I Will Drain The Swamp…Clinton Will Be In Jail”

What Will Be His Legacy?

If He Wins Via The State Electors, Will Trump Face An Even More Divided Country?

Four Wasted years. How many were jailed? He needs a second term to do the job now.

It was a choice: The totally obnoxious Clintons, or the Sordid Grifter.

Anything but more Clintons.

I will drain the Swamp!”.

But – He didn’t! The world media waits and daily denigrates him. Payback? Global Leaders have already endowed Biden and cashed Trump out. All the appearance now of a confused Naked Emperor. Rome had ways! But this can all blow up in many faces.

As for his Rose Garden Speech avowing no lockdown, that typical Trump charade is ONLY because he knows it’s the knockout blow for his already ailing Hotel Group if he closes off that diminishing income. False bravado with an angle.

Before, it was obnoxious Clinton or him. A No-brainer.

Now, it’s been him or Biden, and irrespective of even 10% Vote rigging, figures simply do not stack up. A fake result is bad for all.

As Deutsch prepares to recover their c$400m loan from his Hotel Group in decline, which Biden and the Deep State Cabal Strategists would probably see off with a 2 to 3 months Lockdown, being fully aware it will bury Trump if actioned. His Litigation Stormtroopers may need all the tricks in their books this time. Biden needs to be stopped. This vote scam needs full exposure. The will of the people matters.

Cohen waits doomed now to ignominy, with a vengeance to bring him down, as do a whole host of vengeful Litigants, seeking Capital Recovery, or Payback. Will Cohen expose how he lied? He hung Cohen out to dry. 3,500 Litigants attest to dealing with Trump. But now, what Justice awaits?

How many will he pardon while still in office, while he still can?

IRA Revenue Commissioners are a waiting issue. Stormie and a trail of ex Rent Girls and Mistresses wait to cash in. Lurid, turgid exposès will roll for the tabloids.

The Trumps are no Kennedys. Unlike Trump, JFK actually was educated. Trump simply attended. JFK served with honour. Trump evaded with Heel Spurs. Kennedys offered both Sleaze and Sophistication with Style. Trump, well?

Does his psyche aspire and envision saviour by the Supremes? With America’s Justice track record? The Supremes knew Obama was a blatant Con Man Criminal Usurper. Ed Falcone served each with evidence and claims of Obama / Soetoro’s flights to Pakistan with his then “Pakistani Male Associate” he was regularly seen holding hands with, using his Indonesian passport and his Occidental Foreign Student registration. All Americans were at the time prohibited from flying to Pakistan. But not a Foreign Student with a Non American Passport. As for Barry Soetoro’s certain Chicago notorious Male-Only Bath House Club memberships? What vetting?

To This Day Biden Has Never Managed A Public Gathering To Rival Trump Numbers

Knowing Sororo was prohibited from even running for Office as a Non Natural American Born Citizen, and prohibited In Law from Usurping such a role, to hold such office, and enshrined laws binding the Republic, meant honourably and lawfully removing him from office and repealing his entire legislative record. The Legal- Right Thing to do. Where was the Democrats and States Vetting process? They knew he was a Chicago Con Man Ringer and concealed it.

The Supremes sadly have form for expediency and duplicity.

Despite clear evidence of mass vote irregularities, will they each face down the Deep State and vote with ethical conscience as Duly Empowered to do? Will it even get so far? How far did Falcone’s attempts to get the Supremes to intercede with Obama go? Will the Supremes be prepared to publicly attest to the biggest Voting Chicanery in America’s Constitutional history, Repeal and Negate the Vote, or use Political expediency and sacrifice Trump? Be clear, Trump deserves Justice too.

It appears ever more probable that a visible case of mass vote rigging has been orchestrated, and the whole world can see it. But where is American Justice? Where was it with Usurper Soetoro? Political expediency!

Be clear, if Trump fails to secure the lawful and ethical backing of the Constitution to protect his probable True Vote supremacy, such failure will be a precedent of the vortex of recriminations awaiting him when out of office, unshielded with veracious litigants and IRS plus probable Criminal investigation Regulatory driven and Agency backed to service as a warning to others. Trump will be In Play. For him, with no Phalanx of Legal Shields encircling and protecting him, Payback with a multitude of aggrieved Creditors, vexatious Litigants, and encircling Bank Vultures.

Deutch and others’ demands will be Now! As for the IRS? Was a man of modern times ever so encircled as the Barbarians were tearing down the gates?

Be clear, Trump has a major case for a compromised voting system. It merits Justice, but in America? Soon he will be feeling like Adolf in the Bunker as the Russians pounded the gates. The Red Pill, or the Bullet, or both? Will the Master of the Deal make his appeal? Who will listen? Which votes will stand? Will he?

All the adverse downside, he’s still a far better choice than Biden. The above profile is his tortuous life right now. Understanding the warts and all.

Did This Corpse Really Outperform Obama and Trump In Vote Total?

All that and STILL he’s far and away the best choice right now. The rest we can work on. America needs Trump right now. Warts and all. Biden is beyond unfit for office.

Give Trump 4 more years as the REAL Votes I believe will vindicate. Then, serious jail time with no mercy and take them all down? Drain the swamp! Let that be his Legacy.

Then, deserved praise. Get those Fake Votes!

Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. – Richard M. Nixon


  1. There is NO second COVID wave. COVID ended last August. Nothing seen in the hospitals today (maybe 1%) is clinical COVID. It’s just the regular crap we see every year….

    All there is, is the regular seasonal swing up of URI, being reclassified by the garbage antigen test, as COVID.

    The cattle cars of workers were not causal anytime before, and are not causal now, in any degree more than usual. Which you have been doing, normally, without incident, for better part of a century.

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  3. Joe Biden passes 80 million total votes as Donald Trump claims he has a ‘big lawsuit’ which will prove ‘ballot fraud and more’ despite consistent court defeats

    President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris got more votes than any ticket in U.S. history, surpassing 80 million, as President Trump vowed a ‘big lawsuit’ is on the way.


    If Trumps got a handle on the Fraud , ignore the Courts, a Fraud of this scale is what the world will judge the Supremse by and they know it. Embarrassment is a small price to pay to bring the Deep State, ,Agencies and DemoRats to earth. Proof is all. Sidney has her own reputation on the line here. America has its future.
    Overturning the vote is a 9 day wonder Do it!

    They are out to get him


    Well, what do we have here: The Fake Pandemic?

    Grant Shapps urges people NOT to use ‘busy’ trains at Christmas https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8981599/Grant-Shapps-urges-people-NOT-use-busy-trains-Christmas.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    As if they will listen
    The Sheeple will mass flood trains and mass underpin another wave because this is what the worker Ants do. If they have standing they have cars. If not it’s Grunts in cattle cars. So another wave will follow it’s not rocket science. Now is a need for the order to stop the trains from mid December and slam down infection curves. It’s not the freedom of the individual it’s the hundreds each create infection chains for. A few tens of thousands can not infect millions. Wuhan flights and trains should have been shut down in December. Instead their Ants flew everywhere many knowingly infected. Time Leaders led.

    This is the Repressive Regime the US and UK needlessly tolerate. Backwards, vicious and a nasty Cult.

    It doesn’t take a lot to make Shrek look bad he just needs to speak for 10 minutes and the jobs done. Zipper Rudi, his running hair dye, and mutt level court escapades do the rest
    Only Kayleigh presents well and she has a fool for a client.
    Blackwell: The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History

    Trump really need Sidney to come through for him. Does he even have the Grey Cells to see the fall if not? Does a cross bred Pinocchio Shrek get any of it?

    Still think the election was a fair one or an honest one ? The question is whether Sidney Powell can proof the fraud in time.
    We need Sidney to win this.

    “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” – THE MARSHALL REPORT

    We, and the world, place all hopes on Sidney. We need Trump back and Sidney to win. Biden is unthinkable.

    You may recall, that the other day I suggested that Sidney was acting in a official capacity for the office of the President( it is the duty and oath of office to defend the constitution) and not Trump, in his personal capacity nor for the campaign. There is no way she could speak about the extent of the coup to imply Silicon Valley and China and both sides of the political spectrum, if she was.
    I wanted to wait until the filing occurred before I noted that she is registered as a Military lawyer. However, it is now getting out there. You may recall the the head of DOD said that they would interfere in the voting process as the Democratic wanted. However, it is clear that the military takes an oath that goes beyond a sitting President, to defend against all enemies domestic and foreign. And this is what Sidney said, in saying she was acting for the people.
    If I and others are correct in connecting the dots, then the filings will tell it all. As a coup is a coup and not a civil matter. More should it be a civil matter, where people use money to escape justice or twist it to their favor. And the most recent moves by Trump to recenter control over the Special Forces under Miller make sense, as to do this for Biden makes no sense.


    Cynthia McKinney PhD on Twitter: “Kushner Family Hedging Its Bets, Throws Support to Biden https://t.co/zU5Vzji2Ij” / Twitter

    Who among you expected less?

    So, the crooked Kushner Zio Trash Crime Family are throwing a hook onto BIden. He only married the girtl to use Trump.

    No surprise.


    Soylent Green is people; COVID-19 is old people « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

    You all need to wake up to this.

    The sad part about this is the bastards would see this as a way deal with bankrupt pension plans ruined by low interest rates and underfunding.

    Joe diGenova: Courts Must Throw Out Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Votes in Michigan and Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

    He is correct.He is right, but this is America. Built since the mid 1800’s on Federal corrupion. Rotten from the top down. Will he get Justice in America?

    F-E-L-O-N-Y. — Lin Wood Drops Late-Night Bombshell: “Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA?”

    No crime was committed until the results were certified. Watch this space and hope.


    Cyber-Pandemic-Controlled-Demolition-2-0.pdf The Devastating Covid Lie!

    If you doubt what is coming, read this to learn and if you still have doubt, simply wait to experience it first hand.
    It will fail in the end but the cost in lives ruined will be immense. Covid has been a Global Bio Weapon to take down society. A simple overkill has collapsed economies.

    Click to access cyber-pandemic-controlled-demolition-2-0.pdf


  4. Hospitals are not “buckling”.

    Hospitals are NOT overwhelmed.

    Somebody, somewhere, is screwing with the repots. It’s full gas lighting.

    For example — Stamford, CT where I live. According to the Health Dept and the Politicians we are RED and cratering towards unimaginable catastrophe. IN REALITY: Stamford Hospital has 64 COVID patients and 4 in ICU, all expected to recover. Hospital Bed Occupancy is 32%.

    For example — Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton triangle in Pennsylvania. Again, the SkY is FALLING. We called up, THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THE F the news is talking about. Current census is only a shade higher than last year. COVID serious patients are below 100 SYSTEM-WIDE. Out of roughly 1 million inhabitants (give or take where you draw the lines of the triangle).

    F THEM.

    NOTHING the MSM reports at this point should be believed.

    Hope this frontline report helps.

    ps. I have confirmed that Indianapolis and El Paso may be the only two places in the Nation where census is approaching 100%. No explanation for Indianapolis. El Paso is taking Mexican over flow — and it looks like classic URIs not COVID. Remember, garbage antigen test reclassifies regular disease as COVID.


  5. What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history? We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & “Dominion”. – President Trump

    There are two possibilities here. Either Trump is managing the decline and is simply drawing out the process because he is an cruel bastard who wants to troll both his own followers and the Democrats or he understands the GSA release of funds is irrelevant and he wishes to take the pressure off a woman and her family because he sees no need for her to bear it.

    Which possibility sounds more like the President Trump you have observed for the last four years?


  6. https://www.rt.com/uk/507321-yeadon-interview-banned-youtube/

    “The UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has got many things about the Covid-19 pandemic wrong, says Dr Mike Yeadon. He is an expert in allergy, immunology, and respiratory diseases, with over three decades of experience, including working as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientific officer. Apparently his credentials amounted to nothing, though, when digital ‘censors’ at YouTube noticed that he was criticizing the prevailing narrative on the necessity of lockdowns.”

    ” Dr Yeadon, incidentally, argues that mass vaccination against Covid-19 would be unnecessary, because the outbreak has almost run its natural course before an efficient vaccine was even available.”


    1. Dr. Yeardon is correct.

      Farr’s Law has more or less run its course. The bulk to die from COVID (the contagion, which may or may not be caused by the nCoV2019 virus), has passed. Now, the panic is just the absurd garbage antigen test reclassifying regular seasonal URI as COVID.

      Now, a comment about the vaccine.

      IF you understand that my confidence that the correct pathogen that causes COVID, the clinical condition, was identified — is low to nonexistent…

      IF you understand that garbage antigen test is worthless…

      IF you understand that the mathematical treatment of the clinical trials are confronted with a confounding variable, that the successful immune system is 99.76% at clearing the virus… which is why 39,000 were enrolled in a trial…

      How do you know that the vaccine is 90%-95% effective….

      Because it’s not like you can identify who actually has the virus by test… so there goes any real ability to check control v experimental group… you never purified the snot of those with COVID to get the real McCoy so you don;t know at all who is getting what… Antibodies in a petri dish or even a human may be meaningless if you don’t have the right bug (that you never purified)…

      And then there is math… If immune system effectiveness is greater than vaccine effectiveness, and if the ratio of mild infection to clinically relevant infection is 100:1 (thank you Orgy of Testing for this number), then you literally have to vaccinate over 100 to prevent ONE case of COVID. Assuming of course, the chain of reasoning that led to the vaccine was worthwhile in the first place… I bet the effectiveness of the vaccine is roughly 1/10th of what is claimed due to the garbage test. Which means in practice you will have to vaccinate 1000 to prevent 1 case.


  7. Editorial from my favorite IQ 150 individual — Vox Day

    OK, Boomer
    Rush Limbaugh’s booming about bombshells is because he doesn’t understand what the various legal teams are telling everyone.

    Limbaugh recalled that Team Trump seemed like they were about to release devastating evidence for their legal case, but the radio host was underwhelmed.

    You call a gigantic press conference like that — one that lasts an hour — and you announce massive bombshells, then you better have some bombshells. There better be something at that press conference other than what we got…I talked to so many people who were blown away by it, by the very nature of the press conference. They promised blockbuster stuff and then nothing happened, and that’s just, it’s not good.

    The evidence is devastating. We know the programmer who developed the vote-stealing routine. We know the Serbian team that programmed the software. We know what companies were involved and where their servers were located. We know the algorithm. We can replicate the vote totals as they were recorded. We can match the vote-switching to the data feed that went out to the media networks with the recordings of the media broadcasts.

    But Rush is underwhelmed, because he’s a Boomer who doesn’t know how to use his iPhone and has absolutely no clue about what any of this all means, even though the lawyers have boiled it down to the simplest possible explanation.


    It’s infuriating that these media morons a) won’t accept the simple statement without evidence, then b) reject the evidence because it’s too complicated for them.

    FFS, the mere fact that Stratamatic and Dominion are blatantly lying about who owns what technology and where it is should be enough to convince any rational being with an IQ over 100 that they are, at a bare minimum, trying to hide something in response to the vote-shifting allegations. Whether that is enough will have to wait for the relevant court filings and eventual investigations, but it’s pretty freaking huge to produce evidence that the CIA has been manipulating elections everywhere from the Philippines to Venezuela for years using voting machines, and that it appears to have been manipulating US elections too.

    I’m pretty sure that it will be revealed that they did it in 2018 too. I always wondered how my 2016 model inexplicably broke down halfway through the 2018 election, when all the early results pointed one way and then reversed after 3 AM.

    And remember, all that is needed to prove the alleged scenario contra the various denials is internet packets containing election data going to any servers outside the United States on November 3rd. That’s the smoking gun, and I would assume the NSA, at the very least, has it.

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    1. Excellent response Tino. Cordid and clear.

      But so is the point relating to the need for Press Conference coordination.
      Clarity, the key dynamics highlighted and proof.

      Now you know that, and so do most readers on site now.

      But for a unshielded by WH protection civilian, the litigation and cohesive communicating President, an accomplished Orator, would know the need for this to be out with the media and society, in elements they can comprehend. Simply because they and it. is his lifeline.
      It’s up to him to highlight and direct his message. State of the Nation etc. And what a state!
      But the answer is simple.

      He can’t himself grasp and communicate it, simply because as stated all along, which we in the outer world all know, is because he’s thick. Overrated, overweight and under performing. Prefix grossly to each.

      He needs to be fully on top of his own campaign and he’s not.

      Nothing has changed since the day an embarrassing Moron stood up to address the CIA telling them he was
      “Intelligent”, but audibly so not. The world saw, they were shocked and laughed at him. We just got a bit part actor from Dumb and Dumber. The world saw that and laughed. He’s a joke across Europe, universally accepted to be Dumb.

      The media does not get it, because he does not get it. Because, he’s thick. He’s in free fall now because what you have clearly communicated, can not permeate the skull of that Dynasua. And that has been the problem right from the beginning. You can’t make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s ear. He’s a bit part Homer Simpson. So now the Dems will tear him apart. As do the media.

      His Legacy? If he does not recover this fast, will not be kind. All the power in the world, enormous intellectual team capability, but Shrek in command. What could, and has, go wrong? We have an Elephant loose in the media room.

      What a crash landing to earth is coming with litigation and IRS plus criminal investigations. Life will not be kind. Shrek exposed to that? Be prepared, he’s not. Is Homer going home to ignominy? The real world is that red light coming down the tracks. As the Aussies would say, “Brace yourself Sheila.”


      1. Sorry John, Tony and all, I have learned so much from this site and all the high quality information posted, but for some time now I feel I have to make a point. Ok, I’m clearly not on your pay grade John and I mean no disrespect to you or anyone on this site, but I’m seriously over your relentless, repetitive rants and I’m questioning which side you’re on.
        For Pete’s sake, this guy has taken on the whole bloody world, has had multiple attempts on his life and has stood up to the lot of them for 4 long, arduous years.
        After all that, my understanding is that over the last 3 days or so he conducted 15 rallies before the ‘election’. The guy has bled and given his life, not only for the nation, but essentially the planet and truth.
        Ok, he’s not eloquent, talks himself up and some key achievements are uncompleted, but he’s still got a hell of an impressive record in my book.
        Any ‘normal’ person would have buckled under the pressure in the 1st 6 months IMO.
        If I’ve violated the code on this blog and you want me to move on, Tony, no problem and again, I mean no disrespect.
        My 2 cents worth, cut the guy some slack will ya and have a great day!

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        1. No violation. Your comments are just as valid as anyone else’s.

          We do not censor pro-Trump or anti-Trump comments. As long as there is an intelligent point to be made it’s fine. Some of our most capable presidents were deeply flawed in other areas, and I am sure this applies to any one of us. Trump did excellent work on our economy because he is by nature a promoter. He took our country’s “brand” and used the value therein to get trade deals to our benefit. This was bound to rub those who profited from our demise the wrong way. And, they attacked him for it. He did fail to get a competent AG to go after Clinton and Biden, and for that he is now paying a price.

          So many resources were directed at phony Russian collusions and fake pissing on hooker stories, yet, where there was valid evidence of crimes, nothing has been done. Caesar has been knifed in the senate house.

          I am hoping that these lawyers on Trump’s teams will present the evidence in court and find success to have all those mysterious late night overwhelmingly pro-Biden votes invalidated and have the entire thing sent to the House for a vote, where he would win. But, that’s a tough road to travel on now. It’s not impossible, but it would certainly be met with an army of Bolsheviks on the rampage.

          So, don’t restrain your comments or opinions. There is no need to fear doing so here.

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  8. Dear John2020:

    Can you show me proof from some official website OR TWO that the Iraqi Dinar has been truly demonetized? You have said it, but I would like to see more proof from other sources.

    Thank you sir,



    Joke Of The Day:

    In the one U.S. state you can only have 5 people in your home for Thanksgiving, but you can have 25 people at a funeral. The governor even told everyone that if you see your neighbor violating the only five at Thanksgiving rule, you should report them to your local police. Sounds like a communist country, doesn’t it? The police in one of the cities in that state made it known publicly they would not be responding to anyone reporting this kind of violation to them.

    SOLUTION: People in that state should post a sign outside of their home that says: “Funeral For A Turkey Taking Place Inside Of This House – Maximum Attendance At A Funeral In This State Is Up To 25 People.”


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  9. https://nypost.com/2020/11/23/qantas-to-require-covid-19-vaccine-for-international-flights/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=twitter_app

    “I’m talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe and I think it’s going to be a common theme across the board,” Joyce said in the interview. “… There’s a lot of logistics, a lot of technology that’ll be needed to put in place to make this happen, but the airlines and the governments are working on this as we speak.”


  10. Terrifying underground bunker where boy, seven, was held for 52 days

    This is not only a horror story for the poor little boy and his family, but this disgusting Pedo was caught by a united Intelligence operation between the Russian and US Agencies working together. A huge accolade to both. How good to work freeing each other not kiling each other. TheTrauma will live with this boy foever, but he’s alive.Russia knows how to deal with such vermin.

    After conviction he will enter his own hell. We need to adopt the same.

    The Agencies did a good thing, see what Humaniy can rise to? We need more.

    Terrifying underground bunker where boy, seven, was held for 52 days https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8977347/Terrifying-underground-bunker-boy-seven-held-52-days.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
    Eminent Doctor being censored, the storyline by Jewtube and their likes 🤬

    Bottomline, truth cannot go against their narrative of deceit!


    Biden is hot into structuring. Trump is wavering and posturing.

    The MSM watching this fiasco with Giuliani at the helm, are queuing up to hammer Trump. If he fails envisage the front pages. And 5 behind. Your fired Mr Grifter and watch them unleash. He just can’t help himself but he’s a tabloid gift. Adrift with 2 left feet and a running hair dye attorney it’s pure soap opera.
    He’s losing it right now and Giuliani is really not the best choice as lead counsel for him. Who can advise Trump he will fire them anyway.
    It’s Monday and it’s carnival time.



    He needs serious help right now

    Trump can’t help himself

    Subject: George Soros Arrested in Philadelphia For Election Interference – Judge Orders Media Blackout – Your News Wire

    If only heh?

    This is really crazy stuff that I thought only happened in the movies.
    We were aware of this rumor weeks ago and now it surfaces. And what else will come out? Especially as more allegations and accusations surface in America about their elections and the role of Dominion Voting which is based in Toronto. Singularly if Canada had involvement or knowledge of involvement in influencing the American elections there will be a price to be paid as the American election was under a National emergency order and this could well be seen as foreign interference, made far worse if the sitting Prime Minister was illegally elected by voter manipulation with the aid of Dominion and its’ backers.
    The drama south of the Canadian border may well spill over here is ways Canadians did not expect and will no doubt have affect and impact in other countries. Where allegations of voting manipulation exist as people start of question various elections.
    Consider for a moment if this allegation bears proof, of the impact not just on residents of Canada but on relationships Canada has with other nations. An potentially illegal Prime Minister making cross border deals, imposing lockdowns on Canadians. From where, does such authority rise, if not legitimately elected. A position by fraud is a illegal act and any action taken by such parties holds no binding agreement on the people within the country. Why would anyone take direction or act upon a instruction from such a government ? We could well be on the way to a political crisis in Canada with repercussions that go outside our borders.
    These are really mind blowing questions Canadians may well have to face. And it does beg the question of why or how any external government or party could count on any agreement with the current government as being valid. Whatever the noise is now it will only grow with such allegations and where this country goes in the future may well be in political and economic chaos, well beyond what the lockdowns are doing. The scandal about the WE charity pales in comparison.
    I sure hope this is just smoke and not reality.

    Circuit Assignments – Supreme Court of the United States

    In God We Trust


    There is a light at the end of the tunnel:-

    Circuit Courts have been Reassigned pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42. Look who is in charge of MI, WI, PA, and GA:

    MI – Brett M. Kavanaugh
    WI – Amy Coney Barrett
    PA – Samuel A. Alito
    GA – Clarence Thomas

    I think we will discover that the legal vote count for Pres Trump is well over 100 million …..
    Pres. Trump is standing in the way of our having to fight physically by keeping it in the courts and forcing Asset Forfeiture of these slimy crooks — yes, yes I do love the sound and thought of all their Asset Forfeitures — sweet as the morning dew .

    Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Barret and Alito have been assigned full control over the circuit courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. This is a new development that just happened today. This marks an EXTREME escalation in the election fraud issue, and as a bonus, today it was revealed that it was indeed Trump that seized the server and his team has it.


  11. Like

      1. When the new site name comes into existence, we will add links for specific information like this to organize it in one place.


  12. Lies, and More Lies (Source: Vox Day, not to be confused with shill site Vox)

    When you deal enough with lawyers, you learn how they lie through omission and misdirection. See if you can spot the lies here:

    [[Against false statements, the facts: Smartmatic does not own Dominion Voting Systems and has never provided Dominion with any technology. Smartmatic has never had ties with any government or political group anywhere in the world.[[

    See, Smartmatic “has never provided Dominion with any technology” because Dominion provided the technology to Smartmatic.

    [[Reporter: The question on people’s minds, why is Smartmatic even still here in the Philippines after reports it had violated provisions of the election automated law. Number one for example that it was never allowed to bid in the 2010 elections because it did not actually own the software. Dominion owned the software. Dominion Voting owned the software. Plus the difficulty that they had to put the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) in order to access the source code. Issues like that. Your thoughts? People say we should not be subjected to Smartmatic again this time around.

    Mark Malloch Brown: Yes, well I think that’s competitors who say that. The fact is, yes a part of our technology IS licensed from Dominion. But you tell me a large technology company which isn’t using in part licenses from other companies. And we have a license for the international use of that particular piece of the technology.

    Reporter: So Mark let me just cut in there and ask you, the license issued by Dominion for you to use for proprietary software, that is a live license for you to use?

    Mark Malloch Brown: Yes.]]

    But then, it turns out that the lying by omission and misdirection goes even deeper.

    [[Leading voting technology provider Sequoia Voting Systems is pleased to announce the sale of the company to a group of private U.S. investors led by Sequoia’s current executive management team.

    “Sequoia is an innovative company with a century-long history; hard-working and talented employees; proven products; a solid balance sheet; essentially no debt, a corporate structure that provides flexibility; an extensive customer base and a very bright future,” said Jack Blaine, Sequoia President & CEO. “I am very excited and hopeful about the tremendous possibilities and numerous opportunities that lay ahead for Sequoia given the company’s new structure and the completion of this sale process.”

    The investment group, led by Sequoia President & CEO Jack Blaine and company Chief Financial Officer Peter McManemy, purchased Sequoia from former parent company Smartmatic Corporation for an undisclosed sum.]]

    That private investment group sold Sequoia, and its technology to Dominion.

    Sequoia Voting Systems was a California-based company that is one of the largest providers of electronic voting systems in the U.S., having offices in Oakland, Denver and New York City. Some of its major competitors were Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems) and Election Systems & Software. It was acquired by the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems on June 4, 2010.

    In other words, there was a cutout, which doesn’t even truly qualify as a third party due to the fact that it was led by Sequoia’s management team, that allows Smartmatic to deceptively claim that it never provided the technology directly to Dominion even though Dominion now owns the technology that Smartmatic formerly owned.

    And note that Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company, thereby confirming the fact of foreign interference in US elections.


  13. Now Rudi of Zippergate fame is firing Sidney Powell and the Trump campaign is turning into a shambles.
    While Trump goes Golfing with his 300 lbs handicap, his campaign strategy is turning in into the ridicule of a public pissing contest.
    Albeit the only choice of he or Biden, but way, way, way short of the Caliber and Class needed to lead America. The UK has the same problem with Johnson. Another complete Palooker. This is Politics today,None are fit for office.
    Just Foxes loose in the hen house. Leadership is in the pits.
    For sure,Trumps inept Team Control will not be missed by the Supremes. Melania needs to get a grip on him.
    He won’t be winning appeals on the Golf course. Nor avoiding the Tsunami of litigation and IRS/ Criminal investigations lining up waiting. 2024 is a pipe dream. If he’s not careful he could be in another Big House by then.
    Weinstein thought he was Teflon. He called his accusers Fake news. Sex cases took him down.
    Trumps lie in wait. Weinstein reflects now in Jail. Space for Trump?
    Sadly with all the Class of a Horses Ass, Trump needs to start singing, I did it my way.
    Deutsch lies in wait with a $400M loan recall. Others line up. Rudi is badly misfiring with appeals. Putting him into Court as Lead Counsel is like saddling a Mule for the Kentucky Derby.
    Now their campaign is leading, but in the ridicule stakes. This is no sophistication to lead the US nation.


    1. I find that quite innovative for a company like KFC. The question is how much surveillance technology is in the small vehicle, and are we sending the trans fat purchase to the health authorities…..


  14. So long as the illusion is maintained, folks WILL chose safety and security over Rights. It’s both a Law and Order effect and a Concern for Others effect. But the illusion can’t be maintained. When it fractures, and it will, the whole lock down cum insanity of Reset, will go down with it. Anger is coming. Just because nobody reported that a Buffalo NY business sent the State and Health Authority agents packing, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. (NY, folks, not some big Red County) . Nor for example, will doctors ever allow the bullshit that happened with HCQ happen again. You don’t see it, but I do, there is a sea change on that topic here, which starts with WTF! Just because the anti-vaxx folks are not being reported on, doesn’t mean that a deep resistance to a coronavirus vaccine isn’t present.

    They tried a biologic via Mexico City airport and that fizzled. They tried a biologic via Wuhan, and that fizzled.

    And just as a point of information –only Hawaii, California, Nevada, Minnesota, NY, NJ and Massachusetts have lock-downs and bullshit mandates. That leaves roughly 43 States of the Union as rational.

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    1. Sadly Tino, if the call to mask up comes and lock down, they will fold like Sheeple. Their mass ignorance and banal stupidity go parallel. If they call, the Sheeple will corral. Being so many brain dead, masking up gives them a persona of illusion. Character they lack by normal state of being. Vast queues outside supermarkets, social distancing and dagger looks if you go within 6 feet of them, the mutants now are masters of their 6 ft domain.Dam all else, just air space. Altercations will come. I have already asked one who had to audacity to challenge me standing near him with my maks under my nose, to step outside to the car park where I would willingly batter good manners into him. There are times sadly where the Tri Laterals have a point, but selective processing, We are already months ahead of you in corralling. It doesn’t work. This latest nonsense will cost us 5,000 lives over 3 months( if even Covid is the cause) with 2 to 3 millions jobs gone. Far worse months lost in Cancer detection and other key life threatening illnesses will kill far more. The Sheeple truly are pittifull as they acquiesce to State dictates. They don’t need 6 ft of air space they already have a 12 inch vacuum in head space.
      If Biden gets in watch that space.


    1. The video via GMH G above says it all. But it applies to the Uk also. And EU. Mind enslaved already. Watch how easily the sheeple will lock down. Police now prey on anyone daring to break curfews. Disgusting, all of it. The Zombie species are coming.


  15. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany gives …

    Americans, I congratulate you all. Kayleigh is one of your people, a Proud Patrioit who cares. Her concise extrapolation of facts is unique to such a role for America.
    Well done Trump for selecting her, good call. When she was hired, inspired! I for one, hope Trump is re installed, and Kayleigh is with us for 4 more years. If so, with the scale of problems to resolve,Trump has a good case for a Third Term. It will take so long to drain the swamp. Also to De Louse each House.
    Kayleigh is a breath of fresh air. Right now let focus on getting truth and the Deep State / Demo Rats out!

    Visa and Mastercard run 'enhanced diligence' on crypto card issuers

    Rudy Giuliani suggests cutting heads of Democrats in Fox interview after disastrous press conference

    Rudys time was 9/11. He’s lost in this era. A Zipper Flipper. Hugely over rated. Time to switch. Amateur league.

    Most Republicans greet Trump’s push to overturn the election with a customary response: Silence

    He’s trying alone so much for support.

    Paypal Bought 70% of All Newly Mined Bitcoin Last Month as Demand Rockets | New

    CENSORED in U.S. – Millions Across Europe Protest New Lockdown

    Soon the world will be censored! Believe it protest is growing.

    Tell The Donald fast. No more running Rudi hair dyes.
    Watch “Aaron Russo – The New World Order – One Government – Chat with Nick Rockefeller” on YouTub

    Folks this is worth watching, it’s wake up and grow up time.

    Sidney we are SO with you on all of this. It’s bigger than the Alamo. That was just about Texas. This is about America and Democracy. If you lose we all lose everything.
    It’s a war for Truth and Justice and if denied then a Full Head On Civil War. Or be enslaved. It does matter that much. This is not about America. Is about the End of it!
    We are all with you and behind you. The world is watching. This is a MUST win! There will be no 2024. They will see to that. America must not concede or lies won.
    Take it to the Supremes Sidney and good luck. Look whose all just ran away to hide? Bring them in as Fugitives. Sidney the thinking world is behind you. Trump MUST be re elected! Biden is a Bribe Taker who needs to be in Jail.

    Subject: Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Promises ‘Biblical’ Lawsuit in Coming Days

    Bring popcorn .. what will be of future interest is whose other elections were subject to the same frauds

    Watch “Trump’s landslide victory to be confirmed; Heavy major allegations from Trump’s legal team” on YouTube

    We will keep on thumping out the Truth to correct this abuse of votes by Criminal forces and corrupt Demo Rats.


    Now, who was the gunfight with? Why have non been brought back to America to stand trial?

    Subject: Breaking — ‘Piece of hardware has been secured from Germany’… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    Yes indeed it was in a firefight.

    We want all of this out for the public and names given.

    We will FIGHT to get Trump back in! Expose them and close them down!

    Subject: “Every Lie Will Be Revealed – They’re Going to be Shocked at Level of P*dophilia – Satanic Worship” – Lin Wood Does Not Hold Back in EXPLOSIVE “Thrive Time” Interview (VIDEO)

    He would not be saying this without knowing as if proven false his career would be over.
    Ready the popcorn.


    At last it’s sinking in


  16. Hmmm, Global Resets What If?????

    As part of an evolving reset to come, ALL, I mean ALL, of your assets are accredited for Beneficial Use only on a central database, where the State owns all and approves use – If your approved. If not, your out with- Nowt?
    You WILL be chipped.

    Every transaction you make is tax deducted to a central collection database, and cross reported.

    Every transaction is assessed to ensure you are not cross trading or linked with undesirables?

    On death you no longer have an Estate to share, the State takes all.

    Health Care is against a central register, do you merit the cost of treatments or saving , or your expendable?

    How do you care for your family then if the Central Command says not approved?

    When the vote no longer applies, who lives, who dies? Who now listens to more fake State lies?
    Seen China lately?

    Look how Biden and the Democrats just stole your votes. Democracy when the MSM lies to you daily? How can America save you when it’s totally leaving the tracks- unless Trump can take it back? Does anyone care?
    Look at the planet of masked Muppets brain dead, gullible walking Zombies. Is it possible to fall so far, so fast?
    Do they even think now? Post lockdown we are giving them Agenda 21 on a plate.
    They are coming for your money. They are coming for your guns, Then they will come for you. Vaccines will be enforced. Vaccines will track and control you everywhere. Nanobots will be live and a termination switch.
    Global resets. To a population size of how many? If the Reset is minus you?
    But you didn’t think? That is where it all ended. As you are Globally reset. Anything is possible now. When?
    What if?
    What If Global issues reset your very lives? Look at the masked Zombies. Already channeled and brain dead.
    We need Sidney Powell to Disembowel the lot of them. We need Justice. You need Trump. You need to fight for America now. For your right to be free. Or you won’t like their Commie Destiny. They fooled you with Obama.
    Now they just stole your votes. And still you did nothing. What is the great Reset is your right to be- alive?
    What if, devoid of your guns, they then come for you? How can you have a Democracy when people too stupid to vote do? Because they won’t vote for you! Or your right to be – Free.


    1. What you are suggesting (and I realize you are just messaging Their Intents) is illegal, unlawful, unConstitutional here, against all Declarations of Human Rights, a violation of sanity for any Country based on Western Civilization values, a violation of your own UK Charters and finally anti-Christian (fraud though it is). Neither I nor anyone I know will allow chipping. Just the slogan “You chip cattle, not humans” will derail this.

      A suggestion to the PTB. If you want to live, back off!

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      1. Tino

        I did say with care up front, what if? Because the Rocks want most of you stiff!
        I’m throwing curve balls, to help my fellow man wake and and grow balls.
        Look how they just tried to steal America. We freedom fighters are few. If they win, be assured, you lose everything.
        TPTB Tino don’t care.
        They just got you masked. They have locked down Europe. States will lock down. Then what?
        Next week we will vote down Johnsons request to extend the lock down. Next week we will lock him down.
        Next week we will face down the the EU with F U! Unlike the US only you cant remove these F’s. Watch us.
        Your Covid ( so called!) death rate is tiny like ours. What a farce. Lock downs must stop soon.
        I have MPs asking for guidance confused. I am asking with a death at max 1,000 per week, and declining from this peak, how can you put 5M jobs at risk. How many other cases will now die needlessly because you Sheeple lost the plot? They are truly so thick they had not worked this out . This is a fraction of the Flue. Which are true Covid?

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        1. Yes John, I acknowledged it was just you messaging and yes, grateful for anything well thrown to continue the wake up of the turnips in progress. Beware when the worm turns!

          I know the PTB don’t care. I however, guarantee it will not play out as they think. They have hit the high water mark. The wildfire quantum schisms are coming. And we will make them care. There are also infinite ways to gum up the works, the original definition of sabotage, when le sabots were thrown into the mechanisms.


          1. Tino

            Survival will need all of us.
            But you will find, it’s so few of us.
            The masses truly don’t carte.Or, sadly, think. I can’t believe how fast and how far ours have subjugated.
            Sadly totally brain dead. Agenda 21 is they chose it, will meet little resistance. I don’t think even TBTB expected this scale of roll over. Wait and see if yours lock down them see.
            I’ve seen more life in the eyes of a dead sheep.

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      1. Fine words Gary, but how many will cower? I had never seen as many blubbering grown men shit as 9/11. The emergency services were great . NY City Staffers freaked out terrified cowards. Gutless and pathetic.
        NY ran out of Shrinks. Unreal. Get a lot of Rabbit holes.

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        1. Many will cower. But the irreducible minimum in the U.S. is north of the usual 3%. It will be nasty if it goes kinetic, but as Matt Bracken has conclusively demonstrated, bringing the Coasts to their knees is relatively straightforward on a simple guerilla basis. And good luck, in a world where even I, with a rifle, am accurate to 200 yards, God Forbid, what someone with a true scoped weapon can do. And I’d never have to shoot a human. All our transformers are 20 ft above ground on poles… let’s see how long things last when urban/suburban areas are left without power days at a time…


        2. We are in the Volunteer state . We are many trained divisions . we are American patriots and the sons of great warriors . we will be ready


    2. When the reset denies you the right to fly into most of Europe or Asia without pre evidencing pre vaccination programs, hotels and flights same.Only so long before the US applies it. They just reset your freedoms. Theatres, trains, buses, hotels and even restaurants soon will want evidence your clear. Even now we are all on track and trace. I keep my phone bluetooth off or I will ping up on 50 sites a day. Your very life is being reset.
      Did you foresee this last year? I raise the What if’s because until now I grossly overestimated the Sheeple as “Couldn’t be so dumb”. Wrong! So, what if?


      1. It’s called Right to Travel. They will not succeed. They’ll try. But precedent is clear. Do not generalize the present to the future. The “Reset” isn’t there yet. Only the NorthEast is in draconian mode. Whitmer in Michigan will be impeached. NY and NJ are one step from riot and F U. Connecticut could care less of the rules and is doing what it pleases. Only the cowed businesses are folding and they will pay the price by going out of business. Good riddance.


  17. HIW

    Relevant suggestions for you but only you can decide if to hold or fold.

    1. WHA has been providing an excellent range of tips and Crypto information daily. Many have made good returns. Enough to recover losses on notes in many cases and a profit. How many years has it been earning nothing?

    2.Demonetized notes! Both the Dinar and Zim have no standing and are lawfully demonitized. Their countries have NO Responsibility for them. Worthless. Dongs at least have a value. A get out.

    3. Iraq for example can only stand c6T to 8T maximum as new issuances. It’s only a small, c2T economy. Why anyone thinks a small Nation State, bankrupt and illegally war ruined by the US, should now saddle itself with hundreds of Ts to bail overprinted, racketeered, gullible speculators and greedy Contractors, is beyond me. It makes sense for Iraq to just issue its own entirely new notes for c5T to start to support its own economy. That is then its limit of debt. Also funds benefitting the nation. But its limit of liability is then protected. The same applies to Zimbabwe. New, Fresh starts are needed by both. Why not?

    4. Why would any nation in its right mind go into impossible Debt spirals to bail a bunch of desperate or greedy speculators riding like Carrion on their backs? I’ve seen how so called caring opine’rs ditch all principles for a Buck, and feel it’s their right to freeload on oppressed nations’ backs, as long as they get their licks. Scurrilous Vampires, but how they opine. Some are just shallow Gypsies Dogs. Bottom feeders with no balanced perspective. “We are owed!” How do you reason with that? Mercurials howling at the moon. Duplicitous perspectives.

    5.Who on earth is going to fund the Quad Ts these Drongos are running around with thinking the world is going to bleed vast T’s, so they can pariah feed. Really?

    6. Only America, who caused this. can even part fund this. As if!!!!

    7.When the US took control of Iraq, once they opened the Banks to try to restore the economy, they thought they had engineered a vibrant new economy. Dinars were mass exchanging fast in Baghdad. Klondike level money exchange booming. So US Dollars flooded in to support the conversions. Until one day the US Governing authorities realised to their horror, there is no economic boom, the Iranians had copies of Plates Saddam had stored there and were mass printing new notes, bringing them over the borders and pulling Americas pants down raping you for a change for God knows how much. They were laughing all the way to their banks. US Dollars for Monopoly money. What mugs. A huge scam and they fell for it. Until the US stopped it in horror. Mugged by Iran! So now, why should anyone buy all the crap you are holding? The money goes then into your pockets not Iraq’s. Iraq gains noting but Debt supporting unneeded volumes in play. The burden is too much. Iraq won’t do this. Nor will the IMF condone it. It makes no sense, bar to speculating hooligans with no concept of Fiscal balancing. It’s never been real. A bunch of pumping crooks with plates fed your greed and made out big. Print cost per pack of notes max say $50 dollars. Claimed value say $500,000 dollars, sold for $500 dollars to the gullible. What a return. They creamed you all. Pumpers worked overtime. Hillbilly Moonshiners sleep on it. Bible Belt Racketeers cashed in big. Even the Mormons. We are Gonna be Rich. Really. Have you tried collecting it?

    8. My currency holdings are zero. I could never equate the exit so I declined. It’s possible the big battalions may be included in a special refunding stroke for the Military, but who pays? And how does that help Joe Public? Rumours breed more gullible. But it’s all your call.

    9. Cashing in and starting to track WHA recovery Crypto suggestions is one way back. Self help. We are discussing it and Tony has intimated to you he’s going to rename the site and get away from this White Hats era towards investors issues, project issues, wealth creating and social issues. We are waiting on key Elders to agree AU refunding so we can retrack where we see fit. Project investments and some Humanitarian. But a wealth creation plus Social Conscience site for the new direction. The old sites are tired, nothing to say, with no one doing the work , just opining in dreamland and flogging Disneyland products to Poodle fakers. It’s a dead end, past its time era. Flooded with fakes and ambulance chasers. None will do the work needed to sustain them. Who cares? As they opine to a readership of now 10. Alone, they aspire in their self ingratiating minds. Each a Moses alone on a mountain, eulogizing their thoughts. Aspiring while their support is fast retiring. So many sites, so many lost causes.

    10. WHA instead is thinking cogent strategies of how to progress next year Post Elders releases, into Investors articles helping you cross that bridge toward your own Financial Independence, and getting you in on the ground floor where possible. Pro active, real world, firmly based articles and a new direction. Time invested creating new wealth not procrastinating defunct issues. Wealth by Stealth. A new dawn. WHA has doubled readership and it’s growing. Once it expands out to videos, watch it take off.

    So the point HIW, is to consider the switch. Cut your losses and reassess a new Crypto fate. Or sit opining with the old news and just Master ****?

    Your call.

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  18. https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2020/11/21/founders-constitution-president-trump-concede/

    The MSM keep avoiding the Treason questions
    The knives are out for Trump they just hate him . It’s hard to do right with so many crooked tongues wagging

    Johnson has to tell Barnier to F off and walk
    Ethereum-based Origin Puts $1 Million Bounty on OUSD Hacker

    Singapore is exploring wholesale CBDC, local exec say

    US election: Michigan Republicans seek to delay vote certification

    At last one of the known corrupt States is swerving a criminla charge for perverting the course of justice.

    The whole stinking lot needs to go to the Supremes. Clean up America.

    Biden Gets Extra Cozy With China In Stunning Move – The Wolf Of Washington

    Jesus he’s not even in Office and he’s taking bribes already

    This will reverse bringing jobs back

    Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ on Twitter: “#Georgia is squarely in our crosshairs for massive election fraud & corruption. Take note @GovKemp @GaSecofState https://t.co/hHrdbbhXI3 We know the truth @realDonaldTrump @LLinWood @GenFlynn @RepDougCollins @CollinsforGA #WeThePeople are taking back our country” / Twitter

    Good for you Sidney.

    Plugged-in patriots lay out the epic Trump counterattack that’s going to expose and destroy the criminal Democrat deep state –

    There is no greater priority right now than taking down the Deep State crippling America. Agencies and Military Contractors ripping Americas face off.



  19. Like

  20. John,

    Do you think Trump may make a last ditch effort to release the asset backed QFS if they can’t prevail with all these lawsuits? Or the RV’s or GS’s. Or any of this stuff….if he even has any real control over it.

    What’s happening behind the curtain?


    1. HIW
      It’s not Trump although crooked Obama before did block it all so Bush 41, and the Banks could continue free use stealing all the profits.

      1. The key Elders multi family greed is still delaying a consensus in Korea.
      2. Megawati, ex Indonesian President, is blocking M1 (Her Brother) because she’s deep in with China.
      3. Kissinger, Greenspan and the Zionist Mafia, Baker and WF are free riding on vast T’s and won’t let go until knuckles are broken., Bush 41 caused all this. The worst Thief ever in the WH. It left Cheney with huge power afterwards. They are hiding behind ex Hughes Corporation fronts

      All you can expect to see is a Korean redemption and possibly one US PP deal let go. I can see nothing else into next year yet. Ignore the wild Broker claim fantasies. Some are just Ditsy Dames out with the Fairies running with old crooked Indonesian Mandates. Worthless. Clueless. Noise on the system.

      Expect nothing from Trump until his election bid is ratified. If Biden gets in, Obama and the Clintons will steal the pot and land you with a Commie State. If Trump fails he will be buried in litigation. Some serious charges.
      Far more important is helping save America from Soetoro and the Commies. Biden is just a clueless Puppet.
      Soetoro and the Clintons will rape America if not stopped. Harris will be run by the Clintons.

      There are far bigger issue at stake right now than dealing with demonetized currencies. Deal with the Crooks who pumped them it to you.

      There are huge, REAL, asset backed deals progressing via the AU, but that is for REAL Global redevelopment, not handouts. Funds will be used for Bank Platform Trading and key projects. Not wasted. Wealth creating with some Humanitarian. None is for Broker chains. Projects will help the world. They will found many new start ups. Good, real people will get selective chances. Nothing for Fantasy Island Broker chains.

      Real deals are with real Professionals – off Public radar. They have a need to be resolved and will be. But quietly.


      1. John,
        Thanks. You bring up some good points and one focused on what I was trying to get to which is….is it best to divest of these currencies(side for a small speculation) and gold and silver and just move in to crypto. If the new world is “credits” and digital currencies, I just don’t see any reason to hold anything anymore.


  21. https://phibetaiota.net/2020/11/john-peterson-an-explanation-of-what-happened-to-fox-news/

    “Do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of the “information war”. It’s meant to demoralize Trump supporters, weak-kneed Republican politicians, law enforcement, the military, foreign leaders etc. The left does not want an energized, organized opposition fighting for America’s election integrity. What we’re seeing now isn’t the Dem’s kill-shot, they’re trying to soften the target. The mainstream media knows it can make any claims about who won the election without consequences, especially since it’s a coordinated attack. They need Trump supporters to give up and concede in order to win.”


  22. https://tennesseestar.com/2020/11/18/general-thomas-mcinerney-outlines-new-evidence-alleging-nationwide-ballot-tampering-to-prevent-trump-landslide/

    “During the program, McInerney outlined new evidence showing that Hammer and Scorecard computer software developed by the CIA in 2003 was used in a coordinated effort to stop a Trump landslide victory in the 2020 election. He added that these offenses would hold treasonous and would require major prison time of those involved and found guilty.”


  23. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bloomberg-s-mcglone-thinks-bitcoin-could-hit-170k-over-the-next-two-years
    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Steal Was MASSIVE! – Expert Reveals How Hundreds of Thousands of Trump Votes Were Shifted to Biden on Election Night!

    No way anyone can certify any vote. This is not simple fraud but a attempted coup against a sitting President and the people vote. Some folks may call this treason or worse or simply war, given the foreign actors involved. And no doubt the ramifications will go beyond America. We will expose it all. Justice for America.

    Joe Biden Did NOT Receive 79,685,131 Votes. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s why — | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

    If we can see this, why not the DOJ?

    Great news for those awake, this is our last ailing line for the hope of Democracy and the prosecution of the guilty Cabal and Deep State.

    “Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Barret and Alito have been assigned full control over the circuit courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. This is a new development that just happened today. This marks an EXTREME escalation in the election fraud issue“. A huge step to protect those vast Too Dumb to be True, Sheeple F’s from themselves. A candle of hope in the switched off, unenlightened sheeple world. Intensely involved daily fighting the Cabal , brings home just how laid back, laconic and indifferent the masses are. Covid shows them as is, masked, mugged and brain dead. Its just who herds and minds them. Trump is their last chance corral.
    City of London Wants to Be the Global Hub for Carbon Trading – Bloomberg

    What London wants it will get. Never backward at coming forward.

    Williams College Mathematician Flags up to 100,000 Ballots in Pennsylvania. And so it goes on. Such a huge Viral Voting Fraud.

    Who will be jailed? That will be a first.


    The Mass ignorance of the media is second only to the truly abysmal naivety of the sheeple.
    If Trump reverses this, what a face down.
    Dominion executive admits fixing election to ensure “Trump’s not gonna win” – DC Dirty Laundy

    So, where do we go from here 😏

    Ep. 2333a – The [CB] Accelerated Their Plan Out Of Panic, Patriots Were Counting On This
    Pleasant viewing Folks.


    The MSM will bury truth to depose Trump

    “All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 Hours” After FDA Fast-track Approva

    SHOCKING!!! Alarming and if you say No?

    German anti-lockdown online activist arrested live on stream

    Now German protesters are mass arrested for Covid Lock Down dissent. People versus the State.
    This is why Biden and Obama want the guns off the Civilians . Communist suppression.

    [video src="https://video.reclaimthenet.org/articles/anti-lockdown-doctor-arrest-24534293404.mp4" /]

    Trump claims that there is ‘big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia’ as he continues to claim he won the election

    President Donald Trump continued with claims of election fraud on Saturday morning as he alleged ‘big voter fraud information’ had been discovered in Georgia.


    The truth keeps giving. Will this help us get Trump back in?

    Now Trump is taking it to them


  24. Like

    1. Will Trump be the first 100M votes President if and when the true votes are re assigned and corrected?
      If it’s not done 100m need to march and sort the lot of them. The Dems plotted this 2 years ago.

      Biden and the Clintons need to be taken in asap. Soetoro as a Foreign Usurper needs to go to Gitmo. Holy water for him.
      Time to get Justice and re assign ALL Trumps votes. Justice for America no more dirty deals. Americans deserve TRUTH and to see what these disgusting Traitors have done. Its over due time for a US Nuremberg. Death for hundreds of them like the Nazis. Treason! Genocide.

      The big question now is how many votes did Trump get and where are they. How many false votes did Biden get?
      This needs to be ordered now by the DOJ and Supremes.

      Correct this outrage and re install Trump now. Biden is a disgrace to America. The rest also. Clean this mess up.

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    1. Hint: Search out companies which will be key in the development in electric vehicle and transportation technology, as well as the A.I. development associated with driverless/pilotless craft, and consider investments in same.

      Battery technology is advancing very rapidly, and some tests have seen electric cars go 600 miles or more on a single charge.

      Political advocates of “green new deals” and such is simply posturing. These developments will happen in spite of and not because of their blathering.

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  25. Like

  26. The Trump goes live

    Entering or leaving Scotland from the rest of Britain is made illegal https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8967979/Entering-leaving-Scotland-rest-Britain-illegal.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    Thank God we should have done it 500 years ago just like the Romans did.
    The whole world is watchig this unfold. Why not in America?
    This should be watched by everyone in America and is a tragic event exposing what should never happen in any country. Otherwise as Stalin said voting does not count, only the counting. And that is a destruction of not just democracy but the freedom of expression of people. We can not stand by and do nothing while Americans are forced into Communism by Biden and Obama. Be clear Obama has been indoctrinated wiht Communism all his life. Biden is brain dead, Obama will run the show. Save America, from itself.

    Biden Axes Second Amendment: Starts Rounding Up Guns – National Insiders

    It is how you disarm the public Biden and Obama will take your guns. Chose,Trump or Communism.

    Lawyer Who Represented Trump in Pennsylvania Placed Under Protection After ‘Threats of Harm’

    This is slipping out of control with violence being advocated.
    And that is because they are caught and they know it.
    No doubt it will get worse before it gets better.

    Senators release new evidence tying Hunter Biden business to communist China, Russian energy | Just The News

    The dung only rises around the Biden family

    Sidney Powell calls on Dominion Voting Systems Employees to Step Forward – Speak Out on their Fraud! (VIDEO)


    More bad PR for Trump as Biden plays him in the MSM

    Getting messy for Trump


  27. I’ve lost track of the calls in my favor at this point.

    The latest batch of data retrospective confirms that your immunity to the COVID bug (whatever it is) is long lasting.

    So yes, the idea of reinfection is just an artifact of the garbage antigen test.

    Incidentally, everyone keeps reporting hospitals are overwhelmed. Was at a major one in the Lehigh Valley hospital 2 days ago, and there is no catastrophe in progress. A couple questions revealed that they are as puzzled as I am at the reports. Also they tell me folks aren’t dying at the same clip. Hardly surprising since it is regular bugs reclassified as COVID. In reality, it’s over. Politically etc we are now just suffering group insanity caused by color of Law.


  28. Armed with indisputable hard facts of Vote rigging, all it needs is for Trump to go on air with Global coverage, or even better, a New State of Our Nation Speech, showing clear evidence of the conspiracy to Rig the Election and steal America. If done with powerful, clear evidence, it’s game over. It’s TIME!
    He can follow up with a full expose on the Bidens, and his legacy is made.
    Or go on blundering as is, and go out with the Public persona of a Plonker.
    Show the hard facts for the people to understand, and you have your second term.
    Or be crucified by the MSM as now. No one understands the full reality here. Rudi is coming across in court like a Dork. His Hair Dye dribbling in public. A Dog and Pony show is live.
    Is anyone thinking this out and positioning. Getting Butt kicked out of office is no Legacy.
    Go Public and EXPOSE the Truth. Exposure is Closure. The Deep State meets its fate. Give the world hard facts.


  29. Review Confirms COVID-19 Patients Most Infectious in First Week
    But no live virus detected after day 9, a systematic review and meta-analysis found

    Sigh, like I said months ago, it’s just a regular coronavirus with the regular attributes of its class.


  30. This man may soon be in charge of deciding on a nuclear weapons launch.


  31. I guess the Galactic Federation couldn’t find a way out of this very terrestrial pile of trouble that these people are in. And yet they claim to soon have their NESARA legions in charge of bringing order to Earth?


  32. I understand the excess death rate of the 1968 69 H3N2 was 30/100,000 worldwide, with between 1 and 4 million deaths total. I believe that the covid pandemic number of deaths will have to triple from August 2020 levels of 11/100,000 per WHO data to equal the 1968-69 flu season. Clearly the covid pandemic is far below these severe flu seasons. Although we do not know the total until this pandemic ends, it may be typical of a severe flu season.


  33. Watching the Giuliani – Powell press conference!…..
    WOW WOW WOW….. must watch when it comes out!

    One note….Powell confirmed the info about the server grab….but he said she is no tsure if good guys got it or bad guys!


  34. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-removing-troops-from-afghanistan-and-iraq-is-fraught-with-risk-pentagon-chief-warns-b1727983.html

    Really? You don’t think a 400% increase in Opium production,guarded by US MIlitary, money laundered by the CIA, and rammed up US noses in addictions, is not a bigger problem?
    Giuliani’s court bid to overturn Biden victory turns to farce as he forgets judge’s name, calls other lawyer ‘that angry man,’ claims the 11 biggest cities are conspiring to steal election, then gets directions to the nearest martini bar

    Giuliani, 76, went to federal court in Williamsport, PA, to try to overturn hundreds of thousands of votes in the state. The federal judge


    Rudi is not the smartest tool on the block, this needs to go to Specialist Top Political Litigators not Rudis ego side show.

    It all needs to go to the Supremes fast. America is becoming a laughing stock . Like Rudi’s Zipper Gate!
    Why DEA

    No data is safe from the State now.

    What’s the plan?
    Bitcoin’s revival: boom or bubble?
    Take care out there.
    Shared from Sky News: Boris Johnson vows to make UK ‘foremost naval power in Europe’ with boost to defence budget https://news.sky.com/story/boris-johnson-vows-to-make-uk-foremost-naval-power-in-europe-with-boost-to-defence-budget-12136302

    Britain will stop illegals with more warships. Bang. Gone!
    French fishing trawlers poaching illegally. Hello Cease or we fire.
    China warns the UK and its ‘Five Eyes’ allies to ‘be careful not to get their eyes jabbed and blinded’ after they demanded Beijing end its crackdown on Hong Kong

    Britain and its four allies – US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – criticised China for allegedly silencing dissent in the Asian financial hub in violation of the country’s international obligations.


    China warns Britain and the US it will get its eyes jabbed out if it meddles in HK.
    Shocking truth

    Now this explosive little bombshell is not out in the MSM yet.
    The Bar Stewards KNOW its faulty and are lying to the Mutant Mug Public again . They are looking for urgent back up when they drop lie flies.

    Biden is already letting us down | The Independent

    What the hell did they expect?

    Bitcoin to surpass record price high due to drive from ‘real volume’ backed by big bank

    Pennsylvania attorney general says Rudy Giuliani is ‘sad to watch’

    Wouldn’t you think with something as serious as the WHat Stake, Trump would select a serious Litigator on the front line?

    Zippergate won’t do it.

    Ivanka Trump displays ‘cold affection’ to Jared Kushner as election fallout begin

    The Ice Queen wont melt for Jar Head it seems.


    Masks DON’T stop the spread of Covid, top experts say



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  35. A REMARKABLE UPDATE on the 2020 U.S. election. An inspired and informed commentary on a complex, critical, and highly charged subject in merely 24 minutes. For me, breathtaking, not only in scope but in the quality, even beauty of presentation. Thank you, Mr. SImon Parkes. [24-min. by a gentleman whose immediate family members had worked in MI5, MI6, and NSA.]


  36. Be aware one of the key clear aspirations of the Founders was Free Speech. The right to truth and knowledge by those governed, not to be suppressed by government, as is today. Inept governing autocracies rule fools, and the scale of MSM lies and obfuscation has never been more intrusive, false and corrosive. When the Media lies, democracy dies.

    America needs Trump for 4 more years. Biden is a Crook, a liar, a person bribed in Public office, and with a reprobate Son off the richter scale.
    If Biden get into the White House, The Constitution dies with Fake news and lies. The End of America.
    Don’t be afraid. Be very, very afraid! Nothing will be left, it’s Soul gathering time then.

    Looking on and in, from inside, at the abysmal and pitiful low standards of our Political Leaders, Democracy is dying under Weasel lying. It’s Global. Sovereign Freedoms are ending. Pharma is fake, Media is fake, Banks unchecked on the make and take, employment in freefall, Stores mass closing, Truth seekers banned from disclosing, and American ballot rigging so obvious and blatant it defies belief that the top nation is being stolen by a Thief.
    Manchurian Obama, Bribe taking criminal Biden, Soros and the Zionist Mafia, will end Democracy for the West.
    The Police State will be our fate. Constitutional values lie in ruins by the exit gate.

    Covid, a disaster.

    The US Elections- A disaster.

    Our peoples voice, the Media, no longer speaks for or guards you. How come every Major Media Voice is owned and suppressed by a Jew? When the MSM is bought, truth is the first thing they abort.

    When the Media lies, and truth dies, so does each nation. Has history taught us nothing?
    Cybernaughts are coming. But only if YOUR enhanced.

    If not, your superfluous. How can you defeat, what you can not beat?
    There is a veil of death approaching if not defeated soon. Manchurian Soetoro speaks feely, with a forked tongue.
    With all the resources and Enforcement powers controlling America, why are those responsible for the most blatant elections rigging ever, the Heist of America, not being arraigned?

    The posing Peacock Manchurian lies, as America dies.


    1. Which begs a question. Given the provable Soros threat, why has no responsible Intelligence agency put a bullet in him? I am certain we have assassinated folks for less than what Soros has done…


  37. My stomach just sank, I’m not liking the sound of this. Everyone will have to get the vaccine within a 24 hr time frame at the same time. Didn’t Trump say it would not be mandatory?! And is this his operation warp speed he has mentioned many times?

    Briefing with Senior Officials on Operation Warp Speed and COVID-19 Vaccines


  38. A short comment of the three vaccines coming down the pike: Moderna, Pfizer and Oxford.

    Of the three the most sensible is the Oxford adenovirus-based vaccine. It will still cause an orgy of side-effects upon administration, an orgy of illness and probably death on re-exposure to some variants of the base pathogen. We have reports that the British health authority knows this and have requested a high-tech AI system to track the side-effects. How about we avoid this in the first place and not deploy a vaccine for a mutating coronavirus that was never identified properly in the first place as cause of the contagion. Plus with a garbage antigen test, exactly how are we going to know if it works? What are you going to do with all the COVID+ patients that were vaccinated? Just call it false positives? Say the vaccine is ineffective? That you need it every year? And then? You see the problem.

    Moderna is mRNA — given we are just monkeys randomly typing on keyboards at this point in our viral vaccine knowledge, do you really want the folks that can’t even recognize that they are using a garbage antigen test (and worse if they do) doing an irrevocable change to your DNA???

    Pfizer — Hmmm, given again the garbage antigen test, given that they needed a roughly 39,000 patient trial to allegedly get results, don’t y’all think that maybe 95% might be an overstatement of willful blindness?

    ‘Nuff said.

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    1. Tino

      So far we are tracking well in excess of 70% false positives in tests, and in some cases 93% which is why airport testing pre flights is pointless. Random chaos,false missed flights and Insurance consequences. Chaos.
      London Gatwick Airport had an average of 700 flights a day. Currently it is 23.Airlines are collapsing. Plane orders are being cancelled. Hotels are failing. Countries can not keep on funding Furloughs. All that does is create a vast tax debt which cripples everyone. Keeping non workers makes no sense. Work is key and all. Self funding.
      So, it gets worse.
      Reports we are getting in from test cases, c 9K people in the tests, is a wide array of side issues, fever, nausea, headaches and lethargic. Impaired vision driving. Safe to issue? Hell No!
      We now have 70 % of our country locked down for 4 weeks. Now Scientists ( With false positives and fake data) are claiming it will need another months lock down and maybe 3!!!! Economic insanity!
      Fake data and fake results. Hidden poor tests. Vaccines about to me mass released with what consequences. c70% of people tested with real vaccines reported side effects. Many worrying and being covered up.
      We can’t rush a 5 years test program into 6 months.
      If we did that in IT, with vast new systems installed and inadequate pre release field testing, consequential systems corruptions would be disastrous. Systems failures. Now to do it with the populations? With human life? With a vast array of new health issues created?
      Poor Leadership and dangerous, Retainer paid Scientific Advisors. The Profits of Big Pharma?
      We are walking blind into the Abyss. Big Pharma can not be trusted. Lies for profits. Consequential lives for lies!


  39. Courageous doctors go in front of the Senate to state unequivocally that not using the the Trifecta is inane, unscientific, dangerous to patient and Nation, and was clearly a misguided heavy hand by Medical Regulatory Authority
    A very important hearing is being held by the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 9am Eastern.

    Hearing Title: Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution

    You will be able to watch the hearing on the committee’s website:

    Witnesses will include:

    Peter A. McCullough, M.D., M.P.H.
    Vice Chief of Internal Medicine
    Baylor University Medical Center

    Harvey Risch, M.D., PH.D.
    Professor of Epidemiology
    Yale University

    George C. Fareed, M.D.
    Medical Director and Family Medicine Specialist
    Pioneers Medical Center


    1. Peter A. McCullough, M.D., is now my new medical hero. He even properly slammed the dogmatist from Brown, who in more resilient and truthful time, would have been quietly asked to resign with some face saving excuse, for dogmatically ignoring piles of evidence (and direct experience) in favor of just randomized control trials.

      Here is the reality — RCT’s are just another form of evidence. They have limits, and its very possible, thru artifacts of design, create situations that eliminate or improperly test, that which one is looking for. When something is politicized like HCQ was, the randomized trials themselves may be directly at fault. God knows there was even fraud, said fraud having permanently diminished two major medical journals…


    1. Though are votes where shipped over seas. Please Remember are Democracy is loved More Dearly than the Spoken words can tell.
      (We love England our Heritage)


  40. Like

    1. Tony – I don’t understand this. If I want to write a check or use my debit card and spend for several thousand dollars, I would not be able to?


      1. I think it only applies to cash transfers, not retail purchases unless those were done in cash. You will still be able to buy anything for any amount, but the reporting threshold will be lowered, which is incumbent on whatever institution required by law to adhere to.

        Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.👽


  41. What Is Going On? Another Memory Card Found With Trump Votes

    As this is bigger than Watergate, where is the DOJ?

    The Ukraine Want’s Joe Biden on Class A Felony Charges – YouTube

    Your Still President, Send Him Now!

    Doug Ross @ Journal: “DNA-LEVEL” STATISTICAL PROOF: “Smartmatic” Vote-Counting System Was Manipulated in PA and GA to Overturn Trump’s Victory
    The scale of this scam is bottomless


    INTEL: China Providing AUTOMATIC Weapons To BLM — Weapons Stored On State Property — COMMIE Gov Gruesome To Blame – Investment Watch

    America arms the world to to kill. Payback!
    Mind blowing if true
    Himalayan Kebab Cookout: China Cooked Alive Indian Soldiers With Microwave Weapons

    Mark Steyn Interviews Sidney Powell on Rush Limbaugh Show… | The Last Refuge

    Its time!

    She makes quite clear what she will be doing.


    Nations need to buy and use them against US Contractors. Pretty awaful if your an Indian.

    Who trusts the Chinese?

    You want the truth about the CIA, no one unzips faster than Rudi


    Will there be Justice or another Obama cover up?

    The EU is falling apart with Brexit because the UK will walk. We don’t need the EU and Biden needs to keep his nose out. His family were the lowest Irish Pissant immigrants. It’s still a Pissant town he crawled out of. Will America let the crooked votes stand? What a joke. What a way to run a country?

    Subject: Watch “Covid Vaccine insert reveals horror ingredients 💉🧬📣” on YouTube

    Cocktail horrors plus what comes next.

    Trump news – live: President won’t leave White House for Thanksgiving and fires official who contradicted h

    The ONLY President since JFK whose trying to clean up the Stink and Corruption, and they do this to him?

    Biden wants to go to the Big House. Obama too, We agree. Both to Ryker’s Island now! Or Gitmo will do. Water board the lot.

    Re Install Trump. Set up an American Nuremberg, and show real Justice – Guillotine the lot!
    Let Trump Clean Up America. Let this be his Legacy! Imagine Nancy waiting on the block? Is my hair right? Obama, will it hurt?
    Clinton, Does it matter? Smile for the Camera Beast!

    Only Trump is ready. Give the Demo Rats the Hump. Re install Trump! Then as a goodwill gift, give Trump a Third Term.
    Drain the Swamp!

    Dominion Voting shares office with far-left George Soros linked group – Rebel News

    I so hope that both Trump survives and this truly Evil Sub Human is put on trial for War Crimes and as a Traitor.
    He needs the old British sentence to be hung, drawn and quartered.
    No surprise as he has been a threat to many a country
    Its getting worse Trump needs to send the lot to Gitmo.

    America’s enemies can scent Biden’s weakness

    You mean Bribe taking, Stupid, senile?

    Russia moves to protect Putin from prosecution

    Look and learn Trump.

    Bitcoin just hit its highest level since 2018 – BK says this could go …


  42. Just placing this as an item of interest, given what’s going on now.

    No idea what to make of these claims. However, if Biden prevails, and none of the claims in this video come to pass, a lot of reputations are going to be down for the count.

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    1. With all the public information on the German Servers and CIA links:

      1.Where is the MSM it’s bigger than Watergate. totally disgraceful, this will finish the MSM. Zero trust now!

      2. Surely Biden KNOWS he’s flushed. America can not elect him now.Will you? With your history of Racketeering it’s possible.

      3. When will anyone move now does it have to go to the Supremes?

      4.Will America publicly announce the scale of this racket, or bury it?

      5. If Trump is re elected WHEN will Obama, Clinton,. and the whole rat pack be arrested?
      Will America earn respect by hanging so many deserving Traitors?

      Go Trump, we are with you! Gitmo for Soetoro and his Moll. Both! Then hang the lot. Save the budgets.
      How can you hang Saddam and not this lot?

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  44. FYI .. the wind whispers

    When Trumps teams of Special Forces went in ot retrieve the incriminating systems in Germany. they were met with hostile fire. Huge terrorism and Treason.
    This is who assisted in turning over info that caused the retrieval mission.
    When Special Forces went into get the server, in Germany, there was a firefight with serious casualties on both sides, before they were able to retrieve the server. Those who provided cover and transport for the attack on SF will be called out for sure on this to account.
    This was high level intrigue as once it was understood a mission was under way certain foreign deniable and expendable assets were brought in to counter. The question is who ordered the armed response to prevent the seizure of the server?
    Anyone who thinks this is a white glove play is dreaming.
    I am guessing the meeting yesterday afternoon at the White House, was to inform about the losses and data retrieval, which I understand is now complete. I imagine that behind the veil, there is panic. And I note, yesterday Biden changed his tag line on Facebook to politician from President elect.
    There is book to be written about this and a movie.



    Update: Depsite Media Reports, Still No Clear Reason on What Happened with Missing Floyd COunty Ballots | Coosa Valley News

    Who will pay for this?

    This is likely widespread.
    This is the most corrupt election ever.



    Pressure builds on Trump. Cut the nonsense and go to the Supremes.
    Dare Roberts vote for Biden? His secrets are known.


  45. If this catches on, watch for a black market in mouthwash. Toilet paper shortages because people want a clean bunghole…and mouthwash shortages because people want a clean pie hole.


  46. This is a very good point. Especially for those of you who want to know “… but when will my alt coins moon…?”

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  47. A quick comment on the recent BTC price moves…

    Congratulations to those of you who bought at the c$3500 BTC dip. 5-6x your money in three years or so is not bad at all.

    However, be reminded that 30-50% corrections in this space are common, so stay alert to this and don’t let it cause you to panic, if so. If you are in for the longer haul, be ready to buy if and when such correction occurs if your fund situation allows it and you wish it. If you are content with what you have and simply want to hold on, then hold on through any such correction. If you have made what you need to make a difference in your life, and want out, then by all means, that’s your call. It all depends on what your goals are, and these are as varied as the stars.

    For now, realize that we are only at the beginning of commercial and industrial adoption of cryptographic/blockchain technology. Paypal exposure is having an effect. More such commercial adoption is certain to come. I would go so far as to say that the entire economy will soon be underpinned by such technology, or derivations thereof.

    I am sorry that paper exits did not materialize before all of this. It would have been great to see such happen so that you could have taken the current ride up with part of it, but the public war torn paper investment business continues to pump sand, and despite weekly “we are there” blathering from brain-dead blogging high school dropouts, no such public resolutions are said to be even close at this time. Yet, the comforting lies continue to outdraw the uncomfortable truths.

    As for what IS happening, and what is realistically planned to happen, and whom it may involve, well…stay tuned.

    After the holidays we will set course in a new direction.

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    1. Jay,

      I have been briefed by J2020 on today’s events and what is coming. Please understand that it is not for public release just yet, but I assure you it is completely valid.

      There is force being applied by those who know how to wield it, and plans are being executed.

      Two large dogs will fight for one meal, until one is down for the count, or both will starve.

      There were very positive moves today. As a result of what has gone down in Germany, we need to wait and see how the Cabal is dealt with. If they are not, major assets and funds will not be released for US aid. Hard ball at a price.

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    1. Friday 13 October 1307. The families have it enshrined in consciousness forever
      The Knights Quarter, the Temple District and the Templers Church, as well as Balse in Switzerland, Kloten, and the true route of the Galleons is key. Protectors of the Crown was the deal for Protection of the Order.
      The Vatican knows one day will be payback.
      Until then, the power grows. It remains , as ever, within the families. Out of sight, forever in mind.

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  48. As exposure is now beginning, let’s look again at what we’ve issued before. Fake Governments, Fake News, and with the shapeshifting Kazars, Fake Jews. Genghis Khans assimilating spawn, Fake Jews.

    The vested interests who really run it all, the Fake illusions of controlled Societies, Fake Religions, Fake Advertising and Fake Gurus phone lines living off your backs with premium rate phone lines giving themselves an income peddling equivalent of Fake news by Fake positions at your expense. Shapeshifters Charging you for access to hype news. Selling you products of fantasy hype. Step back from this.
    Feeding bottom feeders serves no purpose.

    We are very close to a real breakthrough. Real people, real wealth, real plans. Coming, is Free Truth not charging you for Fake hype. Society will change dramatically if Biden and the Deep State can be avoided.

    Truth will be free, not packaged by Home Sad Cases with a camera and cheap lines. Real people already achieving high wealth income, not pond life scratching a few dimes off you. IT gave pointless Grunts an angle to peddle fake views. Once the first big releases start, society can dispense with those Fake irrelevancies.

    The video gives you an insight, more is to come. We will release more overnight. Real news. Real people. Real progress.

    shadowgate from WONKS MEDIA on Vimeo.

    In God We Trust

    This is what’s coming… The Zionist American Agencies New World Order if not stopped.



    School Answering Machine – In Australia

    Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead To Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, & Biological Identity” | Zero Hedge

    “So in other words, the “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” relates to the transhumanist singularity and a future where people have their every movement tracked and every thought read by an implantable microchip.”

    One has to wonder why academic professors always seem to think they know better than everyone else, what the world should do. I have real difficulties understanding what a teacher of business policy understands ABOUT HOW BUSINESSES RUN OR ARE CREATED.

    And to the extent there is belief in what is espoused from his lips, perhaps he should try this on himself for a decade and then tell us about his experience. Because until then, this is nothing but big empty words on a platform trying to convince society of change. In the meantime, we will go about life in the way we learned worked for us in the past. History is full of false prophets.


    (Early report is unconfirmed)

    Gohmert saying that now that they’ve analyzed the computer data confiscated and there are 410 electoral votes for Trump – a landside victory!

    According to information from the seized server in Frankfurt the true numbers shows 410 electoral votes goes to Trump.

    Extra comments from bloggers:
    Several people contributed in this thread with material to at least make this plausible. A congress man confirming it, a news channel reporting it, tweets etcetera. We have seen no one putting up material to the contrary.
    It would be the greatest news in a long time if true regarding the implications of deep level treason and ALOT of people going to jail.

    According to this the servers seized were being operated by CIA

    If true this is huge, our govt had to do a surprise raid on its own Agency to collect the evidence

    No wonder the delay in building the case

    [link to http://www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]

    If this were indeed true, the people of the United States would have already taken to the streets in their State capitols. The election was obviously stolen, but TDS is very real and there really are close to 70 Million people stupid enough to vote for Biden.

    We all know the election was a fraud. Between postal workers destroying ballots, election workers fudging ballots, and Dominion servers hacking ballots… The only real question left is, will the Supreme Court have the balls to stand up for what is right, or do they have more than just Roberts under their thumb with Epstein style leverage?

    Map of state zones that voted for Trump

    Source and discussions:

    WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 5: In Competitive States, Once Biden Gained the Lead with MASSIVE Vote Dumps, The Remainder of Votes All Possessed Same Biden to Trump Vote Ratio — THIS IS INCONCEIVABLE!

    This hurts . BUT, this is Deamland Republic. Irrespective of how real the fund is, and I’ve no doubt it is., will it be allowed to change the election for Truth and Democracy?
    From the start of the Federal Governments, sleaze, lies, bribery, corruption and genocide has been the norm for this trash.
    What chance has truth had in history here? Where did it get JFK? For sure Trump deserves to win. But-Will they let him? Brave words from many, Patriotic aspiratin and no doubting the ethos.
    But who will take up Cold Steel if they Steal the election? Will Trump get Justice?
    He will for sure if they steal it from him!
    Wise men, will wait and let this play out. It has the stink of the Cabal all over it so far.
    Be clear, we WANT Trump to win, he has, but will they allow this chicanery?
    Why not, America was built on it.
    Let’s wait in hope.


    Chinese state-backed media says Beijing is preparing for a ‘final act of madness’ by Trump

    In his ten remaining weeks in the White House, the president will sow the seeds of sabotage for president-elect Joe Biden to inherit, the Beijing-backed Global Times claimed today.


    Sadly, irrespective of what Just Legal positions may be, the world is rapidly positioning for Trump to go.
    It will be interesting how this shapes out.
    If all is as correct as stated, why is the Administration not bearing down on the Perpetrators with all guns blazing?
    What is not right here? What don’t we know?
    Time perhaps to wait and collate facts?

    Report: President Trump’s Legal Team Summoned to White House for Emergency Meeting.

    Is this where the wraps come off?

    Is this where we learn who was injured in the raid in Germany ?


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  50. Beavering Away at the Conflux Network: A Chinese Blockchain’s Attempt to ‘Fix’ Ether

    UK should revisit 5G ban now Trump is defeated, says Huawe

    Already the Chinese are at play to gatecrash 5G into the world again. Biden has poltical consequences.

    Gillian Anderson says she quit Hollywood after seeing ‘worst of the industry’

    Gillian as Fox Mulders X Files side kick was iconic in her day.
    But, as she found LA and Hollywood is the Pits of the Industry and responsibe to a large extent for the collapse of values and degeneration of society .The Kazar trash at its worst permeating through.
    Rightly so she left for cleaner pastures and has been in the UK almost 20 years now.
    20,000 of America best leave for the UK each year. Not big numbers, but quality people. Lost to America. A brain drain.
    Bitcoin Price Prints Highest Three-Week Close Eve

    Trump ‘to order further troop withdrawal’ from Afghanistan and Ira

    One positive move which the Deep State, Pentagon and Contractors will hate. Fat profits lost. Less Hegemony and peace in our world. The CIA will be freaking.
    Well done Trump.

    Citibank Executive Says Bitcoin Will Trade at $318000 by End of 202
    Some Guestimate for you if so?

    Trump’s legal battles: How six cases may play out

    Just looking at The Donald and how his life may go if he goes Cold Turnkey on a lost Presidency.

    Bitcoin’s Gunning for a Record and No One’s Talking About It

    Well we are.

    Was Election Software Rigged? Sidney Powell Lays Out the Trump Team’s Findings.

    “ Former Admiral Peter Neffenger is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic. He is also on Vice President Joe Biden’s transition team, which calls into question his impartiality, which doesn’t pass the smell test.”
    No kidding ?

    Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism

    This really is what this is about. The rise and fall of America. You decide if YOU want your Democracy or Federal Zionist Autocracy. You own Nothing they own America and now want your Souls.
    A Jewish Fed,.A Jewish Treasury, you have NO Central Bank it’s a Jewish Scam Game. Wake up you are naked! They own your banks and media and all MSM. They tell you how to think. Wake Up!

    Donald Trump ‘was talked out of’ launching a missile strike on Iran’s main nuclear site last week by his four top advisers who warned it could trigger a war

    President Donald Trump asked senior national security advisers about taking action against Iran’s main nuclear site at a meeting last Thursday, the New York Times reported Monday.


    This is the real danger of the Jewish control of the White House. Attack Iran and both Russia and China will support Iran. Iran has a spread Nuke Program aided by both. Israel fears getting nuked. Attack Iran and it triggers consequences. Stop providing US kids’ lives as body bags for Israel! Stop funding Israel. Make them self fund and see how the Genocide changes.
    Watch “”Next Crisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF Cyber Polygon” on YouTub

    You think Covid is big and bad. Think about a viral attack with 100 times greater real implications. Even a Third World, resolute to inflict payback, can unleash such damage.
    But an orchestrated First World with all the powers of State backing? Or a wild card, loose cannon IT Tycoon or collective of groups wanting vengeance? Cyber War is the underrated attack game anyone can play. With devastating consequences. Throw in a few EMPs with full viral attacks and knock out a nations entire power and water supply for 3 months. Have you any idea of the consequences? Total Global chaos and mass crimes. A world imploding on itself.



  51. We are seeing the mass explosion of talk in lines with Fake Freedom Opinion Shapers, Fake Investigators, as a few parties congregate to mug growing numbers to use premium rate lines to listen to their meaningless innocuous garbage. Just like the Dinar pumpers before. Little men in back rooms or basements, are talking gibberish making a living off you. Fake Gurus! Don’t fall for it. Avoid these call in lines, most are an insult to intelligence, Yours! Muppets with fantasy profiles. They all, have the collective value, of Zero. The new Guru Fantasy Pumpers. Avoid. Just new scams. Fake Gurus.

    Liked by 1 person

  52. The UK is not introducing a Pre Flight Test Plan because current Covid testing produces over a 70% False Positive level on reports and an even higher level in reality. Now think about it and extrapolate that to the Pandemic claims.
    The Pandemic strategy implodes. Or does Commerce first? So many people are testing positive with no symptoms. So they isolate and impact hundreds on test and trace. So we just locked down 70 M here. Why?
    Why not focus on better Health Care for true needs? So now million miss other treatments and vastly more will die from that. The real Pandemic is confusion.


    1. A succinct comment .Due to its appalling history of Global self serving Hegemony and Genocide,America has never been more despised or alone. Fact! Enlightened Americans get this. We don’t want New World Order to America’s order. Nor constant US meddling in world affairs. Nor America First! That will only rebound. Either America is a respectful member of the world community, sharing our planet with us, or not. Respect!
      It’s a good move for Trump to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Hopefully the world next. Use the excellence of Americas innovative nation for Trade and Educational centers not War bases. Intelligent Leadership. The world has had enough of US Contractors and Zio /Agency predicated Asset theft. America can do such much good, just retrack. Take synergy back. Stop Agency games. Change from a Military Industrial Cabal to an Industrial Super Titan. Compassion, not genocide. Hands across oceans, not warships. It’s time to end the Evil Empire. As Britain had to. We were worse and still lost. Freedom has no price.
      Bar Everything!


  53. It’s been a good day for the crypto market. Dance party? 💃🏻 Lol. Very cute video. Even baby groot from guardians of the galaxy is in it. Hope it makes you all smile.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. If dance was once your passion beautiful, it will always be your passion, never let it go. One never looses that love for rhythm. Keep boogying Sis. I’ll sit in the background and cheer you on with a nice drink. LOL


  54. I dont know who writes these articles , but I have a hard time keeping up with what the point might be, be more precise and dont ramble.


  55. The single real world quandary. Will TPTB allow Trump to proceed? Major League Tangled Web time. It will not be his call. Will the US admit what was done or a cover it up? Wild Card times. Trust and count on nothing. He is in play. This is not a childlike Checkers game. He’s facing Chess Masters, and as we have seen rigged boards.
    It’s hard to call right now. So many opinions and all conflicting.
    Trump needs not to get caught out with Covid Care Planning, people are worried, he needs a clear program for confidence. Biden has one. Trump is dithering. That may all come into the reckoning at the top. It’s messy. There’s a lot more in play here than just counts. Right now the lot is a Witches Cauldron. Tangled Webs. Two weeks will tell us more. So many opinions. All Shapeshifting. Riding a Roller Coaster. Too hard to call. It’s not about whose right it’s about whose given the Right. How can Disneyland ever get that? TPTB decide. It’s ALL Kabuki.


    1. The PTB didn’t have a choice the first time, (thank you WH) and in the face of the disastrous exposure of a stolen Election, which increases every day by the millions of individuals, they aren’t going to have a choice again. Plus they now have to deal with this nice s***-storm:

      Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@SidneyPowell12)
      Wow!! Wait until you hear what our legal team just revealed… ALL Dominion voter machines were programmed before election night with a certain vote total. Everything is provable in court. Biden was also paid over $150 million from head of Dominion. Rampant fraud being expose…

      Too many know now…


      Nobody gives a damn about COVID except in (D) enclaves. The rest of us are already doing what we please and will continue to do so. Revolts are brewing even in (D) enclaves. Whitmer will be lucky if they don’t physically depose her, as she has already violated Court orders. Denmark has shown the way. 5 seconds after Trump is affirmed, COVID goes by the wayside. All we have to is start measuring regular influenza to blow the COVID narrative out of the water.

      Also, it is clear that what is being done has nothing to do with Trump, in that he has not ideated this. I estimate Trump’s IQ between 120 and 130. What is being played is north of 145, as a self-exposure trap. That person or persons had 2-4 years to prepare. Trump is not likely to be at all in trouble. Kabuki sh** notwithstanding.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tino

        Remember on a multi Tier multi level Kabuki PTB, to never underrate them. You got it. That’s the wild card move Joe Public has no concept of but which plays out all too often. It’s all about Control. Or, as is your case, Losing it, and that is now the Rubicon Line post election. Always before they owned two faces of one coin. But now?
        America has no Central Bank for Americans. America has No Fed of its own. Both, the Banks and MSM are all owned and controlled by a Cartel of Agency and Zionist families. There is NO Democracy, it’s always been hidden Autocracy, and the arrogance to fix and rig the Vote. But now they are getting caught. But, is there the will, and collective intelligence to act as a mass collective mind of the people? Revolution of minds? This is the new and Now Stage. But they have had a century to organise and dig in. Vast Trillions have been syphoned from gullible masses now who wants to disturb the Status Quo? Kabuki has just gone wild. Or, is it rogue? Trump is only a Pawn on the big board be clear on that. But if he crosses the line and becomes a King? Suddenly the Wild Card is an issue. What happened to JFK? Committee of 300. The Public have no idea. It’s a Corporate roll in a Corporate Zoo, and a President once elected, goes first to meet the Power Makers. Just so he knows his place. Out of public sight.


  56. Liked by 1 person

  57. Matt Hancock fails to guarantee lockdown will end on December 2 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8954815/Matt-Hancock-fails-guarantee-lockdown-end-December-2.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    The sheer growth on alleged infections,and volume of bed blocking is now far greater than our early year phase one. We are losing less but hospitalising far more. There is every chance this could phase into mid year with regional lock and unlock phasing and the US will probably follow as Europe has. It’s not about saving Trump Hotels Group bookings it’s about saving the nation .
    Just consider sensible phasing in case it’s actioned. Longer term Covid sufferers are getting worrying organ damage so keep open minds.. We still need to learn from it. But death rates have dropped with early treatment.

    Potential obstruction-of-justice charges and pending defamation claims are just a few of the legal perils that could await the president without the protections of his office.
    via Bloomberg.

    Be clear Trump is facing a whole world of Grief now.

    EMERGENCY! Big Tech, Soros & Gates AUDITING ELECTION & did Mail-In Ballots!!

    Information and allegations roll in.

    Lin Wood Files Lawsuit Challenging Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Dark Unconstitutional Agreement with Hillary Attorney Marc Elias

    It is interesting that differing parties are attacking this from different angles in concert. Lin Wood is taking a different tack than Sidney Powell for example.

    Sidney Powell CIA May have Used Dominion for Its Own Benefit – Haspel Should be Fired Immediately

    Worth watching and listening to . Way overdue time for a clear out.

    Trump FINALLY admits Biden won the election in Sunday morning tweet storm only to then post ‘l concede NOTHING’ – as Giuliani claims to have evidence that ‘corrupt machines’ deleted millions of votes

    Donald Trump appeared to finally concede to Joe Biden in a tweet Sunday, but he and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani quickly clarified that he still believes the election was ‘stolen’ by Democrats.


    Please this is bad. Our largest credible newspaper is publishing nasty FAKE NEWS!
    Trump did NOT concede Biden had won. He simply and correctly said the numbers were Fake Votes. At no point has he, or should he, concede to Biden.
    Was Biden in on this Vote Scam? Hard to think not, don’t you think?

    Trump does NOT deserve this constant MSM lying. Nor does your country. People are Thick and it shapes opinions. Evolution by lies creates Sheeple. Or Democrats.

    Guys, this is REAL. Please take care out there.
    Long term Covid effects are dreadful for many Serious organ damage.
    Just control risks, Don’t kiss a Democrat! Nor Nancy! What’s happened to Hilderbeast?
    Travelers can now get US passports in as little as 4 weeks with Bitcoin

    Central bank digital currencies are dead in the water

    EXCLUSIVE: How a Philly mob boss stole the election — and why he may flip on Joe Biden | The Buffalo Chronicle

    Now this we want to see.
    Crazy stuff and more will come .Only in America! Where the Scum always floats to the top.

    THE HAMMER Archives – The American Report

    More background for you. Brennan and clapper have reason to be concerned.


    Post reversing the votes, Justice needs to be seen.
    President of Soros-Linked Voting Software Firm on Biden Transition Team – Trump Lawyers « Aletho News

    Biden has a lot top answer for.

    How they’re Stealing the Election — Hammer and Scorecard – YouTube

    We must protect Americas voters.

    Some background for you. If you do not know how this is done.
    Who knows how many countries have experienced this ?

    Robert Steele: 100 Resignations from Congress, Sidney Powell Going After Big Tech, John Brennan to Jail?

    Brennan, Haspel, Clapper, Pelosi, what about the rest? Find the links to Biden and Obama and its game up
    We really needed to see 100 in the Dock. It’s time.
    How about taking back what the Rothschilds and Zio, plus Bush, Cheney, Baker and Greenspan have stolen from America.?

    Then Wall Street!. Refund the world.
    Child, 13, forced to marry man, 48, and become 5th wife in Philippines https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8954183/Child-13-forced-marry-48-year-old-man-fifth-wife-Philippines.html?ito=native_share_article-top

    Beyond sad and sick


    Monday laughter


  58. Trump Campaign Rejects Media Reports of Changed Pennsylvania Case https://t.co/VjIhiyB4XK via @BreitbartNews. Just more Fake News. Harassment and exclusion of our Poll Watchers is a big part of our case. Unconstitutional!
    Trump Campaign Rejects Media Reports of Changed Pennsylvania Case
    The Trump campaign pushed back against reports by the Washington Post that it had dropped a major part of its case in Pennsylvania.


  59. How can any States certify elections when so many parties are certifying Fraud? Why not wait, let Due Process investigate and reveal the Chicanery. If proven,.then if so, act with the Perpetrators and give Joe the Seat he deserves.
    I’m sure Belle View or Rikers can provide the accommodation. Maybe 100 more can join him?
    Cleaning up America? Sore arse to Siberia?


  60. To sum things up the TOP law Enforcement institutions are corrupt absolute. Treason is the absolute reason this has gone this far. Congress is also corrupt absolute. Trump is a people’s President that wants law and order so Gen. Mark Milley is his only choice? It appears so! We should all pray that Bill Barr has not taught Gen. Milley to play the Bagpipes @@


  61. No President EVER in US History has had to suffer the Tsunamis of vicious MSM attacks and all too often biased lies launched against him. It’s a daily Piranha attack and it now ecompasses poor Kayleigh. Has any Press Secretary EVER acquitted their post with the visible, intelligent and concise fact based responses we see from Kayleigh? Such a credit to America, also to the Party.

    I see our own high level respected Media Correspondents eulogising Binen, and either by ignorance or simply mendacious nastiness, maligning Trump on every occasion. Her having to deal with Acosta is saddening. It’s akin to letting a rabid Mongrel Dog loose in the Chicken Pen. America, where are your standards?

    If ever a US Patriot was needed more to clear this vermin pack out of power, it’s now.
    Of course there are issues with Trump. Are there not with all of them?
    For God’s sake, for all YOUR sakes, give this man a chance. Both Houses are snake pits. As for Nancy and the Clintons why no redress? Where is Press integrity there. Is the media just stupid, or is it orchestrated?
    Hopefully if and when Trump is declared the true winner, he will use his powers to redress the balance with the media. Owners, licensed Publishers and Editors need a standard of Ethics and integrity. A review of all Licenses. Those falling short need to be refused WH access. There is a Check Point merited. Not a one way cruel Vigilante attack.

    If this President Drains the Swamp and sorts Suckenberg and his torpid kind, he deserves his Legacy.
    No WH team ever has had to deal with the inaccuracies and injustices perpetrated hourly by the MSM. Its relentless. It’s WRONG!
    Hopefully the Justice System will deal severely with the Vote Fixers, and remove from office any and ALL Representatives who Prostituted the Mandated Officers of the Electorate.
    Freedom of the Press, but none for Trump? Where is Democracy. Where is Truth?
    We need to revisit Press malpractices after this. Also to arm poor Kayleigh with an Electronic Cattle Prod to deal with obnoxious Acosta and his type. The Electorate deserve the protection of their votes. Electorate Theft is Treason! Conspiring to defraud the people of their votes, merits a Minimum 20 years hard time. Any members of either House found to have conspired need to be suspended immediately. Conduct unbecoming needs redress.
    Kayleigh deserves a Purple Heart. She has many beating, America , hang in there.


  62. President Trump has done more for this country and it’s people than any other president in recent history. He is also exposing the Voter Fraud. President Trump won by a landslide. I never even finished this news letter, it is written by John, not Tony any more and it’s all the same old stuff.

    I get tired of reading my president get bashed by someone who cannot LEGALLY vote in this country. Tony, you can delete my account, I don’t care. The only reason I am posting right now is because John doesn’t think President Trump has done anything.

    Some people will never see the forest for the trees. Executive Order on Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-establishing-presidents-advisory-1776-commission/ Seems to me while the Democrats were focusing on stealing the Presidency, etc, our President was making our country a better place………..working, John.


    1. We don’t have “accounts”. One simply can choose to not post, and that will do it.

      Keep in mind, dear fellow, that one should evaluate all available knowledge of a man when he is assuming a role of this magnitude. This is presented for that purpose – the good, and the not so good. Otherwise, how can you assess the outcomes and plan for it? Only on guru forums and unicorn rainbow NESARA goody two-shoe sugarplum fairy tale blogs, will you get an altered reality which lulls you into thinking “everything is beautiful if you just think it is”.

      We don’t wholesale dismiss the man as a total failure – far from it. He actually did a great job with the trade agreements, our job numbers, legal reform, and many other things. But, now it may soon be all over, and guess who may move back into power? Those same people who were supposed to be going down the swamp’s drain – but now to come back into power and deliver more doses of Bolshevism for us to eat.

      Who should we see about that?

      We need to be honest about what has happened, and what has not happened. History on this planet suffers from enough bastardization and twisting. Time to see what is really there so we can understand how to remedy it.

      Good luck.

      Liked by 1 person

  63. Understand Trump’s numerous dilemmas as the Vultures circle. This is a fight we all need to try to help him win.
    But keep him focused. It needs serious jail time for many of them. Stand proud and we will stand with him.
    It’s no Disneyland picnic. He’s no White Knight, but he’s America’s ONLY real choice right now. The last chance to take down the Deep State and crooks in both Houses. Let’s try to restore values. Good ones for a change.
    Done right, Trump could, hopefully grow into becoming your new JFK.
    If he deals with the Vote fix let them deal with Obama. Let’s sort both. Where’s his Birth Certificate? Why is this Kenyan Indonesian running free? The Demo Rats knew. What President provides a Fake one unless he’s got something to hide. Unseal his records and sort this travesty. Let’s clean it all up.
    Is Soetoro /.Obama a false Criminal Usurper? If so, is there a penalty big enough? Reign Supremes and call it.


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