I Will Drain The Swamp…Clinton Will Be In Jail”

What Will Be His Legacy?

If He Wins Via The State Electors, Will Trump Face An Even More Divided Country?

Four Wasted years. How many were jailed? He needs a second term to do the job now.

It was a choice: The totally obnoxious Clintons, or the Sordid Grifter.

Anything but more Clintons.

I will drain the Swamp!”.

But – He didn’t! The world media waits and daily denigrates him. Payback? Global Leaders have already endowed Biden and cashed Trump out. All the appearance now of a confused Naked Emperor. Rome had ways! But this can all blow up in many faces.

As for his Rose Garden Speech avowing no lockdown, that typical Trump charade is ONLY because he knows it’s the knockout blow for his already ailing Hotel Group if he closes off that diminishing income. False bravado with an angle.

Before, it was obnoxious Clinton or him. A No-brainer.

Now, it’s been him or Biden, and irrespective of even 10% Vote rigging, figures simply do not stack up. A fake result is bad for all.

As Deutsch prepares to recover their c$400m loan from his Hotel Group in decline, which Biden and the Deep State Cabal Strategists would probably see off with a 2 to 3 months Lockdown, being fully aware it will bury Trump if actioned. His Litigation Stormtroopers may need all the tricks in their books this time. Biden needs to be stopped. This vote scam needs full exposure. The will of the people matters.

Cohen waits doomed now to ignominy, with a vengeance to bring him down, as do a whole host of vengeful Litigants, seeking Capital Recovery, or Payback. Will Cohen expose how he lied? He hung Cohen out to dry. 3,500 Litigants attest to dealing with Trump. But now, what Justice awaits?

How many will he pardon while still in office, while he still can?

IRA Revenue Commissioners are a waiting issue. Stormie and a trail of ex Rent Girls and Mistresses wait to cash in. Lurid, turgid exposès will roll for the tabloids.

The Trumps are no Kennedys. Unlike Trump, JFK actually was educated. Trump simply attended. JFK served with honour. Trump evaded with Heel Spurs. Kennedys offered both Sleaze and Sophistication with Style. Trump, well?

Does his psyche aspire and envision saviour by the Supremes? With America’s Justice track record? The Supremes knew Obama was a blatant Con Man Criminal Usurper. Ed Falcone served each with evidence and claims of Obama / Soetoro’s flights to Pakistan with his then “Pakistani Male Associate” he was regularly seen holding hands with, using his Indonesian passport and his Occidental Foreign Student registration. All Americans were at the time prohibited from flying to Pakistan. But not a Foreign Student with a Non American Passport. As for Barry Soetoro’s certain Chicago notorious Male-Only Bath House Club memberships? What vetting?

To This Day Biden Has Never Managed A Public Gathering To Rival Trump Numbers

Knowing Sororo was prohibited from even running for Office as a Non Natural American Born Citizen, and prohibited In Law from Usurping such a role, to hold such office, and enshrined laws binding the Republic, meant honourably and lawfully removing him from office and repealing his entire legislative record. The Legal- Right Thing to do. Where was the Democrats and States Vetting process? They knew he was a Chicago Con Man Ringer and concealed it.

The Supremes sadly have form for expediency and duplicity.

Despite clear evidence of mass vote irregularities, will they each face down the Deep State and vote with ethical conscience as Duly Empowered to do? Will it even get so far? How far did Falcone’s attempts to get the Supremes to intercede with Obama go? Will the Supremes be prepared to publicly attest to the biggest Voting Chicanery in America’s Constitutional history, Repeal and Negate the Vote, or use Political expediency and sacrifice Trump? Be clear, Trump deserves Justice too.

It appears ever more probable that a visible case of mass vote rigging has been orchestrated, and the whole world can see it. But where is American Justice? Where was it with Usurper Soetoro? Political expediency!

Be clear, if Trump fails to secure the lawful and ethical backing of the Constitution to protect his probable True Vote supremacy, such failure will be a precedent of the vortex of recriminations awaiting him when out of office, unshielded with veracious litigants and IRS plus probable Criminal investigation Regulatory driven and Agency backed to service as a warning to others. Trump will be In Play. For him, with no Phalanx of Legal Shields encircling and protecting him, Payback with a multitude of aggrieved Creditors, vexatious Litigants, and encircling Bank Vultures.

Deutch and others’ demands will be Now! As for the IRS? Was a man of modern times ever so encircled as the Barbarians were tearing down the gates?

Be clear, Trump has a major case for a compromised voting system. It merits Justice, but in America? Soon he will be feeling like Adolf in the Bunker as the Russians pounded the gates. The Red Pill, or the Bullet, or both? Will the Master of the Deal make his appeal? Who will listen? Which votes will stand? Will he?

All the adverse downside, he’s still a far better choice than Biden. The above profile is his tortuous life right now. Understanding the warts and all.

Did This Corpse Really Outperform Obama and Trump In Vote Total?

All that and STILL he’s far and away the best choice right now. The rest we can work on. America needs Trump right now. Warts and all. Biden is beyond unfit for office.

Give Trump 4 more years as the REAL Votes I believe will vindicate. Then, serious jail time with no mercy and take them all down? Drain the swamp! Let that be his Legacy.

Then, deserved praise. Get those Fake Votes!

Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. – Richard M. Nixon


  1. Did the Pentagon just vote with its feet for Trump???

    [[In a surprising move, the Pentagon has told the Central Intelligence Agency that it plans to end the majority of the military support it provides to the agency’s counterterrorism missions by Jan. 5, according to a former senior administration intelligence official.]]

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    1. Tino

      Just hope both Trump survives in office and the Elders deal processes.
      Then watch as the London “Guardians” of the Crown, ( KT’s!!) armed with the pending colossal Dynasty transfers, bring the banks and 6 to heel, then watch how the Rogue Agencies are addressed.
      It needs the transfers to Game the Game. Already way forward Tino. We just need to last pieces in place.
      The pending new article will clue you in.


  2. Whether you or disagree with the election, this is face of censorship

    If, hopefully Trump is returned, he needs to deal with Suckemoff and his kind and rip them out of office.
    License and deny creeps.

    Click to access safari-oct-14-2020-at-8-21-pm.pdf


    New York attorney general launches antitrust suit against Facebook https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9036231/New-York-attorney-general-launches-massive-antitrust-suit-against-Facebook.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    A huge necessary move Suckemoff needs smashing down. 5 years in a Gulag for him would put manners on the creep

    Hunter Biden says he is under federal investigation over his taxes https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9036463/Hunter-Biden-says-federal-investigation-taxes.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    What a family of Creeps like father like son.


    How another MSM perceives Trump and how his Legacy is portrayed. He won’t like this..
    Chinese talons. The Beltway Swamp.

    17 States Urge Supreme Court to Review Texas Bid to Challenge Election in Battleground States

    Now the stge is being re set as the Texan Alamno to stop Biden from hiden.
    What is interesting is the concept of original jurisdiction which would put all evidence on the table in other lawsuits
    My guess is they will say only valid and legal votes count and define what that is.
    This will in effect change the narrative completely
    There will be shock waves as a result
    People forget that Texas was a sovereign before it joined the US .. it is why it is called the Lone Star state


    Now this will send a major ripple through Biden and the Deep States nipple. 

    Thinking differently. It starts with your need to understand the meaning of all.

    Macron, President of France recently said the following in the article referenced…..

    “Maybe I will not be able to be a candidate, maybe I will have to do things in the last year, the last months, which will be hard because the circumstances will require it and which will make it impossible for me to be a candidate, I do not exclude anything.“

    I imagine forced shutdowns of industry and the ruin of people’s lives make one unpopular and the focus of anger. But the words lose meaning when purpose is seen behind the man.

    Shared from Sky News: Brexit: Sunday’s deadline ‘a point of finality’ for trade talks unless EU moves, says Dominic Raab https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-sundays-deadline-a-point-of-finality-for-trade-talks-unless-eu-moves-says-dominic-raab-12156643

    It’s time to end this farce. Can we reason with Free Lunching Socialists? Ever? Who pays?
    Walk the walk or cut the talk.
    Police charge 32 men with more than 150 child sex offences


    Here we go again. Never ending Pakistani and Muslim sex crimes abusing and destroying out children..
    This tide of human filth needs deporting.
    They have no place in the west and bring only pestilence with them
    Abhorent parasites who will sweep out this trash
    Putin practices for nuclear war: Russia shows off full nuclear triad https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038255/Putin-practices-nuclear-war-Russia-shows-nuclear-triad.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Putin’s a realist he sees the need to be ready in case war erupts. There are so many tensions right now
    Wuhan whistleblower ‘kept in restraints and fed by tube in detention’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038531/Coronavirus-China-Wuhan-whistleblower-kept-restraints-fed-tube-detention.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Can’t you do the same with Biden and Zuckerberg ?
    Why pregnant women CAN’T have the coronavirus vaccine https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9038589/Why-pregnant-women-coronavirus-vaccine.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead





    Can’t he focus also on Democrats and Zios?

    What a mess

    True we never fitted in with them
    That’s why we kicked their arses in so many wars.

    Watch and ask and question, because there is only one choice, one time. Do you have any idea what is coming your way


    Truth denied to the American people.
    Also to a so naïve world.

    Battle Between the CIA and DoD?

    This short video by the New American’s Daniel Natal gives us such a clear understanding of where we find ourselves at this moment in history. I encourage you to share this with as many people as possible.

    For nearly a month, I’ve reported on the rumors swirling about a November 9th Special Operations raid on a CIA hacking facility within the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, during which servers implicated in the vote-rigging of the 2020 election were seized.

    Lt. General Thomas McInerney said there were unconfirmed reports of 5 casualties, with others, including Jim Willie and Simon Parkes reporting that CIA Director Gina Haspel, who was present during the raid was either injured or killed.

    Daniel Natal asks if this raid is an indication that bigger things than the 2020 Election are going on behind the scenes, now that National Security Action Memorandum 57 has transferred powers from the CIA to the Department of Defense?

    He explains that National Security Action Memorandum 57 was created by President Kennedy to cut the CIA out of power and to transfer their Special Ops capabilities to the Department of Defense, which is directly under Presidential control.

    However, NSAM 57 was never implemented, due to Kennedy’s assassination. Even though it was still on the books, presidents for decades were afraid to invoke it. But after almost 60 years, Trump has just triggered it and according to Daniel Natal, the fallout has been monumental.

    Natal says, “We keep hearing accounts, too of Chinese interference in the election but here’s the thing, the CIA may be using China as a platform, a base of operations. Though many people aren’t aware of this, the CIA actually has its roots in China.”

    This goes back to the Opium Wars, which forced open the port of Shanghai and handed over Hong Kong’s sovereignty to Britain. The British drug trade in China funded the Bank of England and some Americans got involved, including the grandfather of President Franklin Roosevelt and the great-grandfather of Democrat John Kerry.

    Natal deadpans, “All these people who are presented to us as respectable are the equivalent of Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar…

    “Everybody knows that the British banking system as we know today was built on the proceeds of the drug war in China and HSBC Bank is no exception. Their initials stand for the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.

    “By the way, they were busted for laundering money for drug cartels not too long ago and HSBC also appears to be the owner of the Dominion voting software that is at the heart of the current disputed election.

    “By the way, FBI hatchet man James Comey after letting HSBC walk on its money-laundering charges was later appointed to sit on its Board of Directors.

    When researching the origin of the CIA, we learn that it grew out of AIG, the insurance giant which was founded by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai. Vander Starr went on to run the OSS during World War II, which in turn became the CIA.

    “Long story short: whenever you read ‘China’, think ‘CIA drug-front’. Whenever you see the FBI’s James Comey on the Board of Directors of HSBC, know what that means: China, for lack of a better word is a sort of shell company, a front. China’s interference in our election is really a roundabout way of saying, ‘The CIA’s running operations out of Shanghai.’

    “Note how everywhere there’s a central bank, there’s an intelligence agency to enforce their will. They’re a secret police. It’s a Gestapo. It’s no coincidence that the London central banking system and the CIA both got their start in Shanghai.

    “The CIA does not serve our interests. It serves their interests. Remember, when the CIA overthrew Iran in 1953, to help British Petroleum? Ask yourself why an American intelligence agency was doing the bidding of a British corporation?

    “Answer: the CIA is the secret police of the British banks. It is not American. It was never American. It was installed in the United States to ensure that the policies of the global central bankers were carried out.

    “And Donald J Trump’s push to place America First doesn’t exactly coincide with their interests.”
    F U. EU


  3. And that’s no bull.

    Translation: Let’s not try to pass laws we can’t enforce.

    Everyone want’s a piece of the action


  4. Like

  5. Dear King John2020:

    Before I ask this question from you, I need to tell you that if you can not answer my question with a clear answer, then I would prefer sending you an encrypted email, instead of getting some disinformation.

    So if you can not answer this because it is sensitive, please do not answer at all.


    1. Is the Global Currency Reset a part of the Great Reset which seems to be controlled by Global Socialists? I thought the elders were good guys and not a part of the New World Order which will be ushered in by the Great Reset…. Your clear thoughts on this are appreciated….

    2. After you held out the dong for many years as a way to profit from the GCR, you told me the other day everyone’s dong would not be included in the revaluation of currencies because Vietnam’s economy is export driven. But what about the IDR? Is that also going down the same path as the dong or do we have some hope the IDR could revalue substantially upward?

    Thanks again for all you do,

    Robert The Bruce – King of Scots


    1. Hoots mon

      While waiting for “King John” to answer, please be reminded that I would prefer that usernames are not changed unless unavoidable. You posted as “Robert” last time. So, please stick to that, or “Robert The Bruce” from this time forward.

      Longshanks should be along shortly.


    2. Remember Robert the Bruce sat forever watching a spider come down its web so many times and fail, until it retried and got it.

      First, Forex. This is a highly sensitive market with so many black holes and losses. Mercurial with no reason.

      Just who is going to fund this fantasy Reval the Bloggers pontificate? Has that ever happened? Hopium!

      WHA is the one site giving you universal truth. Albeit with macabre humour. Helping and guiding you with Cryptos.

      Dispel this myth the Elders are going to unleash such vast Ts as will then refund every lost cause on the planet. Brokers and Bloggers fantasy. Lost causes and gamblers backing slow horses. So not happening.

      Economies will be developed according to meticulously planned need, not currency gamblers free lunch fantasies.

      Right now, each day, a vast Bullion Assay exercise is under way drilling or re-casting Bullion warehouses of bars held for centuries but not yet officially registered and cleared as Investment Bullion free for use, because it simply has no history of funds. Also it’s multi sourced. But highly confidential areas cross permeating UN, IMF, World Bank, key Treasuries and others participating, not least other “Agencies”. Mercurial minds. But the balance of power is shifting.

      The once cleared new asset base is under discussion to be transferred as full new On Balance Sheet Wealth, free for Investment and Humanitarian use, as part of a new Fiscal re alignment plan, with deep thinking undertakings. To rethink need, not greed.

      Why for example are we funding Kiddie fiddling Church schools to indoctrinate our Children with their fabled and false nonsense? Time to rethink real core values, Ethereal not just Vatican and Zio Material disorders. Time to cease blood curdling circumcisions, and protect each child’s right to bee indoctrination free. To rethink Education to enhance and educate all. Time to rethink Money!

      Also Taxes and Tax Havens. Time to remove Military Industrial Economies, Black Budgets and Agency /Contractors Whores Wars.

      Wealth to benefit Mankind to be kind.

      Simply gifting vast wealth to the great unwashed will see it all P up against the wall, and re-taken by Fiscal manipulators anyway. Pointless. It has no merits.

      Rethinking tiered use to reconstruct new societies has.

      Zionists took and mugged America over a century. The Vatican mugged the world over 1,700 years.

      Man is capable of so much, is it not time to unlock its capacity for all in new emerging steps of core values and meaningful consciousness? A Galactic highway of applied minds?

      Between 4M and up to 6 Billion sperms race to fertilize that egg. All for you to experience and create as a Carbon life form. You won and all others died. Life is awesome. Such a gift. We have done what? FFS!

      Minds are applied to make a difference this time. 5 D chess to re-plan the humans mess.

      Think Cryptos, not white water rafting with currencies. WHA shows you the way, each day.

      Change is coming.


        1. The US has to go Digital to survive and what Real Assets?
          What they have not stolen and wasted, the Zios in turn has stolen from them The Zionists, Goyim circumcision.
          Take everything. Look at that preening Kushner. Who does not want to slap the preening smile off its face. It being Sewer Rats!


  6. Good news. Declare it a public utility, and remove Schmuckerturd’s monopoly over the Bolshevik media empire.

    Everyone want’s a piece of the action

    Even a caveman knew that.

    Buyer’s market on the make in San Franpsycho. Buy the dips.

    Crypto is going to eat everything.

    The Hunter is now being hunted. Can you deduct crack as an entertainment expense?


  7. Chinese Spy Raised Money For Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, Planted “Intern” in His Congressional Office

    This is deeply imbedded. Just jail the Democrats and be done with it.
    Are there any clean ones?

    Breaking: Committee Resolution Naming Joe Biden as President-Elect F

    What a good kick in the Gonads for dirty Joe. Well done the Committee.
    Now start the arrests. If Trump gets re appointed he MUST get the arrests going ,or fail again!
    Boot Barr and re assess the Traitors. Investigate Barr! It stinks of Cover Up!

    Donald Trump claims ‘the next administration will be the Trump administration’ if Republican legislators or the Supreme Court have ‘the courage’ to overthrow the election and says: ‘Life will be much easier for our country’

    President Trump claimed next administration ‘will be the Trump administration’ as his campaign makes a desperate effort to circumvent a ‘safe harbor’ deadline that will lock in Joe Biden’s victory.


    I hope so, but will he then start the arrests of Wimp Off? Is he man enough? Zero so far. Another chance and more failures to take them down?

    What a sad time for America. Find one Real Leader.
    Will bitcoin end the dollar’s reign?

    What will tonight’s truth be in Brussels?
    If Johnson comes back with a Fudge or enslaved deal, he will be torn apart in London. The House will reject it and he will be gone.

    Either we get our deal on our terms or no deal.
    Unlike the US where any crap is buried, here it’s fully poured over and challenged. Don’t try to bring home crap, just No Deal. We will live with it.

    All we face at worst is 6 months of supply issues, less food, but reduced Butts and Guts and in 6 months a paralised EU begging to renegotiate.

    But Johnson is not smart, so God knows how it will go.
    In an ideal world, Trump is returned , the UK and US do a giant trade deal, and the EU takes a major hit. By then, who cares.
    “It might be the world’s biggest ocean, but the mighty Pacific is in peril” — https://theconversation.com/it-might-be-the-worlds-biggest-ocean-but-the-mighty-pacific-is-in-peril-150745

    What a mess as Humanity trashes our world. Pollution is no solution to life.
    Russian told to avoid alcohol for nearly two months around Covid jabs https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9034519/Good-luck-Russians-told-lay-alcohol-nearly-two-months-Covid-jabs.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    2 months won’t happen. A vast number drink daily, it’s a huge consumer market because people are boozers
    Top UN anti-torture expert demands UK ‘immediately’ releases WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from Belmarsh prison ahead of his extradition hearing

    Nils Melzer, the UN special rapporteur on torture, demanded an end to Assange’s decade-long ‘arbitrary detention’ and called the Australian’s imprisonment ‘unlawful’.


    Pressure is now growing again to release this whining, whinging, pathetic low moral, attention seeking Big Girls blouse from Prison. Simply put, he’s not worth the cost of pressure.
    His credibility was blow screaming like a Stuck Pig as they came for him. No dignity, squealing like a pig. His aura is blown. Unless the US can show real cause, he’s not worth the cost and time.
    We all have our reasons, but I just think he’s a sad, grossly overrated asshole whose not worth the cell time right now. It’s making a false celebrity out of vermin. The man does not match the image.
    To me he’s a pathetic , gutless waste of space, he showed no dignity, time to let him out. He’s blown anyway.
    Trump Says He Will Intervene in Texas’ SCOTUS Election Case

    If this does not gain traction, the insurrection act will be the only option. Whatever the cost, he needs to stand his ground. Bringing down the Deep State and Traitors is everything



    Prepare your new year’s wishes ahead guys.
    All those years practicing our aim and still they want to meddle with our national targeting drive.


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        1. I most certainly did see the prince joke. OMG!.
          I must admit, I did think there were some statements that were a little crude but overall I see the funny side of that sort of joke. LOL I am far from being a prude in such instances even though I respect decency in other instances.;-)) Always love a good joke.
          Nah, he is safe today Tony but comments re Assange impacted me more. LOL God, what does that say about me? Yikes. No wonder I’m single. LOL


    1. Well, you did make me slightly cranky with the Assange comments but I do accept that you have total right to your personal opinion re that subject. I get it but also see another side.

      Those bloody jokes are totally awesome John. OMG! I do enjoy your sense of humour/humor. Although a tad crude in one instance, I still enjoyed a good giggle. Naughty me. LOL


  8. “Rather than following the pack and mandating harsh rules, South Dakota provides our residents with information about what is happening on the ground in our state—the science, facts and data. Then, we ask all South Dakotans to take personal responsibility for their health, the health of their loved ones, and—in turn—the health of our communities. The state hasn’t issued lockdowns or mask mandates. We haven’t shut down businesses or closed churches. In fact, our state has never even defined what an “essential business” is. That isn’t the government’s role.”


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  9. Post WW11 Bretton Woods Reshaping of Capital Markets, the US Dollar reigned supreme as the currency for Global Settlements. It helped America dominate the world.

    It’s gone. America’s Leadership is failing and falling. All Empires end. None see it coming. None see the consequences.
    Money, once the power fueling Banks and City Traders, is being reshaped leaving Cities post Covid to implode.
    The Ethernet is Global. Owned by no one. Power corrupts but power also is the asset of intellect.

    As the smart self trade Cryptos, they will shelter their profits. Who needs Banks for the future?

    Who needs Pension Groups when you can trade your own? Seismic changes are coming. No one is immune.

    Smart thinking will avoid the shackles of the State. Devoid of income, they will fragment. Power is transient. An ever moving conflict area of self interests. Taxes truly, will the the last bastion of the little people. Wealth creators will simply decline to be shackled. Global forces will cross combine. They will dominate markets. People, (Sheeple) will be rethought. We no longer needs Industrial masses for the factories. As technology evolves ever faster. either so will people, to maintain viability, or each will become a liability. Wealth will fragment. Wealth creators will not be subservient to States. The web of the Ethernet will bind all. Post Covid all wall change. Cities are already in decline.

    Who will feed the unemployed need? Who will fund to educate the children of the masses as Tax Income recedes?

    How can States borrow to fund tomorrow, when visible Tax Income will be in decline. No one lends to a high risk party. Look at Trump’s own escalating dilemmas facing his Hotels dream with no income stream. Money talks.


  10. Early treatment saves lives. Ivermectin, another zinc ionophore, works wonders.

    Extremely urgent updates were provided to the committee.

    A summary of the hearing is available at: https://covexit.com/second-senate-hearing-about-outpatient-treatment-for-covid-19-highlights/

    We encourage you to take particular note of the evidence that ivermectin prevents infection and reduces mortality presented by Pierre Kory, M.D. in his testimony: https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Testimony-Kory-2020-12-08.pdf

    A press conference with Dr. Kory and his colleagues held last week in Houston is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V3yxrJwJQs

    You can also watch the full video of the hearing and download written copies of the testimony at: https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/early-outpatient-treatment-an-essential-part-of-a-covid-19-solution-part-ii

    Highlights from Part I of the hearing, held last month, are available here: https://covexit.com/live-senate-hearing-about-early-outpatient-treatment/

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  11. This development is far worse than realized by those outside the Deep State. First, not a whisper of it — which means that it was developed carefully with an eye to bringing in all the evidence of fraud that the corruption and lower Court’s willful blindness is ignoring.. And this is confirmed by a simple fact that one matter lawyers and the plebes always forget about original jurisdiction — that the Justices can ask to see the evidence and function fully like a trial court. In original jurisdiction the Supreme Court is NOT limited to looking just as the Law of the Land. Nor can the Supreme Court deny certeriori to a State in any reasonable fashion. Not on an issue of this magnitude.

    This may be a strategic master coup. The Supreme Court is boxed in — nobody will trust them going forward if they ignore the evidence, that I am sure they have been FISAed, so it better go Trump. If they turf it to the House, Trump wins on the forced Math. God, the back room negotiations must be red hot.


  12. _______

    Hush, darling. Texas’ case has been admitted and will be heard.


    Never say we didn’t deliver Dick.

    Isn’t that the idea in the USA? Or does someone else own our money? Can’t be.

    Where would we be without Wells Fargo?

    Buy the dips! They will most assuredly come.

    Everyone wants a piece of the action

    “Texans Always Move Them”. – R.E. Lee.

    Buy the dips, ol’ chap.

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  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/bitcoin-bounces-back-two-rivals-have-potential/

    The UK really needs to walk from the EU
    Attorney general William Barr ‘to step down’ before end of Trump’s term in final blow to president | The Independent

    The Trojan Horse has done his job He absolved all the Deep State Traitors. He blatantly ignored the mountain of evidence and Traitor Barr let the lot go free.

    Now, like the Rat he is, he runs. Rats and Sinking Ships?

    Trump: ‘Big Things Happening Over the Next Couple of Days’

    So now, the Barnum Wannabe wants to blow his bubbles?

    This is true, believe it or not.

    By Times Up.

    – Dominion serves 40% of the US market. It is in 30 states.
    – The state of Texas rejected the machines.
    – Admiral Peter Neffenger is on Biden’s transition team.
    – Peter Neffenger was the President and on the board of Smartmatic
    – Smartmatic entered into an agreement with Dominion in 2009
    – Smartmatic counted American votes in Venezuela
    – Smartmatic is connected to Philippine voter fraud
    – Smartmatic is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros (and Brown life-long friends) – Brown chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including the Open Society Foundation,
    – Brown chairs the Centre for Global Development.
    – Open society of course is owned by George Soros
    – Smartmatic partnered with DLA Piper Global
    – Douglas C. Emhoff works at DLA Piper Global
    – Douglass C. Emhoff is Kamala Harris’s husband
    – Guess who owns Dominion? Blum Capital Partners, L.P. ***
    – Guess who is on the board for the company? Richard C.
    Blum. ***
    – Richard C. Blum is husband to Dianne Feinstein. ***
    – Nancy Pelosi’s husband is also an investor
    – An aide to Nancy Pelosi, Nadeam Elshami, was hired by the Dominion Voting Systems
    – Dominion Voting Systems is literally listed on the Clinton Foundation website.
    – Dominion Voting is listed as a $25,000 to $50,000 donor to the Clinton Foundation in 2014 by The Washington Post
    – “The DELIAN Project: Democracy through Technology” is the title of the page.
    – Georgia Governor Kemp purchased machines after Texas and Florida rejected
    – Dominion Voting has a lobbyist name Jared Thomas
    – Jared Thomas was Governor Brian Kemp’s chief of staff and press secretary from 2012 to 2015
    – You must remember the Feinstein-Kavanaugh-Soros connections to understand the depth
    – Debra Katz (Christine Ford’s lawyer) worked for George-Soros at the Open Society Foundation.
    – Debra Katz (Christine Ford’s lawyer) also worked at Project on Government Oversight (POGO).
    – POGO is funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation.
    – POGO is the co-signer of the letter Diane Feinstein had on Kavanaugh.
    – Kamala Harris did not prosecute OneWest Bank for their fraud
    – Soros owned OneWest Bank.
    – Now you know why a woman who placed 7th in her state when running for President is now VP elect.
    Blockchain Bites: $187M Blockchain Bond, $522M BTC Mining Revenue and ‘Ethereum-First’ Institutional Investors – CoinDesk

    China’s Latest Digital Currency Trial Is Its Most Important Yet – CoinDe

    StanChart CEO Bill Winters: Digital currency rollout is ‘inevitable’

    2 Former Pfizer top Executives Issue Stay Motion to EU Medicine Agency Warning “Vaccines Could Cause Permanent Infertility” – Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

    I cannot imagine why any woman of child bearing age would do this, if she knew.
    And it makes you wonder what the goals are of unsafe vaccines?
    Outside of senior residences, the death rates simply do not add up to take such chances.

    Mankind has made contact with an alien ‘Galactic Federation’ but it has been kept secret because ‘humanity isn’t ready’, former head of Israel’s space security program claims

    Haim Eshed – the head of Israel’s space security programme for nearly 30 years – described a so-called ‘Galactic Federation’ which supposedly runs an underground Mars base in a secret pact with the US.


    This has now broken in a leading MSM. It’s now cracked the door wide open. Disclosure is coming, and with it a rethink where you actually have to THINK for yourselves, removed from Deluded Religions, and the Millenniums of repression they have created. Once a MSM goes public, it starts.
    +_Mankind has made contact with an alien ‘Galactic Federation’ but it has been kept secret because ‘humanity isn’t ready’, former head of Israel’s space security program claims

    Haim Eshed – the head of Israel’s space security programme for nearly 30 years – described a so-called ‘Galactic Federation’ which supposedly runs an underground Mars base in a secret pact with the US.


    This has now broken in a leading MSM. It’s now cracked the door wide open. Disclosure is coming, and with it a rethink where you actually have to THINK for yourselves, removed from Deluded Religions, and the Millenions of repression they have created. Once a MSM goes public, it starts.
    The public trust is falling not just in the media but in the prospect of justice and judicial system.


    Jenna Ellis on Twitter: “Great discussion with @cvpayne about the Trump Legal Team’s momentum moving forward this week for #ElectionIntegrity after the state hearings! Here’s what’s next! I also appreciated his last question… don’t miss that! 😊 https://t.co/7UMAeUIb1V” / Twitter

    Hal Turner Radio Show – Texas Sues Other States Over Election – Says Mail-in Ballot Scheme “Debase” Other State’s Votes.

    This is a big deal . Texas is the new Alamo here. Well done Texans.
    As it puts gather States themselves in conflict with one another.
    The outcome of this may well be important than anything else. And it opens the door for Texas to not accept the vote as a state.

    Lt. Gen. McInerney: “Initiate the Insurrection Act, declare Martial Law, suspend Habeas corpus, and – YouTube

    He is not wrong. Treason is what it is. This is EXACTLY what America needs for its Patroots now and beyond frustrating to see the betral of its nation. Martial Law and Firing Squads! French Reolution style Guilty outside and bang. Or the Chop! No question at least 50 merit this. Save America. Man up.

    Gen. Thomas McInerney: Trump Needs to Declare a Nat’l Emergency and Seize Dominion Machines – Forbidden Knowledge TV

    Is this the precursor to Marshall law and Military rule. It’s needed.
    He is correct the founding fathers never heard of cyber warfare.
    The world watches and prays

    BREAKING HUGE: Major National Security Issue Identified Related to China’s Connection to Dominion Voting Machines – Hide Out Now

    Why can deny this ?

    It does not matter which hegemony player would have built components, the risk for interference is built in.
    Time for America to have a secure voting system, where the people’s votes actually count. Decimate the Deep State. Hire Clint Eastwood, Hang em High!
    Dirty Harry – not sad Barry Soetoro. Clint has a US Birth Cert. Soetoro doesn’t even know who his real father is. His mother was permanently pissed and neither does she.



  14. A total shocker.

    No moss grows on Sidney.

    He’s being frank.

    They Goyim at Goya won’t be beat by the Bolshevik.

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  15. These treasury rats are really worried now. While they can attempt to regulate the issue of personal wallets outside of exchanges, this will most likely be challenged as unconstitutional since you cannot be deprived of property without just compensation. And those wallets are most certainly your property.

    Further, you think all the geeks out there will stop using their wallets? Not a chance.

    Even if they do succeed in passing such, it’s not a massive game changer, since it will also give additional “legitimacy” to the crypto space and blockchain technology sector. It’s a Hobson’s Choice for them. Either way, they will not stop what’s going to eventually push them out of the picture.

    These clowns continue to use taxation methods that are over 100 years old. Would any airline have survived if it still used Ford Tri-motors to get you to your destination?

    Technology is giving the individual the power that only governments could afford to use only 50 years ago. Efficiency is going to rule in the future. And governments are anything but.

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  16. Like

  17. We need Flynn to stop sqwarking and start talking. Take him down!

    Biden’s Hidden Bank Records Now Under The Spotlight – The Wolf Of Washington
    All they need do is ask Falcone’s attorneys. They had his, Clintons and Bush 41,plus Romneys.

    Fat chance he will reveal, but then again maybe the Swiss will disclose under FACTA since they are being pressured

    Federal Register :: Establishing the Committee for the Assessment of Foreign Participation in the United States Telecommunications Services Sector

    This is quite drastic if followed through on. Facebook could face real pain for election interference as could others. Not least Google!


    Rudy Giuliani celebrates ‘big win for honest elections’ after Michigan judge allows investigation into 22 Dominion voting machines used in marijuana vote

    Judge Kevin Elsenheimer has allowed the probe in rural Antrim County. Giuliani said: ‘This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6000 votes.’


    Now this is the news we need and MSM for a change. A Michigan Judge has ordered an investigation into the voting machines. At last, practical progress. So now the precedence is set.
    Only bent or biased Judges now will decline. Precedence can open minds and doors.

    It’s only 03.57 here and the best news to start our day. Helping truth break free in America.
    Trump Will Win in Supreme Court – Gerald Celente | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

    Positive news let’s beat the corrupt MSM

    While always a colorful character, Italian blood, Gerald is one astute forecaster worth paying attention to. His forecasts are right much more than they are wrong.
    And it is blast to share a Barolo or 2 with him, in upstate New York.

    Bitcoin surge: Traditional currency economies facing ‘cardiac arrest’, claims expert | City & Business | Finance | Express.co.uk

    Hal Turner Radio Show – HARD PROOF: Dominion Vote Tabulating Machines ALTER Vote Totals – May VOID Election in 28 States!

    Again when the MSM betrays us with real news, lets get out the alternatives.

    This is the smoking gun in action. Caught .
    If there is any shred of justice, the election must be held again with secure voting..
    There is no way to have a true voice of the people otherwise. All your voices are needed. Patriot Americans must not be disencfranchised by Vote Rigging

    UK’s Financial Regulator (FCA) Crypto Ban

    This will have fast impact now on Cryptos.
    Watch your backs fast. It my take big hit for a while so buy when it bottoms out. .
    Watch “🔥 Life, Liberty & Levin 🔥 12/6/20 | FULL | Mark Levin” on YouTube

    This is a must watch video it raises fully the issues of Dirty Joe and Dirty Dems. Joe has booked his room at Rykers. Obama for Gitmo and the Clintons for the noose. Watch Bill do his girlie boy dance when they slip that rope around his neck. This again screams Re Vote!!!!!
    Biden must not be elected. No to Fraud.

    France and Germany ‘make final offer’ on Brexit with Michel Barnier ‘downbeat’ on prospects for a trade deal – as Boris Johnson warns he is NOT bluffing and could QUIT talks TONIGHT unless EU drops ‘ludicrous’ demands

    Boris Johnson is ready to quit Brexit talks within 48 hours unless the EU drops ‘ludicrous’ demands. He told his chief envoy David Frost he will not sign any deal that binds Britain to future Brussels laws.


    Good news time to walk away.

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will launch their own ‘woke’ awards rivaling the Queen’s gongs to honour significant contributions in the couple’s favourite fields

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will award individuals, charities and companies they feel champion their favourite causes. The awards will run alongside the Queen’s own gongs.


    The childlike fantasy posing of Opportunist Markel is going to end with such a bang. London will shut them down.
    Market has no Class and Harry is just a Horses Ass. Airheads loose in La La Land. Cheap and Tacky are both on Whakie Bakkie?
    Boris will hold make-or-break call with Ursula von der Leyen at 4pm TODAY: Tory MPs warn PM he must NOT back down as Ireland hits the panic button over ‘stalled’ Brexit talks and EU demands UK ‘compromises’ on fishing and level playing field rules

    The pressure is mounting after a frantic 24 hours of talks between the EU’s envoy Michel Barnier and David Frost failed to secure a breakthrough on the three critical sticking points.


    The Brexit talks are a shambles. No one can do a deal with France or the Irish. Dublin needs to be told to Shut the F Up or we will close our borders and starve the lot of you Fs. Ireland is only ever a total pain in the Arse like Scotland. Whining subsidy scavengers and Drunks! Germany needs to be told if you don’t shut Macron up we will just block your car sales to the UK, then Germany folds. Let Germany invade the place again and let’s clear this rabble out.

    It’s a God almighty mess. We should leave tonight with 2 fingers up. Face off and go. The EU is a kip of a place. Failed! It’s like finding we married a Hooker. Time to call the HO and go.
    PolitiFact – Fact-checking Trump’s whopper-laden interview with Maria Bartiromo – https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/nov/30/fact-checking-trumps-whopper-laden-interview-maria/

    Trump is still being denied so the big question is has he got the will to fight this?

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  18. Bitcoin transactions have just been banned from leveraging sites by the FCA in London. This will send shock wave round be careful. A copy of the alert notice follows. It may hold the price down for a while for you. That’s a good thing to get in at bottom prices.


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  20. ATLANTA GA –VoterGA announced today it has confirmed the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 system used throughout Georgia flipped dozens of votes cast in at least one county for President Donald Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden during the November 3rd, 2020 election .Dominion vote flipping from Trump to Biden was previously believed to have occurred only in Antrim County, Michigan where the system swapped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden.

    In Georgia, Ware County Elections Director confirmed that the recently completed hand count audit totals showed the total electronic vote count shorted Donald Trump 37 votes and added those 37 votes to totals for Joe Biden. The 74 affected votes represents .52% of the 14,192 county votes cast, exactly double Biden’s total statewide margin of .26%.

    State Election Director Chris Harvey’s November 16th memo instructed counties to certify all Dominion results if they included all ballots cast. After Harvey pressed counties to disregard any potential Dominion counting inaccuracies, Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger ordered counties to reset their machines for the U.S. Senate race,which would destroy potential evidence of tabulation malware.

    Secretary Raffensperger forced Georgia counties to enter their audit results into a centralized ARLO system rather than their own data sources. That broke the audit reporting chain and allowed the SOS office to tell counties what their results are rather than counties reporting their results to the state using generally accepted American election reporting principles. VoterGA polled all 159 counties and found roughly 150 of them had no electronic totals for their own hand count audit.

    ARLO was created by VotingWorks, whose founder Ben Adida posted anti-Trump profanity on social media. The same is true for Dominion’s Eric Coomer, the V.P of Systems Strategy and Security, a software patent holder and expert state defense witness in the Curling V. Raffensperger case against Georgia’s Dominion voting system.Coomer, whose man yhistorical posts on Social media prove he is an ultimate Trump hater,was also recorded on an Antifa conference call telling members that:“Trump won’t win. I made f***ing sure of it

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    1. Tino

      Exactly why you need manual counting.
      We have 68M population. You have c330M. We can do it all over 2 to 3 days. Why can’t you?
      We have counters on both sides of the table. Screeners watching behind each. Once batches are completed they are pushed across the table to the opposite number to check if any are incorrectly filed. They then must show the Monitor standing behind them it’s an incorrectly allocated vote before switching it.
      We do the same with batch counts. No excuse kids can do it. You need to play safe.
      Double count checking for errors. All the way up. Totals from each each region go to the central processing center. Every Voters ID is checked and ticked off before a voting slip is allocated. Any double vote attempt and Police step in instantly. All boxes are checked for empty before voting, and once votes cast, sealed and taken by police escort to central counting. Cameras operate in each centre. We know each vote slip number and ID allocated. If a false one is cast, we can check the time issued by the clerk and photo ID of who claimed to be the voter. If fake we come for you. Fake vote we have your pic. Facial recognition alerts will go off. You can’t hide. Everything is linked.
      The UK has tens of millions of tracking cameras. Commit a crime and a flash alert goes out with all cameras doing facial IDs and car number plate IDs. Every time you pass hundreds of cameras anywhere in the UK if you flash up as wanted we get to you in usually up to 4 minutes in town or cities, or Motorway police units pull you over if driving.
      Total electronic surveillance here. Facial recognition and its over for you. All Banks, stores, every road, stations, pubs, hotels, all linked on line.
      If driving on the road we T pack you. One unmarked car overtakes you, one comes along side and a marked car behind. The lights go and and we bring you to a halt locked in. 4 cars if needed. Cameras every half mile track you.
      Nowhere to hide. We will lift you.



    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2020
    Biden delta = +26 percent
    Now that the Dominion servers are in the possession of the Trump team and the algorithm has been broken and is being analyzed, it’s beginning to appear that Biden didn’t just lose, he was absolutely destroyed by the Trumpslide.

    Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

    37 Trump votes used in the equal sample run had been “Switched” from Trump to Biden. In actual algorithmic terms this means that a vote for Trump was counted as 87% of a vote and a vote for Biden was counted as 113% of a vote.

    Those conducting the test were so shocked that they ran the same ballots again. The same results appeared. ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE SOLVED. (It is worth noting that this was one County, and on one Tabulator alone. Dominion Tabulators could have been configured with different algorithms in different Counties or States.) The point is there is now hard evidence of electronic manipulation of the Election.

    The use of illegal and/or fabricated ballots is an additional issue altogether, but this is sufficient evidence to question the validity of the ENTIRE Election in the 28 states that used Dominion software.

    If this ratio holds up on a nationwide basis, that would mean that Trump won the popular vote 54-46, with a margin of more than 13 million votes.

    Trump: 74,221,816 x 1.149425287356322 = 85,312,432
    Biden: 81,284,158 x 0.8849557522123894 = 71,932,883

    That put the results almost precisely where I predicted they would be before the election, the second-largest landslide since Reagan-Mondale, which was 59-41. Of course, it’s not only possible, it is likely that the Ware County algorithm was less extreme than the algorithms used in the more populous Democratic strongholds like Philadelphia, Wayne, and Fulton Counties.

    Also, the fact that Dominion was only used in 28 states is relevant, but I’m not inclined to bother working all of that out at this point because there could be different algorithms utilized in every county in those states. Once we get some idea what the algorithmic range is, we can see about doing a more accurate estimate.

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    1. Tino

      Only the alternative media can fight for truth and action here. The Jews News has sold out completely. They own the MSM. They want the demise of America so they can come like Carrion and buy it up wrecked for 10 cents on the dollar. Soros types.
      We need organised dissent and hard facts to challenge for support for Trump. He deserves his 4 more years.
      The Sheeple are simply so laconic and brain dead. Expect nothing from them if not led. None understand the round up consequences. The masking of the masses, and their infantile panic even standing within 6 feet of them, exemplifies just how far moronic stupidity has travelled and cross bred. Clueless, blind and sadly, becoming pointless. Not dissimilar to Politicos. The value of either has issues in the emerging new world. Or even justifying some of the sheeple even having a vote.

      A cough is fun to watch gaps clear fast. Banal muppets.

      Tino, the urban dictionary
      A man who is drop dead amazing, good looking, great personality, and anyone who went out with him was lucky. Which queue did you get into? Joking!
      Another version is a Dwarf with a fiery temper, and likely to use a sword if angered.
      Methinks- We need both to save Trump.


  22. Knowing your voting system has been hacked, how can you possibly accept this rigged election as a Democracy? You KNOW the results are lie. You can not allow Bribe taking, Child sniffing Biden, with a Drug Drug taking Child Abusing son to be a false President dissenfranchising over 100M real Americans who voted Trump. Trump WON so all his supporters have the right to be really mad at this. Are you going to stand by and allow these political shysters to steal your nation? How dare you talk of invading nations for so called American Democracy when you can not even protect your own?

    If you put Crooked Biden in, you become a Banana Republic. Shame on you not to revolt. T Shirts Crooked Biden is NOT my President! RE vote manually. No Postal Votes and no rigged machines.

    Watch this video and demand a revote . This is a war against Treason! America is NOT a Banana Republic. Shame on both Houses and the Supremes if this occurs. You lose the plot, you lose the lot!
    WATCH: Nancy Pelosi admits she blocked COVID relief bill for months | The Post Millennial

    Cannot imagine how Americans in need can have any empathy for her. Why arent you tearing their Houses down?
    Its all rotten to the Core, dismantle the lot, sanitise and rebuild.

    Trump fundraiser, Kushner lawyer involved in effort to get pardon for tax evader

    Again Trump gets compromised by his association with this manipulative, corrupt Kushner Crime family.
    He’s now deep into Israel because of them.

    He’s got hidden backhand Golan Heights kickbacks waiting for him because he stole land for the Kushners and partners.

    Trump sadly is ALWAYS compromised because he’s still a Skank at heart, but these F Zios will always bring filth and crime with them. America and the world needs to wake the F up.These are NOT good and decent Jews. This is the assimilating spawn of Genghis Khan and his filth bearing Mongol Plains Marauders. Shit flies swarming aound Banks, Power and the White House.

    This is why London has a Glass Ceiling for them. Trouble always lies in waiting.

    The filth of Hollywood, the crime of Wall Street and the WH is full of them. Will no one wake up and smell their stench? I am sorry good Jews have to bear the association.

    Quantum Breakthrough: New Device Is 100,000,000,000,000x Faster Than Leading Supercomputer, Researchers Say | The Daily Hodl

    Now this is massive for the IT balance of power. China can scoop the board. If only America had funded its mssive intellect and not its Military.

    Will the U.S. Government Bribe the Public to Take the New Experimental COVID Vaccine by Offering $1500 in Stimulus Funds?
    December 4, 2020 4:11 pm

    In a story published at CNBC yesterday titled: “Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check? How one bold proposal would work.” It appears that this article was written as a “trial balloon” to see how the public would react to receiving a new stimulus check in exchange for getting the experimental COVID vaccine, which many Americans are now hesitant about. President Trump has previously announced that when the vaccine is ready, it will be offered for “free” at Walgreens and CVS to those who are targeted to receive it first, which are mainly seniors. Apparently the lure of a free vaccine is not currently being seen as incentive enough to convince enough people to line up and receive it. So with many Americans unemployed and waiting expectantly for the Government to give them a new “stimulus check,” they are floating the idea of bribing Americans who are down and out and might be desperate enough to take the risk of a new, experimental COVID vaccine in exchange for money. The idea comes from U.S. businessman John Delaney, a former Democratic congressman for Maryland who also ran for president in 2020. “We have to create, in my judgment, an incentive for people to really accelerate their thinking about taking the vaccine,” Delaney said. To execute the plan, the government could create a system where people would receive a number once they were vaccinated. Once they enter that along with their Social Security number, they would receive a check. I am not sure who instructed Delaney to float this idea out to the public, but it reads like a carefully worded script, as it included the obligatory terminology to try and calm the public’s fears that the vaccine will not be “mandatory.” “If you’re still afraid of the vaccine and don’t want to take it, that’s your right,” Delaney said. “You won’t participate in this program.” Not “this program,” but after “this program” is complete and people have sold their souls for $1500, what will be the next “program” to vaccinate the remainder of those who “don’t want to take it?”
    Read More…

    How To Avoid Mask Mandates & Vaccine Mandates At Work
    December 4, 2020 5:37 pm

    I was a recent guest on the Tom Woods Show speaking about the importance of not wearing a face mask. The appearance garnered this feedback: “This whole comment section so far is ‘I don’t like masks. But I won’t do anything about it that might inconvenience me.’ The day before the mandatory mask order went into effect for my state, I told my boss I was not going to wear one and I would understand if they had to let me go. He had a shocked look on his face and said he would get back with me. He talked with upper management and told me to just keep coming to work as normal for the time being. That was months ago and now we only have ONE person in the whole office (100ish people) that even bothers to wear one now. You think any of them would have stood up in the same situation? Probably not, but I took the risk because my rights and the direction this is going, I see as a far bigger threat than the possibility of me losing my job. Americans have become fearful and soft. We have gone from ‘I do this FOR my children’ to ‘I can’t do anything because I have children.’ Freedom has a cost, we used to understand this.” I seek out stories of inspiration like this — from people who have identified their boundaries, communicated their boundaries, and defended their boundaries —- and fill my day with them and surround myself with people who live life true to themselves. Life is too short to do otherwise than to be in the presence of the best as much as possible. I don’t know this commenter, yet I believe that he would have walked right out the door of his job and never turned back, like many good and brave men and women. They are the 1% of courageous people.
    Read More…
    Health Impact News is on Parler!
    December 4, 2020 8:10 pm

    Twitter has already banned any articles from Health Impact News being shared on their platform, and Facebook has been removing our posts on the experimental COVID vaccine and is about to unpublish our main page, so we have now moved to Parler.com for Social Media Posts. https://parler.com/profile/HealthImpactNews/posts In the event that our websites are seized, please go to our Parler account until we get back up and running. Thank you for your continued support in trusting us for publishing the truth about Medical Tyranny and the rapid take-over of America and most of the world happening right now as the Eugenicist Gloablists make their move very rapidly now with the new COVID vaccines, and their stated goals in reducing the world’s population and installing a New One World Government. This is no longer a conspiracy “theory,” but is unfolding before our very eyes right now.
    A bit of fun for Patriotic Americans from one of its best Actors.


    This demand for 4 more years for Trump we must all support. Surrendering to Biden and his Criminal Democrats would be the greatest betrayal of the American people.
    Ignore the hostile fake media. Clueless and duplicitous. Refuse defeat. Refuse a false vote count. It’s fake. Force re vote minus machines and postal voting.
    Expose the truth and deal with the Riggers as Traitors meaning Death Sentences!
    Would the world not be a better place with Soros, Gates, Pelosi, the Clintons, Schumer , Soetoro and BInden swinging from a Rope? Plus 50 more Deep Staters!
    You hung Saddam for less. They tried to steal America.
    Bill Gates Admits COVID Vaccine Changes DNA, Now Doctors Rebel! | Principia Scientific Intl.

    At U.S. Behest, Swiss Pry Open Bank Accounts

    I wonder whose money they really are after ? This is exactly why we have closed all our Swiss accounts. The Swiss have been idiots with this. Go Crypto, boot the Dollar, boot the US.

    COVID-19 Has A 99.95% Survival Rate For People Under 70 – Stanford Professor of Medicine – Collective Evolution

    So, why are destroying entire economies, and saddling nations with debts for decades, it’s mindless Political BS!
    What will be left mid year? Once the US locks down it’s melt down

    Mail on Sunday COMMENT: Grandiose Macron and vaccine prove we’re right to leave

    MOS COMMENT: The behaviour of the European Union in the Brexit talks shows very clearly just why it is necessary for this country to leave that body.


    Absolutely why the Thinking Brits voted for Bexit, for the EU to F off, and for Remainers to please sod off with them.
    If no deal next week just walk with 2 fingers up. No more time wasting. Macron is an arrogant little Prat. Once the UK leaves the collapse of the EU will follow and the French will eat him alive.
    I’ve eaten cooked Frogs and Macron will just about fit in a Frog bowl.
    It means of course Biden if appointed will dam us but Dam Biden. We can expand the Commonwealth and Asian deals. Join the new world. We can handle 3 tough years and lose some flab.


  23. Situation Update, Dec. 5th – Operation Warp Speed is a CCP-engineered conspiracy to cause mass vaccine casualties across the United States military

    “Today’s Situation Update (for Dec. 5th) lays out stunning details on a grand, wartime conspiracy involving Operation Warp Speed. This vaccine program to mass vaccinate U.S. military personnel is actually phase two of a CCP-engineered bioweapons attack on America that began with the release of the SARS-cov-2 coronavirus, and now proceeds to the mass injections of U.S. troops with a dangerous, largely untested and experimental vaccine that already shows a 100% rate of side effects in high-dose study subjects.”

    In my opinion, this article is definitely worth reading.


    1. Your mileage may vary. Mike Adams is a brilliant entrepreneur and researcher. But he sucks at politics, he sucks at intelligence matters and doesn’t know the first thing about operation logistics. He went off the rails when he predicted millions of deaths believing his inane model of contagion and death.

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      1. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with me there Tino, I actually do really appreciate it. Even if a person totally disagrees with me on any subject I always like to be informed of that. Great way to learn in my opinion. Appreciate being shaken when I seem blind to truth, this instigates better research techniques.


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  25. Not that it will prevent the on-rushing vaccine disaster, but y’all might want to force onto the record all the so-called experts that think the vaccine is (a) a good idea, (b) safe, (c) safe for reproductive age women even though there is growing evidence of homology between vaccine proteins and placental proteins. Heads must roll down the pike. (By the way, I still notice the UK NHS Chief Medical Officer that killed thousands with his hydroxychloroquine ban, has still not properly been censured.)

    Also, the vaccine will bomb horribly. Now that we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the antigen test is complete garbage, it is logically impossible to use it as metric for both control and experimental groups in the vaccine trials.

    As a cross-check, I remind that the regular influenza vaccine, useless at a failure rate of 70% sometimes, requiring 100 vaccinated to prevent 1 case, after 40 years work — but somehow (!) we got a coronavirus vaccine in 10 months after 20 years of failure, 95% (!!) efficacy (by what metric?), where still by their own numbers, it will take 167 vaccinated to prevent 1 case if you vaccinate every 6 months, with by their own admission horrific side effects in a fair fraction of the vaccinated.

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  26. Ionnides’ paper has passed vetting. Based on seroprevalance of antibodies.

    “For people less than  70 years old, the infection fatality rate of COVId-19 across 40 locations with
    available data ranged from 0.00% to 0.31% (median 0.05%); the corrected values were similar. “

    For this, we destroyed economies… for the naysayers — it’s about control, not health.


  27. White House fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists – POLITICO

    This was not by accident Time to clear out the Stye”

    BREAKING: 76 of 141 Republican Representatives in PA Send Letter to Congress Asking Them to Reject State’s 20 Electors

    FYI .. my guess is that this mess is headed to a military option . About time. Long overdue. Only confrontation can clean this nation. Hang Em High!


    White House Pentagon nominee calls for martial law as Trump fires advisory board | The Independent

    Hopefully someone is listening.

    The ONLY way Trump can do his job and clean up America, is mass arrests.
    Worse, the Death Penalty IS needed. No Mercy. Shoot, hang or Fry Traitors. Military Courts, no Winbdbag Attorneys delaying games. Try, no appeal, and die!

    Coronavirus UK: Jabs at your GP in two weeks | Daily Mail Online

    The UK gets ready. Vaccines in 2 weeks.

    Just Stunning: Georgia Secretary of State Hired Dominion-Linked Firm to Conduct Audit of Dominion Voting Systems.

    The rot is just so deep. It needs ripping out. That is why he was elected. Drain the swamp, or go.
    Succeed or ignominy. Wimp out now and the media will destroy his life. Man up time.

    The Globalist Agenda: The COVID Plandemic is Just The Beginning – Prepare For Change

    The only question is what you will do.

    WTPC Calls for Trump to Declare Limited Martial Law | We the People Convention | wethepeopleconvention.or

    Americans Patriots, we ALL Stand With YOU. The only way you cn drain the Swamp is face it down now. Start the arrests.Start now. Do it for America. Round them up. Face off or F off.
    Biden officially secures enough electors to become president Donald Trump Alex Padilla California Joe Biden electoral college | The Independent

    They are sticking it to him. Force a revote, hope for the Supremes, or Bolt.

    Hal Turner Radio Show – Pentagon Blocks Biden Transition Team

    We are watching developments and trying to encourage Trump to bring the Deep State down for once and all.

    This is a huge deal if accurate .. and suggests the Biden crowd is seen as a domestic enemy


    From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Son of the Attorney General of the United States under his brother President Kennedy
    SUBJECT: The Covid vaccine should be avoided at all costs.
    Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    “I would like to urgently draw your attention to important questions linked to the next vaccination against Covid-19. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter his individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and hitherto considered criminal. This intervention can be compared to genetically modified foods, which are also very controversial. Even though the media and politicians are currently trivializing the problem and even foolishly calling for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, but also in terms of genetic damage which, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable. Dear patients, after an unprecedented mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the symptoms of the vaccine in a complementary way. You will have to live with the consequences because you will no longer be able to be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just like a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, stopping genetic heart disease, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is eternal! This clearly means: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist will be able to help you, as the damage caused by this vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a significant way in history. As experienced physician Dr Wolfgang Wodarg said: Actually this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be BANNED because it is genetic engineering! ”

    Michael Flynn perfectly explains Trump’s presidency – CNN Video

    More Flynn releases for you.



  28. INTEL……Is Trump to be DEPOSED in the coming days….

    The raid on Dominion, in Frankfurt, Germany is real and is provable through, both an inside source and also through the examination of some very, very poorly executed coverups with allies in the mainstream media.

    Last night, I had an arranged conversation with a DOJ employee. The arranging person has provided me with tips on 3 very big stories in the past that proved to be absolutely true. The source wants this printed and I want to mention that dead man switches are in play.

    The whistleblower DOJ employee is a Democrat, admittedly hates Trump, but is not on board with the coup that has been perpetrated through election fraud which also carries the distinct possibility of a coup in the next few days to be carried out against Trump as he is arrested and removed from office, as Nancy Pelosi has suggested. This person rubs elbows with DOJ decision makers and confirmed what I already know, and what can asceratined is readily apparent to anyone who is paying attention; The Deep State is fully in charge of the DOJ and everyone in it, including Barr.

    The following represent some verbatim quotes from this person in a 25 minute conversation.

    “Everyone knows that Trump won the election and it was not close.”

    “They grabbed Gina…” referring to CIA Director, Gina Haspel and the implication that Haspel is being held allegedly for treason.

    “Everyone is scared shitless and everyone knows that shit runs downhill. Many at DOJ fear being arrested by Trump.”

    “Many at DOJ fear that the SCOTUS will kick the election can down the road to the House (of Representatives) and they will decide. Trump will win…many will go to prison or even face a firing squad.” (Editor’s note: Please take note of the fact that the DOJ broadened acceptable executions to include death by firing squad and I was told that DOJ did not initiate the change, it was Trump!).

    “I hate Trump, but I have a hard time participating in a coup. I am on the periphery but I may be close enough to be prosecuted. I sit in meetings and also engage in casual conversation initiated by people I suspect of being co-conspirators to treason and I just nod, and acknowledge their comment but I am careful to make no statements which could implicate me. There is no way out for me and I need to establish a pattern of at least benign neglect. Otherwise, my life is over!”

    “I believe that an actual and physical coup against Trump could be close. I would be surprised if they killed him. Arrested? Yes, but not killed because of the blow-back. If Trump were to be assassinated, much of the military could mobilized now that Trump has consolidated key commands that only answer to him. I could see a situation where a group shows up on the Oval office and arrests Trump. Fake charges are being concocted by my colleagues. They are speaking of -pardon gate-! It is impeachment 2.0. Could be the impetus to move POTUS out and Biden in before the Inauguration. Remember, Schumer called for the approval of Biden’s cabinet in advance of the in advance of the January 20th date. Schumer is clearly up to his ass in this conspiracy”

    “The inner circle at DOJ has shrunk significantly. In the past few days, meetings that many would have attended, have been limited to small percentage. Given the context, I have to believe that they are discussing how to

    neutralize Trump before this all blows back on them.”



    1. They’d better not try it. The SHTF and like hell will any instrumentality of the United States ever be viewed without suspicion. It’s one thing to have a population that doesn’t know the level of corruption — but with the ever-awakened folks they will — mark my words — revert with a bang at some point. To borrow a line — there’s no scenario where they come out ahead if they do this. One thing is an enemy you can’t see — a virus, and even that is beginning to fail — but corrupt folks can’t walk around without 1000 yard cordons. If I, amateur supreme, can hit a square inch at 200 yards, what can the truly proficient do…. and stealing an election is causus belli

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Tino,

        I think THEY want civil war. Anything to destroy America. Brick by Brick if they have too.

        However, I really think they underestimate the patriotism when pushed. I see it alot each day as I deal with hundreds of new people a week.
        I’m inundated with fed up, locked and loaded CA citizens.

        However, we need to move quick as these same people all think it will get better after a vaccine. It’s mind boggling. This concerns me because I think this vaccine will take away the inclination to defend their freedom and make the population docile. In my opinion, the goal is to get 70% vaccinated, turn on the 5g (or not) to make 210 million slaves/dead people and they can deal with the other 90 million that refuse with UN forces and round ups. (I’m still not sure why Trump was so gung ho on Operation Warp Speed for Vaccines and 5G)

        The ones who take it and survive will be singing oscar meyer wiener mini tunes. The rest of us will be edger friendly living in sewers eating la ratsa.

        We are at Demolition Man.


      2. The reality of Trump is this:

        If, big IF, Trump has dedicated Patriotic allegiencies, he has just 3 weeks left to effect a merited Coup against the Deep State, to save himself and America. We all know the down side. We all know what will befall America if not.

        Or, does the Grifter slink off to Florida, have a false cash call from gullible nationals to fight again, which he will just live off, and activate his Trump brands to sell whatever Trump product he can for profit.

        Or, is there a True and dedicated Patriot in there who will honour the role, and go down fighting ?
        Heel Spurs has form for bolting. Leopards and Spots?

        Has he got the intellect and commitment to take up the Gauntlet, or a simple rattler which will crawl off for its new prey? The next 3 weeks will determine the man.

        Caesar or Judas?

        Man up or Bolt? 2 choices. The character of the man will decide.

        The Hero or the Coward? The spotlight is on, nowhere to hide. A Patriot or a frightened child inside?
        If the Grifter is true to his form, all hope will have died.

        Next move to Trump, will he man up or run?

        Patriot or Grifter?


    1. I work for a good size hospital in CA. and it is maxed out with COVID patients. They have declared internal disaster as all hospitals in the area are not hitting 100% and have no place to send critical COVID patients. At least in Southern CA. Covid patients are flocking to hospitals in droves now. And we only hospitalize those that cannnot breathe on their own and are very very sick.


      1. Also, went to my barber shop on Friday. Been going there for about a decade, know them all very well. Maybe 15 or so barbers work there. Walked in on Friday afternoon and only 3 barbers, which is unheard of. Asked them where was my regular barber, he’s the owner and is always there on the weekend. Was informed all the rest are now sick with COVID symptoms and are waiting for their test results. Was told a few are very very sick. Came home and told my wife. Began praying for them and have added them to my prayer list because some of them are upwards of 60 and don’t want to anything bad to happen to them.

        I’m considered high risk, was diagnosed with sarcoidosis 2 years ago. I take all the precautions i can. Load up on vitamins, fruits and organic green shakes, run 3 times a week and do weight training. But the fact of the matter is, you have no idea how your body will react to this disease. Some come thru unscathed, minor fever, some aches for a day or two and their good. Thank God for them.

        But others suffer pneumonia or other lung disasters, which linger and linger, weakening the body so if you catch COVID on round 2, your body has already been broken down some. I think that is the worry. Perhaps you do survive round 1 and come out good. What about round 2? And are these vaccines they’re pushing designed to PERHAPS neutralize COVID but make you susceptible to the next virus they release on the masses?


    1. Thanks Tony and A Johnson. I one million percent agree with your “Hell No.” Unfortunately there will be those in a financially desperate situation that will accept this deal. They could multiply it by 100 and I still would tell them to shove it.


  29. I have just been informed that there is homology between a placental protein and the coronavirus spike protein.

    The implication is just what you would think: A strong enough reaction to the vaccine will render women infertile.

    This is NOT provided in the Informed Consent literature that has leaked so far.

    We are done. DO NOT VACCINATE.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. This might instill a little confidence
    in a time of great turbulence and insecurity.
    Best we quote: Not a civil war but a revolution. Civil wars are on shore. The Chinese bought Traitor Biden. It’s off shore now.


  31. Americas Epoch moment of the Judgment of Solomon is upon us. If called, the Supremes have to examine and decide in full conscience, if their role is to support and vindicate a case with bearings on pseudologia fantastica mythlomania, ( Compulsive Liar Trump) or determine a course of Justice removing a Skank and an untrustworthy Grifter embarrassing America. Among true Elites, truth is that no one likes Trump, his low morals, conniving and duplicitous character, or his blatant disregard for truth or standards. He was the contemptible lesser choice of he or Clinton. Noted where it counts.

    No question the vote was tampered with, but to what extent? The only way we can determine that is IF the Supremes decide to debate, investigate and determine a just outcome.

    But to do that means siding with a Skank.

    A moral imbalance to judge in favour of. Trumps own sordid character will become a factor. No composed and learned Senior Judge will rest easy imposing THAT as the United States President, without deep ethical reservations.
    Nor admitting what the world already knows, that America is sadly an empirical misogyny of corrupt forces, rotten and tainted from the top down. Roberts has his own “Issues!”.

    Will they elect to publicly Judge America?

    They fudged truth with Obama, allowed Bush 41 and the Clintons to run wild, and were there cross favours?

    Reality ,agreeing with Flynn, is that a new Vote re run is deserved . By far the most appropriate solution.
    It’s obvious to all the Election has been tainted, and not safe to install Biden.

    But, is there Justice to seek a vote for Justice? This is America, sadly founded on the slime of Crime.
    Will the Supremes publicly determine the need to Re Vote, declaring US Justice was corrupted, or will the collective distaste for Trump impair Judgments? They allowed the Soetoro Con to go on. They ducked it. So why not again with Trump.

    If losing Trump will mass raise funds to run again, but he won’t. Like Romney, each lives from the proceeds. Only in America. Payolla! Grifters pose.
    But this is not really about just Trump. It’s about taking moral offence to what has been perpetrated upon Patriotic, trusting Americans, and not abdicating the historical sacrifices and Ethos of Freedom for all by the Founders, only to abdicate now to the Shysters who rule and rig, self effecting Teflon cover if caught.

    Is this the beginning of the new Inspirational America, or abdication of all?
    This is bigger than Trump. But is it the end of Truth and Justice for America?

    If Biden is elected, changes will be effected to rig voting forever. Game over for all. 3 weeks will decide the outcome of 3 Centuries. The Founders knew, but they are dead. If Biden is allowed to steal the role, so is America.


    1. Yeah, well, 100MM know the vote was stolen. Another 100MM suspect it was stolen. That’s the ground truth. It’s simply not going to play out as they think. Anyone privy to the server debacles knows that Trump won massively — 410 to 128. And the Pentagon has voted with its feet for Trump. The complete demolishing of the Defense Policy Board says it all. Trump is making interesting moves, moves that suggest hammers are being carefully placed to fall simultaneously on many parties. The (D) will fold like a house of cards if he activates. Now, we wait, for there is little for the pebbles to do as the avalanche begins.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We wish Tino, we wish. Can we trust Justice? Are the Clintons in jail? Why has Barr let the whole dirty, corrupt group in DC walk free?
        If only, but I can’t help but suspect they will let Biden keep it in the belief it gives 4 years to find candidates of quality.
        Does contempt for Trump override all?
        Flynns got it right, re vote. That is justified.


        1. There is no reason to believe this, even at this late date. Realistically, the final hands are not played yet, and quantum flips still can happen.

          The contempt for Trump is a media perception, not an in-government perception, where it is a big mixed bag.


          1. Tino

            Drain the Swamp before it’s too late. For him, this now IS his Rubicon line. He either Mans Up or gets dragged out by a possible Coup. Man up, don’t Trump!
            I have sent over some key articles for you. Trump needs to strike first, and now. Or they will!
            This is now the Rubicon line. Is he man enough?
            We all hope so. Does he take down the Deep State, or get drowned by Media Hate?


  32. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-red-wall-poll-b1765961.html

    The idiot child is losing support on massive waves. Knives are out. It’s doubtful he can even get through next year. Basically he’s a dumb Ox lost and post Brexit as it looking more like a No Deal as midget Macron is playing him, a no confidence vote will be called and he’s gone . The party does not tolerate fools or losers.

    At last he’s acting right and focusing . Thank God now let’s hope it works

    So as the dollar tanks it’s the Bitcoin that Banks

    About time they own up to the public

    Now Trump’s on the right track . America MUST revote
    UK: Pregnant Women Warned Not to Have Coronavirus Shot

    Major warning please circulate to all bar Muslims and Zios.
    Would that be because they cause abortions? And in turn make women infertile? There is evidence that the jab will sterilize a woman of child bearing age.


    A huge YES to Flynn get a grip on this mess and re run with no postal votes. What is Biden afraid of if genuine votes.

    Yes, Yes. Yes to Flynn to devote. It’s critical for Americans to demand this. No Postal votes. End this scam now.
    Austrias courts are saying no to lockdowns and economic chaos.

    This might be the best thing to happen to their economy so far this year. And if they can get the 3 seas initiative off the ground with Hungary and Poland, you might see a middle finger to the Reset crowd coming.
    In any case, a positive step forward for investment and capital preservation as other countries lockdown destroying their economies.
    In Canada there has been only nominal deaths outside of senior residences that do not justify the destruction of the economy. Case numbers are meaningless with the sheer number of false positives which overstate the threat to the general population.
    Today, any country like Sweden has demonstrated that if you can stay steady, your economic might grows and your people become wealthier as those countries around you sink their economies with lockdowns and burden themselves and their citizens with debt.




    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2020 Vox Day
    Fulton County doubles down

    It’s a bold move, Cotton. Wonder how that’s going to work out for them?

    The Fulton County Board of Elections just recertified its results in the presidential election after the recount despite the CCTV video footage that was presented at the hearing in front of the Georgia state legislature yesterday.

    At this point, they’re just openly daring the God-Emperor to cross the Rubicon. And frankly, given the size and scope of the corruption, I think that’s the optimal option now.

    To quote the great man himself, “what is the Supreme Court?”


  34. Liked by 1 person

  35. Please call the US Supreme court at 202-479-3011 choose option for clerks office. Leave message that you wish for the supreme court to take the presidential election case on grounds of equal protection. Please pass this to all those interested in free elections without foreign and domestic meddling.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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