health program and you could do this annually at a fasting center for free.

          I would venture to say Autism could be cured with extended fasting as well if you could get them to do it, but it would be hard to get an autistic to undertake these types of fasts.

          Cancer has been shown to cured with fasting. USC did a study and showed that fasting for just 3 days before Chemo protected the cells and left 100% of patients with zero chemo after effects.

          I do long water fasts like these annually for 21-40 days and have for 20 years. I am 50 and most people think I am in my mid 30’s. It slows aging and keeps you younger. No animal in nature eats 3 meals a day. We were sold a bill of goods on that fallacy. More elite lies to kill and dumb down the masses. Even intermittant fasting for 24, 48 or 72 hours regularly slows aging.

          Most people have no idea the capabilities of the body.

          On a longer fast, once you hit 21 days, you can literally sleep 2-4 hours and last the the other 20-22 hours. Dream states are enhanced. We are so polluted by the environment, food, “so called” medicines, etc.

          This is THE BEST medicine on the planet.


            1. Hunger stops at about day 7 or 8. Then you feel so good you don’t want to eat.

              The key is colon cleanses and drinking himalayan pink salt during the first 7-10 days. 2 teaspoons in 16 oz. of pure water plus about 16 oz. of additional pure water from a glass bottle. It flushes the liver and colon. Once toxins are flushed, hunger goes away.

              As strange as it sounds, most hunger these days is withdrawl from toxins leaving your body.

              Food is a drug anymore. Most does not resemble food. It’s full of chemicals. Look who controls it.

              Rabbi’s get a custom from ALL kosher food, which is most packaged food.

              It’s patented.


          1. That’s very interesting information you have shared here HIW, thank you. Looking forward to hearing Tino’s response to this.

            I love fasting too. Have not done it for quite a while but just started one again this week and now into my second day. I find I feel pretty crappy for the first 3 days with headaches and tiredness but start feeling fabulous on the 4th day. Day 3 or 4 is where I no longer have any hunger. Not sure how long I’ll go for this time, just take it day by day and see how I feel but hopefully 2 weeks this time round.

            I wish I had fasted a lot more than I have if regular fasting makes you look younger as I look my age unfortunately. LOL Happy fasting.


  36. Fake Birth Cert, Fake Usurper, time this ex Commie in Chief was brought squealing to Justice. Jail him!


    Four Decades of Deceit and Covering Up Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Leads to Mistrust of American Public Regarding Experimental COVID Vacc

    When will these appalling vaccine scams be stopped?

    Secret Report: How CIA’s Brennan Overruled Dissenting Analysts Who Concluded Russia Favored Hillary | RealClearInvestigations

    Interesting.. Brennan caught yet again betraying America and Truth. When will Brennan face Justice?

    Nigel Farage threatens to launch anti-lockdown party as he hits out at Boris Johnson’s draconian restrictions

    The Brexit Party leader heaped pressure on the Prime Minister, saying the current restrictions are a threat to freedom amid the surge in coronavirus cases across the UK.


    Idiot Johnson will lose his job if Farrage starts a Resistance Party and movement. MPs will protect their seats. Also their Butts.

    None of the UK :Policies make sense.
    Sharks are circling now.

    Donald Trump MELTDOWN: Outrage as POTUS demands Biden takes drug test

    The media have seized on Trumps demand that Biden takes a drug Test.
    Of course, the risk Trump now faces is if he in turn demands Trump takes and IQ test. Politicks heh?

    Migrant whose journey from Sudan has ended at converted Army barracks

    At last we have stopped pampering them. We can not take the vast tidal flow dumping themselves on our Welfare services, and Housing. We can’t afford them.

    Migrant whose journey from Sudan has ended at converted Army barracks https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8778949/Migrant-journey-Sudan-ended-converted-Army-barracks.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Google News – New York Times publishes Donald Trump’s tax returns in election bombshell

    Now they are bursting the Trump bubble. Only $750 dollars paid because he’s deep in debt. The Con goes on! But now the media will expose his losses.

    Trumps low taxes and losses for all to see. The giant Liar exposed.

    DOJ: Steele Dossier Source Suspected Russian Spy | National Review

    All the Trump Russian scam links back to the Clintons and Obama. Treachery within.

    FBI Whistleblower On Mueller Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted

    So now the dirt is coming out on Mueller and his Cronies. Who does time for this?

    Police officers to start coronavirus self-isolation spot checks on HOMES | Daily Mail Online

    Beyond ugly Police checking on homes where million will be locked down. The Stasi State! Disgusting and it will be torn down in Parliament soon. Johnson is a FOOL!

    Google News – Supermarkets stock up on flour as Waitrose boss slams panic buyers for stripping shelves of staples and forcing others to go without while online delivery slots disappear fast

    The mass morons loose are stripping the shelves again. They need rounding up and horse whipping in the car parks. Animals! Truly disgusting bottom feeding grunts. Seltfisn trash.Copying Polticians.



  37. TOKYO – Local Japanese news agencies reported earlier in September that Japan’s Defense Minister Taro Kono has requested the Self-Defense Forces follow new protocols regarding possible interactions or sightings of unidentified flying objects which might pose a threat national security.


  38. “Without training, they lacked knowledge. Without knowledge, they lacked confidence. Without confidence, they lacked victory.”

    Julius Caesar


    1. The way the world is going to interact…through commerce…finance…industry…is rapidly changing, and those who see it, and see the future, including a future that is not even imaginable yet, will prosper in this new economy.

      Only politics and governments are stuck in the past, and desperately trying to remain relevant. They don’t innovate. They annihilate.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s been alleged for years and still NO Hands on Collars.
      The team are too Gutless to take these crooks down. Gutless. All front and no bottle. the lot. Just Posers.
      You would be in Jail. When, you’ve had the job for 4 years ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Just Window dressing, the lot. All Men of Straw.



    The allegations and projections given in this video merit all parties response. Especially our Medical Afficianados. Considerable time has gone into cataloguing Autism occurences, and even if only 50% accurate, it’s still alarming. The trend itself is the key. As reported by 2030, it is being alleged that one in 2 Children born from then onwards will have Autism. Even if only 50% right, that’s still one in 4 and still alarming. No question we can see a rise in cases already, and I have many associates whose poor children are victims.

    We do not certify the accuracy of these projections, but simply acknowledge that Autism is a growing reality, and if we are missing this Cliff Hanger in research, a crisis wake up call is needed to determine the cause or causes. Survival of the Species is its own key project. One in 2, or one in 4 is still unsustainable. The Big Question is- What is Truth and what is happening?

    Who is asleep on Watch on this Human shift? If any is true it can not be more urgent.



  40. Britain could avoid lockdown by shielding the elderly, SAGE says https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8773445/Britain-avoid-tougher-measures-cooping-away-elderly-SAGE-files-reveal.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Absolutely horrific.

    It’s a nasty crime
    Interesting Article

    The Frankenstein Virus that is Sars, Covid raises deep and disturbing questions of Deep State and NSA reckless agendas.
    The will take humanity and its Soul, at any price.
    Their threat to you is beyond unreal. You can or will do what?
    But, as they remodel society, and the Sheeply assemble as ordered, be aware , you are walking to the cliff edge.

    Coronavirus UK: Lockdown ‘may kill 75,000’, scientists say https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8774141/Coronavirus-UK-Lockdown-kill-75-000-thats-OFFICIAL-projection.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Now this is the REAL truth of Covid that stupid Politics and BOUGHT crooked Scientific Advisors don’t get

    Good, don’t tell him!

    Go Kayleigh attack attack attack
    Watch “Emanne Beasha: You Won’t BELIEVE The Voice That Comes From Her Tiny Body | America’s Got Talent 2019” on YouTub

    Heh America what talent

    Watch “LIVE: Coronavirus sceptics take to streets of London for new round of protests” on YouTub

    Pissed off Brits are scaring Politicos today re Lock Downs.

    In out history we have stormed theCity and hung both Lawyers and Politicos. Also a King.

    Biden, what a hypocrite!
    God Bless!!!

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