Cryptographic Currencies And Personal Encryption May Significantly Disable Future Nation-State Taxing Capacity And Political Power

The new Ethernet Crypto markets open up a whole new dichotomy for the Global State Tax Authorities.

While the incoming QFS has been designed to Stage Transaction Tax-All, the Crypto market opens doors for a vast Taxation bypass. The Ethernet has no Revenue Tracking jurisdiction, an opening few will fail to recognize.

Let’s review an example of how the savvy business class conduct their affairs to pay minimal taxes.

Most major trading companies operate Offshore Transfer Pricing planned structures, whereby products for internal markets are first purchased from Source by offshore Company A, at, say, $.65 per item, to be mainland delivered. Company A, the offshore vehicle, then transfers the goods or services at $.80 to its Onshore Outlet, Company B, who in turn sells them to the public at Retail for $1.20 per time. The margins accrued are taxed for the Onshore Company, but the $.15 offshore is skimmed bypassing Revenue declarations and amassing fortunes. Most major Retailers operate in this way.

In the very high trading volumes of Bank Bonds, MTNs and BGs, these operate to Wholesale tiered Day Profits margins. Via a labyrinth of discrete Offshore Bank Trusts, profits which leave the Jurisdiction the same day are not declared (referred to as Overnighting), and in mass standard Bank Trading Program practice, the first 2 trading tiers are skimmed by wiring out profits the same day and only show in Domestic Markets as Tier 3 to 5 trades with Trillions trading out of sight or Revenue knowledge. Profits are skimmed overnight and only partially shown as landed profits the next day with overall majority profits syphoned and hidden. Offshore Banks are sitting on vast amounts of accumulated profits, as long established practices on a need to know basis only.

Soon, these kinds of stealthy transactions will be easier for the less influential to partake in, and in a more efficient manner which will allow equal impact on the taxman’s ability to efficiently collect, to the detriment of political class extortionists.

Following this, we will also now revisit a similar example of raw political power engaged in the theft of significant wealth.

When Bush 41, operating via Joseph Ackerman of Deutsche Bank, brought in Michael Herzog (also the Bag Man for the Clintons and CIA) to set up the Trading Program Platforms for the Falcone funds, they, in turn, used Mitt Romney’s Offshore Trusts to hide and conceal profits. The Biden Bribe paid via Hillary Clinton to Biden, acting for Bush 41, was to stop Biden allowing Falcone to access the profit pool, and to defraud him from his share. When the litigation started, Herzog ran away to Germany and was arrested there by Interpol who raided his home and office. They, in turn, supplied Falcone’s Florida Attorneys with copies of the contracts and concealed profits. Bush 41 and Herzog took Falcone’s face off, defrauding him.

Bush 41, when litigation started, orchestrated evasion techniques using multiple CIA Agents to fly around on Government planes moving Biden’s Bribe money from Bank to Bank, laundering the records. When Falcone’s Florida Attorneys took the issue to the Miami FBI unit to arrest Romney and pursue Bush and Biden, linking them to Interpol units, the then FBI Director Mueller had his agents fly to Miami to “Advise” agents, such as “WL”, not to approach Romney, or to activate a clear Bang to Rights Criminal case. This is how the Politicos and conspiring Agencies phase justice.

In the future, these kinds of monumental shake-downs from political powers will be drastically disabled as such potential victims will circumvent the need to expose their financial resources to extortion risks as outlined above. They will conduct their affairs via smart contract information systems which will ensure their performance is unhindered by arbitrary recalcitrant thieves who are able to hide behind their respective offices, seemingly immune from legal recourse.

A vast network of Tax Avoidance and Evasion exists worldwide, with Sheltered Made Men. Bankers at the top are totally in on it. Imagine how much is skimmed from Pension Funds margins denied to gullible Pension investors as hidden contributions.

Individuals Are Wielding More Individual Cryptographic Fiscal Power, Giving Them Escape Routes. Increasingly Obsolete and Inefficient, Governments Are Struggling To Stay Relevant

This vast world has long existed. Out of sight. Just not accessible to the public. Now, suddenly, beyond the reach of the planned catch-all QFS, along comes the Crypto market. Ethernet trading, Ethernet Wallets, and Open Season to aspiring Investors to catch and keep. A fair chance to build their own Pension funds like never before. Out of sight, with burgeoning pockets. Voluntary declarations? Really? Two can play.

Cryptos offer Speculators a vast, untraceable Ethernet parallel world, to amass and keep. Expect seismic growth here. Human nature will rule. Smart City Traders and sophisticated IT Analysts will create a vast new Global paradigm. The Tigers will be loose. Open to all.

Then all the plans of QFS, to control all, gets bypassed by mercurial practices. “Me too” for the Public. You expect them not to assess their own options here? Ethernet freedom. How can you control what you can not see? But now you can see how fast the Banks are joining the Crypto Klondike chain. Some curved ball is breaking loose.

Treasuries the world over are now panicking. Their ability to tax their masses, to waste and abuse all internal funds scavenged by their repressive Taxes is threatened. Their oppressive Jail Time Penalties for daring to keep what is rightfully yours will be negated as you deploy your own justified evasion from their parasitic, incompetent free riding hierarchies. Forever facing you with their draconian IRS enforcement Police, and Goon Squads of their creation, to feed and free lunch off you as the Roaches they are, where less than 30% of any funds collected actually ends up back servicing Infrastructure, or key Society needs free thought. Yours!

Start thinking for yourselves. Currently with no rights of dissent, you fund bloated, incompetent bureaucracies with their vast waste, yet, they own self lucrative early retirement indexed Pension Schemes, and legions of their threatening Administrators, frustrating and repressing your every move and freedom. The very first raising of your Registered and Numbered Birth Certificate is a Tax Asset Bond they forward-borrow against. From the Cradle to the Grave. Have you seen the costs and their paperwork to even bury you? The Peasant (Pissant) Farming Stocks earned income is now harvested monthly by never ending layers of their intrusive and oppressive taxes, backed up by a bloated Judiciary, all in on the game. For Millennia the Con has gone on. There is no Justice in Taxes. You have choices, so use them.

“Encryption will be an important feature of
commerce on the Web and the realization of individual autonomy. You should acquire and begin using strong encryption immediately. Just as the church attempted to ban printing at the twilight of the Middle Ages, so the United States and other aggressive governments bent on control will seek to bar effective encryption”

From the Book The Sovereign Individual
James Dale Davidson/Lord William Rees-Mogg

Until the emerging aspirational and intellectual creation of Blockchains and the Crypto markets, you were locked in to a never ending story of Take and Rule the masses. But, now emerging is a Capital Rewards and Trading Payments System able to break free of each nation’s shackles, and one able to trade via what will become an ever expanding net of Global internet highways, free by shielding from their State surveillance, and free from Revenue oversight. One where the sheer sophistication of ever changing millisecond encryption shield changes will deter their attempts to track and intrude, leaving these parasites to face the harsh reality of earning their own right to feed, no longer from you.

Using systems such as Hide ALL IP, this is one of a series of simple VPN platforms which shields and deflects your IP address from snooping or Hackers, and offers many secrecy benefits. Ever more are evolving now. The fightback has begun. Free Spirits will not carry these loathsome freeloaders.

Think instead – How dare they tell me it’s a Crime to keep what is Mine? Offshore domain and new Cloud type Globally protected hacker proof network registrations will boom ever more. It currently costs between $2K to $5K USD to set up Offshore Discretionary Trusts. Even that will change and new systems of Asset holding will replace Banking as new transfer systems are emerging, devoid of US $ Draconian Threats to States Bankers. The new about to be burgeoning markets will boom and get ever more creative protecting you. Ever more sophisticated IT Encryption protection systems will collate a cascading series of ever changing communication systems, protected from State Hacking. You can even get Personal Offshore accounts yourself for a few hundred dollars. The Earth wont move, but encrypted currencies will.

Just One Example Of Technology Giving Citizens Power Once Only Reserved For The Elite

Many new domains are increasingly available with sophisticated shielding offering hacking and spying proof asset protection ever evolving. It’s game on! Confidential Offshore Trusts, Bank accounts and soon to be alternative Global Private Domain Asset Shelters supported by new Administrative hierarchies to guide and shield your assets in complete confidentiality from the State, will emerge. The discovery of these insightful new emerging markets will safely shield and protect you and your future trading wealth creation. Each Domain with its shielded Wealth benefits will become your own new Utopia. Finders Keepers – Losers Weepers!

But the Irony of all is this: If Trump does get the DESERVED support of the Supremes and continues, combined with both the impending conversion of the Chinese Elders AU and Cash Pallet assets, all coming via London to avoid Cabal hooks, Trump AND the Key Special London Elders, cross combining those new funds, could cross cooperate in a new Anglo American Alliance for Technology, Sciences and Wealth, to give you the greatest Global Empire of real Wealth the world has ever seen.

But with it, we will bring you Soul Wealth, sadly all too often missing from too much of the US and Worldwide culture. We need to cross-educate all. Life itself is just a Carbon Life Form learning curve. Your life here is a short season but for a reason.

Time to start thinking for yourselves outside of the box. Taking the first new steps slowly, by simply diverting some of your assets, initiate partial secret invoicing from your new domains. Using multiple currencies and coins, and transferring techniques referred to as Tumbling, you can make your transactions virtually impossible to trace. You earn it, you keep it. No one gets wealthy paying taxes. The Wealthy never have! You don’t have to Mine to earn Bitcoin profits. Instead, think of Crypto Trading Wealth you create as Mine, Mine, Mine! Go offshore and close the door. What you keep is now YOUR own Mine.

In closing, we wish to stress that we are not advocating that you willfully violate the tax laws of your country. We only wish to point out that the impact of advancing technology on society will permit individuals to have more power to exercise private monetary options in larger numbers, and the ability for nations to efficiently police such things will be tantamount to taxing air. They can pass such a tax, but collecting it is another matter.

Prepare for a wild ride to the future. As always, be ready for anything.

Thank you, again, for your readership and participation.

See you next year!

Nothing that results in human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. Those that are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of the others.

Christopher Columbus


  1. As the Dinar plates were used by Renegade parties to mass support the fake Dinar boom, the Promoters scooped up fortunes, and you trusting speculators bought the farm with empty dreams. Grave robbing is not a nice activity.

    Nor a million poor Iraqi innocents needlessly dead because of vile War Criminals Bush and Blair. Shock and Awe was a shameful, brutal act. Truly vile. Just like Vietnam. America lives in Infamy for this. Shame!

    As the Dinar boom seems bust, who will repay you for their fake news and lies? If you saw how the sad Reno parties are now living, your Dreams would end fast.

    Just as a non affected independent, it’s clear how many would be better off cashing out and going Cryptos.

    If the bubble bursts, you’ve lost the lot. Your call, but how long do you follow the circle eating only its droppings?
    So, you didn’t get rich fast with unearned income, the Promoters and Pumpers did.

    Look how well many on site are doing from Cryptos together? A good community. Alive.

    When the new UN Project funding and Nation rebuilding starts. watch the Crypto market, and Earth move then.

    Your call. But is it not time to Call – It a day with the fake paper chase? Get out if you can and rebuild via Cryptos where at least you don’t have the Phony Sites and Pumpers. Your money has sat idle for 15 years plus. iI you can get notes back and sold before the games up, at least you can rebuild with the safe community. Your call.

    Is making money a bad thing via Cryptos. How many more years of fake Dinar news? No one will bail it! Wake T F up and smell the roses. Oh, it’s a muck heap now? Welcome to Dinar land. Kabuki Theatre.

    What happened when the South Seas bubble burst? If you cash out while you can and go Crypto
    at least your in a real market. Grave Robbing is no place to be. You still have time with Cryptos.

    Just a thought, your Dime.


  2. It’s a never ending ending.

    The only good Bolshevik, is a dead Bolshevik. Literally. This pestilential hoard needs exterminating.

    This augurs well for 2021. Unless you bet the farm on dinar. Remember when WHA told you to buy all you could at $3750?

    Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Blockchain.

    Everyone wants a piece of the action.

    Rome gradually fell as more and more of the less capable rose to run it.

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    India is a massive nation on a par with China and the UK can replace EU trade in a single step sidestepping also US autocracy and interference. Global reshaping is coming

    to the wire
    MI6 kept quiet about ‘criminality’ of agent with ‘licence to kill’

    Of course 6 kept quiet field agents put it all on the line, the minimum each expects is absolute back up.
    This is why the real hard action operation was moved out of 6 away from pen pushers and Female controllers.
    Paper Tigers are Pussies who get eaten.

    Clandestine Warfare is not for Wimpse or Woosies.

    The times I got back to London at just 5 minutes past 4 on a Friday arrival, calling in to update from Heathrow or Brize Norton, but ” Madam” had gone home!

    Major moves, but the world can wait. These F’s ruined the whole show. Clueless paper pushers. They never got the plot to lose.

    Real life is no Chick Flick!.
    New Chinese Study Confirms COVID-19 Attacks Testicles, May Affect Male Fertility

    Jesus Christ I jumped 6 feet. Hang in Lil fellers!
    ‘I wish he would have listened’: Texan Democrat shares video of her pleading with Barr to protect constitution

    You expect what from this sad Deep State mole? It was all predicted. He was only ever the blocker.
    Truth is coming out …
    No one listens or cares.×720/rhRu4UUdDDXYY3BZ.mp4?tag=10
    Listen to this …..

    Who is left who cares?

    [video src="" /]
    Kabuki theatre
    All false theatrics and YOU pay the price

    When you read such articles and take the time to understand, it is quite clear that Biden and China and others rigged the vote in the democrats’ favor.

    While the media can claim what it wants, the truth is there to be seen. This exposure really does beg the question of how far does circus of corruption runs? This is terrible from an international perspective for hegemony credibility, if left to stand.

    We all await to see what the Donald will do to observe his oath of office to protect the vote and the constitution. As apart from international opinions, many Americans will not accept this election or the media propagated vote result. Today, you cannot find guns or ammo in any real quantity, which suggest Americans are ready to defendant fight. The idea that Biden will defund the police and take away the guns will come at a huge price should it occur.
    OOPS! China Brags About Deals With Biden Family – YouTube

    This should make people angry. He’s not fit to be elected.


    Trump is spending the last days of his presidency on a literal killing spree
    Way to go waste each Ho.
    John Durham expands his special counsel probe by hiring more prosecutors

    But look how many Treasonous Criminals Barr just gave a free pass to???????????


    1. Flag on the play — I’ve discovered that this doc was just a proposal, which was shot down by the full board. So the AMA remain a bunch of idiots.


  4. Hi Tony, thank you again for all you have done for so many. I bought 4 altcoins last month, and they are up 50%, thank you. I want to add 2 – 3 more when I can. I was wondering which to add first. Qtum, enj, uni. I understand you are NOT recommending that I buy any altcoins, I cant afford to add m ore than 1 at a time As the rv has and may not happen I know now I must look else where. J 2020 has not been able to give us much hope, I do thank him for any information he can give us. Again, we all thank you.


    1. Well, you know what party poopers those Brits can be. (I kid, I kid).

      As for which coins, just pick one from our list, or whichever list you review from any other source you deem of quality, and place your funds. As always, risk capital only, and keep your positions uniform as possible.

      While we are seeing price appreciation volatility, we will also see depreciation volatility going on for a while more. Enter on dips, and don’t chase fast rising prices unless you can stomach drawdowns without soiling your knickers.

      Deep into next year I suspect we will see upward price explosions which may make many of our readers hundreds of thousands, if not millions. It happened in 2016-17 without nearly the amount of institutional capital we now see flooding in. It most likely will happen again with the still untapped Wall St clientele waiting for the go signal.

      So far, nearly everything we told you we would see, is happening. Some things not as fast as we would like, but still, progress generally in that direction.

      Now, if we can only get the PPs and some groups to transact ahead of what’s coming. Then, with the onramps we can hopefully avail ourselves of in the process, we will take the best among us forward and set our sails to a new loadstar.

      For now, all we need to do in the digital asset space is sit still and let time and the big swinging dicks do their thing.

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  5. The election is far from over. 7 states had GOP electors meet and vote for Trump. Thus, when fraud is proven and the “current” electors are tossed, a slate of electors is instantly available in those states. And the evidence for fraud is mounting. I think John quoted Gen Flynn about massive evidence of foreign interference. The official Director of National Intelligence report is due by Fri 18th. Numerous court cases are still in process, including several by Sidney Powell before USSC. The Wisconsin cases about mass “indefinite confinement” went in Trump’s favor.

    And there’s this forensic analysis of the Antrim Cty, MI Dominion machines by a highly qualified gentleman (see page1) proving beyond question that the initial fraudulent results (6000 Trump votes given to Biden) were a result of the machine, not “human error”. These machines are used in 28 states, so this analysis calls into question results in over half the states in the country, not just all the contested states.

    The fat lady ain’t singing any time soon.

    Click to access antrim_michigan_forensics_report_%5B121320%5D_v2_%5Bredacted%5D.pdf

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    1. They should have brought this up way before election night. Too late now. I don’t like it any more than anyone else. Joe Biden is going to be sworn in. He will not last one term. Commie-la will be our first Bolshevik woman president, and probably will only last one term.

      For myself, I can’t do anything about any of this, so I am going to arrange my affairs to be as Bolshevik-proof as possible.

      Now comes the price for taking the wrong stance on “McCarthyism” all those years ago. Joe was right.

      The Rosenbergs got what they deserved, but we didn’t keep ol’ sparky going long enough after that.

      Our educational institutions turn out leftist drones, and they are being raised to office.

      Brazen acts of election fraud have been documented, but leftist Leninist courts have dismissed most of it.

      Chinese operatives all over the place sucking political willies.

      Stalin said the vote counters matter. And, they have.

      When asked what kind of government we were given after we beat the British, Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it”.

      “IF YOU CAN KEEP IT”. Key phrase.


      1. “For myself, I can’t do anything about any of this, so I am going to arrange my affairs to be as Bolshevik-proof as possible.”

        Good morning Tony. You’re statement above has been on mind a lot lately.

        Can you share some ideas with us, so we can do the same? One thing I’ve been thinking about is opening a crypto IRA.

        Also, Banks will offer crypto custody for Institutional investors only. Not available for us regular folks yet. Should we be worried about keeping our cryptos in hard wallets? Crypto regs are coming soon. There are rumors floating around about cracking down on cold storage wallets for the prevention of criminal activity.

        Thank you Tony!


        1. Cold storage “crackdowns” are a joke concept. Every year since 2009 someone talks about “cracking down” on something. They can’t even effectively police fraud in the current system now. How can they do it in a decentralized environment?

          They do have the power to regulate exchanges, and that’s probably not a bad thing. But your personal wallets are only good for transfer and storage. They would not need to ban wallets to watch for crime. They can simply perform analysis of the transfers, and exchanges need to keep KYC information. Wallet banning would be pointless.

          I don’t have a crypto IRA, but if I were younger I would probably open one.

          Crypto custody for “regular folks” is coming. Soon, your Wall St brokerage will have it, and banks as well. These are fee-hungry institutions, and they won’t pass up the chance to offer more teats for the pigs, at a price.

          Regulatory over-reach of many areas is certainly a potential problem now that the Bolsheviks are coming to power. There is always the option to leave the USA and settle in a jurisdiction that allows more freedom.

          You can still stay in the USA for 6 months out of the year and if you are well off, spend the rest of the time in several exotic locations while the tax man robs someone else.

          However, I think the entire system will have to shift to accommodate the digital asset economy. This means a more competitive and efficient market overall, and draconian “crack downs” won’t attract clients. They will seek freer markets, and send the money grubbing types regulators in a panic.

          That’s how I see it.


          1. Yes – makes perfect sense. Wish I had the luxury of leaving six months out of the year. Caregiving circumstances is impossible to do it. What about living in states like Arizona and Texas?

            Btw, you would not believe how difficult finding a rental in AZ was. Very tight market. Everyone is moving there. Canadians and lots of Californians. Housing has risen significantly, especially in the area we moved to.

            Thanks again Tony!


            1. Arizona is very nice and you have excellent gun freedom. No permit is needed to carry as long as you can legally possess the firearm.

              Yes, we are catching the overflow from liberal states. Prices and rents are on the rise. It will probably tail off after COVID dies down.

              Texas is attracting lots of people now as well. No State income tax, and if any state is going to secede, it would be Texas first. I have never lived there but always found it very nice when visiting.


              1. There are some advantages to having the CCW in Arizona.
                1.) You can enter establishments serving alcohol, but not drink. Without it, it’s illegal.
                2.) You can’t be within 1000 feet of a school without the CCW. It’s a Felony. There are a lot of schools.
                3.) You have carry reciprocity in about 35 states. (Abiding by their specific CC laws)
                4.) You don’t have to go through firearms background checks when purchasing.
                5.) You are looked upon better by the court in the event you have to discharge your weapon.
                6.) You have to take a course so you understand when and where you can discharge your firearm in self-defense.


                1. All true…which is why I have my AZ CCW.

                  I even carry in CA without a California CCW. Better to be judged by 12 than carried off by 4, in case I need to bring deadly force in defense of my life.


          2. I have a crypto IRA with ITrustCapital. Alot of the others really stick it to you on fees.

            They have the cheapest fees and are very transparent.


  6. Is this why my back hurts?

    I’ll pass.

    Don’t these French remember what happened at Trafalgar?

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  7. HUGE – “We Have Serious, Serious Foreign Influence with Dominion Voting Machines” – General Flynn Says “We Have Conclusive Evidence of Foreign Influence in US Election Right Now”

    But why the hell has nothing been done before?
    But then America is used to fake delegates. So sad.
    Trump FIRES AG Barr after he kept Hunter Biden probe secret

    Trump FIRES AG Barr after he kept Hunter Biden probe secret

    About time

    The evidence is clear so who will do what

    So let’s try and understand this. “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo!
    Who, by chance, owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine!)
    Which, by chance, is managed by Black Rock finances.
    Who, by chance, manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (SOROS FOUNDATION)!
    Which, by chance, serves the French AXA!
    Coincidentally, he owns the German company Winterthur.
    Who, by chance, built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan!
    Accidentally bought by the German Allianz.
    Which, incidentally, has Vanguard as a shareholder.
    Which is a shareholder of Black Rock.
    Which controls the central banks and manages about ONE THIRD of the global investment capital.
    Which, incidentally, is a major shareholder of MICROSOFT
    The property of BILL GATES, who happens to be a shareholder of PFIZER (which sells the miracle VACCINE) and is currently the first sponsor of WHO !!!
    If it is not clear enough why a bat came in and grabbed the SNAKE and the ENTIRE PLANET became infected?
    Maybe the Covid 19 virus was not just an accident of nature?

    Dr. Jeannot Haddad.


    1. He has not secured anything. The MSM will now push this narrative for another two weeks. He will never set foot in the White House. This is far from being over.

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      1. January 6 will tell the tale. The tally of electors taken at the State level will now be sent to the Senate House for confirmation on January 6. Once a winner is selected on that day, it’s final.

        At present, Biden has the votes needed. It will take a pretty severe reason to take the victory away from him now.

        Don’t get me wrong – I would love to see Biden and Commiela go down in flames. But, at the moment, they are in the lead and the Supreme Court has, for the time being, rejected the case needed to invalidate the
        late voting ballets. 👨‍⚖️


        1. That is totally unbelievable to me. I am hoping to God that Trump has a final move up his sleeve to save the US from Biden and his partners in crime. God let it be so.

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  8. Headline:

    New Covid strain ripping through UK…


    Really? REALLY? How would you know? By means of the garbage antigen test? A new neo-novel-PCR test? OHHHH You sequenced purified snot? And you reinfected the pure stuff into a test animal? Or was it Unreliable antibodies? The fact the UK doesn’t have excess mortality EITHER means something? The fact that your statistics show nothing but (well, mostly, within error bounds) reclassification doesn’t bother anyone?

    How long are you going to tolerate this absolute fraud of reclassification? Farr’s Law — it works — just like H1N1 is barely around — I guarantee you your tests are wrong, their is minimal COVID. Probably less than 1% of the cases are clinical nCov2019 COVID.


    1. Tino

      All parties are missing the key cogent point for the UK.
      Where are the pro rata escalated deaths, It does not reconcile.
      So we go back to false positives. If so?
      We have now gone into Tier again, which will wipe out so many needing businesses.
      London’s shopping Malls will fold. As will many cities.
      So, I say again where are the deaths? We now have 500% more cases confirmed than before.
      Yet not half the deaths of even phase 1.
      Accepting new treatments, the numbers still do not reconcile


    2. Europe including Germany, Spain, Italy and France are going into heavy lockdown.
      As is the UK. Again!
      At worst we will lose 40K people for phase 2.
      Flue alone takes 30K plus.
      We have a population c70M
      All Cancer, Kidneys, eyes and other issues are stopped. We will lose half a million now because of no treatment.
      How does 40K Pseudo Covid deaths reconcile with half a million lost needlessly and 3m jobs. Our Towns and Cities are Ghost towns. If driving or walking you get fined and arrested. Its ugly.
      Stores are mass closing down. So are Pubs and Clubs. Restaurants are mass failing.
      They now predict 2 more years. What happened to Flue Stats? Flu has gone?
      40K deaths will cripple the economy. No taxes to pay for it.
      Dope is booming, and Pussy Parlours are full of Bankers, Politicos and Cops on overtime.
      Planned? We got panned! Next Boris will drop his pants for the EU.
      No Standards, all just Bandits.

      Will Trump pull this off? Not looking good. Obama and his Commie Czars have you ring fenced.


      1. John,

        These are your elitist buddies doing this to you. Your dipshite LORD friends.

        We are just the great unwashed bubba’s, chewing our backa….too stupid to know what is best for us. I’m sure with your connections you will be ok.


  9. His picture should be in the dictionary under “Cuckhold”.

    Napoleon would be a crypto geek.

    We have only ourselves to blame. Bolshevism was in our grasp to eradicate. We chose to fight along side with it. Now comes the price.


  10. Well, let’s check in on ZAP for the last time this year. Of course, as always, one more “last” donations request is needed, because funds are certainly going to come to him in about 2-3- days from now. And, remember, if you don’t donate to him, he can’t save humanity, and all of you will then get nothing.

    It’s a very sad commentary on the state of this entire “RV” culture that he keeps getting the financial support to carry on this kind of thing.

    Zap Says:

    HI ALL








    So sad guys

    Orgy of 50 held to celebrate a French woman’s 28th birthday busted

    See now where the EU wastes our money in Brussels and why the UK must leave

    Johnson has been warned bend go the EU and he’s finished. We can and will cope just walk

    The game goes on


    Absolutely right the UK must leave. The EU is an authoritarian nightmare.

    Take him down don’t let Barr whitewash this one.


    Is the game up for Trump now?

    Are lockdowns coming to America

    A scientists wake up call to mankind
    Santa gives Belgian care home Covid-19

    The media is totally fixated on bringing Trump down
    Sidney Powell: Trump Could Trigger 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference

    It maybe where this is headed. Or is this Trumps final days?
    Veritas News Feed on Twitter: “In The Netherlands 87,000 nurses are refusing to take the Hoax Vaccine.. I hope it’s the same elsewhere around the World..” / Twitter

    Covid is raging, where is truth?
    From an associate

    In the muzzle, wuzzle of the information war, it is clear that truth is being suppressed and on occasion spoon fed to the public. We are largely left to determine truth, by value systems instilled in us through time and relationships. If adults cannot concern between the truth and lies, they will not be able to teach their children to do so; most adults really do struggle with this. Adults and children alike need to develop a certain amount of skepticism when it comes to official merit in media claims since history has shown the public has been lied to time after time again by their officials and the media.

    Censorship is very much alive in likes of Twitter and Facebook with many bans on narrative not conforming to their objectives and now it strikes Dilbert and whose next Sesame Street ?

    Daily voices of lockdowns based on case numbers are to make us give up life and freedom of everyday life as if government really has such authority to implement such policy without majority consent, or the merit, to choose what is best for each of us. The question is where does such authority come from? Did someone declare war or a true state of emergency, voted on by the actual voice of the people? No, we have a so called health emergency where politicians follow dictates of Heath bureaucracy, who for the most part were previously never seen or heard from. Reminds me of the old elevator operator in a retail store who suddenly is running the chain store as a executive. The question is why ?

    One might define tyranny as the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control, be it in the hands of one person or a group of tyrants who see themselves as better than everyone else. Does this sound like government today? When you look into the eyes of poor souls seeing their life’s work crushed by the boot of tyranny, how can we not feel? Everyone has a favorite restaurant or retail store in deep trouble. Even when newspapers publish that restaurants represent only 1.4% of the spread of coronavirus, this is enough to shutter them. Living in Toronto is sad when you cannot get a haircut, even though some hairdressers are cleaner than the hospitals. Yet, I can fly to New York and get one on demand, where the virus supposedly is a bigger threat. Hey, I can even have dinner and a glass of wine on the sidewalk.

    All of China’s ambitions which it pursues through soft power, hard power, and sharp power are based on a total disregard for morality serving as large ambition in destroying traditional morality and universal values. The goal of China is to establish itself as a singular empire and world ruler. It aims to bring total totalitarianism and oppression to the world as a global police state characterized by brainwashing, mind control, and mass surveillance and the elimination of private ownership. In additional, it intends to export the elimination of religion and traditional culture and corruption which currently characterized as a resume within China. This will drag the world into poverty and turmoil creating and sending humankind into the abyss of degradation of the world the west is known for. Sounds harsh, does it not ? However, consider what this unbridled society is doing to its own people within China. Is not slavery, or the torture of people for religious beliefs not in violation of all the things at the West stands for? How can West reconcile itself to accept such a decline in its own standard of living? Now ask yourself how this compares to what we read about with the great reset? Is not the use of lockdowns which destroys small and medium size business and puts people on the street with no jobs not a disregard for the right to work, to make a better life, and be a productive element of society? Communism knows no boundaries in its pursuit much like what we see daily in China.

    Now compare this to what we see happening in America today, with censorship of the truth and the complete disregard for voter integrity. America was built on the concept of freedom. The concept that people like Lafayette and others fought for was that the ideal was worthy of sacrifice. Today’s populism we’ve seen rise in America is In direct conflict with the push towards communism through the great reset. It does not matter about the man who symbolizes populism. It is a threat of populism and it’s success in building America which is the great threat to what is being attempted by the Reset crowd. Sadly, the censorship that you see of things like Dilbert and others is only an indication of the same things that we have seen in China. This gives us a very good indication of where things are likely to go in the future, if populism is defeated.

    The chaos that’s currently resulting globally becomes much more focused internally within America as you see corporations like Oracle moving from California to Austin, Texas and others like Goldman Sachs moving offices to Florida and even Apple moving operations into Texas. Capital flows are occurring within the US itself which will alter the prosperity in states like California and New York. Never mind the global shifts in capital which create their own ripple effects. These effects can be long-lasting and result in a lower standard of living in the countries of capital flows from for a long time.

    As I’ve written recently, the great reset program has failed in its first attempt. The first attempt was to break the economy and bring it to a standstill within several months to accomplish a complete changeover. This failed because it was not anticipated, that the people would actually recover quickly and continue life working from home and using the likes of zoom to continue to operate as normal. The reality is that the bulk of business carried on sufficiently as not to allow the reset to occur. This trapped certain governments into a bigger mess as it is the main reason this same crowd is doubling down, before people recognize what is occurring, and the red ink drowns them revealing all, to an anger public. Today, what we are experiencing with further lockdowns in the crushing of small and medium businesses through these lockdowns is meant to accelerate the pace bringing the economy to a standstill, before running out of gas or the public simply saying NO. What was needed was a stop to populism rising in America. This is what the election steal in America was about, a vote for populism is a vote that cries loud not just in America, but everywhere else. This clearly failed and this is what this group is so afraid of as it defeats their plan. Inspirational populism is their biggest threat. Americans will rise and fight for their way of life, no matter what happens with the election result. This will occur even if takes Civil War. Normal operations are quickly becoming a false hope as a variety of supply chains stumble. even such things as new Apple phones ordered back in October still have yet to arrive as the underlying supply chains experience difficulty. In order for the great reset to succeed without full-blown collapse it required to break the back of America and restart it for the benefit of the great reset capturing not only the economy but America’s military power under the guise of one world government through the United Nations. This is why we have recently seen the United Nations speak of the need to reset the economy to bring on the green agenda which is the same as the great reset. This program is basically an attempt to return the world to unipolar world of the midst of a global community where hegemony is multipolar. Should America fall into total chaos through Civil War or a broken economy there will be no engine to restart global Economy. Everything fails should this occur, unleashing real chaos. Today, even China falters as its own ability to lift itself independent from the rest of the world finds failing internal response and consumerism and China’s own financial status is built very much like a house of cards. And its’ food problems are becoming greater by the month which represents a internal threat to the Party. Hunger people are much harder to control and no doubt diversions of blame will be sought. We can expect much more chaos to come forth in the new year as each month brings reduced strength in the liquidity of countries to move forward. All debt spending has limits, even for governments.

    These various tyrants of today should look to history. One day they will find themselves chased from their lofty seats of power and will be lucky if they retain their heads. Chaos is never controlled by those who start it. Rather, it is the unwashed mob in its’ fury that rises to rule the day.
    London Covid cases are ‘off the chart’ ahead of Tier 3 decision

    So now London Covid reading are off the chart and will close down today. Devastation for the stores it will wipe them out. Devastation for jobs and bankruptcies.

    YouTube, Google and Gmail all CRASH

    Google and Jew Tube crashed today it’s getting messy. Is it hackers? Is it censorship payback?


    1. Today the state legislators select their electors. On January 6th, the votes are then cast in a joint session of congress. After that, baring objections in the congress, it’s over. The winner will stand and there will be no turning back.

      It’s time for a federal standard blockchain voting system. With a paper ballot backup, it would cut down fraud to almost impossible occurrences. Let’s see if the new Bolshevik government will even suggest such a thing.

      The backlash is going to be incredible. In 2022, the Republicans will most likely re-take the house and Senate. Commula Harris will no doubt move up once Biden strokes out, or dies from from coitally related myocardial infarction. She will go down in flames in 2024, most likely to Mike Flynn, who will be compelled to run.

      Just my theories. We are about to enter a very turbulent time in the next decade. This year was just a warm up.


      1. i wish we could take back senate and house but now that the democrats have stolen the presidency with so much evidence of fraud and have clearly gotten away with it, whats to stop them from stealing all upcoming elections? This is over, our great nation is headed down the toilet.


        1. I tend to agree with you here Imclueless. If they can get away with what they have this time when the entire world knows what has happened then what hope is there for the future in the US voting system.

          I think Flynn would make an awesome President but how can he ever become elected after what we have all seen this time round? I am seriously in deep shock over what has happened to Trump in this election. What good is the SC after what they have done?

          Although I do not wish to see chaos and violence. I do not see how all those that voted for Trump can just stand down and let sniffer Biden become President.


  12. This current COVID Emergency is nothing but a pack of lies.

    LA Public Health warns that hospital capacity is “dangerously low,” but official data shows that the 4 county-run DHS hospitals aren’t even at Dec 2019 census levels and that county-wide occupancy is currently around 3,000 pts less than what it was in July.

    Tino – Hospital bed capacity in the U.S. is 942K with 200K surge capacity not including 10,000 military “emergency” capability. Hospital TOTAL US CENSUS is a little over 30% INCLUDING the 100K “COVID” hospitalized. No hospital anywhere is in a stress situation.


  13. Let me be blunt.

    The whole 2nd wave of COVID is chimera. It is 100% pure gas-lighting. The numbers are almost perfect as a complete reclassification of NORMAL current seasonal mortality to COVID, including the seasonal influenza mortality. Think logically — is it reasonable that classic influenza “disappeared”? Is it reasonable that the CDC dropped seasonal influenza testing? Is it reasonable that the “dead” not of URI, be tested for COVID? Why are we claiming 3000 dead per day when only 90 of 3000 has CLINICAL COVID? WHY is the same reclassifying crap happening in the UK? WHY is double-counting and false excess death being reported in Nation after Nation? They can’t even f’ing cook the books properly…

    There is precedent for phantom epidemics. The profession lost its mind in fear 11 years ago. You’d think they learned the lesson but…. This is the link of the 2009 Swine Flu real and fake 2nd wave.×514.jpeg The 2nd phantom wave was caused — unsurprisingly by the PCR test — which the WHO said they would never use again epidemiologically BECAUSE of that outcome. Sick humans generally push out exosomes when sick, causing massive false positive waves.

    But deaths are UP! Uh NO — they are not. Neither here nor there or elsewhere in Western Civilization. Remember, this is the first time we are testing everybody including the dead. Even in the 1st wave, where many patients had clear CLINICAL COVID, many did not and we can prove with numbers that heart disease deaths got reclassified to COVID by the garbage antigen test. ( )

    And lastly ,when in 1968 the H3N2 killed putatively 3x to 4x what COVID has, we didn’t lose our minds, And we certainly didn’t lose our minds when H1N1 infected 1.7 billion with its associated mortality either. Yet, we are going stark crazy with *lockdowns*, which provably can’t work, social distancing which is essentially arbitrary and useless, and completely ineffective masking (unless you are using an N99). Oh, bars and restaurants — less than 2% of all cases originate there….


  14. And these people want to take away your private wallets? Give me a GDFB.

    Even the dummies in Congress see when the treasury rats go too far.

    What’s in your wallet?

    Where does this money come from, if not thin air?

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  15. Making London Tier 3 will inflict catastrophic damage warn Tory MPs – as Hancock considers SPLITTING the capital to keep West End open while hitting worst-hit areas with tough restrictions

    In a letter seen by The Mail on Sunday, the MPs urge the Prime Minister to spare the capital because shutting it down would hurt not just Londoners, but ‘people across the nation’.

    In what can only be described as an act of Wanton catastrophic Political Stupidity, the absurd rabble running the UK are now contemplating annihilating London’s core businesses with yet another mega intense lock down.
    Stores will fold. As they are now. We are seeing the collapse of Commerce. Madness.
    “Pay Attention!”…Sidney Powell Fights On With Emergency Filings in the Supreme Court

    Sidney Americas True Patriot.
    You cannot make this stuff up. They are going to elect THIS as President?
    This will be out main stream soon Truckers NEED to shut down America to sto this travesty.. Well done guys. Belt up the Beltway. Now is a good time.

    The delivery lacks but what he says is true … supposedly the truckers are threatening to shut down the country if the election steal continues… chaos is coming

    Gag Order Failed | Forensic Results of Dominion Machines Stealing Votes LEAKED!
    This will be out main stream soon Truckers NEED to shut down America to sto this travesty.. Well done guys. Belt up the Beltway. Now is a good time.

    The delivery lacks but what he says is true … supposedly the truckers are threatening to shut down the country if the election steal continues… chaos is coming

    Gag Order Failed | Forensic Results of Dominion Machines Stealing Votes LEAKED!
    Dominic Raab warns France its trawlers will have ‘zero access’ to British fish without a Brexit deal – and confirms that the UK WILL ‘enforce our waters’ as Royal Navy gunboats are put on standby to patrol the Channel

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab fired a warning shot at Paris amid after it was revealed four Royal Navy gunboats were on standby to stop EU trawlers from January 1 if trade talks break down.

    Please be aware as reports of Covid Infections escalate, nations are pannicking and putting in commercial destroying restrictions. Towns and City stores are mass failing. Pubs, Clubs, Hotels are mass closed. Landlords can not collect rent and businesses can not pay taxes. Politicians are paid and never have to earn a dime. They neither understand nor care for the damage they do. Entire cities are locking down again it’s chaos. Trump only keep America open to save his hotels. If Biden is appointed expect heavy knee jerk moves and lock downs.
    The US is about 3 weeks behind the UK and that big alleged infection curve is coming at you
    PETER HITCHENS: Did our leaders have to pass a stupidity exam to get into Westminster?

    Peter they all qualify!
    Electoral College: The people who ultimately pick the US president

    Are they fit?
    How to Move Money Offshore: 5 Ways to Fund an Offshore Account

    Wake up and think for yourselves. The Elites all do. What’s good for them is good for you.
    Email to Hunter Biden raises fresh questions about his tax dealings

    Exposing crime is good.
    Manhattan DA ramps up probe of Trump’s finances and interviews ‘several’ Deutsche Bank employees

    They are coming for Trump be assured. Cohen waits to try to sink him over Stormie and others. Will Melania stay?
    He’s got litigation minefields waiting. Skanks carry baggage. 2021 is a Tempest for Trump. Barbarians at his Gates.
    Not so glamourous is it?


  16. Site Allies and all.
    I watch the rapidly increasing alarms and issues across Europe.
    Covid, if reported correctly, appears rampant again.
    The difference being of course actual infections compared to false positives.
    Deaths are rising, not the same percentage levels as before, and now we can treat it more effectively. But, whatever the true infection and mortality levels, people are dying. All deaths are losses. Sad ones.
    It’s looking ever more like it will escalate across America over the next 3 months. As in Europe.
    Just take care, and avoid shaking hands or dining out with Democrats of the Deep State variety.
    Any lives we can save over the next 6 months matter. I keep an open mind. There are, as yet, no proven Truths.
    Just danger. This thing has a way to go. Worse, what the hell may be unseen tracking behind? It’s a wake up call.
    But, as we are allowing Politicos to destroy economies without smart thinking, who will be left to pick up the Tab for all of this? Treatment is not free. Who funds the Furloughs? The Plebs think its the State. The State has no money.Ever! They only take from you. What?
    You thought it was free? Only Politicos lunches are free. But, as Trump found out, Stormie was not.


  17. First the site looks superb and thanks to so many contributors and readers.

    Global chaos is alive. As ever, America stands to be completely Butt fragged if Trump is not re elected.

    Everything in America sadly is My Lick.

    Bidens backers, included Chicago Con Man Usurper Soetoro / Obama, not forgetting the deep tentacles of the Clintons, and Deep State, all will freeze all Settlements and contracts until they assess what’s in play, and what they can seize or siphon off. They all want their lick! Crooked scavenging Bastards. All escalated from Bush 41 and with the CIA. A feeding frenzy is starting. To steal all with new Crock grabs.

    How can you build a Nation State where these Mongrel Dogs steal all?

    For God’s sake, the Jews and Zionists will not even let you have your OWN Central Bank or become a Treasury Secretary, to run your own money. The real Fed is a Jewish /Zionist scam via FRB NY, and racketeering all over the world. For Non Jewish Americans access denied!

    Until you get control of your own money, you are just Goyim Debt Slaves in play. The profits of all they steal or sequestrate. Always you bail these Pariahs when they lose the pot again. Mugs.

    The Supremes have declined to act.

    The DOJ under Barr gave a free pass to all Deep State Crooks. America is so stitched up. Beyond sad. America now is a Bongo Land Third World Political landscape. Commie Obama pulls Biden’s strings. As do the Zios. The Chinese also. Trump tries hard to ease this but will you let your very own votes be rigged?

    We so need the Truckers to deal with these F! All Mother versions! Let America ( ns ) speak.

    The UK just send a mother all Reality Checks to the EU.

    We don’t do a deal and you get Zero access to fish in our waters. Zero!

    Then the ever fast to strike and blockade French will blockade their ports. Good. Let their Wine and exports rot.

    With Britain out, the vast black hole of UK contributions will fall on them to fund their madness. Then watch the conflict start. We will adjust our farming prices, buy from the world and home produce more.

    Tiny little Macron who thinks he’s Napoleon will see his own Arse over this. The vast unchecked Afro/Islamist Ghettoes will riot. France let them in. Why is America flooding in Muslims? O- F- Bama!!!!!!

    We have such issues. Now realising the UK is walking, the EU will try more talks. Panic now permeates through fools.
    What a world, what a mess. Sadly. America looks Gut shot. The Deep State is Gut rotten.

    It’s not even Xmas yet and all are looking for Freebies.

    Who Pays?

    America is being tracked for decline. Read the new article and learn. It’s YOUR Future and YOUR right to say no!

    Charity begins at home. Yours! Will the Zios, Bushes, Clintons and Obama pay back? Why not?


      1. Yeah I get that Tony. As unfeminine as it may seem to be, if I am pushed too far or threatened I have been known to lash out physically. Not sure how I would go these days but would always give it a shot under such circumstances.


    1. Oh dear. That was actually frightening to me. I hate violence. BUT… sometimes is does seem it’s the only answer unfortunately. Not too sure exactly what this video was about. Was it Antifa members getting a hit from the Proud Boys?


  18. Nadler, Schiff?…. How do these 2 look America in the face everyday?….what some of our elected officials have become, blatantly, right in our faces, is hideous and abominable!


  19. America battles Communism and vast Beltway corruption.
    Trump battles for Democracy.

    The UK battles the Socialist EU who want to penalise us for leaving. Wait until we close off their Exports to us.

    Covid is rife and the second wave is really unfolding now. But in Context!!!! We must NOT over react and destroy economies.

    America is following infection levels on a curve 3 weeks behind the UK. Prepare for a big ramp up, but also be careful NOT to trust fake positives.

    The vaccines are showing they do NOT work as hoped for the Elders so step with care. The very group it was fast tracked for it does not work!!!!

    America and the UK set sail alone in January. America saddled with approaching Communism and the UK leaving EU Socialism. Stormy years ahead, but don’t mention Stormie to Trump or he will be reaching for Cohens Check Book.


  20. We are watching the blatant theft of America’s democracy to corrupt Commies like Usurper Soetoro/ Obama, bribe taking imbeciles like Biden, and the appalling silencing of your voices by Suckemberg and Jew Tubes.

    If Biden gets in Shame on you all. This IS your Alamo now. Illegal Usurper Soetoro is walking all over you.
    Take back America, hopefully the Truckers will bring it all to a head.


  21. For those that are concerned about HIV positivity with the Australian vaccine variant. The Spike Protein in the vaccine is stabilized by using the gp41 protein of the HIV virus in what is called a “clamp” arrangement. The vaccine contains the gp41 protein NOT the HIV virus. However, to detect HIV exposure we use antibody to the gp41 protein. (Yes, probably stupid, but that is the way it is.) Many trial people getting the Australian vaccine ALSO developed antibody against the clamp-gp41, which instantly made them false positive for HIV tests. They deep-sixed the vaccine because obviously vaccinating the population with it would create a nation’s worth of false positive HIV folk, destroying all HIV surveillance efforts. Hope it helps

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  22. Right now, we can see the German Industries panicking realising they will be cannon fodder for the Politicos. Monday, they either fold, or own it.
    A last minute deal is still possible. Let it play out.
    If the UK walks we will recover.
    If the UK walks, it will carry a hell of a cost for them.
    Where is common sense? Politicos heh?

    Climate change matters, so why are we killing our economies for Covid but doing nothing about pollution etc?


    Finance jobs stayed in London after Brexit vote

    After all the BS, and all the threats, and EU attempts to steal London’s Financial Services industry they failed.
    The UK will hurt for 2 years but will go Global.
    The EU will just go to hell.
    Our industries will outcompete them. We will cut our taxes and bring in money. They cant as they sink deeper in debt.
    We can and will. The EU need a hard smack.
    I sort of remember us doing that for the last 1,000 years.
    Plus we get to harpoon a few Frogs illegally fishing along the way.
    Tories at war: Ex-Conservative party chairman blasts Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan to protect our fishermen with Royal Navy gunboats while Admiral says vessels could stop ‘punch-ups’ with ‘stormy’ French crews

    The Ministry of Defence confirmed the 80-metre gunboats are on standby to stop EU trawlers using British waters, assuming there is no new agreement on fishing rights after December 31.

    Brexit is now manning the warships to deal with French Fishing boats fishing illegally. Which they will! Trouble is brewing.
    Be sure, a NO deal will seriously harm the EU and UK. But the UK will recover, The EU will be left with a vast money shortfall. and trouble.

    If only, long shot, long shot, Trump does get awarded the next 4 years, but is it too much to hope now? So late.
    We each have real issues to deal with. Stormie waters, and a Trump Cheque won’t sort this.
    US Supreme Court rejects Trump-backed challenge to election

    Some Supremes, they all want to hide from Electoral Reality. Plus he’s so reviled at the top albeit by corrupt Politicos and Bent Lawyers.

    Corruption wins.
    Secretive Switzerland-China immigration deal fuels concern | Human Rights News | Al Jazee
    Well done the smart Swiss. If only we could get this with Pakistan.
    Chuck Schumer ‘forced to have serious and painful talks’ with Dianne Feinstein over apparent cognitive decline | The Independent

    Yeh, telling a Zio, sorry Your not Special but mental?
    Sweden Explores Moving to a Digital Currency

    Goodbye to the Euro?
    The MSM in the UK relentless. Now they have the arrogant Slob Prince Andrew cornered and going for the kill

    He has 2 brothers, like him, both idiots! Charles is under increasing pressure NOT to become King. No one wants the gibbering Wimp. No one forgives him for Diana or will ever accept Camilla. His other Brother, like him, is a complete Tosser. Thank God for William, because he’s the ONLY hope left for the Monarchy.
    Andrew is getting crucified. Nowhere to hide. He’s such an arrogant ,pointless Slob, who cares? Sad for the Queen to read this daily. She sees Charles is not fit for the role. Then the mess IDIOT Boy Harry has got himself into with the LA Media mad attention seeking Groupie Markle. That’s got all the red lights to blow. What a family?

    Prince Andrew’s alibi falls apart: Hole in ‘Pizza Express’ excuse
    Brexit trade talks enter final 48 hours as UK threatens to deploy no-deal gun boats

    Britannia rules the waves.
    Trump ‘wants to appoint a special counsel to probe election fraud and Hunter Biden’ after Supreme Court deals him another thumping defeat in rejecting Texas AG’s bid to overturn Biden’s election victory in four states

    President Trump remains determined to continue with his claims of election fraud as he is seeks the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the allegations and to launch a probe into Hunter Biden.


  23. We understand the misunderstood. We eat it for lunch every day.

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    1. Who knows if Trump seriously understands what losing will mean. Stripped of Presidential protection, if he’s simply Joe Public come January, TPTB will come gunning for him for sure. He will spend his next 4 years fighting charges and litigation. Truth will come second. It’s beyond personal.

      But for America, Biden’s backers are already lined up.

      All contracts and Settlements will be held back pending.

      His team and OWNERs will first want to see what’s in the pot.
      I want my lick will rule. There’s a lot of swine around that trough.
      The Pigs need to feed will override need.

      I want my lick is what runs America. Joe Public has no idea.
      Trump now has weeks left to save this. It’s now his Alamo alone.
      No place to be.

      America hangs on the precipice.
      But so does the UK with Brexit.
      Stormie seas are ahead . But now she also wants a second lick?
      Politics heh?


  24. Now that was an article I was waiting for. Thank you so much Tony. Looks like I have a great deal more to learn in the coming months.

    PS. Under the current/old type business rules, I admit to being one hell of a tax agent. LOL The person that owned the company I managed loved me. LOL Easy peasy mate.


    1. Thank you, I do appreciate your kind words as always.

      I know that releasing new articles at this time of year is not always what “marketing” people say is wise, since people tend to be distracted with holidays and some are even terribly melancholy. But, there is even more ground to cover in the future, so I felt best to go ahead and move forward right now so we can get more out the door before the new year commences.

      Since it looks like the Bolsheviks are coming to power now, we best use all the tools available to protect ourselves from socialist money grabs, which are sure to come if the Senate falls to the Left.

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      1. Thank you Tony. I appreciate your perspective re this and am always ready to head in new directions no matter the time of year.


  25. Like

    1. This lawsuit that the Supreme Court rejected as shown above, is not the same lawsuit as the “21 States Join Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit”, right?


      1. I found my answer: Yes, it was the same lawsuit. Some people in Texas are really upset.

        May be Time for a ‘Texit?’

        As for reaction in the Lone Star state, Texas GOP Party chairman Allen West suggested maybe it’s time for secession.

        He reacted to the Supreme Court’s rejection of the lawsuit by stating, “This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the U.S. Constitution and not be held accountable. This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic. Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

        Indeed, Republican State Rep. Kyle Biedermann says he’s coming up with a “Texit” proposal to go on the ballot, because “The federal government is out of control and does not represent the values of Texans.”

        Biedermann continued he wants Texans to have a chance to vote “for the State of Texas to reassert its status as an independent nation.”

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      2. Thanks Brad. I am seriously confused with everything happening over there. Trying to work out what is going on but not finding any information to enlighten me on a more precise level.


    2. I honestly don’t know what the heck is going on in the US now. I am staggered to hear the SC has thrown out the Texas case. How can that possibly be?


  26. I say we send J2020 in to negotiate this one.


  27. A lot to digest!…. going to take the rest of the— “year” — to fully grasp all…. changes are certainly coming…. there are some more excellent Cryptos ide love to hold…. we will see if early next year still provides the gifts at insane price levels as I’ll have more funds then…. so, we wait… sounds like we might be signing of for the holidays…. does not feel like the Holidays though…. seems more like a fight for our freedom and republic…. those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action!!!…. do your damn jobs leaders!….

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  28. 4 major browsers are getting hit in widespread malware attacks | Ars Technica

    FYI Your browsers are under attack.
    Nobel Laureate, PCR Inventor Said Fauci Was a Liar, Abusing Test Data For An Agenda And Afraid To Debate

    Fauci, so whats new?

    REPORT: Joe Biden Already Planning Executive Orders On Gun Control

    With a 1/3 or more of Americans having guns I doubt they will listen and civil war will result and who can blame them. Every time guns are removed tyranny results. Just ask a German what happened when Hitler took the guns away.

    Watch “Di Dongsheng 2: They Run U.S. and the World in the Past 70 Years-2019 | China Expert and Xi’s Man” on YouTube

    Who runs America?

    While Eric Swalwell Was Sleeping With a Chinese Spy Adam Schiff Put Him in Charge of CIA Oversight

    Sniff sniff Schiff has a lot to answer for. Only in America!

    JP Morgan targets digital currency, payments for e-commerce platforms – Ledger Insights – enterprise blockch
    Cutting the Naval Reserve would be an insult to its members and a disaster for the Navy

    Post Brexit, with a greater need to protect our borders, only an IDIOT like Johnson would fall for this. The man is a Fool.
    Watch “Should bitcoin price be $0? Is it in a bubble? Lyn Alden answers best crypto FAQs (Pt. 2/2)” on YouTube Bitcoin at Zero, what is her game?

    UPDATE: 21 States Now Support Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit, 42% of America to Sue 8% of America – National File

    Groundswell … Will the Supremes protect America? Will YOU?
    Trump needs and deserves help.

    Subject: What Happened in Atlanta on Election Night

    How can you not call this as being voter fraud?
    Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?

    One might imagine this is American waters not Chinese. Why not over 995 US bases choke the world. Payback on your own doorstep now!.

    As ever Johnson is a complete dithering Prat.
    1.Stop German Car Sales here. Watch that take down Merkel.
    2.Stop French Wine, Champagne, Car and Farm sales here . The French Riots will run Macron over.

    Hardball get Grip!
    Revealed: Bill Barr knew for MONTHS that Hunter Biden was the subject of a federal probe and kept it secret during the run-up to the election as Trump blasts the FBI and DOJ

    Bill Barr (left) knew about investigations into Hunter Biden as far back as the spring, according to a report, but did not publicize it for fear of being seen as interfering in the election.

    Huge questions on Barr.Who owns him?????????????????????????? Is he the ultimate Trojan Horse Snake?

    Innovation to save our ailing nations?


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