I Will Drain The Swamp…Clinton Will Be In Jail”

What Will Be His Legacy?

If He Wins Via The State Electors, Will Trump Face An Even More Divided Country?

Four Wasted years. How many were jailed? He needs a second term to do the job now.

It was a choice: The totally obnoxious Clintons, or the Sordid Grifter.

Anything but more Clintons.

I will drain the Swamp!”.

But – He didn’t! The world media waits and daily denigrates him. Payback? Global Leaders have already endowed Biden and cashed Trump out. All the appearance now of a confused Naked Emperor. Rome had ways! But this can all blow up in many faces.

As for his Rose Garden Speech avowing no lockdown, that typical Trump charade is ONLY because he knows it’s the knockout blow for his already ailing Hotel Group if he closes off that diminishing income. False bravado with an angle.

Before, it was obnoxious Clinton or him. A No-brainer.

Now, it’s been him or Biden, and irrespective of even 10% Vote rigging, figures simply do not stack up. A fake result is bad for all.

As Deutsch prepares to recover their c$400m loan from his Hotel Group in decline, which Biden and the Deep State Cabal Strategists would probably see off with a 2 to 3 months Lockdown, being fully aware it will bury Trump if actioned. His Litigation Stormtroopers may need all the tricks in their books this time. Biden needs to be stopped. This vote scam needs full exposure. The will of the people matters.

Cohen waits doomed now to ignominy, with a vengeance to bring him down, as do a whole host of vengeful Litigants, seeking Capital Recovery, or Payback. Will Cohen expose how he lied? He hung Cohen out to dry. 3,500 Litigants attest to dealing with Trump. But now, what Justice awaits?

How many will he pardon while still in office, while he still can?

IRA Revenue Commissioners are a waiting issue. Stormie and a trail of ex Rent Girls and Mistresses wait to cash in. Lurid, turgid exposès will roll for the tabloids.

The Trumps are no Kennedys. Unlike Trump, JFK actually was educated. Trump simply attended. JFK served with honour. Trump evaded with Heel Spurs. Kennedys offered both Sleaze and Sophistication with Style. Trump, well?

Does his psyche aspire and envision saviour by the Supremes? With America’s Justice track record? The Supremes knew Obama was a blatant Con Man Criminal Usurper. Ed Falcone served each with evidence and claims of Obama / Soetoro’s flights to Pakistan with his then “Pakistani Male Associate” he was regularly seen holding hands with, using his Indonesian passport and his Occidental Foreign Student registration. All Americans were at the time prohibited from flying to Pakistan. But not a Foreign Student with a Non American Passport. As for Barry Soetoro’s certain Chicago notorious Male-Only Bath House Club memberships? What vetting?

To This Day Biden Has Never Managed A Public Gathering To Rival Trump Numbers

Knowing Sororo was prohibited from even running for Office as a Non Natural American Born Citizen, and prohibited In Law from Usurping such a role, to hold such office, and enshrined laws binding the Republic, meant honourably and lawfully removing him from office and repealing his entire legislative record. The Legal- Right Thing to do. Where was the Democrats and States Vetting process? They knew he was a Chicago Con Man Ringer and concealed it.

The Supremes sadly have form for expediency and duplicity.

Despite clear evidence of mass vote irregularities, will they each face down the Deep State and vote with ethical conscience as Duly Empowered to do? Will it even get so far? How far did Falcone’s attempts to get the Supremes to intercede with Obama go? Will the Supremes be prepared to publicly attest to the biggest Voting Chicanery in America’s Constitutional history, Repeal and Negate the Vote, or use Political expediency and sacrifice Trump? Be clear, Trump deserves Justice too.

It appears ever more probable that a visible case of mass vote rigging has been orchestrated, and the whole world can see it. But where is American Justice? Where was it with Usurper Soetoro? Political expediency!

Be clear, if Trump fails to secure the lawful and ethical backing of the Constitution to protect his probable True Vote supremacy, such failure will be a precedent of the vortex of recriminations awaiting him when out of office, unshielded with veracious litigants and IRS plus probable Criminal investigation Regulatory driven and Agency backed to service as a warning to others. Trump will be In Play. For him, with no Phalanx of Legal Shields encircling and protecting him, Payback with a multitude of aggrieved Creditors, vexatious Litigants, and encircling Bank Vultures.

Deutch and others’ demands will be Now! As for the IRS? Was a man of modern times ever so encircled as the Barbarians were tearing down the gates?

Be clear, Trump has a major case for a compromised voting system. It merits Justice, but in America? Soon he will be feeling like Adolf in the Bunker as the Russians pounded the gates. The Red Pill, or the Bullet, or both? Will the Master of the Deal make his appeal? Who will listen? Which votes will stand? Will he?

All the adverse downside, he’s still a far better choice than Biden. The above profile is his tortuous life right now. Understanding the warts and all.

Did This Corpse Really Outperform Obama and Trump In Vote Total?

All that and STILL he’s far and away the best choice right now. The rest we can work on. America needs Trump right now. Warts and all. Biden is beyond unfit for office.

Give Trump 4 more years as the REAL Votes I believe will vindicate. Then, serious jail time with no mercy and take them all down? Drain the swamp! Let that be his Legacy.

Then, deserved praise. Get those Fake Votes!

Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. – Richard M. Nixon


  1. Did the Pentagon just vote with its feet for Trump???

    [[In a surprising move, the Pentagon has told the Central Intelligence Agency that it plans to end the majority of the military support it provides to the agency’s counterterrorism missions by Jan. 5, according to a former senior administration intelligence official.]]

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    1. Tino

      Just hope both Trump survives in office and the Elders deal processes.
      Then watch as the London “Guardians” of the Crown, ( KT’s!!) armed with the pending colossal Dynasty transfers, bring the banks and 6 to heel, then watch how the Rogue Agencies are addressed.
      It needs the transfers to Game the Game. Already way forward Tino. We just need to last pieces in place.
      The pending new article will clue you in.


  2. Whether you or disagree with the election, this is face of censorship

    If, hopefully Trump is returned, he needs to deal with Suckemoff and his kind and rip them out of office.
    License and deny creeps.

    Click to access safari-oct-14-2020-at-8-21-pm.pdf


    New York attorney general launches antitrust suit against Facebook https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9036231/New-York-attorney-general-launches-massive-antitrust-suit-against-Facebook.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    A huge necessary move Suckemoff needs smashing down. 5 years in a Gulag for him would put manners on the creep

    Hunter Biden says he is under federal investigation over his taxes https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9036463/Hunter-Biden-says-federal-investigation-taxes.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    What a family of Creeps like father like son.


    How another MSM perceives Trump and how his Legacy is portrayed. He won’t like this..
    Chinese talons. The Beltway Swamp.

    17 States Urge Supreme Court to Review Texas Bid to Challenge Election in Battleground States

    Now the stge is being re set as the Texan Alamno to stop Biden from hiden.
    What is interesting is the concept of original jurisdiction which would put all evidence on the table in other lawsuits
    My guess is they will say only valid and legal votes count and define what that is.
    This will in effect change the narrative completely
    There will be shock waves as a result
    People forget that Texas was a sovereign before it joined the US .. it is why it is called the Lone Star state


    Now this will send a major ripple through Biden and the Deep States nipple. 

    Thinking differently. It starts with your need to understand the meaning of all.

    Macron, President of France recently said the following in the article referenced…..

    “Maybe I will not be able to be a candidate, maybe I will have to do things in the last year, the last months, which will be hard because the circumstances will require it and which will make it impossible for me to be a candidate, I do not exclude anything.“

    I imagine forced shutdowns of industry and the ruin of people’s lives make one unpopular and the focus of anger. But the words lose meaning when purpose is seen behind the man.

    Shared from Sky News: Brexit: Sunday’s deadline ‘a point of finality’ for trade talks unless EU moves, says Dominic Raab https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-sundays-deadline-a-point-of-finality-for-trade-talks-unless-eu-moves-says-dominic-raab-12156643

    It’s time to end this farce. Can we reason with Free Lunching Socialists? Ever? Who pays?
    Walk the walk or cut the talk.
    Police charge 32 men with more than 150 child sex offences


    Here we go again. Never ending Pakistani and Muslim sex crimes abusing and destroying out children..
    This tide of human filth needs deporting.
    They have no place in the west and bring only pestilence with them
    Abhorent parasites who will sweep out this trash
    Putin practices for nuclear war: Russia shows off full nuclear triad https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038255/Putin-practices-nuclear-war-Russia-shows-nuclear-triad.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Putin’s a realist he sees the need to be ready in case war erupts. There are so many tensions right now
    Wuhan whistleblower ‘kept in restraints and fed by tube in detention’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038531/Coronavirus-China-Wuhan-whistleblower-kept-restraints-fed-tube-detention.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Can’t you do the same with Biden and Zuckerberg ?
    Why pregnant women CAN’T have the coronavirus vaccine https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038589/Why-pregnant-women-coronavirus-vaccine.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead





    Can’t he focus also on Democrats and Zios?

    What a mess

    True we never fitted in with them
    That’s why we kicked their arses in so many wars.

    Watch and ask and question, because there is only one choice, one time. Do you have any idea what is coming your way


    Truth denied to the American people.
    Also to a so naïve world.

    Battle Between the CIA and DoD?

    This short video by the New American’s Daniel Natal gives us such a clear understanding of where we find ourselves at this moment in history. I encourage you to share this with as many people as possible.

    For nearly a month, I’ve reported on the rumors swirling about a November 9th Special Operations raid on a CIA hacking facility within the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, during which servers implicated in the vote-rigging of the 2020 election were seized.

    Lt. General Thomas McInerney said there were unconfirmed reports of 5 casualties, with others, including Jim Willie and Simon Parkes reporting that CIA Director Gina Haspel, who was present during the raid was either injured or killed.

    Daniel Natal asks if this raid is an indication that bigger things than the 2020 Election are going on behind the scenes, now that National Security Action Memorandum 57 has transferred powers from the CIA to the Department of Defense?

    He explains that National Security Action Memorandum 57 was created by President Kennedy to cut the CIA out of power and to transfer their Special Ops capabilities to the Department of Defense, which is directly under Presidential control.

    However, NSAM 57 was never implemented, due to Kennedy’s assassination. Even though it was still on the books, presidents for decades were afraid to invoke it. But after almost 60 years, Trump has just triggered it and according to Daniel Natal, the fallout has been monumental.

    Natal says, “We keep hearing accounts, too of Chinese interference in the election but here’s the thing, the CIA may be using China as a platform, a base of operations. Though many people aren’t aware of this, the CIA actually has its roots in China.”

    This goes back to the Opium Wars, which forced open the port of Shanghai and handed over Hong Kong’s sovereignty to Britain. The British drug trade in China funded the Bank of England and some Americans got involved, including the grandfather of President Franklin Roosevelt and the great-grandfather of Democrat John Kerry.

    Natal deadpans, “All these people who are presented to us as respectable are the equivalent of Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar…

    “Everybody knows that the British banking system as we know today was built on the proceeds of the drug war in China and HSBC Bank is no exception. Their initials stand for the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.

    “By the way, they were busted for laundering money for drug cartels not too long ago and HSBC also appears to be the owner of the Dominion voting software that is at the heart of the current disputed election.

    “By the way, FBI hatchet man James Comey after letting HSBC walk on its money-laundering charges was later appointed to sit on its Board of Directors.

    When researching the origin of the CIA, we learn that it grew out of AIG, the insurance giant which was founded by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai. Vander Starr went on to run the OSS during World War II, which in turn became the CIA.

    “Long story short: whenever you read ‘China’, think ‘CIA drug-front’. Whenever you see the FBI’s James Comey on the Board of Directors of HSBC, know what that means: China, for lack of a better word is a sort of shell company, a front. China’s interference in our election is really a roundabout way of saying, ‘The CIA’s running operations out of Shanghai.’

    “Note how everywhere there’s a central bank, there’s an intelligence agency to enforce their will. They’re a secret police. It’s a Gestapo. It’s no coincidence that the London central banking system and the CIA both got their start in Shanghai.

    “The CIA does not serve our interests. It serves their interests. Remember, when the CIA overthrew Iran in 1953, to help British Petroleum? Ask yourself why an American intelligence agency was doing the bidding of a British corporation?

    “Answer: the CIA is the secret police of the British banks. It is not American. It was never American. It was installed in the United States to ensure that the policies of the global central bankers were carried out.

    “And Donald J Trump’s push to place America First doesn’t exactly coincide with their interests.”
    F U. EU


  3. And that’s no bull.

    Translation: Let’s not try to pass laws we can’t enforce.

    Everyone want’s a piece of the action


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